Every day is a new birth in tme, holding out new beginnings, new possibilites and new achievements.

Each day can
be a day of regeneraton, renewal and rebirth. From the old past, we can raise a new being imbued with power and
purpose and radiant with the inspiraton of a new idea. But this becomes possible only when we have faith. Faith
based on righteousness and truth shuns out all pessimism, fear, defeat and failure and makes way for optmism,
confdence, personal mastery and unfailing success.
The founder chairman of CSKM Public School, Col P S Satsangi called CSKM – a school and a home for his dearly
beloved students and staf appointed to give them the best of tutelage and care.
It is the radiance of bright beams of love (Prem – Kiran) that bless our school and all the school children who have
stayed and studied here and do so now. CSKM is a family, its members share academic and living space. No one is
a failure here. It is a place to learn and grow for life. Each student is a miracle, a “Charisma” whose uniqueness is
The Silver Jubilee session makes the best of what has been and lights the way to what is yet to be.
Our Founder Chairman ofen quoted:
v i u h v kt +kn h d h o kj u k e Sa o k: ¡x k d Hkh]
e Sa u g kj k F kk] u g kj k g w¡] u g k: ¡x k d Hkh
We salute him and true to the aspiratons, we pledge again today to discover new heights we are born to conquer.
Comemmoratng the Silver Jubilee is not an easy task. Huge amount of material edited into a predictable form.
With all the constraints we have atempted to compile a worthwhile megazine with contributons from former
teachers and students, present teachers and students, actvites conducted during the Silver Jubilee Year,
memorable photographs over the year and all that we could think of. It was really a hectc and pleasant journey.
Editorial Board had lots of fun in collectng, reading, editng, typing and having group discussions over the literary
output of our great writers.
The members of editorial board would like to express their grateful acknowledgement to the Principal,
Dr. (Mrs.) S. S. Jaiman for her support, encouragement and inspiraton. We would like to thank
Ma’m Sangeeta Kumar for her valuable inputs.Wish you all a happy reading...
COVER – Our multfaceted Priyanka Priyadarshi representng India at Commonwealth Games in the swimming
competton displaying her Nail Art depictng fag colours of other partcipatng countries.
From the Editor’s Desk
Dear Readers,
“Journey of a thousand miles begins
with one step”.
Editors : (English) Rajbala Sharma; (Hindi) Prem Kohli
Sub-editors : Hemlata, Abha Chandra, Yeshi Choedon,
Madhu Kapoor, Deepika Abrol, Shailja
Student Editors : Namrata Mahanta, Suhail Khan
DTP Support : Gulab Singh Negi
Digital Support : Ajay Rathi
Designing & Printng : Roots Advertsing
The Founders
25 years of an adult life is indeed all of your actve productve life. You
experience the entre spectrum of events, emotons, upheavals, progress,
debacles, friendship, betrayal, gain, loss, desires, heartbreaks, achievements,
lost opportunites, and sometmes something completely unexpected
unplanned and out of the blue. Most of the people who have been associated
with CSKM, living at it’s campus for past 25 years or so, have gone through
all these and when we look at this we realize that our lives revolve around
CSKM. Most of us started our professional life, got married, had children and
their educaton, married away some of our children, developed grey hair, had
tooth fllings and started taking BP tablets right here in CSKM. It all sums up to
a wonderful feeling of living in a large extended family with a lot of good and
some of not so good memories. We are a blessed lot, united by our destnies
to spend most of our lives in each other’s good company, in safe, polluton
free, green, serene environment, in company of wonderful young joyful
students, what more can you ask for, and what more can the Lord give to us?
Only regret is that the Godmother (Kiran) of this family had lef us even before
this nest was built, and the Godfather (Prem Saran) joined her in the heaven
six years ago, leaving behind a legacy of a wonderful educatonal philosophy
and pedagogy that was far ahead of the tmes. The rest of the world is now
making an atempt to follow the pioneering methodologies implemented by
CSKM 25 years ago. I can say with pride and confdence that the seminal and
outstanding educatonal process that CSKM developed under stewardship of
Col. Satsangi will be hard for others to emulate. Long live CSKM.
Chairman’s Message
Every year the teacher’s day is a tme to revive
memories of the days gone by in one’s long teaching
experience. Time is spent remembering the students
with afecton whom I had the privilege to teach
variously my subject, facts of life, art of living and
whatever they expressed curiosity for. So much so that
they became a part of my own life and extended family.
Students were of all types, those who were intelligent
and motvated, those who needed to be nudged on and
yet those who literally needed constant needling. Every
student becomes a fond and memorable part of one’s
life as a teacher. I remember one of my teacher’s telling
me that “Child there will be only two persons in your
life who genuinely feel happy when you surpass their
own achievements and achieve greater success – frstly,
your parents and secondly your teachers”. As I moved
on in life I realized how true this is.
The Teacher’s day is a perfect tme to refect, introspect
and re-commit oneself to the noble profession.
Times have changed. One has witnessed the so
called evoluton of educatonal methodology due to
liberalizaton, economic, cultural and technological
changes etc. leading to worldwide networking and mass
consumerism. Yet, it is amusing to see that the child
has not changed much. In fact, today’s child has to cope
with a very difcult and challenging environment which
is full of difcultes and obstacles in his/her path to self
Regardless of so called advancements in society the
need of a child for parental and teacher support
remains as it was. It is said that parents are the frst
teachers of a child. Unfortunately, today many do not
have tme, inclinaton or the luxury to be able to love
their child unconditonally. This is substtuted by things
that money can buy. Economic uplifment in society
has provided personal computers, televisions, air–
conditoners in every room of a house so each member
of a family is secluded, busy doing their own thing.
Sadly, the so called family values which our country has
always been rooted in are being degraded. These values
which provided a family its support system of tolerance
and mutual respect and could make the child’s life
meaningful, are fast disappearing.
The poor child is lef all alone to contend with huge
problems arising out of the invasion of all kinds of half-
baked informaton with universal and adult content,
bombarding and bewildering her/him completely. The
lonely child feels lost due to lack of proper guardianship
and turns to the peer group. It is like a blind person
telling another blind person which way to go. The
outcome is psychological confict, emotonal hyper
sensitvity and behavioural problems.
The soluton is that parents need to do more than just
provide and teachers need to do more than just teach.
We must revive the world famous Indian Gurukul
traditon and good sanskaras. Let’s join our hands
together to overcome these new age ailments.
Happy Teacher’s Day.
Dr. (Mrs.) Shakuntla S. Jaiman
The Principal
Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Jaiman
A brilliant scholar, Dr. Jaiman has been an achiever all
through her academic career. She received her doctorate
degree from IIT, Delhi, on ‘Dimensions of Gifedness:
Focus on Personality and Background Factors’ which has
been published in the form of a book.
A dynamic and motvated leader, Dr. (Mrs.) Jaiman has
successfully organised natonal and internatonal level
seminars as the Director, Insttute for Gifed Children.
Shaku Didi is another name for our problem solver.
A sister, a mother, for staf, students and parents her
warm afecton and care has always come ahead of
work. A true charisma.
From The Principal’s Desk
Musings on Teacher’s Day
To Sir, with love
Amazing journey of a young boy from Gorakhpur with dreams in his eyes and an indefatgable
spirit whom we all know as our Founder Chairman Lt. Col. Prem Saran Satsangi -
23rd Oct, 1929 to 1st April, 2005
Here is a brief picture story depictng his life.....
A fne young man he was always the best in studies & sports. Later in life, he topped in seven University Exams and
his all tme M.Ed. record of Allahabad University stll stands unbroken. He also played All India Level Lawn Tennis,
was Services Hockey Captain, played Ranji Trophy Cricket, U.P. State Badminton Championship.
g t +kj ksa l ky u j f x l v i u h c su wj h i s j ksr h g S
c M +h e qf ’ d y l s g ksr k g S p e u e sa n hn ko j i Sn kA
From the very beginning he
was a brilliant, confdent,
determined, hardworking,
scholarly and positve
A young MSc in Physics at an
early age of 19 years he joined
lecturership in Colleges at Varanasi
and Allahabad. His father having
retred, the family responsibility
was taken by him on his young
He worked passionately in the
feld of his frst love, Physics. An
interestng anecdote of this period
was that some students who
represented the College team in
Cricket and Hockey and secured
laurels, had been unable to clear
the University exam for a couple of
years. P S Satsangi made a pact with
them that he would help them to
clear their exam and in turn, they
teach him games that they were
good at. All those students cleared
the University exams and he learnt
to excel in sports.
The marks of distncton were evident from the very beginning of his career. He is seen here with eminent Indian
Scientsts like Sir C. V. Raman and Prof. S S Bhatnagar.
C-A-V Inter College, Allahabad,
Hockey First Eleven 1954-55
Winners of Inter Insttutonal and
Ganesh Memorial Trophy
Innovative educator
Aspiring for a beter life he joined the Army and excelled there also. In spite of standing 2nd in Order of Merit at
the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, he opted for the Army Educaton Corps as his frst choice owing to his great
love for educaton.
His multfaceted personality shone forth greatly in the Army as he contributed outstandingly in various felds.
An avid photographer and Incharge of the Photography club
Escortng Minister Y B Chavan
in Photography Exhibiton, IMA,
Commentary of a match
With the IMA hockey team as the Ofcer Incharge Winning was a habit for him both
on and of the feld.
His dynamic personality was recognised during all his assignments at EME centre and SSB Services Selecton Board,
Allahabad, IMA Dehradun, ACC, Pune and last but not the least as Principal, Sainik School, Tilaiya, Bihar.
The facets of Prem
Kiran came from the royal Mansingh family of Fatehpur. An extremely
accomplished woman in her own right she had studied in a boarding school
and excelled at Allahabad University in MA (Hindi) and MEd. An actve Girl
Guide, she studied Music from Prayag Sangeet Samit and proved to be a
complete foil to Sir’s personality. It is known that in their entre married life
they did not live apart even for a single day.
With her teacher “the renowned poet”
Shri Harivansh Rai Bachchan
Distnctve features, elegant poise,
unconditonal love, immense
patence..... she became the right
anchor for her dynamic husband.
She taught at various schools and
colleges eventually becoming a
As a shy new bride.
Kiran – the ray of hope
9 9
Reaching high...
10 10
The turning point
In 1975 Lt. Col. Prem Saran Satsangi took over as Principal, Sainik School, Tilaiya. He revolutonized the insttuton
with his innovatve ideas of MEd from Allahabad University in which he was a Gold Medalist and his record of
marks stands unbroken tll date for the same.
Marathon school staf meetngs
Minister Ghulam Sarwar was amongst many eminent
dignitaries who visited the School.
Shri Jagan Nath Kaushal, Governor, Bihar visited the
school. He was tremendously impressed and changed
the course of life of Lt. Col. Satsangi who thereafer lef
the Army and took over as Founder Principal, Yadvindra
Public School, Chandigarh where he pioneered the
Long Hours Day Boarding System. Shri Kaushal later
Union Law Minister was the frst Patron of CSKM Public
Briefng School Appointments
Lt. Col. P.S. Satsangi became the frst Sainik School
Principal in India to be awarded the Vishisht Sewa
Medal (VSM) for his outstanding contributon and
complete transformaton of Sainik School, Tilaiya to
become the best amongst all Sainik Schools and retain
the Defence Minister’s Trophy for maximum number of
entrants to the Natonal Defence Academy (NDA) for
three successive years.
11 11
Innovative excellence in
school education
In conversaton with Col. Bhawani Singh, Maharaja of
Jaipur at one of the Principal’s Conference.
Shri J L Hathi, Governor, Punjab visitng Yadvindra Public
School, Chandigarh.
Atending Management Development Workshop for
Principals at Lawrence School, Sanawar.
Atending conference for Principals of Sainik Schools
Atending Indian Public Schools Conference at Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur.
A master of all
As founder Principal at Rotary Public School, Gurgaon with Mrs. & Mr. S Y Qureshi, then Deputy Commissioner
Honouring Deepika Abrol, topper of
Class X, All India CBSE in 1985
Col. Satsangi loved and lived for children, obvious in these photographs where he is enjoying oil massage on a
railway platorm; encouraging children to study while travelling in a train; briefng students on the TS Rajindra,
Naval training ship on the tours he took his students for their all-round personality development.
Close tes with Soviet Educatonists led to development of Indo-Soviet Friendship Club at RPS followed by visit of
Col. Satsangi to Soviet Union for propagatng the Long Hours Day Boarding System.
Tennis with dear friend and
renowned educatonist Father
Kunnankal, former Chairman, CBSE.
With wife Kiran always by his side.
12 12
13 13
Laying the foundation
The Inspiraton
Shri Jagan Nath Kaushalji
Our First Patron
The fnal destnaton afer many stop overs began with the Satsang in 1986
Living the new dream
The saga of contnuing success was interrupted by huge personal tragedy in a car accident on 9th April, 1984 with
the sudden, untmely demise of his soulmate, beloved wife and constant companion of 25 years.
Heart broken and deeply aggrieved, gradually through his sheer will power and daughter Shaku’s support he
gathered courage and decided to build an educatonal insttuton in the memory of wife Kiran. The school land at
Satbari had been alloted before the sad demise of Mrs. Kiran Satsangi and she had visited the place which became
a greater reason. He plunged himself into hard work of 18 to 20 hours per day, 365 days a year to create a unique
school against all odds with his own sweat and blood.
With a handful of staf, no electricity or water supply, or road and plenty of rocks, thorny bushes, snakes and
scorpions which would have deterred any ordinary man but our Founder Chairman was never ordinary with the grit
of a man possessed he achieved the impossible and has lef a valuable legacy in educaton for all of us to carry on,
learn and earn by.
His unique educatonal philosophy is inclusive and desirous of teaching a child at his pleasure and not peril.
Pioneering the Nil Failure System with methodology like Insttute for Gifed Children, Peer Learning Team Teaching,
Open Book Exam etc. Idealistc in not taking donaton, compassionate in providing jobs to the needy and creatng
an atmosphere all to excel.
Shri Rajeshwar Prasad
Our Patron
C S K M A E C,
Ma’am Principal – Ms. Fix It
Mr. S K Thakur, VP – Mr. Attude
Mr. R K Tyagi, VP – Mr. Well Wisher
Mr. N C Jha – Mr. Newspaper
Mr. D C Srivastava – Mr. Historian
Dr. Parvez Alam – Mr. Decent
Mr. P S George – Mr. Sensitve
Mr. Vijay Kumar – Mr. Spic Macay
Mr. Sudarshan Singh Miyan – Mr. Handsome
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar – Mr. Serious
Mr. Sujeet – Mr. Rocking
Mr. Tripathi – Mr. Spunk
Dr. A N Singh – Mr. Sof
Dr. A N Jha – Mr. Experienced
Mr. A N Singh – One Man Army
Mrs. Shilpi – Ms. Freud
Mrs. Hemlata – Ms. New Comer
Mrs. Deepika – Ms. Know it all
Mr. Y V Singh – Mr. Polite
Mr. Ajay Rathi – Mr. Cool
Mr. A K Srivastava – Mr. Sincere
Mr. Rakesh – Jai
Mr. Ramesh – Viru
Ms. Ruchi Sinha – Ms. Simplicity
Ms. Sudha Bajaj – Ms. Bhajan Kirtan
Ms. Sudha Kuhar – Ms. Radio
Ms. Madhu Kapoor – Ms. Creatve
Ms. Charu Sinha – Ms. Amiable
Ms. Amrit Kaur Gill – Ms. Beautful Handwritng
Ms. Malt Ojha - Ms. Silent Mode
Ms. Renu Kaul – Ms. Srinagar
Ms. Monika Sachdev – Ms. Talented
Ms. Nanda Issar - Ms. Choreographer
Ms. Abha Pathak – Ms. Over Smiling
Ms. Pinki Rathi – Ms. Colourful
Ms. Laxmi Vohra – Ms. Amiable
Ms. Asha Manral – Ms. Charming
Ms. Anjini – Ms. New bee
Calling names respectully... on Teacher’s Day
Your’s truly
Ms. Navneet Kaur – Ms. Shining
Ms. Reeta Masih – Ms. Fresher
Mr. J P Upadhyay – Mr. Examinaton
Mr. Adesh Kumar – Mr. Chhatrapat Shivaji
Mr. S N Kumar – Mr. Yogacharya
Dr. Abha Chandra – Ms. Didi
Ms. M N Pathak – Ms. Chatarpur
Ms. Prem Kohli – Ms. Afghanistan
Mr. Neerad Kumar – Mr. Long Legs
Mr. Sandeep Pathak – Mr. Army Man
Ms. Suteen Bala – Ms. Ecological
Ms. Rajbala Sharma – Ms. Popular
Ms. Lavanya – Ms. Zari Zardozi
Ms. Shailja – Femina Ms. India
Ms. Sarla Kaul – Ms. Kashmir Ki Kali
Ms. Elizabeth Martn – Ms. Coconut (sof inside
tough on the outside)
Ms. Lalita Sinha – Ms. How & Why?
Ms. Ravi Shyam – Ms. Matching
Ms. Anita Prasad – Ms. Handbag
Ms. Monica S – Ms. Fresher
Ms. Vandana S. – Ms. Maths
Ms. Sushma Yadav – Ms. Slim
Mr. Pankaj Jha – Mr. Momentum
Mr. Lalan Jha – Mr. John Abraham
Mr. Brahm Prakash – Mr. Michael Jackson
Mr. R K Ojha – Mr. M F Husain
Mr. N J P Singh – Mr. Mysterious
Mr. Ramesh (Comp) – Mr. Helpful
Mr. Sujeet (Comp) – Mr. Orkut
Mr. Murli Menon – Mr. Scientst
Mr. Tapan M – Prince of Bengal
Mr. Mussarat Ali – Mr. Exercise
Mr. Prakash Rana – Mr. Simpleton
Ms. Yeshi – Ms. Face Book
Ms. Veena Jaini – Ms. Kiran Bedi
With Love from Students
¤|S¤ ¬|¬ ¤¤¬ |¤n|¬« ¤ B<¢||¤¤ ¤¬¬
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l l··”i ¤i¤i ¬i ºi¤¬ ¤¬n ÷ l·nil·i¤i ,iºi l·ni¬¤ ¤lº¬º - ni·¸ ¬ni·i|
l ¬·¬i”i ¬i ¬·¤¤in ÷ n-·i|º ¤-n¬ ¤«·i
l -·-·i ¬iº ¤-n ºr· ¬i ºr-¤ ÷ “iiº|lº¬ ¬-, ¬i·iiººi ¤· ¬nl¬n ·ii¬·, ¬ni’i ¤· ¬¤· ¬i¤i - ¬i···|
l ·i|·· ¬ ¬ªi· ·iºi ÷ ··ilr¬ ¬|··, ¬·¤ ¬|·· ¬iº l·nil·i¤i ¬ «|¤ ºr·i|
l l-”i· ÷ «·¤i ¬i ¬¤¸ºi l·¬i¬
l l·ni¬¤ ÷ ¤¬ ¤¤in, ¤¤in”ii¬i ¬iº ¤¤in ÷ ¤lººii-|
l l·ni·i| ÷ -·-·i “iº|º - -·-·i -l-n’¬ ¬iº -·-·i -l-n’¬ - ¬¬-¬iº ri ni ¬·s
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nª-·i¬’iºi ri·i ¤ilr¤|
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ri·i, ¬-¤ºi ¬iº ¬i··· ¬ ¬i·i ¤«i; ¬¤¬·i¤¬ rin| r|
l “il·n ¬iº ¤ººii ÷ l¬º· ¬|·· ¬ln·|
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l l··¬i ¬ l¬¤ ¬·”i ÷ ¬|·· ¬iº ¬i¤¤,ln - ¬·iiº ¬ l¬¤ · -º ¬·i ¬i·i ºr|
l l”i·i¬i ¬ l¬¤ ¬·”i ÷ ¬·iº ;·¤, ¬ªºii¬, l··¬|, ¬-”i|¬ ¬iº ¤¬··l¤n «·i|
l l”i·ii ¬i ¬··”¤ ÷ ¬i--l·¬i¬, ¤lº·iº ¤i’iºi, ºi’-lrn¬iº| ¬iº l·”·«·i-· ¬| ·ii··i ¬i l·¬i¬
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;¬l¬¤ · ¤¬ l·nil·i¤i ¬i ¬¤· l·ni¬¤ - ·i-i¬· ¬ºn, ¬·r ¬·iiº· ¬i ¬¤¬ ¤¤i¬ ¬ºn| · ¬rn l¬ ¤¬ «·¤
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¬º¬ ¬s «·· ¬| ¤ººii ·n · -·i”ii¬i ¬| ¤l·n¤i ·irºin...
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Down Memory Lane – Time spent and
Our school is growing, and as batches leave the boundary walls of
CSKM, and go on to become alumni, they share a common bond, a
common spirit, a common ethos and zeal to achieve. I would like to
share today a few lessons we have taken from our school, and how
we became unique in innumerable ways and how best we can make
signifcant contributon to society by following his philosophy.
Col. Satsangi, a charismatc man, an educatonist, a visionary, a
workaholic, a social reformer, the list is endless. The things we learnt
from him while in school have become a part of our ethos and got
embedded in our character.
To me, the most important thing that I learnt while in CSKM is that there was never an impossible
situaton in our lives. As the frst batch of CSKM, friends would agree, we sat in a deciduous jungle
and bushes amidst stones & hillocks of the Aravalli, with couple of explosions (constructon work in
progress) taking place in and around while we sat in the open semicircle studying thermodynamics
lessons from Col. Satsangi himself.
How could a man of such limited means (No capitaton, Industrial – Corporate backing, heritage or
business model) muster the courage to open, start, and run a full 10+2 school? We were not even
afliated or recognised, at that point of tme though talks were going on. We were sure Col. Satsangi
would manage. It was like the family knew that the “father” cared. All of us - the students, the
staf, the teachers and even our parents, had faith in his vision, his dynamism, his endless pursuit
of excellence, and thank God, the CBSE board believed in him too!! CSKM got a recogniton and
afliaton from Nursery. –XIIth in the year of its incepton itself!!
School constructon, educaton, sports facilites, mess, lab, everything was developing and growing
simultaneously. From few classrooms to more & more hostels, courts, libraries. In two years we
were seeing, a story in making something. We learnt that if the purpose is right, and when vision
is matched by hard work and sincerity, the “impossible turns into the possible”. One has to be
possessed by the madness to achieve.
Another aspect of his, which earlier pupils will perhaps know or recall, was that, though a
physicist and educatonist by training and experience, he was an engineer par excellence and one
who practced this skill at night! You had a room here in the evening and next morning it turned
into an ofce, a garage turning into a squash court, a court demolished for another structure
serendipitously. Space utlizaton, economising, making the most out of difcult situatons were
things that stood out at CSKM. We had paucity of funds, and scarcity of tme, but we wanted to
make CSKM the largest boarding in the country and to ensure beter services of each student, which
we achieved successfully. Sufce it to say, we loved our impatence, there was no pretence,and
no tme for anything, contagious was his spirit and passion to get things moving. This ‘go geter
attude’ in the most formidable of circumstances has been a guiding light to all of us. He would
quote General Paton “a good plan violently executed now is beter than a perfect plan executed
next week.”
One more aspect, that comes out with this story is that nothing lasts forever and that “things
change”, under changed environments and milieu. As an administrator, and a citzen we have never
hesitated in transforming strategies and moved on, in line with our plans for a beter realizaton
of our dreams, vision and has been the prime mover. It is the larger picture, the good of, and the
greater cause that always matered. While, remaining commited to the basics values and paradigm
the modus and the strategy has always been a mater of detail based on situatonal analysis.
Down Memory Lane – Time spent and
What was most unique about CSKM was that while most schools and Principals pay homage to
and respect only past achievers and boost in borrowed glory (I am talking of percentages)
Col. Satsangi would emphasise a logic that would scare many as educatonist. He said, “I do not
quite understand the beauty of making a 82-85% (That used to be a great score then) achieve
another 5% and climb into 90-92%. I’d much rather take a 40-50% or 60 % and help him, guide him
to get an 80 -90%. Now, that is an incredible achievement!!!
To quote him – “Why should I as a doctor choose patents with minor cough and cold? I’d much rather
take a serious case of disease, terminal illness cases & treat him and make the patent go smiling”.
There were a lot of such ‘patents’ and “pupils”. We all excelled and achieved! The whole philosophy
was to honour and motvate the underachievers to perform and not to bask in the borrowed glory of
harnessing the beter ones who would achieve anyway (So what would the schools do then?).
Col. Satsangi would personally monitor our individual progress, but more importantly gave us
respect and belief in ourselves - to work hard, realise a potental and perform our best. He ofen said,
contnuous efort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlock ones potental.
He would contnually experiment on us as syndicates, and learners group. You could always fnd
lazybones, laggards, cribbing and smiling, and believe you me, munching food from his kitchen
(Shaku Didi and Khiru will vouch for this) and studying for the open book exam. Yes, we had open
book exams too, so even the non serious students, would end up studying, as they would be
persuaded to copy answers many tmes over. They would unwitngly end up revising the text,
tme & again and eventually perform in formal exam. They even set questons, & would check
answer sheets of other students which was another form of learning by perseverance through
delegated responsibility. There hardly was an hour the school stopped functoning, there was no
concept of holidays, or rest days we functonal everyday endlessly in joyful togetherness. “A pint
of sweat saves a gallon of blood”!!!!!!!To quote Paton, from Sir’s arsenal again.
Students who were on a diferent trajectory were called – “Gifed Children”. A lot of us were
perhaps diferently gifed but Col. Satsangi and his positve labeling led us to actualise our
potental. Col. Satsangi’s afecton, frm belief and personal atenton made all the diference.
He always said that ordinary methods will produce ordinary results, for extraordinary results
you need extraordinary methods. While most schools and Principals have treated failures and
dropouts as a social problem or a spoilt lot but not so for an enthusiastc a visionary such as
Satsangi Sir. For him they were the startng point of an eternal journey of self introspecton,
motvaton, and self actualisaton.
Once we passed out from the secure school campus, we learnt never to leave behind the
hesitatng, the fence siters, and the marginalized. We contnually motvate them to believe
in their abilites generate confdence in themselves and in their leadership. Eventually they
outperform the best in the sector. This is something I truly value as an embodiment of that belief
structure and of things I learnt from school.
I am also so sure of one another trait we got intoxicated to was “immeasurable enthusiasm” in
work. There was never a night fully slept, without ‘long working hours’, and it was never a burden,
it was voyage, where all of us were sailing together, discovering, learning, fghtng ….. and living a
dream. In fact we never worked; it was joyful learning with child like delight. I observe that even
afer years of service I get avidly excited for each public cause, whether it is grievance redressal,
cleanliness in Municipal area, a social or environmental cause…. The passion, the zeal…. Oh! How
I remember, Sir would actually start pacing up and down the hall and his voice ever so charged
and alive and involved – when he spoke to us on achieving in life, on sincerity of purpose, about
educaton and country. He would say again and again “to get intoxicated to the habit of success,
every litle bit, however, small or big”.
lessons learnt
Down Memory
Afer a lot of deliberaton, I decided to
pen down my thoughts for the Silver
Jubilee issue of CSKM school magazine.
I very clearly remember the frst day
when I landed in the School premises
with one of my relatves and afer
seeing the school how disappointed
I was. Those were formatve years in
the life of CSKM and there was hardly
anything in place. I clearly remember
that afer a hard day’s work – long
hours of study, sports and then self-
study tll late night, we had to sleep in
the tennis court as the dormitory was
very hot. In the inital few months, all
the tme, I used to think about running
away. In fact, one of my friends actually
But things started to change afer
those turbulent months as I gradually
developed a strong bond with my
friends. We had a hectc schedule from
6 am in the morning tll mid night. We
were supposed to be in the class room
tll 12 am! Afer spending so much tme
together no wonder we became good
friends and how tme few! I remember
so many incidents that happened
during our school days but I want those
memories to remain locked in my heart.
The memory of my last day when I was
leaving School remains etched in my
heart. I sat with my good friend Ravi
Kishore Chauhan and we were crying.
Those were the days of honesty and
sincerity in relatonships. Friendship
was total commitment and not based
on any conditons. The 2 years I
spent in CSKM are stll the best part
of my life and I believe it will remain
that way. Afer the school days I lost
contact with friends as at that point of
tme telecommunicaton was neither
fnancially feasible nor convenient. But
thanks to facebook I have come into
contact with so many old friends. Let
me take this opportunity to wish all my
friends a very happy and successful life

Dr. Ajaz Ahmad, Class of 1988
Sr. Asst. Regional Manager,
The Hindu Group, Mumbai
Few other habits, I reckon needs to be refected upon for
inspiraton. He had few needs at a personal level, needed hardly
any tme for himself but he would read everyday, unfailingly.
