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A Trca|isc cn Out-nf-Bndv Travc! and MvstIcIsm

Lost Sou|s. Relncarnatlon. Karma. Dreams. Rltes of Passage. lnltlatlon
lnto the Mµsterles. the Ascenslon. the Nature of Good and Etl|. Mµstlc
Paths of the Proµhets. Heaten. He|| and Purgatorµ. Ange|lc and
Demonlc Klngdoms. Anclent Mµsterles. Sacred Texts. Orlglna| Sln and
the Redemµtlon


ßv MaiiIvnn Hughes

An Exµerlentla| Thesls on the Exµosltlon of the Wor|ds of Sµlrlt and
|orm. and a Course of Eto|utlon lnto God's Manµ Manslons Through
Mµstlca| Tralnlng and Out-of-Bodµ Trate| lnto the Heaten|µ and
He||lsh Rea|ms: ulth the Substantlte Goa| of Abso|ute Purlflcatlon of
a|| Defects. Cratlngs. Deslres and Slns uhlch Pretent the Unlflcatlon of
the Sou| ulth A|mlghtµ God. the So|e Purµose of Human Exlstence.
"B|essed are µour eµes. for theµ see: and µour ears. for theµ hear . . . ln Mµ
|ather's House are manµ manslons: lf lt uere not so. l uou|d hate to|d µou . . ."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ma||ncu 13.16. ]cnn 14.2. lcrds cf Cnris|
"Salth the Lord. though µour slns be as scar|et. theµ sha|| be as uhlte as snou."
King ]ancs 8io|c. |saian 1.18. O|d Tcs|ancn|

» »· » »· » »· » »· · · · · ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··.

l dedlcate thls uork to A|mlghtµ God. as ue|| as. to the Proµhets. Salnts.
Mµstlcs and Sages throughout tlme and of a|| uor|d re|lglons and creeds. as ue||
as. mµ husband Andµ. mµ chl|dren. Me|lssa. Marµ and jacob and mµ dear|µ
deµarted frlend. Kar|een.
Copviighl © 2OO3, MaiiIvnn Hughes (Wiiling, Music, Ailvoik and Music
AII iighls ieseived, incIuding lhe iighl lo iepioduce lhis voik oi
poilions lheieof in anv foin vhalsoevei vilhoul peinission in viiling fion lhe
pulIishei and aulhoi, excepl foi liief passages in conneclion vilh a ieviev.
AII ciedils foi quolalions aie incIuded in lhe ßilIiogiaphv.
Ioi infoinalion, viile lo:
» »· » »· » »· » »· · · · · ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··. ~, .~·· ».~~··.
If lhis look is unavaiIalIe fion voui IocaI lookseIIei, il nav le
ollained diieclIv fion lhe Oul-of-ßodv TiaveI Ioundalion lv going lo
Having voiked piinaiiIv in iadio lioadcasling, MaiiIvnn Hughes
spenl seveiaI veais as a nevs iepoilei, pioducei and anchoi lefoie deciding lo
slav al hone vilh hei lhiee chiIdien. She's expeiienced, ieseaiched, viillen, and
laughl aloul oul-of-lodv liaveI since 1987.

Bnnks bv MarI!vnn Hughcs:
Cnmc tn WIsdnm's Dnnr
Hnw tn Havc an Out-nf-Bndv ExµcrIcncc!

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A Trca|isc cn Out-nf-Bndv Travc! and MvstIcIsm

» » » » ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs · ·» · ·» · ·» · ·» ±rernctien errirs in +iur ±rernctien errirs in +iur ±rernctien errirs in +iur ±rernctien errirs in +iur
le|nnrs le|nnrs le|nnrs le|nnrs
(Sanc 8cc| - Cnccsc Ycur |crna|!)
Prelode to u Ðreum
Pussuue to the Ancient
Medicine Womun Within u Ðreum
Absolote Ðissolotion oI Body und Mind
The Mysticul Jesos

A Trca|isc cn Death. Dµlng and |nc After|lfe

¯!! I.l.¹! ´! .`¹I!`¯ ¹`´`l!!´! ¯!! I.l.¹! ´! .`¹I!`¯ ¹`´`l!!´! ¯!! I.l.¹! ´! .`¹I!`¯ ¹`´`l!!´! ¯!! I.l.¹! ´! .`¹I!`¯ ¹`´`l!!´!
A Trca|isc cn Anclent Mµsterles

The |ormer Ange|! - A Chl|dren´s Ta|e
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A Trca|isc cn Out-nf-Bndv Travc! and MvstIcIsm
Inlioduclion 5

(Kainic Iuiificalion)
PART I: Prc!udc tn a Drcam - (AwakcnIng) 9
Chaplei One 9
Chaplei Tvo 17
Chaplei Thiee 24
Chaplei Ioui 35
Chaplei Iive 45
PART II: Tcmµcst Bcfnrc thc Fa!! - (Cn-CrcatInn) 58
Chaplei Six 58
Chaplei Seven 74
PART III: Dcsccnt nf thc Lamb - (5urrcndcr) 87
Chaplei Lighl 87
Chaplei Nine 1O2
Chaplei Ten 115
PART IV: Passagc tn thc AncIcnt - (RItcs nf Passagc, InItIatInn Intn thc
MvstcrIcs) 131
Chaplei LIeven 132
Chaplei TveIve 142
Chaplei Thiileen 152
Chaplei Iouileen 164
PART V: Trcmnrs nf thc Earth - (Emcrgcncc nf Karma) 173
Chaplei Iifleen 173
PART VI: Angc!s In thc TwI!Ight - (MIrrnrIng nf Karma) 185
Chaplei Sixleen 186
PART VII: Emcrgcncc Bcfnrc thc Dawn - (IgnItInn nf thc Etcrna! F!amc)
Chaplei Sevenleen 2O2
Chaplei Lighleen 213
PART VIII: RItcs nf thc AsccnsInn - (AsccnsInn) 221
Chaplei Nineleen 222
Chaplei Tvenlv 228
Chaplei Tvenlv One 238

(The KnovIedge of Daikness and Lighl)
PART I: Rcturn tn Grandmnthcr NatInn - (RItcs Intn thc McdIcInc)
Chaplei Tvenlv Tvo 251
Chaplei Tvenlv Thiee 26O
PART II: Thundcrc!nuds BurstIng nn thc HnrIznn (RItcs nf Evn!utInn)
Chaplei Tvenlv Ioui 269
Chaplei Tvenlv Iive 278
PART III: McdIcInc Wnman WIthIn a Drcam (A!tcratInn nf Rca!Itv) 291
Chaplei Tvenlv Six 291
Chaplei Tvenlv Seven 3O4
Chaplei Tvenlv Lighl 322

(DissoIulion inlo lhe WiII of Cod)
PART I: In Mv Fathcr's Hnusc, Thcrc arc Manv MansInns (EncrgctIc Entrv
Intn AncIcnt 5acrcd Paths) 330
Chaplei Tvenlv Nine 331
Chaplei Thiilv 34O
PART II: Jnurncv tn thc Dcµths nf thc Abvss (Entrv Intn thc Knnw!cdgc nf thc
Lnwcr Rca!ms) 353
Chaplei Thiilv One 353
Chaplei Thiilv Tvo 369
Chaplei Thiilv Thiee 383
Chaplei Thiilv Ioui 398
PART III: ArIsc, Gn . . . And 5In Nn Mnrc (5c!f-5crutInv) 413
Chaplei Thiilv Iive 413
Chaplei Thiilv Six 427
PART IV: Thc 5Ins nf thc Fathcrs as VIsItcd Uµnn thc 5nns (OrIgIna! 5In)
Chaplei Thiilv Seven 443
Chaplei Thiilv Lighl 458
Chaplei Thiilv Nine 467
Chaplei Ioilv 478
PART V: Fathcr, FnrgIvc Thcm . . . Fnr Thcv Knnw Nnt What Thcv Dn
(MvstcrIcs nf thc RcdcmµtInn) 488
Chaplei Ioilv One 488
Chaplei Ioilv Tvo 514
Chaplei Ioilv Thiee 539
Chaplei Ioilv Ioui 548
Chaplei Ioilv Iive 558
Chaplei Ioilv Six 565

PAINTING5 - Nnt Inc!udcd In thIs VcrsInn (AvaI!ab!c 5cµaratc!v) - UnIvcrsa!
5µhcrc nf Rca!ms, Pagc 590
HYMN5 - Nnt Inc!udcd In thIs VcrsInn (AvaI!ab!c 5cµaratc!v)
PROPHET5 - Nnt Inc!udcd In thIs VcrsInn

» » » » ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs ßvstrrirs · ·» · ·» · ·» · ·» ±rernctien ±rernctien ±rernctien ±rernctien
A Trca|isc cn Out-nf-Bndv Travc! and MvstIcIsm
As a chiId, angeIs vouId vhispei in nv eais, "ßoin of daikness
. . . inlo Iighl," piocIaining lhis coning palh of puiificalion and enliv
inlo lhe nvsleiies of lhe iedenplion vilhin nv souI. ßul as I lecane
an aduIl, nv Iife vas spenl eniapluied in vice, Iosl in deIusion,
seIfishness and noilaI desiie: I no Iongei knev viilue, lul deIuded
nvseIf inlo lhinking lhal vhal I peiceived, feIl, and vanled, vas
viiluous. Mv choices veie ieasoned, veII-lhoughl oul, and fiIIed vilh
inleIIecluaI inlegiilv. Theii onIv fIav vas lhal lhev veie nol liue.
ßecause I vas so Iosl in nv ovn slupidilv, piide and aiiogance, I
couIdn'l have possilIv even falhoned lhal nv souI vas in such
despeiale need of sonelhing as giand as lhe iedenplion. I vas
unavaie of nv iniquilies, and I vas Iosl.
Tiulh has nanv Iaveis, and aIlhough lhe epiphanv of aII
knovIedge cannol le ollained in oui Iiniled hunan foin, vhen vou
ascend lhe Iaveis and ieach vaiious epiphanies aIong lhe vav, sone of
lhose pievious Iaveis nav no Iongei appeai lo le liue, lul lheii liulh
Iies in lhe evoIulionaiv conlexl of a souI's jouinev. If vou lake a
haidened sinnei and nake hin inlo a sainl, lheie viII le nanv diffeienl
IeveIs in-lelveen lhe cuiienl slale and lhe goaI, and lhose IeveIs viII le
no Iess significanl lecause lhev don'l conlain aII knovIedge.
And so lhe Loid, in oidei lo guide us genlIv and vilh neicv,
peeIs each Iavei of oui hunanilv one al a line aIIoving us lo viev il in
ils liulh, lhus laking in lhe knovIedge of ouiseIves and oui fIavs. And
as each Iavei sulsides, so, loo, do oui voiIdIv passions and cIingings.
Ioi a|| vho aie loin lo lhe Lailh aie loin of daikness (lhe slain of
kainic deIusions and oiiginaI sin) . . . lul nol a|| aie ieloin inlo lhe
Iighl. Iuiificalion heiaIds lhe souI's ieckoning . . . lhus, eneigizing il lo
pailicipale in lhe giealesl nvsleiv of lhis LailhIv ieaIn, lhe Mvsleiies
of lhe Redenplion!
Mav I offei vou lhe hand of a vielched souI Iifled lv giace`
Mav I shaie vilh vou lhe jouinev of one vho vas "ßoin of daikness . . .
inlo Iighl`"
"B|essed are theµ uho uash thelr robes so as to hate the rlght to the tree of |lfe
and enter the cltµ through lts gates."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 22.14. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
"Chrlstlan Sou|! lf µou seek to reach the |oftlest µeak of µerfectlon. and to unlte
µourse|f so lntlmate|µ ulth God that µou become one ln sµlrlt ulth Hlm. µou
must flrst knou the true nature of µerfectlon of sµlrltua|ltµ ln order to succeed ln
the most sub|lme undertaklng that can be exµressed or lmaglned."
Tnc Spiri|ua| Ccnoa|. Cnap|cr 1. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. Dcn
|crcnzc Scupc|i)
"l. Thoth. hate eter sought ulsdom. searchlng ln darkness. and searchlng ln
Llght. Long ln mµ µouth l trate|ed the µathuaµ. seeklng eter neu knou|edge to
galn. untl| after much strltlng. one of the THREE. to me brought the LlGHT.
Brought HE to me the commands of the Due||er. ca||ed me from darkness lnto
the LlGHT. . . Each sou| on earth that |oosens lts fetters. sha|| soon be made free
from the bondage of nlght."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V. Pagc 28. Paragrapn 5-6. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. Au|ncr. Tnc|n)
"Then. the croun µrlnce Man]usrl sald to the Llcchatl Vlma|aklrtl. 'Nob|e slr.
hou does the bodhlsattta fo||ou the uaµ to attaln the qua|ltles of the Buddha?'
Vlma|aklrtl reµ|led. 'Man]usrl. uhen the bodhlsattta fo||ous the urong uaµ. he
fo||ous the uaµ to attaln the qua|ltles of the Buddha.' . . . . Man]usrl: 'Nob|e slr.
one uho staµs ln the flxed determlnatlon of the tlslon of the uncreated ls not
caµab|e of conceltlng the sµlrlt of unexce||ed µerfect en|lghtenment. Houeter.
one uho |ltes among created thlngs. ln the mlnes of µasslons . . . ls lndeed
caµab|e of conceltlng the sµlrlt of unexce||ed µerfect en|lghtenment . . . |or
examµ|e. nob|e slr. ulthout golng out lnto the great ocean. lt ls lmµosslb|e to
flnd µreclous. µrlce|ess µear|s. Llkeulse. ulthout golng lnto the ocean of
µasslons. lt ls lmµosslb|e to obtaln the mlnd of omnlsclence."
Tnc Hc|u Tcacning cf Vina|a|ir|i. Cnap|cr 8. Pagc 64-66, (8uddnisn. Manauana)
"God therefore arranged and decreed the creatlon of conceµts of both µerfectlon
and deflclencµ. as ue|| as a creature ulth equa| access to both. Thls creature
uou|d then be glten the means to earn µerfectlon and atold
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| |. Cnap|cr 2. Nc. 2. Paragrapn 4. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Raooi Mcsnc
Cnauin |uzza||c)
"One must de|lter hlmse|f ulth the he|µ of hls mlnd. and not degrade hlmse|f.
The mlnd ls the frlend of the condltloned sou|. and hls enemµ as ue||. |or hlm
uho has conquered the mlnd. the mlnd ls the best of frlends: but for one uho has
fal|ed to do so. hls mlnd ul|| remaln the greatest enemµ."
Tnc 8nagatad Gi|a As || |s. Cnap|cr 6. Dnuana Ycga. Tcx| 5-6. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf
"A||ah causes the nlght and the daµ to succeed one another. Sure|µ
there ls a |esson ln thls for those uho hate slght."
The Holv Qur´an. Part XJIII. Chapter 24. Section. 6. Jerse 44. (Islam. Author.
"'Announce the praises' of him who called vou out of darkness into his wonderful
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 1 Pc|cr 2.9-10 Ancrican 8io|c (Cnris|iani|u.
Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf |nc Apcs||c Pc|cr)
"As the door of the |odge ls oµened. a|| the men crµ: 'Hl ho! Hl ho! Thanks!' and
the men are a|| haµµµ. for theµ hate come forth from the darkness and are nou
|ltlng ln the Llght."
Tnc Sacrcd Pipc. Cnap|cr |||. Pagc 42. Paragrapn 2. (Trioa|. Og|a|a Sicux)

"Bnrn nf darkncss . . . Intn !Ight."
AIIov ne lo expIain a sinpIified veision of hov ve nav
undeisland lhe vaiving ieaIns in vhich ve aie going lo liaveI.
Ieihaps lhis can give vou a poinl of iefeience in vhich lo undeisland
lhe nake-up of vaiious ieaIns. IIease feeI fiee lo use lhe iIIuslialion
Iocaled in lhe lack of lhe look, 'UniveisaI Spheie of ReaIns,' lo picluie
lhis inage in voui nind.
Vaiious ieaIns of exislence can le conpaied lo a seiies of
concenliic ciicIes vhich legin in lhe cenlei and conlinue lo expand
oulvaid inlo Iaigei and Iaigei spheies. The cenlei poinl of lhose
concenliic iings vouId le lhe poinl of lolaI and inninenl daikness, as
each of lhe successive iings oulvaid vouId iepiesenl a giealei
allainnenl of Iighl.
Nunleiing lhe ieaIns, vou vouId legin in lhe cenlei, slailing
vilh lhe nunlei one and noving oulvaid vilh each iing. Using lhis
piocess 1) ieaIns one and lvo iepiesenl lhe Iovei and heII ieaIns, 2)
ieaIns lhiee and foui aie noilaI ieaIns (lhiid & fouilh-dinensionaI
ieaIilv, oui voiId), and 3) ieaIns five and alove iepiesenl lhe heavenIv
ieaIns, conlinuing lo expand oulvaids inlo giealei and giealei
allainnenls of Iighl.
Wilh lhis undeislanding, ve conlinue lovaids lhe lhiee najoi
palhs oulIined in lhis look, vhich coincide vilh seveiaI nonaslic
The jouinev legins on lhe Ascension palhvav (Iuiificalion) in
ieaIns five and alove, lhe heavenIv ieaIns. Il conlinues on lhe
AIleialion palhvav (Disciininalion) in ieaIns lhiee and foui, lhe
noilaI ieaIns (lhiid & fouilh-dinensionaI voiIds, lhe Lailh). IinaIIv, il
concIudes on lhe AlsoIulion palhvav (DiscipIine) in ieaIns one and
lvo, lhe Iovei and heII ieaIns.
Wilhin nosl nonaslic/nvslicaI liadilions, vou viII find lhal
lheie aie lhiee giand phases of souI deveIopnenl. In lhe ßuddhisl
liadilion lhev aie iefeiied lo as Iuiificalion, Disciininalion, and
DiscipIine. In lhe viilings of lhe LaiIv Chiislian Chuich Ialheis lhev
aie iefeiied lo as Iuiificalion, LnIighlennenl and Union. You viII find
lhese lhiee phases, using ßuddhisl leininoIogv, vilhin lhese pages, as
Iuiificalion deaIs vilh ieincainalion, peisonaI kaina, and
nisundeislandings aloul lhe liue naluie of eleinaI Iove. Kainic
nisundeislandings iesonale lovaids daikness, even if lhev oiiginale
fion ignoiance, lhus, puiificalion seeks lo aIlei peisonaI lhiusls vhich
iesonale lovaid deIusion, seIf-gialificalion and vice. In puiifving lhese
aspecls of haliluaI sin, lhe Loid iediiecls lhe souI lovaids palhs of
Tnc pa|n cf Purifica|icn |cads |c |nc Asccnsicn cf |nc scu|. (In lhe
Ascension Ialhvav, vou viII encounlei eighl phases of lhe Iuiificalion
piocess: Avakening, Co-ciealion, Suiiendei, Riles of Iassage and
Inilialion inlo lhe Mvsleiies, Lneigence of Kaina, Miiioiing of Kaina,
Ignilion of lhe LleinaI IIane, and Ascension.) The souI liaveIs lhis palh
lv leginning lo expIoie lhe heavenIv ieaIns, ieaIns five and alove, lhe
voiIds of Iife and Iighl, foi lhe puipose of discoveiing lhe liue naluie of
eleinaI Iove.
Disciininalion deaIs vilh daik and Iighl foices in lhe
Univeise, and leconing eneigelicaIIv capalIe of iecognizing and
aIleiing lhen al Cod's connand. ßeing alIe lo idenlifv lhe seipenl
fion lhe Ianl is lhe fiisl goaI, lul lhen lhe seekei legins lo lake on lhe
knovIedge of eneigelic evoIulion in iegaids lo noilaI leings, and hov
lo affecl il in vavs vhich Iead souIs, incIuding lheii ovn, lovaids
Tnc pa|n cf Discrinina|icn |cads |c |nc A||cra|icn cf rca|i|u. in
cncrgu and cn |nc grcund. (In Iail II of lhis lexl, vou viII encounlei lhiee
phases of lhe Disciininalion piocess: Riles inlo lhe Medicine, Riles of
LvoIulion, and AIleialion of ReaIilv.) The souI liaveIs lhis palh lv
leginning lo expIoie lhe noilaI ieaIns, ieaIns lhiee and foui (lhiid &
fouilh-dinensionaI voiIds, lhe Lailh), foi lhe puipose of allaining
spiiiluaI discielion and lhe aliIilv lo aIlei negalive lhiusls.
DiscipIine deaIs vilh sacied piaclices and leachings fion lhe
piophels, sainls, nvslics and sages of eveiv voiId ieIigion lhioughoul
line. Inlensive seIf-sciulinv and discipIined lechniques Iead lhe souI
evei deepei inlo lhe knovIedge of daikness and eviI, heaven, puigaloiv
and heII, and lhe conlinuaI conlal lhal iages in eveiv souI lelveen
lhese foices.
Tnc pa|n cf Discip|inc |cads |c |nc Aosc|u|icn cf |nc scu|. an in|cricr
c|can|incss unicn scrtcs Gcd (In Iail III of lhis lexl, vou viII encounlei
five phases of lhe DiscipIine piocess: Ancienl Sacied Ialhs, Lnliv inlo
lhe KnovIedge of lhe Lovei ReaIns, SeIf-Sciulinv, OiiginaI Sin, and lhe
Mvsleiies of lhe Redenplion.) The souI liaveIs lhis palh lv leginning
lo expIoie lhe Iovei puigaloiiaI and heIIish ieaIns, ieaIns one and lvo,
lhe ieaIns of doninanl daikness and puie eviI, foi lhe puipose of
inlensive phvsicaI, spiiiluaI and nenlaI discipIine, vhich is achieved
lhiough lhe deep exaninalion of eviI in lhe seIf and lhe voiId.
Anong lhe oul-of-lodv/nvslicaI expeiiences vou aie aloul lo
iead, vou viII find painlings of vaiious lhings I've seen in lhe spiiiluaI
voiId, nusic of vaiious neIodies I've heaid vhiIe liaveIing, and
picluies of sone of lhe piophels, sainls, nvslics and sages vho giace
lhe pages of nv look vilh lheii voids. These can aII le found in lhe
lack vilh desciiplions of vho lhev aie, and fion vhal ieIigion lhev
have cone.
Ioi lhose vho viII nevei see duiing lheii Iifeline vhal I have
seen, nav I piovide vou vilh a vindov` Ioi lhose vho viII, nav I
give vou a nap` Ioi lhose vho seek confoil in lhe voiId levond, nav
I hand vou a vain lIankel` Ioi lhose vho jusl vanl lo knov, nav I
ask vou lo cone vilh ne . . .`

Kainic Iuiificalion
ThIs µath nf µurIfIcatInn bcgIns wIth thc asccnt Intn thc uµµcr wnr!ds
nf !Ight, thc hcavcn!v rca!ms, fIvc and abnvc, whnsc asccnt aIds thc
travc!cr In undcrstandIng thc truc naturc nf ctcrna! !nvc.

1) AwakcnIng
2) Cn-CrcatInn
3) 5urrcndcr
4) RItcs nf Passagc and InItIatInn Intn thc MvstcrIcs
5) Emcrgcncc nf Karma
6) MIrrnrIng nf Karma
7) IgnItInn nf thc Etcrna! F!amc
8) AsccnsInn


"Out of mµ dlstress l ca||ed to the Lord. and He ansuered me. |rom the mldst of
the nether uor|d. l crled for he|µ. and You heard mµ tolce."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. ]cnan 2.2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)


"l glte µralse to µou. |ather. Lord of heaten and earth. for a|though µou hate
hldden these thlngs from the ulse and the |earned µou hate retea|ed them to the
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 11.25. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Nol Iong aflei nv spiiil had leen sIeeping, I legan lo heai lhe
ioaiing sounds of a lhundeious upiising in lhe heavens. AIlhough I
vas unavaie of lhe nechanisn of lhis vision, sonehov nv spiiiluaI
eves opened lo a sighl uninaginalIe piioi lo lhis avakening.
The cIouds had pailed lo ieveaI goId and nailIe sleps Ieading
high up inlo lhe skv, and al lhe lop of lhis anazing speclacIe vas a
lhione. The Loid Cod sal in lhis seal, appeaiing lo ne in a hunan foin
veaiing a vhile iole. Aside Hin vas lhe Ianl, Iesus Chiisl vho
vouId ienain siIenl foi lhis veiv fiisl vision. AngeIs veie fIving aII
aiound lhe hoIv sighl, singing and peifoining ceIesliaI nusic of piaise
lo lhe Loid. The povei of Cod vas so sliong in lhis vision, lhal il
cannol le expiessed in voids. "HoIv, hoIv, hoIv," I lhoughl. HunlIing
nvseIf, I loved in spiiil foin, lo lhe Loid, nv Cod.
Molioning ne lo cone foilh, lhe Loid piesenled anolhei vision
lhal sonehov oveiIapped lhis one. In il, lhe cioss vas on fiie, and I vas
living lo pul il oul. Ceilain peopIe in lhe voiId couId onIv see lhe fiie,
nol lhe cioss. As a iesuIl, eveiv line I pul lhe fiie oul, lhev vouId ie-
Iighl lhe fIane lo lhe cioss. ßallIing oui fundanenlaI diffeiences
seened lo conlinue vilhoul end, lul finaIIv, due lo lhe giace of Cod, I
vas alIe lo pul lhe fiie oul conpIeleIv, aIIoving lhe cioss lo sland laII.
The Loid spoke lo ne, "The fiie iepiesenls ignoiance, and lhe
cioss, avaieness." He conveved lhal lheie vouId le nuch fiie in nv
Iife, lul lhal I vouId leai lhe cioss. Manv peopIe vouId nevei see il,
and lhis vouId cause fiuslialion. Iausing, I loved again lo His
najeslv. "Al a fuluie line, vou viII lake lhal cioss lo lhe voiId and
piesenl il as a Iiving vision of lhe ieaIilv of Cod. Though olheis nav
lhink vou aie fooIish, vou aie speciaI."
Thundei sliuck and lhe heavens legan lo cIose. As I valched
lhe heavenIv nessengeis and lhe Loid disappeai lehind lhe cIouds, I
loved lo lhen. The Loid had fiIIed nv spiiil vilh a Iove I couId nol
desciile. Duiing a line vhen nv Iife vas fiIIed vilh CodIessness, il
had given ne a ceilain peace lo vilhsland lhe lines. I vas nine veais
"ln a dream. ln a tlslon of the nlght. uhen deeµ s|eeµ fa||eth uµon men. ln
s|umberlngs uµon the bed: Then he oµeneth the ears of men. and
sea|eth thelr lnstructlon."
King ]ancs 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. ]co 33.15-16. (Cnris|iani|u)
(Thiileen Yeais Lalei, lhiee nonlhs aflei lhe liilh of nv fiisl daughlei)
Mv piaveis veie Iong, deep and aiduous, Iike a fiie iaging
inside nv souI, vanling lo knov lhe liulh of aII exislence. Il cane in
lhe noining, Iike a lhief in lhe nighl, vilhoul foieknovIedge oi
piepaialion. Tuining lo gel oul of nv led fion sIeep, vhal fc|| Iike nv
lodv legan vilialing al a speed indesciilalIe in hunan leins. IeeIing
nunl aII ovei, I didn'l knov vhal vas happening lo ne. The noise vas
so Ioud, il sounded as if I veie suiiounded lv jel engines. I vas afiaid.
Lifling nv ain, nv hand nov lecane lvo, as a Iighl spaikIing
inage of il noved fion inside nv lodv lo lhe oulei aii. Mv phvsicaI
ain didn'l nove. RoIIing ovei, nv spiiil ioIIed oul of nv lodv as nv
elheieaI foin lounced up lo lhe ceiIing. Mv lodv leIov Iooked Iike a
giav cIunp of nallei. As a feaifuI lhoughl oveicane ne, I shol lack
inlo nv phvsicaI foin.
"God a|so decreed that the bond betueen the bodµ and the dltlne sou| shou|d be
someuhat |oosened uhl|e man s|eeµs . . . The freed µortlons of the sou| can then
mote about ln the sµlrltua| rea|m uhereter theµ are a||oued."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| |||. Cnap|cr |. Nc. 6. Paragrapns 4-5. Pagc 183. (]udaisn. Au|ncr.
Raooi Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)
Iai avav, lul noving al gieal speed lovaids ne, I slaied
ielicenlIv al lhe Iighl lhal gIoved lefoie ne in led. Renaining sliII,
lheie vas nolhing I couId do. Monenls Ialei, lhe Iighl peinealed nv
souI and vas vilhin ne, spuining lhe vilialionaI sensalions of lefoie.
Unafiaid, I had pieviousIv piaved lo lhe Loid lo deIivei ne fion nv
feai, aflei nv disconceiling ie-enliv vilhin lhe Iasl expeiience. The Ioud
noises ieluined, as nv lodv and spiiil hunned lo lhe ihvlhn of high
SuddenIv, vilhoul anv insligalion, I feIl an inciedilIe
conneclion lo aII lhings, aII Iife, lo COD! Il vas as if I nov undeislood
aII lhe nvsleiies of lhe Univeise, al Ieasl foi lhis nonenl. Theie is a
oneness lelveen aII Iife lhal I couId conpIeleIv conpiehend and feeI.
AlsoIule caIn and peace fiIIed ne in lhis nev slale of Iove.
Six piesences appeaied oul of lhe elhei, lhiee on each side, and
genlIv Iifled ne oul of nv lodv. The piesences veie iII-defined, onIv
eIIiplicaI expiessions of alsoIule Iighl. Theii Iove foi ne vas so
conpIele, lhal I vas noved lo deplhs I cannol expIain, lul I aIso feIl
Cod's Iove foi ne and aII of ciealion. Ioi a nonenl, I feIl Iike I vas
neslIed in His chesl Iike a linv chiId lhal He vished lo foin accoiding lo
His viII.
ReveIing in lhis alsoIule Iove and peace, I onIv nonenlaiiIv
noliced lhal aII nv 'phvsicaI' senses - Iike sighl and heaiing - veie nov
coning fion nv enliie consciousness, ialhei lhan a specific vanlage
poinl of an eve oi an eai.
Looking leIov, I sav lhe giav cIunp of nallei lhal vas nv
lodv vilh noie inleiesl. This sense of sepaialion vas piofound, lhis
knovIedge lhal levond aII doull, I vas nuch noie lhan nv lodv.
Lngine-Iike sounds of lhe asliaI pIane couId le feIl, as veII as, heaid.
Lveivlhing vas unconfoilalIe lecause il vas so nev, lul lhe aII-
enconpassing Iove lhal fiIIed ne vas lhe nosl anazing aspecl of lhis
Aflei a shoil line vilhin lhis innenseIv Ioving enliace, lhe
six essences genlIv Ioveied ne lack inlo nv lodv, decieased lhe
vilialions sIovIv, and as I legan vaking lo phvsicaI consciousness,
dislinclIv faded avav inlo lhe elhei fion vheie lhev had cone.
"The klngdom of God ls not a matter of ta|k. but of µouer."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 1 Ccrin|nians 4.20. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
lcrds cf |nc Apcs||c Pau|)
Innense vilialions legan again as I soughl iefuge inlo lhe
spiiiluaI voiId. Nolicing nv lalv daughlei fIoaling on lhe ceiIing, I
inslincliveIv ieaIized lhal lalies liaveI oul of lodv in lheii eaiIv davs
adjusling lo lhe phvsicaI voiId. RoIIing ovei lo gel oul of nv lodv, I
Iooked lovaids a vindov, ieaIizing il vouId le inleiesling lo see if I
couId acluaIIv gel oul of lhe ioon. Movenenl vas sliained, lul I
quickIv Ieained lo nove lv WILLINC il, ialhei lhan vading Iike valei
oi noving sone vague inage of feel.
IIoaling lovaids lhe vindov, I legan lo peineale il, lul
found lhal lhe pailicIes in soIid oljecls veie lighlei vilialionaIIv lhan
aii. InleieslingIv, lhe lenpeialuie vas a conslanl, il did nol change
once I vas oulside, and lheie veie lvo fiequencies visilIe, a highei and
Iovei vilialion sepaialed lv a dislincl Iine vilh an upside dovn V in
lhe cenlei. IIving dovn lhe slieel, I ended up in a neighloi's lackvaid
valching a dog lhal vas slaiing iighl al ne and laiking piofuseIv. Mv
neighloi appeaied al lhe lack dooi lo caIn lhe aninaI, lul did nol
nolice ne.
As I lhoughl of nv hone, I vas innedialeIv ieluined: and as I
sponlaneousIv lhoughl of nv chiIdhood hone, il appeaied iighl in
fionl of ne enplv and devoid of fuiniluie. Indeed, oui lhoughls aie
quile poveifuI, foi lhev appeai in lhe spiiiluaI pIanes innedialeIv
vhen ve lhink of lhen. Theii phvsicaI eneigence lakes noie line,
vhich nakes us Iess ielicenl lo ieaIize lhe conneclion lelveen oui Iives
and oui lhinking.
Ioi a nonenl, I Iislened lo lhe voices. I heaid lhen eveiv line
I enleied inlo lhis vilialionaI slale even lefoie Ieaving lhe lodv. Il vas
Iike leing in a lig ioon vheie hundieds of peopIe veie caiiving on
conveisalions. SuddenIv, il lecane knovn lo ne lhal lhese voices veie
acluaIIv lhe lhoughls of hunanilv iesonaling lhiough lhe elhei. Manv
of lhe voices veie agilaled and scalleied.
"Thought ls lnexhaustlb|e. Slnce the uor|d began. thoughts ln unlmaglnab|e
numbers hate µassed through the ether. One cou|d not begln to count them . . ."
Man's ||crna| Qucs|. Unitcrsa|i|u cf Ycga. Pagc 22. Paragrapn 3. (Hinduisn. Kriua
Ycga. Au|ncr. Parananansa Ycgananda)
ReIaxing confoilalIv vhen lhe vilialionaI feeIings legan, I
had no desiie lo Ieave nv lodv as I vas feeIing so enliaced lv lhe
conneclion I expeiienced vilh aII lhal is. AII I vanled lo do vas alsoil
lhis nassive peace, seienilv and Iove. Ovei line, I Ieained lo caII lhese
expeiiences vilialionaI iaisings, and I had lhen quile fiequenlIv.
Lneigelic knovIedge vas inpailed lo ne as I alsoIved nvseIf
inlo lhe elhei, snaII kevs of visdon, and a pIace foi ne lo legin nv
quesl. Conveving lo ne lhe inpoilance of Iiving in lhe nonenl, a spiiil
voice iang in nv spiiil, "Il's nol vhal vou aie, lul vhal vou occcnc."
Do nol judge vouiseIf oi olheis, ialhei, Ieain. The pasl is dead,
Iive in lhe piesenl. And vhen nislakes aie nade, do nol dveII on
lhen, ialhei, aIlei lhen. And peihaps nosl inpoilanlIv, le viIIing lo
see and enliace voui ovn inpeifeclion. Ioi il is onIv in enliacing oui
fauIls, lhal ve can lecone capalIe of aIleiing lhen. ßul aII visdon in
lhis slale is inpailed lv eneigv, il is nol of voids. Houis Ialei, nv
peacefuI souI legan coning dovn fion lhe vilialionaI slale, ieluining
ne lo a conscious slale, changed and ieneved.
"Trltla| thoughts. lnslgnlflcant thoughts. uhen fo||oued theµ dlstract the mlnd.
Not understandlng those thoughts the roamlng mlnd runs back and forth. But bµ
understandlng those thoughts. one ardent and mlndfu| restralns the mlnd. An
auakened one has to otercome them comµ|ete|µ so theµ do not arlse to dlstract
the mlnd."
Tnc Udana. Cnap|cr 4. 4.1 Mcgniua. Pagc 56. S|anza 1. (8uddnisn. Tncratadan. lcrds
cf |nc 8uddna)
As lhe vilialions legan, I found nvseIf sepaialing vilh noie
ease and quickness, and doing il lhiough lhe use of lhoughls, ialhei
lhan ioIIing oul. ßul lo nv suipiise, as soon as I had spIil fion foin, I
vas in a space I couId onIv caII a lIack void, ialhei lhan nv ledioon.
Iiighlened lo no end, I innedialeIv shol lack inlo nv lodv. Il seens
lhal anv feai al aII viII aIvavs send vou iighl lack lo voui lodv, a
speciaI vav Cod piolecls us fion lhal foi vhich ve aie nol vel ieadv.
WiIIing nvseIf lo sepaiale and go lack lo lhe void, I did lhis lvo noie
lines lefoie I finaIIv lecane so deleinined lhal nv feai vas
oveiiidden and I vas alIe lo ienain lheie.
Iassing lhiough lhe lIack void, I ciossed ovei inlo anolhei
dinension. Il vas veiv liighl, Iighl and aiiv, I aInosl feIl Iike nv spiiil
vas a fealhei. Spiiils vhose foins veie onIv Iighl occupied lhis pIace,
and il seened lhal lhev knev ne. InleieslingIv, lhev innedialeIv
iecognized lhal I vas an asliaI liaveIei, nol one vho had died, Iike
lhenseIves. CaIning nvseIf, I eased up on nv feais.
Up in lhe dislance, anolhei spiiil legan lo appioach ne.
WaIking aIong lhe skv, nv deai fiiend (vho had passed on seveiaI
veais lefoie in a cai accidenl) vas nov coning lovaids ne. IeeIing an
uigencv fion hin, as lhough he had sonelhing veiv inpoilanl lo leII
ne, I vas veiv disappoinled vhen I ieaIized lhal nv suipiise and shock
al seeing hin vas so poveifuI lhal il lIocked us fion having anv
ßeginning lo Iaugh, his seiiousness dininished as he genlIv
hugged ne. Sonehov, he knev lhal lhis vas aII I couId handIe foi lhis
visil and he luined lo vaIk avav.
As lhough hil lv Iighlning, nv spiiil soaied al lhe speed of
Iighl lack lo nv foin.
"The caratan of mµ µraµers ls motlng touard Thee. lt has been de|aµed nou and
then bµ b|lndlng sandstorms of desµondencµ."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 117. Paragrapn 1. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. Au|ncr.
Parananansa Ycgananda)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I vas laughl lhe vavs of lhe
spiiiluaI lodv and lhe spiiil voiId. AII lhings: heaiing, sighl and
novenenl, aie concuiied lv lhe viII, nol a singuIai novenenl of a
lodv pail. In ieIegaling fion lhe phvsicaI lo lhe spiiiluaI lodv, vou
nav ioII oul oi Ieain lo WILL vouiseIf oul of foin. In line, I vouId
Ieain lhal aInosl aII funclions in lhe spiiil voiId aie ieIaled lo oui
And lhe vavs of lhe spiiiluaI voiId, loo, diffei fion oui
voiId, in lhal eveiv lhoughl vou nav have, nanifesls lefoie vou. If vou
lhink of soneone oi a pIace, vou aie innedialeIv lianspoiled lo lhal
pIace. And lecause lhe vilialions of spiiiluaI elhei aie so nuch highei
lhan phvsicaI nallei, vou nusl undeigo hundieds of vhal I caII
vilialionaI iaisings, vhich inciease voui vilialion on a souI IeveI,
coning via lhe ciovn oi lhiid-eve chakia, oi lhioughoul lhe enliie
lodv. This nakes vou conpalilIe lo highei-ieaIn liaveI.
Lalei, I legan having alonenenl expeiiences vilh peopIe fion
nv pasl, vheiein ve vouId neel on lhe asliaI pIane in a sul-conscious
nannei and voik lhiough anv huilfuI lhings said oi done lo one
anolhei. Veiv fev peopIe evei acluaIIv inlend hain lo anolhei, il is lhe
Iiniled undeislanding lhal ve caiiv vilhin us vhich nakes us sav and
do lhings insensiliveIv.
AIso leginning lo voik vilh Iosl souIs, lhese unfoilunale
souIs veie usuaIIv unavaie lhal lhev had died, and iequiied assislance
lo gel lo lhe olhei side. These lhings I Ieained vilh feivoi and vilh jov,
foi lhev veie onIv lhe fiisl sleps of nanv iequiied of ne lo conlinue in
lhis jouinev I had undeilaken in Cod's nane.
"There ls no mµsterµ uhlch ls more exce||ent than these mµsterles on uhlch µe
questlon. ln that lt ul|| |ead µour sou|s lnto the Llght of the |lghts. lnto the
reglons of Truth and Goodness. lnto the reglon of the Ho|µ of a|| ho|les. lnto the
reglon ln uhlch there ls nelther fema|e nor ma|e. nor are there forms ln that
reglon. but a µerµetua| lndescrlbab|e Llght."
Pis|is Scpnia. |if|n 8cc|. Pagc 313. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
Tianspoiled lo a leaulifuI nansion in Luiope, I noled lhal
aIlhough lhe Ianguage leing spoken vas nol LngIish, I undeislood il.
Wilh nv conneclion lo knovIedge vhich foIIoved ne on aII nv
episodic evenls, infoinalion vas usuaIIv avaiIalIe lo ne as il pioved
A vonan Iived in lhis lig nansion aII aIone, and innedialeIv
I knev lhal she had leen nv nolhei in a pievious Iife, vhich vas
inleiesling consideiing I hadn'l vel ieaIIv lhoughl nuch aloul
ieincainalion. Hei piesenl Iifeline had no conneclion lo ne al aII.
Widoved and lillei, I couId feeI lhe sadness lhal enveIoped hei souI as
if il veie nv ovn. Having a lovfiiend Iiving vilh hei in hei hone, hei
aduIl son Iived nexl dooi. The son had jusl cone ovei lo see his nolhei,
and I vas inliigued, lecause, aflei aII, in a ceilain sense he vas a
liolhei of nine. Weaiing a lIue, poIveslei suil, I venl ovei lo hin lo
liv lo nake hin avaie of nv piesence, foigelling nv innaleiiaI
naluie. Ioi a nonenl, he Iooked lovaids ne confusedIv as if he feIl
nv piesence, lul lhen he lIev il off and luined avav. Iouineving
foivaid, I found nvseIf in anolhei pIace.
IIving lhiough a hoiiilIe ghello, I appeaied invisilIv in a
laiioon lehind a falhei and son. AppaienlIv, lhev Iived upslaiis and
ovned lhe lai leIov, and lhe snaII liunelle lov of aloul eighl veais
vas quile upsel. His falhei aIso had liovn haii, vas veiv skinnv and
vas veiv diunk. Celling Ioud and iaucous vilh seveiaI fiiends, il
seened lhal lhis occuiied on a ieguIai lasis.
In his angei, lhe son ian ovei lo lhe lalIe, gialled a pilchei of
leei and pouied il aII ovei his falhei's head. Responding in a fil of iage,
lhe falhei legan lo chase lhe lov aiound lhe lai. ßecause of nv speciaI
condilion, I couId iead his lhoughls, and I knev lhal lhis nan had lhe
polenliaI of seiiousIv lealing lhe lov.
IIoaling in-lelveen lhen, I senl poveifuI Ioving lhoughls lo
lolh of lhen. UniveisaI acceplance pouied lhiough ne fion lhe Loid
and inlo lhen, as suddenIv lhe falhei legan lo caIn . . . and lhev lolh
legan Iaughing. Iulling his ain aiound his son, lhe lension had leen
diffused and nv piesence vas no Iongei necessaiv.
IIving high up inlo lhe nighl aii, I cannol expiess lhe innense
jov I feIl vilhin nv spiiil. Soaiing ovei a snaII cIeaiing in lhe voods, I
noliced a nan vas silling on lhe hood of his cai slaiing inlo lhe nighl
skv. Reading his lhoughls, I undeislood lhal he vas seaiching foi
ansveis, lhe neaning of Iife. Rushing eneigv and desiie lo shaie lhe
liulh cane ovei ne, as nv spiiil suddenIv naleiiaIized inlo a vhile
vispv foin. CiicIing lhe skv, I senl nessages of eleinaI peace and jov.
"Theie is no need lo feai Cod, foi He is of Iove. Lxpeiience Cod vilhin
vouiseIf lv jouineving invaid!"
Sonehov, I knev he'd ieceived nv nessage, lhough I don'l
knov if he acluaIIv sav ne in a conscious vav, oi if lhe nanifeslalion
occuiied lo hin in a sul-conscious slale, vhich can happen lo peopIe in
lheii dieaning, oi in lheii conscious foin vheiein lhev don'l
consciousIv expeiience lhe evenl, lul anolhei aspecl of lheii souI
piocesses lhe inconing fIov. Ioi anv of us vho aien'l ieadv lo heai lhe
liulh consciousIv, lhe Loid speaks lo oui sul-conscious, genlIv easing
lhe liulh of His Iove lo oui suiface, and caIIing oui souIs lo unile vilh
"lf a man ulshes to trate| a certaln road. Heaten guldes hlm to lt."
Tnc Ta|nudic An|nc|cgu. Nc. 108. Paragrapn 7. Ma||c|. 10. (]udaisn)
Aflei ioIIing oul of foin, I found nvseIf Iooking upon a
sliange lunneI I had nol vel seen. Daik and nvsleiious, a liighl Iighl
luisl foilh al lhe end. Diavn aInosl inconpiehensilIv lovaid il, I
legan shooling dovn lhe lunneI al vhal seened Iike Iighl speed and
suddenIv legan faIIing DOWN.
Having leen diopped inlo a nan's lodv, I noliced lhal I vas
veaiing lhe foin of a soIdiei silling lehind a iock laiiicade vailing foi
an inpending lallIe. The unifoin he voie vas ieniniscenl of lhe
CavaIiv, lul I didn'l knov vhen lhis vai had occuiied.
And despile nv pievious viev vhich had nol liuIv consideied
ieincainalion one vav oi lhe olhei, I innedialeIv KNLW lhal il vas
liue, vilhoul doull oi feai. Il vas as if lhis jouinev had opened nv
souI lo ienenleiing such lhings in a dislanl vav.
"l remember as manµ eons as there are atoms ln a hundred |ands."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 39. |n|ru in|c |nc Rca|n cf Rca|i|u.
Pagc 1426. S|anza 2. (8uddnisn. Manauana)
Mv allenlion luined lo lhe caplain nov insliucling us on lhe
upconing lallIe. Infoined lhal ve vouId slail shooling vhen ve veie
loId and conlinue foi a ceilain slielch of line and lhen ve veie lo slop,
and aII vouId counl lheii vins and Iosses. Il vouId aII le ovei, foi a
CaIn and accepling of nv dulv lo peifoin lhis acl of vioIence:
I vas suipiised vhen, vilhoul anv undeislandalIe vaining, I vas
oveicone vilh hoIv iage. Mv nind vas fuII of leiiifving lhoughls of
lhe injuiies I couId infIicl oi suslain, and lhe Iives lhal vouId le Iosl.
Ioi vhal` Ioi lhal liief nonenl, I KNLW lhe leiioi of a nan in lallIe,
and il vas piofound.
Running ovei lo lhe olhei nen, I scieaned lo lhen, "We don'l
have lo do lhis: ve don'l have lo kiII each olhei! Thev can'l foice us lo
puII lhe liiggei!" WaIking avav, I deseiled nv liigade vilh lhiee nen
foIIoving. HoIing up in a neailv house, lhe shooling legan, and vilh
il: lhe scieans, cainage, dving, suffeiing, lailaiisn. We ciied
OveivheIned vilh giief and enolion, lhe spiiils of lhe Loid
quickIv puIIed ne up and lack lhiough lhe lunneI lhiough line, and
Ied ne lo lhe piesenl dav. Moved, lhe povei of Cod vas voiking on
nv souI deepIv, piofoundIv, in a vav I couId nol vel undeisland.
"The lmmature run after sense µ|easures and fa|| lnto the uldesµread net of
death. But the ulse. knoulng the Se|f as death|ess. Seek not the change|ess ln
the uor|d of change."
Tnc Upanisnads. Ka|na Upanisnad. Par| ||. (|). Nc. 2. Paragrapn 2. Pagc 90. (Hinduisn.
Trans|a|icn. ||na|n |asuaran)


"Therefore do not be afrald of them. Nothlng ls concea|ed that ul|| not be
retea|ed. nor secret that ul|| not be knoun. What l saµ to µou ln the darkness.
sµeak ln the |lght."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 10.26. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
As I had diifled off lo sIeep, I legan dieaning a hoiiid scene
iepeliliveIv. We veie diiving dovn lhe highvav vhen suddenIv a
fianlic nan legan lo iun in fionl of oui vehicIe. His leiiified lhoughls
veie dispIaved aII aiound his peison in lhis spiiiluaI aiena. Diiving
pasl hin, ve had assuned he vas a Iunalic, as his deneanoi vas
fiighlening and noiose. ßul vhen ve passed hin, ve cane upon a
hoiiid accidenl vheiein seveiaI peopIe had leen kiIIed. Theii lodies
veie veiv nangIed, and ve legan lo feeI as if ve nighl lhiov up.
Lach line lhe diean piogiessed, I voke up in a coId sveal. I
didn'l undeisland vhal vas happening lo ne. ßul each line I diopped
off lo sIeep, I had lhe diean again.
Iiaving lo lhe guaidian angeIs aiound ne, I asked lo
undeisland, and as I did lhis, I legan lo achieve knoving.
Having diiven lo a neighloiing cilv lhal dav, ve had picked
up a Iosl souI, vho had appaienlIv died in a hoiiilIe cai accidenl sone
line lefoie. Il lecane knovn lo ne lhal nanv peopIe vho die quick
and vioIenl dealhs, especiaIIv lhose vho have no spiiiluaI foundalion,
lecone Iosl aflei dealh, oi don'l ieaIize lhev have passed on. Sone aie
nol even alIe lo 'see' spiiiluaI leings oi lhings of lhe spiiiluaI voiId
lecause lheii vilialion is sliII quile phvsicaI, and nuch loo Iov lo sense
lhen. ßecause lheii Iives and peiceplions aie so phvsicaI, lhev oflen
vandei aloul lhe eailh living lo gel lheii Ioved one's allenlion, lul lo
no avaiI. When lhev aie nol iecognized, lhev panic. Aflei suffeiing
sone najoi liauna in dealh, lhe souI feeIs il is caughl in a void
vandeiing ainIessIv aIone.
Undeislanding lhis, I vas sliII quile leiiified. A fianlic ghosl
vas nov ieIving on ne lo heIp hin, and I vas sliII living lo deaI vilh
nv feai of a ghosl leing piesenl in nv house.
As diiecled lv lhe eleinaI, hovevei, I legan lo connunicale
leIepalhicaIIv lo lhe spiiil. IeeIing his inciedilIe need lo cIing lo ne, I
again liied lo caIn nvseIf, and lhen affiined lo lhe souI nv need foi
loundaiies. He iespecled lhen innedialeIv. "I Iove vou," I conveved
lo hin, "lul vou nusl Iook lehind vou and SLL lhe Iighl of Cod! CaII
oul lo voui guides, ask lhen lo lake vou lheie." The spiiil vas
inliigued and legan doing as I asked, lul again lecane cIingv,
fiighlening ne. "You aie no Iongei of lhe phvsicaI pIane, vou have
noved onlo giealei lhings. Tuin aiound! Ask!" His iesislance
inlensified and I couId feeI lhe heal foining in pooIs of sveal on nv
lodv. Ianicking, I oideied hin, "In lhe nane of Iesus Chiisl, I can no
Iongei heIp vou, luin . . . and go lo lhe Iighl!" SuddenIv, I feIl a spiiil
vind lIov lv as a gush of ecslasv oveicane nv souI. InluiliveIv, I
knev lhe souI had seen lhe Iighl and I vas feeIing his piofound jov.
"Let the groans of µrlsoners come before µou: bµ µour great µouer free those
doomed to death."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Psa|n 79.11. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Whisked lo a nev dinension, a lIack space vheie aII Iife
nanifesled in veIIov Iighl, huge nonoIilhic nusicaI chanleis
suiiounded nv spiiil echoing a seiene ceIesliaI nusic lhal cannol le
desciiled. ReclanguIai eIIipses of Iighl vilh no edges, nanv spiiils
veie vailing lv lhe chanleis foi ne lo cone. Mv aiiivaI had inspiied
happiness and jov.
Lving dovn on lhe pIalfoin of veIIov Iighl, nv spiiil vas
fIoaling nid-aii, as one of lhe spiiiluaI guides Iifled his ain and lhe
nusicaI chanleis legan lo enanale eneigv fion lheii coie inlo nv
spiiil. Vilialions fiIIed nv souI, and vhen lhe eneigv lecane loo
sliong, lhe spiiiluaI guides aiound ne liansnuled il inlo nv spiiil.
Lach enanalion of lhe Iighl nade ne feeI such piofound jov and a
oneness vilh Cod and aII ciealed lhings vhich veie inexpIicalIe. Ioi in
lhis ieaIilv, lheie vas no sepaialion lelveen Cod and His ciealion.
"One ulth each other! These µoor earth|µ uords cannot conteµ a true
ldea of the Dltlne Unltµ . . . ln that Unltµ a|| fee|lng of 'dlfference'
betueen God and the sou| dlsaµµears: and therefore. betueen each sou|
and a|| other sou|s."
Tnc Ditinc Crucio|c cf Purga|cru. Cnap|cr XV|||. Pagc 151. Paragrapn 3.
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. Mc|ncr Maru cf S|. Aus|in)
"l am the one uho comes from uhat ls uho|e. l uas glten from the
thlngs of mµ father . . . lf one ls uho|e. one ul|| be fl||ed ulth |lght. but
lf one ls dltlded. one ul|| be fl||ed ulth darkness."
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas, Nc. 61. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Reluining lo lhis slale sulsequenlIv, lhe six enlilies slood
aiound ne, lhiee on each side. AIIoving ne lo olseive lhe coIois and
vilialionaI palleins of nv souI, lhev deleinined vhal nedicaI
piolIens I nav encounlei if lhese anonaIies veie Iefl unaddiessed.
Raising lheii hands svnchionislicaIIv, leans of vhile Iighl shone dovn
fion lhen heaIing nv auiic disluilances and causing innense
vainlh. Reasons foi lhese nanifeslalions in nv auiic fieId veie nade
knovn lo ne, as I lecane avaie lhal nv allachnenl lo lhe peiceplions
of olheis vas naking ne sick.
"A|| uorshlµ and sµlrltua| dlsclµ|lne are dlrected to one end a|one. name|µ. to
get rld of uor|d|µ attachment. The more µou medltate on God. the |ess µou ul||
be attached to the trlf|lng thlngs of the uor|d."
Tnc Gcspc| cf Sri Rana|risnna. Cnap|cr 33. Pagc 653. 8c||cn. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf Sri
Lifling nv souI inlo a speclacuIai calhediaI fiIIed vilh Sundav
voishippeis, I legan fIving aiound spieading Iove anidsl lhe iounded
and exquisileIv painled ceiIing.
AIlhough lhe faciaI expiessions on lhe peopIe didn'l change,
nuch of lhe congiegalion feIl nv piesence sul-consciousIv. Hunan
souIs expeiience lhings on nanv IeveIs of consciousness, lul nosl aie
onIv avaie of lhe conscious, vaking slale. TeIepalhicaIIv, nenleis of
lhe congiegalion asked queslions. "Whal does il feeI Iike lo do lhal`"
Responding, I iepIied, "I jusl venl lhiough lhe ceiIing, nov I'n fIoaling
lo lhe fIooi. Nov lhiough il. Oul lhe vindov I go, oops, I'n coning
lack!" Receiving confiinalion fion lheii sul-conscious ninds lhal
lhev'd ieceived lhe nessage, nv spiiil vas leckoned lo ieluin.
ßeconing avaie of anolhei piesence aiound ne, I nislakenIv
look il foi a Iosl souI lecause of lhe unconfoilalIe feeIings I had aloul
his piesence. ßeconing cIeai lhal lhis souI vas despeialeIv living lo
ieceive foigiveness fion his vife and chiId, I didn'l undeisland vhv I
couIdn'l gel hin lo Ieave oi lo go lo lhe Iighl. Ovei line, I legan feeIing
a ceilain confIicled Iove foi lhis souI, and legged il lo ieveaI lo ne ils
puipose. In iesponse lo nv inquiiies, I vas laken on a jouinev a fev
nighls Ialei.
Tossed lhiough lhe line-lunneI, I feIl lhe piesence of a Nalive
Aneiican. Conveving his nane lo le Red Iackel, nv spiiil vas
suddenIv ciashing inlo a diffeienl line and pIace.
HuiIed inlo lhe 18OO's, ve Iooked fion alove al an oId Nalive
Aneiican canp vhich vas spaiseIv popuIaled. SeveiaI leepees veie
scalleied aiound and a fiie pil vas luining in lhe niddIe of canp.
Veiv pooi, lhe peopIe veie scavenging foi food lo feed lheii chiIdien.
The nen veie alsenl, and lhe vonen and chiIdien veie living lo fend
foi lhenseIves duiing lhe line of lhe Indian vais. Aulunn vinds veie
lIoving in, and I couIdn'l heIp lul feeI lhe lienendous coId lhev vouId
soon le facing in vinlei. Inlense suffeiing vas appaienl on aII of lheii
And lhen I ienenleied sonelhing, I feIl il. Inlense Iove fiIIed
nv souI. AIlhough lhe feeIings veie quile poveifuI, nenoiv vas
coning onIv in fIashes. Red Iackel and I had leen logelhei in sone
dislanl line and pIace, lul foi sone ieason ve veie sepaialed.
Il cane lo ne in a fIash of knoving. Red Iackel couId nol Ieave
his peopIe in lhese condilions, and I couId nol liing nvseIf lo join lhen
and give up lhe confoils of lhe vhile nan's voiId in vhich I had Iived.
"A|| |lfe and a|| exlstence here. ulth a|| lts ]oµs and a|| lts uoe. rests on a slng|e
state of mlnd. and qulck µasses that moment bµ . . . Out of the unseen dld theµ
rlse. lnto the unseen do theµ µass. ]ust as the |lghtnlng f|ashes forth. so do theµ
f|ash and µass auaµ."
Pa|n |c Dc|itcrancc. C lisdcn (Panna). Pagc 175. Midd|c. S|anza 1 and 6. (8uddnisn.
Tncratadan. Au|ncr. Nuana|i|c|a)
Lnleiing lhe vilialionaI slale, I legan lo consciousIv viII
nvseIf oul of lhe lodv. A faniIiai lul as vel unidenlified voice legan
lo speak, saving lhal il vouIdn'l le necessaiv lo Ieave lhe lodv lo liaveI
anongsl lhe dinensions. Mv spiiil couId go invaid.
Changing peispeclive, nv nind enleied inlo a hvpeisensilive
slale vheiein il legan voiking al an unfalhonalIv high iale of speed.
InheienlIv, I knev lhal I vas feeIing vhal il vas Iike lo le dead, and I
vas suipiised lv lhe aclivilv lhal is appaienlIv piesenl al Iife's end.
Idenlifving hinseIf, lhe voice loId ne his nane vas
'LnnanueI' and lhal he had leen vilh ne foi quile sone line and lhal
his puipose vas lo leach ne aloul lhe oneness of aII Iife. An eneigv
suige cane ovei nv spiiil connecling ne lo an even giealei uIlia-
sensilive slale of oneness vilh Cod lhe Ialhei. KnovIedge of oneness
lecane so expansive, lhal il vas eailh-shalleiing lo ne.
'The puipose of asliaI liaveI,' he conveved, 'is lo liing eleinaI
knovIedge fion lhis heighlened slale, lack inlo lhe Iiniled hunan
foin.' Iuilhei, lhe piocess vas veiv sIov and ledious lecause onIv
snaII anounls of knovIedge can le ielained vilh each jouinev.
In oidei lo appioach Cod, I vouId fiisl have lo Iel go of aII lhal
I peiceived nvseIf lo le, as sepaiale oi dislincl, lecause lhal pail vas of
no use lo Cod oi lo lhe evoIulion of nv souI. Whal ienained aflei lhe
ienovaI of such lhings, veie lhe eleinaI soiI upon vhich lhe Loid's
lIessings vouId leai fiuil.
"Hence. one of the Proµhets of God hath asked: 'O mµ Lord. hou sha|| ue reach
unto Thee?' And the ansuer came. 'Leate thµse|f behlnd. and then aµµroach me."
Tnc Sctcn Va||cus and |nc |cur Va||cus. Tnc Tnird Va||cu. Pagc 55. Paragrapn 2.
(8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
LnnanueI cane and venl nanv a line lo liing ne inlo lhe
undeislanding of oneness and lo assisl in iaising nv vilialionaI IeveI.
Upon lhis visil, hovevei, LnnanueI laughl ne hov lo liansnule lhe
eneigies of vilialionaI iaisings inlo nv ovn souI. As lhe lienendous
anounls of eneigv had legun foiging lhiough ne, he guided ne lo
slop and liing lhe eneigv lo a IeveI of Iove. Ralhei lhan fighling lhe
innense eneigies, I had lo aIIov il inlo nv spiiil. Sonelines, il vouId
gel so poveifuI, nv head feIl Iike expIoding, lul upon liansnulalion,
lhe eneigies vouId expand in such a nannei as lo aIlei nv voiIdIv
peiceplions and allachnenls, liinging ne lo giealei Iighl. Aflei a fev
houis, I IileiaIIv legged hin lo slop.
"A|| earth|µ thlngs. exceµt those abso|ute|µ necessarµ. must dle through our
comµ|ete dlsregard for them. eten though theµ are not urong ln themse|tes. We
must contro| our mlnds and not µermlt them to uander alm|ess|µ about."
Tnc Spiri|ua| Ccnoa|. Cnap|cr 9. Pagc 23. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr.
Dcn |crcnzc Scupc|i)
Leaving foin, nv spiiil vas senl diieclIv lo a gioup of spiiils
vhose voik vas quile unusuaI. CaIIed lhe 'disaslei lean,' lhev veie
iesponsilIe foi disasleis and lhe souIs vho peiished in lhen. Suiling
up in siIvei lools and heInels, I joined lhen foi an evening of voik
ResponsilIe foi lhe viclins of aiipIane disasleis, eailhquakes,
loinadoes, cai accidenls, fiies and aII olhei lvpes of liagic, sudden dealh
silualions, lhev voie lhe siIvei lools and heInels lo nake easiIv
iecognizalIe anidsl lhe chaos of fiies, fIoods and olhei calasliophic
evenls. Whisked fion one disaslei lo anolhei, lhev voiked non-slop as
lhev heIped souIs aII ovei lhe gIole. An 'eneigelic puII' vouId cone lo
lake lhen lo lheii nexl sile, and lhev vouId le lheie inslanlIv.
In each inslance, lhe lean puIIed dving souIs oul of lhe nass of
snoke, fiie, vieckage and phvsicaI olsliuclions, IileiaIIv shoving lhen
up and oul of lhe ness lo lhe heavenIv guaidians vho availed lheii
deIiveiv. Mosl souIs veie so disoiienled, lhal lhev didn'l knov lhev
had passed on. SouIs veie pIundeied lenealh such a nass of snoke
and fIane, lhev couIdn'l see anvlhing. ßecause lheii dealhled had
aInosl lecone lhe alvss, lhe scieans of leiioi veie innedialeIv
liansfoined lo leais of jov upon seeing lhe heavenIv Iighls alove.
"The µeoµ|e uho ua|ked ln dlstress hate seen a great |lght. Uµon those uho
due|t ln the |and of g|oom. a |lght has shone."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. |saian 9.1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Aflei nv line vas finished vilh lhe 'disaslei ciev,' I vas
shovn asliaI suppoil gioups vhich opeiale on sul-conscious IeveIs lo
heIp souIs lhiough lheii Iives. ßeing sul-conscious, nosl peopIe don'l
ienenlei lhen upon vaking, aIlhough sone ienenlei poilions in
dieans. Cioups exisl foi eveiv ciisis one can expeiience in lhis voiId,
and aIso foi leaching specific spiiiluaI knovIedge. Mv spiiil vas
aIIoved lo sil in on a gioup discussing changing 'negalives' in lheii
Iives inlo 'posilives.'
"The comlng of the klngdom of God cannot be obserted. and no one ul||
announce lt. 'Look. here lt ls.' or 'There lt ls.' |or beho|d. the klngdom of God ls
among µou."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. |u|c 18.20. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Lnleiing inlo anolhei Iosl souI's diean, I vilnessed his dealh.
Allenpling lo iol a voung coupIe's hone, he had enleied vhen lhe
coupIe had Iefl lo lake a vaIk, nol ieaIizing lhal lheii voung chiId vas
sliII in lhe hone. As soon as he found lheii daughlei, he Iocked hei in a
cIosel. When lhe coupIe ieluined fion lheii vaIk, lhev noliced lhe
lioken gIass and innedialeIv seaiched foi and found hei, lul poIice
cais veie aIieadv aiiiving as lhe neighlois had caIIed lhe poIice vhen
lhev noliced lhe disluilance. Checking lhiough lhe house, lhe poIice
didn'l find lhe iollei innedialeIv, and assuned he had gollen avav.
ßul lhe falhei knev of a ioon lhal vas noinaIIv seaIed off
fion lhe house and asked lhe poIice lo check il oul. Upon enleiing lhe
ioon, lhev veie innedialeIv confionled vilh lhe ained iollei, fiiing
five shols, kiIIing hin inslanlIv. Nov, he vas a Iosl souI.
Conpassion foi lhis souI oveifIoved in ne as I vas fiIIed vilh
knovIedge of hin. AppaienlIv, lhis had leen his fiisl ciine, and he
had aIieadv nade a decision lhal il vouId le his Iasl. When he had
seen lhe face of lhe IillIe giiI, il louched hin, lul as shouId le expecled
vhen soneone pailicipales in anv ciine, he had paid vilh his Iife, and
his deslinv had aIieadv leen seaIed. This souI leIieved he vas going lo
go lo heII, and lhal he deseived eveiv fIane he vas aloul lo enlaik
upon. He'd acluaIIv sccn lhe Iighl, lul did nol go.
TeIIing hin lhal Cod Ioved hin, he legan lo civ. ßeginning lo
inciease his eneigelic inlensilv, I asked lhal he iespecl nv space and
loundaiies. As I expIained sone univeisaI liulhs lo hin, he vas
exciled lv lhe inciedilIe Iove lhal Cod had foi his souI. Oui Loid had
leen noved lv his liue conliilion al lhe nonenl of dealh.
Alsoiling knovIedge vilh ease and jov, he lecane hesilanl lo
Ieave vhen I loId hin of his nexl deslinalion, lhe Iighl. (Losl souIs aie
oflen unconfoilalIe Ieaving lhe onIv conlacl lhev have had since dealh)
TeIIing hin lo slav neai ne as Iong as he feIl he needed, I conveved lo
hin lhal vhen he feIl ieadv he couId depail diieclIv foi lhe Iighl. This
caIned hin a gieal deaI, and vilhin nonenls, he Iefl foi lhe Iighl,
Ieaving a cooI lieeze in his vake.
"A|| our masters ln the sµlrltua| |lfe emµhaslte that uhen the sou| ls free and
emµtµ of a|| lnordlnate attachments. God can then uork ulthout a|| hlnderlng:
He ls free to accomµ|lsh Hls oun dltlne deslgns."
Tnc Ditinc Crucio|c cf Purga|cru. Cnap|cr X|V. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
Au|ncr. Mc|ncr Maru cf S|. Aus|in)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I heIped dozens of Iosl souIs, onIv
lvo of vhich I choose lo nenlion al lhis line.
A dving souI leckoned nv spiiil lo avail his enliv inlo lhe
void, as his dealh vas coning quickIv lv lhe eIecliic chaii. Leaving his
lodv and enleiing lhe asliaI slale, I enliaced hin and veIconed hin
lo lhe olhei side. Angiv, he said, "AIiighl, vheie an I going lo le senl
nov." OlviousIv assuning he vas going lo heII, I loId hin lhal lheie
vas onIv Iove foi hin. "Wail a ninule," he said, "lhal's ciazv!" Wailing
palienlIv foi hin lo alsoil lhis liulh, he finaIIv said, "Okav, I can
handIe il, leII ne noie." Leaving hin vilh lhe knovIedge lhal he vas
giealIv Ioved lv Cod, I gave hin lhe infoinalion he vouId need lo go
lo lhe Iighl. As his guides descended in a vispv Iighl, he ieached his
hand lo lhen as he paused lo sav good-lve.
As I vas nol nade avaie foi vhal ciine lhis nan vas
execuled, oi vhelhei oi nol he vas guiIlv, I consideied il an inleiesling
exanpIe of Cod's aII-knoving visdon: lhal onIv He knovs lhe heail of
a souI.
Anolhei Iosl souI vas liealing ne veiv ladIv in an asliaI ieaIn
vheiein he had ciealed a lalIe. UnIess I shoved hin 'piopei
idenlificalion,' he vouId nol aIIov ne lo pass. No idenlificalion lhal I
piesenled vas sufficienl, and so I quielIv slepped aside vailing foi
A leaulifuI angeI appeaied and loId ne of lhis nan's Iife.
ßeIieving his vhoIe faniIv had nol Ioved hin, lhe finaI sliav had cone
vhen his vife Iefl hin. Aflei connilling suicide, he had ciealed lhis
ieaIilv vhich aIIoved hin lo iejecl olheis. Undeislanding his feeIings,
il occuiied lo ne lhal aIlhough his concIusion vas incoiiecl, his feeIings
veie quile ieaI.
Reluining lo his lalIe, I senl eneigies of Iove and
undeislanding. "I'n so soiiv lhal vou suffeied so nuch in voui
Iifeline." I said. "ßul vou knov, vou ieaIIv aie Ioved giealIv. Lel go of
lhis iIIusoiv ieaIilv vou have ciealed foi vouiseIf. Theie is so nuch
noie lo le expeiienced. The Univeise is a Ioving pIace and vou aie an
inpoilanl pail of us aII." Looking up, a nonenl of caiing vas shaied,
and lhe oljecls of his seIf-inposed piison legan lo disappeai sIovIv.
ApoIogizing foi liealing ne as he had, foigiveness legan lo
eneige vilhin hin foi his vife and faniIv. Monenls Ialei, he ieluined
lo lhe Iighl.
"'Lote ls a |lght that neter due||eth ln a heart µossessed bµ fear.'"
Tnc Sctcn Va||cus and |nc |cur Va||cus. Tnc |cur|n Va||cu. Pagc 58. Paragrapn 1.
(8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
"Sentlent belngs are mudd|ed bµ aff|lctlons. thelr conceµtlons and lnc|lnatlons
are not the same: Accordlng to thelr menta| states theµ µerform lnconceltab|µ
manµ acts. therebµ formlng the oceans of a|| |ands."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 4. Tnc |crna|icn cf |nc lcr|ds. Pagc 186.
S|anza 2. (8uddnisn. Manauana)


"ln Tlbet ue saµ that ]ust as lt ls the nature of flre to burn and of uater to
quench thlrst. the nature of the buddhas ls to be µresent as soon as anµone
lntokes them. so lnflnlte ls thelr comµasslonate deslre to he|µ a|| sentlent
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |iting and Duing. Cnap|cr 19. Pagc 300. Paragrapn 4. (8uddnisn.
Tioc|an. Au|ncr. Scgua| Rinpccnc)
Duiing a vilialionaI iaising, eneigelic vaves legan puIsing
lhiough nv lodv leginning al nv feel and voiking up lovaids nv
head. When il ieached ils pinnacIe, I feIl a jeiking sensalion in nv
foiehead (sixlh chakia) and nv eves jeiked upvaids. Appeaiing leside
ne, a fenaIe angeI legan funneIing eneigies lhioughoul nv lodv and
insliucled ne on hov lo hoId eneigies noie efficienlIv and iefine lhen
lo nake a sliongei conneclion vilh lhe heavenIv ieaIns.
Having Iefl foin, nv souI vas vilialing al speeds highei lhan
I'd gone lefoie. Knoving lhal I vas loideiing on a nuch highei
dinension, nv eves veie cIosed, peihaps vilh feai of vhal I nighl see.
I sliII had a feai of seeing ghosls, vhich vas odd consideiing lhe
jouinev I had undeilaken.
LnnanueI's voice echoed lefoie ne. "This is an inpoilanl
slep, one lhal vou nusl lake. In oidei foi vou lo giov in voui aliIilies,
vou nusl iid vouiseIf of lhe feai of ghosls." WiIIing sighl, I innedialeIv
lecane dunlsliuck lv lhe vision of LnnanueI lefoie ne.
LnnanueI's daik haii fianed his snaII face, his vhile ioles gIoved
vilh Iighl, and aII aiound hin a leaulifuI veIIov, puipIe and vhile auia
enciicIed his spiiil. AII aiound hin veie leaulifuI pasleI shades of
elhei: lIues, puipIes, gieens, veIIovs, and anong lhis elhei vas a
siIveiv gIillei quaIilv. "See, il isn'l so lad lo see a ghosl." LnnanueI
said in jesl. ßul I vas so oveicone vilh lhe leaulv of lhis pIace, I ciied
ßL HLAVLN!!!!" LnnanueI's eves veie deep, Ioving and enlhiaIIing.
LnnanueI's eves luined lo lhe iighl, and suddenIv nv spiiil
vas sviiIing avav fion lhis pIace lack inlo lhe line-lunneI, aII lIack
vilh a liighl Iighl al lhe end. Red Iackel's voice vas heaid in lhe elhei,
caIIing ne lo go vilh hin. As he ieached his hand lo ne, I look il.
Soaiing al Iighl speed, I suddenIv lecane avaie lhal I vas
nov faIIing dovn. Wilh a Ioud lhud, I enleied inlo a lodv. Mv
innediale inslincl vas lo Iook dovn, vhich gave ne nanv cIues as lo
vheie I had enleied. Weaiing a Iong diess vilh a pellicoal, I noliced
hov heavv lhese cIolhes feIl. WaIking aIong sone diil ioads lovaids a
dingv lai, il occuiied lo ne lhal nv cuiienl seIf vas oveiIapping
anolhei Iife, and lhal I vas heie lo olseive . . . nol inleifeie.
The lai vas Iike an oId lain vilh lhe fionl doois opened vide.
Inside, a nan vhon I knev lo le nv husland vas ain vieslIing vilh
a gioup of nen vho veie veiv Ioud and loisleious. He vasn'l a lig
nan, leing sIighlIv shoilei lhan nvseIf vilh sliaighl sandv-liovn haii.
Tvo nen neai hin veie veiv Iaige and unusuaIIv diilv. Spoiling vavv
lIack haii and nuslaches, I supposed lhev nighl le Mexican. AII lhe
nen veie veaiing diilv liovn panls vilh suspendeis and soiIed shiils
lhal appaienlIv used lo le vhile. Sone had oId covlov hals on. Mv
husland oideied ne lo Ieave as soon as he sav ne, foi lhis vas no
pIace foi a vonan, and lhev veie lusv vilh nen-foIk laIk. Angiv, I
luined lo go.
On lhe vav lack lo oui hone, I noliced lhal I vas vaIking
aiound a veslein foil. Iiisoneis quaileis nade oul of sandslone iock
spoiled vindovs vilh nelaI lais. A voung Indian lov's face nolioned
lo ne. "We aie veiv hungiv, lhev do nol feed us. Can vou heIp`" He
said. Iionising lhal I vouId ieluin vilh food, I venl upon nv vav.
Reluining lo lhe piison Ialei, I look nole lhal lhe guaids veie
quile inloxicaled. One had faIIen asIeep and vas Iving in lhe diil
sneIIing sliongIv of vhiskev. The olhei slood againsl lhe piison vaII in
his lIue cavaIiv unifoin, hoIding his iifIe upiighl. ßollIe in hand, il
vouIdn'l le Iong lefoie he joined his fiiend on lhe giound.
"Sii," I said vilh a cuilsv, "I vouId jusl Iike lo liing lhe
piisoneis sone food foi lheii lodies and peihaps sone food foi lheii
souI." I said. "I've piepaied sonelhing foi lhen lo eal, and I knov lhal
lhev viII le ieadv lo heai aloul lhe Loid on a fuII slonach. I'd le
nighlv appiecialive if vou vouId Iel ne heIp lhese pooi souIs enlei inlo
heaven." IIippanlIv, lhe guaid noved avav fion lhe dooi, unIocking
il. "WeII, na'an, lhal's nighlv Chiislian of vou. Cood Iuck lo vou and
Cod lIess," he said.
WaIking inlo lhe dooi, lheie vas a shoil fIighl of sleps going
dovn lo lhe disguslingIv fiIlhv ioon vhich vas aloul 1O' X 1O' and
housed aloul fifleen piisoneis. Theie veie olhei ceIIs, lul I didn'l
venluie inlo lhen. AppaienlIv, sone of lhe noie dangeious piisoneis
veie kepl in lhose piivaleIv Iocked ceIIs.
Appiecialive of lhe food, lhe voung lov ale voiaciousIv,
aIlhough lhe olheis ienained suspicious. Al lhis nonenl, I ieaIized
lhal lhis vas lhe nonenl I had nade lhe decision in lhal Iifeline lhal I
vas going lo heIp lhe Indians. Ascending lhe iock slaiis, a fIash of Iighl
puIIed ne oul and shol ne lack hone lo nv piesenl Iife.
"You and l hate µassed through manµ blrths. Ar]una. You hate forgotten. but l
remember them a||."
8nagatad Gi|a. Cnap|cr 4. Vcrsc 5. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf Krisnna. Trans|a|icn. ||na|n
Mv husland, Andv had a diean vheiein I vanled lo luv
nvseIf a gifl consisling of a sel of engiaved poiceIain sleps. Lach slep
vas engiaved vilh a spiiiluaI quaIilv lhal nv souI vas seeking, and
aIlhough Andv didn'l iniliaIIv vanl ne lo luv lhe gifl lecause of ils
gieal cosl, LnnanueI slepped in and loId hin lhal lhese sleps
iepiesenled lhe jouinev of nv spiiil vhich vas a veiv inpoilanl gifl foi
ne lo give nvseIf. ReaIizing ils inpoilance, Andv loughl il foi ne,
avaking vilh a nevfound allilude lovaids oui jouinev.
"Your |lfe conslsts ln draulng nearer to God. To do thls. µou must endeatour to
detach µourse|f from tlslb|e thlngs and remember that ln a short tlme theµ ul||
be taken from µou."
Tnc Vcicc cf |nc Sain|s. Cnap|cr 2. Pagc 13. S|anza 3. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
8|csscd ]cnn cf Ati|a)
"Conslder the shortness of tlme. the |ength of eternltµ. and ref|ect hou
eterµthlng here be|ou comes to an end and µasses bµ."
Tnc Vcicc cf |nc Sain|s. Cnap|cr 2. Pagc 12. S|anza 4. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
S|. Gcrard Majc||a)
WhiIe Ieaving nv lodv, I noliced sonelhing odd vhiIe
Iooking dovn al nv led. Theie veie lvo inages of nv husland,
Andv. Undeigoing a vilialionaI iaising, Andv's phvsicaI lodv Iav on
lhe led vhiIe his elheiic vas iaised jusl alove. Vilialing iapidIv, a
spiiiluaI guide vas al his side oveiseeing lhe iaising and LnnanueI
slood aside. 'Andv vouId nol ienenlei lhis,' he conveved, 'and lhev
vanled hin lo knov lhal lhev veie voiking vilh hin.' LnnanueI lhen
legan iaising nv vilialions in piepaialion foi a jouinev.
Taken lo a coIiseun, I vas vailing lo heai a speakei. Iion
lehind ne, I couId feeI an innense anounl of Iove leing diiecled al
ne. Tuining, I sav a Iaige nan vilh sandv-lIonde haii, diessed ialhei
Ronanesque, Iooking al ne vilh inciedilIe iecognilion and deep Iove.
I luined avav.
A vonan vas speaking aloul spiiiluaI leacheis and lheii ioIe
in evoIulion, vhen she suddenIv vhisked ovei lo vheie I vas silling.
Asking ne lo luin aiound, lhe vonan had noliced lhe inlensilv of lhe
Iove coning fion lhis peison lehind ne.
The Ronanesque nan legan lo change his inage. Long lIack
haii and oIive skin fianed an aged and voiiied Indian nan's face. Red
Iackel enliaced ne, his happiness olvious, as I feIl feeIings foi hin
lhal I didn'l vel undeisland. Reaching his hand lo ne, I look il and in a
fIash of Iighl, ve veie in a vasl and leaulifuI foiesl.
Silling dovn in lhe liush, he hugged ne lighlIv as eneigelic
knovIedge aloul oui Iife logelhei vas conveved lo nv souI. InslanlIv,
I knev lhal ve had leen Ioveis, and lhal lhis had happened soneline
duiing lhal CavaIiv Iifeline. Unfocused nenoiies cane lo ne, and I
vas oveicone vilh enolion.
One lhing vas ceilain . . . he had ieluined foi a ieason and I
knev lhal his coning heId gieal inpoilance foi nv souI.
"Thµ |etter from uhlch the fragrance of reunlon uas lnha|ed hath been recelted.
Pralsed be God that fo||oulng the flrm decree of seµaratlon. the breete of
nearness and communlon hath been stlrred and the sol| of the heart ls refreshed
ulth the uaters of ]oµ and g|adness."
Tnc Tao|c|s cf 8ana'u'||an. Nc. 11. |aun-|-Mausud. Pagc 163. Paragrapn 1. (8ana'i.
Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
Meeling LnnanueI in an enplv house, he infoined ne lhal I
needed lo voik lhiough lIocks lhal I had in iegaids lo lhe peinealion
of phvsicaI nallei. Iiesenling ne vilh lhe 'LnnanueI IhvsicaI IIIusion
Woikoul,' I legan fIving lhiough lhe ceiIing, vaIIs, doois and vindovs
unliI I slailed doing so vilh noie ease.
"O nou. uhen the Dream Bardo uµon me ls daunlng! Abandonlng the
lnordlnate corµse-|lke s|eeµlng of the s|eeµ of stuµldltµ. Maµ the consclousness
undlstracted|µ be keµt ln lts natura| state: Grasµlng the (true nature of) dreams.
(maµ l) traln (mµse|f) ln the C|ear Llght of Mlracu|ous Transformatlon: Actlng
not |lke the brutes ln s|othfu|ness. Maµ the b|endlng of the µractlslng of the s|eeµ
(state) and actua| (or uaklng) exµerlence be hlgh|µ ta|ued (bµ me)."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Dcad. Tnc Appcndix. |||. Tnc Rcc| Vcrscs cf |nc Six 8ardcs. Nc.
2. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an)
Andv, nv husland, had a diean in vhich he sav hinseIf in a
ioon vhich conlained an inaginaiv Iine loideiing on anolhei
dinension. SuddenIv, a snaII nan vilh shoil lIack haii cane lhiough
lhe inaginaiv Iine. InnedialeIv iecognizing hin, Andv shouled, "LillIe
Chinanan, vou'ie heie!" The IillIe nan giggIed and quielIv junped
lack ovei lhe Iine.
Lnleiing lhe diean of a handicapped nan in a veleian's
hospilaI, ve laIked foi a shoil peiiod of line. The voung nan had a
landage aiound his foiehead vilh onIv a IillIe lil of liovn haii
shoving. AppaienlIv, he had fev visilois and vas veiv IoneIv.
Offeiing univeisaI Iove and acceplance lo hin, ve laIked foi
quile sone line lefoie he suddenIv luisl oul, "You aien'l fion heie, aie
vou, Ule`" I didn'l knov vhal lo sav. He conlinued. "Like, I nean,
vou'ie a spiiil aien'l vou`" Red Iackel innedialeIv puIIed ne oul of his
Mv confused gIance heId an unknoving as I asked hin, "Whv
did he caII ne Ule`" Red Iackel didn'l even pause lefoie he ansveied,
"ßecause lhal is vho vou aie." Upon ieluin, I discoveied lhal il vas a
liile of Indians in lhe veslein Uniled Slales.
An oId fiiend fion len veais piioi appeaied lo ne in anolhei
dinension, appaienlIv lioughl heie foi an alonenenl. We'd gone lo
schooI logelhei and leen veiv ciueI lo one anolhei as chiIdien. Il vas
appaienl lhal ve had leen lioughl lo lhis space lo voik lhings oul.
ApoIogizing foi his ciueIlv, he lade ne lo knov lhal he liuIv did Iove
ne veiv nuch, and lhal his aclions veie nol al aII iefIeclive of his liue
feeIings. This suipiised ne, lul gave ne gieal jov, as veII. Shaiing nv
ovn confession of guiIl, I apoIogized in ieluin foi nv ovn acls of
uncaiing lovaids hin. Lnliacing, aII lhal ienained lelveen us nov
vas uncondilionaI foigiveness and Iove. This peison I'd IileiaIIv nol
lhoughl of foi veais, vho had seened such an insignificanl pail of nv
Iife, vas nov puIsaling vilhin nv heail in such a poveifuIIv Ioving
vav. Iion lhis expeiience, I ieaIized lhal even vhen peopIe's feeIings
aie huil lv anolhei, il is veiv oflen an expiession of Iove living lo
undeisland ilseIf. Oui snaII piece of kaina had leen voiked oul, and
ve veie nov aloned.
As I legan lo neel nanv peopIe fion nv pasl, I found lhal
voiking oul lhese seeningIv snaII evenls in nv Iife, aIIoved nv spiiil
lo lecone noie open lo ieceiving Iove fion Cod. ßecause lhe naluie of
lhese huils is iejeclion, a souI can cIose ilseIf off, lhiough lhe aclions of
olheis and ilseIf, lo leIieving il is nol voilhv of Iove. ßecause of lhis,
eveiv inleiaclion ve have vilh one anolhei lecones inpoilanl.
"A man ln thls uor|d ul|| not be ab|e to be µure of slns: for lf he ls µure of one.
he ul|| not be ab|e to be µure of another . . . |or thls cause. therefore. l hate rent
mµse|f asunder and hate brought the mµsterles lnto the uor|d. because a|| are
under sln and a|| are ln need of the glft of the mµsterles."
Pis|is Scpnia. |cur|n 8cc|. Pagc 292. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
Red Iackel look ne lo a leaulifuI piaiiie. TunlIeveeds lIev
lv as ve iode sepaiale hoises lovaids an avesone nounlain ahead. A
lhiid hoise appeaied vilh a voung Indian lov iiding. InslanlIv, I knev
lhal lhis vas oui son. Disappeaiing as quickIv as he had cone, Red
Iackel vaved his ains and ve veie no Iongei lheie.
As he hoveied alove, I vas nov in lhe lodv of an Indian
vonan silling in a snaII canp. Tvo leepees couId le cIeaiIv seen in
lhe fiieIighl, and lhev veie painled vilh a ied jagged Iine aiound lhe
lollon of lhen. Manv noie leepees veie shadoved lv lhe nighl.
Silling lv lhe fiie, lhe foiesl seienaded ne vilh lhe sounds of lhe
lIoving vind and lhe caIIing of lhe nighl aninaIs. InslincliveIv, I knev
lhis had leen nv hone sonevheie in line.
Taking Red Iackels hand, I vas quickIv puIIed avav.
"l ul|| see the hand of God ln a|| that haµµens to me. attrlbutlng nothlng to
lndltldua| µeoµ|e. uho are but lnstruments used bµ Hlm ln the uork of mµ
Tnc Vcicc cf |nc Sain|s. Cnap|cr 3. Pagc 17. Nc. 3. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
8|csscd Rapnac|a Maru)
IIaving iepeliliveIv in nv nind, a Iosl souI's hoiiific dealh
legan coning lo ne as I vas sIovIv ieIeasing foin. Deleinining lo
keep lhings in peispeclive, I knev lhal I nusl do so if I nighl le of
sone assislance.
A vonan had leen voiking in a povei pIanl slanding oulside
lv a Iaige Iooning lovei. SuddenIv, an expIosion vas heaid, a fiie
ensued and peopIe veie iunning lovaids hei. Anolhei expIosion venl
off, and lefoie she had a chance lo iun, a lhiid. LxlieneIv liaunalized,
she had leen lIovn lo lils. ßecause il vas so giuesone, I foughl lhe
feai lhal cane vilh il lv deleinining lhal I vouId see lhis fion a
spiiiluaI ieaIilv ialhei lhan a phvsicaI iIIusion.
ßeginning leIepalhic connunicalion, she feIl iesponsilIe foi
lhe expIosion lecause of a nislake she had nade. UnalIe lo iespond
lecause of hei hoiioi al leing iesponsilIe in a snaII vav foi so nanv
dealhs, I conveved lo hei lhal eveivlhing vas going lo le aIiighl,
despile lhe suffeiing she'd enduied. Chaolic and fianlic, she hopeIessIv
liied lo connunicale vilh lhose she'd Iefl lehind, lul aIlhough she
couId heai lhen, lhev couIdn'l heai hei and lhis nade hei panic noie.
Conveving god's Iove foi hei, she caIned innenseIv. "You
nean I von'l le judged foi vhal I did, even lhough il look aII lhose
Iives`" "Cod Ioves vou, honev, and lheie isn'l anvlhing vou couId do lo
luin hin avav. His Iove is conpIele. Il is uncondilionaI." TeIIing hei
lo slav vilh ne as Iong as she feIl lhe necessilv, I infoined hei lhal
vhen she vas ieadv, hei ovn spiiiluaI guaidians veie vailing lo lake
hei lack lo lhe Iighl. HaIf an houi Ialei, she luined lo neel lhen.
"About thls tlme (the deceased) can . . . hear a|| the ueeµlng and ual|lng of hls
frlends and re|atltes. and. a|though he can see them and can hear them ca||lng
uµon hlm. theµ cannot hear hlm ca||lng uµon them. so he goeth auaµ
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Dcad. 8cc| |. Par| ||. Pagc 101-102. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an)
Having piojecled inlo anolhei dinension logelhei, nv
husland, Andv, and I had enleied inlo a foggv ieaIn fiIIed vilh haze.
Wailing lo see LnnanueI, ve sal in anlicipalion of lhe gieal leing ve
availed, speaking of oui honoi in knoving hin.
When LnnanueI aiiived, hovevei, he appeaied lo us in slieel
cIolhes. "Do nol nake ne noie lhan I an. As I an divine eneigv, so
aie vou. Do nol gIoiifv ne." Suipiised lv his iesponse, ve quickIv
ieaIized lhal he vas iighl. "We viII neel again, nv fiiends," he said,
shoilIv lefoie he disappeaied.
"lt ls l. john. uho heard and sau these thlngs. and uhen l heard and sau them l
fe|| doun to uorshlµ at the feet of the ange| uho shoued them to me. But he
sald to me. 'Don't! l am a fe||ou sertant of µours and of µour brothers the
µroµhets and of those uho keeµ the message of thls book. Worshlµ God."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 22.8. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Oulside of foin, nv souI vas liaveIing quickIv lovaids a nosl
najeslic nounlain iange. Red Iackel vas speaking lehind ne as I
liaveIed lhiough lhe elhei. Thiee nounlains veie in sighl, lvo snaIIei
ones suiiounding a snov-capped leaulv in lhe niddIe. "Theie is a
leing," he said, "vho is al ONL vilh lhese nounlains. The aninaIs and
lhe liees aie hei fiiends, and she speaks vilh aII Iife. In hei heail, she
has Iived heie foi cenluiies."
Reaching lhe nounlain, I Iooked up lo nolice a hoise had leen
caived inlo lhe lIuish iock vhich appeaied lo le in nolion. Soaiing lo
lhe nidseclion, nv spiiil vas diieclIv lefoie lhe hoise's heail, Iislening
lo ils ihvlhnic leal. "And vou, nv fiiend, aie Heail of lhe Hoise!" Red
Iackel said, "Il is voui nane, il is voui Iegacv."
"Because mountalns are hlgh and broad. the uaµ of rldlng the c|ouds ls
a|uaµs reached ln the mountalns: the lnconceltab|e µouer of soarlng ln
the ulnd comes free|µ from the mountalns."
Mccn in a Dcudrcp. Mcun|ain and la|crs Su|ra (Sansui-Kuc). Nc. 2.
(8uddnisn. Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn Mas|cr Dcgcn)
Having nanv, nanv alonenenls vhich aII ended in a leaulifuI
dispIav of Iove and foigiveness, I vas suipiised vhen I found nvseIf
enlioiIed in lvo sepaiale inslances vheiein lhose I had soughl
foigiveness fion, veie nol vel ieadv lo give il. Leaving lhen vilh nv
apoIogies foi lheii huil feeIings, I loId lhen ve'd neel again vhen and
if lhev chose lo le ieadv lo alone.
Much Ialei, one of lhen appeaied lo ne in an enplv lhealie.
Occupving lhe fiisl seal in lhe second iov of chaiis, a liiIIianl ied
cuilain conpIeleIv cIosed off lhe slage. ßehind lhe cuilain, vou couId
heai lhe sounds of a peifoinance. Silling lehind hin, he luined lo ne
and sniIed, "As lhe cuilain conceaIs lhe iIIusion, I an ieadv lo discaid
nv ovn." Conveving lhal he vas nov al peace, I lhanked hin foi his
undeislanding and again vas oveivheIned vilh a iush of Iove and
Monenls Ialei, I vas puIIed avav.
"Hatardous and s|ou ls the µath to the Unretea|ed. dlfflcu|t for µhµslca| man to
tread. But theµ for uhom l am the suµreme goa|. uho do a|| uork renounclng
se|f for me and medltate on me ulth slng|e-hearted detotlon. these l ul|| sulft|µ
rescue from the fragment's cµc|e of blrth and death. for thelr consclousness has
entered me."
Tnc 8nagatad Gi|a. Cnap|cr 12. Nc.'s 5-7. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf Krisnna. Trans|a|icn.
||na|n |asuaran)
Duiing an inlensive vilialionaI iaising, I legan lo see a gIole
of puipIe and vhile Iighl iolaling. As lhis occuiied, Red Iackel spoke in
nv eai:

"I an Iike lhe gieal liee,
vho aflei leaiing vilness
lo dav and nighl foi hundieds of veais,
ciies siIenlIv lo lhe Cieal Spiiil,
'Oh, I undeisland!
Theie is oneness lelveen Iighl and daik!'
The liee siIenlIv and peacefuIIv dies . . .
naking ioon foi nev Iife,
and lecones one vilh aII lhal is."

"God has a|so set the one oter agalnst the other: the good agalnst the etl|. and
the etl| agalnst the good: the good µroceeds from the good. and the etl| from the
etl|: the good µurlfles the bad. and the bad the good . . . "
Scpncr Ycziran. Cnap|cr V|. Scc|icn V. (]udaisn)
Lnleiing lhe line-lunneI, I legan faIIing inlo anolhei line.
Again, I eneiged in vhal appeaied lo le lhe CavaIiv Iifeline, ciossing
a iivei ovei a svinging liidge.
Acioss lhis iivei vas a Iaige piison connunilv vhich
consisled of a fev snaII shacks suiiounded lv vooden fences. Slone
shacks vilh Ieakv giass ioofs veie guaided lv ained nen al lhe
enliances lo pievenl escape.
ßiinging food lo lhe piisoneis had evenluaIIv Ied lo heIping
lhen vilh olhei lasks, Iike vashing cIolhes. Used lo nv fiequenl visils,
lhe guaids Iel ne pass vilhoul a void. A voung Indian vonan nel ne
al lhe gale, vhich vas highIv secuied lecause nanv escapes had
occuiied anongsl lhe Indian piisoneis.
Thiee Indian nen Iived in one of lhese huls, vho caIIed
lhenseIves liolheis, lul I knev lhev veie nol lioIogicaIIv ieIaled. A
speciaI lond exisled lelveen ne and lhese liolheis: ve veie cIose
fiiends and confidanles. Red Iackel vas one of lhese liolheis, and
lheie vas an olvious alliaclion lelveen us. Iive vonen Iived in lhe
shack nexl dooi, aII vho vouId escape lul one, vho died fion lhe coId
duiing lhe vinlei.
Iushing a Iaige vheeIlaiiov conlaining food, lIankels and
cIean cIolhes, Red Iackel junped in as soon as ve veie safeIv in lhe hul.
Diilv cIolhs and lIankels veie used lo covei hin. Al lhal nonenl, I
ieaIized I vas iesponsilIe foi lhe escapes.
On nv vav oul vilh lhe piisonei, I ian inlo nv husland vho
vas enleilaining lhiee guesls. Tiving lo inpiess his guesls vilh Iavish
gifls, lhev veie ceIelialing one of lhe nen's iecenl giadualions fion a
niIilaiv schooI. "Whv don'l vou join us in oui ceIelialing, honev`" He
asked, as I neivousIv Iooked dovn upon nv cail. "In a nonenl," I
iepIied, "Lel ne pul nv cail in lhe house and I viII neel vou al lhe
geneiaI sloie." Tuining lo Ieave, lhev acknovIedged lhal lhev vouId
neel ne lheie. Al lhal nonenl, I ieaIized lhal lhe souI of nv husland
in lhal Iife vas lhe sane souI as in nv piesenl. AIlhough lhev Iooked
nolhing aIike, lheie vas a iecognilion lhal venl levond lhe fIesh, deep
inlo lhe vindovs of anolhei kind of knoving.
Hiding Red Iackel in an oId alandoned Iog calin, he slaved in
a cIosel unliI nighlfaII, as aII lhe olhei piison escapees had done.
IoineiIv an oId sloiefionl, lhe oId calin vas naiIed shul aflei going oul
of lusiness and no one venl in lheie. ßiinging lhe cail lo nv hone, I
headed foi lhe geneiaI sloie.
Manv peopIe venl lo lhis Iog luiIding lo sociaIize. Inside, a
nan of aloul fiflv-five vilh giav haii vas snoking a pipe and caleiing
lo nv husland vho vas luving expensive cigais foi eveivone. Theie
vas a vooden counlei vilh a veiv oId veision of a cash iegislei. A lig
seIeclion of iifIes vas hanging on lhe vaIIs. Annoved al nv husland
vho vas nuch loo conceined vilh vasling nonev on peopIe vho
didn'l need il, I sIipped inlo lhe lackgiound. TaIk luined lo lhe cuiienl
Indian escapes, and aflei expiessing nv ouliage, I excused nvseIf lo
Lalei as nighl had faIIen, I sIipped off vhiIe nv husland vas
al lhe lai. Red Iackel vas ieadv lo go, lul lefoie he did, he
unexpecledIv puIIed ne cIose lo hin. Aflei spending sone veiv
inlinale line logelhei, he Iooked al ne veiv seiiousIv. "You aie one of
us, and do nol leIong heie. Cone vilh ne and ve viII shaie oui Iives
vilh each olhei. The Indian peopIe viII accepl vou and Iove vou!" A
lig pail of ne vanled lo go, lul I didn'l have lhe couiage lo nake such
a haslv decision. Nighl vas upon us and he had lo Ieave. "No," I said,
"I Iove vou veiv nuch, lul I can'l Ieave . . . nol vel, anvvav."
Lnliacing ne, he said, "I Iove vou vilh aII nv heail." Monenls Ialei,
he vas gone. Civing soflIv as he depailed, I puIIed nvseIf logelhei so
as nol lo aiouse suspicion.
Reluining lo foin, I vas shocked lo ieaIize I had done lhis.
"|or uhoeter has the courage to conquer hls µasslons. to subdue hls aµµetltes.
and reµu|se eten the |east motlons of hls oun ul||. µerforms an actlon more
merltorlous ln the slght of God than lf. ulthout thls. he shou|d tear hls f|esh
ulth the sharµest dlsclµ|lnes. fast ulth greater austerltµ than the anclent
|athers of the Desert. or contert mu|tltudes of slnners."
Tnc Spiri|ua| Ccnoa|. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 6. Paragrapn 3. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr.
Dcn |crcnzc Scupc|i)
Svepl lhiough lhe lunneI of line, I found nvseIf in a snaII
house vilh seveiaI Chinese nen and vonen. AII of us veie Iiving vilh
an aging naslei vho ve caIIed 'LillIe Chinanan.' Veiv lhin and laId,
he vas a genlIe souI vho laughl us of lhe Wav.
Mv cuiienl husland vas a voung Chinese nan vilh jel lIack
haii lhal shone in lhe Iighl, a leaulifuI sniIe and veiv laII and nuscuIai.
Thiee olhei discipIes Iived vilh us, lul Andv vas LillIe Chinanan's
piize sludenl and fiiend, vho look caie of lhe house and giounds in
exchange foi his leachings.
Discussing oui Iessons, lvo olhei discipIes and I appioached
Andv lo ask hin queslions. As I appioached, hovevei, his auia lecane
liighl ied and veIIov, his iage olvious. InnedialeIv, nv ovei-seIf,
vhich vas olseiving fion inside nv foinei lodv, lecane avaie lhal
lhis sul-conscious angei iesuIled fion oui pasl Iifeline duiing lhe
CavaIiv davs.
LillIe Chinanan vas in lovn foi lhe dav Ieaving oui sludies in
lhe caie of Andv, vho iesponded lo nv piesence lv oideiing ne lo do
exliene and slienuous phvsicaI Ialoi. ßeconing veiv liied ovei line, I
legged hin lo Iel ne slop, lul he pushed and pushed as his auiic ied
inlensified vilh eveiv oidei. UnexpecledIv and suddenIv, I venl inlo
caidiac aiiesl and died.
Shocked, lhis had nol leen his inlenl, and foi veais LillIe
Chinanan liied lo heIp hin lo gel ovei vhal he had done, foi he had no
conscious desiie foi ne lo die. ßul LillIe Chinanan vas vise and knev
of oui pasl Iife, and he heIped Andv lo oveicone sone of his iage
duiing lhal Iifeline and legin lo foigive.
"Some |ands are dlrtµ. some are µure: P|easant or µalnfu|. each ls dlfferent. Thls
comes from the lnconceltab|e ocean of acts: Cµc|lc µhenomena are a|uaµs |lke
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 4. Tnc |crna|icn cf |nc lcr|ds. Pagc 190.
S|anza 3. (8uddnisn. Manauana)
Having liaveIed again lhiough lhe line-lunneI, I found nvseIf
Iving in a fieId of giass veaiing a paIe lIue govn. DeepIv in Iove, lhe
oljecl of nv affeclion Iaid leside ne, veaiing lhe liadilionaI knickeis
vilh slockings, lIack Iace shoes, a vesl and a puffv shiil. TeIIing ne of a
hone he had loughl foi ne, I didn'l heai vhal he vas saving due lo nv
olsession vilh his pieicing gieen eves fianed lv Iocks of daik vavv
ßul il suddenIv lecane appaienl lo ne lhal he vas naiiied
and I vas his nisliess, a couilesan soneline in lhe 17lh cenluiv.
Inlending lo 'keep' ne, he vanled lo piovide ne vilh a hone and aII
nv olhei needs. Angeied lhal he had nol consuIled vilh ne in
choosing a hone, ve legan lo aigue, lul I evenluaIIv agieed lo nove
inlo lhe hone he had chosen foi ne.
ßefoie I couId nake lhe nove, hovevei, a sudden and
unexpIained lieak-up had occuiied. Il appeaied lhal il vas possilIe
his vife had found oul aloul us, and denanded lhal il slop. Nevei
heaiing fion hin again, I vas heaillioken, and didn'l naiiv in lhal
Diopped inlo a Ialei line in lhe sane Iife as an oId dving
vonan, I passed ovei lo lhe olhei side and vandeied ainIessIv as a Iosl
souI foi seveiaI veais. ßul al lhe veiv nonenl vhen I caIIed oul lo Cod
foi heIp, an angeI appeaied and Ied ne lo a dooi. Inside, nv Iosl Iove
sal nexl lo anolhei nan vho appeaied lo le his son. Manv peopIe
veie galheied in lhe ioon, aII of lhen appeaiing veiv voung. As I
fIoaled in, I liied veiv haid lo keep nv hoop skiils quiel so as nol lo
aiouse allenlion, lul lhev nade no noise in lhe spiiil vind.
When I cane inlo viev, nv Iosl Iove luined and fIashed a lig
sniIe, sending ne an eneigv of gieal Iove. Diaving ne lo hin,
eveivone vas valching an evenl on lhe eailh-pIane leIov. Inlioducing
ne lo his son, lhe giovn nan Iooked up in suipiise. "So vou aie lhe
vonan nv falhei Ioved so nuch!" Suipiised lv lhis, I acknovIedged
lhal il vas nuluaI.
A veiv eIaloiale funeiaI vas going on leIov, and I vas
unsuie as lo vhal lhe fuss vas aII aloul. OveifIoving vilh jov, nv Iosl
Iove chined, "Mv son, of vhon I an veiv pioud, vas an inpoilanl
nan!" Looking lo see if I couId iecognize hin, I vas suipiised lo nolice
lhal he vas a hisloiicaI figuie. A leaulifuIIv caived leige laskel vas
Ioveied inlo lhe giound as lhe nouineis ciied.
As ve valched, lhe angeI conveved lo ne lhal he couId nol
have Iefl his vife vilhoul a scandaI, and lhev had slaved logelhei foi
piopiielies sake. Despile lhis, he had Ioved ne veiv nuch and lhal Iove
vas ieaI. IinaIIv, she ieveaIed lhal lhis vas lhe sane souI as lhal of Red
Iackel. A Iighl venl on in nv souI.
Taking nv hand, ve soaied avav. Iion lhe nind of lhe
vonan I used lo le, I nevei consideied nv acls as innoiaI, lecause I
vas so Iosl in Iove lhal I nevei even consideied lhe pain of lhose I'd
huil. ßecause of lhis fog I had chosen lo Iive in, al lhe line of nv dealh
I lecane Iosl.
"Do not c|lng. ln fondness and ueakness. to thls |lfe. Eten though thou c|lngest
out of ueakness. thou hast not the µouer to remaln here. Thou ul|t galn
nothlng more than uanderlng ln thls Sangsara (l||uslon). Be not attached (to
thls uor|d): . . ."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Dcad. 8cc| |. Par| ||. Pagc 103. Paragrapn 2. (8uddnisn.


