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Because they are spoken, speeches offer a lot of flexibility in terms of how they are written. However, this large degree of latitude can also make it difficult to really narrow your ideas down into a compelling speech. Read on for a few tips to help make your speech more captivating.

1) Keep Sentences Short
Understanding a written run-on sentence is difficult enough; it's practically impossible to follow when you're hearing it only. Keep this thought in mind when you're crafting the sentences in your speech. Your audience will have a hard time remembering how your sentence started if it's a long way from where it finishes. Make your sentences short for maximum comprehension. 2)1.

Order Your Thoughts

You must plan the content of your speech in order to make the ideas flow logically for your readers. You are bound to have more than one topic (or argument) in your speech, so do your best to order them in a way that makes sense.

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If your speech is about fire safety, for example, you might have the following topics: 1. Fire hazards around the home 2. How to plan for an emergency 3. The categories of fire Make sure you talk about your topics one at a time; don't jump back and forth, or you may lose your audience. Also, put all information for each topic together so that it's all in its logical place. This means that if you want to list all the fire hazards in a home, group them all together under the “fire hazards around the home” topic so that your audience can fully understand the point you're trying to make.

3) Make Notes for Yourself
One of the wonderful things about speeches is that your audience won't necessarily see the paper that you're speaking from. Because of this, feel free to jot down any notes about the way you want to say a certain phrase, where you want to pause for emphasis or dramatic effect, etc. These notes can help you a great deal when you're on the spot, trying to make your speech meaningful for your audience. Of course, if your speech is also going to be read right off the page, be sure to create a good copy, free from any pencilled-in hints to yourself about

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your public speaking. Also, double check that your document is free from typos or grammatical errors before you turn it over for someone to read. You may have allowed yourself to get away with spelling and grammar mistakes in your speech, simply because people wouldn't know the difference when they're only hearing what you have to say instead of reading it. The unique thing about speeches over written forms of communication is that the tone of your voice can add a lot in terms of impact for your audience. A speech means that you don't have to rely on your words alone to get your message across. Make the most of your speech by varying the pace and tone of your voice. Remember to pause in strategic places so that your audience has a moment to absorb what you're saying. Practice not just what you want to say, but exactly how you'd like to say it; carefully chosen voicing can take the clarity and impact of your speech to the next level.

Help Me Write a Better...

Writing a policies and procedures manual can be a time-consuming, difficult task. Worse, even after you've put all that effort in, it will still likely be tedious to read. To make your policies and procedures more readable, take a look at the following helpful suggestions:

they will better understand what the policy means and how to act within its confines. If they refuse to cooperate. Avoid raising your voice or insulting the student. Then. Then Procedure How does one define "policy?" What about "procedure?" Simply put. a policy is a rule developed by your company. A procedure establishes the correct method of following your company's policies. once you've explained the procedures that go along with that policy. (Insert here) Published by http://www... One important policy might be: "We always treat students with respect. By stating your policy first.com 0 8 1) First Policy." In the above case. the procedures might make less sense if they had not been preceded by the overarching policy. 2) Write for Your Audience . let's say that you're writing a policies and procedures manual for teachers in a high school. As an example. For optimum comprehension. send them to the principal's office. explain your policies before you explain their corresponding procedures.Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter. you'll set up your readers to see the matter from your point of view." The procedures that result from such a policy could be: "Speak to unruly students calmly and explain that their behavior is unacceptable.

com 0 9 Every policy and procedure will not always apply to each of your employees. 3) Use Proper Grammar and Spelling Correct spelling and grammar are the cornerstones of a successful policies and procedures manual. Using the same high school example.." This will be a very important section for your teachers to read. However. A high school manual might have the headings "For All Employees.Help Me Write a Better . do organize the contents of your manual under subheadings that direct employees to read the areas that apply to them. let's assume another policy is: "Teachers must volunteer to lead one extra-curricular student activity. Your readers will have a much easier time absorbing such a complex document if the meaning isn't clouded with spelling mistakes. This is not to say that you have to write a separate policies and procedures manual for every category of employee in your company." etc. Be sure to include a table of contents so that your employees can find the policies and procedures they need to read.LousyWriter. such a policy does not apply to them. . when you're writing. (Insert here) Published by http://www." "For Caretakers. but what about your school's caretakers and administrative staff? Clearly. and typos.." "For Teachers Only. Therefore. grammar errors. keep in mind the audience for whom the policies and procedures are intended. Take all the time necessary to get it right.

How to Write a Better .Help Me Write a Better .. brief.. To make sure that your memos get the point across. Lists are a great way to convey your expectations without being too wordy. however. by their very definition. . Your document simply must be easy to read and structured for your audience. your employees will be more likely to take its contents seriously. to receive a memo with an unclear message. Therefore.com 0 10 A well-run organization uses its policies and procedures as a backbone to support and guide the activities its members. Business Memo Memos are a quick way to pass information along... Take a look at how this memo effectively uses a list: "RE: Thursday's Conference Kathy. It's intuitive: if your policies and procedures document is well organized and grammatically flawless. you can get away with using point form. It can be frustrating. follow these helpful pointers: 1) Use Lists Memos are. (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter.

(Insert here) Published by http://www. they will be more likely to give the rest of it a closer look. make your memos stand out by including a headline with each one.LousyWriter.Projector setup by IT department Thanks. It may seem unreasonable. To avoid this. Bill" As you can see. but some of your memos may not even be read by a busy (or lazy) audience. A headline is a fantastic way to get the most important part of your memo out there immediately for your readers to see.Finalize arrival time of caterers .. 2) Start With a Heading Unfortunately. the fact that memos are short means that your recipients may dismiss them as unimportant. Use lists when you can so that your memos can be as efficient as possible. Once your headline tells them that your memo contains essential information. but I need you to check on the following: .. lists help pass along a lot of details without taking up too much time or space.com 0 11 We are 90% ready for Thursday's conference.Help Me Write a Better . .RSVP status for the McClintocks .

(Insert here) Published by http://www. and how to call them back. it's very important not to sacrifice the content of your memo simply because memos are normally brief. or you'll just end up creating more work for yourself. It's better to include all of the information you need to transmit than it is to omit critical details simply for the sake of making your message short.. if you're using a memo to take a telephone message. make sure you include who called and when. opt instead to write a letter or an email. 4. For example. your memo will be practically pointless. what their message was. Proper grammar Correct spelling Brevity A clear heading . 3.Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter. but you do need to make sure you communicate everything. 4) Make Your Memo Clear Don't underestimate your little memo. As you can see.com 0 12 3) Include all Information The brevity of memos can be wonderful.. If you forget any of these details. you need to cover these five bases: 1. 2. If you can't fit all of the information you need into a memo. to make it understandable.

Help Me Write a Better.. Even though your memo is short. reserve memo writing for when it can effectively communicate your short (but important) messages. Instead of seeing each essay as an insurmountable burden. take a moment to make sure that your audience will be able to interpret what you're trying to say.com 0 13 5. College Essay Students usually have to write a lot of essays to succeed in college. learn some tricks to make your essay easier to write. .LousyWriter. Again.. if it's too long or too complicated to be covered in a memo. Legible handwriting (when applicable) Your memo won't accomplish very much if your recipient can't read it or doesn't understand your words. For best results.. write a longer message or speak to them in person. (Insert here) Published by http://www. This article contains advice to help you create an essay that your professors will be pleased to read..Help Me Write a Better .

LousyWriter. (Insert here) Published by http://www. If you can't do this. A thesis statement is the main argument of your essay. choose a different thesis statement. you'll have an easy time making your point." Sure. find a thesis statement that is at least slightly controversial.Help Me Write a Better .. like: "Romeo and Juliet is a play about the struggles of two lovers fated to be apart.. Note that an essay is not a book report. your thesis statement could be something like: "Romeo and Juliet is a social commentary that condemns arrogance and group mentality. Instead." This thesis statement lays the groundwork for you to make an argument that your reader will find much more compelling than a simple plot summary. Therefore. 2) Stay on Topic Even with a great thesis statement. so that you actually have something to argue in your essay. your thesis statement should not be something inarguable.com 0 14 1) Choose a Powerful Thesis Statement Choosing a strong thesis statement is the trickiest part of good essay writing. Your thesis statement should be an argument you feel you can substantiate with evidence from the literature you've read. There is usually so much information to deal with that you risk . but your professor is bound to be unimpressed. it can be tough to make your essay readable. For Romeo and Juliet.

but here's a tip to really impress your professor: make at least one argument in opposition to the opposing standpoint. you'll need to come up with several (at least three) arguments to defend it. For maximum readability. write it on a sticky note and post it somewhere obvious.. Consider what someone in that position would write. Then. you can ask yourself: "Does this help to defend my thesis statement?" If the answer is yes.com 0 15 getting led astray. Arguments that are too obvious will not hold the attention of your audience. If not.Help Me Write a Better . Then. Sound confusing? Well. you need to constantly re-focus yourself on your thesis statement. To stay on topic.LousyWriter. find an . go back and reconsider where your argument is headed. Try this easy trick: once you've chosen your thesis statement. (Insert here) Published by http://www. you're in good shape. every time you write something. limit yourself to the arguments that are the most compelling. remember how your thesis statement needs to be arguable? This means that there could also be a thesis statement opposite to yours. Never write anything that takes you off track. 3) All About Arguments Once you've got a great thesis statement.. It's easy to think of choosing arguments in favor of your thesis statement.

LousyWriter. Starting with your weakest argument could bore your reader. you'll find several helpful ways to improve your business plan. you'll still be able to make all of your points while really highlighting your best arguments. Therefore...Help Me Write a Better . sandwich your weakest arguments between your stronger ones. but ending with it could undermine the impact of your essay as a whole.com 0 16 argument that supports your essay by refuting the potential thesis statement of someone else. make sure that you order your arguments deliberately. This way. Below. Help Me Write a Better.. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Finally. and it helps you make sure all of your ideas are well thought out. . Your reader will appreciate the effort you've made to keep your essay captivating and convincing.. it tells potential investors whether your business is worth investing in. Devote the time necessary to make such an important document all that it can be. This tactic shows your professor that you're a strong critical thinker because you'll have successfully contradicted a potential argument against your own essay. Business Plan Your business plan serves many purposes: it keeps you and your partners on the same page.

so it's best to make it as comprehensive as you can.. 2) Pay Special Attention to Venture Capitalists . Your business milestones and goals 6. A good business plan will answer all of the questions your readers could have about your company.LousyWriter. Make sure you include all of the following sections: 1. Your human resources (especially your management team) 4. your readers will see it as incomplete. If it doesn't.. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Your marketing plan 3.Help Me Write a Better . Your financial past and projections 5. An overview of the purpose of your business 2.com 0 17 1) Cover all the Areas Your business plan needs to incorporate all areas of your business. Business weaknesses and potential threats. and how you intend to deal with them All of these topics are important because they help tell the story of your business.

