La Premiere

©Shelley Mierle, Riverlea Beads This bead makes a lovely small motif that can be embellished in many ways. Peals, crystals, or semi precious rounds can be used for different effects. This is my first pattern, so excuse the diagram imperfections!

3mm pearl

11 seed beads

6mm pearl, crystal or 4x6 doughnut

Step 1 String 6 -3mm pearls in a ring. Go through first pearl again.

Step 2 Add one size 11 seed bead in between each pearl. End with a step up through the first 11 added.

Step 3 and 4 For each petal add 3 seed beads A, 1 seed bead B, 3 seed beads A, then go through the seed bead B added in step 2. Repeat this step on back side, but instead of adding the B seed bead, so through the existing B (yellow) seed bead. Step up through the point B (yellow) seed bead at the end of the 2 rows.

Step 4 The diagrams will show only the top layer of beads. The underlayer keeps the beading firm and gives it body. Add 1 seed bead B, one 6mm pearl, one seed bead B all the way around. You are using the end B bead on each petal.

Step 5 Go around again, placing one B seed bead in between each of the existing B beads in peyote fashion. The gold leaves should form a clover motif. If possible, go through all the beads in the last row again to add strength and firmness. From here on you can add embellishments to the points if you want more beads. The centre can also have an additional pearl, crystal or glass flower bead.

Embellishments 4mm firepolish fits in the middle.

Fringe drops (2.8) can be added In peyote stitch in between the end point bead.

Size 15 seed beads can be added On top of the 3mm pearls.

Teardrop bead can be added for earring or pendant.

For a bracelet embellishment I added this motif to a pearl on each side: Sides: 2 gold 15, 3 seed bead 11 A, End: size 11’s and a drop or teardrop bead. These side additions made it easier to attach the motif to a bracelet.

I hope you enjoy my first little design. I will keep working on how to do the diagrams! Shelley August 2012