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LIST OF ADJECTIVES commonly found in the every day speech In the following list you will find adjectives

to describe almost anything in any situations. Objective: To help the student increase his or her vocabulary in a very substantial way. Whats an adjective? An adjective is a word that describes a noun. Skeptical / nave Escptico / ingenuo They're very skeptical of his motives. It was naive of her to think that she would ever get her money back. Incredulous Incrdulo Why am I here?" the witness responded in an incredulous tone. Cynical Cnico Listening to politicians for too long can make you cynical. She's become cynical about men. Doubtful Dudoso It was doubtful (that) the money would ever be found. [+ (that) clause] She gave me a long, doubtful look (= look full of doubt) and told me to wait. Sloppy , Messy sloppy clothes a sloppy administrator Attentive / Distracted an attentive audience Lulu was very distracted on the exam. Pescuidado, desordenado Atento / Distraido

Pathetic Pattico I think it's pathetic that only half of the eligible voters tend to vote. Apathetic / enthusiastic Aptico / entuciasta apathetic voters You don't seem very enthusiastic about the movie. Indifferent Indiferente an indifferent student She was utterly indifferent to his irritation. Sympathetic / Simptico He suffers from back trouble too, so he was sympathetic. Caring Afectuoso Mary is so caring that everyone loves her. Loving Carioso Paola is a loving mother. Considerate / inconsiderate Considerado / desconsiderado Thoughtful atento, considerado Devoted Carioso, devoto Compassionate Compasivo Benign / malignant Benigno / maligno

Nasty / nice agradable Malicious Malevolent Brutal Fierce Inhuman Sadistic Spiteful Refutable / Irrefutable Questionable / unquestionable Reciprocal / one-sided Mutual Visible / invisible Detectable / undetectable Perceptible / imperceptible Noticeable Blurry / clear Fuzzy Hazy Affectionate / cold Passionate Fervent Zealous Avid Fanatical

Desagradable, Malicioso Malvolo Brutal Feroz Inhumano Sdico Malo


Refutable / irrefutable Questionable / inquestionable Recproco / irrecproco Mutual Visible / invisible Detectable /indetectable Perceptible / imperceptible Evidente, apreciable Borroso, Opaco / claro Borroso Borroso, confuse, no claro Afectivo / Frio Apasionado Ferviente Celoso Avido Fantico

Quick tempered, iracible / easygoing, friendly Iracible / amigable Hot-blooded Inattentive / attentive Absentminded Distracted Forgetful Daydreaming Fertile / infertile Productive / unproductive Abundant / scarce Fruitful Deteriorated Reversible / irreversible Desatento / Atento Despistado Distraido Olvidadiso Despistado Fertile / infertil Productivo / inproductivo Abundante / escazo fructifero Deteriorado Reversible / irreversible

Guilty / innocent Identical / different Alike Absolute / relative Interesting / uninteresting Intriguing Fascinating Exciting / boring Captivating Stimulating / dull / boring Provocative / Insulting / Polite Abusive Offensive Insolent Impertinent / pertinent Disrespectful / Respectful Moral / immoral Ethical / unethical Honorable / dishonorable deshonroso Upright Proper Just Principled Righteous Wise / unwise / foolish Intelligent / stupid / dumb / dummy Clever Bright Smart Intellectual Logical / illogical Rational / irrational Coherent / incoherent Reasonable / unreasonable Plausible / implausible

Culpable / inocente idntico / diferente parecido absoluto / relativo interesante / no interesante intrigante fascinante emocionante / aburrido Cautivante Estimulante / soso / aburrido Provocativo Insultante / amable Abusivo Ofensivo Insolente Impertinente / pertinente Irrespetuoso / respetuoso Moral / inmoral Etico / no tico Honorable,


Correcto, recto Propio, adecuado Justo de principios Justo Sabio / imprudente / tonto Inteligente / estupido, tontito listo Brillante Inteligente Intelectual Lgico / ilgico recional / irracional coherente / incoherente rasonable / irrasonable Plausible / no plausible

Primary / secondary

Primordial / secundario

Major / minor Crucial Favorable / unfavorable Convenient / inconvenient Opportune / inopportune Appropriate / inappropriate Modernistic / old-fashioned Old / new Harmonious / discordant Congruent / discordant Affable / hostile Melodious Stressing / relaxing Emotional / cold Sensitive Emotive Touchy, susceptible Expressive Fundamental /secondary / superfluous superfluo Essential /unnecessary Orderly / disorderly Organized / disorganized / Scrappy Systematical Methodical Symmetrical Theological Doctrinal Metaphysical Defiant / obedient Insubordinate Rebellious Chaotic Hectic Revolutionary / conventional Innovative Radical

