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Countrywide Capital Group, LLC herein referred to as “CCG”.

Attention Accredited Investors
If you are a Bulk REO buyer, have you found it virtually impossible to find a steady and reliable source of inventory. (Please see section titled Lender Concerns). We at CCG have created a solution that provides and maintains a steady flow of properties! A solution that works in favor of all parties involved with an approved disposition strategy we call “THE CCG SOLUTIONTM “. (For additional details on how “THE CCG SOLUTIONTM “ can provide you with a steady supply of Bulk REO please continue reading…).

Office: 407-401-8790 Fax: 866-455-2185 37 North Orange Ave Suite 910 Orlando, FL 32801


Program Participation
Countrywide Capital Group, LLC will be one of fifteen firms selected to participate in this program. Countrywide Capital Group, LLC will be the purchasing entity on all acquisitions as the approved participant. Funding participants will not be placed in direct contact with Countrywide Capital Group, LLC’s sources.

Prospective participant
Countrywide Capital Group, LLC is excited to announce that we have been invited to be a participant in a national joint venture amongst the nation’s largest Real Estate service providers in the default services industry. This will provide our approved buyers and sellers a rare opportunity to purchase a steady supply of REO’s. We are projecting this program to run for the next three to four years making this a tremendous opportunity to become a long term buyer of these valuable assets. Presently, we are engaged in negotiations and have tentatively committed our fund to a minimum monthly acquisition of $20,000,000 of REO properties. We have early indications that this will be simply a minimum and expect our monthly minimum to greatly exceed that number. In light of the required minimum acquisition quota required, we are excited to announce that CCG is reviewing applications and are pre-qualifying potential investor participants for entry into our exciting new program, and all the benefits associated with its participation. Our new fund (Countrywide Opportunity Fund Five) has been created for the sole purpose of acquiring REO’s in bulk from lenders at significant discounts ranging from 40-65 cents of the BPO (Broker Price Opinion). These properties must be liquidated in a CCG approved manner, THE CCG SOLUTIONTM.

Office: 407-401-8790 Fax: 866-455-2185 37 North Orange Ave Suite 910 Orlando, FL 32801

Why haven’t you received a steady source of REO’s?
Lender Concerns
Investors and investment firms alike are aware of the tremendous upside in purchasing bank REO’s in bulk with extremely deep discounts. Many have seen a dramatic drop off of bulk inventory available recently. There are several factors to the significant decrease in bulk sales. They include: The increase in falsified documents and use of transactional funding letters. The increase and rampant use of these falsified documents: Has selling institutions questioning the validity and capabilities of buyers and their disposition strategy. Creates an environment where unqualified participants copy and paste lenders inventory list and promote them as their own direct off market inventory. Creates failed disposition strategies. Some investors have bought and quickly resold for significant profits; and while this “trade” is a successful and lucrative one to the selling investor the after effect of said sale(s), their disposition strategies, is the reason that has caused the decrease in available Bulk REO inventories for new investors seeking an opportunity in these types of investments. (See the chart below) Unfortunately, many of the Bulk REO investors lacked the necessary resources to effectively dispose of these assets resulting in a less than successful outcome. To be effective, you need to have all of the resources to maximize your profits and have a successful transaction.

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These resources include: Asset managers. Software solutions to maintain and monitor the REO assets. Property rehabilitation crews (local or national). Field service representatives to properly secure and protect the asset and assess property damage, rehab, and improvement strategies. Maintenance crews to maintain all the properties after the purchase. While this does not apply to all investors this has been the concern with the majority of lenders involved in the bulk sales arena. A lot of investors just do not have the required infrastructure needed to properly manage and dispose of the assets in a manner that will prevent the further deterioration of neighborhood values.

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The Problem
Unapproved Disposition Strategy

Investor Acquires Portfolio Quickly liquidates at wholesale pricing to attract several smaller investors. This investor now attempts to sell/maintain/ rehab several properties. While holding on to assets the properties stay on the market with deferred maintenance thus deteriorating Curb Appeal, property values which not only affects the neighborhood values, but the value of homes in the area still owned by the original selling lender .

This new buyer quickly sells to their list of investors.

This new buyer attempts to either retail the home or quickly resells to other investors. All the while no maintenance is being done on the home. This may not be your scenario and/or strategy. This however is the reality with the Bulk REO sales outlet as a whole. please see THE CCG SOLUTIONTM as the preferred solution.

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Countrywide Capital Group, LLC believes having a solid foundation and core systems in place is the pivotal difference between the successful investor and all others. CCG is an all encompassing solution, offering all services required to maintaining and receiving a steady flow of properties. Services include: Strategic alliances with the nation’s top Banks through our partnership agreements. Seasoned asset managers. Asset technology & management platform. Nationwide approved realtor list. Nationwide approved contractors. National title company partner. National field services. Floating/advance of rehab cost (Restrictions apply, it will be disclosed to approved participants).

You can spend months searching for fresh, legitimate, reliable sources of reo inventory and quite possibly have your personal data shopped all over the internet. Or you can partner with CCG which has a sustainable, automated and scalable bulk reo acquisition and disposition solution. A process recommended by lenders & approved/preferred by housing coalitions across the country. A solution that improves neighborhoods and gets homes sold to deserving families. The CCG way incorporates systems and business processes that are already in place, a nationwide infrastructure, providing our investors with a viable, time tested and proven solution. Now, investors can economically and efficiently have access to the liquidation systems utilized by the nation’s largest lending institutions without the expenses and scalability issues typically experienced by smaller firms. Now, with your team and infrastructure in place you no longer have geographic limitations but can now venture out into nationwide markets for added value and profitability. As an added benefit, investors who where once limited to specific geographic location(s) can now tap into this existing infrastructure and venture into new markets as your support system is in place and here to serve you. THE CCG SOLUTIONTM is the key to restoring communities, improving neighborhood pride, and stabilizing homes values across the country. This is a win/win strategy which will translate into a healthy investor profit while restoring American neighborhoods, one home at a time.

Office: 407-401-8790 Fax: 866-455-2185 37 North Orange Ave Suite 910 Orlando, FL 32801

The Solution

Investor Acquires Portfolio

20% of Portfolio can be liquidated for a quick return, CCG can assist with this liquidation. Greater return selling at or close to retail. Have a professional and experienced Asset Manager to maintain the asset. Additional fee applies upon resell of property.


80% of Portfolio is rehabbed to bring the Asset to a standard acceptable for FHA Financing. Tap into a Nationwide Network of rehab crews ready to simultaneously rehab all the homes to quickly minimize the properties downtime and increase profitability. Tap into the same technology platform that the nation’s top lenders are using.

Deliver Contracts/Offers to you.

Property maintenance.

Manages construction & bids.

Deal with top Realtors.

Office: 407-401-8790 Fax: 866-455-2185 37 North Orange Ave Suite 910 Orlando, FL 32801

In this brochure you will see the benefits outlined in THE CCG SOLUTIONTM. Interested parties please complete this form to apply for this program. Upon completion of this quick application we will contact you within 24 business hours.
*Only accredited investors need apply.*