This will help them jump right to the section they most want to see. including how much money you're looking to raise and how much of the profits you intend to share with them. Venture capitalists also need to see a thorough financial section in your business plan. it's in your best interest to use each section of your business plan to really showcase the positive features of your company. People who may contribute financially to your business need to see its value and growth potential.. you'll want to talk about how many potential buyers you have and how you plan to reach them effectively. all of your plans to need to be backed up with financial figures in order for potential investors to take them seriously. If they can do that quickly.com 0 18 A business plan needs to portray your organization accurately. 3) Organize Your Information Business plans are often long and dense with information. include a table of contents. . To help your readers find what they're looking for. Remember.LousyWriter. (Insert here) Published by http://www.Help Me Write a Better . In this case. This is perhaps most necessary when you plan to use yours to solicit funds from potential investors or venture capitalists.. Make your plan as detailed as possible. Use the opportunity to show potential investors how well prepared you are and how probable it is that your business will make a lot of money. but you still must consider the intended audience. in the marketing section of your business plan. They are also not always read cover to cover by your audience. For example.

they will be more likely to read other sections of your business plan.. and your financial projections. so it's important that your employee handbook provides them with the direction they need to do a good job. write about how great your products or services are.. Employee Handbook Your workers are the lifeblood of your organization. An executive summary is a brief overview of your business plan's best features. as well. Help Me Write a Better.com 0 19 and if they're impressed with the content.Help Me Write a Better . It will help get your readers involved right away and entice them to look more deeply into your business plan to learn more about your company.. It's also a great idea to include an executive summary at the very beginning of your business plan. For an attention-grabbing executive summary..LousyWriter. the market potential. (Insert here) Published by http://www. try these helpful hints: . To make your employee handbook more readable.

Whenever possible... (Insert here) Published by http://www. 2) When Negativity is Unavoidable . but you must be careful about the way you word your policies. Although you may feel negativity makes a stronger statement. your employees may find it condescending and oppressive." Each pair states one rule. state regulations in a positive way.LousyWriter." "Don't ever be late for work.com 0 20 1) Use Positive Language You need an employee handbook because you want to make sure that your employees do their jobs within the rules of your company." "Do not make personal calls while you're on the clock. It seems straightforward.Help Me Write a Better . Compare the following sentence pairs: "Always be punctual for work. but the first sentence is much more positive than the second in both cases. Choose to state things positively in your employee handbook for a more content work force." "Only make personal calls during your breaks. Too much negativity will discourage your employees and cause them to see you as the bad guy.

you'll want to discuss the repercussions for unacceptable employee behavior in your handbook. No matter how upbeat you make your handbook. Use the spelling and grammar checkers in your word processor and have someone proofread your employee handbook for you if you feel you can't catch all the mistakes yourself. so also keep its overall length as short as possible.LousyWriter. To get your meaning across and avoid misunderstandings. it will likely still not be a riveting read for your employees. Correct English Complicated words and run-on sentences are difficult for many people to understand. . Talking about your company's employee rewards in your handbook will make the negative parts a lot more palatable.Help Me Write a Better .. there are situations in which you must be negative. simply be direct about the negative consequences of bad actions. Your employees will better understand your disciplinary policies if you explain them in a straightforward manner. 3) Use Simple.com 0 21 Of course. and keep your sentences short and to the point. Therefore. (Insert here) Published by http://www. For example. Remember that it's always good to include your incentive policies for good behavior as well as your disciplinary action for bad behavior. In such a case. A very important note: make sure that spelling and grammar are 100% correct throughout the entire document. you simply must correct every last grammar and spelling error. stick to simple English in your employee handbook..

and typos. If you require your employees to read a handbook that contains obvious grammar mistakes.LousyWriter. Often. Before you get overwhelmed by the daunting task ahead of you. but as an employer who wants respect.com 0 22 Not only is correct grammar important for reading comprehension. Of course. they may question your competence. it's best to make your handbook a reflection of your demand for careful.. check out the four top tips for making your grant proposal stand out from the crowd: .. (Insert here) Published by http://www. you will find your workers take their rules – and their boss – a lot more seriously. many people are not masters of the English language.Help Me Write a Better . Help Me Write a Better. If you hold your employee handbook to the same standard you hold your employees.. thorough work. but it also says something about your credibility as an employer.. Grant Proposal Grant proposals are big projects with lofty goals. spelling errors. the ability of your project to start (or continue) will hinge upon the receipt of a grant.

including why you want to do it and what it will accomplish 3. A compelling executive summary is a great way to quickly show why your project is deserving of an organization's grant money. (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter. as well as the resources (financial and otherwise) your organization will contribute to the project Remember that your project is likely in competition with a lot of other projects.Help Me Write a Better .or two-page abstract that highlights the key points of your proposal. A brief introduction to your organization 2. To get your readers interested right away.. Write an abstract/executive summary A well-researched grant proposal is quite lengthy.com 0 23 1. You should incorporate the following items: 1. include a one. Research. A brief introduction to your project. research. 2. You must differentiate yourself from their big pile of grant proposals in order to be noticed. A very short overview of the funding you need. research! ..

(Insert here) Published by http://www. you must provide details about the financial struggle of your organization. If you need money for a homeless shelter. so back up absolutely everything with well-researched details. . 3. Show why your project deserves outside funding To grab your readers' attention. Facts make your grant proposal legitimate. People won't give you money if they aren't confident you'll use it wisely. as well as how few beds there are by contrast. you must provide evidence for every detail. Highlight the current lack of a similar project and the suffering this lack is causing. explain how it will make a positive difference or contribution to society.. You must also clearly lay out how much grant money you'll need and how you plan to spend every last dollar. To show that your project is worthwhile.com 0 24 Make no mistake: your readers will swiftly discard a poorly researched grant proposal. include statistics about the number of homeless in your area.. To show why your project needs funding.LousyWriter. you must answer the question: "Why should we give our money to you?" This answer contains two components: your project's value and why it desperately needs funding. To have your proposal taken seriously.Help Me Write a Better .

it will turn potential donors off because it tells them that you aren't taking your own project seriously. instead of just asking for someone else's. if you are unwilling to invest some of your organization's time and money. such as labor and volunteer work. (Insert here) Published by http://www. even if it isn't dollars and cents.Help Me Write a Better .com 0 25 4. Make it your number one priority to increase the chance that your grant donors will. Your audience will recognize that contribution as valuable... be sure to explain your financial contribution to your project. Also. . Potential donors want to know that your project is worthwhile enough for you to add some of your own funds. it also explains how you will share in some of your project's financial burden. Show how you are investing in your project A strong grant proposal does more than ask for funds. too.LousyWriter. Even if it is a small amount. Your audience needs to know that your project is worthwhile and well planned. include any non-monetary resources that you plan to contribute. Remember.

. your expectations for property maintenance. To help your recipients understand your documents. your legal document will serve a very specific purpose. Remember.. etc. Wills. Think things through ahead . bills of sale. what you'll do if you don't receive rent.com 0 26 Help Me Write a Better.. Legal Document Even if you're not a lawyer.LousyWriter. you must also remember to state your end of the bargain. try incorporating some of the following pointers: 1) Make Your Needs Clear Obviously. Include what you will do for the person signing your legal document.Help Me Write a Better . (Insert here) Published by http://www. Make sure you take the time to think out exactly what you need to get out of the document before you write it.. each party is bound to have a fair amount of expectations from the situation that requires your legal document. if you are drafting a tenant agreement for your new renter. For example. Of course. and tenant agreements are just a few examples of legal documents you may need to write at some point. you'll still encounter many types of legal documents in your everyday life. you'll need to include the rent you require.

. (Insert here) Published by http://www. You'll need to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. 2) Keep it Simple Because the nature of a legal document is often complicated. not convoluted legal jargon or unnecessarily big vocabulary. ensure you carefully review all of the information contained in your legal document.com 0 27 of time so you can be sure that you'll cover everyone's needs when it comes to the writing phase. and anything else you may have accidentally included or excluded from your document. Therefore. typos. In the event that your legal document does require a lot of “legal-ese.. There will be consequences if you get it wrong. Keep your sentences short enough that your readers can easily manage the information contained in each one. To promote readability.Help Me Write a Better . so don't hesitate to spend the money if you aren't sure how to cover all the bases of your legal document yourself. it's best to keep your language simple.. use words that everyone understands." consider hiring an actual lawyer. 3) Review and Proofread Legal documents need to read professionally and be error-free.LousyWriter.

. so it is in your best interest to proofread your writing and review your content to make sure it's complete.Help Me Write a Better . bills of sale.. registration forms.com 0 28 Going over your work for a second look will invariably make your document more readable. 4) Do it Yourself Without Doing it Alone Legal documents require careful planning to make sure you include every last detail. (Insert here) Published by http://www. You can get this kind of help for wills. Check online or at your local office supply store to see what's available. consider buying a kit. There are companies that specialize in making kits designed to teach you the ins and outs of writing specific legal documents. Legal documents serve important purposes. Alternatively. power of attorney forms… the list goes on. don't be afraid to ask for professional help if you feel you need it. Again. These kits are very affordable – some online versions are even free – and they can help make your legal document professional and comprehensive. but it will also help you make sure you've covered everything you need to.LousyWriter. .

. you'll find a few ideas on turning your newsletter into one that your audience can't wait to read. Here are six ways to make your newsletter more attractive: 2) Consider using columns.LousyWriter.. 1) Give it Visual Appeal An improperly laid out newsletter can be a real eyestrain. Columns add a bit of extra blank space on the page. Newsletter Newsletters are a great way to inform the public about what's new in your organization. A big mass of text on a plain. Below.Help Me Write a Better . Two or three columns are usually sufficient. so take the time to make your newsletter physically inviting... flimsy page will not appeal to your readers.com 0 29 Help Me Write a Better. (Insert here) Published by http://www. An effective newsletter is one that conveys information in a way that is both easy to read and entertaining. . which gives your audience some room to digest the contents of your newsletter.

add just a touch of flair to really make them pop. Make sure you separate your paragraphs with a complete line space and keep them short so that your readers aren't visually overwhelmed. . 6) Say it with color! If you have the resources.com 0 30 3) Bold your headlines. 5) Add a few well-chosen graphics. If you've only got a black and white printer. (Insert here) Published by http://www. keep the font simple and in a readable size (no smaller than 10 points). Headlines are a great way to catch your readers' attention . but choose a light color for optimum readability. your newsletter will look great with full-color graphics and perhaps even colored text (but make sure it's a dark color so your readers can see it. make them slightly larger..Help Me Write a Better . Many word processors come with hundreds of graphics that can add a bit of punch to your newsletter.. If your stock prices just went through the roof. put a little graphic of a pizza slice somewhere in that section of the newsletter. If your business is having a pizza party. include a little dollar sign graphic. and perhaps choose a fun font that's different from your main text (but still readable).LousyWriter. and limit yourself to one color choice only). 4) For your body text. try using colored paper. It's always more entertaining to see complementary pictures along with your text – just don't overdo it.

Standard photocopy paper is slightly translucent. and tears easily.LousyWriter. or just plain boring. but sometimes the news is unhappy. your readers will start and finish your newsletter on a positive note. opt for heavier. If you can afford it. 8) Organize Your News Wisely It's great when you've got entertaining news to tell. you'll end up with a much happier group of readers.Help Me Write a Better . . make sure you sandwich the bad news in between two nicer stories. Even when you've got less than fun news to tell. it may give your newsletter that certain level of prestige you've been looking for. if you find something cheerful to talk about for at least part of your newsletter. (Insert here) Published by http://www. If the latter is the case. try using glossy paper.com 0 31 7) If your newsletter is delivered in hard copy.. feels cheap. To add some panache to your newsletter. choose the right type of paper. higher quality paper. negative.. That way.

Press Release Writing a press release is no easy task.com 0 32 Help Me Write a Better.. (Insert here) Published by http://www.. "The company's profits were $165.Help Me Write a Better . A solid one will entice the public to learn more about your organization. However.. give your readers an idea of how big of a change that is. especially if you aren't a journalist. don't just put: "The company's profits were $165.000 last quarter." Provide some context for readers so that they can understand the relevance of your facts.000 last quarter. it's worthwhile to educate yourself about writing a readable press release. also try using language that has an emotional connotation. if your press release is about your quarterly profits.. Try writing. Therefore.LousyWriter." Instead. Below are a few hints to help your press release achieve its potential. a strong 27% increase from the previous quarter. For example. 1) Give Your Facts Some Panache A fact can be difficult to understand without context. include some detail about why your fact is in your press release. When writing the facts into your press release. "Feeling words" involve your audience more .

