July  11,  2012  

Sean  Sullins  

Issue  23  Volume  7      

"Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom."  

Welcome  to  Calculus  AB  


elcome   everyone  to   the  new  fall   semester  of  Calculus   AB!    We  have  an   exciting  year   planned  during   which  we  will  be   exploring  our  many   applications  of  math   in  the  real  world   and  beginning  our  preparation  for  the  AP  test  in   the  Spring.        

the  classroom.    Students  will  be  able  to  text   questions  anonymously  to  the  projector  screen   and  vote  on  answers  to  warm  up  problems.      

Upcoming  Events  


inally  I  want  to  touch  on  some  of  the  events   we  will  be  preparing  for  throughout  the  year.         Integral  Luncheons:  There  will  be  pi!!!   Calculus  Camp:    Don’t  worry  about   carpools,  we  will  all  be  deriving   Math  Olympics:    I’m  out  of  puns    

New  Technology  in  the   Classroom!  


hroughout  the  year  we  will  be  introducing   Edmodo  to  the  classroom.    No  Edmodo  is  not   a  person,  it  is  a  new  tool  we   will  be  using  to  organize  our   classroom  assignments  for   students!    Each  student  gets   their  own  account  and  it   works  similarly  to  a  social   network  but  has  assignments   calendars,  homework,  and   students  can  collaborate  online  regarding   different  assignments.    This  year  we  are  also   going  to  have  a  class  website  with  video  tutorials   for  students  who  want  to   revisit  previous  lessons   and  practice  problems  for   extra  credit.    And  there  is   a  new  rule  for  this  year,   cell  phones  are  allowed   and  in  fact  encouraged  in  

The  Integral  Luncheons   will  be  a  time  where   students  work  with   underclassmen  on  their   homework.    This  will  be  a   great  opportunity  for   students  to  strengthen  previously  learned  skills  and   develop  their  power  of  expression  when  it  comes  to   math  concepts.    Calculus  Camp  will  take  place  in   January  after  the  break.    It  will  be  a  chance  for   students  to  study   collaboratively  and  take   practice  tests  to  get  the   real  feeling  for  AP  test  in   the  spring.    The  Math   Olympics  will  be  our  end   of  the  year  activity  in   which  students  from   different  periods  will  be   testing  their  skills    of   subjects  covered  throughout  the  year.    At  the  end  of   the  day  there  will  be  an  award  ceremony  in  which  we   would  love  parents  to  attend.