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Vol.2 Issue 21 02.24.05

What has six arms, six 10 legs and sex? 12 Top off your tray with tapas

Gift your favorite G.I.

Editors Notes
Threesomes: the sexual ideal of many, the sexual reality of only a few. Girl, girl, guy or guy, guy, girl, whatever the male/female ratio, the mnage a trois embodies the freedom and urge of human sexuality. But these brief erotic encounters share little more than bodily fluids and orgasms. On page 10, Jayplay writer Paige Worthy shows us that conservative and Kansan dont always go handin-hand. She introduces us to another type of situation in which more than two folks are fulfilling their fleshly desires. We meet Rob, Cat and Shan, all members of a polyfidelitous triad. Unlike the mnage a trois, polyamory is not about just sex. Members can be in committed loving liaisons similar to the dyadic relationships that Western culture has become so accustomed to. The main difference is that with an extra person comes extra personality, extra emotions and, well, extra sex. Whether it is two, three or four people in a relationship, romance is required to make it work. Ashley Doyles article Every little bit helps on page six reminds us that even in small doses, thoughtful gestures make it work. Thoughtful and romantic perfectly describe the best gift I have ever received. Years ago, I was away from my family on a holiday and feeling very homesick. Noticing that I was feeling a little down, the guy I was dating told me to pack a bag. We were going on a trip. He drove me to the airport and we flew back to Kansas City to surprise my family. Trust me, a little bit goes a long way. Liz Beggs, associate editor

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Johnny Cashs Birthday Bash feat. Honeywagon/ Pendergast, Daveys Uptown, 3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., 10 p.m., 21+ Sons of Brasil, The Blue Room, 1616 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Mo., 8:30 p.m., all ages, $5 Tri Point Paradox, Jazzhaus, 926 1/2 Massachusetts St., Lawrence, 10:30 p.m., 21+, $4 Big Metal Rooster/Speakeasy/ Brody Buster Band, The Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., 18+, $5 to $7

Architects/The Ants, Jackpot Saloon, 943 Massachusetts St., 10 p.m., 18+ Comedian Brian Regan, The Uptown Theater, 3700 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages, $32.50 The Blood Brothers/The Chinese Stars/Mean Reds/Pixel Panda, The Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., all ages, $10 Backlash/The Rest of Us/Amsterband, Boobie Trap Bar, 1417 SW Sixth St., Topeka, 9 p.m., all ages, $5 over 21, $6 under 21 Pomeroy/Ludo/Tanner Walle, Abe & Jakes Landing, 8 East Sixth St., 8 p.m., all ages William Elliott Whitmore and Atone Atone, Replay Lounge, 946 Massachusetts St., 10 p.m., 21+, $2

thesistermaria/The Conversation/ Ocean Arms, Boobie Trap Bar, 1417 SW Sixth St., Topeka, 8 p.m., all ages, $5 over 21, $6 under 21

Mon 2/28
TABOO Gothic Dance, Daveys Uptown, 3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., 10 p.m., 21+, $5 The Boulevard Big Band, The Blue Room, 1616 E. 18th St., Kansas City, Mo., 7p.m., all ages, free Umphreys McGee, The Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., all ages, $12

Larry the Cable Guy

The Warriors/Calico System/ Reflux/Deadsoil, El Torreon Ballroom, 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages moe., Liberty Hall, 644 Massachusetts St., 9 p.m., all ages, $20.50 advance tickets/$22 day of show Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys/High Drive, Jackpot Saloon, 943 Massachusetts St., 10 p.m., 18+, $4

Unleash on Friday/The Fall of Athens/Afton, Boobie Trap Bar, 1417 SW Sixth St., Topeka, 9 p.m., all ages, $5 over 21, $6 under 21

Sat 2/26
Elevator Division/ Darling at Sea/ Matches the Sky, The Brick, 1727
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Jumprope for Heart/ One Million Tiny Tiny Jesuses/ Boo Hiss, The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., 8 p.m., 18+ A Change of Pace/ Greeley Estates/ Bent Left/ Scally Wags, El Torreon Ballroom, 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages Keller Williams, Liberty Hall, 644 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., all ages, $18 advance tickets/$20 day of show International Film - Twilight Samurai, Woodruff Auditorium, Kansas Union, Level 5, 7 p.m., all ages, $2

Sun 2/27
Causefest feat. Eyes of the Betrayer/Given With Honor/The Escape/Ocean Is Ours, El Torreon Ballroom, 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages Gwar, The Beaumont Club, 4050 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas City, Mo., 7:30 p.m., all ages Hot Rod Circuit/ Mae, The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., 8 p.m., all ages, $10

Ray, Woodruff Auditorium, Kansas Union, Level 5, 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., all ages, $2 or free with SUA Movie Card
Psilenus/Moniker, Jazzhaus, 926 1/2 Massachusetts St., 10 p.m., 21+, $3

Elevator Division

McGee St., Kansas City, Mo., 10:30 p.m., 21+, $7 Evermoum/Crazy Talk/Beyond the Fall/Skateomasochist, El Torreon Ballroom, 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys CD release, Daveys Uptown, 3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., 10 p.m., 21+ Sidewise, The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., 8 p.m., 18+

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Fri 2/25
Primetime Heroes/The Brighton Line, The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., 8 p.m., 18+ Kansas Silent Film Festival, White Concert Hall, 17th and Jewell Streets, Topeka, 7 p.m., all ages, free Brass Knuckle Choir/Iron Guts Kelly/Circle of Trust, El Torreon Ballroom, 3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., all ages

Wed 3/2
Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers/ Old Yeller, Daveys Uptown, 3402 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., 10 p.m., 21+ Tear at the Walls/ Something for Hope, The Bottleneck, 737 New Hampshire St., 8 p.m., 18+ Ronnie Baker Brooks, Grand Emporium, 3832 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., 7 p.m., 21+, $8 The Sound and the Fury, The Granada, 1020 Massachusetts St., 8 p.m., all ages

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02.24.05 Jayplay

Thoughts from
Photo by John Tran

Support deployed troops by sending a care package

By Leigh Ann Foskey, Jayplay writer


Soldiers overseas miss their family, friends and the occasional Snickers Bar. What better way to lift their spirits than to send a care package? The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as of Dec. 31 more than 1.4 million service men and women are on active duty. The KU Office of Veterans Services estimates there are 113 student reservists and 16 students overseas, but the information can be hard to track because many students dont report that they are being deployed. Capt. Rob Leicht, recruiting operations officer for the University of Kansas Army ROTC, was in Afghanistan for nine months and then in Iraq for eight months. He says that receiving anything is a welcomed opportunity. Mail call can be the highlight of the day for any deployed service member. Even something as small as a crayon drawing from a 2 year old can bring joy to deployed service members. Even if you dont know a troop overseas, you can still adopt one. For security reasons, the Department of Defense no longer allows items addressed to any soldier, but organizations like, and can help you find a soldier. On the and Web sites you can even prepare a care package. The organizations supply

you with a name, address and a list of interests for each soldier, so you can personalize your gift. On those Web sites you can choose from pre-made gift sets or you can select individual items to be placed in your box. Or, you can always choose to do it the old-fashioned way. Although it is always best to pack your soldiers favorite items, keeps a list of the most requested goodies. Twizzlers, board games and magazines are always popular, but dont forget to include things they actually need like sunscreen, toothpaste and new socks. Be creative and send things your soldier can appreciate, just dont forget the follow the rules. Because packages are sent to countries with different customs, the U.S. Postal Service has set up a Web site that lists what you shouldnt send to each country. Sorry guys, no nudie playing cards or pork rinds allowed. If you are sending a package to someone in a desert region, remember that its hot, about 100 degrees, so chocolate is probably not such a good idea. If you do send something that might melt or leak its smart to place the item in a Ziploc bag. Leicht says that service members can reuse the bags for many things, like storing wallets and photographs. Once you have chosen all of your goodies, pick a box that is large enough to hold

all of the items with room for cushioning. Because larger packages take longer to send, Leicht suggests that you keep your packages small, about the size of a shoebox. If you are sending the box through Priority Mail, the Postal Service requires that your package be no more than 70 pounds and that the length plus girth be no greater than 130 inches. Girth is the width of your package multiplied by two, plus the height multiplied by two, plus the length. You can fill the space with bubble wrap or packing peanuts from a post office or craft store, but a better (and cheaper) idea is to use a local newspaper, that way your soldier can keep up with whats going on at home. The Postal Service also suggests throwing in a card listing the boxs contents. Remember to seal the box tightly; taping all seams twice. Clearly label the box with a return address and Army Postal Code (APO) or Fleet Postal Code (FPO). The Postal Service can give you the nine-digit codes to ensure your package gets to where its going. You can even throw in a stamped and addressed envelope so your serviceman can let you know he received the package. Care packages are a fun way to show your support, but if you dont have the time or funds, just write a letter. Whatever you send its sure to bring a smile to a soldiers face.