He had mastered the art of public speaking, and would always
liberally intersperse his lectures with couplets from Ghalib,
Faiz, Iqbal, Nanak, Kabir, A. Lincoln, Churchill, Paton, Swami
Vivekanand & others. This habit has helped us become more
informed and greatly helps in superior presentaton of ideas
and in acceptance of views expressed. He actually sent us to
read, and explore reading material and buy books for the school
library. Another of his traits was the age defying “earnestness”
to play a sport everyday (with a steel rod in his legs). He would
smilingly put tennis champs in youthful splendour beat a
hasty retreat. Yes, he would ofen say: “All work and no play,
make John dull and grey!!” He would go for long walks with
us, discuss great men, their ideas, strategies & never pick on
pusillanimous disputes & other insttutons. He had no tme for
pety things and would be the frst to forgive and solve personal
problems with dignity.
The school, the teachers, the students, the staf truly were
never a compartmentalised enttes; we were one whole, a
team, united in vision, in efort, “busy like bees in the pleasure
of doing things together”. Sir was never deterred by any
critcism, took upon challenges and it was always an open house
for all. We would walk up to him and complain, we were heard,
satsfed with a valid answer, or with an immediate redressal
of the grievance. We would go with chapats and meals
cooked with small pieces of stones or coal, and lo & behold!
He would eat it up, and ask, what would we have done, if it
happened back home. This is your home, go take charge, make
a supervisory group, command kitchen staf, and get things
moving, I will in any case take care that things improve.
Have you heard of schools, Principals whom anyone, yes
anyone, can queston on dress, or routne, or fnancial structure
of the school, or games? CSKM was one huge family afair, and
I see that for a lot of us who are out of the school now, we are
able to sit down, and take note of critcism and work out a
way ahead together. He would cite Churchill and say “courage
is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it
takes to sit down and listen”. Professional Integrity, passion for
work and sincerity of purpose to achieve the same remained
Col. Satsangi’s forte and I trust these are few most important
values we imbibed while in school. We are most fortunate that
our paths crossed together, and that we certainly, traveled
along the road less traveled with a person from whom we could
learn so much, and yet so litle.
Class of 1987, Commissioner, Agra Division
It was the spring of 1987 when I came to CSKMAEC in Class 7. When I entered the complex, I was literally perturbed
as to where my parents were leaving me. It did not even have proper buildings let alone proper rooms for students.
Then I got to meet the GREAT COLONEL Sir, the man whom I will go on to respect and admire tll my last breath. I
stll remember the small room which used to be his ofce and sitng room where Sir had an interacton with my
parents and me.
I came to this school not knowing how I was going to adjust without my parents and friends around. Litle did I
know I would adjust just fne with my teachers showering all their love and knowledge upon us. Strict tmings and
discipline were followed in the school. Whenever we were defaulters, we were made to either do frog jump or run
in the football feld. But it was the discipline instlled in us by the school that has helped us all the way tll now.
When I joined the school, it was stll under constructon. There were no fans in our dormitory. On hot summer
days, we used to sleep in the Old Tennis Court. Air Conditoners were not heard of in the school. It was a very tough
life and it made me rough and tough - something I would cherish all my life. The school was like a second home to
me. The moto of our school “Busy Bee Pleasure” is something we all live by everyday now. We learnt to respect
our elders and love our youngsters.
I am really grateful to Late Col. Satsangi Sir, Shaku didi, Dr. Rohit Sir, Upadhyay Sir, Navin Jha Sir, A.N. Singh Sir,
Srivastava Mam, Abha Mam and all the staf of CSKM for their love and support.
I thank you all !
Ajit Walia, Class of 1992
Senior CCO, Convergys India Services Ltd, Pune
One would normally say, here’s the big challenge, trying
to pen 25 years later. I must admit forthwith that even
with fading memories writng this piece is making me
feel young again. I am reliving my high school years
and feel like I am 16 years old all over again. It is a
bit exactng on the mind remembering the names of
classmates and friends, most of whom though I recall,
while a few I must admit I couldn’t. However, my
recollecton of joining CSKM in the year 1986 and the
two fruitul years that I spent there is stll very vivid. I
am sure most of us would share this feeling.
When I joined in 1986 the school had just started
earlier that year, was made up of barely few classrooms
with dormitories above them (can’t forget sharing
bunker bed with three classmates and graduatng to
the palatal single room status in such a short span of
one year) and a big but stll developing playground, was
all that we had. In the name of Dining/Recreatonal
area, the Tennis court sufced all our needs. The school
having just been started also had a huge churning of
facultes (many of whom we had the opportunity to
interview and recommend as ft to be our teachers).
Yet, with all this, what we experienced in the two years
at CSKM has made us all what we are today. It has been
truly said that the adversites bring out the best out
of us. All these shortcomings and many others didn’t
count once we met up with the school Chairman
Col. P.S. Satsangi. He would make us feel truly elevated
and inculcated in us very deep, the art of looking
at all the problems as nothing but new windows of
opportunites. This is one skill no school in the world
can teach you. There are many more such life-turning
experiences I would like to share some day and also
listen from others. The short point being, in no tme
all the students of CSKM started sharing the dream of
Col. P.S. Satsangi and truly believed being shareholders
in building this new castle, one which was and am
sure remains unmatched and one which we all feel so
strongly as our own, even today. I say this with lot of
convicton, for I am yet to meet a CSKM alumni who
does not remain proud of the school or has not in some
way or the other had the contours of his life infuenced
permanently and in a positve manner, by the great
man that we all so feel blessed to have been associated
with so closely, Col. P.S. Satsangi.
Even afer all these years, I must admit, when faced
with challenges as part of the responsibilites assigned
currently to me as Director (Budget) in the Ministry of
Finance, partcularly in a fscally difcult circumstances
as it exists today, the early trainings of CSKM School
involuntarily comes into play, despite all the trainings
that we bureaucrats undergo.
I would like to believe that this Alumni get together
has been put together with the purpose of bringing
alums together, young and old (like me). That old
acquaintances be renewed, friendships restored, and
may be some old fames rekindled. We only live once
in this earthly life. It is my wish to contnue to enjoy
corresponding with those that were part and parcel of
my CSKM school life. The Silver Jubilee Alumni Meet is
the bridge which will bring us closer together, just like
yesterday. I hope we all share the common bond of
striving hard to build this bridge even stronger.
Naresh Mohan Jha, class of 1988
Presently, Director (Budget) in the Department of
Economic Afairs, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India.
Long have I procrastnated writng this
artcle not because I didn’t want to write
it but I simply couldn’t put my thoughts
in order, my memories of CSKM are far
too many and deep to be confned to an
artcle and to be honest I didn’t want to
end up writng something in the stream of
consciousness like James Joyce.
I had the privilege studying under the
guidance and mentorship of Col. Satsangi
at RPS, Gurgaon. The decision to shif me
to a boarding was taken by my father afer
he realised that I did not possess adequate
life skills required to survive in the big
bad world. My schooling was over but my
educaton had just begun. This was way
back in the early part of the 1980’s.
It all started with my dad taking me to RPS
Gurgaon, dropping me in the hostel and
leaving me there to fend for myself for
the next 6 odd years. To be honest, it was
quite a shock for me in more ways than
one. Compared to the clinical and sanitzed
setup of a Christan Missionary school, the
boarding at RPS belied descripton. It also
did not help to be the Principal’s nephew.
Quite a few students and faculty members
secretly hated me for it and some of them
even had an axe to grind. Each day was an
ordeal in itself. At one point of tme, I was
ready to pack my bags and quit.
I went up to Col. Satsangi and expressed
a desire to leave. As was his habit, he
wanted me to logically convince him and
we sat down to have a brutally honest
discussion. I wrote a very critcal and
incisive account of what all was wrong in
the school and why it would be best for me to leave.
He was kind enough to hear me out and then gave
me a very convincing counter argument and said:
“Your success in life will be decided not merely by your
qualifcatons or your intellect but by your ability to
work with and accept people of diverse abilites, and
backgrounds.” It was a very valuable lesson that has
stood me in good stead all through.
I must point out that Col. Satsangi always discussed
all issues with us be they issues related to the running
of the school, organising trips, curriculum, syllabus,
personal issues or such like. For him each incident was
a learning experience and all points of interacton could
well be points of learning also. 1986 we moved to CSKM
Delhi and the two years spent there were perhaps the
most critcal in shaping our lives.
Days spent at CSKM, I believe were the happiest days of
our lives. It was in school where I made lifetme friends,
had my frst crush, competed to excel, hoped for a place
on school teams and learnt my frst lessons about life.
Kids in school today cannot even in their wildest dreams
comprehend or imagine what life was like then. No
infrastructure, no facilites, no comforts, no electricity,
no dorms, no dining hall, no toilets, no cafeteria, one
dorm with 32 beds occupied by twice the number of
kids. Dynamite blastng of huge rock faces early in the
morning, lifing the rocks and taking them to where
ever the constructon during the day was to be done.
Studying, eatng, sleeping in the classrooms. Sleeping
in the Tennis Court at night, laying snake traps all along
the tennis court periphery and in the drains, watering
the gardens, plantng trees, sweeping the classrooms,
bathing at the water tankers, Eatng lunch from buckets,
Sunday morning Kit inspectons, Dhobi dutes, being
the Ofce Duty boy, Night guard dutes too. School was
so much fun and we learnt to slog it out. There were
tmes when things would get to us but then we pushed
on regardless. It is perhaps a result of this learning
the makes us believe that there is nothing we cannot
do. Each child from CSKM is grateful to the school for
giving him a ROUGH AND TOUGH living and learning
environment in school.
All this and much more, some of it that I can’t even
dream of mentoning in this artcle lest I be accused to
giving students ideas. I’ll stll let you all know that our pre
meal prayers in those days used to be: “O’ Lord we are
thankful to you for what we are about to receive from
thy ‘BALTI’. Fortunately for kids in school today there is a
dining hall and they pray: O Lord we are thankful to you
for what we are about to receive from thy bounty.
My learning from school days has stood me in good
stead at all tmes and will contnue to do so throughout
the rest of my days too. I have become a beter human,
a beter parent, a beter child and a life long learner.
Thank you CSKM.
Having studied at CSKM, taught there and later been
an administrator there, I have seen the school change
in more ways than one. I only wish that the school is
able to retain the principles that Col. Satsangi built it
on. The openness, the spirit of enquiry, the discussion
on just about any issue, the writng of a critcal analysis
of each incident by the child, the belief that one could
always go to the head of the insttuton at any point of
the day or night and feel free to discuss an issue with
him without fear of censure or reprimand. The fact
that children were encouraged to explore their own
solutons, inculcate a sense of ownership, a sense of
belonging and children were encouraged to queston
and not just reply. These are but a few of the things that
make CSKM unique.
Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hain, Abhi Ishq ke
imtehan aur bhi hain
Tahi zindagi se nahin yeh fazayen, Yahan saikaron
karwaan aur bhi hain
Qaenaat na kar aalime rang o boo par, Chaman aur
bhi, aashian aur bhi hain
Agar kho gaya ek nasheman to kya gham,
Mukammate aah o faghan aur bhi hain
Tu shaheen hai, parwaz hai kaam tera, Tere saamne
aasman aur bhi hain
Isi roz o shab mein ulajh kar na reh jaa, Ke tere zaman
o makan aur bhi hain
Gaye din ke tanha tha main anjuman mein, Yahan ab
mere raazdaan aur bhi hain
Viva la CSKM!

SUNIL MANSINGH, Class of 1988
Director, Roots Bright Start, Haridwar
It was 28 March 1993 and I was heading for my frst
day in CSKM. I arrived at the airport and from there
it felt as if the journey was unending. Every kilometer
seemed like I was moving towards some other planet.
I stll remember very clearly the road that led to our
School. It was a way into the woods. At the end of the
road was a gate through which I could see C.S.K.M.A.E.C
appeared and I said to myself, this is it boy, you are
here for good. And the journey began which laid the
foundaton of my life, gave me a vision, gave me the
strength, gave me some unforgetable friends and
A place where every day was an adventure, startng
from 5:20am tll 10:45pm. Rakesh Sir, Tapan Sir, Ali Sir –
making sure that every boy was up and ready to hit the
ground. They ensured that every one of us partcipated
in games and excelled. Sometmes I felt they were
demons and their alarm clock never broke down. The
mess where we had our meals, our helpers who worked
round the clock to make sure they fed us well and in
turn only got to see our upset and angry faces as they
served us same menu for the week afer week. Now I
realize why the menu was same for every weekday. We
were served nutritous seasonal vegetables and pulses
by turns!
Our Classes and our class teachers; Oh, what a mix it
was! Fantastc Razdan Sir, Upadyay Sir, Tyagi Sir and
many more to name in the Junior School. And when
The vast expanse of the experience soaked up at my Alma Mater—CSKM for ten long years is striking. My school’s
charisma lies in its unique philosophy of believing in every child… that every child is gifed and will be given equal
opportunity to blossom. My school always encouraged children to partcipate in extra curricular actvites. I owe my
frst experience of watching a play Oliver Twist followed by a Pizza treat. We all were given freedom of choice to
engage in music, taekwondo, theatre, paintng, Olympiad and other actvity groups-we learnt to take decisions very
early in life, you see! Furthermore, the excellent mix of teachers and staf comforted all the moony bags like us to
setle and make CSKM our Home away from Home. I remember everyone from Omvat didi to Shyamo didi to M’am
Bisla to Ma’am Shaku to Ma’am Kiran to Ma’am Anshu to Soran Sir to Thakur Sir to D.N sir…everyone.
Interestngly, we all were fully satated souls, what Quaker Oats preaches today, we had been consuming way back
in ninetes (…and much before)-startng our day with porridge and banana (the brain fruit) and that too unlimited!
And I stll miss the awesome Kadhi Pakoda on Wednesdays. No kidding!
I made some friends for life here and I am ever so grateful to my school for having strengthened a foundaton so
deep for lifetme. I love my school! The rich experience I gained here will always stand me in good stead-no doubt!
Here’s wishing MY SCHOOL the very best.
Tuli Tanmay Shah, Class of 1999
Sr. Technical writer, HSBC, Pune
I very proudly say that I am an old student of CSKM. Col. Satsangi was a father fgure to me. CSKM’s method of
teaching is diferent and innovatve. The philosophy of school is very unique. It is very difcult to understand when
you are young, we understand it only later in life. The school experience can change your life and thought process.
Every student must take it as a lifetme opportunity and be proud to be a part of CSKM.
Dr. Amod Kumar, Class of 1999
MD, Pursuing DNB in Respiratory Medicine from Safdarjung Hospital
we moved on to the Senior school it got bigger and
Col. Satsangi and Shaku Ma’am – these were two
people in school had a lot of infuence on every child.
We used to run away if we saw Sir 2 Kms away, whereas
if Shaku Ma’am would be walking we would love to walk
up to her.
Mr. A.N. Singh – a personality I feel is impossible to
forget if you meet him once. Just one word for him –
absolutely Amazing - Fantabulous!
CSKM is a school that taught me and I am sure all
others, how to live life in all conditons ‘Living and
Working Rough & Tough’. CSKM has given us the
values that we felt were torture then but turned
out to be blessings from our Teachers and Mentors.
I spent many years in the school and cherished every
moment. Today almost 13 years have passed since
I completed my Schooling and I am proud to say that
the school has been a major infuence in whatever
I have done with my life so far. I am thankful to all
in CSKM.
For the batches at present and those yet to come, I
have just one message – CSKM will make you a person
no other school can! God Bless All.
S. M. Nasir Andrabi, Class of 1998
Vice President and Head-Unicon Investment Solutons
As I pledged myself to serving the country it was with great pride I remembered my alma mater CSKM school. I had
justfed founder chairman sir’s words “Do whatever you want to do, justfy it.” The rough and tough moto of the
school helped me in breaking into a male baston - The Indian Army. It is Sister-in-Arms not Brother-in-Arms for me.
Today, every morning when I don my uniform I thank the school and the chairman for this proud moment.
Sir – Col. Satsangi, VSM must be looking fondly with me for I am following his footsteps serving the naton.
Major Sarita Sangwan
Indian Army, Class of 1999
CSKM is one of the best things to have happened to me
in my life. You really know when something is special
if there is always a reference in your conversaton that
you have about your fondest memories. For me and
I am sure for every Charisma, the love, friendship,
camaraderie that we’ve shared is always something that
will always remain dear to the heart.
CSKM is one of the best schools that we have in the
country with so many facilities that each student
can utilize to build on his/her strengths. The superb
infrastructure is only one of the facets of this
amazing institution, what makes it so special are the
teachers and people of the school. Col. Satsangi, a
true visionary, has been an inspiration to so many of
us. There are a few, rare people who touch your life
by virtue of simply being the wonderful person that
they are. Shaku Ma’am for me is one of them. She
is the embodiment of grace, dignity, benevolence,
kindness and amazing resilience. It is not only about
text book knowledge that you take away from your
school, what really matters is if you have been able
to learn the values of a good human being and if
you take away inspiration to be someone and do
something for the society that you live in. CSKM
has done that for me and for that I shall always be
I owe a lot to my school and teachers for teaching me
how to be independent, to take responsibility for my
actons, to make the right decisions and stand by them.
Where else but here, would you fnd teachers spending
tme into the wee hours of the night to prepare you
for your boards? Where else but here would you fnd a
place to meet and appreciate people and their culture
from diferent parts of the country? Where else but
here, would you have a life where 24 hours in a day
feels less? Where else but here, would you have love
and kindness of your teachers and friends forever?
CSKM Rocks!!!
Swetha Raju, Class of 2000
Product Trainer and Business Analyst,
Aris Global Sofware Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
With Grattude and Love... to CSKM
I have spent mine nine lovely years in CSKM PUBLIC SCHOOL. I have learnt a lot from my alma mater especially
from my beloved late Chairman Sir. I distnctly remember a small incident which has gone on to make a big difer-
ence in my life and has remained etched in my mind ever since. Once I went to meet our late Chairman Sir for some
reason and he told me that what one learns everyday must put it to practcal applicaton. He further told that one
must analyse every situaton very carefully and thoroughly before taking any decision and weigh the pros and cons
so as to ascertain the probable consequences that might ensue. Since that day I have followed that advice which
has defnitely helped me in becoming what I am today. Missing those school days a lot.
Aditya Singh, Class of 2001
MD, Urmitek Project Pvt. Ltd.
I joined the school when I was in fourth standard and
thereafer my life in CSKM comprised of almost a
decade of moments and incidents that any child’s life
is flled with from race for the frst positon in the class,
to the rebellious phase, to life long friendship bonds
……... I had favourite teachers and the others, I had best
friends, I learned to burn midnight oil as well as bunk
classes (I mean who can deny that they haven’t ever
faked an upset tummy to spend the whole day of in
the MI room) - all in the confnes of the same boundary.
But this was no normal school not just for its “Syndicate
System” and “Nil Failure System” but more so because
never once in the 8 years of hostel life did I cry or feel
homesick because I was missing mommy. Afer all which
other school anywhere in the world can guarantee
24 hours assistance and unconditonal love from your
teachers whether it was a helping hand with a difcult
lesson or a nice home cooked meal when you wanted it
more than anything else.
CSKM had become so much a part of me that I could
never really see it as just another hostel even though
I had been in one before I joined CSKM and afer I lef
CSKM. I remember I had moved to DPS afer my 10th
Board. It was Diwali and most of my classmates had
gone home. I wasn’t missing home so much because I
had never actually spent any Diwali at home anyway but
strangely enough by the afernoon I was in tears because
I was missing my school’s Diwali Celebraton (I stll called
CSKM my school even during my stay in DPS and tll date
do. The same feelings never seem to have registered for
DPS). Therefore without even giving it a second thought I
packed my bags and lef for my second home (my hostel
- CSKM). It is only afer I reached there that I realized that
I had acted on impulse and every insttuton has rules
and those rules prohibited me from staying in CSKM. I
was called by the Principal for a personal meetng where
she tried to explain to me how I could not possibly stay
there since I was not a resident anymore, but I refused
to buzz of. Try to imagine my grief when the realizaton
of alienaton sank in. Finally Ma’am Shaku gave in and
permited me to stay. I will always be grateful to her
for understanding my feelings and giving me a place to
spend my Diwali holidays with the people I adored and
the place which was my cocoon for so many years.
As I said, CSKM was not any ordinary school. It made
a huge diference to me as a person. This is the kind
of love that only grows and deepens with tme. Well,
how can I fail to narrate to you the very frst meetng
when the romance with CSKM began …
How ofen do you go through a school interview
where the Chairman of the school asks you - “Which
is more important, wood or iron?” For some, it
might just be one of Col. Satsangi’s lines but for me,
hmmm…., it changed my whole being. My brother
was the center of atenton in almost all the places we
ever went to and I prety much lived in his shadow.
However, this meetng with Col. Satsangi deserves a
special menton because for once somebody other
than my dad had acknowledged my presence and
addressed the queston to me. I was clueless and very
innocently answered, “I don’t know, both do the same
things and yet have very diferent qualites” and guess
what, I wasn’t dismissed. Sir smiled and said, “Good!
this is exactly what I was looking for, my school is not
just for the well informed brother of yours that I have
spent an hour talking to rather it is more for students
who have immense potental but not as good scores
to back it.”
That was the day I decided I had to be at CSKM and
my journey began with my confdence consistently
boosted by Colonel Satsangi. I became a force to
reckon with, my joys and dreams knew no bounds.
From just an average kid I went on to become frst
an A-grader, to class and dormitory captain to school
Vice Captain and the undisputed Zonal Speaker with
certfcates which weigh in kilos. Since then I have
never looked back. I can’t thank the school enough
for what it gave me, it made me the person I am
today and much more. Given a chance I would want
to become a toddler again and go through the same
schooling experience over and over again. Proud to be
a Charisma.

Namita Singh, Class of 2002
Research Scholar (Assistant Professor)
School of Liberal Studies, Ambedkar University,
New Delhi, India 110 006
30 30
Chairman Sir always taught us ‘do whatever you think is right but be ready to justfy it to be righteous.’ A good part
of my thoughts go back to my days in the school and these thoughts keep me strong and determined whenever I
do something. How can I forget the school philosophy- Busy Bee Pleasure, Rough and Tough, simple living and high
thinking and so on. No mater where CSKM stands in ratngs amongst all schools in India the students must keep in
mind that their school is the best school since they study here. Any student who does not believe in this is losing
something which will never come back. CSKM was not just a school to us, it was our family.
I just want to say thank you for everything that you have taught me in my nine years in school. I know it is only two
words but it I sincerely mean it from my heart.
N. Johnson
GANDOUR (India) Pvt Ltd (Malaysia), Imphal, Manipur
I was a 5 year old child when I became a part of CSKM
and I lef when I was seventeen on the verge of a
young adulthood. So, CSKM is a BIG part of my life! I
am currently working as a Financial Services Manager
at BMO Financial Group in the heart of the Canadian
Financial District, Toronto, Canada. CSKM was my world
while growing up and now that I am travelling the world,
it makes me appreciate everything the school taught me.
I am blessed that I grew up in the school complex with
the best family, the most fabulous friends I will ever have
and the most dedicated teachers & staf ever! CSKM has
helped shape who I am and helped me build the core
discipline, respect, values and perspectve that I needed
to succeed in life. I miss my childhood at CSKM. I have
very fond memories of Chairman Sir, Shaku Bua, my
teachers (right from class 1
tll XII) and my friends that I
stll keep in touch with, despite the distance. I remember
being extremely actve in co-curricular actvites and
being a bright student because my teachers always
pushed me to do my best. Today, I am trolling across the
world but the things I learnt as a student at CSKM shows
in the things I do and helps me stand out and succeed. I
can write a book on my experiences at CSKM but words
can’t justfy how thankful and blessed I am to have had
the CSKM life and experience. When I visit India, I am
going to CSKM straight from the airport! Words can’t
express how profound an impact CSKM has had in my life.
Niharika Sinha, Class of 2004
Financial Services Manager, Bank of Montreal, Toronto
On the occasion of Silver Jubilee celebratons,
I wish to congratulate the CSKM family. CSKM
stands out as an insttuton that has helped
bring the best out in all its students.
It has taught us the values for a righteous living
and made all of us socially responsible beings
and this, one can judge for oneself as most
alumni are professionally actve across the
globe. The list is endless.
There is one thing that I always remember
and it has given me strength in my moments
of despair, from my Alma Mater, which was
the morning Prayer, the famous poem by
Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore, “Where the mind
is without Fear….”, we would all repeat it in
unison. I can never forget the School Moto
“Busy Bee pleasure” which has become the
moto of my life. I can never fnd words to
express what the school has given to me and
has been spreading over so many years with
the same love and warmth.
I congratulate the school for impartng a rare
educaton that is unparalleled. Wishing All the
Priyanka Jha, Class of 2003
• Assistant Professor, ARSD College,
University of Delhi
• Doctoral Scholar, Centre for Politcal
Studies (CPS), Jawaharlal Nehru University
Initally, I was clueless about where I should begin as I have so many wonderful memories of CSKM which lie
undisturbed in every corner of the school. The school did not only provide me with an educaton but I met my best of
friends here that I shall cherish for the rest of my life. We were not always the studious ones - Shaku Madam scolding us
for one thing or the other, Razdan Sir waking us up in the midst of a boring class, Menon Sir afer our lives to partcipate
in co-curricular actvites or even Tyagi sir, outside whose room we used to line up every week for leave. At that tme I
really did not understand the values that my school instlled in me. Like any other student, I despised most of the things
whether it was the same breakfast we had for years and many more things. I did not understand our Chairman Sir’s
point at that tme. But I can tell you for sure when we lef school there were tears my eyes and my friends’ not because
we were not going to see each other for a long tme but because the school had become our home. I can write and
write and any amount of paper would not justfy the feeling I have for my school. It has made me what I am today, it
gave me all I have. I met my frst friends here, I made my extended family here. The love that we may not have been
able to understand when we were there but if there was any way tme would reverse, I would love to be back home!
Kishan Sikaria, Class of 2006
Co-founder Snap bid.in
31 31
A Woman Who Changed My Life Completely
The thirst for knowledge began some years ago when I was just a teen. Not knowing the obstacles that I was going
to face, I stepped out in faith. Faith in what I was at the tme, faith in my teachers and family but most of all faith
in God. I knew that the decision to receive a higher educaton will change my life forever. But I could not have ever
imagined the efect it had on me as an individual.
My name is Pooja and I am Deputy General Manager in a Defence Equipment Organizaton. I am a hard working
individual who enjoys keeping up with the world’s ever changing society and keeping others informed about these
We all are fortunate to have known people who have changed our lives. People can change your life in a positve or
negatve way. My Principal, my Inspiraton and more than a Mother who changed my life in a profoundly positve
way is Dr. Shakuntala Jaiman best known as Shaku mam to most of us.
I have observed Ma’am and learnt how important it is to tolerate people and certain situatons. She always told me
showing people respect will get you a long way in life, as well as seeking help in hard tmes and facing problems
instead of running away from them. Because of this, I try to see the good in people and overlook the bad. When I
have a problem I think of the ways to solve it. When I cannot fnd a soluton I ask for help before things get worse. I
see that she does not let people take her kindness for weakness. She always helps people. I have learnt a valuable
lesson from her – ‘When you are wrong you have to swallow your pride and say you are sorry’. That is one thing
she always does.
The word love is ofen used for small things that do not mater. Few people understand what love really is. It is not
a trait we are born with like the colour of our eyes. We have to learn to love ourselves and others. If you love some
one you show it through actons and help the one undergo change in attude or behaviour if he or she needs to.
And personally Ma’am herself may not know how much her infuence and guidance has changed my life.
My frst day at school was not an easy one. The process of being admited into the largest Boarding School was
more rugged than I had initally thought it would be. My biggest problem was not scoring high marks or being the
most pampered at home. This process was going to be my breaking point. Not knowing anyone at the insttuton
proved to make this process even worse, crying and seeing my father leaving me crushed me into pieces. I stll
remember a slim lady wearing a pink and white salwar suit with one tall man (Thakur sir) and a short man coming
towards me, she hugged me, wiped my tears, held my hand and took me for a round of the school while managing
to talk to me - asking about me and fnally ending up taking me to her home and making me have
dinner laid on the dining table. And coming to drop me herself to the hostel and speaking to the
warden- Ma’am Ghosh to take extra care of me. I obviously did not know what was happening and
who this lady was. It was not untl the next day I learnt that I was a star of my new class as my
classmates had seen me with her the previous night and all of them thought I was a member of
the Principal’s family who’d taken admission. Ma’am always managed to work her magic!
