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Plan for Success: Knowledge Worker Training and Onboarding Are Easy with Process Automation
No matter how large or small a company is, employee turnover is inevitable. Although smart employers work hard to retain good people, few give enough thought to ensuring effective onboarding of new hires that will ensure their success. Costs of recruiting, hiring, and training knowledge workers vary, ranging from 50% to 200% of an employee’s annual pay, or more. Even with thorough training, vital details are often forgotten, passed over, or incorrectly understood. The resulting inconsistency, mistakes, and erratic service can damage a company’s reputation. Reliance on knowledge workers is steadily increasing. Regardless of their area of specialty, their knowledge, skills, and abilities drive company decisions, priorities, strategies, and organizational performance. This is risky for organizations as workers retire or move on, since knowledge is lost.



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The new person’s challenge is your challenge
Skilled new employees live in the shadows of their predecessors. No matter how hard they try to imitate those who precede them, discrepancies are inevitable: The same work is done, but in a slightly different way; Some of the details are missed; They initially accomplish less. Many knowledge workers know there’s a gap, but lack information to fill it. Your job is to bridge the gap effectively, for the lowest possible time investment and cost. But how?

From diminished to distinguished performance
Imagine having your top performers available 24/7 to instruct new employees about the most efficient way to complete their work: No details would be missed. Consistency would be guaranteed. Productivity would increase. Delays and service interruptions would be history. Employees would succeed. The good news: continuity isn’t a pipedream. With business process management (BPM) software, processes are designed, enforced, and executed according to your business rules.



BPM makes new tasks manageable for existing employees. make informed decisions. helping managers make smart decisions and giving workers confidence to assume new roles successfully. accept applications online. phone inquiries. Prioritize work Whether work is prioritized by request date.com/…/156-plan-for-success-knowledge-worker-training-and-on-boarding-are-easy-with-pr… 2/4 . wherever you are. 4. or other criteria. expertise. Work is reallocated to employees who aren’t familiar with the tasks involved. Abrupt scheduling changes or illness result in incomplete knowledge. Customer needs go unmet. accelerating turnaround and managing timelines. Problems inevitably emerge: Projects are delayed or dropped. BPM gives employees the information.Plan for Success: Knowledge Worker Training and On-boarding Are Easy with Process Aut… Automated. 2. It lets you: 1. Work is delivered to the right people in order. priority status. Progress is transparent. and other documents or transactions launches preestablished business processes. etc. Time is saved. Tasks are logically reallocated based on absenteeism. rulesdriven automation ensures prompt handling. 3. hire. and train employees. Supervisors lose precious time assigning work. eliminates errors. Data from forms. docfinity. on time. Accelerate the hiring process Anyone who has tried to replace employees knows it’s challenging. Unfamiliar and unwieldy processes can be shared among multiple people according to job role. and ensures work is done properly. Employees grope after what to do next and how to do it. and accelerate hiring. Processing errors are eliminated. ensuring deadlines are met.7/24/12 DocFinity . BPM ensures process transparency. Digital tracking and web access let you monitor candidates’ status. or permanently. or receive both paper and electronic files. Distribute work effectively while awaiting replacements Employers typically need eight weeks or more to recruit. step-by-step processing reduces on-boarding costs. helping you address delays. and confidence to proceed. Whether it’s for a day. Multiple trainers emphasize different information. critical information is missed. several months. packaging. and forwarding electronic documents to the right people quickly for timely review. Simultaneous desktop delivery of files to multiple reviewers lets you schedule interviews quickly. BPM keeps the hiring process moving by gathering. By automatically pushing tasks to workers and providing desktop access to pertinent data at the right point in the business process. In contrast. Hiring people whose skills align with your needs before they’re offered other options is critical. worker productivity. explaining and reviewing tasks. Standardize training Training consistently well is challenging. Specific times are allotted and monitored for task completion. or workload. deadlines. tools. prompt action is ensured as files are received and acted on according to the best practices and business rules you lay out. and making sure procedures are followed consistently. managers ensure nothing is overlooked. Whether you scan paper applications. streamlines employee training. Too often.

