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The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination

The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination (Lab of ii) is bringing together creative activists, interventionists, tactical media makers, pranksters and everyone whose activities fall in between the spaces of culture and politics. At the root of the Lab of ii are both an intense sense of disgust and rebellion against a system which prioritises money over life and a desire to go beyond traditional tools of resistance. In the face of sadness and destruction, we want to resist creatively and joyfully, and reclaim the spaces that have been colonised by consumerism and neoliberalism. Because there are as many ways of going about this project as there are imaginations, the Lab aims to be a convivial self-organised space of exchange and reciprocity, where we can skill share and debate through a series of practice-led actions and workshops.

The more imagination is liberated & shared, the more useful the medium.

Hakim Bey - Immediatism

how to make the best use of the Lab

As a self-organised space, the Lab will only be what we collectively make it. In order for it to be an inspiring and enriching experience for all, here are some guidelines -The lab is a space for sharing, exchanging, discussing, understanding, not judging - Respect each other's ideas and the ramART space. - Get involved, participate, experiment - Allow yourself and others to "fail" - Respect consensus decision making principles - During actions, find a space where you are comfortable and push yourself from there - Only do what you feel comfortable doing, i.e. it is OK to pull out if it gets too much - Take responsibilities for your own decisions and actions - Look out for each other, especially on actions - Avoid doing whatever might jeopardise an action or, more importantly, the safety of others during an action NB: If you get arrested : 1. Keep calm and cool when you are arrested. 2. Call sympathetic solicitor Andrew Katzen 07973839245 3. Never make a statement (You have to give the police your name, address and date of birth. They also have the right to take your fingerprints, photo and non-intimate body samples. The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has removed the "right to silence". All this means is that the police/prosecution can point out your refusal to speak to them, when the case comes to court, and the court may take this as evidence of your guilt. The police cannot force you to speak or to give a statement, whatever they may say to you in the station. Refusing to speak cannot be used to convict you by itself).

Important Information

We all convene at 10.30am at the RampART creative social centre (17 Rampart street - E1 2LA) for a scrumptious potlatch breakfast, where we all bring stuff to share. During the breakfast all groups/individuals who have proposed an action/project for the day will brief and/or run a workshop with the lab participants on their tactics, ideas, past projects, etc and specifics about the day's action. This will be followed by a short warm up facilitated by practitioners of SOMA, the capoeira rooted anarchist therapy and some rebel clowns. We will then go and fill the streets with acts of insurrectionary imagination. Please note - If you wish to join one or all of the lab events, you need to come to the breakfast briefing. This is so we can plan and fine tune. It is important to build trust between ourselves so that we are confident in what we do. Also space is short so let us know if you plan to come by emailing : or calling 07910 082 234, and leave a message.


Upon arriving at the Lab you will be allocated a temporary affinity group for the day. This is to both enable the actions to be as fluid, self organised, leaderless and safe as possible and to facilitate the process of networking and sharing that is at the heart of the lab. The actions will involve groups dispersing, clustering or all converging. Each group should have a mobile phone, a delegate for bigger group feed back, someone with knowledge of London and a scout.

1.30 1.40

Experimental subject: The Square Mile/ East End

Pay Back, part 1 - Chris Graham

Chris Graham expresses his negativity towards capitalist modes of production and consumption by demonstrating the art of eating and shitting money. Part 1 - The consumption.

Cup and Mouth - Save Our Starbucks (S.O.S)

Unreality TV 2.30 observed by our 3.15 Do not be passively

surveillance society, be an active actor in your own movie. Reject anonymous life and expand to the dimensions of cinema life each time you walk down your local high street.Unreality TV organises and encourages actions/performances designed to amuse, bemuse, and confuse those who watch over us!

Starbucks has just stepped up their crack down on those who disagree with their vision of uniform sanitised cities, where creativity simply consists of adding caramel syrup to a decaf skinny latte. They already have political prankster Reverend Billy banned from every Starbucks coffee shop in the world, they are now trying to take the domain name off the Vacuum Cleaner. The website shows how armed with a green pen anyone can transform the logo to read "Fuck Off". Starbucks says it "tarnishes" their brand and "goodwill". Cup and mouth is an act of solidarity for all those being told to shut up by corporations. The Big Flyposter Draw- Richard Dedomenici Important Information for all Tourists of London The Institute of Nomadology We kindly request your attention concerning a new legislation on tourists. The new law, implemented by the authorities of London from the beginning of Oct. 2004, says that all foreigners who can not truly identify themselves as tourists will be deported to north African camps in order to do social work with rejected African asylum seekers.

Defacing something illegally stuck to a wall theoretically is not illegal. Dedomenici invites participants to help him paint the town.



An Introduction to the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) The Marquee, Middlesex University, Tottenham campus, White Hart Lane, N17

The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) is looking for fools and rebels, radicals and rascals, tricksters and traitors, mutineers and malcontents to join its ranks. You could be part of a fighting force armed with ruthless love and fully trained in the ancient art of clowning and nonviolent direct action. You could learn ingeniously stupid tactics that baffle the powerful. You could uncover your inner clown and discover the subversive freedom of fooling.The workshop will be a training taster for all potential recruits.


Free Public Transport - Planka

In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki commuters are taking the initiative in public transport. Buses, trams, commuter trains and subways are necessary for us to get around in society. Public transport should be like the sidewalk - paid by all, free to walk on. It would be as absurd to charge for it, as is charging for public transport. United we stand strong! "P-kassan" - the free riding insurance - is a cooperation between people in similar situations. You pay a small amount to the fund and if you get caught freeriding your bill is paid. During the workshop held on the tube we will share our experiences with the ( campaign. We believe that our experiences are universal and applicable to almost all European cities. We hope to spread the practice of free riding insurance, and the idea of creating urban commons. En Route Actions - To be enacted at any time during transit Transformation - The Third Tier of the Center for Tactical Magics Free Occult Services Project A DIY curse for channelling anti-globalist and anti-authority forces into action against corporations, institutions, and other appropriate targets. Linking modern graffiti techniques with the ancient practice of affixing curses to the property of one's foe. Beer Can Orchestra - Jim Dunkley The beercan symphony expresses love of the liquid musically and protesting the encroachment of non-drinking areas in public space. Please bring your own beer can (or two).


