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8.Configuring FogBugz for Asset Management
Once you’ve worked out your content flow and the social media networks you will be using for distribution and curation, enter them all in as custom fields using the custom field plugin within FogBugz. Next, use the Project Group feature in FogBugz to create a project group for your different web properties. As an example, if your organization has a website, you would create a project group for it. Within the group, you will be assigning projects that represent the main sections of your website, or the primary web products if that is how your website is broken down. You will want to create a new ticket for each piece of content that you create. Enter in the content’s URL, as well as the URL for different places where the same content could be found in different formats (part of your essential content elements). As you market the content, you will want to enter in the URLs showing where it was posted or can be found again. As you collect data on your online assets, you will be able to use FogBugz’s sorting and exporting tools to output reports. I have designed sorts which show me the content’s title and all of its associated URLs. When I export this data as a table, I am able to easily share it.


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