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Absence Management Defining General Element Information Defining Data Retrieval Elements Defining Calculation Elements Defining Earning

and Deduction Elements Setting Up Accumulators Defining Processing Elements Defining Absence Elements Using Schedules Defining the Organizational Structure Using Calendars Entering Absences Requesting and Managing Extended Absences Setting Up Self-Service Absence Transactions Setting Up Overrides Processing Absences Viewing and Finalizing Absence Results Transferring Leave Time Managing Off-Cycle Processing Using the Utilities Generating Report Data Setting Up and Running Generic Reports Using Self-Service Scheduling Features for Managers Entering and Approving Self Service Absence Requests Running Reports

1. PS_GP_PIN - Table that stores the pin details of all elements in GP/AM. Use to retrieve the Pin Name or Pin Code corresponding to a pin number.

2. PS_GP_ABS_EVENT - Major transaction table in Absence Management. All absences reported get stored in this table. The data in this table the raw reported absence. This table is analogous to the TL_RPTD_TIME table in Time and Labor. 3. PS_GP_RSLT_ABS - Table containing the calculated result of reported absence takes. The source for this table is GP_ABS_EVENT. This table is analogous to the TL_PAYABLE_TIME table. This table will contain one row for each day of the absence event. For example, an employee might report sick leave from the 1st to 5th of a month. GP_ABS_EVENT will have a single entry for the above event with a start date and end date. But, GP_RSLT_ABS will have five rows with each row containing the number of hours or days of absence. 4. PS_GP_RSLT_ACUM - Table containing the results of the accumulators in GP/AM. Accumulators can be used to track absence balances, cumulative takes, cumulative paid hours etc. This table is populated only after the absence calculation COBOL is run. 5. PS_GP_CAL_RUN - Table containing details regarding the Calendar Group ID. The

Calendar Group ID is the major run control parameter used for running the absence processes and is a collection of various calendars. 6. PS_GP_PI_GEN_DATA - Any absence event that need to be sent to payroll will require a positive input (in terms of an Earning Code) to be defined. The positive input can be attached to a take in the Absence Take setup page. This table contains the corresponding positive input for the processed absences. 7. PS_GP_ABS_SS_STA - This table is coupled with the GP_ABS_EVENT table and is a workflow table. This table can be used to know the workflow status of an absence event. A separate entry is created for each workflow actions like Submit, Approval etc. This table can be very useful to track details regarding the approval/workflow status of an absence event.