Afternoon Tea, theory and TACTICS


Screening of Imaginative Insurrection

A space for reflecting on the days actions and enquiring into the nature of language, and the art of dissemination/description used and refused by insurrectionary imaginations.

Indymedia Space @ The Camden Centre. A Screening of works from those in the lab. Followed by Mark Thomas.

Experimental subject: The West End

1.30 and running throughout the day 1.30

Department Store Sells Trash Wonder

Multinational Corporate Games - Space Hijackers

The Space Hijakers invite you to participate in numerous disciplines at the Multinational Corporate Games, including : Find the Gap (Urban Sardines), Starbucks musical chairs, McDonalds Bingo and Nike British Bulldog.


Perfectly sound products found in London trash will make their way back onto the shelves to be sold as new. 15 participants are invited to some reverse stealing by pricing the parasitic products and smuggling them into the store system.

Urban Decoy My Dads Strip Club


Death of the product CityZen

Join My Dads Strip Club to play Urban Decoy a team game for up to 30 players. There are no rules here. No formulas Have fun, experiment, toy with a look that borders on dangerous. Our only request - go for broke, not for average. You are no ordinary beauty.

Have you ever heard of the madman who, on a bright morning, lit a lantern and ran to the market-place calling out unceasingly: "I seek The Product! I seek The Product!" As there were many people standing about who did not believe in The Product, he caused a great deal of amusement. Why? Is he lost? said one. Has he strayed away like a child? said another. Or does he keep himself hidden? Is he afraid of us? Has he taken a sea voyage? Has he emigrated? - the people cried out laughingly, all in a hubbub.


Taking Liberties The Vacuum Cleaner

With a religious swing to consumerism, what could be more pleasurable than the praise and worship of the product, brand and cathedral of consumption? Join the vacuum cleaner in engulfing yourself with desire. Shopping is the new religion - praying to products is the next logical step.


Because You Can't Buy Happiness - Yomango

En Route Actions - To be enacted at any time during transit Escalated Richard Dedomenici Richard Dedomenici invites approximately 40 participants to engage in a non-disruptive anarcho-surrealist intervention on the London Underground. Underground subvertising Saher SamAan We will try to give away a little more than insurance and cheap phonecalls to the unsuspecting London commuter, and if we can, make them smile! Shocking, funny or smelly a new ad trend in the making!

YOMANGO is a brand name. Mango is a popular Spanish clothing chain, now spreading all over Europe. YOMANGO, in Spanish slang means something like 'I love shoplifting', which like all other major brand names is not so much about selling concrete stuff, but more about promoting a lifestyle. In this case, the YOMANGO lifestyle - shoplifting as a form of social disobedience and direct action against multinational corporations having a really good time!


Afternoon Tea, theory and TACTICS

A space for reflecting on the days actions and enquiring into the viral co-optations of and co-operations between insurrectionary imaginations.

Rebellion is at the same time a rejection of all that which inhibits and destroys ones creative capacity, and the process of discovering what a creative existence might mean. Max Blechman -Drunken Boat 2

Experimental subject: Top Secret
Risk climbing 12.30climbing in- UrbanCity. Do some urban the Look for corporate climbing frames and have some hedge fun. Experiment with architecture that can be climbed, jumped over and played with. Try getting a handhold on the Natwest tower or a leg up onto the Lloyd's building, it makes sense to be shit scared while interacting with your bank. Manage and minimise risk, listen to your fear and move accordingly. Frolic and gambol along facades and up raised walkways. We'll take risks, grabbing responsibility for our own physical safety back from the realms of "Health and Safety" into our own sweaty palms.

Happening simultaneously

Subvertising Do Summat A fully practical crash course to subvertising corporate advertising. Scout for potential targets. Come armed with ideas, 2 litre plastic bottles and brushes - Subvert the corporate bullshit and shape your environment.

anarchist golf - Peoples golfing association

The first Peoples' Golfing Association's gathering before the Peoples' Open Golfing Tournament during the G8 summit. Professional golfing instructors will be on hand to offer free golfing tips ("keep your eyes on the ball!") in the streets of London


March for Capitalism Northern Arts Tactical Offensive (NATO)

CRAP (Capitalism Represents Acceptable Policy) is a society that works on a grassroots level to further the cause of capitalism, selfishness and corporate greed above all else. During the ESF, CRAP plans to usurp their liberal lefty party by organising our biggest pro-capitalist march to date and taking to the streets to show the world that putting profits before people is truly the only genuine way forward for all civilised nations to proceed. En Route Actions - To be enacted at any time during transit


Feast of the Insurrectionary Imagination The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA), Chris Graham and guests

An open invitation to celebrate the end of the European Social Forum with a sumptuous Feast of Insurrectionary Imagination involving the undercover infiltration of the eatery most coveted by clowns. During the festivities Chris Graham will present Pay Back part 2.

Underground subvertising Saher Samaan We will try to give away a little more than insurance and cheap phonecalls to the unsuspecting London commuter, and if we can, make them smile! Shocking, funny or smelly a new ad trend in the making!

The revolution, in general, is no longer imagined according to socialist patterns of realism, that is, as men and women stoically marching behind a red, waving flag towards a luminous future. rather it has become a sort of carnival.

Subcomandante Marcos