and recognition of each worker’s strengths and limitations. productivity increases and success is ensured. 7. Automated routing that expedites processing and maximizes efficiency. consistent training that is equally accessible to every employee. By providing desktop access to the work and information they need. Departing employees no longer means temporarily lowering expectations or compromising service. customized service—and achieve them. work is automatically reassigned according to your rules. delivering: Thorough. BPM helps knowledge workers to succeed. ongoing guidance.com/…/156-plan-for-success-knowledge-worker-training-and-on-boarding-are-easy-with-pr… 3/4 . Prioritized tasks. higher accuracy. Document signatures are missed.7/24/12 DocFinity . and Allocate work appropriately until new employees reach maximal productivity. docfinity. and how. and Unappealing tasks are shoved repeatedly to the bottom of the pile. when. Projects are stalled when supervisors are absent and workers aren’t sure how to proceed. Monitor productivity New employees and workers assigned unfamiliar tasks need time to become fully productive. faster Even first-rate employees occasionally make mistakes: Steps are overlooked. Access to all of the information needed to perform their jobs. and individual productivity. too Strong employee performance depends on more than good hiring. Sequential instructions that makes sure no steps are missed. Determine which employees can tackle new tasks. keeping processes moving. Automated task prioritization guarantees customers are treated fairly. and Insights that help you to build on employee strengths. and pushing tasks onward sequentially. BPM gives managers real-time insight into organizational. It requires thorough training. Deliver better results. BPM lets you set higher expectations— increased work volumes. 8. Sequential instructions ensure nothing is missed. 6. Monitor the productivity of new employees. BPM helps you to: Maintain oversight on the volume of incoming work. ensuring work is done by the right person at the right time. Automatic alerts signal sensitive deadlines or major projects. by the same rules and timelines—and the digital trail proves it. Retain valuable knowledge—and keep workers happy. When someone’s absent. letting you reallocate work to persons with more experience or fewer deadlines. Gain insight into bottlenecks affecting employee performance. Unobtrusive views of processing bottlenecks help you identify where adjustments are prudent. Identify areas where additional training is needed.Plan for Success: Knowledge Worker Training and On-boarding Are Easy with Process Aut… 5. With BPM. helping them make necessary changes quickly. As employees move on you can maintain established standards: workers have the tools to ensure benchmarks are maintained. Raise the bar on performance—and meet it Good hires inevitably hope to become star performers. your rules govern what’s done—by whom. departmental.

7/24/12 DocFinity . top-quality work. New employees no longer feel inadequate compared to their predecessors. Managers benefit from consistent. For more information or to schedule a demonstration. Fortunately. and create a solid plan. If you recognize the outlay as a costsaving investment in your future.3241. and vault the hurdles that stand in your way.” “It’s too difficult. putting you further behind in the race. Customers benefit from timely service. embrace the potential for meaningful change. Success—it lies in the details BPM mechanizes mundane tasks so employees can concentrate on using their skills and talents to serve customers and improve institutional performance.com/…/156-plan-for-success-knowledge-worker-training-and-on-boarding-are-easy-with-pr… 4/4 .” and “We don’t want to change how we do things. the stage is set for success. please Contact DocFinity now. easy-to-implement solutions based on mature technology are available in the marketplace. Home About Us Site Map Privacy Policy Contact Us docfinity. from the very beginning. All Rights Reserved \ Questions? Call 800. Yet if you want to stay competitive. accurate information. today affordable. run with resolve. and fair treatment. © 2012 DocFinity \ Optical Image Technology. Perceptions of “It’s too expensive. With desktop delivery of work accompanied by the tools and information your workers need.678. Deciding not to move forward—or to put it off until later— carries a high cost. Inc. they can become masters of detail. choose a proven vendor that is committed to your success. Employees accomplish more in less time.” are just a few of the hurdles most managers face.Plan for Success: Knowledge Worker Training and On-boarding Are Easy with Process Aut… Want to stay ahead? Jump those hurdles Trying to embrace the idea of change and implement the technology that’s needed is challenging for many. you must chart a straight course.

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