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Forthcoming Theatre Visits
12 people enjoyed Kiss Me Kate directed by Trevor Nunn at Chichester Festival Theatre on Sunday 5th August. Excellent direction & staging, a strong cast, well known songs and lots of humour had us all spellbound for 3 hours – a first rate production

Oliver! By Lionel Bart adapted from Charles Dickens Theatre Romsey


Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th August 7.30pm Tickets £9 Youth Theatre Who doesn't know the story of Oliver Twist? Lionel Bart's version of the story has been with us since 1960, and was made world famous by the 1968 film. Food Glorious Food, I'd Do Anything, You've Got To Pick a Pocket Or Two - the list of famous songs goes on and on.

2 Plays Broadcast Live from the National Theatre at the Picture House Harbour Lights, Ocean Village, Soton
The Last of the Haussmans A new play by Stephen Beresford.
Thursday 11th October 7pm Tickets £13.00
Julie Walters plays Judy Haussman with Rory Kinnear and Helen McCrory as her children in this eagerly anticipated new play: a funny, touching and sometimes savage portrait of a family that's losing its grip. Anarchic, feisty but growing old, high society drop-out Judy Haussman remains in spirit with the Ashrams of the 1960s while holding court in her dilapidated Art Deco house on the Devon coast. After an operation, she is joined by wayward offspring Nick and Libby, sharp-eyed granddaughter Summer, local doctor Peter, and Daniel, a troubled teenager who makes use of the family's crumbling swimming pool. Together they share a few sweltering months in this chaotic world of all-day drinking, infatuations, long-held resentments, free love and failure Cast includes: Rory Kinnear, Isabella Laughland, Helen McCrory, Matthew Marsh, Julie Walters..

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare Stars Simon Russell Beale
Thursday 1st November 7pm Tickets £13.00
Wealthy friend to the rich and powerful, patron of the arts and ostentatious host, Timon of Athens is surrounded by freeloaders and sycophants. He vastly outspends his resources but, finding his coffers empty, reassures his loyal steward that all will be well. When he calls upon his associates, instead of offering help, they hang him out to dry. After a final, vengeful banquet, Timon withdraws to a literal and emotional wasteland, living off roots and pouring curses on a morally bankrupt Athens.

Our Country’s Good by Timberlake Wertenbaker Theatre
16th October 7.30pm Tickets £8.50


Our Country’s Good is the true story of a ragbag cast of convicts, who put on a play under the guidance of an earnest young marine officer. As the barriers between captors and captives break down, they start to discover each other, both onstage and behind the scenes...

A Christmas Carol at The Lighthouse, Poole
11th December 2012 7.30pm Tickets £10
Music composed by Alison Stephens and performed by Norman Chalmers Mike Maran tells the Dicken's classic story – ‘a mesmeric storyteller’ (The Stage) and Norman Chalmers plays the music on concertina, tin whistle and thumb piano.

Scrooge is a terrible miser – but he can’t be all bad. He could hardly become so beautifully transformed at the end of the story if he never had the potential in the first place. The ghosts are not so frightening – well maybe just a little bit scary. They lead Scrooge down the roads of the past, present, and future because he wants to see everything that they can show him. Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, laughs all the way through the story. If you should happen, by any unlikely chance, to know a man more blessed in a laugh than Scrooge’s nephew all I can say is that I’d like to know him too.

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