4 Jayplay 02.24.05

Healing a nick in no time

Courtesy of and

When you shave, its common to get nicks and cuts. For ages, many a man has patched his face with a dab or two or 12 of toilet paper. While TP may keep your newly shaven face free of blood, the problem comes when you try to take off the paper. Removing the paper may reopen the wound, giving you a fresh burst of blood. Instead, try using a styptic pencil or an alum block, available at pharmacies. Both are made from natural astringents and cauterizing agents such as aluminum and potassium. Styptic pencils and alum blocks are available at Wal-Mart or most pharmacies and drugstores and range in price from about $2 to $20. Donovan Atkinson

Quick fix
Beaded Votives
If youre looking for a fun and easy way to spruce up your candles, try adding beads to them. Barbara Van Hoesen, event coordinator at Michaels Arts and Crafts, 3106 Iowa St., made a beaded candle to display at the store. To make your own, Van Hoesen suggests using double-sided Terrifically Tacky Tape, which you can find at Michaels, and any candle. Wrap the tape around the candle and then press the beads into the tape until theyre secure. Van Hoesen uses larger beads first and then fills in holes with clear micro beads. She says the candles are fun to make because they are so easy and can be customized to fit any holiday or event.

Lynn Hamilton


Every little bit helps

By Ashley Doyle, Jayplay writer hen Ben Katzs girlfriend, Kayla Dudley, woke up one morning she had the ultimate craving: Krispy Kreme doughnuts. And Katz delivered. He drove Dudley to Kansas City that morning to the closest franchise. After breakfast the Topeka sophomores spent the rest of the day in Kansas City driving around and then walking in the Plaza. Katz says his relationship of one year and nine months is romantic because theyre able to be spontaneous with each other. Katz says he does these little things for her, like the doughnut drive, because it shows her that shes worth him going out of his way. It shows her he cares. It wasnt the doughnut that was romantic; it was that Katz wanted to do something sweet for her instead of saying thats nice and then going back to sleep without a second

Photo by Kit Leffler

Kayla Dudley and Ben Katz keep their love strong by doing th elittle things. The two once took a trip to Krispy Kreme in Kansas City as a gift to each other.

Even the small things can add to a romantic relationship

thought. Whether its a picnic in the park, a doughnut run or dinner at the Hereford House that sweeps you off your feet, the concept of romance has one common theme, says Bob Weiss, University of Oregon psychology professor emeritus. It makes the one being romanced feel fabulous. In a sense, romance is like a drug that alters your state of being, Weiss says. It allows you to deceive yourself into believing all sorts of wonderful things and it is legal. Katz and Dudley also buy each other little presents. He says hell buy her flowers and lay them on her bed or put them on her desk when shes not there. As for Dudley, Katz says he enjoys her surprise visits to his place. Another technique Katz has on bringing romance into a relationship is to set tradi-

tions. Two or three times a month Katz and Dudley have a date night. They eat at a cheap Chinese restaurant then rent a movie. Katz says its their version of dinner and a movie. Salina sophomore Adria Jerkovich and her boyfriend Craig Orton live 40 minutes away from each other, but they still manage to see each other several times a week. Jerkovich and Orton have been together for three years and three months, and in that time Jerkovich has learned that having fun with her boyfriend is whats romantic. Jerkovich says if she leaves her place before her boyfriend, he will leave an Imgoing-to-miss-you note in her apartment before he drives back to Overland Park. Romance is important to Jerkovich because romance shows you still want

your partner. If you dont let your partner know youre still interested in them, things can get boring. Romance shows both people are still satisfied with each other, Jerkovich says. Showing you care doesnt need to be a huge thing, Jerkovich says she enjoys walking around Massachusetts St. with her boy while holding hands.For Jerkovich, it doesnt matter what it is she and her boyfriend do as long as theyre having fun together. As for romance, just know that it cant be a big production every time and that romance can come in small doses. Know not to expect things to be out of this world all the time, Jerkovich says.

Love stands the test of time. But right now, romance might feel more like work and less like love. To win over the heart of your mate, send him or her The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time by David Lowenherz. With letters from Ben Franklin, Mozart, Harry Truman and Napoleon, its bound to be a great exploration of love through the ages and bound to bring a little more lovin your way.

6 Jayplay 02.24.05

Erin Shipps

Courtery of


The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time

How we met

Not to make you all scared, but were eavesdropping on your conversations. Yes, we hear everything. And then we print it. But dont worry if you say something stupid, we wont identify you unless you owe us money or beer.

Wescoe wit

[Oh, you guys say some of the darndest things. ]

Renee Robinson & Denise Vann

High school friends to college buds

Photo by Samara Nazir

Renee Robinson and Denise Vann, both Lawrence freshmen, have been friends since high school. During those years, they had their lockers next to each other each. Since then, theyve been inseparable. They even worked together at the TJ Maxx in Lawrence when it first opened. When Vann transferred to the University of Kansas from Kansas State University, both started to hang out again, but not as much as they did in high school. Now, Robinson and Vann see each other when they go out because they do not have any classes together.

Guy 1: I tried calling Kate Sweetcheeks today. Guy 2: Howd she take that? Guy 1: She wasnt as mad as I thought it was a victory for both of us. Guy 2: Next time, try calling her something like Schnookieface Guy 1: No. Thats too cute Sweetcheeks is at least sort of offensive. Guy (talking to another guy): Yeah, the Honkers Aledont get that. Its like daisies. Its likedrinkin a mouthful of dandelion, justwatery, like a bunch of daisies. Just terrible. Girl 1: Why are all your M&Ms

green? Girl 2: I dont know. Do you want one? Ive already had, like, 25. Girl 3, behind them: Whats that I smell? M&Ms? Girl 2: Yep. Do you want one? Guy: Wait you can smell M&Ms? During a fire drill at Wescoe Guy 1: I say we form an angry mob! Guy 2: Im not angry, though. Im happy! This weather is beautiful. Guy 1: Oh. Well, we should at least pretend to be angry, then. We could pretend.

Samara Nazir

Paige Worthy



Cheese, Sausage or Pepperoni Pizza


Walk-In Only Dont call...just come on in !

Valid only on Saturday, February 26 at Lawrence store only. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes.

2233 Louisiana

Fifteen minutesof fame

By Robert Perkins, Jayplay writer

Illustration by Austin Gilmore

Forget American Idol, with Lawrences own 6News TowerCam, you can get your moment in the limelight without ever leaving Mass. St.