Years passed. I was taking part in each and every extra curricular actvity, theatre, and
sports. My academic scores were getng beter every year. Achieving success in school
takes more than just intelligence, getng good grades; it takes a lot of hard work,
discipline, commitment and following strict guidelines which I learned only in CSKM.
In short, Shaku Ma’am had a great impact on my life. She was a teacher, a guide,
a friend and a mother to me. She helped me develop as an individual, grow
as a person and discover that this is where I belong. I couldn’t have done
it without her. I’m not the only one to have had my life impacted by her
leadership in CSKM. Many others have been drawn to the stage by her,
and even more will. I cannot think of a Principal more deserving of
such commendaton as Shaku Ma’am. One thing I wish to tell her
– “MA’AM, I LOVE YOU and a Big THANK YOU for whatever you
have done for me and countless others.”
Pooja Sharma, Class of 2006
Deputy General Manager, Shoghi Communicatons
The legacy continues…..
Shambhavi Jaiman being an
accomplished Bharat Natyam
dancer is pursuing Medical
Science to give you a healing
The Silver Jubilee Alumni meet was held on 28th
August, 2011 in a grand way. Thanks to the initatve of
the frst batch of 1987 Charisma’s prominent amongst
them Arvind Sinha, Entrepreneur in US; Sanjeev
Roy, Advisor Educaton Partnership Lifelong Learning
and Skill Development; and Dr. Shiv Kumar, Medical
Practtoner, Patna, the CSKM Alumni Associaton was
registered as a society.
President -Rishi Pal (1996)
Vice President -Deepika Abrol (1987)
Secretary -Ved Pal (1996)
Joint Secretary -Ajay Rathi (1995)
Treasurer -Praful Kumar (1996)
Members: -Jagat Narayan Kesari (1997)
-Pooja Sharma (2006)
No diferent from others their grounded upbringing
resulted in the devoted grand children excelling in their
felds of interest.
Dr. Raghavendra Jaiman
BDS is pursuing his
post graduate in Dental
surgery in orthodontcs
surgery to make you
It woke up with a shatered dream,
A dream of a small fight,
But dreams are dreams.
It swore never to dream again,
For it’s painful to see a dream shater again.
It sheepishly sat on a corner,
With closed wings, Oh! So weak,
Staring at the vast sky,
It saw a fock of its kind, Headed by their leader.
Its wings futered once again,
It dreamt of fying once again.
The leader, with its vision so vast,
Invited me to be a part of the fock,
To accomplish my dream of fying once again,
To dream of a bigger fight once again,
A fight which went beyond the horizon.......
These few lines are a dedicaton to our sir
Col. Satsangi, without whom CSKM is incomplete.
He will always remain alive in our hearts.
Asha Sanwal, Former Teacher
Warden, University of Delhi
l ``f ” V o hf F kd k
n- ·i ¬--·i¬| ri,
¬ri ¤i¤i nª ¬¤·i,
s¤si¤i - ¬i¤¬|,
¬|··¬iº ¬i ¬i·i,
¬i¤¬ l·”·i¬ ·,
ªi· ¤º ¬i--l·”·i¬ l¬ªii¤i,
¬i¤¬ ¬-¬ir ·,
lr--n l·n ¤”i¬i ·,
--¬ºi· ¬i ¬iººi l·¤i,
¬i¤¬| ln·¬| · ·i|,
¬i--«¬ ¬i ¬i¤i- l·¤i,
¬i¤¬ ¤-¤¤ · -n,
¬¤·| r| “il·n ¬ l-¬i¤i,
¬«¬i ¬¤·i «·i¬º,
l·”· ¬-·i ¬i ·ii· ¬ni¤i
¬« n¬ ¤ ¬l’- r,
-i|.¤¬.¬.¤-. n-
¬¤ln- ¬i ¤i¬i
¬«¬| ¬--·i¬|, ¬·¤¤· -·i¬| «·¬º,
·iª¬i ¬ nª ¬-¬ n| ¬º ¬i ·i- «« i¬i .
My Journey from RPS, Gurgaon to CSKM,
Satbari, New Delhi
It was the year 1984 when Mr. Jagmohan, then the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi had alloted the
land for the school to our Late Col. Satsangi. The students along with me had travelled the distance
from Gurgaon to Satbari on bicycles. I also supervised the constructon work at Satbari.
Life was very tough because there were lots of problems. There was water scarcity, the buildings
were not complete, and had no boundary walls, hardly any electricity, boulders all around, snakes
and lots of other wild creatures visited the premises quite ofen. It was jungle all around. The main
road for transportaton was about three kilometers away from the school. The students and the staf
members had no other mode of transportaton other than to wait for some visitors to come, hitch-
hike up to the main road to commute.
I can say with pride that because of the charismatc leadership of Late. Col. Satsangi many students from RPS
Gurgaon, joined us at CSKM. I along with Class X students (Ashwani Arora,Ravi Shankar,Deepak Anand, Ajay K. Sinha
batch) shifed to Satbari on 30
June,1986. I was appointed as the frst Head Master of C.S.K.M.A.E.C. I am proud to
have been associated with Late Col. Satsangi. What so ever I am today it’s because of the guidance of Late Lt. Col.
P.S.Satsangi. My hardwork and my students who really loved me have made me proud of their achievements in life.
Ravi Bhushan, Former Founder Head Master (CSKM)
- Chairman And Director, Simat Insttute Of Management And Technology, Varanasi
- Academic Consultant, Sachdeva Group Of Insttutons, New Delhi
Dedicatons from Teachers
June 2004 to 3
November 2010, six eventul years
spent working in CSKM. Those years as a teacher
proved to be years of learning for me. I learnt many
lessons, some sweet, and some bitersweet. Many
of my convictons were challenged and others were
transformed into something rich and strange.
My students taught me so much. Their energy and
enthusiasm were contagious. They always, always
surpassed my expectatons. The love and respect my
students from the Primary, Secondary and Senior
sectons gave me is the true recogniton and reward of
my teaching stnt at CSKM.
When I joined this insttuton, the Founder Chairman
gave me the freedom to choose in what capacity I
would contribute to the academic advancement of
the students. My dream had always been to provide
for my students a creatve, congenial and stress-free
environment for Language learning.
Founder Chairman always used to say,”Do not wait
for things to be perfect. Just go ahead.” And I did.
What a challenge it was! There was no furniture,
no audio visual equipment, no books, not even a
room for the Lab. What was more; it seemed to me
that there was not much enthusiasm for what I was
trying to do.
It was Ma’am Yeshi whose encouragement and support
that made me succeed in holding the frst Language
class on 3
November 2004.
How well I remember that frst lot of cheerful children
who sat like the well known cat on the mat and imbibed
the beauty and the intricacy of the English language!
Not once did the students complain about the mats or
the hardness of the foor on which they had to sit!
They all enjoyed my walk and talk classes, phonics,
fun flled language games and creatve actvites of the
Language Lab.
I was privileged to work on the Souvenir
commemoratng Founder Chairman’s 75th birthday, a
monumental and memorable publicaton. I came even
closer to my uncle, Col. P.S. Satsangi and to appreciate
even more the greatness of the man and the breadth
of his vision. His Nil failure philosophy was iconoclastc
but he showed the world that it was a success in its
implementaton at CSKM.
My fair for creatve actvites found expression in
editng the Sat Kiran Newsleter along with my able
team of teachers and students. I give all credit to Shri
Gulab Singh Negi for his contributon in getng the
news magazine printed on tme against Herculean
odds, He taught me the meaning of sincerity and
I do take personal credit for transforming the
newsleter into a platorm for students and staf
to express their original creatve writng. Sat Kiran
Buzz refects Col. Satsangi’s philosophy in acton. It
represents CSKM and its charismas in microcosm.
The Creatve Writng Workshops and the Lady Aruna
Prasad Memorial Poetry Compettons were a joy for
me to organise. The contributons of students as well
as teachers were amazing and impressive. I recall how
Founder Chairman would organise an impromptu
gathering where exquisitely moving poetry would
be recited and appreciated. So many extraordinary
achievements mark the 25 year history of this
insttuton. I am proud to be associated with some
of them.
I was supported by the teachers and the staf members
in the experiments and innovatons I brought about
successfully. Everything was a challenge and many were
the problems to be overcome. I ofen had to place near
impossible demands on those with whom I worked
closely, specially the teachers of the Primary Secton.
They were the ones who braved my terrifc temper.
They were the ones who threw an arm around when I
stood on the threshold of tears of despair.
To them and to my many friends among the staf I give
my special thanks.
To the Chairman and the Principal, I extend my best
wishes for the insttuton to grow from strength to
Poonam Mansingh, Former Teacher
I learnt from my students how to do MORE with less,
not less with more.
Qadr Meri Jaanoge Tab...
Sahib-e-Aulaad Hoge Jab...
Nepal, UP and Bihar. Our matches were mostly one
sided with us defeatng them.
I have not had the chance of interactng with any of my
students for the last many years except Yeshi’s daughter
Ten Choe who has made me so proud. She is the Head
of South Asian countries (Taiwan) in the Nicholas
Piramal Incidentally, hers was the frst class (Class
3C) that I took as a teacher at CSKM, I’m sure each of
the students who learnt to be “Rough & Tough” and
followed “Busy Bee Pleasure” would have reached great
heights in their own domains. It was the philosophy of
“all-round personality development” that really worked
magic into building even the average students into
successful people.
It is nearly twenty years and the days (and nights) at
CSKM and the friends that I made there are very dear
to me even today, though we may not meet much
but whenever I think of them or occasionally speak to
them - specially Yeshi, Rakesh, Tapan, Madhumita and
so many others it really overwhelms me. I wish the
insttuton all the very best on the occasion of the 25

Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the school and many more
to come.
Three cheers for CSKM – Hip Hip.... HURRAH, Hip Hip....
Faisal Saiyed
Former Computer Teacher 1991-93, Specialist Trainer
Head, Retail Management
Also on behalf of Annie, Ali & Sohni, Class of 1994
36 36
The above quote of the late Col. Satsangi (or as
Chairman Sir as we know him) stll rings a bell in
my mind every tme I am faced with some awkward
situaton with my kids. I of repeat them - sometmes
aloud to them and many a tme to myself.
It was already late afernoon and I was losing my
patence – riding down from Saket to Satbari searching
for a school not well known at the tme, asking at
every corner afer Chhatarpur road and fnally at the
end of my patence I took a U – turn to head back. At
this juncton I asked for the last tme where this CSKM
SCHOOL was and fortunately the old man knew where
it was and guided me to a trail not frequented by many,
just a dirt track heading deep into the jungle apparently.
An uncomfortable ride of 2.5 km brought me to the
huge school gates and Voila! I was there.
I went up to the recepton to discuss the admission
of my sister and also learnt that they were looking
for a Computer Teacher. I immediately flled in two
applicatons forms for admission into class 8 for
my sister and an applicaton to apply for a job as a
computer teacher. I met Col. Satsangi at 8pm as he was
in meetngs throughout the evening. As soon as we met
he liked me for some reason and both the applicatons
were cleared in minutes.
The week went as follows – My sister Sohni Saiyed
admited to class 8, Faisal Saiyed (myself) joined as
Computer Teacher, my mother Late Mrs. Annie Saiyed
(Fondly known as Mrs. Ali, May God have mercy on
her she passed away last year, July 5
2010) as the
Secretary to the Chairman, my dad as well joined the
school all were an integral part of the school 24 x 7.
The three years that followed were full of their ups and
downs – there were nights when we had the Annual
Day and Fun and Frolic and there program were nights
when there was no electricity or the voltage was too
low in summer and it was unbearable hot (really H O T)
the cooler water pump wouldn’t work etc.
I had studied from one of Bombay’s best schools St.
Peters’ School, Mazagaon and always thought of it as
great and stll do with its heritage of over 130 years but
CSKM was absolutely diferent – CSKM had a separate
Cricket Field, a separate Football Field, Tennis Courts,
Squash Courts and a Swimming pool were constructed
while I was there. Horse riding was also included.
Man! It was the ultmate school for all round
development of its tme. Every tme we played football
against Sawan Public School we used to route them like
babies. We had the star players of Haryana, Manipur,
A Wonderful Decade at CSKM
My associaton with CSKM began in 1999 when I was appointed the
Chemistry teacher in the Senior Secondary Secton. It was my frst
foray into the teaching profession. My innings lasted for all of ten
years marked by a rewarding experience of a decade.
The students were a constant source of inspiraton, pride and were
instrumental in making the years – years of purposeful, meaningful
and enriching pursuit.
I have no hesitaton in claiming that I put in best of my sincere eforts.
How efectve I was is best lef for my students to assess. Realising the
boundless opportunites for a teacher in honing one’s skills, I never
shied away from involving myself in various actvites - co- curricular,
camping, trips, projects and programmes for arousing social,
environmental and community welfare awareness - be it debates,
seminars, camping-excursion trips, educatonal tours etc.
I am glad to have been a part of the resurgent school when it was
growing in strength and popularity. Sparing no eforts, with unstnted
collectve eforts, support, cooperaton and with unity of purpose and
intent, we were able to efect refreshing changes, adopt and adapt to
innovatve, creatve pursuits and in promotng and evoking student
partcipaton in the actvites. All this went a long way in creatng an
amenable environment where students could use and sharpen their
talents, derive satsfacton in the learning process and do well.
One underlying dictum I followed was that every child is an individual
with traits of his or her own self and is as capable as any other child;
It was important to instll a sense of self pride and esteem in the
children besides giving oodles of encouragement and impress upon
the young minds that they must seek knowledge and take actve
partcipaton in various curricular and co-curricular actvites for all-
round development.
As the warden of the Senior Girls I got a lot to share with the children
besides the classroom blues or hurrahs. We built up a great rapport.
I tried to guide them the best I could when they would approach me
with their problems.
It is, indeed, with nostalgia that I look back on the years in the school
and how I miss those days! It flls me with a sense of immense pride in
having been associated with the school and I have every reason to be
grateful to the authorites, my colleagues and the students for having
made it memorable which I cherish even to this day.
It is my fond hope and with it go my best wishes for the school to
contnue being Busy Bee and strive for excellence and atain greater
glory. This would be the best tribute, the past and present Charismas
could pay to the Founder Chairman
Ruchira, Former Teacher
Principal, Lakshay Public School
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¬|.¤¬.¬.¤-. - l«ni¤ r ¬·r ¬·i|
·i| ºi-i¤ ¬iº ªi”i| ¬ ¤¬ ¬ ª·i
- ¬¬i ¬º ºªii r| ¤r¬| «iº ¬«
r- ¬iº.¤|.¤¬. ¬ ¬n«·| ¬i¤ ·i
ni ·¸º÷·¸º n¬ ªi¬i ¤·iº|¬i -·i·,
¬i¬ ¤i¬ ¬s ·i| ·r| ·ii| ¤¬ «·i
¬i ¤· ·ii l¬¬¬ ·|¤ r-· «-¬º
¬-¤ l«ni¤i ·ii| ¬s «i·¬ ·i|
r-iº ¬i·i ¬i¤ ·i| ¤º ¬¬ ·ªin r|
·ªin ¬-¤ ¤ªi ¬ni ¬º ¬· ¬ini
r ¤ni r| ·r| ¤¬ni| ¤ri ·i|º÷·i|º
r-· ¤¬÷¤¬ ;- ¬nn ·ªi| ¬ri
· l«¬¬| ·i| · ¤i·|| ¤º ¬¬ r-
¬ini · ¬n¬ - -n¬ l¬¤i| l¤º
¤¬ l·· ¬s -|¤¬ · «·¤i ¬i
¬¬º r- ¬|. ¤¬. ¬. ¤- - ºr· ¬i
n¤| ¤r ¬·¬ ¬-¬n| ¬| ¬i ¬ir¬
· ·« ¬¬~¤ r| ·ii l¬ r-· ·in·
¬-¬ir ¬ ¬i·i ¤ri ¬i- ¬º·i “iª
¬º l·¤i|
¤¤º-· ¬º ¬i l«¬| «| ·¬¬º
l¬,i·n ;¬ «in ¬i l¬, ¬ºni r
l¬ r- ¬·i| ¬i l·ºnº ¬i¤ ¬ºn
r¤ ¬¬- r| ¬i·· ¬| ¬··i¸ln rin|
·i|| ¬·¬ ¬i·i, ¬i¤ ¬ºn r¤ ¬;
l”i·i¬ ¬·s÷¬·s ¬-·ii¬i - ¬i¤ºn
r ¬iº ¬|.¤¬.¬.¤-. ¬i niº·il··n
l¬¤i r| ¬··i- ¬-··¤ ¬i ¤lºni·i
¬ºn r¤ ¬·i| -¤iriº · ¬-¬· ¬·i|
¬in ¤¬ ¬i·i ¤ir ·r l¬¬| ·i| ·i-
· ¬iln ¬i ri l-¬¬º -·in r| r-
¬|.¤¬.¬.¤-. ¤º «rn n· r ¬iº
;”·º ¬ ¬i-·i ¬ºn r l¬ ·il·’¤ -
·i| ¬··ln ¬| +¤i;¤i ¬i s¤ ¬iº
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My career began in CSKM way
back in 2000. During those 7
years, I received so much love
and afecton from students;
support from colleagues and
above all constant guidance
from our Principal, Dr. Shakuntla
S.Jaiman - her one smile would
be enough to pep-up the day,
that helped me grow as a
teacher and as an individual. With quality being the key
component of thriving academia, CSKM always aspires
to pool resources to ensure educaton par excellence for
all its students. CSKM has always designed roadmaps
for contnuous improvements in the feld of educaton
to accelerate students’ learning.
My pen wouldn’t just stop writng about CSKM...
Syndicate System, Open Book Exam, Queston Banks!
Wow!. Unique ways of developing interpersonal
and academic skills of the students. Interdisciplinary
exhibitons, Annual functons in the Old Tennis Court,
House nights and major events in JKJC hall! And the
Dining Hall ! Oh I just cannot forget – How I developed
the courage and taste of eatng Peeli Wali Daal in the
school Mess...how nostalgic all these memories make
me!!!! I have to menton our then Social Studies team
of SNK, SKP and PB, all laughter and hardwork. Revision
for Board exams in the Central Gallery of Secondary
Secton: epic scene during exam tme. I learnt
systematc organizaton of work, team-efort and being
the source of constant motvaton for everyone around
me from Sacchidanand Kumar and Sandeep K Pathak.
The Bun-Tikki in Sharma Canteen, moments of fun and
chats with the Primary secton colleagues over a cup
of tea, never ending meetngs and discussions with
Principal, Vice Principals regarding further development
of academic process in the best interest of students and
faculty..... the list is endless!.
With each coming day, CSKMAEC is aspiring to live up
to the principles and philosophy propounded by our
Founder Chairman Late Col. P.S. Satsangi, VSM. His
encouraging words kept us motvated. It’s his guidance
that I now understand - “To believe in yourself and
keep on fghtng odds in life and one day you will have
success by your side” - like the well framed logo of our
school “Busy Bee Pleasure” Do not apply brakes to
your life if you come across sad moments. No path is
complete without failures – it is for us to enjoy the Toil
of hardwork...... Moments to be cherished throughout
my life.
In the words of Albert E.B.Lytton – “Try not to
become a man of success but a man of value” My
heart fills with love and pride to know that CSKM is
providing quality education to cater to the needs of
our modern day society in order to prepare future
citizens with high moral character and balanced
attitude. I am glad to have been associated with
CSKMAEC family. I still am.
Priyanka Bakshi, Former Teacher
HOD, Humanites
IB- Internatonal School
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Col. Satsangi, my beloved mama always called me ‘meri eklot behen ka eklota beta’.
Mama was truly remarkable, a renaissance man. He was my childhood hero who excelled
in everything he did. His avatar of “how you create something out of nothing” always
impressed me.
It was divined that he inspired me to build EMPI. When the process began he was always
by my side and made sure that I worked and that too with less resources, when I needed an
ofce he said ’fnd one’.
When I needed a hostel he said just get the money then we will build it. And we got the
frst ffy fve admissions. Stories abound, he taught me ‘Be a problem solver, not a facility
enjoyer’. He was a trail blazing pioneer who understood that there can be entrepreneurship in educaton.
I feel great when old friends and acquaintances say that they see ’him’ in me, that to me is the greatest compliment
and to him my greatest tribute.
Pankaj Saran
CSKM-House of Exceptonal Student Educaton
A Tribute to my beloved Mama
Busy Bee Pleasure in Session 2010-11
UN Internatonal Year of Forest
Centre for Environment Educaton and CSKM Public
School, Satbari, Chatarpur, New Delhi in associaton
with Yes Bank organized an event, to celebrate the UN
Internatonal Year of Forest at the premises of Yes Bank,
Chatarpur, on Saturday, 19
February. The program
started with the screening of a documentary flm,
’Point Calimere - Litle Kingdom by the Coasts’ which
demonstrated the linkages between forests, water
and wetlands of wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu that
played host to dry evergreen forests, mangroves and
wetlands. Children from the age group of 7 to 12 years
also partcipated in an interactve session and puzzles
related to environment.
Right to Educaton for Children
Founder Chairman, Col. P.S. Satsangi lef the legacy
of providing free and concessional educaton for
the meritorious students as part of the ‘Earn While
You Learn Scheme’ since the establishment of the
insttuton in the year 1986. Celebratng 25 years of
excellence in educaton, CSKM has always upheld the
‘Nil failure system’ – not failing any child in any class.
CSKM has also been catering to the NGO ‘Udayan
Care’ and providing educaton to the orphan girls for
more than a decade. The traditon contnues under the
wings of Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Jaiman. The insttuton
understands how crucial educaton is in the life of a
child and does not deny admission to any child. It is
evident from the fact fle of numerous students who
have been supported to pursue school educaton at
Children Celebrated Japan Cultural Month 2010
Japan Cultural Month, 2010 was celebrated in associaton with Embassy of
Japan in India on Thursday, 4
November at JKJC Auditorium in the campus.
Students gave model presentaton on cites like Kobe, Sapporo, Yokohama,
Kawasaki, Hiroshima City, Tokyo etc. The actvity was organized under
Syndicate System-one super syndicate, one above average student and
one average student. The idea was to understand and learn, coordinaton,
cooperaton and cooperatve learning practcally. The Chief Guest on the
occasion was Mr. Masahiro Nagira, Third Secretary, Embassy of Japan in India.
Guest of Honour, Mr. T. Hoshina, Director, Japan Foundaton; Mr. Iwao Sawada,
Principal, Japanese School and Geeta Iseda, Japanese Language Advisor also graced the occasion.
Mr. Nagira appreciated the enthusiasm and self-motvaton of the students in doing the project and presentaton.
Mr. Hoshina and Mr. Sawada explained the importance of mult-language programme to prepare oneself to
become an actve global citzen and an economy developer of the naton. The Principal thanked the delegates for
their actve partcipaton in improving global culture, peace and harmony through youth and reinforcing the
Indo-Japanese friendship in various spheres.
World Health Week
Celebraton of World
Health Week from 7

April to 13
April in
associaton with Naz
NADA (India)
Foundaton and
World Health
Organisaton was
held in the campus.
Students from class
III to Class XII were
involved in various
actvites such as Interactve programme on HIV & AIDS,
paintng competton on the theme ’My Delhi! Healthy
Delhi!’; Oral Health Campaign by Dr. Raghavendra
Jaiman; and a session on ‘Health & winning habits’ by
Monica Menon, Asiad Tennis Player. The theme for this
year was “Ant-microbial Resistance: no acton today, no
cure tomorrow!”. Students had interacton on various
issues such as how does Ant-Microbial Resistance
(AMR) hamper the control of infectous diseases; how
was it a threat to the pre-antbiotc era; and how does
AMR increase the cost of health care etc. The events
were coordinated by teachers, Murli Menon; Elizabeth
Martn; Yeshi Choedon, R.K. Ojha, Lavanya Srivastava;
Sachchidand Kumar, Nirad Kumar, J.P. Upadhyay,
Following are the winners.
Sub-Jr.: I - Rajani Kumari (VI) II - Pankaj Kumar (V)
Jr.: I - Mahima Tripathi (VII); II - Era Namjoshi (VII)
III - Priyanka Kumari (VII)
Sr.: I Sonu Tanwar (VIII); II - Shakuntla (VI);
III - Sumitra Pandit (VII)
World Heritage Day
World Heritage Day was celebrated on Monday,
April, 2011 in associaton with UNESCO and
Central Board of Secondary Educaton. Students
had an interactve session in the morning assembly
on the importance of conserving heritage and its
constructve link with our culture. The theme for this
year was ‘Cultural Heritage of Water’. “This special
day is celebrated every year in our school to ofer an
opportunity to raise the awareness amongst children
about the diversity of cultural heritage and eforts that
are required to protect and conserve it, as well as, to
draw atenton to its vulnerability”, said the Principal.
Students from Class VI to XII also partcipated in an
Intra-School Paintng Competton in associaton with HT
PACE on the topic,’ Water our life line’. Following are the
Sub-Jr.: I - Namrata (VI); II - Shrut (VII); III - Priya Singh
Maths Day
149 students partcipated in the excitng World Maths Day online competton held on 28
February 2011 organised
in associaton with UNICEF and World Educatonal Games. More than 5.3 million students from 218 countries
competed in the actvity with the theme ‘Unitng the World in Numbers’. Students competed at home and at school
against other students around the world on live game of mental arithmetc.
Principal Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Jaiman, said it is a fantastc way to promote numeracy. The event was coordinated by
teachers Murli Menon, Ajay Rathi and Vandana. Winners were
Class V: Kamal Mehta, Saloni Ray and Gautam;
Class VI: Jay Sinha, Namrata and Adit kumari:
Class VII: Sachin Verma;
Class VIII: Pratyush Poddar, Swapnil Ray and Shivansh Kadian;
Class IX: Rajan Saraf, Raghuveer Kumar, Tamanna Kumari, Raj Sachdev, Nisha Thapa, Siddhant Kumar, Jyot Sharma,
Himanshu Choudhary, Shubham Shukla, Siddhant Mukherjee and Ajay Kumar.
Celebratons On Cultural Confuence
Students and staf celebrated the Republic Day diferently with the
presentaton of ‘Kathak’ dance, yoga and actvites based on Vedic Maths
under the aegis of “Peagle All Rounders” in the school campus. The NCC
Guard of Honour was given by students to the Natonal Flag.
The Annual fete which included food stalls of diferent states, swing
rides and stalls of books and gif items was a great success. The center
of atracton was the Music Staton put by Senior Students. Mrs. Jaiman
guided the students to understand, introspect and obey the norms
without eroding the value system of the naton. A Large number of parents
and students atended and enjoyed the programme.
Essay Competton
Many students from class XI and XII partcipated in the essay competton held on 19
August, 2011. The two topics
were “Corrupton in India” and “Price rise – a problem for common man”. The eforts of all the students were
commendable. Winners:
Saurav Ghosh, Class XI (PCES), Srisht Tikoo, Class XI (PCB), Riya Raj of XI (PCES), Ananya Bhav – XI (PCES).
Jr.: I - Mahima (VII); II - Bhawana (VIII); III - Era Namjoshi
Sr.: I - Mala Udayan (IX); II - Tamanna (IX); III - Rajan
Saraf (IX)

The idea behind the competton was to share the
wealth of humankind and protect and preserve the
valuable asset. The event was coordinated by teachers
R.K. Ojha, Shailja and Sarla Kaul.
Founder’s Day Celebratons
Students, teaching, non-teaching staf, alumni and parents celebrated on the 25
Founder’s Day on 23
October at
the Jag Mohan Open Air Theatre. Tiny-tots and senior students showcased a vibrant cultural festa which included
Suf musical dance and fusion. Deepika Abrol and Ajay Rathi made a power point presentaton on the founder
chairman Late Col. P.S. Satsangi, VSM wherein they focused on his research and development on “Nil failure
system”, Syndicate System, Block Teaching, Open Book Exams etc. The Principal read the school report and the
chief guest, Mr. Vijay Inder Singla, Member of Parliament and guest of honour, Mr. N.R. Jain, former Psychologist,
Armed Forces gave away the prizes and awards to the achievers in academic, sports and extra-curricular actvites
and special improvement. Founder Headmaster, Mr. Ravi Bhushan was honoured on the occasion to commemorate
the Silver Jubilee year. The young Member of Parliament, Mr. Singla appreciated the school slogan “Every Child is a
Winner and each and every child can be improved and developed”.
An enchantng
dance concert by
acclaimed dancer,
Malavika Sarukkai
was held on
September 16,
2011. She educated
the students on
the nuances of the
dance form and
wove a story along
with the students
through her
enthralling dance.
Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Jaiman, Principal appreciated the eforts
of SPIC MACAY in creatng and conserving the precious
cultural values amongst youngsters. She also pointed
out that all culture and civilizatons have their specifc
concepts of beauty and the generaton next should
celebrate it meaningfully.
Suf Music
Students and staf witnessed a mesmerizing musical
performance by Sh. Madan Gopal Singh ji dedicated to
Indian legacy of art, culture and music.
The renowned artst and troupe kept the audience
spellbound for more than two hours. The school
auditorium was echoing with the students accolades
who were contnuously accompanying the singer. The
artst explained the diferent forms and qualites of
Suf Music and the musical instruments used in Suf
Musical performances. It was really an enriching
experience. The programme flled the audience with
the pride for Indian art and music. The school Principal
Dr. (Mrs.) S.S. Jaiman not only expressed her heartelt
thanks to the artst but also joined him during the
Spic Macay Virasat – 2011
Annual Day
The 25
Annual Day was celebrated with joy and fervor in the campus on Saturday, 11
December. Parents had
one–to-one interacton with the teachers and witnessed a colorful ftness festa staged by their wards such as
acrobats, cycling, fre ball, tny – tots dance on the theme peace & harmony, Assamese dance etc. The other
atracton was the ‘Busy Bees Band’ under the coordinaton of Hajoo, a Korean student. The Principal presented the
school report and the Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr. Masahiro Nagira, Third Secretary of the Embassy of Japan
in India reminded the students of their right to be ambitous and to pursue their own dreams towards realising
their goal, to be beter global citzens. The guests on the occasion also honoured the students with certfcates and
trophies for their achievement in academic and extra-curricular actvites of accomplishments.
Mr. Charles Isaac, the Guest of Honour and Chairman, Dr. Rohit Jaiman graced the Silver Jubilee Parent Annual
Day. Mr. Isaac, an outstanding journalist and analyst on school educaton appreciated Monica Menon, ex-student
of the school for partcipatng in Sof Tennis and achieving 6
positon in Asian Games held in China. He also
praised Priyanka Priyadarshi of Class IX for partcipatng in Common Wealth Games at New Delhi. He extolled the
management of the school for the innovatve educatonal philosophy of Late Col. P.S Satsangi, VSM for the last
25 years which has now been adopted by the CBSE in the form of Contnuous Comprehensive Evaluaton.
On the 6
Punya Tithi of our Founder
Chairman on 1
April, Sarva Dharam
Sambhaav (All Religions Confuence) was
held at Sat – Kiran Auditorium in CSKM
Public School. The lightng of the lamp was
followed by vandana and havan to invoke
the blessings of the supreme power.
Groups of students recitng prayers from
diferent religions created an uplifing and
spiritual ambience.
The chief guest on the occasion
Shri Shatrughan Jiwnani, Director, Baha’i
House of worship, appreciated the
programme. He enlightened the students
about the Baha u llah’s philosophy of
religion and spirituality.
Sarv Dharma Sambhaav
Energy Science
Shell Companies In India in associaton with Encompass
organized the Energy Science Exhibiton-On-Wheels on
January in the campus. The presentaton was audio-
video, display of informaton on Growth of petroleum
industry, ’The Hydrocarbon Man’, ‘Indiscriminate use
of Hydrocarbons’, ‘Climate change’, ‘Protecton of living
things’, ‘Economy and our land’.
Essay writng, poster making and working model
compettons were held to capture the concept. The
students from Classes VI to X partcipated whole-
heartedly. The Principal honoured the winners with
prizes & certfcates. She emphasized on the smart
use of the energy and contributon of children and
asked children to do projects on carbon footprints to
understand practcally the climate change. The event
was coordinated by teachers Suteen Bala and R.K. Ojha.
Winners were:
I: Aditya Verma and Yash Mishra (IX);
II: Ajay Kumar and Sidhant (IX) and Abhishek (VII);
III: Gunjan Sharma (X), Parul (VI) and Smrit (VIII).
Teacher’s Day
Summer Study Camp
The Summer Camp was for 40 days from 1
May to
June. In the beginning I was a litle sad because
most of my friends had gone home but afer few
days I started enjoying it. We had lots of actvites the
whole day. We had classes from 8.30am to 1.30pm in
the morning. We did swimming, cycling and played
tennis, football and basketball. We learnt songs and
dance also. We had a Recitaton Competton, Science
Olympiad, Maths Marathon, English Actvity and
Handwritng competton. We also went to Fun ‘n’ food
village and enjoyed a lot there. We had the Camp Nite
on 28
May. There were many songs and dances. I also
took part in the group song. We sang a bhajan and the
hot number ‘Amplifer’. There was a presentaton of
the Shimla Tour also with lots of photographs. Summer
Camp of CSKM rocks! It was fun.
Anurag – IV
On The Spot Paintng
On 15
July, 2011 students of class XI and XII
partcipated in the amusing competton on “Atthi
devo bhav” to promote tourism, Role of religion in
unity of a country, Indo-Pakistan peace, Natonal
heritage and Save forests and Save wild life.
Winners: Rohit and Srisht of Class XI. Ashutosh Puri
XII. Shreya XII. The efort of all the partcipants was
really commendable. All the partcipants were very
enthusiastc and came up with creatve work.
On 5
September, 2011 the school celebrated the
Teacher’s Day with great enthusiasm. Students, as
teachers, tried their best to take the classes. They
were very nicely dressed. There was a cultural
programme in JKJC hall. The Vice Principal,
Mr. S K Thakur, delivered an inspiring speech on
“Guru Shishya Parampara” This was followed by
speech by Ms. Deepika Abrol which highlighted
Dr. Radhakrishnan’s Life as an eminent teacher.
The school captains and other appointments gave
interestng ttles to the teachers. The teachers also
presented a play and a parody for students.
Basant Panchami
The onset of spring on Tuesday 8
February was
celebrated with songs on Basant Panchami and
Goddess of Learning amidst festvity. Shradha Children’s
Educatonal Welfare Society, working in the area of
special children honoured students who made the fund
raising drive a success, with certfcates and trophies.
Vice Principal, S K Thakur, stressed that wealth of
knowledge would make the children to uphold self-
esteem and self-respect and other innate qualites
would follow.
Baby Show
The staf and students of the school celebrated Dussehra in a
diferent style. Like every year this year also the programme
started with speech on Dussehra, why and how it is celebrated.
This tme burning of Ravana was replaced by Garba and Dandiya
dance by the teachers and students of the school. This not only
helped in reducing polluton but also helped in bringing one and
all together. The students and teachers all were wearing Gujarat
Costumes and played with dandiya stcks. It was really a treat to
see all of them in colourful high spirits.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Keeping
this in mind an outstaton tour was planned. Afer lots
of discussion the venue chosen was Shimla. The dates
fnalized were from 25
to 29
April. We all were so
excited and started preparing for it days in advance.
A group of 41 students from Class IV to VIII with 4 staf
members including Ma’am Yeshi, Bhat Sir, Ma’am
Shailja and Geeta didi lef the school in a luxury AC bus.
There we saw Gandhi Ground, an old Church and some
very old buildings, but beautfully maintained stll. We
did horse riding, camel riding and shopping. To reach
the Mall we had to take a two segmented lif. It is the
frst of its kind that we had ever seen.
The next day afer breakfast we went to Kufri. It is a
beautful place with a zoo. It is said that lots of tourists
Tour – Shimla and Manali
go there for ice sports in winter. In the evening we
went to Jakhu Temple which was just ten minutes walk
from our hotel. It is a very old and beautful temple
surrounded with breath taking views. We had a dance
party in the night.
The next morning we went to Chandigarh and visited
the Rock Garden, Sukhna lake and Pinjore Garden. Afer
dinner we lef for Delhi and reached school at 7.30am
tred but happy.
It was a great experience. We enjoyed and learnt how
to work in a group. We wish such trips are organized
more frequently.
Sumanpreet Kaur- VIII
We are the coooo...lest ones
We are the coooo...lest ones
The students of Class VIII and IX visited Chief Minister’s
residence at 3, Motlal Place on 20th September 2011.
Escorted by teachers Suteen Bala and Sandeep Pathak
the moment we stepped out of our bus all we heard
was the noise of bats. There were hundreds of king size
bats on the tree under which we were standing. Later,
we came to know that there were approx. 6000 bats in
the area. We, then entered the residence of the CM.
Mr. Rakesh guided us through the area and showed us
many types of plants, birds etc. He guided us about the
fora and fauna too.
Then we entered an Audio Visual room where we
played a wonderful educatonal game. Some of our
class mates were the volunteers in the game. A photo
of an animal was pinned on the back of the students.
Sir told the volunteers to show the photo to others. He
asked yes/no questons about the animal and asked us
to identfy it. We were also shown a documentary flm
on environment. Then we headed for an interacton
session with Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister. It was the
frst tme, we met the Chief Minister personally. We
thanked the Chief Minister and their staf for devotng
their precious tme to us and lef the place at noon. It
was truly educatonal trip.
Raj Sachdev, Rajan Sarraf, Harshang Gupta, IX
Eco Trail to Chief Minister’s Residence at 3 Motlal Place
A trip to fun ‘n’ food village
We all were very excited to go Fun ‘n’ food village located at Kapashera, Delhi – Gurgaon border.
We were given a welcome drink which was very refreshing afer an hour’s journey. There is a water park inside.
We all changed our dresses and wore swimming trunks/costumes. We all were ready for fun. The pools and water
slides looked very excitng. We went into the wave pool where water was throwing us here and there. Hot delicious
lunch was served to us at one o’clock. We all were hungry so we really enjoyed it. Afer that we went to dry rides.
The fun ‘n’ food arranged some games for us. We enjoyed those games and also partcipated in an open dance. It
was tme to return. We were served ice-cream. We started for school at 7.00pm and reached back at 8.00pm. It
was a fun flled trip and we enjoyed it very much.
Sidhant Thokcham – V
Career Seminar – Overseas Educaton!
On 30
August, 2011, an awareness session was held for the students of Class XII by the Coordinator of the University
of Sussex, UK, Miss Neeta Chopra and Miss Manjeet Kaur. We were provided informaton about Universites in UK and
the various courses ofered by them. The prospectus of the University of Sussex was also provided.
The University is ideally located in safe cosmopolitan and has got natonally recognized teaching faculty. The
standard academic fees at Sussex (2011) is 3,290 pounds a year and a single self-supportng student should budget
for between 840 pounds to 1,010 pounds each month for the full academic year in additon to tuiton fees.
Sussex aims to ofer a diverse, multcultural undergraduate students’ community that is open and welcoming to
those with the potental to pursue higher educaton successfully.
Shivani Maheshwari – XII
Dr. N.R. Jain, a mine of knowledge, with more than
three decades of experience in conductng workshops
initated ‘Youth Efectveness Workshops’ for students
of Class XI. Under his able guidance, the intensive
sessions were conducted by Human Resource Person –
Ms. Sujata Nath and, school counselor Deepika Abrol.
There were 7 half day sessions which began with
meditaton for calming the mind, followed by Deep
Breathing to control emotons. Ice-breakers were fun
and brought in warmth.
Over the sessions, 7 habits of highly efectve teenagers
– “Being Proactve, Goal setng, Prioritze – put frst
things frst, Think win-win, ‘Seek frst to understand,
then to be understood’, Synergize and Rejuvenate –
physically, emotonally, mentally as well as spiritually”
along with interpersonal and leadership skills were
introduced through actvites.
The ‘Learning areas’ were – Life Goals, Enhancing
relatonships, Orientaton to Team work and Emotonal
balance and relaxaton.
Students were guided and given the freedom to
observe, partcipate, think and take responsibility
PADC - Personality Assessment & Development Centre
for their actons. It was an endeavour to prepare us
students to lead a happy, efectve and successful life.
“We, the students of XI Humanites thank the school
for giving us the opportunity to undergo such fantastc
learning events which were truly educatve. Right from
the frst session, we thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot
We learnt about valuing and maintaining relatonships,
the Pause Buton, applying our intelligence in adverse
circumstances (being proactve and not reactve),
appreciatng people and our environment, even rivals;
positve attude, resolving conficts through discussion,
negotaton and being assertve. Oh, there is so much
we have carried with us from the interactve sessions
that I believe hope we can begin with ‘baby steps’
towards our life-goals. I will defnitely apply my learning
to myself. We were fortunate to have Ms. Manju as
Guest facilitator and learnt never to condone violence.
Our facilitators truly facilitated – letng us think hard,
make rules and take decisions. They taught us to be
honest at all tmes and speak the truth even if it was
critcal appraisal of the workshop itself. These sessions
have been life- transforming for all of us.
Rahul Kumar, XI
Commerce Seminar
Mr. Himanshu from the Insttute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) conducted an interactve workshop for
students of XI and XII on 16 August, 2011, highlightng the course of career and success- path to become a qualifed
Company Secretary (CS). He elucidated upon the entre course of study right from the foundaton Course and the
course fee which is nominal. It was a very fruitul session and students were acquainted with the respectve papers
of study, examinaton schedule and career prospects of a Company Secretary.
Our Patron Sir’s 90th Birthday
“Where there is a will, there is a way,” this verily signifes the life and philosophy of our Patron Sir Sri Rajeshwar
Prasad, IAS. He is such a great personality. Sir, carried on the legacy of his father who was also a Civil Servant. I was
really fortunate to get a chance to gain his acquaintance on nothing less than his 90
Indeed the meetng was a milestone in my life! There is a glowing spark of confdence and eruditon in his eyes.
The birthday party was awesome. The hostess, Sir’s daughter, Ma’m Anshumala a truly charming and gracious lady
impressed us. I, along with my peers, juniors and wonderful tny-tots from the Primary secton, heartly enjoyed the
get together. He regaled us with his great experiences as the frst batch I.A.S. ofcer and many more things.
Sir is really a benevolent person who loves children dearly and not any less, his pet – a German Shepherd
and companion, Rover who almost stole the limelight as he was equally popular amongst the children. 20
September 2011 was a memorable day for me which I will cherish throughout my life. The visit to Patron Sir’s home
on his birthday was one of the most enjoyable and enriching experiences of my life!
Riya Raj - XI
School Students Council
The Investture Ceremony was held in August 2011.
“Leadership is all about uplifing the minds of
individuals towards fulflling their own goals in life”
rightly stated by Vice Principal R. K. Tyagi while giving
oath to the appointments. The ceremony started with
the devotonal song. Student appointments took the
pledge and the Principal blessed them and encouraged
them to respect the values of the insttuton. Indeed,
it was a royal ceremony depictng a new model of
leadership among the students.
The school council includes, Sumit Kumar Gautam -
School Captain (Boys), Sakshi Kiran - School Captain
(Girls), Kumar Bhart – School Vice Captain (Boys),
Mahesh Acharya – School Vice Captain (boys), Jyot
Merry – School Vice Captain (Girls).
Sentinels of the Charismas
Sentinels of the Charismas
Workshops with a Difference
Workshop on School Counseling Practices,
Policies and Emerging Trends
Teachers Shilpi Sharma and Deepika Abrol attended
the seminar on school counseling practices, policies
and emerging trends at India Habitat Centre organized
by AISCAP-Association of Indian School Counselors and
Allied Professionals on 18
August 2011. It was an
‘Expressions India’ initiative.
The inaugural address was delivered by the chief guest
Dr. Veera Gupta, Secretary, CBSE. Renowned experts
had a panel discussion on contemporary issues in
school guidance and counseling services;
Ms. Geetanjali Kumar enthralled everybody with real
life anecdotes and dwelled upon enriching family
school partnership for holistic child development,
need for ethical standards for school counselors, the
road ahead and the action plan was explored. Our
teachers returned enriched.
Education UK Counsellors Meet
Teachers Deepika Abrol and Pinky Rathi alongwith some students attended the “Education UK Counsellors’
Meet’ and UCAS – ‘University College Admission Services’ presentation at the British Council on 29 March,
2011. An educative endeavour by the British Council to build mutually beneficial relationships and enhance
appreciation of UK’s creative ideas and achievements it was a big step towards UK education degree by
understanding the application process well and interacting with UCAS through Video conferencing. It
proved to be an interesting meet that widened horizons for our students.
Prevention and Control of Aggression in
school children
Workshop on the burning topic ‘Prevention and
Control of Aggression in school children’ organized by
ICTRC (Institute of Counsellor Training Research and
Consultancy) at Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi on
September, 2011, was attended by teachers
Monica Sachdev and Yeshi Choedon. The eminent
speaker were Dr Ravinder, Prof. Salaskar and Dr Jai
Indira Raison.
There was good discussion on the causes of
aggressiveness and how to prevent and control it in
children.. Dr Ravinder pointed out we should not
glorify individual achievement. It is easier to prevent
the aggressiveness rather than controlling it. The
teachers gained good knowledge.
Teaching Children English
The Teachers Madhu Kapoor and Pinky Rathi attended
a workshop on “Teaching children English” by Debi
Mukhopadhyay, at the British Council. There was a
session on “Devise methods”. The teaching
methodologies are undergoing pedagogic changes.
Several Innovative teaching methodologies are being
employed which will help offer the practical insights of
into everyday problems of children and not just provide
them with theoretical concepts.
It was a good learning experience.
Tree Plantation Drive
Students of CSKM Public School alongwith Eco Club
incharge Suteen Bala and Art Teacher R K Ojha
attended a Tree plantation drive at Bhatti Mines.
About 500 students from different schools were
present there.
The programme was inaugurated by the Chief Minister
Mrs Sheila Dixit by planting a sapling. After that Chief
Minister and other dignitaries delivered speeches. All
the students had an interaction with the Chief
Minister. She spoke about the environment and how
we can take care of it. She also appealed to the
students to take care of trees.
Kanishka, Siddhant, Mona, Harsh, Divya Bajaj – IX
Yuva Sansad
CSKM was the venue of Yuva Sansad TV programme
to be telecasted by the Rajya Sabha TV, very soon in
50 episode serial. Apart from outside participation,
60 students of CSKM (Class XI and XII) took active
part in the TV talk show and debate programme.
Mr Naveen Chandra Jha (HOD Humanities) and
Dr Parwez Alam (HOD English) were requested to be
in the expert panel. Mr J P Upadhyay (Department
Biology) and Mr Sudershan Singh Miyan (Business
Studies Department) guided the programme through
their valuable opinions and experiences.
It was great experience for the students, not only to
speak and watch making of a talk show, but also
they learnt how a whole programme is organized,
conducted and directed.
The programme was directed by Shams Tanveer. He
was assisted by Amitesh Singh from National institute
of Design. Anurag hosted the programme. It was a
wonderful experience for all the participants.
Motivational Seminar
A motivational workshop was conducted for the Senior Secondary students by Mr Ravish Keswani from “The
Chopra’s Group”. Students were shaken out of their complacency and made to question themselves about what
they had a passion for. It was emphasized that they must be able to hone their interpersonal skills and achieve
harmony in the spheres of their ability, interest and aptitude to be successful in their chosen career.
The point made was very apt – “You don’t want to be climbing the ladder of success only to discover that it’s leaning
against the wrong wall!”. The resource person touched upon an array of Universities across the world for Under
Graduate courses for a global experience alongwith a degree or diploma course.
They reiterated that chasing success or money should not be the motive. When you truly strive for excellence and
achieve it, both will follow.
Zonal Games and Sports (2010-11)
CSKM is proud to have excelled in a number of games at
the South Zone, Directorate of Education, Delhi. The
results are mentioned
Handball (Senior) Winner
Handball (Junior) Winner
Volleyball (Senior) winner
Tennis (Senior) Runner up
Tennis (Junior) Winner
Tennis - Girls (sub Junior) Runner
Basketball (Senior), (Junior) Cricket Team Reach the semi final
Priyanka Priyadarshi qualified for Asian Games 2011,
Devesh also qualified for Asian Games 2011.
Pallav Rausha National Gold Medalist – Yoga
It was proud privilege for the school to host the Zonal Athletics Meet presided over by Mahabali Satpal Ji.
Congratulations to our wonderful team of Physical Education headed by Mr. A. N. Singh
Out of Class
The students were enriched by visit to various places of interest in Delhi:
• Class IV & V - National Museum
• Class VI – VII – Teen Murti Bhawan and
Indira Gandhi Museum.
• Class VIII – National Science Centre
• Class IX – X – Delhi Book Fair
The students enjoyed and learnt a lot about
Science, History – Post and pre-Independent
Indian era etc.
Rajan & Chitrangada – IX
This appreciation song and dance defines the beauty of Kashmir. Perfection
beyond this world makes Kashmir a paradise. It is located amidst the great
Himalayan range and the Pir Panjal mountain ranges.
Kashmir is the land of sparkling rivers and sleepy lakes – Jhelum River, Lidder
river, Dal lake, Wular and Nagin lake. Dal lake is like a floating city with
houseboats, markets and vegetable gardens. Dal lake comes alive in the evening.
The setting Sun colours the lake azure and in the dusk, the magnificent
houseboats light up the lake. Even the youngest of a family can ply the ‘Shikara’
– a graceful, long canoe, amidst the spectacular snow-capped mountains. In the
centre of the Dal lake is Nehru Park adorned with ‘Char Chinar’. Throughout the
year the beautiful Chinar trees mesmerize one and all by the ever changing
shades of their leaves in keeping with the season. Kashmir is dotted with green
sprawling gardens - Shalimar, Nishat, Chashme Shahi, Harvan, tall regal Chinar
trees, the most beautiful flowering meadows and snow - capped peaks.
The hypnotizing beauty of Kashmir never fails to charm. To add to its
magnificence are the fair and rosy Kashmiri girls and handsome, well-built
Kashmiri boys who are like flowers in the garden of Kashmir. The beauty of this
fertile valley offers a rich produce from orchards of walnuts, almonds, apples,
peaches; precious stones, finest embroidery and handicrafts. The land of
cherry blossoms, saffron fields, Chinar trees is the most famous tourist
destination of India.
The beauty of Kashmir never fades – it changes from the radiant white of winter,
through the vibrant spring, the cool green of summer to the fiery red of Autumn.
Beautiful Kashmir Beautiful Kashmir
Beautiful Kashmir Beautiful Kashmir Beautiful Kashmir
India’s Crowning Glory India’s Crowning Glory
India’s Crowning Glory India’s Crowning Glory India’s Crowning Glory
^^x j f Q +j n kSl c j : , ] t +e +ha v L r ks] v Eg ha v L r ksa] v Eg ha v L r ksaA
In the words of Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, in Persian -
v x j b l / kj r h i j d g aha L o x Z g S] r ks o ks ; g ha g Sa] ; g ha g SaA
If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here...
As part of Delhi Government Republic Day Celebrations one hundred and
sixty students performed a dance on the theme Beautiful Kashmir at
Chattrasal Stadium on 25th January 2011. The Chief Minister Ms. Sheila
Dikshit presided over the performance and later mingled with the children to
their great joy and encouragement.
Kashmir is known for its Sufi tradition which shows an unusual amalgam of
Hindu and Muslim cultures. The Kashmiri food is delicious and the traditional
Kashmiri feast is called Wazwan. Every Kashmiri wishes to serve Wazwan to
their friends at least once in their lifetime. The Kashmiris are proud of their
culture – ‘Kashmiriyat’.
A Kashmiri’s love of life and nature is reflected in the rare perfection of
their handicrafts which have a strong Persian influence. Beautifully
patterned woollen carpets, pashmina shawls, exquisite papier-mache,
wood carvings, embroidered wool and silk are all the ultimate in fine art.
The Chinar leaf motif is prominent in a variety of patterns in their
embroidery and handicrafts. The long flowing gown that the Kashmiri
women wear is called phiren.
The local musical instruments mainly are - Rabbab, Santoor, and Tumbak
Kashmiris counter the low winter temperature by carrying the Kangri – a
clay pot filled with burning charcoal for warmth as also by consuming dry
fruits like chilgoza, endless cups of kahva – a rich almond and saffron tea.
The new Tulip gardens add to the magnificence of Kashmir. The Mughals
left behind a legacy of beautiful terraced gardens, the aesthetics of
which is many splendoured! The unparalled natural scenery and the
impressive variety of flora and fauna of Kashmir hold a very special place
of pride and love in the heart of every Indian.
Some of the ear catching lyrics of the song are:
n¸ ¬r¬”ii n¸ ¬i¬-i.... ¬«º º·i ¬··n l·”ii
The beauty of Kashmir is like - a constellation of twinkling stars, the sky,
the musical flowing rivers – which lend it the feel of Heaven.
¤ ¬ir¬iº ¤ ¬i«”iiº
The breath taking landscape with snow capped mountains and waterfalls
add to the splendour of Kashmir.
-i¸ r¸º r, ¤º·¸º r nº| ¬i·n| ¤ nªº r|
It is like a Kashmiri lass who is as graceful and innocent as a fairy from the
Heavens. Her simplicity is her beauty and pride.
-iº -i¬| -, nº ri¬ -, s¤ ¬¬ ÷ ¬¬ ¬·i¬ r|
In the bosom of the past and present of Kashmir are many mysteries.
-i¸ ¬·i «riº r-· ¬-i¬ r, ¬i ¬i¬ n¬ «l-¬i¬ r|
The mesmerising ethereal beauty of Kashmir is beyond compare.
Interhouse Debate
Corporal Punishment
“Corporal punishment is cost – effective.
It’s free basically. You don’t have to be
organized. All you need is a paddle”. –
says a teacher, rightly!
Good morning, respected members of
jury, I, Namrata Singh of Class VI, will
present my views in support of “Corporal Punishment”.
Educators, who face the difficult task of maintaining
law and discipline in their class room may resort to
corporal punishment because it is quick to administer.
It is only fear which restrains children from
misbehaving. Show them something to be afraid of
and they will behave. That is the only language
children understand, and they understand it quickly
and that is how you can prevent children from spoiling.
If a teacher beats a child in front of other children,
others also learn a lesson to behave. In fact it works
quickly and has a long lasting effect.
If children do not respond seriously to verbal warnings
they should be getting punishment from teachers and
parents as well. Variety of corporal punishments must
be used regularly and at the correct time. And this
should continue till the child understands his
behaviour. I’m successful and doing very-very well
today because my parents and teacher punished me
when I did something wrong.
If corporal punishment is given in the presence of at
least two adults, that greatly reduces the risk of sexual
abuse at school, another teacher should be present at
the time of punishment and at home both the parents.
Friends I believe in “Spare the rod & Spoil the child”.
Regular corporal punishment helps the child grow into
a happier adult, he leads a relaxed life and enjoys the
life with people around. Last but not the least I would
like to stress that students should be punished
I am very thankful to all my teachers and my parents
who had punished me for my betterment and I have
no grudges against them.
Namrata Singh – VI (Krishnan House)
Would you like to meet the person who
has achieved big in life and wasn’t ever
spanked? Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, Indira
Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar…. and me…
Era Namjoshi, an apple of every
teacher’s eye, progressively bent, an
achiever and of course a student who
every student dotes on. My teacher never spanked me
nor did my parents….
Or, picture this “my teacher pulled my hair and called
me a dog”, was a shocking statement made by an 18
years old hard core criminal who was regularly
punished in school. That’s what studies show…
Psychiatrists, sociologist researches, and parents have
recommended that we seriously consider banning the
physical punishment of children. But why does one resort
to corporal punishment??? Because it is quick to
administer and cost effective….ha ha ha… All you need is
a paddle?? But-But-But think about a long term problem.
It is going to punish us all with. Virtually all of the most
dangerous criminals were regularly threatened and
punished in childhood. So, be ready for society populated
by criminals, maniacs and mentally disturbed adults….
Are my dear friends ready to face that….???”
Why can’t we build kids with empathy and wisdom,
let’s be mature …..Let’s be creative in punishment, why
corporal punishment???
Punishment distracts the child from learning how to
resolve conflict in an effective and humane way. As the
educator John Holt wrote when we make a child afraid
we stop learning dead in tracks”. A punished child
becomes preoccupied with the feelings of anger and
revenge. Gentle interaction, supported by a strong
foundation of love and respect is the only truly
effective way about commendable behaviour based on
strong inner values, instead of superficially “good”
behaviour based only on fear. Here I heard my dear
friends about creative punishment??? Well-well-well
here comes a story.
Do you know how panchatantra, a compilation of
interesting fables was created? How?? The king
Amarshakti was a great king with no enemies but three
foolish sons. His only distress! How to make his sons fit
to rule. After much hunt a learned man came. A
teacher, Vishnu Dutt. He had one story each day
related to the mistakes done by king’s sons and so
Panch Tantra was created. And yes, the king’s sons
became wise rulers ahead. Physical punishment gives
dangerous and unfair message that “might is right”
Hence choice is yours… more criminals or more
positively oriented society... Thank you dear teachers
for not punishing me.
