Rabab Maher

A Symbol of My Love
My Declaration
Going out to the world is a long journey
Every step I take, I do so with pride
Confidence is all they see as I stride
They can’t fathom why my beauty I hide
On the streets bewildered eyes at me stare
I return their gazes with smiling eyes
They wonder about my covered hair
And the reason behind my “foreign” disguise
They assume I’m bound by my beliefs
An enslaved soul, a prisoner behind my veil
They think I’m a figure of oppression
A lost silhouette hiding behind a male
Though my beauty from the world I choose to conceal
I have an identity, a voice, and a mind of my own
My inner beauty to them I’ll happily reveal
Because of my veil, as a human, I’ve grown

For poetic reasons I chose to refer to them as “Mothers of Faith”.My hair. 8th October 2005 ~ London Please visit WorDe3yne: White Cloud’s Breathings for more poetry. Saturday. my love for the Prophet. . Peace Be Upon Him My third to emulate the Great Mothers of Faith [1] A decision that was not made on a mere whim I don’t practise the veil for the sake of any man Nor because it happens to be the fashion of the day I practise it because I Love my Creator and Him alone And for His Love I’m happy to submit to His way [1] In Islām. the words of Allah I’ll obey Since I’m willing to declare my love to others As a sign of my respect and appreciation So why not do the same by donning my veil? And submit to Allah and let it be my declaration Let me make my message clear: My first reason for the veil is to Please Allah Second. the honourable wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are entitled “the Mothers of the believers”. my body aren’t for others to see Trying to live my life with honesty everyday Not a slave to modern day conventions to “fit in” With an open heart.

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