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Republic of the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment OVERSEAS WORKERS WELFARE ADMINISTRATION Regional Welfare Office 5, Legazpi


OFW Reintegration Program 1. Executive Summary a. b. c. d. e. Name of Applicant Home Address Tel/CP No. Type of Business Business Address : JOSEPH PETER C. SAMONTE : No. 5 Zone 5 Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City : 09091270721 : Taxi Transport Services : No. 5 Zone 5 Magsaysay Avenue, Naga City

f. Brief History/Background : In 2009, when I was aboard as seafarer, I had the chance to engage in taxi transport business thru the support of my parents. My father applied a franchise and with the accumulative salaries I sent to my mother, the first unit of PDSAM Taxi was secured, thru a car financing loan. Due to my absence, the taxi unit and franchise was named to my father. It was indeed a self liquidating project/investment. The monthly amortization was paid through the income the taxi generates. I was even able to pay the monthly amortization of my new motor vehicle. Which was also named to my mother, for some reason. And again the chance thru this OWWA Reintegration program, hopefully I could have my second unit of taxi. g. Business Objectives : To take part in the upgrading of public convenience services in Naga and Bicol Region. : To start to invest for my future. : To augment income for my family.

h. Purpose Acquisition of Transport Service P Mitsubishi-Adventure GX TOTAL P Owners Equity Business Registration & Permit Franchise Fee/Cash on Hand 1 unit Motorcycle 1 unit Hyundai Accent Taxi TOTAL P P P P P Purchase Amount 80,000.00 60,000.00 68,000.00 700,000.00 768,000.00 Acquisition Year Grant Loan 718,000.00 718,000.00 P Owners Equity


March 2010 September 2009

Transport Service to be Purchased Particular Specification Mitsubishi-Adventure GX 5 sitters, Manual Transmission, Diesel, Power Steering TOTAL 2. Management and Organizational Chart

Quantity (1) P P

Amount 718,000.00 718,000.00

PDSAM TRANSPORT SERVICE Business Name Joseph Peter c. Samonte Owner Ed Sombrero Driver 1 Cris Elopre Driver 2

3. Marketing Aspect Service Description

: Provide transport service with route plying Naga to other parts in Bicol Region specifically to destinations resorts, hotels, airports and other tourist spots. 1. To directly provide personalized service to customers. 2. To provide calling cards or information materials to identified destination to widen market reach. 3. To provide discounts to valued customers.

Marketing Strategy

4. Technical Aspect Time and Days of operation

24 hours per day 26 days of operations per month P 1,000.00/day boundary system P 708,000.00 140,000.00 848,000.00

5. Financial Aspect TOTAL PROJECT COST Fixed Asset (land, structure, machine, equipment) Other operational expenses (utilities, etc.)


FINANCIAL VIABILITY Projected income for six (6) months P 1,000.00 x 26 days x 6 months -------------------------------Less expenses: Repairs and Maintenance P 200.00 x 26 days x 6 months = P 31,200.00 Loan Interest P 708,000.00 x 7.5 / 2 = P 26,000.00 Depreciation cost P 600,000.00 10


P 60,000.00 2

= P 35,000.00

P 93, 150.00 PROJECTED NET INCOME AFTER 6 MONTHS ---------------------------------------P 62,850.00

JOSEPH PETER C. SAMONTE Applicants Signature over printed name

______________________ Date of Submission