Era Namjoshi – VII (Krishnan House)
It was the autumn of 2005, when I first stepped into
CSKM. I still vividly remember that day when I stepped in
here as a small boy – one who loved to remain in his own
shell, his own world and afraid to venture out into the
unknown. I had the potential but not the drive. I had the
vision but not the will to pursue it. I dreamt big but never
had the courage of achieving it. Six years in CSKM and all
that has changed. Now I am a truly different individual
who has vision as well as will and all of this has happened
to me in CSKM.
CSKM taught us teamwork, sharing, taking pride in what
we do and most of all friendship. Our school’s ideology is
progressive, innovative and ahead of its time and it is this
uniqueness that sets us apart. Our school motivates us to
think differently, uniquely and with the help of its vastly
experienced teachers. It has provided us with the best
possible head start over our competitors in the game of
life. Friends I suddenly realize the significance of it all. Till
yesterday, we were all school kids but tomorrow we will
be facing the world on our own, each going on separate
ways, each pursuing his own dreams.
I personally will never forget the fun we had in our
classrooms. Oh! What `a wonderful time we had in CSKM
and now just as we are all about to leave, these
memories become all the more sweeter and what can we
do to hold onto them.
Our teachers were the ones who made our stay in CSKM
all the more better, though they are strict at times, but
they are sweet at heart and my farewell speech won’t be
complete without mentioning their contribution. To
Ma’am Principal and all my teachers on behalf of my
entire batch, I assert, you have made us what we are
today and we are grateful for that. Thank you for your
contribution to our lives. Thank you Sir, Thank you
Ma’am. I would also like to thank the school supporting
staff who were always friendly and helpful. We will never
forget you.
Coming to the end of my farewell speech, I would like to
conclude with a small poem. “Good byes are not forever.
Good byes are not the end, They simply mean. I’ll miss
you, Until we meet again !”
Thank you
Pratyush Mahapatra, Head boy
While standing on this podium, I feel very proud over the
decision that I made two years ago of joining this institution.
From the day I stepped into this place there has been a
lot of ups and downs. I have learnt a lot. I remember the
days when I was in hospital and also my recovery days.
The hospitality shown by staff members was ineffable. I
heartily thank Jha Ma’am and Sangeeta Ma’am for taking
care of me during those days. Ma’am Principal I thank
you on behalf of all the girls for having been there for us
for your strong support.
I especially thank Thakur Sir and Ashutosh Sir for
conducting chapter-wise tests in Chemistry with the
attempt to test our concepts and it really worked. Thank
you, Ma’am Kiran, we were fortunate to be taught and
guided by you as the last batch.
I thank R K Singh Sir and Sujeet Sir for their valuable
guidance. I want to thank someone who is no more a part
of this family namely A K Jha Sir for guiding us in the best
possible ways in Physics. I also thank Ajay Rathi Sir
“¬nº ¬i¤ r- «¸ « ÷« ¸ « ¬º ·r| ¤«in ni r- ¬,i ¬ ¬¸ ¤
- ¤ ¬ ¬in !” I would also like to thank Ma’am Poonam
Mansingh for her support and able guidance. We feel her
Last but not the least – Deepika Ma’am you have been
my great support. All because of you I have found myself!
I have got over my stage phobia! Had you not been there
I would have been where I was. I also thank Biology
department teachers for motivating us.
I would also like to thank Harihar Bhaiya, Phoola didi,
Satyapal Bhaiya, Ajay Bhaiya, Usha Ma’am for their
overall support. We always felt that we were at home
away from home.
Like 1
January 2011 the love and care of staff in the form
of Aaloo paratha, dahi choora is something we cherish.
Because of CSKM we realized the meaning of festivals of
each and every religion especially Raksha Bandhan…
I am very lucky to have male friends who first think of
others before thinking about themselves. Emotional
Atyachaar! Lets’ talk about the biggest mystery in CSKM
I visited boys dorm 3 times with legal permission
Sidra Kalam, Head Girl
Interview with ACP, Rajender Singh, Mehrauli
Shakti Gulati : Sir, what were your favourite subjects as a student?
ACP : My favourite subjects were Law, Geography and Business Studies
Siddhant Kumar : Who motivated you sir, to become a Police Officer?
ACP : My father was a CBI Officer. I was very fond of wearing uniforms. My father motivated me
to become an officer. I too was in CBI first for few years.
Rajan Sharaf : What qualities are essential to be successful in your field?
ACP : According to me hard work, honesty, loyalty, discipline are essential in this field.
Shahrukh Shamim : What do you think is your biggest strength Sir?
ACP : As I stated earlier discipline, punctuality and hard work.
Ma’am Rajbala : Sir, you have such a hectic schedule that you have to be on your toes day and night and you
can’t give much time towards your family? Do your family members ever complain?
ACP : “With great powers comes great responsibility”. Yes, being a police officer means that you
have to be on your toes always. I even get calls at midnight or at night when there is any
problem. You can’t ignore it and go back to sleep. I have to attend to it as soon as possible.
Sometimes I have to work even 24 hours a day. And when it comes to family, they don’t
complain because they know my job.
Aditya Verma : Sir, what are your plans after retirement?
ACP : I plan to open a Detective Agency after my retirement.
Yash Mishra : Sir, what is the most exciting and terrifying experience you have had in your service till now?
ACP : It was in 1984, that I was appointment given a mysterious case. I was in CBI that time. This
case was very unique as it had no eyewitnesses or evidence. In this case, a husband murdered
his wife and two children. After murdering them, he visited at least 6 to 7 places in India and
stayed in 28 different hotels with fake identity. After this, he went off to Nepal and filed a
report that his wife and two children went missing. From this date, 6 month’s onwards I was
appointed this case. I, along with my team tried my best to gather each and every evidence
possible. In 4 months of time we caught hold of the criminal who was eventually sentenced.
This was my best case ever.
Siddharth Tiwari : Sir, what are the future problems which have to be faced by the police?
ACP : Well, the major problem we face today and will be facing in future is of terrorist activities.
We all will have to be prepared for the disaster caused by them. Co-operation is very
necessary as it is the only thing that will help us to get ready for future.
Abhinay Raj : Finally, Sir would you like to convey any message to the students of today?
ACP : Well, as students you are pillars in making of the society in future. The society is going to
rest upon your shoulders. You people are going to occupy important positions in future in
different fields. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get properly educated and guided
about different aspects of day to day life to have a better society.
Rajbala Sharma and Ajay Rathi, Teachers
From the Visitor’s Book...
01-04-2009 – E S Issac, D D Sports
It has been a day a great, discovery of winning attitude.
The rousing response from so many made me humble
and also that each of us is a winner – a determined
resolve. Thank you so much.
01-04-2009 - Col S S Mishra, VSM, 1980 batch SST
I consider it a great honour to have been invited to
CSKM Public School on this solemn occasion to pay an
oratory tribute to our ex-Principal of Sainik School
Tilaiya. I am really touched by your warmth and
hospitality. May your lovely school attain higher glories
in the years to come. Thanks a lot.
23-10-09 - Sanjay Bhoi, Member of Parliament
Thank you mam and all CSKM faculty & students. I am
grateful and fortunate to be the Guest of Honour.
Thank you again.
11-02-2009 - Alka Chatterjee, Joint Director,
Dte of Life Sciences, DRDO HQ, Delhi
Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to interact with
the students and teachers of this school. I feel I have learned
so much, I feel like going back to school – this school.
Thank you again.
01-04-2010 - Vineet Joshi
Chairman, CBSE
I was here on the occasion of 5
Col Satsangi Memorial
Lecture. It was amazing to know the contributions of the
legend, Col Satsangi especially his idea of ‘no failure’. He
implemented it when no one thought of this.
The school is rightly focusing on all round
development. I wish all the best to all students,
teachers and management.
D V Sharma, Gen Secy, COBSE
It was a great opportunity to visit this school after
many years. It gave me an opportunity to the pay my
homage to Col Satsangi.
Col. Rang Nath Rai, 1976 batch SST
Great honour and privilege to be present on this
auspicious day, when I could pay respect to dynamic
and wonderful mentor.
28-08-2010 - Prabhudayal Meena, IAS
Joint Secretary Govt. of India, Ministry of Tribal Affairs
It was indeed a great pleasure to join 25
year of the
CSKM. I happened to come here 15 years back and
fortunate enough to meet Late Col P S Satsangi. He
took me around the upcoming campus. I was greatly
impressed by his dedication and commitment to
education. Today due to his efforts, inspiration and
hard work of his team this school is doing so well. His
concept of ‘no fail system’ is greatly admired all over.
I am thankful to Dr Mrs Shakuntla the great daughter
of the great father who is running this institution with
similar commitment. My friend Shri Ved Pal brought
me here today and I really enjoyed this meeting with
the old students, teachers and staff.
My best wishes to the students. May this institution
flourish in the coming years and keep on contributing
in the Nation Building and especially the sector of
¬ ¬i· · ¬i ”i| ¬ ¬i· · ¬i ”i| ¬ ¬i· · ¬i ”i| ¬ ¬i· · ¬i ”i| ¬ ¬i· · ¬i ”i|
-ª¤-¤| ¬ ¬¤º ¬l¤·
ºi’-|¤ ºi¬·ii·| ·i¤ ¬º¬iº,
l·~¬|÷··a aaz
¬·¬ ¬n¬n|¬ l¬ººi --ilº¤¬ ¤l·¬¬ -¬¸¬ ¬ º¬n
¬¤n| ¬-iºir ¬ “i·i ¬·¬º ¤º -¬¸¬ ¬| ¬i·ººi|¤i,
¤·ii·i¤i¤i ¬i “i·i¬i-·i¤ ¤·- ril·¬ «·ii;|
“i·i¬i-·i¬i ¬lrn,
4.11.10 - Temyaki Hoshian
The Japan Foundation
“Whatever goes comes back, always keep that in mind”
I had a good time with students here.
Thank you for the hospitality Nice exhibition.
I wish all the best for the students and
distinguished faculties.
This is a wonderful programme. Thank you for
inviting us today.
11.12.10 - Masahiro Nagira
Embassy of Japan
I wish all be best for the next 25 years of CSKM. Lite I
witnessed today, the students and faculties will
celebrate, the golden Jubilee, I believe. Many thank for
having me this evening and congregations.
11.12.10 - Charles Isaac, HT Next
It’s been a wonderful learning experience visiting your
school, which is a mini India. The energy that your
students exude is really remarkable. Col Satsangi and
his beloved wife definitely have a lot to be glad as they
bless this lovely institution from up above.
01.04.11 - Shatrughan Jiwnani, Bahai House of
This has been a very impressive experience to a school
that believes and also practices universal values. The
energy is palpable and contagious. Wish you all the
best in your endeavour and aspiration.
31.07.11 - V K Tiwari, IRS
I am glad to see the sports facility and... students are
growing whole the concept of boarding and educating
the students in excellent.
Malavika Sarukkai
Education about the arts is vital to keep the minds of
young students absorbed in the many splendid
dimensions of art. When exposed to the classical arts
the young students will benefit. I wish this school all
success in this endeavour.
“A Whole New Universe”
…Way back in 2003 I was worried and clueless about
the schools I should approach.. …where should my
beloved daughter join. Such an institution that would
take care of my sweet little, sensitive bright (well, every
parent thinks the same way) child’s emotional as well
as inquisitive needs as we do. Who would REALLY make
her feel growing not in height or age but as a
multidimensional personality?
And then while browsing through the net I found this
school CSKM somewhere in
Satbari farms, unheard of…..I searched and finally
reached the place. It was turning twisting lanes which
got me there. While the first sight caught my heart, I
nodded to myself YES this seems the very school.
There I met this admission incharge, quite welcoming
with no fuss attitude compared to the hyperactivity of
admission process in many schools and a pleasing smile.
He took me over to the school, showed me around and
I was floored. Impressive campus, exemplary vision of
the Chairman and voila, all my worries melted away
instantaneously. To my reassurance I had lunch at the
mess, tea at the steps and Era joined CSKM.
day at school we both, my husband and I, went to
drop her. Junior wing. Alert teachers.
Sweet young children crying, playing, running, riding….
what a sight it was!
One teacher stepped towards us, just grabbed Era in
her lap, cajoled her and gave us an assurance filled
smiles towards a wrinkle free day.
Era, our daughter waved us bye but we were still too
wary of leaving her for 9 long hours….we passed some
time at school canteen…hung around….passed some
more time and reached back home with a heavy heart.
Restless, we went back to school early to pick her up…
she was nowhere to be seen, heard as we expected
(standing somewhere in the corner, waiting for us,
teardrops rolling down her cheeks…NO! it was a role
reversal A HAPPY, CHEERFUL. Era again swinging on
another teacher, unconcerned with our presence, busy
OUR STATE, somewhat amused, somewhat shocked
and reassured AND confident within.
In a single day we were not the only universe of Era.
She was busy exploring A WHOLE NEW UNIVERSE
bigger, larger and better than ours. And we were a tiny
part of that universe. That’s our knot, tied to this school
with our daughter as the medium.
This was a beginning to our eight years long bond that
we still cherish. The same fine strings of assurance/
reassurance, conviction, communication, confidence
and commitment still bind us with this school. From
teachers’ love, care, affection and cradle of support we
all have come a long way to my little princess taking
curves of a young lady.
Yet again I am worried…but reflection I see stares at me
giving me back the same smiles.
A heartfelt gratitude to this school, for making us a part
of that UNIVERSE.
Leena Namjoshi, Mother of Era – VII
Aim for the stars and
you’ll reach the sky
Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Nata Koi…..
Our relationship with CSKM dates back to 1999, when Udayan
Ghar No. 3 was established at Mehrauli and our very first
residents (six of them) were taken to Col. Satsangi, the great
visionary. He welcomed us with open arms and took the kids
into his fold with such ease and love that from Day One, our
children felt a sense of belonging, notwithstanding the fact that
some of them had never seen the interior of a school !
We are indeed fortunate that the wonderful practices set up by
Col. Satsangi are being followed by Dr (Mrs) S S Jaiman and that
the same understanding, love and comfort level are being provided to all our children by her. The ambience
at CSKM is absolutely unique! Since a few of the girls from Udayan go to two other Public Schools, we are in
a position to compare the impact of the ‘day school’ curriculum to that of the other schools. Here the
children appear to be a part of one big, happy family where all members of the staff know all the children
and treat them with a lot of love and compassion. Everyone goes out of their way to help whenever
required. The children come back happy and tired at the end of the day, but never tense or upset!
As Mentor Mothers, our interaction with all members of staff, be it the academic staff, the Accounts
Department, those incharge of admissions, the Boarding House teachers right to the peons has been very
rewarding. Everyone is so supportive and helpful.
The older students who have had their grounding in CSKM are today doing Udayan Care and CSKM proud by
having found very good placements. We are indeed grateful to CSKM for all the spade work! We are resting
in comfort that the present lot of our students will also receive good, all-round education and find a
respectable place in society. At times, I feel Udayan Care and CSKM have a ‘pichle janam ka naata’! May it
always continue like this.
Thank you Mrs. Jaiman and all the great teachers of CSKM!
Brinda Syali
(Mentor Mother–Udayan Care Home)
A Journey Unraveled
“An Artist” is what I am known as today”
But if I go ten years back, down the line, people hardly knew I existed I had no identity of my own. CSKM
helped me gain confidence and establish myself as somebody worth looking upto than others helping me
out with my social skills. The school helped me improve my command over the English language, be it the
writing, reading or speaking skills.
The journey in this wonderful school started in class 4
. I still have a very clear picture of my first day in
school, stored in my long term memory. I can’t forget how nervous I was on that very day as I was from a
Hindi medium and didn’t know a word of English. But fortunately my classmates were the sweetest angels
alive and the ease with which they welcomed me into their lives, really touched my heart, gave me
confidence and made me believe in my self! Still remember what Chitrangada said to me –”Mala don’t be
afraid or nervous, I am and shall always be beside you as your friend”. From that very day I have never felt
lonely and alone. I am very – very thankful to CSKM school that they changed my life”
There are some great teachers in the school who helped me to become better from 4
to 8
I got lots of
different class teachers and the best class teachers was Ma’am Suteen Bala. She just helped me in
everything. I was in boarding and it is very difficult to live there without parents. She was like my mother
because she would tell me what is right and what is wrong. Step by step she helped how to control my
anger. Now I am very thankful Ma’am Shailja. She and Ma’am Deepika, they both helped me by giving love
and care. In Class 4
every student used to make fun of me. Now I am in 9
and when I see myself I feel
proud. They gave me confidence and my friends gave courage. Ma’am Yeshi gave me friends, she helped me
as a mother. If I look at myself I can say that I am a new Mala , CSKM has made me.
Mala Udayan – IX
Student Creativity
Challenges Faced by a Youth or a Teenager
The term adolescence derives from the Latin word
‘adolescere’, meaning “to grow into maturity”. It is the
transitional period in a person’s life between childhood
and adulthood. Adolescence is commonly defined as
the stage of life that begins at the onset of puberty.
It has been regarded as a period of rapid change, both
biologically and psychologically. Though the physical
changes that take place during this stage are universal,
the social and psychological dimensions of the
adolescent’s experiences depend on the cultural
context. For instance, in cultures where the adolescent
years are viewed as problematic or confusing, the
adolescent will have very different experiences from
someone who is in a culture, where adolescent years
are viewed as beginning of adult behaviour and,
therefore, undertaking responsible tasks. Although
most societies have at least a brief period of
adolescence, it is not universal across cultures.
1. Physical Development : Puberty marks the end of
childhood and the beginning of adolescence which
is characterized by dramatic physical changes in
both growth rate, and sexual characteristics.
However, puberty is not a sudden event, but is a
part of a gradual process. Physical development
during adolescence is also accompanied by a
number of psychological changes.
2. Cognitive Developmental changes: Adolescents’
thought becomes more abstract, logical, and
idealistic: they become more capable of examining
their own thoughts, others’ thoughts, and what
others are thinking about them. During this stage
adolescent thinking expands beyond actual concrete
experiences and they begin to think more in abstract
terms and reason about them. In addition to being
abstract, adolescent thought is also idealistic.
Adolescents begin to think about ideal characteristics
for themselves and others and compare themselves
and others with these ideal standards e.g. they may
think what an ideal parent is like and compare their
parents with these ideal standards.
Adolescents also develop a special kind of
egocentrism. According to David Elkind, imaginary
audience and personal fable are two components,
of adolescent’s egocentrism.
Imaginary audience is adolescents’ belief that
others are as preoccupied with them as they are
about themselves. They imagine that people are
always noticing them and are observing each and
every behaviour of theirs. The personal fable is part
of the adolescents’ egocentrism that involves their
sense of uniqueness e.g. An adolescent girl thinks
that none can sense the hurt that she feels because
of being betrayed by a friend
Forming an Identity:
You must have sought answers to questions such as :
Who am I? Which subjects should I study? Do I believe
in God? The answers to all these questions involve the
quest to define one’s sense of self or the search for
Identity is who you are and what your values,
commitments and beliefs are.
The formation of identity during adolescence is
influenced by several factors. Cultural background,
family and societal values, ethnic background and
socio-economic status all prevail upon the adolescents’
search for a place in society.
Peers and parents are dual forces having major
influences on adolescents. At times conflicting
situations with parents lead to increased identification
with peers. Career counseling in schools offers
information regarding appraisal of the students for
various courses and jobs and provides guidance in
making a decision about career choices.
Srishti Tikoo – XI
CBSE Schools
participating in
Zonal Athletics at CSKM
School Ground
My Mother
I miss you, mom
I used to think that people don’t need their moms so
much after they grow up.
But I’ve realized that’s not true
So often, when I’m making a decision,
I wish you were here
So I could seek your advice.
And so many times,
When something happens
That I know you would enjoy.
I wish you were here
To share it with me.
Now that I’m older
I’ve realized how special our relationship is.
And while I’m thankful for this bond.
Somehow it makes me miss you more….
Mom, I love you so very much.
Arjun Garg, Ankit Antil, Kumar Bharti, Ravikant and
Rishav Kumar – XI (PCM)
My Country
I live in a country, that has plethora of colour
And a huge tree full of landless treasure and vigour
Just as a coin has two of its sides,
My country too, has one dark and one that shines.
To the drum beats of duty,
The sabers of bloom,
Endeavours and how like flowers bloom
Groups of people now getting into limelight,
Existing here are the contradictions like fire and ice,
But still, as the sun does rise
A new race of people here everyday arise
Turning their minds towards reality
We have an India that’s now more poised.
Better than anything, amongst the bubbling media,
Its great fun and experience living in India.
Suhail Khan, Sagar Gupta, Aditya Tyagi, Aman Rathi,
Mohit, Rakshay Bhardwaj – XII
My Mother
A mother is one who
understands the things
you say and do.
Who always overlooks
your faults and sees the
best in you.
A mother is one whose
special love inspires you
day by day.
Who feels your heart with
gladness in her warm
and thoughtful way.
A mother is all about those things
and more - the greatest
treasure known.
And the dearest mother in
all of the world is the one I
call my own.
Tejaswani, Namarata Mahanta, Divya Joshi,
Niharika Singh, Zeeba Afreen – XII
My Country
The country in which I live
is such a beautiful place only God can give
Different people, different religions
But no barrier in any region.
Himalaya standing high as a crown
Feet surrounded with ocean near town
with deserts and plains,
And hills and mountains.
North to South and East to West
Having temples which attract.
Celebrated with joy and zest,
Lohri, Diwali, Id, Christmas and rest.
Ganga, Yamuna, Krishna, Kaveri
Flowing through serenely
Giving soil the fertility
That brings forth the greenery.
The place where lies unity in diversity
is my country.
And I am proud of the planet where I live.
Jyoti, Shruti, Sikha, Rabita and Nileema – XI
Lady Aruna Prasad Creative Poetry
Writing - Best Entries
e sj k n s’ k
-ºi ·”i -ri·, lnºni ;¬¬| “ii·,
¬i· ¬| l¤l·¤i ;¬¬i ·i-|
¤r| ¬ «rn| nni, ¤-·i ¬¬| ·l·¤i -ri·,
¤r| ¤º ªi·i r lr-i¬¤ ¬¤·i ¬|·i ni·|
¤ri r r-iºi ·iiºn ·”i -ri·||
¤r| r ·i -·ii· ¬ri ¤º ¬·- ºi- ·in·i·,
l¬·ri· l¬¤i ¤il¤¤i ¬i ¬-·ii·|
¤r| ¤º ¬·- -ri--i ni·i| ¬¬ ·|º ¬·i·,
l¬·ri· l·¬i¤| ·iiºn ¬i -·n¤ni ¬| ¤r¤i·|
¬i r ¬¤· - ¤¬ ;lnri¬ -ri·,
¤r| r r-iºi ·”i -ri·||
¤ri ¬| ¬-¬ln ¬| r, ¤¬ ¬¬n ¤r¤i·,
·ii ¬¬inº ¬ºn| r, ¤¸º l·”· - ¬¤·i ·i-|
¤r| ¤º r ¬·¬ ·”i·|¤ -·ii·,
·ii ·i¤-¬i - ·iºn r -ir ¬i ¬i¬-i·|
¤¬ni - ¬i; ¬iº ·”i ·r| ;¬¬ ¬-i·
¤r| r r-iºi ·iiºn ·”i -ri·||
d Sl j b d c ky ] i ad t d qe kj ] — ” . k ; kn o ]
v k; w” k d qe kj & c kj g o ha
v kRe c y
-iº| «iri - ¬i--«¬ r,
s·i -n, -¬ºi¬i -n|
¬··”¤ -ºi ¬« ·i·¬ r
«ini - ¬¬ni¬i -n|
n¸¤i ¬| ºi”i·| ¬i ¤i· ¬º¬,
¬i¬-i ¬i ·¤i· ¬º¬,
- ¤¬i r¸, ºi¬·i -n|
¬·¤ ¬i ¬l·i-i· ¬º¬,
·i¤¬i ¬| “ii· ·iº¬
¬¬ ºri r¸, ¤|ªi·i -n|
r ·r| ¬i; ¤¬| ·|·iº,
¬i -n · ¬¬ ¬¬¬iº,
rº ¤--i· ¬i ¬|·i ¤|º,
l¬¤i r -· ¬¤·| ¤¤¬| ¬i ·|·iº|
nº| ¬ºi·i ¬| ¤i¬,
-n ºi¬ ¤i¤n| ·r|,
l·¬ -ºi ¬¤¬ni¬i ¬,
·¤il¬ l-¬· ¬i r «¬ºiº|
~irºi ¬| sin| ¤º r¸ «-i,
¬i¬¬i ¬i ·i¤ ·r| r,
¤¸¬i ¬| ¬¬ n-r -«iº¬,
l·¬i- ¬i ¤r ¬-¤ ·r| r|
¤ini¬ ¬ n·i ¬ ¬¬º,
··i ¬ niº· --n¬ n¬,
l¤ niº| ;¬ ¬- ·i·i¬,
-ºi ¬« l·”¤¤ ¤r| r....
l qf e r d qe kj x kSr e & c kj g o ha
f o ’ o ‘ kk¡f r
l·”· “iiln ¤¬ ¬¤·i «· n¤i,
l¬¤ ¬i¬ ¬i ·i¸n «·¬º ºr n¤i|
r-· ni -ini ·ii l·”· “iiln¤¸ºi ¬ri,
¬l¬· «¸« · ¤i¤ l¬ ·i r ¬ri`
¬·- ¬·- ¤º l-¬ni r ·i’-i¤iº,
l¬¬ ºi¬· - r- ºr ¬i¤iº|
¬ªi ¤· -ini ·ii, l-¬i · ---| ·iº ¬ri,
¬ini · ¤¸si ¬-· “iiln r ¬ri`
r-· ¬i¤i ·¤i ¤ ¬in ºrn r ¤ri`
l¬¤ ¬i¤ - r| ºr n¤i ¤r ¬ri|
-l¤¤i ¬i ¬i¬· ¬ ·¤i ¤i¤·i,
¬« r- - r| · ºri ¬i; ¬i¤·i|
·i ¬¤·in r ·|ln ¤¸- ·i¬i, ºi¬ ¬ºi
·¬ ni r ¤ ¤·ii ¬n¬i ¬|
l¬¬ ·innni r ¬i- ¬i·-||
¬« r ··¤·¬i ¬| «iº|,
l¬¬ ¬-·ii¬·| ri ¬-·ii¬ ¬¤·| ¤iº||
¬¬ ¬| r r-· ¬¤·| ¬-º,
«·¬n ¤ ¬ri, si·n · ¬i; ¬¬º|
¬nº r- l-¬¬º ¬-i¤ ¬i·i¬,
ni «·¬ ·n ·l·¤i ¬i ¬·i¬|
¬l¬· r ¬·«i ¬i¬ ·i| ¤ l·¬ -,
l¬ «·¬n ¤¬ l·· r- ¤ ¬ri
“iiln n- ri n; ·¸º ¬·iº - ¬r|,
·ii «¸«· ¤º ·i| ·r| l-¬ ºr||
·|¤ ¬¬i¤i, ·¤iln ¬¬i; ¤º l-¬ · ¬¬| r- ºi”i·|,
¤º ¤i r| ¬n, l·”· “iiln
;¬ ¬i·il·¬ni ¬ ¬-i· -,
· r ¤· ·i ¤¬ ¬i ·i||
l¬ l-¬ ¬¬ ¬¤· ¤lº¬·i ¬
¬iº ««i ¬¬ “iiln|
¬i¤n r- ¬ri - ¬-· “iiln,
¤ir ºi¬ ¬i; ¬·¤in¤ln ¤i -¤||
¬i¤n ¤¬ l·· l·”· “iiln
i zhf r ] # c h] n kf e u h] x hr k v kSj f i z; ad k & c kj g o ha
f o ’ o ‘ kk¡f r
¬« ¬·ºi «¬ ºri r ¬l·i¤iº ¬| ni· -,
l¤º ºri r ¬« n¸ «· l¬¬ “iiln ¬| ªii¬ -,
·r| ºri ·r ·¤iº ¬·iªii l¬¬- ¬·i| · ·ii ¬i; ·iiªii,
¬« ni ¬iº ªii¬ ºr r ¬i¤¬ - ¬·· ¬i -i¬i,
·¤iº ¬i ¬·i ¬« «·¬ n¤i r,
l·”· ¬« l·’i - ·i¬ n¤i r,
¤º-iºi ¬i ¬r¬iº l·ªii¬º ¬¤·| -ri·ni ¬i nºini· r ¬ºn,
;¬|l¬¤ ni ¬i·iiººi ·¤l·n “iiln ¬ l¬¤ r ¤¬÷¤¬ n·¤n,
·¤i ¤ «·¬ ¬¬ni ¬·i|`
·¤i ¤ ·”i ¬i¤¬ - l-¬n ¬·i|`
·i« si·n r- ¬i¬¤ ¬i,
¤¬·n ¬-¤ ¬ ¬i¤¬ ¬i,
l¤º lªi¬ ÷ lªi¬i¤n ¬iº ·n·,
l¤º rin ¬« ¤- ¬| ·i· - -n·,
l¤º ¬i¬i «i·¬ r- ¬i¤ni,
¬¸º¬ ¬¤·i ¤rºi l·ªi¬i¤ni,
¬¤- ¬i l¤º ¬i; -i¬ · rini,
¬|·· - ¬i; s¬ · rini,
l-¬¬º ¬« l¤º ¬”· -·i¤n,
l¤º ¬ ¬« l-¬ ¬i¤n,
¤- ¬| ·; ·¤iln ¬¬i¤n,
¬i¤n| l¤º l·”· - “iiln,
l¬¬| ·¤ ¬¸¤ ¬ ¤¬i”i ¬| ·iiln,
l-¬ ¬i¤n l¤º ¬ r-,
l-- ¬i¤n ¬«¬ n-|
x kSj o d qe kj & c kj g o ha
My School! My Life
We never expected we would be landing in the capital
city of India. Starting from Jamshedpur, the steel city
(Yash Mishra), Varanasi, the holy city on the banks of
river Ganga (Aditya Verma), we met each other at New
Delhi, weaving our dreams together and discovering a
whole new world. The excitement of being in a
residential school had always been on our minds since
we were kids.