Its 3 a.m. The partys over and

youre crashed out on your couch flipping channels. You come across Channel 6 and your thumb stops, hovering over the channel-changing switch. The TVs showing a wide-angle shot of a street, and it looks familiar. Suddenly it dawns on you. Its Massachusetts St . And, just like that, youre faced with the same question that haunts so many Lawrence couch potatoes: what the hells the point of having a live feed of downtown, and why isnt someone down there doing something stupid on camera to entertain you? The camera feed comes courtesy of 6 Productions and runs when theres no other scheduled programming. Although the ever-shifting view of downtown Lawrence from atop City Hall usually just shows cars driving and people walking, the camera periodically catches entertaining shots of people who enjoy standing out on TV. One story has it that a DJ working at SetEm Up Jacks, 1800 E. 23rd St., a year or so ago got tired of seeing the same old scene. He challenged any girl in the bar to go flash the camera for two minutes, offering free drinks to any takers at least one of which he got. Matt Sayers, chief meteorologist for 6News, says hes seen

everything from people climbing flagpoles in their underwear to people humping fire hydrants to people settling for just flipping off the camera. Mitch Sandow, Salina junior, is one of the countless people who has gone out of his way to make a cameo on the TowerCam. One afternoon during first semester last year he and some friends decided to stage a fight for the camera while another friend watched back home. They drove around until the guy back home told them via cell phone that they were on TV. Then they parked their car, jumped out and started pretending to throw punches at kicks at each other. Theres some people walking by and some cars slowing down and were wailing on each other, and then we see a cop, Sandow says. To avoid tangling with the law, the group left, but not before their friend had videotaped their faked street fight. Since the TowerCam went on air in February 2003, Channel 6 has aired an estimated 9,000 hours of footage of downtown Lawrence. A former 6News meteorologist came up with the idea for a Lawrence TowerCam as a replacement for the News Plus scrolling news banner that had been filling in the gaps in Channel 6s programming. Channel 6 doesnt run any

Cant get enough TowerCam? Here are the times this week when itll be on: Monday: 12:00 a.m. 5:26 a.m. TuesdayFriday: 12:30 a.m. 5:26 a.m. 11 a.m. 5:30 p.m. Sunday: 12:30 a.m. 12 a.m.

syndicated shows, so it typically has about 12 hours of dead airtime to fill each day. The idea of filling it with material with a local slant fit with the stations theme and appealed to its managers. We at least have something that kind of says Lawrence, says Cody Howard, Channel 6 news director. Howard says that sometimes the camera catches newsworthy things in addition to the random naked flagpole-climber. It recorded footage of a hot air balloon that crashed into the river during August 2003 and has gotten good shots of various fires around town. It hasnt recorded a tornado (such as the one that swept through Lawrence in May 2003) or any crimes

being committed, though the police have asked from time to time. Howard and Sayers say that the station has gotten good feedback from the community about the camera, and that it plans to keep the camera in use. What isnt known is whether there will be more cameras anytime soon. A common misconception is that there are several stationed throughout Lawrence. The truth is that theres the one on City Hall, pivoting and zooming at the command of whoevers in the Channel 6 Weathercenter. There is another camera, EagleCam, owned by The World Company, but its only available on the Internet. Howard says that while he would like to see more cameras some day, it probably wont be discussed seriously for a while. The future of people messing with the TowerCam also remains uncertain but only in the sense that one can never be sure what theyll do next. Staged fighting is far from the limit of the imaginations of Sandow and his friends, who have already toyed with ideas such as taping porn to the camera. We also thought itd be really funny to get a giant nut costume and a giant squirrel costume and go chasing around, he says, but its hard enough just to find a giant squirrel costume.

8 Jayplay 02.24.05

The Lied Center of Kansas

Half-Price Tickets for KU Students!
Teatro Lirico DEuropa in


By Jessi Crowder and Chris Tackett

Bizets Carmen
The classic opera featuring a free-spirited heroine, powerful love story, jealousy and revenge.

Should you be a tiger or a kitten in bed?


I had a great relationship end two years ago and since then Ive dated around a lot. The problem is that Im not finding anyone nearly as good as what I had the first time around. Am I just not looking hard enough? Ryan, junior Jessi: They say nothing measures up to your first love, but I think thats bologna. The reason the people youre dating arent meeting your expectations is because youve placed your ex on a pedestal. Though it may have been a great relationship, you need to move on and admit to yourself that that person is no longer deserving of that position. Chris: Where are you looking? I dont get this looking for the right person crap. If your ex was the type of person you want to be with, thats fine. But when youre dating you cant compare every girl to your ex. At least you shouldnt. For whatever reasons, that relationship didnt work. Hmm, what could that mean? Oh, she was not perfect! So stop trying to find someone exactly like her! Q. Ever since I came to school, my parents have been bugging me to find that special girl to spend the rest of my life yet, but Im not sure Im ready yet. Should I start looking for her, or should I just enjoy my time in college? Andy, freshman Chris: Your folks think youre gay. No, seriously they do. They think youre gay, and for them the only way to prove you arent is for them to see you dating girls. Next time they bring it up tell them youre not ready to get married because youre having too much fun boning random chicks. Two birds, man. Jessi: Some people come to school to get married. Some people come to get an education. Some come to get plastered....And some come for all three. In this case, I wouldnt heed your folks advice. Be a big boy and focus on your goals now, not theirs. If youre not ready for a serious relationship, tell them so and then discuss what goals you do have in mind (minus the ice cream man-plan.) Hopefully, your parents will be understanding and supportive. Do girls like things rough or gentle in the bedroom? Im confused as to what I should be doing. James, sophomore Jessi: It varies for each woman. Sometimes, they like it rough n tumble, and other times they want sex to be gentle and romantic. Either way, make the woman feel loved, wanted and pleasured. Chris: Jessi is totally wrong. Every single girl likes it rough, messy and the exact same as the time before. And if they tell you differently, they are liars. And whores. If you havent laughed at this yet, you need to try actually having sex and youll soon realize that Jessi is completely right. Theres no steadfast, fool-proof method in bed. There doesnt even need to be a bed! Just go out there, do what feels good, pay attention to the noises, make sure the girl isnt crying, do what she tells you, and you should be OK. Got a burning question? E-mail us at

Saturday, February 26 7:30 p.m.

Pre-Performance Lecture, Dole Institute of Politics 6:30 p.m.


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The Philadelphia Dance Company


Friday, March 4 7:30 p.m.

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... Performers whose blazing physicality and commitment light up the stage. Village Voice

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University of Kansas

Photo illustration by Kit Leffler

Th e
It was a classic case of boy meets girl
meets girl. When Rob Hamm, Catherine Glewwe and Shannon Henry met, each says it was infatuation at first sight. Rob and Cat met first, in 2000, at a gaming conference, and Cat eventually moved to Lawrence from Minnesota to live with Rob. She confessed to him that shed always wanted to date other women but that she was already so deeply in love with him that she didnt want a relationship that didnt include him. Rob says he jumped at the opportunity to be in a relationship with two women, so he agreed to keep on the lookout for a new woman who would mesh with both their personalities. Enter Shannon. Rob first met Shan, who was living in Pennsylvania until early January 2005, through their online journals, but they met in person at another gaming conference, where they had arranged to share quarters, and the two immediately hit it off. Rob says that when the two women finally met in person last October, the chemistry was obvious. Outwardly, the three seem more like a few friends hanging out than three people in love, but tiny nuances in their behavior give them away: playful slaps on the thigh at a sarcastic comment, sideways glances and shy smiles at an outsiders mention of their relationship. Rob, though twice the girls age at 42, doesnt look a day over 30, wears a leather jacket and sports short, spiky hair. Shan and Cat, both in their early 20s, sit together next to him Shan has bright pink hair and silly socks, and Cat is soft-spoken and fairskinned. The three now live together in Lawrence and are what is known as a polyfidelitous triad, or polyfi triad for short. Polyfidelity is one of many divisions of polyamory, which literally means many loves. Polyfidelity differs from a monogamous relationship in that people form multiple romantic relationships with more than just a spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend. Its not cheating because their partners always know about it. And its not swinging, where swinging involves sex exclusively, polyamory is more concerned with emotions and relationships. Robyn Trask, managing editor of Loving More magazine, which is dedicated to polyamory and poly issues, says poly can be hard to define because there are so many different combinations of people in poly relationships. Poly relationships need not include sex, but they often do. In a polyfi triad, all three people involved promise each other they will be committed within the triad. Members would only begin a relationship with another person if that

ore m
occasional pangs of jealousy, and when they do, they work through it and get over it quickly. On her first date with Chris, Liz says he received text messages from his other girlfriend, who was acting as his wingman for the night. Ideally, poly people are all about compersion, being happy for their partners when they find a new way (or person, in this case) to make themselves happy. The term compersion as well as the concept of polyfidelity was coined by the Kerista Commune, a famous commune in San Francisco that was founded in the 1970s. In a polyamorous world, you say, I love you, and I cant be everything you need, nor can you be everything I need, so you have multiple loving relationships that balance out those neglected needs, Liz says. Jealously is never an issue within Rob, Cat and Shans triad, either Rob says, even though there are more peoples emotions to take into account. Jealousy can be avoided, he says, by keeping the lines of communication open at all times and always talking about their needs, desires and concerns. We can work it out Dennis Dailey, professor of social welfare, says communicating in a poly relationship can be more difficult just because of the numbers. In a dyadic relationship one with only two people there is a simple back-and-forth exchange

the merrier
If love is what makes the world go round, polyamory might be whats keeping the world turning
By Paige Worthy, Jayplay writer new person were to be included in that commitment; the triad would then become a foursome. But it doesnt have to stop at four: Poly relationships can grow to include as many people as its members can handle interacting with. Hey, jealousy Liz, Kansas City, Kan., senior, who asked that her last name not be used, is a secondary in an open poly relationship with a man, Chris, who has another girlfriend, his primary. Liz is romantically and sexually involved with Chris, but she doesnt share financial or domestic responsibilities like his primary does. Shes only become involved with him recently, but hes been with his other girlfriend for more than six years. He is the V, or center of the relationship, and Liz and his other girlfriend are not involved romantically in any way though they are friendly with one another. Hers is an example of a more open poly relationship instead of a polyfidelitous one the three of them are not exclusively together, which could potentially create an environment of jealousy. Liz says that she entered into this relationship after a string of bad experiences in traditional two-person relationships. She says she searched herself for signs of jealousy but found none once she understood the nature of the poly lifestyle. She says people in poly relationships experience only