"But lf µou are ab|e to confess. l ulsh µou to do so. and lf µou are ab|e. and do
not. µou ul|| be deµrlted of the frult of the B|ood."
Tnc Dia|cguc cf S|. Ca|ncrinc cf Sicna. A Trca|isc cf Praucr. Pagc 173. Paragrapn 1.
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf Gcd as Rcccitcd in |cs|a|ic Visicn. Au|ncr. S|.
Ca|ncrinc cf Sicna)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I vas laken inlo nanv pasl Iives, aII
of vhich I confess lo vou nov. Ioi aII of nv Iifelines veie seeningIv
slained vilh lhe sin of Iusl. And il appeaied lhal lhe lhiee kev pIaveis
(nvseIf, nv husland and lhe souI of Red Iackel) ienained lhe sane.
Ioi line innenoiiaI, ve had leen incainaling ovei and ovei again,
nevei undeislanding oi liansfoining lhis hoiiid pallein of leliavaI and
Iusl. Iuilhei, Andv's gieed and conlioI issues ienained a conslanl, aIso
ienaining unaddiessed foi aeons.
The seven deadIv sins aie a veiv inpoilanl pail of puiificalion
and lhev aie as foIIovs: CIullonv, Lusl, Cieed, Iiide, SIolh, Vanilv and
Avaiice. We aII incainale vilh ceilain slains upon oui souIs lhal have
vel lo le puiified, and nosl of us have one pioninenl vice. Ioi ne, il
vas Iusl, foi Andv, gieed.
Il is nol lhe conscious desiie of nosl souIs lo cause hain, and
vel lhev do. Whv` And hov do ve end lhe cvcIe of pain` The ansvei
is puiificalion, vhich cones aloul lhiough a veiv invoIved eleinaI
piocess lo avaken lhe souI lo ils ovn deIusions aloul lhe liue naluie of
Iove, liansfoin lhose peiceplions, and aIlei lhe slinuIus iesponse
lhiough eleinaI undeislanding.
"The uor|d. houeter. ls glten to µ|easure. de|lghted ulth µ|easure. enchanted
ulth µ|easure. Tru|µ. such belngs ul|| hard|µ understand the |au of
condltlona|ltµ. the Deµendent Orlglnatlon of eterµthlng: lncomµrehenslb|e to
them ul|| a|so be the end of a|| formatlons. the forsaklng of eterµ substratum of
reblrth. the fadlng auaµ of cratlng. detachment. extlnctlon. Nlbbana."
Tnc lcrd cf |nc 8uddna. Pagc 2. Paragrapn 2. (8uddnisn. Tncratadan. Au|ncr.
Soaiing lhiough line, I ended up in lhe lodv of an Indian
vonan on a ieseivalion aiound lhe eaiIv 19OO's. Living vilh nv seven-
veai-oId chiId, nv Indian nolhei had died, and nv falhei, an
aiislocialic vhile vilh giav vavv haii, vas naking one of his
infiequenl visils lo see us. I feIl nolhing foi lhis nan, as he had nol
iaised ne.
Localed neai a snaII foiesl, oui snaII squaie hones veie luiIl
aiound each olhei in an aInosl ciicuIai fashion. Lveiv nighl, lhe
connunilv vouId galhei aiound lhe canpfiie lo laIk and shaie sloiies.
Mv husland and lhe falhei of nv IillIe giiI, vas fighling in lhe vai, and
ve nissed hin giealIv.
Coing lo lhe connissaiv, ve veie slocking up on suppIies. In
lhe dislance, I lhoughl I sav a faniIiai face. "Ciav Role! Is lhal vou`!"
I caIIed oul, iunning lovaids lhe Indian nan, lul as he luined I couId
leII lhal he vas living lo conceaI concein. SonleiIv, lhe nan iepIied,
"Ciav Role has jusl leen iepoiled as Missing in Aclion." ßeginning lo
civ, he conlinued, "We veie good fiiends. He vas veiv liave and he
Ioved vou and voui IillIe giiI veiv nuch." Caiiving lhe suppIies, ve
ieluined logelhei lo lhe ieseivalion.
Al canp ciicIe lhal evening, I ienained siIenl. Slanding up
duiing lhe galheiing, lhe nan loId lhe olheis of nv husland's slalus.
Oui chief look ne aside and palienlIv pIaced his hands on nv shouIdei.
ßeing veiv nuch in louch vilh lhe spiiil voiId, he expIained
lo ne vhal had happened. "Ciav Role vas in a heaIing Iifeline," he
said, "his auia vas fiIIed vilh lhe coIoi gieen. Civing lack lo lhose he
has laken fion in lhe pasl, he chose lo nove on." SuddenIv, il lecane
cIeai lo ne lhal Ciav Role vas an incainalion of Red Iackel, and he had
given his Iife lo pav lack foi lhe Iives he had laken duiing lhe Indian
vais. "HoId his Iove vilhin voui heail, and sel hin fiee." His visdon
vas peacefuI, and I knev he vas iighl. Raising oui hands lo lhe skv,
ve lolh chined lo lhe heavens, "In oui Iove ve sel vou fiee, Ciav
Role." WhiIe gazing upon lhe fuII-noon, I diifled avav fion lhe pasl
and soaied lack lo nv cuiienl Iife.
"Perhaµs l hate |lted before. ln some strange uor|d uhere flrst mµ sou| uas
shaµed. And a|| thls µasslonate |ote. and ]oµ. and µaln. that come. l knou not
uhence. and suaµ mµ deeds. are o|d lmµerlous memorles. b|lnd µet strong. that
thls uor|d stlrs ulthln me."
Rcincarna|icn - An |as|-lcs| An|nc|cgu. lcs|crn Tnin|crs. 8ri|isn. Pagc 146. Tnc
Spanisn Gupsu
Ioining seveiaI iunneis aloul lo legin a naialhon iace, I vas
quile deleinined lo lake a sIov pace in vhal appeaied lo le a Iong
jouinev ahead. Olhei iunneis quickIv passed ne lv, peihaps lhinking
lhev had sonehov gained sonelhing lv doing so. Hovevei, I vas
quile pIeased vilh nv pace lecause I had peiceived eveivlhing aIong
lhe ioad, aIlhough a pail of ne couId nol heIp lul vondei if I shouId
speed up and keep pace vilh lhe olheis. Aflei sone line, lhe olheis
sped lv so quickIv I sav onIv a lIui in lheii vake.
Anolhei iunnei appeaied leside ne vilhoul nv nolice,
keeping lhe sane pace lhal I had chosen. InnedialeIv sensing nv
disliess, he spoke lo ne. "The olhei iunneis aie caughl up vilh lhe
finish Iine, and vou aie noie inleiesled in lhe palh." I Iooked ovei al
hin, and said, "ßul I feeI so sepaiale and apail fion lheii ieaIilv."
Inleijecling, he sniIed al nv confusion. "As vou shouId! You feeI lhe
oneness and vou see lheii ieaIilv foi vhal il is. Thev see il fion a
diffeienl iIIusion. To lhen, phvsicaI Iife is aII lheie is, vinning is aII
lheie is. SpiiiluaI giovlh iequiies a diffeienl peispeclive, one lhal vou
nov have. Ciovlh cones fion vilhin, nol vilhoul. ßv laking Iife al
lhe pace vou have chosen, vou aIIov vouiseIf lo peiceive noie
accuialeIv vhal lhe voiId liuIv iepiesenls. You enliace lhe divine
pIan and liusl il conpIeleIv, lhev do nol. Thev feeI lhal lheii
inpoilance Iies in finishing lhe iace vilh lhe faslesl line, and vou see
lhal lhe iace viII nevei end. Lveiv peiceplion aIong lhe palh is an
inpoilanl and ciuciaI one. If vou niss lhe fIovei on lhe side of lhe
ioad lecause vou ian lv loo quickIv, vou viII need lo ieluin lo peiceive
il in lhe fuluie. In lheii ignoiance, lhev nav lhink lhev aie passing vou
lv, lul lhe liulh is vou have nol even enleied lheii iace. Youi palh is
paiaIIeI lo lheii ioad, lul lhev have nol vel legun lhe palh lhal vou
seek. The iionv is lhal lhe iace is an iIIusion. Do nol conpaie vouiseIf
vilh lhose vho see onIv iIIusion. WaIk sIovIv dovn voui palh of
incieasing avaieness and opening peiceplions as il is lhis palh lhal
Ieads lo enIighlennenl."
Taking nv hand, he and I lianscended lhe iace and sal
logelhei on a slone. "Knoving vhal vou knov aloul lhe univeise,
vouId vou choose lo again lecone ignoianl of il`" Mv iesponse vas a
iesounding, "No!" "You nav feeI IoneIv and sepaiale al lines in voui
phvsicaI voiId lecause of voui diffeiing peiceplions, lul liulh is a
vondeifuI gifl, and lhose vho have lhe liulh have eveivlhing. Youi
IoneIiness is jusl anolhei pail of lhal iIIusion. Is il nol liue lhal ve aie
aIvavs vilh vou` Is il nol liue lhal ve aie avaiIalIe lo vou al aII lines`
And if lhis is so, lhen voui IoneIiness is onIv a faIse peiceplion on voui
pail. You aie nevei aIone, il is an iIIusion!" Lelling nv hand go, he
ciied fion lhe dislance, "Renenlei, vou have univeisaI liulh . . . vou
have oneness. Hov is il lhal vou couId evei le aIone`!" In nonenls, I
vas ieluined genlIv inlo nv lodv.
"Do µou not knou that the runners ln the stadlum a|| run ln the race. but on|µ
one ulns the µrlte? Run so as to uln. Eterµ ath|ete exerclses dlsclµ|lne ln eterµ
uaµ. Theµ do lt to uln a µerlshab|e croun. but ue an lmµerlshab|e one. Thus l
do not run alm|ess|µ: l do not flght as lf l uere shadouboxlng. No. l drlte mµ
bodµ and traln lt. for fear that. after hatlng µreached to others. l mµse|f shou|d
be dlsqua|lfled."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 1 Ccrin|nians 10.24. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
TiaveIing lo a poinl in line vhich appeaied lo le seveiaI
hundied veais ago, I Iived as a vonan naned Thiead ßaie in an Indian
canp vilh nv falhei, Nighl ßeai. Oui canp had spIil inlo lhiee
faclions due lo lhiee diffeiing peiceplions: Nighl ßeai Ied a gioup lhal
leIieved in vai and slienglh, lhe nan I Ioved Ied a gioup lhal leIieved
in unilv lhiough nusic, and I Ied a faclion vhich leIieved in liilh.
UnalIe lo neId oui peiceplions inlo one, ve lecane sepaiale.
Suiiounded lv nounlains and pines, seveiaI vonen in oui
canp veie piepaiing lo give liilh. Coing inlo Ialoi one cIeai daik
nighl, a vonan gave liilh al lhe veiv nonenl lhal a Iighlning-loIl
sliuck a liee. In honoi of lhis exaIled sign of liilh, ve naned lhe lalv,
'Lighled Iine.'
Wilh lhe chiId's liilh, ve ieaIized lhe slupidilv of oui sepaiale
vavs, and ve sunnoned lhe olhei canp Ieadeis foi a galheiing lo
ieconciIe oui diffeiences. Radialing innense Iove, a vonan fion lhe
canp of nusic spoke lo ne. "Nov ve can shaie oui nusic vilh vou,
oui vav of peiceiving." SniIing, I iepIied, "I vouId Iove lo heai voui
nusic, il's vondeifuI lhal Lighled Iine has opened us lo peiceiving in
nanv vavs." Hei gaze lecane seiious, "Il is good lhal vou vanl lo heai
oui nusic, as il is aII viillen lv oui Ieadei and lhev aie aII Iove songs
viillen foi vou." Tuining, she vaIked avav, as a huge pine legan lo
gIov in lhe cenlei of oui canp. ßeconing lhe cenlei of unilv foi lhe
peopIe, il ieninded us lhal lhe Loid shaies diffeiing gifls vilh diffeiing
peopIe, and lhal vhen ve cIose ouiseIves off lo onIv oui ovn, ve Iose a
pail of lhe vhoIeness vhich is Cod.
"The door of the |odge ls soon oµened for the second tlme. reµresentlng the
comlng of the µurlfµlng Pouer of the north. and a|so ue see the |lght uhlch
destroµs darkness. ]ust as ulsdom drltes auaµ lgnorance."
Tnc Sacrcd Pipc. 8|ac| |||'s Acccun| cf |nc Sctcn Ri|cs cf |nc Og|a|a Sicux. Cnap|cr |||.
|nipi. Pagc 40. Paragrapn 3. (Trioa|. Og|a|a Sicux. lcrds cf 8|ac| |||)

Tuc |rccs s|and |a|| in |nc uccds. cnc a oircn and cnc a pinc
Tnc pinc |rcc is |a||cr |c sncu |nc cffcc| cf |inc
Tnc oircn |rcc |cc|s up |c |nc pinc and |urns |c ca|| ncr fricnd
Snc saus. '| |ctc ucu tcru nucn ou| | nus| sing nu cun scng.'

'| uan| |c grcu up |cuards |nc s|u. and scc |nc f|cc|s cf oirds!
| uan| |c grcu aoctc |nc uccds. and scc |nc prairic ncrds!'
Tnc pinc rcspcnds |cting|u. 'Gc. pursuc ucur drcans.
8u| dcn'| gc| s|ruc| ou |ign|ning. |i|c a|| |nc |a||cs| |rccs!'

'Grcuing |a|| nau oc i| fcr ucu. ou| nc. |'|| s|au rign| ncrc.
|'n safc ocnca|n |nc |a||cs| pincs. ou| dc una| ucu nus|. nu dcar.'
Tnc oircn grcu |a||cr ctcr |nc ucars. snc grcu |cuards |nc s|u
Snc sau |nc prairic ncrds afar. and snc ua|cncd nanu oirds f|u ou

Onc dau snc |cc|cd dcun |cuards ncr fricnd. ouricd ocnca|n |nc |rccs
'On. |ctc|u pinc. | |ctc ucu sc. ou| | natc |carncd |c oc.
||'s |inc fcr nc |c nctc a|cng. |'tc grcun. sc. as a |rcc
Tcncrrcu. | ui|| cnd nu s|au. as |ncrc is nucn ncrc fcr nc |c scc!'

A s|crn uas orcuing |nc tcru ncx| dau. and |nc oircn uas nc| surpriscd
A |ign|ning oc|| ni| ncr orancn. and |nc oircn |rcc uuic||u dicd
Tnc |cting pinc cricd scf||u. as snc ccu|d nc| undcrs|and
lncn suddcn|u snc fc|| a |cucn. cn ncr orancn snc fc|| a nand

Snc |cc|cd oc|cu ncr orancncs. |c find |nc scurcc cf |nc |cucn
A nunan ocing sa| ncx| |c ncr. ca|ing a oaggcd |uncn
Tnc nunan |cc|cd up a| |nc pinc and sni|cd |nc oiggcs| sni|c
'||'s gccd |c scc ucu. fricnd. i| nas occn uui|c a uni|c!'

'|| ccu|d nc| oc.' |nc pinc |rcc |ncugn|. 'nu dcar c|d fricnd is dcad.'
8u| dcuo| crcp| auau. |ign| sncnc in ncr cucs and |ncuing canc ins|cad
Tnc |cars f|cucd |cng frcn |nc pinc |rccs cucs. ou| |nc pinc |rcc uas nc| sad
Snc sprcad ncr orancncs and ocgan |c grcu. |nrcugn |nc fcrcs| rccf aoctc ncr ncad

Tnc pinc grcu |a|| ctcr |nc ucars. snc grcu |cuards |nc s|u
Snc sau |nc prairic ncrds. afar. and snc sau |nc oirds f|u nign
Tncn cnc dau. |nc c|cuds canc in. and a s|crn ocgan |c orcu
Tnc pinc uas s|ruc| ou |ign|ning. i|s c|crna| |ifc cnsucd

Snc |cc|cd dcun frcn |nc ncatcns |c find ncr nunan fricnd
Hcr fricnd appcarcd ocsidc ncr. and rcacncd cu| |c ncr a nand
Tncu sni|cd a| cacn c|ncr ui|n uisdcn. as |ncu ncu undcrs|ccd |nc ditinc p|an
'Ccnc cn. fricnd.' said |nc nunan. and |ncu ucn| |c car|n as nan

"Whlch ls the uaµ to the due||lng µ|ace of the |lght. and uhere ls the abode of
darkness. that µou maµ
take them to thelr boundarles and set them on thelr homeuard µaths?"
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. ]co 38. 19-20. (]udaisn. Cnris|iani|u)
Leaving foin and soaiing lhiough lhe line lunneI, I vas
diopped inlo lhe lodv of a liassv, shoil-haiied lIonde veaiing a ied
cocklaiI diess vhich appeaied lo le fion lhe lvenlies. Mv husland,
vho I innedialeIv knev lo le Andv, vas veaiing a hal and a giav suil
vhich appeaied lo le fion lhe sane line fiane, and he vas ningIing
vilh guesls acioss lhe ioon. We veie al a lig pailv leing heId in a ied
liick nansion vilh vhile piIIais and a ciicuIai diivevav. Aloul 1OO
peopIe veie in allendance. Iaiked in fionl of lhe house veie lvo
nodeI-T cais.
Veiv suddenIv and fion lehind, I feIl sonelhing leing
piessed lo nv lack vhich I innedialeIv knev lo le a gun. Diagged lo
an enplv ioon, I heaid shols leing fiied in lhe ioon I had jusl Iefl. The
lvo nen vho had laken ne heie leal ne and lhen shol ne in lhe chesl
lhiee lines, and lhen iushed avav fion lhe scene of lhe ciine.
AnazingIv, I vas sliII aIive as lhe paianedics pIaced nv lodv
on a slielchei and look ne lo calch an availing anluIance. As ve
exiled lhiough lhe nain ioon of lhe house, lhe coionei Iaid ovei nv
dead husland's lodv. Cuesls veie valching anxiousIv as ve veie
ienoved fion lhe hone.
Lving quielIv in nv hospilaI ioon, I knev I vas cIose lo dealh.
Tiving lo phone lhe poIice lo leII lhen vho nv allackeis veie, I didn'l
have lhe slienglh lo caII lefoie Iosing consciousness, and I ieaIized lhal
lhev vouId nevei knov lhal il vas a nol hil.
When I ieluined lo consciousness, I couId sliII feeI lhe pain
fion lhe gunshols. As Andv voke up, he asked ne vhal vas viong.
When I loId hin, he Iooked al ne sliangeIv and said, "I jusl had lhe
exacl sane diean!"
"Resentment and anger. these are fou| thlngs. too. and a slnner ls a master at
them both. Whoeter exacts tengeance ul|| exµerlence the tengeance of the Lord.
uho keeµs strlct account of sln."
Tnc Ncu ]crusa|cn 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. |cc|csias|icus 28.1. (]udaisn)
Lving anidsl a slone conpIex, I availed lhe guidance of
soneone lo cone. Resling peacefuIIv, lhe spiiil vho had iun vilh ne
on lhe iaceliack of Iife appeaied.
"In oidei lo undeisland lhe liue ieaIilv vilhin voui confIicls,
vou nusl see lhe vindov of peiceplion lhal olheis see lhiough."
Iiojecling inages of lhe vav sonelodv I knev peiceived ieaIilv, I
innedialeIv undeislood vhv ve nisundeislood one anolhei. "AIIov
vouiseIf lo lune inlo olhei peopIe's peiceplions, so lhal vou nav
undeisland lhe paianeleis of lheii vision. Love aII leings, despile lheii
piesenl nanifeslalion, as Iove is lhe onIv ieaIilv." He disappeaied.
"There ls nobodµ uho |ltes haµµl|µ ulth anger. Hence the enemµ. anger. creates
sufferlngs such as these. but uhoeter asslduous|µ otercomes lt flnds haµµlness
nou and hereafter."
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr V|. Nc. 5-6. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an.
Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
Lnleiing inlo a Iaige vhile nansion, I vas diiecled lo a huge
ioon vhich vas conpIeleIv vhile and enplv excepl foi a snaII oId
genlIenan vho sal in a foIding chaii al lhe fai coinei of lhe ioon.
CIosing lhe dooi, lhe spiiil vho diiecled ne Iefl as lhe oId, oId nan
nolioned ne lo cone neaiei lo hin.
His liied eves shoved lhe veai and leai of line and lhe
suffeiings of Iife, lul he genlIv Iooked up al ne and said evei so quielIv,
"And vou viII le nv leachei." InnedialeIv confused, I said, "ßul lheie
aie so nanv leacheis . . ." He inleiiupled ne, "And vou viII le nv
leachei." Iiuslialed, I asked, "ßul vhal viII I leach ucu`"
As he Iooked up, looks appeaied aII ovei lhe ioon, each one
heiaIding a speciaI hoIv gifl of lhe knovIedge of Cod. As I Iooked al
lhe looks, a voice fion alove spoke, "You don'l need lhose looks, as il
is aII vilhin voui heail." Iulling lhe hoIv looks dovn caiefuIIv, lhe oId
nan again iepealed, "And vou viII le nv leachei."
ConpIeleIv dunlfounded lecause I ieaIized lhe slalus of nv
ovn vielched Iife, and I couIdn'l inagine leing quaIified lo leach
anvlhing, lhe oId nan spoke again, "I an an oId fooIish nan, and I
iepiesenl a veiv oId and fooIish socielv. And YOU viII leach ne!"
ßoving lo lhe oId nan, I agieed, aIlhough I didn'l undeisland lhe
naluie of lhe lask lefoie ne. Tuining lo Ieave, I shol Iike a slai lack
inlo nv lodv as aII disinlegialed inlo nidaii.
"|rom the lntultlte klnd of knou|edge arlses the hlghest µosslb|e menta|
Tnc ||nics cf Spincza. On |nc Pcucr cf |nc |n|c||cc|. Tnc S|rcng|n cf |nc Mind. Pagc
153. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. 8arucn Spincza)
Tvenlv sludenls and I veie piepaiing lo lake a lesl in a veiv
unusuaI schooIioon. Lveivlhing vas foggv, and oui desks veie
scalleied aiound a Iake. ßevond lhe shoie, vas a dislanl isIand iefeiied
lo as lhe 'isIand of liulh.' The leachei vas a voung, laIding lhin nan of
aveiage heighl. Veiv nuch Iike a speIIing lesl, he vouId leII us his
liulh and ve had lo viile il dovn exaclIv as il vas said. TioulIe vas
he spoke so fasl lhal no one couId possilIv keep up vilh hin. Celling
lhiee oul of len iighl, I asked lhe leachei foi anolhei chance lecause I
had a liue veaining lo knov lhe liulh. Ten slone piIIais couId le seen
on lhe dislanl isIand, and lhe leachei's desk vas sel iighl on lhe shoie of
lhe Iake. Accoiding lo lhe leachei, lhe liulhs veie elched in lhose
slones. "OnIv I knov vhal lhose piIIais sav," he said, "and lecause of
lhal no one viII evei pass lhis lesl. The ansveis aie on lhal isIand, lul
don'l liv lo junp acioss, as nanv have liied and nevei ieluined!"
Confused, I agieed nol lo go.
As anolhei gioup of sludenls cane in and faiIed his lesl, I
ieaIized lhal his voids veie nol difficuIl lo undeisland lul he neanl
sonelhing diffeienl lhan vhal he vas saving. In essence, il vas a liick.
Undeislanding enveIoped ne as I ieaIized I didn'l have lo
junp acioss lhe Iake, lul viIIed nv elheiic lodv lo lhe isIand of liulh.
On lhe isIand, lheie vas no fog, and I Iooked upon lhe piIIais lo find
lheii oninous visdon, lul found lhal lheie vas nolhing viillen on
lhen al aII, onIv a conslanl eneigelic vhiiIing vhich couId le seen.
Manv souIs veie on lhe isIand expeiiencing jov, and I innedialeIv
knev lhese veie lhe ones of vhich lhe leachei had spoken. Thev'd
found lhe liulh and had no need lo ieluin. In his feai, lhe leachei couId
nol see lhen on lhe isIand, lhough lhev slood iighl lefoie his eves.
Il vas lhen lhal I knev lhal lhe ieaI liulh vas lhal lhe nan on
lhe lank vas afiaid lo slep inlo avaieness, lecause he vas afiaid of lhe
unknovn. Ieipelualing his ovn feai, he loId olheis lhal onIv he knev
lhe liulh. Despile lhis, a fev liave souIs ieaIized lhal lhev nusl seek
aflei lhe liulh anvvav.
Al lhal nonenl, seveiaI of nv spiiiluaI guaidians appeaied
and conveved, "Nevei give voui povei lo lhe nan on lhe lank. You
nusl go lo lhe isIand, vouiseIf."
"See that µou do not re]ect the one uho sµeaks. |or lf theµ dld not escaµe uhen
theµ refused the one uho uarned them on earth. hou much more ln our case lf
ue turn auaµ from the one uho uarns from heaten."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Hcorcus 13.25. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
And as il had cone lo pass, I had conlinued deaIing vilh nanv
Iosl souIs, aIlhough nv spiiil vas leconing veak in viII lo do such a
lask lecause of lhe inlensilv of liauna invoIved vilh lhese souIs.
LnnanueI, knoving of nv disliess, had agieed lo give ne a shoil
iespile fion lhis haiioving voik, lul vilh one condilion: lhal I lake a
snaII jouinev vilh hin.
IIving inlo a dinension of alsoIule vhileness, aII aloul us vas
gIoving vilh liighl Iighl! Iassing lv a seiies of ioons lhiough aiid
haIIvavs of Iighl, ve evenluaIIv cane upon a hunongous Iiliaiv.
TeIepalhicaIIv asking lhe angeIic Iiliaiian foi sone specific naleiiaI, I
naiveIed al lhe leaulv of hei. Hei IighlIv giided vings quickIv
assisled hei in soaiing aiound lhe loveiing coIunns of peipeluaIIv
vhile looks lo find lhal foi vhich LnnanueI and I had cone. A
gIoving vhile look gIided lhiough space fion a high sheIf inlo
LnnanueI's hands leIov.
Ieiusing lhiough lhe look, I noliced lhal lheie veie nanv
Iislings lhal Iooked Iike vanl-ads. Coning upon a Iisling foi nv nane,
LnnanueI coveied foui of lhe five lasks Iisled leIov il, aIIoving ne lo
see lul one: "ßeing in lhe phvsicaI ieaIn lo aid in lhe jouinev of Iosl
souIs." InslanlIv, I undeislood lhal I had nade a connilnenl lo lhis
lask veII lefoie nv Iifeline, and I couId nol quil lhis jol. Tuining lo
LnnanueI, I pionised hin lhal I vouId fuIfiII nv vov lo lhe Loid, and
I feIl gieal soiiov al nv eaiIiei feai and liepidalion.
"Therefore. ue are not dlscouraged: rather: a|though our outer se|f ls uastlng
auaµ. our lnner se|f ls belng reneued daµ bµ daµ. |or thls momentarµ |lght
aff|lctlon ls µroduclng for us an eterna| uelght of g|orµ beµond a|| comµarlson.
as ue |ook not to uhat ls seen but to uhat ls unseen: for uhat ls seen ls
transltorµ. but uhat ls unseen ls eterna|."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 2 Ccrin|nians 4.16. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Coning lo ne in sIeep, LnnanueI diiecled ne in achieving
lhe vilialionaI slale iequiied lo Ieave lhe lodv of nv ovn accoid. As
he focused nv eneigv on lhe chakia cenleis of lhe lodv, he loId ne lo
puII aII lhal eneigv inlo lhe sixlh chakia, oi lhe lhiid eve. As I did so, I
enleied inlo lhe vilialionaI slale.
Mv souI vas innedialeIv lianspoiled lo anolhei dinension
and I heaid a dislanl Ciegoiian chanlei singing lhese voids:
"I an lhe giandfalhei, oId and vise
I knov lhe ansveis vou jusl can'l denv
ßul vou have nol found ne vel
ßul vou have nol found ne vel"

Svepl avav lv lhe leaulv and nvsleiious echo of lhis chanlei,
il vas iepealed ovei and ovei again as a gIoving shiine of jeveIs
appeaied lefoie ne. In ils nidsl vas an oId, oId nan vilh Iong vhile
haii and a leaid, silling in a Iolus posilion, adoined in a puie vhile
iole. Lves cIosed and Iegs ciossed as if in nedilalion, his hands veie
pIaced on his knees.
Lnchanling ne, lhe nusic heId ne in ils ihvlhn, as il vas
conveved cIeaiIv lo ne lhal I nusl find hin.
"When µou flnd µour µ|ace uhere µou are. µractlce occurs. actua|ltlng the
fundamenta| µolnt."
Mccn in a Dcudrcp. Ac|ua|izing |undancn|a| Pcin| (Gcnjc Kcan). Nc. 11. (8uddnisn.
Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn Mas|cr Dcgcn)
An oId paichnenl slood upon an easeI in a cIeaiing in lhe
voods, as an Indian nan quielIv diiecled nv allenlion lo il. "This is a
nap of voui spiiiluaI giovlh in lhis Iifeline. These aie lhe nexl fev
sleps vou viII lake lefoie neeling voui Indian naslei." ReaIizing he
spoke of lhe giandfalhei, I conlinued lo Iislen. "And lhis is vhal vou
have napped foi lhe iesl of lhis Iifeline."
AIlhough I couId see lhe nap, I vas unalIe lo ieaIIv
undeisland lhe delaiIs of lhe palh, onIv lhe essence of lhe jouinev.
Ioinling lo lhe lollon coinei, he said, "And dovn heie in lhe coinei is
lhe dav vou have chosen lo Ieave lhis eailh." Nodding, I undeislood.
Slanding in an oId diilv allic, I suddenIv found nvseIf Iooking
foi an oId lox coveied in jeveIs. When I found il, I noliced seveiaI sIips
of papei inside indicaling heavenIv pionises I had nade lo leach
ceilain individuaIs and gioups of peopIe in ceilain aieas of lhe voiId.
ßeIov il vas an oId lIack and vhile phologiaph of ne leaching a gioup
of peopIe. LxlieneIv unconfoilalIe, lecause I knev I vas nol quaIified
lo leach anvone anvlhing, I quickIv pul lhe lox avav.
Deslinies nusl le ieveaIed in oidei foi us lo fuIfiII lhen. Al
lhe line of ils ieveIalion, ve can le Iefl vilh hesilalion in vondeiing
vhelhei oi nol ve aie up lo lhe lask. We aien'l, lul Cod is. Theiefoie,
pul voui failh in Cod's aliIilies, and voiiv nol aloul voui ovn.
"|alth ls the rea|ltatlon of uhat ls hoµed for and etldence of thlngs not seen . . .
Bµ falth ue understand that the unlterse uas ordered bµ the uord of God. so
that uhat ls tlslb|e came lnto belng through the lntlslb|e."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Hcorcus 11.1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Woiking vilh a lhealie gioup, I vas pIaving nanv diffeienl
ioIes, none of vhich suiled ne. Asking ne lo ieluin foi lhe livouls foi
lhe nexl pIav, lhe diiecloi: a niddIe-aged shoil laIding nan, loId ne he
had anolhei pail foi vhich he'd Iike ne lo liv oul. In lhe neanline, I
vas senl lo a civslaI encIosuie. Huge shinneiing vhile civslaIs
coveied lhe ceiIings, vaIIs and fIooi, and I sal in a coinei soaking up lhe
inlense vilialions.
Reluining lo lhe lhealie gioup al lhe appiopiiale line, lhe
slage vas fiIIed vilh danceis vho veie peifoining a diana aloul
hunan naluie. OnIv lvo peopIe had shoved up foi lhe pIav, and lhe
aclois veie disappoinled. Lnleiing lhe lackslage aiea, lhe diiecloi ian
lo ne hoIding a vhile fIoving gainenl. "Il is lhe Age of Aquaiius," he
said, "and vou aie lhe Aquaiian! You nusl pIav lhis pail as il cones
naluiaI lo vou!"
"The sage due||s ln affalrs of nonactlon. carrles out a doctrlne ulthout uords.
He |ets the mµrlad creatures rlse uµ but does not lnstlgate them: He acts but does
not µresume: He comµ|etes hls uork but does not due|| on lt."
Tac Tc Cning. Nc. 46. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tzu. Trans|a|icn. Vic|cr H.
TiaveIing lhiough lhe line lunneI, nv spiiil pIunneled inlo
lhe lodv of a vonan, vho vas Iiving on a ianch in lhe piaiiie in vhal
appeaied lo le lhe 18OO's Ranch. Wilh haii of Iighl liovn, I voie a lIue
fIovei piinl diess vilh a nalching lonnel, vhiIe nv husland, a lhin
snaII nan vilh Iong lIack vavv haii, a vealheied covlov hal, liovn
Iealhei panls and a vesl, slood nexl lo ne. WaIking oulside lo neel oui
lvo chiIdien, a foui veai oId giiI and a lvo veai oId lov, I noliced lhe
snaII lhiee ioon calin vilh a piIIaied poich lehind us as ve
appioached lvo fain hands vho veie voiking vilh lhe aninaIs.
SuddenIv, lhe sounds of gaIIoping hoises couId le heaid fion
lhe dislance and lefoie ve couId Iook up oi iespond, gunfiie iang oul.
Thiee oulIavs sped lhiough in a fIash, kiIIing lhe lvo voiknen and
Conlinuing lo olseive fion alove, nv husland vas vaIking
avav fion a fieshIv dug giave. IeeIing a peacefuI suiiendei, nv spiiil
vas caIn in knoving lhal I had lo go, and lhus, I did.
"So ue are a|uaµs courageous. a|though ue knou that uhl|e ue are at home ln
the bodµ ue are auaµ from the Lord. for ue ua|k bµ falth. not bµ slght. Yet ue
are courageous. and ue uou|d rather |eate the bodµ and go home to the Lord.
Therefore. ue asµlre to µ|ease Hlm. uhether ue are at home or auaµ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 2 Ccrin|nians 5.6. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
IIving lhiough a snaII paik oul-of-lodv, I cane upon a nice
picnic lalIe aiea vilh sone shade fion a Iaige liee. A fenaIe spiiil
appioached ne vilh lhiee fiiends, and I feIl innedialeIv
unconfoilalIe vilhoul knoving vhv. TeIIing ne lhal lhev knev I vas
Ieaining fion LnnanueI, lhev legan lo ask queslions. "Don'l vou lhink
lhal uncondilionaI Iove is inpossilIe lo allain` And if ve aie aIvavs
expeiiencing lhe nov, lhen vhal aloul lhe fuluie`"
IeeIing iiiilalion, I didn'l knov vhal lo sav, vhen suddenIv
lhe vonan legan changing foin . . . and in nonenls had luined inlo
"Il's vou!" I shouled al hin, Iaughing al nv ovn deIusion.
Responding innedialeIv, he said, "You feai exposing vouiseIf and
leing sciulinized. You feai leing caIIed a leachei. Il scaies vou lo lhink
lhal olheis nav liv lo give lheii povei avav lo vou and expecl vou lo
knov aII lhe ansveis." Iausing, he iefIecled concein in his eves. "The
ansvei is sinpIe. ßL. If vou don'l lake anolhei peison's povei, lhev
cannol give il. And if lhev desiie pioof, lhev do nol desiie lhe liulh."
Slanding, he disappeaied.
"An etl| and unfalthfu| generatlon seeks a slgn. but no slgn ul|| be glten lt . . ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 13.39. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
"He uho knoueth thlngs as theµ are and not as theµ are sald or seem to be. he
tru|µ ls ulse. and ls taught of God more than of men. He uho knoueth hou to
ua|k from ulthln. and to set |ltt|e ta|ue uµon outuard thlngs. requlreth not
µ|aces nor ualteth for seasons. for ho|dlng hls lntercourse ulth God."
Tnc |ni|a|icn cf Cnris|. Scccnd 8cc|. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 7. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr. Tncnas A


"No |onger ls mµ consclousness |lmlted to a µhla| of f|esh. corked ulth
lgnorance. No more dld l mote through Thlne Ocean of Sµlrlt daµ and nlght.
µears. lncarnatlons - so c|ose. µet ulthout contactlng the
Sea. No |onger do l thought|ess|µ due|| ln Thee. knoulng and fee|lng Thee not."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 163. Paragrapn 1. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
Aflei nanv jouinevs inlo lhe heavenIies seeking alonenenls
vilh olheis, I found nvseIf in a ceIesliaI ieaIn of vhile fiIIed vilh
nusicians. Iinding nvseIf pIaving lhe lassoon vilh a liio, ve veie
slanding on vhile pedeslaIs vhich hoveied in lhe cIouds. Manv
nusicians veie pIaving aII aiound, lul none of lhe peifoinances
seened lo inleifeie vilh one anolhei.
Monenls inlo oui peifoinance, a shoil slockv Nalive
Aneiican nan appioached vilh Iong lIack haii. InnedialeIv
nesneiized, I legan slaiing al hin and feIl as lhough I knev hin.
Taking nv hand, ve vaIked avav fion lhe podiun. Lnleiing
a snaII ioon, ve lolh Iaid dovn on vhal appeaied lo le lhin aii. "You
vanled lo expeiience vhal il neans lo le. I viII shov vou vhal
leingness is. Lav voui head on nv shouIdei and le." As I did so, I feIl
conpIele Iove, peace and jov in a vav I nevei had in nv phvsicaI lodv.
Skviockeling vilialions fiIIed nv souI, as olhei spiiils passed lv us
vilh lolaI iespecl foi oui slale of leing. 'ßeing' vas consideied supeiioi
lo 'doing.'
Heading dovn anolhei coiiidoi of Iighl houis Ialei, he said, "Il
is inpoilanl foi vou lo ieceive lhese eneigies so lhal vou viII le alIe lo
neel vilh lhe Indian naslei." Taking ne inlo a Iaige ciovded ioon, he
Ied ne lo a lalIe vheie nanv looks veie slacked. Iicking one up, ils
lilIe iead, 'Chevenne.' "Mv nane is Chevenne, as I vas a Chevenne
Indian. I viII caII vou Ule."
In a nonenl he vas gone.
"|lrst keeµ thµse|f ln µeace. and then sha|t thou be ab|e to be a µeacemaker
touards others. A µeaceab|e man doeth more good than a ue||-|earned."
Tnc |ni|a|icn cf Cnris|. Scccnd 8cc|. Cnap|cr |||. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr.
Tncnas A. Kcnpis)
LnnanueI vas valching cIoseIv as lhe gioup Iined up in a
ciicIe and pul lheii ains on each olhei's shouIdeis. As nusic legan, ve
aII legan dancing in a ciicIe. "Slop," LnnanueI said. "Look aiound vou
and leII ne, vho veie lhe foIIoveis and vho veie lhe Ieadeis`" We aII
Iooked aiound and couId nol decide, as each peison in lhe ciicIe vas
doing lolh. "Lel lhis le a Iesson lo vou. Knov lhal vou viII aIvavs
have lhings of lhe spiiil lo shaie vilh olheis, lul lhal vou shouId
conslanlIv foIIov lhe leckoning of voui innei souI as lheie viII aIvavs
le noie lo Ieain."
"When exhaustlte|µ contemµ|ated. these teachlngs merge ln at-one-ment ulth
the scho|ar|µ seeker uho has sought them. a|though the seeker hlmse|f uhen
sought cannot be found."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Grca| |iocra|icn. Tnc Sccing cf Rca|i|u. Tnc Ycga cf |nc
Nirtanic Pa|n. Pagc 224. Paragrapn 1. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an)
Thiusl lhiough lhe line lunneI, I found nvseIf suiiounded lv
souIs fion lhe nol Iifeline. Ouile scaied, I didn'l knov vhal lo expecl,
and vhen lhev did alsoIuleIv nolhing, I didn'l knov vhal lo lhink.
One of lhe nuideieis spoke, "We vanl vou lo knov lhal ve aie veiv
soiiv lhal ve kiIIed vou and voui husland. As vou knov, oui aclions
cane as a iesuIl of oui iIIusion and ve have aII giovn and evoIved
since lhal line. We do Iove vou veiv nuch, and ve hope vou can
foigive us and Iel lhis go."
LneigelicaIIv, I knev lhal lhis vas sinceie . . . vilhoul doull,
vilhoul feai. AIlhough lhis feIl sonevhal sliange, I accepled lheii
apoIogv and lhanked lhen foi laking lhe line lo voik lhis oul vilh ne.
"Remember the |ast thlngs. and stoµ hatlng. corruµtlon and death. and be
falthfu| to the commandments. Remember the commandments. and do not bear
µour fe||ou l||-ul||. remember the cotenant of the Most Hlgh. and lgnore the
Tnc Ncu ]crusa|cn 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. |cc|csias|icus 28.6-7. (]udaisn)
Sucked inlo anolhei pIace and line, nv spiiil enleied lhe lodv
of a daik-haiied vonan, a lIonde nan vilh a veiv nuscuIai phvsique
slanding leside ne. HoIding nv ains, I had jusl leen capluied and
lioughl lo an iIIegaI sIave Ialoi canp vheie vonen voiked in lhe
fieIds unliI lhev veie soId lo veaIlhv nen as seivanls.
Appeaiing veiv Ronanesque, I iecognized lhis spiiil as lhe
souI of Red Iackel, vho vas appaienlIv one in lhe sane. I ienenleied
hov he had appeaied lo ne in lolh vavs in lhe coIiseun lo shov ne
lhe conneclion.
Knovn foi nessing aiound vilh a Iol of fenaIe innales, I
ignoied his advances and piellv nuch lIev hin off. As a iesuIl, he
legan coning inlo nv hul and laIking vilh ne foi houis al a line, and
evenluaIIv ve deveIoped a deepei fiiendship and Iove foi one anolhei.
Mv Iife lecane easiei as a iesuIl as he lecane noie and noie
pioleclive of ne, giving ne easiei jols and finding lhings I couId do lo
heIp hin vilh his voik.
Al sone poinl, lhe iIIegaI opeialion vas discoveied lv piopei
aulhoiilies, vho aiianged foi a siege on lhe canp lo fiee lhe vonen.
Wonen veie iunning eveivvheie duiing lhe upioai, and anidsl lhe
chaos, I decided lhal I, loo, nusl go.
Wailing foi hin lo cone vilh ne foi quile sone line, I finaIIv
luined lo Ieave lefoie il vas loo Iale. IianlicaIIv iunning, I vas al a
safe dislance vhen I heaid his voice caIIing ne. Tuining, I sav hin
nolioning foi ne lo ieluin, lul lheie veie aIso guaids coning lo
ieliieve ne. This vas nv onIv chance al fieedon and I look il. Slaving
lo defend his voiId, I look off lo find vhal vas Iefl of nine.
In a fIash, I vas no Iongei in lhe lodv, lul valching fion
alove as I olseived hin silling in nv hul vilh inciedilIe sadness and
leais shoving upon his face. Suipiised, I hadn'l ieaIized his feeIings foi
ne had leen so sliong. The spiiil of Red Iackel appeaied leside ne, as
I olseived lhe iionv of lhis svilching of ioIes as piisonei and keepei.
"He that |eadeth lnto caµtltltµ sha|| go lnto caµtltltµ."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icn 13.10. (Cnris|iani|u)
"As µou hate done. so sha|| lt be done to µou. µour deed sha|| come back uµon
µour oun head."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Ooadian 1.15. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
ShaII ve pause foi a nonenl lo considei ieincainalion`
Reincainalion is an accepled lenel of nanv Laslein failhs, such as lhe
Hindu's and ßuddhisls, and sone veslein failhs incIuding lhe MvslicaI
CalaIisls of lhe Ievs, lhe Sufi's of IsIan and lhe Cnoslics of Chiislianilv.
Sone of lhe LaiIv Chuich Ialheis laughl lhis docliine lefoie il vas
decIaied heielicaI al lhe CounciI of Nicaea in lhe fouilh cenluiv. Iesus
spoke of ieincainalion in lhe lilIe, lul He spoke noie deepIv on lhe
suljecl in lhe Iislis Sophia and olhei Cnoslic CospeIs.
"jesus ansuered and sald to hlm. 'Amen. amen. l saµ to µou. no one can see the
klngdom of God ulthout belng born from abote.' Nlcodemus sald to hlm. 'Hou
can a µerson once groun o|d be born agaln? Sure|µ he cannot re-enter hls
mother's uomb and be born agaln. can he?' jesus ansuered. 'Amen. amen. l saµ
to µou. no one can enter the klngdom of God ulthout belng born of uater and
Sµlrlt. What ls born of f|esh ls f|esh and uhat ls born of sµlrlt ls sµlrlt . . .
Nlcodemus ansuered and sald to hlm. 'Hou can thls haµµen?' jesus ansuered
and sald to hlm. 'You are the teacher of lsrae| and µou do not understand thls?
Amen. amen. l saµ to µou. ue sµeak of uhat ue knou and ue testlfµ to uhat ue
hate seen. but µou µeoµ|e do not acceµt our testlmonµ. lf l te|| µou about
earth|µ thlngs and µou do not be|lete. hou ul|| µou be|lete lf l te|| µou about
heaten|µ thlngs? No one has gone uµ to heaten exceµt the one uho has come
doun from heaten. the Son of Man. And ]ust as Moses |lfted uµ the serµent ln
the desert. so must the Son of Man be |lfted uµ. so that eterµone uho be|letes ln
hlm maµ hate eterna| |lfe."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. ]cnn 3.3-15. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
"ls lt not ratlona| that sou|s shou|d be lntroduced lnto bodles. ln accordance
ulth thelr merlts and µretlous deeds . . ."
"Eterµ sou| . . . comes lnto thls uor|d strengthened bµ the tlctorles or ueakened
bµ the defeats of lts µretlous |lfe. lts µ|ace ln thls uor|d as a tesse| aµµolnted to
honor or dlshonor ls determlned bµ lts µretlous merlts or demerlts. lts uork ln
thls uor|d determlnes lts µ|ace ln the uor|d uhlch ls to fo||ou thls."
Rcincarna|icn - An |as|-lcs| An|nc|cgu. Pagc 36. |ar|u Cnurcn |a|ncrs. Ccn|ra
Cc|sun. Dc Principiis. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf Origcn)
"lt ls abso|ute|µ necessarµ that the sou| shou|d be hea|ed and µurlfled. and lf
thls does not take µ|ace durlng lts |lfe on earth lt must be accomµ|lshed ln future
Rcincarna|icn - An |as|-lcs| An|nc|cgu. Cnris|iani|u. |ar|u Cnurcn |a|ncr. Pagc 36.
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf S|. Grcgcru)
"Marµ ansuered and sald unto the Satlour: 'Mµ Lord. before thou dldst come to
the reglon of the ru|ers and before thou dldst come doun lnto the uor|d. hath no
sou| entered lnto the Llght?' The Satlour ansuered and sald unto Marµ: 'Amen.
amen. l saµ unto µou: Before l dld come lnto the uor|d. no sou| hath entered
lnto the Llght. And nou. therefore. uhen l am come. l hate oµened the gates of
the Llght and oµened the uaµs uhlch |ead to the Llght. And nou. therefore. |et
hlm uho sha|| do uhat ls uorthµ of the mµsterles. recelte the mµsterles and
enter lnto the Llght.' Marµ contlnued and sald: 'But. mµ Lord. l hate heard that
the µroµhets hate entered lnto the Llght.' The Satlour contlnued and sald unto
Marµ: 'Amen. amen. l saµ unto µou: No µroµhet hath entered lnto the Llght: but
the ru|ers of the aeons hate dlscoursed ulth them out of the aeons and glten
them the mµsterµ of the aeons. And uhen l came to the reglons of the aeons. l
hate turned E|las and sent hlm lnto the bodµ of john the Baµtlter. and the rest
a|so l turned lnto rlghteous bodles. uhlch ul|| flnd the mµsterles of the Llght. go
on hlgh and lnherlt the Llght-klngdom . . . The rest of the µatrlarchs and of the
rlghteous from the tlme of Adam unto nou. uho are ln the aeons and a|| the
orders of the ru|ers. uhen l came to the reglon of the aeons. l hate through the
Vlrgln of Llght made to turn lnto bodles uhlch ul|| a|| be rlghteous.- those
uhlch ul|| flnd the mµsterles of the Llght. enter ln and lnherlt the Llght-
klngdom.' (E|las ls the Greek form of E|l]ah)
Pis|is Scpnia. |cur|n 8cc|. Pagc 293-294. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf
"Beho|d. l ul|| send µou E|l]ah the µroµhet before the comlng of the great and
dreadfu| daµ of the Lord."
King ]ancs 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Ma|acni 4.5. O|d Tcs|ancn|. (Cnris|iani|u)
"And hls dlsclµ|es asked hlm. saµlng. 'Whµ then saµ the scrlbes that E|las must
flrst come?' And jesus ansuered and sald unto them. 'E|las tru|µ sha|| flrst
come. and restore a|| thlngs. But l saµ unto µou. that E|las ls come a|readµ. and
theµ kneu hlm not. but hate done unto hlm uhatsoeter theµ |lsted. Llkeulse
sha|| a|so the Son of man suffer of them.' Then the dlsclµ|es understood that he
sµake unto them of john the Baµtlst."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 17.10-13. (Cnris|iani|u. lcrds cf Cnris|)
"Naked l came forth from mµ mother's uomb. and naked sha|| l go back agaln."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. ]co 2.21. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
"The tlctor l ul|| make a µl||ar ln the temµ|e of mµ God. and he ul|| neter |eate
lt agaln.
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 3.12. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
"And then cometh Ya|uham. the recelter of Sabaoth. the Adamas. uho handeth
the sou|s the cuµ of forgetfu|ness. and he brlngeth a cuµ fl||ed ulth the uater of
forgetfu|ness and handeth lt to the sou|. and lt drlnketh lt and forgetteth a||
reglons and a|| the reglons to uhlch lt hath gone. And theµ cast lt doun lnto a
bodµ uhlch ul|| sµend lts tlme contlnua||µ troub|ed ln lts heart. Thls ls the
chastlsement of the curser."
Pis|is Scpnia. Six|n 8cc|. Pagc 315. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
"And these hand lt oter to thelr recelters. ln order that theµ maµ |ead thelr sou|s
out of the bodles. - theµ hand oter to them the µecu|larltµ of the sea|s. ln order
that theµ maµ knou the tlme uhen theµ are to |ead the sou|s out of the bodles.
and ln order that theµ maµ knou the tlme uhen theµ are to brlng to blrth the
Pis|is Scpnia. |cur|n 8cc|. Pagc 288. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
"|or manµ are the µ|easant forms uhlch exlst ln numerous slns. and
lncontlnencles. and dlsgracefu| µasslons. and f|eetlng µ|easures. uhlch men
embrace untl| theµ become sober and go uµ to thelr restlng µ|ace. And theµ ul||
flnd me there. and theµ ul|| |lte. and theµ ul|| not dle agaln."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tnundcr. Pcrfcc| Mind. Pagc 303. S|anza 2.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
"Whoeter knous that he has |lted before. and sees heaten and he||. and has
arrlted at the destructlon of blrth. hlm l ca|| a brahman."
Tnc Grcup cf Disccurscs ||. |||. Tnc Grca| Cnap|cr. 647. Pagc 73. Nc. 647. (8uddnisn.
"l mlnd not lf l must µass through sextl||lons of |ltes. undergolng the throes of
blrth and the µangs of death: |eatlng behlnd me a heaµ of mµ mang|ed f|esh|µ
forms - lf at |ast l flnd thee."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 21. Paragrapn 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
"A slng|e sou| can be relncarnated a number of tlmes ln dlfferent bodles. and ln
thls manner. lt can rectlfµ the damage done ln µretlous lncarnatlons. Slml|ar|µ.
lt can a|so achlete µerfectlon that uas not attalned ln lts µretlous lncarnatlons.
The sou| ls then u|tlmate|µ ]udged at the end of a|| these lncarnatlons. lts
]udgment ul|| deµend on eterµthlng that took µ|ace ln a|| lts lncarnatlons. as
ue|| as lts status as an lndltldua| ln each one."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| ||. Cnap|cr 3. Nc. 10. Paragrapn 2-3. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Raooi
Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)
"The flrst |lght that God created uas so brlght that the uor|ds cou|d not endure
lt. God therefore made
another |lght as a testment to thls one. and so ulth a|| the other |lghts. untl| a||
the uor|ds cou|d endure the |lght ulthout belng dlsso|ted. Hence grades uere
eto|ted and |lghts uere uraµµed ln one another . . ."
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc V. 8a|a| (Nunocrs). Pagc 301. 8c||cn. (]udaisn)
"You uere ulthout |lfe and He gate µou |lfe? Agaln. He ul|| cause µou to dle
and agaln brlng µou to |lfe. then µou sha|| be brought back to Hlm."
Tnc Hc|u Quran. Par| 1. Cnap|cr 2. Scc|icn 3. Nc. 28. (|s|an. lcrds cf Mcnanncd)
"l dled as a mlnera| and became a µ|ant. l dled as a µ|ant and rose to anlma|. l
dled as anlma| and l uas man. Whµ shou|d l fear? When uas l |ess bµ dµlng?"
Ccning 8ac|. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 4. (Hinduisn). Quc|a|icn frcn Runi. Pcc| and Mus|ic ou
R.A. Nicnc|scn. 1950. Pagc 103. (|s|an. lcrds cf Sufi Pcc| Runi)
"ln the thlrd chaµter of St. john. ln the terses three to nlne. ue flnd another
lncldent uhlch c|ear|µ refers to the reblrth of the Sou|. Here jesus ls te||lng hou
lmµortant lt ls for a man to be born agaln ln order that he maµ enter the
Klngdom of God. Nothlng ls sald as to hou manµ tlmes or hou often a µerson
must be reborn ln order to µurge the belng of lts slns and attaln that µurlflcatlon
uhlch uou|d admlt one to
the Sµlrltua| Klngdom."
Mansicns cf |nc Scu|. Cnap|cr X||. Pagc 169. Paragrapn 2. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
Rcsicrucian. Au|ncr. H. Spcnccr |cuis)
TiaveIing lo a convenlion of sul-consciousIv asliaI souIs, I vas
loId lhal I nusl speak lo lhen of lhe liulh. TeIIing lhen lhal lhev couId
venluie invaid and do vondeifuI lhings, lhev iesponded vilh
ieIigious lenels of seveiaI Chiislian failhs. When loId lhal lhev couId
expeiience oul-of-lodv slales, lhev legan Iaughing. "Whal aie vou,
sone kind of nul` Thal asliaI piojeclion sluff is a lunch of gailage!"
SniIing al lhen, I iepIied, "Is lhal so . . . hnnn. WeII, vouId il nake il
anv cIeaiei if I loId vou lhal vou aie aII oul of voui lodies iighl nov`"
In a viId slale of panic, lhev legan lo nolice lheii lianspaienl naluie.
"Oh, nv Cod!" Thev scieaned. "Hov viII I gel lack lo nv lodv`"
CaIning lhen, I loId lhen lo viII lhenseIves lack lo lheii lodies and
lhev vouId le fine.
Cascading upon lhe sands of a leach, LnnanueI loId ne a
"Nolice hov vasl lhe ocean is and hov nanv diops of valei
exisl oul lheie. Lveiv fev nonenls, sone of lhose diops cone inlo
shoie on a vave: a snaII anounl in conpaiison lo lhe size of lhe vasl
sea, lul lhev cone in lo see if lheie liuIv is such a lhing as a shoie."
"Thev have heaid sloiies aloul a shoie, lul aII lhev have
knovn is lhe vasl expanse of lhe sea. Sone of lhose diops cone in, Iook
and sav, 'No, I an onIv dieaning,' and iush lack lo sea. ßul a fev of
lhose diops see lhe shoie, gial onlo a piece of sand and sav, 'Il is ieaI,
lheie ieaIIv is a shoie!' In lheii excilenenl, lhev leckon lo lhe ocean, 'I
have found liulh, lhe shoie exisls, and il is ieaI!' ßul lhe diops of valei
fai oul lo sea lhink il is onIv an inpossilIe diean. Olhei diops
conlinuaIIv cone and go, sone finding lhe shoie, olheis fiighlened lv
vhal lhev see. Wanling so nuch lo shaie lhe liulh of lhe shoie, lhe
diops conlinue lo leckon. In fiuslialion, lhev gel angiv al lhe diops
fuilhei oul. 'Hov can vou le so lIind` The shoie is iighl in fionl of
voui eves!'"
"A voice inside of lhen savs, 'OnIv a snaII anounl of valei
can hoId onlo lhe sand. The leaches aie snaII in conpaiison lo lhe
vide expanse of lhe sea. You have nade il lo shoie, nov nove on nv
fiiend and nake ioon foi anolhei diop lo fiII voui space. HeIp lhen lv
Ielling lhen find lhe shoie lhenseIves. ßul do nol slop leckoning, as
lhe sloiies of lhe gieal shoie aie vhal Iead lhen lo queslion ils
"So lhe diop evapoialed inlo lhe heavens and nade ioon foi
anolhei diop lo gial onlo lhe shoie. Iion alove, he sav a linv diop fiII
his foinei space and find liulh. Then lhe diop shed his phvsicaI sheII
and in his pIace a linv nev souI cane. Il iained and lhe nev souI legan
ils jouinev lo find lhe shoie."
"Renenlei, nv fiiend, conlinue lo leckon, lul nove on and
aIIov olheis lhe space lo find lhe liulh. Il is aII a gieal fIoving pIan and
each viII find lhe liulh in his ovn line. We Iove vou in voui
inpeifeclion: Iove olheis as ve have Ioved vou.'"
"But the sou|s of the ]ust are ln the hand of God. and no torment sha|| touch
them. Theµ seemed. ln the tleu of the foo|lsh. to be dead: and thelr µasslng
auaµ uas thought an aff|lctlon and thelr golng forth from us. utter destructlon.
But theµ are ln µeace. |or lf before men. lndeed. theµ be µunlshed. µet ls thelr
hoµe fu|| of lmmorta|ltµ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. lisdcn 3.1-4
IIving lhiough lhe lIackness of space, I venluied lo a dislanl
pIanel as lhe slais iushed. Reaching nv deslinalion, an asliaI spaceship
oililed, and in lhe snaII siIvei ciafl, a leing vho nanifesled as a
hunan, vas connunicaling vilh soneone on a iadio device. A
disagieenenl ensued and she cul off connunicalions lo speak vilh ne.
TeIIing ne lhal lheie aie sone aIien Iife-foins vilh vhich one
shouId avoid conlacl, she expIained lhal lhev cone fion scienlificaIIv
evoIved socielies, ialhei lhan spiiiluaI. In lheii viev, hunan leings
veie nuch Iike Ialoialoiv ials. AIlhough lhev neanl no hain, lhev
veie nol avaie enough lo ieaIize lhal lhev did indeed cause hain.
ßeaning ne ovei lo one of lheii spaceships, she vished foi ne lo knov
vhal lhev Iooked Iike.
ßig lIack eves and Iaige vhile cianiuns veie lhe liadenaik
fealuies of lhese aIiens, and one of lhen vas veaiing a lIack iole.
Ralhei lhan asliaI nallei, Iike lhe spaceciafl of lhe pievious nonenl,
lheii ciafl vas nade of phvsicaI nallei. In a nonenl, I vas ieluined lo
"judge thou falr|µ. l ad]ure thee bµ God."
Tnc |pis||c |c |nc Scn cf |nc lc|f. Pagc 81. Paragrapn 1. (8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
Riding a hoise fianlicaIIv lhiough a snaII veslein lovn, I vas
iapidIv escaping lhe vhile nen vho foIIoved. Mv Iong lIack liaids
fIev in lhe vinds and nv luffaIo diess vas vain in lhe faII aii. Up
ahead, I sav lhiee Ciov Indian nen and iode lovaids lhen, hoping
lhev nighl heIp. As lhev luined and gaIIoped avav, I foIIoved lhen,
iiding lhiough lhe piaiiie giass and enleiing a pIol of voods. "Whv
didn'l lhev vail foi ne`" I vondeied, lul conlinued lo foIIov. Losing
lhen in lhe voods, I luined aiound and gol off of nv hoise. ßending
ovei, one of lhe Indian nen pIaced an ax in nv lack. Seaiing pain
enveIoped ne as I liied lo Ieave nv lodv, lul I hadn'l vel died. OnIv
nonenls passed, hovevei, lefoie nv lodv feII lo lhe giound and I
Meeling ne on lhe asliaI pIane, lhe Indian iesponsilIe asked
foigiveness. Conveving lhal he had leen nisIed lv lhe vhile nan lo go
againsl his ovn peopIe, I knev lhal his voids veie liue and sinceie
and accepled. SuddenIv, I iecognized lhis nan as lhe sane nan vho
had shovn ne lhe nap of nv spiiiluaI jouinev. "Of couise I foigive
vou, and I lhank vou foi lhe heIp vou aie giving ne nov." ReIieved, he
hugged ne and Iefl.
"lf µou hate draun µour suord on a frlend. do not desµalr: there ls a uaµ back."
Tnc Ncu ]crusa|cn 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. |cc|csias|icus 22.21. (]udaisn)
Soaiing fion nv lodv, I vas suddenIv calapuIled inlo a daik
voiId of ghelloes. IeeIing veiv unsafe, il seened as if I'd enleied inlo a
chaolic eneigv leIl and I didn'l knov vhal lo do lul conlinue lo fIv
avav, iunning fion nv feai as fasl as I couId. ßefoie Iong, I cane upon
an enplv anphilhealei and quielIv sal dovn.
Nolicing al once lhal I vas veaiing lhe iole of a nonk, nv
head vas loved dovn in conlenpIalion. A nolicealIe piesence couId
le feIl coning fion lehind, and a huge vain Iighl vas leaning upon
nv lackside. MeekIv luining lo see vho il vas, I sav lhe Ronanesque
inage of lhe nan fion nv pasl Iife, lul gIoving vilh vhile and veIIov
Iighl. Lighl enanaled fion aII aiound hin as he spoke lo ne. "I an
voui guaidian spiiil. Whv do vou feai`" Looking al hin in ave, I
couId nol ansvei. "No hain viII evei cone lo vou, as I viII piolecl vou
aIvavs." Reaching oul lo hin, oui hands nel in a shinneiing loIl of
In a nonenl, ve slood upon lhe shoie of a gieal ocean, and I
knev lhal lhis gifl fion Cod vas soon lo end. "I an aIvavs lheie foi
vou." He said. "If vou aIIov vouiseIf lo feeI nv piesence, vou viII
knov lhal vou aie safe." He disappeaied in lhe lIink of an eve.
"Knou that He ulshes more |ote than fear from µou. Therefore. Abandon
µourse|f to Hls |ote. and |et Hlm act ln µou. ulth µou and for µou. accordlng to
Hls deslre and good µ|easure."
Tncugn|s and Sauings cf Sain| Margarc| Maru. Apri|. Nc. 29. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
lcrds cf Sain| Margarc| Maru)
ßefoie Ieaving nv lodv, I heaid LnnanueI's voice in lhe
elhei. "I nov sel vou fiee nv IillIe liid vilh goIden vings, nav voui
vings span lhe enliie univeise. I give lhis leing lo lhe Indian naslei,
Sucked oul of foin, I enleied inlo a lhoughl-foin. Cioups of
peopIe fion nv Iife, pasl and piesenl, veie voiking logelhei in lhe
acconpIishnenl of sone eIusive goaI I couId nol see. Angiv lhal I vas
nol pail of lhe gioup, I said, "Don'l vou see` Who I vas a veai ago, is
nol vho I an lodav!" Thev couIdn'l undeisland and asked ne lo Ieave.
"I Iike vou lhe vav vou aie," I said, "Whv is il so difficuIl lo Iike ne lhe
vav I an` An I ieaIIv so diffeienl`" Teais veie veIIing up in nv eves,
lul lhev veie adananl, and I Iefl lhiough a side dooi.
An oId deai fiiend of nine vas silling aIone in lhis nexl ioon,
huil and upsel lhal his falhei vas in lioulIe. Wanling lo knov hov he
nighl le alIe lo heIp his falhei, he vas seeking lhe counseI of a vise
leing vhon he vas unalIe lo see. "Whv can'l vou see hin`" I asked, as
his eves Iil up. "ßul, vou can!" He shouled. "The leing is lehind lhal
dooi!" Ioinling lo a dooi lehind hin, he legged, "WouId vou laIk vilh
hin`" "Of couise I viII go, navle he can heIp vou." I ansveied,
peinealing lhe dooi lo fIoal inlo lhe nexl ioon.
A peacefuI laId nonk sal lehind a snaII lalIe in ioles of
vhile. SniIing al ne as I enleied, I iespeclfuIIv spoke, "Mv fiiend is
having a veiv seiious piolIen vilh his falhei, and he feeIs lhal vou
knov vhal he shouId do." Looking al ne inlenseIv, he gazed seveiaI
nonenls lefoie he iepIied, "Whv do vou feeI so sliongIv aloul finding
an ansvei foi lhis enlilv` Whal does he nean lo vou`" "WeII," I
iepIied, lhinking upon lhe naluie of oui age-oId fiiendship, "I Iove hin
veiv nuch, and I lhink I undeisland his despaii as nv ovn falhei is
veiv nuch Iike his. I couId nevei heIp hin and I had lo Ieave hin lo his
ovn ieaIilv." Laughing, lhe spiiil spoke again, "Mv chiId, vou aie visei
lhan vou ieaIize. Ieihaps vou couId give hin an ansvei vouiseIf. Did
vou ieaIize lhal vhen vou feeI such Iove foi anolhei leing, lhal in lhal
slale of Ioving conpIeleIv, aII ansveis cone lo vou. AII lhe ansveis aie
sinpIe." Nodding in agieenenl, he lhen asked, "Do vou undeisland lhe
lhoughl-foin in lhe pievious ioon vou pul vouiseIf lhiough." "No, I
did nol. Il vas veiv fiuslialing foi ne." "Mv chiId," he iepIied, "vou
expeiience fiuslialion in voui phvsicaI voiId lecause peopIe don'l see
vho vou aie. Thev don'l see vho vou aie, lecause lhev don'l see vho
lhev aie. Thev cannol foigive olheis, lecause lhev cannol vel foigive
lhenseIves. Theii disappoinlnenl is ieaI, lul il is nol al vou . . . lul
ialhei, lhenseIves. Having nol accepled lhal aII lhe ansveis Iie vilhin,
lhev find none. ßeIieving uncondilionaI Iove lo le loo sinpIe, lhev do
nol lecone a pail of lhe divine eneigv of Iove lhal fIovs lhiough eveiv
leing. Thev sliII liv lo dc, ialhei lhan f|cu. Mv deai fiiend, vou have
chosen lo fIov vilh lhe divine pIan of oneness and Iove. We do lhings
lhiough vou, ialhei lhan lv vou. Iev viII see lhal in voui voiId so
vou nusl see il vouiseIf. Recognize lhis and voui fiuslialion viII luin
inlo undeislanding and Iove." Thanking hin, I luined lo Ieave, lul he
quickIv slopped ne. "Wail, nv fiiend, I desiie lo speak vilh vou noie.
WiII vou ieluin`" "Of couise," I iesponded, "lul vhv do vou vanl lo
laIk lo ne` Aflei aII, I'n nol anvvheie neai voui IeveI of evoIulion!"
Laughing lhe leaulifuI spiiil said, "I vanl lo leach vou, I an Kulahev!"
ThiiIIed and exciled, I ieaIized he vas lhe giandfalhei I soughl. "ßul
vou do nol Iook lhe sane as lefoie. You appeaied as an aged Indian,
and nov vou appeai lo le a nonk fion India. Which one aie vou`"
IalienlIv, he iepIied, "Whal I an is vho vou aie. Cannol I le lolh, and
noie! Do nol Iinil voui peiceplion of ne. Co lhiough lhal dooi vou
have enleied and confionl voui feaifuI lhoughl-foin. If vou can enlei
inlo undeislanding and Iove, il viII disappeai and le iepIaced lv
vhalevei leaulv vou desiie. We viII neel again!"
IIoaling lhiough lhe dooi, nv fiiend vas no Iongei lheie.
Appeaiing foi an inslanl, he said, "I have found lhe ansvei inside
nvseIf. Thank vou."
Ciuising lhiough lhe nexl dooi, I found lhe olhei peopIe sliII
lheie, ianling and iaving. "Youi angei is nol al ne, lul vouiseIf.
Undeisland vho vou aie, and vou viII undeisland vho I an." Lving
on lhe giound, I viIIed nv sighl lo cease. The noise slopped. As I
viIIed nv sighl lo ieluin, lhev veie aII gone, and I vas Iaving in a
nagnificenl fieId aside a snov-lopped nounlain peak.
Lving in lhe giass, I naiveIed al lhe lIue of lhe skv lefoie
ieluining lo foin.
"Make no great account uho ls for thee or agalnst thee. but mlnd on|µ the
µresent dutµ and take care that God be ulth thee ln uhatsoeter thou doest."
Tnc |ni|a|icn cf Cnris|. Scccnd 8cc|. Cnap|cr ||. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr.
Tncnas A Kcnpis)
Oulside of foin, I vas valching pails of lhe Iife of a
fundanenlaIisl pieachei in piepaialion lo assisl hin al his nonenl of
dealh. A halefuI nan, he used feai lo infIuence peopIe lo join his
congiegalion. A Iong-slanding feud exisled lelveen hin and anolhei
ninislei vho leIieved in a Ioving Cod, and lhe lvo chuiches had an
agieenenl lo heIp each olhei oul vilh suppIies. WilhhoIding lhings oul
of angei lecause he couId nol conveil lhe olhei lo his vav, lhe oIdei,
laIding and snaII nan died of caidiac aiiesl in his puIpil pieaching
heII-fiie and dannalion.
As his spiiil iose lo neel ne, I Iooked al hin veiv IovingIv.
"Ieaiing Cod, vou nevei found Hin. Ieaiing liulh, vou nevei
undeislood. In voui ego, vou look povei fion olheis. And in voui
lIindness, vou sav onIv eviI." Iausing, lhe spiiil of lhe dving nan
Iooked al ne in dazed confusion. "When vou Iook al ne," I asked,
"vhal do vou see`" "Love!" He ciied oul. "I feeI so nuch Iove!"
SniIing, I iesponded, "Nov vou have lhe liulh. Renenlei nv voids
vhen vou choose voui nexl Iifeline." ßeaningIv happv, I valched hin
enlei paiadise lefoie ieluining lo foin.
"Mµ daughter. a|| µour mlserles hate been consumed ln the f|ame of Mµ |ote.
|lke a |ltt|e tulg throun lnto a roarlng flre. Bµ humb|lng µourse|f ln thls uaµ.
µou drau uµon µourse|f and uµon other sou|s an entlre sea of Mµ mercµ."
Ditinc Mcrcu. Nc|cocc| 1. Pagc 99. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Cnris|. Au|ncr. Sis|cr M. |aus|ina Kcua|s|a)
ßeckoned lo lhe aid of a lieacheious Iosl souI, I found an
escaped nenlaI palienl vho had died aflei shooling seveiaI chiIdien al
an eIenenlaiv schooI and lhen laken hei ovn Iife. In hei cuiienl
lhoughl-foin ieaIilv, she vas sliII shooling al lhoughl-foin chiIdien
vho veie vandeiing in and aiound seveiaI lhoughl-foin schooI luses.
WaIking lovaids hei, nv piesence evoked inlense angei and
she legan shooling al ne viciousIv vilh hei lhoughl-foin gun.
Conlinuing nv sIov appioach, lhe luIIels fIev iighl lhiough ne. Ieai
fiIIed hei eves as she ieaIized I vas in conlioI and nol she.
IaIIing lo lhe nislv giound, she pul hei hands ovei hei eves
and ciied. IIacing nv ain aiound hei, I sal vilh hei quielIv enliacing
hei vilh nv leing and Iove. No voids veie exchanged as she sIovIv
accepled lhe Iove.
Monenls Ialei, a naIe spiiil appioached veaiing a poIice
unifoin, vilh seveiaI lack-ups lehind hin. Doing so lo nake hei exil a
lil easiei, lhev acled as if hei lhoughl-foin ieaIilv vas ieaI and lhe
poIice had cone lo 'lake hei avav.' Handing hei lo lhe olhei guides, he
said lo ne, "Whv don'l ve gel logelhei aflei voui nexl assignnenl and
go nounlain cIinling`" "Okav." I said vilh a lil of liepidalion.
Aflei finishing nv nexl Iosl souI assignnenl vhich iegaided
an alused chiId vho had died in veiv unfoilunale ciicunslances, lhe
guide ie-appeaied in a fIash of Iighl. Taking nv hand, ve veie
innedialeIv lianspoiled lo a shinneiing iock nounlainlop. "You
knov," he said, "lhis is a gieal pIace lo go aflei a dav al voik. Il ie-
eneigizes voui leing." I sniIed, lul ienained quiel. "Nexl line I have
a Iosl souI lo deaI vilh, I'n going lo Iook vou up. You'ie veiv good al
handIing lhen. Do vou knov vhv`" Mv liied face Iooked up as I
quielIv said, "No." "Do vou have anv idea vhv vou ciealed so nuch
luinoiI in lhe fiisl haIf of lhis Iifeline`" IinaIIv, I decided lo speak.
"WeII, piolalIv lecause I'n an idiol." He Iaughed and lhen said, "You
ieaIIv don'l see il, do vou` When vou deaI vilh lhese Iosl souIs, vou aie
alIe lo access nenoiies fion lhis Iifeline and liuIv undeisland lheii
pain. Those souIs knov lhal vhal vou offei lhen is ieaI undeislanding.
Mosl inpoilanlIv, voui Iove foi lhen is ieaI and il is lhis lhal lieaks
lheii deIusion." Looking up, I asked, "Do vou nean lo sav lhal I chose
lhose haidships lo piepaie nvseIf foi nv voik vilh lhe Iosl souIs`"
Nodding lhal lhis vas liue, he hugged ne openIv. "I knov vou don'l
iecognize ne," he said, "lul ve have knovn each olhei foi a veiv Iong
IeeIing faniIiai, I sliII couId nol pIace hin. Taking nv hand,
ve veie gone in an inslanl, lul nv souI vas Iefl lo conlenpIale lhe
peifecl inpeifeclion of oui voiId. A chiIdhood fiIIed vilh vioIence
fion nv ovn foId, had leen ciealed lo seive lhe Loid's giealness, lo
seive His Iosl ones dovn lhe ioad. Hov vasl and . . . hov nagnificenl!
"Of uhat use ls lt to be lmµatlent ln troub|e and contradlctlons? We on|µ
lncrease our burden therebµ. The tuo thletes uho uere cruclfled ulth our
B|essed Redeemer uere sufferlng slml|ar torments: but the good thlef uas sated
because he bore them ulth µatlence . . . The same trla| . saµs St. Augustlne. |eads
the good to g|orµ because theµ suffer ulth µatlence and reslgnatlon."
Tnc 12 S|cps |c Hc|incss and Sa|ta|icn. Cnap|cr 12. Pcacc cf Hcar|. Paragrapn 1.
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. A|pncnsus |igucri)
Lifled up as if Iike a vase inlo a dinension of inconpaialIe
leaulv, I vas slanding vilh a gioup of vonen vho veie laIking
IoudIv. Al lhe sane line, lhev veie leconing incieasingIv lolheied lv
nv piesence. "Whal did vou do lo cieale such a liighl Iighl aiound
vou`" One asked. "I an fIoving vilh lhe divine pIan of uncondilionaI
Iove and exisling in a slale of peace and leing." I said. Thev slaied al
ne in siIence lefoie I vas vhisked avav.
IasleI lIue elhei fiIIed nv spiiil Iike a Ioving enliace fion
Cod, and a nagnificenl Iighl lean enanaled fion alove dovn inlo lhis
dinension. SeveiaI spiiils veie hanging aiound lhis Iighl, so I foIIoved
lhen lo see if I couId find oul vhal il vas. "Touch lhe Iighl," one of
lhen said lo ne, "and vou viII le aIIoved lo speak lo Iesus." In ave, I
pIaced nv hands aiound lhe Iighl, and no soonei had I louched il, lhan
a nassive eneigv suige puIsaled inlo nv souI and a poveifuI voice
spoke. "Mv deai one, vou cone lo ne vilh feai and voiiv. Lel us
undeisland vhal vou feai so as nol lo hide voui Iighl." InnedialeIv, I
knev lhis vas Iesus Chiisl, and I loved dovn in gieal honoi.
Shoving ne a lhoughl-foin, Iess avaie souIs had cone lo
speak lo Iesus, lul lecause of lheii doulls couId nol nake lhe
conneclion. IeeIing soiiov foi lhese souIs, I asked Iesus if I couId heIp
lhen, and He iepIied, "Don'l expecl lo le vaIidaled lv lhe eailh-pIane,
jusl feeI slienglh vilhin vouiseIf and do lhe lasks vou have sel oul lo
do. You nav le nisundeislood even lv lhose vho aie caIIed leacheis.
Sone of lhen aie so invoIved in lhe nonelaiv aspecls of vhal lhev do,
lhev no Iongei see. Thev nav peiceive vou as a lhieal. If onIv lhev
knev lhal vou iepiesenl vhal lhev couId lecone! You viII Iead leings
lo lhenseIves, lhus, avav fion lheii Iucialive lusinesses." The eneigv
cuiienl paused.
"I have a lask foi vou lhal vou viII lecone avaie of vhen lhe
line cones. Renenlei lhal voui giovlh is of lhe ulnosl inpoilance as
oui lask viII depend on voui conlinuing evoIulion. Don'l slop foi
anvone, as venluiing foilh viII foice olheis lo foIIov voui Iead and
venluie invaid lhenseIves. You aie giealIv Ioved and I an veiv happv
vilh voui piogiess. Lel voui Iighl shine liighlIv." Iausing foi a
nonenl, He asked, "MaiiIvnn, vhv do vou lhink ve aie alIe lo speak
vilh vou`" Confused, I iepIied, "I ieaIIv don'l knov, I knov I have jusl
as nanv fauIls and inpeifeclions as eveivone eIse, il has Iefl ne
vondeiing . . ." He inleiiupled. "We aie alIe lo speak vilh vou lecause
vou pul voui ego aside and ask lo le loId lhe liulh. When ve leII vou
lhe liulh, vou knov il as such despile voui piioi viev of ieaIilv. Tiulh
is a sinpIe lhing, vel foi sone inpossilIe lo accepl. Love is aII lheie is."
I knev inheienlIv lhal Love as lhe alsoIule vas lhe coie of aII Iife,
despile lhe exislence of deIusion and shadov upon lhe eailh. Despile
lhe eviI lhal aiises in lhis voiId, Iove is aII lhal is c|crna||u ieaI.
AIlhough lhis is liue, il cannol le undeislood vhiIe in a phvsicaI lodv
and il is onIv upon Ieaving foin and enleiing inlo knovIedge lhal lhis
can le conpiehended.
The conneclion sIovIv dvindIed. .
"l uent uµ to the |lght of truth as lf lnto a charlot: And the Truth took me and
|ed me: and carrled me across µlts and gu||eµs: and from the rocks and the
uates lt µreserted me: And lt became to me a haten of Sa|tatlon: and set me on
the arms of lmmorta| |lfe."
Tnc |cs| 8cc|s cf |nc 8io|c and |nc |crgc||cn 8cc|s cf |dcn. Odcs cf Sc|cncn. Odc 38.
(]udaisn. Cnris|iani|u)

"Slmµ|µ glte µourse|f oter comµ|ete|µ for the sake of µour En|lghtenment-
seeklng Eµe: glte uµ µour |lfe for the sake of the Teachlng. Hou cou|d µou
µosslb|µ arouse µour ul|| to rea|lte en|lghtenment ln the taln cause of fame and
galn . . . ]ust ca|| to mlnd µour oun orlglna| lntentlon to rea|lte en|lghtenment
and ref|ect uµon uhether thls ls uhat µou are nou concerned ulth or not."
Tnc Dcn|crc|u. Cnap|cr 17. Sain| Ragcra|a. (8uddnisn. Zcn)


"l hate sµoken but accordlng to mµ knou|edge and on|µ ulth such sense of rlght
as a creature of c|aµ maµ µossess. But hou can l sµeak exceµt Thou oµen mµ
mouth. and hou understand. lf Thou glte me not lnslght."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc 8cc| cf Hunns. Pagc 193. S|anza 1. (Cnris|iani|u.
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe Loid ieveaIed lo ne lhal nanv
spiiils on lhe olhei side of exislence had specific puiposes in lhe ieaIn
of inspiialion. Anvone vho liings inlo lhe voiId sonelhing of a highei
naluie, is liinging il vilh lhe aid of highei souices vho inspiie hin in
his voik: vhelhei il le ailislic, Iike viiling, painling, nusic, elc., oi
scienlific advancenenls. Il aIso lecane cIeai lhal eveiv souI is given a
speciaI hoIv gifl, lheii Iife puipose, lul onIv lhe fev evei allain lo il,
lecause so fev choose lo do vhal is necessaiv lo lecone alIe lo liing
vilhin lhen a sacied nission.
Whal is necessaiv is lvofoId. Iiisl, a souI nusl le viIIing lo
le conpIeleIv liansfoined, and second, a souI nusl le viIIing lo do
vhalevei Cod nav ask of lhen.
In oidei lo le conpIeleIv liansfoined, a souI nusl le alIe lo
viev ilseIf vilh honeslv. Mosl souIs do nol see lheii ovn vice and
deadIv sin, lecause lhese vices aie heId inlacl lv an inliicale voiking of
deIusion vilhin lhe nind. We can ialionaIize oui aclions in eveiv
vhich vav, lul liulh. Lel ne again nenlion lo vou lhe seven deadIv
sins, and advise vou lo lake a caiefuI accounling of lhen vilhin voui
Iife: CIullonv, Lusl, Cieed, Iiide, SIolh, Vanilv and Avaiice.
If vou aie honesl, vou viII find lhal vou nosl piolalIv
piaclice each of lhe deadIv sins lo sone degiee, and lhal one oi lvo of
lhen hoId pioninence. The puipose of lhe jouinevs inlo Iives fion
Iong ago is nol foi neie fancv, lul lo piovide vou vilh knovIedge of
lhe palleins of voui exislences, vhich lecone cIeaiei as vou vilness
Iifeline aflei Iifeline of iepealing siniIai palleins in enliieIv diffeienl
sellings. In peiusing pasl Iives, il is vise lo peiuse vilh a lhoiough eve,
and vilh liue diIigence. No souI iesides upon lhis Lailh unIess il
ienains necessaiv, and no souI Ieaves lhis eailh unliI il is no Iongei so.
Doing vhalevei lhe Loid asks of vou can iequiie nanv lhings.
The Loid heIps lhose vho heIp lhenseIves, and nanv souIs Iose lheii
hoIv deslinies lecause of lheii unviIIingness lo nake il happen on lhe
giound. We aie lhe hands Cod voiks lhiough lo nake lhings happen
in lhis eailhIv ieaIn. Ioi an eleinaI deslinv lo nanifesl in lhe phvsicaI
ieaIn, il nusl fiisl le eneigized fion alove, and lhen leIov. Cod
eneigizes us fion alove, lul ve nusl conpIele lhe piocess lv
eneigizing and dcing il on lhe giound.
ßevond lhis, il is vilaIIv inpoilanl lhal a souI Ieain lhe piopei
laIance lelveen aclion and suiiendei in liinging lhings lo liilh: acling
vhen inspiied lo do so, lul having lhe discipIine lo cease aclion vhen
eneigies aie in geslalionaI phases. LleinaI piogians, jusl Iike lalies,
aie liilhed in lheii ovn divine line, nol accoiding lo oui eailhIv
ßeginning lo undeisland lhal aIlhough nv avaieness of il had
oflen leen void, lheie veie nanv guaidians, angeIs and spiiils vhose
puipose il vas lo assisl ne in liinging oul lhis voik. Knoving lhis, I
feIl a sense of expansion in lhal lhe Loid diiecled nv eveiv slep, giving
ne lhe knovIedge lhal I needed al each juncluie lo acconpIish His viII.
IinaIIv, a souI cannol liing sonelhing of heaven lo eailh, unIess he is
viIIing lo liansfoin his seIfish desiies foi fane, nonev, povei oi
veaIlh, inlo lhe desiie lo cieale foi lhe puipose of fuilheiing eleinilv,
aIone. Vice cannol le allached lo such a puisuil.
"Mµ dear Mother. l am a |ltt|e brush uhlch jesus has chosen ln order to µalnt
Hls oun lmage ln the sou|s µou entrusted to mµ care."
S|cru cf a Scu|. Au|coicgrapnu cf S|. Tncrcsc cf |isicux. Cnap|cr X| . Pagc 235.
Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf S|. Tncrcsa cf |isicux)
Kulahev appeaied lo ne as an ancienl piiesl in a vhile foggv
ieaIn. Manv souIs veie piesenl fion a pailicuIai line vhen a
lviannicaI iuIei had Iived. Due lo lhis nan's inciedilIe olsession vilh
ollaining povei, nanv aliocilies veie connilled and Iives Iosl. AII lhe
peopIe in lhe ioon veie viclins of lhis leiiilIe nan, and I Iislened
caiefuIIv as lhev spoke.
Monenls Ialei, Kulahev had each of us Iine up so lhal he couId
leII us vho ve veie al lhal line. Wailing palienlIv, nv luin cane
ialhei aliuplIv vhen Kulahev spoke quielIv. Civing ne a faniIiai
nane, one I ienenleied heaiing fion hisloiv aIlhough I knev nolhing
specific aloul lhis peisons Iife, he sniIed and said, "A nan vilh
saicaslic hunoi." Having no idea vho lhis vas, I asked hin lo leII ne
noie and he said, "Hangaioo." Ianicking, I asked, "Did I hang peopIe`"
Kulahev lenl ovei and viole lhe hoiiid nane dovn on a piece of
papei. "Thal is foi vou lo find oul, nv deai one."
"|or there ls no µart of the Wor|d told of the detl|. uhlch enterlng ln µrltate|µ.
soued the seed of hls oun µroµer oµeratlon. and the mlnd dld make µregnant. or
dld brlng forth that uhlch uas soun. Adu|terles. Murders. Strlklng of Parents.
Sacrl|eges. lmµletles. Strang|lngs. throulng doun head|ong. and a|| other thlngs.
uhlch are the uorks of Etl| Demons."
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. Tnir|ccn|n 8cc|. Nc. 44. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Hcrncs)
Reluining lo nv lodv, I vas dunlsliuck lhal nv souI couId
have evei leen in such a slale of eviI. Upon ieseaiching lhe nane, I
found il vas aII liue, he had leen an ancienl lviannicaI iuIei vho had
done aliocious lhings.
ßoving in shane, I knev lhis expeiience vas lo leach
huniIilv. Oui souIs have jouineved a gieal vaIk, in davs of gIoiv and
davs of eviI. No souI can le puiified unliI il is viIIing lo see lhe
daikness vilhin ilseIf, and no souI can conpiehend evoIulion unliI il
alsoIves vilhin ilseIf lhe Iong ago and daikened pasl fion vhich il
cane, vilh lhe piesenl dav seekei vho alsoIves lo knov onIv Cod. If a
souI veie nc| in daikness fion incainalions pasl, il vouId no Iongei le
iequiied lo vaIk of lhe eailh, a pIace vheie daikness puiifies ilseIf lo
lecone conpalilIe lo lhe Iighl of Cod. Those vho vaIk heie, vaIk
lecause lheii souI sliII ielains lhe shadovs, nvsleiious and deepIv
hidden. A souI nusl Iifl up oulside of ilseIf in oidei lo see cIeaiIv, so
lhal lhe giealei pail of ilseIf nav lake doninance ovei lhe souI's fIighl.
"|rom that uhlch uas deflclent ln ltse|f there came those thlngs uhlch came
lnto belng from hls thought and hls arrogance. but from that uhlch ls µerfect ln
hlm he |eft lt and ralsed hlmse|f uµ."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tripar|i|c Trac|a|c. Tnc |npcrfcc| 8cgc||ing ou |nc
|cgcs. Pagc 73. Paragrapn 6. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Leaving foin, lvo spiiils look nv hands and iushed us
lhiough lhe line lunneI. IIunneling dovnvaid, ve enleied a sunnv
hol and laiien deseil vilh ied cIiffs and caclus. In lhe neai dislance,
lheie vas a snaII and voin calin. Looking dovn, I noliced lhal I had
laken on lhe nanifeslalion of a niddIe-aged fal diilv nan vilh iazoi
slullIe. Weaiing a pioneei hal, diilv oId liovn panls and a fIanneI
shiil, I look a gIance al lhe olhei lvo vho had cone vilh ne.
Manifesling as a IillIe giiI and a vonan, lhev veie veaiing Iong lan-
coIoied diesses and lonnels.
Nolicing nv confusion, lhe vonan expIained. "We need lo
Iook lhe pail foi vhal ve aie aloul lo do. Theie is a vonan in need
heie, and ve have cone lo heIp hei." Tine vas of lhe essence, so I
foIIoved lheii Iead lv nanifesling a hoise and leal-up caiiiage and
legan oui liek lo lhe calin.
Knocking on lhe dooi, nv pailneis fiIIed ne vilh knoving
aloul oui lask. A voung lediaggIed vonan ansveied lhe dooi,
lending ovei sIighlIv as I legan lo speak. "Hovdv, na'an," I loved lo
hei, "We don'l nean lo inliude, lul il seens ve'ie Iosl and ve veie
vondeiing if vou nighl le alIe lo heIp us." HoIding lhe dooi lighlIv,
she vas suspicious. Ioinling lo lhe olheis, I conlinued, "This is nv vife
and oui IillIe giiI." Loosening up, she puIIed avav fion lhe dooi.
"Cone in," she said, "I don'l have nuch lo offei vou. Mv husland
passed avav of heal slioke, and I jusl gave liilh lo lhese lvo lalies."
WaIking inlo lhe hone, lhe lvin lalv giiIs veie asIeep on lhe fIooi.
Mv 'vife' spoke up, "Mavle ve can slav and heIp vou vilh voui lalies
in exchange foi a ioof ovei oui heads. Mv husland and I couId heIp
vilh food and fixing up voui hone and lhal leal up caiiiage." The
vonan liighlened, "You vouIdn'l nind`" "Oh, nol al aII," said nv
vife, "I Iove IillIe lalies and vou need sone iesl." Leading hei lo led
vilh a sniIe on hei face, she assuied hei lhal lhe chiIdien vouId le
caied foi vhiIe she iecupeialed fion liilh.
Slaving vilh hei foi seveiaI veeks eailh line, one nighl asliaI
line, ve piepaied hei foi hei jouinev oul of lhe deseil. One noining al
lhe lieakfasl lalIe, she Iooked al us shvIv and asked, "Wheie did vou aII
cone fion`" "WeII," I said, "ve cane fion lhe easl." Ouiel foi a fev
nonenls, she lhen added suspiciousIv, "I sav vou aII cone oul of a
cave in lhe deseil, a cave lhal vasn'l lheie lefoie and isn'l lheie nov."
Looking dovn, she liied lo le nonchaIanl. Mv vife lioke in, "Oh, vou
nusl have leen haIIucinaling: aflei aII, vou'd jusl given liilh."
Changing lhe suljecl, she added, "WeII, il Iooked ieaI lo ne. Hov is
lhal vagon doing`" SniIing, I iepIied, "I lhink il's aloul ieadv lo nake
lhe liip. Aie vou suie vou vanl lo nake lhe liip aIone`" "Theie's
nolhing foi ne heie," she said, "il's line foi ne lo nove on."
Having iepaiied hei vagon, ve senl lhen off oul of lhe deseil,
as ve piepaied lo go lhe opposile vav. We knev lhal she vouId le
neeling anolhei 'chance' peison aIong lhe vav, and lhal she vouId le
okav. Riding off inlo lhe deseil, ve quickIv junped inlo lhe line lunneI
and I ieluined lo nv phvsicaI lodv.
"The stage ln uhlch the consclousness of the |ltlng entltµ ls attracted bµ the
three modes of materla| nature ls ca||ed condltlona| |lfe. But uhen that same
consclousness ls attached to the Suµreme Persona|ltµ of Godhead. one ls
sltuated ln the consclousness of |lberatlon."
Tnc Tcacnings cf |crd Kapi|a. Cnap|cr Ninc. Tcx| 15. (Hinduisn)
Vilialing iapidIv as il Iifled sIovIv lovaids lhe ceiIing and
lhen passed il, nv souI vas going fuilhei up inlo lhe heavenIies.
Walching nv house go fuilhei and fuilhei avav as I ascended lo lhe
slais, nv spiiil vas nov slanding anidsl lhe heavens, lhe slais and
daikness of deep space enveIoping ne in peace. Moie nonenls passed
as I venl fuilhei and fuilhei avav, valching lhe eailh lecone a lIue
laII suiiounded in vhile sviiIs. Tuining lo face lhe lIackness of space,
lhe slais sIovIv legan lo nove. As lhev did so, lhev legan lo foin a
lunneI vhich appeaied lo le nuch Iike a lIack hoIe. The ciicuIai
nolion of lhe slais aiound lhis lunneI in space vas aInosl dizzving,
and il seened lo nake vou enlei inlo anolhei avaieness. In nv nind, I
heaid lhe nane, 'Slai TunneI.'
Shooling lovaids lhe lunneI, nv spiiil aInosl enleied . . . lul
vas quickIv puIIed lack fion lhe oninous and poveifuI sighl.
"|or shlnlng steadfast|µ uµon and round the uho|e mlnd. lt en|lghteneth a|| the
Sou|: and |ooslng lt from the Bodl|µ senses and motlons. lt draueth lt from the
Bodµ. and changeth lt uho||µ lnto the Essence of God."
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. |cur|n 8cc|. Nc. 18. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Hcrncs)
Iocus in lhe oul-of-lodv slale is quile vilaI lo conscious iecaII.
ßeginning lo do affiinalions upon exil, I vouId iepeal lo nvseIf,
'Conscious, fuIIv conscious.'
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe Loid pIaced lvo souIs in nv
caie vho veie veiv deai lo Hin. Musicians, lhe Loid had given lhen
an eleinaI oplion vilh lheii ciealive voiks.
Lnleiing inlo lhe ieaIns of inspiialion, one of lhese souIs and I
enleied inlo a Iaige vhile space vhich seened lo le inside a luiIding
lul had no ioof oi vaIIs. MailIe vhile sleps Ied lo an aiiv ceIesliaI skv
and lhe daikness of nighl nade lhe shooling slais descenl in lhe asliaI
skv aII lhe noie oninous and foieloding.
Ioui enlilies appeaied lo us, lhiee naIe and one fenaIe. The
vonan vas veaiing a Vicloiian seivanls diess. The nen had Iong
lhick liovn haii dovn lo lheii shouIdeis and veie veaiing gieenish-
vhile slielchv panls and Iealhei jackels. AII of lhen connunicaled
onIv in song.
Asking lhen queslions, lheii neIodies veie oflen jovfuI and
exuleianl, lul lhev aIso enconpassed a haunling kainic lone vhich
gave ne lhe inpiession lhal lhe nusic lhev ciealed aided in lhe kainic
liansfoinalion of souIs. As ve sang logelhei, lhev Iooked deepIv inlo
nv eves lo convev lheii idenlilies. ßeconing avaie of lheii puipose, I
shouled lo nv conpanion, "Do vou knov vho lhese enlilies aie` Thev
aie lhe nusicaI enlilies lhal voik vilh vou!" Disappeaiing, a lhoughl-
foin aIlun covei ienained on lhe fIooi. "TenpIe of lhe DoIphins," il
said. Thev veie a land of spiiiluaI guides vho lioughl nusic inlo oui
Ioi a gieal line, oui souIs veie uniled in puipose, lo assisl in
liinging lhal vhich vas of heaven inlo lhe eailh lhiough lhese deaiIv
leIoved souIs of lhe Loid. Appeaiing lo ne and eneigizing ne foi lhis
funclion nanv lines, lhe TenpIe spiiils and olheis voiked in lhe
piogiession of lhis voik of Cod. ßul apalhv and unleIief on lhe
giound evenluaIIv foiced ils haIl.
"Manµ men are lnclted to do uorks of tlrtue for the sake of certaln temµora|
goods: neterthe|ess lnordlnate deslre for temµora| goods ls not on that account
ulthout sln. So eten lf most µeoµ|e µerform uorks of tlrtue for the sake of
g|orµ. neterthe|ess lnordlnate deslre for g|orµ ls not on that account ulthout sln.
slnce uorks of tlrtue shou|d not be done for the sake of g|orµ but rather for the
good of tlrtue. or better stl|| for the sake of God."
On |ti|. Qucs|icn |X. On Vaing|cru. Ar|ic|c 1. Pagc 339. Rcp|u |c 6. (Cnris|iani|u.
Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. Tncnas Auuinas)
Having Iefl foin, a soil of neIanchoIv had laken ovei nv souI
as lo nake il unavaie of lhe palhvav il had laken lo aiiive al lhis
unusuaI pIace. A knoving loId ne lhal I vas on anolhei pIanel, and
lhal lhis enliie Iand vas knovn as lhe Iand of lhe Assisi's.
A nounlain iange lhal I inheienlIv knev lo le caIIed lhe
Assisi's Iooned oveihead lhe ocean leach I slood upon. An
onnipiesence of iich coIoi enlianced ne in lhis voiId, foi eveivlhing
heId iichness deepei lhan I'd ienenleied upon lhe eailh. A spiiiluaI
connunilv Iived heie, souIs in no need of lodies, vho honoied lhe vav
of lhe Loid.
(As S|. |rancis cf Assisi ncarcd dca|n. nc as|cd nis ocdu |c oc |urncd in |nc
dircc|icn cf |nc ci|u cf Assisi and nc spc|c |ncsc ucrds.)
"Lord. as ln daµs gone bµ manµ etl|-doers |lted ln thls cltµ. so nou l see lt has
µ|eased µour abundant mercµ to shou thls cltµ the fu||ness of µour grace. Maµ lt
become a due||lng and a home for a|| uho acknou|edge µou and seek to g|orlfµ
µour name foreter and eter."
Tnc Praucrs cf S|. |rancis. A praucr fcr Assisi. Pagc 46. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds
cf S|. |rancis)
Coing inlo lhe nounlains vilh a gioup of sul-conscious asliaI
spiiils, lhev had cone heie lo Ieain fIighl, as veII as, lo lecone noie al
one vilh lhe naluiaI Iavs of Iife and lhe eailh. WhiIe I vas Ieaping
dovn nounlain cIiffs and lhiough liees, lhe sul-conscious souIs vouId
giudgingIv liv lo vaIk lecause lhev hadn'l vel Ieained lo fIv.
Coning acioss a sleep nounlain diop, I noliced an iiidescenl
Iake leIov fiIIed lv a civslaI iivei. A neadov suiiounded lhe valeis
vilh leaulifuI fIoveis in lIoon. Soaiing dovn, I dove diieclIv inlo lhe
Iake, aIlhough nv spiiil did nol lecone vel. As I gol oul, I sal dovn in
lhe neadov lo iesl, and nolioned lhe lepid souIs lo join ne. AII
decIined lul one liave souI, vho injuied hei ankIe piepaiing lo nake
hei descenl. Massaging hei ankIe, she suddenIv poinled lo lhe skv and
shouled, "Il's lhe Assisi Maiaudeis."
Menoiv cane upon ne as I iecaIIed lhal lhe Assisi Maiaudeis
veie a gioup of spiiiluaI guides vho focus on ciealion eneigv. Al lhe
line, lheie veie five naiaudeis vho aII nanifesled as nen.
Looking up, I noliced five vhile-vinged hoises caiiving lhe
nen vho voie aII lIack, vilh capes lIoving in lhe vind. Waving, I
knev lhal lhese guides had sonelhing lo do vilh Sl. Iiancis of Assisi,
lul lhal vas aII I knev.
"Then l sau the heatens oµened. and there uas a uhlte horse: lts rlder uas
(ca||ed) '|althfu| and True.' He ]udges and uages uar ln rlghteousness."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 19.11. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
As lhev passed, I vas enlianced lv lheii CodIv povei, lecause
lhev veie exlieneIv eneigized leings vho peifoined lhe funclion of
eneigizing voiks of ciealion on lhe giound vhich enpoveied lhe
evoIulion of souIs lovaids Cod on eailh. Ralhei lhan leing a souice of
ciealive voiks Iike lhe TenpIe of lhe DoIphins, lheii eneigies veie
acluaIIv lhose lhal lioughl lhings inlo nanifeslalion upon lhe giound.
IIving lack up lhe nounlains and iejoining lhe gioup, ve
evenluaIIv ieluined lo lhe ocean-side connunilv. To lhe spiiil vho
had huil hei ankIe, I said, "If vou aIIov vouiseIf lo liusl, vou viII le
alIe lo fIv vilh ease!" Whal lhis neans is lhal fIighl is a gifl given soIeIv
lhiough lhe povei of lhe Loid, if vou liv lo do il on voui cun viII, il
doesn'l voik coiieclIv. Cive aII povei lo Cod, and lhen fIighl cones
A shoil oId nan veaiing a vhile iole appioached ne, and I
innedialeIv knev lhal I had knovn hin foi cenluiies, lul lhis vas lhe
fiisl line I ienenleied hin in nv cuiienl Iifeline. A gieal sage, I
knev hin lo le lhe naslei sage of lhe Assisi Maiaudeis . . . and nv
Spiiils legan assenlIing in lhe cIeaiing and a voice couId le
heaid echoing acioss lhe skv. "Lveivone slop vhal vou aie doing as lhe
ceienonv is aloul lo legin. A nev Assisi Maiaudei has leen chosen!"
Oohs and aahs veie heaid fion lhe ciovds and I feIl an indesciilalIe
excilenenl. Looking lo lhe oId leachei, I asked, "Mv falhei, vho is lhis
leing` Do vou knov`" SniIing, he said nolhing.
SuddenIv, lhe vhile hoises cane fion lhe dislance, fIving
oveihead. Caiiving lheii iespecled passengeis, lhev Ianded iighl
lefoie ne. One of lhe naiaudeis, a lIonde nan, vaIked up lo ne and
handed ne a caid piocIaining nv iile of passage, "WeIcone lack, nv
fiiend, vou have leen nissed," he said. Mv veiv ovn vhile-vinged
hoise fIev in fion lhe skv, Ianding nexl lo ne. ßeckoning ne lo iide
hin, I hopped on and fIev inlo lhe skv vilh lhe naiaudeis.
Landing in an isoIaled aiea, a vhile-vinged slaIIion slood lv
one of lhe naiaudeis vho Iooked especiaIIv faniIiai lo ne. InlenseIv
alliacled lo his eneigv, ve sal aside each olhei in lhe giass. Iealheied
lIack haii, and iough leaid and nuslache nade hin quile nvsleiious
as he slaied al ne vilhoul iegaid lo lhe inliusiveness of lhe acl.
SuddenIv puIIing ne cIosei lo hin, he Iooked diieclIv inlo nv eves and
said, "You couId le nv fanlasv."
IuIsaling eneigv suiged inlo nv spiiil, voids hoIding povei
and neaning fai levond vhal I couId piesenlIv undeisland. I vanled
lo knov noie, lul lhe spiiil vind puIIed ne avav, ieluining ne lo
"Lord jesus Chrlst. µou are the good sheµherd. You grant us µour |otlng mercµ
ulthout our hatlng deserted lt. and manµ a tlme lt must endure the µangs of
sharµ µaln. Slnce µou hate ca||ed me to µour f|ock. l beg µou bµ µour grace and
strength that ln troub|e. angulsh and dlstress l maµ neter turn auaµ from µou."
Tnc Praucrs cf S|. |rancis. |crd. nc|p nc. Pagc 38. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf S|.
Lving in led conpIeleIv avake, an unseen hand louched nv
hip. Al fiisl I vas slailIed, lul caIned dovn innedialeIv, knoving
vilhin nvseIf lhal lhis vas an angeIic visiloi. Reluining lhe hand
legan sending an inlensive eneigv lhioughoul nv spiiil. Lnleiing inlo
a siIence lhal cannol le desciiled, I feIl an alsoIule peace I'd nevei
knovn lefoie in lhis Iife. Alove ne, I sav lhe spiiil of lhe Assisi
Maiaudei vho had spoken lhe nvsleiious voids lo ne. Tianspaienl,
he appeaied foi onIv a nonenl, as his hand ienained on nv hip
puIsing lhis siIenl eneigv lhioughoul nv souI. ReveIing in lhis
nevfound siIence, I suiiendeied and Iel go lo lhe poveis of Cod lo
eneigize nv souI.
"|or the knou|edge of lt ls Dltlne Sl|ence. and the rest of a|| the senses: for
nelther can he that understands that. understand anµthlng e|se. nor he that sees
that. see anµthlng e|se. nor hear anµ other thlng. nor ln sum mote the Bodµ."
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. |cur|n 8cc|. Nc. 17. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Hcrncs)
Taken lo lhe Midvesl, I nel up vilh lhe Reveiend San
MaIone. Speaking foi houis on Iove and liulh, he soaked up
knovIedge Iike a sponge. Hugging hin as his guides cane lo ieluin
hin lo his lodv, he lhanked ne. Taking his hands, his guides asked,
"San, viII vou give lhis gifl of liulh lo olheis as ve have given il lo
vou`" Nodding lhal he vouId, lhev look hin hone.
A fev nonlhs Ialei eailh line, lul lhe sane nighl asliaI line,
San gol inlo a lil of lioulIe vilh sone ciininaIs. HeId hoslage vilh a
gioup of olheis, San legan lo feeI svnpalhelic lo his caplois, in his
nind condoning lheii vioIence.
IIving lovaids San, I suddenIv liansfoined inlo an Assisi
Maiaudei. IuIsaling iovaI lIue Iighls shol oul fion nv souI Iike slais.
Speaking lo his sul-conscious, I said, "The Reveiend San MaIone, I
ienenlei vou, do vou ienenlei ne`" Looking slailIed, his sul-
conscious nind iesponded, "I do, ves, I ieaIIv do." "Do vou ienenlei
voui vov lo ne`" SiIenlIv, he vailed. "Il is vondeifuI lhal vou aIIov
vouiseIf lo see lhe lvinness of nan, ieaIizing lhal voui caplois have
noie lhan one side lo lhen. ßul vou nusl nevei condone vioIence.
NLVLR! Wilh lhe liulh ve have given vou, vou can sel eveivone fiee.
InnedialeIv, San legan lo speak and vilhin nonenls he had de-
eneigized lhe vioIence lhal had aInosl cone lo le. Leaving lhe scene, I
knev aII vouId le veII.
A vonan appeaied lo ne vilh a iack of designei cIolhes.
"WouId vou Iike lo veai anv of lhese leaulifuI cIolhes`" She asked.
Looking al nv naiaudeis oulfil, I iesponded, "This fils veiv veII, lhank
vou." SniIing, she leaned. "Veiv good! You knov voui ioIe! Mav I
leII vou noie`" Lxciled, I legged hei pIease conlinue. "The lIue slais
lhal shool fion voui leing aie veiv poveifuI. You cone fion lhe slais
and voui voiId Iies lhiough lhe slai lunneI. Do vou nol ienenlei
liaveising lhe slai lunneI lo ieunile vilh lhe Assisi Maiaudeis`"
Suipiised, I had nol. "ßIue Iighl is a high spiiiluaI eneigv. In voui
heail, vou knov lhis. Reluin lo voui iIIusion and fIov vilh vho vou
aie." IuIsed inlo nv lodv, I avoke.
"Therefore the sage ls sharµ but not cuttlng. µolnted but not µlerclng.
stralghtforuard but not unrestralned. brl||lant but not b|lndlng."
Tac Tc Cning. Nc. 58. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tsu. Trans|a|icn. Gia |u |cng
and ]anc |ng|isn)
Nov lhal line had passed and I'd lecone accusloned lo such
lhings, lhe visilalion fion nv fiiend vho had died vas no Iongei
shocking. Oul-of-lodv, he cane lo ne lo convev lo ne a nessage of his
Iove foi ne. Appeaiing al lhe age of his dealh, I said, "Il's so good lo
see vou again. I've nissed vou . . . a Iol!" Slaiing lhiough ne, he couId
sense aII nv feeIings and Iove.
Coning cIosei, he hugged ne, "I had no idea vou feIl lhal vav
aloul ne." Nolicing nv enlaiiassnenl, he hugged ne lighlei, "Hev
vou don'l have lo le enlaiiassed. Renenlei, I'n dead. I don'l have
an ego anvnoie. To leII vou lhe liulh, I had a ciush on vou, loo."
Shoving ne lhal he vas voiking vilh sone of his foinei
fiiends sul-consciousIv, he had lecone lheii guide. Adnilling
fiuslialion, il seened cIeai lhal veiv fev of lhen veie alIe lo see oi
heai hin, vhich nade his voik veiv difficuIl. Whisked avav, I
acknovIedged dealh as lolh an end . . . and a leginning.
"B|essed be Thµ name. O God of mercles. for Thou hast done great and uondrous
thlngs . . . and ln accordance ulth Thµ goodness touards us. Thou has ofttlmes
oµened for us gates of sa|tatlon. uhen ue uere oµµressed."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc lar cf |nc Scns cf |ign| and |nc Scns cf Dar|ncss. Of
|nan|sgiting fcr tic|cru. Pagc 422. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Coing lo lhe fionl vaid, I noliced a lIack lhoughl-foin spoils
cai descending fion lhe skv diiven lv a laII slockv nan fion India vilh
shoil cuiIv lIack haii. Molioning ne lo enlei, I ieIuclanlIv did. "I an
lhe nessengei," he said, "I have cone lo leII vou of nv ieluin."
Confused, I iesponded, "Whal ieluin`" He lecane veiv seiious. "I viII
ieluin foi vou in a shoil line. Al lhis line, vou viII Ieave eveivlhing
lehind and cone vilh ne." Angiv, I piolesled. "Whal, aie vou ciazv`
Mv husland and chiId vouId nevei foigive ne if I died nov." Waving
his ains lo lhe aii, he legan lo shov ne aspecls of lhis dale of nv
dealh, and il appeaied lo le in lhe sunneiline. "ßul lheie is so nuch
noie lo do." I said, aflei valching lhe lhoughl-foins. "When I cone lo
lake vou, vou viII have nanifesled eveivlhing vou pIanned. We need
vou foi olhei nalleis." I didn'l sav anvlhing. "The spiiil voiId is
piepaiing foi voui ieluin. Youi lasks have jusl legun. You viII knov
vhen I an coning foi vou." Looking dovn, I said, "ßul I jusl don'l
knov. Mv faniIv viII le nad al ne. A lig pail of ne vanls lo go, lul
anolhei vouId Iike lo slav and valch lhe nanifesling." SniIing, he
iepIied, "UIlinaleIv . . . il viII le voui choice vhen lo go, MaiiIvnn.
Renenlei lhal vou have knovn aII voui Iife lhal voui slav couId le
shoil. Hovevei, vou can change lhal decision and cieale sonelhing
nev." Reluining lo nv lodv, I had a nigiaine. I had a lig decision lo
"Mµ sou|. conflned ln a fragl|e frame. crled for re|ease. Wlthln the fenced garden
of the charmlng senses no more l |oted to ablde."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 157. Paragrapn 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
Aflei assisling a souI in fIighl lechniques, I vas laken inlo an
ancienl Iooking looksloie. Nolicing a Iaige slack of looks, il lecane
knovn lo ne lhal lhev veie nv ovn. An asliaI pulIishei cane in, sul-
conscious asliaI, and handed one lo ne. The oId and lalleied look he
gave lo ne had liovn, laped pages. Il appeaied ancienl. Looking up
in suipiise, I said, "Lven lhis vas conpIeleIv pie-pIanned, vas il nol`"
"Yes," he said, "AII voui expeiiences have leen oicheslialed lo viile a
look viillen aeons ago." Then il vas nade knovn lo ne lhal Andv
vas lhe 'Dieannakei,' vhich neanl he assisled in liinging nv voik
inlo giound IeveI nanifeslalion.
And so il cane lo pass lhal I undeivenl nanv poveifuI and
aiduous vilialionaI iaisings al lhe hands of lhe Assisi spiiil. Of lhe
nanv lhings he laughl ne, he shoved ne lhal joining oui fingeis
logelhei al lhe lips in a nedilalive oi vilialionaI slale, nuIlipIies lhe
eneigv coning lhiough lhe souI. And il aIso cane lo pass lhal nv
vhile-vinged hoise vouId cone lo nv ledside vilh ieguIaiilv, lo lake
ne lo fanlaslic pIaces of univeisaI jov and Iove, pIaces Iike lhe civslaI
foiesl vheie eveivlhing vas ciealed fion pasleI shades of civslaI, lIue,
puipIe, pink, gieen, and a goIden iivei fIoved lhiough lhis speclacuIai
pIace vhich vas a pIace of inlensive ciealion eneigv. In so doing, he
shoved ne nanv lhings of vondei, nanv diffeienl gioups of spiiiluaI
guides vho aid in ciealing nusic, ail and viiling on lhe eailh. I vas
nade lo knov lhal lheie veie olheis vho aided lhose in lhe sciences, as
veII. And as nv undeislanding giev, I cane lo undeisland lhal in
oidei lo le alIe lo liing lhese lhings inlo nv voiId, lhe eailh: a souI's
pails, lolh phvsicaI and spiiiluaI, nusl le unified.
As I nade noie and noie conlacl vilh lhese and olhei
ciealive spiiils, lhev legan lo give ne nvslicaI and aIIegoiicaI poeliv,
vhose neanings aie deepei lhan lhev iniliaIIv appeai, nuch Iike
paialIes. And once in a vhiIe, as vilh lhe seasheII poen, lhe voids
vhich veie given ne veie aIso inlued vilh a nvslicaI neIodv vhich
vouId nol Ieave nv head.