Using the same example we used previously. consider pulling some key phrases from the speaker's address. as well. captivating statement should be added to your press release so that your readers can benefit from the impact of the message. Of course. include some interesting quotations that apply to your facts." The word "proud" conveys a stronger message than the facts alone. Therefore. "I am excited about our company's future and confident our profits will continue to rise." Such a dynamic. (Insert here) Published by http://www. If you can. Using the above example. 3) Keep Your English Simple Many different kinds of people will likely read your press release..LousyWriter.Help Me Write a Better . let's assume that your company's president released a statement saying. it tells your readers that you have really accomplished something substantial. For example. use straightforward English to keep the broadest audience engaged. it will be necessary sometimes to use more technical .com 0 33 personally and encourage them to keep reading. if your organization held a press conference. "Our executive is proud to announce a 27% increase in profits from the previous quarter. 2) Use Quotations Your audience will identify more with your press release if they can mentally attach a personality to it.. try writing.

. Your readers will get the most out of a press release that has a bit of character. Company ABC also devotes resources to Children International and Animal Rights causes." If your organization is involved in charity work..com 0 34 language to explain the details of your press release – that's not a problem. Just make sure you use everyday words whenever you can. There are lots of great things about your business that you can include strategically within the text of your press release. Make the facts compelling and don't be afraid to really make your company shine. you could write: "In addition to shareholder payouts. (Insert here) Published by http://www. the 2005 Garrison Award winner. . is pleased to announce the acquisition of XYZ Inc... try writing something like: "Company ABC. For example. Help Me Write a Better. Keep this mind when you're choosing the words that will represent your organization to the public. 4) Sell Your Organization Often. if your company has won a prestigious award. a press release is also an advertisement for your company.Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter." Choose to view your press release as an opportunity to educate the public about your organization.

(Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter. you'll be laying a strong foundation for deep understanding. check out some of the following tips: 1) State Your Intentions Tell your audience what your technical document covers right in your first pages. 2) Organize Your Ideas Technical documents are often full of a variety of difficult-to-understand concepts.com 0 35 Technical Document Technical documents often contain complex topics that can be difficult to explain. sit down and organize your ideas. . make sure you give each idea its own chapter to devote to its explanation.. To help your readers along. To make sure your readers learn the most from your technical document.Help Me Write a Better .. For best readability. By letting your readers know in advance what your document does and does not explain. Give your readers the basis they need to follow along to really get their attention right from the start.

. you can confidently use technical jargon because you're writing for people who will understand what you're talking about. 3) Write for Your Audience Before you get started. decide on the most logical sequence for your chapters. Without providing the fundamentals first. It's the same with your technical document. For example.com 0 36 Once you've clearly separated your ideas. For example. . To figure out what the best order is. everyday language that someone with little computer experience could understand. if one concept can't be explained without first explaining three other concepts.LousyWriter. you'll need to use simple. Keep working until your ideas are listed in such a way that your readers have all of the knowledge they need from one chapter to be ready for the next. ask yourself: "For whom am I writing?" The type of audience you have should govern the way you write your technical document. you wouldn't be able to add on anything more complicated.Help Me Write a Better . make sure those three concepts' chapters come first in your document.. try working backwards. give your audience the basics they need first. if your software manual is meant for senior citizens. Imagine trying to teach a child to read without first teaching them the alphabet. For increased understanding. if you're writing a software manual for computer engineers. However. (Insert here) Published by http://www. so that they can better grasp the tougher concepts later.

remember that the better they understand your concepts before they continue. 4) Review Your Ideas In this case. Once he or she reads it. the most important things your readers need to remember. try asking a friend who could be a part of that target audience. (Insert here) Published by http://www. in point form.LousyWriter. Explain your ideas clearly and review them at the end of chapter. take the time to re-explain. more complicated concepts later on. To help people get the most from your technical document. which will in turn prepare them for subsequent chapters. you'll have a good idea whether or not the language is simple enough.Help Me Write a Better .com 0 37 If you're having trouble deciding if your document is easy enough for your target audience to read. . the better they'll understand other.. You'll be rewarded with educated readers who benefit from the expertise and effort put into your technical document. repeating yourself is a good thing. This simple step will help your readers retain more from each chapter. At the end of each chapter..

If you are punctual.. Even before they look at your resume. use your .Help Me Write a Better . or have any other qualities your employer will want in his or her staff.LousyWriter. Cover Letter Cover letters are a dynamic way to introduce yourself to potential employers. (Insert here) Published by http://www.. Instead of regurgitating your job history. a good cover letter distinguishes your application from the many others the company receives. imagine yourself as the best candidate for the opening. hard-working. Below you will find several tips to make your cover letter shine. This will put you in the right frame of mind when choosing the words you want to represent you.com 0 38 How Write a Better. 1) Introduce the Best Candidate: You! A cover letter answers the question: "Why are you the right person for this job?" Before you write one word of your cover letter. the cover letter is the place to talk about it. A cover letter does not answer the question: "What experience do I have?" Your resume does that. you can give them a positive impression with a vibrant cover letter.. self-motivated.. Don't be afraid to really sell yourself.

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cover letter to talk about what you will bring to the company if you are the successful candidate.

2) Do Your Homework
Not every employer is looking for the same set of skills. Therefore, one cover letter will not work for every application. To really "wow" your readers, treat every job opening as unique. Learn about the position you want and tailor your cover letter accordingly. To really grab the attention of your reader, include evidence that you know a bit about the company for which you're applying. If you're applying for a job at a college, for example, check out their website to see if they've won any awards or if they have any notable programs. The hirers will be encouraged to give you a chance if your cover letter says something like, "I am impressed that your school has won the Huntley Academic Award, and I would be honored to join such an illustrious team."

3) Advice on Formatting
To improve the readability of your cover letter, limit it to one page only, including your contact information at the top of the page. Make your cover letter very short, with concise paragraphs and plenty of white space left over. You don't need to list every detail about yourself; just pick a few things that really stand out and showcase them only.

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The font you use should be in a readable size (between 10 and 12 points), and should exactly match the font you choose for your resume. Use the same type of paper for both documents, as well. Your cover letter and resume will look most professional if you present them as a matching set. Do not use multiple or complicated fonts, and avoid using colored paper or ink. A clean black typeface on stark white paper looks crisp, professional, and desirable to read. Remember, the physical look of your cover letter is just as important as its content; each element reinforces the other, so take the time to make your cover letter look and sound just right. It might mean landing your dream job!

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Editorial Article
Articles come in all shapes and sizes. They are in newspapers, magazines, and posted on the Internet. They cover any and every topic imaginable. Despite the wide variety, there are guidelines common to all articles that can help you improve your articles' readability.

1) Plan Ahead
Without planning, your article is bound to come across as disorganized and difficult to read. Even short articles require planning to be as readable as possible. Brainstorming is a great technique to help you figure out what topics you want to cover in your article. From the ideas you get, decide which topics are most important based on your intended article length. For example, if you’re writing an article about dancing, you could write about the many types of dancing, dance classes, dance history… the list goes on.

short paragraphs. You may find that you’ll have to brainstorm more than once to narrow down your topics sufficiently. Your articles will be much more interesting if they are well researched. and the more captivating facts you include. you might choose only one topic to explore or several. Short.com 0 42 If you want your article to delve deeply into one subject.Help Me Write a Better . .. you might brainstorm “subtopics" such as the dance history of a certain country. (Insert here) Published by http://www. the more loyal readers you’ll have. depending on the aim of your article. decade. Your readers will be able to sense if your article is backed up with fact or not. you have a bit more freedom with the number of topics you choose. and Simple! It’s the three "s"es of article writing: short sentences.LousyWriter. so do your homework before you write. 2) Research Your Topics Most people read articles because they want to learn something about a particular subject.. If you chose dance history from the above example. or dance company. If your article is more of an overview. Again. make sure you restrict yourself to only one of your brainstormed topics. and simple English. 3) Short. You’ll also find you will have many more quality details to incorporate into your articles if you do adequate research first.

Short paragraphs are a necessity in article writing. . short. and simple" rule into your articles and you are guaranteed to have a much more readable result. A sentence that is too long will lose your audience's attention. you should be able to restrict a paragraph to no more than five sentences for strong readability. Remember that the best articles are informative and entertaining without being too wordy or complicated. It's okay to vary sentences to make your writing more interesting. but only do this once or twice per article. If you have a particularly strong sentence you’d like to showcase. Write your sentences with simple. Simple English is best in most types of writing. Integrate the "short.LousyWriter. In most cases. including article writing. You may want to use fancy words to impress your readers. feel free to put it in a paragraph all on its own.com 0 43 Short sentences are easier to digest than long ones.Help Me Write a Better . but still be careful about their length.. easy-to-understand words to appeal to the broadest audience. (Insert here) Published by http://www.. but the majority of people are not likely to appreciate your efforts unless your articles are particularly academic.

Help Me Write a Better ..com 0 44 .LousyWriter.. (Insert here) Published by http://www.

Make sure that each person's speech is in quotation marks and on its own line. it takes creativity. (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter.. and drive. First... Book It's not easy to write a book. just make sure that your . However. Sometimes book writers get carried away and make paragraphs much longer than they need to be. 1) Follow Grammar Guidelines Book writing permits a great deal of freedom from traditional spelling and grammar regulations. there are still a few guidelines you'll want to follow to make your book really appeal to your readers. Make sure that your readers get the most out of your writing by following these tips to improve your book's readability. learn the correct usage of quotation marks in writing speech. Next. It can be difficult to follow dialogue in your book if these are used improperly. This doesn't mean you need to truncate your ideas. be careful about your paragraph length. Often the development of your character or scene depends on bending some rules a little. planning.Help Me Write a Better .com 0 45 Help Me Write a Better..

Next. the writer. 2) Use Flow Charts You make think of a flow chart as a business tool only. write the events that result from the first event(s) in their own little boxes. It will help you visually decipher how you want your book to flow. .com 0 46 paragraphs are separated into manageable sizes that are easier for your readers to digest.. To make a flow chart. then connect the boxes with arrows. too. For best results. make your flow chart when you're still in the planning stages of your book. Every event gets its own box. which will keep your writing organized and easier to read in the long run.LousyWriter. (Insert here) Published by http://www. You'll also have an easier time keeping track of how far you've progressed with each element of your book. which can make it difficult for you.. start by writing down the first event (or idea) in your book in its own little box on a sheet of paper. Keep going until all of the events in your book are accounted for.Help Me Write a Better . to keep track of everything that's going on. Books often contain several ideas being developed at the same time. but it can help you with your book writing. A flow chart will help you organize and manage your ideas so that you can write about them more effectively. as well as which ideas you want to write about when.

but don't be shy about adding your input. they can also recommend ways to improve the readability of sections of your book that may not flow perfectly. Speak up with your publisher. Not only can they scrutinize your book for typos and other errors..Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter. Often. you will have a unique vision for the layout of your book that may appeal both to your publisher and to your readers. (Insert here) Published by http://www.com 0 47 3) Work With Your Publisher and Editor Your editor and publishing company are both great resources for experienced second opinions about your book. together with them and your editor. consult your publisher about your ideas for the physical presentation of your book.. Your publisher will most certainly have some ideas of their own. Also. you may be on your way to writing the country's newest bestseller! How to Write a Better Business Letter .

