IN HONOR OF THE DEBUTANTE WELCOME REMARKS (BY THE PARENTS) INVOCATION OR PRAYER DINING FATHER & DAUGHTER DANCE GRAND COTILLION WALTZ DANCE 18 ROSES DANCE 18 CANDLES PRESENTATION SINGING OF TRADITIONAL DEBUTANTE’S BIRTHDAY SONG BLOWING OF THE CAKE CANDLES CUTTING OF THE CAKE 18 TREASURES PRESENTATION GAMES A WORD FROM THE DEBUTANTE TIME TO PARTY The debutante’s program can also flow like this: - Guests arrive - Welcoming of guests - Ushering of guests by ushers to their designated seats - Cocktails for guests to mingle (so that they would not mingle once the program starts, and to give you ample time to prepare before your grand entrance). - After everyone has settled in their place, the host will make mention of important people who graced the occasion (if there are). - At this point, cocktails are being served. - Parents talk about debutante (brief summary)- achievement, goals, ambitions, etc. - Audio-visual presentation of debutante from infancy to present. - GRAND ENTRANCE of debutante - Parents talk some more about the debutante (optional) - Toast in honor of the debutante - Debutante speech - Prayer - Dining - AVP of well wishers - Father and daughter dance (This may also be incorporated into the eighteen roses. Fathers are usually the first or last dance of the debutante) - Eighteen roses (speech and dance) - Eighteen candles (speech) - Singing of birthday song - Cutting of birthday cake - Games - Introduction of the debutante, her escort and her cotillion court - GRAND COTILLION WALTZ DANCE - Debutante’s thank you speech - Party time - Everyone dances

Other variations may be the following: * The host will have a talk, more of like an introduction and a short summary of the program, a little talk on what is in store for the guests so that they would be enticed into finishing and staying for the

Create a balanced program and be imaginative in adding your own flavor into it. Dinner and pictorials 12. introduces your parents. and then GRAND ENTRANCE AVP (optional but I think necessary) Father and daughter dance (optional but I think also a must because there are only two occasions you get to dance with your father. * Escort/ bf takes debutante for a dance then everyone dance after some time * Some also incorporate 18 wines. * Games are inserted on different parts of the program. in making your program. Either your parents introduce you or the host will. your debut and your wedding) . the host will do the introduction about the debutante. Don’t make it too long but don’t make it too short either. Singing of birthday song. 18 ROSES 14. blowing of 18 CANDLES and cutting of birthday cake 17.duration of the party and making the party a success. FATHER AND DAUGHTER DANCE 15. * For the eighteen roses. Invocation/Prayer before Meal 11. Introduction and entrance of the grand cotillion 6. * The father or parents of the debutante will talk about the celebrant (you can make a Powerpoint or Flash presentation for everyone to see that has baby pictures or some important milestones of the debutante’s life) * Father dances with his daughter as a separate part of the program. 2. Registration/Arrival of Guests/Receiving of gifts/Cocktails. AVP of debutante (pictures from infancy to present) 9. Hi anne. AVP of well-wishers 13. Parents talk about your achievement. cocktails are being served (optional) Host (can be a member of the family or a friend for intimate parties) will start the program. ambitions. At this point. Settling of guests on their seats 3. Introduction by the emcee 4. A debut party well thought of is a debut party well remembered. PARTY/Everybody on the dance floor So remember. This can also be recorded and played together with the background music while they dance. etc. DEBUTANTE’s thank you speech 19. * Cotillion can be danced at the end of the program after which everybody may dance and which may mark the start of the dancing. 18 gifts as a variation so that most of the guests would be able to greet the debutante. Probably the host may interview some guests and probably ask them some unforgettable moments with the debutante. 18 treasures. list first what part of the basic program you want to retain or delete and then you can make your own rendition according to your liking. 18 CANDLES 16. Acknowledgment of the Parents and other VIPs 5. thanks everyone for coming. Here is a more detailed flow of program but the arrangement can be tweaked here and there according to preference. each guy can give a note for the host to read while they are dancing. etc. Grand cotillion 10. The host need not mention the juicy parts (those surprise numbers and whatnots) * For parents who are shy to talk in front of a crowd. GAMES 18. goals. An informal program may consist of the following: Guests arrive. There will be a little talk before the debutante is introduced. Welcome remarks and toast by the Parents 8. GRAND ENTRANCE OF THE DEBUTANTE and her escort (optional) 7. 1.

Cutting of birthday cake Prayer Dinner Games Debutante speech (thank you speech or something) .

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