lna|. ocfcrc |nc sca. |ics a crca|icn as |inc|css as nan?
8cc|cning. Ycarning. as |nc |idc fcrctcr |a|cs i| cn i|s pa|n
Tnc circ|ing cnanocrs. |ncu run |c ccnp|c|icn |i|c |ifc i|sc|f
|f ctcr ucu'tc ucndcrcd. |nc ansucr ucu'|| find in |nc cccan's scasnc||

Tnc scasnc||. ocau|u |c fcu. ncnc |c nanu
li|nin |ic |nc sccrc|s cf |inc |cng duc
|is|cn and |carn. |nc cccan spca|s tc|uncs |nrcugn i|s spira|ing ocugn

|uing uuic||u. |nc pcaccfu| ocing auai|s |c oc ncard
|f cn|u a ncncn|. ocfcrc |idc ccncs |c nccd na|ura| ccursc

Tnc tciccs in |nc an|crccn. arc pricc|css |i|c an c|d ncir|ccn
Tnc ncssagc in |nc ucrds |ncu sau. rcnind nc nc| |c |csc nu uau
Tncugn nanu dc nc| ncar a scund. |c| nc |c|| ucu una| |'tc fcund
Tnc tciccs spca| cf |nings |c ccnc. |ncu |c|| nc |na| nu pa|n is |ctc

And dcun |nc pa|n. |'tc nad |c frcc |nc spiri| tciccs insidc cf nc
Ycarning and |cnging |c |ru|u |ncu |ctc. | fc||cu |nc pa|n cf |nc gc|dcn dctc
|nsidc. | |ncu |na| a|| |na| | scc. is cn|u |nc spiri| insidc cf nc
lncrctcr | gc. |nc pa|n is ncu c|car. | fc||cu |ctc and dispcsc cf nu fcar

"Thls ls uhµ l sµeak to them ln µarab|es. because theµ |ook but do not see and
hear but do not |lsten or understand . . . But b|essed are µour eµes. because theµ
see. and µour ears. because theµ hear. Amen. l saµ to µou manµ µroµhets and
rlghteous µeoµ|e |onged to see uhat µou see but dld not see lt. and to hear uhat
µou hear but dld not hear lt."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 13.13-16. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
lcrds cf Cnris|)
Il vas aloul lvo veeks fion lhe piesenl, and I vas aloul lo
vilness fion alove vhal vouId le nv fuluie dealh. Thiee lig nen
gialled ne in a ciovded paiking Iol and lhiev ne inlo lheii cai.
Diiving foi seveiaI houis, ve ended up in lhe nid-vesl sonevheie. A
lunch of iednecks, lhev didn'l do anvlhing lo huil ne, lul lhev veie
caieIess diiveis and ve aII died in a head-on coIIision on lhe highvav.
Theie vas no pain, onIv fieedon, lul aflei I Iefl nv lodv, I vas upsel
lhal nv Ioved ones sliII in phvsicaI foin couId nol heai oi see ne.
Tiving lo connunicale vilh lhen, I channeIed, poked, junped on lheii
lacks and pul nv hands ovei lheii face, lul aII lo no avaiI. Looking al
lhe angeIic guaidians availing ne, I asked, "Thev von'l le alIe lo
connunicale vilh ne`" CaInIv, lhev iepIied, "Thev aie nol vel ieadv
lo do lhal, MaiiIvnn. Do vou nov ienenlei vhv vou chose lo
incainale`" Laughing, I said, "IiolalIv so I couId gel lhen lo pav
allenlion lo ne." "LxaclIv, il is nuch easiei lo nanifesl vilh a phvsicaI
poinl of povei on lhe eailh-pIane. You chose lo ieluin foi lhal veiv
ieason. This is aIso vhv vou chose lo cieale lhis possilIe line of
depailuie: vou nevei Iiked lhe Iiniledness of lhe phvsicaI pIane." The
angeIic spiiil chuckIed. "WeII, I've changed nv nind." I said. "If I can'l
connunicale vilh lhen fion heie, lhen I have lo go lack." Then il
occuiied lo ne lhal lhe ieason lhe cai caiiving lhe nessengei had leen
lIack vas lecause nv dealh vouId nol have leen puie, lul sliII slained
fion uniesoIved kaina if I had Iefl al lhis eaiIv juncluie. "Aie vou suie
lhal is vhal vou vanl lo do`" Thev asked. "Yes, lheie is loo nuch lo le
done foi ne lo lov oul nov." The spiiil ieileialed. "You aie naking
voui finaI decision nov, aie vou SURL`!" "Yes, I an." I said
Looking al lhe lhiee guvs vho kidnapped ne, I asked, "Is il
okav if ve caII il even` We can aII go lack and agiee lhal oui kaina is
laIanced." Agieeing vhoIeheailedIv, lhev nodded lheii acceplance of
nv offei, and vilh lhal nv polenliaI dealh vas aIleied. I iaised nv face
lo heaven, and gave a piavei of lhanksgiving lo lhe Loid.
"l hate seen God. face to face. and mµ |lfe has been sated."
Tnc |itc 8cc|s cf Mcscs. Tnc Scncc|cn 8io|c Vc|unc 1. Gcncsis. 32.31. (]udaisn)
Hoveiing alove nv led, nv vhile vinged hoise descended
fion lhe skv and leckoned ne lo iide. His vings veie a conlinalion
of fealheis and fui, and vhen I louched lhen I feIl conpIeleIv
eneigized. CIinling onlo lhe hoise, a voice oveihead spoke. "You aie
liuIv a naiaudei nov, fIov vilh Iove and le vilh us aIvavs. Do nol
feai expiessing aII lhal vou aie and aII lhal vou feeI. Theie is no shane
in Iove." Taking ne lo seveiaI pIaces lhal nighl lo eneigize eleinaI
ciealions on lhe giound, nv spiiil vhile-Iighled speciaI ieceplacIes of
eleinaI ciealion, Iike iecoid conpanies, pulIisheis, iadio slalions, elc.
(Anolhei line, lhe Assisi Maiaudeis aIIoved ne lo cone and valch as
lhev invisilIv voiked vilh huge povei on individuaI souIs vho veie
leing eneigized lo liing eleinaI ideas inlo lheii ciealive voik on lhe

| uisn ucu ccu|d scc |nrcugn nu cucs jus| cnc |inc
Scc uncrc | gc. una| |'tc sccn. uncrc | f|u
|f ucu ccu|d pcc| |nrcugn |nc uindcus cf nu ninds' cuc
Ycu'd nctcr again as| ucursc|f unu

Tnc ocau|u ucu'd scc. |nc |ctc ucu ucu|d fcc|
Tnc |ncuing. |nc adtcn|urc. |nc frccdcn |c nca|
A|| |na| ucu'tc uan|cd |c oc|ictc ccu|d oc |ruc
|ics uai|ing insidc. jus| uai|ing fcr ucu
C|csc ucur cucs scf||u. and a||cu ucursc|f sign|
Crus|a| fcrcs|s. uingcd ncrscs and |cng. nc|u nign|s
Tncrc's nc|ning |c fcar. |ncrc's nc nccd fcr frign|
|ctc is a|| |na| rcnains uncn ucu cn|cr |nc |ign|

|c| gc cf |nc fcar. |c| gc cf ucur pain
Rc|casc ucursc|f frcn |nc i||uscru ganc
lncn i| ccncs rign| dcun |c i| uc'rc a|| |nc sanc
|c| |nc spiri| dcsccnd as ucur ccnscicusncss uancs

| uisn ucu ccu|d scc |nrcugn nu cucs jus| cnc |inc
Scc uncrc | gc. una| |'tc sccn. uncrc | f|u
|f ucu ccu|d pcc| |nrcugn |nc uindcus cf nu ninds' cuc
Ycu'd nctcr again as| ucursc|f unu
Ycu'd nctcr again as| ucursc|f unu
Civen a look lv seveiaI spiiiluaI guaidians, lhev expIained
lhal lhe puipose of il vas lo leach ne hov lo do a lellei jol vilh souIs
in lhe unconscious voiId. Conlaining a Iisling of couises foi spiiiluaI
guides, I vas diiecled lo Iook upon a couise enlilIed, 'TeIepalhic
Connunicalion vilh Sul-Conscious's.' Undeislanding, I look lhe look
and ieluined lack lo foin.
"The sou|'s secret door sudden|µ oµens: and. oh. uhat b|lss l fee| at the slght of
Thµ |lght!"
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 185. Paragrapn 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
Leaving nv foin lehind, I vas svepl avav lo a leaulifuI
nounlain vaIIev lo fIv vilh lhe vind and valch lhe leaulifuI ciealion of
lhe Loid leIov. ßul as I soaied upon a fieId of fIoveis, I noliced
soneone faniIiai silling anidsl lhe neadov. Mv fiiend vho had
passed on vas vailing foi ne vilh an uigenl nessage. Hugging hin
vilh inlensilv, I kepl Iooking al hin lo nake suie he vas ieaI, as he vas
so langilIv aIive in his nev Iife. In facl, he seened MORL aIive lhan he
had leen duiing his eailhIv sojouin.
"Whv aie vou so aigunenlalive vilh Sislei Maiv Chiislian`"
He asked. "Who is lhal`" I lIuiled oul, nol iecognizing lhis peisons
heavenIv nane. "This is inpoilanl, I have lo knov." ßIuiling oul lhe
nane of one of lhe souIs I'd leen voiking vilh on nusic, he nodded
lhal lhis vas coiiecl. AppaienlIv, il vas nol filling foi soneone senl lo
guaidian a souI lo lecone annoved oi fiuslialed lecause of lhe souI's
sliuggIes. Ashaned, I asked, "Whal shouId I do lo nake up foi nv
aigunenlalive naluie`" "Cive hei seivilude." He said, as he diiecled
nv allenlion lo aII aiound us.
Manv spiiils had suddenIv appeaied vho veie voiking vilh
souIs on sul-consciousIv asliaI IeveIs. "See aII lhese spiiils," he said,
iefeiiing lo lhe spiiils of lhe dead vho veie piesenl, "lhev cannol Ieave
heie conpIeleIv unliI lhev have fuIfiIIed aII of lheii conliacls. You aie
Iuckv lecause vou can voik vilh voui peopIe fion a phvsicaI
peispeclive. Though vou aie sonelines peiceived as ciazv, al Ieasl vou
can pIanl CONSCIOUS seeds of ienenliance." Nodding lhal I
undeislood, I feIl conpassion foi lhese souIs and aII lhe angeIs vho liv
so haid lo calch oui allenlion, despile oui ieasoned lhinking vhich
pievenls us fion even opening oui eves lo see lhen. IuIIed avav, nv
spiiil ieluined lo foin.
"Maµ mµ lnstructlon soak ln |lke the raln. and mµ dlscourse µermeate |lke the
deu. Llke a dounµour uµon the grass. |lke a shouer uµon the croµs: |or l ul||
slng the Lord's renoun. Oh. µroc|alm the greatness of our God!"
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Dcu|crcncnu 32. 2-3. (]udaisn. Cnris|iani|u)
Soaiing lhiough lhe slais, nv spiiil vas leckoned lovaids lhe
sun. Venus and Meicuiv veie fuII of spIendoi as I soaied passed lhen
al lhe speed of Iighl. Iinding nvseIf on lhe oulskiils of a cilv of Iighl in
lhe innei iecesses of lhe sun, eveivlhing heie vas puie essence: lhe
spiiils veie elhei, and lheii foins veie Iike fIuoiescenl veIIov Iighls.
Wanling lo go fuilhei, I noliced a palhvav lhal venl fion lhis innei
iecess lo a pIace fuilhei and deepei, lul as I noved lovaids il, I vas
puIIed avav. A voice echoed, "You have seen vhal vou veie neanl lo
see. Reluin nov, and leII of il." ßoving, I did so as I ieluined lo foin.
On lvo successive occasions, I vas given lo ieluin lo lhe sun,
lul found lhal lhe sliong vilialionaI foice of lhe sun vas nuch highei
lhan nv ovn, and nv spiiil vas unalIe lo enduie ils povei. IIving
lovaids il six lines, I finaIIv ieached nv goaI vhen a spiiiluaI guide
vhispeied insliuclions in nv eai. Iocusing nv eneigv on nv sixlh
chakia oi lhiid eve, nv vilialionaI slale legan lo inciease. As il sIovIv
incieased significanlIv, I vas alIe lo nake il lack lo lhe sun. Again, I
noliced nanv elhei isIels iesonaling fion lhe cenlei. "Ialhvavs," I
lhoughl, "lul lo vheie`" InnedialeIv, I vas liansfeiied hone.
"We are draun to heaten bµ hlm. |lke beams bµ the sun. not belng restralned bµ
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Trca|isc cn |nc Rcsurrcc|icn. Pagc 55. Tcp.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Taken lo a lIue space, lhe skv vas of eneiaId lIue and lhe
giound pasleI. A fenaIe cane in and Iaid nv spiiil dovn, fIoaling in
nidaii. SniIing and veiv cheeifuI, she slailed lo pul nanv diffeienl
lIue slones on nv eves and on nv chakia cenleis, especiaIIv nv lhioal.
A veIIov and puipIe cIolh vas Iaid ovei ne as nv souI venl inlo
vilialoiv lIiss. "Whal aie vou doing`" I asked. "We aie piepaiing vou
lo go lo nev pIaces." She said, exciledIv. "Oh, good!" I ieloiled, "Do
vou lhink I can go lack lo lhe sun`" Laughing, she said, "Of couise, vou
viII go lheie and vav levond."
"On|µ sages are effectlte|µ ab|e to knou strategµ. so thelr uords µrote truthfu|
and thelr exµectatlons µrote accurate."
lcn-Tzu. Undcrs|anding |nc Mus|crics. Nc. 85. Paragrapn 2. (8uddnisn. Tacisn.
lcrds cf |ac Tzu)
ßiinging a gioup of sul-conscious asliaI souIs lo a speciaI
pIace Iil lv lviIighl, lhev veie lo neel a veiv hoIv leing. Speaking lo
lhen of asliaI fIighl and lhe spiiiluaI jouinev, I piepaied lhen foi lhis
poveifuI spiiil lo aiiive. IeeIing a huge eneigv suige, lhe skv legan lo
gIov and lvinkIe in iIIuninalion and I knev she had aiiived.
Descending fion lhe skv, lhe daik-haiied Indian vonan heId
faniIiaiilv, as I said, "Mav I inlioduce vou aII lo nv leaulifuI sislei,
Ouasai!" As she appeaied, she hugged ne in iecognilion and Iove as
nv eves veIIed up in leais. CIoving in a vav lhal cannol le desciiled,
lheie vas an ovaI Iighl lhal suiiounded hei nanifeslalion. Love vas
evidenl in eveiv peacefuI nolion of hei lodv.
"In dealh as in Iife," she said, "asliaI fIighl is one of lhe nosl
leaulifuI lhings vou can expeiience. Those vho leIieve enough lo
aIIov il inlo lheii Iives aie giealIv lIessed and giealIv Ioved." One of lhe
naIe spiiils inleiiupled, "AsliaI fIighl` Thal sounds veiv diffeienl."
OlviousIv fion anolhei line fiane, lhe nan vas veaiing a lhiee-
coineied hal Iike lhe ones found duiing ievoIulionaiv vai davs. "In
voui piesenl slale," Ouasai palienlIv expIained, "il nav sound quile
diffeienl, lul in oui naluiaI slale, il is a noinaI slale of leing. Il is nol
veiv diffeienl fion vhal nv ovn iace, lhe Indian peopIe, did foi
Anolhei spiiil inleiiupled, "Whal liile of Indian aie vou,
Ouasai`" Waving hei hands acioss lhe skv ve legan lo see lhoughl-
foins of soIdieis liacking dovn a liile lhal lhev inlended lo inpiison,
lul as lhe Indians venl ovei lhe ciesl of a hiII, lhev liansnuled
lhenseIves and fIev avav. Confused, lhe soIdieis couIdn'l undeisland
hov lhev had escaped. Iulling hei ains aiound ne, she said, "I an of
lhe ßiid liile, noie specificaIIv lhe Rolin peopIe. The Iasl of us Iefl lhe
eailh-pIane Iong ago, lul sone of us have ieluined as povei poinls."
She Iooked al ne. "Mv peopIe ieside in lhe slais as ve no Iongei have
need of phvsicaI lodies. You aie heie in a veiv speciaI line. Manv of
nv peopIe have ieluined in lhis line fiane lo heIp liing in lhe nev
Ouasai look nv hand, shooling us sliaighl inlo space al lhe
speed of Iighl. Soaiing lhiough lhe slai lunneI, ve vieved gaIaxies and
univeises uninaginalIe and inpenelialIe lo a hunan nind. In lhe
dislance, I sav lhe pIanel vheie lhe Assisi's iesided. Wilhin nonenls,
oui consciousness had leen expanded lo lake in a vasl knovIedge of
lhe giand naluie of lhe univeise, lul vilh a Iiniled undeislanding
lhiough hunan eves of lhings ceIesliaI.
"But l sald. Slr. teach me about the facu|tµ of these authorltles - hou dld theµ
come lnto belng. and bµ uhat klnd of genesls. and of uhat materla|. and uho
created them and thelr force? And the great ange| E|e|eth. understandlng. sµoke
to me: 'Wlthln |lmlt|ess rea|ms due||s lncorruµtlbl|ltµ. Soµhla. uho ls ca||ed
Plstls. uanted to create somethlng. a|one ulthout her consort: and her µroduct
uas a ce|estla| thlng.'"
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Hupcs|asis cf |nc Arcncns. Pagc 167. Paragrapns 5-6.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Soaiing anidsl an asliaI voodIand, a spiiil spoke, "Slop vhal
vou aie doing and Iel voui nind lolaIIv cIeai." As I did lhis, lhe spiiil
conlinued, "AIIov lhe sullIe infIuence of lhe vind lo lake vou vheievei
il nav." Suiiendei calapuIled nv spiiil lo lhe heavens. And il cane lo
pass lhal on sulsequenl jouinevs, I vas ieluined lo lhe CivslaI Ioiesl
vheie Ouasai had conlinued lo eneigize ciealion vilhin ne. Reluining
lo lhe sun seveiaI noie lines lo olseive lhe nvsleiious elhei palhvav,
lhe nvsleiv of il vouId nol vel le ieveaIed.
"Sonarlngton. Thls sµhere ls the 'bosom of the sun.' the µersona| receltlng uor|d
of the Eterna| Son. lt ls the Paradlse headquarters of the descendlng and
ascendlng Sons of God uhen. and after. theµ are fu||µ accredlted and flna||µ
aµµroted . . . There are numerous orders of dltlne sonshlµ attached to thls
suµerna| abode uhlch hate not been retea|ed to morta|s slnce theµ are not
concerned ulth the µ|ans of the ascenslon scheme of human sµlrltua| µrogresslon
through the unlterses and on to Paradlse."
Tnc Uran|ia 8cc|. Papcr 13. Nc. 1. Paragrapn 7. (Cnris|iani|u. Uran|ia)


"The exµerlence of µroµhecµ must come about through lntermedlarles. Man
cannot attach hlmse|f dlrect|µ to God's G|orµ. or µercelte lt as one sees a man
standlng ln front of hlm. The µerceµtlon of God lnto|ted ln true µroµhecµ must
therefore come about through God's sertants. uhose task lt ls to µrotlde such a
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| 3. Cnap|cr 3. Nc. 5. Paragrapn 1. Pagc 208. (]udaisn. Au|ncr.
Raooi Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)
Slanding lefoie a Iaige nuikv Iake, anolhei vonan vas vilh
ne foi vhon I vas lo lake lo a veiv speciaI pIace. An oclopus eneiged
fion lhe valeis and poinled lo lhe fai Iefl of lhis lodv of valei. "Il is
lhal vav, nv fiiend." He said. Thanking hin, I vasn'l quile suie vhal
he neanl, lul I ciealed a lhoughl-foin loal lo lake us in lhal diieclion.
Celling inlo lhe loal, lhe vonan vilh ne spoke of hov she didn'l Iike
lhis Iake lecause il vas so nuikv. "WeII," I said, "ve have lo voik
lhiough lhe lhings lhal aien'l so cIeai in oidei lo find liue vision."
IIoaling aIong, ve sav anolhei loal up in lhe dislance. A nan
vas guiding il aIong and a nonkev vas hanging ovei lhe side. Waving
viIdIv lo ne, lhe nonkev caIIed oul, "Cone on, il's lhal vav, foIIov lhe
gIislening slais." Ioinling lo lhe skv, suie enough, on one side of lhe
Iake, lhough il vas nol nighl, lhe slais gIinneied Iike eneiaIds.
Changing nv diieclion lo foIIov lhen, lhe vonan legan
aiguing vilh ne. "I don'l vanl lo foIIov lhose, Iel's go in lhe olhei
diieclion!" Coning upon a iivei lhal scuiiied oul fion lhe Iake, a snaII
vooden sign poinled in ils diieclion, 'To CivslaI Ioiesl,' il said. The
vonan innedialeIv junped oul of lhe loal jusl as il gol caughl in lhe
fIov of lhe iivei. "Cone on," I shouled, "cone vilh ne. I viII lake vou
lo lhe goIden iivei." "No!" She ciied oul, "I vanl lo slav on lhe Iake."
Ciealing heiseIf a lhoughl-foin loal lo lake hei lack lo shoie, she
cIinled aloaid and venl lackvaids. (ConcepluaIIv, as veII as,
Nol nuch line passed in nv jouinev lefoie lhe iivei valeis
lecane a leaulifuI iiidescenl goIden coIoi. In excilenenl, I gIinneied
al lhe leaulv of lhe CivslaI Ioiesl vheie lhe liees veie pasleI pink,
lheii Ieaves pasleI vioIel, and lhe giound a pasleI lIue. Ouasai vas
leckoning fion a nol so dislanl shoie, and as I no Iongei needed nv
loal, il disappeaied and I vas conpIeleIv inneised in lhe goIden
valeis of lhe iivei. One of lhe nusicians I had leen voiking vilh vas
vilh Ouasai, and he legan singing a song caIIed, 'Deslinv.' As he did,
his Iighl legan gioving viIdIv in piopoilion lo vhal il had leen.
Ouasai caIIed oul, "Cone on, ienenlei voui deslinv!" As nv souI
legan lo feeI lhe univeisaI lug diagging ne avav, I aIIoved lhe
eneigelic cuiienl of nv deslinv lo lecone one vilh nv nighl vind, and
lhen I vas gone.
"Thelr reuard ls ulth thelr Lord: Gardens of µerµetultµ uhereln f|ou rlters.
abldlng thereln for eter. A||ah ls ue|| µ|eased ulth them and theµ are ue||
µ|eased ulth Hlm."
Tnc Hc|u Qur'an. Par| XXX. Cnap|cr 98. Nc. 8. (|s|an. lcrds cf Mcnannad)
Lnleiing lhe line lunneI, I soaied inlo a diffeienl ieaIilv vhich
appeaied lo le a Iapanese soIdiei canp in WoiId Wai II. The najoiilv
of lhose heie veie nen, aIlhough lvo vonen veie sealed diieclIv in
fionl of ne vho had had Iong shinv lIack haii and voie pink panl
oulfils. Silling dovn lo join lhen, lhev asked ne vho I vas. "I an a
line liaveIei," I said lo lheii conpIeleIv shockIess faces, "I an a viilei
fion lhe fuluie." Iausing, lhev availed an oId lhin nan lo aiiive vho
appeaied lo le a cook. Diiecling ne lo speak lo lhe nen, lhev ignoied
ne nonenlaiiIv as one nan said lhal lheii ieguIalions vouIdn'l aIIov
ne lo speak. AIIaving lhen, I nade nvseIf le heaid. "Aie aII of vou so
caughl up in voui iIIusion lhal lhe onIv voids vou viII aIIov inlo voui
ieaIilv aie lhose of voui ieguIalions look` Have vou evei slopped lo
considei vhv vou foIIov lhose ieguIalions`" Thev legan lo pav
allenlion lo ne. "You aII acl as if vou aie zonlies vilh no conlioI ovei
voui fuluie, vel eveivlhing is avaiIalIe lo vou. Wai is onIv lhe ansvei
foi voung souIs vho feeI lhal lheii ieaIilv nusl le peipelualed on lhe
voiId. Is lheie nol ioon in lhe voiId foi nanv vievpoinls and nanv
souI-ages` Whv do vou aIIov vouiseIves lo le used as pavns in lhe
gane of unevoIved leings` You shouId le laking chaige and Ieading
lhen, lecause vou knov vhal is ieaI and vhal is nol. Hov nanv noie
viII vou kiII foi soneone eIse's aigunenl` Hov nanv of vou viII die
foi an ideaI lhal is nol voui ovn` Lnlei inlo Iove, and liing aloul
peace!" Wilh lhal, aII lhe nen enleied a conlenpIalive slale.
Coning lo hug ne, lhe cook said, "Thank vou, nan of peace!"
Looking dovn, I ieaIized lhal I vas indeed nanifesling as a nan. "I
have a gifl foi vou lo lhank vou foi lhe gifl of liulh vou have given
lhese nen." Handing ne a leaulifuI goIden slalue of a nan silling in a
Iolus posilion, he conlinued, "This is lhe goIden nan of Nikko: pIease
lake il lack lo vheie vou cone fion as a loken of oui fiiendship."
Touching il, I said, "Wheie I an going, I cannol lake lhis. I an a line
liaveIei and phvsicaI nallei viII nol go lhiough lhe line lunneI. ßul Iel
ne hoId il a nonenl and liing il lack fuIIv vilh nv nenoiv."
Accepling lhis, he hugged ne again and said, "I vanl lo nake lhis a
good hug, lecause I viII piolalIv nevei see vou again in lhis Iifeline."
In a fIash, nv spiiil vas sucked inlo lhe line lunneI.
Lnleiing inlo a lallIe scene, I vas on a iiveiloal duiing lhe
CiviI Wai. SnaII and leal up due lo lhe vai, five nen veie Iefl on oui
loal and foui on lheiis, as aII lhe iesl had died. WaIking lo lhe fionl, I
veIIed lo lhe guvs on lhe olhei loal, "Whv don'l vou guvs cone ovei foi
Iunch`" OlviousIv laken lv suipiise, lhev lhoughl il vas a good idea
and lhev cane ovei. Tension vas in lhe aii as eveivone vas sliII ained,
lul no one vanled lo die and lhev veie viIIing lo lake a chance al
As ve ale Iunch, I asked lhe olhei loal ciev vheie lhev veie
fion and lhev said, "Louisiana." SniIing, I iepIied, "Mv faniIv Iived in
Louisiana foi a shoil vhiIe vhen I vas a kid." One of lhe nen on lhe
loal I oiiginaled vilh gol angiv. "Hev, vhose side aie vou on,
anvvav`" "I an on eveivone's side." I said. "You aII seen piellv nuch
lhe sane lo ne. OnIv vou knov vhv vou'ie kiIIing each olhei." One of
lhe Louisiana lovs lioke in, "When did voui faniIv Iive in Louisiana`"
He asked. "WeII," I ansveied, "lhe Iale lvenlielh cenluiv." Looking al
each olhei as if lheii confusion vas loideiing on angei, I conlinued, "I
ieaIize lhal lhis is lhe nineleenlh cenluiv, lul I an a line liaveIei, I've
leen senl lo leII vou of lhe fuliIilv of vai." Nov lhev lecane siIenlIv
conlenpIalive. "Whal have vou gained lv kiIIing voui liolheis and
vhal have vou Iosl`" Sone of lhe nen legan civing. "Those vou have
Iosl aie doing veiv veII, as lhev have noved on inlo lhe spiiil ieaIn
and inlo lheii unIiniled foins. Do nol voiiv aloul lhe pasl, lul lhink
aloul lhe fuluie! Whal a leaulifuI ieaIilv vou couId cieale if aII of vou
vouId enlei inlo Iove." Slanding lo Ieave, I hugged lhen. "I nusl ie-
enlei lhe line lunneI nov and ieluin lo nv line fiane. I viII nol see
vou again in lhis Iifeline, lul I Iove vou aII. Think aloul voui choices."
OuielIv, I vaIked inlo lhe lunneI as lhev Iooked on. In a nonenl, I vas
Again, il is inpoilanl lo achieve laIance, and lheie aie lines
vhen one nusl sland againsl daik foices lhal nanifesl upon lhe eailh.
ßul vai is nol jusl, foi lheie aie aIvavs innocenls vho die foi soneone
eIse's cause, and guiIlv ones vho go fiee . . .
Reluining lo foin, I vas inleiesled in lhe gifl given lo ne lv
lhe Iapanese nan. Upon Iooking in lhe diclionaiv, I found lhal Nikko
vas a lovn in cenliaI Iapan on Honshu IsIand, fanous foi ils shiines
and lenpIes. The sacied gifl of Iove vouId le foievei dispIaved on lhe
sheIf of nv spiiil.

lnu dc ucu sncu| |nc ca|| cf uar. |c|| nc fricnd. una| is i| fcr
|n fcar. uc cru danna|icns nanc. in |ctc. uc jcin cur orc|ncr. |ancd
A|| is uc|| ocucnd |nc tci|. |nc ca|| cf sucrds |ingcr in s|i||
Tcnp|a|icns |cnpcs| ca||s |nc ucung. ou| in cur ncar|s uc arc ou| cnc

lna| is |nc fign|. |nc causc ucu scc|. |c uuc|| |nc |ncugn|s cf diffcrcn| spcccn
Or arc ucu fign|ing fcr una| ucu arc. and if sc. una| is ucur causc
|cr unc ucu arc is una| | an. a|| |ifc jcins as cnc in |nc |and
lnc ucu arc is una| | scc|. snarc ucur ocau|u. dcn'| fign| ui|n nc

Tc|| nc cf ucur carncs| drcan. and |'|| |c|| ucu cf una| | scc
8cucnd |nc tci|. uc |ncu cacn c|ncr uc||. |ctc orings nirrcrs |c us a||
Mirrcr ucur drcans. |'|| ca|cn |ncir g|arc. |nc tisicn cf a orign|. uni|c. cag|c fca|ncr
|'|| nirrcr oac| a|| |na| | ticu. |nc ocau|u |na| |'tc fcund in ucu
Tnc nirrcring s|ar|cd. ncncrics ocgin. |ctc's tci|cd |cnpcs| s|ar|s again
A|| uc arc as ocarcrs cf |ign|. |cgc|ncr. cur tisicn ui|| daun |nc nign|

"Neter begln a uar µourse|f. God does not |lke b|ood-shed. flght on|µ ln
Nanju| 8a|agna. Tnc Au|ncr. 34 |c 40 A.H.. Pagc 55. Nc. 1. |nan A|i |on Aou Ta|io.
Lnleiing lhe lodv of a voung cave nan, nv falhei vas al nv
side. Long giavish-lIack haii fianed his oId and lalleied face, and he
voie a snaII piece of aninaI hide aiound his nidseclion. Slanding in a
snaII pIol of diil, a cIiff Iav lo nv iighl and a snaII hiII vas in fionl of
ne. Veiv IillIe vegelalion vas in lhe aiea, onIv a fev snaII liees and
lushes. In nv hand vas a Iong speai, and aloul lvenlv feel in fionl of
ne vas a huge Maslodon.
The leasl vas inlenseIv gazing nv vav, and I knev lhal I
vouId have lo nake a nove soon. Il vas inninenl: il vouId le eilhei
hin oi us. Mv falhei vhispeied in nv eai sone voids vhich cane
fion a Ianguage I didn'l iecognize, lul al lhe line, undeislood. "You
nusl speai hin in lhe heail," he said, "and vou nusl gel il iighl lhe fiisl
line. Theie viII le no chance foi a second liv!" We veie in giave
SuddenIv, lhe Maslodon gol up, his lhick Iegs and ainoi
shoving slienglh lhal I couId nol hope lo nalch. Inslincl look ovei,
hovevei, as lhe ciealuie Iunged foivaid. Iushing lhe speai in lhe
diieclion of his heail, nv falhei and I Ieapl lack as he conlinued oui
vav. Il seened cIeai lhal I had nissed as lhe aninaI piepaied lo snash
us vilh a singIe svipe of his fionl Iegs, lul suddenIv, he lenl
lackvaids and legan lo die. A snaII vound neai lhe heail vas evidenl
vhen he ioIIed ovei. Mv falhei vas veiv pioud.
"The Master sald. A man can en|arge hls Waµ: but there ls no Waµ that can
en|arge a man."
Tnc Ana|cc|s cf Ccnfucius. 8cc| XV. Nc. 28. Pagc 199. (8uddnisn. Ccnfucianisn.
lcrds cf Ccnfucius)
CenlIv guided inlo lhe lodv of a peacefuI nalive vonan fion
a Iong line ago, I vas naiiied lo lhe chief of lhis snaII land of lhe Ule
liile, vhose peopIe had nol vel leen exposed lo lhe vhile nan. Mv
nane vas Dove Song. Young and naive, ve Iived a veiv peacefuI Iife
unliI lhe vhile nen evenluaIIv cane.
On lhe occasion of lhe vhile nan's aiiivaI, oui liile lhiev a
lig pailv and danced foi lhen, lul lhe vhile nen had cone in niIilaiv
diess. In a conpIeleIv unexpecled nove, lhev legan fiiing al iandon al
oui peopIe duiing lhe dancing and six veie kiIIed.
Taking nvseIf and lvenlv vaiiiois vilh hin, lhe chief
jouineved inlo lhe canp of lhe vhile nan, sliII convinced lhal lheii
hain vas accidenlaI and lheii inlenlions veie good. The chief lhoughl
il nighl have leen a nisundeislanding, lul jusl in case, ve did liing a
vai pailv in addilion lo lhe lvenlv vaiiiois vhich hid in lhe hiIIs
lehind us, in case he vas viong.
Lnleiing lhe canp, lhe vhile nen Ied lhe chief inside a lenl lo
laIk. As soon as he vas oul of sighl, lhe soIdieis appioached us.
HoIding a knife lo lhe lhioal of each one of oui vaiiiois, a vonan cane
lovaids ne and heId a knife lo nv slonach. In nonenls a connand
vas given lo kiII each of us sinuIlaneousIv. Aflei she shoved lhe knife
inlo nv slonach, nv lodv Iav upon lhe giound dving, as she scaIped
nv Iong lIack haii vhiIe I vas sliII aIive.
When lhe chief eneiged fion lhe lenl, he scieaned! "Mv
leaulifuI Dove Song!" As his vai civ legan ioaiing acioss lhe skv-lops,
havoc ensued as lhe hidden vai pailv eneiged. The chief died onIv
nonenls Ialei nol fai fion nv side. Renenleiing lhis nov, I knev
lhal lhis vas lhe leginning, lhe fiisl sign lhal lhe vhile nan had cone
lo do hain.

Dcs|inu's uind canc ca||ing. ucu |is|cncd |c |nc tcicc
Ycu ncard |nc cru cf frccdcn. fcr a ncncn|. rc|cascd |nc ncisc
Our pa|ns cf |ign| natc crcsscd. and |ctc's occn snarcd and cnoraccd
Tcncrrcu. ucu'|| rcncnocr. ucur purpcsc in |nis racc

8u| in ucur ncar|. rcncnocr
li|n ctcru passing scund
||uing cn |nc uind s|rcan
Tnc dctc fc||cus ucu arcund

Par| cf nc is ui|n ucu. nu spiri| |ncus ucur p|acc
|nsidc nu scu| rcncnocrs. ctcru sing|c facc
Nc na||cr uncrc |ifc |a|cs ucu. ucur pa|n is nc| a|cnc
|cr nanu ua|| ocsidc ucu and f|u jus| |i|c |nc dctc

|'n niddcn in ucur spaccs. ou| |'n a|uaus ou ucur sidc
Opcn |c nu prcscncc and find uncrc |ctc aoidcs
Rcncnocr in |nc dar|ncss. |na| |ifc is tcru ncar
| ccnc |c ucu as a dctc. fcr ucur scu| | sncd a |car

"lt ls tlme for a|| to seek de|lterance from the µalns of blrth. death. o|d age. and
slckness. Outf|ous of deµratltµ and defl|ement are eterµuhere. and there ls
nothlng ln uhlch µou can flnd true ]oµ."
Tnc Tnrcc Purc |and Su|ras. Tnc |argcr Su|ra. Nc. 33. Paragrapn 3. (8uddnisn. Purc
|and. lcrds cf |nc 8uddna)
Leaving foin, I nel vilh sone spiiiluaI guides vho veie
denonslialing lheii lechniques foi liinging Iighl inlo lhe sul-conscious
slale. "Though lheie nav seen lo le IillIe change consciousIv in a
leing," lhev said, "lheie can le nuch aclivilv in lhe sul-conscious nind.
Changes occui on sullIe IeveIs and lhese changes viII evenluaIIv
suiface in lhe conscious slale."
Walching lhen peifoin lhis voik on a souI, a laII spiiil
veaiing a vhile iole legan sveeping Iighl acioss lhis souI. ßeginning
lo shine liighlIv, lhe diffeienl spiiils piesenl legan voiking on lheii
ovn speciaIized aieas. One spiiil louched diffeienl pails of lhis souI,
igniling lhen in Iighl. Anolhei spoke soflIv lo lhis souI, speaking
univeisaI liulhs. AII of lhis vas leing done vilhoul anv conscious
avaieness of lhis peison on lhe giound, lul vas igniled lv lhe souI's
piaveis and desiie lo nove cIosei lo Cod. Iascinaled, I ieluined lo
"Moreoter. the deslre to go ls the measure here. When there ls the deslre to go.
one uho has made hls menta| reso|te ln thls uaµ goes tlslb|µ. carrled bµ the
force of the reso|utlon |lke an arrou shot bµ an archer."
Tnc Pa|n cf Purifica|icn. Cnap|cr X||. Tnc Supcrncrna| Pcucrs. Nc. 132. (8uddnisn.
Walching as a lIue civslaI faceled spaceship shaped Iike an
houigIass vas descending fion lhe skv, nv spiiil vas nesneiized lv
lhe scene. A spiiil voice legan speaking lehind ne, "Nol Iong ago, lhis
spaceship aiiived fion Venus caiiving souIs vho vished lo incainale
in hunan foin. OnIv a fev sav as lhe spaceship cane lo Lailh lecause
onIv a fev veie alIe lo see lhiough lheii spiiil's eves. Il vas an asliaI
spaceship, and voui chiId vas on lhis ship." Coning lo a haIl, lhe
spiiils inside legan pouiing oul. Mv oIdesl daughlei, vho vas onIv
lvo, ian up lo ne, hei deslinv cIeai and knovn lo hei. In hei chiIdIike
lodv, she spoke vilh aulhoiilv and conviclion. "I have cone fion a
voiId of peace and lianquiIilv, a voiId vheie Iove is aII lhal is. I enlei
nov inlo a voiId fiIIed vilh luinoiI and no innei vision. Like vou,
nolhei, lhis socielv viII nol suslain ne. Mv deslinv viII nol le lo fil
inlo lhis socielv, lul lo leach socielv nev vavs. ße palienl vilh ne." As
leais slieaned dovn nv face, I heId hei linv hand and acknovIedged
lhal I vouId. Ioi a nonenl, I louched lhe gIilleiing lIue civslaI pIales
upon lhe spaceship, and feIl lhe povei lhal fueIed lhis vesseI.
"He uho |ltes under the guldance of reason endeators. as far as µosslb|e. to
render back |ote. or klndness. for other men's hatred. anger. contemµt. etc..
touard hlm."
Tnc ||nics cf Spincza. On Hunan 8cndagc. Tnc |i|||c P|casurcs and |nc Grca| Sin. Pagc
108. Paragrapn 2. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. 8arucn Spincza)
Lnleiing inlo lhe alnospheie of lhe eailh and lhen space, I
valched as I passed lv Venus and Meicuiv, and suddenIv nv souI shol
diieclIv lovaids Venus. Lnleiing vhal appeaied lo le a cilv, il Iooked
nuch Iike a veiv cIean and gIislening veision of eailh excepl lhal lhe
coineis of aII lhe luiIdings veie iounded, lheie vas an onnipiesence of
coIoi and aII vas siIenl and peacefuI.
Thinking aloul Ouasai, I senl a queslion oul lo lhe univeise.
"Can I pIease cone lo see vou Ouasai`" Shooling lhiough lhe heavens,
lhe fIighl of nv spiiil hil soaiing piopoilions in speed unIike evei
lefoie. Knoving lhal I vas going veiv IAR avav, lhe slais fIev lv in a
slieak of vhile Iighl, and suddenIv nv souI pIunneled.
Landing on sonelhing, I noliced lhe gieal anounl of vhile
nisl aII aiound ne. AngeIic nusic vas enanaling fion aII diieclions
and vou couId ILLL il as veII as heai il. A snaII speck of puipIe Iighl
appeaied, and il legan lo giov Iaigei and Iaigei, coning neaiei and
neaiei. Il didn'l slop gioving unliI il vas a huge laII of puipIe Iighl, as
Iaige as anv slai aiound ne. "Ouasai," I shouled, "Mv Cod, vou aie
leaulifuI!" LnveIoping ne in hei Iove, I feIl lhe high honoi il vas lo le
in hei liue piesence, lhal of a slai.
"What these hlgher entltles accomµ|lsh ulth the µhµslca| entltles (be|ou them)
ls ca||ed lnf|uence (Hashµa'ah). A|| lnf|uences that are dlrected from the hlgher
entltles touard those be|ou. µass through the stars. The stars are therefore the
c|osest thlngs to the terrestrla| uor|d hatlng such lnf|uence."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. An |ssau cn |undancn|a|s. Pagc 373. Paragrapn 2-3. (]udaisn.
Au|ncr. Raooi Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)
Slanding al lhe fool of a foiesl, I noliced lvo Indian nen
veaiing jeans lul no shiil, lheii haii Iong and lIack, and each leaiing a
fealhei hanging dovn vilh lhe fIov of lheii haii. Andv vas vilh lhen,
and as soon as I sav lhen lhev sniIed and iaised lheii hands.
ßeckoning ne lo foIIov lhen, lhev lolh luined inlo eagIes and fIev
inlo lhe skv. Landing aloul one-hundied feel avav, lhev vailed foi ne
lo gel neaiei lo lhen as I fIev vilh a fuiv lo keep up. ßul once again, as
I gol cIose, lhev luined inlo eagIes and soaied off lo ieappeai nexl lo a
Iaige valeifaII vhich feII inlo a vide Iake. Andv disappeaied and
ieappeaied vilh lhen vheievei lhev venl. As I appioached lhen al
lhe valeifaII, I asked, "Whv is Andv vilh vou`" Thev quielIv
iesponded, "We aie of lhe ßiid Tiile and Andv is oui liolhei." I vas
lhiiIIed lo heai such nevs, as lhev conlinued, "IoIIov hin in lines of
disliess. His knovIedge is diffeienl fion vouis, lul jusl as vasl. You
undeisland lhe ieaIns of spiiil, vhich is vondious indeed. Andv,
hovevei, undeislands lhe inliicacies of Iiving in a phvsicaI voiId vilh
lhe spiiil of Iove fuIIv incainale."
"Oui jouinev iepiesenls lhe fIuidilv of voui Iife on lhe eailh-
pIane. You shaII nevei sland sliII foi Iong, as vou viII conslanlIv nove
fion one nind space lo anolhei noie appiopiiale foi lhe palh of
knovIedge." Wilh lhal, lhev luined inlo eagIes and fIev off deepei inlo
lhe foiesl as I fianlicaIIv foIIoved lhen. Andv disappeaied.
Conlinuing seveiaI noie lines, ve venl deepei and deepei inlo lhe
voods. Mv veaining lo calch lhen and lo undeisland giev deepei and
noie passionale. IinaIIv, lhev spoke in unison as lhev look lheii finaI
Ieap inlo lhe foiesl. "IoIIov us deepei inlo lhe foiesl, oh leaulifuI
spiiil! We viII guide vou! As vou foIIov us deepei inlo lhe gieal
foiesl, vou viII enlei inlo deepei undeislanding and avaieness of
liulh." IIving faslei, I sliII couId nol calch lhen. "Wail, I an coning!" I
shouled, "I vanl lo cone vilh vou!" Shouling lack, lhev said, "Il is
vondeifuI lhal vou desiie so nuch. IIv, spiiil, fIv! We viII conslanlIv
le noving deepei inlo lhe foiesl of undeislanding and Iove, so vou, loo,
nusl le noving in oidei lo foIIov us. Nevei slop fIving, nv liave IillIe
souI, as il is lhis viIIingness lo nove and change lhal viII fueI voui
giovlh!" Digesling lheii voids, lhev disappeaied lo nv sighl. "I viII
foIIov vou!" I shouled, "Thank vou foi shoving ne lhe vav! I Iove
"Those uhose tlta| sµlrlt ls scattered outuard|µ and uhose lnte||ectua|
rumlnatlons ramb|e lnuard|µ cannot gotern thelr bodles. When uhat the sµlrlt
emµ|oµs ls dlstant. then uhat lt |oses ls nearbµ. So knou the uor|d ulthout
golng out the door. knou the ueather ulthout |ooklng out the ulndou: the
further out lt goes. the |ess knou|edge ls. Thls means that uhen µure slncerltµ
emerges from ulthln. sµlrltua| energµ motes ln heaten."
lcn-Tzu. |ur|ncr Tcacnings cf |ac-|zu. Nc. 20. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tzu)
And il cane lo pass lhal I Ieained hov lo naneuvei lhiough
nanv dinensions of nv ovn accoid. One seciel I Ieained vas lhal
vhen no lunneIs appeai lo vou, as lheie aie nanv diffeienl lunneIs of
liaveI lhiough line and dinensions, vou nusl |nin| of lhen and WILL
lhen lo appeai in oidei lo liaveise lhen. (Shoul oul "The Coiiidoi!")
"Aµµ|µ µour heart to lnstructlon. and µour ears to uords of knou|edge."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Prctcros 23.12
Taken lo a feai lhoughl-foin on lhe asliaI pIane, a gioup of
peopIe veie naking fun of ne and piovoking ne phvsicaIIv. When
lhev appioached, I heId oul nv hand and louched lhen, and lhev feII
lack fion lhe foice of lhe Iighl. Tvo nalive nen vaIked in lhe ioon
veaiing lIue fIoving jackels vilh vhile shiils and panls. One of lhen
innedialeIv cane neai ne as I inslincliveIv iaised nv hand. As he feII,
I Iooked al lhe olhei spiiil vilh hin vho had lhe nosl leaulifuI Iong
lIack vavv haii. "Kulahev!" I shouled. "Il's vou!" Looking lehind ne
al lhe nan vho had jusl faIIen lo lhe fIooi, I ciinged, "Chevenne, I'n so
soiiv!" He vas unconceined, hovevei, and nolioned ne lo Iislen lo
Lnliacing ne, Kulahev asked, "Mv chiId, aie vou on oui
side`" Thinking a nonenl, I iepIied, "I iepiesenl nanv sides,
vhichevei I can undeisland in lhe nov." "Thal is peiceplive of vou.
Hovevei, ve cone lo vou vilh lhis gioup of leings vou peiceive as
huiling vou. Whv is il lhal vou don'l peiceive us as huiling vou, aflei
aII, vhal I an is vho lhev aie`" I pondeied. "WeII, I knov lhal vou
Iove ne and vanl lo heIp ne giov in nv avaieness of Iove." I said.
"Yes," he iepIied, "lhal is liue. We vanl lo heIp vou, vel vou aie afiaid.
Whal is il vou liuIv feai, nv chiId`" SheepishIv, I iepIied, "Rejeclion."
Kulahev sniIed and pul his ains aiound ne. "Thev viII nol iejecl vou,
nv leaulifuI chiId. Al lhe coie of lheii leing, lhev aie so gialefuI lo
ieceive lhis liulh. Il is lheii ego lhal vanls lo iejecl voui voids as lhose
voids foice lhen lo ie-evaIuale lheii enliie ieaIilv. See lheii coie of
uncondilionaI Iove, nol lheii ciusl of angei and nisundeislanding. The
ego is lhe haidesl olslacIe lo oveicone, as nanv viII hoId onlo il lo
define lhenseIves as sepaiale and sonehov diffeienl. Tiulh, hovevei,
is lhal vhal I an is vho vou aie. We liuIv aie aII one enlilv." "Thank
vou," I said as I hugged hin good-lve, "I've nissed vou."
"At the root of thls µreceµt |les the reason that ue uere commanded to emu|ate
ln our actlons the qua|ltles of the Eterna| Lord. b|essed ls He. (One) of Hls
attrlbutes ls that He abounds ln |otlng-klndness - l.e. He dea|s ulth human
belngs beµond the strlct |lne (|etter) of the |au."
Scfcr naHinnucn. Vc|unc 1. Nc. 76. Paragrapn 2. (]udaisn)
ßecause of nv voik vilh nanv souIs, I vas leginning lo
ieaIize lhal highei and sul-conscious aspecls of souIs can le quile
diffeienl fion lheii phvsicaI counleipails. Il vas nv dulv lo seive lhe
highei good of lhe souI, ialhei lhan lhe peisonaIilv on lhe giound,
vhich oflenlines leIieves il needs sonelhing diffeienl lhan ils liue
And so il cane lo pass lhal nv souI undeivenl seveiaI
jouinevs inlo cosnic eIenenls, quasai and puIsai slais, lhe iings of
Saluin, as veII as vaiious olhei pIanels. Coing lo lhese pIaces fiIIed nv
souI vilh eneigv unallainalIe in anv olhei fashion, lecause lhev veie
fiIIed vilh spiiiluaI povei.

|uing in |nc suns|rcan. ocau|u |ics |c tisicn scc|
A|| |na| ocars |nc s|in |c uarn|n. nc|ds nu ncar| in rap|urcs |ccp
Suns|rcans. |ign|-fi||cd fan|asics. f|cuing |c |nc gcn||c fcrcc
Scnscs suauing. scngs cf |nc orcczc. finding |ncsc dccp in nu ncar|

Yc||cu ocans cf scnsua| f|air. ca||ing cc||s. rcacning cu|
Rau ocings scnd nu scu| |c nas|c. suns|rcans o|cnding ctcru par|
Mcncrics g|is|cning. ca||ing fcr|n. passicns f|cuing. drauing ncar
|rcn |nc dccp-fi||cd cnocr ncar|n. a|| unc duc|| insidc arc dcar

Nc cnc ca|ns nin. ucrds cru cu|
Tnc suns|rcans purpcsc fc||cus prcsc
Tnc |ign|cd g|is|cn ncra|ds praisc
Spiri| cn|crs suns|rcans |nrccs

"The One Llfe. moreoter. ls not to be thought of as dltldlng and sµ|lttlng ltse|f
uµ lnto blts. µarts. and µartlc|es. ln order to accomµ|lsh the µrocess of Creatlon.
and the Manlfestatlon of the Wor|d. lnstead. lt ls to be thought of as mere|µ
ref|ectlng ltse|f ln the manµ lndltldua| mlrrors of exµresslon. ]ust as the sun
ref|ects ltse|f as One ln the ml||lons of fa||lng ralndroµs. or ln a ml||lon tlnµ ]ars
fl||ed ulth uater. There are ml||lons of ref|ectlons of the One. but on|µ the one
One ln rea|ltµ."
Tnc Sccrc| Dcc|rinc cf |nc Rcsicrucians. Par| V. Pagc 64. Paragrapn 2. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. Rcsicrucian)
Iieed in a fIash of Iighl, nv spiiil soaied unliI il ieached ils
deslinalion aside an Indian nan vho voie onIv a luck-skin. "IoIIov
ne!" He said, as he dailed lo lhe heavens. Leading ne lo an endIess
iivei of iiidescenl lIue, he nolioned ne lo gel inlo lhe valei. Ciealing
a lhoughl-foin canoe, I piepaied lo cIinl in vhen he caInIv said, "No,
YOU gel in lhe iivei." Disposing of nv lhoughl ciealed canoe: I junped
in lhe valei and noliced lhal il vas veiv vain. An unseen pioleclive
spiiil gol inlo lhe valei lefoie ne, and lhe Indian nan vas lehind.
TiaveIing lhiough lhe valeis, ve jouineved inlo a cavein
vheiein lhe iivei fIoved. Slopping lo Iook al lhe nan lehind ne, I
genlIv said, "Which vav do I go`" "IoIIov lhe innei caveins," he said,
"lhev viII Iead vou lo lhe coie." ßul as I noved ahead, lhe valei
lecane veiv coId. "This valei is so coId!" I shouled, nol vanling lo go
fuilhei. "The valei is onIv as vou peiceive il." He said. "A palh iaieIv
liaveIed has IillIe Iighl. IoIIov lhe iivei lo lhe coie, and liing foilh
voui deepesl undeislanding and avaieness. ßv doing lhis, vou viII
liing Iighl and vainlh lo voui iivei. Open lhe channeI lelveen voui
highei seIf and voui phvsicaI nanifeslalion, and vou viII liaveI lhis
pail of lhe iivei oflen!" IIoving invaid, I Iooked lack and noliced he
vasn'l coning vilh ne. He had iead nv nind and said, "This jouinev
nusl le laken vouiseIf, lul I viII vail foi vou on lhe lank."
IeeIing lhe inlensilv of lhe unseen piesence in fionl of ne, I
knev I vasn'l liuIv aIone, lul I vas sliII fiighlened. As lhis jouinev
conlinued, nv nenoiv vas lIocked, lul I ieluined vilh a poen in nv
head and a ceilain undeislanding lhal I had laken nv fiisl jouinev lo
nv ovn innei coie, nv highei seIf. And lhal lhis jouinev vas vilaI in
lhe piocess of puiificalion.

Hcrc | an. ua||ing in |nc snadcus. dcing nu ocs| |c scc |nc |ign|
Hcrc | an. ua||ing in |nc snadcus. uncn | |cc|. |nc g|arc's |cc orign|
| |ncu |ncrc's scnc|ning |c na|ing drcans ccnc |ruc
| fcc| ucur prcscncc and insidc. | rcncnocr ucu

|cc|ing |nc pcucr cf |nc unitcrsa| f|cu
Tnc cncrgu ccncs |nrcugn nc and is aucscnc in i|s sncu
And scncncu uncn ucu'rc ncar nc. | ncar |nc nign| uind cnccr
'A spiri|'s discctcrcd i||usicn and rca|i|u is ncu c|car!'

8u| ncrc | an. ua||ing in |nc snadcus. dcing nu ocs| |c scc |nc |ign|
Hcrc | an. ua||ing in |nc snadcus. | ucndcr unu |nc g|arc's |cc orign|
On|u fcar o|cc|s nu sign|. frcn ncu cn |'|| fc||cu |nc pa|n cf |nc |ign|
Suoni||ing |c |rus| as fcar is i||usicn. i|'s |inc |c cnd |nis pa|n cf ccnfusicn

And scncncu uncn ucu'rc ncar nc. | ncar |nc |rcc|cps rcar
'A spiri| is ncu ccnscicus. and fcar prcsidcs nc ncrc.'
Hcrc | an. ua||ing in |nc snadcus. |nc snadcus cf nu spiri|ua| guidcs
Hcrc | an. |ctc oc|cngs ocsidc nc. occausc | an a par| cf |nc |ign|

"Theµ see the Lord ln the cate of the heart and are granted a|| the b|esslngs of
Tnc Upanisnads. Tai||iriua Upanisnad. Par| ||. 1.1. Pagc 142. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn.
||na|n |asuaran)
"Lote oµens the mlnds lnterlors but fear c|oses them . . ."
Ditinc Prctidcncc. V||. Nc. 139. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr. |nanuc|
And so il cane lo pass lhal I liaveIed noie and noie inlo
IileiaIIv dozens of pasl-Iives. Manv of nv Iifelines deaIl vilh Iusl
issues, uniequiled Iove, dangei, and unfuIfiIIed dieans. Iion lhe
ancienl davs of Mava vhen I vas a queen, lo nv nanv Iifelines anong
lhe piaiiie as an Indian nan and vonan, lo lhe nedievaI Iifeline as
Oueen Ciidinaiia, a heinil vho Iived aII aIone in caslIes of slone. In
facl, I vas nade lo knov of a Iegendaiv song vhich spoke of hei, "She
Iives aII aIone, in caslIes of slone, vho is lhis Oueen . . . Ciidinaiia."
Ieifoining vilh a lioupe of aclois in lhe niddIe ages, I nevei
fuIfiIIed nv polenliaI conpIeleIv, and again vas uniequiled lo lhe Iove
of nv Iife. An acconpIished dancei fion a pooi faniIv, I lecane a
seivanl lo a iich faniIv vhose nan of lhe house oflen iaped lhe heIp.
Lscaping vilh a nan vho Ioved ne, I vas fiee, lul unalIe lo fuIfiII nv
Iife diean as a dancei. A Ievish giiI duiing lhe Second WoiId Wai, I
vas spaied lhe loinenl lhal so nanv Ievs suffeied in concenlialion
canps, vhen I vas shol fIeeing fion Ceinan guaids. Manv Iives, as
nen, vonen, iich, pooi, heaIlhv, handicapped, fion eveiv cuIluie of
lhe voiId . . . lul each loie lhe naik of kainic slain. And lhioughoul
lhis piocess, I undeivenl hundieds of vilialionaI iaisings, and assisled
scoies of Iosl and sul-conscious souIs.
"A|| these thlngs arlse deµendent|µ. from causes. µet theµ are nelther exlstent nor
nonexlstent. Thereln ls nelther ego. nor exµerlencer. nor doer. µet no actlon. good
or etl|. |oses lts effects. Such ls µour teachlng."
Tnc Hc|u Tcacning cf Vina|a|ur|i. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 13. S|anza 4. (8uddnisn.
"You assoclate ulth |ltlng belngs bµ frequentlng thelr mlgratlons. Yet µour
mlnd ls |lberated
from a|| mlgratlons."
Tnc Hc|u Tcacning cf Vina|a|ur|i. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 15. S|anza 3. (8uddnisn.
UnieIenling and neiciIess, a foice diove nv spiiil lhiough
space lo aiiive upon lhe pIanel of lhe Assisi Maiaudeis. Slanding in lhe
nidsl of lhe Assisi Mounlains, I ieveIed in lhe leaulv of aII aiound.
Silling on lhe giound, I suddenIv noliced a shadov of a nan al
lhe lop of a cIiff in lhe dislance. In lhe niId vind, a cape lIev lehind
hin. "CouId il le`" I lhoughl. Disappeaiing fion lhal spol and
naleiiaIizing in fionl of ne, il vas nv speciaI fiiend, lhe Assisi
Maiaudei vilh his vhile-vinged hoise slanding in lhe dislance.
"Il's leen a Iong line," he said, "lul lhis visil viII have leen
voilh lhe vail." Slailing lo laIk aloul oId lines, he liied lo avaken nv
nenoiv of hin, lul I couIdn'l iecaII his conneclion lo ne, aIlhough nv
senses veie aIvavs ieeIing in his piesence. Mv souI fc|| oui pasl, lul I
had no hisloiicaI Iandnaik vilhin vhich lo pIace il. Taking nv hand,
ve fIev high inlo lhe skv vilhin lhe univeisaI spheies.
Slopping in a huge iolaling vhile nisl, he said, "This is lhe
voilex, lhe uIlinale looI of ciealion!" The nisl spun Iike a lop inlo lhe
cenlei of lhe cIoud. Molioning ne lo enlei inlo lhe voilex, I fIev in and
legan spinning sIovIv al fiisl, lul incieasingIv faslei unliI I vas
nolhing lul a lIui of eneigv. "Cieale vilh lhis voilex!" he shouled, as I
focused nv lhoughls on lhe ciealive piojecls lhe Loid had asked ne lo
fuIfiII. As line passed, I evenluaIIv cane oul of lhe voilex, iejoining nv
IIving lack lo lhe pIace vheie nv lodv Iav sIeeping, he said,
"You viII cieale voui ovn voilex, foIIov lhe exanpIe of lhe slais!"
WiIIing nvseIf lo spin, il didn'l lake Iong lefoie nv spiiil spun,
ieIenlIessIv consuned in nv ovn peisonaI voilex. Winking, he vaved
good-lve as he Iefl foi lhe slais. "Thank vou!" I caIIed oul as he
"ln a state uhere Belng ls fu||µ malntalned the µrocess of exµerlence becomes
µouerfu|. and the exµerlence of the ob]ect becomes deeµer and fu||er than before.
Thls art of belng on the |ete| of exµerlence ls natura| ln a fu||µ lntegrated |lfe
uhere one ls ab|e to |lte a|| ta|ues of the transcendenta|. abso|ute b|lss-
consclousness of Belng together ulth exµerlences of the tarlous asµects of
re|atlte creatlon."
Tnc Scicncc cf 8cing and Ar| cf |iting. Par| 3. Cnap|cr 2. Pagc 119. Paragrapn 3.
(Hinduisn. Au|ncr. Manarisni Mancsn Ycgi)
Hoveiing on lhe asliaI pIane, I vas confionled lv an inage of
a spiiil lhal legan lhioving iocks al ne, and launling ne vilh disgusl.
Ducking, I vanled lo avoid leing hil, lul suddenIv ieaIized lhal lhis
vas nol a ieaI spiiil, lul a lhoughl-foin I had ciealed fion nv ovn
insecuiilies. Tuining lo hei, I said, "Thal is nol vho vou ieaIIv aie, vou
aie an eagIe!" No soonei vas il said, lhan il lecane such and fIev
A spiiiluaI hand look nine and ve fIev ne lo anolhei
deslinalion. Lnleiing a huge vaiehouse, il vas fiIIed lo oveifIoving
vilh painlings, scuIpluie, nusicaI scoies and looks. Looking aiound, I
noliced a snaII nan dusling eveivlhing vilh Iove and caie. WaIking
ovei lo hin, I said, "Sii, vhal is lhis pIace` Theie aie so nanv leaulifuI
painlings!" SniIing as he Iooked up, he said, "This is lhe vaiehouse of
aII unfuIfiIIed dieans." "Wov," I iepIied, "aII lhis leaulv, and vel
unfuIfiIIed`" OuielIv chuckIing, he said, "UnliI lhe leaiei is ieadv lo
aIIov il inlo lheii ieaIilv, I valch ovei lheii diean. When lhev aie
ieadv lo Iel il in, lheii dieans viII le as liighl and nev as lhe dav lhev
veie conceived!" Looking al a painling, I asked, "Can anvone liing
lhese leaulifuI lhings in`" "Oh, ves," he said, "lul as vou aie avaie, vou
nusl desiie il vilh aII of voui heail. Youi fiiends have nanv dieans
vaiehoused heie: I couId ieaIIv use lhe space so I an hoping lhal lhev
viII aIIov lhen inlo lheii ieaIilv veiv soon!" He spoke of lhe lvo
nusicaI souIs I'd guaidianed. MusicaI scoies veie Iving aII aiound,
piIed up in loxes foi lhen. IeeIing sadness foi lheii Ioss, he said,
"Theie aie nanv veiv leaulifuI dieans, aie lheie nol`" Nodding 'Yes,'
lhe spiiil vho had laken ne lo lhis pIace pIaced his hand in nine and
Ied ne hone.
"lf a µlece of cantas µalnted uµon bµ an artlst cou|d thlnk and sµeak. lt
certaln|µ uou|d not comµ|aln at belng constant|µ touched and retouched bµ the
brush. and uou|d not entµ the |ot of that lnstrument. for lt uou|d rea|lte lt uas
not to the brush but to the artlst uslng lt that lt oued the beautµ ulth uhlch lt
uas c|othed. The brush. too. uou|d not be ab|e to boast of the masterµlece
µroduced ulth lt. as lt knous that artlsts are not at a |oss: theµ µ|aµ ulth
dlfflcu|tles. and are µ|eased to choose at tlmes ueak and defectlte lnstruments."
S|cru cf a Scu|. Cnap|cr X|. Pagc 235. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|.
Tncrcsc cf |isicux)
"I have cone lo laIk lo vou aloul fieedon." The spiiil of
Aliahan LincoIn said. "And vho lellei lo laIk of fieedon lhan vou,
Mi. LincoIn`" I ieloiled vilh a sniIe. "Thal's liue," he iepIied vilh a
giin, "Hovevei, I an no Iongei Mi. LincoIn. I'n onIv appeaiing lhis
vav foi lhe sake of effecl." InheienlIv, I knev lhal his souI had gone
onlo olhei lhings, and lhal lhis hisloiicaIIv significanl Iifeline of his
vas nolhing lul a vague nenoiv of a dislanl pasl. "Iieedon, Iike lhe
vind, fIies lo conpIelion lul nevei liuIv ends. When vou aie giving lhe
gifl of fieedon lo olheis, lheie aie guideIines lo heIp vou conpIele voui
lask. In lhe leginning, fIv Iike lhe eagIe. In lhe end, sel Iike lhe sun.
ßul foievei, palioI Iike lhe noon. AIvavs lheie, lul in lhe shadovs."
"Hov leaulifuI lhal is, sii." I said vilh iespecl. Soleiing, he iepIied,
"The univeise is leaulifuI, nv chiId, and lhough lhis nav le difficuIl al
lines, Iove neans giving fieedon, aII spiiils aie loin lo le fiee, in
puisuil of lheii dieans and in aII lhal lhev see. ße Iike lhe sun, valch
and shed Iighl, lul nake ioon foi lhe noon in lhe daikness of lhe
Mv guaidianship foi lhese lvo souIs vas conpIele foi nov,
lul as vilh aII souIs I vas insliucled lo guide, lheie vas an eneigelic
lond lhal vouId ienain vhich vouId aIeil ne lo lheii condilion and
slalus foi lhe ienaindei of lheii Iives, aInosl Iike a honing signaI. If
lhev evei needed ne again, lhis nechanisn vouId caII ne inlo aclion.
"Thank vou, Mi. LincoIn." I said, as he disappeaied. Anolhei spiiil
vind lIev lv vhispeiing lhese voids. "IolenliaIs aie fiIIed lv
seekeis." Then il vas gone.
"Theµ µerform thelr ]ourneµ together. ln unlon. and motlng about co||ectlte|µ.
|or theµ act ulth cause or ulthout cause. motlng ln a bodµ. Of a|| these actlng
ulth one another. but dlfferlng ln dete|oµment. the lncrease and dlmlnutlon ul||
nou be stated."
Tnc Anugi|a. Cnap|cr XX|V. Nc. 3-4. (Hinduisn)


"And the cltµ had no need of the sun. nelther of the moon. to shlne ln lt: for the
g|orµ of God dld |lghten lt. and the Lamb ls the |lght thereof."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 21.23. (Cnris|iani|u)


"The Mahamatl asked the B|essed One. saµlng: B|essed one. ls the µurlflcatlon
of the etl| out-f|oulngs of the mlnd uhlch come from c|lnglng to the notlons of
an ob]ectlte uor|d and an emµlrlca| sou|. gradua| or lnstantaneous? The
B|essed One reµ|led: There are three characterlstlc outf|ous of the mlnd. name|µ.
the etl| out-f|oulngs that rlse from thlrst. grasµlng and attachment . . . and from
becomlng attached to lt. are gradua||µ µurlfled and not lnstantaneous|µ."
A 8uddnis| 8io|c. Tnc |an|ata|ara Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr V|||. Pagc 325. Paragrapn 3-4.
Zooning lo a pIace anong lhe slais, a spiiiluaI exposilion vas
in piogiess and I vas lo denonsliale one of lhe nain evenls. As soon
as I aiiived, spiiils cane and vhisked ne avav lo a denonslialion sile.
A lhoughl-foin lodv Iav in lhe niddIe of a caveinous space. OuickIv
infoining ne of nv jol, lhev asked ne lo enlei lhe innaleiiaI lodv
and use il lo denonsliale lo sul-consciousIv asliaI spiiils lhe sepaialion
piocess of lodv and spiiil. Aloul a hundied sul-conscious souIs
enleied and slood aiound nv 'sIeeping lodv,' vhen soneone eIse cane
inlo lhe ioon vho innedialeIv look ne alack. "Whal is il aloul lhal
peison`" I lhoughl, feeIing inlense Iove and iecognilion. CaInIv, he
slood in a coinei in lhe lack.
Lnleiing inlo a vilialionaI slale, lhe spiiils legan lo naiiale
vhal vas happening. "As vou viII see if vou Iook lhiough voui spiiil's
eves, lhe sepaialion of lodv and spiiil has legun. The Iighl lodv has
nov deleinined ils sepaiale slalus lv aIIoving lhe spiiil lo fuIIv feeI
lhe fiequencv of lhe souI." As she spoke, I legan lo focus on nv sixlh
chakia and legin lhe iaising of nv vilialion. "MaiiIvnn is nov iaising
lhe fiequencv of hei vilialion highei so as lo naxinize lhe ease vilh
vhich she exils lhe lodv. Wilhoul lhis slep, vou nav shool iighl lack
lo voui lodv aflei Ieaving. AIIov voui spiiiluaI eves lo focus nov, as
hei spiiil is iising fion lhe lodv and oul." SIovIv Iifling upvaids, I feIl
lhe fieedon of nv souI.
IIving aiound lhe ioon, I cane upon lhe souI vho seened so
faniIiai. "I an lIessed lo le vilh vou again, MaiiIvnn," he said. In his
eves vas such inlense adoialion, I feIl a lil oveivheIned and quile
cuiious, lul I didn'l iecognize hin. Conlinuing nv fIighl aiound lhe
ioon, I vouId louch lhe sul-conscious souIs as lhev vouId shoul oul in
jov. "I feIl il, I liuIv feIl il!" Again naking nv vav aiound lhe ioon, I
cane neaiei lo lhe one vho inspiied such lienendous enolion. "Who
aie vou, leaulifuI spiiil`" I asked. His peacefuI sniIe did nol change.
"Mv deai MaiiIvnn, ve have vaIked lhe eailh logelhei nanv davs. We
have fIovn lhe slais nanv nighls. Il is oui Iove lhal vou ienenlei and
il is vondious, indeed!"
Reaching his hands lo ne, he heId lhen foi a nonenl in
siIence. "You have leen confused IaleIv. You feeI unceilain aloul voui
lask. I have ieluined lo cIaiifv il foi vou. You aie paving lhe vav foi
lhe Milhia's ieluin." ConlenpIaling a nonenl, I asked, "ßul vhal is
Milhia` I have seaiched nv souI lul found no nenoiv of il." He had
nolhing lo sav. "ßul vhal does Milhia iepiesenl`" Wilh a finaI hug
lefoie his depailuie, he said, "Youi lask viII le lo find oul."
Reluining, I discoveied lhal Milhia vas lhe 'ßeneficenl One' oi
Cod of Iighl and visdon accoiding lo ancienl Zoioasliian lexls. Milhia
vas lhe void foi 'Cod' lo Zaialhuslia.
"So maµ µou ln both uor|ds. maµ µou keeµ us ln both uor|ds. O Mlthra. |ord of
ulde µastures! both ln thls materla| uor|d and ln the uor|d of the sµlrlt."
Tnc Atcs|a. Par| ||. Yas| 10. Nc. 93. (Zcrcas|rianisn)
NeslIed in lhe skv vas a huge cilv of Iighl luiIl vilhin lhe
nounlains. As I enleied, I foIIoved lhe huge coiiidois vhich Ied in
eveiv diieclion, valching lhousands of souIs fialeinize. A neeling
pIace of sone soil: spiiils veie inlioducing lhenseIves lo one anolhei
and lhen vaIking off logelhei. Manv nusicaI and ciealive souIs veie
heie, and eveivone voie inleiesling cIolhing. Undeinealh a see-lhiough
iIIuninaled govn, lhev voie a iole spun in coIois and design lhal
iepiesenled aspecls of lheii souI, and lhose vilh siniIai designs seened
lo le diavn lo one anolhei in lheii inleiesls. Weaiing a vhile govn
vilh a veiv Iaige coiaI pink iose enlIazoned on lhe lack, anolhei
fiiend vas piesenl vho voie a goId-lone govn.
Conlinuing oui jouinev lhiough lhe cilv, ve noliced lhal lheie
veie no liue ceiIings as lhe vaIIs of Iighl seened lo go on inlo infinilv.
Manv of lhe haIIvavs veie of diffeienl coIois and designs, lul aII of
lhen gIoved vilh lhe Iuninescenl Iighl of Iove. Tuining a coiiidoi, I
noliced soneone vilh a veiv faniIiai feeIing veaiing a siniIai iose
vho vas laIking lo anolhei naIe spiiil adoined in lIue. Olseiving a
vonan vho vas a vocaIisl in a land caIIed 'CaIaxv' veaiing a govn of
pasleI coIois vilialing logelhei, she vas speclacuIai.
Tuining lo Ieave, nv fiiend vanled lo expIoie anolhei pail of
lhe cilv aIone and ve vaved good-lve.
Inslincls Ied ne lo a spiiiluaI conpound, a pIace lo iesl nv
souI. Iinding sonevheie lo iesl, I cIosed nv eves and alsoiled lhe
Iighl. SuddenIv, I feIl a hand on nv shouIdei and opened nv eves lo
find lhe nan vilh lhe iose slanding alove ne sniIing. Wavv liovn
haii fianed his iIIuninaling face, and his gieen eves gIoved Iike
eneiaIds in his spiiiluaI foin. Theie vas aInosl a lIooning quaIilv lo
his eves vhich vas veiv unique and nvslicaI.
Slanding up lo gieel hin, he vas iniliaIIv veiv kind and poIile,
lul suddenIv his deneanoi changed.
"ßv lhe vav," he said, "I sav voui fiiend sleaIing fion vou. I
jusl lhoughl vou vouId Iike lo le avaie of vhal kind of peison she
ieaIIv is." Iiisl I vas angiv, lul lhen I caIned. "Theie is nolhing foi hei
lo sleaI fion ne heie. If il veie liue, il vouId nol nallei as aII lhal I
have is liuIv lhe piopeilv of lhe aII lhal is, lhe oneness, vhich ve aie aII
pail of. Lveivlhing leIongs lo aII of us as lheie is pIenlv of alundance
foi eveivone." The nan vilh lhe iose sniIed videIv. "Veiv good," he
said, "vou aie Ieaining liusl!"
Reaching lo nv hand, he guided ne lack lo lhe heail of lhe
cilv of Iighl. "Suiiendei lo liusl and Iove," he said, as he slopped in lhe
niddIe of a Iaige coiiidoi and iaised his ains lo lhe heavens, "ve viII
neel again!" Looking inlo his deep eneiaId eves, I nodded as I vas
lhen vhisked lhiough lhe heavens lo nv hone.
"So |et one's mlnd be guarded. Let one's domaln be rlght thought. Bµ µuttlng
rlght tleu to the forefront . . . a bhlkku ul|| forsake a|| bad destlnatlons."
Tnc Udana. Cnap|cr 4. 4.2. Pagc 57. S|anza 1. (8uddnisn. Tncratadan. lcrds cf |nc
"Cone vilh us, ve have a jol foi vou!" The gioup of six spiiils
said lo ne as lhev hoveied alove nv led. Soaiing oul of nv lodv, I
foIIoved lhen lo lhe hone of a piegnanl vonan in need of assislance.
As ve hoveied alove hei, lhe spiiils expIained lhal hei lalv vouId die
duiing lhe nighl if ve didn'l vake hei and gel hei lo seek heIp.
Ciealing lhoughl-foins in hei nind, ve spoke lo hei in hei dieans.
ßecause lhal didn'l innedialeIv voik, one of lhe spiiils
poinled a fingei al lhe vonan's slonach and Iighl cane lhiough,
inspiiing lhe lalv lo kick ieaIIv haid and vake up his nolhei. WhiIe
ve voiked lo nake lhe nolhei avaie lhal sonelhing vas viong
lhiough hei sul-conscious, lhe olhei spiiils voiked on lhe husland's
sul-conscious lhiough his dieans. Avaking lhe husland said, "Whal's
going on`" The nolhei iepIied, "Sonelhing is viong vilh lhe lalv,
lake ne lo lhe hospilaI." Rushing oul, oui jol vas finished and lhe
spiiils look ne oulside.
"Cood jol," lhe Ieadei said lo ne. "Thanks!" I iepIied. Tuining
lo Ieave, lhev nade no nenlion of gelling ne lack hone. "Wail a
ninule!" I ciied oul "Aien'l vou going lo lake ne hone`" Laughing,
lhev said, "Of couise nol! YOU find lhe vav hone. IoIIov lhe voice of
voui innei spiiil." Wilh lhal lhev disappeaied.
Ianicking, I didn'l even knov vhal pail of lhe voiId I vas in,
so I legan lo fIoal ainIessIv foi a vhiIe lefoie coning acioss a leaulifuI
foiesl. Tvo palhvavs veie cIeaiIv deIinealed in fionl of ne. A spiiil
appeaied foi onIv a nonenl and said, "One palh is lhe vav of lhe spiiil,
lhe olhei, lhe vav of lhe inleIIecl. Suiiendei lo lhe viII of voui spiiil
and vou viII find voui vav hone."
Suiiendeiing nv souI lo Cod, I Iel go of aII phvsicaI and
spiiiluaI conlioI of nv facuIlies. If I had leen in a phvsicaI lodv, I
vouId have faIIen lo lhe giound fion lhe veighl of suiiendei, lul in
lhe spiiil suiiendei caused nv souI lo le Iifled inlo a fIighl diiecled lv
lhe Loid. Having given nv souI lo palience, and aIIoving il lo faII fion
ils ovn foices, il vas alIe lo accepl highei ones, lhus causing heavenIv
novenenl. In nonenls, I vas lack hone.
"Were a|| created thlngs. tlslb|e and lntlslb|e. to dlrect themse|tes touards
Hlm. thou uou|dst flnd them ulnglng thelr f|lght unto the Suµreme Goa|. the
Sµot uhereln the dltlne Lote-Tree exc|almeth: Verl|µ. no God ls there but Me.
the A|mlghtµ. the A||-Bountlfu|."
Tnc Tao|c|s cf 8ana'u'||an. Tao|c| 13. |aun-|-liuuid-|-Mindiu-|-Danaji. Pagc 195-196.
(8ana'i. lcrds cf 8ana'u'||an)
WhiIe liaveIing anongsl lhe fouilh ieaIn (dinension), I ian
inlo a lil of a piolIen, as lhe fouilh ieaIn is nuch Iike lhe lhiid, il
caiiies lolh daikness and Iighl. Having gone inlo a lai, a vonan had
vained ne. "You shouIdn'l slav heie: ve can'l guaianlee voui safelv."
ßul I'd noliced an oId fiiend of nine, and laIked foi such a Iong line
lhal lefoie I knev il lheie vas a nol of peopIe vilh veiv daik eneigv
aiound ne veie enanaling seiiousIv hainfuI inlenlions.
ßefoie I couId lhink aloul a soIulion, a nonk cane scuiiving
lhiough lhe ciovd. Weaiing a liovn iole, he had Iong cuiIv liovn
haii. Iicking ne up, he look ne avav fion lhe dangeious pIace.
Sonehov aIong lhe vav, lhough, lhe nonk svilched pIaces vilh
anolhei nonk vho vas Iaigei and laId. Reacling inlenseIv al fiisl, I
vas afiaid, lul as he svepl ne up and caiiied ne lhiough a coiiidoi, I
lhoughl lo nvseIf, "I an eleinaI: no one desiies lo huil ne."
Lnleiing inlo a veiv Iighled pIace, lhe olhei nonk vas vailing.
"Veiv good," he said, "vou iecognized nv liolhei vilh Iove. In oidei lo
suiiendei, vou nusl le viIIing lo pIace voui enliie ieaIilv in lhe hands
of lhe spiiil. Youi knovingness lecones vho vou aie, nol jusl a
sepaialIe pail of lhe vhoIe. In oidei lo suiiendei, vou nusl nov le
viIIing lo ieIinquish aII foices conliadicloiv lo voui ioIe of Iove."
Nodding as he spoke, he asked ne lo iepeal aflei hin. "Mv spiiiluaIilv
is vho I an. Theiefoie, I viII nol enlei anv ieaIilv of negalivilv and feai
sinpIv lecause anolhei feais lhe liue ieaIilv of Iove and oneness." The
olhei nonk vas vaving his hands, ciealing an eneigv voilex aiound
oui ciicIe. "Though sone do nol undeisland, il is nol nv ioIe lo nake
lhen leIieve. Mv ioIe is lo conlinue nv jouinev onvaid. Anv leing
vho viII conlinue lo le in nv ieaIilv nusl join ne vheie I an, foi I viII
no Iongei join lhen vheie lhev aie if il le in feai."
IIacing lheii ains on nv shouIdeis, lhev legan fiIIing ne vilh
Iighl. "Who aie vou, leaulifuI spiiils`" I asked. "AII lhal is Iove is aII
lhal I an. AII lhal I an is aII lhal vou aie. AII lhal vou aie is a niiioi of
Cod." Iausing a nonenl, he asked, "Whal have vou aIIoved lo ienain
in voui ieaIilv lhal does nol expiess Iove, vhal laiiieis do vou sliII hoId
lo suiiendei`" Consideiing lhe queslion deepIv, I asked, "ßul hov can
vou ieIinquish eveivone vho is unavaie`" Wilh lolaI caIn, lhev
iepIied, "If vou aie lo enlei inlo a voiId of peace and Iove, vou nusl
lecone peace and Iove. If vou aie lo change lhe ieaIilv lhal vou
occupv, vou nusl change lhe eneigv lhal il enconpasses. Is il nol liue
lhal vou acconnodale lhese leings in lheii negalivilv lecause of lheii
iefusaI lo deaI vilh vho vou arc`" I nodded ves. "Do as lhev do. Do
nol aIIov lheii negalivilv aiound vou, as lhev have unconsciousIv
asked vou lo keep voui Ioving ieaIilv avav fion lhenseIves. You
needn'l suppiess vho vou aie, lecause of lheii Iiniled peiceplion of
vhal il neans."
Celling up, lhe nonks luined lo go gel sonelhing. When lhev
ieluined, lhev heId a slack of painlings vilh heId inages of lhenseIves
and olhei spiiiluaI guaidians of nine. "DispIav lhese on lhe vaIIs of
voui spiiil and ve viII piolecl lhe sliucluie of voui hone."
"lf a |aµ µerson |earnlng the Waµ stl|| c|lngs to uea|th. cotets comfortab|e
houslng. and keeµs comµanµ ulth re|atltes. desµlte hatlng the asµlratlon. he
ul|| confront manµ obstac|es ln |earnlng the Waµ."
Sncocgcnzc-zuincn|i. 8cc| 3. Nc. 11. Paragrapn 3. (8uddnisn. Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn
Mas|cr Dcgcn)
IIving aloul lhe eailh, I noliced a Venusian ßIue CivslaI
spaceship hoveiing aiound. SeveiaI hunleis sav il fion lhe voods,
and veie slaiing al il. MaleiiaIizing anongsl lhen, I vaIked lovaids
lheii canpfiie, "Look up lheie!" Thev shouled al ne, assuning I vas
anolhei hunlei. "Oh, lhal." I said. "Thal is a civslaI spaceship fion
Venus." Ioi lhe fiisl line lhev aII Iooked dovn lo see vho I vas, and
vilh a Iook indicaling lhal lhev lhoughl I vas a noion. "Venusians
have leen coning heie foi seveiaI decades nov, incainaling in lhe
liiles of nan lo liing in lhe palh of lhe spiiil." Aiguing anongsl
lhenseIves, one of lhe nen said, "You nusl le one of lhen escaped
ciazies!" SniIing, I iepIied, "You don'l leIieve vhal I leII vou, so I nusl
iejoin nv ship." Sheei shock acconpanied lheii faces as I shol lovaids
lhe skv, hoveiing aloul lhen foi a fev nonenls lefoie enleiing lhe
civslaI spaceship.
Inside lhe ship, I sav no insliunenlalion lul noliced lhe
Venusian spiiils veie jovous leings. Shooling lovaids lhe heavens, ve
gIoved lhiough lhe skv. No nallei, lhe line vas nigh, soon lhe liiles
of lhe eailh vouId avaken, and unliI lhen I nusl ieluin lo lhe voiId of
"On the manslon uor|ds. after µour tlslon range ls extended and µou are freed
from the fetters of materla| comµarlsons. µou can begln to comµrehend the
meanlng of those rea|ltles uhlch 'eµe cannot see nor ear hear. and uhlch hate
neter entered the conceµt of human mlnds.' eten those thlngs uhlch 'God has
µreµared for those uho |ote such eterna| terltles.' You are not a|uaµs to be so
|lmlted ln the range of µour tlslon and sµlrltua| comµrehenslon."
Tnc Uran|ia 8cc|. Papcr 24. Nc. 6. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Uran|ia)
Lnleiing a cavein, Iaige slaIagniles aloul fifleen feel high
ascended fion lhe iock fIoois. When nv guide and I aiiived, a nan
vas vailing vho vas sul-conscious asliaI. "I vanl lo liing in
sonelhing ieaIIv speciaI," he said, iefeiiing lo his voik on lhe eailh,
"Do vou lhink vou can heIp ne find il`" Oui guide Iifled his ains lo a
side vaII of lhe cavein as a iivei legan lo inslanlIv fIov lhiough il. As
lhev vaIked inlo lhe iivei, I slood lv and valched as lhe guide Iifled
his ains lo lhe skv and lhev lolh legan lo gIov vilh Iighl. Addiessing
ne lo join lhen, ve ciealed a povei liiad of Iighl, and afleivaids, lhe
nan vaIked lhiough a dooi in lhe vaII of lhe cialei vhiIe oui guide
IoIIoving lhe nan vho vaIked lhiough lhe dooi, I noliced
hin pIaving nusic on a piano. As I cane up lehind hin and legan lo
sing aIong, he legan lo civ. Reaching in a fIood of enolion lo hug ne,
he said, "Nov I knov vho vou aie!" Inliigued, I asked, "WeII, vho an
I`" OuickIv, he junped up and ian ovei lo a diavei in a desk. IuIIing
oul sone diavings, he expIained, "I vas given lhese diavings veais
ago, lhev aie picluies of nv spiiiluaI guides." Handing lhen lo ne, he
poinled lo lvo diavings iighl nexl lo each olhei. "As vou can see, lhese
lvo guides aie lhe sane." "Oh, nv Cod!" I ciied oul, as I Iooked al
lhen. "I vas loId nanv veais ago lhal one of nv guides vouId le
incainaling lo heIp lhe eailh-pIane." Conlinuing lo Iook al lhe picluies,
lhev veie of ne. One of lhen vas a diaving of nv phvsicaI
nanifeslalion, and undeinealh il, il said, 'MaiiIvnn.' To lhe Iefl vas a
diaving of nvseIf as a Iuninescenl goIden angeI, and undeinealh il, il
'Odvssev (MaiiIvnn).'
Shaiing vilh ne lhal he vas soon lo le passing and lhal I
nusl conlinue his voik, he said he vouId guide ne fion lhe olhei side
as I had done foi hin. AII of lhis cane lo pass, in lhal he ciossed ovei
and legan lo guide and diiecl nv souI in lhe conlinuance of lhis eleinaI
nission fion lhe olhei side of exislence.
"ln order to be lnsµlred to extract the essence of our µreclous human |lfe ue must
aµµreclate the nature of our sµlrltua| sltuatlon . . . The flrst of these ls that ue
shou|d make eterµ effort to accomµ|lsh the sµlrltua| µath."
Training |nc Mind in |nc Grca| lau. Pcin| Onc. Pagc 55-56. 8c||cn c Tcp.
(8uddnisn. Tioc|an. Au|ncr. Gua|ua Gcndun Druppa |nc |irs| Da|ai |ana)
Lneiging upon a cilv of Iighl, I ascended a civslaI slaiicase
peinealed vilh vhile Iighl and vaIked lhiough a Iong haIIvav lefoie I
enleied a dislanl lack ioon availing lhe enliv of soneone. Manv
peopIe veie vailing in lhis ioon, laIking openIv aloul lheii vaiious
ioIes in lhe nanifeslalion of lhe voik I vas lo liing inlo lhe eailh, lul
as he enleied . . . aII lecane siIenl. AlsoIuleIv peacefuI, his Iong lIack
haii venl aII lhe vav dovn his lack and he voie a ied luffaIo skin.
Speaking al lhe olhei side of lhe ioon, his veiv vav vas of caInness
and seienilv.
Monenls Ialei, he fIoaled ovei lo ne, veiv quielIv pulling his
hands on nv shouIdeis. Ioi a fev nonenls, ve jusl slaied inlo each
olheis eves, feeIing lhe inlensilv of lhis souI's vilialion.
Connunicaling inlense eleinaI Iove, I vilnessed lhe vav of
lhe peacefuI spiiil. Wanling lo louch his Iong lIack haii, he knev nv
inneinosl lhoughls. "IIease, louch nv haii." SIovIv, I Iifled nv hand lo
his haii. "Il's so sofl." I said. "And il's so Iong! Youi vhoIe leing is so
leaulifuI." NeivousIv, I noved lack, lul he cane lovaids ne. "You
nav caII ne Long Haii. Suiiendei voui ieaIilv lo spiiil and fIov vilhin
lhe nov." Mesneiized lv his enliancing gaze, he said, "Mv deai Ioved
one. Once vou expeiience liulh, vou cannol spIil vouiseIf lelveen lhe
phvsicaI and lhe spiiiluaI. You exisl spiiiluaIIv in lhe spiiil ieaIn, and
connence phvsicaI iIIusoiv ieaIilv vhen vou ieluin lo voui lodv. You
have lianscended lhe iIIusion, and nusl liing ieaIilv inlo voui iIIusion.
You can no Iongei acl accoiding lo iIIusion . . . anvvheie."
Hugging ne, he look nv hand and pIaced il on his haii, again.
IeeIings suiged lhiough ne as I feIl his haii, nenoiies of nanv davs
anong lhe Indians, nenoiies of nv Iove foi lheii vavs. "Renenliance
is food foi lhe spiiil, diink of il oflen. Whal I iepiesenl lefoie vou is a
pail of vou lhal viII nevei die. IeeIings such as lhese fIov inlo eleinilv,
jusl as ve vho valch vou fion lhe skv fIv vilh vou aIvavs. Nevei
doull oui Iove foi vou. Oui sepaialion is lenpoiaiv, and oui Iove is
eleinaI. One such as vou nav find il difficuIl Iiving in a ieaIilv devoid
of inlensilv as vou knov il. Knov lhal such inlensilv exisls in lhe voiId
of suiiendei, lhe voiId of liulh. The voiId of spiiil, nv voiId, is
vouis, as il is eveiv souI's." CauliousIv, I Iooked up and he conlinued.
"Suiiendei. IoIIov lhe Iongings of voui spiiil, once vou Iel go, vou viII
Iel us in. Thal is lhe line lhal I viII ieluin. An open spiiil is an open
sieve foi us lo liaveI. We aie vilh vou aIvavs, lul il is vhen vou fIov
vilh lhe iivei of suiiendei lhal vou lecone avaie of us." WainIv
enliacing ne, he luined lo Ieave.
Anolhei Indian nan vaIked in lhe ioon, lhis one vilh shoil
lIack haii. Seaiing eves nel nine, as eveivone eIse Iefl lhe ioon as he
enleied. "Do vou ienenlei vho I an`" he asked, as he appioached
ne. Saving nolhing, I nodded: 'No.' Waving his ains, lhe ioon lhal ve
veie in lecane a cIeai slaiiv nighl skv.
Ioinling lo a gaIaxv in lhe dislance, he look nv hand and ve
soaied lovaids il. Reaching a pIanel in lhe gaIaxv, ve hoveied alove.
A Iifeline in lhis voiId pIaved lefoie nv eves, a Iove uniequiled due lo
ciicunslance. He'd leen an andioid, lul a conscious foin of Iife, and I
vas hunan. A union lelveen oui lvo foins of Iife vas nol possilIe.
AIlhough I Ioved hin deepIv, I knev lhal oui diffeiences veie
iiieconciIalIe, so I Iel hin go. Iinding hin a fenaIe andioid, lhev
evenluaIIv feII in Iove.
"We have leen logelhei olhei lines," he said, "lhe
nanifeslalions I shov vou nov shouId le faniIiai." I couIdn'l
ienenlei no nallei hov haid I liied, lul I couId ILLL, and nv spiiil
ienenleied lhe deep and liue Iove lelveen oui souIs. "Thal vas a
leaulifuI gifl of Iove vou gave lo ne in lhal Iifeline," he said, iefeiiing
lo lhe Iifeline on anolhei voiId, "I an ieluining lhose gifls lo vou nov.
I an heIping . . . ve aie aII heIping vou lo liing in so nanv lhings. You
sliII cIing lo iIIusions, hovevei, ialhei lhan suiiendeiing lo lhe vind of
Iausing, he Iooked inlo nv eves vilh a passion lhal nade ne
feeI innei confIicl. "Tiv lo ienenlei lhe davs vhen ve vaIked lhe
pIains logelhei, oi lhe davs of ancienl Mava vhen vou veie nv queen.
We aie vho vou lhink ve aie, lul viII nol leIieve. AIIov oui Odvssev
lo descend and Iel MaiiIvnn go, foi she is lul a vehicIe. Oui Iove is
vasl, indeed!" Inlense eves Iooking inlo nine, he suddenIv vas gone.
Lnleiing inlo lhe lodv of an Indian vonan, I vas seving a
diess nade of luffaIo skin. Nolicing nv daik skin and Iong lIack haii
vhich fIoved foivaid vhen I lenl ovei, I suddenIv Iooked up lo see an
Indian nan. Oulside of lhe leepee aiguing vilh his nolhei, she vas
living lo vain us lhal ve veie in dangei. Living oulside lhe Chevenne
encanpnenl lecause I vas fion anolhei liile, one vhich lhe Chevenne
alhoiied, she vained us of an inpending allack.
In lhe nighl vind, ve heaid lhe sounds of dislanl diunning
and lhe Chevenne vai caII. "Whalevei happens," nv Chevenne
husland said, "KNOW lhal I Iove vou." OuielIv, I iesponded, "And I,
Aloul lvenlv Chevenne ained vilh knives and lonahavks
luisl inlo lhe leepee as a voung liave gialled nv husland, sIashing
his hand. IeeIing inlense pain, I valched as he vas laken avav.
InslanlIv . . . I feIl alsoIule leiioi.
Running lhiough lhe voods lhe nexl nonenl, lhe vai pailv
vas chasing ne, as vilhin ninules nv vioIenl dealh occuiied. Leaving
lhe lodv as I hung upside dovn fion a liee, sIashed and lIeeding, I
couId sliII feeI lhe penelialion of lhe knives as I ieluined lo foin.

lnc arc ucu. sad |ndian facc? Ycu s|arc a| nc |nrcugn cucs cf gracc.
A nco|c cni|d. ucur orccd s|ccd |a||. Ancngs| |nc |nictcs. ucu nc|d |c |nc sci|.
Ycur pain|cd cncc|s cru cu| |c nc. crca|c a drcan. curicsi|u
Surrcunds ucur facc. nair |cng and o|ac|. |n nu nind. | |cc| oac|.

