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“Pray without ceasing” 1 Thess.


Volume 13, Special Issue

January 2012

Dear heavenly Father, You impressed upon our hearts the idea that You are making ALL things NEW. So, beloved Father, with Your inspiration in our minds we desire to pray this prayer:

Valy & Elena’s—2012 GRAND PRAYER:
O, Creator of the heaven and Earth, glorified be Your name!!! God, Your Church is in crisis! Crisis of agape love, crisis of spiritual identity, and crisis of readiness for Christ's return. Help us o merciful Lord. As Moses once prayed, we also intercede before Your throne. Gracious God, don’t let Your anger burn against Your people, whom you brought out of this evil world with great power and a mighty hand. By the holy sacrifice of Jesus Christ, please forgive us, deliver us, and reinstate us. Father, revive Your Church and cause her to shine in this dark and evil world. Use us, Holy Father, and make us an active part of the new things that You are doing in 2012. Blessed Lord, open our eyes to see Your beloved Son with more clarity, open our ears to hear Your voice with high accuracy, open our minds to comprehend Your will with more precision, and open our hearts to accept Your will with total surrender. As Andrew Murray once prayed, we pray also, “O Holy Spirit of God, abide with us; inspire all our thoughts; pervade our imaginations; suggest all our decisions; order all our doings.” We seek Your direction and Your guidance. O beloved Spirit, instruct and guide us in special and miraculous ways. As Ignatius of Loyola once prayed, we too ask You, “Teach us, good Lord, to serve You as You deserve.” And more importantly, as Peter Marshall prayed, “Give us a clear vision that we may know where to stand and what to stand for—because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.” O Holy Father, open new doors for us, prepare new hearts in which to plant Your Word, pave the road to new cities and new countries in which to spread Your Good News, and give us new provisions so we can be ready for a new harvest. As Susana Wesley once prayed, we too pray, “Help us, o Lord, to remember that religion (Christianity) is not to be confined to the church ... nor exercised only in prayer and meditation, but that everywhere we are in Thy Presence.” Give us a willing heart to humble more and more before You, to bear the burdens of others, and to agonize until the image of Christ is formed in Your disciples. Give us a believing heart to cast all our burdens upon You. Divine Comforter, teach us to listen. Give us the spirit of the boy Samuel to be ready to say: “Speak, for Your servant is listening.” And as Tozer once prayed so do we, “Let us hear You speaking in our hearts. Let us get used to the sound of Your voice.” Help us obey Your commandments and do Your will. We pray in the beautiful name of Jesus Christ.

Amen. PS: Let’s pray this prayer, throughout the year, as often as possible. Thank you!
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