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Composite Drawing by Don Stewart

Seven Army Values: HONOR Medal of Honor SELFLESS SERVICE Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Medal Army Service Ribbon COURAGE Purple Heart LOYALTY Fidelity Medallion DUTY Bugle Hat Insignia INTEGRITY Moral Compass RESPECT Golden Rule

Service Cap, Modern Kevlar Helmet Beret Seal: Target w 13 Hits Ammo Belts Automatic Pistols MOH Ribbon Bayonets Bullets Cannon Balls Claymore Mine Dog tags Grenade Guidon Lightning Bolts Minie Balls Powder Horn Pistol Holster Roman Armor Shield Sword Misc: Stars & Stripes U.S. Constitution $10 Bill: Alexander Hamilton at Redoubt #10 $20 Bill: Andrew Jackson in New Orleans Ammo Pouch BAYONET Beans, Bullets & BandAids Belt Buckle, round Belt Buckle, Oval Brass Button Bugle Cotton Bale Cannon Canteen, 1812 Canteen, M1878 Canteen, 1917

Drum Epaulet Fife Gold Star Mother Badge Hand Grenade, Mk2 Hand Grenade, M67 Jerry Can K-Bar Knife Key Medic Arm Band MERIT Badge Mule Service Flag Shako Plate, Riflemen 1812 Shako Plate, Infantry Socks Spear Tank (Mark V) Tin Soldier, 1812 Tin Soldier, WWI Toy Soldier, WWII Weapons: Flintlock Rifle 1853 Enfield Musket M1842 Percussion Pistol M1847 Ranger Revolver 1859 Sharps Rifle M1860 Revolver Gatling gun M1873 Peacemaker Pistol M1911 Automtic Pistol 9mm pistol Model1896 Krag-Jørgensen Rifle M1903 Springfield Rifle 37mm Gun Model1917 Winchester Rifle M1919 Browning MG M1 Garand Thompson MG BAR M3 Grease Gun

Head Covers: Tricorn Hat, 1775 Light Infantry Cap Bearskin Hat Shako, 1812 Hardee Hat Civil War Kepis Campaign Hat, Fore & Aft Campaign Hat, Montana Peak Spiked Pith Helmet Fatigue Hat Doughboy Helmet Service Cap, WWII Steel Pot Helmet Boonie Hat

M-79 Grenade Launcher M16 Rifle M-4 Carbine M60 MG M24X Sniper Rifle M252 Mortar LAW SAW

G.I. 2012 Infantry Silver Dollar Airborne tab Ammo Box Ball Extractor Bayonet News Belt Buckle, US Bicycle Cards (2,5, Q) Binoculars Bolo Bayonet Boot Bow and Arrow Buddy Poppy Bug Juice Bullet Mold Buffalo Nickel Bugle C-rations Caltrop Camel Back Waterbag Camo Face Paint Canteen cup (GI Joe) ,45 Cartirdge Pouch CH-47 Helicopter Chinese Coin (Boxer Rebellion) CIB Claymore Mine Combat Medic Challenge Coin

Crayon (Blood Red) Dog Tag, Civil War Dog Tag, WWII Dog Tags, current Draft Beer E-Tool Bayonet Expert Infantry Badge Expert Rifle Badge First Aid pouch Flak Vest Flashlight Folded Flag Folding E-tool Follow Me Patch Football (Last 100 yds) Foot Powder Gas Mask Goggles Hand Grenade, Ketcham Hand Grenade, M-67 Handie-Talkie Hatchet Haversack Horseshoe Humvee Hunter’s Knife Jeep K-rations Kilroy Letter From Home Lighter LRRP tab LRRP rations Machete Marksman Badge, Indian Wars Matchbook Mauldin Stamp Mess Kit Mess Spoon Mortar

Mortar Rounds Mountain Tab MRE’s Normandy Crosses “Nuts!” - Gen. A.C. McAuliffe Officer’s Sword P-38 Can Opener PRC-25 radio Pace Count beads Pacifier PDA Pennant Pistol Holster Scalpel Pointe du Hoc POW Powder Horn Powder Tin Queen Ranger tab Shako, 1856 Short Sword Shoulder Cord Sledge Hammer Slingshot Smoke Grenade SNAFU Stripes Stryker APC Survival Strap Tank (Renault) Tent Trench Knife Trifold E-tool USO (Donut Dollie) Utility Belt The Wall Wrist Watch WWI Whistle

Neither the United States Army nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this product. Any and all likenesses of branded items that may appear in this drawing are registered trademarks of their respective owners, and are used solely for descriptive and informational purposes.

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