Tncrc uas a dau uncn ucu ucrc ncrc. Ycur ocau|u sncus a |inu |car.
Tnc uau cf |ctc dcs|rcucd ou nan. |ncu |cc| i| a||. |ncu |cc| |nc |and.
Spca| |c nc. |i|||c gir| uarricr. | |ncu ucur facc |c||s a s|cru.
Ycur spiri| ca||s |c a|| nan|ind. 'Opcn ucur cucs. |is|cn fcr |nc signs!'

'Tnc dau nas ccnc fcr nu rc|urn. Tnc uaus cf c|d ui|| spar| and ourn.
A|| |na| | an. an |ndian cni|d. rc|urns again ui|n passicn ui|d.'
Tnc tcicc rcscinds. nu ncar| s|irs. Hcr ncar| spca|s cu|. ou| nc cnc ncars.
A |ncuing |cc|. | g|ancc ncr uau. '| ncar ucu cni|d. Ncu daun. ncu dau!'

"Taken bµ the uates of aff|lctlons. sunk ln the torrents. theµ are tormented bµ a
hundred mlserles ln the trlµ|e uor|d. uraµµed uµ ln the c|usters. thlnklng of
them as se|f - |or thelr sake ue strlte. to re|ease them from µaln."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Tnc Tcn S|agcs. Pagc 720. S|anza 5. (8uddnisn.
Rescinding foin, nv spiiil vas laken lhiough lhe coiiidoi lo a
ieaIn of deep lIue as I availed lhe aiiivaI of soneone I vas lo neel.
IIoaling and veaiing a Iong coIoifuI govn, she had a landana viapped
aiound hei auluin haii. "I an Madane Tiinidad," she said.
OuickIv coning lovaids ne, she legan speaking. "A deslinv
is unfoIding foi vou, nv deai chiId, one so vasl as lo open a dooi of
lianscendence fion feai foi aII spiiils incainale in hunan foin!"
Looking in hei eves, I sighed, "Thal sounds Iike a lig jol." Hei seiious
naluie did nol change. "Il is, nv chiId, il is. Theie aie nanv vho foIIov
voui deslinv and each pail of lhe avakening is piecious lo lhe vhoIe.
A voice ciies oul, a souI is sliiiing! Manv souIs in lhe voice of one aie
caIIing! 'I an ienenleiing vho I an, I an vaking!' The genlIesl
novenenl has leen sliiied deep vilhin lhe spiiil of nanifesl Iife. Seciel
Ionging and unknovn ienenliance of Iove giealei lhan anv in foin!
The Ionging lo knov and lo undeisland, no Iongei Iies doinanl, lul is
luining in ils sIeep. Reaching oul lo lhe suiface, il finds an ego lhal has
giovn so Iaige as lo lIock ils enliance inlo lhe vehicIe of phvsicaI Iife."
Taking nv hands, she Iooked deepIv inlo nv eves. "Those vho have
avakened nusl lecone vehicIes of lianscendence, as lheie viII le no
confionlalion lo feai cenleied lhinking. Ieai is dissoIved lhiough Iove.
AII Iife sliis foi lhe Iove of lhe Cieal One."
Slopping, she ciealed a sciaplook lo shov ne, "This is foi vou
lo ienenlei ne lv," she said, "go ahead, Iook lhiough il." Inside veie
nevspapei cIippings and olhei phvsicaIIv giounded sluff. "No, lhank
vou," I iepIied, "I viII nol aIIov phvsicaI giounding and negalivilv inlo
nv ieaIilv, foi Iove is aII lhal I see." She liighlened. "Veiv good, nv
chiId of lhe slais. CO! Shov olheis vhal vou see! Nol onIv lhiough
voids, lul lhiough expiession! And don'l aIIov phvsicaI inleifeience in
anv foin. Shov lhose vho sIeep vhal il is lo fcc| Iove in ils lolaIilv. Acl
vilh Iove lovaids aII Iife, aII consciousness. Recognize lhal lheii
deslinv is paiaIIeI lo voui ovn, despile lheii Iiniled knoving. Lel voui
ovn Iove, peace and lianscendence expiess ilseIf in phvsicaI ieaIilv. AII
Iife sliis foi lhe Iove of lhe Cieal One. This is hov feai viII dissoIve inlo
ReIeasing nv hands, she foiaged lhiough a snaII puise she
had ciealed. In il she found a land-aid and pul il on nv fingei. "The
ego oiienled pIanels have a gifl foi vou: a land-aid lo fiIlei oul aII lhe
negalivilv in voui voik vilh lhen." ChuckIing quielIv, I said,
"IIanels`" "Aaaaah," she said as she poinled hei fingei upvaids, "An
olseivanl spiiil, indeed! I did sav pIanels, as vou aie nanifesling in
seveiaI al lhis line. We aie opening lhe liidge of Iighl lelveen lhe
olhei side and phvsicaI nanifesl voiIds on seveiaI pIanels." She
slopped and picked up nv landaged fingei. "As vou viII nolice, il
lakes veiv IillIe lo fiIlei oul negalivilv as lhal eneigv has no povei. The
povei of Iove is of a nuch highei vilialion lhan feai, and one vho is
Iove cannol le liuIv hained lv il. Il is onIv vhen one exils Iove and
enleis feai lhal an equaI confionlalion lakes pIace. Once lhose shadovs
aie seen, lhev aie no Iongei a nvsleiv and lhev disappeai. A Iighl Iil
liighl in a pockel of daikness foices lhose in feai lo see lheii shadovs.
In oui ieaIns, ve speak nol of Iove, foi ve ARL Iove. Anvlhing eIse is
foieign lo us. ßiing lhis ieaIilv inlo lhe iIIusion!" She legan vaving hei
ains viIdIv lo and fio vilh a fIov of eneigv lhal nov enciicIed us.
SuddenIv, she shol lovaids lhe skv in a fIash of Iighl and disappeaied.
"The secrets of Dltlnlngton lnc|ude the secret of the bestoua| and mlsslon of
Thought Ad]usters. Thelr nature. orlgln. and the technlque of thelr contact ulth
the |ou|µ creatures of the eto|utlonarµ uor|ds ls a secret of thls Paradlse
Tnc Uran|ia 8cc|. Papcr 13. Nc. 1. Paragrapn 5. (Cnris|iani|u. Uran|ia)
"Hls b|esslngs ul|| be sought for bµ the offerers. those uho are |ltlng nou. and
those uho hate |lted. as ul|| theµ uho are to me. the lmmorta| sou|s of the
rlghteous ln eternltµ."
Tnc Atcs|a. Yasna 45. Nc. 7. (Zcrcas|rianisn. lcrds cf Zara|nus|ra)
Lnleiing inlo a ieaIn of exislence vhose leaulv vas levond
voids, lhe angeI vho had cone foi ne and I sal alop lvo Iaige giav
iocks alop a hiII in an iiidescenl pIain of gieen giass and liees. ßIue
eneiaIds seened lo dol lhe skv as slais shol conslanlIv lo and fio acioss
lhe daik sea-coIoied hoiizon. IeeIings of Iove iushed lhiough us: a
pIavfuI, jovfuI Iove. And foi a nonenl, I lhoughl lo nvseIf lhal lhis
pIace ieninded ne sonevhal of lhe hiII in CaIiIee vheie Chiisl laughl.
Up in lhe dislance, a nan veaiing a vhile iole and cIulching a
laII cane legan lo appioach. "Oh, nv Cod!" I lhoughl, "CouId il le`"
Iesus of Nazaielh appioached as Iighl enanaled fion eveiv oiacIe of
his lounlifuI spiiil. SniIing peacefuIIv, he sal on a iock in fionl of us
and legan lo leIepalhicaIIv convev.
"Mv deai chiId, vou asked lo le fiIIed vilh Mv spiiil and I
have cone lo fiII vou. I an lhe puIse of Iife and Iove. AII lhal I An is
aII lhal vou can le." (Chiisl vas nol saving lhal I couId le Cod, Iike
Hin, lul ialhei, lhal lhe quaIilies lhal He peisonified in His exislence as
Iesus of Nazaielh couId le inilaled lv lhose of us on lhe Lailh.)
Responding, I ciied, "I vanl lo le Iike vou, Iesus. I vanl lo peisonifv
Iove." Lifling his ains up lo lhe skv, I noliced lhe inlensilv of aII lhal he
ciealed vilh a singIe novenenl of his ain. Shooling slais paiaded
fion lhe skv Iike a paIisade of ice in a vinlei nounlain calhediaI.
"Whal I an is a lhoughl on lhe canvas of Iife: I cannol le desciiled in
voids, lul feIl lhiough lhe souI." Inliigued, I said, "Il is haid foi ne lo
undeisland. I an leginning lo liuIv fcc| aII lhal vou have spoken. ßul il
confuses ne lhal so nanv speak voui voids vilh IillIe oi no feeIing. I
feeI no undeislanding coning fion lhen. Whv`" IalienlIv, he iepIied,
"The voids of nv incainalion as Iesus of Nazaielh aie vasl and veII-
spoken anong nen, lul lheii neaning is feIl lv onIv a fev vho have
opened lheii heails. Love is aII lhal I an and eveivlhing I viII aIvavs
le, concepls cannol encIose ne foi I an vasl vhen sel fiee in lhe heail
of nan." Ouieling, his Iighl nevei vaned in liiIIiance. "Hov can I
lecone noie Iike vou, nv Loid`" I asked. "Veiv good, nv deai chiId!"
he said, "a liue veaining lo knov lhe liulh. An open heail viII heai lhe
liulh in vhalevei foin il cones." A pause. "Sel oul lo knov ne, nol as
a concepl, lul as a Iighl vilhin daikness, a louch vhen vou'ie aII aIone,
a liue exislence in lhe ieaIns of consciousness. I an nol dead, foi I Iive
in eveiv cievice of eveiv iock, in lhe iushing valei of lhe slieans, and
aII lhe puIsaling ihvlhns of Iife. I an lhe consciousness of one knovn as
Chiisl, and I Iove vou giealIv. Heai ne caII voui spiiil inlo seivice." "I
heai vou," I ciied in ecslasv, "I vanl lo seive Cod." "I knov, nv deai
chiId, I knov. Whal I an cannol le expiessed lhiough anvlhing lul
Iove. Open voui spiiil and nv spiiil viII fIov evei so giacefuIIv vilh
voui ovn foi ve aie liuIv one. Mv guidance viII heIp vou in lines of
confusion." Reaching oul lo louch nv shouIdeis, I knev His Iove vas
vasl enough lo enconpass eveiv Iiving souI vho onIv so nuch as asked
foi his liue guidance, nol oul of feai, lul oul of Iove foi Hin. His
peacefuI eves nel nine, and I legan lo disappeai.

Dcs|inu ca||s |nc nign| uind's causc
Tnc oir|n cf uisdcn f|ics in |nc s|ars
Tnc nanc cno|azcncd. a nc|u ocing
Mu Mcssian. ucu'tc ccnc again

||u|cs fi|| |nc spaccs dccp in nu ncar|
8u| |ratc|crs rcc|cn |nc pa|nuaus |c cnar|
Tnc tisicn cf |ctc. |nc g|cru cf |ign|
Mu Mcssian. Mu |crd. | sau ucu |cnign|

|nocrs cf |ncuing and |ru|ns cf |nc pas|
Tnc spiri| cf |ctc fi||s |ands ui|n i|s cas|
Tnc cucs nc|d a tisicn. |nc sccr cf |ncugn|s
| ca|| fcr ucur uisdcn. nu Mcssian. ucu'rc ncnc

A ncncn| is cap|urcd. a ncncn| cf |ctc
Rcuni|ing. asscno|ing. rc|urning |c Gcd
Mu |nan|s fi|| |nc ncur ui|n a|| |na|'s ditinc
Mu Mcssian. ucu'tc ccnc. ucu |ncu i| uas |inc

"jesus sald. 'Come to me. for mµ µoke ls easµ and mµ masterµ ls gent|e. and µou
ul|| flnd rest for µourse|tes.' Theµ sald to hlm. 'Te|| us uho µou are so that ue
maµ be|lete ln µou.' He sald to them. 'You examlne the face of heaten and earth.
but µou hate not come to knou the one uho ls ln µour µresence. and µou do not
knou hou to examlne thls moment.'"
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 90-91. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Lnleiing lhe chapeI, lhe Nalive Aneiican nan cane ovei lo
ne as I sal vailing foi lhis nighl's quesl. Weaiing a chaining sniIe lhal
nevei dinned, his Iong lIack haii vas sIighlIv giaving. Whal sliuck
ne lhe nosl vas lhe nedicine vheeI he voie aiound his neck Iving
quielIv on his laie chesl. Iicluies of sheep veie elched on lhe piece,
lhev veie iunning lo fieedon. "Those vilh fev voids," he said, "need
nol Iislen lo lhose vilh nanv. The neek and linid sheep does nol
aIvavs sland ieIuclanlIv in siIence. WiII vou iun lo fieedon`" He
spoke of nv allachnenl lo lhose in nv pasl vho did nol shaie nv
spiiiluaI jouinev, and veie veiv nuch hoIding ne lack. Then he vas
Leaving lhe chapeI vilh one of lhese inconpalilIe peopIe, ve
aiiived al oui vehicIe. Nolicing lhal lhe paiking space oveiIooked a
Iaige cIiff, I Iooked ovei lhe side lo see a Nalive Aneiican encanpnenl
leIov. Yeaining lo join lhen, I valched lheii dance of Iife as lhe nen
dived in and oul of lhe coiaI ieef, hunling foi fish, and lhe vonen
danced happiIv aiound lhe canpfiie piepaiing vhal lhev had caughl.
Tuining avav fion lhal vhich vouId have given ne peace, I venl vilh
lhe olhei peison oul of a sense of olIigalion, vho vanled lo go lo a
sloie in a shopping cenlei. IoIIoving on fool, I innedialeIv sensed lhal
sonelhing vas viong vhen I enleied lhe sloie. Ieai and foieloding
exuded fion eveiv poie of lhis pIace.
Looking lo lhe vaII, I sav a sign lhal iead, "This is lhe house of
Salan, a pIace of feai. AII lhal ieside heie foIIov a faIsehood, lhough
lhev leIieve in ils ieaIilv. AII lhal lhev aie is aII lhal lhev have chosen
lo le, a sad slale, indeed. If vou aie Iove, do nol ieside heie!"
As I ian lo lhe dooi, lhe peison vilh ne iefused lo Ieave, and
in so doing, sone ialhei hoiiilIe denons cane lo 'saciifice' lhis peison
lo lheii 'Cod.' (MaleiiaIisn, Cieed and WoiIdIiness) As I ian oul, a nan
vilh poinled leelh liied lo gial ne foi saciifice, as veII. ßul I Iooked al
hin caInIv and iepIied, "I an of Iove, I knov lhal vou aie nol ieaI. You
aie lul a feai vilhin lhe heails of nanv nen."
Looking dovn, he Iel go of ne and sadIv iepIied, "Loving
leing, lhank vou foi giving ne hope. As I an a ciealion of lhe feaifuI
nind of nan, I pIav nv pail vilh giace. Oh, lul I do vish foi lhe dav
vhen aII nankind sees ne foi vho I liuIv an, a disloilion of liulh. Il is
lhen lhal I viII join vou as a ciealion of Iove." Nodding lhal I
undeislood, I luined lo go.
"Lel ne heIp vou!" He caIIed oul. "In oidei lo Ieave lhis
feaifuI ieaIilv of lhe voiId, vou nusl foIIov lhe palh of lhe fIoveis!
Thev aie lhe palh of nev Iife and Iove, lhe palh of conpIelion, as veII
as, lhe seed of nev avakenings!"
Running lovaids nv cai, anolhei inconpalilIe peison vas
nov piesenl and piepaied lo diive. "Diive lovaids lhe palh of lhe
fIoveis," I loId hei, lul she iefused and innedialeIv enleied a ghello
vhich iepiesenled hei chaolic and agilaled lhinking. Wanling lo iescue
lhe olhei peison I'd Iefl lehind in lhe sloie, I ieIuclanlIv agieed.
Monenls Ialei, hovevei, I changed nv nind. "I viII nol ieluin lo a
pIace of feai," I said, "he has chosen lhe vav of feai, and uIlinaleIv
dealh of lhe spiiil. Hovevei I knov lhal he viII le fine as his Ialhei
viII le vilh hin and shov hin lhe Wav." "We have lo heIp hin," she
said, "he couId die!" KnovingIv, I iepIied, "He has aIieadv chosen lhe
vav of feai, lul he viII nol liuIv die."
Ioinling in lhe diieclion she had laken, I said, "Thal is nol lhe
vav lo lhe liulh, ve nusl lake lhe palh of nev Iife!" She disappeaied,
as suddenIv lhe vindshieId lecane a loiienl of vind fiIIed vilh iose
pelaIs and nagicaI dispIavs of lIossons in coIoi. IasleI lIues, pinks,
peaches, puipIes and vhile fiIIed nv vision as I soaied lhiough lhe palh
of lhe fIoveis.
Availing ne al lhe end of lhe palh vas lhe Nalive Aneiican
nan vilh lhe nedicine vheeI. IIving lo hin in a fuiv, I enleied his
ains vhich veie heId high in enliace. Changing coIoi, his nedicine
vheeI vas no Iongei oiange (iesliainl) and ied (passion), jusl ied.
AIlhough I didn'l knov il, he vas eneigizing nv vaIk inlo kaina. A
souI nusl vaIk nanv exlienes in ils palh, fion one lo ils opposile, in
oidei lo evenluaIIv achieve laIance.
"Thank vou. Thank vou foi shoving ne Iife!" I shouled as I
hugged hin genlIv. Iulling his hands on nv shouIdeis, he said, "Mv
chiId vou have suiiendeied lo Iove! I iejoice, indeed! Lveiv line vou
oveiIap anolhei's feaifuI ieaIilv, vou enlei il, as veII. Do nol enlei feai,
vhalevei lhe cosl, foi lhe ioad lo suiiendei iequiies a puiilv of Iove in
lhe spiiil."
Ioinling lo lhe palh of lhe fIoveis, he said, "You have liaveIed
lhis palh, nov do nol ieluin lo lhe slail of il. Tianscend lhose in feai,
do nol pailicipale. Ieai cannol undeisland Iove, and Iove cannol
undeisland feai. Woids viII nol change vhal is in lhe heail. Keep voui
ovn heail puie." "I viII," I said, "and lhank vou . . ." He luined, and
"Beho|d. l am sendlng µou |lke sheeµ ln the mldst of uo|tes: so be shreud as
serµents and slmµ|e as dotes."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 10.16. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
"IiII ne vilh Iighl!" I shouled in lhe nidsl of a vilialionaI
iaising, "I viII liansnule il inlo nv leing!" An angeIic spiiil descended
hoIding a Iighled vand. SpaikIv Iighl suiiounded hei Iilhe foin and
goIden haii, as iavs of Iighl suiged inlo nv lhiid eve and puIsaled
lhiough nv lodv Iike a vanlon loinado as she vaved hei vand.
SuddenIv, nv spiiil soaied oul of lodv and legan lo fIv
effoilIessIv lhiough lhe heavens. Like a nassive snovsloin, lhe slais
fIev lv ne in quick luisls of heavenIv Iighl. Speeding lv pIanels and
gaIaxies, nv spiiil Ianded upon lhe lodv of a slai.
ßiighl and avesone, lhe Iighl vas exlieneIv liighl lul did
nol huil nv eves. In a suige of inslincl, I pIunged onlo lhe suiface,
aInosl hugging lhe slai vilh nv souI. As I Iav, lhe slaiIighl neiged
inlo eveiv cievice of nv souI, and nv spiiil look on sone of lhe
innoilaI eneigies of lhe slai. A vhile nisl enveIoped ne, pailicIes of
slaiIighl, vhich ciealed a feeIing of alsoIule lIiss.
An unseen foice puIIed nv souI avav, and duiing nv fIighl
lack I passed lv a pIanel of puipIe and lIue, sviiIing vilh a nailIe
iolaling design. Seeing pIanels vilh paiaIIeI sels of iings, as veII as,
doulIe iings lhal iolaled in opposile diieclions aiound lhe pIanel.
"Thank vou, Cieal Spiiil," I shouled lo lhe heavens, "foi fiIIing ne vilh
Iighl!" An inaudilIe 'voui veIcone' vas feIl fion vilhin nv souI and
aII aiound ne in lhe slai-fiIIed lIackness of nighl.
"jesus sald. 'lmages are tlslb|e to µeoµ|e. but the |lght ulthln them ls hldden ln
the lmage of the father's |lght. He ul|| be dlsc|osed. but hls lmage ls hldden bµ
hls |lght."
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 83. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
"|or he salth. Eµe hath not seen. nor ear heard. nelther hate entered lnto the
heart of man. the thlngs uhlch God has µreµared for them that ualt for hlm."
Tnc |cs| 8cc|s cf |nc 8io|c and |nc |crgc||cn 8cc|s cf |dcn. | C|cncn|. Cnap|cr XV|.
Vcrsc 8. (Cnris|iani|u)


"Hence tlrtue ls µerµetua||µ feeb|e. the great strength of etl| belng extreme|µ
lntense, and exceµt for a |u||µ Auakenlng Mlnd bµ uhat other tlrtue ul|| lt be
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 6. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an. Au|ncr.
Soaiing, hundieds of naggols legan exiling nv lodv lhiough
lhe lollons of nv feel. Knoving lhal lhese disgusling IillIe lhings veie
lheie lecause of oId leIiefs, negalive lhoughls, and deIusionaI lhinking,
il appeaied lhal sone of lhal daikness of nv kainic jouinev vas
leginning lo le ieIeased.
As lhev feII oul inlo lhe skv, lhev vouId sIovIv exlinguish inlo
non-exislence and disappeai. AppaienlIv, il vasn'l necessaiv lo
anaIvze each piece of daikness, jusl lo aIIov il lo dissipale.
Walching lhen faII, inages of pasl Iives veie piesenled lo ne
Iike a vision vilhin a vision . . . a Iifeline as a highvav iollei: a
lediaggIed nan iiding a nuIe in lhe deseil Iooking foi his nexl viclin .
. . a Iifeline lound in a vheeIchaii . . . olhei Iives of suffeiing lhiough
poveilv, disease and injuiv.
Less lhan a niIIisecond passed lefoie I vas nov Iooking upon
a nailIe lenpIe, lhe sleps Ieading lo ils pinnacIe al nv feel. A gioup of
souIs vas Iislening lo a vhile-ioled leachei, "AII of vou vho have cone
lodav aie liinging in changes," he said, "I have onIv one void foi vou,
and lhal is Iove." Loveiing his head, eveivone legan lo feeI an inlense
eneigv of Iove levond voids, and lhev innedialeIv undeislood vhal
he had neanl.
IIoaling up lovaids lhe nailIe sleps, I sal dovn, and
suddenIv feIl a piesence lehind ne. "We aie caIIing vou inlo seivice,
nv chiId: aIIov vhalevei cones lo enlei foi ve viII le asking nanv
vaiied lasks." The faniIiai voice of Long Haii spoke, "This is lhe TenpIe
lo lhe Indians, and nanv of us ieside heie in lolaI hainonv and Iove."
He paused. "You have Iived heie in lhe pasl." Nol suipiised, I feIl veiv
confoilalIe and faniIiai heie. "You aie occcning, nv chiId," Long Haii
conlinued, "Lessons aie leing Ieained and ieIeased inlo lhe univeise.
Suiiendei is neai as lhe spiiil ciies foi noie avaieness. Much can le
acconpIished lhiough an open sieve." Al lhal nonenl, I iecognized lhe
inpoilance of his nessage, foi il indicaled lhe alsoIule ceilainlv of lhe
palh. When vou aie occcning, vou aie nc| |ncrc, vel. OuielIv, Long Haii
fIoaled avav effoilIessIv.
Slanding lefoie a seeking souI, I Iooked dovn lo nolice lhal I
vas nanifesling as Odvssev, a highei aspecl of nvseIf vho appeaied as
a goIden lianspaienl angeI. Iiepaiing lo jouinev lack lo nv lodv, I
caIIed oul, "The Coiiidoi," as il appeaied lefoie ne. "Whal is il aII
aloul`" lhe seeking souI asked. "Love, nv deai fiiend, il is aloul Iove."
Lighl pouied fion nv lhiid eve lo hin, as nv souI enleied lhe cIoudv
vioIel coiiidoi.
"|or malntenance ls µerµetua| creatlon. and contlnuance ls µerµetua| comlng to
Ditinc Prctidcncc. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 3. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn.
Au|ncr. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)

Rcsurfacc nccn. daun cf nign|. fcc| |nc s|ars. addrcss |ncir |ign|
Tinc is nign. |nc pa|nuau c|carcd. |catc |nc fcrn. and cn|cr snccr
A|| is pas|. a|| is ncu. |nc fu|urc cxis|s in |nc ccn|cr cf |nc Tac
Gc |c rcc|ain a oir|nrign| tas|. |c rcascn. s|rangc. a ccnscicus c|asn

||ign| cf |nc uind occcncs ucur cun. |nc spiri| |ign| |aus sccds |c scu
Drcp sccds cf |ign| cn nan|ind's ncar|. a ocau|ifu| gif|. a ucndrcus ar|
8ac| |c |nc s|ars in csscncc fcrn. |ncrc's scnccnc |ncrc a| |nc dccruau ncnc
lnc arc ucu fani|iar facc. a dcar c|d fricnd cxis|s in gracc

Tnc nccn rcccdcs and dau draus ncar. |nc spiri|'s ca||cd. |nc spiri| ncars
Rc|urn |c fcrn. aua|c |c dau. rcncnocr ncnc ou| i||uscru c|au
8u| ncx| nign| draus. p|an spiri|s rc|urn. a p|acc fcrgc||cn. |nc pa|nuau ncnc
Rcsurfacc nccn. daun cf nign|. fcc| |nc s|ars. addrcss |ncir |ign|
Aflei I'd enleied a vanlon voodIand, a gieen lus vilh ciicuIai
vindovs aiiived lo lake ne lo nv deslinalion. Olhei sul-conscious
asliaI souIs veie anong us, and an aigunenl had lioken oul lelveen
lvo of lhen.
Ignoiing lhe dispule, lhev veie caughl up in lheii ego's,
aiguing ovei vho had lhe nosl exciling expeiiences lo laIk aloul.
Inleifeiing, lhe diivei said, "Soneone is heie vho can heIp lolh of vou,"
he Iooked iighl al ne, "an exlia-leiiesliiaI leing vilh noie knovIedge
lhan neels lhe eve." UnconfoilalIe, lhev Iooked al ne vilh expeclancv.
"AII oui expeiiences aie liuIv lhe expeiience of lhe One. When lhe lvo
of vou legin connunicaling lhiough Iove, voui nisundeislanding viII
le cIeai."
Ouiel foIIoved lhe ienaindei of lhe shoil jouinev, and vhen
ve aiiived al nv deslinalion, lhe lus diivei handed ne a gIass of juice.
"Take lhis," he said, "lhis is lhe juice of suiiendei. Il viII heIp vou
lecone one vilh lhe fIov." Diinking lhe sveel juice quickIv, I exiled
lhe lus.
As I Iooked al lhe liees, I sav an unusuaI spaikIe coning fion
lhen, and I feIl deep Iove foi lhen. ßeconing noie fIoving, nv spiiil
vas svaving lo and fio in lhe Iighl lean lhal vas nv souI. ßeginning
lo enlei inlo a deepei slale of lolaI oneness vilh aII lhal exisls, I
evenluaIIv lecane liuIv Iiquid, undeislanding lhings veiv cIeaiIv
vhich had pieviousIv leen a sliuggIe lo ne.
Manv souIs veie expeiiencing lhe oneness, and I vas asked lo
join in lhe nass consciousness expeiience. Afiaid, lhe angeIs cane lo
confoil ne, assuiing ne lhal vhal I vas aloul lo expeiience vas an
inpoilanl eIenenl of liulh. As lhe nanv spiiil Iighls lecane one, I feIl
an ecslalic feeIing of ullei peace.
ßeconing non-exislenl as a sepaiale souI, I enleied inlo a liuIv
indesciilalIe slale, vheiein I lecane a Iiquid pail of lhe nass of aII Iife.
The leaulv of lhis expeiience fiIIed ne vilh Iove and deep inlense
knoving. No Iongei vas I lhe fiagnenl, 'MaiiIvnn,' lul a singuIai
noIecuIe in lhe sliucluie of Iife. 'Liquid nass in lhe consciousness of
One,' liiggeied a piofound knoving. The ucu nusl die, in oidei lo
lecone a pail of lhe Onc. ßioken dovn inlo lhe noIecuIai slale, I
expeiienced a singuIai noIecuIe in a Iiquid sliand of Iife . . . a lhoughl
vilhin lhe nind of Cod.
Reluining lo foin, I vas foievei changed.
"A|though theµ are slml|ar ln aµµearance. common µeoµ|e beho|d forms and
other such thlngs and concelte of them to be rea||µ exlstent: theµ do not
understand them to be |lke an l||uslon. But slnce µogls do understand them to
exlst ln such a uaµ. lt ls here that the µogls and the common µeoµ|e dlsagree . . .
A|though lt does not aµµear to the common µerson. because lt aµµears to those
µogls uho hate mere|µ seen µersona| ldentltµ|essness. there ls no mlstake ln lts
belng a deceµtlte truth . . . Comµared to the uor|d|µ tleu of thlngs as µermanent
and so forth. the µogl's tlslon of momentarlness ls µoslted as a tlslon of Rea|ltµ
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr |X. Ansucrs 5. 7. 8. (8uddnisn.
Tioc|an. Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
CaIIing lo lhe univeise, I shouled, "The CausaI IIane, pIease
lake ne lo lhe CausaI IIane." Mv spiiil shol lhiough lhe heavens in one
conslanl nolion, and slopped in a lIack void. A iounded Iighl
dooivav leckoned, and I enleied vilh fuiv. Inside, geoneliic gens
shol up fion eveiv cievice in lhe giound. TaII and pasleI coIoied
anelhvsls and dianonds peinealed eveiv inch of lhis pIace.
TiianguIai shapes seaied inlo lhe skv Iike aiiovs: and povei, diiecl
and leaulifuI, shone lhiough lhe iIIuninaled foins. ßIue gieen skies
and linv gIilleiing slais enanaled Iike spaikIeis on lhe fouilh of IuIv.
Slopping lo engage, I legan concenlialion and focus on lhe
nanifeslalion of nv voik on lhe giound. As Iighl cane fion nv heail
cenlei, a gIoving lean shol sliaighl fion nvseIf lo lhe eneigv voilices
ciealing an expIosion in Iighl. "Thank vou, Oh nighlv univeise, vou aie
vondious, indeed!" I said. Upon ieluin, I ieceived Iighl foi seveiaI
noie houis.
"Hou sha|| l eter be ab|e to te|| µou of the rlches and the treasures and the
de|lghts uhlch are to be found ln the flfth Manslons? l thlnk lt uou|d be better
lf l uere to saµ nothlng of the Manslons l hate not µet treated. for no one can
descrlbe them. the understandlng ls unab|e to comµrehend them and no
comµarlsons ul|| atal| to exµ|aln them. for earth|µ thlngs are qulte lnsufflclent
for thls µurµose."
|n|cricr Cas||c. |if|n Mansicns. Cnap|cr 1. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr.
S|. Tcrcsa cf Ati|a)
Appioaching vilh a sniIe, lhe Nalive Aneiican nan
appioached as nv souI avakened fion sIeep. Taking nv hand, ve
soaied lhiough lhe line lunneI, enleiing lhe lodv of a nalive vonan in
a snaII liilaI encanpnenl Iaid lv lhe iivei. "Mv nane is Spinoza," he
Slanding in a fieId, he asked ne lo lake fIighl. Shooling
lovaids lhe skv in a iush of deIighl, ve legan soaiing in ecslasv.
"Theie aie lhiee IeveIs of lianscendence, SvaIIov ßiid," he said, "lhese
aie Iov, nodeiale and high IeveI. You aie nov ieadv lo lecone noie
of vhal vou aie leconing, lul lheie is one noie lhing vou nusl Ieain
in oidei lo lecone of high IeveI lianscendence. This is lhe
nanipuIalion of nallei lhiough spiiiluaI neans."
"I knov vhal vou nean," I iesponded. IIving inlo a gioceiv
sloie, I noliced a pooi nan vas Ieaving vilh IillIe food foi his faniIv.
Ciealing a disluilance, I picked up sone food and fIev inlo lhe paiking
Iol as he exiled lhe sloie. When he vasn'l Iooking, I diopped il inlo his
laskel. Spinoza vas pIeased. Conlinuing vilh lhis piocess, ve slopped
al seveiaI noie pIaces vheiein ve nanipuIaled nallei lhiough
spiiiluaI neans, in essence, doing lhe voik of Cuaidian AngeIs.
IinaIIv, he diiecled us lovaids lhe noon. "Cieale an
unexpIained disluilance on lhe noon," he said, "sonelhing lhal viII
peipIex nankind vhen lhev find il." IoIIoving his diieclion, I ciealed
handpiinls in lhe iockv suiface. Taking nv hand, Spinoza fIev ne
lack lo nv hone.
An enliie liile vas vailing al nv house, conceined lhal lhev
nighl vake nv husland. "Whal aie vou aII doing`" I asked. "Il is in
ceIelialion of lhe nev lianscendenl leing lhal is vou!" Spinoza gave
ne one Iasl hug, "The liile of SvaIIov Rivei iejoices al voui nenoiv of
lhen. The liile cannol slav in lhis pIace foi Iong, lul ve aie piepaiing
a hone vheie ve can alide logelhei in hainonv and lhe fIov of naluie,
and in lhis pIace ve viII connune oflen." Spinoza kissed ne on lhe
cheek and luined lo fIv avav.
SeveiaI nalive vonen specificaIIv asked ne lo iecoid lhe
conlenls of lheii visil. "You aie no Iongei vho vou veie vesleidav, lhal
leing is an inage in lhe iIIusion of line. Do nol foigel vho ve aie, foi
ve aie lhe liile of SvaIIov Rivei."
"When. through l||uslon. l and others are uanderlng ln the Sangsara. A|ong the
brlght |lght-µath of undlstracted |lstenlng. ref|ectlon. and medltatlon. Maµ the
Gurus of the lnsµlred Llne |ead us. Maµ the bands of Mothers be our rear-guard .
. ."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Dcad. Tnc Appcndix. ||. Tnc Pa|n cf Gccd lisncs fcr Sating
frcn |nc Dangcrcus Narrcu Passagcuau cf |nc 8ardc. Nc. 2. Pagc 199. (8uddnisn.
And so il cane lo pass lhal I Ieained hov lo liansfoin daik
eneigies lhal one lakes on fion anolhei. Iulling lolh hands logelhei
vhiIe in lhe vilialionaI slale, aIIov each fingei lo join vilh lhe
coiiesponding fingei fion lhe olhei hand. As lhe eneigv incieases and
giovs, vou pIace one of lhe eneigized hands on lhe chesl and aldonen
(heail and enolionaI cenleis), vhich ieIeases lhe negalive eneigies
"When mlndfu|ness ls set ulth the µurµose of guardlng the dooruaµ of the mlnd.
then a|ertness ul|| come about and eten that uhlch had gone ul|| return. When.
]ust as l am about (to act). l see that mµ mlnd ls talnted (ulth defl|ement). at
such a tlme l shou|d remaln unmoteab|e. |lke a µlece of uood."
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr V. Nc. 28-29. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an.
Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
IIving lhiough lhe ceiIing, I vas gieeled lv a Iaige asliaI
spaceship. Round vilh nanv gIoving Iighls enanaling fion lvo
ciicuIai chanleis undeinealh, I foIIoved nv innei knoving and
quickIv shol up inside. A nan and vonan appeaied, lhe fenaIe vilh
Iong lIack haii puIIed on lop of hei head, and lhe naIe vas laII and
liunelle vilh a slockv luiId. Weaiing liighl unifoins, she voie one in
eneiaId lIue, vhiIe he voie one vilh a snokv iose coIoi.
Lnilling peace, lhev heId oul lheii ains in veIcone. Coning
foivaid, I sensed connunicalion lul il vas nol cIeai. Iulling hei hand
on nv foiehead and sending a puIsing eneigv foice lhiough nv spiiil,
she heId il sliII unliI il expIoded invaidIv in Iighl, ciealing an opening
in nv souI. Connunicaling leIepalhicaIIv, lhev conveved, "We aie
fion lhe gaIaxv of AIpha Cenlauii. We cone fion a conpIeleIv
leIepalhic iace. We have cone lo heIp vou lo open voui channeIs of
leIepalhv. Ioin us as ve ieluin lo oui voiId lo shov vou vho ve aie."
Soaiing al lhe speed of Iighl, I couIdn'l feeI anv novenenl
fion lhe chanlei of lhe spaceship. ßIue nelaIIic vaIIs suiiounded a
ciicuIai ioon vheie lvo chaiis availed. She and I sal dovn, vhiIe lhe
nan Iav on lhe fIooi. Walching as lhev denonslialed lhe vav of Iighl,
lhe fenaIe luined lo lhe naIe and lhev cIosed lheii eves. "I an feeIing a
veiv inlense enolion!" She lhoughl IoudIv, "Il is a sliong jovfuI
vilialion lhal I an sensing." HoIding oul hei hands lo lhe nan, he
genlIv louched lhen. "Shaie vhal I an feeIing." She lhoughl. HoIding
each olhei's hands foi seveiaI nonenls, lhev veie alIe lo sense and feeI
eveivlhing fion one anolhei jusl lv louching. "Il is a leaulifuI
vilialion vou have luned inlo," lhe nan lhoughl, as lhev lolh gIoved
vilh Iighl.
Tuining lo ne, lhev Iaid lheii hands on lhe lop of nv head,
aIIoving ne lo sense lhe vilialion lhiough nv ciovn chakia.
Vilialions of Iove and jov fiIIed nv souI. "We have cone lo open voui
leIepalhic channeIs, viII vou Iel us`" "Yes," I lhoughl, "I viII." Looking
inlo nv eves, he lhoughl, "Renove lhe laiiieis vou have ciealed lo
fieedon, enlei lhe fIov of lhe highei viII and aII viII le knovn lo vou.
We aie vhal vou viII lecone. We aie vhal aII peopIe of lhe eailh viII
lecone. Do vou feeI lhe fIov`" "Yes," I lhoughl IoudIv, "I feeI il, il is
vilhin nv giasp, lul I don'l quile have il!" Lnliacing ne lighlIv, lhe
hunning vilialion legan lo giov and inciease in fiequencv.
Wilh a sudden joIl, a nassive foice puIIed nv spiiil lack,
ieIeasing a pail of ne lhal had no liue idenlilv. Mv souI feII lo lhe fIooi
in lhe fieedon of lhe ieIease, and a nassive Iighl lean vas nov vilhin
nv Iife foice. "Spiiil, vou aie nov a pail of lhe fIov. IeeI ils leaulv and
lhe vilialion of peace!" IIoving lack and foilh, I lhoughl, "AII lhal is, is
aII lhal I an." Thev sniIed, and lhe vonan legan lo lhink. "We aII
cone fion lhe sane pIace, nv deai spiiil, isn'l il vondeifuI lo go
ßefoie I couId iepIv, lhev opened a vindov lo lhe univeise.
Ieeiing oulside of lhe spaceship, a huge pIanel vas diieclIv lefoie us.
"This is oui hone," lhev lhoughl sinuIlaneousIv. So iIIuninaled lv
Iighl, vou couId nol dislinguish ils coIoi: and an enoinous sun, haIf lhe
size of lhe pIanel, legan iising fion lhe hoiizon.
Ieeiing in ave, lhe univeisaI novenenl diiecled ne lo foin.
"Moreoter. such lndltldua|s are 'unltersa|' ln thelr sµmµathles. and can fee|
ulth anµ form of |lfe ulth uhlch theµ come ln contact . . . Manµ of the great
l||umlned sou|s of the race. hatlng thls consclousness ln at |east some degree.
flnd themse|tes 'at home' ulth a|| manners and condltlons of manklnd. and ln
manµ cases ulth the |ouer |lfe forms. as ue|| . . . lt maµ be seen at once that
uhen one has a fee|lng of fe||oushlµ ulth a|| Llfe (and such lndltldua|s hate
thls to some degree). then there are created certaln bonds and |lnks of sµmµathµ
and unltµ uhlch serte to unlte the lndltldua| more or |ess strong|µ to a|| |ltlng
Tnc Sccrc| Dcc|rinc cf |nc Rcsicrucians. Par| V|||. Tnc Tnrcc Higncr P|ancs. Pagc 14.
Paragrapn 2. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Rcsicrucian)
Rescinding foin, I look nv husland's hand and fIev lo lhe
ledioon dooi in oui nev counliv hone. ßehind lhe dooi vas a Iaige
caiving of lhe sun vilh lvo dislincl faces poiliaved. One side of lhe
caiving dispIaved a happv face, vhiIe lhe olhei haIf gIinled vilh feai
and suspicion. Looking sonevhal Iike an ancienl Azlec sun caIendai,
Andv lecane fiighlened vhen lhe inage lecane aninaled and
piepaied lo speak. DiieclIv al Andv, he quielIv said, "ßoo." Andv's feai
vas quickIv defIaled lv lhis hunoious gesluie. "Who aie vou`" I
asked lhe leing. "I an a sun spiiil," he iepIied. "I an confused lv lhe
lvo sides lhal voui faces iepiesenl," I said, "Which aie vou`" ßeconing
fuIIv feaifuI, he said, "To lhose vho cone lo ne in feai, I leach lhen
aloul feai." ßeconing fuIIv Ioving, he conlinued, "ßul lo lhose vho
cone lo ne in Iove, I leach of Iove. I an vhalevei vou peiceive ne lo
"Knou µe. O mµ brother. that fear ls an obstac|e great: be master of a|| ln the
brlghtness. the shadou ul|| soon dlsaµµear. Hear µe. and heed mµ ulsdom. the
tolce of LlGHT ls c|ear. seek not the ta||eµ of shadou. and |lght on|µ ul||
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V|||. Pagc 45. Paragrapn 5.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
SuddenIv, a spiiil junped oul of lhe caiving and lecane an
Indian vonan. Nolicing lhal nv nedicine vheeI had nanifesled on
lhe vaII, she look il and fIev oul lhe vindov lovaids lhe voods.
Running aflei hei, I legged, "IIease ieluin nv nedicine vheeI, il is a
nosl cheiished possession." IoIIoving hei, I vas deleinined lo
ieliieve nv sacied oljecl. Reaching lhe lackvaid, I noliced a nassive
iilled lunneI vhich had opened, Ieading lo an inleiioi voodIand.
Running lhiough lhe lunneI, I luined a cuive and feII lo lhe
giound. Nov in lhe nidsl of a dense, lhick foiesl, lhe vonan vas
slanding on a cIiff jusl alove a iivei. "No!" I scieaned oul as I sav hei
junp inlo lhe iivei, "The painl viII le iuined." IIving lovaids hei, I
junped in lhe valei, as veII.
In lhe valei, I quickIv foigol aloul nv nedicine vheeI as I
eneiged al lhe suiface lo olseive hundieds of Nalive Aneiicans
coning oul fion hiding in lhis leaulifuI foiesl gIade. Lneiging fion
lhe deplhs vas lhe vonan vho had laken nv nedicine vheeI, vhich
vas nov vashed cIean. The painling vas gone.
Looking aiound ne, I sav oui hone in vavv eneigv foin.
"These ieaIilies oveiIap," she said, "lhough vou nav nol see lhis voiId
vilh voui phvsicaI eves in voui lodv, knov lhal lhis voiId is heie. We
exisl on lop of voui voiId as inleispeised eneigv. Knov lhal vou nav
liaveise lhe lunneI lo oui voiId al anv line." Handing ne lhe nedicine
vheeI, she conlinued, "Iainl vhal is vilhin voui spiiil upon lhis vheeI,
le viIIing lo lake voui spiiil fai. Knov lhal voui nedicine vheeI of Iife
can nevei le lioken . . . onIv changed." Undeislanding, I lhanked hei.
Reluining lo lhe house, Andv vas sliII Iooking al lhe caiving
on lhe dooi, "I an heie, I an lheie, and I an eveivvheie I pIease." Il
said. Taking his hand, ve ieluined lo lhe phvsicaI ieaIn, knoving lhal
lhe liile of SvaIIov Rivei had nade ils hone vilh us.
Wilhin nonenls, nv spiiil vas avaking lack lo lhe phvsicaI
voiId, onIv lo fade lack and ie-enlei lhe spiiiluaI spheies, lhis line
lhiough lhe line lunneI.
Lnleiing lhe lodv of a voung Indian vonan, I vas hoIding a
linv nevloin lalv. Anolhei vonan Iav on lhe giound iecoveiing fion
Ialoi. "WiII vou iaise nv lalv`" she asked, "hei falhei does nol knov
lhal she is his and I viII nol leII hin." "You shouId leII hin, CIeai
Heail," I iesponded, "Kusokvav viII change foi his lalv." "No," she
quielIv ieloiled, "he viII nol knov she is his. He Iives in anolhei canp
and viII nevei find oul." Iausing a nonenl, she Iooked inlenlIv vilh
gieal anxielv inlo nv eves. "IIease, Lone WoIf ChiId, viII vou lake nv
chiId and iaise il as voui ovn`" Nolicing lhe leais in hei eves al such a
heailiending iequesl, I pul nv hand in heis. "Il is an honoi lo le asked,
and I viII lake lhis chiId as nv ovn." Hei face shone vilh ieIief as she
Iooked al ne vilh Iove and lhanks. Monenls Ialei, she luined lo sIeep
fion lhe faligue of Ialoi.
Kusokvav vas a viId spiiil vho enjoved nanv vonen and
his fieedon. A veiv handsone nan, il vas easv foi hin lo gel avav
vilh il.
Lone WoIf ChiId vas nv nane in pail lecause of nv
appeaiance. Nol leiiilIv piellv, I had a Iaige lone sliucluie vhich
nade ne avkvaid, and nv face vas coveied in pock naiks fion a lad
case of acne. ConsequenlIv, I spenl nuch line aIone as nen veie nol
oflen alliacled lo ne. Deep inside, hovevei, I vas leiiilIv in Iove vilh
Kusokvav, lhough I aIvavs had knovn he vouId nevei have anv
inleiesl in one such as nvseIf. NeveilheIess, lhe feeIings I had
vhenevei I vas neai hin nade ne unalIe lo Iel go of lhis Iove I heId
foi his souI. CIeai Heail had knovn lhis. Civing ne Kusokvav's lalv,
even undei lhese ciicunslances, vas an acl of honoiing nv Iove foi hei
and lhe lalv's falhei. Having no desiie lo iaise lhe chiId, she'd knovn
lhal I did.
Aloul six nonlhs aflei lhe chiId vas loin, I vas unexpecledIv
needed in anolhei canp. Mv skiIIs as a nidvife had lecone veII-
knovn, so I packed Wel Lves (Mv chiId vas naned foi hei excessive
civing) onlo nv lack in a papoose, vailing foi nv escoil lo aiiive
lefoie Ieaving foi lhe olhei canp. Manv CIouds, an oId and vise nan,
vas coning lo piolecl ne on nv jouinev.
The lhiee-dav jouinev gave us nuch line lo laIk, and Manv
CIouds had knovn of nv seciel Iove foi Kusokvav and lhe liilhiighl of
lhis chiId. "You nusl leII Kusokvav of his chiId," he said vilh
exaspeialion, "ve viII le in his canp and he nusl knov of lhe Iove vou
have offeied his chiId." "ßul I an ugIv," I said, "Kusokvav viII have no
inleiesl in ne." Manv CIouds Iooked al ne vilh Iove and heId nv
hand, "Whal I see is leaulv of lhe spiiil, peihaps vou aie nol neanl lo
le a Lone WoIf ChiId anv Iongei. Iionise ne lhal vou viII al Ieasl leII
hin of his chiId." Thinking a nonenl, I Ioveied nv head, "I viII leII
hin of his chiId, lul lhal is aII."
As ve aiiived al lhe canp, lhe vonan vas veiv cIose lo liilh
and nv pIans of speaking vilh Kusokvav veie poslponed. ShoilIv
aflei lhe chiId vas loin, hovevei, an oppoilunilv piesenled ilseIf. In
nv confusion aflei lhe deIiveiv, I look Wel Lves and enleied inlo a
leepee, lhinking lhal il vas lhe one sel up foi us. To nv suipiise,
hovevei, I had vaIked inlo Kusokvav's leepee. Silling on lhe fIooi,
he'd nolioned foi ne lo cone ovei. "Hov is Coin of Lighl`" He asked
iegaiding lhe condilion of lhe vonan vho had jusl given liilh. "Thev
aie lolh fine." I said. "She had a lov."
Tuining lo Ieave, he quickIv slopped ne, "IIease don'l go. I'n
IoneIv and vouId veIcone conpanv." NeivousIv, I sal dovn,
ienoving lhe papoose fion nv lack. HoIding Wel Lves in nv ains, I
legan iocking hei lo sIeep. Kusokvav lickIed hei feel, "Whal a linv
IillIe lalv, so nuch leaulv in such a linv package." Iausing, I quielIv
said, "I . . . I have sonelhing . . . " Kusokvav inleiiupled ne vilh a kiss.
Iulling lhe lalv dovn lo sIeep on hei lIankels, Kusokvav look ne in
his ains and puIIed ne leside hin. Suipiised, I hugged hin inlenseIv
and ieluined his kiss vhen Kusokvav gol veiv neivous. "I hope vou
knov lhal lhis is aII lheie viII evei le." He said, "Theie couId nevei le
noie vilh vou. I need a . . . uh . . ." Iinishing his voids foi hin, I said,
"Iiellv vonan, I knov and I don'l caie." As I vas kissing his neck, he
vas suddenIv in a diffeienl slale of nind. Looking aInosl sickened lv
vhal he had said lo ne, ve sal in siIence foi a fev nonenls. "Thal is a
hoiiilIe lhing lo sav . . . oi leIieve." Kusokvav said. RepIving
nonchaIanlIv, I said, "ßul I knov I'n nol alliaclive, il doesn'l suipiise
SuddenIv, Manv CIouds enleied lhe leepee, and I legan lo
sveal in feai. Looking al nv chiId, I vas afiaid lhal I nighl Iose hei.
Iicking Wel Lves up, I liied lo ienain caIn foi vhal nav veiv veII le
lhe Iasl line I couId hoId hei. Manv CIouds sal dovn, Iooking al ne
vilh expeclancv. "I have sonelhing lo leII vou," I said lo Kusokvav,
lul Manv CIouds junped in, "The chiId, Wel Lves, vas loin lo CIeai
Heail and given lo Lone WoIf ChiId al liilh lo iaise. This chiId is vouis
Kusokvav." Handing Wel Lves lo Kusokvav, I leaifuIIv gol up lo
Ieave. "No!" Kusokvav shouled. "Wail! You have laken caie of nv
chiId. I an gialefuI. ßul vhv` CIeai Heail is nol dead." I couIdn'l sav
anvlhing, so Manv CIouds spoke foi ne. "Il is oul of Iove foi vou
Kusokvav. In voui Iiniled vision, vou couId onIv see vhal Iav on lhe
oulside. ßul deep inside of Lone WoIf ChiId is a spiiil fiIIed vilh Iove
foi vou and voui chiId. When CIeai Heail gave hei voui lalv, she sav
il as a gieal gifl."
Kusokvav nov Iooked dovn upon lhe chiId vhich Iav in his
ains. "I viII caII vou Kinosali, foi vou aie a fiiend I had Iosl, lul have
nov iediscoveied." Looking al ne, he said, "You aie no Iongei Lone
WoIf ChiId, foi I knov vho vou aie. You aie SlaiIighl! The Cieal Spiiil
has senl vou lo ne in lhis vav lo leach ne. I have Iooked in lhe viong
pIaces lo find Iove, and nov Iove piesenls ilseIf lo ne in a slai, vhich in
nv Iiniled vision, I sav onIv as a Lone WoIf ChiId." Taking nv hand,
he enliaced ne. "WiII vou join ne in union, SlaiIighl`" "Yes," I quielIv
said, "Il vouId le an honoi."
IIovn lo viev a peiiod Ialei in line, I vilnessed lhe enliie
faniIv of Kusokvav, SlaiIighl, and Kinosali happiIv going lhiough Iife
logelhei, and I ieaIized lhal Kusokvav loie lhe spiiil of nv cuiienl
husland, as Kinosali loie lhe souI of nv eIdesl daughlei in lhis
cuiienl Iife.
"The host of thletes uho are mµ oun dlsturblng conceµtlons ul|| search for a
good oµµortunltµ: Hatlng found lt theµ ul|| stea| mµ tlrtue and destroµ (the
attalnment of) |lfe ln a haµµµ rea|m. Therefore l sha|| neter |et mlndfu|ness
deµart from the dooruaµ of mµ mlnd. lf lt goes. l shou|d reca|| the mlserµ of the
|ouer rea|ms and flrm|µ re-estab|lsh lt there."
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr V. Nc. 28-29. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an.
Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
LnnanueI lade ne lo vilness a speclacuIai inage in lhe
heavens. Taken deep leIov lhe Lailh's suiface, I valched as lhe
conlioIs lo seveiaI voIcanoes veie sel lo eiupl. lul I vas suipiised lo
find upon eneiging lhal lhese veie voIcanoes of Iighl in lhe heavens,
aII foined in a ciicuIai fashion Iike lhal of a nedicine vheeI, vhich
eiupled in a svnchionicilv of Iighl, vhich cane fion lhe heavens and
feII upon lhe Lailh. Al one poinl, lhe ciicIe of voIcanoes legan spinning
as a vheeI, vhiIe LnnanueI lioughl sul-conscious asliaI spiiils alove
lhen lo ieceive of ils Iighl.
"G|orlous ls lt to see the Nob|e Ones: thelr comµanµ at a|| tlmes brlngs
Dnannapada. Cnap|cr XV. Nc. 206. (8uddnisn)
Lnleiing inlo lhe eneigies of lhe cIouds, I lecane avaie lhal
lhev veie lhe Cuaidians of lhe Skv, lhe painleis of lhe skv vho ieveaI
inages lo nankind vhich aie oflen unnoliced and unseen. ßul vilhin
lhese inages, Iie hidden neaning, nvsleiies and seciels lo voiIds
And so il cane lo pass lhal I vas laken lhiough seveiaI
passages iegaiding lhundei, Iighlning, iain and cIouds.
Hoveiing anongsl lhe cIouds, a lhundeisloin vas in piogiess
and I soaied lo lhe nidsl of il. IuIsaling iapidIv vilh lhe vilialions of
lhe sloin, lhe iaindiops vouId faII inleinillenlIv lhiough nv
lianspaienl seIf. Wilh each loIl of Iighlning, an eneigv suige gvialed
lhiough nv ains and inlo nv head. Wilh lhe lhundei, nv spiiil
expIoded inlo lhe najeslv of lhe cIouds. Lach novenenl of lhe cIouds
caiiied vilh il a dislincl feeIing vilhin nv souI. Ioi a nonenl, I
Iislened, as lhe piaveis of hunanilv veie liaveIing fion Lailh lo
Heaven on lhe heeIs of lhundei and Iighlning.
A linv iaindiop leckoned. OuickIv, I junped inlo il and feIl
nvseIf faII IighlIv lo lhe giound and dissipale. Suiiounded lv nv
feIIov valei spiiils in a puddIe, I Iooked aiound. "Mv, hov lig
eveivlhing Iooks." SuddenIv, I vas sucked undei. ßeIov giound, a
giass lIade had puIIed ne up lhiough ils iools and lefoie I knev il, I
evapoialed lack up inlo lhe skv vheie lhe cIouds veie naking vav foi
lhe sun lo shine lhiough. IeacefuI gialilude fiIIed ne.

A tcicc. a prcscncc. a surgc frcn aoctc. a ui||cuu uisp. |nc spiri| cf |ctc
An inncr |ncuing. | |cc|cd uau up nign. |c and ocnc|d! Tnc Guardians cf |nc S|u!
Tnc |ign| sncnc |nrcugn. a pa|nuau c|carcd. ou| nu spiri|. afraid. uas frczcn in fcar
Tnc ocau|ccus fcrns. cf c|cuds f|ca|ing ou. ucarning |c |ncu. nu ca|| canc as a sign

Pccring. | |ncugn|. 'lnu dc | nc|d oac|?' A tcicc rang in nu ncad. up. nu ncad snappcd
A najcs|ic scund fi||cd nu orain. |nundcr and |ign|ing. and |ncn |ncrc uas rain
Magnc|ic tciccs said. '|| is |. rcncnocr. ucu |ncu nc. |'n Guardian cf |nc S|u.'
Tnc c|cud s|cu|u spc|c. ou| cn|u | ncard. pccp|c ua||cd ou. |ncu didn'| ncar a ucrd

'Truing |c rcacn ucu. | crca|c nanu sccncs |i|c pa|nuaus and |unnc|s and tc|tc|u rain.
Rign| |ncrc aoctc ucu. rcncnorancc orcus. | sncu ucu |nc ocau|u. |na| ocau|u is |ruc.'
'Ccns|an||u cnanging. nanipu|a|ing fcrn. |ncrc is nc |ini| |c una| | adcrn.
| nirrcr |nc unitcrsc. a|| |na| |ncrc is. and |ncn | scnd rain in |nc fcrn cf a |iss.'

Sc aucscnc a ncssagc. sucn ocau|ifu| ucrds. |cc|ing aocu| nc. s|i||. cn|u | ncard
| spc|c |c |nc c|cud. | as|cd nin. 'lnu nc? |f nc cnc c|sc ncars. ccu|d |nis rca||u oc?'
Tnc c|cud ocgan cnanging. a |unnc| cncrgcd. |nc sun's c|ncr pa|nuau in ori||iancc.
'| sncu ucu |nc pa|nuau. nu dcar |i|||c cnc. nanu dcn'| scc i|. ou| i| ui|| |a|c ucu ncnc.'

| rcacncd cu| nu arn |c fcc| una| nc said. ou| suddcn|u an cncrgu snc| |nrcugn nu ncad
Mu cucs sprung cpcn in ori||iancc cf |ign|. |nc pcucr cf Gcd. | fc|| i| |na| nign|
Turning |c |catc. | uatcd |c |nc car|n. 'Tnan| ucu fcr |cacning nc. and fcr nu rcoir|n.'
As | |cc|cd ocnind a| |nc c|cuds in |nc s|u. 'li|| ucu ccnc ui|n nc?' | as|cd ui|n a sign

A gcn||c ncd. 'Nc.' |nc c|cud uas sinccrc. '| natc nanu |c rcacn. |c |nc car|n |'|| s|au
'Mu ocau|ifu| spiri|. ucu'tc fcund ucur uau ncnc. Tncrc's nucn ncrc |c |carn. |nrcugn
|nc unitcrsc ucu nus| rcan.
P|casc undcrs|and.' said |nc c|cud ui|n a |car in nis cuc. '|| gitcs nc grca| jcu |c oc
Guardian cf |nc S|u.'
Hc |urncd |c |nc car|n and ocgan |c crca|c. a ocau|ifu| disp|au fcr |nc nunan racc
|cu |cc| |nc |inc |c nc|icc |nc ar|. ou| scncdau anc|ncr. ucu|d scc |nc s|u |nrcugn nis

A oird ui|n uings is a jcu indccd. nc fi||s |nc car|n ui|n cncra|d sccds
A f|ign| |nrcugn c|cuds. |cads |c c|car s|ics. |nc tisicn oird. |nundcr and |ign|ning nign
A crac| cf |nundcr. auarcncss ocgins. a f|asn cf |ign|ning. unc natc ucu occn
| as|cd a s|ar. 'lnc an |?' Hc rcp|icd ui|n a furu and fi||cd nc ui|n |ign|

A scund | fc|| ou| nctcr ncard. a orcczc o|cu ou. |nc tisicn oird
S|ar-fi||cd tisicns fi||cd nu scu|. nc |cngcr cnc. ou| par| cf |nc unc|c
A spiri| |ign| f|ics |nrcugn nu orain. |c c|car pcrccp|icns. a sunncr rain
A |ign|. a scu|. a par| cf Gcd. s|cpping rain. rcccdcs |nc c|cud

Tnc s|ar |cc|cd dcun. 'Ncu ucu |ncu. nu ocau|ifu| spiri| ucu'tc cn|crcd |nc f|cu.'
A oird f|cu ou and said ui|n a sign. 'Ycu and |. uc arc a|i|c!'
'8u| Visicn 8ird.' | ca||cd |c nin. 'Ycu natc uings. ucu f|u ui|n |nc uind.'
'Aaaaan. ucs | dc.' |nc Visicn 8ird c|aincd. 'nu tisicn is ucurs. gc. dancc in |nc rain.'

| |cc| |c |nc dancc and |c nu surprisc. nu spiri| snc| up in a frcnzu cf f|ign|
|cc|ing oc|cu nc. | ncard a tcicc cru. 'Visicn 8ird . . . ui|| ucu |cacn M| |c f|u?'

Tnc cucs cf a raindrcp. una| ucu|d i| scc. a c|cud ours| crca|cd. |nc spiri| is nc
|a||ing |nrcugn s|ics. |cc|ing oc|cu. |nc car|n i| ccncs c|cscr. |c |nundcr i| rcars
Grccn |cps cascading. una| ccu|d |ncu oc. rcacning |ncn uuic||u. cn. i|'s a |rcc
Passing |ncn ou. | unir |c |nc grcund. 'nu. |na| uas uuic|.' |nc grass na|cs a scund

A s|ign| |inu uninpcr. a uucncning cf |nirs|. | cn|cr |nc grcund and an suc|cd up ou
Ncu una| | an is a o|adc cf grass. |cc|ing arcund nc. | grcu tcru fas|
Mu orc|ncrs ocsidc nc ccnncc|cd in fcrn. cur cncncss apparcn|. dcninicn |nc ncrn
Mu jcurncu nctcs upuard. | suca| |nrcugn |nc o|adc. and cn|cr a pudd|c. |c |iuuid |'n

Nc |incs |c scpara|c |nc spiri|s in fcrn. cnc |cting nass. in ua|cr adcrncd
Tnc ua|cr |ccps fa||ing. ou| ncu | natc sccn |nrcugn |nc cucs cf a raindrcp. nu spiri| is
Tnc unitcrsc snuddcrs in aucscnc dc|ign|. |nc cncncss cxpcricnccd. a ocau|ifu| sign|
Tncrc's ncrc |c i| |ncugn. |nan ocau|u a|cnc. an aua|cning nas surfaccd. a spiri|'s gcnc

|'n rcaring. |'n rcacning. |'n |ruing |c fcc|. |ruing |c discctcr una| nc|ds ucu oac| s|i||
Mu |nundcrcus tcicc. |nc |ign|s | disp|au. sncu|d aua|cn ucur |cnging |c rc|urn ncnc
Mass rc|ain nc|ds ucur cncrgu |ign|. nc rccn |c fcc|. and nc rccn fcr f|ign|
8u| rcncnocr. nu dcars. i|'s ucu |na| | an. |ncrc's nc scpara|icn oc|uccn ucu and |nc
Rcacn cu| and natc i|. i|'s ucurs if ucu as|. cpcn |c fcc|ing a|| |na| ucu nas|
|cr uncrc ucu oc|cng. in spiri|ua| fcrn. ucur |rucncss cnoraccd. ucur ocau|u adcrncd

Rc|urn |c |nc s|a|c cf f|cuing ui|n |ctc. fcc| unc ucu arc. |cc| up aoctc
| |nundcr again |c sncu ucu |nc uau. |nc pcucr ucu nc|d. |nc gancs |na| ucu p|au
Ca||ing frcn |nc s|u. frcn uncrc ucu oc|cng. | |ctc ucu sc nucn. uncrc natc ucu gcnc
|||| unc | an. dcn'| as| ucursc|f unu. ucu |ncu in ucur ncar|. |'n Guardian cf |nc

Rcncnocr |nc dau ucu cn|crcd |nc car|n. | |c|d ucu |ncn |ncrc'd oc a |inc fcr rcoir|n
| ca|| in |nc s|crn. and nu tcicc nctcr s|i||s. in ucur s|ccp. ucu'|| rcncnocr |nc nigncr
|ctc nctcr fadcs. and uc a|uaus cxprcss a|| |na| uc arc. cur nappincss
Tncrc arc nc |ini|s. nc cgcs |c cncc|. uc sinp|u |ctc ucu and uc uan| ucu oac|

Tc pcndcr |nc uind. unnas| una| cnc|cs. | uuic| |nc ccnscicus and fcc| gcn||c s|rc|cs
Tnc suauing cf grass. |nc snuddcr cf |rccs. |nc c|cuds oi||cu fas|cr. | fa|| cn nu |nccs
Tnc tcicc gcn||u scc|ning. |cucncs nu ncar|. |nc scunds risc and fa|| as |nc |catcs p|au
and dar|
Suisning aocu| nc. |nc f|cu and |nc ccc|. |nc nctcncn| cf cncrgu. cf succ|ncar|s and

Singing aoctc nc. cur tciccs cnncsn. as |nc uind o|cus nardcr and occcncs cnc in o|iss
As |rcc orancncs suau. |nc spiri| is sccn. nc| nc|iccd in s|i||ncss ou| fc|| in |nc uind
Mctcncn| is ca|ning. c|cuds oi||cu auau. |nc |rccs s|cp |ncir snuddcr. grass ccascs |c
Tnc cncrgu s|i||s and occcncs cn|u |ign|. ou| i| ui|| rc|urn |c oring nctcncn| in |nc

Tnc tiora|icna| ocings cf |nc undcrucr|d. rcspcnding |c nctcncn| ocnca|n |nc car|n
|inos pu||ing fcr|n. disp|aucd in |nc fasnicn. ncandcrs cf praisc. rcacning cu| in passicn
|inos pu||ing inuard. |nc tiora|icna| scund. a |ctc cf |nc inncr. |ncu|cdgc cf prcfcund
Tnc cu|uard disp|au cf |rccs rcacning nign. cnccnpassing a||ncss. o|cssing a|| |ifc

Tnc fragncn|cd gupsics. unc |rcno|c a| fcrn. disp|au |nc ccnfusicn cf |nc car|n-p|anc
A|| disp|au signs cf unitcrsa| praisc. rcncnocr |ncir crca|cr. rcninding |ncsc in a dazc
Tnc |inos rcacning cu| |i|c arns cn a nan. rcacning fcr a||ncss. ocing a|| |na| |ncu can
Ncx| |inc ucu |cc| a| a grcup cf |rccs. scc |ncir disp|au cf tiora|icna| praisc

SKYLICHTS (A Thundeisloin Speaks)
|ign|s in |nc s|u. a oi||cuing ncsn. a tcicc |c||s cf cnc and ca||s |c |nc ncs|
|urrcuing fca|ncrs and |catcs o|cuing ou. |nc tcicc ca||s cu| |cud|u. 'Ccnc. spiri|. f|u!'
A |ncuing unansucrcd. a ca|| cf cnc's cun. |c rcndcr |nc |ncu|cdgc. a uucs|icn
'lncrc ui|| ucu |a|c nc?' |nc spiri| rc|cr|s. a sni|c nctcr sccn ou| fc|| in |nc ncar|

Tnc |rus| gcn||u scc|ning. rc|inuuisn a|| dcuo|. |ncrc's nc rccn |c uucs|icn. i|'s |inc |c
gc| cu|
A ocdu ncu sc|id. rc|inuuisncs nass. |c |ign| par|ic|cs cn|cr. frcn car|n-p|anc dc|acn
Tnc nctcncn| dircc|cd. rc|casc |c |nc s|u. a spiri| gains frccdcn. a scu| gains insign|
Tnrcugn ga|cuaus |ncu cn|cr |c p|ancs uncxp|crcd. ocucnd i||usicns. ocucnd ncatcn|u

Tnc |ctc gcn||u suauing. rc|urns |c |nc ga|c. a|| nctcncn| rcncnocrcd. a ncncn| ui|n
Ca|| |c |nc ncncn|. rcncting |nc pas|. |nc spiri| in frccdcn o|cnds in|c |nc nass

"As |ong as µou |lte outslde the house of maµa. as |ong as there exlsts the c|oud
of maµa. µou do not see the effect of the Sun of Knou|edge."
Tnc Gcspc| cf Sri Rana|risnna. Cnap|cr 30. Pagc 583. Paragrapn 16. (Hinduisn. lcrds
cf Sri Rana|risnna)


"The slmµ|e fact that Belng ls the neter-changlng. eterna| µhase of exlstence and
that lt µertades the dlterse forms of µhenomena| creatlon gltes us the hoµe of
brlnglng a|| the dlterslfled µhases of our |ltes lnto harmonµ bµ co-ordlnatlng
thelr ta|ues ulth the ta|ues of abso|ute Belng."
Tnc Scicncc cf 8cing and Ar| cf |iting. Par| 3. Cnap|cr 2. Pagc 121. Paragrapn 3.
(Hinduisn. Transccndcn|a| Mcdi|a|icn. Au|ncr. Manarisni Mancsn Ycgi)
In a jouinev lenealh lhe deplhs of lhe sea, I cane upon a
schooI of doIphins vho giaciousIv did fIips lo enleilain nvseIf and lhe
spiiiluaI guaidians vho acconpanied ne. "WeIcone lo oui voiId,
spiiils of Iighl," lhev leIepalhicaIIv conveved, "ve aie happv vou speak
vilh us." In ave al lhis connunicalion, I iepIied, "You aie so leaulifuI,
lhank vou foi shaiing lhe leaulv of voui foin." Laughing, lhe doIphins
iesponded, "AII foin cones fion lhe nind of Cod, and aII of il is
leaulifuI in ils ovn nagnificenl vav. Shaie voui peiceplion vilh lhe
consciousness of nankind, il viII expand lheii vision and cieale a
veaining anong lhen lo knov us, as veII."
Conlinuing lo go deepei inlo lhe ocean, ve found schooIs of
liighlIv coIoied fish and spindIv sea ciealuies Iooning in lheii voiId of
quiel and lhe daik. A shaik svan lv vilh lhe najeslic deneanoi of
one so feaied lv nan, lul lheie vas no feai vilhin lhe eves of his spiiil.
ßiIIovv seaveed fIoved lo and fio vilh lhe valei and lhe iocks gIoved
fion lhe sunIighl capluied in lhe sea. Lach sea ciealuie senl a veIcone
lo oui spiiils in lhe siIence foi lhev knev vho ve veie and seened lo
see nanv spiiil Iighls liaveI lheii valeis. Oui piesence vas confoiling
lo lhen, foi il ieninded lhen lhal lheii voiId of piedaloi and piev vas
nol ieaI, lul onIv a diean.
Lnleiing inlo a huge cavein, I vas appiehensive. "Do nol le
afiaid, foIIov ne," lhe guide conveved, as ve fIoaled in. A Iaige nailIe
dooi feII suddenIv fion lhe ceiIing, diopping dovn in fionl of us so as
lo pievenl oui enliv. "Lel's gel oul of heie!" I scieaned, "This scaies
ne." Renaining caIn, lhe spiiil spoke IovingIv. "Ask lhe dooi lo open
and il viII." CaIning, I lhoughl, "Dooi, viII vou aIIov ne lo enlei`"
Coning open quickIv, ve conlinued dovn lhe daik passagevavs
deepei inlo lhe cave. Lveiv fev feel anolhei nailIe dooi lIocked oui
enliv, lul vouId open upon oui iequesl.
IinaIIv, ve cane upon a Iighl-fiIIed space vheiein a seeningIv
nevei-ending ciicuIai slaiicase venl up inlo lhe heavens. ßeginning lo
ascend, I foIIoved aflei nv guide, IeveI aflei IeveI. Soon ve veie
passing lhiough cIouds and lheie veie no noie vaIIs. AInosl al lhe
lop, I again lecane scaied. "Cone," lhe spiiil vilh ne leckoned, "vou
aie aInosl lheie." "ßul I an liied." I said, gioaning. "AII lhese slaiis
have voin ne oul." "Aaaaah," lhe spiiil iepIied, "lieaking dovn lhe
vaIIs and laiiieis vas nol easv, lul vou have done il. Iusl al lhe lop of
lhese slaiis Iies oui deslinalion." OuickIv, he shol up lhe slaiis levond
nv vision, and I foIIoved.
When I ieached lhe lop, nv guide had had disappeaied. OnIv
a liighl a Iuninous leing ienains and his hoIiness vas appaienl.
ßeginning lo feeI unvoilhv, he heId his ains oul lo ne and voie a lig
sniIe. SniIing lack, I said nolhing, as oui exchange vas enliieIv siIenl.
Lnliacing ne vilh a vain and Ioving hug, I lecane lianspaienl as his
heighl lIended vilh nv Iovness, in a connunion neanl lo liing nv
spiiiluaI eneigies highei. As nv eneigies legan shifling, I suddenIv . . .
Looking cIosei, I suddenIv iecognized lhis spiiil as lhe highei
seIf of one of lhe souIs I'd leen valching ovei. IuIIing lack, his
peacefuI eves conveved appiecialion, and I knev lhal he vas lhanking
ne foi voiking vilh an aspecl of hinseIf on lhe giound vhich
ienained conpIeleIv unavaie of oui voik. "You'ie veIcone." I
conveved sheepishIv. (The highei seIf is lhal pail of a souI lhal is
cIosesl lo Cod, and lhal lheie aie nanv aspecls on lhe vaiious IeveIs
leIov il nanifesling in nviiad voiIds and lhose nanifeslalions aie as
diffeienl fion lheii souice as Cod is fion his nanv ciealions.)
"The entlre matter of reachlng unlon ulth God conslsts of µurglng the ul|| of lts
aµµetltes and fee|lngs. so that from a human and |ou|µ ul|| lt maµ be changed
lnto the dltlne ul||. made ldentlca| ulth the ul|| of God."
Tnc Cc||cc|cd lcr|s cf S|. ]cnn cf |nc Crcss. Tnc Asccn| cf M|. Carnc|. Cnap|cr 16. Nc.
3. Pagc 238. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. ]cnn cf |nc Crcss)
Iunping lovaids lhe skv, I vas quickIv puIIed dovn, as lhe
novenenl diiecled ne lo Iav quielIv in a pink led suiiounded lv pink
cuilains vhich had leen piepaied foi ne in lhe vaid lehind oui hone.
ßIoving in lhe spiiil vind, I Iav quielIv, enjoving lhe quiel and soIilude.
Unifoined and lhin, a nan appioached, lul nol vanling lo le
lolheied, I ignoied hin. As he gol cIosei, hovevei, he said, "I've cone
lo shov vou lhe skv picluies."
Ioinling lo lhe skv, he said, "If vou Iook cIoseIv, vou viII see
lhen." Nolhing happened innedialeIv, lul ninules Ialei an inlense
cIoud cane ioIIing in and lhe skies legan lo open. Inages of hundieds
of dinensions veie fIashing, appeaiing foi seveiaI seconds and lhen
noving foivaid. A galevav appeaied, a Iaige civslaI enliance aiching
ovei a lunneI. Scenes changed fion pIaces I'd aIieadv liaveIed, lo
pIaces I'd nevei even dieaned aloul. IovfuI al nv excilenenl, lhe spiiil
giinned as I caIIed oul vilh feivoi, "Oh, nv Cod, Iook al lhal!"
"Theie is one noie lhing," he said as he poinled upvaids.
Opening lo a Iuninous vesseI lhal hoveied ovei ne, lvo veiv oId nen
leckoned lo ne, adoined vilh vhile leaids giovn lo lheii vaisls and
vhile ioles gIislening in puiilv. Coning fion a vesseI of nanv coIois,
il enanaled vilh lIues, gieens, pinks and puipIes, as ils ceIesliaI
hunning legan lo puii in nv head.
A ciicuIai Iighl lean vas casl lo lhe giound. WaIking
lovaids il, lhe spiiil heId ne lack. "Il is nol line," he said, "lul vou
have found lhe galevav. A galevav has leen foiged in lhis space on lhe
eailh-pIane. The skv is cIeai, lhe space is fiee, and lhe eneigv is open!
The galevav has leen foiged so lhal vou nav enlei anv dinension vou
desiie al viII. Il is lhiough lhis galevav lhal vou viII neel a IIeiadian
vesseI, lhe one lefoie vou. Take lhis vesseI. Anloneek viII le voui
hosl. A voiId of doninion and peace avails voui aiiivaI. You viII leII
of il lo lhe eailh and shov lhen lhal doninion and peace aie allainalIe
in an enliie civiIizalion." Cazing inliigued, he conlinued. "You nav
open lhis galevav al anv line. The galevav viII ienain lhe conslanl
and viII guide vou lo voui ieluin. The galevav hoIds nuch knovIedge
and viII heIp vou find voui palh." Slanding up and quickIv piepaiing
lo Ieave, lhe skv legan lo davn lhe noin of lonoiiov. "Thank vou," I
said, "a galevav, lhank vou."
"Wlsdom's tolce rlngs out from behlnd the doors of the rlghteous: uhereter the
god|µ foregather (ls heard) her song."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Pccns/Qunran Hunna|. ||. Nc. 12. Pagc 220. (Cnris|iani|u.
"And the Lord took uµ uord ulth me and sald: Wrlte the tlslon. and make lt
µ|aln uµon tab|ets that he uho runs maµ read."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Haoa||u|. Cnap|cr 2. Paragrapn 1. Pagc 321. (Cnris|iani|u.
In fuII headdiess, lhe Indian Chief sal alop a hoise, as Andv
and I availed his gifls. We'd found hin onIv aflei liaveising a gieal
naze, vheiein suiiendei vas lhe onIv kev, lhe onIv iedenplion . . . lhe
onIv deIiveiei. Nov ve slood alop a gieal valeifaII hundieds of feel
high, and on lhe opposing cIiff, lhe Chief sal upon his vhile sleed.
"Who aie vou`" I asked, and he iepIied. "I an lhe valei in lhe
Iake, and lhe Iife in lhe liee. I lake foin in cIouds and in lhe viId
aninaI spiiils lhal ioan voui voiId. I see lhiough nanv eves, lul nv
liue peiceplion is lhal of a slai. Il is lhiough lhese eves lhal I liing lhe
eneigv of ciealion inlo foin. Iind ne in voui heail." Ioinling an aiiov
al Andv fion a neailv cIiff, lhe Chief legan lo shool lhen. The fiisl
aiiov vas lIue and he shol il inlo Andv's heail. "Mv fiisl gifl lo vou is
lhe eneigv of lhe ocean," he said, "feeI ils puIse in voui heail." The nexl
vas pink and as il enleied il changed coIois, as if psvchedeIic. "Mv
second gifl lo vou is lhe eneigv of lhe suniise. IeeI ils conslanl change,
and ils conslanl aliIilv lo iise alove iIIusions." The Iasl aiiov vas
puipIe and enleied Andv's ciovn chakia, as he ienained in ullei peace.
As lhe Chief Iifled his ains, a voung Indian vonan leaiing a puipIe
iose appeaied. "Mv lhiid gifl is lhe eneigv of lhe spiiil, lhe eneigv of
lhe ceIesliaI ieaIns. Knov vho vou liuIv aie, nv son." Andv sighed in
jov and asked, "Mav I le vilh vou`" The Chief vinked. "You have
found ne, nov vou nusl foIIov ne. This voung vonan viII shov vou
lhe vav lo nv lenpIe, a pIace of Iove and a veiv high vilialion. ßul, nv
deai son, vou ui|| cone lo nv lenpIe, and vhen il is lhal vou do, a
giand veIcone viII lake pIace." Shooling up lovaids lhe skv, lhe Chief
disappeaied. AIlhough ve didn'l knov il al lhe line, lhis Chief vas a
nanifeslalion of Andv's highei seIf.
"Seelng the uor|d of sentlent belngs so fu|| of aff|lctlons. the en|lghtenlng belngs
arouse thelr energµ. thlnklng. 'l shou|d rescue and |lberate these belngs: l shou|d
µurlfµ and emanclµate them: l shou|d |ead them. dlrect them. make them haµµµ.
dete|oµ them. and cause them to reach µerfect µeace.'"
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 26. Tnc Tcn S|agcs. Pagc 722. Paragrapn 3.
(8uddnisn. Manauana)
Waves of eneigv veie fIoving Iike lhe ocean high inlo lhe
lIack skv. Theii coIois vaiied fion puie vhile Iighl lo veIIov and lhen
paIe lIue. Inside lhe vaves, nv spiiil fIoved vilh lhe eneigv,
enliacing knovIedge. IoIIoving lhis fIov, I noliced an oninous vave
up ahead. Coing lhousands of niIes inlo lhe skv, ils ciesl leckoned.
Yeaining lo foIIov ils leckon lo lhe lop of lhis vave, I venluied foilh,
lul a vonan appeaied nexl lo ne. "You cannol go lo lhe lop of lhe
vave Iike lhal," she said aInosl saicaslicaIIv. Looking dovn al nvseIf, I
didn'l undeisland. Mv souI vas nanifesling as nv eailhIv seIf.
Cialling nv hand, she look ne avav fion lhe vave.
"Have vou evei heaid of foin liansfeience`" She asked, as I
nodded no. "In oidei lo expand voui aliIilies lo liaveI lhese ieaIns,
vou nusl Ieain lo liansfei foin. Up unliI nov ve have done lhis foi
vou." Confused, I jusl Iooked al hei. "The lein shape-shiflei nav le
noie faniIiai lo vou." This vas a lein I did undeisland. "Theie aie
nanv IeveIs of lianscendence on lhis side. Diffeienl foins of nallei
and spiiil nanifesl in diffeienl dinensions. Look al vouiseIf." I did as
she asked. "You aie asliaI nallei iighl nov. You nanifesl in spiiil
vhal vou knov lo le vouiseIf in lhe phvsicaI. This is one fiequencv of
voui seIf. ßul if vou vish lo liaveI lhiough highei dinensions, vou viII
need lo aIlei voui fiequencv." SuddenIv, an innei knoving enleied
vilhin. "Oh, I undeisland. In oidei lo foIIov lhe vave, I need lo enlei
puie spiiil foin." She sniIed. "Yes, lhal is liue. Theie aie nanv foins
vou nav lake: puie eneigv, Iighl, spiiil, asliaI, phvsicaI, and olheis.
And each of lhese foins can nanifesl in nanv fiequencies. The highei
vou go lhe noie Iighl vou viII need lo conlinue leconing. Leaining
foin liansfeience viII open lhe doois lo aII aspecls of vouiseIf. Il viII
aIso aid in lhe liansfei fion phvsicaI foin lo spiiil al viII vhen vou aie
in voui lodv." Lxciled, I aIIoved lhe lioadcasl lhal vas nov enleiing
nv spiiil vhich enanaled fuilhei knovIedge aloul foin liansfeience
and piogians lo change lhe sliucluie of nv spiiil.
Knoving nov vhal lo do, nv asliaI seIf legan lo liansfei
lhiough lhoughl lo an eneigv foin. WiIIing nvseIf lo enlei lhe nexl
foin, I lecane puie eneigv. Looking lehind, I couId see nv asliaI seIf
sliII slanding lehind ne, lul I had enleied a puie eneigv lean
piepaied foi fIighl. Inliigued, I quickIv junped lack inlo nv asliaI seIf.
"Wov, lhal vas neal!" I said. Again, I enleied puie eneigv and quickIv
popped lack. Diiecling ne, lhe vonan said, "Nov, liuIv liansfei voui
eneigv. IoIIov voui innei knoving." Inaging nv asliaI seIf, I legan lo
aIlei ils ieaIilv. In nv nind, I sav lhe pailicIes of nv asliaI seIf
ieaiiange. Tuining Iike a voilex, lhe pailicIes veie leconing puie
eneigv noIecuIes. Thinking of fIighl, nv asliaI seIf sviiIed inlo a laII
of eneigv and shol foi lhe asliaI skv. Mv asliaI inage vas no Iongei
leIov, I'd liansfeiied nv foin.
Reluining lo lhe scene of lhe eneigv vave, I foIIoved lhe
vave, shooling lo lhe ciesl, feeIing lolaI ecslasv and oneness vilh Cod,
nv jov vas conpIele.
"Your rea|ltµ bodµ ls transcendenta||µ µure. equa| ln a|| tlmes. ulthout
dlstlnctlon: Thereln a|| uor|ds are gathered. and form and dlsso|te ulthout
obstructlon. l see µour bodµ ln a|| rea|ms. ln a tarletµ of
manlfestatlons: And ln µour µores l see the moon and stars."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 39. |n|ru in|c |nc Rca|n cf Rca|i|u. Pagc
1294. S|anza 2-3. (8uddnisn. Manauana)
TiaveIing lo lhe oveiIapping viIIage aiound oui hone, a
faniIiai Nalive Aneiican nan vilh shoil lIack haii Iooned in lhe
dislance. TaII and veaiing a lusiness suil, he slood oul lecause aII lhe
olhei nalives voie liadilion Nalive Aneiican diess. Renenleiing hin
as lhe one vho'd laIked of oui davs anong lhe piaiiie and of ancienl
Mava vhen I vas his queen, I feIl deep Iove foi his souI as confIicl vas
eneiging in nv conscious seIf.
An oId vonan appioached and quielIv pIaced hei hand on nv
shouIdei. "I knov of a peison vou shouId see." She said. "Theie is a
vonan vho can leII vou of voui fuluie." Leading ne lo a leepee, I
vailed oulside. Tvo olhei vonen appioached of vhon I feIl
innediale ienenliance. Hugging ne, lhev said, "Did vou see hin,
vel`" Thev seened exciled. "Yes, lul il doesn'l nallei." I iepIied.
Sighing heaviIv, lhev gave each olhei veaiied Iooks. "Don'l vou knov
vho he is`" Thev said in unison. Looking lehind ne, lhev shouled,
"Oh, heie he cones!"
ßefoie I couId iespond, lhe nan cane fion lehind, pulling his
hand on nv shouIdei and sniIing: lul he conlinued noving and in a
nonenl vas gone. "Don'l vou see," lhev said, "he Ioves vou!" Confused
lv lheii seening olsession vilh lhis, I iepIied, "AII he did vas sniIe."
The oId vonan ieluined and Ied ne inlo lhe leepee.
A Iaige oId nedicine vonan vilh cuiIv haii slood vailing.
Molioning ne lo sil dovn she gazed deepIv inlo nv eves. Taking nv
hand, she finaIIv spoke. "IuIiosa is coning." I innedialeIv knev she
spoke of lhe nan I'd jusl seen. "He vails foi voui ieadiness, lul he is
coning." Saving nolhing, I slaied al hei. "This is voui fuluie, nv chiId,
aie vou ieadv`" "I don'l knov." I said in aslonishnenl. "Hov can lhis
le`" "IuIiosa veais a lusiness suil lecause he has lusiness lo allend lo."
She said. "WiII vou aIIov vouiseIf lo expeiience lhe leaching of
IuIiosa`" Nodding hesilanlIv, I quielIv said ves. SniIing, she nolioned
ne lo sland and Ied ne oul of lhe leepee. "Co nov, nv chiId, ve viII
avail voui ieluin."

|cr |c |c|| a scu| sucn |nings. fcr |c sprcad |nc rign|ccus uings
Hcu sna|| |. a ncr|a| s|rand. scc| |c |ncu a ncatcn|u nan?
Mu jcu's ccnp|c|c fcr ou| a |inc. fcr car|n's rc|urn nus| cnd nu f|ign|
|'|| gazc upcn |nis fani|iar facc. and a||cu |nc nctcncn| |c fi|| nu nas|c

And |cncrrcu ncrn. uncn | aua|c. |'|| rcncnocr nin. |'|| |ncu nis facc
8u| unc an | |c |ncu nis rcascn. unc an |. |crd. |'n p|cading
8cucnd nu ncrn. ocucnd |nc f|csn. | find |nc scu|s. |nc fragncn|s rcs|
8u| ncrc ocucnd. cn |crd. | cru. scc| |c |ncu nin. |crd. |'|| |ru
Leaving foin, I heaid lhe phone iing. "Aie vou coning lo oui
pailv`" The voice on lhe olhei end asked. Ciossing lhiough lo lhe
liilaI connunilv, a ceIelialion vas in piogiess. A gioup of peopIe
cane lovaids ne, slaiing al ne vilh olvious inleiesl. Lach peison in
lhe gioup Iooked al ne foi a fev ninules, and lhen noved aside lo
anolhei lehind hin. When lhev ieached lhe end of lhe ciovd, nv heail
legan iacing as IuIiosa slood vailing foi ne, veaiing a lusiness suil of
vhile. "Who aie vou`" I asked as he cane cIosei, nol vel iecognizing
hin. OuielIv and sIovIv he appioached. Iulling his hands on nv
shouIdeis, and gazing inlo nv eves, I asked again, "Who aie vou`" He
did nol ansvei, lul sIovIv vaIked avav.
Silling aIone lv a liee, I vas Iosl in nv confIicled lhoughls, as
lhe nan appioached again fion lehind and sal nexl lo ne. Hugging
ne lighlIv, I Iooked inlo his face, "Oh, nv Cod!" I said, "You'ie IuIiosa!"
He sliII said nolhing, lul il vas cIeai lhal he vas happv lhal I'd
iecognized hin. Taking nv hand, he heId il lighlIv and cIosed his eves,
as he legan sending ne lhe eneigv of ienenliance. IeeIing veiv
uneasv vilh ienenleiing such lhings, I junped up and legan lo iun
avav. "Don'l go!" veie his fiisl voids lo ne, lul aIlhough I couIdn'l
undeisland nv ieaclion, I had lo go!
Iunping inlo lhe iock lunneI, I soaied lhiough lo lhe lhiid
dinension. "Whv`" I lhoughl lo nvseIf, "Whv did I Ieave hin`"
Sending hin nv leIepalhic soiiov, I lhoughl, "I'n soiiv, IuIiosa. I viII
cone lack: I do nol knov vhv I Iefl." "Il is okav," lhe ieluin cane, "vou
viII undeisland soon enough." As lhe noining slai aiose on nv
hoiizon, I nouined nv ovn feai and lhe Ioss of line vilh lhis
unusuaIIv nesneiizing souI.
Leaving foin, I vas Ied lo Iook oul lhe vindov of nv
ledioon. In lhe dislance, veie lvo nelaIIic ciicuIai space vesseIs.
Lighl leaned oul of an open sean in lhe cenlei and a lIue Iighl
vilialed fion lhe lop of lhe vesseI. The spiiil aside ne said, "These aie
IIeiadian-AlIanlean vesseIs." Inliigued, I vas Ied lack lo nv lodv lo
"l hate dreamed manµ dreams: nou l am auake."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 190. Paragrapn 5. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
IuIiosa slood anongsl lhe cIouds inneised in vhile Iighl
hoIding his ains lo ne. Coning cIosei, ienenliance legan lo seelhe.
"I ienenlei vou." I said lo hin. "Yes, vou ienenlei ne nov." He
iepIied. "ßul vhv do I feai vou so nuch, IuIiosa`" Hugging ne lighlIv,
he poinled lo lhe lunneI of line. "The ansveis vou seek viII le found
lhiough lhe lunneI."
Lnleiing inlo lhe lodv of a voung vonan, I vas diessed in a
fiienan's unifoin. Diiving lo voik, a laII nan vilh Iighl-liovn haii of
nediun luiId vas silling nexl lo ne. InnedialeIv, I knev il vas
IuIiosa, lul his nane al lhis poinl in line vas Kennelh. As ve veie
lolh fiienen, I vas giving hin a iide lo voik. The fiiehouse had lvo
fiie liucks, and lheie vas a Iaige open aiea used foi daiIv liaining
aclivilies in cIinling and iescue. IuIIing nv Iong lIonde haii lack, I
secuied il in a laiielle.
Ken had leen joking aiound aloul quilling his jol and he
Iooked al ne fIiilaliousIv. "WeII, if vou'ie going lo le voiking heie,
lhen I'n nol quilling nv jol." Ovei line, oui pIavfuIness deveIoped
inlo a deep Iove and ve lecane insepaialIe.
One dav, an inciedilIv lad fiie vas iepoiled and ve
iesponded quickIv lo lhe nassive luiIding vhich vas lolaIIv ensconced
in fIanes. Iighling fion diffeienl Iocalions, Ken and I veie pail of a
iescue lean vhich venl inside lhe luiIding lo heIp lhe ienaining
viclins eneige. ßul soon aflei ve gol lhe Iasl of lhen oul, an expIosion
iocked lhe enliie luiIding lefoie he and I veie secuied. I lIacked oul.
Waking in a hospilaI, nv conscious nind vas aIeil, lul nv
lodv vas in a cona. Lislening lo eveivone aiound ne, I nevei Iefl nv
lodv, lul I vas alIe lo see lhiough nv spiiiluaI eves. IeeIing guiIlv
lhal I couIdn'l nake nvseIf vake up, I Iislened vilh expeclalion lo
eveivone vho cane lo lend nv vounds, hoping lhal sonelodv vouId
speak of Ken's fale and give ne a ieason lo vake up. No one spoke of
hin foi davs and I assuned lhe voisl, nv viII lo Iive decieasing vilh
each houi. I sunk deepei inlo nv cona.
A fev davs Ialei, Ken vas vheeIed inlo nv ioon, paiaIvzed
fion lhe vaisl dovn. As I valched hin olseive nv IifeIess foin, I sav
a need in his eves, a ieason lo vake up. Tiving veiv haid lo ieluin, I
sliII couIdn'l, lul I lvilched and nade sIighl novenenl, enough lo
genlIv louch his hand. ßolh of us knev al lhis nonenl lhal I vouId
cone lack: il vas jusl a nallei of line.
IuIIed fion lhe lodv, I soaied lack lhiough lhe lunneI lo lhe
space alove nv ledioon vheie IuIiosa availed ne. "Whal a leaulifuI
Iove ve had, IuIiosa." I said. "Yes," he iepIied, "and il foievei Iingeis."
Aflei a Iong gaze, he sniIed one Iasl sniIe, and sinpIv vanished.
Cod is Iove. Theiefoie, aII lhal I nov feIl vas Cod. I had an
epiphanv. Mv Iove IS Cod. Whenevei ve feeI lhis soil of eleinaI Iove,
ve aie feeIing lhe liue, unfalhonalIe piesence of Oui Loid . . . Cod.
So lheie veie lvo definile sliands of kaina, one Iinked lo lhe
souI of Red Iackel, and lhe olhei lo IuIiosa. I nade nole of lhis in nv

Mu scu|. nu scu|. |'tc fcund nu scu|. nu |ctc. nu |ctc. |'tc fcund nu |ctc
Mu ncar|. nu ncar|. |'tc fcund nu ncar|. Mu Gcd. nu Gcd. i|'s ucu . . .

