For Utilities in CRM 2007 there are 2 different call center profiles or scenarios:


This profile is used within the so called lean scenario. The scenario is based on a CRM2007 connected with an ISU/CCS-ERP system. The prerequisite of this scenario is a master data replication for the business partner and the contract account/business agreement between CRM and ERP. Most of the Utilities-specific applications within this scenario persist their data in ERP. The identification of a business partner for example is based on a query in ERP to allow searching with ERP-based-search criteria. This might be the reason why you do not find all business partners within this business role because the business partners have not been replicated successfully to the ERP-system.


The business role UTIL_IC is used for the full scenario. This means in addition to the UTIL_IC_LEAN-scenario that technical master data like the premises or point of delivery has to be replicated between CRM and ERP. The main focus within this scenario is on contract and quotation management. The customer contracts will be created directly in CRM. After entering all necessary data by the call center agent the customer contract/quotation will be persisted in CRM. If necessary the market communication in deregulated markets will be triggered and the contract will be on hold while this process is running. After completing all necessary steps the contract will be replicated via CRM middleware to ERP. So this scenario contains the full customer view with all objects needed for contract management. All processes from the UTIL_IC_LEAN-scenario are also available within UTIL_IC - except the movein-out-application that is replaced by the full contract management application.

In addition to these two call center business roles the sales specific business role UTIL_SALES is also available. The scenario is targetting to the Key Account Management (KAM) representative and supports the sales process for commercial and industrial customers (C&I).

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Sales Management for Commercial and Industrial customers . move-in/out.Office integration (MS Word) .Utilities: .CRM will be the front-end system used for interaction with the customer. campaign management. CRM supports communication with customers via a number of channels such as Internet and Contact Center. workflow for back office . Customer service management supports all service-oriented and customer-facing business processes.Activity management. it contains the full range of functions from the areas of marketing.Customer Service Processes Below are some processes available in the IC Web Client for Utilities: . service order management.Identification of business partner / contract account / premise .Campaign Management . This includes the operation of a call center or self services with utility-specific service processes like account and contact management. and customer retention. prepared overviews of business partner information . There are 4 main supported scenarios for mySAP CRM . sales.Different. Indeed. opportunity management.Changes to business partner / contract account . The selling of energy and services scenarios support all customer service and sales-oriented customer business processes. This includes the operation of a call center with utility-specific service and sales processes like account and contact management.Changes to bank data . CRM for Utilities is mainly used for selling energy and services scenarios and for customer service management scenarios. complaint and return management. and management of contracts and quotations.Sales Management for Residential .

.com. deferral .Other CRM core processes and customized FOPu2019s or BOR methods In order to understand some of the scenarios and because IS-U/CRM are tightly integrated.Malfunction message. it is better to have a good knowledge of the IS-U system. Best regards Stephanie .Move-in. Select Solution Details → Industry Portfolios → SAP for Utilities → Product Information → mySAP CRM for Utilities.Budget billing changes . Integration of the IS-U Data environment (IS-U Tree) . More information (and cookbooks) are available in the SAP Service Marketplace.Meter reading entry . service message (call front-office process) .Bill information / bill correction . Please let me know if it helps. move-out and move-in/out processes .Installation plan.