Accorded a warm welcome as we entered the gates of
Col. Satsangi’s Kiran Memorial Public School by the
teachers and students, we joined the CSKM family. And
how happy we are to be a part of the big Happy
Family!!! The feeling of oneness and integrity is
omnipresent with a sprawling campus, beautiful lush
green environment everywhere. It feels like a heaven
on earth.
The teachers and students of CSKM truly live up to their
motto: “Busy Bee Pleasure”, which symbolizes every
busy bee which derives pleasure from its work picking
the best nectar from flowers and producing the best
honey. The mission of our school is unique as it
emphasizes on the proper development, guidance
towards success and grooming every child to be a
successful human being.
Sometimes we the students feel that the school puts so
many restrictions upon us and we need our space.
Ultimately it is because of these so called ‘Restrictions’
that we hold a respectable position in society later in life.
There exists a strong relationship between the teachers
and the students. The teachers are more like friends to us.
The teachers of CSKM are like ‘path lamps’ who guide us
through the right path even in the darkest situations of life.
How can we forget the friends we have found here? The
manner in which we ask unnecessary questions from
teachers to kill time, making excuses for not submitting
homework, silly fights, remarkable marks, one side love,
lovely tours, rocking Annual Days and group discussions.
Some things that we will miss the most after the end of
our school days are our Rock Band “The 7
Circle of Hell”,
including us (Yash and Aditya) as drummer and
keyboardist, our lovely teachers, fellow mates and the
pranks played together! These are unforgettable.
We will fondly recollect the fond memories of this sacred
educational institution. We are proud to be students of
CSKM. We have fun while moving ahead in our life and
will shine in the coming time under the leadership of our
beloved Principal, Dr (Mrs) Shakuntla S Jaiman !!!
Aditya Verma and Yash Mishra – X
Exams Evil
Some children feel Exams are devil
Boring, boring, boring
Water pouring, pouring, pouring
Eating, eating, eating
Phir Bhi Exam main cheating, cheating, cheating
Padai, Padai, Padai everywhere
Fashion to jaise No care
Learn, learn, learn
Elder’s dialogue “future me karna hai earn, earn, earn”
Milk gives us calcium
Science me hai sodium potassium
Bunkers ko fursat nahin bunking se
Workers ko fursat nahi working se
We are so cool
But we like our school
Exams are important
We don’t even know our book’s content
But we would study
“What’s the problem?”
Jyoti and Smriti – IX
Why am I Forced?
I can’t understand the technical source
I don’t want to be an engineer
So, why I am forced?
I concentrate on Maths
I’m confused in the labs
I want to ride the horse
So, why am I forced?
If I fail, I get the sticks
If 90%, I get Burger with ham
I want to have same fun.
So, why am I forced for the exam?
The world is so magical
The life is so logical
It’s not important to be best in medical
I want to live like a normal.
My life is like a thorn
I will make it a rose
So, why am I forced?
Mohit Balyan – IX
Asking Questions
When I ask my mom
What is for tea?
She smiles and says “wait and see”.
When I ask my dad.
What things he has done?
He grins and says
‘In a minute, son’.
When I ask my grand mother.
If I can watch TV.?
She smiles and says
‘You should go and study’.
When I ask My grand father.
About the good old days
He smiles and says
‘Now you’re asking me son’.
Shobhit Sharma – VIII
My India
A land of colourful festivals and great thinkers.
Heroes and philosophers were born on this holy land.
Famous mathematicians, writers & scientists were born here
The land where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati meet.
It is the country has world’s largest democracy.
It is the emerging super power of the world.
It is the country proud of unity in diversity.
East or West “India” is the best.
Shivam Singh – IX
My Aim
I want to be a pilot
And I want to touch the sky.
I want to see the beauty of nature
and enjoy
There are clouds and birds
It seems very good
When we look down from the plane.
It seems like a toy town.
I want to roam the whole world
Like a free bird.
I want to be a pilot
To take people to another place without any risk.
Moinak Bera – VIII
Plants are the greenery of forest.
If plants are not on the earth
We also cannot live on the earth.
It is very useful
It is very lovely
It gives us oxygen.
And we also help them by giving carbon dioxide.
If plants are there,
We are here
If plants are not there,
We will not be here.
Suman Soni – VIII
Coffee is brown
And bitter in taste
Is it an acid?
Or a base?
Don’t give the answer.
Without any test
Because you are going to do the best.
Sonali Rawat – VIII
O! wind that blows all day long
O! Wind that sings aloud a song
O! Wind that tosses kites up in the sky
O! Wind that makes the birds fly high.
O! Wind that gently passes by
O! Wind why are you so sly
O Wind that blows all day long!
O Wind that sings aloud a song!
Shivam, Abinay – X
I Like The Sea So Much
I was waiting for the first sign of sun
It drops on sea
I ran to the beach
Sea waves came to me
I pulled sand from my hands
Shells were whiter than snow
In the sky over us
The clouds covered the sky
I found animals on clouds
And felt
That I was walking on the sky.
Akash Tanwar – VIII
My Mother
Mother, Mother, Mother,
You are the best mother,
Mother you are my life,
Because you gave me life
You drop me to school,
And we make others fool
She gives me a banana
And she is the daughter of my Nana
She gives me lots of money
And she is really very funny
She loves me a lot
And she saves us from every shot.
Joshilla, Tamanna, Mala – IX
My Country
Maharashtra for ‘earning’
Delhi for ‘learning’
Bengal for ‘writers’
Punjab for ‘fighters’
Kashmir for ‘sight-seeing’
Tamil Nadu for ‘cooking’
Nagaland for ‘hills’
Gujarat for ‘mills’
Jharkhand for ‘wealth’
Madhya Pradesh for ‘health’
Kerala for ‘spices’
Karnataka for ‘rice’
Assam for ‘tea’
Uttar Pardesh for ‘ghee’
Bihar for ‘mines’
Himachal for ‘pines’
Rajasthan for ‘forts’
Uttaranchal for ‘goats’
Andhra Pradesh for ‘ships’
Sikkim for ‘trips’
Haryana for ‘milk’
Orissa for ‘silk’
This is my India, abundant
and richly endowed.
Sanjeev and Shivyank – VIII
Trees are very good
But men cut them down
Trees are made by nature
For the good of our future.
We are cutting them down
Out of limits.
But no one cares
They give us oxygen
They give us wood
To make paper
Without any fear.
We take fruit from them and make fruit pie
We eat it and score high.
But think how do the trees survive
Without walking
Without talking
Without fun
Do not cut trees
Without trees
We can not live
Jaideep Tanwar – VIII
Nature has great creatures,
With beautiful flower,
birds and their feathers,
Don’t destroy them,
Don’t spoil them,
Don’t spoil them
Or you have to pay for it
Sooner or later.
It does matter
How beautiful is the nature,
Will it remain in future?
Please don’t destroy it
But protect it.
Nature has great creatures
With beautiful flowers,
birds and their features.
Sumanpreet, Sonali, Neha – VIII
When you are happy
nothing is in front of you
but when you are sad
everything is blank For you
Whatever you thought is
never there in your life
child- why do we have different
type of blood group?
child- so that mosquitoes don’t
get bored by drinking same type of
1) Name the animal which
carries his home over his back?
2) Which thing has 50 heads but
not even 1 brain.
3) A thing that never breaks?
A n s w e r s :
1 ) S n a i l ;
2 ) m a t c h b o x w i t h m a t c h s t i c k s ;
3 ) f r i e n d s h i p
Twinkle Sharma – VII
Don’t cut, Don’t cut, Don’t cut us!
We are so helpful to you
For giving shelter, rubber, goods
We give you wood
You burn us and eat the food
Don’t cut, Don’t cut, Don’t cut us!
We are so helpful to you
We are the ones who give you life
Because of us you are alive
Don’t cut, Don’t cut, Don’t cut us!
We are so helpful to you in the world.
Keep, keep, keep the world green
We are your dream
Keep the world clean
Keep us and
Care for us like your pets.
Mahima, Era, Aishwarya – VII
My family and I
We all live happily,
For that only we are
Called a family,
Nothing is wrong.
So we don’t worry,
We live together
No fight ever.
My family and I
We all live happily.
Twinkle Sharma – VII
We have many friends,
Some with new trends
We hang on internet,
Having chat and mails!!!
Happy or bad,
Friends are always with us
If we are sad
They make us glad
“Dost hai hamarey
Sare Pyaare, Pyaare”.
“Khushi ho ya gum,
Sath rahenge hum!!!”
Pragya, Shikha, Diana and
Aditya – VIII
God made teachers….
God understood our thirst for
Knowledge and our need to be led
By someone wiser;
He needed a heart of compassion,
Of encouragement, and patience;
Someone who would accept
The challenge regardless of the Opposition;
Someone who would see potential
And believe the best in others.
So he made teachers
Devesh Lohia – VI
I wonder why???
I wonder why?
The hills smile
I wonder why?
The flowers are shy
I wonder why?
The cloud makes ‘noise’
I wonder why?
The rains show
I wonder why?
The papers cry
I wonder why?
The earth is round
I wonder why?
Jyoti, Vishruti, Khushi – VI
When I was small,
My wish was to drink milk.
When I became older
My wish was to study.
When I will be a woman,
My wish will be to be an officer.
My wish will change again and again.
But I love all my wishes!
Shiksha Goswami - IV
Green, Red, Blue are flowers,
You and I are also like flowers,
Red roses are for ‘love you’,
Colourful flowers, I like too,
Lotus is the National flower,
I also love lotus flower,
It lives in the shiny water,
I love lotus like my mother,
Florist sells flowers,
Green, Red, Blue are flowers,
Sweet, beautiful and quiet are flowers,
You and I are flowers
Saloni, Sangeeta, Shruti – V
Butterflies – Butterflies roaming around,
Side by side on the ground.
They extract juice of flowers,
Like the glowing smiling stars.
They are beautiful they are bright,
They do the things that are right.
They have wings to fly,
Like a baby bird in the sky.
When we see them, they have fun,
When they see us they are ready to run.
Butterflies – Butterflies roaming around,
Side by side in the ground.
Swarnima, Parul, Akriti – VII
My Dog Fred
I have a dog.
His name is Fred
He won’t play match
He won’t play catch
He won’t shake hands
Or sit or stay
Or bark, beg
Or run and play.
He won’t roll over
Shake or crawl
In fact he won’t
Do tricks at all
When folks ask, why
I tell them that
Because my dog
Was raised by cats.
Aditi – VI
My Family
In my family
We live together,
My parents and I,
And my brothers three
Day or night
We never fight.
We love each other
In my family.
Gagan Singh – IV
We are boys
We like toys
We do not make noise
When we play with our toys.
Gopal Pandey – IV
Air Pollution
In my nation
There is pollution
In the pollution
Life is negation
In my generation
There should be no pollution
Khushi – IV
It was so sunny and
Quite funny
I had no
Money and
Went to buy
Ashish – IV
Bees, Bees, Bees
Bees work very hard
They don’t get money
But always make honey
They are never lazy
They are always busy.
Bhumika – IV
Heights by great men,
Reached and kept,
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But, they while their companions slept,
were toiling upward in the night ……
What is success? It’s nothing but a state of mind when we justify the worth of our existence, when we feel
that we are contented with what we have and when we can feel the true peace of mind.
Ours is the age of cut throat competition. With each passing second the world is changing and to keep pace with
this we need to evolve accordingly. We need to labour hard so that we can modify ourselves as the time slides.
It is not so that as and when we start working, we start getting results and sometimes we fail. These
failures are stepping stones towards success and they add to the storehouse of our experience. If we don’t
let ourselves be shattered by the failure and keep working with honesty ,devotion and happiness then we
are bound to succeed. So don’t stop and keep moving ahead……….
Sakshi Kiran - XII, Head Girl
Sumit Kumar Gautam – XII, Head Boy
Message from the School Captains
I saw
When I
Sitting in
The train
I saw a man
Who was
Making tea in a pan
Nishant – IV
My Doll
My doll is cute
She is very beautiful
She likes to help
She is very careful
She does her work
Always on time
She gets up early
And is ready on time
She goes with me to school everyday.
She eats her food
And she is happy and gay
I love my doll
Because she is so cute
Roshni Mehra – IV
Hkz” V kp kj
rº ··n nl¬¤i - -l¤¤i ¬i ¤¤iº,
¤ ¬« r ·i’-i¤iº|
-i¤| ¬rn r ·”i ¬i ¬·¬·¬ «·i¤n,
«l~¬ ¤r| ¬in ;¬ ·”i ¬i «¤ ªii¤n|
-¤| ¬rn r ·iºi - l«¬¬| ¬i¤n|,
¤ ·r| ¬rn l¬ ·i- ¬ l··i ¬ «i·,
·i¤¬ ¤¬| ¬i¤n||
¤ ¬« ¬i l·ªiin r l¬
;·¬ l¬nº - ¤i¬i· r|
·º¬¬¬ ¤ ¬«
«· «i¤ ¬| l«n·| ¬i¬i· r|
r : . k & v kB o ha
o `{ kk%
··ii ¬--i· -rn ¬¤¬iº ¬·l·n| n’ii si¤i ni¤- rºln,
¤¬il· ·i·ii rºl·n| ¤l· ··ii · -¤ nlr ¬n ¤ilºi·¤
¤¬il·, ¬n ¬i·n·¤ ¬ªi·i si¤i, ¬n ¤l·i·¤ ¬i¬¤|
··ii ¬¬i·i ·i’iºil¤| ¤·¸l’in·i¤i ·i’i¤· n-·- ¬i·i¤
·i·ii ¬--·¤- -·i-·¤¤· n-·- ¬i·¬|¬· ;ln ¤·sl·n|
··ii ¬·’ii ¬|·· ¬ªi-¤ ¬·l·n| ni· ¤ln ¬--i¬-
¬l¤ ¬n·¤- ·nn| nªºii- ¬iºi¤ºii¤, n’ii ¬··i·i¤,
¬º·iºii¤ ¤ ·¤- ¬l¤ ¤¤-·- ¬¤i-|
l qe u i zhr & v kB o ha
i sM +
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, l¬¬ ·ni ¤ ¬ri ¬--i·|
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, ¬i ¬ºni r ·”ii ¬i l·-iºi|
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, ¬i «·ini r ;¬i· ¬i ;¬i·|
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, l¬¬ ¬ºn r ¬·i| ¤ºii-|
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, l¬¬¬| si¤i - l-¬ni ni·|
·i ¬i· ¬i r ¤·, ¬i ¬ºi¤ ¬r| l·”ii ¬| ¤r¤i·|
nª r ;¬ ¤· ¬i ·i-|
-ºi ¬·i| nª¬·i ¬i “in÷”in ¤ºii-|
v kd k’ k r ao j & N V o ha
e sj k e u
¬« ºrni r¸ ¬¬¬i|
¬i; ni ·ii ¬i ºrni -º ¬i·i r-”ii|
·i ¬iº ·r| ·i -ºi -· ·ii||
¬·i| ºrni ·r ¤¤¬, ¬i; r ¬rni|
n¸ ªi”i ·¤i ·r| ºrni`
¤º ¬i-¤i«| ¬ l¬¤ ¬·i; -· ¬ ¬º·| ¤·n||
¬i-¤i« ¬ini · ¬| rin| ¬¤· -· ¬ ¬·i;||
¤r r -· -ºi ¬·i| r ªi”i| ¤i ·ªi ¬ ·iºi|
·iº l-¬ ¬i ¬i ; ·i| ªi ”i÷ªi«º|, ¬«¬ ¤r¬ -· ªi ”i ri ¬ini||
·i« ºrni r¸ - ¬¬¬i|
·ii ·ii -ºi -· ¬i ºrni -º ¬i·i r-”ii||
f u ’ kkUr & v kB o h
i qj ku h ‘ kk; j h u ; s l an HkZ ¼i Sj kf M ; k¡½
·. l¬··n| - l-¬ n¤i ¬ºl¬¤i ¬i ·¤iº r,
¬« ni ¤i¤ ¬i¬ n¬ «riº r| «riº r
¬« - r ¤i· ¤º,
l¤º ·i| ¤r¬·i· r¸,,
¬·i| ni - ¬·i· r¸|
z. ¬i¤| r n¬·|º r| ¬« ¤|¬º ¬ ·iin,
-rni; ¬| -iº ¬ -¸- n; r -in|
nn ¤i· ¬« ·r| ¬ªni,
¤|.¬|. ¬i. ¬ rin¬in,
-n¬ ¤r¬ ¬| -r·«n, -º -r«¸« · -in|
s. ;¬ ¤¤ºi¬| ¬i ¬ir« · ¬s ªii¬ nºr ¬ ¤-¬iºi,
¬i¬in -n ·i¸¬i n- ¬¤·| ¤r ¬r ¬º ¤i-i · -iºi,
·r «i¬i ¬--- ·i¬i ¬| ¬« º· ¤·n| nº ·iº,
¬« -i- ¤·i ºr ¬i¤ni ¬« ¬i· ¤¬ni «¬iºi|
f ’ k[ kk] e ksu k v kSj d f u ” d k & u o ha
e k¡
l¬¬· -n¬i ¬·- l·¤i ·ii,
¬¬¬i ·¤i lº”ni ·ii -n¬!
l¤º ·i| -n¬i ¬¤·| «-| ¬i ·i- ·¬º,
¤¬·i l¬ªii¤i, «« ·i l¬ªii¤i,
rº -i¬º ¬ «¤·i l¬ªii¤i,
-n¬i -ºi r¬ l·¬i¤i|
ªi”i| ÷ ªi”i| -n¬i ¬¤·i¤i,
¬« - ¬¬ ¬rn| r¸ ¬·i,
¬¬¬i ·i- ºi”i· ¬ªn|,
n· ¬ ¬·¬i ¬º +¤i ¬ªn||
¬i· ¬ ·i| ¬·-i¬ ¬¬¬| r¬|,
¬i¤¬ ¬ ·i| -|-| ¬¬¬| «i¬|,
r|º ¬| ¤-¬|¬| ¬¬¬| ¬iªi,
·i·¤ ri n; - ¬¬¬i ¤i¬º,
-i nn -ºi ¤ºii-!
d kse y > k] i k¡p o ha
f d j . k v kb Z] f d j . k v kb Z
l¬ººi ¬i;, l¬ººi ¬i;
·ªii ¤- ¬| l¬ººi ¬i;,
l¬n·| ¬·º l¬n·| ·¤iº|
¬«¬ -· ¬i ·ii;|
rº l·· ¬iº rº -i¬- -
rº ¬nr ¤r l¬ººi ¬i;
l¬n·| n-| ¬¸º¬ ¬ ¬n
¤- ¬| l¬ººi ¬i;|
¬« l¬¬| ¬ l·¬ -
;¬· ¬¤·| ¬nr «·i;,
;·ri· ¬|. ¤¬. ¬. ¤-. «·i¤i r|
«·¤i ¬i -r·n| «·i¤i
¬i; «·¤i ¤¬ ·r| ¬r¬ini,
¤i¬º l¤º ·¤i ¬·¬º ¤i¬ ri ¬ini r|
l¬ººi ¬i;, l¬ººi ¬i;
l¤º ¬ ¤- ¬| l¬ººi ¬i;|
f j r t ] v f Hk” ksd ] L o Su v kSj f n o s’ k & N V o ha
e k¡ d k I ; kj
l¬¬| ¬ ·¤i ¤¸sin -i· l¬··n| ¬,
rº ¤¬ ºi-ni «ni ·n| r -i|
«·¤ ¬in ºrn ¬iºi- ¬,
¬iº| ºin ¬inn| ºrn| r -i|
ªi”i ºr ¬¬¬ ·¤iº ¬·i,
rº ·ªi ¬i¤¬ - ¬ ¬n| r -i|
l¬n· ·i| ·¸º ri ¬i¤ r-,
¬iªii - «¬i ¬º ºªin| r -i|
¬iªi n¬n| ¬º r-,
·l·¤i ¬ s¤i ¬n| r -i|
¬i-· ·i r| ¬r|,
r-iº l¬¤ ¬i¬¸ s¬¬in| r -i|
·i ¬i· ¤i¤i r nrºi; ¬i; ;¬¬|,
¬s ¤¬i ·¤iº ·n| r -i|
v k— f r d qe kj h & l kr o h
v e `r o k. kh
·. ¬i--·º ¬··i¸n’i ¤ ·i”¤ln ¬ ¤lº·n|
z. ¬·ni’i ¤· ¤ª’i-¤ ¤º l··ii·-|
s. lrn -·irilº ¤ ·¬·i ·¤|
«. ¬-¬nln ¬·i¤ l¬- · ¬ºiln ¤¬i-|
r. ¬·iº¤lºni·i n ·¬·i· ¬--«¬-|
c. -··”i ¤¸·¤n ºi¬i, l·,i· ¬·¤ ¤¸·¤n|
e qL d ku & l kr o ha
; kn sa
¤i·i ¬| «º¬in rin| r ¬ri·||
·iº¬in| r l¬¤ ¤i· «º¬ · ¤i·|||
rin| r rº ¤¬ ¬¤·| «in ¬·¬i·||
¬i¬ r¤ r ¬iº ¬¬ r ¬ri·| ªi-- ri ¬i·|||
¬·si ;·¬i· «· ¬«¬| ¤i·i - «¬ ¬i·i r|
ªii¤ rº ¤¬ ¬s ¬iº rº ¤¬ ¬s l-¬ ¬i·i r|
¤i·i - r| ;¬i· -º ¬ l¬·i ºr ¬ini r|
¤i·i ¬ ¬riº ¬iºi ¬|·· ¬- ¬ini r||
¤i·i - r-”ii ¬iºi ¬|·· «¬ ¬ini r|
¬¬¬i «-i ;¬i· l¤º ¤i·i - ªii ¬ini r||
¬iº l·¬¬ ¬« ¤i·i ¬ ni -· ·ªi| ri ¬ini r|
l¬·i r l¬·n| ¤¸ r| ¤i·i ¬ ¬riº||
¤i·i ¬| «º¬in - r l¬¤ ¤i·i ¬| «isiº|
·i« ¤ir ªii¬ ¬i ·i ¤¬«- ¤i·i ·i¬||
¬iº ¬| ¬i ¬¬ ·l·¤i - ¬i ·i| --ni·|||
ª¬in| r ¤i· r¬in| r ¤i·|
rin| r rº ¤¬ ¬¤·| «in ¬·¬i·|||
¤i·i ¬| «º¬in rin| r ¬ri·||
·iº¬in| r l¬¤ ¤i· «º¬ · ¤i·|||
j kd s’ k d qe kj & i k¡p o h
v d c j & c hj c y d s f d L l s
¤¬ l·· «i·”iir ·
·º«ilº¤i ¬ ¤¸si l¬ rº
¬-¤ ¬i· ¤¬ni r` ¬-nº
- l¬¬| · ¤··|, l¬¬| ·
¤··-i ¬i «ni¤i n·ii
l¬¬| · r·i ¬il· ¬i
«ni¤i| «i·”iir · ¤r
·i”· «|º«¬ ¬ ¤¸si ni
¬·ri· ¬-nº l·¤i l¬
¬¬|¬ri! -ri¬· ¬i
·¤i¬ rº ¬-¤ ¤¬ni
ºrni r| ;¬ ¬·i| ·i¬i·-
·r| rin|| l·· ·n·| ¬iº
ºin ¤in·| ·n ¬ ¤¬ni
r| «i·”iir ¬i ¤r ¬-nº
¤¬· ¬i¤i|
«|º«¬ ¬i n-«i¬¸ ªii· ¬|
¬i·n ·i|, ¬l¬· ¬¬«º ·
ªiin ·i| ¤¬ l·· ¬¬«º
· n-«i¬¸ ¬ ªin - n·i
¬i ·ii¬ ·ªi¬º ¬ri ÷
«|º«¬, ¤ ·ªii, n-«i¬¸
¬¬| «º| ¤|¬ r, n·i n¬
;¬¬i ·r| ªiin| ;¬ ¤º
«|º«¬ · ¬ri ÷ ri r¬¸º
¬¤ r| n·i n-«i¬¸ ·r|
ªiin| ¤r ¬· «i·”iir
“il-··i r¤|
j kg qy f l ag ] M k; u k v kSj r f u e k & v kB o ha
¤¬ l·· «i·”iir ¬¬«º ·
¬in¬ ¤º ¤l·¬¬ ¬ ¤¬
¬-«| ¬¬|º ªi|¤| ¬iº
«|º«¬ ¬i «¬i ¬º ¬ri
÷ «|º«¬ · ni ¤r ¬¬|º
·i-i; ¬i¤ ¬iº · r|
l--i; ¬i¤ ¬l¬· si-| ri
¬i¤` «|º«¬ · ¤iº· ¬¬
¬¬|º ¬ ·|¤ ¤¬ ·¸¬º|
¬¬|º ¤l¬¬ ¬ «·| ªi|¤
·|| ¤r ·lªi¤ ¬ri¤·i!