10 Jayplay 02.24.05

required. But Dailey says theres no reason communication should be more important in a triad setting than in a dyadic relationship. In fact, he argues that there are fewer differences between dyads and triads than people may think. He says the individuals within each relationship are what determine the success or failure of the connection. American society, particularly the more conservative, religious part of it, places a high value on dyadic relationships and marriage between two people, he says, but the success rate of American marriages is just about 50 percent. The only real test of whether a relationship will survive, regardless of how many people are in it, is whether the people in it are differentiated enough, Dailey says. He describes a differentiated person as one who doesnt need external affirmation to feel validated. Problems arise in a relationship when someone develops a dependency on others to build self-esteem. A high level of differentiation and the ability to communicate openly and honestly are important in creating healthy, stable relationships. Its less about the numbers, less about who youre fucking : Its got a lot more to do with who you are as an individual and the context of that bond, Dailey says. Rob says hes never been happier in a relationship. But other peoples misunderstandings and judgments, even those of family and close friends, have made it more complicated for the triad to live normally. Shans sister back in Pennsylvania is the only one of their family members who knows about the triad. Shan says her sister doesnt quite understand the situation, but she isnt against their arrangement. Cat rarely speaks to her family and hasnt since she left Minnesota to move in with Rob; things got messy when they found out she was dating and going to live with someone twice her age. Rob says he sees no point in corresponding with his family much anymore. Theyre what he calls conservative religious fanatics who wouldnt understand his relationship with his girlfriends. Rob is not alone. Growing up in a Christian household, then breaking away from that upbringing is not an uncommon trend among polys nationwide. According to a survey of about 3,000 people who subscribe to Loving More, 87 percent of polyamorous people say they were raised in Christian households, but only 28 percent are still Christian in their independent adult lives. Rob says he feels most vilified by conservatives trying to protect the institution of marriage and their ideals of heterosexual, monogamous relationships. He says their criticisms are based on ignorance and closed-mindedness he says he thinks its funny that the most rabid antipoly people sling Bible quotes at he and his girlfriends. The Bible, he says, often

I know my friends reactions are out of love for me, but they still make me not want to tell them whats really going on in my life,

has a headache or doesnt want sex, and because jealousy doesnt play into their relationship, sex with just two of the three is completely acceptable and normal. Its not a prerequisite for polys to be into kinky sex. Liz says a lot of people envision poly relationships as all orgies and rampant badness. Some relationships may include orgies, group sex or other alternative sexual practices, but not all do. Rob, Cat and Shan say their sexual encounters are fairly normal about 90 percent of the time. But their openness to the poly lifestyle has also created openness to sexual experimentation, such as BDSM, a term for kinky sexual activity that includes bondage, domination and submission, and sadism and masochism. Rob says it adds spice every once in a while. Shan says that sex involving BDSM requires a strong foundation of love, trust and respect to make it meaningful and that she had tried it in the past, in other relationships, and never enjoyed it as much as she does with Rob and Cat. As much as wild, involved sex can make a relationship healthier and more exciting, it can also be time-consuming and physically exhausting. For three people trying to pay the bills and carry on normal Liz, member of a polyamorous relationship lives, it isnt something that happens all the time. I love going to Worlds of Fun, but I guy who just wants lots of sex. She says dont want to live on the Orient Express, her friends want to stage a sort of interRob says. vention, saying shes only kidding herself about not being jealous and not needThrees company ing a monogamous relationship with a Rob says his relationship with his girlfuture of marriage and family. She says friends is like most monogamous relapeople can get uncomfortable when they tionships hes seen except that he has dont understand polyamory. two people who say they want to spend I know my friends reactions are out of the rest of their lives with him. Since love for me, but they still make me not Shan moved in with Rob and Cat, want to tell them whats really going on in theyve been making the normal adjustmy life, she says. ments to living with other people: Cat and Shan say Rob mostly shrugs off shared space, leaving the seat up and peoples disapproval and goes about his squeezing toothpaste from the middle of life because he knows poly works for him the tube (the girls biggest pet peeve and makes him happy. They say he with Rob). But Cat says its nice to have acknowledges that he cant fully explain shared financial responsibilities, his relationship to everyone or convince another person to do things with and everyone that polyamory is a valid way of another person to cuddle on the couch living. with on late nights. As a heterosexual male, Rob will be able Rob says most nights are nothing out to live his life relatively normally in the of the ordinary and consist of convincing United States, but he says he gets furious one person to cook dinner, then settling when he considers the same-sex marback to do their own things: watching riage legislation under consideration by old episodes of Firefly on DVD, working the government. Fifty-one percent of the country has decided my girlfriends dont on their Web comic Blue Crash Kit, deserve civil rights, he says. Financial reading, even going to issues limit their mobility now, but they bed early. To the three have considered moving to Holland, of them, the alternawhere polygamy and same-sex marriage tive lifestyle doesnt are legal and more commonplace. seem exotic or foreign. Its just life, and Love rollercoaster life is good. Sexually, poly relationships are diverse. Were like an old Even within Rob, Cat and Shans relationmarried trio, he says. ship, the questions of who will have sex, how much and to what extreme are up in the air on a nightly basis. Most nights, Rob says, one member of the triad is too tired, discusses polygamy and people with multiple partners in their relationships. Paul Mirecki, chairman of religious studies, says the Bible does not contain endorsements of polygamous relationships, nor does it contain many straightforward rules on the ideal of monogamous relationships, but it does mention both. He says that people often interpret the Bible according to their cultural framework for example, when people read of King Solomons hundreds of wives, they can claim its an exaggeration or make the judgment that Solomon was wrong, because while they want to defend the Bibles writings, monogamy is the American cultural standard. The pressures Liz has felt within her relationship dont involve religion, but people close to her have told her to break away from it because they think shes selling herself short or getting screwed over by a

Poly primer
Compersion: Taking joy in the fact that those you love are making themselves happy, especially being happy when a partner finds another person with whom they can fall in love. Differentiation: The ability to make oneself independently happy; not requiring another persons validation to feel happy or worthwhile. Polyamory: literally, many loves. Forming multiple loving relationships (sexual and otherwise) with people at the same time, recognizing that one person cannot meet every need. Polyfidelity: A committed relationship that involves more than two people. Members agree to be faithful to each other and not create other relationships outside it. Polygamy: Being married to more than one person at once. Illegal in the United States. Primary : A person who has the strongest bond to the V of a relationship. Often they are legally married or share financial responsibilities or a lease with the person. Secondary : A person who is not as strongly bonded to the V of a relationship. A secondary usually is not involved legally or financially. Triad: A relationship that involves three people. V: Pronounced vee, a person in a poly relationship who has close ties to all others involved. Also called the hinge. Usually the others, sometimes called arm partners, dont get close and are involved only with the V.

