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Garden Of Love

(A Bouquet Of Poetry)

Himani Vashishta

About Book
GARDEN OF LOVE is a small collection of nine romantic poetry, written with love and passion. It will make you remember your own love story and you will fall in love again with love and the idea of falling in love. Some of the poems have been taken from Himanis book Princess Of Falcons. The book portrays the inner-most feelings of the poetess. She expresses her love for people by dedicating poems in their honour. Indeed, the theme of love itself is an interesting topic, in simple and eloquent style. Himani has truly pen down her emotions in an outstanding way.

Author. Her first poem was published in book Blossom Of India through a poetry competition held by Poet Of Mars an American Poetry Society but Himani is known for her Fantasy novel Princess Of Falcons which brought huge applause to her. She equally writes in both English and Hindi languages. Recently her Hindi essay Dukh has been published in book Anand and two Poetry books Garden Of Love and Let Him Play The Music Again are published online. Currently she is working on an Occult non-fiction, Astral Projection- Out of Body Experience. Born in (Bikaner) Rajasthan on 12th December, brought up in Haryana, Himani Vashishta has done MBA & LLB. She comes from an Indian family that takes pride in being part of a rich cultural heritage and traditions , now entwined with modern day living. She is a descendent of long line of ancestors who have been appreciated mainly for their scholastic attainments. From a very tender age, Himani has been inclined to write poetry and short stories. Her passion for fantasies developed a flair for writing a fiction. The author is a keen lover of art, won several prizes in painting, cartooning and acting. She has varied interest ranging from gardening, origami, occult sciences and astrology to blogging The writer loves to get feedback from her readers; she can be contacted

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To my best friend Jyoti Verma

The kind of friendship I always seek was rare to find, As it is too difficult for anyone to read my mind Sharing each others darkest secrets, we made each other bind I tell you my all worries and you make them grind Jyoti, Friend like you is very difficult to find In the journey my life, I can never leave you behind Thanks for always being so loving and kind!!

1. Dreaming Of You 2. Good Friday 3. The Last Embrace 4. Angelic Beauty 5. Attraction 6. True Love 7. Portrait Framed In Gold 8. I Am Not Yours 9. Unconditional Love

Dreaming Of You....!!
Lay my head upon my pillow I crawled in bed, Sorrows of my past life again made me feel like dead. Then behind my eyes your angelic face came, making me happy from sad, I felt, for getting your love, I was really growing mad. Since the day I had fallen for you, my heart was on fire To be with you was my one and only desire. Thinking of you and me, soon in sleep I retire The dream I saw that day, I still miss and admire. In my dream we were together and everything seemed so fair. You're the person I need and the one who was there. Everything was serene and bright Everything was beautiful and right, We were standing facing each other, under the moonlit night Together we were so happy with no sorrows and no fright For a long we couldn't speak anything in our great delight Looking upon the stars in night, wishing with all my might Hoping today you will realize the passion I hold inside

Honey you're the one I always miss I wanted to tell you with a sweet kiss As always this opportunity I again miss And waited for you to say all this Without saying a single word you just gave me a sweet kiss Now my heart was flying by with angel wings And the silver shiny clouds form into wedding rings God was blessing our love and angels sing In the midst of the dark, You held me tight in the park Inside our hearts there was a spark Your lips touched mine and I quiver For my desire had made you shiver I watched the moon light flicker on your angelic face I watched you lay there, for me a beautiful place I felt truly blessed for the sweetest moments we were sharing with God's grace I too lay there near your place, my heart was thumping with pace of horse race Lying under the dark skies, we were looking into each other's eyes The touch of your hands against my skin, Brought to my face a lustful grin

Feeling your arms around me and hearing your breathing. I felt your lips on my cheek, soft, gentle and quivering Pulling your shirt loose, touching you underneath it, I put my hand on your chest, to felt your raised heart beat I felt as if I had drank wine as you kissed my lips I tried to speak but they only lisp You hold me tighter, Kissing and Kissing, coming closer, Now we were tangled up together Your kisses deepen, making me more sunken As you kissed me from top to toes, My soft body felt like a blooming rose We felt like kissing forever, Eyes closed, lips locked forever and ever. Yet it was a dream But even in reality I felt you there Controlling me Winning me Overriding me Untie me Taking me Consuming me Releasing me I felt as if you were my revelation, my salvation, and I was losing myself to your temptation. Time stopped like a dried river! Lying in your arms......... Closing my eyes, contended. Feeling your sweet breath on my face, I fall asleep, Again dreaming of you.

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Staring his picture at my computer screen, For a moment, I felt something different in the air, I could not help myself but to stare. Thinking of our first meet near to arrive, My heart felt like singing and so alive. It seems like a dream that soon we will be together, Talking, laughing, touching and knowing each other. In him I see a good friend with a listening ear, Understanding me, even though hes always apart, never been so near. I often wonder, just to see a strangers smile, What made me ready to visit a mile? In millions I felt we are one of a kind, The day our chat begun, he always remain in my mind. A perfect Vampy couple, thats rarely found, Our imaginations make us feel like flying together above the ground. Flying in the sunny sky, where no pain, no cries. Dont know why it is happening like this, The whole day I go on miss him and miss I hadnt imagined in the start, I am going to like him so much with my whole heart. I imagine the moment when Ill hold his hand in my own, Would that be the loveliest moment my soul has known? I know in our first meet, he is going to smiled at me with his warm caring face, And suddenly I am gonna feel heaven at that place. When I'll be with him there's nothing to say, Except I promise my lifetime friendship to him for each and every day. Well, tomorrow is going to be Our Good Friday, The poem is dedicated to my Vampy, whom I miss each and every moment of the day.