·i|º«¬ «i¬ ÷ ¬« ¬i¤
¬| ¬¬|º ;¬ ¬ si-| ri
n¤|| «i·”iir ¤r ·ªi¬º
ªi”i r¤ ¬iº -· r| -·
¬· ¬| ¬¬¬ ¬| ·i· ··
·ii·”iir ¬¬«º ¬i
---«i¬| ¬i «rn “ii¬
·ii ¬iº ·· ¤in ¬ «|º«¬
·i| «·i ---«i¬ ·ii| ¤¬
«iº «i·”iir · r¬| -
«|º«¬ ¬ ¬¸n ¬-·i l¬¤|
¤¬n÷¤¬n ¬¸n «¸«·
¬n| ¬« ¬¸n · l-¬ ni
¬¬«º · ¬·¬ ¬ ¬ri ÷
¬·si, r-iº| ¬iº ¬ ;·
¬i ¬¸ n · ·i|
¤r ¬ · ¬ ·¬ · ¬¸ ni ¤r·i
l·¤i| «|º«¬ · ¬¸ n ¤r·
¬º ¬i”i|·i · l·¤i l¬
¤º- ”·º ¬i¤ ¬i ;¬ ¬i ¬
¬i º ¤º¬i ¬ - ¤ ¬ r¬ iºi
¬¸ n · | -i ·n r| ¬¬«º
lªi¬lªi¬i ¬º r ¬ ¤· |
c Pp ksa d h d g kf u ; k¡&
·. ni· ¬ «· l¬¬i·i - ¬ ·i¸’iºi ·i| ¤¬ ·ii| ¬¬¬i ·iº «rn «·i ·ii| ¤iºi ·ii; ¬¬| ·iº - ºrn ·i| rº “ii- ¬i ·iº
¬ ¬iº ¤·il¬¤i ¬ «·¤ ;¬-- rin ·i ¬iº ¬i·i÷¬i·i ªi¬n ·i| ¬·¬ ªi¬÷¬¸·i ¬ ¬i¬ir¬ -¤ ¬ini ·ii|
¤¬ l·· ¬¸¤i-n ¬ «i· ¬« ¬·iºi si ºri ·ii n« ·iº ¬ ¬i-· ¤¬ ·ii·i÷ni·| ¬i¬º ª¬|| «·¤i · ¬inº ri
·ªii l¬ ¬·º ¬i· r| n« n¬ n¬| ¬ ¤«¸nº ¤º «- ·i¸’iºi ¬iº ¬¬¬i si-i ·ii; ¬-¬º ni·| ¬ ¤i¬ ¬i¤ ¬iº
ni·| ¬ ¬nº| «¸«| ¬ ¤¸si, ni;, ¬¬| ri` n«|¤n -|¬ r ·`
¬¬ «¸ « | ¬i · ªin r| «·¤i ¬ ¤ rº ¬i· · ¬ lªi¬ ¬- | l¤~¬i· ¬n ·i·| ¬i n¤|, ·i·| ¬i n¤|| ¬rn r ¤, ¬·ri · «¸ « |
¬i ·i º l¬¤i| ¤r «¸ « | ·i¸ ’iºi ¬| «· | -i ¬il·¤| r | ·ri ¬ ¤iº ¬i ¬ ¬| ·¸ º| ¤º ni ¬ ¬ - ºrn| r | ¬¬ ·i¸ ’iºi ¬ ¤lº·iº ¬
¬i º ¬·¬ «·¤i ¬ l·”i ’i¬º ¬ni· r | ·r ¬·r ¬ril·¤i ¬ ·in| ºrn| r , l¬·r ¬ ·n r ¤ · ªii·i ·i| ·i¸ ¬ ¬in r |
ºin ri n¤|| ¬« «·¤ ·ii¬· ¬º ¤¬· ¬ «i· ¤¬ ¬nr ¤º ;¬-- ri n¤| ·i·| · ·i¸’iºi ¬ ¬«¬ si- «- ¬i
·ªin r¤ ¤¸si, ¬º ni¤|, ri·i - ¤r ¤--| ·¤i «i·i ºªi| r`
ni¤| ¬·i« - ¬s ¬r· r| ¬i ºri ·ii ni ·i¸’iºi ¬| ¤-·| · ·ªi¬·i¬| ¬ºn r¤ ¬ri, ¬i¬, ¤r -¬¸¬ - rº
·-ªi- «·¤ ¬ ·i-n| ¬ºni r| l¬¬| «in ¤º ¤ ¬i¤¬ - nn·· ¬nn r ¬iº ¤r ·ii¤¬ ri¬º ¬i-ni r|
n« ·i·| · ¬¬ ¬¤·| ni · - l«-i¤i ¬i º ¬ri, ¤r ·i| ·-ªi- r| ri ni| ·-ªi- r| ·¸ ¬º ·-ªi- ¬ ·i -n| ¬ºni r |
l¤º ¬¬· ni ¤| ¬i ¬ «i l·in ¬ºn r ¤ ¬ri, ni ¤|, ·¤i· ¬ ¬ ·i ¬«¬ ¬-n- r , ¬·¬· ¬| ¬ nln ;¬¬i -n¬« r ,
¬·s ¬i ni ¬ - ¤| ¬º·i| ¬i¬ ¬ n - ¬·¬· «·¤i ¬| r| ¬ nln ¬º·i l¬¬¬ n -riºi ·i- ºi ”i· ri ni|
l `f ” V & v kB o ha
z. ·iºiºi¬| ¬| ¤i·· ·nº| - ¬i¬¸ ¬ - ·i- ¬i ¤¬ -ri¬· ºrni ·ii| ¬¬· ¬¤· ¬|·· - ¬·i| ¤¬ ¤ ¬ ¬i ·i| ·i· ·r|
l¬¤i| ¬¬¬| ¤-·| - n¸ «i; ¬¬ «iº÷«iº l·¬--·i -·ii·i ¬| n|·i ¤i¤i ¬º· ¬ l¬¤ ¬rn| ºrn|, l¬·n ¬i¬¸ ¬¬
- rni · ¬·i« · ni, ·in·i· l”i· ¬i ¬¤-i· ¬º· ¬i ¬ir¬ ¬ ¬ n - ¬ºn| ri ` ·¤i · ·iºiºi¬| ¬ ¬l·i’-ini ¤ ·i ·r|
r ` ¤ri r¬ iºi ·¤l·n n|·i ¤i¤i ¬ l¬¤ ¬in r , l¤º r- ni ¤ri ¬ l··i¬| r , r- ·¤i «irº ¬i¤ `
«¤iº| ¬iº ¬·s| nºr ¬i·n| ·i| l¬ ¬¬¬i ¤ln ¬¤· ¬iºi- ¤º ·i| ¬·i| ¤¬i ªi¤ ·r| ¬º ¬¬ni| ·in·i· l”i·
¬i l··l·n ¤i·· ºin l”i·ºil¤ ¬| ¬«r ·i|| ¬¬·i ·º÷·iº| nni - ·«¬| ¬ni· n¤| ¬i¬i, ;¬ “i·i -r¸n -
r- ¬in ·i| nni÷-·i· ¬ºn r! -n¸ «i; · ¬¬ ¬-¬ilrn ¬ºn r¤ ¬ri|
·¤i -¸ªini ¬| «in ¬ºn| ri! ·¤i ·r| ¬i·n| l¬ ·ii- ¤º ¤r¤n r| ¬i; · ¬i; «irºi -¤¬ ¤·ni ¬iº r-iº
l¬¤ ¤i·i·i ¬º· ¬ «ri· ¤¬ -inni| ¬i¬¸ · ¬ri|
¤-·| ¬ r- ¬º· ¤º ¬i¬¸ ;¬ “in ¤º ºi¬| r¬i l¬ · l¬¬| ¤¬ ¤¬i·n -·ii· ¤º ¬i¤n ¬ri ¬·r ¬i; ¤¬iº|
· ·ªi| ·¤il¬ ¬«r÷¬«r ¬irºi si¤i r¬i ·ii, ;¬l¬¤ ¬·r ¬i¬i·| ¬ ¤¬ ¤¬i -·ii· l-¬ n¤i ¬ri ¬i; ¬·¤
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e ksf g r f r o kj h & u o ha
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¬¬¬| -i ¬r| «irº ¤¬| n; ·i|| ·r ¬¤· -¬¸¬ ¬ ·i¤¬ ¬i¤i ¬iº ·iº ¬ «irº ¬¤·| -i ¬| ¤n|·ii ¬º ºri
·ii| n·i| ¬¬· ·ªii ·ri ¬i¬ ÷ ¤i¬ «·¤ ªi¬ ºr ·i| ·r ·i| ¬·¬ ¬i·i ªi¬· ¬ni|
n·i| ¬¬¬| -i ¬i n; ¬i º ·r ·i”ni ¬º· ¬ «i· l¤º ¤« · ¬ni ¬i º ¬« ·r ¤« ºri ·ii ni ¬¬ ¬~·| ¤i· ri ºri
·ii| n« ¬¬· ¬i ¤i l¬ ·r ¬i¬ ªi ¬i ;¬l¬¤ ¬¬ ¬i¬ ¬~·|÷¬~·| ¤i· ri ºri r | ¬n¬ l·· ·i| ·ri «·¤ ªi ¬ ºr
·i , ·r ¬i·«¸ n¬º ¬·¬ ¬i·i ªi ¬· n¤i ·¤i l¬ ¬¬ ¤ni ¤¬ ¤ ¬i ·ii l¬ ªi ¬ ¬i -r-· ·¤i ri ni r | r- ¤« · ¬ ¬i·i
÷ ¬i·i ·ii · i «r n ªi ¬·i ·i| ¤ilr¤ l¬¬¬ -·÷-l-n’¬ -·-·i ºrni r ¬i º ¤« i; - -· ¬nni r |
d q’ ky x qI r k & u o ha
This is my book
Take a good look
Find out if..
It is a course book
Or a story book
It has pretty pictures
And a lot of stories
So, I think
It’s a good story book!
M. Kunal - III
I can see,
A tiny yellow bee,
It was not easy,
It is so busy,
To make sweet honey
Without taking money
Khushboo – III
Sun, Sun, Sun
Out in the Sun
It is fun
I eat a bun
Train, train, train
I travel in the train
Rain, rain, rain
Don’t go away
Please come again
Atul Kumar – III
I like Lotus
Lotus is national flower
Its colour is pink
A Lotus is a water plant
I love my lotus plant.
Sahil Khan – III
My Mom
My mom is pretty,
My mom is good,
She is not lazy,
She cooks good food,
She is always busy,
But she takes care of me.
Sanya Poddar – II
My Pretty Sister
My sister name is Punti
She is four years old
She is very pretty
She likes fruit juices
She studies in class Nursery
She plays with me
She plays with Barbie doll
She is my lovely sister
She loves me and parents
East and west my lovely sister is the best.
Sanskar Shukla – II
Eksj k Hkkb Z
-iºi ·ii; r ¬«¬ ·¤iºi
·l·¤i - r ¬«¬ ·¤iºi|
¬ºni ºrni l···iº “ini·|,
¬·i| · l¤¬ini -n¬i ¤i·||
-· «i¬i ¬i ¬i ¬··º,
·r| ni ¬i-ni nn¬i «··º|
¬i¬i ªii ¬ ¬« ¬iº «º,
·r| ni ·i¤ni nn¬i “iº|
; kf l j v d hy & n wl j h
Eksj s i ki k
-iº ¤i¤i «rn r ¬·s,
-iº ¤i¤i «rn r ¬-«,
-iº ¤i¤i «rn r ¬··º,
-iº ¤i¤i «rn r «¬·i·,
¬¬ ¬ºni - ¬·¬ ·¤iº,
·r ·i| ¬ºn -n¬ ·¤iº|
i kF kZ d qe kj & i zF ke
Eksj s i ki k
-iº ¤i¤i ;n· ¬·s ;n· ¬·s
;n· ·¤iº ¬« - ¬in| -¬¸¬
ni ¬¤·i ¬i- ¬ºn ºrn
;”·º ¬i ·i·¤·i· l¬¬· l·¤
;n· ¬·s ¤i¤i -n¬i
f j e f > e & n wl j h
e sj h c g u
-º| «r· ·¤iº|÷·¤iº|
·l·¤i - r ¬«¬ ·¤iº||
-· «i¬i ªii ¬ ¬i-
·r| ni · ·¸ni n- ¬i ¬i-|
f o d kl i k. M s; & n wl j h
e sj h c g u
-º| «r· ·¤iº| ·¤iº|
·l·¤i - ¬«¬ ·¤iº|
- ¬rn| r¸ ªii ¬i ªii·i
·r ¬rn| r ·i·i ªii¬º,
ni¤n ni·i,
- ¬rn| r¸ ªii ¬i ¬¬i,
·r ¬rn| r ·i·i ªii¬º
¤¬n -¬i|
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i qL r d ksa d s i qu j ko y ksd u
n ks c Sy ksa d h d F kk
i qL r d d k u ke % n ks c Sy ksa d h d F kk
y s[ kd d k u ke % i zse p Un
i zd k’ kd % u s’ ku y c qd V ªL V v kWQ b f . M +; k
i zd k’ ku f r f F k % 1 9 8 3
Hkk’ kk % f g Un h
f o ” k; % l kf g R;
‘ kSy h % Hkko u kRe d , o a ; F kkZF ko kn h
Y ks[ ku f o | k % d g ku h
v u qe ksn u % u sg : c ky i qL r d ky ;
f p = kad . k % i h0 c h0 d o M +h
Y ks[ kd i f j p ;
-i”i| ¤-¤·· ¬| ¬i ¬·- ¬-nº ¤·”i ¬ ·iºiºi¬| l¬¬ ¬ ¬nnn ¬-r| ni· - ¬· ·ssa ;a - r¬i ·ii| ;·¬i
«¤¤· ¬·ii·i - «|ni| ¬· ¤lº¬- ¬iº ¬’-i ¬ ¬i·i ·¬·| ¬| ¤º|·ii ¤i¬ ¬|| «¤¤· - l¤ni ¬| --¤, ¬in¬| -i
¬i ·¤·riº ¬iº ¬·-¬ l··ir ¬| ¤i¬·| ¬ «|¤ r-iºi -ri· ¬·ii¬iº ¬il·i¬ ¬|··¤i¤· ¬ ¬i·i· ¬-ini, ¤¬ l··
¬·¤i¤¬ «· n¤i ¬iº «|a ¤a ¬| ¤º|·ii ¬n|ºi ¬º -¬¸¬i ¬i ¬« ÷ l··-| ;-¤·-º «· n¤i| ¤r¬ ·i·¤nºi¤ ¬
¬¬¬| ·i- ¬ r| ¬·¸ - l¬ªin ·i| ¤º·n «i· - lr··| ¬ªi· - ¤-¤·· ·i- ¬i ¬¤·i¤i| ¤-¤·· ¬i ¬ilr-¤ ¬-i¬
÷ ¬·iiº ¬iº ºi’-|¤ ·ii··i ¬ ¬in ÷ ¤in r|
Á f l ) — f r ; k¡
m i U; kl ¬-·i¸l-, ¬i¤i¬~¤, l·-¬ ·º·i·, ºn·i¸l-, n«·, ni·i·, ¬·i¬··
UkkV d ¬«¬i, ¤- ¬| «·|, ¬ni- ¬iº ª-| ºi·||
f u c U/ k l ax zg ¬s l·¤iº
d g kf u ; k¡ -i·¬ºi·º ¬ ¬i- ·iini - ¬¬l¬n
d F kku d
·i « ¬i ¬| ¬·ii ¬ri·| ¬ -i·¤- ¬ ¤ -¤·· · ·iiºn|¤ ¬ ’i¬ ¬-i¬ ¬i º -· ’¤ ¬ ·i”i ¬i ¬ , ·ii·i--¬ ¬-«··i ¬i -il- ¬
l¤¤ºi ¤ -n n l¬¤i r | n¸ º| ¬is| ¬ ¤i¬ ·i « ¬ ·i r|ºi ¬i º -i n|| · ªi· - ¬ ··º ·|¬÷·i ¬ - + ¤ | ·i ·i - ¬i·i ºrn ÷
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¬i···¤¸ · ¬ ªi ni - ¬i- ¬ºn | ¤¬ l·· n¸ º| ¬| ¤-·| · ¬·r ¬¤· ·ii; n¤i ¬ ¬i·i -i¤¬ ·i ¬ l·¤i l¬¬¬ ¬iººi ·i ·i
« ¬ « r· · ªi| ·i | ·ri ¬·ri · ¬ s ·r| ªii¤i ¬i º ºin ºl-¬¤i ni · n¸ º| ¬ ·iº ·i¤¬ ¬i n¤ ¬ l¬· n¸ º| ¬| ¤-·| ¬i « r·
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si -| «il¬¬i ¬ ·¤iº ¬i º ·¤i -·ª·i · l¤º ·ri ¬ ·iin ¬ l¬· ;¬ «iº ºi-ni ·i-¬ n¤| ¬·r ¬i ¬|ri ¬ - «·· ¬º l·¤i
n¤i| ·ri ¬; ¬i··º ·i¸ ªi ÷ ·¤i¬ -º ºr ·i ¬ l¬· ·i ·i « ¬i · lr--n l·ªii; ¬i º ¬i ¬|ri ¬ ¬| ·|·iº ni · ¬«¬i ·ini
l·¤i| ¬i ¬|ri ¬ ¬ -il¬¬ · ;· ·i ·i « ¬i ¬i ¤¬ ¬¬i; ¬ ri·i « ¤ l·¤i| ¬¬¬ ¬i·i ¬in r ¤ ¤¬ -·ii· ¤º ;·r ºi-ni
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z. ·ii’ii ·¤·rilº¬, ¬·¸, ¬-¬n “i··i·¬| ¬i ¤¤in
s. ¬º¬ ÷ ¬¬|· ·ii··i--¬ ¬l¬· ¤·ii·i ¤º ¬i·iilºn
l an HkZ i qL r d sa ¤-¤·· ¬| ¬’- ¬ril·¤i,-i·¬ºi·º ¬ri·| ¬nr,¤-¤·· ¬| ¬-¤¸ºi ¬ril·¤i ÷ -i¬º·¤
i kf B d k% i zK k v kp k; kZ & v kB o h
e qx sZ u s c k¡x n h
i qL r d % e qx sZ u s c k¡x n h
y s[ kd % M k0 f ’ ko i zl kn f l ag
i zd k’ kd % u s’ ku y c qd V ªL V v kWQ b f . M +; k
i zd k’ ku f r f F k % 1 9 9 5 i k¡p o ka l aL d j . k
Hkk’ kk % f g Un h
f o ’ k; % l kf g R;
‘ kSy h % ; F kkF kZo kn h
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v u qe ksn u % d s0 d s- 0 f c M +y k Q kÅ M s” ku
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·|¬i ¤i ·, - ¬ l”i-i|
d g kf u ; k¡ ·i·| -i, ¬-·i”ii ¬| riº, ··ri, ·in¸º ¬i ¤¸¬, ¤¬ ¤i¤i ¬nr ¬ ·|¤, ºin÷n¸¬º|, -º·i
¬ºi¤, ¬¬n÷¬¬n ·nlººi|, n¬| ¬in -·n| r|
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- n · «i n ·| ¬ri·| ·ia l”i·¤ ¬i· l¬ r ¬| ¬| º¤·i r ¬ l¬· ··¬i·iº ¬ilr-¤-i¬i ¬| ¬· | - ·ia l··|ni ¬n ·i¬ ¬| ·
;¬¬i ª¤i nººi l¬¤i r | - nª ¤¬ nº|« ¬i riº r | ¬¬¬ «i¤ ÷ ·i·i ¬ ¬-i· ¬ r| l¬¬i· ¬·¬ r¬ «··in ¬i ºr r |
-i¬ º, ¬-| ·iº ni ¬l·¤i ¬ r| nº|« ¬| « «¬| ¬i ¤i¤·i ¬-in r| r , ¤ri ·i| - nª ¬ ¬i- ni ¬º·i ¬ n r| r ¤º·n
-¬ ·¸ º| ¤i· ¬ l¬¤ - nª ¬i r| ;·¬ ¤i¬ ¤·¬º ¬i-· ¤· n r | l¤s¬ n|· ¬i¬ ¬ ni l¬¬i·i ¬| ri¬n ·i| ·i¬ ¬ ·i|
;¬l¬¤ ¬·¬ ·i| - nª ¬i -¬ ·¸ º| ·r| l-¬ ¤i ºr| ·i| ;·iº l¬¬i·i ¬| ·i| « «¬| ·i|, ¬·i| ¬i r| ·¬|« ¬i·i ·r| · ºri
·ii| ¤i·| · «º¬· ¬ l-- -| ¤-·iº ¬| ¬· | ri n; ·i| ¤ ¬ - ¬i- ¬ r¬ «iº ÷ «iº -¸ - ¬in ni ¬·r - nª ¬i r| ¬riºi
·ii| « ¬ ·i| -lº¤¬ ·i | -i· ’i ¬i º ·i”i ·i¸ ªi ¬ ¬·i¬ ÷ l·ºi”i ·i | - nª ¬ « - , ¤-·| ¬lrn ¬« ¬ ¤ - ¬¸ ªi ¤· ·i | ¤i·|
¬i º n · ¬| « ¬| ·i| ¬« n¬ ¬i·i l··ii¤n|, ¤r| ¬i ¤ ¬¬ ªii¤ ¬i ºr| ·i|| ¬¬ ¬nni ¤¬ l·· ¬i- ¬ r¬ «·in ÷
«·in ·r ·i| ¬i- ¬| nºr r| ri ¬i¤ni|
l an HkZ i qL r d s % ·. ·a ¤lnl·l·i ¬ril·¤i
z. ¬-ni l”i·¤¬i· l¬r ¬| ¬-¤¸ºi ¬ril·¤i
s. ¤l¤n ¬ril·¤i÷l”i·¤¬i· l¬r
«. ¤¬ ¤i¤i ¬nr ¬ ·|¤÷¬-¤¸ºi ¬ril·¤i ·iin÷z
r. ·ia l”i·¤¬i· ¬| ¬| ¬ril·¤i ¬i ¬·¤¤· ÷ ¤¬a ¤-a l·-i·n
i qL r d l e h{ kk % ·. ¬-i¬ - ¬¸nn ¤i¤i ¬i l¤¤ºi «·| ¬-·ini ¬iº ¬|·nni ¬ ¬i·i l¬¤i r l¬¬¬ ¬·ii·¬
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z. ¤r ¬ri·| ¬-i¬ ¬i ¬- ¬-¤ ¤ -n n ¬ºn r ¤ ¤¬ ¬i·”i ¬i-il¬¬ ¬i¤ººi ¤ · ¬· ”ii¬· ¬i
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¬i¤· ·i¸ -n ÷ -r¬n ¬·i·i «¬÷- · ¬il· ¬ ¤i¤i ¬ºn
«-n| ¬ ·¸ º ¬ ·¬i· ªi ni ¤i ªi ¬ - ·i· - -º ¬i··ºi ÷
ni¤, « ¬, ·i ¬ ¬il· ¬| ¬i”ii ¬i ·i ¤n ÷ ªi¬i -n ÷ªi| ¤n
ln,i ¬i “ii¤· · ªii ri ni| ¤ ¬i··ºi ¬| ¬i”ii ¬i
¬i··÷¤i·· - ¤- ¬º ¬in r | ¬ri n; n··n| ¬i º ¬ri
n; «·«¸ | ¬ s ·i| ·r| | ·i¤i ·ººi ¬i¤| ¤r r ln,i ¬i
¬-i¬! ;·¬ ªii· ¬i « n ·i| ¤ ¬i -i·i · - n “iº|º ¬i ·i·
¬-n ºªi ri ¬i º ¬¬- ¬¤·| ¤i ¤ · «i , n¸ -÷n¸ - ¬º
-i ¬iriº ¬i ¬i· · ¬ n r | -i ¬iriº - ;·¬i ¬i ; ¬i·|
·r| | ¤¤i¬ ln,i ¬i n ·, ¤¬ ·iiº| ·iº¬- ·i ¬ ¬| ¬i”i ¬i
l·¤-i· - ¤ · l-·- r| ¬ ni r | ¬ ª¤i ¬- ºr| ni ¬l·i¬
¬ ¬l·i¬ n|¬ l-·-| ¬i”ii ¬ ¬· · ¬ ¤r¬ ¬·r ln,i ¬
ªii ¬i· ¬ , ¬ -n l«~¬|, l¬¤iº ¬il· - º «|¬ ¬| «|-iº| ¬|
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·ii ¬i º «¤i ªi ¤i ¤ r| ªiin ·i | l¬·n ¬« ;·- º «|¬ ¬|
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ri;· i ¤i l«¤i ¬i l”i¬iº ri ¬ini r |
¤iº¬| ¬- ·i¤ - -ººii ¤ºi·n -· ’¤ ¬| ¬i”i ¬i l·l·i÷l··ii· ¬
¬i·i ¤¬ -i·º ¤º ºªi l·¤i ¬ini r l¬¬ ln, ªii ¬in ·i
l¬·n ¬« ln,i ¬ ¬·ii· - ¤r lº·i¬ ·i| ¤¸ · ·n ·r| ºri|
¤¬ ¬-¤ ·ii ¬« l¬ ¬i n ·i”i ¬i ¬| ¬i”ii ¬i ¬i«i·| ¬ ·¸ º
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«i· - ¬¬ «i¬iº - « ¤ l·¤i ¬ini ·ii| “i ’i ·iin ln, ªii
¬in ·i ¬i º ¬ s «¤i ÷ ªi ¤i, ni ·r ¬ -ni , l¬¤iºi ¤·
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- ni· · n r | ;¬¬ ln,i ¬i ¬i”ii ¬ ;· ln· - · ºi·i,
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n¤i ¤il· ¤¸ º| ¬|··¤¤i r| ¬-i·n|
·i”i¬i ¬ ºin l··iººi -, ¤¤·n ··i ·i;·¬il¤·i¬ · ni
ln,i ¬i ¬¤i¤i r| ¬º l·¤i r| ¬ºi·i ¬| ¬ª¤i -
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n¤i| r¬i ¤r l¬ ·i;·¬il¤·i¬ ¬ ¬¤¤ilºn ·i”i¬i ¬|
--¤ ¬ «i·, ¬·¬ -i¬ - ¤r ··i -i¬¸· ºrn| ·i|| ¬«
¬i; ln, ;·r ªiini ni ¬¬¬| --¤ ri ¬in|| ¬« n¬
·i;·¬il¤·i¬ ¤º ºi¬ ¬ni; n; n« n¬ «rn ·º ri
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;·¬| ¬-l¤n ·ªiºªi ¤· ¬iºnº ¤¬·· ¬| ·¤·-·ii ¬
¬ini - ¤· ;·¬| ¬ª¤i - ·l, ¬| ¬--|· ¬n| r|
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¬· ¤ ·i- n ª¬i ¬ n ª ¬-¬ n| ¬º ¬i - ºi “in÷”in ¤ ºii-|
l¬·¬ -in ·”i · ¬ - n ª ¬ ª·i - ¬¤·| ¤r¤i· «·i ¤i; |
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¬ºn ÷¬ºn ¬i¬ ;n· ·’i «|n n¤ l¬ ¬i·ii¬ r| ·r| r ¬i|
-i ¬- ¬i¤ ÷n¤ , ¬·s ¬i º ¬l-· l·· ¬« ¬- n¤ | ; ”·º
¬| ¬ ¤i ¬i º ¬· ¬ ¬-¬ n| ¬i ¬¤· ¬r¤i ln¤i - ¬-¸ -
l·”·i¬, - n rº ¬·- - ¬riºi · ni| ¤º ”ii· ri n|, n¬ln¤i
¬ºn|, ·i - ªiin| ¤º l·ºi”i ·r| ri · · n | ¬rn r ¬i ·i
l¬n·i ¬in - n¤ni r ¬n·i ªiºi ri ni r , · ¬ r| - ¬|ªin|
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«|n ·’ii - «r n ¬ s «·¬i· ¬i n¤ r ¤º·n ¤r¬ - ¬·
·’ii ¬| ¤¤i ¬º·i ¤ir¸ n| l¬·¬ «¬ ¤º - ªi· | r¸ | l¬·
l”i’¤i ¬ ¬iººi - º| ¤r¤i· «·|| ;n·| ¬,i, ;n·i ·¤iº
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l·¬i - ¬¤·| ¬nr «·i ºr| ·i| ¤i ¬¤· l¬¤ ·¤ºn ¬ni
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«·¬i· ¬i¤ r, ¬·¬ -· ·l·n ri ¬-i r| «·¤ ni «·¤,
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-ini÷l¤ni ni « ·i ·r| r ¬i º ·iº ni ¤ ·i- ¤i-”ii¬i r |
“ii¤· ¤r| ¬-¤ ¬| ¬«¬ «· | -i n r , n ª¬i ¬| ¬i--i ¬|
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I k; kZo j . k p p kZ
That is probably one of the most common sentences in
CSKM, spoken by every staff member who had worked
with the founder Chairman of this ordinary looking school
which is extra – ordinary in every meaning.
The founder chairman Col Prem Saran Satsangi who was a
real soldier, fought with enemies of different shapes and
forms. When he was in army he fought with the enemy
countries on the border. He took retirement from the
army but not from service to the nation. Only his tools
were different now. This missionary soldier adopted pen
in place of his sword.
As pen is mightier than sword so was with this soldier
turned educationist. Now, his enemies were illiteracy,
ignorance and poverty. He was not a trader who sold
education wrapped in fine covers of luxurious class rooms
and expensive tennis courts and earn profit. He was a
creator. If he could see the calibre in every child who so-
ever came to him to get admission, he also had eyes to
find the potential in every staff member who came to him
in search of work.
He was a person with the heart to do something which
even the powers that be, do not do. India has limited its
policy of providing compensatory employment but this
simple school has a special potential to carry on this
policy. Here, you can see many widows who are not only
receiving pension for their deceased husbands but they
are fortunate enough to secure jobs also on
compensatory ground. In addition to it, they get free
residence and free education for their children. Why
shouldn’t they call him an epitome and embodiment of
Had he not been blessed with a heart of double size, he
would have said good bye to these families with the
parting gifts of sewing machines, which is usually done.
His sympathy was not limited to any group or particular
section of the society. Even today, the tears are visible in
“Helping Behaviour”
^^o `{ k d c g q¡ u f g a Q y Hk[ kSa] Ukn h u l ap s u hj A
i j e kj F k d s d kj . k] l k/ kqu / kj k ‘ kj hj A A ^^
All religions teach us that we should help those who are in need.
“Helping behaviour or pro- social behaviour is any positively valued behaviour, which helps the person and
society”. Human beings are social beings. Most of their activities are organized with the help of others.
Examples of pro-social behaviour are sharing things, cooperating with others, showing sympathy etc.
Features of pro-social behaviour are:
• Doing good to others. • Not expecting anything in return.
• Done without any kind of pressure. • Internal desires to help the needy persons.
• Legal and social responsibility of human beings to help others.