It may seem simplistic. or services.Help Me Write a Better . Your suppliers also deserve the same attention to detail. Effective business letters will enhance the reputation of your business. To really get your message heard. Spelling and grammar errors hamper the readability of your document. which forces your audience to try to decipher your meaning rather than it being stated clearly for them.. 1) Always Use Proper Grammar You want your business to be taken seriously by your customers. Your audience simply will not take the time to read a business letter that is too wordy. (Insert here) Published by http://www..LousyWriter. so represent your ideas with correctly spelled words and flawless grammar.com 0 48 Your business uses letters to correspond with your clients and suppliers. advertise your products. Resist the temptation to over-explain yourself or overly praise the virtues of your business. Explain yourself using short sentences with a couple of effective . find a shorter way to convey your meaning. products. 2) Keep it Concise A business letter that drones on and on will not keep the attention of your readers. and let your stakeholders know what's going on with your company. so take the time to learn how to write them well. but your letters will appear much more professional if your readers do not have to stumble over spelling and grammar mistakes.

Most word processors contain readability results right in their grammar checkers. If you do not have enough of the right colors. visit ReadabilityFormulas. It may take some time. monitor the length of your paragraphs. your words and pictures will look faded and ... more effective business letter. but the result will be a more readable. For example. Avoid repeating the same message over and over again. To learn how to calculate readability yourself. Quality paper holds ink better and feels crisper in the hands of your readers.LousyWriter.com 3) Use the Right Materials Plain copier paper is flimsy and will not send a message of quality to your audience. make sure that your ink cartridges are full. if your first message contains a paragraph with seven long sentences. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Emphasize your key points with catchy phrases. high quality printer paper. set a goal to reduce it to five short ones. Try using a readability formula to get an idea of how easy it is to understand your document. Aim for a Flesch Reading Ease score between 40% and 60%.com 0 49 adjectives. To really improve readability. especially if you require colored ink for your logo or a graphic. Before printing. Opt instead to print your business letters on heavier. which will enhance their opinion of your company's professionalism.Help Me Write a Better .

In this article. The result will be a more readable document that produces better results for your business. consider going to a printer to make sure your letters all turn out well. . If you're printing a large volume of letters (for a mass mail-out. you will find several useful ideas to help you get the most out of your sales letters. (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter.Help Me Write a Better . Help Me Write a Better.. Before you start writing. In the eyes of your customers and suppliers.. take the time to make them look professional. 1) Decide What You're Selling There are many different ways to create a sales letter. your business letters are a reflection of your business practices. Having enough of the right inks will make your letters look sharp and professional. Sales Letter The right sales letter can generate many leads for your business. for example)..com 0 50 distorted. you'll need to decide what you want to get out of your letter so that each word can be focused on that goal. Therefore..

it's best to talk very briefly about each of your services (such as buying homes. For example. the low prices. use your sales letter to talk about the quality of the furniture. and no more than two pages (but still only one page double-sided). (Insert here) Published by http://www. For example.) On the other hand. if your company is having a sale on living room furniture..Help Me Write a Better . if you are using your sales letter to introduce your business to a community. and legal services). focus on that and don't give in to the urge to promote other parts of your business. You won't be able to talk extensively about each part of your business. Don't waste valuable space by talking at length about the appliances and lighting fixtures you also sell.com 0 51 If you are selling something in particular. Stick to the intent of your sales letter to give it the most impact. you'll have a bit of leeway to present your business more generally. . selling homes. (Potential call-out: Stick to the intent of your sales letter to give it the most impact.LousyWriter. 2) Simple Formatting Tricks Try to limit your sales letter to one page. and to urge readers to visit the store now. Your potential customers will not take the time to read anything longer than that.. if you are a realtor trying to get customers in a new subdivision. but this method will motivate people to call you to learn more.

put it in bold all on its own. If you have a key sentence that really deserves some attention. Limit them to three or four short sentences..LousyWriter. Use exclamation points (!) occasionally. They'll make your reader sit up and take notice. Keep your paragraphs short. or your readers will stop noticing what's bolded. Only use this technique once or twice for maximum impact. count on the fact that your recipients will not read the whole thing. Your letter will be much more readable if you take the time to describe your business with pizzazz. To really grab their attention. (Insert here) Published by http://www. you'll have to make the most important words and phrases jump out at them. Just choose a few key words or phrases that you really want to be seen. as long as they aren't overused. when writing your sales letter. . 3) Sell Yourself Believing in what you're selling is the first step to having a great sales letter. Don't overuse this. Try these hints to keep your readers interested: Make your most important words stand out by putting them in bold.com 0 52 In fact.. and separate each one with a full line space so your audience has some breathing room.Help Me Write a Better .

too. Help Me Write a Better. Tell them what they can expect by choosing your business over others. A strong representation of your company will motivate your audience to trust you with their business. Tell them why you are a better choice than the competition. Thesis / Dissertation Your thesis is a pinnacle of academic achievement. Don't be modest! If you believe that your company is great.com 0 53 Tell your readers about your industry experience. you'll have a better chance of convincing your readers. 1) Organization is Essential .Help Me Write a Better .... (Insert here) Published by http://www. Read on for some helpful hints on how to improve the readability of your thesis or dissertation.LousyWriter.. so you want to give it the attention it deserves.

c) Peruse your research for evidence that supports your arguments. Once you've completed these steps. Before you start writing.. Try . Spend this time now and you'll likely save time in the long run. To get the most out of your research. or report you make. go through it and make a note of which parts will work to support the arguments you are making. step-by-step planning session: a) Write down the overarching idea you want to write about.LousyWriter. 2) Incorporate Your Research Even if your arguments are compelling. you'll be on your way to writing a coherent. you may have a hard time organizing your thoughts in a way that makes sense to your readers. collect all of your research and thoughts and sit down for this simple. always include your supporting research after every argument. b) Brainstorm the arguments you'd like to make in favor of and/or against your idea. easy-to-follow thesis or dissertation. Without this planning.. (Insert here) Published by http://www. To keep your audience from second-guessing you.com 0 54 It's virtually impossible to complete a project of this magnitude without careful planning.Help Me Write a Better . your thesis or dissertation will seem unconvincing without well-integrated research to support your findings. claim. d) Decide on the sequence of your arguments.

the sheer volume of your work can make it hard for you to catch all of the errors. (Insert here) Published by http://www. A fresh pair of eyes will certainly help you find more mistakes. You must physically proofread your thesis or dissertation yourself – usually more than once – to catch all of the typos and other errors that happened along the way.LousyWriter. You'll have an easier time finding helpful data when you need it. which you will find very helpful. argument A.) and then put the appropriate label next to the corresponding part of your research. but it is nevertheless necessary. If you can.. It also gives you the opportunity to reword any sentences you don't like the second time around. . enlist the help of a trusted friend or colleague to proofread your thesis or dissertation for you.com 0 55 labeling your arguments (i. Virtually all word processors now come with spelling and grammar checkers. argument B. you can also hire a professional to do this job for you. Proofreading helps you eliminate every last error from your document. etc. these alone are not enough.e. 3) Always Proofread! Proofreading is a critical step in the writing of your thesis or dissertation. However. They can help find errors and suggest alternate wording for places where your writing is a bit awkward. Sometimes.. It may seem exhausting to you after the months you spent putting it all together. If you've got a little extra money.Help Me Write a Better .

Help Me Write a Better .. here are a few simple tips that can help make your blog a lot more appealing to your readers.. 1) Pick a Great Headline Headlines mean the difference between stopping to read your blog and passing it right by. Help Me Write a Better. You can also try picking an interesting detail from . You'll be rewarded with a more polished and convincing finished product of which you can be very proud. Let's look at the headline "Is Your Shampoo Hurting the Environment?" It introduces your concept while enticing your readers. (Insert here) Published by http://www. so choose your words carefully.. It's great to ask the question that your blog answers. Blog Post Millions of people write blogs every day on thousands of topics: news. personal journals… the list goes on. Take the time to show your readership that you are an educated professional who writes flawlessly and persuasively.com 0 56 Remember that your thesis or dissertation is the culmination of years of academic effort. If you're a blogger.LousyWriter.. reviews.

Something like "The Secret the Diamond Industry Doesn't Want You to Know" will tempt your audience to read further.LousyWriter. Remember that the people who are interested in your topics will likely be your only readers. (Insert here) Published by http://www. there is no point in trying to make your blog appeal to a broader audience by using non-personal language. consider making a list. Lists are easy to read and pass on a lot of information without too .." Both sentences convey the same information. 3) Use Lists and Bullets If you've got a bunch of related information to convey. so direct your blog right at them.com 0 57 your blog for a headline. but the second sentence narrows in on the audience reading your blog.." "Your children need a school that's right for your family. Although it's tempting. 2) Involve Your Reader Using words like "you" and "your" is better than using "they" and "their." "You" words aim your blog directly at your reader by involving them personally. Compare the following sentences: "People with children need to choose the best school that's right for their family.Help Me Write a Better .

Do not forget about spelling and grammar just because you aren't handing your blog in to a teacher.. Proper spelling and grammar lend a degree of professionalism both to you and your blog. it will be frustrating to read your blog if you don't take care to remove typos and run a spell check. etc. 5) Be Consistent with Your Format When you're posting your writing online.. easy-to-read fashion. colors. formats. If you have time. toilet paper…" A list clearly states relevant information in a concise.com 0 58 many words. it's always a good idea to have someone else proofread your blog before you post it. You're sure to find mistakes that you missed when you were first writing. if your blog is about a supermarket sale.Help Me Write a Better . . cereal. "Lettuce. frozen pizzas. put your blog away for a day or even a few hours and then go back and read it again. If not. Choose one font that is easy to read and keep the size of your body text uniform (your headlines should be slightly larger).LousyWriter. there are unlimited combinations of fonts. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Even if your friends are your only audience. For example. Resist the urge to make your blog too flashy. 4) Mind Your Spelling and Grammar Do not underestimate the power of your words. it's better to make a list of what items are on sale instead of writing.

(Insert here) Published by http://www.com 0 59 Make sure you keep your paragraphs short and put one line space between them. 1) A Picture Says a Thousand Words A good brochure has very little text. so you need to make it as appealing as possible to your customers.Help Me Write a Better . Brochure Brochures are fantastic sales tools for many businesses.. The best brochures will have relatively selfexplanatory pictures coupled with a few lines of eye-catching text.. .LousyWriter. choose a few effective pictures to include in your brochure. One mass of text with a complicated font will not appeal to your audience. To convey a strong message without being wordy. The following simple guidelines will help you get the best out of your brochures. Remember. a hardto-read brochure can turn potential customers off.. It only takes a split second for a potential reader to decide if they'll read your blog or not. Help Me Write a Better. Even an informative and entertaining blog will be overlooked if it's too hard on the eyes. However. blogs that are more readable enjoy larger and more loyal audiences. A picture delivers an instant message to your readers because it takes less time to process than reading..

) 3) Make an Impact with Bullets A brochure offers a limited amount of communication space. imagine a paragraph in a technical brochure that contains a lot of data about hardware specifications. For sections of your brochure that simply must have a fair amount of text.Help Me Write a Better . can highlight an interesting bit of information that will help hold your audience longer. Choose something particularly interesting. like the one in this paragraph. A well-placed call-out.. so use bulleted lists to get people's attention efficiently. similar to a picture. try using a call-out to steer your readers' eyes to something that will really grab their attention. but are nevertheless fairly mundane to read. it's better to write: a) Friendly service b) No waiting c) Satisfaction guarantee . Readers will gravitate toward anything that stands out.LousyWriter. (Insert here) Published by http://www. These details are important to your brochure.. which is why lists are a perfect way to convey important information. For example. For example.com 0 60 2) The Value of Call-Outs Call-outs are phrases in a slightly larger font that are embedded in a body of words. (Call-out in the above paragraph: A great call-out spices up your brochure.