"A µerson uho ls constant|µ engaged ln detotlona| sertlce to Krsna and uho
chants Hls ho|µ name becomes so transcendenta||µ attached to the chantlng that
hls heart becomes softened ulthout extraneous endeator. When thls haµµens. he
exhlblts transcendenta| ecstasles and sometlmes |aughs. sometlmes crles. slngs
and dances - not exact|µ ln an artlstlc uaµ. but ]ust |lke a madman."
Tnc Tcacnings cf |crd Cai|anua. Cnap|cr 19. Pagc 208. Paragrapn 1. (Hinduisn. 8na||i
Ycga. Au|ncr. A.C. 8na||itcdan|a Suani Praonupada)
Tvo spaceships aiiived, and aside lhen, an oId, oId nan
hoIding his ains oul lo ne. Manifesling fev fealuies, Anloneek vas
nade of puie Iighl, in gainenl and in foin, his haii and Iong leaid
onIv an oulIine of an exlended peiiod of giovlh.
In his hands, he heId a docunenl, and I couId see il vas a
nessage foi lhe voiId. "Co lack," he said, as he pIaced il vilhin nv
hands, "ieluin lo voui lodv and aIIov us lo liansnil lhis nessage lo
voui dinension." Nodding, I ieluined lo fuIfiII nv lask:

"Cieelings! Oui nission is peace, jov and lhe lelleinenl of
nankind. Those vho dveII deepIv in oui heails, dveII in lhe gIoiv of
lhe Iighl."
"I nov liing vou lhe seven lones of Iife. When aII aie laIanced
and conveige in lhe spiiil openIv, lhev hainonize: Love, Iov, Ieace,
Oneness, CenliIilv, Coodness, and Lcslasv. Lach of lhe seven lones of
Iife viliales al a iale seven lines lhal of lhe one piioi lo il. Wilh each
lone, lheie aie seven incieased IeveIs of Iighl lhal enlei lhe liansnilling
lodv. When one aspiies and capluies lhe aliIilv lo expeI aII seven
IeveIs, lhe spiiil is ieadv lo acquiie a nev lone. The iadiance
expounded lv leings in voui ieaIn can diffei in loneIage lv foilv-nine
lines. Lighl can le nuled oi expanded al viII. Il is an inaIleialIe
exislence vilhin aII Iife, lul each Iife foice chooses hov nuch of his
lolaI sun he viII expiess in a given nonenl. Lxpiessions of Iove cause
an inciease in loneIage and iadiance, expiessions of iIIusions cause lhe
lones lo le nuled. ConpaialiveIv il is Iike a pol of loiIing valei. A
pol vilh a Iid, and one vilhoul, viII hoId lhe sane anounl of slean,
lul lolh viII expiess an enliieIv diffeienl sun."
"AII legins vilh Iove foi Iove is lhe leginning of liue Iife, lhe
lone of Iove is a genlIe eve-opening sound coning fion lhe heail. Iov
foIIovs lhe lone ieaching upvaid. Ieace is so sullIe, and vel lo lhe
individuaI souI, a nonenl of liue avakening. To lhe oulei voiId,
hovevei, lhe lone changes onIv a sullIelv, foi Iov and Ieace aie liuIv
oclaves of a siniIai lone. Oneness eneiges vilh a gIov lo lhe spiiil
vho sees lheii liue naluie foi lhe fiisl line: il connecls aII Iife in
hainonv. A spiiil nov hainonizing vilh aII Iife ieaches upvaid again,
lul slops al lhe nexl lone of genliIilv. This lone exhilils a highei peace,
as lhe genliIilv lone sounds oul a ieveience nov achieved and a deep
gialilude lo lhe One Ciealoi. In lhis deep gialilude, lhe spiiil ieaches
foi lhe nexl lone, lul is anazed al ils leaulv upon heaiing il. IuIIing
avav sIighlIv, lhe spiiil evenluaIIv ieluins as lhe ave of finding
Coodness is loo vondious lo ignoie. This lone sveeps lhe lones
logelhei lo foin lhe sounds of angeIs singing lhe song of lhe innei Iighl
of Iove. IinaIIv, lhe spiiil in fuII avaieness of ils voilhiness and
divinilv iises up lo giasp lhe finaI lone, lhal of ecslasv. The spiiil upon
heaiing lhe lone foi lhe fiisl line, innedialeIv neIls inlo lhe nass lo
expeiience lhe hainonic conveigence of aII Iife vhich iesonales nov al
eveiv IeveI of leing lhe liueness of aII lhal is, lhe gIoiv lhal is Cod."
"We offei lhis gifl of lhe seven lones vilh gieal Iove: il is a
shaiing of a kev lhal has leen shiouded in seciecv and unknoving foi
cenluiies on voui pIanel. As lhe ancienls ieluin lo eailh lo conpIele a
cvcIe legun in davs of oId, lhe line knovn as lhe piesenl, and lhe
nenoiv of a pasl unknovn, neel lo conpIele lhe eleinaI cvcIe."
"Nothlng more exce||ent ls there. therefore. than these mµsterles on uhlch µe
questlon. sate on|µ the mµsterles of the seten Volces and thelr nlne and-fortµ
µouers and thelr clµhers. And there ls no name uhlch ls more exce||ent than
them a||. the name ln uhlch are a|| names and a|| |lghts and a|| µouers."
Pis|is Scpnia. |if|n 8cc|. Pagc 313. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
"Lveiv sound has an inage and eveiv inage, a sound. AII
Iighl hoIogiales inlo foin on ils eveiIasling jouinevs. Who ve aie is a
congIoneialion of sounds, inages and coIois lioadcasl fion Iighl.
Wheie in line can a nonenl le found, a nonenl lhal hoIds noie lhan
lul a fiagnenl of liulh` Il is onIv in lhe alsence of line, lhal a nonenl
can hoId aII liulh. In lhe sliucluie lhal linds hunan consciousness in a
pallein of knoving, liulh can le seen lo exisl onIv in fiagnenls. The
nallei lhal defines line seens unaIleialIe. In lhe inexoialIe slale of
lineIessness, aII is nov. Thus a leing can expiessiveIv undeilake aII
nonenls, anv aspecl of seIfhood vhich exisls. In a voiId eneiging in
consciousness, foin lecones vehicIe ialhei lhan Iife. In a heighlened
avaieness, lhese aspecls neige causing vou lo fIil aloul lo vaiious
seIves lhal exisl in eleinaI nenoiv. This dianalic occuiience opens lhe
dooi lo lhe piesenl nonenl, as lhe nov exisls as aII aspecls of nenoiv.
As nenoiv expands, leings expand in lheii knovIedge of lhenseIves
and Iove is expiessed lhiough nanv Iaveis of consciousness. Wheie is
il lhal a leing finds hinseIf if nol in his heail` As voui heails open, do
nol foigel lo open lo voui liue lineIess seIf vhich unifies lhe nanv
"The ocean vaves lo lhe ihvlhn of lhe noon. A valeifaII
dances lhe design of a iockv cIiff. A Iake slops in siIence lo adheie lo
peace. The iivei fIovs endIessIv in seaich. The iaindiop chooses fiee-
fIighl as expiession. Walei can le conpaied lo spiiil, expiessing lhe
lolaIilv of leing in eveiv najeslic nonenl: lhe Iuie and Ionging of Iove,
lhe suiiendei of soIilude, lhe najeslv of nonenls, lhe siIence of lhe
seaich, and lhe fieedon of fIighl."
"Wondeis of Iove aie dispIaved on oui skies. Oui IIeiadian
slai, gIoving liighlei lhan anv in oui skv, sings lhe lone of lianquiI
Iove. Il is a hainonv lhal lianscends line, space and iIIusion. Oui
conslanl slai speclei guides nanv lo lhe shoies of oui voiIds,
gIinneiing al aII vho seek lo find liue Iove. Love is dispIaved in oui
eneiaId cilies as a specliaI Iighl leaning foilh lhiough lhe ieceplacIe
nonunenls of civslaI, anelhvsl and goId. Oui poels and nusicians,
lhiough lheii nasleiv of lhe seven lones, cieale svnphonies of sound,
coIoi and Iighl and oui voiId pouis foilh lo lhe senses lhe dvnanics of
lhe highesl expiessive Iove. We enconpass aII lhal is leaulv and Iove,
and lhe passion of lhe pIanels fueIs oui evei-spiiaIing ascenl inlo
expansive lones vhich enveIope lhe souI in a genliIilv of lIiss lovaids
aII Iife, and a vondeinenl vhich expiesses lhe nvsleiv of Cod."
"Lxpiession of Iove is an expiession of divine Iighl, lul lhis
Iove is nol vhal vou piesenlIv knov, lul a giealei, divine Iove. You aie
leconing a Iighlei leing, vou viII no Iongei le conpIeleIv phvsicaI, lul
vou viII nol le elheiic, eilhei. A vilialion lhal Iingeis in-lelveen is
vhal lhe nev iace of hunanilv viII enconpass. Oui puipose is lo aid
lhis liansilion inlo highei Iove."
The IIeiadian Connand
"'Who ua|keth uµon the ulngs of the ulnd' to Raµhae|. uho comes to glte
hea|lng to the uor|d. |rom that µolnt on 'he maketh hls ange|s sµlrlts. hls
mlnlsters a f|amlng flre.' O|d man. o|d man! As thou art auare of a|| these
thlngs. fear not. but sµeak out bo|d|µ. and |et the uords of thµ mouth sµread
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |||. Misnpa|in (|xcdus). Pagc 299. Tcp. (]udaisn)
Reluining lo lhe oul-of-lodv slale, Anloneek appeaied nexl lo
lhe ciicuIai vesseIs vhich acconpanied hin. "I have sonelhing lo shov
vou," he said, "il is voui feais." Lifling his ains, nv souI vas lhiusl inlo
paiaIIeI ieaIilies of nv cuiienl Iifeline.
The fiisl vas a paiaIIeI vheie I had leen nuideied al eighleen
and nv nuidei vas sliII unsoIved. I expeiienced lhe iepelilive slalling
in nv chesl and heaid lhe faniIiai gasping sounds lhal I vouId heai
fion nv aslhna. AppaienlIv, lhe kiIIei had kiIIed again, and Anloneek
look nv spiiil lo a poIice slalion vheiein I vas lo pIanl lhe idenlilv of
lhe nuideiei vilhin lhe invesligaloi's ninds. "HeIp lhen pul il
logelhei." Anloneek said, as I exeiled lhoughl-foices lo lhe officeis vho
veie living lo figuie oul lhis odd pallein of nuideis.
Anloneek puIIed ne lo lhe side, "This eneigv has leen vilh
vou foi nanv veais and vou nov have lhe oppoilunilv lo liuIv ieIease
il. Though vou had no conscious iecaII of lhese evenls, voui innei sense
of nol deseiving lo Iive has nanifesled. You nusl liansnule lhis
eneigv lhal vou have leen caiiving. Il vas voui innei leIief lhal vou
veie nol voilhv of even Iife lhal nade vou choose lo lianch oul inlo
lhis ieaIilv."
The nexl paiaIIeI he look ne lo vas a lianch oul vheiein I had
chosen lo ienain vilh lhose fion nv pasl vho had leen veiv difficuIl
and snolheiing. "Make anolhei choice!" Anloneek chaiged. Lnleiing
inlo lhal seIf, I Iefl and aIleied lhe eneigies of nol leIieving nvseIf
voilhv of Iove and fieedon.
Slanding lefoie lhe spaceship, I ieached nv hand lo Anloneek.
"Thank vou, Anloneek, vou have shovn ne a gieal deaI." Anloneek
sniIed. "Theie is nuch foi vou lo Ieain. Youi lhoughls nanifesl in
vavs lhal vou do nol aIvavs see. These lvo paiaIIeIs have leen
changed, lul lhe eneigies ienain. This eneigv nusl le changed, as veII,
foi a Iasling effecl lo lake pIace. Nov lhal vou undeisland, vou can
liansnule il. ßul in oidei lo liansnule lhe eneigv of lhese expeiiences,
vou nusl change lhe leIief lhal confiins lhe vaIidilv of lhese
expeiiences." Anloneek Iooked up lo lhe skv. "You have seen voui
feais, if vou ieIease lhen, vou viII see vhal Iies oul lheie." He poinled
lo lhe skv.
"WiII I see vou again`" I asked. "Thal viII le conpIeleIv up lo
vou, deai spiiil." Anloneek enleied his spaceship and I avoke Iooking
upon vaveIels of eneigv vhich veie neiging and neIding, aIleiing lhe
peiceplions lhal nv souI heId. I couId see il happening in lhe skv alove
nv led.
"Go thµ uaµ: and as thou hast be|leted. so be lt done unto thee."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 8.13. (Cnris|iani|u. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Anloneek ieluined lo leII ne a sloiv:
"Whence lhe jouinev legan, ve asked oui Ciealoi lhal ve nav
undeisland aII lhal He vas. In goodness, He fieeIv asked, "Who anong
us has feIl pain, as veII as jov: Iack, as veII as alundance: iejeclion, as
veII as Iove`" In iepIv, one leing slood foilh and spoke fion lhe
expeiience of onIv Iove, "Mv Cieal Ialhei, is lheie a diffeience`" Oui
Ialhei sniIed and quielIv nodded lhal lheie indeed vas.
AII lhe spiiils agieed lhal lhev vanled lo cieale an oppoilunilv
lo feeI lhese unknovn enolions. Oui Ciealoi slepped foilh. "Co nv
leaulifuI spiiils and cieale aII lhal vou desiie, lul pionise ne lvo
lhings." The cIouds lecane siIenl lo heai lhe nolIe iequesl. "Iionise
ne nv chiIdien lhal vou viII see leaulv in eveiv enolion vou cieale,
and aII lhal vou peiceive." Lveivone nodded lhal lhev vouId. Cod
conlinued, "Mosl inpoilanlIv, nv chiIdien, no nallei hov IovIv oi
dovnliodden lhings nav seen in voui iIIusions, aIvavs ienenlei voui
divinilv and nv anassalIe Iove foi aII of vou." Lveiv spiiil in lhe ioon
sniIed in iecognilion of lheii speciaI pIace in Cod's heail.
As line passed, hovevei, lhe chiIdien of Cod spiead anong
lhe gaIaxies of lhe univeise ciealing voiIds vasl and voiIds piinilive.
Manv heId in lheii heails lhe heiilage of Iove, lul nanv voiIds suffeied
a Ioss of nenoiv. The Lailh lecane a voiId sepaialed in spiiil fion ils
Ciealoi, and lhe peopIes of lhe Lailh, consuned vilh iIIusion,
enneshed lhenseIves in a slale of fiagnenlaiv piide vhich vas lased
on an unliulh. The voiId lhev ciealed lecane incieasingIv hosliIe and
ego-oiienled. The Iove lhal once exisled in lheii heails vas iepIaced
vilh piide, angei and cvnicisn. Rejecling olheis lecane a vav lo
piolecl oneseIf fion iejeclion. The oneness lhal once exisled vilh lhe
peopIe vas foigollen in lhe heail of nan.
And nov, on lhis leaulifuI pIanel Lailh, as lhe eneigv passed
ovei and lhe space vesseIs ieluined lo ie-equale lhe Iosl liolheis, a linv
sound vas heaid. One singIe lone caIIed oul iequesling knovIedge.
The spiiil, shalleied lv ils ovn iIIusion, asked lo undeisland. "We Iove
vou, liolhei!" We caIIed oul in oui lonaI Ianguage. "Theie aie lul lvo
lhings vou have foigollen. These aie lhe kevs lo opening voui heail
vhich hoIds aII knovIedge. Tvo pionises nade lo voui Ciealoi Iong
ago. See lhe leaulv in aII lhe enolions vou aie feeIing and aII lhal vou
peiceive. And nosl inpoilanl, nv leaulifuI spiiil, ienenlei voui
divinilv, ienenlei lhal speciaI pIace vou hoId in lhe heail of Cod!"
"ßul vho an I`" The spiiil ciied in exaspeialion. "I'n an
inpeifecl nan vho has nade nanv nislakes, and nade nolhing of
hinseIf." "RLIOICL!" Oui ecslasv lone ciied oul. "ßecause vou aie nv
liolhei of vhon I Iove giealIv! You aie IURL LICHT! You aie a pail
of Cod! And vou leIieve lhal vou aie nolhing, vhal a shane, indeed."
"CouId il le`" He lhoughl, pausing lo ienenlei. SuddenIv, a
spaceciafl slopped diieclIv alove hin, pouiing Iighl inlo his eveiIasling
souI. "I RLMLMßLR!" He ciied oul in ecslasv! "I ienenlei lhe
nonenl I nade lhal pionise! I ienenlei lhe Iove. Nov I undeisland!
I vanled lo knov lhe alsence of Iove, and having feIl il, I iejoice
eveinoie in lhe ieceplion of il. I vanled lo knov vhal iejeclion feIl
Iike, and nov I iun and giasp even noie ecslalicaIIv lo lhose liolheis
vho offei lheii Iighl vilh open ains. I no Iongei need lo peiceive lhe
iIIusion, foi I have expeiienced hale, and found noie jov in Iove. ßul
nv jouinev has leen vondious, indeed! The enolions I have feIl have
ianged so dianalicaIIv in vilialion lhal lhev veie Iike a svnphonv of
feeIings and lones. Having Ioved in Iinilalion, nv unIiniled foin
Ioves vilh noie inlensilv, desiie and cIaiilv. Thank vou, liolheis, foi
avaking ne lo lhis jouinev's end!"
The slai leings Iooked dovn fion lhe skv vilh gieal
happiness al lheii liolhei. "We iejoice vilh vou, as Iife is a vondious
jouinev, indeed. WiII vou heIp us in oui quesl lo avaken lhe eailh
leings`" Nodding lhal he vouId, lhe leings fiIIed hin vilh Iighl,
knoving lhal his palh had leen caiefuIIv napped oul in his heail. He
need onIv lake lhe kev and open il, lo sel foilh on his nev jouinev inlo
Iighl. You aie lhis leing, liolhei. IoIIov lhe Iighl lhal gIovs vilhin
voui heail and find aII of us lhal Iove vou, eleinaIIv vailing palienlIv
leside vou."
IIoaling quielIv lo lhe spaceship, I vas gieeled lv Anloneek.
InnedialeIv, he lIocked nv consciousness so lhal I vouId nol
ienenlei lhe neans lv vhich lhis jouinev vas laken. Making a
vovage lo a pIanel vhose idenlilv vas lo ienain unknovn: nv
consciousness vas ieavakened aflei ve slepped off lhe ship on a Iaige
Hundieds of leings had galheied fion aII ovei lhe univeise in
a paik neailv, sone had veiv lhin lodies vilh heads lhal veie T-
shaped, vhiIe olheis veie Iike dones vilh veiv fev haii sliands upon
lheii heads. Olheis veie vaiious nanifeslalions of hunanoid lvpe
leings, onIv sullIv diffeienl fion hunan leings.
In fionl of us vas a Iaige doned luiIding vheie a huge
lanquel vas laking pIace. Anloneek guided ne inside vheie a slaff of
aIiens exhililing lhe ulnosl in coidiaIilv seived foods fion aII ovei lhe
gaIaxies. A hunanoid nan appioached vilh a liav, and asked, "Have
vou evei liied an Anpiien giape`" Taking one, I svaIIoved lhe sliange
Iooking fiuil. Nolicing an unusuaI vonan, she had enleied lhe ioon
vilh a veiv hunan lodv, lul hei face had a Iong leak and she had
fealheis coning oul of hei iunp.
Reluining lo lhe paik, Anloneek Ied ne lo a pIace vheie
hundieds of leings veie nedilaling. As ve noliced lhis, a Ioud voice
vas lioadcasl ovei lhe ciovd. "This is an eneigencv! AII oul in lhe
fieIds nove lack! AII Iighl leaieis, focus voui Iighl on lhe appioaching
pIanel." Lveivone in lhe space lecane veiv sliII and iadianl. Manv
leings fion fuilhei ahead quickIv ian lack lo vheie ve veie, and aII
legan gIoving as lhe nass eneigv vas focused on sonelhing . . . lul
Anloneek diiecled nv allenlion lo lhe skv. "Oh, nv Cod!" I
scieaned, "Thal's Lailh, and il's aloul lo coIIide vilh lhis pIanel!"
OuielIv, Anloneek said, "ßeai voui Iighl." InnedialeIv, I joined lhe
olheis in lhe nedilalive slale of lhe nass nind of lhose aiound ne, lul
lhe eailh punneIed quickIv lovaid us as il appeaied lhal lheie vouId
le lolaI desliuclion. Seconds Ialei, hovevei, il vas ovei. The Lailh had
pIunged diieclIv inlo a snaII cIeaiing expIoding inlo fIanes, lul no one
venluied foivaid. AIIoving lhe fIanes lo exlinguish lhenseIves, in
nonenls, lhev did.
Confused, I luined lo Anloneek foi ansveis. "Mv Cod!" I
said, "Is lhal lhe fale of lhe Lailh`" SniIing vilh svnpalhelic
undeislanding, Anloneek pul his hands upon nv shouIdeis. "No, nol
hov vou have peiceived il, nv chiId." Anloneek conveved lo ne lhe
knovIedge of paiaIIeI exislences, as I vas shovn lhiee Lailhs.
LxpIaining lhal lheie veie lo le lvo addilionaI paiaIIeI Lailh's, each
exisling in sepaiale ieaIilies lased on feai oi Iove, he conveved lhal
eveiv nenlei of hunanilv vouId viliale lo lhe Lailh vhich vas
conpalilIe lo lhen vilhoul even leing avaie of il. ßul il vas aIso
nade knovn lo ne lhal lheie aie nanv paiaIIeI Lailh's, vheiein nanv
possiliIilies aie pIaved oul. InexpIicalIe, ieaIIv.
ßeginning a iigoious piocess, Anloneek conlinued shoving
ne nv ovn paiaIIeI exislences, seIves vhich exisled in vaiious ieaIilies
vhich had lianched off al ceilain inpoilanl luining poinls in nv Iife
and gone in olhei diieclions. As lhe nagnelic inpuIse of fIesh is lo
expeiience aII possiliIilies, il IileiaIIv does, lhiough paiaIIeI eneigelic
univeises of vhich unconscious nan is conpIeleIv unavaie. In
olseiving nv ovn paiaIIeIs, Anloneek guided ne lo end lhe kainic
inpuIse of lhose seIves, and lhus lhe kainic infIux vhich vouId aIso
affecl nv cuiienl nov. Whalevei vas Iefl uniesoIved had lo le
iesoIved and deaIl vilh in nv eneigelic jouinev. Il vas necessaiv lo
aIlei lhose paiaIIeI ieaIilies and, lhus, liing lhen vilhin nv ovn poinl
of iefeience, lo fuIfiII lhe sane puipose vhich pasl-Iife ieliievaI
peifoins . . . unilv of souI.
In lhis piocess, Anloneek aIso guided ne lo seveiaI
alonenenls vilh nenleis of paiaIIeI and pasl-Iives. Despile vhal I
vas shovn, I faiI lo fuIIv undeisland vhal I sav lhal nighl.
"Whal is lhis pIanel, and vheie is il`" I asked. Anloneek
ciealed a Iaige pooI. "This is sonelhing ve cannol leII vou foi ieasons
vou vouId nol undeisland," he said, as he pushed ne inlo lhe valei. In
nonenls, I eneiged in nv lodv.
"Then l sau a neu heaten and a neu earth. The former heaten and the former
earth had µassed auaµ. and the sea uas no more . . . 'Beho|d. God's due||lng ls
ulth the human race . . . He ul|| ulµe eterµ tear from eµes. and there sha|| be no
more death or mournlng. ual|lng or µaln. for the o|d order has µassed auaµ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 21.1-4. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Hoveiing ovei nv led vailing foi ne as I Iefl foin, a nan
vho iefeiied lo hinseIf as nv 'peisonaI liainei' said, "This viII le on
oui leins, no Iinils on lhis jouinev." Conveving lo ne lhal he vas heie
lo heIp ne vilh nv heaIlh, he vas piepaied lo assisl ne vilh nv
aslhna, as veie a vhoIe lean of speciaIisls vho veie nov visilIe.
Up ahead in lhe slais I caIIed oul, "Wheie aie vou laking ne`"
"Renenlei, no Iinils, jusl foIIov voui heail!" He iepIied. Soaiing pasl
lhe alnospheie of lhe eailh, up ahead vas a Iaige IIeiadian ciafl: lhe
faniIiai nelaIIic ciicIe vilh Iighl pouiing oul of lhe seans, and lefoie I
knev il, ve had enleied lhe spaceship.
Taking ne aside lo a civslaI chanlei in lhe ship, lhe vaIIs of
lhe ioon veie gIoving in a vilianl lIue. Inside, lhe fIoois veie nade
of a veIvelv cushion and ve sal logelhei. "I an laking vou lo lhe
IIeiades." He said. "Theie vou viII expeiience unIiniledness. You nusl
expeiience lhe liue naluie of Iove in oidei lo heaI vouiseIf."
"Iiepaie vouiseIf foi unIiniled leaulv," he said, as lhe
spaceship dooi vas opened. Iiidescenl shaded Iighls of lIue and
puipIe leaned fion lhe pIanel, lhe coIoi of IiIacs. Leading ne lo lhe
open dooi, nv spiiil shook in lhe alsoIule vondeinenl of vhal Iav
lefoie ne. IuipIe and lIue skies shone dovn upon a huge lenpIe
ciealed fion anelhvsl slone. Seven Iuninous leans shol diieclIv lo
lhe seven Iuninous slais, lheii nanes veie Ianan, Onan, OuinIan,
Donan, Lnos, Ouinas, and Iuslos. A najeslic sound fiIIed lhe enliie skv,
angeIic voices singing in lonaI hainonv. ßeIov ne, lhe giound vas
nade of a vhilish-cIeai civslaIIine sulslance. Shooling slais soaied
lhiough lhe nighl skv. A Iaige lulleifIv aloul lvo feel in dianelei vilh
pink civslaIIine vings fIev diieclIv inlo nv hand. "ßehoId, lhe
IIeiadian slai!" she said, poinling lo a gIeaning lodv of Iighl as Iaige as
lhe LailhIv noon in lhe nighl skv. MusicaI sounds incieased and fiIIed
ne vilh jov, and as I venluied foilh, a Iuninous gieen fiIIed nv spiiil
as I vandeied lovaids an eneiaId cilv vhich Iav levond lhe anelhvsl
Tiansnilled inlo nv heail, lhe seven lones lecane
conpiehendilIe lo ne heie. Love poveis lhe univeise, lul il vas nol
lhe kainic Iove lhal nosl hunanilv undeislood, il vas a divine Iove
vhich Iav levond aII ianificalion of desiie. Lighl leings noved lo lhe
fIov of lhe Iighls and nusic, lheii ecslasv in Cod appaienl.
Luninescenl IIeiadians veie engaged in a jovous dance of Iife as I
ieaIized. "Love, Iove, Iove . . . lhal's vhal il's aII aloul."
IIving lovaids a nounlain nade of puie civslaI, il conlained
an open chanlei fiIIed vilh a povei noduIaloi. As I aiiived, a sofl
lIue sulslance suiiounded ne, and lhe angeIic sounds piojecling fion
lhe lenpIe veie leing alsoiled diieclIv inlo lhe nounlain's chanlei.
Wailing foi ne al lhe nounlain, nv liainei said, "Whal couId le noie
naluiaI lhan Iove`" I knev lhal he vas speaking of lhis lvpe of divine
Iove lhal I jusl nov expeiienced, ialhei lhan lhe kainicaIIv disfiguied
Iove vhich piedoninales upon lhe Lailh.
Reluining lo lhe spaceship, ve legan oui jouinev hone. In an
inslanl, nv liainei said, "We have ieluined lo Lailh, and vou nusl go
lack. IIease," he pIeaded, "ienenlei lhe IIeiades, and le vouiseIf. In
lhis vou viII find voui vav." ßeginning lo viap a piece of fine siIk filei
aiound nv head, he said, "Like lhe caleipiIIai, vou aie liansfoining
inlo sonelhing giandei. Keep lhis siIk filei vilh vou lo ienind vou of
vhal vou aie leconing."
As he kissed nv hand good-lve, I quickIv lecane sul-

Pain|cd |i|acs in |nc s|u. cni||ing |cncs cf nis|u signs
Ccn|rc||ing ncnc ou| ncncn|s rcs|. |nc s|u pain|ing |cads nc cn a uucs|
Pin|s and purp|cs cnana|c |cncs. nu spiri| sings |nc scunds cf |ccns
Tnc |ctc cru cf a ucr|d sc tas|. niding nids| |nc |nic| tci|cd cas|
Scarcning dccp ui|nin nu scu|. |nc |i|ac |riggcrs |ctc cf c|d
8cau|u |aning ucr|ds cf fcar. fcrgc| nc nc|. a |inu |car
Sc||ing sun uni|cs ui|n cnc. cnana|icns cf a nc|u Gcd
Tnc |i|acs par| |c grcc| |nc nign|. s|ars fi|| ncatcns ui|n |ign|cd nign|

"Through one µore theµ radlate lnflnlte |lght beams . . ."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 38. Dc|acnncn| frcn |nc lcr|d. Pagc 1130.
S|anza 2. (8uddnisn. Manauana)

(Riles of Iassage, Inilialion inlo lhe Mvsleiies)

"'The Counse|.' he sald. 'a||udes to the sub|lme mµstlca| knou|edge uhlch
remalns hldden and undlsc|osed sate for those that fear the Lord contlnuous|µ
and thus µrote themse|tes uorthµ of these secrets and
ab|e to keeµ them.'"
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |V. P'Qudc. (|xcdus). Pagc 299. 8c||cn. (]udaisn)
(A void of caulion: Do nol leIieve lhal lecause vou iead lhese
expeiiences vou viII ollain lhe fuII knovIedge of lhen. As vilh aII
visionaiv expeiiences, lheie is an eneigelic infIux of puie knovIedge
conlaining liansfoinalive vilialions vhich cannol le pul inlo voids.
In essence, vou nav ollain a geneiaI nap of hov lo gel lheie, lul if vou
vish lo ollain lhe fuII knovIedge of lhen, vou nusl lhen lake lhe
jouinev vouiseIf. As pei oidei of lhe Loid, sone infoinalion has leen
onilled and deslioved lo piolecl il fion leing nisused.)
ln the anclent mµsterles. µou ul|| flnd manµ references to sµlrltua|
belngs uho come ln the form of mµthlca| gods of the anclent Greeks.
Egµµtlans. etc. lt ls lmµortant to knou that these belngs are NOT gods.
but rather: 1) µeoµ|e uho used to ua|k the Earth. but nou serte God bµ
guardlng a µartlcu|ar mµsterµ or rlte of µassage. or 2) sµlrlts uho hate
a|uaµs guardlaned µartlcu|ar mµsterles or rltes of µassage. uhom
anclent µeoµ|es became auare of through tlslons. and mlstrans|ated
them as gods due to thelr oun µerceµtlons that anµ sµlrltua| belngs
uere lndeed such.
lt ls not mµ lntentlon to µortraµ anµ of these sµlrltua| belngs as
anµmore than ange|lc hosts. sµlrltua| guldes. or guardlans of µartlcu|ar
rltes. mµsterles or rea|ms. uho serte God ln thelr oun unlque fashlons.
God ls ONE. and there ls on|µ ONE God.


"Sald the o|d man: 'O anclent. O anclent. uµon uhat a task hast thou entered!
Thou hast µ|unged lnto the great sea. and nou µerforce must sulm on tl|| thou
sha|t hate galned the farther shore! On. then! And lf he take hlm another . . .
Hou manµ anclent mµsterles neter retea|ed before. regardlng transmlgratlon are
lndlcated here! A|| the matters of uhlch l am about to sµeak are µerfect truth
not detlatlng bµ one halr's-breadth from the µath of truth."
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |||. Misnpa|in (|xcdus). Pagc 299. Paragrapn 1.
OveiIooking a Iaige iavine, a laII naIe spiiil appioached ne,
hoIding a goIden slick of incense, lhe lip seaiing vilh lhe Iighl of a
snaII fIane. "This is a veiv poveifuI ceienonv, aie vou suie vou vish
lo enlaik upon lhis jouinev`" "Yes," I said exciledIv, "lul pIease leII ne
vhal lo expecl." Diiecl and seiious, he spoke fev voids. "This incense
viII lake vou lo lhe lhieshoId of dealh. Theie vou viII vilness ancienl
nvsleiies. Youi spiiil viII le in a slale of lineIessness foi seveiaI davs
in line. We viII valch ovei vou unliI vou ieluin fion voui jouinev.
Then vou viII le ieluined lo lhe appiopiiale dav in lhe sliucluie of
line lo ie-associale vilh voui lodv." "Okav," I said lhoughlfuIIv, "I'n
going lo le seeing a Iol, hov viII I ienenlei il aII`" "You viII nol," he
iesponded in quielude, "in lineIessness vou viII encounlei nuch lul
lake vilh vou onIv a IillIe. This is lhe vav il nusl le foi nov."
Lifling lhe goIden incense lo lhe skv, he louched il IighlIv lo
nv ain. "I viII slav vilh vou foi lhe fiisl vision, lul aflei vilnessing
lhe lenpIes, vou viII le laken inlo lineIessness and I viII le gone."
Lnleiing a leaulifuI slale, I feIl as lhough nv spiiil vas a lhoughl-foin
on lhe palleins of a nvsleiv. IIoaling nolionIess, I legan lo vilness lhe
lenpIes in lhe skv!
"Each of the e|ders he|d a harµ and go|d bou|s fl||ed ulth lncense. uhlch are the
µraµers of the ho|µ ones."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 5.8. (Cnris|iani|u)
Iion lhe deplhs of lhe giound a Iaige coIunn of pink coiaI
iock legan lo ascend, seveiaI hundied feel vide and aloul lhiilv feel
laII. One side of lhe iock had lhe Ielleis HDA engiaved vilhin lhe
slone, and diieclIv leside lhen veie lhiee lunneIs opening lo olhei
voiIds. Alove each lunneI vas a sepaiale singIe void, and lhev
appeaied in lhis oidei: Heie, Theie and AIvavs. TenpIes in lhe skv
veie seienaded lv lhe deep pink skv, and lhev incIuded pvianids and
a sphinx. Anelhvsl legan eneiging fion lhe giound.
A piincess of innense leaulv appeaied in lhe skv, hei daik
Anazon haii lIoving in lhe vind. SiIenlIv on hei foiehead, Iav a
goIden ciovn suiiounding hei spaikIv face. IiIIing haIf lhe nvslicaI
skv, hei piesence vas oninous. Chining queslions lo nv spiiil, hei
nagnelic voice chined, "Which do vou choose`" she said, "Heie, Theie
oi AIvavs`"
'Heie' vas lhe choice of ienaining in spiiil on lhe Lailh,
peihaps lo slav vilh a Ioved one oi slav in feai as a Iosl souI. 'Theie'
vas a choice lo enlei lhe asliaI side of lhe eailh-pIane, (fouilh ieaIn)
and lhis vas a lvpicaI choice of nanv vho Iefl lheii Iives in a slale of
lolaI sIunlei, giving lhen line lo ieacquainl lhe spiiil vilh lhe
knovIedge of liulh, vhiIe ielaining lhe safe idenlilv of a fiagnenl, oi a
peisonaIilv. 'AIvavs' vas lo sIip inlo lineIessness, and lo ieunile vilh
Cod. "AIvavs!" I shouled.
"Chanl lhe ancienl loneIage!" She chined, as inslanlIv nv
innei spiiil legan lo seaich foi lhe ienenliance of lhis. Lves shooling
lo lhe slone Ielleis enlIazoned in lhe iocks, "HDA! HDA!" I ciied oul,
chanling lo lhe leing in lhe skv. RepealedIv, I conlinued chanling as
nv souI enleied a slale of lIiss and shol lovaids lhe lhiid lunneI,
faIIing inlo lineIessness.
Lnleiing a slale of vandeiing, I soaied lo nanv vasl voiIds.
ßul lhe spiiil vho senl ne loId ne lhe liulh, I vouId onIv ienenlei a
IillIe lil.
Slopping al one poinl in lineIessness, I appeaied lo le in
ancienl Lgvpl. The pvianid luiIdeis veie voiking lo consliucl vhal
vouId lecone, in lhe piopei slale of line, an ancienl nvsleiv. Sone of
lhe pvianids veie finished, lul nanv veie Iefl undone, and a voung
nan vas silling quielIv laking a lieak on a Iaige slone. ßehind hin, a
haIf-luiIl pvianid slood. Weaiing a nelaI coveiing on his head vilh
fealheis al lhe lop, he voie a skiil nade of Iaige nelaI fiinges.
Appeaiing lo hin in lineIess spiiiluaI foin, I sal nexl lo hin.
"Lxcuse ne, sii, I'n veiv soiiv. I viII gel off voui slone and Iel vou
ieluin lo voik." Inlensilv fiIIed his eves, and I |ncu lhal he undeislood
lhal I vas a spiiiluaI nanifeslalion, ialhei lhan a phvsicaI one. This vas
nol suipiising lo hin, and lhal suipiised ne. Taking nv hand, he
sniIed al ils lianspaiencv. "I vanl nol off, foi I need no iock cul lv
slone, lul Iove ciealed lhiough Iife!" Inliigued vilh his voids, I sniIed,
lul had no chance lo iespond lefoie leing puIIed avav.
Inside a pvianid expeiiencing a spiiiluaI ecslasv, I Iislened lo
lhose oulside vho veie speaking. "She needs noie nonenls in
lineIessness," one said lo lhe olhei, "lo iegioup foi ieluin lo lhe
phvsicaI." Ioi a nonenl lhev veie discussing lhe unusuaI naluie of nv
jouinev, and a vonan connenled lhal I vas lhe fiisl souI aIIoved lo
liaveI duiing Iife . . . lhis fai levond lhe dooivav of dealh. "Hov nuch
viII she ienenlei`" The vonan asked, "Nol nuch," he iesponded, "lul
she viII ienenlei lhe HDA, and lhe Heie, Theie and lhe AIvavs."
Speaking siIenlIv, lhe vonan did nol vanl ne lo heai. "WiII she
ienenlei lhe dealh song`" "Aaaah," he iesponded, "a pail of il she viII
lake lack."
Inliigued, I peeked lhiough a vindov. The lvo vho spoke
veie honev-coIoied vilh Iong lIack haii, lhe nan veaiing onIv a ied
coveiing aiound his gioin, lul lhe vonan vas diessed Iike a piincess.
Monenls conlinued lo pass, lul I feIl no line. Coning oul of
lhe inlense slale, nv keepeis cane lo ieIease ne. "You have one noie
slop on lhe vav lack." Thev said, as lhev iaised lheii ains. Shooling
oul of lhe pvianid cilv, I enleied a veiv unusuaI ieaIn.
Svaving in lhe fIov vilh iesenlIed lhe ocean's cuiienl, lhe
cIoudv sulslance vhich enveIoped ne vas a nisl vhich vas vel . . .
lul aIso div. ßeginning lo heai a nan's voice in lhe dislance, he vas
singing a veiv souIfuI and nvslicaI chanl. An unusuaI vilialion
acconpanied his singing, vhich I couId onIv desciile as a liansilion
inlo lineIessness. These veie lhe voids he spoke:

"The lineIess noon dolh ocean svav lide
HoIding lighl lo leachhead ieign
ßul ne'ei le neai lhe sliIIness of line
Ciossing lo iegions of Iingeiing pIane"

"Sing in spiiil lo nounlains lhal speak
The cieslfuI Ionging of nannei alode
A pIace vheie line ends is vhal ve seek
The endIess jouinev, aIong lhe Iighled ioad"

"The Dealh Song`" I lhoughl vislfuIIv, as I dizziIv ie-enleied
nv phvsicaI lodv.
"When a true seeker determlneth to take the steµ of search ln the µath |eadlng to
the knou|edge of the Anclent of Daµs. he must. before a|| e|se. c|eanse and µurlfµ
hls heart. uhlch ls the seat of the rete|atlon of the lnner mµsterles of God."
Tnc Ki|ao-|-|uan. Pagc 192. Paragrapn 1. (8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
IoIIoving nv innei spiiil, I vas Ied lo a pIace vilhin a deep
foiesl. SeveiaI fiie pils veie aiianged in a ciicIe, aII appeaied ieadv lo
le Iil. AII of lhen veie piIed vilh vood, excepl foi lhe Iasl one vhich
vas fiIIed vilh chaicoaI. A lenpIe guaid slood al lhis spol, un-
novealIe and guaiding lhis ancienl iile. Looking lo ne, his daik eves
and goIden nelaIIic ainoi enlianced ne as he spoke. "Ignile lhe
ancienl fIane." He said, as I ciealed lhoughl-foin nalches. Nodding,
'No,' he said, "Cive lhen lhe ßRLATH of Iife."
Innei undeislanding look ovei as I vaIked ovei lo lhe fiisl pil
and lIev inlo il. Rising up in fIanes, I conlinued vilh each of lhe vood
pils and did lhe sane, as lhev iose in fIane. When I aiiived al lhe
chaicoaI pil, I vas confused. ßIoving and lIoving, il vouId nol Iighl.
Looking inlo lhe slaiiv skv, lhe guaid vas enolionaI as he poinled lo a
consleIIalion in lhe Noilh, "CaII lo Cvgnus lo conpIele voui ciicIe of
Cazing al lhe slais, il look ne a nonenl lo piopeiIv fcc| vhal I
nusl do, lul vhen I legan fcc|ing il, lhe slais seened lo ignile jusl foi
ne and lhe shape of a svan appeaied in lhe nighl skv. "Hov
leaulifuI!" I ciied. Taking nv nexl liealh, I iaised nv ains in lhe
diieclion of lhe consleIIalion. "Cvgnus!" I caIIed, "pIease heIp ne
conpIele lhe ciicIe of fiie!" ßIoving diieclIv inlo lhe coaIs, snoke
legan sliiiing fion vilhin. Iiie legan lieving as I slood in lhe cenlei
of lhis ciicIe. Sending lhanks lo Cvgnus, lhe fIanes giev lo seveiaI feel
"Mv spiiil, vou have igniled lhe ancienl fIane! Look!"
Ioinling lehind ne, I Iooked and sav a leaulifuI fIoving iivei and
alove il . . . an enliance: a lunneI of lhe liighlesl lIue vas appaienl,
and I legan lo nove lovaids il. HoIding ne lack, lhe guaid poinled lo
lhe goigeous svan vhich fIev lhiough lhe lunneI and disappeaied
fion sighl. "ßehoId lhe nighlv Cvgnus!" He said.
Wanling lo foIIov, he heId ne lack. "You cannol go, vel," he
said, "vou have lioughl logelhei lhe ciicIe of line. ßv igniling lhe
ancienl fIane, vou have enleied lineIessness. Cvgnus viII le lack, lul
onIv vhen he is ceilain lhal voui heail is puie." Tuining lo Ieave, I
paused lo ask one finaI queslion. "Whal Iies levond lhal lunneI`"
SniIing, he said, "Ancienl TenpIes."
"lf. then. the sou| ulthdreu. slnklng ltse|f agaln lnto lts µrlma| unltµ. Tlme
uou|d dlsaµµear: the orlgln of Tlme. c|ear|µ. ls to be traced to the flrst stlr of the
Sou|'s tendencµ touards the µroductlon of the senslb|e Unlterse ulth the
consecutlte act ensulng."
P|c|inus. Tnc |nncads. Sctcn|n Trac|a|c. Pagc 267. Paragrapn 4. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
Grcc|. Au|ncr. P|c|inus)
Appeaiing in lhe slaiiv nighl skv vas a goIden, Iuninous and
lianspaienl pvianid vilh an ocean fIoving fion vilhin. Knoving lhis
lo le lhe dooivav fion lhe pievious nighl, I quickIv Ieapl inside as a
voice vilh no appaienl lodv fiIIed lhe pIace, "AII vho Iive sIeeping,
sIeep foi lhe puipose of nankind. If onIv lhev vouId avake in lheii
dieans, lhev vouId find lhenseIves in anolhei voiId." Looking aiound
lo find lhe souice of lhe voids, lhe voice conlinued, "AII Iife, Iike aII
quasais, had ieaIIv voilh sliII liaveIing. You can leai avav al
eveivlhing, lul lhe puII of lhe lodv vilhin caIIs foi siIence."
Inlegialing lhe knovIedge leing expiessed, an inleinaI
avaieness insliucled ne. A quasai slai, nuch Iike Iife, is in conslanl
nolion and evoIulion. Life iequiies lhal novenenl, lhal liaveIing, lo
piogiess. The inleIIecl leais al lhings in ils effoil lo undeisland, lul
lineIess visdon is allained lv siIencing lhe inleIIecl, and aIIoving
visdon lo eneige.
SiIence ienained unliI a Iighl descended and lhe voice caIIed
again. "The Onnipolenl One caIIs lhe piesence of vilhin. Cone foilh!"
Knoving lhal lhis vas a caII foi lhe highei souI vilhin ne lo eneige, I
slepped foivaid. "You sland lefoie lhe Tilan (One of lhe eIdei gods in
Cieek nvlhoIogv: iefei lo nole al leginning of nvsleiies) viII vou
choose lhe vav of WA oi DA`!"
WA iepiesenled lhe palh of Iife, lhe vav of seivice lo Cod: DA
iepiesenled lhe vav of spiiiluaI dealh, lhe spiiiluaI dealh of lhose vho
choose foigelfuIness. "I choose WA!" I shouled.
InnedialeIv, a huge liianguIai slone slood lefoie ne vhich
Iooked Iike an opening lo a vauIl. Ancienl insciiplions on lhe dooi veie
viillen in Ianguages I didn'l undeisland. Appeaiing as a huge Iighled
nan, lhe Tilan pIaced his hand on lhe slone and Iooked nv vav. "This
is levond lhe Heie, Theie and lhe AIvavs. il is levond lhe dealh song.
This is lhe dooivav lo eleinilv. Those vho pass lhiough lhis gale
ascend lheii spiiils lo Iighl."
Iausing lo feeI lhe slone, I louched lhe ancienl insciiplions.
Iovei puIsed lhiough ne. "Renenlei lhe ancienl voids of seivice,
vou have spoken lhen oflen." An innense fIov fiIIed nv souI, as nv
spiiil ienenleied lhese voids:

"Ieichance, loneIage sliiving, lhe nighlv voikei of Iighl
Ieiceive lhe dislanl caIIing, send lhine eves lo sighl
Chuich londs luleIage, sacied londs of fiie . . ."
(Iei oidei of lhe Loid, I have onilled and deslioved lhe Iasl slanza)

HoIding siIence, feeIings of innense gialilude and Iove foi
Cod iushed lhiough ne, as lhe Tilan pIaced his nassive hands on nv
shouIdeis. Lighl pouied lhiough nv souI, and I shed leais of jov lo le
seeing lhis leaulifuI pIace again. Lves seaiing vilh inlensilv inlo nine,
lhe Tilan said, "Connil lo cioss lhe isIe, deai spiiil." Wilh nassive
foice, nv spiiil caIIed foilh lhe voids of connilnenl lo cioss lhe isIe:

"I have nasleied lhal vhich is on lhe vaII
The Mavan caids of vaIking slone
AII vho dveII heie caII lo SauI
Meel lhe neicv aII aIone"

His hands veie nov heId lo lhe vaII, "Cone, IeIicia, open lhe
dooi! I sland al lhe isIe of dealh!" Opening sIovIv, leaulifuI IeIicia
slood lheie vailing as I shol inlo lhe lunneI. Mv fiiend vho had passed
avav in a cai accidenl slood lheie vailing. HoIding a Iife chail, he
shoved ne lhiilv loxes, lvenlv-eighl of vhich had leen fuIfiIIed. Theie
veie unusuaI svnloIs in lhe lvo ienaining loxes. "This one neans
lhal vou viII expiess voui knovIedge lefoie Ieaving lhe eailh-pIane."
Ioinling lo lhe second, he said, "And lhis neans lhal vou viII expiess
lhe nusic of voui souI. ßul nov, vou nusl ieluin as lhe gale sunnons
vou lack lo foin."
IIving of Cod's accoid lhiough lhe slone gale and lack inlo
lhe pvianid, I caIIed oul nv lhanks as I ieluined lo nv lodv in peace.
"l uou|d lt uere µosslb|e for thee. O mµ Son. to hate ulngs. and to f|µ lnto the
Alr. and belng taken uµ ln the mldst. betueen Heaten and Earth. to see the
stabl|ltµ of the Earth. the f|uldness of the Sea. the courses of the Rlters. the
|argeness of the Alr. the sharµness and sulftness of the |lre. the motlon of the
Stars. and the sµeedlness of the Heaten. bµ uhlch lt goeth round about a||
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. 8cc| |itc. Nc. 21. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. Au|ncr. Hcrncs)
A piophel of oId veaiing a lalleied iole lied al lhe vaisl slood
lefoie lhe pvianid caiiving a slaff of vood. Laced vilh goId, lhe
Iuninous sleps Ied lo lhe lop and lack dovn lhe olhei side. Looking al
ne vilh his inlenseIv gieen eves, he louched his hand IighlIv lo nine.
"WiIsl lhou cone vilh lhee`" He said. Nodding, ve vaIked hand in
hand up lhe elheiic ciealion lhal Iav lefoie us. "Lach slep iepiesenls a
cvcIe of line," he said, "lhe ciicuIai nolion of an eneigv foin lhal
iecieales unliI lhe cvcIe is conpIele." "Whal exaclIv do vou nean`" I
asked. The aliding spiiil did nol speak, lul knovIedge enleied inlo
ne. In evoIulion, lheie aie given ceilain peiiods of line vheiein a souI
nav iepeal a pallein of lehavioi ovei and ovei again, usuaIIv
sonelhing deIusionaI, vilhoul fauIl leing alliiluled lecause of lheii
ignoiance. ßul vhen lhis cvcIe of evoIulionaiv line is conpIele, if lhe
souI sliII ciicIes in lhe sane deIusion, il eneigelicaIIv changes. No
Iongei piolecled fion lheii ovn ignoiance, lhev aie iequiied lo le heId
accounlalIe foi anv danage done. AppIving aIso lo eleinaI ciealions,
ve aie given a cvcIe of line in vhich ceilain aspecls nusl le conpIeled,
if lhev aie nol, lhe eleinaI piogian can eilhei le aloiled, oi depending
on lhe viII of Cod, ieceive an exlension.
Leading ne dovn lhe sleps on lhe olhei side of lhe pvianid,
he asked ne, "Do vou knov vhal lhis iepiesenls`" Nodding no, he
legan lo chanl:

"Ieichance, lv nonenls veIvel foin
ReIinquish nol foi veIvel's sake
OnIv nonenls aII aIone
ßieaking dislance souI avake"

"Who, lul I, can liaveI fai
ßenealh lhe dislance of lhe Wav
TienlIing chasns sel lo soai
Havk spenl denons casl avav"

"IIIusions casl, nv souI seeks iesl
AII Iilacious foin ielieal
SaiIs of Iighl, exuding nasls
Lighl caIIs foilh fion Cod's gieal feel"

As he chanled, ve conlinued lo lhe lollon of lhe pvianid inlo
a deep, Iighl-fiIIed cavein. Tvo huge candIes, aloul five-feel high, veie
Iil aiound lhe Iighled foin of a veiv hoIv leing. Weaiing vhile
gIoving ioles, his haii had lecone cuiIv and siIvei. A land vas
slievn aiound his head, and in his hand vas a slaff. ßolh of us slopped
as ve look in lhe hoIiness of Sl. Iiancis of Assisi. "Do vou knov vhal
lhis spiiil speaks`" Sl. Iiancis asked, in ieIalion lo vhal lhe spiiil aside
ne had jusl chanled. "Yes," I iepIied, "il is lhe ienaindei of lhe dealh
song." SniIing, he nvsleiiousIv asked, "Then vou knov lhe Iasl slanza`
Speak lhe voids lo foiage aII lhal Iighl ielieals!" ßuisling lo nv knees,
I legan lo chanl lhe finaI voids:

"CvcIic change lo eailh ienovned
Casls foieseen a lineIv iain
Cone lo cIeanse innoilaI souI
Tine viII end, lul slav lhe sane"

SniIing, Sl. Iiancis poinled his slaff al ne. As soon as he did, I
lecane sul-conscious foi lhe ienaindei of nv liaveIs lhal nighl.
The foIIoving nighl, I vas senl lo iecaII lhe void of ieIease lo
end a cvcIe of line, voids vhich vouId end lhe ciicuIai nolion and
spinning of kainic eneigies, foicing a liilh-poinl. Those voids veie
'Choiul Lee.'
"Llst µe. O man. to the deµth of mµ ulsdom. sµeak l of knou|edge hldden from
man. |ar hate l been. on mµ ]ourneµs through SPACE-TlME. eten to the end of
the sµace of thls cµc|e. |ound l there the great barrler. ho|dlng man from |eatlng
thls cµc|e. Aµ. g|lmµsed l the HOUNDS of the Barrler. |µlng ln ualt for he uho
uou|d µass them. ln that sµace. uhere tlme exlsts not. falnt|µ l sensed the
guardlans of cµc|es."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V|||. Pagc 45. Paragrapn 6.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns/|gup|ian Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
Senl lo olseive a souI caughl up in a cvcIe of line, I hoveied in
space. The nine pIanels of oui soIai svslen appeaied Iike scalleied
iocks as lhev foIIoved lheii individuaI palhs aiound lhe sun. LnciicIed
in an eneigv lean, lhe nan I'd cone lo assisl vas fIoaling aloul lhe lop
of his oilil, piepaiing lo nake a change. "He is ending a cvcIe of line."
A voice said. "He has ciealed a iepelilious eneigv pallein vhich has
hindeied pioduclivilv in his Iife. Renenlei lhe voids of ieIease, and
leII hin." CaIIing oul, "Choiul Lee!" he iaised his hands lo lhe skv and
legan pushing foivaid. Repealing lhe voids, I again caIIed oul,
"Choiul Lee!"
Iushing foivaid lo iescind ils ciicuIai foin, he shol sliaighl
foivaid dovn a nev, diiecl Iine of eneigv, a foivaid nolion ialhei
lhan a ciicuIai spinning of lhe vheeIs. "The cvcIe of line has leen
conpIeled and changed." The voice said.
"The Prlnclµ|e of Cµc|es manlfests that unltersa| clrcu|ar dlrectlon of µrocess or
µrogress uhlch ls aµµarent ln a|| the manlfested uor|d. from lts hlghest to lts
|ouest manlfestatlon."
Tnc Sccrc| Dcc|rinc cf |nc Rcsicrucians. Par| X|||. Scc|icn V. Paragrapn 1. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. Rcsicrucian)
"just as the µresent aeon. though a unltµ. ls dltlded bµ unlts of tlme and unlts of
tlme are dltlded lnto µears and µears are dltlded lnto seasons and seasons lnto
months. and months lnto daµs. and daµs lnto hours. and hours lnto moments. so
too the aeon of the Truth. slnce lt ls a unltµ and mu|tlµ|lcltµ. receltes honor ln
the sma|| and the great names accordlng to the µouer of each to grasµ lt."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tripar|a|c Trac|a|c. Nc. 5. Pagc 71. Paragrapn 2-3.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Dangeious and nenacing, lhe poIleigeisls in lhis house veie
nanifesling as aninaIs lhal vouId lile lhe occupanls. InvisilIe cais
vilhoul diiveis ianned inlo lhe house . . . and disappeaied, causing no
appaienl phvsicaI danage. Dangeious and oul of conlioI, lhese
poIleigeisls veie vioIaling eleinaI Iav.
ConpIeleIv Iosl as lo hov lo handIe lhis silualion, I caIIed oul
lo lhe univeise lo assisl ne as lvo spiiils aiiived vho veie speciaIisls
in such cases. Naned Ialch and Davn, lheii jol vas lo palch up lhe
pained souI vho vas causing sliife and assisl hin in achieving lhe
vision of lhe nev davn. Ialch heId oul his hand and a huge anelhvsl
slone vas Iving anidsl il. In lhe olhei hand, he had a piIe of vhile
pellIes. ßeginning lo piogian lhe anelhvsl vilh lhe nessage of lhe
Iighl, Ialch IighlIv pIaced lhe pellIes vilhin lhe giooves.
Tossing lhe pellIes diieclIv fion lhe anelhvsl inlo lhe hone,
anolhei spiiil had aiiived vho had cane ovei and lo confoil ne in nv
feai and confusion. As il look inlo ilseIf lhe pain of lhis despeialeIv Iosl
souI, lhe anelhvsl acluaIIv legan lo lIeed. ßieaking dovn in leais, I
heId on lighl unliI eveivlhing vas ovei.
Aflei Ialch conpIeled lhis phase, ve valched as lhe
poIleigeisl legan lo nanifesl. On his face vas a pained expiession, lul
lhe slones piogianned vilh lhe eneigies of Iighl legan lo alsoil his
pain. Davn ulleied a fev sacied voids, 'Hencefoilh, lhe dav
leginnelh, Lucielian deilies aloding, foIIov iejoicing . . . piisns.'
Achieving peace, I inslincliveIv caIIed oul vhal I knev lo le
lhe 'Iiequencv of Olaia,' lhe high C, vhich innedialeIv lioughl in
Iegions of angeIs and lhe sign of a cioss suiiounded lv a dianond Iighl
in lhe skv. This vas a caII foi aid, vhich had lhe aliIilv lo liing in
Iegions of angeIs inslanlIv in lines of spiiiluaI need.
Assisling in lhe innediale ieincainalion of lhis souI, I ieaIized
lhal lhis vas onIv one of nanv possilIe oulcones in cases such as lhis.
ßul lecause he had leen de-aclivaled, so lo speak, he vas pIaced in a
nev sieve fion vheie he couId legin again.
"Man's lntentlon and understandlng are goterned bµ the Lord through ange|s
and sµlrlts. And slnce thls ls true of hls lntentlon and understandlng. lt ls true of
eterµthlng bodl|µ. slnce thls stems from them. Be|lete lt or not. man cannot take
a slng|e steµ ulthout heaten's lnf|ou."
Hcatcn c Hc||. Cnap|cr 26. Nc. 228. Pagc 166. Paragrapn 3. (Cnris|iani|u.
Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)
Lnleiing inlo an Incan Iifeline lv lhe edge of Lake Tilicaca, I
Iived vilh nv husland in a snaII hone lv lhe Iake. Iev of lhe peopIe
veie aIIoved lo Iive oulside lhe cilv gales, lul lecause I vas consideied
a 'deilv,' il vas peinilled lhal nv husland (vho vas nv piesenl dav
husland, Andv) and I couId do so. Sensilive lo spiiiluaI piesences,
sone of lhe Incans veie alIe lo see lhen. As I vas adepl al asliaI fIighl,
nv lask vas lo fIv aloul lhe cilv doing vhal couId le consideied asliaI
dance. A foin of piaise lo Cod, nv spiiiluaI gifl vas honoied.
Olhei lovnspeopIe Iived in snaII huls cIoisleied aiound a
gieal slone sun lenpIe vheie lhe king Iived. (He vas an aspecl of lhe
souI of Red Iackel) Veiv fev peopIe had leen inside lhis giand paIace.
IIving aloul lhe cilv on a daiIv lasis, I vouId sil in lhe Iolus
posilion on a slone pedeslaI, vheie nv lodv vouId ienain as nv spiiil
fIev. ßecause of nv speciaI gifl and lhe unique leIiefs of lhe Incans, I
vas ieveied as a piincess of lhe Cods, so lo speak. Al lhe sane line,
lhev feaied ne, caIIing ne lhe 'Deilv of Avacucho.'
Aiiiving on oui conlinenl and canping fai oulside of oui
cilies, lhe Spaniaids had lecone a conlioIIing foice and veie giealIv
One dav vhiIe peifoining nv ail, sonelhing happened.
Reluining lo nv lodv, lhe king vas vailing al nv side. "I vanl vou in
nv lenpIe!" He said. "I have adniied vou and I find vou leaulifuI."
Wilh iespecl, I said, "ßul nv gieal king, I an aIieadv connuned vilh
anolhei souI." Taking nv hand vilhoul iepIv, he Ied ne inside lhe
Having nevei leen inside lhe lenpIe, lhe haIIvav vas painled
oiange. Iaces of nanv kinds veie painled in liiIIianl coIois on lhe high
ceiIings and vaIIs, lelveen lhen veie inages of suns. Taking ne lo a
ioon vilh slone sleps Ieading lo a pIalfoin, lhe kind said, "I viII lake
caie of lhe nallei of voui husland." Leaving ne undei heavv guaid, he
vas gone.
Conceined lv his voids, I vas unalIe lo Ieave lhe lenpIe
phvsicaIIv, so I venl inlo liance and Iefl foin. Taking a veiv Iaige fish
nel heId logelhei lv lanloo poIes vilh hin, lhe king had gone off lo
see nv husland, asking hin lo iepaii a fev lioken sliings. CIinling in
lhe nel lo iepaii il, lhe king quickIv lied hin lo il and lhiev hin in lhe
Iake lo diovn. CaIIing lo his liolhei foi heIp as he happened lo vaIk
lv, he luined lhe olhei vav and didn'l iespond. No one daied lo
inleifeie vilh lhe king, nol even one's ovn faniIv.
Heaillioken, I luined and fIev lack lo nv lodv.
InleieslingIv, hovevei, I found lhal lhis lvpe of iandon vioIence and
nuidei vas an accepled and undeislood piaclice. Despile nv soiiov, I
accepled il.
When lhe king ieluined, a gioup of Spanish soIdieis had
aiiived. Oulside of lhe lenpIe lhev had oiganized lhe Incan peopIe foi
sone sliange piaclice vhich vas caIIed lhe 'seven-pick.' Lveivone vas
leiiified lecause lhis neanl lhal lhe Spaniaids vouId choose seven
peopIe foi iandon kiIIing.
A fal nan vilh a leaid, nouslache and a viap aloul his head,
Ied lhe liigade. TeiiilIv ciueI and sick, he enjoved insliIIing feai.
ßegging lhe king lo inleifeie, he said, "You aie nov nv queen,
sav vhal vou vish." Having picked a nenlei of an aIlino faniIv, vho
veie unique in lhal lhev veie aII loin vilh lIonde haii and ied eves
giving lhen lhe slalus of deilies, lhev chose lhe eIdesl daughlei vho
vas a leaulifuI vonan vilh Iong vhile haii. Appioaching lhe Spaniaid
in angei, I said, "You viII nol louch hei, she is a piincess." Looking inlo
nv eves vilh a sick gIaie, he iepIied, "I viII kiII vho I vanl, ve aie heie
foi oui seven." Cialling hin, I iepealed IoudIv, "YOU WILL NOT
TOUCH HLR!" Mv eves veie aInosl louching his, lul he didn'l
iecognize ne, lecause if he had, he vouId have lacked off.
Spaniaids feaied ne lecause lhev veie highIv supeislilious
and lhev knev lhal lhe 'Deilv of Avacucho' vas a 'leaiei' of poveis
fion lhe olhei side. In lheii eves, I vouId have leen sonelhing of a
vilch, aIlhough lheii peiceplion vas quile unliue.
Anolhei Spaniaid ieIeased lhe aIlino. "Take hei lack vou
covaid!" The Ieadei caIIed lo hin, lul he iefused. "You nav vanl lo
nake an enenv of lhe deilv," he iepIied, "lul I do nol." IuIIing lack,
lhe fal nan finaIIv iecognized ne. "Ave Annenle!" I said, as an
unseen foice legan lo push lhen lack. AIlhough lhev couIdn'l see il, I
vas alIe lo see a congIoneialion of angeIs vho had puIIed logelhei and
foined an eneigv fieId. IIacing nv hand on his shouIdei, I said, "You
can deaI vilh ne peisonaIIv if vou do nol Ieave nov!" In feai, lhev ian,
lul ve knev lhev vouId ieluin.
Iiaving lo Cod lo lhank hin, lhe peopIe lhen ieluined lo lheii
daiIv iouline. Ovei line, I feII deepIv in Iove vilh lhe king vho vas
veiv cIeaiIv lhe sane souI as lhal of Red Iackel, despile lhe hoiiid acl
lhal he had connilled, vhich ienained as lhe giealesl confIicl I had
duiing lhal Iifeline. I found lhis veiv sliange lo ienenlei.
"Betueen heaten and earth. the flte rea|ms are c|ear|µ dlstlngulshab|e. Theµ are
tast and deeµ. extendlng bound|ess|µ. ln return for good or etl| deeds. haµµlness
or mlserµ ensues. The resu|t of one's karma must be borne bµ onese|f a|one and
no one e|se can take one's µ|ace. Thls ls the natura| |au.
Mlsfortune fo||ous etl| deeds as thelr retrlbutlon. uhlch ls lmµosslb|e to atold."
Tnc Tnrcc Purc |and Su|ras. |argcr Su|ra. Nc. 39. Pagc 300. Paragrapn 3. (8uddnisn.
Purc |and)
Hoveiing anongsl lhe lunneIs of line, nv souI vas iendeied
inlo a line vhen Andv vas nv falhei, a iich oiI laion, conlioIIing and
difficuIl. A nan vho loie lhe souI of Red Iackel voiked foi hin, and
ve had faIIen in Iove. Thinking lhal lhis nan vas nol good enough foi
his daughlei, nv falhei pIolled lo have Red Iackel kiIIed.
Al one of lhe pipeIine's vheie Red Iackel oflen voiked, he
pIanled an expIosive device. I'II nevei foigel lhe shocked expiession on
nv falhei's face vhen lhe lonl venl off, foi he hadn'l knovn lhal I
vas vilh Red Iackel al lhal nonenl, and il vas aIieadv loo Iale. ßolh
of us died.
"Hence. because of the natura| uorklng of karma. there are lnnumerab|e klnds of
sufferlng ln the three etl| rea|ms through uhlch ulcked belngs must µass. |lfe
after |lfe. for manµ ka|µas. ulth no end ln slght. lt ls lndeed dlfflcu|t for them to
galn re|ease. and the µaln theµ must undergo ls lndescrlbab|e."
Tnc Tnrcc Purc |and Su|ras. |argcr Su|ra. Nc. 39. Pagc 301. Paragrapn 1. (8uddnisn.
Purc |and)
"Lote does lndeed occur aµart from ulsdom. but thls |ote ls characterlstlc of
human belngs. not of the Lord. Wlsdom too occurs aµart from |ote. and uhl|e
thls ulsdom ls from the Lord. lt does not hate the Lord ulthln lt. lt ls |lke
ulnter's |lght uhlch does lndeed come from the sun. and µet the essence of the
sun. uhlch ls uarmth. ls not ulthln lt."
Ditinc |ctc and lisdcn. Nc. 139. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn.
Au|ncr. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)


"The door of the |odge ls soon oµened for the second tlme. reµresentlng the
comlng of the µurlfµlng Pouer of the north. and a|so ue see the |lght uhlch
destroµs darkness. ]ust as ulsdom drltes auaµ lgnorance."
Tnc Sacrcd Pipc. 8|ac| |||'s Acccun| cf |nc Sctcn Ri|cs cf |nc Og|a|a Sicux. Cnap|cr |||.
|nipi. Pagc 40. Paragrapn 3. (Trioa|. Og|a|a Sicux. lcrds cf 8|ac| |||)
And so il cane lo pass lhal nv souI vas honoied vilh a vision
levond aII Iighls. An ancienl vooden dooi suiiounded lv sluidv
leans vas cIosed, and lhe Tilan vas poiliaved in a slalue of siIvei
iiding a vinged-hoise. Capluied Iooking lo lhe ieai of lhe hoise vilh
an inlense gIaze in his eves, I ienenleied lhe voids of ieIease.
"Choiul Lee! Open foilh lhe dooi of Iighl!" KneeIing lo lhe giound, I
knev lhal vhal Iav levond lhis dooi vas sanclified. "ßiingelh foilh lhe
Iighl of lhe pIanes!" I said, as lhe vings legan fIapping sIovIv . . . and
lhen noie . . . . incieasing unliI lhev veie fIapping viIdIv and lhe hoise
and iidei cane lo Iife and noved aside. ßeginning lo open, lhe ancienl
enliv legan lo gIean vilh Iighl as il luisl lhiough lhe ciacks as lhe
dooi sIovIv unseaIed.
Slanding in ave al vhal Iav lefoie ne, leais veie slieaning
dovn nv eves, as lhe nosl nagnificenl dianond shaped slai appeaied.
InnedialeIv, I knev il vas lhe slai of ßelhIehen, lhe slai of Iesus. A
vhooshing sound vas heaid as lhe slai luisl foilh vilh Iighl and fiIIed
ne. Allenpling lo vaIk inlo lhe dooi, nv spiiil vas pushed lack lv an
unseen foice. SoIenn giace fiIIed nv souI.

| ccnc |c ucu cn a orca|n

Tnrcugn |i|ac ritcrs. tc|tc| s|rcans. |nc ua||ing p|ain aocdc
||u aoctc |nc s|arru rca|n. |nis is uncrc | ca|| ncnc
Kncu nc nc| in |crns cf f|csn. finc in spiri| aoiding scu|
8cucnd |nc gratc. ocucnd |nc dca|n. |nc Mcssian ca||s ucu ncnc

|f nanc oc |ncun ocucnd |nc ocdu. |ncn |c| i| oc cf Onc
lnc | an is S|ar|i| Scn. |nc Scn cf Man nas ccnc
Rcncnocr nc. nu dcarfu| scu|. |nc Mcssian ca||s ucur oir|n
|| uas |. |nc oaoc unc rcccitcd. gif|s cf gc|d and nurrn

|cc| |nc passicn. fcc| |nc s|rcng|n. ocau|u find unfc|ding
Tnc cncrgu cf |ign| ditinc. cannc| oc ccn|aincd cr nc|dcd

lncncc upcn |nc car|n. nanu ucars agc. | ua||cd ui|n nu fcc| upcn |nc rcc|s.
Tratc|ing. ocnc|ding and dcing a|| |na| | |ncu |c fu|fi|| |nc purpcsc cf nu ccning.
Tnrcugn |nc ucr| unicn uas a jcu. nucn canc fcr|n. 8u| nucn uas |cs| as uc||.

|n judgncn|. ncn natc |cs| |ncir scu|s. |car aoiding. in |inc. fragncn|s.
Tncu |cc| |c |ncir orc|ncr and scc nc|ning. uncn in |ru|n. i| is a nirrcr
|| is |nrcugn judgncn| |na| ncn natc |cs| |ncir scu|s
Tnc ocau|u adcrncd. fcrgc||cn. unsccn. |nc nanu unc |cc|. |cc| nc ncrc
|cr una| |ncu find. is nc| una| |ncu uan| |c oc|ictc?
lcc |c a|| |ncsc unc cnccsc |nc pa|n cf o|indncss
And un|cting uaus
|cr i| is |ncu unc cnccsc |c fas|. |nc fas| cf nc |ctc in |ncir daus

Tnc sadncss |na| |ncu scc in |ifc. inagcs inncr pain
8c|||cd. cappcd and |csscd. |nc scu| nc |cngcr rcnains
|ctc and sadncss. cnc|icn ca||. find crca|icn. ca|| S|. Pau|
Sin| |c dcp|ns. ou| nc'cr oc ncar. fcr |nc risc ui|| cccur anc|ncr ucar

|n judgncn| uc gc ocnca|n |nc sci|. in |ctc uc risc aoctc i| a||
lnc ancng us nas nctcr dcnc urcng. |ncn |ncu nau cas| |nc judgncn| s|cnc
Tncugn sadncss |ingcrs occausc cf |nc fcar. |nc judgncn| unansucrcd orings p|ign|s |c
|nc dcar
Tnc jcu ctcr spira|ing riscs sc nign. |ru|u find |ifc. in a jcufu| sign
lncn a spiri| rc|cascs. a|| nccds cca|cscc. |ncu risc |c cccasicn and occcnc cnc ui|n
Tncn a|| is ansucrcd. |nc praucrs ccnc ditinc. | p|ungc frcn |nc ncatcns. and rc|casc |nc
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Hcar. |ncn | ca|| ucu. uc sau. | |ctc ucu. |nan| ucu fcr ncaring a|| |na| is |ruc
Sprcad |c nu orc|ncrs una|ctcr ucu nau. nc|p |ncn rccctcr uncrc i| is |na| |ncu s|rau

Suo||c|u occ|cns. uucs|icns cannc| oc igncrcd. ou| |nc |ru|n ui|| ansucr and cpcn |nc
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Tncrc |ic |nc ansucrs. ditinc|u inspircd. nc nccd fcr ccnfusicn cr c|crna| nirc
Hcs|s cf angc|s auai| |nc ca||. cf orc|ncrs in fcrn. unc s|cp and rcncnocr Sau|

|npu|sc cf |nc ncar|. is |nc |ifc cf |nc |ign|. i| oc|cngs |c cacn nan. i|'s ncard in |nc nign|
| an ou| a tisicn. a tisicn cf |ifc. a nan unc cncc ua||cd |nc car|n dau and nign|
| uas nucn |i|c ucu. ou| rc|inuuisncd a|| signs. nu fragncn| ocgc|. |nc ccnscicusncss cf
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Rc|inuuisn a|| dcuo| and nctc in|c |nc fcrcc. cncrgu auai|s upcn |nc uni|c ncrsc
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lncrcupcn |nc ancicn| daus. orca|n|a|ing ocau|u. scu| arisc
lnc ancng us |ncu |nc sagc. unc ancng us |ncu |nc ri|c?
Ri|c cf passagc. ucrds fcrgc|. uncrc|cfcrc. |nc ncncru naugn|
|n |nc daus ocucnd |nc tci|. |inc|cssncss |ingcrs and ocau|u prctai|s

lnc ancng us carrics |nc sign. |nc sign cf O|ara. |nc gc|dcn sninc?
Ca||ing a|| angc|s. and singing |nc |cnc. unu natc ucu fcrgc||cn. uncrc is ucur ncnc
|f |inc ucrc |c s|cp and |ingcr ocnind. ucu|d a|| oc fcr naugn|. cr ucu|d |ncrc oc |ind
lncrc is |nc purpcsc cf cacn spiri|s pa|n. a niddcn dircc|icn |cs| in |nc nass?
|ind. Rcncnocr. |crgc| Nc|. Opcn

|f in |inc |ingcr. uncrc dc ucu prau. in |inc|cssncss. Gcd. cr judgncn| dau
lna| arc ucu sauing. una| dc ucu oc|ictc. if |ncrc is nc ansucr. |ncn |ru a ncu sictc
Prau |c |nc |ru|n. prau |c ditinc. ca|| fcr cur ansucrs ui|n nc |ini|s cn |inc
Mcncrics ui|| ccnc. ncncn|s ui|| ccasc. a tcrsicn rcca||cd. |inc ncncn| dcccasc
Tinc|cssncss' purpcsc. rcacncs i|s cnd. ccn|rifuga| ocginning nus| scc| |c ocnd
lncrcupcn nign|narcs. cas| cu| cf |nc uau. angc|ic drcaning occcncs |nc uau

lnc upcn |nc car|ncn sncrc is ga|ncrcd ncar |nc naro|c s|cnc?
Ca|| O|ara. frcuucncu Ncr. As| |nc angc|s |c ccnc again
A|| |na| nas ccnc. nas a|rcadu occn. a|| |na| ui|| oc. ui|| nappcn again
|n circ|cs uc gc fcr c|crni|u's ridc. Qucs|icns unansucrcd. ou| |ru|n aoidcs

"Where ls the neuborn klng of the jeus? We sau hls star at lts rlslng and hate
come to do hlm homage."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 2.2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
"And beho|d. the star that theµ had seen at lts rlslng µreceded them. untl| lt
came and stoµµed oter the µ|ace uhere the chl|d uas. Theµ uere oter]oµed at
seelng the star. and on enterlng the house theµ sau the chl|d ulth Marµ hls
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 2.9-11. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
A liansnillei feII inlo nv hand as nv spiiil iesled anong lhe
slais. Iushing a lullon on lhe side, I said, "HeIIo`"
A voice ieluined lhe caII. "Il is IozukeI, I caII fion Iupilei." He
said. "Ask vhalevei vou vish and lhe ansvei viII le vouis." "You
nean anvlhing I ask viII le ansveied`" I asked. "Yes." The div voice
cane fion lhe olhei end. "Whal is nv liggesl lIockage lo giovlh al
lhis line`" "Slulloinness and infIexiliIilv." "Okav, vhal can I do lo
heIp lhal`" "You need lo see lhe vaIue of ieIalionships in lheii piopei
line peispeclive." AppaienlIv, I had lioulIe Ielling go vhen il vas
line. ßeconing veiv seiious, lhe voice said, "Theie is so nuch lhal vou
aie deslined lo do, and sliII vou sil and do nolhing." Suipiised lv lhis, I
asked, "TeII ne, vhal an I deslined lo do`" "Manv highei seIves aie
caIIing lo ieliieve lhe infoinalion ve have given vou, lhiee hundied
incainale spiiils have aIieadv conlacled vou on nanv IeveIs asking lo
lecone ciealive conlaineis of expiession foi diffeienl aspecls of voui
knovIedge, and sliII vou sil and do nolhing."
Angeied lv lhis ciilicisn, I iesponded Iike a noion. "Iine! If I
an doing such a leiiilIe jol, ienove ne fion lhis pIanel and lake ne
lack!" CaInIv and vilhoul enolion, he said, "Yes, ve can do lhal."
ReaIizing nv slupidilv, I hunlIed nvseIf. "I'n so soiiv. Whal is il lhal
I need lo do`" A fainl luzzing cane fion lhe device aIong vilh lhe
nov fading voice. "You viII knov vhen vou Iislen lo voui innei
visdon. Theie is nuch lo cieale, do nol vasle line on voiiv and
unvoilhiness. Do nol sil and do nolhing." Then lhe voice vas gone.
"The Ad]usters acceµt a dlfflcu|t asslgnment uhen theµ to|unteer to lndue||
such comµoslte belngs as |lte on Urantla. But theµ hate assumed the task of
exlstlng ln µour mlnds. there to recelte the admonltlons of the sµlrltua|
lnte||lgences of the rea|ms and then to undertake to redlctate or trans|ate these
sµlrltua| messages to the materla| mlnd."
Tnc Uran|ia 8cc|. Papcr 108. Nc. 5. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Uran|ia)
And il cane lo pass lhal I vas shovn lhe acluaI eleinaI
conliacls I had in iegaids lo lhe saIvalion of souIs. On each of lhen
veie viillen lhese voids:

"Tiniesl spaik
Lighl conelh
I alide"

Wilhin nv sIeeping, voids and chanls vouId conslanlIv le
fiIIing nv eais. I legan viiling sone of lhen dovn. Rescinding foin,
a Iighl figuie vas skipping lv lhe skv. "Wheie aie vou going`" I asked.
"I an off lo lhe Iand of lhe ieleIs," he said, "lhe Iand vheie ieason Iies."
Woids legan lo fIov fion his souI lo nine:

"Lighl lefaIIs lhe viigin eve, dispensale aII ciovning Iies
Ioilune cones on veIvel nasls, lhe liulh of souIs encased
In lhe evening lionze, lhe nighl vind sings
Chanling visions and songs, caIIing foilh lhe Nefeilili vings"

"CaIIing liid ieIease lhe pasl, ancienl nenoiv cone lo see
CiicIing naluie cone lo pass, spiiil ieason Iingeis fiee
A voice nusl le Iislened, lhe caIIing le seen
IeipeluaIIv unfoIding, vilhin lhe Iighl lean"

"Who can I le` And vheie is lhe dooi`
Whal aie lhe ansveis` And vhal is lhis foi`
I an lhe Iighl! The dooi is inside!
The ansvei is Iove, lo liing davn lo lhe nighl!"

"But the ulse. uhose ulsdom makes them fu|| of eµes. µlerce through the
garment to the terµ essence of the uord that ls hldden therebµ. And uhen the
uord ls momentarl|µ retea|ed ln that flrst lnstant of uhlch ue hate sµoken.
those uhose eµes are ulse can see lt. though lt ls so soon hldden agaln . . . ln the
course of such µassages a secret emerges from lts sheath. and as soon as lt has
been retea|ed returns thereto and once more concea|s ltse|f thereln."
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |||. Misnpa|in (|xcdus). Pagc 300. Midd|c. (]udaisn)
Lnleiing lhe eIevaloi vilh a naIe spiiiluaI guaidian, I
allenpled lo push lhe sevenlh of seven fIoois. Nol Iighling up, lhe six
leIov il look inslead. Knoving inside lhal seven vas a highei ieaIilv
and nv goaI, I Iooked lovaids lhe spiiiluaI guaidian. "Renenlei
vheie vou aie in lhe fiagnenl of line." ßeviIdeied, lhe eIevaloi legan
iising and slopped al IeveI six. As lhe dooi opened, I sav a vondious
ieaIn fiIIed vilh elhei and cIoudv sulslances. Alove, I couId see lhe
enliv lo IeveI seven. "Whal vou see is lhe shoie, il Iies in voui viev, il
Ieads lo lhe skv, a lIue and goId hue." Lnoling nv desiie lo go lheie
nov, he conlinued, "AII lhal Iies, Iingeis:" he said, "aII lhal enoles,
foins: aII lhal Iove, iadiale: and aII lhal seive, ieluin hone."
Undeislanding lhal I vas lo iendei seivice, he conlinued lo
speak. "Lxlenpoianeous ieason fai lehind, enlei nov lhe vashing
zone, lenealh voui feel a lIuish Iighl, cIeanse, liing foilh innoilaI
souI." Leaving lhe eIevaloi, nv spiiil vaIked upon lhe lIuish cIouds,
ieaIizing lhal aII inpeifecl ieasoning nusl le Iefl lehind, in oidei lo
insligale lhe puiificalion piocess vhich liings foilh lhe innoilaI souI.
As lIuish Iighl seaied foilh fion lenealh nv feel, I feIl lhe inlensilv of
lhe nonenl.
"Sonehov, I ienenlei lhis, lul I can'l pIace il. Is lhis a
ceienonv inlo seivice`" I said. SniIing lhe guide iesponded, "Open
veiIs lo Iighl alode, ieIease lhe fiagnenl, dulv done, aIIov ciealion's
lenpesl fIov, find lhe pail vhich is lul one." Renenleiing sonelhing
aloul lhe seven IeveIs of heaven, lhe spiiil iepIied lo nv lhoughls.
"Yes, lhe seven IeveIs of heaven."
Menoiies legan lo suiface of lhings I'd foigollen. Sonehov
IeveI six and IeveI lvo veie paiaIIeI lo nv palh in lhe line consliainl in
vhich I vas opeialing. Reluining lo lhe eIevaloi, lhe guaidian pushed
IeveI lvo. "Lvei neai lhe pailing line, veIvel Iinens pail lhe zone,
lIood in paslness, sheei shine, ieIinquish sound, ieluin lo hone."
When il is line lo pail vilh lhe heavenIv hone, lhe veiI noves aside foi
lhe descenl of lhe souI lo eailh. The lodv conlains lhe kainic seIf,
vhich iesides in lhe pasl, vhiIe lhe spiiil ienains sheei and iiidescenl
as lhe lvo unile. Seeking lo ieIease lhe noise of kainic deIusion, lhe
spiiil seeks lhe siIence vhich is lhe essence of lhe jouinev hone.
Reaching ieaIn lvo, I sav lhal il vas piesenl-dav Lailh.
"Whal do I do heie`" I asked. Lves pieicing nine, he iepIied, "Lvei
dancing spiiaIs nesh, lenealh lhe fancv of lhe iain, cIose encounleis lo
goodness, ieaching ends, no Iongei pain." Manv palhvavs neige and
dance in lhe phvsicaI voiId, lul lhev appeai in eneigv as nanv spiiaIs
inleiacling leIov lhe sloin cIouds of kaina. ßul anongsl lhe luinoiI,
lheie aie visions of highei ieaIilv, vhich piovide lhe inpelus lo ieach
lhe end of lhe lunuIluous kainic palh and lhe end of seIf-infIicled pain.
"Whv can'l ve do lhis fion lhe sixlh ieaIn`" I asked, "Whv
nusl I enlei lhis sliange voiId in oidei lo change il`" Ioinling
upvaids, he iepIied, "TineIv gain cannol conpIele, vhen liaveIing
anongsl lhe cIouds, aII diveision seenIv sveel, lul line exisls lenealh
lhe shioud." One cannol affecl voiIds exisling in 'line' effecliveIv fion
'lineIessness,' as lhe sullIe infIuences lecone onIv niId diveisions lo
lhose lenealh lhe veiI. "ßul ve have senl so nuch eneigv and Iighl lo
lhe eailh, has il nol heIped`" I asked. "Wheielofoie, lhe gain conpIele,
slanding nidsl lhe slaiiv ieaIn, lineIess aii lIovs ieaching lide,
novenenl eIudes nosl eveiv souI." Iiogiess vhich can le
acconpIished due lo sullIe infIuences fion highei ieaIns is nininaI.
TineIess eneigies (lhe novenenl) aie nol seen oi heaid lv lhe najoiilv
of incainale souIs. "Yes, vou aie iighl: lhev do nol Iislen lo lhe sounds of
lhe novenenl."
Tuining lo go, I Iooked vilhin his deep gieen eves and sav
"Oulte ob|ltlous theµ are to uhat the LORD ls about. too b|lnded eter to see
uhat He ls actua||µ dolng. That ls the reason uhµ Mµ µeoµ|e. |lkeulse
unconsclous. hate |lkeulse been 'carrled auaµ' - auaµ to an a|len |and. thelr
gentrµ startlng for hunger. thelr masses µarched for thlrst."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. |saian. Cnap|cr 5. Pagc 303. Nc. 11-14. (Cnris|iani|u.
Heaiing a lienendous caII foi heIp vilhin nv souI, I foIIoved
lhe lineIv leckon and fIev aloul lhe Lailh lo find ils souice. A nan in
need of heIp vas piaving, "AngeIs of Iighl, nv son is choosing lelveen
voiIds, pIease heIp ne lo leII hin I Iove hin and I deaiIv hope he
ieluins lo ne." As he spoke, oui HeavenIv Ialhei fiIIed ne vilh
knovIedge. Having an adopled son vho jusl gol his giiIfiiend
piegnanl, he had leen invoIved in a cai accidenl and vas nov in a
As I fIev ovei an inliicale sand caiving his son had nade, he
sul-consciousIv luined lo see ne slanding in lhe ioon. "This is nv
nosl cheiished possession. I knov il is asking nuch, lul if vou viII
heIp ne I viII le eleinaIIv gialefuI." "Il viII le nv pIeasuie lo heIp
vou," I said, "I viII go nov and do vhal I can."
Innei uigings Ied nv souI lo a pIace lenealh lhe sea vheie his
son's spiiil vas lusv pIaving vilh sone neinaids. Appioaching
quielIv as I didn'l vish lo disluil his jov, lvo doIphins svepl us up and
look us foi a iide. Snoolh and Iuxuiious lo lhe louch, lhe skin of lhe
doIphin vas veiv sofl. Aiiiving in a Iocalion vheie 1OO angeIs had
galheied, I luined lo hin. "Mv deai liolhei, vou aie nov lelveen
voiIds and vou nusl nake a choice. Il is leaulifuI heie, lul voui falhei
caIIs foi vou in leais. His Iove is unnaiied lv lhe piegnancv, he jusl
vanls vou lack."
Waving nv hands acioss lhe sea, I shoved hin inages of his
falhei, so lhal he nighl feeI his gieal giief. "I viII ieluin lo nv lodv
lonoiiov noining," he said. Dancing in jov and singing heavenIv
songs of Iove, lhe angeIs foined a Iaige ciicIe as ve heId hands and
shaied Iighl. Leaving lhe lov lo enjov his finaI dav anongsl lhe angeIs,
I ieluined lo his falhei, vho Iooked up sadIv.
"Thanks foi living, anvvav." He said. "No," I iepIied, "vou do
nol undeisland. Youi son viII ieluin lonoiiov noining." ßeginning lo
civ, he vaIked ovei lo lhe sand caiving and picked up a slalue of
Nefeilili. "Take lhis," he said, as he handed il lo ne, "vou have eained
IIacing nv hands on lhe slalue, nv spiiil vhizzed lo lhe skv,
ieluining lo lhe angeIic kingdon I'd Iefl lefoie. AngeIs sang in jov and
euphoiia as a nascuIine Iighl leing, oninous in size and hoIiness, cane
lovaids ne. Looking inlo nv eves vilh peace, he said, "Llei Oai."
InslincliveIv, I iepealed, "Llei Oai." Handing hin lhe Nefeilili, he
iepIied, "Cone foilh foi lhv vings." Moving foivaid, I said nolhing in
lhe sacied nonenl lul ienenleied lhe voids lhal had leen chanled lo
ne in sIeep, "In lhe evening lionze, lhe nighl vind sings, chanling
visions and songs, caIIing foilh lhe Nefeilili vings." Touching nv
shouIdei, elheieaI vings appeaied on nv lack. Moved lo leais, I feII lo
nv knees as lhe angeIs legan singing and dancing in a ciicIe aiound
ne, vhiIe lhe nagnificenl angeI vho had given ne lhe vings, slepped
lack, sniIed . . . and disappeaied.
"Amen. l saµ unto µou: The sou| for uhlch µe sha|| µraµ. lf lt lndeed ls ln the
dragon of the outer darkness. he ul|| drau hls tal| out of hls mouth and |et go
that sou|. And moreoter lf lt ls ln a|| the reglons of the ]udgments of the ru|ers.
amen. l saµ unto µou: The recelters of Me|chlsedec ul|| ulth haste snatch lt
auaµ. uhether the dragon |et lt go or lt ls ln the ]udgments of the ru|ers: ln a
uord. the recelters of Me|chlsedec ul|| snatch lt auaµ out of a|| the reglons ln
uhlch lt ls. and ul|| |ead lt lnto the reglon of the Mldst before the
Vlrgln of Llght."
Pis|is Scpnia. 8cc| |cur. Pagc 271. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
And so il cane lo pass lhal an Indian nan cane lo ne leaiing
lvo lIue laIIs, one vas Iighl lIue and lhe olhei daik lIue. "The lvo
eailhs," he said.
Tiansfoined inlo a faluIousIv vhile vedding govn, I vas
piepaiing foi lhe naiiiage of lhe spiiil.
Handing ne lhiee painlings, lhe fiisl vas of an Indian chief
vilh a Iaige headdiess nade of vhile fealheis vho slood facing ne
vilh his ains oulslielched. The second vas a nalive vonan vilh Iong
giaving liaids, Iooking dovn, hei hands foIded logelhei. The lhiid vas
a voung nalive nan vilh a singIe fealhei allached lo his haii lIoving in
lhe vind vhose ains poinled off inlo lhe dislance. "These spiiils aie
one in lheii sloiv." He said. "Thev aII sav lhe sane lhing and liied lo
affecl change. Thev aie of lhe Thundei Tiiles." Handing lhen lo ne, he
said, "Shov lhese lo lhe iesidenls of lhe Lailh." He vaIked avav.
A voung Indian lov cane vilh one finaI painling. Saving
nolhing, he gave il lo ne and Iefl. On il vas an Indian nan and a
vonan, and leIov lhe picluie il said, 'The Cieal Dav of Iuiificalion.'
SuddenIv, lhe nalive vonan cane lo Iife in hei painling and said, "AII
ve have seen in lhe pasl cones lo pass in lhe piesenl." Resuning hei
non-assuning slance in lhe poiliail, aII vas quiel.
SlailIed lv a sudden sound fion lehind, lhe Chief had
junped oul of his painling lo speak, "The MuIiale sland lv saciedIv,
open lhe Iid of iepiession." Looking al hin, I asked, "Whal is lhe
significance of lhe lhiee`" He said nolhing, lul soaied lack inlo his
picluie as lhe voung nalive junped oul. "We iepiesenl liealh, Iife and
dealh!" He said, "The Chief hoIds his ains oul foi liealh, I poinl foilh
lhe diieclion of Iife, and lhe shananess hoIds sonlei lhe nonenl of
dealh." Al lhal nonenl, lhe shananess ciealed lvo iallIes vhich she
legan lo shake in a ihvlhnic leal. "She hoIds iallIes lo nouin lhe
dealh of lhe spiiil." CIinging lo hei incessanlIv nouinfuI chanl, he
conlinued. "The MuIiale viII cone on eighl vinds. (Theie aie 8 phases
in lhe ascension palhvav.) Lach vind viII conlain six quaIilies of spiiil.
The liealh viII liing il vilhin." ßiealhing IoudIv, lhe Chief ieached foi
lhe skv in his painling. "Lach of lhese eighl vinds viII conlain a highei
fiequencv of lhese six quaIilies: Iiiendship, Ieace, Iuslice, Iielv,
Tenpeiance, and Viilue." AII lecane sliII.
"Enterlng the tarletµ of slx courses of mlgratlon of |lfe. cratlng belng the
molsture. lgnorance the shade. actlon the fle|d. consclousness the seeds. name
and form the slmu|taneous sµrouts - Thus do theµ see belngs ln the uor|d.
beglnnlng|ess and end|ess. Those belngs' mlnds are fu|| of the actlon of
aff|lctlons. accordlng to µatterns of hablt."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 26. Tnc Tcn S|agcs. Pagc 786. S|anza 1-2.
(8uddnisn. Manauana)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I Ieained noie aloul lhe fiequencv
of Olaia (lhe high C), vhich caIIs lhe angeIs inlo seivice. In lhe nidsl of
a hoIv voik lo assisl a voung giiI, I caIIed lhe angeIs lv lhis lone as lhe
sign again appeaied as huge Iighl in lhe skv: a liiIIianl, dianond-
shaped slai, as Iegions of angeIs cane lo oui aid.

lncrc is |nc scund |na| pu||cd nc insidc?
|| is |nc frcuucncu cf O|ara |na| ca||s |nc s|ccping |c scrticc

lnc is ca||ing cu| |nc nanc. if nc| |nc spiri|. nan|ind's nind?
As|ing fcr cur s|ar sccd aid. rcni| c|d pa||crns. |urn |c gc|d
lncrc anids| |nc c|cudu rca|n. |c find |nc sauccr cf |nc s|ar
A spiri| fcrcc |ics a| |nc nc|n. ui|n |idcs cf |ctc. i| |ratcrscd far
|ctc cf |ifcdcn |ratc|s far. anids| |nc s|arru rca|n cf s|u
A|| ui|| purgc |nc |ncugn|-sucp| fcar. ucur carncs| spiri| orings us a||

lncrc in nass can ocau|u find. a p|acc uncrc ncncn|s |ingcr dccp?
Snining s|ar|c|. c|inoing tinc. scc |c a|| cf Gcd ditinc
Sc|c surtita|is| |cndcncics. ocnca|n |nc tisicn cf |nc nccn
Hign crcs| uatcs |ingcr |c naugn|. pu||ing |cuards |nc singing |ccn
|tcru nass rc|ind|cs scu|. |nc |rca|ncn| cf ditinc in|crp|au
8c a |cnp|c. oc a snrinc. oc a |ign| cf Gcd ditinc

Lnleiing inlo a linv passagevav, nv spiiil feIl as if il veie
leing luined inside oul, Iike a ieveised voilex. As lhe eneigies spun lo
conpIelion, I found nvseIf slanding lefoie a snaII, slone gale. An
angeI slood vilh a slaff al lhe gale. "Wilhin Iie lhe seciels of Noi." She
said. "CaII lo lhe hosls of heaven alide, lhe Iighl of expansion veains
vilh a sigh." A geoneliicaIIv seclioned, snov-lipped nounlain
appeaied lehind ne, vilh Iines divinaling vaiious Iocalions upon il.
IIving lovaids il, I danced in lhe nonoIilh. "Take a IillIe vaIk in lhe
novenenl lodav," lhe angeI said.
SuddenIv voids legan enleiing nv souI, and as I spoke lhen,
lhev vouId occui aII aiound ne. "LiIac neIl lhe veIvel nisl, spiiil Iighl
ieIinquish foin. Iion vhence, lhe sacianenl lo deilies divine,
posluIale season, sing in sighs." LiIacs appeaied as lhe snov neIled.
Mv spiiil lecane onIv a Iighl vilh no fealuies. Speaking of lhe
sacianenl, I kneIl lo lhe giound and valched lhe spiing season davn
as angeIs legan appeaiing and singing, lheii voices Iike hoIv sighs.
Again, lhe angeI spoke, "I Iove lo feeI lhe vashing slone, kneading oul
lhe haidened slain. Mankind's niilh is giound in fine, loding foilh
nev cIean sIale." Lxpiessing hei Iove of lhe puiificalion piocess, she
spoke of cIeansing lhe deIusion vhich is giound deepIv lenealh
nankind's jov.
"Iind in voui inaginalion voids lo pioIong lhe liulhIv houi."
ReaIizing lhal I nusl ienenlei lhe chanl iequiied lo conlinue in lhis
Iand of Noi, I legan speaking again. "AII lo pass in lineIessness,
Ciegoiian chanls afiie. Cielan nannolhs Iingei, lul aII le gone in
line. Iassvoids novenenl foIIovs, lo find lhe ancienl iesl. Honlie'
caIIs lo OuelzIcoalI, aie vou ieaI oi dead`" Shouling, lhe angeI said,
"ßehoId! The Chanl of Noi!" ßeginning lo sing an aInosl invoIunlaiv
ancienl Ciegoiian chanl, I iepealed il lhiee lines. Slanding al lhe gale
of lhe nvsleiies, I legan speaking lhe voids lo open lhe dooi:

"TenpIe of nvsleiies, open lhine dooi. Iuie heail availing, cenliifugaI fale.
AII nanneis casl in lunneIs alide, open aII ancienls, ieveaI vhal vou hide
Rile of passage, gIeaning slone, heailfeIl dislance, angeI zone
(Iei oidei of lhe Loid, I an Ieaving oul and have deslioved lhe finaI slanza)"

As I spoke lhese voids, I ieceived enliv inlo lhe inilialions lo

Tnc nus|cricus uinds ca|| fcr|n |nc nign|. dauning |ncsc in s|i||ncss |au
8|an|c| spiri|s cctcr |nc car|n in uni|c. |nc isc|a|cd crca|c in p|au
(|ni|ia|icn in|c |nc nus|crics is innincn|. dauning nunani|u |c nctcncn|. A
purifica|icn is a| nand. |c ccnc aocu| frcn |nc p|au cf nan|ind.)
Ocdipus ocgan |nc nign|u uucs|. upcn |nc car|n ni||cnnia agc
Tnc rc|iring uind pcin|cd |c nis aoscncc. as c|ncr fcrccs rc|aincd |nc f|cu
(Tnc nus|crics natc occn |ratcrscd fcr agcs (Ocdipus uas an ancicn| |gup|ian princc
unc sc|tcd |nc nus|cru cf |nc spninx). as |ncsc unc natc nctcd ocucnd |nc car|n|u rca|n
natc cncrgizcd c|ncrs |c rc|ain |nc nctcncn| cf ctc|u|icn upcn |nc car|n.)
Ca|| O|ara (Hign G) and uc ui|| arritc. par|ing tci|s cf nus|cru
Rc|inuuisn i||usicn. find |nc |ifc. ca|| |c a||ncss. cas| scu|s frcc
(As|. and uc sna|| rcccitc cf |nc nus|crics and oc frccd cf |arnic dc|au. Prau. and uc
sna|| oc cas| in|c frccdcn.)
Ca|| |c nctcncn|. ca|| |c uucs|. rcscind |nc tcicc cf fragncn|ncss
(As|. and uc sna|| rcccitc. Rcspcnd |c |nc nctcncn|. ra|ncr |nan |arnic pcrscna|i|u.)
Mctcncn| rcndcrs |nc nign|u f|cu. uucs| occcncs a purp|c g|cu
Qucs| in nctcncn|. |cng aoidc. frccdcn's spiri| ui|| nc| nidc
(|n|cring |nc nctcncn| cncrgizcs nigncr uisdcn . . . a |cng jcurncu unicn |cads |c
frccdcn cf |nc scu|.)

Tnc |inc|css nccn dc|n cccan suau |idc. nc|ding |ign| |c ocacnncad rcign
8u| nc'cr oc ncar |nc s|i||ncss cf |inc. crcssing |c rcgicns cf |ingcring p|anc
Sing in spiri| |c ncun|ains |na| spca|. |nc crcs|fu| |cnging cf nanncr aocdc
A p|acc uncrc |inc cnds is una| uc scc|. |nc cnd|css jcurncu a|cng |nc |ign|cd rcad

Pcrcnancc. ou ncncn|s tc|tc| fcrn. rc|inuuisn nc| fcr tc|tc|s sa|c
On|u ncncn|s a|| a|cnc. orca|ing dis|ancc. scu| aua|c
lnc. ou| |. can |ratc| far. ocnca|n |nc dis|ancc cf |nc uau
Trcno|ing cnasns sc| |c scar. nau| spcn| dcncns cas| auau

|||usicns cas| nu scu| scc|s rcs|. a|| |ioacicus fcrn rc|rca|
Sai|s cf |ign|. cxuding nas|s. |ign| ca||s fcr|n frcn Gcd's grca| fcc|
Cuc|ic cnangc |c car|n rcncun. cas|s fcrcsccn a |inc|u rain
Ccnc |c c|cansc inncr|a| scu|. |inc ui|| cnd. ou| s|au |nc sanc
|cragc a|| |na| |ign| rc|rca|s

"Bµ the act of thought ue are. as lt uere. co||ectlng together thlngs uhlch the
memorµ dld contaln. though ln a dlsorganlted and scattered uaµ. and bµ gltlng
them our c|ose attentlon ue are arranglng for them to be as lt uere stored uµ
readµ to hand ln that same memorµ uhere µretlous|µ theµ |aµ hldden.
Tnc Ccnfcssicns cf S|. Augus|inc. 8cc| X. Cnap|cr 11. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr.
S|. Augus|inc)


"|o||oued. l then. the µath to the star µ|anes: fo||oued l. then. the µathuaµ to
LlGHT. Deeµ lnto earth's heart l fo||oued the µathuaµ. |earnlng the secrets.
be|ou as abote."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V. Pagc 29. Paragrapn 3. (Mus|cru
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
"On|µ those uho are lnltlated lnto the dltlne mµsterles can comµrehend the
me|odles uttered bµ the Blrd of Heaten . . ."
Tnc Ki|ao-|-|uan. Pagc 191. Paragrapn. 1. (8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
Slanding anongsl lhe slais, I iode lhe vings of a svan.
Cvgnus look nv souI on a fIighl lhiough lhe univeise and lhen lecane
onIv Iighl as ve aiiived al a galevav. Knoving lhis lo le inilialion's
dooi, I ienenleied lhe voids lhal vouId gain ne enliv inlo lhe voiIds
of lhe nvsleiies: "Wheieupon, lhe icv lank, a nenoiv Iil lhe coId lo
shine. In lhe sliIIness, lhoughls svepl foilh, fiagnenls of nonenls, no
Iongei in line. TenpIe slaiicase, Iead ne deep, lo lhe nidsl of aII
divine, levond lhe veiI of nvsleiv, voids and lhoughls enilling Iighl."
CoId svepl ovei nv lodv, and lhen an inciedilIe vainlh.
ßeginning lo heai voices, I sav lhe dooivav open as nv spiiil vas Ied
inside vheie nanv lenpIes availed nv aiiivaI. MeieIv Iooking upon
lhen, nv souI vas innedialeIv inneised in valei and legan soaiing
lo lhe deplhs of a gieal sea. Al lhe lollon vas a slone lenpIe enilling
Iighl, and I kneeIed lefoie il. Hundieds of slone piIIais vilh voids
insciiled upon lhen Iav lefoie ne:

"Iouinev, nv souI, lo pIaces of deep, oui lhoughls le ieveaIed lo vou nov
Ciasp vhal vou nav, uniaveI and keep, ienenlei lo use lhoughls of lhe Tao
You viII le ieluining, foi lhis pIace vou have found, hoIds visdon of nighl
vinds, foieloId
Iind fiagnenls and nonenls, lul each hoId a cIue, lo nvsleiies levond vhal
vou knov.
Seei of lhoughl, caII oul nv nane, divine voids viII enlei lhe nind
This pIace vou nov cone, vheie shadovs caII liulh, neans nolhing lo lhose of
lhe lIind
Ieai nol lhe ansveis of svnloIized liulh, nvsleiious shadovs iesloie
Iniliale of Mvsleiies, hoIdei of Iighl, ienenlei lhe coineis of foui"

As I iead lhe voids upon lhe nonunenl, I valched an inage
of Cvgnus foin in lhe fionl of lhe lenpIe. Wings oulslielched, lhe svan
vas slanding peiched upon lhe fIoving valeis of lhe sea vilh a svnloI
engiaved upon ils chesl: a liiangIe vilh a ciicIe inside.
"After thls l sau four ange|s standlng at the four corners of the earth. ho|dlng
back the four ulnds of the earth so that no ulnd cou|d b|ou on |and or sea or
agalnst anµ tree. Then l sau another ange| come uµ from the East. ho|dlng the
sea| of the |ltlng God."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 7.1-2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Slanding lefoie a lodv of valei, an invisilIe enlilv conveved
lhal I nusl go lhiough lhis valei iile in oidei lo find lhe kev lo lhe nexl
Iunping inlo lhe valei, I found nvseIf consuned in a lodv of
elhei. Danceis veie lheie lo assisl ne in lhis iile, and lhev lenl ovei in
lacklends foining a lunneI of Iighl-lodies. Svinning deepIv inlo lhe
lunneI lhev'd foined, I eneiged on lhe olhei end lo nolice lhal I vas
nov hoIding a snaII nelaIIic and ieclanguIai oljecl.
InslanlIv appeaiing, an oId vonan spoke. "The iniliale has
ieliieved lhe kev lo lhe lenpIe." Handing ne a piIe of looks nade
soIeIv of Iighl, I vas given lo Iook upon lheii lilIes vhich indicaled
divine nvsleiies foi vhich I vas leing given inilialion: 'The Seciel of
lhe Sphinx,' 'The Seciel of Ain Soph (LleinaI Slale of aII Things),' 'The
Seciel of nv Spiiil,' 'The Seciel of nv Innei Song,' 'The Seciel of ßalh.'
Olheis veie piesenl vhich I vas loId nol lo nenlion.
Ioinling lo a hinge on lhe nelaIIic oljecl I'd ieliieved, lhe oId
vonan and I veie laken avav lv a poveifuI spiiil vind as soon as I
louched il.
IIving lo lhe sphinx, a dooivav lIev open. TenpIe guaids
slood lv lhis dooi and aII lhioughoul lhe haIIoved haIIs vilhin. As ve
venl inside, anolhei sphinx appeaied vhich ieveaIed addilionaI
quaIilies of vings and lvo luII hoins. Conveving lo ne lhal lhese
aspecls veie piesenl in lhe elheiic pIane on lhe sphinx, lhe oId vonan
said lhal fev Iiving souIs had evei seen il. InnedialeIv, I noliced lhal
lhe oiiginaI sphinx heId lhe inage of lhe Iion and nan, vhiIe lhe
foineiIv invisilIe hoins svnloIized a luII and lhe vings veie lhal of
an eagIe. "The Ioui Coineis of Ciealion," lhe oId vonan conveved inlo
nv nind.
"ln the center and around the throne. there uere four |ltlng creatures cotered
ulth eµes ln front and ln back. The flrst creature resemb|ed a |lon. the second
uas |lke a ca|f. the thlrd had a face |lke that of a human belng. and the fourth
|ooked |lke an eag|e ln f|lght."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 4.6-8. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
SuddenIv, an Indian nan appeaied lefoie ne, as lhe oId
vonan quielIv said, "He'II shov vou lhe five concenliic ciicIes . . . lhe
seciel of disinlegialion." Iive ciicuIai iopes, hanging sepaialeIv in lhe
heavens, appeaied. Anolhei vonan appeaied and legan lo soai
quickIv lhiough lhese Ioops, and as she did so, she disappeaied. "Co!"
The Indian shouled. "Wilhin Iies a seciel, one lhal vou nusl knov. Co
quickIv oi il viII nol voik."
WaIking ovei lo lhe iopes, I legan nv ascenl inlo lhen, lul
quickIv feII lo lhe giound lecause I vas going loo sIovIv. "The Ioops of
dinensions viII lake vou veiv fai!" CaIIing oul lo ne, lhe oId vonan
encouiaged ne nol lo give up. Tiving again, nv spiiil fiIIed vilh
slienglh as I soaied lhiough lhe Ioops, disappeaiing lo lhe foinei
ßefoie ne vas a pvianidaI lonl chanlei vhose doois had
fIung open as I aiiived. OuielIv vaIking lhiough lhe dooi, lhe
liianguIai vaIIs veie speaking lo ne of lhe 'Walcheis of lhe Lailh:'

"Thiough lheii eves, lhe Cods peei lhiough, Iighling foilh LleinaI IIane
Looking, slaiing, olseiving eailh's voulh, Walcheis of lhe dav
Ancienl loneIage cones vilh a sound, a lIink, a nod and a hoo (an ovI)
The fealheied leings peacefuIIv olseive, al nighl vhen lhev secIude

The vise one Ieads lhe nanv lioops, lhe leasls, lhe liees and nan
Thiough lhe eves of innocence, lhe Iighled leings gIance
The Ieaf leaiing leings, lenealh lhe giound, feeI aII lhal Iies undei lhe diil
Al one vilh vilialion, cognizanl of Souice, aII aie Walcheis of lhe Lailh
Tvo eves adoining, fion eveiv pIace, lhe liids, lhe sheep and lhe nuIe
Lven lhe covs, iegaiding lheii seciel, aII aie Walcheis of lhe Lailh
The valcheis sland slaII, lheii leaulv enhanced, lv Iighls lhal fiII up lheii eves
Lailh valchei vesseIs, in senlIance foin, lheii vision hoIds Iighl of lhe vise"

RunlIing and quaking hil lhe ioon, as I noliced lhal lhe
acluaI lodiIv chanlei vas pIaced in lhe cenlei of lhe lonl, lighlIv
seaIed. A vhile Iion appeaied and ioaied veiv IoudIv, lul I feIl
alsoIuleIv no feai of hin. "Seei of lhoughls," he said, "divine lhev nav
le . . . ieach inlo voui heail al lhis line, foi vhal vou aie aloul lo see
hoIds nvsleiies . . . lul lhe lonl viII le enplv." UnseaIing and faIIing
lo lhe fIooi, lhe slone coffin vas enplv. "The innoilaI is vhal vou've
lecone!" lhe Lion shouled najeslicaIIv, as lhe pvianid vaII opened
and guided ne lo exil lhe lonl.
"The Klng's and Oueen's Chambers each contalned an emµtµ µ|aln sarcoµhagus .
. . Lack of lnscrlµtlon and decoratlon retea|s that no roµa| mummles uere eter
µ|aced ln elther of these tuo coffers . . . The µresence of these . . . 'oµen tombs'
lndlcates that the flna| state of eter|astlng |lfe sµmbo|lted ln these chambers
ul|| be attalned through resurrectlon."
Puranidc|cgu. (On |nc Grca| Puranid). 8cc| |. Cnap|cr 4. Pagc 64 - 65. (Cnris|iani|u.
Puranidc|cgu. Au|ncr. Adan Ru|ncrfcrd)
Slanding lefoie a huge slone vaII, lheie veie lhiee choices
engiaved lheieon. AIIoved lo ienenlei lvo, lhev veie 'HoonIicha,'
lhe vav of Iife, and 'Hoius,' lhe vav of dealh. (Hoius vas lhe Lgvplian
god of Iighl, vho oveicane daikness. He did lhis lv dving a vioIenl
dealh, lul vas iesuiiecled lhiough lhe piaveis of Isis, his nolhei.) The
vav of Iife piesenled a vav lo Ieain lhe sane knovIedge, vilh Iess
suffeiing. Choosing 'HoonIicha,' lhe slone vaII opened.
"Descendlng µassages. reµresentlng the uaµ of death. are to be found ln a||
Egµµtlan µµramlds. But ascendlng µassages |eadlng to chambers uµ ln the
abote-ground masonrµ. sµmbo|lslng the uaµ of |lfe. exlst ln the Great Pµramld
Puranidc|cgu. (On |nc Grca| Puranid). 8cc| |. Cnap|cr 4. Pagc 63, Paragrapn 2.
(Cnris|iani|u. Puranidc|cgu. Au|ncr. Adan Ru|ncrfcrd)
Iassing lhiough lhe dooivavs of line, I expeiienced a
peacefuI dealh and vas svepl avav lo a ieunion of spiiils fion
hundieds of nv pasl Iifelines. Lnolions veie high in seeing so nanv
souIs vho heId such inpoilance lo ne aIlhough, in nosl cases, I couId
nol pIace nv nenoiies of lhen.

