Open Letter to Pro-Life Leaders

By Randall A. Terry
May 14, 2012

I have a Plea – a Challenge – To:
Joe Scheidler, David Beriet, Tony Perkins, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Troy Newman, Steve Ertelt, Eric Scheidler, Jill Stanek, Monica Miller, Mark Harrington, Michael Hirsh, Matt Trewhella, Abby Johnson, Kurt Linneman, Jack Ames, Gregg Cunningham, Pat Mahoney, Wendy Wright, Joe Farrah... …And to all Pro-life Advocates and “Leaders.”

Would You Consider Running for Federal Office To Help Defeat Obama in the Swing States By Airing TV Ads Showing Aborted Babies?
There is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY in Florida and Other States For Candidates To Run Voter Suppression Ads Against Obama in the General Election. No Matter Where You Reside Now...You Can Run in Florida. Details Below
Hello Pro-life Leaders, Advocates, and Foot Soldiers. I write you this open letter in a spirit of fraternal commitment to end legalized child killing. I ask you to read this entire letter, and to consider running for federal office, especially in Florida (no matter where you live today.) Most of us will agree that causing the defeat of Barack Obama in 2012 is a critical step in the long road to making it a crime to kill the unborn from conception till birth in all 50 states...including outlawing the pill, Depo Provera, Plan-B, IUDs, etc., and all other human pesticides that masquerade as birth control. As of today, there are only about 10 states that are in play for the general election. Since the 2000 election, these "Battleground States," or "Swing States" have gone to both Republican and Democratic candidates. They are: Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, New Mexico, and Nevada. (While PA has not gone Republican since 1988, it is possible that it could during this election.)

The above ten states (and perhaps PA) will determine who is the next President of the United States. If enough of us run for federal office in these swing states - utilizing the FCC laws protecting the TV ads of Federal Candidates - we could cause Obama's defeat SOLEY BASED ON OBAMA'S MURDER OF BABIES, and OBAMA'S ATTACK ON THE CHURCH (his HHS regulations.)

The Oklahoma Illustration and Proof; Hard Hitting Pro-Life TV Ads Cause Catholic and Evangelical Democrats to Reject Obama.
As you know, I received 18% of the Democratic vote - in a closed primary - against Obama in Oklahoma on March 6. I actually defeated Obama in the entire panhandle of Oklahoma. Oklahoma panhandle voters – particularly Catholic and Evangelical Democrats – saw my television ads coming out of Amarillo TX. We ran many TV spots in prime time, showing dead babies on TV, saying that Obama promoted murder, attacks the Church, and that no Christian could vote for him in good conscience. The message worked. (You can see the exact ads we ran in OK at Those ads caused a crisis of conscience for many Oklahoma voters...they saw the dead babies, and knew they could not vote for Obama. We can - we MUST - use this strategy in the general election to help defeat Obama in the swing states. Right now, the entire election is set to swing on "economic issues." From God's perspective (which is true and flawless) the shedding of innocent blood is the most critical "issue" we face. But most Americans - and sadly, most Christians - are being sucked into the lie that "it's the economy stupid." The easiest, most cost effective way to break that spell - to shake Christians from their slumber, and have "a teaching moment" that brings them back to God's priorities - is to show images and use words that reflect God's priorities in TV ads. We must show the babies' mangled remains. And legally, the only way you and I are going to do that en masse is through TV commercials we can run as federal candidates.

That Brings Me to Florida - with a June 8 Deadline.
For Obama to lose the White House, he must lose Florida. He only carried it by 1%, so Florida is definitely up for grabs. I am asking you to consider running as an independent candidate for a US House Seat in

Florida to suppress Obama’s Catholic and Evangelical Democratic vote. There are several seats held by pro-abortion democrats where you could run. Those seats are in the TV markets of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa/St. Pete. Under Florida law, to get on the ballot as an independent House candidate, you only have to pay a fee of $6,960, and submit a few documents by June 8. Moreover, you only need be a resident on the day of the election. See full details on page 8 and 9 in Florida's 2012 Federal Qualifying Handbook. pdf Ponder the benefits of this strategy: 1) As a federal candidate, you can run TV ads showing and saying what you want without censorship. 2) If you are worried about taking votes away from Romney, you won’t be able to, because no one can vote for you for President in Florida. 3) Your message can suppress Obama's vote. I.e., you run ads (as a House Candidate) that hammer Obama. 4) If you choose to run in a House district held by a pro-death incumbent, you might split the vote, and help elect a pro-life challenger. 5) As a federal candidate, you are FREE of any restrictions you may have in a 501c3 taxexempt organization. You can say what you want about Obama. I.e., you can say: “Obama is a baby killer, and you cannot voter for him!” without fear of the IRS. 6) You will get an enormous amount of "earned media" for unborn babies. In fact, many times, TV news coverage will show your commercials as a news item. 7) Young pregnant women – who are planning to kill their babies – will see these ads, and choose life. You will save babies lives. Most importantly, if you suppress 4% or 5% of Obama's vote because of your TV ads, you may singlehandedly cause him to lose Florida. There are Catholic and Evangelical Democrats that will vote for their pocketbooks until someone slams them in the heart with images of dead babies, and a clear message that they need to repent if they plan on voting for Obama. And if this works, the media, the press...the nation will know that it was the plight of the babies being murdered under Obama's policies that caused his defeat - not "the economy stupid." Child killing will be a BIG political "issue" again.

You Get Big Bang for Small Bucks
In 2010, House Candidate Missy Smith ran 255 TV ads showing aborted babies in DC with just over $60,000. In March, I spent about $30,000 on TV ads in Oklahoma, and ended up taking 18% of the vote, and winning 14 counties. Since you would not be running to win - but rather - running to cause Obama's defeat,

you do not need to hire a staff; you do not need yard signs and bumper stickers and phone lines. You just need to raise money to run the TV ads. You may ask why I am not running for President in Florida as an Independent, as I am in West Virginia, Nebraska, and Kentucky. The simple reason is that it requires over 112,000 signatures to get on the ballot as an independent Presidential Candidate in Florida. We have limited time and resources, so I have to make strategic decisions based upon what is doable. However, 2 or 3 well placed Congressional candidates - who only raise $50,000 to $100,000 for TV ads for Florida - well, those candidates could cause Obama to lose Florida, and thereby help him lose the White House. Each and every one of you mentioned above could raise $50,000 to run ads very easily. I urge each of you to read the rules I sent you in the link above. I also urge you to consider running in any of the swing states where it is feasible - whether as a House Candidate, a Senate Candidate, or a Presidential Candidate...with the intent of suppressing Obama's vote. And remember - ONLY as a federal candidate do you have the right to run these ads uncensored and unedited. State candidates and PACs and SUPER PACS do not enjoy this protection. To the faithful "foot soldiers" who are reading this, I invite you to urge any of the above named people to run for office. And if anyone reading this - I repeat, ANYONE - wants to take this bold step, my team and I will serve you in this adventure with all our hearts. God bless you. Let us pray and work to cause Obama's defeat, and to make it a criminal act to murder the unborn from conception till birth.

Randall Terry
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