Importante / no tan importante Crucial Favorable / desfavorable Conveniente / inconveniente Oportuno / inoportuno Appropiado / inapropiado Moderno / anticuado Viejo / nuevo Armonioso / discordante Congruente / Afable / hostil Melodioso Estresante / relajante Sentimental / frio Sensible Emotivo Susceptible Expresivo Fundamental / secundario /

esencial / innecesario ordenado / desordenado desorganizado Sistematico Metdico simtrico Teolgico Doctrinal Metafsico Desafiante / obediente insubordinado rebelde Catico vertiginoso, frentico Revolucionario / convencional innovador Radical



Repugnant Disgusting Nauseating Gross Repulsive Gruesome Attractive / unattractive / repellent Good looking / ugly Gorgeous Appealing Alluring Charming Handy / useless Useful/ useless Practical Versatile Unstable / stable Volatile / Unpredictable / predictable Impulsive / Precarious Fierce / calm Violent / peaceful Brutal Aggressive / gentle Destructive Intense / Moderate Mediocre / excellent Ordinary Theoretical / concrete Hypothetical Notional Conjectural Speculative Fulfilling / frustrating Satisfying Pleasing / unpleasing Rewarding Gratifying Agonizing Heartbreaking Distressing Creepy Frightening

repugnante Asqueroso nauseabundo asqueroso repulsivo Desagradable, asqueroso Atractivo / no atractivo Bien parecido / feo precioso(a) Atractivo Seductor, atractivo Encantador Prctico, manual / inutil til / intil Prctico Versatil Inestable / estable Volatil impredecible / predecible impulsivo precario Feroz / calmado Violento / pacfico Brutal Agressivo / gentil Destructivo Intenso / moderado Mediocre / excelente Comn, normal Torico / concreto Hipottico Nocional Conjetural Especulativo satisfactorio, que llena / frustrante satisfactorio complaciente / incomplaciente gratificante gratificante, complaciente Agonizante Desgrarrador Angustiante Espeluznante Espantoso

Scary Spooky Resentful Psychotic Persuasive, convincing / unconvincing convincente Influential Flirtatious Enticing Vain / humble Worthless Futile Arrogant Selfish Self-centered Egocentric Ineffective / effective Inefficient / efficient Tormented Admired Magnificent Superb Splendid Wonderful Brilliant Glorious Intimate / distant Close Private / public Secrete Confidential Personal / public Detestable / lovable, adorable Hateful Vile Abominable Mean / compassionate Nasty Unkind / Kind

Espeluznante Terrorfico resentido psictico Persuasivo, convincente / influyente Coqueto (a) seductor vanidoso(a) / humilde no valer nada vano Arrogante Egoista Egoista, centrado en si mismo Egocentrico Ineficaz / efectivo ineficiente / eficiente Atormentado Admirado Magnifico excelente Espplendido Maravilloso Brillante Glorioso Intimo / distante Cercano Privado / pblico Secredo Confidencial no

Detestable / adorable Rencoroso Vil abobinable Malo / compasivo Desagradable, feo Descortez / amable

Uncaring / concerned Hardhearted Heartless Sensitive / insensitive Stingy / generous Greedy / generous generoso Avaricious Materialistic Simplistic Insatiable Vengeful / merciful / forgiving perdonador Revengeful Merciless Resentful Pitiless Exorbitant / reasonable Excessive Ridiculous / sensible Absurd Silly Playful / serious Perky Outrageous Frivolous Bizarre / ordinary Strange Weird Peculiar Odd Unusual Boastful / modest Arrogant Proud Vain Presumptuous / modest Proliferated Inhospitable / hospitable Unwelcoming / welcoming Hostile

Despreocupado / preocupado insensible Despiadado Sensible / insensible Tacao / generoso ambisioso (mala Avaro Materialista Simplista insaciable vengativo / misericordioso / forma) /

revanchista, vengativo despiadado resentido exorbitante / rasonable exesivo Ridculo / sensato absurdo Tontito Jugetn / serio animado atroz frvolo Extrao / comn estrao raro, extrao peculiar raro inusual presumido / modesto Arrogante Argulloso vano, vanidoso presumtuoso / modesto proliferado inhospito / hospitalario inhospitalarios / hospitalarios hostil

Desolate / crowded Depressing Austere Miserable / happy Unhappy / happy Sad / Cheerful Mournful / joyful Arid / humid Dry Genuine / false / fake Authentic True Unadulterated Sincere / hypocritical Honest / dishonest Frank / Deceitful / Devious Crafty Significant / insignificant Important / trivial Substantial Heretical Sacrilegious Impersonal Contrary / similar Opposing, opposite Different Divergent Obstinate Uncooperative / cooperative Stubborn Clumsy Inept

Desolado / mucha gente Deprimente Austero Miserable / feliz Infeliz / feliz Triste / alegre, contento amargado / contento Arido / hmedo Seco Genuino / falso Autntico Verdadero Inadulterado Sincero / hipcrita Honesto / deshonesto Franco / engaoso / retorcido Astuto Significante / insignificante importrante / trivial sustancial hertico sacrlegico impersonal Contrario / similar Opuesto Diferente Divergente Obstinado no cooperative / cooperativo Terco Torpe Inepto