. In a brochure it can be interesting to have a couple of unique-looking fonts. but the second method is very wordy and harder to process than the above bulleted list. Don't try to cram more words in by using a tiny font size. either.Help Me Write a Better .. (Insert here) Published by http://www. 4) Focus on Formatting We've said it before.LousyWriter. Try using a very simple font for your body text and a slightly more "fun" font for your headlines.com 0 61 than it is to say "Our business provides friendly customer service with no waiting and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. experiment with color combinations and get the opinions of colleagues you trust. be careful about how creative you get. . we'll say it again: do not put too much text into your brochure." Both methods deliver the same information. use caution with colors. but one that's too loud will distract readers from your brochure's message. your audience won't be fooled! In terms of font styles. It's great to have a nice background color to accent your pictures and text. Similarly. Before sending your brochure to the printers. It's better to have some empty space to make your brochure easier on the eyes and give your readers some room to digest what your business has to offer. but too many will take away from the overall effect. Too much text overwhelms your audience.

Business Email Sending e-mails is a routine task that many businesspeople take for granted. however. (Insert here) Published by http://www. failing to correct errors – intentional or not – undermines your professionalism. your brochure is an important sales piece that needs just the right look to showcase your business.. consult your printers before choosing a paper type. and text. Below you will find several useful ways to get the most out of your business e-mails. don't be afraid to ask for a sample before you commit to a certain finish. that every e-mail you send reflects upon your business... It doesn't matter if it's simply a typo. 1) Get Back to Basics Nothing gives a terrible first impression like spelling and grammar errors.LousyWriter. Ask for advice about which finishes will look best with your brochure's colors. Keep in mind. Make no mistake: spelling and . so it's critical that you make them as readable as possible..com 0 62 Finally. pictures. Help Me Write a Better.Help Me Write a Better . The quality and finish of the paper will affect the readability of your brochure. Finally.

too. These days. Often. At the very least.Help Me Write a Better . these programs come with grammar checkers too.LousyWriter. keep both your sentences and your paragraphs short. 2) Keep the Layout Simple Flashy fonts and bold colors are distracting and. When writing an e-mail. These tools make it so simple to send a flawless e-mail that there is no excuse for anything less than grammatical perfection. 3) Consider Your Target Audience . virtually every e-mail program contains at least a built-in spelling checker. proofread before you send! Remember. make sure you stick to an easy-toread font and use it throughout your message... your font size should be no bigger than 12 points. in most cases. Long sentences and paragraphs can confuse and/or lose the attention of readers.com 0 63 grammar errors negatively affect (and can even alter) the content of your message. if there are flaws in your e-mails. Also. In terms of the overall layout. your recipients are bound to expect flaws in your work. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Avoid any color other than black and. very unprofessional. remember to separate each paragraph with a line space so that you don't overwhelm your recipient with one big block of text. in most cases.

and ask questions. instead of just writing your needs in paragraph form. . Make sure that you clearly outline what you expect from your recipient by separating your expectations from the rest of your e-mail. Personal material combined with business communication can weaken the impact of your message... try listing them like so: a) When will the stationery be delivered? b) Please drop off your clerical report before you leave today. (Insert here) Published by http://www. accomplish tasks.Help Me Write a Better .com 0 64 If you are writing to a client or a supplier. c) Let me know when Ms. 4) Use Lists to Improve Readability You send business e-mails to communicate. a supplier needs to know that you are a trustworthy customer. as well. don't forget to say "please" and "thank you!" If you are writing a colleague. For example. Slang and casual language can be very off-putting to a client receiving an e-mail from your business. bear in mind that it is still a work e-mail. you must use polite and professional language. A paying customer usually expects respect and courtesy. Numbered lists are a great way to ensure that your recipient understands your expectations. Anderson gets back to you regarding the annual meeting. so it's best to keep those messages professional. It's best to restrict the content of your business e-mails to business-related information only.LousyWriter. Also. Similarly. and therefore should maintain a certain level of decorum.

. 1) Spelling and Grammar are #1! Proofread.Help Me Write a Better . Remember that each e-mail represents your company. Once you're finished your best draft.. Help Me Write a Better.not just its content . Typos and other mistakes have a way of escaping the eyes of their author. so don't underestimate its influence.com 0 65 By stating your expectations in clear language.LousyWriter. Use the grammar and spelling checkers in your word processor. so spend the time to get them right.has a great deal to do with whether or not you get called for an interview. and we aren't just talking about employment history. Resume Your resume is a potential employer's first impression of you. proofread.. point by point. . Businesspeople can tell a lot about you from your resume. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Ask your friends and family to look your resume over before you call it a finished product. your e-mails will be more successful in helping you accomplish your business goals. proofread. Your resume's presentation ..

but it really can't be stressed enough. It's worth saying again: get your spelling and grammar right! 2) Keep Your Format Consistent There are dozens of ways to design a resume. with each detail separated by a dash.Fast ‘n' Fresh Supermarket -. Your resume tells your future employers if you're a quality worker.. and location on one line. . It's confusing to a reader if your resume is not laid out in a consistent fashion. The next item should be in the same format: position. (Insert here) Published by http://www. For example.LousyWriter. Keep the format identical throughout your resume so that your reader doesn't have trouble figuring out what you're trying to say. company name. Choose one that's right for you and stick with it.Help Me Write a Better .. On the next line should be a brief description of your duties at that job. Perfect spelling and grammar in your resume may seem obvious.com 0 66 have someone with an eagle eye go over your resume again to spot any straggling errors. say you choose to format one employment history item like this: Cashier -. MA I processed grocery transactions and trained new employees.Boston. Anything less than top grammatical quality on your resume will leave them with doubts.

LousyWriter. For example. the writer uses active language ("I processed. that fact will be crucial to someone looking to hire a lifeguard. if you are a certified lifeguard. it's best to write your resume in a way that appeals to that job specifically.. In the example above." "I trained…") to report about his cashier job. (Insert here) Published by http://www. It may seem tedious." or "I was responsible for handling cash." Make yourself the doer to convince employers of your competence. This is not to say that your skills are not transferable. Therefore.com 0 67 3) Create the Right Tone Your resume is meant to showcase the best of you. Most experience or training can be translated into something useful to your reader. and job experience will be relevant to every employer. It may even be interesting to someone looking for an employee with elements of that training. However. 4) Consider Your Target Audience Not every bit of personal information. This tone is much more persuasive than writing: "My job was training. .Help Me Write a Better . but if you really want a job. such as a childcare provider. so choose the information your recipient will most want to hear and represent it strongly. education. tailor each resume you create to its intended audience.. It will likely not be compelling to an employer looking for an accountant.

Help Me Write a Better ..com 0 68 you have such a small amount of space to impress your potential employer that you must trim the details that will have the least likelihood of helping you get the job.. your resume reflects you as a professional. Remember. so choose the details that show you're just the professional they need. (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter. .

Choose heavy enough paper. it's critical that you know how to write well. Also. Businesses need to hold their writing to the same high standard they demand of their products and services. so read on to learn about making your business writing competent and professional. Standard copier paper is flimsy. Text printed correctly on the right stationery makes a great first impression. cheap printer or a high-end machine. The end result will show whether you've used an old. You can check the brightness of the paper right on the packaging before you buy. Before you print anything..com 0 69 Plain English Business Writing At the office. brighter paper makes text stand out better on the page. (Insert here) Published by http://www. invest in a good quality printer.Help Me Write a Better ..LousyWriter. Your clients and suppliers judge you on your documents. and holds ink poorer than heavier paper. 1) Use the Right Tools Even before your readers start reading. . they will draw conclusions about your document based on its physical characteristics. Documents printed on quality paper convey a degree of elegance and professionalism. slightly translucent.

Headings get an idea across right away and encourage your readers to learn more about it. Choose a reasonable size (usually 10 to 12 points) and don't stray from it unless your document contains headlines. and make sure there is one line space in between each one. consider using a printing company. If you're printing irregularly sized documents or you have a large volume. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Even your headlines should not be oversized.. Often. Before you send any writing on its way. c) Be consistent with your font size.Help Me Write a Better .. make them only slightly larger than your body text. Your documents will be harder to read if the ink is faded. make sure your ink cartridges are full before printing. They can provide samples of their work and references. so you can be sure you're getting the quality you need. b) Use headings when you can. take note of the following: a) Separate your ideas with paragraphs. Also. . 2) Layout Makes an Impression Even a compelling message won't read well if it's poorly presented on the page.com 0 70 so spend the money to make your documents look amazing. this option is less expensive for you than buying all of the ink and/or special equipment you would need to do it yourself.LousyWriter.

It's always best to deliver the good news first. Always follow up negative or uninteresting news with a few positive sentences before you close. Difficult news. (Insert here) Published by http://www. You've heard it a million times. 4) Grammar and Spelling Make sure you run a spelling and grammar check before your documents are read to avoid any miscommunication. .com 0 71 3) Order Your Topics Determine what topics your document will cover and order them appropriately.Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter. but spelling and grammar truly are critical to the readability of your business writing. Don't forget that a perfect business document makes a great impression. or boring statistics should always come after a more cheerful part of your document. negative results. Deliver negative information concisely and clearly so people understand the details. People will be more likely to pay attention to the bad news if they aren't bombarded with it right off the bat. Keep the first part of your document relatively light-hearted in order to draw in your readers. regardless of your intended audience... Doing so will make the information more digestible for your readers.

. Website Copy A website is very important to a business. (Potential call-out: If it's got 3 syllables. try choosing another word. 1) Use Plain English It's tempting to use fancy words in an effort to introduce your products and services with flair.) . (Insert here) Published by http://www.LousyWriter. A good rule of thumb: if it's got more than two syllables. This article will help you turn your website into a powerful sales tool that attracts your target market and turns them into loyal customers. However. The 21st century way to buy virtually anything is through the Internet. Simple English will help you clearly communicate the consumer benefits of your business..Help Me Write a Better . so use difficult words sparingly.com 0 72 Help Me Write a Better... Your potential clients need to identify with the language on your website in order to be compelled to buy. complicated language actually can prevent your website visitors from really connecting with your business. consider choosing another word. so your website must reflect your business in the best way possible.

but interesting pictures persuade people to read what's on your website..Help Me Write a Better . so the right picture can capture their interest much more quickly than words.com 0 73 2) Keep it Short Passionate entrepreneurs often make the mistake of over-describing on their websites. you do want to give your customers enough information about your business. Words like "dynamic" and "stunning" will motivate your visitors to buy more than words like "great" and "nice.. A picture takes less effort for your visitors to absorb. but words that are too ordinary will bore your customers. What other tool can you use to make your words "pop"? Pictures! It may surprise you. not run-of-the-mill descriptions. If you want to "wow" your website visitors. However. Yes. you do not want to over-complicate your language.LousyWriter. too many words or too many web pages will be so daunting to them that they won't bother to read what you've written. . Place relevant pictures close to your text to encourage a more captive audience. (Insert here) Published by http://www." Again. remember: a) Short sentences b) Short product/service descriptions c) As few web pages as possible 3) Make Your Words Stand Out Use interesting adjectives.

and they'll stay to look at the details found in other areas of your website. It's much better to describe a couple of the strongest aspects of your business than to overload your homepage with secondary information. ask yourself the following questions: a) What is the best thing about my company? b) What do I offer that people need the most? c) What's the most important thing my customers need to know? Although there are no hard and fast rules about what to put on your homepage.LousyWriter.Help Me Write a Better . .. successful websites motivate people to buy using the quality -. (Insert here) Published by http://www.not the quantity -. the above questions will get you thinking about what should be there. you must make the space you do have as attention-grabbing as possible. Pick the best parts of your business and highlight them right on your homepage. To decide which areas to write about. Remember.com 0 74 4) Pack a Punch Now that you know you've got to keep your website short and simple..of their words. Get them interested right off the bat.