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By Britta Florman, Jayplay writer

Turn your typical Friday night get-together into a lively gathering of good food and friends

Juicy, garlicky shrimp, a slice of

creamy potato pie, nutty manchego cheese with sweet quince paste on toast. Next time you have your friends over, ditch the chips and salsa and make some simple tapas to please their palates. Tapas are small dishes of food usually served in a tapas bar to accompany alcoholic drinks (and to keep patrons drinking). Originating in 19th century Spain, tapas are central to Spanish social culture. Tina Bell of Flavors Catering in Lawrence says she learned the origin of tapas while traveling in Madrid. Bell says that originally establishments would have pieces of toasted bread behind the bar for people to put over their beers to keep the flies out. Then bartenders started providing toppings for the toast. Eventually this custom became a theme for tapas bars across Spain. Bell suggests starting with this basic tapas combination: Top 1-inch slices of a toasted baguette with an 1/8-inch layer of fruity quince paste and a 1/4-inch slice of manchego, a nutty, traditional Spanish cheese. For extra flavor, add a thin slice of dry-cured Serrano ham or substitute a similar meat like proscuitto. These ingredients are available at Au Marche, 931 Massachusetts St. and WheatFields Bakery, 904 Vermont St. Also try brushing olive oil on the toasted bread and topping with sauted mushrooms, marinated artichokes or sun-dried tomatoes. This Spanish-style tortilla is typical to the tapas bar. 10-ounce red-skinned potatoes, cut into 1/3-inch pieces 8 eggs 4 teaspoons minced fresh parsley 2 teaspoons minced fresh oregano 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper (Hint: pick up an extra packet at a pizza shop) 1/8 teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon olive oil

1 red onion, chopped Preheat oven to 350F. Cook potatoes in large saucepan of boiling salted water until tender for about 6 minutes. Drain and cool. Thoroughly whisk eggs and spices in a large bowl. Mix in potatoes. Heat oil in large ovenproof nonstick skillet over high heat. Add onion and saut until golden, about five minutes. Reduce heat to medium. Add egg mixture; cook three minutes, occasionally stirring egg from sides of skillet. Place skillet in oven and bake eggs until set in center and no longer wet on top, about 20 minutes. Remove tortilla from oven. Immediately place skillet on cold wet kitchen towel to prevent further cooking. Let the mixture stand for two minutes. Run a spatula around edge of skillet and under tortilla. Lift skillet and tilt, sliding tortilla onto platter. Serve warm or at room temperature. Cut into wedges. Serves four to six. Source:, Bon Apptit, April 1997 Garlic shrimp will add sophistication to your spread. 1/4 cup olive oil 3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced 1/2 teaspoon crushed chilies or to taste 24 medium shrimp, peeled if desired 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley or cilantro a pinch of salt Heat the oil in a skillet over medium heat. Add garlic and chilies and cook, stirring until garlic is golden brown. Add shrimp and cook until opaque, about three to four minutes. Sprinkle with parsley or cilantro and salt and serve. Source: Make these simple tapas recipes for your drinking buddies, err guests, and provide (or suggest they bring) a bottle of Spanish red wine, Ramon Bilbao Rioja, $10.99, or a six of Tecate, $5.32. Available at Jensen Retail Liquor, 620 W. Ninth St.

Photos by Britta Florman

Dishes of tapas await partygoers. This tapas spread includes baguettes with slices of manchego cheese and roasted tomatoes, karamata and blue cheese-stuffed olives, potato tortillas and garlic shrimp.

12 Jayplay 02.24.05

Ruchi Indian Cuisine


3300 Bob Billings Parkway (formerly 15th Street)

Settled in what used to be Jade Indian Grill, Ruchi Indian Cuisine has a casual and inviting interior where patrons can choose to sit upstairs in booths or in tables on the lower level. Enjoy your food to the tune of tablas and the sitar, and youve got a place that will rival India Palace for the south Asian cuisine hot-spot. Food Type: Authentic Indian food, bringing together tastes from all of India. With dosas from the South, chole batura from the North and well-known favorites like chicken tikka masala and naan, there are many options to fit your mood. Help the meal go down with some lassi or masala chai, and finish off with a little rasgolla or any other sweet you prefer. Price range: Appetizers range from $4.95 to $6.95 and entres range from $9.95 to $12.95. Add an extra $2 to $3 to the entre and it can be made into a thali, which includes rice, naan or poori, raitha (yogurt and cucumber sauce), chutney and dessert. Attire Requirements: Informal. You can wear what you want when you eat here, but if you plan on eating at the buffet, wearing pants with an elastic waistband might be a good idea. Date-worthiness: Depends on what mood you are going for. The decorations are simple and the restaurant has a brightly lit interior. Not great for intimacy, but excellent for a casual evening out. Booze Availability: There is a beer and wine list available. Vegetarian Friendly: Extremely. There are at least 35 dishes on the menu that would satisfy any hungry vegetarian, or any carnivore, for that matter.

Mon: Tues: Wed: Thurs: Fri: Sat: Sun:
623 Vermont
-$2.50 Import Bottles\$2 Captains
$2.50 Shots of Petrone and Cabo Wabo Tequila-

1/2 Price Appetizers $2 23oz Domestic Draws $4 Reubens $3 Crown Royal Drinks

$4 Domestic Pitchers $6 Import Pitchers

$3 Double Bacardis 2 for 1 burgers $2 Goldschlager Shots 2 for 1 Wells $50 Domestic Draws DJ NicK Redell $4 Chicken Strip Baskets $2 Domestic Bottles $6 Philly cheeseseaks $3 Jager Bombs

$1.50 Wells

$1 Domestic Draws
$5 Red, White, & Bleu burgers

All Pitchers $5 $.25 Wings

Maha Musud

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Burgers

with this coupon exp. 3/18

Super short supper

Coconut Curried Chicken (Makes 4 servings) What Youll Need: 1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts (3 or 4 breasts) cut into bite-size pieces 2 tablespoons curry powder 1/2 cup canned light coconut milk 1 tablespoon canned tomato paste 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil 3 minced garlic cloves or 3 teaspoons of garlic powder 1 small onion, chopped 1 teaspoon chopped fresh ginger 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/2 teaspoon salt In a 2-quart microwave-safe dish stir the chicken with the oil until good and greasy. Stir in the curry powder, garlic, onion, ginger and cayenne. Nuke for three to five minutes stirring a few times, until the spices are fragrant and the chicken is almost cooked through. Spread the chicken to the sides of the dish and mix the coconut milk and tomato paste in the middle. Mix thoroughly into the chicken and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Nuke for 10 to 12 minutes, stirring a few times until the sauce thickens and the flavors are blended. Stir in the salt and serve. On the Side: Serve over rice to soak up the sauce and top with 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh cilantro. (Instant rice is easy and comes in a box with instructions: Just add water). Source: A Man, A Can, A Microwave: 50 Tasty Meals You Can Nuke In No Time Anja Winikka

Photo by Kit Leffler Local musician Zach Newtons surroundings represent his life. He lives among musical instruments and art.

An up-close-and-personal look at a struggling Lawrence musician and artist
By Ashley Michaels, Jayplay writer He doesnt sleep. Trying to finish a double major in illustration and graphic design at the University of Kansas and get his music career off the ground, Zach Newton doesnt have time to sleep. No one is sure how he spends this time, though his girlfriend says that sometimes he does homework, doodles or writes lyrics. Trying to finish up school with his band, one album and plans for another, Newton has plenty on his mind to entertain his insomnia. He answers the door in black-rimmed glasses, jeans with holes in the knees, Chuck Taylor shoes and a mohawk. Art by his current band-mate and roommate Paul Flinders hangs on the walls. An old, beat-up couch sits low to the ground. A guitar leaning up against the couch as if at any time some skilled individual might just pick it up and strum a few chords. On the coffee table are two packs of Camels and an empty bottle of Miller High Life. Easy Rider plays on the television. Newton is a 24-year-old, small-town guy from Wathena. Music has always been his passion, even though he didnt get his first guitar until he was 19. It was an Ibanez Acoustic Electric, Newton says. I got it at the pawn shop for about $100. At the time I thought it was pretty cool. With a love for music and a drive to learn, he taught himself how to play the guitar using the music of artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young. A high school talent show was the first time Flinders witnessed Newton in action. He was most impressed with Newtons guitar-playing and his ability to carry the band as a vocalist. He is the best front man I have ever seen, Flinders says. He can turn a crowd on and get them hard and wet with the first song. He says he was inspired by the way Newtons energy carried over to his band-mates and to the crowd. He compares playing with Newton like strapping himself to a rocket while every hard drug is shooting through his veins. When he moved to Lawrence in 2001, Newton hooked up with the band The Things. This was the first time Newton got a chance to sing his own songs. With this new-found freedom he began writing more songs, stepping away from the cover-band stigma into a band with its own identity getting the inspiration for his songs through his own experiences. While he was with The Things, Newton also recorded his solo record. Using the name Local Boy, his first record was called Fight the Losers. The entire album consisted solely of Newtons vocals, an acoustic guitar and a harmonica. He recorded the album at home in his recording studio. With his relationship deteriorating, every song on the album was about his girlfriend breaking up with him. Two months later she did. For my next album Im going to write all the songs about getting laid and makin money, he jokes. From this album, an opportunity of a lifetime arose. Through a line of connections, Fight the Losers reached the hands of a sound engineer who works with country singer Tim McGraw. The engineer told Newton he liked what he heard and urged him to move to Nashville to start writing songs. I wasnt ready to take that big of a step, Newton says. Sometimes I feel stupid, but Im happy where Im at right now. At this point in his life, Newtons music career is on the slow track. He doesnt have much time for his current blues/rock band, Toledo Bend, while hes working two jobs and finishing up school. Plans include the release of his current bands first album. Even though his music career is on hold, it isnt gone forever. Newton says music will always be a part of his life. I couldnt go one day without it. I feel it in my bones.