Mother Teresa, Baba Saheb Amte etc. showed high laurels of helping behaviour. Helping behaviour has a
great value so we should respond or help those persons who are in need.
Shilpi Sharma, Teacher
the eyes of the head cleaner when he remembers an
incident. Once a sweeper’s complaint was made by a
checker. The Late Chairman called both the complainant
and the accused. The sweeper was told to do his duties
seriously. But when the sweeper was gone the checker
was also scolded for putting any financial punishment on
the sweeper.
In this school cum home not even a single class four
employee was ever punished financially. In fact every
staff member was helped financially and physically.
He did not hire people but bought them with his
kindness, love and affection. Even today the medical
room is 24 hours open not only for the students but also
for the staff members and their families.
CSKM auditorium has not only witnessed school
functions but it has also seen many marriages and family
functions. The marriages of the grooms and brides
solemnized here were not in any relation with the
Chairman or his family but belonged to the members of
staff or students. The school is a no donation school
which does not accept any donation or grant from any
individual, Government or non – governmental
organization for any reason.
This man with a mission was a true son of the
motherland. He was a giver by nature. He showered his
love and affection not only on human beings but on this
land also. His love for nature makes its presence felt, the
moment you enter this complex. A cool breeze welcomes
you. This breeze comes from the plants and the trees
which are more than a thousand in number. Most of
them were planted in his care
The ambience of a garden tells the tales of its creator. Is it
an exaggeration if some say that they saw the tears
rolling down from the leaves of the trees when the great
man was invited by the deities to the other world?
Hemlata, Teacher
A Man with Essential Human Goodness - “The Late Chairman Sir, he was a real king”
School Rights and Duties
Being a Social Studies teacher I, Sarla Kaul, wish to give a message to my loving kids in terms of Social Science.
Dear Children, whenever you think about your rights, don’t forget your duties. Always remember that Rights never
come alone they are accompanied by duties.
Here I am going to explain some School Rights and Duties, which are not recommended by any constitution of the
world, but still if you try to understand and follow them, you will definitely become successful and wonderful
citizens of your nation and the whole nation will be proud of you.
• You come to school, it is your first Right but to maintain discipline, to protect your school property like benches,
tools, electric switches, flower pots and everything in school is your first duty.
• You learn from your teachers, it is your second Right. To respect them, to listen to them, to have regards for
them and make them proud, becomes your second duty.
• Teachers sometimes punish you for not doing studies, it is their right. But to love you, pat you, cheer you,
inspire you, solve your problems and show you the right path becomes their duty.
• To be sharp and intelligent is your birth right, but to honour your elders, love the youngers, to be gentle,
Courteous, honest and truthful becomes your first and foremost duty.
Although the above said Rights and duties are not mentioned in your books but believe me children
if you follow them you will be winners at every stage of life.
God bless you all
Sarla Kaul, Teacher
An Ideal Teacher
Most frequently asked question by our dearest,
beloved late Chairman Col P S Satsangi was-
“Why do you have to control a child?”
The ideal teacher must control the child to secure his
confidence, love and respect. In this manner the child will
gain strict discipline and perfect obedience. The teacher
has to set an ideal example for the student and convince
him that the teacher is his well wisher and not his enemy.
It is the duty of a teacher to neutralize certain negative
qualities in some children which are very harmful for
their growth. In many homes these days there is too
much distraction becuase of luxurious gadgets, which
spoils the child and wastes his/her energy. The good
teacher will make his student concentrate and improve
day by day without unnecessary distraction.
“A child is the greatest book a teacher must read from
page to page”. Every child has inborn gifts and talents.
The teacher has to bring out and develop these tendencies,
so that growth of intelligence and personality is perfect.
Gradually he must understand that control means a kind of
discipline which will benefit him and build a fine future.
Not merely his studies improve but the foundation of his
character will be laid. Scientific control of the child results
in co-operation and the child fully confides in the teacher
and receives his guidance.
Lavanya Srivastava, Teacher
My School with a
CSKM has come a long way since 1988 when I first
joined the school. It has been 23 years when I
commenced my journey at CSKM under the visionary
guidance of Col Satsangi. Founder Chairman Sir’s
unique philosophy has revolutionized the Education
System and how schools should function to give a fair
opportunity to each and every student to develop and
blossom and never ever failing a single student.
Today when schools have became money making
machines, CSKM continues to soar on the path shown
by our late Founder Chairman providing quality
education to an amalgam of students from different
cultures and countries across the world.
Students have a healthy and natural environment to
develop not just academically but their overall
personality also. The school has gone on from strength
to strength with each passing year. The foundation
stone for a great academia was laid by our beloved
Chairman and now has found itself an able architect in
our Principal who with her innovative ideas and
dedication towards achieving excellence is continuing
the tradition of giving this country quality students year
after year, as was the dream of our Chairman Sir.
Veena Jaini, Teacher
Education System in India from Gurukul to CCE
India has a long history of education system. The
Gurukul System of education is one of the oldest
education systems on the earth. Gurukuls were
basically traditional Hindu residential schools of
learning; generally the schools were either
teachers; houses or a monastery. Students or
Shishyas did not have to pay fee for the
education but voluntary contribution after the
completion of their studies in the form of
Gurudakshina was accepted. 500 years BC and
next 1500 years saw the flourishing of higher
education at Nalanda, Takshashila, Ujjain and
Vikramshila Universities. These Universities were
specialized in particular fields of study, like
Takshila specialized in the study of medicine,
Ujjain emphasized on astronomy, Nalanda being
the biggest center, handled all branches of
knowledge. According to British records
education was widespread in the 18
with a school for every temple, mosque or
village in almost every region of the country.
Students coming from all classes of the society
attended the schools.
The modern system of education with its
western style and content was introduced and
funded by the British in the 19
Century. Our
traditional structures were not recognized by the
British Govt. and have been on the decline since.
Britishers established many colleges like St.
Xavier College and Wilson College in India. After
independence, education became a
responsibility of the States. The Central
Government was to co-ordinate technical and
higher education and specify students. This
continued till 1976, but after 1976 education
became a joint responsibility of the State and
the Centre through a Constitutional amendment.
The assessment of a student is generally made
on the marks he secures in examinations. If a
child gets low marks, he or she gets depressed
and develops many problems in his or her
behaviour. He further looses confidence.
Modern education system in India is often
criticized for being based on the rote
learning. Emphasis is laid on passing
examinations with high percentage Very few
institutes give importance to all round
development of the child.
Many commissions have been constituted to
look into the flaws of the existing system. The
Modaliar Commission, the Kothari
Commission and the Radhakrishnan
Commission have recommended thorough
reforms in the present pattern of educational
system. According to the recommendations
the judgement of the student’s performance
should be on the basis of the periodical tests
and his overall performance. Giving a place to
community work, sports, crafts, fine arts
should be included in the main curriculum.
This work should be assessed along with
academic discipline on regular basis rather
than a three hour examination. The aim of
education should be clear. The aim should be
the development of personality of a child as a
whole instead of sharpening analytical and
literary minds in isolation. This would help in
tapping the various talents of the students.
CBSC has introduced a grade based system
CCE in the hope that it will help students to
move away from the cut throat competition
and rote learning and we the teachers will be
able to focus more on creative aspects and
personality development of the child. I would
like to conclude my views by saying that CCE
system of education has been initiated for
making the students personality dynamic
and not for making them idle. We feel proud
that our institute is able to produce
successful students and citizens as well by
following this system since 1986 when it was
implemented by our founder Chairman Sir,
Col P S Satsangi.
Suteen Bala, Teacher
"Har Lamhe mein KHUSHI hai, Kho do to YADEIN hain,
Jee lo to ZINDAGI hai"...
When I was asked to write an article for the school newsletter,
I was flooded with memories of some of the most precious
days of my life. So I sat and looked back to recollect my
association with the school for almost twenty three years.
23 years!!!!........ No wonder it seems like a second home to
me. I entered the school premises in September 1988 and
since then I have been a part of the CSKM family. From the
very first day I never felt out of place here and received a
warm welcome from everyone. Being a CSKM family member
I learnt more about life here than anywhere else. I got full
hearted cooperation, help, care and love from our worthy
Founder Chairman Sir Col P S Satsangi, the Principal, my seniors
and my dear colleagues during the low days of my life. It made
me very strong and I gained a sense of optimism to face the
difficulties of the world outside this secured premises. I enjoy every moment here. Teaching CSKM children is like
being with angels who always have lots of love to shower upon us. I will describe our dear children as….. “TAARE
ZAMIN PAR”…. CSKM has given its teachers a base to improve their skills and grow further. I have learnt so much
here that in fact I can say I too have grown with the school. There are so many things I want to pen down but the
most important is that in CSKM, we as teachers, are faced with challenges to teach in a better way with new
techniques, making everyday a new day. Computer Technology has been made freely available for the teachers to
explore and use. We have a lively atmosphere at CSKM with lots of activities and functions. This makes us all feel
young at heart and more enthusiastic, making stagnant, a forgotten word.
And now a few words for our Ma'am Principal. The first word that comes to my mind when I think of her is
"amicable". She is ‘The Principal’ who understands her teachers and students, helps them in every way and is
always there for them. I have experienced such a moment with her that compels me to say that she is very
approachable. Her altruism shows on her face, in her words and most important in her work. Everyone loves and
appreciates her peaceful and positive attitude. The calmness with which she handles even the toughest situation
is simply impeccable. And believe me you can trust her with anything.
When I see the name of CSKM spreading far and wide growing and yet maintaining its uniqueness of quality
education and results, I feel proud to be a part of this institution and can graciously say, I too have developed a
Big Heart With A Big Mind……
I am proud to be a part of CHARISMA FAMILY…..!!!!!
Raj Bala Sharma, Teacher
“Whether you succeed or you fail,
what matters is that you do your Best”
T kqu wu
·iirn ri, ¬·¸· ri,
-ii l·¬ - «·i ¬¬¸· ri|
·iirn ¬| ªi·i ·,
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·iirn ¬| ;¬i· ·,
¬iº ·l·¤i ¬¬i ·||
¤ ¤irn · rin| ni,
¬s ·i| · rini|
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l·¤ln ¬i r- l·ªiin| r,
¬¬ n¬·|º ¬rn r|
¤irn ·iº l·¬ -nº,
n··|º l¬ªin ºrn r|
¬i· ·i ¤·in| ¬|·· -,
¤irn - ¬i”i l-¬i ¬i|
¤irn «· ¬·¸· ¬i,
;¬ ¬n· ¬i l¬¬i ·i|
l¬º ¤« «i¬ ¬·¸· ni,
¬i¤ ¬s ·i| ¬º ¬¬n r|
¤-·iºi - ·i| ¬i¤,
¤¸¬ lªi¬i ¬¬n r|
-iinº ¬ ¬··º ·i|,
·inº «·i ¬¬n r|
¬i¬-i - ·i¸-·i ni,
¬·¬º r| l¬¤i ¬ºn r|
¤i· ¬iº l¬niºi ¤º,
l¤¬l·¬ ·i| -·i ¬¬n r|
¬|·· ··i ¬i- ªi·i ¬i,
r- ¬|·· ¬i ««i ¬¬n r|
ª¬| r; ·i·¬·i ¬i
-¸-| r; ¬i¬i ¬i,
r- l¤º ¬ ¤¬i ¬¬n r|
¤irn ri, ¬·¸· ri,
ni l·¬ - «·i ¬¬¸· ri|
j f o ‘ ke kZ] v / ; kf i d k
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«·| -··n ¬ «i· ·ii¤| r-· ¤ l¬··n|
·iºn| ¤º l¬¬| -¬¬· ¬ ¬i¤| ¤ l¬··n|
¤¸ ni ¬; ¬in l«nin r l¬··n|
·ilºi¬ -·i·i¤¸ln - n·in r l¬··n|
¬i¬ ¬i r- ·ªi ºr, ·i r ¤ l¬··n|
¬¬ ¬i l«¬º n¤| ·i ·i| l¬··n|
·¤·i - -n n·i¬i ¤ l¬··n|
-i-i¬ ¬| ¬·i - ¬ni¬i ¤ l¬··n|
¬i”ii ¬| ·¤iln ¬ l¬¤ ¬i¤| ¤ l¬··n|
¬¤· l¬¤ ¬|· ¬i ·r| ·i- l¬··n|
¬i ·¸¬ºi ¬ l¬¤ ¬| ºr ·r| r l¬··n|
«º ¬-i ¬ «·¬¸ºn ¬nn| ¤ l¬··n|
¬·s ¬-i ¬ ªi¸«¬¸ºn ¬nn| ¤ l¬··n|
ªii¤ ÷ ¤|¤ · -º n¤ ·i ·r| ·i| l¬··n|
·ii ·¸¬ºi ¬ l¬¤ -º ·r| r l¬··n|
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c p i u
«¤¤· rini «·i r| l·ºi¬i,
¬¬¬i -·i· rini r ªii¬|
·¤il¬ ¬¬- l¬¬| lº”n ¬| ¤r¤i· · rin||
¬i; ¬¤·i ¬iº ¬i; ¤ºi¤i · rini,
l¬¬| nºr ¬| ¬i; ª¬i·- · rin|||
«¤¤· rini «·i r| l·ºi¬i...
rº ¤¬ ¬¤·i ¬i ¬nni,
¬iº| ·l·¤i ¬¤·| ---| - ¬nn||
·i· ÷ ·iin ¬·i r| ºrn|,
·i¬i·- ¬i ¤r¬i¬ · rini|
r¬·i÷ºi·i, lnº·i ¤··i ¬ni r ºrni,
;¬ ¤º ·i| ;’¤i ¬i ·ii·
-· - ¬ini ·r| ¬·i|||
«¤¤· rini «·i r| l·ºi¬i...
¬i”i ¬¤· ¬·¤ ¬i ¤i· ¬i
¬·i| rini · ¬-, ·i-ni · ¬-,
ª¬ni · ¬-|
l·”·i¬ ·« ºrni ¬·i,
rº -l¬¬ ¬i ¤i· ¬i||
«¤¤· rini «·i r| l·ºi¬i...
¬i; ¬¤·i ¬·i¸ºi · ºrni,
rº l·· ·¤i ¬i ¬nni, «|n l··
¬i -· - ¬i; -¬i¬ · ºrni||
¬¤ - «¤¤· rini «·i r| l·ºi¬i|
o Un u k f l ag ] v / ; kf i d k
All that Glitters is not Gold
Appearances can’t give us real impression of the person
concerned. Those who keep blowing their own trumpet are
generally fools. They love to boast all the time. They are not
real persons. Those who are not talkative are the people to
be believed They usually do their work silently, help others
whenever they can spend time in reading, facing challenges
to redefine, reinvent and reorient themselves for the future,
that they can lead the change coactively. They always show
courage and maturity in pressing times. They are sincere
people. They are proud to be simple. Most of all, they are
humble and truth loving. People may recognize them as a
good human being. Only a little effort daily will bring forth a
better result in the youngsters, if we praise them and motivate
them to look after themselves.
Madhu Kapoor, Teacher
f o | kF khZ v kSj m u d s v kn ’ kZ x q. k ^x q. kSf g a l o Z= i n a f u / kkZ; r s^
·iºii ¬ r| -·’¤ ¬i rº ¬nr +¤i ¤· ¤i·n rini
r| ¤r nºi l·ni ¬ ¬l¬n l¬¤i ¬ini r l·ni ·r
¬-¤l-n r l¬¬ · ¬i; ¤iº ¤ºi ¬¬ni r ¬iº · r|
¬i; «··i «i- ¬¬ni r ¤º·n ;¬ ¤i·n ¬º· ¬ l¬¤
¬ii·i·i ¬| ¬ªºn rin| r| l·ni·i| ¬|·· ¬¬| ¬··º
¬i·i·i ¬i ¬-¤ r l¬¬- «i¬¬ ¬|··i¤¤in| ¬··n
nºii ¬i ¬¤¤ ¬ºni r| si¤ ¬|·· ¤lº¬-
¬·”ii¬·, ¬¤- l·¤- ¬ ¬i·i ·¤n|n rini r ni
l·ni·i| ¬i ¬i· ·i¬i ¬¬ l¤º-·ii; «· ¬ini r|
l¬¬ ·i¤¬º ¬il·i¤i ¬ ·i¤·i, n¸¤i·i ¬iº ¬··ºn
·’ii ¬s ·¬¬i· ·r| ¤r¤i ¬¬n| ¤lº¬-, ¬¤-
¬iº l·¤- - ·¤n|n r¬i si¤i·-·ii ¬i ¬-¤ ·ii·|
¬|·· ¬i ¬ªi· ¤· ¬··º «·ini r|
·i i¬i· ¬| l¤ºl-·iºni ¬i º ¬¬¬| –« ni l¬¬ ¤ ¬iº
¬i·iiº l”i¬i ¬| –«ni ¤º ¬i·iilºn r , ¬·i ¤i·¤i ¬i
· ·i-· l¬¬ ¤ ¬iº «i~¤i·-·ii ¬ l¬ ¤· ¤º ¬il¬n r |
¬¬| ¤ ¬iº ¤ ·¬ ¬| ¬ ªi ÷ “iil·n-¤ ¬- l,”iil¬ni ¬i
¬ ¬iº si¤i·-·ii ¤º ¬i·iilºn ri ni r | si¤i·-·ii
¬«i ·ii·-·ii ri n| r | ;¬ ¬-¤ · « l, ¤lº’¬ n ri n| r ·
l·¤iº| -ini÷l¤ni n·ii n ª¬·i ¬ ¬ º·iºi - «·¤
¬n ·¤¤i¬· ¬º·i ¬|ªin r | -ini ÷l¤ni n·ii n ª¬·i
¬| ¬ini ¬i ¤i¬· ¬nº l·ni·i| ¬i ªi -¸ · ¬º ¬º ni
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Hours and hours I devoted in thinking about how
posterity will remember CSKM Public School and its
contribution to the community and the work of all the
members of staff who were associated with CSKM in
the past, and are still working here. How will this
institution be compared to other schools of Delhi and
India? Beyond nostalgia and attachment for the school,
how will old students and their kin and society at large
will judge our work? I even wanted to critically analyse
its functioning and contribution for the last twenty five
years. There must be something of perennial interest
that keeps it going.
The best part of this institution, that comes to my mind
first, is the philosophical foundation laid down by late
Col P S Satsangi that makes CSKM unique and provides
it sustenance. No doubt educational philosophies are
taught to all the students of education. Yet, the way the
founder Chairman Sir applied many innovative
philosophies to develop students and their personality
and vision is really unique. Teaching the meaning of
‘work is joy’ and instilling ethos in the deeper
consciousness of students is admirable. Students were
given rough and tough life to enable them to become
strong in order to face difficult situations of life. He
allowed flexibility in academic schedule to the
deserving students and persistently motivated them, to
become high achievers. He taught the teachers to draw
out the best from the student’s latent talents. This
really is the significant part of his teaching. More than
idealism, he was influenced by pragmatism. Like
Bertrand Russel, Col Satsangi believed that school is a
place where students’ should be given liberty to learn,
to experiment and find out different options even at
the risk of making mistakes. It is better, he believed,
that…. Students learn from their mistakes in school and
not repeat them later in society. Like Gurus of the past,
he showed extraordinary fondness for working with
youngsters. Extreme delight he felt and sincerely
displayed in training, guiding, motivating and directing
students to succeed, must be emulated by the
educational leaders in school education. He was the
protagonist of child-centered education. He believed,
“If a child fails, it is failure of the teacher”. These
philosophical ideas are valued heritage of CSKM Public
School and a legacy to pass on.
Silver Jubilee of a school is significant in the history of
school education system for many reasons. CSKM is a
school with a difference. We admit not only the bright
but also the so called ‘weaker’ students. All students
get equal respect and an equal platform to share. The
faculty puts in equal enthusiasm and love in their
development and education. This school believes that
each child has unique human worth and potential to
excel in their chosen field. We the teachers believe that
each child can be guided and motivated to succeed in
life. The basic job of each teacher is to improve each
and every child as per his or her ability.
CSKM has always worked on the firm conviction of its
Founder that school is a place where students should
have freedom to work, to experiment, make mistakes
and learn from the mistakes to develop their self,
examine their beliefs, and experiment with subject
related facts and life related matters.
...and Last but not the Least
Celebration of meaningful contribution!!
Another unique aspect of learning here is what
Gandhiji said and put in practice - “Toil by itself is not
adequate….we must enjoy it”. This concept of work joy
makes everyone a Karm yogi and focussed, one who
doesn’t waste time in frivolousness. The Founder,
through self example, always impressed upon the
students to put in their heart and soul in their work.
Nowadays, children and their parents seek pleasure in
activities like cinema, picnic, games and other activities
which don’t serve purpose in future. To seek escape
from work, in order to enjoy, is not the correct mode of
enjoyment. This is what our school emphasizes on.
CSKM is also a centre of educational excellence
wherein students enjoy flexibility of work schedule and
seek pleasure in their studies. For this reason the
school is proud to have our students placed in large
numbers in Engineering, Medicine, Civil Services, Law,
Media, Business Management etc. Some of them are
also in Parliament in state legislative, some have
represented the United Nations. Our alumni can be
located eminently across the globe.
For success of an institution, leadership of mentors,
guide and teachers is very important. Generations of
the past fondly remember how Principal, teachers and
supporting staff worked day and night without losing
enthusiasm and purpose. This kind of dedication and
devotion to the cause of teaching is normally not found
in other institutions.
This school has the distinction of accepting students on
the basis of their promise and intrinsic values rather
than accepting students on the basis of high marks.
Students are accepted here, especially if they are
underachievers. For teachers are taught here that good
doctors accept difficult cases. In the past many
underachievers joined CSKM who were moulded into
successful persons.
Dr (Mrs) Shakuntla S Jaiman has proved herself a
worthy successor to the legacy of Col Satsangi. She has
inherited values, spirit and devotion for educational
management from her father late Col P S Satsangi. She
has proved to all that she has the mettle. It is worth-
mentioning that she even inherited difficulties and
formidable challenges. It is to her credit that she faced
them with courage, conviction and fortitude of mind.
This school is fortunate to have Dr Rohit Jaiman, a
Psychiatrist by profession, as Chairman of the CSKM
group of Institutions, who is successful as a manager and
leader. He has a very distinctive style of work – (separate
works), working more as the ‘invisible hand’ in helping
out and designing CSKM culture and environment.
Since 1986, when CSKM was established by Col P S
Satsangi, its culture, economy, technological set up have
all undergone tremendous change, that too at a steady
pace. These changes also demand from educational
managers and institution builders to stand up to new
needs and fulfil rising aspirations of the society. Even in
CSKM a vision is being developed for future.
Infrastructural upgradation is being implemented in
phases. Information technology is transforming
educational environment. Cultural crisis of present time
can be overcome only by inculcating Indian values which
prepares one to face change. The planners of the school
are well aware of the new educational demands mooted
by the government in developing human resource at
school level. This institution is up and ready to face new
challenges. The institution has been taking right steps,
moving in the right direction to serve the society and the
country. CSKM is the living philosophy of its Founder
Chairman, Col P S Satsangi and has made its mark not
only in India but abroad also.
I have strong conviction about it.
Naveen Chandra Jha, Teacher
7% students with perfect CGPA of 10
21% students with CGPA above 9.0
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
Ashwin Rajhans
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
Result Highlights – CBSE Class-X (Batch–2011)
Excellent Overall Result: Toppers & Pass Percentage
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
English A1
Hindi A1
Mathematics A1
Science A1
Social Science A1
7% students with perfect CGPA of 10
21% students with CGPA above 9.0
Result Highlights – CBSE Class - XII (Batch–2011)
Excellent Overall Result: Toppers & Pass Percentage
Vishal Yadav 95.66%
Info Practices 97%
Mathematics 95%
Chemistry 95%
Physics 91%
English 87%
Prabhu Yadav 93.33%
Info Practices 97%
Physics 93%
English 87%
Mathematics 90%
Chemistry 78%
Steffy George 87.33%
Biology 94%
Chemistry 86%
English 82%
Maths 75%
Physics 75%
Saroj Kumar Sah 94.00%
Mathematics 95%
Chemistry 95%
Physics 89%
Phy Ed. 92%
English 84%
Vinod Kumar 92.66%
B. Studies 95%
English 92%
Accounts 91%
Economics 77%
Mathematics 55%
Anamika Thakur 88.00%
Biology 90%
Chemistry 88%
English 86%
Psychology 75%
Physics 65%
Pratyush Mahapatra 96.33%
Mathematics 99%
Info Practices 98%
Chemistry 92%
Physics 92%
English 90%
Siddharth Moulik 89.33%
Pol. Science 95%
Psychology 90%
Sociology 82%
History 78%
English 83%
IIT-JEE DPMT Entrance State Engg. Entrance DPMT Entrance AIPMT Entrance
Vidur Vivek Sharma
AIR - 467
Kumari Neha
AIR - 26
Pratyush Mahapatra
State Rank - 80
AIR - 168
Nadim Rehman
AIR - 237
Steffy Geroge 94%
Megha Goel 92%
Anamika Thakur 90%
Animesh Indu 90%
Vinod Kumar 95%
Raghavendra Thakur 95%
Vishal Yadav 93%
Saroj Kumar Sah 92%
Rahul Saini 92%
Mohit Kumar Singh 91%
Charu Bisht 90%
Sonam Singh 93%
Toko Jirnia 92%
Vinod Kumar 92%
Rubeena Warpa 91%
Pratyush Mahapatra 90%
Ankush Mishra 90%
Sanjana Pradeep 90%
Prabhu Yadav 93%
Pratyush Mahapatra 92%
Vishal Yadav 91%
Siddharth Moulik 95%
Ansu John 90%
Vinod Kumar 91%
Shashikant Kumar 90%
Siddharth Moulik 90%
Richard Martin 84%
Kishore Vaigyanik
Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)
A Venture of Indian Institute
Funded by the Department of Science &
Technology, Government of India
Class - XII
Class - XII
Shyam Sunder
Class - XII
Pratyush Mahapatra 99%
Saroj Kumar Sah 95%
Sonam Singh 95%
Vishal Yadav 95%
Vineet Kumar Attry 95%
Vidur Vivek Sharma 95%
Abhishek Kumar Pandit 94%
Prabhu Yadav 90%
Vishal Yadav 95%
Saroj Kumar Sah 95%
Vidur Vivek Sharma 95%
Pratyush Mahapatra 92%
Pratyush Mahapatra 98%
Abhishek Kr Pandit 98%
Vishal Yadav 97%
Prabhu Yadav 97%
Amit Tokas 92%
Every day is a new birth in tme, holding out new beginnings, new possibilites and new achievements. Each day can
be a day of regeneraton, renewal and rebirth. From the old past, we can raise a new being imbued with power and
purpose and radiant with the inspiraton of a new idea. But this becomes possible only when we have faith. Faith
based on righteousness and truth shuns out all pessimism, fear, defeat and failure and makes way for optmism,
confdence, personal mastery and unfailing success.
The founder chairman of CSKM Public School, Col P S Satsangi called CSKM – a school and a home for his dearly
beloved students and staf appointed to give them the best of tutelage and care.
It is the radiance of bright beams of love (Prem – Kiran) that bless our school and all the school children who have
stayed and studied here and do so now. CSKM is a family, its members share academic and living space. No one is
a failure here. It is a place to learn and grow for life. Each student is a miracle, a “Charisma” whose uniqueness is
The Silver Jubilee session makes the best of what has been and lights the way to what is yet to be.
Our Founder Chairman ofen quoted:
v i u h v kt +kn h d h o kj u k e Sa o k: ¡x k d Hkh]
e Sa u g kj k F kk] u g kj k g w¡] u g k: ¡x k d Hkh
We salute him and true to the aspiratons, we pledge again today to discover new heights we are born to conquer.
Comemmoratng the Silver Jubilee is not an easy task. Huge amount of material edited into a predictable form.
With all the constraints we have atempted to compile a worthwhile megazine with contributons from former
teachers and students, present teachers and students, actvites conducted during the Silver Jubilee Year,
memorable photographs over the year and all that we could think of. It was really a hectc and pleasant journey.
Editorial Board had lots of fun in collectng, reading, editng, typing and having group discussions over the literary
output of our great writers.
The members of editorial board would like to express their grateful acknowledgement to the Principal,
Dr. (Mrs.) S. S. Jaiman for her support, encouragement and inspiraton. We would like to thank
Ma’m Sangeeta Kumar for her valuable inputs.Wish you all a happy reading...
COVER – Our multfaceted Priyanka Priyadarshi representng India at Commonwealth Games in the swimming
competton displaying her Nail Art depictng fag colours of other partcipatng countries.
From the Editor’s Desk
Dear Readers,
“Journey of a thousand miles begins
with one step”.
Home away from home
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