Internet Cafe’ Business Management: Key Implications

1. 2. 3. Internet café should be in reach of target audience There should be enough space in an Internet café to roam about to avoid any sort of congestion Café administration needs to make sure that they know the preferred timing of their routine customers so that any delay due to the unavailability of the system could be taken care of. A Small customer survey can help to solve that problem. Internet speed should be adequate in proportion to number of average users using Internet simultaneously. However, high Internet speed should not lead to the wastage of available bandwidth. That would only result in rise in cost of providing Internet café services which will leave negative impact over the profitability of the whole net café business. Café front desk staff should possess pleasing and welcoming attitude towards the customer. It matters a great deal on how they deal with their client, they attitude will translate how customer focus the organization is. Furthermore, Support staff along being friendly and helpful They should be supportive to the customers if they face any trouble in using services. Hardware should be reliable to give performance. Not only café should have quality hardware but they also need to make sure that hardware does not pose any health hazard on the user. For example monitor should not cause eye strain, keyboards and mouse should be a cause of any sort of discomfort on arm or hands. Computer systems should have all the related productivity software needed to use Internet and read files in popular formats like PDF Café administration should ensure the privacy of each customer. And should take measure that discourages any sort of intrusion on their data, which might be confidential. Environment should be clean and hygienic. Smoking should not be allowed







10. How Regular customers are dealt? How they are valued? How new customers are Valued? they are adding major contribution in the profits. Where Complimentary drinks is a way to welcome new customer, giving free hours or “Happy Hours” to regular customer might be a good incentive. 11. When customer leave, café front desk or person at receiving bill should be efficient to help them complete the transaction quickly and give them some gift that would remind customer of that net café. A key chain or MP3 Cd of a choice from collection, can be a good gift

Service Quality Dimension of Sahara Airlines
o o o o o Food / Beverages Newspapers Movies Music Staff uniforms- Air India’s staffs always wears a printed blue sari.

when demand for service exceeds supply. etc. Airlines face the problem of inventory mainly due to irregular demand patterns. . These key players are labeled on the vertex of the triangle shown below. Colour and design . Conversely. For example. Customer travelling to the point of service production. INVENTORY Service businesses cannot normally stockpile their output. laptops. Often customer being co-consumers with other customers and. So the service marketer has to think of ways in which he can satisfy his consumers in an efficient manner. Seats and cushions Audio / Video facilities for work or pleasure Fax. If someone cannot get a seat on one flight another carrier gets the business or the trip is cancelled or postponed. because the time bound nature of service delivery makes it impossible to inventory the finished goods. The inseparability of services leads to: o o o Customer being co-producer. Baggage retrieval Flight bookings INSEPARABILITY Many services require customers to participate in creating the service product. All the above three problems are face by the service marketer in the airline industry. the excess business may be lost.Jet airways have blue colour tickets.o o o o o o o Logos . Hence. it is very important for the company to consider the customers as a part of the company in order to serve them better. promote and deliver services.Air India's centaur is the logo and maharaja is the mascot. In the airline industry. the potential income from an empty seat of an airline flight is lost forever once the flight takes off. The inventory for airline industry is mainly the food and the aircrafts spares and parts. the customer has to be physically present in the service factory. he is coming in direct contact with the service provider as well as other customers of the airline. In the airline industry. The Services Marketing Triangle The services marketing triangle shows the three interlinked groups that work together to develop.

The list of internal and external stakeholders is based on a Public Health Department Internal Stakeholders              External Stakeholders               Director of Public Health Head of Health Intelligence and Information Procurement Director of Nursing Public Health Strategists Public Health Management Analyst Director of Programmes and Services Research Scientist Communications Environmental Health Intelligence Analyst Public Health Manager Trustees Board committee members Local Authority/council Providers Acute trusts Patients Service users Customers Suppliers Funders Quality assessors LINk group Special interest groups Health visitors/school nurses Wider public health workforce Media .

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