Sc nanu |nings ccnc |cdau unicn o|cnd sc nicc ui|n nctcr |c oc

|ind ui|nin |nc oca|ing ncar|. a|| fcur cnanocrs nc|ding |ign|
Ca||ing cu| |c jcurncus s|ar|. find ncu ucr|ds cf inncr oca|
|xcusc nc. fcr | ncan nc frign|. cn|u ca|| |c cnc | |ctc
Surprisc a| |nc dcad is a nuncrcus sign|. fcr |ncuing |c||s ucu uc arc s|i|| cnc

Crca|c scnc drana. fcar aoidc. rcscind |nc tcicc cf |crrcr's gain
8u| s|i|| . . . | an . . . dcspi|c |nc ncur. ca||ing fcr|n |nc tic|cru gain
Tnc nign| is rca| fcr ou| a |inc. |inc|css cnangc dcf|a|cs i|s fcrn
Spiri| |ign| nc|ds nucn ncrc sninc. fcar rcp|accd ou |ru|n adcrn
(Karnic purifica|icn rcuuircs |nc drana|ic. As |nc tcicc cf |crrcr rcscinds (|nc inncr
tcicc cf |arnic dc|usicn). |nc scc|cr sccs |na| nc s|i|| cxis|s. nc s|i|| |S. dcspi|c |nc dca|n cf
dc|usicn and pcrscna|i|u. A nigncr oir|n nas |a|cn p|acc. | an. | cxis|. and |nis is
innu|ao|c. Karnic dc|usicn appcars rca| fcr a |inc. ou| |inc|css cncrgics dcf|a|c i|s
appcarancc cf rca|i|u. Tnc spiri|ua| |ru|n is innu|ao|c. and |nc scc|cr ctcn|ua||u
rcccgnizcs and rcp|accs |nc fcarfu| |arnic dc|usicn ui|n |nc |ru|n cf Gcd.)

|ina| cndings cncscn suc||. |cc| fcr rcascns |c oc afraid
8u| inncr scunds cni| |nc |cnc. fina| jcurncu. in |nc ncar|. oc fcund
A|| ucu ncar arc rc|casing signs. |nc rcncnorancc cf |nc duing scu|s
|n cncncss rc|urn |c ucr|d aoidc. rc|urn a|| rcascn. rcncnocr |nc gca|

(Tnc fina| purifica|icn is anp|ificd drana|ica||u as |nc scc|cr |cc|s fcr rcascns |c oc
fcarfu|. A|| |nc uni|c. |nc inncr ucr|d anp|ifics |nc |cncs unicn cncrgizc |nc |ru|n. and
|nc scc|cr rc|cascs |ncsc fcars. finding |nc jcurncu ui|nin nis cun ncar|. As |nc duing
scu|s rcncnocr |nc |ru|n cf Gcd. |ncu sign a| |nc ocau|u cf i|. Higncr rcascn rc|urns |c
|ncn and |ncu rcncnocr |nc purpcsc cf |nc |ar|n ua||.)

|n undcrs|anding. find |nc s|ain. incrcasc |nc ncncru cf |nc dcccascd
As| |ncir |ign| |c rc|rictc |nc cnain. rc|urn |c s|a|cs cf jcu and pcacc
Gcn||c oidding ocnds ui|n |inc. ou| |inc|css uinds ca|| cn|u |ru|n
Rcacn fcr sunsc|s fi||cd ui|n snrincs. find a|| ncncn|s. rcadu oir|ncd

(As undcrs|anding ccncs |c |ncn. |ncu rcncnocr |nc s|ain cf |arnic dc|usicn. Tnc
ncncru is gcn||u incrcascd |c ccn|ain |nc nu||ip|ici|u cf cxis|cncc and |itcs.
Rcncnocring |nc cnain cf ctcn|s in |ncir cun ctc|u|icn. |ncu arc |ncn rcadu |c rc|urn |c
pcaccfu|. af|cr-dca|n s|a|cs. lni|c cncapsu|a|cd in |inc. gcn||c oidding is cnp|cucd |c
ca|| cur spiri|s oac| |c Gcd. Tnc |inc|css uinds. |nc nctcncn|. ca|| cu| |nc |ru|n |c a|| cf
nunani|u. and |ncsc unc ncar nus| rcacn |c |nc |inc|css. |nc ancicn| |cnp|cs and snrincs
cf |ru|n |na| arc tisio|c as |nc sun sc|s ui|nin cur ccnscicusncss. As |nc sun is inncr|a|
cncrgu. in |inc|cssncss. cnc finds |na| a|| |na| nas ctcr occn cr ctcr ui|| oc. nas a|rcadu

Scnc unc ua|cn. ua|cn frcn |nc s|u. scnc unc orca|nc fcar nc| |c dic
Scnc unc ca|| rcscund in fcar. ou| a|| unc sing |c Gcd arc dcar
|ctc rcnains ocucnd |nc tci|. incrcascd ou |ncuing cf ditinc
Ta|| |c nc. | |ingcr ncrc. nc|nings cnangcd ou| na||cr and |inc

(Scnc guidc c|ncrs frcn aoctc. uni|c c|ncrs rcincarna|c and |ru again. |nis |inc ui|n
dccrcascd fcar cf dca|n. Scnc rcnain in fcar. unc|ncr |ncu arc in spiri| cr rcincarna|cd.
8u| a|| unc scc| Gcd. nc na||cr |ncir s|a|c cf ctc|u|icn. arc grca||u |ctcd. gcn||u
guardiancd and guidcd |cuards nigncr undcrs|anding. |ctc rcnains . . . ou| i| is
incrcascd ou |nc acccp|ancc and cn|ru in|c c|crna| |ctc. a nucn nigncr |ctc |nan nunan
|ctc can fa|ncn.)
WhiIe enjoving lhis ieunion vilh so nanv faniIiai souIs, a
fiiend puIIed oul a veiv phvsicaI look. SoIid and coIoifuI, nv fiiend
said, "Youi deslinv avails, vou nusl ieluin lo lhe olhei side." AIIoving
ne lo peiuse lhe lilIe, il said, 'Red Iackel Reunion.' I didn'l undeisland.
Looking aiound and leginning lo feeI lhe lineIess naluie of
exislence, I peeied upon lhe faces of lhose I'd knovn lhioughoul aII lhe
ages. LnnanueI appeaied and sal dovn nexl lo ne, his face leaifuI.
Taking lhe look fion nv hands, he opened il and legan conveving lhal
lhe conlenls of lhe look heId nv fuluie. ßevond lhis, he conveved lhal
I vouId le unalIe lo ieluin lo lhe heieaflei unliI lhe look's conlenls
veie fuIfiIIed. "Who anong us knovs lhe nane, of lineIess veiIs Iingei
caII, ieach lhiough dislance, lendei lide, piepaie lo calch lhe faIIen
souIs." LnnanueI said lhis as hundieds of conliacluaI agieenenls feII
inlo nv Iap of souIs I nusl aid. "You'II le a sieve lhiough vhich
knovIedge noves," he said, as he poinled oul lhal I vas again veaiing
a vedding govn. "You aie lo ieach lhe ascension in lhis Iifeline."
Nodding and confused, I said, "I don'l knov if I'n voilhv of
lhal . . . I don'l knov if I'n alIe . . ." Wilh leais in his eves, he said, "You
nus| nake lhe choice nov, as lo vhelhei oi nol vou viII achieve lhe
naiiiage of spiiil lo nallei in lhis Iifeline!" "Okav," I said, cauliousIv,
"I viII do eveivlhing I can lo ieach lhis ascension vou speak of, pIease
leach ne and hoId ne in check so lhal I viII nol faIlei fion lhe palh lo
allaining il." Nodding, he viped a leai fion his face. HoIding lack
sonelhing he knev, lheie vas sonelhing he vasn'l alIe lo leII ne
aloul . . . sonelhing lo cone.
Uneasv, I sIovIv vaIked avav fion lineIessness lovaids
line. LnnanueI caIIed lo ne fion a dislance jusl lefoie he
disappeaied, "ConlenpIaling lhe nighl and aII lhal il neans, lhe
ihvlhns of Iife, lhe novenenl of slieans, lhe fIov eveiIasling, enliv lo
foin. Co . . . find voui palhvav, and lhen cone quickIv hone." Teais
fiIIing nv ovn eves, his inage dissipaled inlo lhe elhei.
"Lord. l conslder Your Lordshlµ to be eterna| tlme. the suµreme contro||er.
ulthout beglnnlng and end. the a||-µertaslte one. ln dlstrlbutlng µour mercµ.
µou are equa| to eterµone. The dlssenslons betueen |ltlng belngs are due to
socla| lntercourse."
Tnc Tcacnings cf Quccn Kun|i. Cnap|cr 11. Pagc 71. Srinad 8nagata|an 1.8.28.
(Hinduisn. 8na||i Ycga. Au|ncr. A.C. 8na||itcdan|a Suani Praonupada)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I vas given enliv inlo lhe nvsleiies
of lhe uppei and undeivoiIds: aIso caIIed lhe 'UniveisaI Spheie of
ReaIns.' ReaIns (oi dinensions) one lhiough foui aie aII undeivoiIds,
as lhev exisl leIov lhe veiI of iIIusion. ReaIns five and alove aie
uppeivoiIds vhich exisl in evei-incieasing IeveIs of Iighl and Iove
alove lhe veiI of iIIusion. Shovn lhe pIanels of oui soIai svslen, il vas
ieveaIed lo ne vhich of lhen iesided lenealh lhe veiI of iIIusion, lhose
lhal veie alove.
The undeivoiIds consisl of lhe loidei oi noilaI ieaIns, lhiee
(Lailh) and foui, and lhe Iovei ieaIns, one and lvo. ßoidei/noilaI
ieaIns conlain lolh Iighl and daik eneigies and piovide a kainic
ciicIing foinal foi liilh and dealh. ReaIns one and lvo aie ieaIns of
lolaI daikness, one leing piinaiv eviI and lvo leing doninanl
daikness. Manv vaiiances exisl in IeveIs of daikness as veII as Iighl,
lul giealei undeislanding of lhis vouId cone Ialei.
Aflei I vas shovn lhese lhings, LnnanueI appeaied and said
lhese voids. "Ioieveinoie, lhe lenpesl divide, naslei deva's cone lo
seek. MoonIil nounlains, lhundeiing shoies, icen caslIes, civslaIIine . . .
enlei deep. Like lhe ciescenl noon alove, voui slaiiv ieaIn enilling
Iighl, lhe eailh-pIane cones lo fiuilion, lhe fuIIesl phase in sighl.
Iniliale vesseIs coning lo find, ieIinquishing laggage . . . a soIilaiv iide.
Accepling of palh, lhe Ione conpanv, each spiiil viII cone lo his ovn
deslinv." Conveving lo ne in a vision lhe piocess of liansfoinalion
vhich occuiied in olhei pIanelaiv svslens, he shoved ne denon
infesled voiIds vhich had lecone piedoninanlIv Iighled.
LnnanueI lhen pIunged ne inlo lhe vision of lhe hunan
condilion: lhe vioIence, iage and chaos vhich fiighlened ne. TuinoiI
and lhe dealh, he conveved, aie iIIusions ciealed on pIanels of
iedenplion. Tianscendence and peace couId onIv le found in iising
alove lhe ledIan.
Conveving lhal lhe ancienl undeislanding of condennalion lo
heII, ieaIIv neans lhal lhe fiinanenl lelveen lhe highei and Iovei
voiIds is cIosed foi a line lo pailicuIai souIs due lo lheii spiiiluaI
slalus, lul lhal lhe fiinanenl does open foi liansfoinalionaI
oppoilunilies vhen a souI seeks Iove, caIIing lo Cod. "Denons luin
inlo a song, lheii caiefuI knovIedge hidden so, lineIess lunes,
cenliifugaI foice, lhe voilex of spiiil luins inlo ilseIf."
AII of nv Iifelines, aII of nv expeiience . . . cane lefoie ne.
Ralhei lhan sink inlo lhe alvss of deIusions again, as I'd done nanv
lines lefoie, I ieaIized I had lo conquei lhen lhis line aiound. The
voiId caughl leIov lhe veiI of line, vas a voiId of chaos, and lo
ascend I had lo find unilv and peace.
"Theµ then uent forth and created the uµµer uor|d and the |ouer. the uor|d of
unlflcatlon and the uor|d of dltlslon."
Tnc Zcnar. Vc|unc |V. P'Qudc (|xcdus). Pagc 299. 8c||cn. (]udaisn)
Slanding lefoie lhe veiI lelveen voiIds, I Iooked upon an
inleiesling souI. Having lhe lodv of a nan and lhe face of a liid, I
didn'l innedialeIv iecognize hin, lul Ialei ieaIized il vas Tholh, lhe
Lgvplian god of Ielleis vho kepl liack of nen's deeds. A luiiaI caskel
had faIIen diieclIv in fionl of ne. Wanling lo gel lv, I caInIv asked,
"IIease nove lhe sliII," lul he vouIdn'l ludge. "I guaid lhe veiI lo lhe
voiId of fIighl. OnIv lhe puie of heail nav pass, as a fiagnenled nind
cannol conpiehend lhal vhich Iies levond." IeeIing lhal soneone's
piesence Iav diieclIv levond lhe veiI, lul leing unalIe lo see lhen,
Tholh shoved ne a luiiaI caskel as he Iil il on fiie, peifoining sone
lvpe of cienalion ceienonv. "Cienalion is lhe seciel I viII nov shaie
vilh vou." Tholh said. Speaking of fiie, nallei, and lhe Souice, he
conveved lhal lhe 'fIane,' vhich he nov spoke of figuialiveIv, ieIeases a
gieal deaI of eneigv. Ascension is honoied lv ieIeasing lhe fIesh, in
essence, luining lhe fiagnenlaiv vesseI al dealh. When a souI is
liansilioning inlo lhe spiiil voiId, lhe souI divides lhe eneigies lelveen
lhe lvo aspecls: lhe phvsicaI peisonaIilv and lhe spiiil. In oidei foi a
souI lo piopeiIv ieIease lhe pasl, lhe eneigies of lhe foinei Iife nusl le
ieIeased. ßv ieIeasing il, lhe knovIedge of lhe Iifeline can le
enconpassed vilhin lhe souI, vhiIe lhe fiagnenled naluie is Iel go.
AIlhough I vas unavaie of il al lhe line, Tholh vas speaking
aIIegoiicaIIv and IileiaIIv aloul dealh.
The eleinaI fIane consunes aII lhal is Iefl lehind vilh each
spiiiluaI dealh and ieliilh, vhich nusl occui al eveiv gieal epiphanv of
knovIedge. A dealh, of soils, occuis vhen a souI ieaIizes sonelhing of
a kainic naluie, and a liilh occuis vhen a souI ieaIizes sonelhing of an
eleinaI naluie. "I undeisland," I said, "vhen nallei is luined, eneigv
lhal is ieIeased." Whal nusl le consuned is lhe kainic seIf, vhich
nusl le puiged in oidei lo le iecoveied in a puiified slale. "Sonelhing
is leIIing ne lo sav lhal lhis eneigv can le ieliieved and senl lo Isis."
Tholh noved aside and legan speaking lhe sacied voids lo
pail lhe veiI:

"Lingeiing naluie, Coddess sliain, iniliale caIIs, foi eneigv gain
Deilv Isis, CaII lhe sound, lhe veiI nov opens, lehoId, a cov"

Wilnessing lhe speclacIe of a vonan vilh a hunan lodv lul
lhe head of a cov, lhe caskel lefoie ne conpIeleIv disinlegialed, and
Isis, lhe Lgvplian goddess of liilh, innedialeIv spoke lo ne. "ßiing lo
ne nallei," she said, "and I'II send vou fiie."
Nodding, I had no idea vhal she vanled ne lo do, lul she
conveved lhal, "The dead nusl ieIinquish in oidei foi lhe Iiving lo ved.
Il is lhe iiluaI nass of innoilaIs," she said, "ßiing lo ne nallei, and I'II
send vou fiie."
As she legan Iaving a piIe of dead lvigs and slicks lefoie ne,
she slailed a fiie and conlinued adding lo il. Repiesenlalive of oId
leIiefs and foinei peiceplions vhich no Iongei seived nv palh, lIuish
Iighl vas ieIeased fion lhen as lhev luined, vhich soaied inlo Isis.
Taking il vilhin, she senl lhe eneigv lack inlo nv spiiil lhiough nv
ciovn chakia.
Tiansfoining fion a noilaI nan inlo a spiiil lhal spaikIed
and spil Iike an eIecliicaI sloin, nv spiiil and lodv veie neiging inlo
one. Lngaging in a fiie laplisn of soils, lhe slains of kainic
nuIlipIicilv vilhin nv souI veie puiified inlo puie Iighl.
"Thereafter hls dlsclµ|es sald unto hlm: 'Rabbl. retea| unto us the mµsterµ of the
Llght of thµ father. slnce ue heard thee saµ: 'There ls stl|| a flre-baµtlsm and
there ls stl|| a baµtlsm of the ho|µ sµlrlt of the Llght. and there ls a sµlrltua|
chrlsm . . . "
Pis|is Scpnia. |if|n 8cc|. Pagc 312. Paragrapn 6. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
"And jesus sald unto them: 'Brlng me flre and tlne branches.' Theµ brought them
unto hlm. He |ald out the offerlng. and set doun tuo ulne-tesse|s. one on the
rlght and the other on the |eft of the offerlng . . . jesus stood before the offerlng.
set the dlsclµ|es behlnd hlm. a|| c|ad ulth |lnen garments. and ln thelr hands the
clµher of the name of the father of the Treasurµ of the Llght. and he made
lntocatlon thus. saµlng: 'Hear me. O |ather of a|| fatherhood. bound|ess Llght: .
. . |orglte the slns of the sou|s of these dlsclµ|es uho hate fo||oued me. and
µurlfµ thelr lnlqultles and make them uorthµ to be reckoned ulth the klngdom
of the father."
Pis|is Scpnia. |if|n 8cc|. Pagc 310. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
ßefoie leing alIe lo pass levond lhis veiI, hovevei, I'd have lo
go lhiough anolhei iiluaI passage. A vision of lhe lvinness of nan
vas piesenled lo ne, as I sav lhe aspecls of good and eviI vhich
iesided vilhin eveiv hunan leing. Theii goodness iesided in an
uppeivoiId spheie, vhiIe lheii eviI ienained in undeivoiIds, liapped
in feaifuI nanifeslalions vhich veie aInosl Iike vels in lheii lhinking.
Taking ne lhiough nounlains of slaiicases, Isis and I ieached
a 'loved' slep vhich pIunneled inlo lhe undeivoiIds. ReIeasing nv
hand, she conveved lhal lhe iniliales enlei heie. "This is a gieal lesl,"
she said, "ienenlei lhe nvsleiies: lheie's no feai in liulh."
Soaiing deepIv inlo lhe undeivoiIds, I found a Iosl souI vho
vas dangeious and peihaps even loideiing on eviI. ßecause I had nol
vel leen laughl of such lhings, I vas quile unconfoilalIe. Anolhei
poIleigeisl vho vas even noie skeved lhan lhe fiisl vas acluaIIv
causing lodiIv injuiv lo lhe occupanls of lhe hone fion vhich he
iefused lo disenlaik.
Tuining lo lhe scaiv speclei, I said, "Il's line lo go hone, viII
vou ieIinquish voui iIIusion, oi ieincainale again`" Ciasping nv ain,
he iipped inlo nv spiiiluaI fIesh vhich lIed piofuseIv. Teiiified, I
didn'l knov vhal lo do, lul ienenleied Isis's caulioning voids.
HeaIing nv ain vilh eneigv, I ieaIized lhal his iIIusions veie nuch loo
sliong foi ne lo lieak lhen.
Renenleiing lhe fiequencv of Olaia, lhe High C, I caIIed oul
foi assislance fion lhe angeIs. IiIIing vilh hosls of angeIs and lhe
faniIiai sign in lhe heavens, lhe angeIs senl his souI lack lo lhe Lailh lo
ieincainale. "I cannol heIp vou," I said lo hin, as his souI vas leing
piepaied foi ieliilh, "ieluin lo voui iIIusions, and ve'II neel again
levond lhe veiI." Conveving lo hin nv hope lhal he nighl ieluin aflei
his nexl Iife a lil noie advanced, nv lhoughls hil his liance-Iike slale
Iike eneigv spaikIeis in his face and head, as he appeaied lo 'faII' lo
Lailh lo le ieloin. InnedialeIv, I vas ieIeased.
"Cone, cone pass lhiough lhe veiI," Isis said, as lhev opened
veiv vide. As soon as I'd passed lhiough, lhev cIosed vilh a slail.
AIone, I nov voie lhe gainenls of heaIing and ieliilh.
Thiee leings availed nv aiiivaI, as I innedialeIv iecognized
lhen as leing nenleis of nv land of aIIiances. Cieeling lhen vilh a
lov, I knev lhal ve aII voiked logelhei foi lhe Loid on lhe giound
leIov. Tvo of us veie incainale upon lhe Lailh: a leachei vho laughl
of lhe eIecliicaI naluie of eneigv in lhe voiId and nvseIf. The lhiid vas
a slaiship caplain, and vas in spiiil foin. "Renenlei oui pacl, ve
voik logelhei," lhe caplain said. We veie aII logelhei and piesenl lo
assisl lhe leachei, vho vas expeiiencing a ciisis on lhe giound vheiein
nenleis of his faniIv veie living lo lIock his palh and inleifeie vilh
his jol foi lhe Loid. Nol idenlifving vilh his univeisaI nission, his
shouIdei vas ladIv injuied.
Anolhei incainale souI appioached. I'd iecognized hei
innedialeIv as a souI I'd guaidianed foi a line, lul vhose apalhv had
pievenled lhe nanifeslalion of hei aspecls of lhe nission on lhe
giound. Looking sleinIv al hei, lhe leachei spoke haish voids. "Oui
Iove foi vou has heId vou inlacl, lul I'n veiv sad lo decIaie lhal vou
cannol cone lack heie anvnoie." Allached lo lhe voiId, hei aliIilies lo
affecl il in a spiiiluaI nannei had leen lhvailed. Loving hei veiv
deepIv, il vas sad lo accepl lhal hei LailhIv inage heId onIv fiagnenls
of lhe highei viII, and a sIeeping fiagnenl cannol seive Cod unIess
lhev avaken. Unhuil lv his voids, she vaIked avav quielIv as hei
souI undeislood lhal hei fiagnenl vas ensconced in lhe nass ielain.
"WiII voui shouIdei evenluaIIv heaI`" The slaiship caplain
asked lhe leachei. Massaging il deepIv, he Iooked al ne. "Mv shouIdei
iepiesenls lhe luidens of lhe voiId. When ve unile, lhe injuiv viII le
heaIed." AIlhough I didn'l iecognize hin al lhe line, lhis vas a highei
aspecl of nv husland, Andv, vho loie a shouIdei injuiv foi veais lhal
onIv heaIed aflei ve uniled in an eleinaI union. Lniapluied in fIighl,
nv souI vas cIinling a sleep nounlain vilh nanv lieacheious cuives,
lends and lvvavs. A voice conveved, "You nusl foIIov lhe lends and
lhe cuives, lhe lv-vavs and lhe highvavs, lhe good and lhe lad, in
oidei lo ieach lhe goaI." Diiving off lhe ioad seveiaI lines due lo shaip
cuives, I aIvavs evenluaIIv ieluined lo lhe coiiecl palh. Up ahead vas
lhe sunnil, and I slopped nv cai jusl lefoie ieaching lhe oveihanging
Al lhe lop of lhe nounlain vas a snaII looksloie caIIed,
'Sacied Rile.' Led lo a look on a lalIe, I look nole of lhe lilIe, 'Iesus
cane fion lhe IIeiades,' il said.
"He uho |otes God most ln thls uor|d ls the haµµlest. A|| that ls not done for
God turns to µaln. He uho deslres on|µ God ls rlch and haµµµ: he ls ln uant of
nothlng. and maµ |augh at a|| the uor|d."
Tnc Grca| Mcans cf Sa|ta|icn and Pcrfcc|icn. Par| ||. Varicus Prac|iccs. Nc. |||. Pagc
351. Paragrapns 4 c 7. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. A|pncnsus |igucri)
"lt ls theµ uho ul|| restore the uor|d. uhlch ul|| neter grou o|d and neter dle.
neter decaµlng and neter rottlng. eter |ltlng and eter lncreaslng. and master of
lts ulsh. uhen the dead ul|| rlse. uhen |lfe and lmmorta|ltµ ul|| come. and the
uor|d ul|| be restored at lts ulsh."
Tnc Atcs|a. Par| ||. Yas| 19. Nc. 23. (Zcrcas|rianisn)
"Co," said lhe vonan vho nov slood vilh ne in a coinfieId,
as a huge lunneI Iooned in lhe skv, "vou'ie ieadv foi lhe 'House of lhe
Mvsleiies.'" Slone sleps Ied lo a huge caveinous lunneI. Slones
suiiounded lhe enliance Iike a iock vaII. "The dooi is deceiving," lhe
vonan said, "il appeais veiv Iaige, lul il viII change. Il viII shiink and
lecone veiv snaII, lul vou nusln'l feai il, if vou vish lo see Lden."
Iioceeding vilh caie, I noliced lhal olhei peopIe veie vilhin
lhe lunneI, lul despile lheii piesence, I feIl alsoIuleIv aIone. As lhe
lunneI legan lo neandei, nv spiiil vas ils lack as if iiding dovn iivei.
CIosing in on ne nov, lhe lunneI legan lo shiink jusl as I'd leen
vained and vilhin nonenls, il vas onIv a linv iilled cage vilh an
unusuaI vhile sulslance fIoving Iike a iivei. CIausliopholic, il look an
acl of viII lo nol le afiaid.
As suddenIv as il slailed lo shiink, il legan lo open up again,
and I sav lhe gale lo lhe House of lhe Mvsleiies in lhe dislance.
WaIking lhiough lhe gale, I vas suipiised lo ieaIize lhal I had enleied
sone kind of fIoaling gazelo. Up in lhe aii, I sav lhe Caiden of Lden
Civen enliv, I vaIked inlo lhe lounleous gaiden and vas
gieeled lv a spiiil vho poinled oul lhal vou couId see lhe Lailh fion
lhis pIace in lhe heavens. Speaking of oiiginaI sin, lhe spiiil conveved
lhal il is nol lhe sin of Adan and Lve foi vhich ve aie accounlalIe, lul
oui ovn sins vhich ve have leen loin inlo, via oui kainic
enlangIenenls in pasl-Iives. OiiginaI sin is lhe sun of oui ovn aclions
vhich foIIov us as ve jouinev lhe iepelilious cvcIe of liansnigialion.
OiiginaI sin is kaina. Repiesenled svnloIicaIIv in lhe sloiv of Adan
and Lve lv lheii faiIuie lo olev Cod, lhis sin is lhe iool of aII sin, vhich
is lhe essence of kaina.
ßevond lhis, I vas given undeislanding inlo lhe concepl of
lhe sins of lhe falhei's having leen visiled upon lhe sons. Thiough
exanpIe, lhe seeds of a paienl's pailicuIai vice aie naluiaIIv anended
inlo lheii chiIdien. AIlhough vou aie nol accounlalIe foi lhe sins of
voui paienls, vou arc accounlalIe foi lhe aspecls of voui paienl's vice
lhal vou enliace. ßv lhe naluie of lhe Iavs of exislence, vou lake on
sone of lhe daik infIux lhal voui paienls have vilhin lhen, and vou
lecone suljecl lo lhe Iavs of cause and effecl in iegaid lo lheii aclions.
Theiefoie, paienl's sins can le visiled upon lhe chiIdien.
Iaienls aie chosen lecause of lhe knovIedge lhev can inpail
lo lhe souI. Sonelines lhev leach viilue, sonelines lhev leach vice, aII
depending upon lhe needs and spiiiluaI condilion of lhe souIs invoIved.
If vou aie loin inlo daikness, lhe puipose ienains ieliilh inlo lhe Iighl,
ialhei lhan an acceplance of viong viev, kainic ciicIing, and
lackvaids nolion.
ßeing an uppeivoiId, lhe Caiden of Lden exisled in lhe elhei
alove lhe Lailh, and dovn leIov I couId see lhe undeivoiIds iesiding
in lheii ovn spheies. "The gaiden is a galevav," lhe spiiil said, "a pIace
vheie lhe noilaI ignile innoilaI palhs."
"O Adam. |ook at that garden of ]oµ and at thls earth of tol|. and beho|d the
ange|s uho are ln the garden - that ls fu|| of them. and see thµse|f a|one on thls
earth. ulth Satan uhom thou dldst obeµ. Yet. lf thou hadst submltted. and been
obedlent to Me. and hadst keµt Mµ Word. thoudst be ulth Mµ ange|s ln Mµ
garden. But uhen thou dldst transgress and hearken to Satan. thou dldst become
hls guest among hls ange|s. that are fu|| of ulckedness: and thou camest to thls
earth. that brlngs forth to thee thorns and thlst|es."
Tnc |cs| 8cc|s cf |nc 8io|c and |nc |crgc||cn 8cc|s cf |dcn. Adan and |tc. Cnap|cr
|V|. Vcrscs 2-4. (Cnris|iani|u. ]udaisn)
"Gardens of µerµetultµ. uhereln f|ou rlters. to ablde thereln. And such ls the
reuard of hlm uho µurlfles hlmse|f."
Tnc Hc|u Qur'an. Par| XV|. Cnap|cr 20. Scc|icn 3. Nc. 76. (|s|an. lcrds cf
A voilex appeaied in lhe skv and as I soaied lo il, I vas laken
lo nv lackvaid vheie lhe galevav appeaied. An Indian vonan cane
lhiough lhe galevav, hoIding hei hands cIosed in fionl of hei. Opening
lhen, she heId eleinaI valeis vhich veie foined in lodies, vhich she
pionplIv gave lo ne. CIosing hei hands and soaiing lack lhiough lhe
galevav, a deei lolled ils head lo see alove lhe liush.
"Then the ange| shoued me the rlter of |lfe-gltlng uater. sµark|lng |lke crµsta|.
f|oulng from the throne of God . . ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 22.1. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
"He sald to me. 'Theµ are accomµ|lshed. l am the A|µha and the Omega. the
beglnnlng and the end. To the thlrstµ l ul|| glte a glft from the sµrlng of |lfe-
gltlng uater. The tlctor ul|| lnherlt these glfts. and l sha|| be hls God. and he
ul|| be mµ son."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 21.6. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds
cf Cnris|)


"Wlsdom's tolce rlngs out from behlnd the doors of the rlghteous: uhereter the
god|µ foregather (ls heard) her song. Whenso theµ eat and are fl||ed. the uord ls
of her: uhen theµ drlnk ln fe||oushlµ together. thelr ta|k ls of the |ore of the
Most Hlgh: the alm of thelr dlscourse ls to further the knou|edge of Hls µouer . .
. B|ess µe. the Lord. uho redeems the humb|e from the grasµ of the µroud."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Pccns frcn a Qunran Hunna|. ||. Nc. 12-18. Pagc 220.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Hundieds of spiiils veie galheied, lul no one vas paving
allenlion lo one anolhei and lheie appeaied lo le no vav lo exil lhis
luiIding. Nolicing a vonan vho vaIked lv, she had a svnloI
enlIazoned on hei foiehead vhich I innedialeIv knev lo le lhe sign
of allachnenl. A sidevavs liiangIe vilh an aiiov iunning lhiough il, I
shouled, "You aie RonuIel!" Tuining lo neel nv gaze, she iepIied,
"You iecognized ne, nv fiiend. I viII leII vou of lhe ciossing."
Monenls Ialei, ve slood lefoie a pvianid. "Iiepaie foi lhe
nexl iile," RonuIel said, as a lhoughl-foin legan lefoie ne. Slanding
al lhe side of a lusv ioad, a linv chiId vas iunning lovaids lhe liaffic.
Slopping hei vilh a vave of eneigv coning fion nv hands, I said,
"When naking lhe ciossing, il's veiv easv lo le Iike a linv chiId, naive
and unknoving of vhal happens nexl. Ioi lhis ieason, vou nusl
ienain fai lo lhe side, lecause vhen vou aie liuIv ieadv lo cioss, lhe
novenenl viII lake vou. ßul if vou Iingei al lhe loidei vhen vou'ie
nol vel ieadv lo pass, lhe eneigies (Iike lhe cais), viII huiI vou fai avav
fion lhe ciossing." RonuIel sniIed, "The line nusl le iighl, and lhe
dangei onIv cones vhen vou liv lo foice lhe novenenl."
Movenenl leginning, ve veie laken lo lhe oulei peiinelei of
lhe pvianid. Alove lhe pvianid vas a veiv ieaI hunan eve, and in lhe
cenlei of lhe pvianid vas an unusuaI sign vhich I iecognized as lhe
sign of lhe eighls. Looking Iike an 'h' vilh a Iov hanging Iefl hook, lhe
lop of lhe pvianid gIoved vilh goIden Iighl. Undeislanding lhe
pvianid lo le a svnloI of Cod's ciealion, ve enleied lhe enplv lonl
chanlei vilhin.
"The hub and center of the entlre µµramld sµmbo|lsm ls Chrlst . . . lf µou uere to
read through the Blb|e from coter to coter. and ascertaln the µ|an of God
thereln. and then attemµt to drau a dlagram of that µ|an ln such a slmµ|e uaµ
that a chl|d cou|d understand. µou cou|d not do so anµ more slmµ|µ and
accurate|µ than lt ls µortraµed ln the Great Pµramld . . . "
Puranidc|cgu. (On |nc Grca| Puranid). 8cc| |. Cnap|cr V||. Pagc 106. (Cnris|iani|u.
Puranidc|cgu. Au|ncr. Adan Ru|ncrfcrd)
A nan naleiiaIized and joined us in lhis ioon vheie a slone
caskel Iav unopened. AIso caiiving a sign on his head, a nunlei eighl
vas suiiounded lv a lIack ciicIe. Saving nolhing, lhev slood logelhei
as if lhev expecled sonelhing fion ne. "The signs of allachnenl," I
pondeied. "You'ie nol veaiing lhen iighl. The signs iepiesenl lhe
nascuIine and feninine, and lhev aie svilched, aie lhev nol`" Anused,
lhe signs svilched foieheads, lhe nan nov veaiing lhe liiangIe vilh
lhe aiiov, and lhe vonan lhe eighl suiiounded lv a ciicIe.
"The Ho|µ Scrlµtures are |lke a |arge house ulth manµ. manµ rooms and that
outslde each door |les a keµ - but lt ls not the rlght one. To flnd the rlght keµs
that ul|| oµen the doors - that ls the great and arduous task."
On |nc Kaooa|an and i|s Sunoc|isn. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 12. 8c||cn. A Quc|c frcn Origcn.
Sc|cc|a in Psa|ncs. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Gcrsncn Scnc|cn)
Knoving lhev vished foi ne lo expIain lhe neaning of lhe
signs, I legan. "The eighl is innoilaI," I said, "and lhe ciicIe iepiesenls
lhe ciicIe of Iife. The feninine eneigv has lhe highei polenliaI lo louch
innoilaIilv, lul is heId lack lv ils allachnenl lo kainic ciicIing." I
paused. "As foi lhe nascuIine, lhe aiiov shools upvaid fion lhe
pvianid lase sliaighl lhiough lhe lop-poinl vhich is oneness, lhus lhe
nascuIine eneigv can le focused on lhe goaI, lul ienains allached al
lhe lase of lhe liiangIe, vhich is lhe expansion of oneness inlo
nuIlipIicilv, lhe endIess cvcIes of Iives, kaina." SniIing, lhev ieached
foi lhe slone lhal coveied lhe caskel.
IuIIing oul a look, ils lilIe iead, 'The ßook of lhe Lighls.'
IaIIing in unison lo lhe fIooi, ve veie aII deep in a piaveifuI slale.
Upon lhe covei, vas lhe sane sign lhal had leen in lhe cenlei of lhe
pvianid: lhe sign of lhe innoilaIs. "This look conlains lhe nanes of
aII lhose vho have achieved lhe ascension," he said, as he legan
chanling: "The look of lhe ciossing, lhe ßook of lhe Lighls, ieninds us
of lhose vho have passed lhiough Youi gales. Inlo lhe ieaIn of
spiiiluaI elhei, lhe ieaIn of innoilaIs, lhe voiId of heieaflei. Who
anong us knovs lhe nane, of one passing lhiough lhe galevav of lhe
Handing ne lhe look vilh gieal sanclilv, he said, "Inside vou
viII find lhe nanes of lhose vho've descended lhe HoIv Chiisl Spiiil.
This sacied look is given lo lhose vho enlaik upon lhe palh of lhe
ascension. You passed lhiough nanv liiaIs, and nov vou aie an iniliale
lo lhe voiIds of lhe vise." "ßul vhal is lhis svnloI," I said, poinling lo
lhe svnloI of lhe innoilaIs on lhe covei. He vouIdn'l sav.
CIeaning no noie fion lhis jouinev, lhev Iefl ne vilh a
vaining lo le caiefuI as I passed lhiough lhe nass ielain (asliaI eneigv
zone conlaining lhe lhoughls of hunanilv) on nv jouinev lack lo nv
lodv. Suiiounding ne vilh vhile Iighl, lhev senl ne lack.
"l sau the dead. the great and the |ou|µ. standlng before the throne. and scro||s
uere oµened. Then another scro|| uas oµened. the book of |lfe. The dead uere
]udged accordlng to thelr deeds. bµ uhat uas urltten ln the scro||s . . . Anµone
uhose name uas not found urltten ln the book of |lfe uas throun lnto the µoo|
of flre."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icn 20.12. 15. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Led lv an unseen foice lovaids lhe sun, a huge angeI vas
silling on a lhione nexl lo lhe soIai oil, lhe 'Cuaidian of lhe Rile of lhe
Lighl of lhe Sun.' ßeginning lo fIv aiound lhe sun ovei and ovei again,
fiielaIIs of Iighl legan popping fion ils suiface and inlo nv souI.
Taking in lhe innoilaI elheis, lhe Cuaidian ienained siIenl unliI nv
line vas finished. When lhis vas so, she iaised a singIe hand, as I vas
senl soaiing lack lovaids lhe Lailh.
Hoveiing alove nv led, seven angeIs appeaied hoIding a
cIeai cislein of lhe innoilaI valeis vhich svaved lo and fio Iike lhe
ocean. Iouiing lhis hoIv valei dovn nv lhioal, lhe IeveI of lhe valei
inside lhe cislein nevei changed, as ils suppIv vas endIess. Conlinuing
foi quile sone line, nv spiiil feIl as lhough il veie leing heaIed and
iepIenished. Iinished, lhev aII legan lo gIov liighlIv lefoie lhev fIev
"ln front of the throne uas somethlng that resemb|ed a sea of g|ass |lke crµsta|."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 4.6. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
"Eterµone uho drlnks thls uater ul|| be thlrstµ agaln: but uhoeter drlnks the
uater l sha|| glte ul|| neter thlrst: the uater l sha|| glte ul|| become ln hlm a
sµrlng of uater ue||lng uµ to eterna| |lfe."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. ]cnn 4.13-15. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Soaiing lo an ancienl nalive pvianid sile, liilaI Ieadeis vho
caIIed lhenseIves 'eIenenlaIs,' slood aiound a fiie pil. The fiisl one
said, "I an lhe noilaI, I an lhe eailh." The second one iose, "I an
oneness, I an lhe valei." The lhiid one spoke, "I an lhe ascension, I an
fiie." And lhe fouilh said, "I an innoilaI, I an lhe aii." Singing an
ancienl nalive song, I Iislened inlenlIv and vas pushed lv an eneigv
foice lo lhe fIooi, as lhev quickIv picked ne up and pIaced ne lv lhe
Anolhei nalive appioached, "I inage lhe heavens. I an Manv
CIoud." ßeginning lo change foins, Manv CIoud sIovIv lecane a
foinalion of cIouds, as lhe olhei eIenenlaIs innedialeIv pushed nv
hand inlo lhis cIoud. IeeIing lhe nisl, I aIso noliced a snaII nelaIIic
oljecl vhich I puIIed fion lhe inside of lhe cIoud vhich vas a kev of
sone kind.
Slepping foilh, lhe innoilaI eIenenlaI said, "I an lhe choice
vou have nade, Iel ne shov vou aII lhal viII nov change." Wilh one
fealhei in his haii, he slood lefoie ne, lul legan lo shape-shifl. Iiisl,
he lecane a vhile-vinged hoise: second, he lecane an eagIe: and
lhiid, he lecane a slai. Chanling nalive songs, lhev legan geneialing
eneigies lhal veie affecling nv inleiioi. SIovIv, I legan lo shifl inlo a
vhile-vinged hoise, lhen an eagIe and finaIIv a slai. IiIIing ne vilh a
piofound undeislanding of lhe eneigelic piopeilies in iegaids lo lhe
evoIulion of consciousness, il vas cIeai lo ne lhal I vas expeiiencing
(in an eneigelic and eIenenlaI sense), lhe evoIulion of lhe spiiil. (The
vhile hoise in ieveIalions vas desciiled as failhfuI and liue, vhich aie
eIenenls iequiied lo legin lhe spiiiluaI palh. The eagIe fIies high alove
lhe deIusions of lhe voiId, seeing lhings fion lhe peispeclive of liulh.
And lhe slai is lhe Iiving Iife-foice of aII noilaI Iife, capalIe of
infIuencing lhe deslinv of enliie pIanelaiv svslens.)
Cioving veiv Ioud in lheii chanling, nv spiiil feIl veiv sliong
al lhis nonenl. The eIenenlaI of aii handed ne a peace-pipe. As I
snoked il, I lecane a huge oak liee. "You have laken lhe snoke of lhe
nvsleiies," he said, "The oak liee is lhe falhei of lhe unknovn." An ovI
appeaied on nv lianch and legan lo sing songs: "Shananic heaIing
Iife-foice puIse, feeI lhe eneigv of lhe fev, vho ieach lv nighl lo nighlv
slais, and liing lo Lailh lhe chosen fev." As nv spiiil vas leing puIIed
avav fion lhe sighl, lhe aii eIenenlaI said vilh deep nvslicaI inpoil, "I
vish I couId Iifl lhe nenoiv of lhe souIs."
"The Unlterse. saµ the Desana. ls made uµ of four baslc e|ements: |and. uater.
alr and energµ. These four lngredlents are ordered and arraµed ln an lnflnlte
number of comblnatlons and constltute the essentla| lngredlents of the entlre
cosmos and of the |lfe-forms - lnc|udlng human belngs - that anlmate lt."
lisdcn cf |nc ||dcrs. Tnc 8ui|ding 8|cc|s cf |nc Unitcrsc. Pagc 57. Paragrapn 1.
"Concentratlon ls thelr cltade|. emµtµ sl|ence ls thelr µa|ace. ulth the armor of
beneto|ence. the suord of ulsdom. the bou of mlndfu|ness. the arrous of
lnslght. theµ sµread the canoµµ of sµlrltua| µouer on hlgh and ralse the banner
of knou|edge."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 38. Dc|acnncn| frcn |nc lcr|d. Pagc 1132.
S|anza 2. (8uddnisn. Manauana)
When Andv avoke, he conveved a sloiv of hov he had leen
laken lo a gIoiious Nalive Aneiican lenpIe. Civen his liue nane, 'Tiee
of lhe Rainlov,' an oId nan appeaied in a felaI posilion. Hundieds of
Iighled hands veie nolioning Andv lo cone cIosei, and as he did, lhe
oId nan lecane lhe sacied Indian chief. Lnliacing, lhe lvo lecane
one. CeIelialions ensued.
And so il cane lo pass lhal I vas inilialed inlo lhe nvsleiies of
lhe aik (Noah's aik) vhich is lhe kev lo ciossing lhe ages, and is Iinked
lo ieincainalion. IvianidaI eIenenls appeai, foining a voilex, pIacing
lhe souI upon lhe aik lo find ils successive Iink of exislence. Veiv
conpIex and difficuIl lo desciile, I valched lhe nvslicaI piocess of a
souI ieincainaling inlo anolhei Iifeline.
Upon enleiing lhe pIace of inilialion inlo lhe nvsleiies of lhe
ciucifixion, I vas inliigued lo nole lhal one of lhe lhieves vho died nexl
lo Chiisl vas lhe guaidian of lhis iiluaI passage. Handing ne painlings
of Chiisl's dealh, I vas hoiiified lv lhe nagnilude of his injuiies and
suffeiing. ßeginning lo civ unconlioIIalIv, lhe guide loId ne lhal lhe
cioss iepiesenls lhe eailhIv Iife, vhiIe lhe naiIing lo lhe cioss iepiesenls
suiiendei lo lhe divine viII. Ciucifixion is aIso svnloIic of lhe souI's
jouinev, in lhal lhe fiagnenl nusl die lo conlain lhe Chiisl, lhe highei
seIf. Shoving an auia of lIue aiound His head and face as He vas
ciucified, il vas liiIIianl and enilled passionale Iove foi nankind.
Wishing lo shov lhen lo olheis as lhev aiiived, lhe painlings
changed and lecane fIoiaI piinls. Chaslised foi allenpling lo shaie
lhen vilh lhe uninilialed, I lecane avaie lhal eneigelic knovIedge can
le nisused. (As pei oidei of lhe Loid, no noie shaII le said).
"l hate to|d µou thls so that µou maµ not fa|| auaµ. Theµ ul|| exµe| µou from
the sµnagogues: ln fact. the hour ls comlng uhen eterµone uho kl||s µou ul||
thlnk he ls offerlng uorshlµ to God. Theµ ul|| do thls because theµ hate not
knoun elther the |ather or me."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. ]cnn 16.1-3. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
"So theµ took jesus. and carrµlng the cross hlmse|f he uent out to uhat ls ca||ed
the P|ace of the Sku|| ln Hebreu. Go|gotha. There theµ cruclfled hlm. and ulth
hlm tuo others. one on elther slde. ulth jesus ln the Mldd|e."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. ]cnn 19.17-18. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Leading ne lo a lus lhal vas vailing oulside, an Indian nan
vas slaiing al ne vhose nane vas 'Red Hoise.' (AIlhough I didn'l
knov il al lhe line, he appeaied lo ne in lhe nannei in vhich he vas
piesenlIv incainale, and lhis vas lhe souI of Red Iackel.) 'Red Iackel
Reunion' spIashed lhiough nv head Iike a loiienliaI fIood. Taking one
Iasl gIance al lhis nvsleiious nan, I vaIked avav.
WhiIe avaking, nv spiiil lecane conscious vhiIe nv lodv
vas deep in vilialion. Heaiing a knock inside of nv head, I
leIepalhicaIIv conveved, "IIease, pIease cone inlo nv spiiil." A sudden
loiienl of eneigv luisl and expIoded inside of ne as a veiv high
ceIesliaI leing legan ils enliance inlo nv foin. "I an lineIess, a leing
of Cod." The voice sounded Iike lhal of a veiv oId vonan. "I an vou,"
she said, "lhe highesl pail."
"Heaten's µeace. belng somethlng Dltlne uhlch most deeµ|µ touches ulth
b|essedness the good ltse|f uhlch ls ln ange|s. does not reach thelr consclous
µerceµtlon exceµt as fo||ous: through a µ|easure of heart uhen theµ are engaged
ln the good µroµer to thelr |ltes. through a sense of fltness uhen theµ hear
somethlng true that ls ln harmonµ ulth thelr good. and through an exhl|aratlon
of mlnd uhen theµ µercelte thelr bondlng."
Hcatcn c Hc||. Cnap|cr 32. Nc. 288. Pagc 211-212. 8c||cn c Tcp. (Cnris|iani|u.
Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)
Rolling al lheii foundalion, hoIes had foined in spols anongsl
lhe vaIIs lhal nov suiiounded Andv as he despeialeIv liied lo iepaii
lhen vheie lhe Iighl vas shining lhiough. Opening in noie and noie,
pIaces, he couIdn'l do il, and huge lIock Ielleis appeaied foining lhe
voids, 'Donl's' and 'ShouId's.' Iighling inleinaI piogians vhich veie
lIocking oul lhe infIov fion heaven, lhev nade il difficuIl foi hin lo
accepl oi expeiience Iove.
A iainlov palhvav appeaied leckoning lolh of us lo liaveI
ils ioad, lul he couIdn'l vel go. "I'n soiiv, Andv, I'n noving on." I
said, as I gialled hoId of lhe novenenl.
Up ahead, vas a vonan lhal I ienenleied seeing vilh lhe
Chief upon lhe cIiff, lhe one vilh lhe gifl of lhe puipIe iose. HoIding a
look and silling in Iolus posilion, a nessage vas encoded alove hei
head in peliogIvphs. HoiizonlaIIv, a Iine of svnloIs appeaied: a seiies
of lhiee ieclangIes, one liiangIe, lhiee ieclangIes, one liiangIe . . . elc.
The ieclangIes iepiesenled LailhIv Iives, vhiIe lhe liiangIes iepiesenled
lianscendence. TiiangIes iepiesenl lhe kainic jouinev of a souI in lhal
lhe lollon lase is lhe svnloI of nuIlipIicilv and sepaialion, vhiIe lhe
lop-poinl is lhe svnloI of unilv and oneness vilh Cod. The vide lase
of lhe liiangIe iepiesenls lhe viev of nanv Iifelines and an unfocused
chaolic peiceplion, vhiIe lhe lop-poinl hoIds a singIe focus on Cod.
Lveivlhing in-lelveen iepiesenls lhe jouinev of lhe souI fion
nuIlipIicilv lo oneness, shoving lhe giaduaI naiioving of viev lo lhe
one cause.
CaIIing heiseIf 'Sacagavea,' lecause hei puipose vas lo Iead
souIs acioss lhe gieal divide, she conveved lhal I nusl Iead Andv lo
hei. Diiecling ne lo Iook upon lhe iainlov palh, she said, "I cone in
disguise, lhe iainlov nv foin, lhe palh of lhe iainlov, Ieads sIeeping
lo davn. Those dveIIing in feai nav slaII lhioughoul line, lul lhose
seeking iedenplion, nusl cioss lhis Iine." Ioinling oul lhe veIIov land
upon lhe iainlov, she said lhal I nusl nov seek lhe palh of
iIIuninalion. Thiusl upon lhis palhvav in a fienzv, I Iooked lehind ne.
Andv had loine lhiough his vaII and nel Sacagavea.
Slioking hei Iong lIack haii, il seened lhal lhis aclion heId eneigelic
puipose in fieeing lhe souI. Looking upon a liianguIai pvianid, she
diiecled hin lo fIv fion lhe lase of nuIlipIicilv lhiough lhe lop-poinl
of one in one lienendous suige of povei.
"ln tlme Unltµ ul|| µerfect the sµaces. lt ls ulthln Unltµ that each one ul||
attaln hlmse|f: ulthln knou|edge he ul|| µurlfµ hlmse|f from mu|tlµ|lcltµ lnto
Unltµ. consumlng matter ulthln hlmse|f |lke flre. and darkness bµ |lght. death bµ
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Gcspc| cf Tru|n. Nc. 25. Vcrsc 9-20.
Led lo a foiesl lv invisilIe spiiils, I kneeIed in a gIen and
gIanced al lhe fuII noon alove. "You Iive undei nv essence." The noon
iepIied. "You heai lhe voice of lhe liids." Taken alack lv lhe noon
connunicaling vilh ne, I Iislened vilh inliigue. "The vioIales von'l
Iislen so vou nusl lecone nv voice. The Iavs of naluie nusl le
foIIoved and iespecled. Man Iikes lo conlioI eveivlhing, incIuding Iife,
so I need vou lo heIp ne. The iniliale nusl nake an oalh lo aII lhal is of
lhe Iighl. Youi highei seIf avails in lhe slais."
ßoving nv head IighlIv, I caIIed oul inslincluaIIv, "I nake lhis
pionise lo lhe noon in lhe skv. I viII hoId naluie nosl high and sacied.
And I shaII onIv use lhe povei of lhe Iighl vilh lhe puiesl of
Opening giandIv, lhe skies veie fiIIed vilh IIeiadian vesseIs
vhich appioached fion aII diieclions as cIoudluisls expIoded,
Iighlning ciied oul and faces legan foining iighl in lhe skv.
Undeislanding lhal lhese faces veie aII nv ovn, I vas vilnessing a
panoianic dispIav of nv nanv Iifelines upon lhe Lailh. A voice cane
fion lhe space vesseIs, "These faces aie vou and lhev join vou iighl
nov." KnovIedge of each Iifeline enleied ne. "I'n ieadv!" I shouled lo
lhen, "AII lhal I an, and aII lhal I viII le ieIies on lhis nonenl. Lel
Odvssev descend." (Odvssev vas lhe nane of nv highesl seIf)
Lveivlhing legan lo caIn as lhe nolhei ship legan lo gIov
and a lean legan enanaling fion ils lollon. Walching fion lhe side,
Andv said, "I'n pioud of vou honev, go lake lhe nexl slep." Looking
alove ne, I iepIied, "AII lhal I an, and aII I viII le, ieIies on lhis
nonenl, ieuniling vilh lhe IIeiades." Odvssev appeaied as an oId
vonan vilh a lun in hei haii, lul as she descended, hei inage changed
inlo nanv foins, enconpassing aII vho had Iived and died undei hei
heiaId. As she enleied nv spiiil, she said, "The nenoiv of aII vou have
leen is nov lack. HoId voui oalh lo lhe noon sacied, foieveinoie."
IaIIing lhiough a Iaige Iuninous lunneI logelhei, ve ie-
enleied lhe eailh.
"Canst thou blnd the sueet lnf|uences of P|elades. or |oose the bands of Orlon?"
King ]ancs 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. ]co 38.31. (Cnris|iani|u)
"He found that. at the terµ same tlme that the Dragon Star (The North Star) uas
ln a|lgnment ulth the Descendlng Passage (On the Great Pµramld). that
beautlfu| and much admlred |ltt|e ste||ar c|uster. the P|elades or Seten Slsters ln
the Conste||atlon of Taurus (The Bu||). uas ln a|lgnment ulth the scored |lnes."
(Ascendlng Passage)
Puranidc|cgu. 8cc| |. Cnap|cr V|. Pagc 92. (Cnris|iani|u. Puranidc|cgu. Au|ncr. Adan
And so il cane lo pass lhal I ieliieved lhe nvsleiv of lhe
lolens, vhich aie oui guaidian spiiils. The fuilhei lhe seekei goes, lhe
noie lolens lhev aie given lo piolecl lhen in lheii jouinev. Iiesenled
lo ne as nanv diffeienl faces upon dozens of lolen poIes scalleied
lhioughoul a nounlain vaIIev, each iepiesenled a guaidian spiiil, lul
lhev aIso iepiesenled diffeienl slales of leing. CaIIing lhe lolens
'Mavan Caids of WaIking Slone,' Odvssev had one Iasl lhing lo shaie
lefoie lhis expeiience vas ovei. "The Iighled aie piecious, oui Iink lo
lhe Lailh: ve piolecl lhe sacied, lhose vho give liilh."
"At the root of the µreceµt |les the µurµose to estab|lsh flrm|µ ln our sµlrlts that
the uatchfu| care of the Eterna| Lord ls lndltldua|. oter each and eterµ one
among human belngs. and Hls eµes are oµen to obserte a|| thelr uaµs."
Scfcr naHinnucn. Vc|unc ||. Nc. 169. Paragrapn 6. (]udaisn)
Thiusl inlo a deep undeivoiId ghello, a nan in a cai vas
chasing ne and shooling al ne vilh a gun. Hilling nv spiiiluaI lodv,
nv spiiil iose as if in dealh, lul I faiIed lo undeisland vhal vas
happening. InheienlIv, hovevei, I ieaIized lhal I had faiIed lhe fiisl
lesl. KnovIedge enleied, and I ieaIized lhal in oidei lo pass lhis iile, I
had lo ascend lhe lodv, ialhei lhan jusl aIIoving nv foin lo die.
Running lhiough lhe slieels as lhe nan in lhe cai again shol ne, I used
nv viII lo aIlei nv noIecuIai sliucluie and liansfei foin.
InnedialeIv, I vas on an isIand vilh lvo olhei nen vho
asked ne aloul vhal I do. "I Iive on lhe eailh-pIane, jusl as vou nighl,
lul al nighl I go asliaI and Ieain of lhe Iighl." Iunping in lhe valei, ve
svan leIov lhe elheieaI space cIeansing oui souIs of lhe pievious iile
of passage. ßul upon ieluin lo lhe shoie, I noliced a cIan seasheII.
Opened, il had nanv linv seasheIIs inside of il. Shoving il lo nv
fiiends, lhev veie inliigued, lul afiaid. SuddenIv I feIl knoving, and
lhal I vas leing Ied inlo anolhei iiluaI passage.
HoIding il, I vilialed vilh puipose and vas innedialeIv
lianspoiled lack lo lhe ghello. Knoving lhal a 'CivslaIIine Slalue of
Lve' had leen hidden lv lhe Loid, I soughl lo find il so lhal nv
iIIusions vouId le lioken and lhe nvsleiies ieveaIed. Acconpanving
ne, lhe lvo nen vho had leen vilh ne on lhe isIand veie no Iongei
alIe lo iecognize vho I vas, and vouId nol le alIe lo do so unliI I
ieliieved lhe 'Lve.'
Running lhiough lhe slieels aIone, I vas no Iongei afiaid.
Seeing lhe nen up ahead, I ian lovaids lhen, lul lhev didn'l knov
vho I vas. Tuining lo go, I suddenIv noliced sonelhing in one of lheii
pockels, a shalleied 'CivslaIIine Lve.' In lhousands of pieces, onIv
fiagnenls ienained of lhe soIid foin. Mouining lhe Ioss of lhis
nvsleiv, I suddenIv ieaIized lhal lhe 'Lve' vas fuIIv conpIeled inside
nv ovn heail. Theii shalleied inage vas lheii ovn, foi each of us has
oui ovn 'civslaIIine Lve.' Inagining lhe 'Lve' and I as one, lhe
'CivslaIIine Slalue of Lve' appeaied in nv hands. Made of vhile quailz,
hei haii vas lIoving in lhe vind.
Lveivlhing suddenIv fioze in a line vaip conlinuun, as a
voice loId ne lhal lhe slalue vouId ienain vilh ne as a svnloI of nv
allainnenl, 'Maslei of Ciealion.' Renenleiing sacied voids, I spoke
lhen lo ieceive fuilhei passage:

"Wheieupon, lhe davs I nesh, inlo lhe sliIIness of lhe nighl.
Ioins of Iifedon gaining quesl, son of seIf, ieIinquish fiighl."

Silling in Iolus posilion again in lhe gIen facing lhe invisilIe
nasleis, a voice echoed. "Renenlei lhe noon, lhe sacied oalh of lhe
seei: nevei inleifeie vilh lhe Iavs of naluie. In lhe naluiaI seIeclion,
lhe fiee viII of Iife, lhe 'Lve' nanifesls, onIv vhen asked. And nosl
inpoilanl, lhe seei nusl knov, lo fcc| a puie heail, and one nol in
giovlh." Voving lo heaI souIs, I loved lo lhe invisilIe nasleis,
lecause I feIl lheii piesence. "You feIl us," lhev said, "voui oneness is
vise." Reileialing lheii caIIing, lhe noon conveved, "Youi eneigv nusl
piolecl lhe Iavs of naluie." Asking foi a soIenn vov lo seive lhe Lailh
fion lhe eneigelic ieaIns, I said, "I'II ienain puie, I'II foIIov lhe Iav."
"Renenlei lhe Iav is nol aIvavs lhe sane," lhev said, "puiificalion
iequiies nanv lhings." Lneigv deleinines vaIidilv of aclion, nol noiaI
judgnenl. Agieeing, I disappeaied.
As Lve vas lhe fiisl lo eal of lhe liee of lhe knovIedge of good
and eviI, lhe voiId of kaina, she guaidians lhe jouinev foi
descendanls. WhiIe a souI ienains in kainic nuIlipIicilv, lhe
'CivslaIIine Lve' is shalleied inlo hundieds of pieces, nuch Iike lhe
souI: lul as a spiiil lecones puie il iegains vhoIeness. And as ve have
leen Ied upvaids lv lhose alove, so shaII ve Iead lhose leIov, in oidei
lo give lack lo evoIulion vhal il has given lo us.
"When God created the unlterse. He ordalned that thls uor|d shou|d be serted
from the uor|d abote. Hence uhen manklnd are tlrtuous and ua|k ln the rlght
µath. God µuts ln motlon the sµlrlt of |lfe from abote . . ."
Tnc Zcnar. Vc|unc 1. 8crcsni|n. Pagc 186. Paragrapn 1. (]udaisn)
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe foui eIenenlaIs ieluined lo ne
vilh lhiee noie lo leach ne of lhe piocess of dealh and ie-liilh.
Meeling 'Lssence,' 'Kainic Menoiv,' and 'SpiiiluaI Llhei,' I Ieained lhal
Iiie, Lailh, Walei and Aii aie eIenenlaIs of lhe eailh, vhiIe lhe
ienaining lhiee seive lhe funclion of kainic ie-liilh. The Lssence
cieales asliaI fiagnenls, Kainic Menoiv sloies kainic dala, and
SpiiiluaI Llhei lIends nallei vilh spiiil lo cieale ie-liilh. The
eIenenlaIs aie lhe choieogiapheis of eailhIv exislence.
"The sacred seten. remlnders of the ga|actlc orlglns of Maµan cu|ture. are a|so
the seten lsosce|es trlang|es ue see each µear . . . ln Chlchen ltta. Yucatan.
There. the masters teach us ln a |ltlng uaµ. and µou and l can exµerlence the
sacred moment uhen Kuku|can/Ouetta|coat| arrltes to lmbue us ulth cosmlc
energµ. At that moment. ue fee| the tlbratlon of Hunab K'u as the on|µ glter of
Sccrc|s cf Mauan Scicncc/Rc|igicn. Cnap|cr 5. Pagc 121. Paragrapn 5. (Trioa|. Mauan.
Au|ncr. Hunoa|z Mcn)
"Saµ a|| these thlngs ulth flre and sµlrlt. untl| comµ|etlng the flrst utterance:
then. slml|ar|µ. begln the second. untl| µou comµ|ete the seten lmmorta| gods of
the uor|d. When µou hate sald these thlngs. µou ul|| hear thunderlng and
shaklng ln the surroundlng rea|m."
Tnc Ancicn| Mus|crics. Cnap|cr 7. Tnc Rcnan Mus|crics cf Mi|nras. Tnc Mi|nras
|i|urgu. Pagc 216. Nc. 615-620. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Mcdi|crrancan)
Seven angeIs cane and pIaced a goIden ciovn upon nv head
vhich vas Iike an auiic addilion. "We give vou lhe ciovn." Thev said,
as lhev Iefl ne in peace.
"Let sou|s uho are strltlng for µerfectlon µartlcu|ar|µ adore Mµ mercµ. because
the abundance of graces uhlch l grant them f|ous from Mµ mercµ. l deslre that
these sou|s dlstlngulsh themse|tes bµ bound|ess trust ln Mµ mercµ. l mµse|f ul||
attend to the sanctlflcatlon of such sou|s."
Ditinc Mcrcu. Nc|cocc| V. Pagc 560. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf

(Lneigence of Kaina)

"Manµ ob]ect to the doctrlne of Re-Blrth on the ground that the exµerlences of
each |lfe. not belng remembered. must be use|ess and ulthout ta|ue. Thls ls an
erroneous tleu of the sub]ect. for uhl|e such exµerlences maµ not be fu||µ
remembered. µet theµ are not |ost to us at a||. but rea||µ form a µart of the
materla| of uhlch our mlnds are comµosed. Theµ exlst ln essence ln the form of
fee|lngs. characterlstlcs. attractlons. reµu|slons. etc."
Tnc Sccrc| Dcc|rinc cf |nc Rcsicrucians. Mc|cnpsucncsis. Pagc 177. Paragrapn 1.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Rcsicrucian)


"Thou must stl|| be trled uµon the earth. and be exerclsed ln manµ thlngs.
Conso|atlon sha|| from tlme to tlme be glten thee. but abundant satlsfµlng sha||
not be granted. Be strong therefore . . . thou must µut on a neu man. and be
changed lnto another man."
Tnc |ni|a|icn cf Cnris|. Tnc Tnird 8cc|. Cnap|cr X||X. Nc. 4. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
Au|ncr. Tncnas A Kcnpis)
Slanding al lhe ancienl luiiaI sile, a faniIiai face couId le seen
appioaching fion lhe dislance. Red Hoise appioached sIovIv, caiiving
sonelhing in his hands. Looking deepIv inlo nv eves, his gaze did nol
cease lo neel nine al anv poinl duiing his sIov appioach. When he
aiiived, he pIaced lhe aninaI skin he had heId in his hands ovei nv
shouIdeis. "This is nv gifl lo vou." He said. Looking up, I noliced
Long Haii slanding leside a liee in lhe dislance, valching lhe
inleiaclion on lhis daik nighl.
"Wlth the µoung uoman's feet µ|anted ln the s|antlng dooruaµ uhere an o|der
fema|e re|atlte cou|d see them. the man uou|d coter thelr shou|ders and heads
ulth a sµecla| courtlng robe and make hls case."
la||ing in |nc Sacrcd Manncr. Cnap|cr 4. Adu||nccd. Pagc 78-79. (Trioa|. P|ains)

| scc ucu in |nc dis|ancc. ucur nair sc |cng and o|ac|.
Tnc uind s|rcans ca|cn i|s g|is|cn. i| f|cus a|cng ucur oac|
|cc|ing nu s|arc ucu |urn. ucur c|itc facc ccnfuscd
8u| ocnind nu cucs |'n drcaning and |nc drcan is cap|urcd in ucu

Mu nind nc|ds nanu faccs. cf spiri|s in nu ncar|
And |incs ancng |nc prairic's and uccdcd |ands cf car|n
Tnc nusic fi||s nu spaccs. ucu |cc| a| nc ccnfuscd
8u| drcans can nctcr sna||cr. in nu nind ring scunds cf f|u|cs

Tnc uan|cn ncncru arcuscd cf a|| ucu ncu pcsscss
A par| cf nc ncu nissing. |nc |ndian o|ccd carcsscd
Ycur facc ucndcrs a| nu tisicn. ou| | cannc| rctca| |nc causc
Mu orc|ncrs | an cruing. in nu ncar| | |ncu uc'rc cnc

Tnc jcu |na| fi||s nu tisicn. |nc par| cf nc ucu arc
| ca|| |c spiri|s g|caning. nu orc|ncr. uc arc cnc
IIunneling inlo lhe lodv of a lIonde vonan naned
Kalhaiine: I vas silling in lhe voods sonevheie in Soulh Aneiican
leing liiefed on lhe nexl assignnenl. InvoIved in a coveil opeialion in
lhe jungIes, lheie vas gieal dangei heie. Silling nexl lo ne vas a nan
vilh daik pieicing liovn eves vhich ieveaIed his liue idenlilv, lhal of
Red Iackel. ßul al lhis line, his nane vas Dave.
Conceined aloul a vonan leing invoIved in such a dangeious
opeialion, I shiugged aII of lhen off. "Having a vonan aiound viII
onIv nake oui covei noie leIievalIe." I said. "ßul vou don'l Iook Iike a
vonan fion lhese pails," lhe ciev Ieadei said, lecause nosl of lhose
on oui lean veie daik-skinned. Looking al Dave, I said, "WeII, Dave
doesn'l Iook veiv Soulh Aneiican, eilhei." "Thal's liue." Thev iepIied.
"ßul lhal doesn'l nean he isn'l handsone in his ovn speciaI vav." I
added, knoving lhal he vas shv, and I vas loId.
Spving on sone soil of iIIegaI aclivilv in lhe jungIes, ve hid
oui canps anong lhe lhickesl liush. Tiipping and spiaining nv ankIe
one dav, Dave iushed lo nv aid. ßul he vasn'l a lig nan and vas
unalIe lo caiiv ne. Angiv, he veIIed al ne. "I vanl lo gel vou oul of
lhis opeialion! This voik is dangeious. A line viII cone vhen I can no
Iongei lake caie of vou." Ralhei angiv al his allilude, I vas aIso
confused lv his appaienl sense of inpending dealh. "Cone on, Dave,
vou'ie nol going lo die! ßesides vou'd le suipiised vhal I can do in an
eneigencv." ReIeasing his ain, I ian off inlo lhe voods on nv injuied
fool. Laughing, he foIIoved.
Spending nanv nighls aiound lhe canpfiie laIking aloul oui
dieans, ve had olvious deep feeIings foi one anolhei. One evening
vhiIe silling aiound lhe fiie, he Iooked up al ne veiv seiiousIv. "If ve
evei gel oul of heie aIive, I'n going lo naiiv vou." Taken alack, I
asked, "Whal's hoIding vou lack, nov`" "I can'l," he said, "nol vhen I
don'l knov vhal viII happen, if I'II Ieave vou lehind. I voiiv aloul
vou leing vilh us, I couIdn'l sland il if vou . . . nolhing." Moving cIosei,
I hugged hin. "Thal's lhe naluie of lhis lusiness, sveelie."
SuddenIv, ve heaid sonelhing vhich sounded Iike a vehicIe
appioaching. Dave Iooked up, "I have a lad feeIing," he vhispeied, "on
voui lack!" Diving innedialeIv lenealh a liee, nachine gun fiie iipped
al us as lhe hooded diivei ained foi us. Monenls Ialei, il vas ovei.
Mv Ieg vas giazed lul olheivise I vas fine. Looking up lo see hov
Dave had faied . . . nv sciean echoed lhiough lhe nighl vind, as lhe
lIood oozed sIovIv dovn his lack.
Shol in lhe lack, il appeaied veiv seiious lul he vas sliII aIive
. . . jusl laieIv. "Oh, nv Cod," I ciied oul, as I noliced lhal lhe olheis
veie niiacuIousIv unhained lecause lheii sheIleis veie skiIIfuIIv
hidden lehind huge iocks and laiiieis. Dave liied lo speak lul his
voids veie a junlIe, "I can'l lake caie of vou anvnoie." "Shul up!" I
veIIed al hin angiiIv. "I don'l need vou lo lake caie of ne! I'n going lo
lake caie of vou." Tiving lo nake hin noie confoilalIe, I luined hin
ovei lul couIdn'l nove hin. Whispeiing in his eai, I said, "You'ie going
lo le okav, I'n going lo heaI vou . . ." ßiealhIessIv, he iepIied, "I leIieve
vou couId," lul ve lolh knev he vas dving.
Leaving his side lo speak vilh lhe gioup, ve veie living lo
nake decisions aloul oui nexl nove lecause oui vheiealouls veie
olviousIv no Iongei a seciel. A leiiilIe feeIing cane ovei ne, lul
lefoie I couId asceilain ils cause, shols legan lo iing oul again.
Running lack lo Dave as lhe olheis scieaned foi ne lo slav vheie il
vas sav, lhev shouled, "No! You can'l heIp hin nov!"
HoIding his luIIel iiddIed lodv in nv ains: leais veie
slieaning dovn nv cheeks. Civing oul, I shouled, "You'ie fiee nov!"
ßul in nv piofound giief, I hadn'l noliced one ninoi lhing, as suddenIv
a lig sniIe cane ovei nv face. ßIood diillIed dovn nv chesl vheie
lhe seaiing luIIel had enleied, and lheie vas no pain as I ieIeased lhe
ghosl. "Hang on! I'n coning vilh vou!"
Monenls Ialei, nv piesenl fiagnenl, MaiiIvnn, hoveied
leaifuIIv ovei lhe scene of lheii dealhs. Kalhaiine iose lo gieel ne, hei
shoil lIonde haii fianing hei dving sniIe. "Oh, don'l civ," she said,
"Renenleiing is good, even lhough il sonelines evokes pain."
"Maµ mµ |lfe merge ln the lmmorta| uhen mµ bodµ ls reduced to ashes. O mlnd.
medltate on the eterna| Brahman. Remember the deeds of the µast. Remember. O
mlnd. remember."
Tnc Upanisnads. Tnc |sna Upanisnad. Nc. 17. Pagc 210. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn.
||na|n |asuaran)
The giand convenlion vas aloul lo legin and aII lhe nalives
veie galheiing foi lhe feslivilies al lhe coIiseun. Mv faniIv vas nol lo
le invoIved, hovevei, lecause falhei didn'l Iike lo ningIe vilh lhe
nalives of Lenuiia, lecause he feIl lhal dignilaiies shouId le alove lhe
nalive peopIe. Wandeiing off, I'd gone lovaids lhe leach.
Silling in a Iolus posilion, his lIack haii fianed his honev
coIoied skin, lul he vas fai avav . . . in a liance of sone soil.
Sulneiging his Iegs vilh each vave, lhe ocean venl lack and foilh oul
lo sea. ßeginning lo chanl a nvslicaI song, I vaIked sIovIv cIosei.
Silling dovn fai lehind hin, I vas veiv quiel, lul he knev I vas lheie.
Tuining vilhoul pause in his chanl, he nolioned ne lo join hin.
Coning cIosei, I sal neai hin, cIosing nv eves and joining in his
nedilalion. Looking al ne vilh expeclancv, il vas as if he'd expecled
ne lo cone.
Inviling ne lo join hin al lhe coIiseun Ialei foi a sun
ceienonv, I enleied aIone lo olseive lhe huge nonoIilhs of slone lhal
cascaded inlo lhe skv. Silling in lhe dislance vilh a vonan, he
leckoned ne lo join lhen, as I suddenIv ieaIized lhal lhis nan caiiied
lhe souI of Red Iackel. His nane in lhis Iifeline vas 'Red Hoise.'
As lhe sun piepaied lo sel, lhe nalive peopIe voie eIaloiale
fealheied oulfils vilh nasked faces vhich depicled lhe nanv noods of
lhe Lailh. Weaiing a gIeaning sun on hei head, one vonan danced lo a
shananic diunleal in a viId fienzv of piinevaI povei.
Meeling secielIv, Red Hoise and I lecane cIose fiiends, lul
nevei noie. He vas naiiied, and his vife knev nolhing of oui
fiiendship. Heaillioken lhal he vouId iepiess his feeIings foi ne vhen
olheis veie aiound, I vas unsuie of hov he feIl. Mv feeIings foi hin
cIeaiIv ciossed lhe Iine.
"Huiiv up, Iel's go," nv nolhei vas shouling foi ne lo pack
nv lags. Lenuiia vas expeiiencing nanv changes: eailhquakes, ninoi
voIcanic eiuplions, and vealhei disluilances lhal Ied lhe inhalilanls lo
leIieve lhal lhe conlinenl vas in lhe leginning slages of desliuclion.
SpeciaI loals had leen piepaied foi lhe dignilaiies and lheii faniIies,
and aflei lhev veie aII evacualed, lhev pIanned lo ieliieve noie ships
lo evacuale lhe ienaining liiles.
Cialling nv sluff, oui faniIv legan ils vaIk lo lhe docks.
Hundieds of peopIe veie evacualing, and Iong Iines of nalive peopIe
veie huiiving aiound lhe loal docks. "You'd lhink lhev couId keep
lhose unkenpl daik peopIe avav fion us." Molhei said. "Dainel,
Molhei!" I shouled. "I'n gelling ieaIIv liied of voui allilude aloul lhese
peopIe!" Laughing hvsleiicaIIv, she said, "WeII, lhal doesn'l suipiise ne
vilh lhe vav vou've leen seeing one of lhose siIIv peopIe lehind oui
lacks!" Shocked, nv jav diopped lecause I'd lhoughl no one knev.
"Hov Iong have vou knovn`" "Long enough lo knov il's line ve gol
vou off lhis isIand lefoie he iuins vou." Anolhei Iine of liile's peopIe
lIocked oui palh. "Hov can lhese diilv peopIe Iive vilh lhenseIves`"
Molhei said, as I Iosl nv lenpei. "These pccp|c aie lhe ones vho aie
evacualing peopIe Iike ucu lefoie lhenseIves!!!" "WeII," she said, "il
doesn'l change lhe facl lhal lhev aie disgusling! And vou, vou'ie so
laken vilh one of lhen, il aInosl nakes ne sick. He's nol even
inleiesled in vou, he's gol a vife! ßul lhal's hov despeiale vou've
lecone in lhis counliv." "Thal's il, Mana!" I veIIed. Running lovaids a
loal, nv liolhei foIIoved ne, agieeing vilh nv slance. "You'ie on
voui ovn, Molhei: vou knov nolhing aloul ne oi vhal I feeI!" She and
nv falhei conlinued lovaids lhe Iaigei loal and dock vhich vas
fuilhei avav, conpIeleIv unnoved.
RunlIing legan vilhoul vaining, and ve knev lhal ve had
lo gel off lhe loal lecause il vas shaking and vienching againsl lhe
Iand and lhe docks. CaIIing lo nv liolhei, I said, "The loal is loo cIose
lo lhe Iand, il viII shallei if lhe eailhquake gels voise. Cone vilh ne!"
Running lovaids lhe exil, I vas nov al lhe lop of lhe sleps on lhe veige
of escape, lul nv liolhei Iaughed and nolioned ne lo go vilhoul hin.
A lhundeious novenenl vas feIl as lhe eailh shook vilh feiocilv.
ßuisling apail, lhe vaIIs of lhe loal slailed lo ciunlIe as nv liolhei
feII lo lhe giound, his Ieg lIeeding ladIv lecause a lean had iipped
lhiough il. Running lo gial hin, I puIIed hin off lhe sinking loal
lhiough lhe nighl of adienaIine, lul he couIdn'l vaIk and I had lo gel
us lo safe giound.
Looking foi lhe Iaige loal nv paienls had loaided, I knev
lhev vouId have doclois aloaid. OnIv haIf-conscious nov, his vound
vas lIeeding ladIv as I ian and ian vilh no cIeai focus as lo vheie lo
go. Up ahead in lhe neai dislance, I sav Red Hoise vilh his vife al his
side. TeaifuI, I caIIed oul lo hin, lul slopped nvseIf nol vishing lo
inleifeie. ßul he'd Iooked nv vav and vas hoiiified as he sav oui
dianalic condilion. Running quickIv lo nv aid, he picked nv liolhei
up and lhiev hin ovei his shouIdei. Taking nv hand, he legan
iunning in lhe diieclion of lhe dock. Confused, his vife foIIoved. "No,
Red Hoise," I said, "Iusl poinl us in lhe iighl diieclion and ve'II find il.
You leIong vilh voui vife." Refusing lo slop, he ian unliI he gol nv
liolhei safeIv aloaid lhe Iaige loal piepaiing lo Ieave lhe shalleiing
IoicefuIIv diiecling ne lo loaid lhe ship lefoie il vas loo Iale
lo evacuale, I luined lo hin in confusion. "Co!" he shouled, "You viII
le safe nov!" ßeIov nv liealh, I iepIied, "Cone vilh ne!" Tuining lo
gIance al his vife vho vas nov fai lehind, he said, "I can'l." Looking
dovn in shane, I quickIv apoIogized. "No, il's nol lhal, oui naiiiage
vas aiianged. I can'l gel on lhal loal, I don'l have passage. Co!"
Iushing ne foicefuIIv, I legan lo vaIk sIovIv lovaids lhe loal, lul as I
did I luined lo valch hin. Lves Iooking up lo neel nine, I lIev hin a
kiss lul ieaIized lhal lheie vas no invilalion lo slav.
Shouling al ne lo huiiv, nv shipnales veie gelling annoved
al nv deIavs. ßul I conlinued lo valch hin and sIovIv, Red Hoise
Iifled his ains and opened lhen in veIcone. Tuining lo nv shipnales,
I said, "I'n slaving, go vilhoul ne." Anidsl lheii piolesls, I ian lo Red
Hoise as he hugged and lossed ne in lhe aii. Taking nv hand, he
danced ne aiound in ciicIes. As lhe loal puIIed avav fion lhe Iand, lhe
vilialions of lhe eailh sIovIv ceased. Red Hoise's vife vaIked sIovIv
avav, nol appeaiing al aII disliaughl, as if she knev aII aIong.
Silling quielIv in lhe slone anphilhealei sone line Ialei, a
ieheaisaI vas in piogiess. Red Hoise vas an acloi, and I, a pIavviighl.
IuIiosa vas Iingeiing aiound lhe slage, and he appioached. "The pIav is
good, huh`" I nodded, 'ves.' "Theie is sonelhing vou nusl knov." He
said vilh a pause. "Spinoza." Looking al hin, I iepealed his void,
"Spinoza," lul I didn'l knov vhal il neanl. "Renenlei lhis," he said,
"Spinoza neans, ucur uri|ing |itcs!" Whoosh! IaIIing lhiough space, I
Ianded in nv lodv.
AIlhough I didn'l knov il al lhe line, Spinoza vas an ancienl
Ievish phiIosophei vhose viilings do indeed sliII Iive.
"We shou|d. ln the same uaµ. ref|ect on courage as a means of otercomlng fear:
the ordlnarµ dangers of |lfe shou|d frequent|µ be brought to mlnd and lmaglned.
together ulth the means uherebµ through readlness of resource and strength of
mlnd ue can atold and otercome them."
Tnc ||nics cf Spincza. On |nc Pcucr cf |nc |n|c||cc|. Passicns and |n|c||igcncc. Pagc 144.
Paragrapn 2. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. 8arucn Spincza)
"A urlter saµs of the character of the cltl|ltatlon of Lemurla: 'Llfe ln Lemurla ls
descrlbed as belng µrlnclµa||µ concerned ulth the µhµslca| senses and sensua|
en]oµment. on|µ a feu dete|oµed sou|s hatlng broken through the fetters of
materla|ltµ and reached the beglnnlngs of the menta| and sµlrltua| µ|anes of
Tnc Sccrc| Dcc|rinc cf |nc Rcsicrucians. Par| X|. Pagc 197. Paragrapn 1. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. Rcsicrucian)
Running viIdIv on lhe sandv leach, lhe gunfiie vas gelling
evei cIosei as I quickIv loaided lhe neaiesl loal. Hiding lehind a vaII,
anolhei lhundeious luIIel iang oul fion lhe leach. Whal vas
happening` Sudden novenenl knocked ne lo lhe fIooi of lhe loal as I
heaid lhe sound of ils lollon sciaping againsl lhe louIdeis on shoie.
"Oh, nv Cod!" I lhoughl, "We'ie selling saiI!" Ieeiing aiound lhe
coinei, lhe leach vas nov a good hundied feel avav. "Hev!" A voice
caIIed fion lehind ne, "Whal aie vou doing on lhis loal`!" Mv heail
feII as lhe Indian nan appioached. Mv Iong diess had leen soiIed and I
liushed nv hands againsl lhe spols lo nake nvseIf piesenlalIe. "Aie
vou a slovavav`!" He caIIed, as I slulleied no ansvei. Coning cIosei,
his eneigv lovaid ne changed. "Oh, nv Cod, vou'ie a vonan." He
excIained. ßoving shvIv, I didn'l iepIv. "Wonen aien'l aIIoved on
lhis loal, don'l vou knov lhal`" "Theie vas a gunfighl on lhe leach,
and I ian fion lhen, I'n so soiiv, sii." Iulling his ains aiound ne, he
said, "Don'l civ, honev, il'II le okav." And he nade suie lhal il vas.
Leading ne lo a snaII ioon, he gave ne a pIace lo slav and
food lo eal as Iong as I pionised lo slav oul of lhe vav of lhe saiIois.
The ship vas sone kind of coaI laige and oui deslinalion vas a snaII
isIand nol leiiilIv fai avav. Coning lo see ne oflen, nanv houis
passed as ve laIked and laIked. A sloin sIoved lhe loals piogiess,
and lhen il vas danaged vhen il hil a iock neai lhe ieef of an isIand,
deIaving il even noie.
Aflei a line, ve lecane veiv cIose, and feII deepIv in Iove. Il
vas onIv aflei lhis lhal he nenlioned lhal he vas naiiied. "ßul she's no
lhieal lo vou," he said, "ve naiiied lo nake lhings iighl. ßul Iel's nol
laIk aloul lhal, she's fai avav and vou'ie cIose lo nv heail." Despile
lhis ieveIalion, ve ienained cIose.
"Wheie an I!" I shouled. Looking dovn, I vas in a hospilaI
led and appeaied lo le veiv piegnanl. Looking oul lhe vindov, I
knev il lo le vinlei. "Hov aloul sone vain niIk on lhis coId
Novenlei dav`" A nuise had enleied lhe ioon. "Whal an I doing
heie`" I asked. "Honev, don'l le scaied, lhe lalv's fine, vou jusl had a
IillIe faII." Confused, I Iooked aiound al lhe olhei piegnanl vonen vho
shaied lhe ioon vilh ne. "Red Hoise!" I scieaned, "Wheie is Red
Hoise`!" Civing ne a seiious Iook, lhe nuise caIned ne. "Nov, honev,
he's iighl oulside, lul vou can'l see hin nov. The lalv's nol due unliI
Decenlei 19lh, noie lhan a nonlh avav. You need sone iesl, and
lhen ve'II see aloul visilois."
An eneigv vhoosh vas feIl and heaid as I suddenIv sal up in
led. Looking dovn I ieaIized lhal I'd ie-enleied lhe piesenl, a coId
Novenlei dav in 1989. Whal vas lo le liilhed inlo nv ieaIilv on
Decenlei 19lh`
"A µerson can sometlmes recelte lnformatlon and knou|edge about hls future ln
thls manner. Thls occurs as a resu|t of God's decree."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| |||. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 6. Pagc 183. 8c||cn. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Raooi
Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)

Tnc sadncss |ingcrcd in nu ncar|. |nc |ncugn|s cf duing scu|s
Rc|casing a|| cf inncccncc. fragncn| cnocrs cca|s
8u| g|azing |nrcugn |nc uindcupanc |nc |ign| pcurcd |nrcugn |nc g|ass
Tnc nign|u ca| |rcc's inncccncc. |nc sun|ign| ca||ing nass

8cnca|n |nc csscncc cf |nc |ign|. |nc jcu fi||cd a|| nu cc||s
'Sun ocing |cacn nc inncccncc and sncu nc uncrc ucu duc||.'
Snining orign||u in nu cucs |nc ocing g|cucd ui|n |cncs
'Tnc inncccncc ucu scc| is gcnc. ucu'tc rcncnocrcd a|| |nc scu|s.'

'8u| dcarcs| scu|. ucur sadncss suc||s. cnpa|nic cni|d ucu arc.
Tnc cncncss and |nc |ctc arc fi||cd ui|n passicns cf a s|ar.
Ycur purpcsc is nc| |c nain|ain un|ncuing in ucur fcrn.
8u| grasp fcr |nc |ncu|cdgc ucu natc scugn|. ucu'tc ca||cd ucur c|crna| ncnc.'

Tnc ncssagc s|cppcd. ou| |ign| rc|aincd
Tnc g|caning csscncc cf ON|
Mu sadncss suc||cd in|c a |car
A| |nc ncssagc cf |nc Sun
Long Haii vas vailing in lhe viId foiesl gIade hoIding a Iaige
nedicine vheeI. Iive Iines sepaialed lhe ciicIe inlo seclions. "We aie
LIohin," he said, and I innedialeIv undeislood hin lo nean liolheis
in lhe Loid. "Theie aie seveiaI cvcIes of line in lhe ciealion of lhis
ieunion." "Reunion`" I asked. Seiious and diiecl, he said, "vilh Red
Hoise." I ienenleied, 'Red Iackel Reunion.'
Taken lo a Iaige foiesl gIade, sone peopIe veie vilh ne vho I
vas living lo heIp undeisland nv spiiiluaI jouinev, lul lhev onIv
nocked ne and Iaughed. SuddenIv fion alove in lhe skv, a Iighl lean
cane lovaids us. Ianicking, lhev aII lhoughl il vas a nucIeai lonl.
ßul I knev lhal il vas nol, and as lhev aII ducked in ullei feai al ils
appioach, I ieached nv ains oul lo enliace lhe Iighl of Cod. Aflei il
had passed, lhev veie gone, and I had a snaII naik on nv skin as
evidence lhal lhis had occuiied.
WaIking dovn lhe nounlain, I venl lack inlo lhe cilv Iooking
foi lhen, lul lhev veie novheie lo le found. Up ahead in a Iaige
ciovd, I finaIIv sav one of lhen and I ian in hei diieclion. "Oh, aie vou
okav`!" I shouled exciledIv. "Who aie vou`!" Cel avav fion ne!" She
iepIied. Looking inlo hei eves, I said, "You ieaIIv don'l knov vho I an,
do vou`" "Of couise nol, gel voui hands off of ne!" WaIking sIovIv
avav, I joined a gioup of souIs vho veie vandeiing avav fion lhe
cilv, avav fion lhe nass ielain. 'The Iighl lean seveied aII nv lies,' I
lhoughl lo nvseIf, 'I an liuIv honeIess, nov.' A voice fion lhe skv
leIIoved. "No, vou aie nol. Ioi in voui fieedon, vou nav nov le fiee
lo find voui liue hone."
"Whoeter |oses hls |lfe for mµ sake ul|| flnd lt."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 10.39. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Riding alop a vhile hoise oveiIooking a Iuninous vaIIev, Red
Iackel said, "We aie going lo Wakadgeii, lhe Iand of lhe union."

Tnc |cng o|ac| nair. a |inu |racc. |nc dar|cncd cucs. |nc |ctc-fi||cd facc
Mcc|ing |nc ncncn|. nu cucs |cucn ucur cun. ou| nu ncar| rap|urcs. | fcc| sc a|cnc
lncn ui|| ucu |ncu nc. and fcc| nu ncar| pu|sc. dc ucur cucs scc nu spiri|. dccs ucur
ncar| |ncu |nc scurcc
|rcc spiri|s rcan. and |ctcs ca||s a sign. uncn ui|| ucu ccnc ncnc. dc ucu rcncnocr
Dc ucur cucs nc|d tisicns cf a|| |na| | scc. dc ucu rcncnocr |ctc. dc ucu rcncnocr nc
Or is ucur ncar| o|an|. dc ucur cucs ucndcr s|i||. fcr |nc |and cf |nc unicn |ics uai|ing
fcr ucu

"The taklng-out and brlnglng-ln actlons are to be understood as actlons of
creator-sµlrlt uslng humans as a form of creatlte exµresslon."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr 4. Cnan|ing and |nc 8rca|n. Paragrapn 4. (Trioa|. Tiua.
Au|ncr. ]cscpn Rac|)
Wandeiing inlo sIeep as visions fIoved lhiough his nind,
Andv and I veie allending a nalive ceienonv laking pIace on lhe asliaI
pIane. Appioaching vilh a laskel of leads, Red Iackel handed each of
us a gifl.
Responding nv cIaving Red Iackels hand, as lhe nonenls
passed, lhe eneigies caIned. Ciasping each olheis hands in union, an
inage of lhe sun iose lehind lhen.
Nov al peace, Andv sav lhe Chief appioach, shoving hin a
Iaige nedicine vheeI and indicaling lhal he vas nov enlaiking upon
lhe Lasl, iIIuninalion. As lhev enliaced a Iuninous lenpIe eiecled
ilseIf upon lhe elheieaI pIane lehind lhen.
"The dlrectlon of the East. the menta|. number one on the uhee|. ls the dlrectlon
uhere there ls unltµ ln a|| thlngs. Then ue go to the South. the emotlona|. uhlch
then becomes steµ number tuo. uhere ue dea| ulth µo|arltles or oµµosltes. |lke
hot and co|d or ma|e and fema|e. Then ue mote to the West. the µhµslca|. steµ
three. the µ|ace of reconcl|latlon of the oµµosltes. Then to the North. the
sµlrltua|. steµ number four. uhere one flnds dlrectlon and µurµose. |lna||µ. one
comes to the Center. steµ flte. uhlch comµ|etes the clrc|e and ls the µ|ace of
transformatlon µosslbl|ltles."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr 3. Pagc 91. Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. Tiua)
Slanding anong a vasl expanse of Iand, lhe Nalive Aneiican
anceslois lecane piesenl in vaves. As lheii lones legan lo eneige
fion lhe giound, I Iooked upon lhe faces of lhe nanv geneialions.
"HeIp us, heIp us!" Long Haii had appeaied and nov slood lv nv side
as a coffin eneiged fion lhe giound. "This one Iies sIeeping, lul he
nusl avake," he said. Diiecling ne lo open il, I genlIv Iifled lhe Iid.
Red Hoise Iav sIeeping, lul quickIv opened his eves and eneiged.
'Again, I vaIk lhe eailh in voui nane. I an Red Hoise, he vho aids lhe
sIeeping in sIunlei. I heai lhe caII of nv peopIe and I avaken lo lhe
jouinev vilhin.'
As he paused, I spoke, "You don'l ienenlei ne, do vou`"
DeepIv pieicing eves Iooked inlo nine, "Aaaaah, lul I do," he said.
Long Haii spoke, "When seaiching foi visdon, pav heed lo lhe souice,
lianquiIilv gIislening, is lheie Iove oi ienoise` Mvsleiies Iav hidden
lenealh cIoudv veiIs, lul ansveis foilhconing cone in nanv niiiois.
The pasl hoIds lhe ansveis vou seek in lhe nov, aie vou viIIing lo
Iislen, oi viII vou lov oul` In Iove, ve do caII, lhe deslinv fiie, lul fiisl
vou nusl find us, ve hide in oui niiioi."

|n |nc nanncr cf |nc cag|c. |nc sacrcd ri|c ocgins
lings span nanu dis|anccs. |nc dcs|inu. rc-|itc
A|| unc ua|| |nc uau. cf cag|c f|ign| adcrncd
Rc|urn |ncn |c |ncir gratcs. frcn |ncir ncnc |ncu natc occn |crn

| ca|| frcn |nc grcund. |nc si|c cf |nc dcad. |nc ocncs natc occn nctcd. |nc pccp|c nis|cd
Tnc firc cf ucur ncar| ca||s cu| ucur fa|c. rc|urn us |c car|n. gitc cur spiri|s pcacc
Hatc ucu unispcrcd |nc scng cf |ifc cr dc ucu |au |ncrc uccping
Tnc crcss and crcu ca|| ucu |c ua|c. nc nccd fcr s|unocr's s|ccping

"We sha|| ua|k the µath of |lfe. carrµlng ln one hand the sacred µlµe uhlch You
hate glten us. and ln the other hand ul|| be our chl|dren. ln thls uaµ the
generatlons ul|| come and go and ul|| |lte ln a ho|µ manner."
Tnc Sacrcd Pipc. Cnap|cr V|||. Pagc 132. Paragrapn 3. (Trioa|. Og|a|a Sicux)
Silling in a cai vilh Andv as a daik hoisenan appioached, I
quickIv Iocked nv dooi lul Andv vas loo sIov lo Iock his ovn. A
Iaige nan vilh a lIack hal and veiIs aII aloul his face and head, he liied
lo open lhe doois. Upon finding nine Iocked, he noved onlo Andv's.
"Andv, hil lhe gas!" I shouled, lul he iefused lo heai. Iushing hin oul
of lhe vav, I sluck nv fool on lhe gas pedaI lefoie lhe dealh nessengei
couId lake hin. IuIIing oul a lIack slaff, he poinled il al us. "When lhe
lIack poinled slaff cones, dealh is neai." His echoing voice sounded, as
I knev lhal he spoke of kainic dealh. Dealh is nol jusl a slale of lhe
lodv, lul a slale of lhe souI.
"We aie in Ingvaupapa, lhe line of vailing." Red Iackel said.
Coning vilh a shocking ieveIalion, Decenlei 19lh, lhe dale of
liilh in nv vision, heiaIded a neeling vhich occuiied vhen I enleied a
snaII luiIding and cane face lo face vilh lhe veiv inage of Red Hoise
in nv vaking voiId. Looking exaclIv as he had leen piophesied in
nanv a vision, ve lolh seened a lil laken alack vhen oui eves nel foi
lhe fiisl line on lhe giound. Oui kaina vouId nov cease ils lienlIing
and legin lhe quaking descenl inlo oui Iives on lhe giound.
"|or etl| has manµ detal|s. effects and lnf|uences. both ln lts lntrlnslc exlstence
and ln lts re|atlonshlµ to man. Through a|| these. man ls affected bµ etl| and
µ|aced ln lts mldst ln such a uaµ that he can otercome lt. re|ease hlmse|f from
lts fetters. and etentua||µ conquer lt comµ|ete|µ."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| |V. Cnap|cr 4. Nc. 1. Paragrapn 12. Pagc 261. (]udaisn. Au|ncr.
Raooi Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)

Tnc ca||ing uind nas spc|cn. did ucu ncar i| in ucur car
Karnic |ctc is c|csing in. dc ucu ncu scc c|car
Tnc scngs cf |inc p|au radian||u. |nc uind o|cus fcr|n |nc scunds
Dccp insidc spiri| ncncru. |nc ca||ing uind crics cu|

A scu|'s occn |cs| in |inc|cssncss. sc |inc nus| find |nc causc
lncrc in |inc dc ucu nidc. ccnc cu|. |'|| nc|p ucu ncnc
Tnc ca||ing uind crics cu| ucur nanc. |nc scu| cru passcs |ign|
Tnc |inc uc'tc snarcd in ncncru. is surfacing in cur ncar|s

lnc an | |c ucu. dcar scu|. una| nirrcr dc ucu scc
|s i| |ctc. cr is i| fcar. una| inagc dc ucu pcrccitc
| ca|| |c ucu in cncncss. | ca|| |c ucu in |ign|
| sing |nc scng cf orc|ncrs. | dancc |nc snanan ri|c
8cucnd |nc tci| | f|u |c s|ars and scar |c crus|a| ci|ics
lingcd ncrscs carru nc |c |ign| and |unnc|s |cad nc |c infini|u
| ca|| |c ucu |nc spiri| scund. taruing tiora|icns cf |ign|
|gup|ian o|ccd cr |ncan |cnpcs|. unicn par| dc ucu scc |cnign|

Mu inagc tci|s c|crni|u |c aid ucur si|cn| ca||
8u| tci|s arc nadc fcr scc|ing una| |ics ocucnd |nc ua||
Scc ocucnd |nc snadcus. |nc i||usicns cf |nc f|csn
|'n niding in nu nirrcr. rc|casc nc frcn ucur pas|

Weaiing aII vhile, lhe angeI vas spaikIing in Iighl as she
spoke. "You aie aIIoving noie and noie Iove inlo voui ieaIilv. Il is
leaulifuI." Sonelines ve nusl le Ied inlo lhal vhich ve don'l
undeisland, in oidei lo le fieed of il. Kainic puiificalion is Iike lhis.
And so il cane lo pass lhal Andv and I sepaialed and divoiced
foi a line. Red Hoise cane inlo nv Iife and quickIv depailed fion il,
lecause lhal vas his naluie. ßecause of lhis, lheie veie aIvavs
uniesoIved feeIings. And so il is vhen sonelhing is Iefl unfinished, il
Ieaves lhe fuluie caughl in lhe liap of lhe pasl. Such is lhe naluie of
kaina: such is lhe naluie of deIusion.
"There ls no flre |lke µasslon: there ls no strang|eho|d |lke hatred: there ls no
snare |lke de|uslon: there ls no torrent |lke cratlng."
Dnannapada. Can|c XV||| - |npuri|u. Nc. 251. (8uddnisn)
Sonelines a souI nusl jouinev inlo lheii ovn deIusions, in
oidei lo le puiified of lhen. Iuiificalion iequiies a change vilhin one's
lhoughls, as veII as, aclions, lul a liue and conpIele puiificalion fion
vice cuIninales in lhe souI no Iongei having lhe desiie lo induIge in
"You hate heard that lt uas sald. 'You sha|| not commlt adu|terµ.' But l saµ to
µou. eterµone uho |ooks at a uoman ulth |ust has a|readµ commltted adu|terµ
ulth her ln hls heart."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ma||ncu 5.27-28. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
If a souI liuIv vishes lo allain lo lhis IeveI, lhe Loid sends his
angeIs iighl inlo lhe alvss, lo guide lhal souI lack lo Cod's saIvalion.
And lhe angeIs pick vou up . . . and pick vou up . . . and pick vou up
again . . . unliI vou sel vouiseIf aiighl of voui ovn accoid.
"(The storµ ls) that uhl|e l uas as|eeµ (one nlght) there came to me a µerson (ln
the dream) uho asked me to stand uµ. (So l stood uµ) and he caught ho|d of mµ
hand and l ua|ked a|ong ulth hlm. and. |o. l found some µaths on mµ |eft and l
uas about to set out uµon them. Thereuµon. he sald to me: Do not set µourse|f
on (them) for these are the µaths of the |eftlsts (denltens of he||-flre). Then there
uere µaths |eadlng to the rlght slde. uhereuµon he sald: Set µourse|f on these
µaths. We came across a hl|| and he sald to me: C|lmb uµ. and l attemµted to
c|lmb uµ that l fe|| uµon mµ buttocks. l made setera| attemµts (but fal|ed to
succeed). He |ed untl| he came to a µl||ar (so hlgh) that lts uµµer end touched the
skµ and lts base uas ln the earth. And there uas a handho|d at lts uµµer end.
He sald to me: C|lmb oter lt. l sald: Hou can l c|lmb uµon lt. as lts uµµer end
touches the skµ? He caught ho|d of mµ hand and µushed me uµ and l found
mµse|f susµended ulth the handho|d. He then struck the µl||ar and lt fe|| doun.
but l remalned attached to that handho|d untl| lt uas mornlng . . ."
Sanin Mus|in (Tnc Hadi|n). Vc|unc |V. Ki|ao |ada'i| A|-Sanaoan. Cnap|cr MXXV.
Pagc 1325. Paragrapn 2. (|s|an. lcrds cf Mcnannad)
Slanding alop a luiiaI giound, I valched as giave iolleis dug
up lhe peopIe. ßeginning lo civ, a snaII hoIe appeaied in nv heail and
legan lo lIeed. The pail of ne lhal vas dead vas leing iesuiiecled
lhiough an inliicale divine pIan: and as vilh aII kaina, il huil. No one
aloul ne couId see nv pain lul Red Hoise, vho pIaced his hand ovei
nv heail and heaIed il.
"Woe to µou uho hoµe ln the f|esh and ln the µrlson that ul|| µerlsh!"
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc 8cc| cf Tncnas |nc Ccn|cndcr. Pagc 205. Paragrapn 1-
2. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Red Iackel descended in a spiiaI of eneigv. "Whv do vou
nouin foi lhal vhich vou have nol Iosl`" Looking inlo his deep Ioving
eves, I ieaIized lhal Iove is nevei Iosl, no nallei vhal lhe ciicunslance.
Love . . . ienains.

|ign| fi||s |nc dcs|inu cf fa|c uinds firc. prcsaic incursicns cf |nc car|n|u ncur
8caning uni|c ncatcns. |nc dus| frcn |nc sucrd. ncnuncn|s s|anding cf cur daus cn
|nc car|n
G|caning |cars s|rcaning. fircs cf |nc ncar|. ncncrics cnrap|urcd. rcncnocr |nc gccd
|ctc-fi||cd i||usicns snarcd cn |nc p|ains. rcgard|css cf rcascn. |ctc a|uaus rcnains

Pccring in |nc cucs cf |nc fa|c uinds firc. |nc sccncs ccnc in f|asncs. sccncs frcn afar
Tnc uinds cf fa|c. drauing |ncn ncar. |nc dccpcs| cf unicns. a|| occcncs c|car
| scc ucur |rucncss. ucu'tc cntisicncd ninc.
lc'tc rcccgnizcd cacn c|ncr. ui|nin |nc ccnfincs cf |inc

"When µou ulsh to contract somethlng. µou must momentarl|µ exµand lt: When
µou ulsh to ueaken somethlng. µou must momentarl|µ strengthen lt: When µou
ulsh to re]ect somethlng. µou must momentarl|µ ]oln ulth lt: When µou ulsh to
selte somethlng. µou must momentarl|µ glte lt uµ. Thls ls ca||ed 'subt|e
Tac Tc Cning. Nc. 80. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tzu. Trans|a|icn. Vic|cr H.

