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INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS (Department of Science & Technology, Government of India) Koramangala, BANGALORE -560034
Advt. No. IIA/ 12/2011 dated 11.11.2011
  The   Indian   Institute   of   Astrophysics   (IIA)   is   a   premier   National   Institute   in   the   country   dedicated   to  research  in  Astronomy,  Astrophysics,  Allied  Sciences  &  Technology.  The  Institute  has  field  stations  at   Kavalur  and  Kodaikanal  in  Tamilnadu,  Guaribidanur  &  Hosakote  in  Karnataka,  and  Leh  &  Hanle  in  J&K.       India   has   joined   the   Thirty   Metre   Telescope   (TMT)   project,   the   next   generation   astronomical   observatory  that  will  be  located  on  Mauna  Kea,  Hawaii.    India’s  participation  in  the  above  project  is  led   by   premier   astronomy   and   astrophysics   institutes   in   the   country:   IIA,   Bangalore,   IUCAA,   Pune,   and   ARIES,  Nainital.   As   a   part   of   India's   in-­‐kind   contribution   to   the   Thirty   Meter   Telescope   (TMT)   project,   we   have   proposed  to  demonstrate  our  capability  to  develop  as  well    as    manufacture    various  systems  and  sub   systems   for   the   project   in   collaboration   with   industries   within   the   country.     In   this   connection,   we   require   a   few   young   professionals   who   need   to   work   with   industries   in   very   close   association   which   requires   frequent   visits   and   inspection   of   the   work.     In   addition,     we     envisage     the   participation   of   trainee     engineers   in     developing     control     and     structure     designs     for     the   proposed   National   Large   Telescope  (NLOT).       Applications   are   invited   from   the   young   and   bright   candidates   for   the   following   positions   to   work  in  the  above  project.     1.                  Name  of  the  position   :        Engineer  Trainee  (Electronics)       No.  of  position   :        One                          Qualification                         :         B.E.   /   B.   Tech.     in   Electronics   /   Instrumentation   Engineering   or   equivalent,     having   experience   of   1   year   in     electronic   control   systems,       embedded  systems.      Familiarity  with  Linux  and  Windows,      C,  C++   and   Labview,   PCB   design   software,   Or   CAD,   Altium   etc.   are   desirable.                            Age                                                  :                  Below  28  years.          

    knowledge     in     interpreting     Mechanical     Engineering   drawings.   familiarity   with   manufacturing   methods  in  Mechanical  Engineering.                  Name  of  the  position   :          Project  Assistant  (Mechanical)     No.                          Nature  of  work                            :          Follow  up  with  the  vendor  manufacturing  mechanical  components.                          Nature  of  work   :      The  selected  candidate  is  expected  to  deal  with  India's  work  packages  related   to  the  TMT.000/-­‐  (consolidated)                          Place  of  posting     :          IIA.    Actuators.                      Emoluments     :          Rs.  Koramangala.17.  the  trainee  engineer  will  also  be  given  a   responsibility   to   work   in   close   association   with   industries     involving   frequent     visits     to   the   company   premises  for    the    monitoring  as  well  as  inspection  of  the  work.   tolerances  etc.    In    the    beginning.                                Emoluments     :          Rs.                          Age                                                 :        Below  28  years.     2.12.   qualifications   and   experience   shall   be   the   closing   date   prescribed  for  receipt  of  completed  applications.  Koramangala.    2)   The   appointment   is   purely   on   temporary   basis   and   does   not   entitle   any   privileges   or   benefits   of   regular    employment.    Edge-­‐Sensors    and  the    SSA.        3)   The   date   for   determining   the   upper   age   limit.    Auto  CAD  and  Microsoft   Office  are  desirable.  of  position   :        One                          Qualification                                            :                  Diploma  in  Mechanical  Engineering  with  at  least    1  year  experience     in     inspection     methods     in     industry.  Bangalore.   Conduct   checks   on   specifications   given   in   drawing   like   dimensions.         Terms  &  Conditions  :      1)     The   selected   Candidates   will   exclusively   work   in   the   TMT   Project   and   tenure   of   the   appointment   will   be   initially   for   a     period   of   ONE   YEAR   and   extendable   by   another   year   subject   to   satisfactory   performance  in  the  first  year.  Operational    knowledge  of  the   Mechanical    Engineering  drafting  software.    primarily.  assembling  and  the   R&D  activities  will  be  carried  out.000/-­‐  (consolidated)                          Place  of  posting   :          IIA.   .  Preparation  of  reports  based  on  the  above.  Bangalore.    the    trainee    engineer     is  expected  to  help  setting  up  a  laboratory  at  one  of  the  IIA  campuses  where  testing.      During  prototyping  phase.

  ST   &   OBC   candidates   and   also   to   physically   handicapped   candidates  as  notified  by  Govt.    11)  The  last  date  for  receipt  of  application  30.   Sarjapur   Road.   2nd   Block.2011.    4)     Age   relaxation   is   permissible   to   SC.11.   Indian   Institute   of   Astrophysics.      8)     No   correspondence   will   be   entertained   with   the   candidates   not   selected   for   interview   /   appointment.  of  India  from  time  to  time.      6)  The  prescribed  educational  qualifications  are  minimum  required  and  mere  possession  of  the  same   does  not  entitle  candidates  to  be  called  for  interview.   the   Institute   has   the   right   to   limit   the   candidates   to   be   called   for   interview  on  the  basis  of  qualifications  and  experience  higher  than  the  minimum  prescribed  in  the   advertisement.    10)   Candidates   meeting   the   above   requirements   may   submit   their   curriculum   vitae   /   biodata     with   a   passport   size   photograph   pasted   on   the   top   of   right   hand   corner   together   with   copies   of   certificates   superscribing   “APPLICATION   FOR   THE   POST   OF   ___________________”   on   the   envelope     to   the   Administrative   officer.    Where  the  number  of  applications  received  in   response  to  the  advertisement  is  large  and  it  will  not  be  convenient  or  possible  for  the  Institute  to   interview   all   those   candidates.   Koramangala.        7)   The   Institute   reserves   the   right   to   cancel   the   entire   recruitment   process   at   any   time   without   assigning  any  reasons  whatsoever.   Bangalore  –  560  034.  Canvassing  in      any  form  will  be  a  disqualification.    The  Institute  also  reserves  right  to  call  for  interview  only  those  candidates  who  in  its   assessment  are  likely  to  be  more  suitable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Administrative  Officer     .                                                                                                                              5)     Outstation   candidates   called   for   interview   will   be   reimbursed   to   and   fro   train   /   bus   fare   by         the   shortest  route  limited  to  second  sleeper  class  railway  fare  on  production  of  tickets.