14 Jayplay 02.24.05

The Wheel
Location: 507 W. 14th Street; 785-749-4335 In my mind, The Wheel is a classic KU bar. Its been around since 1955. Before it became a bar, it was a college bookstore. Walking inside, you wont find cheesy memorabilia or precious Jayhawk keepsakes plastered to the walls. Rather, the walls are covered in scribbles of anyone who wants to proudly proclaim, Ive drunk at The Wheel. The decor is unassuming; wooden booths surround the exterior walls with crimson and blue stools at the bar. Near the ceiling, every Big 12 mascot is painted on the wall. During the lunch hour, The Wheel serves simple bar food: hamburgers, chicken strips, salads and sandwiches. Mid-afternoon, the food is packed up as students begin to trickle in for some drinks. By nighttime, The Wheel becomes alive with enthusiastic students and an eclectic mix of songs ranging from Garth Brooks to Janis Joplin. Maximum Occupancy: 130 Dress Code: Anything goes Games: Mrs. PacMan/Gallaga arcade combo, Golden Tee, darts, touch screen Drink Specials: Monday: $4 pitchers Tuesday: $2 cans, $3.75 double Captain Morgan Wednesday: $3 double wells Thursday: $2.25 big beers Friday: $4 double vodka flavors, $2.50 16 oz. Coors Light Saturday: No Specials Sunday: Closed unless there is a special event (home game or graduation)


Keller Williams
Photo courtesy of

Keller Williams isnt your average solo musician. Armed with an elaborate arsenal of multi-colored effects processors and pedals that twist and turn the sound of his acoustic guitar, Williams cooks up a strange brew of psychedelic sounds, mixed with zany lyrics and funny on-stage antics that appeals to all the senses and leaves listeners wondering, How does he do all that at once? Indeed, Williams is a veritable one-manband and his traveling musical minstrel show can be heard when he stops through Lawrence to play Liberty Hall on Tuesday, March 1. In a short interview, Jayplay writer Chris Brown chats with guitarist extraordinaire Keller Williams about playing shows in Colorado, trippy guitar effects and fans bringing property signs to shows. Howd you get your initial break? Ive heard it was somehow related to the String Cheese Incident hearing your music and then asking you to play with them. I played a good string of dates with the band [the String Cheese Incident] in 97. I was just doing opening acts, playing restaurants and thats when the ball really got rolling. So it wasnt one specific show? Well, I played a show in 95 in Steamboat Springs [Colorado] at a small club and by the end of the night members of String Cheese Incident were up on stage with me and my six-channel mixer. So you were living in Colorado at the time? Yeah, I was living in Steamboat Springs from 1995 to 1997. You are known for melting all kinds of sounds together using an array of guitar effects. What is your favorite guitar effect and why? Well, I have a guitar with a guitar synthesizer in it. It makes the guitar able to sound like a trumpet, a piano, a sax and a lot more. Or it can just make it sound like trippy trippiness. I have a friend who claims this girl he knows claims shes the inspiration for the song Freaker by the Speaker. Whats the story behind this song? Its not about one single person, more just a culmination of people. Its just playing on stage with my eyes open, looking out and watching people dance. I cant open my eyes all the time because I forget how to play. Ive noticed fans bringing Keller Williams real estate signs to your shows and even throwing them up on stage. Can you comment on this? I guess it [the real estate company] started a long time ago, in the early 90s. At first it was funny but then it got old. Its definitely a form of vandalism and I definitely discourage it. Just wondering about this because Keller Williams seems like a pretty unique name to me. I think the name comes from two different people out of Atlanta, one with the name Keller and the other, Williams. Free word association. I give you a word and you tell me what it makes you think of: Nebulous: Zion Corporeal: Demitri Thats an interesting choice, you want to comment on that? [Laughs] No. Giglot: Garlic grilled cheese. Oh, and drum circles. Viscosity: Motor oil Chris Brown

Bar stat-card
Cocktail of theweek
Blue Blazer
Get fired up this weekend with the Blue Blazer, a curious cocktail that owes its name to the blue flame it emits when its alcoholic ingredient (Scotch) is ignited. Though it might seem like a drink for the advanced pyrotechnic, this cocktail owes its origin to a man that had no such training. The Blue Blazer was created by legendary San Francisco bartender Professor Jerry Thomas at the El Dorado bar during the civil war. Thomas perfected this drink by throwing the burning liquid between two silver goblets before an audience. Thomas is said to have never made this fiery concoction until the thermometer had fallen below 10 Celsius. Try this one at home to light up your night, but be careful because fire is dangerous, kids.

Mandy Hendrix

1 tablespoon honey or 1 teaspoon sugar Half a mug of boiling water Half a mug of Scotch Lemon twist Ground nutmeg (optional) Place sugar or honey and lemon twist in a serving mug, then warm two handled mugs and pour Scotch into one and boiling water into the other. Ignite the Scotch and pour into the other mug. Pour it back and forth until the mixture extinguishes (4 to 6 times) and then pour into the prepared serving mug. Sprinkle nutmeg if desired.

Chris Brown
Sources: and

02.24.05 Jayplay


Film Face-Off
And the nominees are...
2005 OSCAR NOMINEES Best Picture The Aviator Finding Neverland Million Dollar Baby Ray Sideways Best Director Martin Scorcese The Aviator Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby Taylor Hackford Ray Alexander Payne Sideways Mike Leigh Vera Drake Best Actor Don Cheadle Hotel Rwanda Johnny Depp Finding Neverland Leonardo DiCaprio The Aviator Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby Jamie Foxx Ray Best Actress Annette Bening Being Julia Catalina Sandino Moreno Maria Full of Grace Imelda Staunton Vera Drake Hilary Swank Million Dollar Baby Kate Winslet Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Best Supporting Actor Alan Alda The Aviator Thomas Haden Church Sideways Jamie Foxx Collateral Morgan Freeman Million Dollar Baby Clive Owen Closer Best Supporting Actress Cate Blanchett The Aviator Laura Linney Kinsey Virginia Madsen Sideways Sophie Okonedo Hotel Rwanda Natalie Portman Closer

