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The issue of how to effectively and efficiently treat and dispose of the diverse types of wastes generated through living and industrial activities without generating environmental pollution is a major issue confronting in developing Country like our INDIA and other countries worldwide. The establishment of technologies for recovering useful resources from these wastes for reutilization called recycling technologies is the most desirable solution.

All scrap tyres in the world must be recycled in the environmentally and economically most beneficial way.

In compliance with the vision, it is our aim to process 10% of all scrap tyres in the India and Africa before the end of year 2020.

Current Recycling market is too small to accommodate the tire generated annually. Even though Recycling is a 40 year old industry in India with the oldest player being Gujarat Reclaim, the number of players nationally is very significant, approx 55 tyre recyclers in India, compared to 36 tyre manufacturers. The major players number only about four or five.

The Indian tyre manufacturers had total installed domestic tyre capacity of 122 million tyres in FY 10-11, According to Report by ICRA, the total installed domestic tyre capacity is expected to increase more by than 47 % to around 180 million tyres

which include two. Passenger vehicle sales are expected to grow from this year ending 2012-2013. Also With more than 33 million vehicles added to the Indian roads between years 2007-2010 and According to SIAM. 3)Pigmentation. 2) Co-Generation of Electricity Steel Scrap 1)High Qulity Re-Melting . Also.2 Million Units in 2009 to 5. Carbon Black (30% to 35%). The Perfect Solution (Pyrolysis Process): Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic compounds under oxygen free (anaerobic) Atmosphere that produces Furnace Oil (30% to 40%).42 million units in 2015.Etc USES Pyro Gas 1) Energy Source for the Pyrolysis Process. four and six wheelers. three. Steel wire (10% to 15%) & Gas (5% to 8%). 2) Power Generation.47 million Units in 2009 to 1. and pose a potential threat to the environment. 3)Source for further Distillation Carbon Black 1)Reinforcing agent. 2)Condutivity. Commercial Vehicle sales are expected to grow from 0. Furnace Oil 1) Heating.2 million in 2015. According to above given data we can estimate that roughly about 80 million waste tyres are a part of these vehicles.

000 23.000 * 35 Rs = Rs 92. For us to become industry leader and start a business we must secure initial Capital.000 2.000  Turnover a) Oil (33%) 8000*33/100 = 2.A for 46.000. it is found a Profitable Business with giving Return on Investment in just 1 year with solving the Problem of Waste Tyre and creating environment clean.000 Profit Per Month – 3.40.000 c) Depreciation (@ 10% for Plant. b) Interest (@ 18 % P.000 CONCLUSION Thus.00) 69.000 1.50.400= b) Carbon Black (35%) 8000*35/100 = 2. .000 26.Furntiture.FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Total Capital Requirement Includes: a) Fixed Capital b) Working Capital  Cost of Production a) Recurring Working Capital Requirement 21.800 *2 Rs = Rs 5600= c) Steel Scrap(10%) 8000*10/100 = 800 *10 Rs = Rs 8000= 46.Building) 30.