Comfortable / uncomfortable / Awkward Cmodo / incomodo Relaxed relajado Easy / uneasy tranquilo / intranquilo Calm / calmado Comfy Comodo Pleasant / unpleasant agradable / desagradable Embarrassing Uptight, Tense bergonsoso tenso



Tricky Simple / complex Easy / difficult Almighty, All-powerful Omnipotent Supreme Omnipresent Big / small Great / tiny Huge / Enormous Immense Gigantic Colossal Titanic Massive Terrible Awful, Dreadful Appalling Horrible Horrendous Shocking Terrifying Severe Extreme Serious Grave Positive / negative Optimistic / pessimistic Constructive Encouraging Affirmative Confident, Self-confident Certain / uncertain Sure / unsure Destructive / untouchable Distrustful / Trustworthy Suspicious / trusting Doubtful

engaoso, burlador simple / complejo facil / difcil Todo poderoso omnipotente Supremo Omnoprecente Grande / pequeo Grande / pequeito Enorme Inmenso Gigantesco Colosal Titnico Massivo Terrible horrible, fatal Espantoso Horroroso Horrible Horrendo impresionante Aterrador Severo Extremo Serio Grave positive / negativo Optimista / pesimista Constructivo Alentador Afirmativa seguro, seguro de si mismo Cierto / incierto Seguro / inseguri Destructivo / intocable Desconfiado / digno de confianza Sospechozo / confiable Dudoso

Definite / indefinit Explicit / implicit Conclusive Categorical Decisive / indecisive Simple-minded Close-minded / open-minded Narrow-minded / flexible Conformist / ambitious Cynical Sarcastic Contemptuous Scornful Cold / hot Chilly Freezing Icy Crazy / sensible Mad Nuts Insane Mad Angry Annoyed / bothered Wild / calm Uncontrolled Frenetic Neat / untidy Tidy / untidy Clean / dirty / unclean Messy Orderly Arranged / Organized / disorganized Dirty Filthy Polluted Soiled Crooked / straight Corrupt / honest Illegal / legal Fraudulent Unscrupulous

Definido / indefinido Explicito / implicito Concluyente Categrico Decidido, decisivo / indeciso Descomplicado Cerrado de mente/ abierto de mente estrecho de mente / flexible Comformista Cnico Sarcstico Despectivo Despreciativo Frio / Caliente Fresco Muy frio Helado Loco / sensato, cuerdo Disparatado Loco loco enfadado enojado molesto Salvaje / calmado Descontrolado Frentico Oordenado, limpio / desaseado Ordenado / desordenado Limpio / sucio desordenado ordenado arreglado organizado desorganizado sucio mugriento, obseno contaminado sucio torcido / recto corrupto / hnoesto ilegal / legal fraudulento inescrupuloso

Elegant / sloppy Stylish Well-dressed Neat Trendy Fashionable Popular / unpopular Flexible/ stiff Elastic Stretchy Transparent Clear / unclear Translucent Outstanding Exceptional Remarkable Extraordinary / ordinario

elegante / descuidado a la moda bien vestido genial de moda popular / no popular flexible / tieso elstico expandible transparente claro / no claro translucido sobresaliente/comn excepcional notable extraordinario Discreto / indiscreto Diplomatico Diplomatico, con tacto / indiscreto, cauto prudent Alerta Mareado Mareado Frgil / fuerte delicado incipiente justificado / injustificado obseno justo / injusto innato instinctivo intuitivo correcto / incorrecto Bueno / Malo Nuevo / Viejo Antiguo

Discreet / indiscreet Diplomatic Tactful / tactless sin tacto Cautious Prudent Alert Dizzy Giddy Fragile / strong Delicate Incipient Justified / unjustified Obscene Fair / unfair Innate Instinctive Intuitive Right / wrong Good / bad Old / new Ancient

Shy / outgoing Introverted Timid Reserved / Outspoken Pragmatic / Idealistic Realistic Predominant Leading Dominant / week Bossy Dangerous / safe Unsafe Hazardous Harmful / harmless Risky Contagious Infectious Acceptable / unacceptable Tolerable Bearable / unbearable Addictive Jealous Envious Covetous Protective Supportive / unhelpful Dynamic / lethargic Active / passive Vigorous Enthusiastic Energetic Vibrant Full of life Spoiled Fatal Thankful / unthankful Sophisticated

Tmido / extrovertido introvertido Tmido reservado / hablador Pragmatico / idealista realista Predominante puntero Prepotente, Dominate / dbil Mandn Peligroso / seguro Inseguro arriesgado, peligroso danino / inofensivo arriesgado Contagioso infeccioso Acceptable / inaceptable Tolerable Soportable / insoportable Adictivo Celoso Envidioso Protector comprensivo Dinmico / aletargado Activo / passivo Vigoroso Entusiasta enrgico Vibrante Lleno de vida arruinado, mimado, estropeado Fatal Agradecido / desagradecido Sofisticado

Aware /oblivious Conscious/unconscious Outlined Scandalous Shameful/honorable Hypersensitive perfilados