Film Face-Off
Two reviewers throwing stars

Two reviewers throwing stars

Battle for Oscar 2005

[Shupes picks]
BEST PICTURE Should win: Million Dollar Baby Will win: The Aviator Only two films here are worthy of the top prize. The Aviator is a dazzling portrait of Howard Hughes, with a glamorous Leonardo DiCaprio descending into a private, decadent hell. Million Dollar Baby is an unapologetic downer guided by the classically trained hand of director Clint Eastwood. Aviator should soar above Baby. BEST DIRECTOR Should win: Martin Scorsese Will win: Martin Scorsese The Aviator is one of the best-directed films of the decade. Martin Scorseses aerial sequences define visionary filmmaking, and the films romance between Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn resonates with the stuff of Hollywood legend and tragedy. Scorsese desperately wants to win an Academy Award. For the first time since 1990s Goodfellas, he actually deserves to. BEST ACTOR Should win: Don Cheadle Will win: Jamie Foxx In the years most crowded category, Jim Carrey from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Tom Hanks from The Ladykillers and Liam Neeson from Kinsey are all criminally absent. Jamie Foxx gives the showiest performance, but Don Cheadle moved me to tears in Hotel Rwanda, the years most important film. BEST ACTRESS Should win: Kate Winslet Will win: Hilary Swank As a needy book clerk whose emotions shine brighter than the colors of her ever-changing hair, Kate Winslet delivers the performance of the year in Michel Gondrys Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She faces formidable competition especially from Hilary Swank, whos already earned one Oscar for blurring masculine-feminine lines in 1999s Boys Dont Cry. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Should win: Clive Owen Will win: Morgan Freeman This is a race between two old pros, unless Thomas Haden Church rides Sideways huge critical wave to a surprise win. Alan Alda brilliantly portrays pre-McCarthy Era hubris as The Aviators corrupt senator, and Morgan Freeman gives moody presence to Million Dollar Babys most devastating plotlines. But neither is as indelible as Clive Owen in his role as Closers venomous surgeon. Laura Linney as a sexologists experimental wife in Kinsey. BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Should win: Paul Haggis Will win: Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor Despite all the remakes, sequels and comic-book adaptations, 2004 featured some exceptionally fine writing. Jos Rivera produced a lyrical road odyssey from the diaries of Ernesto Che Guevara. Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor are fast becoming a legendary screenwriting team. And nobody beats Paul Haggis screenplay for Million Dollar Baby, a work of flawless genre storytelling. BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Should win: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Will win: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind The No. 1 original screenplay of the year is on this list, though No. 2 and No. 3 are MIA Kill Bill, Vol. 2, by Quentin Tarantino, and I Heart Huckabees, by David O. Russell and Jeff Baena. Charlie Kaufmans Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind blends sci-fi, romance and philosophy into a singular cinematic experience.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS Should win: Laura Linney Will win: Cate Blanchett Natalie Portman looks gorgeous in Closer, but I thought the Academy had moved beyond voting for physical attributes. (Tell that to Paul Giamatti, snubbed twice for Sideways and 2003s American Splendor.) The rest of the actresses in this field give credible performances, especially Cate Blanchett as a complex movie star in The Aviator and

Stephen Shupe

Film Face-Off


Film Face-Off

Film Face-Off
Two reviewers throwing stars

Film Face-Off
Two reviewers throwing stars

Film Face-OffFilm Face-Off

Two reviewers throwing stars Two reviewers throwing stars

Two reviewers throwing stars

Two reviewers throwing stars

Film Face-Off
Two reviewers throwing stars

Film Face-Off
Cruise in Collateral. Foxx complements Cruise to make Collateral an exciting story. Neverthless, Morgan Freeman from Million Dollar Baby is known to be an excellent actor and demonstrates it again in his role as Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris. SUPPORTING ACTRESS Should Win: Cate Blanchett Will Win: Cate Blanchett In The Aviator, Cate Blanchett plays one of Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio) love interests, Katharine Hepburn. Blanchett captures Hepburns essence not to mention her voice. Through the scenes of love and hate, Blanchett and DiCaprio contribute to make the film interesting despite its length. ADAPTED SCREENPLAY Should Win: The Motorcycle Diaries Will win: Finding Neverland The Motorcycle Diaries tells the story of Argentinean revolutionary, Ernesto Che Guevara before becoming a rebel. The chronicle has not been exaggerated but rather uses images and story to give a human side to a character often portrayed negatively. ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Should Win: Hotel Rwanda Will Win: The Aviator Hotel Rwanda tells the story of the Sudanese Massacre and Paul Rusesabagina (Don Cheadle) who attempts to help persecuted Tutsis by offering them shelter. This film contains strong images which puts in perspective the immensity of the massacre. The story is complemented by good picture as well as direction. Alaide Vilchis Ibarra

Excellent: National Lampoons Animal House Good: Old School Okay: Revenge of the Nerds Bad: PCU

Film Face-Off

Two reviewers throwing stars

No stars: reviewers throwing stars Two National Lampoons Dorm Daze

[Ibarras picks]
BEST PICTURE Should win: The Aviator Will win: The Aviator This Martin Scorsese film set from the 1920s to the 40s catches the viewer through the new colors presented. The film, based on the life of Howard Hughes (Leonardo DiCaprio), offers the charm of the era without trying too hard to have an old feeling to it. DIRECTOR Should win: Clint Eastwood Will win: Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood directs and acts in this hitmovie, Million Dollar Baby. Judging by its seven Oscar nominations and by the good acting and picture, Eastwood excelled when directing this movie. ACTOR: Should win: Jamie Foxx Will win: Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx, known for working with the Wayans brothers, steps out of the box and gets rid of the comedian stereotype by performing flawlessly as Ray Charles. Not only did this ground-breaker sing marvelously but Foxx also captures Ray Charles essence by imitating his gestures. ACTRESS Should win: Annette Bening Will win: Hilary Swank Annette Bening captures the eccentricities of actress Julia Lambert. From creating drama to enjoying love, Bening shows Lamberts complex personality. However, Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby also performs well and has the advantage of forming part of a movie which has gotten much attention. SUPPORTING ACTOR: Should win: Jamie Foxx Will win: Morgan Freeman Jamie Foxx demonstrates his acting skills once again working alongside Tom

comic book hero whos had cancer and will die within the year? The plot of the movie has R, 121 minutes. South Constantine teamed up Wind 12 with a cop (Rachel Weisz) who is investigating the Movies about Satan and apparent suicide of her Hell are not uplifting. The Courtesy twin sister. Strange clues subject matter is so dark and lead her to Constantines door step, and evil that its hard to actually like a movie he informs her that humans are caught about it. The latest is Constantine, based up in a bet between Heaven and Hell on a comic book and filled with some regarding the souls of mankind. Constaninteresting and flat-out cool moments tines job is to make sure that the rules of which make it not all that bad. the bet are enforced that the demons Eight years ago, Keanu Reeves faced off of Hell dont influence the wager by makagainst Satan, played by Al Pacino, in The ing direct contact with humans. Devils Advocate. Here he plays John One of the things that drags ConstanConstantine, a spiritual detective who tine down is that the Devil and demons has literally been to Hell and back. Conmake such uninteresting villains. Theyre stantine, not unlike Batman, has elejust evil plain and simple and Conments of being an antihero. Constanstantine has an easy time of disposing of tines outfit isnt anything fancy like the them, especially for personifications of Dark Knights, though: His wardrobe conevil. Its easy to say Im evil. Be afraid of sists only of a dark jacket, dress shirt, me. Its hard to make Satan a full-bodied loosely tied black tie that never comes off character. Constantine isnt all bad, and and a lit cigarette that seems to be perfor a movie with such a dark subject, it manently stuck in his mouth. The cigahas enough bright moments to balance it rette leads to one of the most interesting out. Too bad the devil is so two-dimenthings about the character. Early in the sional. film we learn that Constantine has lung cancer and is constantly hacking up Jon Ralston blood or something nasty. Tell me the last

Constantine ()

Film Face-OFfilm Face-Off f

Two reviewers throwing reviewers throwing stars Two stars

Film Face-Off
Two reviewers throwing stars

unknown actors and market it to a bunch of unsuspecting pre-teens in February! There might have been a plot, but Im (Zero stars) not really sure. I think it has something to PG, 86 minutes, Southwind 12 do with a talentless Jamie Kennedy (as Tim Avery) finding the mask and putSon of the Mask joins such films as ting it on. Later, Avery and his wife have a Home Alone 3 and Dumb and Dumberer son, but because Avery was wearing the as one of the worst bastard sequels of all mask when his son was conceived, the time. What is a bastard kid is now imbued with all the sequel? you ask. A bastard CGI powers of Odin himself. sequel is a remake of a relaWell actually Odins son Loki. It tively successful film that conseems that Loki, the Norse god tains absolutely none of the of mischief, created the mask talent or imagination that and now wants it back. I cant made the original a success. I imagine what hijinks ensue. can only attempt to picture A handful of worthwhile perwhat the studio execs at New formers, such as Alan CumLine Cinema were thinking ming, Ben Stein and Steven when they approved this projWright compromise their talect: Courtesy ents, but ultimately they take You remember that movie The Mask backstage to a load of unconvincing and that came out more than 10 years ago? unappealing computer animation. At one That was pretty funny; lets do a remake. point during this mess of a film, a quote What? We cant get Jim Carrey? We cant from Kennedy struck me as the perfect get Cameron Diaz? We cant get the direcsummation of the movie: Its the crappitor or the screenwriter or the editor or the est piece of crap in craptown. gaffer to come back? Well, what can we get? A dog and the original mask prop? Will Lamborn Well, thats enough! Now lets cobble together some asinine plot, cast a lot of