” Acceptation now means “the sense in which an expression is generally understood or accepted. DELUSIO . as well as to illusions.LousyWriter.—Access has several meanings authorized by good use: () outburst. ACCEPTATIO . and may even be mischievous.—“Acts. delusion. an illusion is an error of vision.—Acceptance is the “act of accepting”. Delusions are ordinarily repulsive and discreditable.’” ADVA CE. or even useful.” “She sang with marked acceptance. () admission. or an addition. ADVA CEME T. as being moved forward. ACTS.” ACCESS.—Advance is used in speaking of something as moving forward. Accession means the coming into possession of a right.. ALLUSIO .—An allusion is an indirect reference to something not definitely mentioned. since actions also means ‘processes of doing..com 0 75 Misused Words 1) ACCEPTA CE. harmless. ACTIO S. ILLUSIO . advancement. in the sense of ‘things done. also “favorable reception”: as. it is often pleasing. () way of entrance..’ is preferable to actions.. “In literary and popular use an illusion is an unreal appearance presented in any way to the bodily or the mental vision.Help Me Write a Better . Roughly speaking. of judgment. “The acceptance of a gift. A delusion is a mental error or deception..” 2) 3) 4) 5) . and may have regard to things actually existing. (Insert here) Published by http://www. ACCESSIO .

” OBSERVATIO .” Relation is a word of much broader meaning.” now denotes that which stimulates. VOCATIO . with a view to determining the truth or wisdom of it. It does not necessarily imply kinship. the means by which one is incited to action. “A relationship existed between the two families.” 10) RELATIO SHIP.” “celebrating. of “keeping.LousyWriter. 11) SOLICITUDE.—Solicitude is “anxiety”.—Observation contains the idea of “looking at”. stimulant has a medical sense. (Insert here) Published by http://www.. being used of that which stimulates the body or any of its organs.” 7) 8) 9) PROPOSAL. OBSERVA CE. ‘something aside from one’s regular calling. PROPOSITIO . RELATIO .—“A proposal is something proposed to be done. of alcohol as a stimulant. completeness is “the state of being complete. SOLICITATIO . which may be accepted or rejected..” 12) STIMULATIO . We speak of ambition as a stimulus. A proposition is something proposed for discussion. observance.” “We speak of the observation of a fact. solicitation is “the act of soliciting or earnestly asking. originally “a goad.’” COMPLETIO .—Stimulation is “the act of stimulating or inciting to action”.—Relationship properly means “the state of being related by kindred or alliance”: as. of a rule.com 0 76 6) AVOCATIO . STIMULA T.—“Vocation means ‘calling’ or ‘profession’.—Completion is “the act of completing”. STIMULUS. COMPLETE ESS. stimulus. of a star. of the observance of a festival. avocation. a by-work. .Help Me Write a Better .

18) CE TRE.—Adherence is used of moral relations. or a definite place.” 17) BALA CE. and cannot properly be used for rest or remainder.—Ability is the power of doing.—The centre is a point. of things which are counted. an argument may be addressed either to the court or to the jury. and is less definite than centre. number. not of the argument at a trial. UMBER. of understanding. Rest is used of persons or things.—“Plea (in the legal sense) is properly used of the pleadings or the arraignment before a trial.—Amount means “sum total. of acquiring. We speak of the adhesion of glue to wood. REST. ADHESIO . 14) ADHERE CE.—Balance. REPUTATIO . PLEA.” is a commercial term.. of a man’s adherence to the principles of his party. of physical connection. Remainder is used only of things.—Character is what a man is. 16) ARGUME T. adhesion. the middle is a line. reputation is the prevailing opinion of his character. CAPACITY. or a space. and denotes a comparatively small part. 15) AMOU T. capacity. QUA TITY. quantity is used of things which are measured. MIDDLE. 19) CHARACTER.Help Me Write a Better .LousyWriter. REMAI DER. and of large as well as of small parts..” and is used of numbers or quantities.com 0 77 13) ABILITY. (Insert here) Published by http://www. . the power of containing. A similar remark applies to the verbs plead and argue. meaning “the difference between two sides of an account. A plea is always addressed to the court.

—Custom denotes the frequent repetition of the same act.” a trait of character. CO SCIOUS ESS. HABIT. EGOTISM. EGOISM.—Deception is “the act of deceiving”. Custom is voluntary. COMPLIME T. DECEIT. engaged to give advice. COU SEL.’ is preferable to egoism.” or “a person. thoughts. the moving into it. But “egotism. 22) COU CIL.” Counsel denotes “advice. Egoism is sometimes used also in the sense of undue admiration of self.—Conscience is that within us which distinguishes right from wrong. a compliment is “an expression of praise.” 25) EGOISTS.—A council is “a body of persons convened for consultation. and surroundings. as a lawyer.” Egoism is the name of their system.—A complement is a “full quantity or number” or “that which is needed to complete”.” 26) EMIGRATIO . (Insert here) Published by http://www. habit is involuntary.. sometimes unconscious. .” 23) CUSTOM. 24) DECEPTIO .—Emigration is the moving out from a country. IMMIGRATIO . Consciousness is the state of being aware of one’s existence.” an “artifice. and may be used of a number of persons taken together. since egoism also designates a system of philosophy.com 0 78 20) COMPLEME T.Help Me Write a Better .. Habit is the effect of custom in a person.LousyWriter. in the sense of ‘self-worship. deceit is “deceitfulness. or a “trick.—“The disciples of Descartes were egoists. often uncontrollable. immigration.” 21) CO SCIE CE. the ego being the basis of their philosophy. the outward expression of which is egotism.

is preferable to falseness. in the sense of “meaning. magnitude.. We speak of the enormity of Cæsar Borgia’s crimes. immigrants to America. since falseness usually implies blame. based on considerations of probability..” 29) FALSITY. or who a given person. contrived or produced for the first time. DISCOVERY.com 0 79 Foreigners who come to live in America are emigrants from their fatherland. is. of the number. E ORMOUS ESS. in the sense of ‘nonconformity to truth.” 30) IDE TITY.—“Enormity is used of deeds of unusual horror.” Identification denotes “the act of determining what a given thing. ESTIMATE. of things of unusual size. the word now commonly used in the sense of “opinion” or “regard” is estimation. FALSE ESS.” 32) I VE TIO . An estimate is “an approximate judgment. enormousness.—Import. 27) E ORMITY.’ without any suggestion of blame. ESTIMATIO . “the quality of being important.LousyWriter.—Esteem as a noun seems to be going out of use.—We invent something new. (Insert here) Published by http://www.—“Falsity. but remained unknown.” 28) ESTEEM. We discover what existed before.Help Me Write a Better .—Identity is “the state of being the same. . or position of anything. IDE TIFICATIO . amount.” must be distinguished from importance. of the enormousness of the Rothschilds’ wealth.” 31) IMPORT. IMPORTA CE.

portion has always some suggestion of allotment or assignment: as.—Novice properly means one who is new in any business or calling.com 0 80 33) LIMIT.Help Me Write a Better . 36) EGLIGE CE. ‘Father. the state or time of being a novice.—Limit.—An organism is a “living body composed of a number of essential parts.—Lot denotes “a distinct part or parcel”: as. a plurality is the excess of votes given for one candidate over those given for another. 38) ORGA ISM. PLURALITY.” 37) OVICE.” The word does not mean “a great number”. a portion of Scripture. give me the portion of goods that falleth to me.. UMBER. “The auctioneer sold the goods in ten lots.” 35) MAJORITY. in the sense of “bound. LIMITATIO .. since limitation also means “the act of limiting.” 34) LOT.LousyWriter. the whole is equal to the sum of all its parts..—“Negligence is used of a habit or trait.” Organization denotes “the act of organizing. of an act or succession of acts.—“Part is the general word for that which is less than the whole: as. EGLECT. novitiate. this is my portion. ORGA IZATIO . therefore it is improperly used in the sentences: “He has lots of money. neglect.” and “I know a lot of people in New York. PORTIO .” as a literary society. and is not necessarily a majority when there are more than two candidates.” or “an organized body of persons.—A majority is more than half the whole number.” or a “restriction.. 39) PART. OVITIATE. Portion is often used in a stilted way where part would be simpler and better..’” .” is preferable to limitation. (Insert here) Published by http://www.

in the sense of ‘thing produced.” Predominance denotes “ascendency. RESOURCE. usually physical labor. REQUISITIO . meaning “the act of producing. a statue. abundance. Production. more than enough. of the flock. 46) RESORT. the produce of the soil.’ is preferable to recipe.—Produce is always collective.” There may be many prominent traits in a person’s character.—“Relative.’ is preferable to relation.” “a superiority in strength or influence.—Plenty is enough. PREDOMI A CE. since recipe is commonly restricted to medical prescriptions.’ is preferable to production. ABU DA CE. since production is also used in an abstract sense. or a painting. A requisite is something required by the nature of the case. 41) PRODUCE.. so as to be conspicuous. etc.LousyWriter.Help Me Write a Better .—Prominence means “a standing out from something. A requisition is an authoritative demand or official request for a supply of something. there can be only one predominant trait. as a book. and is used only of raw products: as. RECIPE.. or “that which is resorted to or . RECOURSE.” 42) PROMI E CE.” is also applied to a work of literature or art.. in the sense of ‘formula for a pudding. 43) RECEIPT.—A requirement is something required by a person or persons. Product denotes the result of some operation.” 45) REQUIREME T. “Product. PRODUCTIO .” 44) RELATIVE. REQUISITE.—Resort denotes “the act of going to some person or thing”. in the sense of ‘member of a family. (Insert here) Published by http://www. since relation is also used in an abstract sense.com 0 81 40) PLE TY.—“Receipt. PRODUCT.” “an over-ruling. RELATIO .

Help Me Write a Better .—‘To accredit means ‘to invest with credit or authority. SEWERAGE.’ is preferable to specialty.” Resource denotes “something which is a source of help or support. VISITOR.. SPECIALTY.—“Speciality. 48) SEWAGE. sewerage.’ to credit means ‘to believe.” 52) VISITA T. visitor. a human one.—Union is “the joining of two or more things into one.—Visitant was formerly used to denote a supernatural being. U ITY.—Secreting is the act of hiding..’ or “to put to the credit of.—Sewage means the contents.’ or ‘to send with letters credential. (Insert here) Published by http://www. The site is confined to the ground on which it is erected or reposes.—“Situation embraces all the local aspects and relationships in which a thing is placed. a physiological process or fluid.” Recourse means “resort for help or protection. SITE.” 47) SECRETI G. of sewers. 53) ACCREDIT. CREDIT.com 0 82 habitually visited.LousyWriter.” 50) SPECIALITY. the system.” . Visitant seems now to be going out of use.’” 51) U IO .” Unity means “oneness. secretion. 49) SITUATIO . in the sense of ‘distinctive quality. since specialty is also used in the sense of ‘distinctive thing. visitor being used in both senses.” “harmony. SECRETIO .

antagonizing forces must be of the same kind. he rose from the chair.” to impute means “to ascribe to. the sun rose. and still often is. but in the political phraseology of the United States a person may antagonize (i.” to deprecate means “to argue earnestly against” or “to express regret for.com 0 83 54) ARISE.” “to disparage. IMPUTE. ‘music arose with its voluptuous swell.” or “to counteract. or those which seem literal.—To antagonize means properly “to struggle against.” “In England. a matter of rhythm euphony. OPPOSE.” 56) DEPRECIATE. DEPRECATE. The literal meanings.. however. oppose) a measure.—To impugn means “to call in question.. 59) A TAGO IZE.’” 55) CAPTIVATE. to capture..—The use of loan as a verb is not sanctioned by good use. A loan is money which a person lends.Help Me Write a Better . have become more associated with rise.—To depreciate means “to bring down in value.—To captivate means “to fascinate”.e.” 58) Loan.” 57) IMPUG . CAPTURE. the provinces rose in revolt: trouble arose.LousyWriter. Properly the word is a noun. “to take prisoner.” “to oppose actively.—“The choice between these words was primarily. and the consciously figurative with arise: as. lend. RISE. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” .

