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Explanation Essay Guideline
Scheme Introduction  Provide a background of the Phenomenon/topic (“grandmother’s stories”)  Introduce the Phenomenon/Topic (Provide definition if possible) Body  Explain the process one by one  Explain the substeps/sub-process within each major process/phase  Explain the steps/process in detail, supported by citations.  The focus should be on the PROCESS (HOW), not just telling your readers what it is. Sample (Based on Unit 3 – Task)

Animation Production Process
Animation is defined as “moving objects with interesting graphics and story line” (Adams, 2010, p. 5). Producing an animation is a very complicated and daunting process. It requires a lot of resources and highly-skilled animators especially when state-of-the-art graphic simulations are needed. There are four major phases in the production of an animation as shown in Figure 1 (refer to Appendix).
Quotations Don’t forget to include page number

Before an animation is produced, it has to go through the pre-production stage. Firstly, the animators gather and discuss the concept or idea for the animation (Upin, 2012). According to Upin (2012), this process normally takes about three months to be completed. Ipin (2009) claims that during this process, the producer would verify what has been discussed and allow the animators to generate more ideas. Once the idea has been decided, the team proceeds to the research stage. In this stage, all necessary information about the animation is collected and analysed (Valerie, 2009). Next… After the pre-production stage…... Subsequently… Finally…..

Conclusion References

Not needed Provide the Reference list. Use “References” as the title of the list and NOT Bibliography of Works Cited. Please follow APA Referencing format. Include the diagram for the process (can be taken from books/resources but must provide the source, or you can draw it out on your own). Put some details to the diagram, not just the big heading. In your essay, ensure the diagram is referred to (highlighted in red in the Introduction paragraph)


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