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Institution-Based Information System: PhilAgriNet Establishment

Concepcion DL. Saul University Librarian, University of the Philippines Los Baos Project Leader, Philippine Agricultural Information Network


OBJECTIVE To share the PhilAgriNets experiences from conceptualization to current status

Rationale for the Development of PhilAgriNet

Sources and organization of agricultural information; The role of FAO-AGRIS and UPLB in the world fund of knowledge; Utilization of ICT in meeting the needs of scientists;

Making agricultural knowledge electronically accessible will help accomplish the countrys goal of promoting agricultural research, increasing food production, and eventually pushing economic recovery.

PhilAgriNet: the beginnings

The Philippine Agricultural Libraries and Information Services Network (PhilAgriNet) is a network of agricultural research institutions which aims at linking scientists with agricultural knowledge. When: Where: July 25, 2003 Capacity Building Workshop, IRRI, Los Banos, Laguna. conducted by ALAP for FAO 40 participants



PhilAgriNet: the beginnings

The Mission

To provide, in an equitable, cooperative, cost effective manner, enhanced access to printed and electronic agricultural knowledge sources, generated by public and private institutions engaged in agricultural research in the Philippines.
The Vision

To electronically link participating member institutions as well as researchers for mutual access to agricultural knowledge, starting with a central database then moving on to actual exchange or delivery of documents. It could also serve as a venue for the sharing of resources and expertise.

PhilAgriNet: the beginnings

The Charter members of PhilAgriNet
Institution Agricultural Librarians Association of the Philippines Benguet State University Cavite State University Location Southern Luzon (National membership) Northern Luzon Southern Luzon

Central Bicol State University of Agriculture (formerly Camarines Sur Southern Luzon State Agricultural College) Central Luzon State University Dept. of Agriculture Bureau of Agricultural Research (DA-BAR) Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State Univ. International Rice Research Institute Isabela State University Nueva Vizcaya State University Philippine Rice Research Institute Silliman University Central Luzon Southern Luzon (national agency for agriculture) Northern Luzon Southern Luzon Northern Luzon Northern Luzon Central Luzon Visayas

University of the Philippines Los Baos

Visayas State University

Southerh Luzon

PhilAgriNet: to date
32 Department of Agriculture - RIARCS and RFRDCS 1 DA Staff Bureau 1 DA Attached Agency 1 Professional Society 1 International Organization 10 State Colleges and Universities To develop a comprehensive Philippine agricultural literature output not only for and from agricultural scientists but as well as for grass root level of our society and other stakeholders

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PhilAgriNet Visayas



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PhilAgriNet Activities
1. Current Awareness and Capacity Building for Agricultural Information Providers
2. Survey of Agricultural Institutions and Membership Campaign 3. Fulfillment of Document Requests 4. Marketing the PhilAgriNet Database Thru Web 2.0 Tools


PhilAgriNet Activities Net-Inc/124386850943411?sfrm


PhilAgriNet was conceptualized with common a common goal; to promote and enhance sharing of Philippine knowledge on agriculture not only to its member institutions but worldwide; PhilAgriNet has obtained essential political support and resources; DSpace.PhilAgriNet is a compliant in sharing of information and implements metadata standards for exchange of information and utilizes new ICT tools; i.e., Dublin Core for Metadata standards, XML format for exchange of information, AGROVOC for controlled vocabulary or in assigning of subjects, social media for promotion, and DSpace for database; PhilAgriNet continuously provide capacity building.

The pillars of PhilAgriNet are its members. It is important for the members to sustain their commitment to be a part of the network and to actively participate in its activities

Special libraries are created with the mandate to support the mission of their organization. No special library can have and provide all the needed information of its constituents. Thus, it is necessary to share knowledge generated and acquired with other organizations of common interests. This will promote not only your experts and their outputs but as well as the institution and the country as a whole.

Institute an organization system that will bring together and vitalize the resources, personnel and linkages

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