AFFIRM.” It is often loosely used.” To state. being often used in the general sense of “support. .” pp. FETCH. ADMIT. On grounds of idiom.” 62) CHAMPIO . for “assert.” or “affirm.” it always implies detail. ‘I must confess’ and the parenthetical ‘I confess’ are exempt from the operation of this rule. MAI TAI . however.” To declare is “to say publicly. clearly. is preferable to confess. I TE D. or emphatically.” “allege.—To claim means properly “to demand as one’s own or one’s due.” “assert.” . .LousyWriter. in cases into which the idea of confession does not enter. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” To affirm is “to assert on one’s reputation for knowledge or truthfulness.” to bring means “to take along in coming.—“Admit.” to fetch means “to go.com 0 84 60) CALCULATE. and bring.” or “to adjust or adapt” for something.” or “affirm.” To allege is “to assert without proof. which is also often misused in the sense of “say.—The word champion is very much overworked.” “maintain..” “declare.. get. and “Practical Exercises. especially in the United States. ALLEGE.” “declare.” It should be restricted to cases in which there is the idea of entering the lists as champion of a cause. ASSERT. . DECLARE.” means properly “to express formally and in detail.) 64) CO FESS. STATE. SUPPORT. 61) CARRY. BRI G.” p.—To calculate means properly “to compute mathematically.” To maintain is “to uphold by argument.—To carry means “to take along in going. 63) CLAIM. In the sense of intend it is not in good use.Help Me Write a Better .” To assert is “to say or declare in the face of implied denial or doubt. (See “Foundations.” “allege.

“it has taught me something. In the latter sense the proper word is teach. “by means of letters we materialize our ideas and make them as lasting as ink and paper. 67) LEAR . we only like the most palatable kind of food. and may differ in kind.. “Oh no. “to give the use of.LousyWriter. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Sheehan.” 71) LIKE. from the French use of demander.Help Me Write a Better . love being appropriate only in the hyperbole of poetical or rhetorical feeling. LOVE. With an infinitive.” replied Mr. 72) MATERIALIZE. and it never has the intensity of love.” as. Like may be feeble and cool. possibly. 68) “I have more information to-day than I had before. like is the common word.—To demand means “to ask for with authority or with insistence.” said Mr.” “the ideas of the sculptor materialize in marble.—To materialize properly means “to make or to become physically perceptible. not to “impart” it.” said Mr. 69) 70) “This has learned you something. Sheehan. LEASE.com 0 85 65) DEMA D.” to let. 66) HIRE..—Like and love differ greatly in strength or warmth. ASK.” The use of “demand” in the sense of “ask” is borrowed. APPEAR. We may like or even love a person.” To lease means “to give the use of by lease. TEACH.—To hire means “to obtain the use of. Goff. the person who occupies it takes a lease of it.—Learn means to “acquire” knowledge. LET.” .” The owner of a house leases it.

RELIEVE.” to effect is “to bring about. ME TIO .. as in ‘At what hotel are you staying?’ is preferable to stop.—To advertise is “to announce to the public” to advise is “to give counsel or information to a person. and “to remove it in a large measure or altogether.” not to “admit.—Allow properly means to “grant” or “permit.—To accept means “to take something offered.—To transpire means properly “to escape from secrecy to notice.” it should not be used in the sense of to happen.” to except means “to make an exception of. ARGUE. HAPPE .” 77) ADVERTISE.—To affect is “to act upon. We refer to it when we speak of it less directly..LousyWriter.com 0 86 73) PLEAD.” 78) AFFECT. .” 79) ALLEVIATE.—See plea 74) STAY. REFER TO.” 81) ALLUDE TO. EXCEPT. to relieve it is to go further. We allude to it when we refer to it in a delicate or slight way.—To alleviate pain is “to lighten” it.” “to leak out.” 80) ALLOW.” “to influence. EFFECT. 76) ACCEPT. ADMIT. STOP.” “think” or “intend.Help Me Write a Better . THI K. (Insert here) Published by http://www.’” 75) TRA SPIRE.—We mention a thing when we name it directly. ADVISE.—“Stay. since stop also means ‘to stop without staying.

” to domineer is “to rule in an overbearing manner.’ we may construe a sentence as in translation. AUGUR.” 87) DISCLOSE.” 84) CO STRUE.—To detect is “to find out. riding in saddles.” to discover is.—To disclose is “to uncover. “to find. DOMI EER.’ ‘The jury having been convinced of the prisoner’s guilt. when one thing is compared with another...” 85) CO VI CE.” “to forebode.LousyWriter.Help Me Write a Better . or construct it as in composition. especially difference.” 89) DRIVE.—To argue is “to bring forward reasons. ‘to pronounce guilty.’” 86) DETECT. .” “to reveal.—“To convince is ‘to satisfy the understanding.’ to convict. DISCOVER. it is to show either difference or similarity.—“Two things are compared in order to note the points of resemblance and difference between them. We drive behind horses.com 0 87 82) ARGUE. RIDE. it is to show that the first is like the second. CO TRAST. When one thing is compared to another. in modern usage. we ride on them.—To dominate is “to rule. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” 83) COMPARE WITH. he was convicted.” 88) DOMI ATE. they are contrasted in order to note the points of difference only.” to discriminate is “to distinguish between. COMPARE TO. CO VICT.—We go driving in carriages.’ to construct means ‘to build.—“To construe means ‘to interpret. DISCRIMI ATE.’ ‘to show the meaning. CO STRUCT.” to augur is “to foretell.

com 0 88 90) ELIMI ATE.—To inquire is “to ask for information.” “The horse was frightened by the locomotive.” 91) ESTIMATE.—Let means “to permit.. ADVISE.” as of a new building or purchased lands. ESTEEM.” “to get rid of.” It should not be used intransitively. as in the sentence “The horse frightened at the locomotive.” especially of persons. “to let remain.—Secure.—To estimate is “to judge the value of.—To persuade is “to induce.” or “to designate the site of. 92) EXPOSE.” to advise is “to give counsel or information.” 95) I SURE.LousyWriter.” to elicit is “to draw out.—Frighten is a transitive verb.” “to convince.—Locate properly means “to place in a particular position.” to expound is “to explain the meaning of.” .” 93) FRIGHTE . 98) PERSUADE.—To expose is “to lay bare to view. SECURE.” 96) LET.” is preferable to insure.” leave. and is used correctly in “The locomotive frightened the horse. since insure also means “to guarantee indemnity for future loss or damage.Help Me Write a Better . I VESTIGATE. EXPOU D.” to investigate is “to make a thorough examination. in the sense of “to guard from danger. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” or “to go away from.” “to make safe.” 97) LOCATE.” 94) I QUIRE. it does not mean to find. ELICIT.. LEAVE.” to esteem is “to set a high value on.” “The horse became frightened. FI D.—To eliminate is “to remove.

We repulse an enemy or an assailant. A TICIPATE.—To start is “to set out” or “to set going. Before an infinitive.” 105) GOOD.” and is not followed by an infinitive. EXPECT. REPEL. as in “You look well. 103) START. in the sense of “look forward to. since to propose also means ‘to offer for consideration:’ the noun answering to the former is purpose.LousyWriter.—Good is an adjective: the adverb corresponding to it is well. perform.” Expect.” is preferable to anticipate. WELL. BEGI . “Begin is preferred in ordinary use.” .” Well is sometimes an adjective. proposal or proposition.com 0 89 99) PREDICATE. We say..” “He slept well.—To suspect is “to mistrust. “begin” or “commence” is used. in the sense of ‘intend. COMME CE.—To prescribe is “to lay down as a rule or a remedy. combat. or realize beforehand. and ceremonial.’ is preferable to propose. “He had a good sleep. PROPOSE. to the latter. PROSCRIBE.—Repulse usually implies hostility.—To predicate is “to affirm as an attribute or quality.” 101) PURPOSE.” “to surmise. PREDICT.” as. “Some real lives do actually anticipate the happiness of heaven. we repel an officious person or the unwelcome advances of a lover.” 102) REPULSE.” 104) SUSPECT. commence has more formal associations with law and procedure. divine service.. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” to predict is “to foretell.” to proscribe is “to condemn to death or to loss of rights. repel is a milder term. since anticipate also means “take up.Help Me Write a Better .—“The verb purpose.” 100) PRESCRIBE.

. (Insert here) Published by http://www. EARLY. “Men of like excellence.” Somewhat is an adverb.—Some is an adjective. “He talks like her. 110) PLE TY is now in good use as a noun only.” Shakespeare used the word as an adjective in “Reasons as plenty as blackberries. “Some water.—Most denotes “the greatest number. as “The food is plenty good enough.” “He looks like his grandfather. as.” is a vulgarism.” 109) EAR. as. “He is likely to come.” In the sense of “in the same manner as” like is followed by a noun or a pronoun in the objective case. fewer to number. or degree. PROBABLY.” “He will probably come. as “Plenty of corn and wine.” but this use is obsolete. except in the phrase “As likely as not. We say. ALMOST. SMALLER.” Like as an adjective means “similar.LousyWriter.com 0 90 106) LIKELY. 111) SOME.” which is the proper meaning of almost.” “Somewhat” is occasionally used as a noun. The use of plenty as an adverb. quantity. 108) MOST. “He is somewhat better.—Near is an adjective.” as.” but in this sense something is more common. as. the time has almost come.—Less refers to quantity.” “He was a man of like passions as we are. LIKE. “Somewhat of doubt remains. the corresponding adverb is nearly. SOMETHI G... and is called by some an adverb.” “Some brighter clime.” ad the corresponding adverb is probably.Help Me Write a Better . by others a preposition: as.—Likely is now used as an adjective only. smaller to size. We say. FEWER.” 107) LESS.” It is always superlative and never means “nearly. “Most of the boys are here. SOMEWHAT.

