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AS/NZS 2891.3.2:1997

Australian/New Zealand Standard

Methods of sampling and testing asphalt Method 3.2: Bitumen content and aggregate gradingCentrifugal extraction method
1 SCOPE This Standard sets out the method for determining, by centrifugal extraction, the binder content of mixes containing residual bitumen, and subsequently the particle size distribution of aggregate by sieve analysis. This method may not be satisfactory when used with mixes made of highly absorptive aggregates. 2 REFERENCED DOCUMENTS Standard: AS 1141 1141.11 1152 1681 2243 2243.8 2891 2891.1 2891.10 ASTM D 2172 The following documents are referred to in this

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Methods for sampling and testing aggregates Method 11: Particle size distribution by dry sieving Specification for test sieves Electrically-heated ovens in which flammable volatiles occur Type 1 ovens Safety in laboratories Part 8: Fume cupboards Methods of sampling and testing asphalt Method 1: Sampling of asphalt Method 10: Water and volatile oils content Test methods for quantitative extraction of bitumen from bituminous paving mixtures for atmospheric contaminants in the occupational

Worksafe Australia Exposure standards environment 3 DEFINITIONS apply. 4 (a) (b) MATERIALS

For the purpose of this Standard, the definitions given in AS 2891.1

The following materials are required:

Filter paper filter paper suitable for use with the bitumen centrifuge extractor. Solvent toluene or trichloroethylene, commercial grade.
NOTES: 1 Alternative solvents may be used provided that it could be demonstrated that they achieve equivalent results. 2 All solvents should meet occupational, health and safety requirements (see Clause 9).


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AS/NZS 2891.3.2:1997, Methods of sampling and testing asphalt Bitumen content and aggregate grading - Centrifugal extraction method

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