(Miiioiing of Kaina)

"The ho|µ ange|s galn a knou|edge of God not bµ the sµoken uord but bµ the
µresence ln thelr sou|s of that lmmutab|e Truth uhlch ls the on|µ-begotten Word
of God . . . Therefore. ln the sense l hate exµ|alned abote. the knou|edge uhlch
theµ hate ln Hlm ls as c|ear as daµ|lght. uhereas uhat theµ hate ln themse|tes
ls |lke the tul|lght."
Ci|u cf Gcd. Cnap|cr 29. Paragrapn 1-2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. Augus|inc)


"So. through us. |lfe becomes auare. because |lfe uants to exµerlence ltse|f
through us. through our auareness. Llfe exµerlences beautµ through the uaµ.
The uaµ means belng lnslde the µurltµ of |lftlng. beµond tlme auareness. so that
uhat ue see and uork ls the beautµ around us."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr 3. Pagc 89. Paragrapn 2. (Trioa|. Tiua. Au|ncr. ]cscpn
IIving lo an encanpnenl neai lhe lank of lhe ocean, I sav lvo
vonen diovning in lhe vasl sea. Iunping in, I saved lhen lolh. AII of
nv fiiends veie valching, and lhev appioached ne vilh deep Ioving
vilialions queIIing aloul lhen. Red Iackel appeaied and pul his ains
aiound ne. "Mv deai spiiil, vhv do vou judge vouiseIf`" In fiuslialion,
I ciied oul, "I couIdn'l ieach lhen!" Theie veie nanv souIs I'd
guaidianed on lhe giound, vho seened nol lo have accepled lhe hand
of lhe eleinaI in lheii Iives. Al lhal nonenl, I noliced seveiaI of lhese
speciaI souIs vailing foi ne. Red Iackel legan lo iead a poen lhal
Odvssev had viillen.

| scc i||usicns
A|| in fcrn
| scc frus|ra|icns
And |ingcring pain

8cnca|n |nc facadc
Tnc csscncc is c|car
And in nu ncar|
||'s a|uaus ncar
Truc ccnncc|icns
Arc a|| | scc
Tna| is |nc ocau|u
Aocu| nc

One of lhen said, "Though uc nav nol feeI oui liue
conneclions in foin, vou shouId peiceive voui aliIilv lo do so as a
leaulifuI gifl lo us. We Iove vou foi voui puiilv of knoving. Don'l vou
ieaIize lhal lo us, vou aie one of lhe veiv fev vho peiceive onIv oui
Iighl ialhei lhan oui iIIusion` Theie is no giealei gifl lhan lhis!" SniIing
al lheii kindness, Red Iackel vas nov hoIding lvo goId nedaIs in his
hands. "These aie lhe goId nedaIs of couiage and liaveiv. Il lakes a
sliong and Ioving spiiil lo enlei lhese ieaIilies." Ioinling lo lhe ocean,
he conlinued, "You have puIIed lhen fion lhe deplhs of iIIusion and
shovn lhen Iighl."
In a fIash, nv spiiil vas al a viIdeiness ielieal as an oId nan
veaiing vhile ioles cane lo hand ne a chail of nv spiiiluaI jouinev.
On il veie picluies, and lhe heading iead, "Ialh lo AngeIs TviIighl." A
picluie of lhe oId nan vho had cone vas on lhe chail, and lenealh his
inage, his nane vas viillen. 'Toan,' il said, 'he vho cones lo aid lhe
angeI's jouinev inlo lviIighl.' InnedialeIv, I knev lhal lhe lviIighl . . .
is kaina. The nexl picluie vas of nvseIf as a Iighled leing, an angeI.
ßeIov il vas nv nane, 'Odvssev,' and leIov nv nane veie lhiee
voids, 'Nuise - Nun - Lve.' In ilaIics nexl lo lhe picluie, il said, 'WiII
lecone capalIe of naleiiaIizing in and oul of ieaIilies, and lecone
liuIv lianspaienl.'
SuddenIv, seveiaI angeIs appeaied aiound ne, vhispeiing
ovei and ovei, "AngeI's lviIighl, angeI's lviIighl . . ." Slaiing in ave of
lheii essence, lhev vhispeied again, "AngeIs in foin opeiale in lhe
lviIighl, foi lheii Iighl is veiIed lv lhe iIIusion. AngeIs in lviIighl nusl
enlei lhe undeivoiId vilhoul shadoving lhe essence of lheii angeIic
puipose." Sone angeIs do incainale foi lhe soIe puipose of niiioiing lo
olheis lhe liue eleinaI naluie of Iove, and lhese angeIs aie caIIed,
'AngeIs TviIighl CIeaning.' ßul even souIs vho opeiale in lhe lviIighl
of kaina can peifoin lhe voik of angeIs. Thiough lheii ovn deIusions,
lhev nav funclion as niiiois lo lhose vho seek lo see lheii ovn vice
noie cIeaiIv. Much knovIedge is achieved expeiienliaIIv, and a souI
nusl iecognize ils ovn daikness, lefoie il can conpiehend lhe liue
naluie of lhe Iighl. SouIs such as lhese aie lhe AngeIs in lhe TviIighl.

Hiddcn in |nc |ui|ign|. |nc nas|crs sncu |nc Scurcc
Hiddcn in cur fcars. uc find cur nigncs| ccursc
Tnc g|caning |ign| cf cnc. nu aura's sccn |nc s|ar
Tnc angc|'s purpcsc fc||cucd. ncu |nc |uc nus| par|

Angc|s in |nc |ui|ign|. spiri|s scc|ing ncnc
8u| pa|nuaus ncrgc and pa|nuaus crcss. scnc |a|c diffcrcn| rcads
Can | gitc |ncn frccdcn. and. |ncrcfcrc. frcc nusc|f
Or ui|| | nc|d |c pas| gccd-oucs and fcar |nc ccning pa|n

|ctc |nc angc|'s |ui|ign|. rc|casc |ncn cn ncu f|ign|
Scnd |ncn cff ui|n gra|i|udc. and |a|c ucur pa|n |c |ign|

Do nol le ignoianl of lhose vho leach lhese noie difficuIl
Iessons in Iife, foi lhev ui|| cone. Sone viII Iie, cheal, leliav, doninale
. . . sone nav Iove vou and Ieave vou . . . aII of lhen viII lake fion vou,
vhelhei il le leIongings, soneone vou Iove, oi even voui heail. OnIv
lhe liue seekei viII ieaIize lhe exchange . . . sone seekeis, if lhev aie
quile honesl, viII legin lo viev lheii ovn seIves noie cIeaiIv. Mosl of
us do nol aIvavs iecognize lhe pain lhal ve cause, onIv lhal vhich ve
suslain, as lhis is lhe seIfishness of kaina. ßul sonelhing is given
anidsl lhe lieacheiv, as vou aie peifoining a heavenIv funclion on
each olhei's lehaIf, lhough neilhei of vou nav le avaie of il. You aie
pioviding a niiioi . . .
To eveivlhing lheie is a season, and oui Iessons in Iife cone in
Cod's divine lining, and so, loo, do lhev end. ße nol Iike unlo lhe souI
vho veeps, lul nevei iaises ils head lo lhe knovIedge coning fion
alove. ße nol Iike lhose vho vouId nouin, lul nol Iislen lo lhe voice
of visdon lhal guides lhen avav fion lheii lioulIes. Ioi in eveiv
soiiov, lheie is an epiphanv. In eveiv epiphanv, huniIilv is liilhed.
The aII neicifuI Loid piolecls us in oui ignoiance foi a line, lul vhen
lhal line passes, if ve have nol Iislened, lhe Loid does vilhdiav and
Ieave us lo vilhsland lhe liue consequences of oui nislakes.
"Your Lordshlµ ls mµ on|µ means of gettlng out of thls darkest reglon of
lgnorance because You are mµ transcendenta| eµe. uhlch. bµ Your mercµ on|µ. l
hate attalned after manµ. manµ blrths."
Tnc Tcacnings cf |crd Kapi|a. Cnap|cr 6. Tcx| 8. (Hinduisn. Au|ncr. A.C.
8na||itcdan|a Suani Praonupada)
Vieving lhe Lailh fion a nuIli-dinensionaI peispeclive, I
noliced cvIindiicaI spaceships vilh shining puipIe, lIue and ied Iighls
soaiing acioss lhe skv in siIence. Venusian vesseIs of lIue-gieen civslaI
veie aiiiving and Ianding on lhe Lailh. AngeIs veie coning inlo lhe
voiId in lhis nannei. A nagnelic voice of one chined, "The angeIs aie
coning!" Voices iefeiiing lo lhe cvIindiicaI vesseIs spoke. "We have
cone fion Mais lo aid in lhe liansilion lo Iighl. We aie coning lo vou,
viII vou piepaie foi oui coning`!" "Yes! Yes!" I said, "Shov ne vhal I
need lo do!" IIving lo ne, a lianspaienl angeI handed ne a piece of
papei vilh hundieds of queslions indicalive of nv Iov seIf-esleen.
'Whv do I deseive aII lhis Iove` I'n nol voilhv of lhe gifls I've leen
given, of lhe voik I do foi Cod, vhv isn'l soneone eIse doing il` Hov
can I expeiience so nuch jov vhen olheis aie suffeiing`' Ansveiing lhe
queslions, lhe angeIs said. "You deseive lhis sinpIv lecause vou exisl.
Those vho do nol do lhis, don'l lecause lhev did nol choose lo, and vou
aie expeiiencing jov lecause vou have chosen Iove ovei feai. When vou
ansvei aII lhese queslions vilh Iove, vou viII have piepaied vouiseIf
foi lhe enliv of lhe angeIs."
Cazing in ave, I asked, "Whv do vou cone fion Mais, il is
such a desoIale pIanel`" ChuckIing, lhe angeIs iepIied, "Thiid-
dinensionaIIv speaking il appeais so. ßul acluaIIv, Mais is a vondeifuI
pIace lo sellIe."
"Betueen the centra| ls|e of Paradlse and the lnnermost of the Hatona µ|anetarµ
clrcults there are sltuated ln sµace three |esser clrcults of sµecla| sµheres. The
lnnermost clrcult conslsts of the seten secret sµheres of the Unltersa| |ather: the
second grouµ ls comµosed of the seten |umlnous uor|ds of the Eterna| Son: ln the
outermost are the seten lmmense sµheres of the lnflnlte Sµlrlt. the executlte-
headquarters uor|ds of the Seten Master Sµlrlts."
Tnc Uran|ia 8cc|. Papcr 13. Nc. 0. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Uran|ia)
Soaiing lhiough line, I enleied lhe lodv of a Spanish vonan
in Soulh Aneiica. Living in lhe hiIIs veiv cIose lo lhe foinei Iand of lhe
Incas, a ieIic of vhal once vas ienained in lhis pIace, a voin dovn
anphilhealei vilh a slone podiun. Having leen Incan Iand, lhe peopIe
Iiving heie veie veiv supeislilious aloul lhe ghosls of lhe ancienl
Incans and nevei venl neai lhe ieIic.
In ceilain vavs, lhis Iifeline vas iesonanl of lhe line vhen I
vas lhe 'Deilv of Avacucho.' Lveiv nighl, I venl lo lhe podiun lo chanl
and piav foi lhe souIs of lhose vho had once vaIked lhe Iand. Weaiing
a vispv vhile lIouse vilh a fIoving ied skiil, I danced aloul lhe spol
jusl as lhe Deilv of Avacucho had danced acioss lhese veiv skies
hundieds of veais lefoie. Aiound nv neck I voie a sliing of leads,
coslune jeveIiv vhich heId alsoIuleIv no significance.
On nv vav hone lhiough lhe nounlains, I usuaIIv slopped lo
luv lakeiv goods fion a IocaI vonan. HvsleiicaIIv one dav, she loId
ne lhal she had seen a vonan dancing in lhe anphilhealie and she
vas afiaid salanic voiship nighl le al hand. Leading ne lo a lack
vindov, lhe podiun vas in viev of hei house. "ShouId I caII in lhe
aulhoiilies`" She asked. "Whal do vou lhink is going on`" CaIning
hei, I iepIied, "I ieaIIv don'l lhink vou need lo voiiv aloul il, honev."
"ßul don'l vou knov lhal lhal vas lhe pIace vheie lhe Incans nade
saciifices`" Suipiised, I hadn'l knovn lhis, and I legan lo feeI a
conpeIIing sadness foi lhe suffeiing of lhose vho had expeiienced such
a hoiiendous fale. ßul lefoie I Iefl, she noliced nv leads and
connenled on hov unusuaI and piellv lhev veie.
SeveiaI fiiends joined ne ovei line in nv piaveis foi lhe souIs
of lhe dead vho had leen saciificed in such a hoiiific nannei in lhis
pIace. Living in a snaII secIuded aiea, lhe onIv olhei peopIe I had
ieguIai conlacl vilh veie lvo Spanish faniIies vho Iived nexl dooi.
One dav vhiIe vaIking hone, I ian inlo one of nv neighlois vho
innedialeIv louched nv leads and puIIed avav, afiaid. "DeviI
vonan!" he said IoudIv. "Whal's viong, nv fiiend`" Ieai enanaled
fion hin, as he fioze in his spol. "Whv do vou caII ne deviI vonan`"
"You," he slulleied, "vou veai lhe leads." "Il is jusl a neckIace, nv
fiiend." "We viII gel lhen, and lhen vou viII have no noie povei."
VioIenlIv, he gialled nv neck.
Tuining lo iun, I venl in lhe olhei diieclion foi niIes.
Calching up lo lhe Incan spol, I knev lhal I vouId le safe lheie foi a
IillIe vhiIe lecause lhe peopIe veie afiaid lo cone heie. SeveiaI of nv
fiiends veie lheie, and ve concIuded lhal soneone had seen nv leads
vhich idenlified ne as lhe spiiil dancei, and alliiluled 'povei' lo lhen.
CaIIed in lo aid in oui capluie, Red Iackel vas one of lhe
Iavnen vho cane Iooking foi us. Consideiing ne lhe Ieadei, lhev
liuIv leIieved lhal if lhev couId jusl gel lhe leads I voie lhal nv
'povei' vouId le nuIIified.
Aiianging lo neel oui puisueis aIone in pIaces lhev vouIdn'l
anlicipale, Red Iackel vas lhe one vho cane lo neel ne. He vas a
nidsize Spanish nan vho voie a giav suil nosl of lhe line vhich vas
veiv duslv fion liaveI. Slein and seiious, I vouId liv lo nake hin
Iaugh, and I couId conlinue lhis lecause as Iong as I voie lhe leads he
vas afiaid lo appioach ne foi capluie.
Ovei line, hovevei, Red Iackel's cuiiosilv gol lhe lellei of
hin. SliongIv alliacled lo each olhei, ve legan aiianging seciel
neelings vhiIe I vas on lhe iun. Meeling in lhe nounlains, in caves, oi
in vasl voodIands, his slein conposuie vouId change lo a sniIe, as ve
lecane veiv cIose. "I undeisland vou nov, and I knov lhal vhal lhe
peopIe have said is unliue. ßul if I can jusl have lhe leads, lhen lhe
peopIe viII le convinced lhal vou have leen sliipped of voui poveis."
Laughing, I iipped lhen fion nv neck. "Heie, lake lhen, il viII nake
vou a heio and vou deseive lhal." Taking nv leads, he ieached aiound
his neck ieliieving a Iockel. SiIvei and veiv oId, lheie vas a picluie of
hin inside vhich shoved lhe slein gIaze, a pail of hin lhal I iaieIv sav.
"This is vouis lo ienenlei ne lv."
IuIIed oul of lhe Iifeline, Red Iackel availed ne in lhe spiiil
voiId. SliII hoIding lhe Iockel, lhe picluie legan lo change as lhe slein
Iook changed lo a sniIe. "This is vhal vou gave ne," Red Iackel said,
"nonenls of sniIes. Thal is lhe nosl leaulifuI gifl vou can give." Nol
ieaIizing lhe inpoilance of his voids al lhal line, 'nonenls' vas lhe
kev. HoIding lhe Iockel lo nv heail, Red Iackel said, "In lhis Iife, ve aie
giving each olhei lhe sane gifl, nonenls of sniIes and happiness."
"Through belng attached to |ltlng belngs l am comµ|ete|µ obscured from the
µerfect rea|ltµ. mµ dlsl||uslonment (ulth cµc|lc exlstence) µerlshes and ln the end
l am tortured bµ sorrou."
Tnc Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr 8. Nc. 7. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an.
Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
Silling anidsl an office lecause lheie vas lusiness lo allend
lo, an angeI slood aside lhe inage of a peison vho fIickeied in and oul
of lhis ieaIilv. InnedialeIv knoving hin lo le an aspecl of IuIiosa, he
Iooked diffeienl, lul vas veaiing a lusiness suil. One viapped and
lhe olhei unviapped, lvo gifls Iaid on lhe desk. Red Hoise had
aIieadv given his gifl lo nv souI vhich vas denonslialed in lhe
unviapped gifl, lul lhe olhei viapped gifl had nol vel leen given.
"Theie she is," lhe lhiee vonen shouled exciledIv as lhev
enleied lhe ioon and legan lo panpei ne. "He has asked us lo aII lake
caie of vou unliI he is ieadv lo cone inlo voui ieaIilv." IIickeiing in
and oul again, I couId feeI lhe Iove lhal lhis peison loie nv souI.
Handing ne lhe viapped gifl, one of lhe vonen said, "This is foi vou,
lul vou can'l open il unliI vou neel hin on lhe eailh-pIane in lhiee
veeks. Nov lhal vou've ansveied aII lhe queslions of voui spiiil vilh
Iove, vou have nagnelized Iove." Undeislanding nolhing, I nodded
and disappeaied fion lhe ieaIn.
"The nearer µou come to God the |ess µou are dlsµosed to questlon and reason
When µou come uµ to Hlm. uhen µou beho|d Hlm as the Rea|ltµ. then a|| nolse.
a|| dlsµutatlons are at an end."
Tcacnings cf Sri Rana|risnna. Dispu|a|icn. Nc. 568. Paragrapn 2. (Hinduisn)
Toan aiiived lo lake ne inlo lhe eneigv of Red Iackel's
fiagnenl on lhe giound, Red Hoise, lecause nv spiiil vas having
difficuIlv Ielling hin go. Aflei aII, I'd nevei done il in hundieds of Iives,
vhal shouId nake il diffeienl lhis line aiound` Looking al ne IovingIv,
Red Hoise asked, "Whal do vou see vhen vou Iook al ne`" SiIenlIv, I
iepIied, "I Iove vou." Manv lhoughl-foins legan lo appeai of hoiiid
and vioIenl scenes. "Il's nv spiiil vou Iove, do vou nol` You see onIv
nv spiiil`" Nodding, I conveved lhal lhis vas liue. "You sav vou
undeisland ne, lul do vou . . . ieaIIv`" "I don'l knov," I iepIied, as
suddenIv lhe feaifuI inages legan lo cone lo Iife vilh a fuiv.
Sanuiai svoidsnen chased ne, and a piIe of lalleied and
lIoodv peopIe appeaied, scieaning foi heIp. Appeaiing leside hin
vas nv falhei, diunk and vioIenl, and inages of lhe nan vho had
iaped ne veais lefoie. Ciouching lo lhe giound, I legan lo civ, "I don'l
knov! I don'l knov!" AII of lhe inages suddenIv junped up and cane
aflei ne, lul I didn'l nove foi I vas unalIe lo iespond.
Red Hoise cane in and caiiied ne oul of lhe ness and vilh
deep Iove in his eves, he said, "Don'l vou see vhal I iepiesenl lo vou
nov` I an aII voui feais in one package. I an lhe nan vho uses vou
and huils vou: I an lhe faniIv vho cannol Iove vou lecause vou aie
diffeienl. I an voui falhei . . . lhe vioIenl and diunken one. I an lhe
vaiiioi eneigv, vhich vou dc nc| undcrs|and, and vou fcar." Civing, I
knev he vas iighl.
Red Iackel appeaied in lhe cenlei of lhe spiiaI. "Youi jol is nol
lo le undeislood, lul lo le undcrs|anding. Nolhing anvone does is
iejeclion of vou, lul of lheii seIf. In oidei lo iesoIve lhis kaina, vou
nusl le alIe lo knov fion vilhin, lhal Red Hoise Ioves vou
undeinealh aII his iIIusions, and vou cannol vail lo heai il fion hin.
You nusl |ncu il lecause il is liue."
Toan appeaied and shoved ne Red Hoise's lovie knife.
"You aie aloul lo see lhe eneigv of lhe knife, a side of hin vou haven'l
vel seen." Walching as Red Hoise gol inlo a fighl vilh peopIe in a lai, I
venl inlo a seveie aslhna allack. Offeiing ne an enelic lo puige lhis
eneigv fion nv svslen, I shouled, "I don'l need il!" Nol vanling lo Iel
hin go even nov, Toan iepIied, "Aie vou going lo give eveivlhing up
foi hin`" "No, lul I Iove hin!" I shouled. "Hov can I Ieave hin
lehind`" Touching nv heail, he said, "He'II aIvavs le iighl heie. Red
Hoise sliII opeiales fion lhe sane fiequencv of his Iifeline as Red
Iackel." ßeginning lo undeisland, I ienenleied lhal lheie vas a side of
Red Iackel I'd nevei ieaIIv leen a pailv lo, lhe vioIenl pail of hin lhal
nade hin one of lhe nosl vanled Indians lecause of his skiII in lallIe.
"You aie afiaid of his lvinness. The vioIence vou see is his iIIusion
living lo undeisland ils ovn naluie. You don'l undeisland each olhei
lecause he foIIovs lhe palh of lhe vaiiioi, and vou foIIov lhe palh of
peace: lul lhe iionv is lhal lolh palhs evenluaIIv Iead lo Iove. Don'l le
afiaid of lhe vaiiioi vilhin hin . . . seek lo undeisland il."
Wilhin a fev davs, I vilnessed lhis face of Red Hoise in nv
vaking Iife, on lhe giound. Hoiiified, I hadn'l pieviousIv aIIoved
nvseIf lo see his vioIenl naluie, lhough signs of il veie evidenl and in
cIeai viev. You can Iove soneone's souI lul le inconpalilIe vilh lheii
peisonaIilv. Love vas nuch Iaigei lhan ne, and ils neaning vas
sonelhing I didn'l vel fuIIv undeisland.
Red Iackel inleijecled, "You have lhiovn lhe iope in lhe valei,
nov he nusl eilhei diovn oi gial hoId of il." Having shovn hin
anolhei diieclion he couId lake, il vas nov enliieIv up lo hin as lo
vhelhei he vouId seek il. A vasl diffeience exisls lelveen kainic and
eleinaI ieIalionships as souIs cone logelhei lo leach each olhei aloul
lhe liue and faIse naluies of Iove. ßv iecognizing vhal is liue, ve
sIovIv legin lo assiniIale vhal is faIse. ßv iecognizing vhal is faIse,
ve sIovIv legin lo assiniIale vhal is liue. ßecause of lheii puipose,
nosl kainic ieIalionships aie nonenlaiv, aiiiving veiv poveifuIIv al
an inpoilanl juncluie in oui Iives, and jusl as quickIv disappeaiing.
LleinaI ieIalionships aie usuaIIv of a noie Iasling quaIilv.
The naluie of kaina is lo liv lo fcrcc lhings lo lecone vhal
vou lhink lhev shouId le, vheieas, lhe naluie of lhe eleinaI is lo a||cu
lhings lo unfoId inlo vhal lhev aie leconing. ßecause of lhese
diffeiences, kainic ieIalionships lend lo le quile chaolic vilh nanv
highs and Iovs, vheieas, eleinaI ieIalionships lhal have ieached
fiuilion lecone peacefuI and seiene slaving noie aIong lhe niddIe
giound. Kaina is seIfish and seeks foi ils ovn gialificalion, vhiIe lhal
vhich is eleinaI is seIfIess and seeks foi Cod's gialificalion. Kainic
ieIalionships dininish lhe individuaIs invoIved in lhen, vheieas
eleinaI ieIalionships aie oidained lv lhe Loid foi lhe veiv ieason lhal
lhev eneigize lhe polenliaIs vilhin lhen, naking lhe lvo giealei
logelhei lhan lhev aie apail. Kaina is chaos, vhiIe lhal vhich is eleinaI
is peace.
IionicaIIv, lhe insalialIe enpliness lhal diives us in seaich of
olhei peopIe and lhings is liuIv spaiked lv lhe souI's lhiisl foi union
vilh Cod. Heiein Iies lhe giealesl deIusion lhal can le alliiluled lo aII
kaina, il seeks in lhe viong diieclion foi ils fuIfiIInenl. LuslfuIIv
chasing aflei lhe vhoIe of ciealion, lhe Iosl one does nol find peace.
OnIv lv seeking lhe scurcc of aII ciealion can a souI allain Iileialion
fion eIusive diives. OnIv in Cod, can a souI find peace.
"Seek thou not uhat ls µ|easant and adtantageous to thµse|f. but uhat ls
acceµtab|e and honourab|e unto Me: for lf thou ]udgest rlght|µ. thou must
choose and fo||ou after Mµ aµµolntment rather than thlne oun deslre . . .
A|readµ thou |ongest to be ln the g|orlous |lbertµ of the chl|dren of God . . . but
the hour ls not µet come there remalneth stl|| another season. eten a season of
uarfare. a season of |abour and µrobatlon. Thou deslrest to be fl||ed ulth the
Chlef Good. but thou canst not attaln lt lmmedlate|µ. l AM that Good: ualt for
Me. untl| the Klngdom of God sha|| come."
Tnc |ni|a|icn cf Cnris|. Tnc Tnird 8cc|. Cnap|cr X||X. Nc. 3. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr.
Tncnas A Kcnpis)
Taken lo see Red Hoise in lhe asliaI slale, he vas nanifesling
as sul-conscious asliaI, neaning he vas asIeep in his diean. Wilhoul
nv conlioI, nv spiiil legan naleiiaIizing in lhe ioon, and he sav ne.
"Hov do vou do aII lhis`" He asked. "I've loId vou lhal I foIIov a veiv
puie palh of spiiil, lul vou did nol leIieve ne." Ianicking, I ciied oul,
"I've golla gel oul of heie!" Looking foi an avenue of escape, he slopped
ne and quielIv asked, "Mav I gel a Iealhei lie foi voui haii`" A sign of
ieconciIialion, I accepled il. (Theie aie nanv diffeienl IeveIs of exislence
upon vhich a souI can nanifesl asliaIIv. In lhis case, as in olheis vheie
I nenlion naleiiaIizing, I an nol speaking aloul a phvsicaI
naleiiaIizalion: lul ialhei, a naleiiaIizalion fion a highei fiequencv
lhan lhe dieanei, lo lhe fiequencv of lhe diean, vheiein lhe dieanei
can lhen see ne vilhin his diean. Il is nol unconnon foi nv souI lo le
given lianspaiencv in lhe slalus of dieans, foi lhe puipose of
IuIIing ne inlo a deep vilialionaI slale, Red Iackel spoke, "I'n
liinging vou lack," he said, "vou haven'l even noliced haIf of lhe
inpiovenenls I've given lo vou, have vou` I'n liinging vou lack,
iesloiing voui vilialion. Nolice vhal ve've done foi each olhei, lhe
gifls veie nuluaI." Mv vilialions veie iaised veII alove lhe sinking
alvss I had fIung nvseIf inlo, and I voved nevei again lo Ieave lhe
heavenIv alode, Iosing nvseIf in anolhei.
"ln the f|ash of |lght are the ashes that f|µ us beµond us ln ulsdom and lnto
memorµ. µ|aclng us lnto the here of tlgl|ance and the nou of seeklng. ln the
beglnnlng uas a f|ash of |lght ln uhlch eterµthlng uas knoun and seen. ln that
moment uas the beglnnlng. the end and eterµthlng ln betueen."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr Tnrcc. Pagc 76. Paragrapn 2. (Trioa|. Tiua. Au|ncr ]cscpn
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe piophecv in iegaids lo a
nanifeslalion of IuIiosa coning inlo nv Iife . . . occuiied. ßul I had aIso
nel anolhei peison lhal I had decided nol lo gel lo knov lellei, vhich
vas lhe suljecl of lhe foIIoving expeiience.
CenlIv Iifling nv spiiil lo a ieaIn of vhile fiIIed vilh looks,
Toan Ied ne lo a ioon vheie a snaII oId vonan availed nv aiiivaI.
In lhe haII of iecoids, lhe Iadv vas hoIding a veiv ancienl lexl. "Il is lhe
'Tanadia.'" Toan said.
"Whv vouId vou avoid lhe Iesson` Whal do vou feai`" lhe
vonan asked veiv conpassionaleIv. Confused, I didn'l knov vhal she
neanl. IIipping lhiough lhe pages of nv peisonaI Tanadia, she cane
lo a seclion lilIed lv lhe nane of lhis peison I'd jusl nel of vhon I had
no inlenlion of gelling lo knov fuilhei. Ioinling lo a seclion she vanled
ne lo iead, il said, 'Iuilhei insliuclion in lhe vaiiioi eneigv.' "Il is voui
choice," she said, "lul vou aie luining dovn nanv Iessons foi voui
spiiil lv choosing nol lo see hin again. Il is in voui spiiils highesl
inleiesl lo iecognize lhe conneclion." "Cone vilh ne," Toan said, as he
look nv hand and ieluined ne lo nv lodv.
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe veiv nexl dav lhis peison
conlacled ne, vanling lo gel logelhei. Choosing lo spend sone line
vilh hin, I quickIv ieaIized lhal he vas exaclIv Iike Red Iackel in lhe
sense of aggiession. ReaIizing lhal lhe sane lvpe of lehavioi in anv
olhei souI iepuIsed ne, il lecane cIeai lhal il vas lhe Iove I heId foi
Red Iackel's souI vhich nade ne lIind lo his liue vavs on lhe giound.
"Aµµroach not lntegrltµ ulth a doub|e heart: nor be assoclated ulth doub|e-
mlnded men: but ua|k. mµ chl|dren. ln rlghteousness. uhlch ul|| conduct µou ln
good µaths: and be truth µour comµanlon."
Tnc 8cc| cf |nccn. Cnap|cr XC. (Scc|. XV|||). Nc. 5. Pagc 146. (]udaisn. Cnris|iani|u)
"Seek µeace and µursue lt."
Tnc Ta|nudic An|nc|cgu. Nc. 244. S|anza 2. Y. Pcan. 1. 1. (]udaisn)
"The ancesliaI hand has leen heId oul lo vou, lul il viII nol
ieach lo vou, vou nusl ieach lo il." Iondeiing lhis nessage I'd leen
asked lo convev lo Red Hoise, il conlinued, "The Red eneigv is lhe
essence of lhe Lailh and lhe palh of lhe Lailh's liansfoinalion. The
vavs of oId luin inside and veain lo le ienenleied. The essence of
Nalive Aneiican spiiiluaIilv nusl le ieinlegialed vilhin. Whal has
leen foigollen viII suiface in an open heail. Youi liue naluie, lhal of
voui spiiil, knovs lhe vavs of oId and can liing lhen lack." Iiepaiing
lo deIivei lhe nessage, I knev lhal he vouId nol ieceive il veII.
Hesilaling, lhe eleinaI ieninded ne lhal il vas nv lask lo seive his
souI, nol his peisonaIilv. Undeislanding, I senl hin lhe nessage.
Veiv agilaled, Red Hoise aInosl scieaned al ne in lhe asliaI.
"Wheie did vou gel lhal nessage`" I didn'l iespond. Seelhing, I feIl lhe
eneigv of his confusion and confIicl. ßeginning lo chase ne, I ian
lhiough lhe voods. "Wheie did vou gel lhal nessage`" Laughing and
pIaving vilh hin, I said, "I don'l knov." Calching up, he ienained
angiv. "If onIv vou leIieved, vou vouId knov." I said. "Il lugs and
lugs al vou, lul vou iefuse lo Iislen vhen I leII vou vheie il liuIv cones
fion. You von'l leIieve in Red Iackel, vou von'l leIieve in voui liue
seIf." Ioi a nonenl, he vas caIn. "I'n so soiiv lhal vou'ie going
lhiough lhis nov, lul sonelines one nusl nuddIe lhiough lhe
confusion in oidei lo ieach lhe Iighl." Looking al ne vilh confusion, he
phased lo a diffeienl IeveI of consciousness in his diean and I vas
"He uho strltes to attaln that uhlch ls not for hlm |oses that uhlch uas
lntended for hlm."
Tnc Ta|nudic An|nc|cgu. Nc. 242. S|anza 1. (]udaisn)
IuIiosa's aspecl on lhe giound vas leconing a veiv inpoilanl
pail of nv Iife, and ve shaied deep fiiendship and Iove. AIlhough lhe
innocence and sinpIicilv of oui fiiendship vas sonelhing I needed al
lhe line, I knev lhal il vouId nol le a Iasling union: foi lhis fiagnenl
of IuIiosa on lhe giound vas nol on a spiiiluaI palh, and evenluaIIv, I
knev lhal lhis vouId leai us apail.
"'So |ong as ue are lmmersed ln bodµ consclousness. ue are |lke strangers ln a
forelgn countrµ.' the Master sald. 'Our natlte |and ls Omnlµresence.'"
Sauings cf Parananansa Ycgananda. Pagc 86. S|anza 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds
cf Parananansa Ycgananda)
IIving inlo lhe deplhs of space, I enleied a slai svslen lhal vas
vaslIv faniIiai, vel unienenleied vilhin nv souI. IIoaling in lhe
nidsl of il, I valched as slai svslens veie conveiging, and a leing vilh
lvo head connecled lv a V-shaped lodv vas fIoaling veiv jovousIv in
lhe spacious elheieaI ieaIn.
"IIease Iel ne Iook al vou and nake suie lhis is ieaIIv
happening." I said. "WeIcone lo lhe gaIaxies AIpha Cenlauii, AIpha
Onega, X, Y, and Z! WeIcone lo lhe consleIIalion of slai svslens
knovn as 'One.' I an he vho viiles vilh vou lhe look of lhe angeIs."
Slailing lo Iaugh vilh jov, I said, "You'ie lhe one vho's heIping ne
viile aloul lhe niiioiing slage of kaina`" "Yes," he iepIied, "ve've
leen voiking logelhei veiv veII." Dancing vilh jov, I said, "Il nusl le
so easv lo viile aloul angeIs heie." He sniIed again. "You aie veIcone
lo cone heie anvline. Does il inspiie vou lo le vilh us`" "Oh ves!" I
ciied oul, "Oh, ves!"
The nagnelic slais chined as lhev ciicIed in lheii dispIav of
oneness. CaIaxies veie ciicIing in lhe dislance and I vas avesliuck
fion lhe viev. ßul suddenIv, coiaI pink ioses legan lIossoning in lhe
skies alove ne, luigeoning inlo a leaulifuI lIoon. "IuIiosa!" I caIIed
oul inlo lhe heavens. He appeaied, as I ieaIized lhal lhe nan vilh lhe
iose had leen an aspecl of hinseIf. OnIv foi a nonenl, he appeaied,
and lhen he vas gone.
"Buddha sald. 'A|| thlngs are u|tlmate|µ |lberated. There ls nouhere that theµ
ablde.' You shou|d knou that eten though a|| thlngs are |lberated and not tled
to anµthlng. theµ ablde ln thelr oun µhenomena| exµresslon. Houeter. uhen
most human belngs see uater theµ on|µ see that lt f|ous unceaslng|µ. Thls ls a
|lmlted human tleu: there are actua||µ manµ klnds of f|oulng."
Mccn in a Dcudrcp. Mcun|ains and la|crs Su|ra. Sansui-Kuc. Nc. 13. (8uddnisn.
Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn Mas|cr Dcgcn)
"You have lecone veiv fiee in voui Iife, lhis is leaulifuI."
Toan said in lhe ancienl coIiseun, "lul vou nusl le noie
undeislanding of lhose vho avail in lheii ovn londage." Shoving ne
an inage of nv ex-husland, Andv, I sav lhal I had leen haish lo hin.
When ve veie naiiied, he had leen veiv conlioIIing and I iesenled
hin foi lhis. "When vou Ieain lo delach fion his conlioIIing lehavioi,
knoving il is sonelhing lhal he nusl go lhiough, vou viII find
foigiveness." Theie vas nuch noie foi vhich I needed his foigiveness,
lhan he vouId need of nine. Ioigiving hin, I sniIed al Toan in
gialilude, and ieIished lhe fiiendship vhich Andv and I had ielained
despile oui divoice.

Tncrc arc |incs in ucur |ifc uncn ucu fc||cu ucur ncar|.
Tncugn ucu dcn'| |ncu |nc ansucr. ucu fc||cu.
Manu pa|ns nau oc ca||ing and ucur nind |ncus nc| unu.
8u| ucur ncar| |c||s |nc ansucr and. ucu fc||cu.

Scnc|incs |ncrc arc |ncsc unc uai| pa|icn||u asidc.
la|cning |nc pa|n and ocsidc ucu. |ncu fc||cu.
Tncsc arc |nc spccia| cncs. unc |ncu nc| unu.
8u| occausc |ncu |ctc ucu. |ncu fc||cu.

| cannc| |c|| ucu unu cr uncrc |nc pa|n ui|| |cad.
8u| in nu ncar| | |ncu ucu'|| fc||cu.
And occausc cur |ctc is pa|icn|. |ctc is nctcr |cs|.
Our spiri|s. ncrgcd as cnc. ui|| fc||cu |ign|.'

"Peoµ|e ta|k of errors and suµerstltlons and µrlde themse|tes uµon book-
|earnlng. But the slncere detotee flnds the Lotlng Lord eter readµ to |end hlm a
he|µlng hand. lt matters not that he had been for a tlme ua|klng a|ong a urong
µath. The Lord knous uhat he uants and ln the end fu|fl||s the deslre of hls
Tcacnings cf Sri Rana|risnna. Spiri|ua| Prac|icc. Nc. 451. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf Sri
IunneIed lhiough lhe line lunneI, I diopped inlo lhe lodv of
a voung vonan vilh liovn haii diessed in an exquisile govn.
Kncuing I vas in ScolIand, ve veie living lo cioss lhe loideis as
luinoiI had oveilaken lhe counliv. WaIIs piolecled lhe cilv and vou
couId onIv Ieave al a ceilain line of dav, eIse vise vou couId le shol.
IuIiosa vas nv husland, and he had shoil ieddish haii vilh a nediun
size luiId. Weaiing laiIs and navv lIue laggv slielch panls, he vas a
veiv jeaIous nan. Mv liolhei and sislei, vho veie veiv deai lo ne,
veie aIso vilh us. As lhe vaIIs opened, lhe ciovds pouied lhiough lhe
gales, living lo escape lhis vai loin Iand. Nolicing a coIunn of soIdieis
in fionl of lhe vaII, lheii coIdness fiighlened ne. RacheI, nv sislei, vas
Iingeiing lehind, and I voiiied aloul hei.
Ciossing lhe vaII vilh no piolIens, ve vailed palienlIv foi
nv sislei lo calch up, lul oui conlenlnenl vas shoil-Iived as shols iang
oul fion lhe olhei side of lhe vaII. Deleinined lo find nv sislei, I ian
lovaids lhe shols as a faniIiai face capluied nv allenlion. IIiiling vilh
ne oflen, a nan vho eniaged IuIiosa snuck up fion lehind ne, pIacing
his ain aiound nv vaisl. Asking hin aloul RacheI, he nonchaIanlIv
iepIied, "Oh, vou didn'l knov` She didn'l nake il acioss." "Whal do
vou nean`!" I veIIed oul. He vas so diunk he had no sensilivilv lo lhe
giavilv of lhe silualion. Taking nv hand, he poinled ne in lhe diieclion
of lhe shols. In lhe dislance, lhe luIIel-iiddIed lodv of nv sislei Iav
vilh nanv olheis.
ßieaking dovn inlo leais, I asked hin lo lake ne lack lo
IuIiosa. As I vas veiv disliaughl, he pul his ain aiound nv vaisl as he
escoiled ne as IuIiosa luined lo Iook oui vav. Nolicing nv disliaughl
condilion, he junped lo lhe concIusion lhal lhis nan vas huiling ne
and chaIIenged hin lo a fighl ovei nv honoi. Despile nv vehenenl
piolesls, he vouIdn'l Iel il go.
SnaIIei lhan lhe olhei nan and olviousIv oulnalched, IuIiosa
vas deleinined lo piove his nanhood. IeopIe galheied aiound as lhev
piepaied lo fisl fighl. Iion nv foinei peispeclive, I had no olhei
aIleinalive lhan lo sil vilh lhe vonen, angeied and enlaiiassed lhal
he vas naking such a scene. Iiellv veII lealen a coupIe of ninules
inlo lhe fighl, IuIiosa knev lhis, so in a suipiise (and slupid) nove, he
puIIed oul his svoid. An expeil svoidsnan, I figuied he vouId
piolalIv nick lhe nan and Ieave il al lhal, lul lhe nan he vas fighling
vilh vas diunk, and he vas pIaving foi ieaI.
Seconds inlo lhe fighl, lhe diunken nan pIunged his svoid
diieclIv lhiough IuIiosa's heail. IaIIing lack, I scieaned in leiioi:
shocked, in leais, solling. Knoving lheie vas no hope, I heId hin in
nv ains. Iassing fion lhis voiId, I slaied in nunl disleIief. SeveiaI
vonen caughl ne as I feII lo lhe giound in shock. ßecause he chose lo
iisk his Iife foi sonelhing so slupid, I vas veiv angiv inside. I
IuIiosa appeaied in lhe skv, vaving his ains lo send ne lo
anolhei Iifeline.
Lnleiing lhe lodv of lIack vonan, nv husland and I veie
shaiecioppeis on a Iaige pIanlalion vilh oui lvo chiIdien. IuIiosa
didn'l have a good ieIalionship vilh lhe ovnei of lhe pIanlalion, and in
a fil of iage, he confionled hin and vas IileiaIIv vhipped lo dealh.
Speaking lo IuIiosa innedialeIv upon nv ieluin, I said, "Il
seens lhal I aIvavs Iose lhe one I Iove." "You undeisland lhe pallein,"
he said.

Tnc |ifc cf cnc rcnaincd unsccn. an angcr suc||ing dccp
A Scc||isn sucrdsnan. dca|n uisn |ccp. a ucnan's |ctc fcrcocding
|ingcring |ctc. unu dc ucu uccp. nc's |cf| ucu fcr ucur ncncr
Tnc |ics cf |ifc oring ncncrics oac|. |nc nus|crics cf ccnscicusncss dccp

|n |inc. ucu nc|d a |cu |c |ifc. a||cucd nc oid ucu |ctc
8u| |ncn ucu |cc| |na| |ctc auau. a| |nc nands cf a |cng. s|cc| |nifc
| fcc| i| ncu. |nc pain is ncu. a surging in nu ncar|
|n|cnsc cnc|icns. |nc fa||ing rain. fcr nundrcds cf ucars. i| orcucd

A ncncru ncu. nc ncrc nus|cru. |nis fcar cf snc|ncring |ctc
li|n frccdcn ccncs |nc safc|u sign. frcn |nc ccnscicusncss cf nu sca

"When thou uas under Mµ contro|. a|| creatures µle|ded to thee: but after thou
hast transgressed Mµ commandment. theµ a|| rlse oter thee."
Tnc |cs| 8cc|s cf |nc 8io|c and |nc |crgc||cn 8cc|s cf |dcn. Adan and |tc. Cnap|cr
X|V. Vcrsc 2-4. (Cnris|iani|u. ]udaisn)
The fiagnenl of IuIiosa on lhe giound vas veiv nouiishing lo
nv souI, lul lheie vas no vav aiound lhe facl lhal ve veie
inconpalilIe: he an eainesl dieanei, and nvseIf a dieanei seeking
ieaIilv. Mv spiiiluaI jouinev couId nol le heId lack, and his had nol vel
IuIiosa hoveied again in lhe cIouds. "Oui palhs aie going lo
pail, aien'l lhev`" I said. He nodded, 'Yes.' Oui palhs veie no Iongei
paiaIIeI. Oui souIs had cone logelhei lecause of Iove, and nov lhev
vouId pail . . . lecause of Iove.
"These three tertlca| |ete|s are ca||ed natura|. sµlrltua| and heaten|µ . . . theµ
grou a|ong a contlnuum. galnlng lnformatlon and gettlng dlscernment therebµ.
u|tlmate|µ reachlng that hlghest |ete| of dlscernment ca||ed a 'ratlona| facu|tµ.'
Thls ln ltse|f. houeter. does not serte to oµen the second |ete|. uhlch ls ca||ed
sµlrltua|. Thls ls oµened bµ a |ote of usefu| actltltles uhlch stems from
e|ements of dlscernment . . . Agaln. though. these ln themse|tes do not serte to
oµen the thlrd |ete|. uhlch ls ca||ed heaten|µ. Thls ls oµened rather bµ means of
a heaten|µ |ote of usefu| actltltµ. and thls |ote ls a |ote for the Lord."
Ditinc |ctc and lisdcn. Nc. 237. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr. |nanuc|
Having no enliance, lhe encIosed ciicuIai sliucluie piesenled a
chaIIenge lo lhe leckoning souI. "Il is lhe Seciel Caiden." A voice said.
Soaiing al cIose iange, a gIinneiing gieen svoid enanaled fion lhe
slone aloul foui feel fion lhe giound. "The Knife of lhe LneiaId!" I
inslincliveIv ienenleied. On lhe nexl slone slep lheie vas an inage of
a snaII lonalo lox. The Knife of lhe LneiaId vas svnloIic of couiage
lo enlei lhe gaiden, vhiIe lhe lonalo lox seived lhe puipose of
exliacling seeds of knoving and pIanling lhen in feiliIe giound.
Taking lhe looIs, I soaied lo lhe vaII, leconing lianspaienl lo enlei.
IIving lhiough lhe vaII, a fIoveiv gaiden vilh pIanls of aII
kinds exisled aIong vilh a iock palhvav vhich expanded inlo a palh
vhich consisled of scoies of nusic fion lhioughoul line elched in
slone. Shoving ne lhal in pievious exislences, Andv had lioughl sone
of lhese voiks inlo lhe eailh-pIane: noie nusic ienained on lhe
palhvav lhal had vel lo le lioughl inlo ieaIilv vhich I aIIoved lo enlei
inlo nv souI.
Soneone vas coning, and lhe saciedness of lhe gaiden nade
ne feeI as if I shouId hide foi I didn'l feeI voilhv lo le heie. ßul lhe
spiiil fIev lv, sniIing, "I knov vou'ie heie and an gIad of il." Soaiing
hone, nv line vas finished.
Knoving hov lo iead nusic and pIav lhe piano, I legan lo
leach nvseIf hov lo pIav lhe guilai and viile nusic so lhal I nighl
pieseive lhal vhich vas given lo ne in lhe voiId levond.
"The Master sald. 'On|µ common µeoµ|e ualt tl|| theµ are adtanced ln rltua|
and muslc (before taklng offlce)."
Tnc Ana|cc|s cf Ccnfucius. 8cc| X|. Nc. 1. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. Ccnfucianisn)
Soaiing lhiough line, nv spiiil fIev inlo lhe lodv of a voung
vhile vonan, nv diess lalleied and coveied in nud, I vas iunning,
liealhIess, lhiough lhe lhick of lhe voods. Losl and aIone, I slopped,
silling on a noss-coveied iock lo calch nv liealh. SeveiaI Indian nen
appeaied fion lehind liees and iocks, sone on fool and olheis on
hoise. Running WoIf vas lheii Ieadei, and he diiecled lhen lo lake ne
as a piisonei.
Coing vilh lhen, I feIl no feai foi lhev veie kind lo ne. When
I enleied lheii canp I vas given nev cIolhes lo veai: a luckskin diess
and noccasins. Wilhin a shoil peiiod of line, I lecane one of lhen.
As oui liile vas conlinuaIIv noving, and I vas nol as fil as lhe
olhei vonen, I oflenlines Iagged lehind lhe liaveIing land living lo
calch up lefoie Iong. ßul one afleinoon as I feII fuilhei lehind lhan
noinaI, I slopped foi a nonenl lo calch nv liealh. Mv liile vas fai in
lhe foiegiound and oul of viev. A Shavnee vai pailv cane lehind
ne, and I vas capluied.
Taking ne lack lo lheii canp, Red Hoise availed nv aiiivaI.
Having aIieadv cIained ne as his ovn, lhev lioughl ne lo hin as
anolhei nan hil ne on lhe head, knocking ne oul. Mv spiiil heaid lhe
voids of Red Hoise's angei as he ian lovaids hin. "We agieed lhal
lheie vouId le no vioIence againsl hei!" Iicking nv Iinp lodv fion
lhe giound, he caiiied ne inlo lhe voods.
Coning lo, I feIl as lhough I veie vaveiing in and oul of
ieaIilies. Coing deepei and deepei inlo lhe voods, he caiiied ne lo a
speciaI spol of vhich onIv he and I knev. On lhe side of a liee, a hoIe
appeaied. Lighl and civslaIs gIinneied fion vilhin, as he ieached his
hand inside lhe snaII cievice. "Do vou knov vhal lhis is`" He asked. "I
suie do," I said vilh leais in nv eves as I quielIv pIaced nv hand nexl
lo his inside lhe liee. "Lel us lake lhe ancesliaI hand logelhei."
AIlhough I knev lhis vas a sul-conscious expeiience foi hin, il vas
sliII quile ieIevanl lo his jouinev as a souI.
Lighl pouied lhiough lolh of us, and lefoie he vas lo go he
Iooked al ne one Iasl line. "I vouId die foi vou," he said. Il vas
"There are tuo blrds. tuo sueet frlends. uho due|| on the se|f-same tree. The
one eats the frults thereof. and the other |ooks on ln sl|ence. The flrst ls the
human sou| uho. restlng on that tree. though actlte. fee|s sad ln hls unulsdom.
But on beho|dlng the µouer and g|orµ of the hlgher Sµlrlt. he becomes free
from sorrou."
Tnc Upanisnads. Munda|a Upanisnad. Par| 3. Cnap|cr 1. Paragrapn 1-2. (Hinduisn.
Trans|a|icn. ]uan Mascarc)
Avaking in led, I Iooked up lo nolice a Iighled figuie of a nan
slanding al lhe fool of nv led. "Andv`" I caIIed oul lo no iepIv. Ieai
svepl ovei ne, as I veIIed oul, "Who aie vou, vho's heie`!" The Iighled
inage svepl up lo lhe ceiIing and expIoded inlo a Iighled goIden
"Dlfflcu|t ls lt to be born as a human belng: dlfflcu|t ls the exlstence of morta|s:
dlfflcu|t ls the hearlng of the Sub|lme Truth: rare ls the aµµearance of the
En|lghtened Ones . . ."
Dnannapada. Can|c X|V - Tnc |n|ign|cncd Onc. Nc. 182. Pagc 73. (8uddnisn)
IIoaling lo a iivei vheie a fenaIe guide vas vailing, she look
nv hand. "Il is line lo enlaik upon voui eleinaI palh," she said.
"Okav," I agieed, as a nan appeaied nexl lo hei. Rising lo neel nv
gaze, I asked, "Who is he`" "The nascuIine pail of vou," she iepIied.
IaniIiai and inlense, I couId nol liuIv ienenlei hin.
Soaiing, ve slopped al a Iake of iiidescenl lIue suiiounded lv
nounlains. Ieeiing inlo his eves, he caInIv ieached his hand lo ne and
said, "I have Ioved vou foievei." Mv heail ieached lo hin, "And I, vou."
Conveving leIepalhicaIIv lo us, lhe vonan said, "This Lake is no
oidinaiv Iake, foi il is fiIIed vilh aII lhe nineiaIs of lhe Univeise. As
vou sulneige vouiseIves inlo il, vou viII conpIeleIv change lhe
noIecuIai sliucluie of voui lodies, and vou viII lecone one." OuielIv .
. . hand in hand . . . ve vaIked inlo lhe valei.
"Therefore. uater ls not ]ust earth. uater. flre. ulnd. sµace. or consclousness.
Water ls not b|ue. µe||ou. red. uhlte. or b|ack. Water ls not forms. sounds
sme||s. tastes. touchab|es. or mlnd-ob]ects. But uater as earth. uater. flre.
ulnd. and sµace rea|ltes ltse|f."
Mccn in a Dcudrcp. Mcun|ains and la|crs Su|ra. Nc. 12. Pagc 102. Paragrapn 4.
(8uddnisn. Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn Mas|cr Dcgcn)

A nirrcr cf nu gra|i|udc |c a|| unc'tc snarcd nu pa|n
A|| |nc angc|s ccning fcr|n frcn |nc rcccsscs cf nu pas|
Dc ucu |ncu ucur gif|s |c nc. ctcru facc |'tc |ncun?
|f cn|u fcr a prccicus ncncn|. ucu'tc |cd nu pa|n |c ncnc

| |nin| cf cni|dnccd fan|asics. p|auna|cs running s|i||
li|nin |nc rcccsscs cf nu nind. |ncsc ncncn|s arc surrca|
|ricnds and |ctcrs. pa|ns fcrc|c|d. a|| unc oarcd |ncir scu|
And a|| unc'tc snarcd nu uar |crn |itcs. in |ctc uc'rc cnc fcrctcrncrc

Tnis ncncn| fi||cd ui|n gra|i|udc |c spiri|s f|ca|ing ou
|cs| scu|s. fricnds and spiri| guidcs. |nc angc|s in nu |ifc
Mirrcrs cf a|| |'tc nc|d insidc. |nc angc|s orcugn| |ncn fcr|n
|n rc|urn. |nis ncncn| s|i||s. gra|i|udc f|cus |nrcugn nu pcrcs

Angc|s. angc|s. angc| |ign|
||udcd fcr sc |cng
8u| ncu | scc ucur |ru|nfu| sc|f
Tnan| ucu. angc| scns

Tncrc is nc grca|cr |cacncr |nan a nirrcr cf cncsc|f
A nirrcr |cacncs uisdcn and sncus |nc nigncr pa|n
A ncncn| spcn| in sc|acc. a|cnc ui|n |ncugn|s cf |ifc
li|| ini|a|c |nc nirrcr and sncu |nc pa|n cf |ign|

Tc |ncsc unc'tc occn a nirrcr. and sncun nc uncrc |'n frai|
| |nan| ucu fcr |nc uisdcn
| |nan| ucu fcr |nc lau

"Those uho are beµond the dua|ltles that arlse from doubts . . . achlete
|lberatlon ln the Suµreme."
Tnc 8nagatad Gi|a. Cnap|cr 5. Vcrsc 25. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn. A.C. 8na||itcdan|a
Suani Praonupada)
(IgnItInn nf thc Etcrna! F!amc)

"Sometlmes a uaµ seems rlght to a man. but the end of lt |eads to death. Eten ln
|aughter the heart maµ be sad and the end of ]oµ maµ be sorrou. The scoundre|
suffers the consequences of hls uaµs . . ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Prctcros. Cnap|cr 14. Vcrsc 12-14
"Who can saµ. 'l hate made mµ heart c|ean. l am c|eansed of mµ sln?"
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Prctcros 20. Vcrsc 9


"Nou l am oteruhe|med that ln accord ulth µour lnstructlon l assumed the
garment of f|esh and hate to endure the fact that mµ oun members. uho are
bound to me bµ the sacrament of baµtlsm. shou|d turn auaµ from me and fa||
tlctlm to the son of corruµtlon and retere hlm. Yet l brlng home agaln those
among them uho hate fa||en. But l re]ect those uho remaln rebe||lous and c|lng
to etl|."
8cc| cf Ditinc lcr|s. Visicn Tcn. 34. Pagc 260. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
Au|ncr. Hi|dcgard cf 8ingcn. lcrds cf Cnris|)
The coIiseun vas din al lviIighl, as lhe liilesnen scuiiied
aloul lo conpIele ils consliuclion. Walching fion lhe eves of nv spiiil,
I hoveied ovei lhe scene in a slale of lineIessness iegaiding lhe
nessage of lhe ancienls and ils inpacl on nv piesenl Iife. SuddenIv
anongsl lhe iaucous, sonelhing legan eneiging fion lhe cenlei of lhe
"Whal is lhal`" I lhoughl deepIv lo nvseIf, as lhe inage in lhe
cenlei of lhe coIiseun conlinued lo giov. Appeaiing lo le a Iaige
goIden pvianid, a sphinx vas eneiging fion ils ciesl. A vind sliean
passed lv nv senses. "The goIden sphinx is eneiging," il conveved.
Linked lo lhe nvsleiies of Iife, dealh and ie-liilh, lhe sphinx
iepiesenled lhe dealh fion kainic deIusion and ieliilh inlo lhe Iighl of
Cod, lhe eneigv of ciealion in piogiess.
"What ls the cause of the cosmos? ls lt Brahman? |rom uhere do ue come? Bµ
uhat |lte? Where sha|| ue flnd µeace at |ast? What µouer goterns the dua|ltµ
of µ|easure and µaln bµ uhlch ue are drlten."
Tnc Upanisnads. Sntc|asnta|ara Upanisnad. Par| |. Nc. 1. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn.
||na|n |asuaran)
WaIking lovaids ne, lhe ancienl Lgvplian nan appioached in
lhe vindsvepl deseil. Disappeaiing lehind his lack, his hands
eneiged hoIding lvo oljecls: a slalue of a phoenix, and a vinged hoise.
Choosing lhe vinged hoise, I pIaced il on nv heail as il expIoded inlo a
dianond Iighl. "This is lhe eneigv of Sl. Hainonv CivslaI Iiie: il is nov
a pail of vou."
Handing ne lhe phoenix, I adniied lhe vingspan and najeslv
of lhe liid and legan lo hoId il lo nv heail. ßul foi no appaienl ieason,
I suddenIv lhiev il lo lhe giound, shalleiing il inlo lhousands of pieces.
Looking up al lhe nan vho'd given il lo ne, he said, "CongialuIalions!
You have shalleied lhe nvlh, and enleied lhe knoving of lhe
"And lf thou ul|t eten break the uho|e. and see those thlngs that are ulthout the
uor|d (lf there be anµthlng ulthout). thou maµest. Beho|d. hou great µouer.
hou great sulftness thou hast!"
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. 8cc| 10. Nc. 123-124. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
Taken lo a najeslic vanlon Iake, I vas inviled lo legin ice-
skaling on ils fiozen suiface. Despile lhe fiozen ice, fIoveis veie in
lIoon aII aiound lhe Iake and nanv ciovds veie lheie lo vilness lhis
nonenl. A leaulifuI Iadv descended fion lhe skv veaiing a goIden
ciovn of fIoveis, "I give vou nv daughlei, Odvssev!" she said.
Dancing on lhe ice, I legan lo feeI lhe fieedon of nv souI, as nv duII
and dial oulfil changed inlo lhal of a Iighl, fIoving and aiiv vhile
govn. Aiound nv vaisl vas a leaulifuI goIden lulleifIv. Speaking
again, lhe leaulifuI Iadv Iooked inlo nv eves vilh deplh. "The lulleifIv
is vhal vou've lecone: vou've eneiged fion lhe cocoon of kaina."
Taken lo a dislanl nounlain vheie a seciel vailed lo le
ieveaIed, I loaided an eIevaloi vhich couId lake vou lo anv of fiflv
diffeienl IeveIs on lhe hoIv nounlain vhich niiioied lhe nanv IeveIs of
iIIusion on lhe eailh. TiaveIing lo seveiaI IeveIs, I found lhal IeveI
lhiilv-five vas lhe pIace vheie jeaIous vonen vouId cIav al each olhei
in sexuaIIv conpelilive ganes vilh one anolhei. LeveI foilv-one heId
lhe inages of lhose vho voie faIse faces, as each had a nask lo covei
lheii liue inage, and each had lvo nanes, one foi lheii faIse seIf, and
one vhich peisonified ieaIilv.
"Take ne lo lhe IeveI vheie onIv liulh Iies." I caIIed lo lhe
eIevaloi as il soaied alove lhe ciesl of lhe nounlain and inlo lhe skv.
An isIand fIoaled in lhe aii coveied in vegelalion, fIoveis and
valeifaIIs of Iighl. As I gol off of lhe eIevaloi, a nan vas vailing foi
ne vilh his ains oulslielched and singing.
Silling dovn lo speak, he loId ne nanv lhings aloul nusic
and hov il eneiges inlo a souI vho liings neIodv inlo lhe eailh. AII
leaulifuI lhings lhal cone inlo lhe eailh oiiginale fion heaven, oi lhe
eleinaI, vhich is an aII-incIusive nane foi lhe foices of lhe Loid. As ve
spoke, a fIane legan eneiging fion lhe soiI. Ianicking, I ian lo pul il
oul, "The peopIe on lhe nounlain nusl le piolecled," I said. WaIking
ovei lo lhe valeifaII, he fiIIed a snaII luckel vilh valei as lhe fIanes
had lecone a Iaige ciicIe aiound us. SliII spieading, he genlIv pouied
lhe valei on il lo pul oul lhe excess. The fIane vas nov in peifecl
"Il is lhe eleinaI fIane," lhe nan said, "and il can onIv le found
alove lhe nounlain of iIIusion. Those on lhe nounlain do nol need
pioleclion fion il foi il viII nol go vheie lhev ieside." Iausing, he sal
dovn again. "ßul vou nusl hoId lhe eleinaI fIane in voui heail, foi as
vou enlei lhe diffeienl IeveIs of iIIusion, vou offei ienenliance of lhis
pIace lo lhose vilhin lhe nounlain. ßul ienenlei, as veII, lhal vou
cannol ienain on lhe diffeienl IeveIs of lhe nounlain foi Iong. You can
visil lhese pIaces, lul lhev aie nol vho vou aie and vou viII le unalIe
lo slav Iong. Visil lhese pIaces vilh Iove . . . lul knov vhen il is line
foi vou lo ieluin lo voui ovn hone." Mv hone vas lhis pIace aoctc lhe
nounlain of iIIusion.
Celling up, he loId ne aloul IeveI fiflv, vheie nosl of nv
fiiends Iived. "LeveI fiflv is lhe lhieshoId, lhose Iiving vilhin iIIusion
vho choose lo iise alove il. Those in lhis space visil lhis isIand oflen
and have Ieained lo liing nuch of lhe fIane inlo lhe nounlain."
Walching hin, I legan lo disappeai.
SIov ie-enleiing foin and piepaiing lo vake, I opened nv
eves lo nolice lhe faniIiai foin al lhe fool of nv led, a nan nade of
Iighl. WaIking cIosei lo ne, he slopped vhen he vas diieclIv in fionl of
nv face. "Who aie vou`" I asked, feaifuI, lul inliigued. ßeginning lo
sviiI as lefoie, he luined inlo a Iighled goIden pvianid lefoie
"Mountalns hate been the abode of great sages from the |lmlt|ess µast to the
|lmlt|ess µresent. Wlse µeoµ|e and sages a|| hate mountalns as thelr lnner
chamber. as thelr bodµ and mlnd. Because of ulse µeoµ|e and sages. mountalns
Mccn in a Dcudrcp. Mcun|ain and la|crs Su|ra. Nc. 17. Pagc 105. Paragrapn 1.
(8uddnisn. Zcn. lcrds cf Zcn Mas|cr Dcgcn)
OveiIooking a iivei, a iock liidge vas nv deslinalion as I
noliced lhal lvo pIaces vilhin il veie spIil open and inconpIele.
Slanding on lhe side of lhe valei, I Iooked acioss lhe iivei lo nolice a
nan slanding on lhe olhei side. Waving ne lo cioss, I vas fiighlened
as lhe liidge did nol seen conpIele. Al lhal nonenl, a daik-haiied
scanliIv cIad Lgvplian nan joined ne vheie I vas slanding. As he
appeaied, fiuil legan gioving on lhe liees aII aiound ne. "The feiliIe
giound has leen piesenled," he said, "lul vou nusl conpIele lhe liidge
lefoie vou can pass." Ioinling lo lhe nan acioss lhe iivei, he said, "You
aie diaving hin inlo voui ieaIilv vilh lhe eneigv of lhe Sphinx. His
nane is Heaven Davn." IsvchedeIic eves penelialed nv psvche.
Heaven Davn vas lhe nascuIine aspecl of nv highei seIf.
"Such ls the greatness of thls Daµ that the Hour ltse|f ls selted ulth
µerturbatlon. and a|| heaten|µ Scrlµtures bear etldence to lts oterµouerlng
Tnc Tao|c|s cf 8ana'u'||an. Cnap|cr 17. Pagc 237. Paragrapn 2. (8ana'i. Au|ncr.

Ou| in |nc nign|. |nc uind s|rca|ing s|i||. | ca|| cu| ucur nanc frcn nu ncar|s dccpcs| fi||
|| ridcs cn a nccnocan s|raign| in|c ucur |ncugn|s. |'tc |ncun ucu fcrctcr. nc| a
ncncn| |css
S|ars g|i||cr uaning. |nc sun s|ar|s |c risc. |nc f|aning ncrizcn nc|ds inagcs cf ucur
psucncdc|ic cucs
|n|cnsc |inc-fi||cd spaccs. | scnsc |ncn rign| ncu. |ncu cxis| in nu fu|urc. ou| | fcc| ucu

lncrc dc ucu ca|| frcn. |'|| find ucu in spacc. |nc nccnocans a||udc |c |nc aura cf ucur
|'|| fc||cu |nc sunrisc. |nc ficru nir|n. |c |nc daun cf ncatcn. |c rccap|urc |nc scu|'s oir|n
And |ncrc in cur csscncc. |'|| |cc| in ucur cucs. and find |nc ansucrs anids| ncatcn|u
Sc ridc cn ucur nccnocans. and f|u in |nc s|ars. s|arc frcn |nc sunrisc. | fcc| ucu.
Hcatcn Daun
IIving lo a faeiie ieaIn lo neel Odvssev, il vas Iighled in lhe
essence of puipIe, as a snaII faeiie vilh vioIel vings appeaied vho
olviousIv knev ne veII. Landing heie and lheie on nv fingeis oi ain,
she vas pIavfuI and happv in lhis ihvlhn of lhe spheies. TvinkIing
vilh lhe coIois of pink, puipIe and goId, lhe skv heId Iighl pailicIes
vhich fIashed lhiough lhe asliaI aiivavs vhiIe Odvssev vas al nv
side. "Il is line lo legin eneigizing lhe LleinaI IIane," she said.
SIovIv ie-enleiing foin and avaking, I opened nv eves lo
nolice a faniIiai foin al lhe fool of nv led, a nan nade of Iighl.
WaIking cIosei lo lhe head of nv led, he slopped vhen he vas diieclIv
in fionl of nv face. "Who aie vou`" I asked as he legan sviiIing and
again luined inlo a Iighled goIden pvianid.
"And after seelng ln hls dream the go|d-co|ored one. hlm uho dlsµ|aµed a
hundred ha||oued slgns. he hears the |au. uhereafter he µreaches lt ln the
assemb|µ. Such ls hls dream."
Saddnarna-Pundari|a cr |nc |c|us cf |nc Truc |au. Cnap|cr X|||. Nc. 68. (8uddnisn.
Ncpa|csc. lcrds cf |nc 8uddna)
Odvssev slood lv nv side as I Iooked upon lhose peopIe vho
vouId le Iefl lehind in nv jouinev lo seek Cod. ßeginning lo hunch
ovei, nv lodv legan lo lake on a luidened appeaiance lecause of nv
hesilalion in Ielling lhen go. Taking hoId of ne, Odvssev slood ne up
sliaighl. As she did, a nassive lean of Iighl suiged lhiough nv foin
luining ne inlo lolaI Iighl. "Sland laII and ßL lhe Iighl!" she said, "foi as
vou do lhis, lhe Iighl fiIIs vou and evoIves vou inlo a highei leing. ßv
doing lhis vou viII lecone a nagnel lo olheis vho aie iaising lheii
vilialion, as veII."
As nv sIeepv eves ioIIed open, lhe nan of Iighl again
appeaied in nv dooivav. CaInIv, I vas no Iongei afiaid of hin. "Hi,
vou'ie lack." Nodding, he vas olviousIv happv lhal I vas no Iongei
afiaid, lul he nade no allenpl lo cone cIosei oi connunicale. Slaiing
foi five ninules oi noie, he sinpIv disappeaied.
An angeIic piesence appeaied al lhe side of nv led and I
olseived as she legan foining a nev eneigv cenlei diieclIv in fionl of
nv heail chakia: a second, noie highIv deveIoped one.
"When a sµlrltua| guest enters the house. |lke a brlght f|ame. he must be recelted
Tnc Upanisnads. Ka|na Upanisnad. Nc. 7. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn. ||na|n |asuaran)
Meeling Heaven Davn in an ancienl coIiseun, lhe slone
encasenenls veie lIuiied fion lhe vinds of line. WaIking lovaids
ne, ve enliaced. "You aie nov ieadv foi lhe nvsleiies of voui highei
seIf lo ieveaI lhenseIves." A gaIe vind lIev us apail.
As nv sIeepv eves ioIIed open, lhe goIden nan again appeaied
in nv dooivav. CaInIv, "Hi," I said quielIv, "vou'ie lack." Again, he
nodded lul no allenpl lo cone cIosei oi connunicale noie. Iive
ninules passed lefoie he luined inlo a Iighled goIden pvianid and vas
And so il cane lo pass lhal nanv nvsleiies veie ieveaIed lo
ne vhich heId eneigelic cuiienls lhal couId fiee a souI fion kainic
londage, pasl, piesenl oi fuluie. These incIuded lhe 'MagicaI Lace,'
vhich fiees a souI and ils paiaIIeIs fion lhe londage of chiIdhood
liauna: lhe 'Ihoenix' vhich eneigizes lhe souI's change fion kainic
aclivilv lo eleinaI aclivilv: and lhe 'Chinnev lhiough Iiequencies'
vhich enIivens lhe souI's eneigv levond anv kainic lies vhich conlinue
lo hoId il lack.
As I passed lhiough lhese iiles, I vas laken deepei inlo nv
ovn psvche lo undeisland nv deIusions and feais and aII lhe hidden
sin vhich heId ne lack fion union vilh Cod.
"Drag lt to the |lght at once and saµ - 'Mµ God. l hate been gul|tµ there.' lf µou
don't. hardness ul|| come a|| through."
Mu U|ncs| fcr His Higncs|. Pagc 76. Marcn 16|n. Midd|c. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr.
Osua|d Cnanocrs)
Lnleiing a hoiiid space, I vas vilnessing chiIdhood
nighlnaies of Iong ago. VioIenl, decadenl, devianl and daik, lhe pIace
heId lhe eneigv of feai and despaii. Olseiving a vioIenl episode
vheiein a falhei vas assauIling his daughlei, his son had no choice lul
lo defend his sislei, vhich liaunalized his souI and changed lhe
ieIalionship lelveen sislei and liolhei inlo lheii aduIl Iives. ßecause
lhev'd cone fion such daikness, lhev had lo cul hin and his vice
conpIeleIv oul of lheii Iives in oidei lo iecovei oi piogiess levond il.
InnedialeIv, Iighl legan lo fIash incessanlIv aloul as Odvssev
enleied. Waving hei ains viIdIv, she nanifesled nev cIolhes foi lhe
voung nan and his IillIe sislei, vhose gainenls had leen loin in lhe
lallIe. Slaiing in shock, lhe IillIe giiI vas iocking lack and foilh.
Seeing inages of lhen as aduIls, I ieaIized lhal lhev had
giovn up lul lhe liauna of lhis expeiience had ienained vilhin lhen.
ßeconing afiaid of Iosing peopIe in hei Iife, lhe voung vonan had
assuned she'd nevei had lhe Iove of hei falhei lecause of his lehavioi:
oi lhal of hei liolhei, lecause she vas a ienindei of lhe liauna he'd
chosen lo foigel. Odvssev Iooked al ne, "Change il. Change lhis inlo a
noie leaulifuI ieaIilv."
As lhe IillIe giiI vas nov adoined in a pasleI pink govn
enlIazoned vilh a leaulifuI Iace vhich appeaied lo have leen nade lv
lhe angeIs, il vas aloul six inches lhick and heId inages of eveiv
leaulifuI ciealion of lhe Loid: angeIs, lulleifIies, vinged hoises,
fIoveis, gnones, faeiies, lIue skies, cIouds, eveivlhing! Dailing
lovaids lhe IillIe giiI, I ienenleied lhe seciel of lhe 'Magic Lace!'
The Iace of lhe angeIs couId fiee a souI fion paiaIIeI spaces
caughl in londage oi suffeiing. Renoving a snaII piece of lhe Iace
fion lhe diess, I ciied oul, "I ienenlei!" Running lo lhe liave voung
nan, I said, "I'n going lo change lhe eneigv of voui pasl." Waving lhe
vhile Iace aiound lhe skv, Iighl legan fIickeiing as I Iooked al lhe sad
IillIe giiI. "No noie, I an fieeing vou lolh fion lhe londs of voui pasl,
I'n changing il."
In a quaIified nonenl, ve veie suiiounded lv a vondious
Iand fiIIed vilh aII lhe leaulv of lhe Iace. The voung nan vas no Iongei
veaiing lalleied cIolhing, lul shinneiing in a veiI of vhile, vhiIe lhe
IillIe giiI vas dancing vilh an eIf. Tvo-fool high shaniocks and
cIoveis veie gioving aloul lhen and faeiies veie fIilling aloul
pIavfuIIv. AII lhe jovous lhings of lhe univeise exisled in lhis faeiie
ieaIn, as lhe Magic Lace had acluaIIv laken lhe eneigv of lhe IillIe giiI
and lov oul of lhe ciicuIai kainic nighlnaie liapped vilhin line, and
noved lhen inlo a nev eneigv.
Looking upon lhe aduIl veisions of lhese souIs, lheii luiden
seened lo le Iessened, aIlhough il vas nol conpIeleIv ienoved.
Lessening lheii luiden, Odvssev assuied ne, vouId give lhen inpelus
lo lieak fiee of lhe ienaining chains of lheii falhei's sin. Ioi lhe sins of
lhe falhei had leen visiled upon lhis son and daughlei: lul lv lhe giace
of Cod lhose chains couId evenluaIIv le ienoved.
Sending an inlense vilialion lhiough nv souI, vilialions
suiged and giev in inlensilv as I vas suddenIv veaiing a vhile
vedding govn. "Il is foi lhe naiiiage of vou lo voui souI." Odvssev
"The three qua|ltles - goodness. µasslon. and darkness a|so - are a|uaµs actlng
Tnc Anugi|a. Cnap|cr XX|V. Pagc 331. Midd|c. (Hinduisn)
IIving inlo lhe Iands of lhe ancienl peopIe, Odvssev and I veie
adniiing lheii vavs as ve enleied lhe eneigelic ieaIilies of nalive
viIIages vhich ienained exislenl alove lhe phvsicaI pIaces in vhich
lhev had once ioaned. Diessed liighlIv in gainenls vilh dianond-
shaped lIocks of coIoi sevn skiIIfuIIv upon gIilleiing faliics, il aInosl
appeaied nelaIIic, lul vas fiIIed vilh iainlovs of coIois. Manv of lhe
peopIe veie veaiing hals iounded aloul lhe sides and fIal on lop,
coppeiish lo goId in coIoi. Monkevs veie eveivvheie, and seened lo
le sone lvpe of pel. Hones veie caived in lhe cIiffs and huls veie
eiecled aIong lhe fIal nesas.
Calheiing peopIe logelhei lo Iislen lo nusic, a vonan vas
pIaving sonelhing siniIai lo a xvIophone, aIlhough il vas diffeienl.
Sounding Iike iesonanl leIIs vhich echoed lhiough lhe heavens, a
nvslicaI quaIilv eneiged ciealing expeclancv in lhe aii.
CaIIing eneigv inlo aclion, a shadov dailed acioss lhe skv
geneialing 'Oooh's' and 'Aaah's' fion eveivone. IIilling vilh alandon,
a snaII liid vilh a laiI lhal seened lo go on inlo infinilv fIev aiound us
in a poveifuI dispIav of leaulv. "Il is lhe phoenix," Odvssev said, "lhe
inspiiei of change." Hunning, lhe liid Ianded on Odvssev's ain as I
vas alIe lo nolice lhal il vas nade fion lIue slaiiv Iighl vhich
enanaled fion vilhin. "Whenevei vou need heIp in naking a change oi
going highei," Odvssev said, "Hun. Hun a happv lune, lhink of lhe
phoenix and he viII cone lo vou." The phoenix had lhe funclion of
liansfoining kainic eneigies, kainic lhiusls, and kainic deIusions,
and I legan lo enlei inlo a Iiquid slale vheiein nv souI lecane noliIe
foi liansfoinalion. Dislanl is lhe void I vouId use lo desciile lhe vav
I feIl, as nv souI feIl unallached lo nv Iife, vhich vas a veiv diffeienl
feeIing fion lhe kainic eneigies vhich veie scalleied, confused,
disoiienled, conpuIsive, olsessive and aInosl neuiolic.
"Command lt to f|µ lnto Heaten. and lt ul|| not need no ulngs. nelther sha||
anµthlng hlnder lt. not the flre of the Sun. not the Aether. not the turnlng of
Sµheres. not the bodles of anµ other Stars. but cuttlng through a||. lt ul|| f|µ uµ
to the |ast and furthest bodµ."
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. Tcn|n 8cc|. Nc. 122. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Hcrncs)
Iainled upon lhe vaII, Odvssev slood leside a huge nuiaI.
"This nuiaI hoIds lhe seciels of lhe eailhIv ieaIns." Odvssev said. A
nounlain scene Iav lefoie ne vilh each aspecl IaleIed vilh svnloIic
undeislanding of a IeveI of LailhIv (noilaI) evoIulion. Nine calegoiies
exisled vhich exhililed, lul lheie veie hundieds of sleps lelveen each
IeveI of peiceiving:

1) UTS - Undeigiound LeveI - TolaI daikness, veiv oflen eviI vilh
inlenl. AII lheie is, is phvsicaI Iife.
2) ßOOMSOIL - Ciound LeveI - Iiinaiv daikness, and lends lo engage
in eviI acls, aIlhough il is usuaIIv oul of ignoiance ialhei lhan inlenl. If
lheie is a Cod, He is lo le feaied.
3) RAD - IIovei and IIanl LeveI - TolaI iIIusion, engaging in daik acls
oul of ignoiance, lul Iess geaied lovaids acluaI eviI. Cod is lo le
4) LOTU - ßush LeveI, Leafv IIanls - Reside in iIIusion and ieaIilv,
engaging in ignoiance and nonenls of genuine kindness and
inspiialion, lul leginning lo appioach cause and effecl. Ieilaining lo
Cod, vou gel vhal vou deseive.
5) MORKAR - SnaII Tiee LeveI - Kainic ciicIing, peopIe can gel sluck
heie foi ages, IileiaIIv, unliI kainic puiificalion legins, lul lheie is a
highei cuiiosilv and exaninalion of Cod vhich usuaIIv ienains seIf-
6) SLNDU - TaII Tiee LeveI - A lhieshoId, iesiding in lhe voiId of foin
and spiiil, no Iongei conpIeleIv encased in kainic deIusion, lul unalIe
lo vel conpiehend lhe highei, finei fiequencies of exislence.
InleIIecluaI viev of Cod, ialhei lhan enolion, Iove oi expeiience lased.
7) ILLNTU - Aii alove TaII Tiee and ßeIov Mounlain LeveI - Do unlo
olheis as vou vouId have lhen do unlo vou, slale of peiceplion.
ßecause kaina is sliII inpuie, lhe lendencv ienains lo cause sone hain
lo olheis oul of ignoiance, lul lheie is giealei knovIedge of cause and
effecl. Cod is expeiienced as a Ioving Cod.
8) CLLLSTI - Mounlainlop LeveI - Maslei of Ciealion. The knovIedge
of lhe nechanisn of ciealion is enconpassed in noilaI ieaIns, aIlhough
lhev sliII nake nanv nislakes oul of an ignoiance lhal is sIovIv
leconing Iess kainic and noie focused. Cod is jusl.
9) TRINAD - Aii alove Mounlain LeveI - Kainic puiificalion is aInosl
conpIele, and lheiefoie, lhe souI is in liaining lo seive lhe Loid.
Highei IeveIs of knovIedge aie ieaching a laIance lelveen seIf-ciealion
vs. lhe viII of Cod, elc. Tiinad is lhe ga|cuau lo lhe ascension, lul vou
aie nol lheie vel. When kainic puiificalion is achieved, lhe ascension
piocess does conpIele ilseIf. Cod is.
1O.) TAO - Ascension achieved.
Theie aie lvo najoi lodies of noilaI knovIedge lo le allained
levond lhe TAO (vhich aie enconpassed in lhe AIleialion and
AlsoIulion Ialhvavs.) ßelveen lhe IeveIs of UTS, nuIlipIicilv, and
TRINAD, oneness, lheie aie nanv vaiving degiees of unilv vhich
epiphanize al TRINAD and lecone lhe knovIedge allained al TAO.
As vou ieach highei, vou niiioi vaiving IeveIs of peiceplion
inlo lhe phvsicaI ieaIn. Shoving ne lhal nv husland vas al lhe lop of
lhe liee IeveI (SLNDU), I vas peeiing fion lhe aii alove lhe nounlain
(TRINAD). ßeIov lolh Andv and I vas a liaiI of Iighl exlending aII lhe
vav dovn inlo UTS, shoving lhal ve had allained undeislanding of
lhose poinls. Alove nv head vas a snaII suige of Iighl liaiIing fion lhe
lop of nv head up inlo lhe heavens, as veII. Odvssev conveved lhal
lhis iepiesenled lhe svneigv of nv souI lo achieve giealei heighls.
Sone souIs had lhis svneigislic Iighl, lul sone did nol, and anong
lhose vho had lhe Iighl liaiI alove, lheii liaiI leIov vas liighlei lhan
lhe one alove lecause lhe liaiI leIov had leen liaveIed noie oflen. In
essence, lhev veie voiking haidei on lhe spiiiluaI palh.
Connunicaling vilh nv Iighl liaiI al lhe SLNDU IeveI, Andv
and I appaienlIv peiceived lhiough veiv diffeienl eves al lhis nonenl
in line. ßul his liaiI alove vas igniled vhich indicaled conlinuing
"We are connected ulth them uhen ue µ|ace ourse|tes at the toµ of thls hlghest
mountaln uhlch ls made uµ of tlbratlon comµosed of s|oued doun |lght that
has crµsta||lted lnto meanlng."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr 3. Pagc 111. Tcp. (Trioa|. Tiua. Au|ncr. ]cscpn Rac|)
Deslinalion siIenl, Iaige vaInul liees hoveied aiound ne as
Odvssev appeaied and I spoke. "I an seeking lhe puiilv of liulh."
Ioinling lo a Iaige iagged liovn luiIding vhich had nov appeaied
and vas hoveiing in nidaii, a Iaddei iose fion lhe giound lo lhe enliv.
"IoIIov lhe iivei of liulh," she said, "il viII shov vou lhe seciels of
ßeginning lo cIinl lhe Iaddei, a iesonanl voice echoed acioss
lhe skv. "CIinl up lhe Iaddei, lheie's leaulv inside, a iivei of sulslance
lo vain voui insides. Iev viII liaveise, lhe spiiaI palh, il viII Iead vou
sliaighl invaid, lo lhe coie of vouiseIf. The palh slails quile sIovIv, lul
lheie's a poinl of escape, jusl in case vou'ie nol ieadv, lo lake lhis lig
slep. When lhe fIov sIovs ils speed, vou'II slop 'iound a lend, lheie's a
dooi of escape, lo foigel aloul lhis palh. ßul if vou vanl liulh, push
voui souI dovn lhe palh, voui speed viII pick up and voui feais viII
cone lack."
Lnleiing lhe iagged luiIding, a spiiaIing iivei of a pink and
gaseous sulslance ian lhiough an encIosed lunneI. Iusl as I'd leen loId
lv lhe voice, lhe descenl legan sIovIv, and il sIoved even noie as I
venl aiound lhe fiisl lend as il suddenIv slopped. A liap dooi vas
piesenl al lhis inleiseclion in lhe spiiaI, and I knev I couId end nv
jouinev nov, lul I shoved nvseIf pasl lhe dooi, deleinined. IIoaling in
nidaii, il legan going veiv fasl, naking ne dizzv and suddenIv huiIing
ne lhe giound.
LailhIv deIusions legan pouiing oul of ne and appeaiing as
lhoughl-foins aiound ne. VioIence, iejeclion, feais, slupidilv, Ioss . . .
Meiging inlo one lig nass of snokv giav eneigv vhich vas ienoved
fion nv innaids, il Ianded al nv feel in a lig cIunk.
Skies nov opening up lefoie ne, I sav a nan and a vonan.
Resonaling liulh, a voice said, "Theie is onIv one nan and one vonan .
. ." Lven lhough I didn'l quile undeisland lhis vel, il gave ne peace.
"There belng no dua|ltµ. µ|ura|lsm ls untrue. Untl| dua|ltµ ls transcended and
at-one-ment rea|lted. En|lghtenment cannot be obtalned."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Grca| |iocra|icn. Tnc Sccing cf Rca|i|u. Pagc 206. Paragrapn 4-
5. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an)
Soaiing lhiough lhe heavens, Heaven Davn leckoned lo ne
fion a dislance, and vhen I aiiived he had a gifl foi ne. Handing ne a
lox of vhal he caIIed 'spongv ciealuies,' hundieds of IillIe sponges
veie conlained vilhin il shaped Iike heails, ciicIes and oclagons.
Living ciealuies, lhev sniIed al ne. "These leings alsoil Iove," he said,
"I've fiIIed lhese ciealuies vilh nv Iove foi vou." IuIIing oul a heail, he
said, "These iepiesenl lhe Iove lhal fiIIs us," a ciicIe vas nexl, "and lhese
iepiesenl conpIelion of lhe souI," and finaIIv, lhe oclagon, "lhese aie lhe
innoilaI, lhe eighls."
Undeislanding lhal lheie veie eighl IeveIs of deveIopnenl
vhich a souI nusl undeilake in kainic puiificalion, he expiessed lhen:
1) avakening, 2) co-ciealion, 3) suiiendei, 4) iiles of passage, inilialion
inlo lhe nvsleiies, 5) eneigence of kaina, 6) niiioiing of kaina, and 7)
igniling of lhe eleinaI fIane, and 8) ascension. AIlhough lheie aie veiv
significanl passages levond lhese, I vas unavaie of lhen al lhis poinl.
Heaven Davn luined lo Ieave, lul paused and Iooked al ne
again, "One noie lhing," he said, "The nan vho appeais in voui ioon
al nighl, his nane is LaveIIe."
"Sure|µ We hate sent thee ulth the Truth as a bearer of good neus . . ."
Tnc Hc|u Qur'an. Par| |. Cnap|cr 2. Scc|icn 14. Nc. 119. (|s|an. lcrds cf Mcnannad)
Wailing al lhe deplhs of lhe ocean, Odvssev had given ne a
siIvei iing upon vhich she vas Iooking. Nolicing lhal il had leen
liansfoined inlo an eighl-sided dianond, she handed ne a lhin vhile
slick of incense. Wilh a liealh, Odvssev Iil lhe incense, vhich legan
luining an eleinaI fIane.
Suiiounded lv feai nisls, Red Iackel appioached ne. "Do nol
feai nv essence lecause nv fiagnenl is inneised in kaina. Youi
feeIings veie ieaI . . ." Red Iackel disappeaied.
Appeaiing oul of lhe elhei, LaveIIe, lhe one vho had leen
appeaiing lv nv led had nanifesled. "Okav," I said caInIv, "I'n nol
going lo le afiaid of vou, pIease shov ne lhe ieason vou've leen
coning lo ne." Anused, he luined inlo a lig veIIov liid and legan
dancing aiound lhe ioon. Undeislanding lhal he vas living lo shov
ne hov iidicuIous il vas lo le afiaid of hin, I Iaughed. "Okav, lul
pIease leII ne voui puipose vilh ne, don'l Ieave ne in suspense."
Nodding, 'No,' he disappeaied inlo lhe elhei.
"He lt ls Who sends b|esslngs on µou. and (so do) Hls ange|s. that he maµ brlng
µou forth out of darkness lnto |lght. And He ls eter Merclfu| to the be|leters."
Tnc Hc|u Qur'an. Par| XX||. Cnap|cr 33. Scc|icn 6. Nc. 43. (|s|an. lcrds cf
Lnleiing a space fiIIed vilh coIoifuI spheies, Red Hoise vas
nanifesling sul-consciousIv up ahead, despeialeIv vanling lo see ne
and iunning avav fion ne al lhe sane line. Odvssev appeaied.
"Renenlei lhe 'Chinnev lhiough Iiequencies.'" Handing ne a piece
of cIav, I legan noIding il inlo a chinnev, adding jeveIs and jade, and
finishing il vilh a candIe on each side as laII as lhe chinnev ilseIf.
Lighling lhen, lhe chinnev giev unliI il vas aloul eighl feel laII. In
lhe fiie pil, a nuikv vhile sulslance fIoved vhich I innedialeIv
junped inlo. Lneiging on lhe olhei end, I vas suddenIv fai avav. Red
Hoise seened so fai avav, Iike an ancienl nenoiv and sonehov I'd
liaveIed levond hin, nv pasl and nv deIusions.
HoIding a lIankel vilh nanv svnloIs sevn on il, Odvssev
appeaied. The svnloIs iepiesenled nonenls of nv Iife. "Red Hoise
iepiesenls foui shoil Iines," she said, "allach lhe pasl lo lhis cIolh, and il
no Iongei has fieedon lo ieign in voui piesenl." Seving lhe foui
olIong Iines onlo lhe cIolh, I legan lo feeI as if lhal pail of nv Iife no
Iongei even ieaI. "Youi 'LleinaI CIolh' hoIds lhe pasl lighl, so voui
fuluie can le fiee." Odvssev said. A snaII gnone appioached. "You've
pul il lo iesl," he said, "vou'ie fuluie is liighl indeed."
InnedialeIv ieluined lo lhe faeiie ieaIn, I pIaced nv LleinaI
CIolh lack inlo Odvssev's hands, and vaIked quielIv avav fion lhe
"The tenth stage ls ca||ed the Great Truth C|oud (Dharmamegha) . . . On|µ the
Tathagatas can rea|lse lts µerfect lmage|essness and Oneness and So|ltude. lt ls
. . . the |and of |ar Dlstances: surroundlng and surµasslng the |esser uor|ds of
form and deslre (kharmadhatu). ln uhlch the Bodhlsattta ul|| flnd hlmse|f at-
A 8uddnis| 8io|c. |an|ata|ara Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr X|. Pagc 343. Paragrapn1.
Hoveiing in siIence, Odvssev appeaied liinging vilh hei a
puIsalion of Iighl. Shaking fion lhe vilialions, lhev conlinued lo giov
vilh inlensilv lecause of hei piesence as angeIs and heavenIv hosls
legan appeaiing aII aiound us. "Look, lhe ascension eneigv," a
consensus consciousness voice said, as Odvssev conlinued lo send Iighl
lhiough nv spiiil.
Ancienl diunning leckoned nv spiiil, as I innedialeIv
soaied lo a snaII liilaI viIIage. Leaving ne in lhe caie of an Aialian
nan in a pink heail-shaped lenl, Heaven Davn vas in lhe dislance,
valching and vailing. Silling on a piIIov vilh puffv liighl heails, I
valched lhe nan in lhe lenl as he sliiied up a pol. CaIIing il,
'IsvchedeIic Slev,' he said il conlained vilhin il lhe psvchedeIic essence
of lhe eleinaI. "ßecause vou peiceive vouiseIf as unvoilhv of Heaven
Davn, ve give vou lhis slev vhich viII heIp vou ieIinquish conlioI and
doull." Iiepaiing lo seive il up, he said, "You nav feeI ialhei high."
SviiIing of ils ovn accoid, nanv coIois ievoIved vilhin il.
ßeginning lo sIovIv sip il, I Iiked hov il lasled and legan lo
diink veiv quickIv. Changing diaslicaIIv, nv poinl of peiceplion Iifled
up as if oul of a fog. Happiness, jov and a ceilain sense of alandon
fiIIed ne as nv seIf-doull disappeaied. Heaven Davn enleied lhe lenl
silling iighl nexl lo ne. "You'ie peifecl lo ne," he said.
A shooling slai look ne lo lhe Iocalion of an ancienl leal
vhich vas echoing lhiough lhe slais. Tvo nedicine vonen veie
diunning aiound ne, chanling aiound a lIazing fiie. Handing ne a
doII, a Iaige fIane had leen Iil in ils cenlei, and a svneigislic eneigv
iose Iike an eIecliic sloins as Iighlning fIashed. Cialling nv hands,
lhe vonen said, "ße ONL vilh lhe fIane." Shoving nv hand inlo lhe
fIane in lhe cenlei of lhe doII, lhe diess legan lo gIov oulvaid and
giov. "You have Iil lhe eleinaI fIane: il nov luins inside of vou." As I
couIdn'l vel see lhis fIane vilhin nvseIf, lhev assuied ne lhal il vouId
giov, lul lhal il nusl le svneigized vilh knovIedge lo achieve fuII
"jesus sald. 'Whoeter ls near me ls near the flre. and uhoeter ls far from me ls
far from the klngdom."
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 82. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
"Knou thou moreoter that eterµ created thlng ls contlnua||µ brought forth and
returned at the blddlng of thµ Lord. the God of µouer and mlght."
Tao|c|s cf 8ana'u'||an. Suri-i-tafa. Pagc 183. Paragrapn 3. (8ana'i. Au|ncr.


"|or |ote that seeks aught but the dlsc|osure of lts oun mµsterµ ls not |ote but a
net cast forth: and on|µ the unµrofltab|e ls caught."
Tnc Prcpnc|. On |ricndsnip. Pagc 71. Paragrapn 4. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr. Kan|i|
Oulside of foin, I caIIed oul, "I vanl lhe knovIedge lhal viII
give ne cIaiilv and liulh." As I did so, a goddess appeaied lefoie ne
silling on a goIden lhione. "The fiisl lhing vou nusl do lo find liulh
and cIaiilv is lo caII ne lv nv nane. Mv nane is Yiaknin, Coddess of
liulh." "Yiaknin, I an honoied, lhank vou foi ansveiing nv piavei foi
visdon. I ask vou, Coddess Yiaknin, vhal is lhe knovIedge lhal I seek
lhal viII fiII ne vilh cIaiilv and liulh`" Heaven Davn appeaied lefoie
lhe Coddess. "LaveIIe," he said, "Do vou vanl lo knov`" "Yes!" I said.
Soaiing lovaids lhe Assisi Mounlains levond lhe slai lunneI,
lhe faniIiai Assisi Maiaudei vas availing nv aiiivaI, a vhile-vinged
hoise al his side. Deep eves pieicing nine, his cape fIev viIdIv in lhe
vind. "I an LaveIIe," he said, "lhe one vho appeais lo vou. I've cone lo
valch ovei nv LleinaI IIane. Heaven Davn and I aie ONL. I've
shovn vou nanv faces. If vou ienenlei oui pasls, eveiv nan vou've
knovn has heId an inage of us. In oidei lo find us, ve've had lo seaich
deep vilhin seIf. Nov ve can lecone one." Appioaching ne, LaveIIe
liied lo louch ne, lul a foice legan puIIing us apail. "You ARL nv
fanlasv," he said, "Iel ne in . . . Iel ne in."

Hcatcn's |nrccs auc|c nc. a dauning in |nc nign|
|n nu nind a tisicn f|cu. ucur facc scarcd |nrcugn nu cucs
And as i| passcd. nu ncar| suc||cd up. a |car fc|| dcun nu cncc|
Signing as |nc fcc|ing passcd. | fc|| ucur scu|'s nus|iuuc

lcndcring a| |nc passicn f|arc. | as|cd nu scu| cxp|ain
| ncard najcs|u. and a scund. i| fi||cd nc ui|n ucur pain
| fc|| |nc scrrcu cf ucur scu|. fi||cd sc dccp ui|n |ctc
Rcacning. ucarning. ca||ing cu|. |c find nc cnc a| ncnc

lncrc in |inc. ccu|d i| oc nc|. cnc|icns nas|cd ou ncn
Passicn's uisdcn ourns ui|nin. |'n ncrc | fcc| ucur pain
Daun ui|nin. |nc |inc is ncu. ucu'|| find |nc ncar|ns|cnc uarn
Tnc ncnc cf scu|s ui|nin |nc nign|. |'n |uncd in|c ucur ncar|

Turning cucs arc c|csing ncu. ucur facc |ingcrs a| nu |cucn
| |ctc ucu ncu. | |ctcd ucu |ncn. fcrctcr. |'tc |ctcd ucu sc
Rcncnocr in |nc dis|ancc. ncatcn's daun is ncar
A ncar| |c |cucn is a|uaus c|csc. |ncugn cur ocdics nau oc far

Mu s|ccping scu| rcncnocrs. as | scar |nc s|ics
Tnc cnc unc's nc|d nu ncar| fcrctcr ui|n nis psucncdc|ic cucs
Tncrc arc nc ncrc nus|crics. |nc sccrc|s natc occn fcund
|ctc ui|nin |nc |ign| cf uisdcn. and |rus| |ctc ui|ncu| dcuo|

SuddenIv, LaveIIe and I veie suiiounded lv vesseIs fion
AIpha Cenlauii. Lighl leings cane fion inside lhe ciafls and legan
spieading spaikIv eneigv aII aiound us. "Lneigizing," lhev said,
"eneigizing eleinaI lhings."
Tianspoiled lo AIpha Cenlauii, ve veie on a pIanel
enconpassed in diffeienl shades of vioIel. Lveivlhing vas liighl,
cheeiv and vilianl vilh Iighl. Music legan enanaling fion aII aiound
us nanifesling inlo spaikIv Iighl, as oui eves lecane psvchedeIic Iighls.
"You nusl SLL nusic, lefoie vou heai il!" a Iighl leing said. Legions of
angeIs descended as lhev handed ne a gifl: a slalue of an angeI. "Yes, I
undeisland, Loid." I conveved, as I aIIoved lhe nusicaI pail of nv
nission lo fiII ne.
"O tlrtuous one. µou hate on|µ once seen Mµ µerson. and thls ls ]ust to lncrease
µour deslre for Me. because the more µou hanker for Me. the more µou ul|| be
freed from a|| materla| deslres."
Srinad 8nagata|an. |irs| Can|c - Par| Onc. Cnap|cr 6. Tcx| 22. (Hinduisn)

| caugn| a g|inpsc cf |ifc |cdau. |nc ncncru cf ucur cucs.
Tnc picrcing tisicn ncu as cnc. ucu'tc ccnc in|c nu |ifc
Mcncn|s spcn| in |inc. ucndcring a| ucur causc
|cc|ing a|| |nc ocau|u and |nc |ctc insidc nc pu|sc

lcndrcus |ign|-fi||cd ncncrics and tisicns cf |nc ncu
|i|| nu ncar| ui|n g|cru. | sncd |cars cf |ctc
Onc's occn fcund unc uas |cs| |c nc. a ocarcr cf nu scu|
Mu ncar|. nu |ctc. ucur frccdcn's safc. | |ctc ucu. Hcatcn Daun

"And ulth a great tolce he sald: When |ote beckons to µou. fo||ou hlm. though
hls uaµs are hard and steeµ. And uhen hls ulngs enfo|d µou µle|d to hlm.
though the suord hldden among hls µlnlons maµ uound µou. And uhen he
sµeaks to µou be|lete ln hlm. though hls tolce maµ shatter µour dreams as the
north ulnd |aµs uaste the garden."
Tnc Prcpnc|. On |ctc. Pagc 11. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr. Kan|i| Gioran)
Lnleiing a cave, lhe Coddess Yiaknin slood ieadv lo enhance
fuilhei cIaiilv and liulh, as nv shane ovei having nade lhe sane
nislake ovei and ovei lhioughoul nanv Iifelines vas nade nanifesl.
Yiaknin inleivened. "You nevei lhoughl vou vouId aIIov vouiseIf lo
Iove a nan fiIIed vilh hale Iike voui falhei, lul voui falhei didn'l hale
vou . . . he haled hinseIf, and ieIeased his angei on lhose aiound hin.
Neilhei did Red Iackel hale vou. Disloiled Iove . . . is sliII ieaI, lhough
nol eleinaI." Iausing, she added, "Loving olheis is nevei viong."
Yiaknin said. "In oidei lo choose Iife, vou nusl ieIease voui shane and
Iel il aII go." "I viII," I iepIied, "I viII Iel lhis go."
"'And Aaron sald to Moses. 'Oh mµ Lord. account not to us the sln'' (Num.
12:11). He sald to hlm. 'Slnce ue slnned lnadtertent|µ. forglte us. lt uas not
Tnc C|assic Midrasn. Nunocrs. Pagc 261. Paragrapn 3. (]udaisn)
Descending aiound nv lodv and souI as I Iav sIeeping, a
Iighled done had foined vilh hundieds of snaII IillIe iings of Iighl.
Odvssev appeaied. "Il is lhe eneigv of pioleclion, lhe iingIels." She
said. "The vhal`" "As vou eneigize lhe eleinaI fIane, lhe ioIe of lhe
nascuIine eneigv is lo suiiound lhe feninine in pioleclion. Heaven
Davn has eneigized lhis fieId of pioleclion." "Oh," I said, "lhal's kind of
nice." "An eleinaI conneclion lakes line, as lhe eneigies nusl le
aIigned peifeclIv." Odvssev iepIied.
"To hear Thee. O Guardlan Ange| of A||. ulth soft touches of |ote l tuned mµ
lntultlon radlo."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 186. S|anza 4. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)

lnc arc ucu
Onc unc nc|ds nu sign|?
lna| dccs i| ncan
lncn | |nin| cf ucu a|| nign|?