(Insert here) Published by http://www. the corresponding adverbs are secondly. thirdly. “Every pupil should have a dictionary and use it freely. 115) ALL. LIABLE.com 0 91 112) THIS. SECO D. each chiefly to the individuals composing it. likely to hear good news. but ‘Every theory is open to objection’ refers to all theories that may exist.” One is apt to speak quickly. worse in some way.” groups objects.” “sort. liable to be hurt. “Both were men of hot temper.—Both. exasperating.” Each means “all of any number. “Likely implies a probability of whatever character. EACH. It may also be observed that each usually refers to a numerically definite group..” It is often misused for irritating. THE WHOLE.” as. ‘Each theory is open to objection’ relates to an understood enumeration of theories. 117) BOTH.” Every means “all of any number. as “kind. an habitual tendency. Second.. 116) APT. considered one by one. 114) AGGRAVATI G. more grave. “Each boy recited in his turn. A common mistake is to use the plural forms with singular collective nouns.—This (plural these) and that (plural those) are the only adjectives in English that have distinct forms for the plural. and not merely one of them.. as.. LIKELY. THESE. are adjectives only.” “Every directs attention chiefly to the totality. an unpleasant probability. etc.. liable. THOSE.—Apt implies a natural predisposition.” as. SECO DLY.Help Me Write a Better . EVERY. considered as composing a group or class. Firstly is a vulgarism.” . THAT.” “class. meaning “the two. Thus.—In good use aggravating means “making heavier. third etc. IRRITATI G.—First is both adjective and adverb..” 113) FIRST.—See page . or provoking. etc.LousyWriter.

122) SO-AS.” “common in occurrence.LousyWriter. COMMO .—Many refers to number. evidently. real.—Both so and as are used as adverbs of degree correlative with the conjunction “as”: unless there is a negative in the clause as is generally used.—Quite properly means “entirely”. EVIDE TLY.” “of the usual standard. with a negative so is preferable to as. taken as they come.’ is preferable to partially. and $.” Manifestly is stronger than evidently.W.” especially in the phrase. Holmes in “The average intellect of five hundred persons. since partially also means ‘with partiality. the average loss is $. but may not be.” In the sense of “usual. $. is not very high.— “Apparently is properly used of that which seems. VERY. much to quantity.” ordinary is preferable to average. MA IFESTLY. of that which both seems and is real. “A mutual friend.—Mutual properly means “reciprocal.” 123) APPARE TLY. We say “It is as cold as ice. in the sense of “very” or “to a considerable degree” it is not in good use.. $.’” 121) QUITE.. 119) MUTUAL.” 120) PARTLY. (Insert here) Published by http://www.com 0 92 118) MA Y. MUCH.—Average implies an arithmetical computation. ORDI ARY.” “It is not so good as it looks. 124) AVERAGE. AS-AS.” It is often misused for common in the sense of “belonging equally to both or all.—“Partly. if four persons lose respectively $. O.Help Me Write a Better . in the sense of ‘in part. The word is used figuratively by Dr. . PARTIALLY.” “interchanged.

’” 128) DECIDED.Help Me Write a Better . (Insert here) Published by http://www. STUPID.. ‘She was deathly pale. especially in Pennsylvania. .’ as.—Bound properly means “obliged. a decisive opinion settles the question at issue.” in the sense of “strange” or “odd” it is not in good use.” “fated. DEATHLY. as.LousyWriter. that is existing which has existence.—Dumb properly means “mute.. the judgment of a court is decisive. “A man is bound by his word. ‘Continual dropping wears away a stone.com 0 93 125) BOU D.. which perhaps decides nothing. CO TI UOUS. to its resemblance to the German dumm.—“A decided opinion is a strong opinion. since deadly also means ‘inflicting death. use. In the sense of “sure” it is in colloquial. A lawyer may have decided views on a case.). of uninterrupted action.’ continuous. DETERMI ED.’ is preferable to deadly.—Funny means “comical.” In the sense of “determined” hound is not in good use. etc. EXTA T. all such persons.” 129) DUMB.—“Deathly.’” 127) DEADLY.” Its misuse for stupid is partly due..—That is extant which has escaped the ravages of time (used chiefly of books. DECISIVE. but not in literary. 131) FU Y. as. 130) EXISTI G. in the sense of ‘resembling death. 126) CO TI UAL. ‘the continuous flowing of a river. ODD. manuscripts.” or “under necessity”: as.” “silent.—“Continual is used of frequently repeated acts.” “We hold ourselves in gratitude bound to receive .

“The latest news.—Lengthy is said to have originated in the United States. thus enabling their journalists to characterize our President’s messages by a word civilly compromising between long and tedious.—That is new which is not old.” in the sense of “angry” it is not in good use.” Lengthy is used chiefly of discourses or writings. and denotes that which comes after all others in space or in a series: as.” “The Last of the Mohicans. that is novel which is both new and strange. Long is used of anything that has length. OVEL.. that is healthful or wholesome which produces health.com 0 94 132) HEALTHY. .” Last.—Mad means “insane. LAST. Mr.—That is healthy which is in good health.” “The latest fashion.” is now used without any distinct reference to time. so as not to endanger the peace of the two countries by wounding our national sensitiveness to British criticism.” Humane means “compassionate. which was originally a contraction of “latest. “human nature..Help Me Write a Better .” 134) LATEST. that is latest which comes after all others in time: as. A GRY. Lowell wrote: “We have given back to England the excellent adjective lengthy . Wholesome commonly applies to food. (Insert here) Published by http://www. like the word “late.” “human sacrifices.. WHOLESOME. HEALTHFUL. but the earliest quotations found are from British authors. 136) MAD.. as. 137) EW.LousyWriter.—Human denotes what pertains to man as man. HUMA E.—Latest.” contains a distinct reference to time. LO G.” 135) LE GTHY. “The last house on the street. 133) HUMA . In the introduction to the second series of The Biglow Papers. and implies tediousness.

” eminent means “distinguished in character or rank. VERY.” “a practical electrician. “splendor.” awful..” as. and of tender mercy.—The participle scared means “frightened. REALLY. where all the objects were monsters and extremes. (Insert here) Published by http://www. that is practical which is not theoretical only: as.—That is practicable which can be done.” gorgeous. PITIFUL.” Scared of is not in good use. as. “magnificence. EMI E T. “real diamonds. “elegance. “She is afraid of horses.” magnificent. meaning “not imaginary or counterfeit. “surpassing loveliness. in the sense of ‘in spoken words..” “standing out so as to be easily seen.” elegant. “splendid colors. “This is real pretty.” lovely.” splendid. since verbal means ‘in words’ whether spoken or written. “awe. since pitiful also means ‘compassionate..—Prominent means “conspicuous. “a practicable plan.’ as.—Grand properly implies “grandeur.” 142) REAL.” 141) PROMI E T.’ is preferable to verbal.Help Me Write a Better ..” “We talk.’” 140) PRACTICABLE.” the proper word is afraid: as.com 0 95 138) ORAL.” Its misuse for the adverbs really and very.” 139) PITIABLE.—Real is properly an adjective.” Before “of. ‘The Lord is very pitiful. with people whose conversation would lead you to suppose that they had lived in a museum.LousyWriter.” is a vulgarism. They . 143) SCARED.—“Oral.’ is preferable to pitiful. 144) MAG IFICE T. VERBAL. sometimes. in the sense of ‘deserving pity. AFRAID. PRACTICAL.—“Pitiable..” afraid is an adjective meaning “in fear.

between. that is. . in choosing the proper preposition to express his meaning. if the place is of any size. though frequently heard in conversation and sometimes seen in print. 148) BACK OF. Language should aim to describe the fact.—Back of.--A writer. we hope to move admiration by quantity. because you have got or have not got a shoestring or a wafer you happen to want—not perceiving that superlatives are diminutives and weaken.’ ‘most horrible. in is used when it is desired to make prominent the idea “within the bounds of:” as.” at is used when the place is so small as to be treated as a mere point.com 0 96 use the superlative of grammar: ‘most perfect. intense.. 146) AMO G. BETWEE . or when. We are unskilful definers. ‘Tis very wearisome. All this comes of poverty. they are enchanted.LousyWriter.—Before names of places to denote “where.... this straining talk. these experiences all exquisite. must rely chiefly on his sense of idiom.Help Me Write a Better . or groups of persons or things. they are desolate. although large.’ Like the French. his knowledge of English usage..” 147) AT. in is generally preferred to at.” Before the name of the place in which the speaker dwells. when the reference is to two only. and tremendous. “He arrived at Liverpool in the morning and remained in that city two days..’ ‘most exquisite. it is viewed as a mere point. (Insert here) Published by http://www. From want of skill to convey quality. I ..—“Among is the proper word when the reference is to more than two persons or things..” 145) MISUSED PREPOSITIO S. unless the place is so remote that it dwindles in the mental vision to a point. is not in good use.

the material instrument or tool is usually introduced by with: as. he must already have moved into it..” as. O TO.—To introduce the agent of an action by is now commonly used. “Who sits beside you?” “Who besides us knows this?” 150) BY. indicating location only. “At dinner the women waited on the men. WITH.—“Good use does not support either on to or onto. “Duncan was murdered by Macbeth with a dagger. “We will wait for you at the corner. (Insert here) Published by http://www. Before a man can move in a room. BESIDES.” besides is now used only in the sense of “in addition to. into implies movement to the inside of.LousyWriter.” To wait on means “to attend on. or within. It is . 152) I .—In good use like is never a conjunction.Help Me Write a Better .—“In implies presence inside of. DIFFERE T TO.” “other than:” as.—Before names of streets.—Different from is preferable to different to and different than.” 155) WAIT FOR. I TO.” 153) I .” 156) VULGARISMS.—Beside means “by the side of. in implies some reference to surroundings.com 0 97 149) BESIDE. and therefore it cannot be used instead of as to introduce a clause. WAIT O .—To wait for means “to await.--Every educated person is expected to know the correct use of the following words:-157) LIKE.. on is less definite. 154) O TO. O . AS.” as.” 151) DIFFERE T FROM.

159) MISUSED CO JU CTIO S. we will not go.” Another word not in good use as a conjunction.” but we may not say. when possible. because it is raining” is the strongest way of expressing the relation of cause and effect.” the emphasis is shifted from the cause to the effect. expressions are “however.” 161) BUT.. which becomes the prominent idea.—Except. “Except you go with me. “Walk like I walk. “All went except me.” 158) EXCEPT.” but one may say.” or “He looks like his grandfather. or nearly equivalent.” 163) BECAUSE.” “nevertheless. In . but often heard instead of “unless.--Conjunctions are few in number and are more definite in their meanings than prepositions.Help Me Write a Better . the meaning of “in addition to.—And has. and is now a preposition only.—The difference between these words is chiefly a difference in emphasis. was once in good use as a conjunction.com 0 98 incorrect to say.—“As has so many meanings that it is better. “A close reasoner and a good writer in general may be known by his pertinent use of connectives.” is without.” 162) AS.LousyWriter. “We will not go. generally speaking. to use a conjunction that covers less ground. Most errors in using them spring from confused thinking or hasty writing. SI CE. U LESS. We may say. Equivalent. or contrast.” 160) A D. In “Since it is raining.. opposition.—But implies some exception. FOR. which was originally a past-participle.” “yet. WITHOUT. but in modern use it has been displaced as a conjunction by unless. (Insert here) Published by http://www. I will stay at home.” “on the other hand. “He walks like me.

” “When fixes attention on a date or period.com 0 99 “We will not go. since so has other meanings. for it is raining.” It is often misused for “that” to introduce an object clause.. while fixes attention on the lapse of time. “it is raining. preferable to as though.” “in spite of the fact that.” is announced as itself a bit of news.” while. 166) THEREFORE. Often the choice between these words is decided by the ear. 165) OR.—In the sense of “for this reason. “during the time that.—When means “at the time that.” 169) WHE . Or is the correlative of either. SO.—Though means “notwithstanding. on the whole. 164) HOW.” 168) AS IF.Help Me Write a Better .—“As if is.. 167) THOUGH. (Insert here) Published by http://www.” the reason.” “as long as.—How properly means “in what manner” or “to what extent. OR.—Nor is the correlative of neither. sometimes of other negatives.” The End .LousyWriter. WHILE.” therefore is preferable to so. AS THOUGH.

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