The Last Embrace

Good Bye Love! I spoke those words fighting my tears, He seemed voracious, I seemed anxious. Taking a step ahead, I hugged him, He was not sure about that hug like it wasnt for him. Tears and pain had made my eyes red, Anger and arrogance had made his eyes red. I was holding him with all my tenderness, But my love, my emotions everything seemed to him meaningless. His fake love had given me my lifes deepest wound, Meek, submissive, I wasnt even able to raise any sound. I fought my tears but they fall, In his heart he knew his fault at all. I had loved him like no other before, Not knowing so many tears were in store. Touching his face with my hands, so cold and frail, I felt the features of one of the most handsome male. He looked as handsome as a full Moon, The only man I bid to stare from night to noon. With my all grace I made our last embrace, I felt his arms for me no longer tender and safe. No marks of pain or repent on his face, Is there any feelings left in him, I wanted to trace. My broken, blooded heart was thumping at a great pace. In my heart I knew it is our last embrace, Indeed that was our last embrace, The last embrace

Angelic Beauty

Just at dawn, when everyones asleep, I saw her wandering through the night. Dancing and singing, enjoying the shower Her lips, her eyes, her soul were like a work of art, Her sweet face, neither creture nor flower It seemed to me, like a fairy dancing in moonlight. No colours could express Her deep beauty in painting That Angel has stolen my heart And caught its beat.

In a great hustle & bustle, while passing through a crowded road, Suddenly a shiny- innocent face caught my attention. At 6 Ft. And sharp features, He seemed a perfect piece of masculine creation. Turning back for my place, he was following me on that realization, I felt in me a weird sensation. Didnt know whats happening to me, in panic I picked up speed on that realization. He lost my sight; I came back to my place with mystified expression, Now somewhere I was missing him, I would frankly like to mention. An hour later roaming at some other place, I saw him standing in front of me by Gods gratification, His innocent eyes showing for me some affection. Startled to see him again, I didnt knew myself, That now what should be my reaction? Changing my route, fearing he might follow me again, I started walking briskly in that apprehension. His fast pace and facial expressions were showing this time his determination. Stopping and waiting for the lift, when I looked into his eyes, I felt with him some kind of heavenly connection. Lift came- lift go, we were standing in front of each other speechless, Staring each other with a strange sensation. Finally he dared to speak, Stunned and speechless for a few moments, I felt as if I was in some intoxication. Now whenever I see him my heart skips a beat, as for him I feel some attraction. I wish for my new friend Ill always have same fascination and affection.

True Love
Years have passed without seeing you, But Time Cannot Erase True Love! Life is about love, and thats why I Love you. You look so handsome all the time, Even I dont have words to write the best rhyme. You are so lovely; I want to stand by you closely. In my life I have never wished for fortune or fame, My Only wish was to be your wife and to share your last name. I made you my Husband, with love and respect. To spend with you the rest of my life, Alas! Our Destiny made us grow apart, Still I assert Time Cannot Erase True Love! Love only comes once, so dont miss it. When you find it, dont let it go. Trust your love; your love will trust you. Dont let it go, things will be all right. Time Cannot Erase True Love! For when hearts beat together, Eternal love glows forever. I will love you for the rest of my life, Coz Time Cannot Erase True Love! Years have come and years have gone, Still in my heart your place is high.

Its true that I have grown older, But our love will never die. Bcoz Time Cannot Erase True Love! The language of true love is forever Thats why love goes away never!

Portrait Framed In Gold

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL You are so sweet You make my life bright Your eyes so gleaming, Your lips are so moist Your Cheeks are so rosy Like sight of a brilliant rainbow, Your voice a gentle breeze in my ear your Blue eyes, Full of life, Full of love Like stars twinkling in the sky When I look into your beautiful blue eyes I can see They speak of a thousand things Your radiance lends warmth To the sun, at high noon You are beautifulLike a portrait, framed in gold In comparison to you Even fire seems cold.

I am not yours!!
You have a beautiful spirit, still I m not yours. Your love for me is eternal and complete, still I am not yours. Oh! You plunge me deep in love, still I m not yours. Wana Swept by the tempest of your love, still I m not yours. Sometimes longs to Lost as a light is lost in light, still I m not yours. I close my eyes and shed those tears who compels to love u, coz I my not yours. As I realize, That though distance between us, Kept us apart but only in body, And never in heart, still I m not yours. Time has come where I have to lay my joy, love and my need of you in the interest of my own people. Call of duty demands I cant be yours.

Unconditional Love
My love to you, forever be an unconditional love. My love to you, needs no statement. Between you and I honey, no concealment. There is no way you were created by chance, I see your face in the moonlight, You make the darkest places bright. You are so amazing, I see you in every glance. Surely loving you was irresistible, And leaving you seems impossible. My thoughts are all of you, Every night, every day, Not begging for your love, but I love you every day.

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