Son of the Mask

02.24.05 Jayplay


Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf

When Xbox Live was first released, its flagship online title was a little gem by the name of Mechassault. The game helped blow down the doors for online console gaming, and now two years later, fans have finally gotten the sequel they have been clamoring for. Mechassault 2 once again puts players in the drivers seat of multi-story battlemechs and pits them in the middle of battles in a myriad of futuristic settings. The background information and storytelling of the single-player campaign is kept to a minimum, but with all of the urban chaos occurring in the game, who really cares about story anyway? What does matter is the games inherent action. Day One Studios has created one of the most exciting futuristic battlefield experiences ever. Everything from the explosions of towering skyscrapers to the thundering of the mechs themselves will keep players immersed in the games setting. The new ability to exit the mech and commandeer other vehicles such as tanks, man-sized battlesuits and dropships gives players a real sense of scale, as well as a variety of play options. The games immersion factor is aided by superb technical performance. The

Video games
Shaman King: Power of Spirit
Courtesy of

graphics are great, with high frame rates, good draw distances and well-rendered character models. Sound effects are also exceptional, and the soundtrack really adds to the adrenaline rush of the gameplay. Unfortunately, Mechassault 2 does have its pitfalls. The single-player campaign, while exciting at the beginning, gets more than a little repetitive after the first few missions. The games online mode still lacks a few of the options players have grown accustomed to in todays flock of Xbox Live games. Even the gameplay is simplistic at its core, resulting in a real sense of monotony after a while. Regardless, Mechassault 2 still provides one of the most exciting combat experiences around. Anyone with an affinity for giant robot action games should be pleased. Grade: B+

Andrew Campbell

Normally Im not a really big fan of strategy games, but Shaman King takes a different approach to the genre. Instead of the action being totally turn-based the game incorporates two styles of play into a unique experience. The story of Shaman King follows a young man named Yoh Asakura and his dumb friends as they fight enemies and learn life lessons while they journey to become the champion of the Shaman King tournament. Naturally, they come across many people who wish to thwart their ambitions and cause them mental anguish. OK, so it may be the same clichd story weve seen a thousand times and delivered in crappy non-animated storyboards, but thats not the point. The gameplay itself is the interesting part. The first part of the game is strategy, where you maneuver your characters around the play field to position them for attack. Once a battle is initiated you are taken away from the strategy screen and into a semi 3-D fighting arena. At the beginning of the game your character is limited in combos, but gains new powers


from experience gained in battles. Battles start off rather easy and get progressively more difficult as the number and strength of enemies increases with each successive episode, or level. Most battles are short and far outweighed by the cutesy Japanese anime scenes. As with any good anime offshoot, a diverse number of stereotypical characters are portrayed. There is the nonchalant protagonist, the dumb, spiky-haired kid, and the mean-nice guy. Each of these characters is annoying and forgettable, much like the story. So basically this game provides some unique, entertaining gameplay at the cost of a whole bunch of whiny kids and bad animation. If you can deal with that, then give it a go. Grade: C

Nick Finnegan

Speaking my mind in my mother tongue

Illustration by Scott Drummond

Not at a loss for words

By Maha Masud, Jayplay writer I never really shunned the ethnic half of my personality, but I didnt fully embrace it, either. Most everyone I knew growing up were white Americans, so my childhood was filled with turkey sandwiches for lunch at school and rice with curries for dinner at home. It was always a balancing act for me, but I tended to focus more on the tangible parts of my culture the clothes and the food as the language faded further and further into the background. A new language appeared in my life around middle school, when I began learning Spanish. It was then I realized how sad my Bengali speaking skills had become. I could translate an English word into Spanish quicker than I could to Bengali. It took an embarrassing incident at a family dinner to finally convince me that in abandoning Bengali, I was denying a crucial part of myself. At one point in high school, my uncle and his family from Bangladesh were living with us. In accommodating my cousins and aunt whose English wasnt so good, a perfect opportunity opened up to practice my speaking skills. I was decent but struggled sometimes to get my point across. That opportunity soon turned into a nightmare one night at the dinner table. As we were finishing the meal, I was trying to compliment my aunt on one of the dishes she made. Thomar raana khub moh-ja, I said smiling at her, under the impression that I had said her cooking was delicious. The whole table, even my parents, erupted in a thunderous clap of laughter and pointed at me, while through their gasps tried to correct me. In my error, a stellar example showcasing my ignorance of the delicate pronunciations of Bengali words and my strong American accent, Id called my aunts cooking mohja (socks) instead of maw-ja (delicious). I might as well have saved myself the trouble and said her cooking stunk like the socks Id forgotten to change that day. Everyone else thought my mistake was cute, but I wasnt laughing. Mortified, I ran to the bathroom to cry and wallow alone in my humiliation. I confronted my mom later and asked her why she would laugh at me when she knew how sensitive I was. She replied with an exasperated sigh and then a chuckle and explained she wasnt laughing at me but more at the way my little mistake sounded, like a child who couldnt quite speak properly yet. But I wasnt a child. I was 17 years old, and Id wasted my bilingual birthright. Fast-forward a couple of years. My interest in improving my speaking skills was renewed recently when a friend came back from visiting India. After being there for only three weeks during winter break, he picked up reading and writing Hindi another South Asian language, similar to Bengali. Watching him carefully shape the letters of Hindi script to write Maha, and grin with pleasure after sounding out a sentence from a Hindi newspaper, I wasnt clapping and cheering with the rest of my friends at his accomplishment. Instead, I felt horrified and ashamed at myself. He could read and write Hindi after only 21 days of visiting a land and culture completely foreign to him, but after 21 years, I could only write my name in Bengali and speak at a level that would rival a 5-year-olds. Armed with newfound courage and taking advantage of the fact that it was the new year, I made a resolution to take small steps in improving my speaking skills by using the resources I have: my parents. To waste this skill would be a huge mistake, and I decided that I needed to put aside my fear of looking stupid in front of others. Now when I call my mom, I no longer just ask her how she is, but smiling shyly, even though I realize how ridiculous it is that Im smiling at a phone, I say Kemon aacho? Kee khobor? Meaning How are you? Whats up? As I do, I can sense her smile as she replies back, Ehto, bhalo aachee. Behshee keechu na. Raana korchee, or Im fine, nothing much, just doing some cooking. Now I hang up the phone feeling satisfied with myself that I am making an effort. I feel closer to my culture and to myself because its like Ive found a part of myself I thought Id lost, and this time Im moving a little further from turkey sandwiches and back to rice and curry.

Na mommy, ah-mee jete chai-na ! No mommy, I dont want to go! I began my first day of preschool in Kuwait, where I lived for a year and half, with pouts and pleas to stay at home. No more afternoons watching the Mickey Mouse Club and drinking banana milk at home with my mom. And as if going to school in a new country werent enough for my 4-year-old mind to comprehend, I wouldnt be speaking Bengali, the language of my parents native country Bangladesh, in the classroom. At the time I understood and spoke both Bengali and English, but when my mom told me Id have to speak English at preschool, I threw a fit. After some coercing from my mom and a glass of banana milk, I gave in and my mom taught me a few key, polite phrases to use while I was at school: Teacher, I want to go outside and play, Teacher, I want something to eat, and the all-important Teacher, I have to go to the bathroom. Now Im a different person from that little girl who sniffed at the idea of speaking English all the time. We moved back to the United States when I was 5. I started school and barely spoke Bengali again. Because my parents were comfortable switching back and forth with English, and because I started to show a preference for speaking English, they never insisted I speak their mother tongue at home. As a result, my Bengali was stunted at a kindergartners level.

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