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Kem Kem Kem July 26, 2012 Caruso English 1102 ?

(I dont know my title yet) The two biggest teen series are at war. I remember a time where both stories peacefully

resided together and all was at ease, but with the premiere of Twilight, the first novel in the saga, things started to get a little heated. Twilight and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince were both scheduled to be released on the same day, but as the day got closer Harry Potter was rescheduled to the summer instead of winter. This aggravated may loyal Potter fans. Twilight, on the other hand, remained the same and got phenomenal reviews. However It is no doubt that these series are extremely popular within the general youth so much so it is considered a phenomenon. That notion makes one curious as to why it has acclaimed such attention and how it has appealed to our generations youth. For all the people who have been living under a rock for the past year, Twilight is about a clumsy, serene, fragile girl named Bella Swan. Bella moves from sunny Arizona to the always wet town of Forks, Washington. There she meets a mysterious boy, Edward Cullen, and falls madly in love with him only to find out that he is a vampire who craves her blood. Harry Potter on the other hand is about a boy whose parents died when he was just a baby. Left to live with his cruel Uncle, Aunt and cousin, Harry thinks he is nothing special. But on his eleventh birthday he is informed that he is wizard and sets off for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Once at school he learns that he is the boy who lived that meaning he is the only person to have survived the killing curse in the entire world. And to top it all off he

2 [Type text] must defeat the most evil, powerful, and dark wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, all while trying to fit in at a school where everyone knows his name, and everyone knows everything about him. The novels of Harry Potter draw the reader in, transporting them to a whole new world with its descriptive and fluent writing. JK Rowling, the author of the novels, created a place full of wonders, new languages, new creatures, and thousands of fascinating spells. So much detail is put into the setting. The Harry Potter books are fascinating because of their twisting plot, with a great deal of subplots along the way. Many of the earlier books contain details that may seem insignificant, but really tie into the future plots of the later books. For example before Harry discovers he is a wizard, he has a conversation with a snake at the reptile house. In the beginning, readers believed this to be a normal part of being a wizard, but in the second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, we discover he is special even among other witches and wizards, and not everyone has the ability to talk to snakes. This ability proves itself useful later in the story. Some details are so fascinating but so small, that most readers don't recognize them, like the fact that the way to get into the Ministry of Magic is pressing 62442, which spells "magic" on a phone! HP's plot is peppered with unique and interesting characters, which have a lot of depth to them. Rowling's characters are lovable because of their personalities, which draws the interest of the readers. Twilights almost entirely female fan base, the elephant in the room remains to be addressed. Whatever else it may do well or badly, what is it that this story does so well for its legions of devoted young fans not to mention their equally rapt mothers. Amanda Pearson argues in her blog that Meyers vampires are high schools aristocracy, the coolest kids on campus, the clique that everyone wants to get into. Miller sees Twilight as the 21st centurys


version of the humble governess who captures the heart of the lord of the manor, catering to the traditional feminine fantasy of being delivered from obscurity by a dazzling, powerful man.