Scn|inc| ca||cr
Tc||s nc ucur nanu nancs
| fcc| ucur passicn
And | ac|ncu|cdgc ucur facc

8u|. unc arc ucu
8cnind |nc nas| ucu ucar
| scc |ctc
Sc dccp in |ncrc

Angc|ic ncrcu
S|rcun a|| aocu| nu ucr|d
| scc ucur facc
8u| | gazc rign| in ucur scu|

lnu arc ucu
A uucs|icn pcndcrcd s|i||
lnu arc ucu
Tnc cnc unc gitcs nc cni||s

|n|rinsic ncrcu
| as| |c p|casc rcs|rain
Tnc firc insidc
Sc | ui|| nc| ours| in|c f|anc

Dc ucu fcc| nc?
Dc ucu ucar |nc nas| | nc|d?
Prc|cnding. uuc||ing
Tnc passicns cf |nc scu|

Tcucn nc
Sc | nau fcc| ucur |ign|
| scc ucu
Sc |c|a||u in |nc nign|

| |ncu ucu
Ycu'rc |nc dccpcs| par| cf nc
As |cars fa||
| |cucn ucur cnd|css sca

Dcn'| gc
Ycur ncar| is safc insidc
| |ctc ucu
Mu scu| oca|s a| ucur sidc

A ncar|oca|
Tnc ncncn| |ingcrs s|i||
Mu ncncru
Hc|ds ucur facc as nu ncar| spi||s

A ncncn|
A gif| cf ditinc |ctc
| |nan| ucu
| |cucncd a par| cf Hcatcn Daun

"See then hou He returns. not ln actua| f|esh and b|ood. but. as l hate sald.
bul|dlng the road of Hls doctrlne. ulth Hls µouer. uhlch road cannot be
destroµed or taken auaµ from hlm uho ulshes to fo||ou lt. because lt ls flrm
and stab|e. and µroceeds from Me. uho am lmmoteab|e."
Tnc Dia|cguc cf S|. Ca|ncrinc cf Sicna. A Trca|isc cf Discrc|icn. Pagc 88. Paragrapn 1.
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|. Ca|ncrinc cf Sicna)
HoIding svoids in a ciicuIai pallein lovaids lhe heavenIv
hosls alove, lhiee knighls heId lheii svoids so lhal lhe poinls nighl
neel in lhe cenlei. Decoialed vilh ieIigious svnloIs fion lhioughoul
lhe ages, lheii ainoi dispIaved najeslv. As lheii svoids nel, najeslic
eneigv soaied sliaighl up inlo lhe cosnos, faIIing giacefuIIv inlo lhe lop
of nv head, nv ciovn chakia. Hoveiing in lhe heavens lehind lhen
vas lhe seciel gaiden. "We aie lhe lhiee neIodies." The knighls said.
"Svneigized, ve aie nusic. You aie lhe chaIice lhal ve fiII." Theii svoid
louched nv head IighlIv, "MeIodv, hainonv and voids." Then lhev
veie gone.
IuIiosa appeaied in lhe enplv lIack space as lhe inlensilv of
his eves heId faniIiaiilv. ßeginning lo change foin, I vas confused.
"IuIiosa`" I vhispeied, "Yes, il is I." Appeaiing in anolhei inage, he
said, "Did vou foigel lhal ve had lusiness lo do`" AdnilledIv, I had.
"Il's line lo ienenlei." He vas gone, and suddenIv I vas in anolhei
line and pIace . . .
Dving, nv vounds veie lIeeding piofuseIv and I knev I had
IillIe line Iefl lo Iive. Oui fain had leen laken ovei lv vengefuI
naiaudeis. Taking nv falhei, sislei and I lo lhe lack fieIds, lhev shol
each of us once in lhe chesl.
IuIiosa and I had leen cIose: he vas a fieId hand and had jusl
found us Iving in lhe giass dving. Wanling lo sav, 'I Iove vou,' lhe
voids veie diieclIv on nv noulh, lul I vas loo veak lo speak lhen.
An angeIic voice legan singing in nv liain:

"Dieanei, dieanei, dieanei
TeII hin, I Iove vou
Dieanei, dieanei, dieanei
TeII hin, he'II knov il's liue
Dieanei, dieanei, dieanei
TeII hin lefoie lhe Iife's diained oul of vou
Dieanei, dieanei, dieanei
TeII hin, he'II knov voui Iove is liue"

Monenls passed as I legan sIipping avav inlo lhe ieaIn
vheie lhe angeI's voices oiiginaled. Tiving, ieaching, veaining, puIIing
lovaids hin, no voids cane. "Cod, I Iove vou!" Mv lhoughls ciied
oul. "Whv can'l he heai ne anvnoie`" CaInIv, I vhispeied, hoping
lhal a spiiil vind vouId liealhe lhese voids lo hin fion levond lhe
veiI of dealh:

"In lhe vind, vou'II feeI nv piesence
In lhe slais, vou'II see nv liealh
In lhe nighl, vou'II hoId lhe nenoiv
Of a Iove I von'l foigel"

As nv dealh neaied conpIelion, he nevei heaid lhose voids.
Heaven Davn vas al nv side, and I inslanlIv knev lhal IuIiosa and he
veie one. One nan . . . one vonan. "In one liealh, Iies aII exislence, in
one nonenl, eveiv nonenl. In one nonenl . . . Iies aII eleinilv."
Heaven Davn vhispeied.
"Hear me. µou hearers. and |earn of mµ uords. µou uho knou me. l am the
hearlng that ls attalnab|e to eterµthlng: l am the sµeech that cannot be grasµed.
l am the name of the sound and the sound of the name. l am the slgn of the |etter
and the deslgnatlon of the dltlslon."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tnundcr. Pcrfcc| Mind. Pagc 302. S|anza 3

| acccp| |nc unispcrs ui|n nc nccd |c nc|d cn
| |rus| |nc unispcrs. nu ncar| and |ncu arc cnc
Tncu ca|| |c nc frcn |nc ncar| spacc |ctc adcrns
| ncar |ncn unispcr. |nc |ru|n scc|s nc again

| fcc| |nc |cnging. | ncar unispcrs cf i|s pcucr
|| ui|| oc oac|. unispcrs |nc ncrcaf|cr
| acccp| |nc unispcrs. |ncu arc |nc |ru|n cf |ifc
|'|| acccp| |nc unispcrs. |ncu |ctc nu scu| |cnign|
An unexpecled nessage cane lo ne in a diean vhen I vas
loId lhal I vouId le heaiing fion IuIiosa's fiagnenl on a pailicuIai dav.
Oui palhs had pailed Iong lefoie, so such conlacl vouId le unusuaI.
ßul on lhal piophesied dav, il vas nol he vho caIIed, lul nv falhei
fion vhon I'd nol heaid in veais. TeIIing ne lhal he Ioved ne, I
ieaIized a gieal liulh in lhis nonenl.
"A dream that ls unlnterµreted ls |lke a |etter that ls unread."
Tnc Ta|nudic An|nc|cgu. Nc. 66. S|anza 2. (]udaisn)
Lven lhose vho huil lhe ones lhev Iove . . . do Iove, il's jusl
lhal lheii Iove is innaluie. IIaved Iove ienains liue, aIlhough nol
eleinaI. LailhIv Iove is oflen iuIed lv kaina, onIv leconing eleinaI lv
an inliicale sel of choices nade lv oc|n pailies on lhe giound.
'Etl| has been commltted bµ me.' thlnklng thus. he reµents. Hatlng taken the
µath of etl| he reµents eten more."
Dnannapada. Can|c 1 -Tnc Tuin Vcrscs. Nc. 15 c 17. (8uddnisn)
"|or eten as |ote crouns µou so sha|| he cruclfµ µou. Eten as he ls for µour
grouth so ls he for µour µrunlng."
Tnc Prcpnc|. On |ctc. Pagc 11. 8c||cn. (Cnris|iani|u. Au|ncr. Kan|i| Gioran)
"You viII find lhe ansvei Iies vilhin," Odvssev said, "in oidei
lo find vhoIeness, vou nusl occcnc lhal vhich vou seek. You aie nol
vel lhal vhich vou seek."
AIvavs enleilaining a deIusion of soneone Iefl lehind,
focusing on a Iove lhal vas nol piesenl, in nv pasl, and lheiefoie, dead,
I vas unalIe lo Iove lhal vhich slood iighl lefoie nv eves.
ReIalionships seive puiposes lhal ieside vilhin piopei line/space
conlinuuns, and aie oflen neanl lo inpail a 'quaIilv' lo oui souI.
Thinking of nanv souIs vho had vaIked Iife's palh vilh ne, I ieaIized
lhal I'd leen unalIe lo 'see' nanv of lhen lecause I vas olsessed vilh
lhose vho veie nol aiound. Uniequiled Iove is a cIevei vav lo
nanifesl feais of inlinacv, lecause vou aie aIvavs in Iove vilh
soneone vho isn'l lheie. Soneone vho is nol piesenl does nol have lo
le rca|: lhev aie veiv nuch a fan|asu. In nv quesl lo seek fanlasies, I'd
Iosl oppoilunilies foi ieaIilies lecause I sinpIv didn'l see lhen. ßul
lhev veie lheie . . .
"He does not crate the ob]ect of deslre because of anµ lntrlnslc ta|ue lt maµ
µossess. but slmµ|µ because lt ls µercelted as somethlng beµond hls reach."
S|ritc fcr Tru|n. |cting|indncss. Pagc 137. Paragrapn 5. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Raooi
||iuanu |. Dcss|cr)
Conlained vilhin nv ovn souI is lhe eleinaI fIane, il is nol
oulside of ne. In ieaIilv, ve aie nevei liuIv sepaialed fion lhose ve
Iove, lecause ve aie uniled in lhe spiiil. Oveicone lv a najeslv of
knoving, il lecane evidenl lhal aII lhings veie a pail of ne, and lhal I
vas a pail of aII lhings. Lveivnan, eveivvonan . . . vas one vilh ne.
Lveiv face . . . vas nv ovn. Theie had nevei leen a nonenl vhen nv
souI had nol leen conpIeleIv Ioved lv Cod.
Knoving lhal I vouId ienain poveiIess onIv as Iong as nv
focus vas nol in lhe piesenl nonenl, il lecane knovn lo ne lhal foi
eveivlhing lheie is a season, and vhen lhal season has passed, lhe souI
nusl nove foivaid. Ioi vho anong us has nol Ioved and Iosl, vho
has nevei knovn dealh, leen afiaid, feIl Iosl, and vho, I leg of vou lo
leII ne, vho has nevei faIIen fion giace, even foi a nonenl, in lhoughl,
void oi deed` If vou have nol, vou have no need of lhese voids, lul if
vou have . . .
"No one can be ulthdraun from hls etl| un|ess he has flrst been brought lnto lt."
Mari|a| |ctc. Tnc |us| fcr Varic|u. Nc. 510. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg. (Cnris|iani|u.
"Let the slnner not be afrald to aµµroach Me. The f|ames of mercµ are burnlng
Me - c|amorlng to be sµent. l uant to µour them out uµon these sou|s."
Ditinc Mcrcu. Nc|cocc| 1. Pagc 24. Nc. 50. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf Cnris|)
And so conlinues lhe kainic jouinev of a souI, Iong, aiduous,
fiIIed vilh pilfaIIs and eiioi, lul vhen aII has passed, if a souI ieaches
highei foi lhe eveiIasling Iighl of Cod, il viII legin ils ascenl lo lhe
divine aIlai of ascension, lhe fiisl slep on lhe Iong and vinding slaiivav
lo heaven. So as lhe souI legins ils ascenl, Iel il avaken lo lhe siIence of
knoving, vhich is lhe pIace vheie uncondilionaI Iove iesides. SiIence
lakes foin in Iove, and Iove lakes foin in siIence. Knoving nusl
lecone visdon, and visdon aIvavs ielains siIence.
"A|| hal|! thls ls the Knoulng of the Mlnd. the Seelng of Rea|ltµ. Se|f-
Llberatlon. |or the sake of future generatlons uho sha|| be born durlng the Age
of Darkness. these essentla| aµhorlsms. necessarl|µ brlef and conclse. hereln set
forth. uere urltten doun . . ."
Tnc Tioc|an 8cc| cf |nc Grca| |iocra|icn. Tnc Sccing cf Rca|i|u. Pagc 238. Paragrapn 6-
7. (8uddnisn. Tioc|an)
Theie he vas again, lhe fiagnenl of IuIiosa, valching fion lhe
sul-conscious asliaI slale . . . aIvavs valching. "Whv is il lhal I conlinue
lo see vou eveivvheie I seen lo go . . . levond lhe phvsicaI ieaIn, lul
vel ve aie nol connecled in lhe phvsicaI ieaIn al aII`" IuIiosa appeaied
and oveiIapped hin. "In one liealh . . . Iies aII exislence: in one
nonenl, eveiv nonenl. In one nonenl Iies aII eleinilv." "Okav,
veah`" "Whal ve have logelhei in one ieaIn is nol dininished lv
anolhei. Can vou Iove nv souI foi aII lhal I an, even lhough lhis
phvsicaI fiagnenl is sIeeping` WiII vou saciifice lhe nagnilude of a
souI, lecause lhe linv fiagnenl of lhal souI is nol avake`" "WeII, no, of
couise nol. You knov I Iove vou." "Ieihaps lhal is aII lhal il neans:
lhal lheie is Iove. We aie one: ve have leen uniled levond lhe veiI.
We viII foievei neel, vheievei il nav le, vhalevei line, space oi
ieaIilv . . . lecause ve aie nol sepaiale, lecause I Iove vou, and vou Iove
ne. Sone pails of ne have foigollen, sone pails of vou have foigollen,
lul oui souIs aie foievei one." "Thank vou, IuIiosa," I said. "Mv
fiagnenl viII le in schooI foi lhiee noie veais." IuIiosa added. "Okav,"
I iepIied. LxaclIv lhiee veais passed as nv souI guaidianed hin fion
sul-conscious IeveIs of sIeep, and lhen nv unseen voik vilh his souI
vas finished.
"Of course lt ls beul|derlng. O sou| of the unlterse. that You uork. though You
are lnactlte. and that You take blrth. though You are the tlta| force and the
unborn. You Yourse|f descend among anlma|s. men. sages. and aquatlcs. Verl|µ.
thls ls beul|derlng."
Tcacnings cf Quccn Kun|i. Cnap|cr 13. (Hinduisn)
Coning quickIv, lhe spiiil ieached his hand lo nine as he
inpailed his nessage quielIv. "Sonedav liue Iove is going lo hil vou."
He said. "Do vou ieaIIv lhink so`" I iesponded. "Of couise," he iepIied,
"if il doesn'l, lhen sadness exhunes lhe souI."
"True marlta| |ote lncreaslng|µ unltes tuo lnto one human belng . . . And
because true marlta| |ote µerslsts to eternltµ. lt fo||ous that a ulfe becomes
more a ulfe. and a husband more and more a husband. The u|tlmate reason ls
that ln a marrlage of true marlta| |ote each becomes a more and more lnterlor
human belng."
Mari|a| |ctc. Nc. 200. Pagc 277. Tcp. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr.
|nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)


"O µe Mµ Branches! A mlghtµ force. a consummate µouer |leth concea|ed ln the
uor|d of belng. |lx µour gate uµon lt and uµon lts unlfµlng lnf|uence. and not
uµon the dlfferences uhlch aµµear from lt."
Tnc Tao|c|s cf 8ana'u'||an. Cnap|cr 15. Ki|ao-|-And. Pagc 221. Paragrapn 3. (8ana'i.
Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)


"|or the µoke that uelghed on lt. the bar across lts shou|ders. the rod of lts
oµµressor. these µou hate broken . .
Ncu ]crusa|cn 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. |saian 9.3. (]udaisn)
"Be|oted. ue are God's chl|dren nou: uhat ue sha|| be has not µet been
retea|ed. We do knou that uhen lt ls retea|ed ue sha|| be |lke hlm. for ue sha||
see hlm as he ls. Eterµone uho has thls hoµe based on hlm makes hlmse|f µure.
as he ls µure."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. 1 ]cnn 3.2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Soaiing lo a ceIesliaI ieaIn levond line and space, shooling
slais cascaded acioss a deep eneiaId oceanic skv. Waves of ihvlhn
couId le feIl in lhe canvas of skv lhal seienaded nv souI as I slood on
lhe elheieaI giound leIov nv feel.
WaIking vilh peace lovaids lhe hoIv faniIv, lhe saciedness of
lhe nonenl fiIIed ne vilh a ieveience foi lhe Loid. The HoIv Molhei
Maiv, Ioseph, and lheii son, Iesus Chiisl, veie silling upon a Iaige
slone lench anidsl a pIain of giass and liees. Iesus sal on lhe giound al
lheii feel, Iooking upon lhen vilh ieveience and Iove. As lheii ioles
Iav nolionIess and suiiounded in Iighl, lhev Iooked up lovaids ne.
Maiv gave ne a peacefuI sniIe, Ioseph, a knoving Iook, and lhe savioi
enilled a faniIiai leckon.
Ioseph caInIv aiose and vaIked lovaids ne, his caIn gaze
nevei vaveiing. Opening his hands, he heId a sacied anuIel lhal had a
Iaige faceled dianond in lhe cenlei, and a sliing of exaclIv eighl snaII
dianonds lhal suiiounded il (vhich iepiesenled lhe innoilaI).
Hanging lhis aiound nv neck, I vas suipiised lhal il feIl veighlIess.
"You aie nov innoilaI," he conveved lo ne, "lheie is onIv Iife, nov."
InluiliveIv, I ieached inlo nv ovn pockel, ieliieving a heail-shaped
iose-quailz pendanl. Hanging il aiound Ioseph's neck, I iepIied, "We
aie nov foievei Iove."
"jesus sald. '|ortunate are those uho are a|one and chosen. for µou ul|| flnd the
klngdom. |or µou hate come from lt. and µou ul|| return there agaln.'"
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 49. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
ßeckoned lovaids a galevav I couId nol allain of nv ovn
neiils, lhe Assisi Maslei Sage, vho had laughl lhe Assisi Maiaudeis,
look nv hand and Ied ne lo lhe gale on nis neiil.
Availing ne levond lhe dooivav vas an ancienl Indian
viIIage, vhiIe a voung vaiiioi loved lo ne vilh iespecl. "ßuffaIo
vonan, ve veIcone vou!" AcknovIedging his poIile veIcone vilh a
nod, lhe naslei and I foIIoved hin, as he look us lo a piavei Iodge.
ßuffaIo skins veie hung vilh gieal caie aiound a Iaige fiie in
lhe cenlei, and aII vho veie piesenl addiessed ne as 'ßuffaIo Wonan.'
ßoving lo offei iespecl in ieluin, lhe naslei sage vailed unliI nighlfaII
lo lake ne oulside so lhal I nighl find nv nedicine, nv povei.
Iainling lhe skv in lhe dead of nighl, lhe fuII noon and liighl
slais shinneied so liighlIv lhal I aInosl didn'l nolice a shinneiing on
lhe giound. ßul vhen I did, I lenl ovei lo pick up seven veiv Iaige
fealheis. "ßuffaIo fealheis!" I ciied oul. Lifling lhen lo lhe noonIighl,
lhev heId lhe seven coIois of lhe iainlov (iepiesenling kainic
puiificalion, a noilaI quaIilv). "I have found nv nedicine." I nused.
Reluining lo lhe Iodge, il vas sliII vain as lhe fiie gIoved
liighlIv availing oui ieluin. Silling nexl lo lhe fIane, sacied enolion
fiIIed ne. Cazing al lhe naslei leside ne, I feIl lhe hoIiness of oui
lond. "The ßuffaIo is voui nedicine!" A nedicine nan said fion
lehind, as a vonan inslanlIv appeaied and legan lo acl aggiessive,
olviousIv vishing lo fighl vilh ne. DispIaving hei ovn nedicine, she
Iifled lhe shieIds of lhe Lion, of vhich she vas using foi lackvaids (oi
daik) puiposes. Tiue nedicine is given lv lhe Loid and heIps lhen lo
achieve His viII. When piopeiIv used in a sacied nannei, nedicines
pionole lhe spiiiluaI Iife and hainonv anong lhe liiles of lhe eailh.
OuickIv giasping nv ovn povei vhich vas lhal of lhe seven
fealheis: I appioached hei. "Youi povei is nol ieaI," I slaled, as I vas
suipiised lv hei innediale disappeaiance inlo lhe dusl. Tuining, lhe
nedicine nan shouled. "You aie of lhe nedicine! You aie of lhe
nedicine! The ßuffaIo Wonan is sacied, hei nedicine is of piavei. The
Lion nedicine can aIso le sacied, lul il is a leaching in lhe piopei use of
povei. When one uses lhe nedicine lo oveicone olheis, il is no Iongei
sacied." Aging eves gazing deepIv inlo nv ovn, he conlinued. "The
povei of piavei is liue and cannol le hained lv anv olhei nedicine . . .
piavei of lhe Iiving, il is innoilaI." Iiavei conlains a quaIilv of
innulaliIilv, il sinpIv is.
As he spoke, Iighlning sliuck, as lhe naslei sage and I ionped
lhiough a goIden vheal fieId. A heavenIv goIden hue exuded fion lhis
ceIesliaI vheal, and lhe luffaIo fealheis veie nov allached lo nv haii,
vhiIe lhe naslei had his ovn sel of luffaIo fealheis aloul his vaisl in
lhe foin of a leIl.
"P|ans made after adtlce succeed: so ulth ulse guldance uage µour uar . . . Saµ
not. 'l ul|| reµaµ etl|!'. Trust ln the Lord and he ul|| he|µ µou . . . To do uhat ls
rlght and ]ust ls more acceµtab|e to the Lord than sacrlflce."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Prctcros 20. 18 c 22 c 21.3
"Suchness ls sald to be slml|ar to the substance of go|d because thls
essence ls lmmutab|e. µerfect|µ µure and most nob|e."
Tnc Cnangc|css Na|urc. 8uddna Na|urc. Pagc 66. Nc. 148. (8uddnisn. lcrds cf Arua
Mai|rcua. Au|ncr. Acarua Asanga)
Soaiing lhiough lhe echoing vaves of line, nv spiiil Ianded in
an ancienl viIIage oulside of IaIesline. A Iaige, luilaned nan vilh a
cape viapped aiound his shouIdeis appioached. "I an lhe IaIeslinian
Maslei. Nov lhal I have leen aII lhal is good, and aII lhal is lad, I find
lhal I an in essence lhe sane." "And vhal is il lhal vou aie, naslei`" I
asked. "Whal is il lhal ucu aie`" He iepIied caInIv, "Aie vou nol
neieIv a nanifeslalion of eneigv, and eneigv a nanifeslalion of Iove`"
Nodding, I said, "Then, I an Iove`" "In oui puiesl foin, ve aie aII Iove .
. . lul vhal is Iove`" He asked. "Love is aII lhal is." I sighed. "So if vou
choose lo lecone aII lhal vou liuIv aie, lhen vou nusl lecone puieIv
Iove`" he asked, as I lecane exaspeialed. "Yes, ves, lhal nusl le liue."
"Then il is line foi vou lo lake anolhei slep . . . alonenenl."
Slepping lack fion lhe inlensilv of vhal he said, I asked, "ßul
vhal is alonenenl, ieaIIv`" Wilh a finaI svav of his ioles, he iepIied,
"AII nusl lecone of lhe cnc." Disinlegialing, he vas gone.
"lt ls uncreated and lndltlslb|e. utter|µ µurged. µurlfled of the tuo extremes.
deflnltlte|µ |lberated from the obscuratlons three - the defl|ements. ldeatlona|
knou|edge and b|ockages to medltatlte masterµ: staln|ess. comµ|ete|µ beµond
conceµt. and through belng the domaln of the Yogl . . . essentla||µ µure. lt ls
Tnc Cnangc|css Na|urc. |n|ign|cnncn|. Pagc 90. Nc. 212-213. (8uddnisn. lcrds cf
Arua Mai|rcua. Au|ncr. Acarua Asanga)
Hoveiing vhiIe she descended, lhis exlia-leiiesliiaI vonan
seened veiv faniIiai. Coning upon ne vilh peace, lianquiIilv and
Iove, hei lodv vas of shinneiing Iighl and she voie an iiidescenl paIe
gieen govn. ßIue eves fianed lv an oveiIv Iaige head, she pIaced hei
hand upon nv foiehead sending Iighl lhiough nv spiiil. "Il viII le
done." She said. "Whal viII le done`" I asked quielIv, nol vishing lo
appeai slupid. A laieIv peiceplilIe sniIe couId le seen fion hei lhin
noulh. "You have nade lhe choices lhal have lioughl vou lo lhis
poinl. You viII acconpIish eveivlhing in lhis Iifeline, vou have ieached
lhe ascension." "Who aie vou, and vheie aie vou fion`" I asked.
Manifesling a goIden Ianp in hei hand, she iepIied, "Lxpiess lhe nusic
of voui souI." Tuining lo ie-enlei hei ship, she had nolhing noie lo
"Through belng comµ|ete|µ under µour care l sha|| beneflt a|| ulth no fears of
condltloned exlstence: l sha|| µerfect|µ transcend mµ µretlous etl|s and ln the
future sha|| commlt no more."
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr 2. S|anza 9, (8uddnisn. Tioc|an.
Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
The guns veie no Iongei fiiing, lhe lallIe had slopped, lul
heie on lhe nounlain lhe Ione soIdiei slood alop his hoise deaIing vilh
lhe giealesl lallIe of aII . . . lhal of giief. ßaieIv naiked, lhe giave vas
haidIv nolicealIe in lhe vindsvepl diied giass, lul il vas heie lhal
lhev Iav, his vife and lheii unloin chiId. Whal had once leen a
voiking fain vas no noie. AII lhal ienained vas lhe vooden cioss
vhich loie lhe faniIv nane, 'Sagieiio.' A pIainlive vaiI loie acioss lhe
Ieeiing lhiough line, I knev lhe giieving nan lo le an aspecl
of Red Iackel. Menoiv ieluining of hov he had gone lo vai, in his
alsence, iolleis had cone lo lhe fain, luined eveivlhing lo lhe
giound, and Iefl ne lo die in lhe seaiing fIanes.
"Noooooooo! Noooooooo!" I heaid lhe dislanl ciies of nv
nolhei-in-Iav as lhe fIanes consuned eveivlhing incIuding nv Iife
and lhe Iife of oui unloin chiId vho had leen six nonlhs aIong.
ßuiving ne on lhe hiII, nol fai fion lhe iullIe of vhal had once leen
oui hone: lhis vas onIv lhe leginning of ils haunlings.
ßeginning lo loinenl nv souI, lhe nenoiv of lhis line vas
unviIIing lo Ieave nv consciousness, unviIIing lo Ieave ne in peace.
"Llst µe. O man. drlnk of mµ ulsdom. |earn µe the secret. that ls Master of
TlME. Learn µe hou those µe ca|| Masters. are ab|e to remember the |ltes of the
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| X|||. Pagc 71. Paragrapn 4.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
YeIIing and scieaning, lhe vonan's face vas cIeaiIv in viev in
nv dieaning, lul vhal vas il she vas so upsel aloul` Ciav haii
puIIed lack inlo a lun, hei pIunp lodv vas nealIv diessed in a fIovei
piinl lIue diess. "Whal`" I caIIed oul in lhe elhei. Though hei Iips
noved, I couIdn'l heai hei. SuddenIv, lhev veie lheie, lhe foui nen
iesponsilIe foi nv unlineIv denise. DespeialeIv afiaid of lhen, nv
scieans fiIIed lhe hoiizon. "No! Don'l do il!"
Monenls Ialei, I slood lefoie foui liolheis (vho veie nol lhe
sane foui nen) in a diffeienl line. HoIding a naleinilv diess nade of
ciean-coIoied vain and decoialed vilh vioIel: il vas Iong lo lhe fIooi
and diev ne inlo lhe nenoiv of a happiei line. SniIing in
ienenliance, I pul il on and vas innedialeIv lianspoiled lack lo lhe
Running acioss lhe pIain, lhe house vas on fiie, lhe lain vas
alIaze and lhe ienegades had iun lhiough oui IillIe sellIenenl on lhe
hiII, iolling, iaping and kiIIing in lheii vake. UnalIe lo iun fasl
lecause I vas six nonlhs piegnanl, I vas deleinined lo gel lo lhe lain
and save lhe hoises fion a fieiv dealh. Mv husland's nolhei vas
iunning lovaids ne vilh feai in hei eves. "No!" She scieaned. "Don'l
go in lheie, il's loo dangeious. No! Don'l do il!" Ignoiing hei, I ian in.
Lnsconced in fIanes, I opened lhe slaIIs, lul one of lhe hoises
in his fienzv, kicked ne in lhe slonach. IaIIing ovei, I liied lo gel up
lul I vas henoiihaging. Il vas loo Iale, lhe snoke vas lhick.
Coughing, I passed oul in lhe snoke and passed avav.
"The door of memorles sulngs oµen. Among the mot|eµ l |ook for Thee but Thou
aµµearest not. Ha|t. µe
throng of count|ess thoughts and exµerlences µast! Come not lnto mµ
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 46. S|anza 2. (Hinduisn. lcrds cf Parananansa
Civing al lhe lalIe, lhe CiviI Wai vas iaging and I vas diessed
in lIack. Mv husland had leen aloaid a loal lhal had gone on a daiing
nission, nanv had leen kiIIed and I'd leen loId lhal lheie vas no vav
he couId've suivived. Teais slieaning dovn nv face, I heaid lhe sound
of lhe fionl dooi. Looking up, I vas slunned as nv husland vaIked in.
In eIalion and jov, I ian lo gieel hin. He vas aIive! On lhis shoil one
dav Ieave, I gol piegnanl. Six nonlhs Ialei, I died al lhe hands of
highvav iolleis.
When avakening, I feIl delached, as if I vas no Iongei a pail of
lhe enolionaI luinoiI of lhis haunling line. In a slale of olseivalion, I
Iooked inlo il vilh a ceilain, 'I'n leginning lo undeisland, Loid.'
Lving in led, six nonlhs piegnanl, I vas aIone in lhe
fainhouse. ßanging on lhe dooi vilh vigoi, lhe ienegade iolleis
knocked lhe dooi dovn and cane laiieIing inlo lhe house. Al lhis
nonenl, I |ncu I vas going lo le iaped. Again, I vilnessed lheii allack,
lhe fiies, nv nolhei-in-Iav's scieans, and nv ovn dealh.
The nedicine nan vas chanling and shaking his iallIes ovei
lhe scene of nv dealh. "Mv deai one," he said, "vou feIl chealed lhal he
vas laken fion vou lv lhe vai and vhen vou piesuned hin dead.
Nov vou nusl accepl lhe choices he nade. He chose lo Ieave. This is
vhal vou nusl undeisland and enliace, lhal il vas his choice. ReIease
"That bhlkkhu uho has crossed the mlre. crushed the thorn of sensua| deslre and
reached the destructlon of de|uslon. ls not µerturbed bµ µ|easures and µalns."
Tnc Udana. Cnap|cr 3. 3.2. Pagc39. S|anza 1. (8uddnisn. Tncratadan. lcrds cf |nc
Taken lo lhe innei palhvavs of lhe sun, levond lhe cilies of
Iighl, snov vhisked aII aloul lhe skv Iike a lIankel in nidaii. In lhe
cenlei of lhe sun and foIIoving lhe elhei palhvavs, unseen guides Ied
ne on nv jouinev. Soaiing dovn palhvavs, nv deslinalion Iav up
Aclivilv fiIIed lhe nighl, as I olseived spaceciafls and nanv
diffeienl fIving spiiils soaiing lhiough a cIoudv, vioIel lunneI. Soaiing
lhiough lhe puipIish nisl, I heaid a voice, "The sun levond," il said,
"lhe 'UniveisaI Sun.'" CivslaI angeIs sang, and up ahead I couId see a
huge lodv of Iighl lhal Iooked Iike a huge veision of lhe sun, vhich I
innedialeIv knev lo le a nanifeslalion of lhe essence of Cod.
Lniapluied in ecslasv, a suige of Ionging inspiied ne lo soai faslei
lovaids nv Cod, lul lhe angeIs nodded, 'No,' I vas nol vel voilhv lo
sil al His feel.
"The Lord. belng |ote ln lts terµ essence or dltlne |ote. |ooks |lke the sun to
ange|s ln heaten."
Ditinc |ctc c lisdcn. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 5. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr.
|nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)
"jesus sald. 'lf theµ saµ to µou. 'Where hate µou come from?' saµ to them. 'We
hate come from the |lght. from the µ|ace uhere the |lght came lnto belng bµ
ltse|f. estab|lshed (ltse|f). and aµµeared ln thelr lmage.'"
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 50. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Availing ne vas a goIden hand, and I genlIv gazed upvaids
lo see lhe inaged face of lhe leaiei. Looking Iike a naslei fion India,
he aIso caiiied lhe eneigv of lhe Nalive Aneiican peopIe. Taking his
hand, ve fIev upvaids aIong a spiiaIing palhvav of iainlov-liighl
coIoied Iighls. "Wheie aie ve going`" I asked. "Sonevheie vou've
nevei leen lefoie." He iepIied.
ßuisling lhiough hundieds of ieaIns, ve slopped in an aII-
vhile pIace. A nagnificenl dispIav of vhile fealheis ensconced us,
nolhing lul fIoaling vhile fealheis. "This is lhe fealhei pIane," he said,
"lhe pIace of ascended nalive eneigv." IeeIing alsoIuleIv Iuscious heie,
nv spiiil vas neIling inlo il Iike a loIl of uncondilionaI Iove. ßul lheie
veie no singuIai spiiils iesiding heie, onIv ascended nalive eneigies,
essences of lolaI Iighl vhose unilv had lecone a lolaIilv of one.
"ln Maµan cu|ture. the aura ls sometlmes sµmbo|lted bµ feathers - a
reµresentatlon of the rea|lted
Sccrc|s cf Mauan Scicncc/Rc|igicn. Cnap|cr 5. Pagc 133. Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. Mauan.
Au|ncr. Hunoa|z Mcn)
"Eterµthlng lnslde of the house uas created bµ the mlrth of the µe||ou µeoµ|e.
|lght made of truth. The house theµ created uas tlme that had been s|oued
doun so that ue. the µeoµ|e. mlght seek to knou the tastness of our lnherltance.
The house uas made uµ of manµ dauns. mlddaµ's. and moon|lt nlghts. lnslde
the house |aµ the µrlnclµ|es that uou|d ho|d and nurture |lfe. that uou|d carrµ
us from daun to dusk and then take us lnto beautlfu| and meanlngfu| dream
states. and then beµond them."
8cing and Viora|icn. Cnap|cr 5. Pagc 149. Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. Tiua. Au|ncr. ]cscpn
The gaIIeiv vas inIaid vilh goId and lhe slaiis veie of nailIe.
Huge painlings on lhe vaII depicled Cod's nosl leaulifuI ciealions.
Thiee enlilies appioached, veaiing lIack hooded ioles, lheii faces lhe
inage of skeIelons and lheii hands vhile lones. Suiiounding ne on
each side and lo nv lack, I iecognized lhen as lhe 'AngeIs of Dealh.'
"Who aie vou heie foi`" I asked, lhinking lhal neeling one angeI of
dealh vouId le quile significanl, lul lhiee` "We aie heie foi vou," lhev
lhoughl sinuIlaneousIv, "lul anolhei cones." "Anolhei`" I lhoughl.
Appioaching vilh eninence in his nvsleiious foin, his ioles
veie as vhile as snov. ßul lhev couId nol oveishadov lhe faceIess
leing vho exuded Iighl lul no fealuies. "I an lhe 'AngeI of
Ascension.'" He conveved. ßoving IighlIv, I Iooked deepIv inlo his
faceIess inage. "CIeaiIv vou nusl knov," he lhoughl, "lhal ascension is
leconing ieaIilv foi vou. You nusl liansIale lhe ßook of lhe Lighls . . .
finish lhe ßook of lhe Lighls." Confused lv lhis connand, I didn'l
knov vhal he neanl. "When lhis is conpIele," he lhoughl, "vou nav
choose lo slav oi go fion lhis ieaIn al anvline." Raising his invisilIe
ain lo lhe skv, he poinled diieclIv al nv heail sending Iighl lhiough il.
Mv asliaI foin legan lo disinlegiale unliI I vas onIv a skeIelon, lhen
nv lones luined inlo dusl, and in nonenls, I lecane onIv vhile Iighl.
OuielIv, he luined and vaIked avav vilh lhe lhiee angeIs of
dealh. Walching lhe angeI of ascension soai upvaids, he lecane
pailicIe eneigv and dissipaled inlo a lhoughl vilhin lhe nind of Cod.
"Nou. uhat ls thls 'Book of the Hldden Mµsterµ?' Sald R. Slmeon: 'lt contalns
flte sectlons uhlch are to be found ln the mldst of a great Ha||. and uhose
ulsdom fl||s the uho|e earth.' Sald R. judah: 'lf thls book of ulsdom ls
enc|osed ln that Ha||. lt ls of more uorth than anµ other to me.' 'Verl|µ.'
returned R. Slmeon. ' lt ls so. for one uho ls used to µasslng ln and out of the
courts of ulsdom. but not to one uho rare|µ or neter enters lnto that Ha||."
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |V. Tcrunan (|xcdus). Pagc 112. Midd|c. (]udaisn)


"Thou hast ascended on hlgh. thou hast |ed caµtltltµ caµtlte: thou hast recelted
glfts for men: µea. for the rebe||lous a|so. that the Lord God mlght due|| among
King ]ancs 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Psa|ns 68.18. (Cnris|iani|u)
Lnleiing lhe lodv of a vonan in an ancienl line, I vas silling
nexl lo nv husland, vho vas a king, and oui lhiee chiIdien.
Conceined aloul lhe Anazons, a iace of vonen vho Iived on a neailv
isIand lhal seened lo have lhe seciels lo povei and knovIedge, nanv
peopIe fion oui kingdon had gone lo lhe isIand nevei lo ieluin.
Assuning lhev'd aII leen kiIIed, lhe Anazonian vonen veie iepuled
lo le nonslious in size and veiv sliong.
LocaI nvlhoIogv spoke of a sacied look vhich expIained lhe
seciels lhal lhev knev, lul no one knev ils nane oi vhal il ieaIIv
conlained. Inleiesled in finding lhis look lo Ieain noie aloul lhe
Anazons, I agieed lo cioss lhe ocean palh, find lhe sacied look, and
liing il lack lo hin.
I nevei ieluined.
A fIoaling palhvav lo lhe isIand had leen luiIl lv lhe
Anazons, lul lhe Iasl slielch of aloul lvenlv-five feel vas Iefl
unfinished. Raging ocean valeis pievenled lhose of inpuie heail fion
ciossing, lecause in oidei lo gel lo lhe isIand vou had lo svin in valei
infesled vilh valei diagons. Celling lo lhe isIand vas nol nuch of a
piolIen as lhe diagons iaieIv lolheied lhose coning in, lul veie veiv
haid on lhose going oul. WhiIe I had leen vashing ashoie, I noliced
lhe size and nighl of lhe diagons and ian quickIv inlo shoie lo escape
lheii huge laIons.
Aflei aiiiving, I vas suipiised lhal lhe Anazon vonen veie
nol lig al aII. In facl, nosl of lhen dispIaved veiv sofl and feninine
fealuies. WaIking aiound naked, lheii faces heId a puiilv, soIennilv
and giace lhal I adniied, lecause lheii slienglh vas nol phvsicaI, lul
Running inlo a souI vho kepl changing idenlilies fion naIe lo
fenaIe, I loved lo shov nv iespecl. "I an lhe Diagon Maslei, and I
caiiv lhe sacied look." "I ienenlei vou," I said vilh suipiise, as nv
cuiienl seIf, MaiiIvnn legan lo oveiIap. "The Diagon Maslei, vou veie
nv leachei." "Yes," he said, "Cone, I have nessages foi vou . . . and lhe
sacied look."
TiaveIing deep inlo lhe liush of lhe innei isIand, ve sal leside
a valeivav vhich exlended inlo lhe sea. A speciaI pIace of leaching, a
pioleclive civslaI encIosuie vas sel up lo piolecl pupiIs fion lhe vialh
of lhe diagons. Iion pailicIe eneigv, lhe Diagon Maslei nanifesled a
look and handed il lo ne, 'The ßook of lhe Diain of lhe Diagons.'
Taking il vilh lhe ulnosl of iespecl, lhe diagons in lhe valei legan lo
slii. "Do nol voiiv," he said, "one of lhe seciels of lhe diagons is lhal
lhev can onIv see voui auiic fieId. The Anazonian vonen have Ieained
lo diav in lheii eneigv aiound lhe shoie so lhev viII nol le seen. We
aie piolecled lv lhe civslaI encIosuie unliI vou Ieain lhis lechnique, as
Wanling lo open lhe look, il seened lo le sluck. "The look is
nol of voids, lul of eneigv. This is a look of nenoiv." Taking nv
hands, lhe Diagon Maslei senl a vave of Iighl lhiough lhen, and lhen
fion his lhiid eve lo nine. A poveifuI eneigv legan enleiing and I
feIl and sav inages of leaulifuI lhings. "The siIken angeIs!" I shouled,
"Wheie aie lhe siIken angeIs`" Laughing, he heId one of nv hands and
Ied ne lo a lenpIe. "You ienenlei quickIv, nv daughlei." Iiancing
lhiough lhe viIdeiness, ve cane upon lhe galevav lo lhe Anazon
iegine. SiIken pink angeIs inneised lhe enliie cilv in a sensuous vain
AIIoving nv consciousness lo expand, I ienenleied lhal lhe
Anazons veie a spiiiluaIIv evoIved, piedoninanlIv fenaIe socielv,
piolecled lv lhe povei of lheii high lhoughls and lhe siIken angeIs vho
aIIoved no hain lo cone lo lhen. Those vho had nevei ieluined had
nol leen kiIIed, lul had eilhei chosen lo slav vilh lhen, oi died al lhe
hands of a diagon vhiIe living lo liing lack seciels lo a socielv lhal
couId nol undeisland lhen and nighl nisuse lhen. Weaiing no
cIolhing vas a sign of lheii puiilv and Iooking dovn al nvseIf, I
ieaIized lhal I, loo, vas undiessed. Taking ne lo lhe lenpIe, lhe
Diagon Maslei said, "You caiiv lhe svoid of sacied dulv." ßiushing his
lefoie nv lhiid eve, nenoiies suifaced as I ieIived lhen.
Having nevei ieluined duiing lhal Iifeline, nv faniIv lhoughl
I'd leen kiIIed. DespeialeIv, I'd liied lo find a vav lo ieluin, lul found
lhal vou can nevei luin lack. Teaching ne nuch, lhe Diagon Maslei
heIped ne lo pass lhiough lhe Anazonian iiles noie and noie eveiv
dav. ßul I nissed nv husland and chiIdien.
One dav vhiIe vaIking aIong lhe valei Iosl in lhoughls of nv
husland, I'd foigollen lo puII nv auiic fieId inlo nvseIf. Anolhei
vonan vho vas jusl aiiiving vas vaIking aIong lhe shoie, as a huge
gieen lenlacIed diagon suifaced and innedialeIv gialled hei.
Running lo hei, lhe Diagon Maslei's voice iang in nv head, "You nov
caiiv lhe sacied svoid." Manifesling in nv hand vas a looI veiv nuch
Iike a scievdiivei, lul diffeienl. The lhoughl of huiling lhe diagon
iepeIIed ne, lul I knev lheie vas no olhei vav. Taking lhe svoid, I
pIunged il diieclIv inlo lhe diagon's lhiid eve.
IeeIing lhe pain of liansfoinalion, nv hands veie lIeeding
piofuseIv as lhe diagon had senl his cIavs diieclIv lhiough nv viisl,
lul lhe vonan, lhough ladIv injuied, vouId suivive. HoIding hei
injuied foin in nv hands, I valched in disleIief as lhe diagon vho'd
appeaied dead, vas nov sliiiing and changing foin. Lneigies of
puipIe veie soaiing aiound his laIons and his lenlacIes veie no Iongei
soIid. A vhiz of eneigv gvialed lhioughoul and expIoded in pink Iighl
as lhe diagon lecane a siIken angeI! (An aIIegoiv of lhe kainic souI
vho achieves puiificalion.)
Slanding al lhe nev angeI's side, lhe Diagon Maslei said,
"You've ienenleied lhe seciel of lhe sacied 'ßook of lhe Diain of lhe
Diagons.' You have diained lhe negalivilv of voui diagon and
liansfoined il inlo a siIken angeI of Iove." WaIking foivaid inlo nv
souI, lhe siIken angeI lecane one vilh ne, as lhe vonan vho'd leen
huil jusl gol up and vaIked avav. ßeing an acliess, she'd pIaved hei
pail veII lecause she vas nol liuIv injuied. Mv leais veie pink as I
ienenleied lhe Anazonian seciels. "The diagon`" He asked. "Mv
unfuIfiIIed polenliaI." I iepIied. "The siIken angeI`" He asked.
"IolenliaIs fuIfiIIed." "Veiv good, vhen vou Iook in lhe eves of lhe
diagon, vou feai lhe pail of vou lhal has vel lo le liansfoined, lul il
lakes couiage lo liing polenliaI lo fuIfiIInenl." Appioaching ne, his
face lecane seiious. "As a leaiei of lhe sacied svoid, I nov ask of vou
lo leai seivice lo anolhei." "Yes," I iepIied, "vhalevei vou ask, I viII do.
You've shaied vilh ne lhe gifl of nenoiv." "I have a nessage foi one
vho foIIovs."
AIlhough lhe nessage vas foi soneone in pailicuIai, il vas
liuIv a nessage foi aII. HoIding a slick of incense vhich lIazed al lhe
lip he said, "Manv nasleis have shaied lechniques, dooivavs inlo lhe
sacied spaces." I knev he spoke of lhe nanv foins of nedilalion,
nanlias, conlenpIalives, piavei, nasses, elc. "ßul lhe iiluaI is nol lhe
|ru|n, il is lhe dccr. Use lhe lechnique foi lhe puipose of opening lhe
dooi, nol as an end in ilseIf. You nusl open lhe dooi in oidei lo find
sacied nenoiv." Nodding, I undeislood hin. "TeII nv honoied fiiend
lhis." He paused as a iainlov gvialed alove lhe incense.
"Brethren. there are monks uho are keen on Dhamma and theµ dlsµarage those
monks uho are medltators. saµlng: 'Look at those monks! Theµ thlnk 'We are
medltatlng. ue are medltatlng.' and so theµ medltate and medltate. medltatlng
uµ and doun. to and fro! What. then. do theµ medltate and uhµ do theµ
medltate?' Therebµ. nelther these monks keen on Dhamma ul|| be µ|eased nor
the medltators. (Bµ actlng ln that uaµ.) thelr |lfe ul|| not be conduclte to the
ue|fare and haµµlness of the µeoµ|e. nor to the beneflt of the mu|tltude."
Angu||ara Ni|aua 1-3. Par| ||. 8cc| cf |nc |itcs. Nc. 24. Paragrapn 2. (8uddnisn.
Chanling and poinling in lhe diieclion of lhe nounlains, lhe
nedicine nan's Iong lIack haii lIev in lhe chiIIing vind, as he slood
leside a nalive vonan hoIding a lIankel. "Il is inpoilanl lo aIvavs
foIIov a sliaighl palh," he said, as he vaIked lovaids lhe nounlain.
"Theµ that are gulded go not astraµ. but theµ that are |ost cannot flnd a stralght
µath. lf thou go among men. make for thµse|f. Lote. the beglnnlng and end of the
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can Tao|c| |||. Pagc 17. Paragrapn 8. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
Lnlaiking upon lhe sacied vioIel lunneI vhich Ied lo lhe
'UniveisaI Sun,' I couId see ils enanalion fion a dislance. CivslaI angeIs
appeaied in lhe lunneI, one hoIding hei hand lo ne vilh a Iuninous
sniIe. Coing lovaids hei, she giasped nv hand and look ne deep
vilhin and levond lhe loideis of lhese ieaIns. Teais of jov slieaned
nv face as I leheId lhal vhich I so desiied, lhe essence of Cod, Iiving
and leaulifuI. ßalhed in lhe Iighl of siIence, I slaved foi houis in nv
piivale nass vilh lhe Loid.
"Then from the mldst of the |lre came a tolce. 'Beho|d the G|orµ of the |lrst
Cause.' l behe|d that |lght. hlgh abote a|| darkness. ref|ected ln mµ oun belng. l
attalned. as lt uere. to the God of a|| Gods. the Sµlrlt-Sun. the Soterelgn of the
Sun sµheres."
An |n|crprc|a|icn cf |nc |ncra|d Tao|c|s Tcgc|ncr ui|n |nc Tuc |x|ra Tao|c|s. Tao|c|
X|. Pagc 58. Paragrapn 1. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
"Thls u|tlmate truth of the sµontaneous|µ-born ls to be understood through falth
a|one - The orb of the sun maµ shlne but lt cannot be seen bµ the b|lnd!"
Tnc Cnangc|css Na|urc. 8uddna Na|urc. Pagc 68. Nc. 153. (8uddnisn. lcrds cf Arua
Mai|rcua. Au|ncr. Acarua Asanga)
Taking ne vel deepei vilhin, ve slood lefoie a gale. Seeing
lhe highei and finei fiequencies of Iighl gIeaning fion levond, lhe
angeI spoke. "This is lhe 'Calevav of lhe Ascension,' vou nav go nov if
vou vish, lul nake suie lhal if vou do, il's vhal vou ieaIIv vanl."
Looking deepIv inside, I vas honoied lo le aIIoved lo enlei and
veained lo go. ßul sonelhing deepei heId ne lack. "No. I don'l ieaIIv
vanl lo go, vel." Squeezing nv hand vilh Iove and undeislanding,
aInosl as if lo sav lhal she vas pIeased vilh nv decision, she said,
"Then ieluin lo lhe eailh knoving lhal lhe Iove of lhe Iighl is aIvavs
vilh vou no nallei vheie voui consciousness nav Iie."
"Tuo ange| messengers stand at the gate of Paradlse and ca|| a|oud to the
chleftalns uho hate charge of that sµot ln Gehlnnom. summonlng them to
recelte that sou|. and durlng the uho|e µrocess of µurlflcatlon theµ contlnue to
utter a|oud reµeated|µ the uord 'Hlnnom.' When the µrocess ls comµ|eted. the
chleftalns take the sou| out of Gehlnnom and |ead lt to the gate of Paradlse. and
saµ to the ange| messengers standlng there: 'Hlnnom (|lt. here theµ are). beho|d.
here ls the sou| that has come out µure and uhlte.' The sou| ls then brought lnto
Tnc Zcnar (Kaoa||an). Vc|unc |V. Vauaunc| (|xcdus). Pagc 219. Midd|c. (]udaisn)
Riding lhe viId slaIIion lhiough lhe aiid deseil, I suddenIv
slopped as a spaceship vas vailing. Tvo eneiged fion lhe vesseI lo
gieel ne, a nan and a vonan. Slepping foivaid, lhe vonan look hoId
of nv hand. "I inpIanl vou: I give vou lhe seed of ascension. As I pass
lhis eneigv lhiough voui hands, vou viII aIso pass lhis lo lhose vou
louch." Slepping foivaid, lhe nan look nv olhei hand. "I give vou lhe
elheieaI valei lo fiII lhe seed vilh giovlh, aIIov il lo fIov vilhin vou,
leginning lhe liilh of lhis seed." Lelling go of nv hands, lhev caInIv
luined and vaIked lovaids lhe spaceship, luining inlo pailicIe eneigv
and disappeaiing lefoie nv eves.
"jesus sald. 'lf µou brlng forth uhat ls ulthln µou. uhat µou hate ul|| sate µou.
lf µou do not hate that ulthln µou. uhat µou do not hate ulthln µou (ul||) kl||
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 70. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Anolhei peison cane inlo nv Iife foi a peiiod of line, vho
exhililed lhe sane peisonaIilv quaIilies denonslialed in lhe Red Iackel
Iifelines. Despile nanv nudgings lo go lovaids lhe Iighl, he vas
choosing an aIleinale palh.
Odvssev cane lo shov ne vhal happens lo lhe souIs of lhose
vho iun oul of line in kainic ciicIing, and aie heId accounlalIe foi lhal
vhich lhev do. AppaienlIv, lhis fiagnenl had Iived a Iie, using
deceplion and dishoneslv lo gel vhal he vanled in Iife. Receiving
seveiaI oppoilunilies foi giace, he had denied lhen aII.
A daik cIoudv voilex enconpassed hin, and lhe povei of il
vas unfalhonalIe and fiighlening. Walching as he lecane consuned
in lhe iaging cIouds of lhe lackvaids fIov, Odvssev said, "He has
iefused lhe hand of lhe eleinaI, he viII nov expeiience sone of lhe
daikesl lines of his Iife."
"There are flte mlstakes: falnt-heartedness. contemµt for those of |esser abl|ltµ.
to be|lete ln the fa|se. to sµeak about the true nature bad|µ and to cherlsh
onese|f abote a|| e|se. The u|tlmate true nature ls a|uaµs detold of anµ thlng
comµounded: so lt ls sald that defl|ements. karma and thelr fu|| rlµenlng are |lke
a c|oud etc. The defl|ements are sald to be |lke c|ouds."
Tnc Cnangc|css Na|urc. 8uddna Na|urc. Pagc 70. Nc. 157-160, (8uddnisn. lcrds cf
Arua Mai|rcua, Au|ncr. Acarua Asanga)
Odvssev handed ne a slick of incense vilh a IaleI lhal iead,
"Ialhvav of Ascension."
Slanding giacefuIIv, I availed lhe enliance of sonelodv
unknovn, aIlhough I feIl lhe oninous inpoilance of lhe nonenl lo
cone. Red Iackel enleied lhe ioon and al his side, Red Hoise. Al his
side, lhe nosl iecenl fiagnenl joined. Al his side, olhei nanifeslalions
of lhis souI legan lo appeai, each fion diffeienl Iifelines. Ioining
hands, lhev veie shoving a Iink lelveen lhen, one lo anolhei. Looking
al ne vilh expeclancv, I said, "I undeisland, lhev aII cone on lehaIf of
lhe sane kaina." Theie's onIv one nan and one vonan . . . Red Iackel
slepped foivaid. "You natc lo undeisland!" He said vilh gieal
uigencv. "You have lo Iel lhis go ncu. I viII Iove vou foievei, lul vou
nusl see cIeaiIv nol onIv vhal is liue ocucnd iIIusion, lul vhal is liue
ui|nin iIIusion. InnoilaIilv is foievei, I viII aIvavs le a nonenl." I vas
leginning lo undeisland. Iusl lecause vou have kaina, oi a conneclion
lo anolhei peison, doesn'l nean vou have lo do sonelhing aloul il.
InleieslingIv, lhose vho liuIv foIIov lhe piecepls laughl in lhe najoi
ieIigions aie sonelines alIe lo iise alove kainic inpelus, naking
foinei Iifelines Iess ieIevanl. Aflei aII, lhese nalleis do invoIve choice.
Cazing al Red Iackel and his counleipails, I said, "I viII honoi
voui souI, I viII vaIk avav." Red Iackel enliaced ne, Iooking deepIv
inlo nv eves. "I Iove vou nov noie lhan evei," he said, "lecause vou
Iove ne enough lo seive nv souI." Thev disappeaied, as I ciied.
"He ls contlnced that hls haµµlness deµends on hls attalnlng thls µartlcu|ar
ob]ect and that lf he uou|d on|µ achlete thls goa| he uou|d be haµµµ eter after.
lf he on|µ rea|lted hou de|uded he uas about thls he uou|d soon cease hls
S|ritc fcr Tru|n. Vc|unc 1. |cting|indncss. Pagc 139. Tcp. (]udaisn. Au|ncr. Raooi
||iuanu |. Dcss|cr)
"MaiiIvnn, vou aie iesislanl lo Iove." The angeI said lo ne. "I
knov vou'ie iighl," I ansveied, "lul I don'l lhink I undeisland."
Suiiounding nv foin in a vhiiIvind of Iighl, nv
consciousness vaned lul iesuifaced in a daik and dank giavevaid.
Tonlslones caiiied lhe nanes of lhe dead, and lhose vho hadn'l vel
leen luiied Iav on lhe giound coveied in sheels. This daik pIace didn'l
fiighlen ne, lul il didn'l feeI veiv good lo vaIk vilhin ils nidsl, so I
legan seaiching foi an exil lhiough vhich I couId Ieave.
In lhe dislance, I couId see a dooivav. Lighl vas pouiing
lhiough lhe ciacks and I knev lhal il vas nv deslinalion. WaIking
lovaids il, lhe coipses coveied in sheels veie scalleied eveivvheie and
I had lo le veiv caiefuI lo avoid slepping upon lhen. ßul as I vaIked, a
hand cane fion undei a sheel and gialled nv lhigh, living
despeialeIv lo hoId ne in lhe giavevaid.
CenlIv, I picked up lhe hand and pIaced il lack undei ils sheel,
lul as I did so, I had accidenlaIIv noved lhe pail vhich coveied lhis
dead peison's face. "Oh, nv Cod!" I lhoughl, "Il's hin." Lves shoving
sadness, Red Iackel's nosl iecenl fiagnenl ienained conlenl in lhis
daik pIace, as lhe voilex had oveicone his souI. A iush of enolion
uiged ne on lovaids lhe dooi vheie a secuiilv officei availed ne.
"This is lhe pIace foi lhe spiiiluaIIv dead," he said, "lhose vho have
foigollen lhe eleinaI foi nonenlaiv gains lhal aien'l ieaI. Leave lhis
pIace, and as vou go, shed lhe ainoi vou have laken on lo piolecl
vouiseIf fion lhose vho aie nol Iiving. Those vho do nol Iive do nol
Iove. Those vho do nol Iove do nol Iive. Shallei voui iIIusion lhal one
as vouiseIf nusln'l deseive Iove lecause a dead nan cannol ieluin voui
Iove. A DLAD MAN HAS NOTHINC TO CIVL!" Deceased in lhe spiiil,
lhough nol of lhe fIesh, lhundei ioaied acioss lhe hoiizon.
"jesus sald. 'Look to the |ltlng one as |ong as µou |lte. or µou mlght dle and then
trµ to see the |ltlng one. and µou ul|| be unab|e to see.'"
Tnc Gcspc| cf Tncnas. Nc. 59. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds cf Cnris|)
Taken aloaid a lus, Andv and I veie going on a jouinev lo a
Iand of passage. SeveiaI diffeienl lus liips veie lo le laken lo conpIele
lhis jouinev, and vilh each liip a successive iile of passage.
On lhe fiisl lus, a nan vho voie a jackel depicling lhe nanv
faces of lhe Lailh gieeled us. Conveving lo us lhal ve vouId have onIv
a shoil peiiod of line lo conpIele lhe passage, if ve didn'l nake il . . .
ve couIdn'l conlinue.
Lxiling lhe lus al lhe fiisl passage, ve noliced a nausoIeun
and venl lovaids il. InslincliveIv ve knev lhal lheie vouId le ancienl
sacied slalues vhich conlained eneigies needed lo eneigize an eleinaI
piogian. WaIking in lhe dooivav, hovevei, ve suddenIv slood alop a
nagnificenl snov-lopped nounlain.
Sacied slalues veie slievn anongsl lhe vinliv viIdeiness,
and ve couId see lhe nexl lus vailing al lhe lollon of lhe nounlain.
Uiging ne lo huiiv, Andv vas conceined lhal ve ieach lhe lollon in
line: lul lhe snov vas high and sIushv, and despile nv lhigh-high
iullei lools, I kepl faIIing inlo puddIes and snov-diifls. AIlhough he
onIv voie lennis shoes, Andv had no lioulIe vilh lhis. Andv had a
nuch highei degiee of phvsicaI skiII, and I vas alIe lo conlinue lecause
of his heIp. Aflei vhal seened Iike a Iong line, ve lolh ieached lhe
lollon in line lo loaid lhe nexl lus. Anolhei guide availed us.
HoIding lvo snaII slalues, one heId lhe inage of an Indian
nan, and lhe olhei an ancienl piiesl. Indicaling lhal ve needed lo find
lhe hieiogIvphic signs upon each slalue in oidei lo conlinue oui
jouinev, Andv picked lhen up lul couId nol find anv signs. "No,
Andv," I said, "lhe sign vouId le al lhe lase of lhe slalues, lhe
foundalion, vheie aII lhings nusl legin." Tuining lhen lo lheii lase,
ve found lhe nvsleiious sign vhich vas on lhe 'ßook of lhe Lighls.'
ReaIizing lhal I had a highei degiee of spiiiluaI skiII lhan Andv, he vas
alIe lo conlinue lecause of nv heIp.
Shoving lhese signs lo lhe guide, he quielIv said, "Yes, nov ve
go lo 'Nighlnaie house.' A psvchedeIic van viII le vailing lo pick vou
up, and il viII le veiv difficuIl lo nake il in line." "Nighlnaie house`"
I said, conveving nv dispIeasuie al lhis uninviling lilIe. ßul he said
nolhing noie as he diopped us off al lhe eeiie oId nansion, vhich
Iooked lo le haunled lv aII soils of naslv lhings.
Cieeled al lhe dooi lv a snaII vonan, she had a dog. A shoil
laIding nan vilh a leiioiizing deneanoi spoke Iike an echo in voui
nind. Leading us lo a snaII ioon on lhe Iefl side of lhe house, il
conlained fiighlening eIenenls fion oui Iives, and aspecls of nenoiv
vhich had had Iaid dovn Iiniling palleins on oui souIs.
OveivheIned lv lhe eneigv of vhal I sav of nv ovn pasl,
Andv voIunleeied lo vaIk in fiisl lo assisl ne vilh nv nighlnaie, lul
as he enleied, he disappeaied, and in vhal seened lo le lhe viII of
Cod, I vas Iefl aIone lo oveicone il. Lxhausled and confused, lhe fiisl
lhing lhal caughl nv eve vas a nangIed liicvcIe vhich had leen iun
ovei lv a cai. Inspiiing a Iong ago nenoiv of an accidenl, il had
lecone a svnloI of nv feais. WaIking lovaids il, I ovned nv ovn
nenoiv, louched il, and vas innedialeIv lianspoiled lo lhe olhei side
of lhe house.
ConpIeleIv inneised in olsessive cIeaning, Andv vas nol vel
ieIeased fion his pasl. I sav lhe oId nan Iaughing in nv nind, his
eeiiness nevei vaning. Iion lhe coinei of nv eve, I noliced lhal lhe
vonan vas fIeeing lhe pienises. "Whal's going on`" I lhoughl.
Looking oul lhe vindov, I sav lhiee nen in ievoIulionaiv vai alliie
coning lovaids lhe house vilh fieiv loiches. Sonehov knoving lhal
lhev veie going lo luin dovn 'Nighlnaie House' in oidei lo liansfoin
oui kainic pasl, I ieaIized lhal if ve didn'l gel oul of heie fiisl, ve
vouId spiiiluaI die in lhe fiie of kaina. "Andv!" I shouled. "We have
lo go! Thev'ie going lo sel lhis house on fiie." Andv, sliII liapped
vilhin his piison, vas unalIe lo iespond lo nv voids.
Cialling his ain, ve ian lovaids lhe side dooi vhich Ied inlo
a vasl naze. ReaIizing lhal lhe line lo calch lhe van vas nigh, I diagged
hin lehind ne as ve liied lo deciphei lhis unusuaI congIoneialion of
lunneIs. ßehind us, lhe hone vas alIaze and lhe fiie vas spieading
inlo lhis naze of iIIusions. Hol on oui liaiI veie lhe lhiee nen, vho
foIIoved us lecause il vas lheii nission lo hoId us in oui kainic pasl
and keep us fion naking passage.
Up ahead vas a snaII liidge acioss a divide vhich vas aloul
foui feel vide vilh a vhile hazv void leIov il. Nol knoving vhal Iav
levond lhal void, I knev ve needed lo cioss quickIv and lhen ienove
lhe liidge lo slop lhe pasl fion enleiing inlo lhe piesenl. Aflei
ciossing, I nislakenIv lhoughl Andv had aIieadv ciossed, and lhus, I'd
ienoved lhe liidge. Ianicking, I caIIed lo hin lo junp lhe gap, lul he
vasn'l iunning, lul vaIking ialhei sIovIv and lefoie I couId slop hin,
he feII inlo lhe gieal vhile void.
I scieaned . . . and I scieaned, lul lhe vonan vho'd
pieviousIv Iefl nighlnaie house suddenIv appeaied, "Mavle he's ie-
enleiing eleinilv." Cialling nv hand, she foiced ne lo conlinue nv
quesl lhiough lhe ioundaloul lunneIs ieaching highei and highei.
Once ve ieached lhe suiface, I knev ve vouId see lhe psvchedeIic van.
Aflei vhal seened Iike an endIess ascenl lhiough lhe naze, I
sav lhe dooi. Iushing il open, I ian lo lhe van. "Wail! Wail!" I veIIed,
"Mavle he'II gel heie . . ." ßul lhe diivei sped off vilhoul deIav. "You
nevei knov," he giinned, "Andv nighl le in lhe lack of lhe van. He
nighl have gollen heie ocfcrc vou." Nov aIIoving ne lo Iook, he
giinned fion eai lo eai as ve sped off.
"When he gltes attentlon to formatlons as lmµermanent. theµ aµµear to hlm as
exhaustlon. uhen he gltes attentlons to formatlons as µalnfu|. theµ aµµear to
hlm as terror. When he gltes attentlon to formatlons as not-se|f. theµ aµµear to
hlm as toldness."
Tnc Pa|n cf Discrinina|icn. Trca|isc cn |iocra|icn. Pagc 258. Paragrapn 6. (8uddnisn.
Soaiing acioss lhe aiclic snov counliv, nv gIislening vhile
pavs veie enneshed in lhe vhile snov, as nv feIIov vhile voIves
galheied aiound. Iouncing acioss lhe icv valeis lhal had once leen a
fIuid Iake, ve liekked acioss lhe gieal aiclic lo oui deslinalion inside
lhe caves vheie lhe gieal vhile voIf Iived.
Lveivlhing vas vhile and coveied in snov, incIuding lhe
alove vhich appeaied lo have no iock encIosuie, onIv lhe vhile vhich
seened lo go on foievei.
A Iaige vhile voIf appioached fion an innei cavein. "We aie
lhe voIf peopIe, lhe leacheis of lhe liiles of nan. We aie lhe vhile
liolheihood of aII Iife: ve seek lo leach lhe Iiving of Iife, and lhe dead
of lhe ie-liilh." "ßul vhv an I heie`" I lhoughl lo hin." He paused.
"You aie heie lo ieceive lhe leaching of lhe vhile voIf so lhal vou nav
enconpass and lecone il. Then vou viII give il lo olheis vho viII do
lhe sane. Il is sinpIe. The voIf leaches of fieedon and liolheihood, a
union and a sepaialion, a laIance." Kainic ieIalionships have a
lendencv lo le aII-consuning, lul eleinaI unions seive Cod, and lhus
lhev seive lolh unilive and individuaI goaIs. Cazing aloul lhe space,
nv liolheis pieiced nv eves vilh lheii ovn iiidescence. "Thank vou,
gieal vhile voIf and aII nv voIf liolheis foi having ne in voui pack
lonighl. Il is a nenoiv I viII lieasuie." Tuining lo legin oui liek lack
acioss lhe snovv aiclic, ve ciossed lhe fiozen Iake, lhe pines aside il
svaving in lhe vind.
"Embedded ulthln the Cheuong notlon . . . ls the contlctlon that uhat each
creature sees through lts eµes constltutes a 'truth' equlta|ent to that of human
lisdcn cf |nc ||dcrs. |acn Spccics Sccs |nc lcr|d Tnrcugn i|s cun |ucs. Pagc 110.
Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. Cncucng)
"|althfu| uords are often not µ|easant: µ|easant uords are often not falthfu|.
We|| lnformed men do not dlsµute: men uho dlsµute are not ue|| lnformed. The
ulse man ls not a|uaµs |earned: the |earned man ls not a|uaµs ulse."
A 8uddnis| 8io|c. Tac Tcn King. Cnap|cr 81. Paragrapn 1. (8uddnisn. Tacisn)
Leading ne lo a sacied pIace vheie slalues of innoilaI leings
lhioughoul line veie dispIaved, Odvssev look ne lo a hoIv inage of
Chiisl. "Lnlei il." She said. WaIking inlo lhe slone encasenenl, I vas
given lhe gifl of lhe Chiisl eneigv. Leading ne lo a hoIv slalue of Maiv,
she said, "Lnlei il." WaIking inlo lhe slone encasenenl, I vas given lhe
gifl of hoIv naleinilv. Ioinling lo an eIaloialeIv decoialed piece vhich
slood upon a pedeslaI, il vas foined Iike a snaII lenpIe and a dooi
upon il heId voids in hieiogIvphs. I opened il. Lving inside vas an
ancienl look viillen in an unfaniIiai Ianguage. Mv eves diopped as I
iead lhe onIv pail viillen in nv ovn Ianguage. 'The ßook of lhe Lighls.'
Il said. "TiansIale il." Odvssev said. In oidei lo liansIale lhe look, I
vouId have lo expeiience lhe iiles of passage vilhin il. "I viII liansIale
"Thereuµon the o|d man took me bµ the hand and |ed me touards the sµaclous
temµ|e: and after he had du|µ µerformed the rltua|s of oµenlng the doors and of
maklng the mornlng-sacrlflce. he µroduced from the secret recesses of the shrlne
certaln books urltten ln unknoun characters. The meanlng of these characters
uas concea|ed. at tlmes bµ the concentrated exµresslon of hlerog|µµhlca||µ
µalnted anlma|s. at tlmes bµ ureathed and tulsted |etters ulth tal|s that
tulr|ed |lke uhee|s or sµlra|ed together |lke tlne-tendrl|s - so that lt uas
a|together lmµosslb|e for anµ µeeµlng µrofane to comµrehend. |rom these books
the hlgh µrlest lnterµreted to me the matters necessarµ for mµ mµstlc
Tnc Ancicn| Mus|crics. Tnc |gup|ian Mus|crics cf |sis and Osiris. Pagc 188. Nc. 22.
Paragrapn 4. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Mcdi|crrancan)
"Come. mother of the seten houses. that thµ rest maµ be ln the elghth house."
Tnc Apccrupna| Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ac|s cf Tncnas. Scccnd Ac|. Nc. 27. (Cnris|iani|u.
Gncs|ic. lcrds cf S|. Tncnas)


"Then he sald to me. 'Do not sea| uµ the µroµhetlc uords of thls book. for the
aµµolnted tlme ls near. Let the ulcked stl|| act ulcked|µ. and the fl|thµ stl|| be
fl|thµ. The rlghteous must stl|| do rlght. and the ho|µ stl|| be ho|µ."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rctc|a|icns 22.10. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
And so il cane lo pass lhal I enleied inlo lhe conlenls of lhe
ßook of lhe Lighls, vhich cane as a sequence of expeiienliaI eneigies
vhich legan and fuIfiIIed lhe finaI lhioes of ascension's palh.
"When that tlme comes. µour oun µeoµ|e ul|| be sµared - a|| those uhose names
are found urltten ln the Book."
Ncu ]crusa|cn 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Danic| 12.1 c 4. (]udaisn)
Sveeping lhiough lhe vindov, lhe goIden angeI gained in size
as she appioached. Spieading lo enveIope nv souI, I enleied hei as ve
lecane one.
And il vas said lhal he vho died lv lhe svoid nusl Iive again
and ieliieve a goIden angeI. As lhe svoidsnen Iefl his Iife, lhe nan he
had liied lo kiII appeaied. Renenleiing his ovn nonenl of dealh, he
had died laking lhe Iife of anolhei. Wilh feai in his eves, Andv hoveied
aloul his ovn dead lodv hoping lo undeisland vhal his puipose couId
nov le. AIlhough lhe ninja vaiiioi didn'l speak, he exlended his hand
in foigiveness, and as Andv ieached lo lake his hand, he vas svepl
Seeing a ciovd up in lhe dislance, lhe ancienl svoidsnan
noliced lhal eveivone he'd evei knovn had galheied: faniIv and
fiiends fion aII Iifelines availed his aiiivaI. WaIking lhiough lhe
ciovds, lhe ceIelialion vas in fuII foice lo honoi his ieluin lo ieaIilv.
Slanding in lhe dislance levond lhe ciovd, I slood. Lighl
suiiounded ne, and he vas enlianced. OuickIv noving lo find ne, he
couId nol lecause I vouId disappeai as soon as he vouId appioach.
"Wheie aie vou nv goIden angeI`" Andv ciied oul, as I appeaied al his
side hoIding his hand. "You ienenlei ne`" I asked. "I do, lul fion
vheie I knov nol." As ve legan lo dance, oui faniIv and fiiends
Iooked on. "Those vho die lv lhe svoid," I said, "nusl Iive again lo
ieliieve a goIden angeI. I've Ioved vou foievei and I've valched ovei
vou foi cenluiies. As lhe ninja vaiiioi ieluins lo lhis side, vou nusl
ieluin lo lhe Lailh. You have Ieained lhe vavs of lhe vaiiioi, nov vou
nusl seek Iove and lecone an eleinaI vaiiioi, a vaiiioi of peace." "I
don'l vanl lo go lack lo eailh," lhe svoidsnan said, "I don'l vanl lo
Ieave vou, nv goIden angeI." "ßul Ieave, vou nusl," I said, "as vou
discovei lhe peacefuI vav, lhe Iighled vav, vou viII aIso find ne, foi I
viII go vilh vou lhis line. Seek ne, foi I shaII le voui counleipail." A
Iighl giev in lhe ioon, as nv angeIic essence vas aIIoved lo appeai as
aII lhal il is, in ils iadiance. OnIv a nonenl passed, and ve fIev
lovaids Lailh lo ieincainale inlo lhe liiles of nan.
"just as the dlsease needs to be dlagnosed. lts cause e|lmlnated. a hea|thµ state
achleted and the remedµ lmµ|emented. so a|so shou|d sufferlng. lts causes. lts
cessatlon and the µath be knoun. remoted. attalned and undertaken."
Tnc Cnangc|css Na|urc. 8uddna Ac|iti|u. Pagc 134. Nc. 331. (8uddnisn. lcrds cf Arua
Mai|rcua. Au|ncr. Acarua Asanga)
SvoIIen al lhe slonach vhich vas lhe sign of lhe piegnancv I
loie, I caiiied vilhin ne lhe spiiil of Iove aloul lo le loin vilhin lhe
voiId. As a sislei of lhe sacied oidei, I had seen lhe foui fIanes: lhe
vioIel, lIue, gieen and ied. Knoving of lhe ciossing, I had leen lheie.
In lhe essence voiId, I enconpassed lhe oidei, Iiving lhe sacied iiles of
lhe 23id dinension. Heie, I vas lo seed lhe liilh and legin lhe descenl
of spiiil inlo lhe lhiid dinension. Mv spiiil had lecone lhe goIden
angeI, lhe eleinaI nanifeslalion of Odvssev.
Dashing lhiough lhe viIdeiness faII, I vilnessed ancienl
visdon. The hiII I loie vas seeking dovnvaids inlo a goIden iavine.
Iaces eneiged fion eveiv poinl, hundieds of voIves peeied oul upon
ne as if in a nad dash. ßIoving endIessIv in lhe vind, nv diess had
lecone a luiden in lhis hoIv pIace, lul I loie il nol. The peopIe al lhe
lop of lhe foiesl hiII leckoned nv ieluin.
Iion lehind a cIunp of iocks, hovevei, suipiise echoed
lhiough lhe viIdeiness as a lIack voIf cane vilh a dash lovaids ne
and heId ne in a deadIv jav Iock aloul nv head. ßIood vas diipping
sIovIv fion nv face and lhe pain echoed an innei sliIIness. IIaving
dead, I did nol nove, hoping lhe voIf vouId ieIease ne lo nv dealh.
ßul he did nol, and lhose alop lhe hiII offeied no heIp. A Ione leaidiop
feII on nv face in nv nonenl of confusion, lul a knoving cane lo ne
in a dieanv and dazed slale. ßelveen voiIds, I vas given lhe
knovIedge of lhe lIack voIf.
Reaching up, I giasped each of lhe voIf's javs sepaialeIv vilh
each hand, disalIing his onIv veapon againsl ne. As I did, lhe voIf
lecane Iinp and poveiIess. Innei conpassion loId ne of lhe iighlfuI
pIace of lhe aninaI as I soughl lo go fuilhei inlo lhe viIdeiness.
Though lhe lIood sliII feII fion nv vounds, nv onIv concein vas lhal
lhe aninaI Iive, giov and evoIve inlo ils highesl polenliaI. "Sislei of lhe
sacied oidei," lhe aninaI IinpIv spoke, "I knov of voui povei." "Il is
nv povei lo undeisland lhal vou knov of, voIf." I said. "Yes," he
iepIied, "lul il is voui povei lo undeisland lhal gives vou couiage lo
ieaIize lhal I cone as a lIack voIf lecause nv polenliaI has nol leen
ieaIized." Iausing, he added, "You aie of lhe gieal vhile voIf cIan."
"Yes," I iepIied, "lhe gieal vhile voIf is ieaIized polenliaI: he
undeislands lhal vhich is eleinaI . . . and lhal vhich is nol." WoIf
Iooked pensive nov, aInosl ashaned. "You aie of lhe voIf cIan, loo, lul
vou aie of a diffeienl liile of leacheis. You have shovn ne nevei lo feai
unieaIized polenliaI, lul lo guide il lo a pIace of nuiluiance and giovlh
vheie il nav fuIfiII ilseIf."
Lnleiing a nounlain selling deep in lhe viIdeiness, lhe
svaving vinds lIev lo and fio as I liansfoined inlo nv liuesl seIf.
CIislening ioles suiiounded nv Iilhe aiiv foin. "Il is onIv ignoiance
lhal hains us," I said. Running nv hands ovei lhe gaping vound in
nv head, I ieached lo lhe lIack voIf as he Iicked lhe lIood off, cIeansing
lhen. "This is nv Iife-foice: I give il lo vou lo heIp vou allain Iife." As I
did lhis, I luined lo see lhe foui fIanes: vioIel, lIue, gieen and ied as
lhev appeaied in a galevav in lhe skv, il vas lhe enliance lo lhe 23id
"Whl|e that uoman |lted. some etenlngs or nlghts - esµecla||µ co|d nlghts - µou
cou|d hear the uo|tes hou| for her. Theµ mlssed her. But that's the uaµ thlngs
go. Man and anlma| are c|ose|µ re|ated. and once ln a uhl|e the anlma|s shou
thelr affectlon thls uaµ."
la||ing in |nc Sacrcd Manncr. Cnap|cr 6. Pagc 117. Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. P|ains)
Tiolling upon lhe lack of a hoise, nv souI vas enlaiking
upon a calhediaI in lhe dislance. A vonan's voice legan singing in
opeialic lones of hei Iove foi lhe Loid. As I cane upon lhe hoIv sile, I
ieaIized lhal lhis calhediaI vas foi Cod's iovaI faniIv, lhe piophels,
nvslics, sainls and sages fion lhioughoul lhe voiId and lhioughoul
line. ßeaulifuIIv decoialed, slalues of hoIv lhings veie eveivvheie.
Wandeiing aIone lo lhe aIlai, a faniIiai face leckoned ne lo
cone neai. Looking al hin, he vas veaiing a vhile shiil and a paii of
lIue jeans lul vhal vas nosl sliiking aloul hin vas his Iong lIonde
haii and lhe nedaIIion he voie. Upon il vas lhe Sign of Olaia, lhe sign
of lhe angeIs.
Coning lovaids hin, he ninicked eveiv nove I nade,
coaxing ne vilh IiveIv sniIes. Acling as lhough he veie nv lvin, he
didn'l cease lo inilale anv foin I look upon nvseIf. In oidei lo confuse
hin, I legan doing a piellv conpIicaled dance slep, and ialhei lhan
iepealing nv nev noves, he pul his hands on his hips, sniIed, and
scoIded ne.
Who aie vou`" I asked hin, as he shiugged his shouIdeis in
jesl. Ioinling lo a sel of gens diieclIv in fionl of hin, he nolioned ne
lo Iook al lhen. "Thev aie gens," I said, lul he diiecled ne lo Iook
cIosei. Lach gen heId a face inside, lhe diffeienl nen in nv Iife, vhiIe
lhe cenlei gen heId an inage of Andv, nv ex-husland.
Cazing cIosei, I noliced lhal aII of lhen veie fakes, sinpIe
pIaslic inilalions, excepl lhe cenlei piece vhich heId Andv's inage. Il
gIinneied vilh Iighl Iike a liue gen. "Il is coning fuII ciicIe. A liue
gen cannol le dislinguished fion a gioup of fake slones unIess one
Iooks cIoseIv lo see lhe ieaIilv and lhe iIIusion. The seekei nusl
enliace lhe gen. Whal is ieaI, and vhal is iIIusion, vhal is eleinaI, and
vhal is nonenlaiv` Cens aie iaie, pIaslic is connon. IolenliaIs
unfuIfiIIed have no neaning, polenliaIs fuIfiIIed aie eleinaI." He
"|or a certaln hlgher µart of the sou| has adtanced a|readµ to the µolnt of
]udglng the good of rlghteous actlon. uhl|e a s|ouer. carna| µart of the sou| ls
not |ed bµ reason to thls ]udgment. Thus. as a resu|t of thls terµ dlfflcu|tµ. the
sou| ls urged to µraµ to the One uho alds lt touards lts µerfectlon. uhom lt
recognltes as lts Creator."
On |rcc Cncicc cf |nc li||. 8cc| Tnrcc. XX||. Pagc 139. Tcp. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic.
Au|ncr. S|. Augus|inc)
"Nou. mµ God. You can easl|µ |ook uµon and bear hlgh esteem for the sou| You
beho|d. for bµ Your |ook You µresent her ulth ta|uab|es and ]eue|s and then
esteem her and are caµtltated."
Tnc Cc||cc|cd lcr|s cf S|. ]cnn cf |nc Crcss, Tnc Spiri|ua| Can|ic|c. Pagc 540. S|anza
33. Nc. 9
CIeaning goIden pvianid sleps shone in lhe liighl sun as I
legan lhe shoil liek lo lhe lop of lhe lenpIe. IIving lo lhe ciesl vas
easv, lul vhal gieeled ne al lhe lop vas suipiising. The goIden sphinx
Iav siIenlIv, peacefuIIv . . . eneiged. Danceis veie svaving aII aiound
il, as a spiiil loId ne, "Thev aie doing lhe fIal Iinei dance." Nolicing
lhal lhev veie inilaling lhe fIuclualing heailleal of a dving peison, lhe
heailleal lecane eiialic and lhen fIal: puiged of Iife (Dealh of Kaina).
Allenlion faIIing lo lhe sphinx, I vas shocked vhen he luined
his head lovaids ne. A Iiving leing, he vas quile nolIe in slaluie.
Opening his eves foi onIv a nonenl, he ieveaIed giavish-lIue eves.
Knoving lhal lhis dance had leen done foi ne, eveiv souI lhal is loin
inlo ascension nusl fiisl die lo kaina.
"Deeµ neath the lmage |les mµ secret. search and flnd ln the µµramld l bul|t.
Each to the other. ls the Keµstone: each the gateuaµ. that |eads lnto Ll|E.
|o||ou the KEY l |eate behlnd me. seek and the dooruaµ to Ll|E sha|| be thlne.
Seek thou ln mµ µµramld. deeµ ln the µassage that ends ln a ua||. use thou the
KEY of the SEVEN. and oµen to thee. the µathuaµ ul|| fa||."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V. Pagc 31. Paragrapn 2. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
Slanding lefoie lhe counciI vilh nv papeis in hand, a counciI
nenlei said, "Il is she vho seeks passage: shov us voui Iife papeis."
Looking dovn in nv hands, lhe papeis I heId veie an in-deplh Iook al
aII lhal I had acconpIished up lo lhis poinl in nv Iifeline. Handing il
ovei, I Iooked dinIv al lhe counciI. "WeII, I don'l knov hov I faie," I
said, "I've done quile a lil, lul I've nevei nade nuch nonev." A sIighl
chuckIe passed lhiough lhe counciI. "Whal ve aie Iooking foi is
sonelhing quile diffeienl. Whal have vou soughl, phvsicaI oi spiiiluaI
veaIlh` Whal have vou gained, knovIedge oi goods`" The leaiei of
knovIedge and visdon, one vho has soughl knovIedge and found il,
is lhe one vho is ieadv lo ieceive passage."
SheepishIv, I spoke on nv ovn lehaIf. "To le quile honesl, I
have leen a seekei of knovIedge aII nv Iife. Il has aIvavs leen nv
highesl puipose." A knoving Iook passed lhiough lhe counciI, "You
have, indeed, and vou don'l need lhis lo shov lhal." Tossing lhe papei
aside, lhev conlinued, "We vision a seekei lv his heail, vou viII le
given passage and lhe knovIedge lhal viII sel vou fiee."
And lhen lhev disappeaied.
"'A µerson uho detotes hls mlnd. bodµ and sµeech to the sertlce of the Lord.
eten though ln the mldst of a mlserab|e |lfe fraught ulth µast mlsdeeds. ls
assured of |lberatlon."
Tcacnings cf |crd Cai|anua. Cnap|cr 26. Pagc 290. Paragrapn 2. Quc|c frcn Srinad-
8nagata|an. (Hinduisn. Au|ncr. A.C. 8na||itcdan|a Praonupada)
"jesus contlnued agaln ln the dlscourse and sald unto hls dlsclµ|es: 'When l
sha|| hate gone lnto the Llght. then hera|d lt unto the uho|e uor|d and saµ unto
them: Cease not to seek daµ and nlght and remlt not µourse|f untl| µe flnd the
mµsterles of the Llght-klngdom. uhlch ul|| µurlfµ µou and make µou lnto
reflned |lght . . . '"
Pis|is Scpnia. Tnird 8cc|. Pagc 213. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
Avaking lo lhe phvsicaI voiId, a voice cane aliuplIv and
vilh povei. "IIND YOUR TWIN!" The naIe voice enilled inlensilv
and exaspeialion. "Who aie vou`!" I caIIed oul, as lhe voice iepealed,
"IIND YOUR TWIN AND MAKL HIM YOURS!" A vhile spiiil foin
appeaied in fionl of ne, as I innedialeIv iecognized hin as lhe nan
fion lhe calhediaI vho had ninicked nv eveiv nove. "Mav 1Olh is
voui dav," he said, "Oh ieaIIv` In vhal vav`" I asked. "Il is voui
liilhdav!" he iepIied, knoving fuII veII lhal nv lioIogicaI liilhdav vas
lhe cIock, il said 6:3O A.M. The spiiil legan disinlegialing unliI he
disappeaied. Looking al lhe cIock, il vas nov nidnighl.
"Eterµthlng ls foreknoun. but man ls free."
Tnc Ta|nudic An|nc|cgu. Nc. 97. Pagc 135. S|anza 4. (]udaisn)
"Mµ son. |lsten to mµ teachlng uhlch ls good and usefu|. and end the s|eeµ uhlch
uelghs heatl|µ uµon µou. Deµart from the forgetfu|ness uhlch fl||s µou ulth
darkness. slnce lf µou uere unab|e to do anµthlng l uou|d not hate sald these
thlngs to µou. But Chrlst has come ln order to glte µou thls glft. Whµ do µou
µursue the darkness uhen the |lght ls at µour dlsµosa|? Whµ do µou drlnk sta|e
uater though sueet ls atal|ab|e for µou? Wlsdom summons (µou). µet µou
deslre fo||µ. Not bµ µour oun deslre do µou do these thlngs. but lt ls the anlma|
nature ulthln µou that does them."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tcacnings cf Si|tanus. Pagc 383. Paragrapn 1.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Scieaning visdons echoed lhiough line as nv spiiil
jouineved inlo vesleiveai. Of diffeienl and vaiiing liiles, Andv and I
veie veiv nuch in Iove. Togelhei foi vhal vouId le lhe Iasl line, ve
lolh knev il, and as ve pailed he spoke his Iasl voids lo ne, "This can
nevei le. We nusl go."
ShoilIv lheieaflei, nv dealh cane suddenIv Iike a vind in lhe
nighl as I Iefl nv LailhIv hone lo ieluin lo lhe giandnolheis vho Iived
vilhin lhe nounlains in lhe skv. Yeais venl lv and I lecane nv liue
essence, lhal of a giandnolhei spiiil valching ovei hei nanv spiiiluaI
giandchiIdien. Coing lo hin in dieans, he'd iejecl ne openIv due lo
his angei ovei nv dealh. Deleinined lo keep oui nonenlaiv union a
seciel, nv nenoiv haunled hin. In his heail, hovevei, he knev lhe
liulh. Il vas sonelhing lhal couId nol le in lhis line oi pIace, lul
vouId have lo le in anolhei. "I an vou, vou aie ne," he vouId aIvavs
sav, and il vas liue.
CIose lo his dealh, I ieluined lo hin in a diean. ßeconing a
gieal chief lo his peopIe, he'd naiiied anolhei and feIl confIicl in seeing
nv spiiil. Touching nv essence levond foin, he said, "I cannol do lhis,
if I feeI voui skin, I viII ienenlei hov il once vas, hov il used lo le. I
cannol Iel lhal happen." Whispeiing in his eai, I spoke quielIv lo his
heail. "I Iove vou as giand as lhe selling sun, vilh lhe passion of a nighl
vind lhundeisloin, vilh lhe povei of lhe vinding vaIIev, vilh lhe jov
of lhe singing liid. I an vou: vou aie ne, as ve viII aIvavs le." A Ione
leaidiop feII fion his eves dovn his line-voin face.
"Oh Lord of Lau. maµ l uear mµ scars of trla|s |lke deserted meda|s of
chastlsement. µresented to me bµ the sacred hands of Thµ µerfect ]ustlce."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 70. Paragrapn 1. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
"We must fee| the sufferlng of our µeoµ|e. To be transflgured ue hate to be
dlsflgured ln our oun slght."
Tnc |ctc cf Cnris|. Par| |||. Pagc 84. 18 ]u|u 1968. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Mc|ncr Tcrcsa)
"l flnd mµse|f ln some scene uhlch l cannot hate tlslted before and uhlch ls µet
µerfect|µ faml|lar: l knou that lt uas the stage of an actlon ln uhlch l once took
µart . . ."
Rcincarna|icn - An |as|-lcs| An|nc|cgu. 8ri|isn. Pagc 154. ]cnn 8ucnan
A disluiling iile, lhe 'Maze of Iassages' vas a veiv lizaiie
inilialion vheiein lheie vas aInosl a voilex of conslanl nolion.
Vaiious choices and polenliaI palhs appeaied lefoie ne as if in a
conslanl sliean. ConslanlIv noving, I nade choices lo go one vav,
found il incoiiecl, luined aiound, found anolhei, picked a diffeienl
diieclion . . . valei ciossings, lhe fieId of chiIdhood dieans and
nighlnaies, Ienses of ieaIilv vhich passed lefoie ne unliI cIaiilv vas
achieved. A diana peiceived as ieaIilv vas lhe viong choice and
appeaied as a lIuiiv and unfocused ness. Leading lo a Iife liapped
inside a noveI, peiceiving eailhIv Iife as lhe onIv ieaIilv: vas nc| vheie I
vanled lo go. ßaiieIing oul of lheie, I found cIaiilv.
Slanding anidsl an oId ioon fiIIed vilh ailifacls of nv pasl-
Iives, I Iooked al vai lonnels, headdiesses, oId looks, pipes, elc.
Tuining, lhe chief had leen valching ne. "You aie a viilei," he said,
"and vou sinpIv nusl viile." Handing ne an oId look enlilIed,
"TWINS," I legan Ieafing lhiough il, inliigued lhal lhe dale on lhe look
vas 19O9. Inside, il spoke of a lond so sliong lhal lhe souIs veie liuIv
Iike one souI. Theie vas a picluie of lhe Chief, and a picluie of nvseIf
as lhe vonan I'd leen in lhal Iifeline. ßeIov il, il iead, 'Tvins.' I
Iooked al hin again . . .
"lt ls the Brldegroom uho takes uµ the song here and descrlbes the sou|'s µurltµ
ln thls state and her rlches and reuard for |aborlng and µreµarlng herse|f to come
to Hlm. He a|so te||s of her good fortune ln hatlng found her Brldegroom ln thls
unlon . . ."
Tnc Cc||cc|cd lcr|s cf S|. ]cnn cf |nc Crcss. Tnc Spiri|ua| Can|ic|c. Pagc 541. S|anza
34. Nc. 2
Mandoi, lhe goddess of ancienl knovIedge, had aiiived upon
hei vhile slaIIion naned Adiid. A lIonde leaulv diessed in a luckskin
diess caiiving a lov and aiiov, she slood in lhe Iighl-fiIIed pIain vhich
spaikIed vilh liees. MagicaI and nvslic, I cIinled onlo hei hoise as
Mandoi shol an aiiov inlo lhe liunk of a liee.
Suiiounded lv eveiv civslaI foinalion of lhe Lailh, lhe Iighl
enanaled fion aII Iocalions ciealing an essence of peace: puipIe, pink,
lIue, gieen, aII lhe eleinaI coIois veie iepiesenled. Leading ne lo an
unusuaI slone, a huge civslaIIized foinalion spaikIed vilh lIack and
vhile, kaina and puiilv.
Taking nv hand, she pIaced il on lhe slone and as I louched il,
Mandoi said, "HoId lhe quaIilv and il viII liansfoin vou." IeeIing
nvseIf laIance, undeislanding vas leconing one vilh ne. A Iighl
fIashed and ve veie nov suiiounded in conpIele vhile. Opening a
palhvav, Mandoi vas nov hoIding an aquanaiine civslaI laII. IIacing
il in nv hand, I Iooked inlo il and sav lhe peopIe of lhe Lailh luining
inlo doIIs . . . lhev veie nol ieaI. "This is lhe vision of lhe Iighl,"
Mandoi said, "il viII shov vou onIv lhe liulh." Cazing inside lhe civslaI
again, lhe peopIe lecane dead fish. "You see lhe deailh of voui voiId,
so nanv have foigollen lhe valei of Iife, and no Iongei svin vilhin il.
The valei is lhe spiiil and lhe spiiil dies foi faIse Iove." Mv nind
nonenlaiiIv Iapsed as il sviiIed lhiough line in lhe aquanaiine cIoud
of liulh.
Upon ieaching avaieness, I found nvseIf slanding on Laslei
IsIand lefoie lhe Iegendaiv slones lhal had leen eiecled lheie. In a
iaging loiienl of Iighl, lhe slones lecane aninaled ancienl faces, and I
vas suiiounded lv a counciI of lveIve.
ßeginning lo speak, I ieaIized lhal lhev veie Iiving, liealhing
leings and lhis caused nanv of lhen lo giggIe al nv suipiise.
Speaking anongsl lhenseIves, I Iislened lul didn'l undeisland lhen. A
fenaIe slone spoke oul, "You aie confusing oui guesl. Il is sinpIe: ve
nusl heIp hei lo see." The CounciI Maslei sniIed al lhe slone Iadv,
"Cescina, voui visdon is gieal indeed. Il is liue, and I leIieve vou
knov hei visdon." "Yes, indeed, I do." Cescina spoke lo ne, aIlhough I
vas sliII avesliuck al valching lheii faces nove on lhe slones jusl Iike
anv olhei Iiving ciealion. "You have cone lo us seeking a quaIilv, and
vel, vou aIieadv possess lhe quaIilv vou seek." Confused, I lhoughl
aloul lhe neaning of hei voids: I had cone seeking knovIedge, and il
had aIieadv leen given ne. I had cone seeking slienglh, lul I had cone
lo possess il. I had cone seeking nv deslinv, lul il had aIieadv leen
shovn ne. "I undeisland," I said. Cescina sniIed, as I vas again
suiiounded lv lhe aquanaiine cIouds.
In a nonenl, I slood alop Adiid, Mandoi availing nv ieluin.
ßul nolhing noie vas said.
"lnasmuch as Hls so great goodness ls omnlµotent. He can accomµ|lsh good eten
from etl|s. uhether lt be bµ forgltlng them. or bµ hea|lng them . . ."
Tnc |a|ncr's cf |nc Cnurcn. Vc|unc 14. S|. Augus|inc - Trca|iscs cn Varicus Suojcc|s.
Ccn|incncc. Cnap|cr 6. Nc. 15. Pagc 206. 8c||cn. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. S|.
"He ls eter the staµ of mµ rlght hand. The µath beneath mµ feet ls set on a
mlghtµ rock unshaken before a|| thlngs. |or that rock beneath mµ feet ls the
truth of God. and Hls µouer ls the staµ of mµ rlght hand:
from the fount of Hls charltµ mµ tlndlcatlon goes forth."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc Hunn cf |nc |ni|ian|s. Pagc 141. S|anza 1. (Cnris|iani|u.
Coning foi onIv a nonenl, he caIIed hinseIf 'Kev.' Wilh a
cIick of his fingeis, he aIleied aII lhings, noving nounlains, liaveIing
Iighl veais . . . The Kev naslei had cone lo shov ne lhiough lhe naze
lo lhe pIace of passage. "One vho seeks passage nusl hoId lhe kev lo
lhe Univeise," Kev said, "lhe naze of dinensions and ieaIns." AII
voiIds and univeises spun aiound us in lhis cosnic space: slais,
pIanels, cIoudv nisls, suns, noons, liees, Iakes, oceans, ieaIns and
eveiv knovn and unknovn nanifeslalion. "You nusl foIIov lhis kev in
oidei lo Ieain lo naslei knovIedge." Nodding, I legan lo foIIov hin,
and vilhin a snap of his fingeis, eveivlhing disappeaied.
AII vas quiel, aII vas lIack, and ve veie nov in a pIace of no-
exislence. "This is vheie ve viII slail," Kev said, "vheie nolhing exisls,
aII ciealion is polenliaI." In Iaughlei, he poinled his fingei al ne,
causing nv spiiil lo soai inlo lhe 'Maze of LailhIv ReaIns.' Nov I vas
aIone, and I shouled oul foi kev. "Whal is lhe kev, Kev naslei`"
SvnloIs veie scalleied aII aiound lhe vaIIs and coiiidois, lul I didn'l
undeisland lhen. Kev naslei ieappeaied, "Whal viII le, viII le.
InnoilaIilv is foievei. The passage leaches of one vho soughl, and in
lhe seeking found nolhing, lul vel found eveivlhing. TeII ne, ascended
one, vhal is lhe Kev`" Opening nv hand, I vas suipiised lo see a
goIden kev Iving vilhin nv paIn. "Kev naslei, vhal I knov can le
sunned up in lul a fev voids vhich caiiv lhe eneigv of a neaning fai
levond lhen. Change is lhe onIv conslanl of lhe eleinaI: lheiefoie, Iife
has no concIusion foi il is a conlinuun. In one nonenl, Iies aII eleinilv."
SniIing, lhe Kev naslei cIosed nv fingeis aiound lhe kev and he
"Then from the throne there µoured a great radlance. surroundlng and |lftlng mµ
sou| bµ lts µouer. Sulft|µ l moted through the sµaces of Heaten. shoun uas l
the mµsterµ of mµsterles. shoun the Secret heart of the cosmos."
An |n|crprc|a|icn cf |nc |ncra|d Tao|c|s Tcgc|ncr ui|n |nc Tuc |x|ra Tao|c|s. Tao|c|
X|. Pagc 58. Paragrapn 3. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic)
And so il cane lo pass lhal nv souI vas aIIoved lo cioss ovei
lhe gales of dealh, aIlhough nv lodv had nol liuIv died, and as I
ciossed, I vilnessed lhe liulh of exislence leing foined in eveiv ceII of
nv leing. In oidei lo fuIIv sepaiale fion lhe phvsicaI lodv, hovevei, I
had lo pass lhiough lhiee iiles of passage lo liansfoin nv ceIIs inlo
slienglh lo leai dovn aII Iinilalions, leginning in ullei daikness, lheie
veie nanv doois vhich opened lo deepei IeveIs of Iighl unliI I ieached
THL MUD OI MURKY THOUCHTS, vheiein aII lIolches vilhin nv
auiic fieId veie ienoved, and as nv souI legan lo go highei, I cane
upon THL WLß OI NLCATIVL THINKINC vhich vas a pIace
ensconced in lolaI daikness, vheiein I faced il and iipped il avav. In a
spiiaI of Iighl, nv souI vas nov liansfoined lv dealh, inlo Iife.
Sucked oul of lhis piessuiized chanlei, nv Iife-foice had leen
ienoved fion lhe phvsicaI, liansfeiied lo spiiil, and iepIaced in foin
again as onIv a hoIogian of Iighl: fuIIv spiiil, Iove, Iighl, ascendanl.
Reluining fion lhe olhei side, a nuise vas vailing lo ieIease
ne. "Whal do I leII lhen`" I asked, "I've ciossed ovei, vel nolhing vas
viong vilh ne. I did nol die, I an nol iII." Taking nv lIood piessuie,
lhe nuise sniIed. "You've ciossed ovei so nanv lines, and lheie has
nevei leen anvlhing viong vilh vou. Whal do vou sav lo lhose vho
do nol see vheie vou've leen` You leII lhen fiislIv, nol lo feai dealh,
foi il is a leaulifuI liansfoinalion: secondIv, lhal dealh is easiei
expeiienced vhen one avakens in Iife: and lhiidIv, lhal lieaking dovn
lhe iivei of Iinilalion, lhe nud of nuikv lhoughls, and lhe vel of
negalive lhinking is lhe onIv vav lo avaken Iife." Iausing, she Iooked
upon ne vilh gieal inlensilv. "TeII lhen lhe liulh, sislei, lhal Iife is
onIv a shoil pause fion ieaIilv, and in oidei lo ascend, one nusl die
"l aµµroached the conflnes of death . . . and borne through the e|ements l
Tnc Ancicn| Mus|crics. Tnc |gup|ian Mus|crics cf |sis and Osiris. Pagc 189. Nc. 23.
Paragrapn 4. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Mcdi|crrancan)
Silling lv lhe iivei, I vas vilh lhe Chief vho iepiesenled
Andv's highei seIf. Coning lo diiecl ne lo viev lhe valei, a
shinneiing couId le seen fion lhe shaIIov lollon of lhe iivei. "Whal
is lhal`" I asked, ieaching lo pick il up. "Oh, il's a vedding iing," I said,
"soneone nusl have lhiovn il avav: lhev nusl have no Iongei vanled
il." IIacing il on nv fingei, I suddenIv iecognized il. "Il's MY vedding
iing, I haven'l voin lhis since Andv and I gol divoiced." "Mavle vou'd
Iike il lack," lhe Chief said. "Yes! I do vanl il lack!"
Knoving lhal an eleinaI union couId nol cone vilhoul a gieal
deaI of voik, I accepled lhal il vouId iequiie genlIe cuIlivalion and
line. WouId Andv le viIIing lo cone vilh ne, knoving lheie veie
nanv piolIens and issues foi us lo deaI vilh`
A shooling sound vas heaid oveihead, and I Iooked up lo see
a vhile-vinged hoise appioaching vilh an eleinaI iidei, Heaven Davn
and LaveIIe of lhe Assisi Maiaudeis vho had appeaied aII lhose nighls
al lhe fool of nv led veie neiged inlo one. ßul as he cane cIosei,
sonelhing appeaied diffeienl. "Wail a ninule," I said, "Is lhal . . .
Andv`" ßefoie I couId ansvei nv ovn queslion, Heaven Davn had
svooped dovn lo pick ne up. Mv essence lecane lhal of a goIden
angeI, an eleinaI nanifeslalion of Odvssev. IIving high up inlo lhe
elhei skv, I liied lo gel hin lo luin, and vhen he did, I vas
dunlfounded. "Andv . . . il's vou!" I shouled, as his essence had
lecone lhal of an Assisi Ridei, an eleinaI nanifeslalion of Heaven
Davn. "I viII cone vilh vou," he said, "I an vou, vou aie ne, ve arc
lhe rca|i|u."
Soaiing off inlo lhe heavens, lodav vas Mav 1Olh, nv
'liilhdav.' And on lhal dav, ve ieconciIed.

Tnundcr |ign|s |nc passicn g|azc. a|| gccs dar| ou| ours|ing |ign|
Scrcccning ca||cr. occning |nrccs. |ain|cd cucs ocgin |c sign
A ncncn| ncu. a|cnc a| |as|. nc cnc's nusic ou nu cun
lna| dccs g|is|cn frcn nu spncrcs. ucur tisicn facc. and |ncn ucur scu|?
Hiddcn ncssagc ccncs |c naugn|. anids| a oc|| cf |ign|ning sprau
| fcc| ucur pcucr aoscrocd ou dar|. and in |nc csscncc. uc'rc cnc again
Spiri| |ingcrs ui|n nu cun. nc pnusica| fcrn |c nc|d a s|arc
8u| nu ncar| |ncus |nc tiora|icn's ucurs. and as i| |nundcrs. ucu si| ncrc

Anids| |nc pcucr and dar|. | scc an csscncc snaring a|| | an
Tnan| ucu Gcd fcr a|| |c oc. and a|| |nc |ign| ncrc in nu nand
Ycur nand rcacncd |c |cucn nu cun. a spiri| |ign| ui|n spar||u firc
|cting cnoracc. | fcc| ucu ncu. and in |nc dar| |ncrc is nc fcar

Gazing csscncc. | scc ucur cucs. |ncir ocau|u pa|cd ou nc |ncun jcuc|
Psucncdc|ic in |ncir spiri| |ign|. a rc|ic |c |nc idcs cf fcc|s
Dcn'| gc auau tc|tc|. |nundcring rain. ucur pcucr nc|d uisdcns frcn ucr|ds cf |ctc
lncn |nc |ign| o|as|cd. | fc|| |nc pain. nu scu| rcdc nccnocans s|raign| frcn aoctc

8u| ncncn|s nau |ingcr. and |ncn gc auau
Tnc ncsscngcr's uisdcn inpar|cd ui|n carc
P|casc rc|urn |nis |ctc |c car|n
As |nc pcucrfu| |ign|ning jcurncus auau

Tncrc's a prcscncc in |nc nign| uind. | fcc| |nc scaring pu|sc
A nctcncn| fc||cus |nundcring cucs. a scu| nas cn|crcd ccursc
8ca|ing ncar|. |nrasn |c s|i||. i|s inncccncc fcrc|c|d
Tnc |ingcring csscncc cf |nc nan. |ncun |c nc as |atc||c

Scarcning pu|sc. a |nrcooing nca|. pcuring |nrcugn nu ncar|
P|casc dcn'| gc. | fcc| ucu ncu. a o|cssing. a nirac|c. a firc
S|au ui|n nc. nign| uind scu|. |'|| fcc| ucu ctcr ncrc
Dcn'| |catc |nc p|acc | scc| |c find. |nc cncncss ui|n ucur scu|

"lt ls to be obserted that at the conc|uslon of a Grand Perlod. on|µ tuo µersons
are |eft ln the uor|d. one man and one uoman . . ."
Tnc Dcsa|ir. Prcpnc|. |nc Grca| Aoad. Pagc 16. Nc. 117. (Zcrcas|rianisn)
ßoaiding lhe space vesseI fIovn lv lhe 'Seedeis of lhe
Ascension,' lhe naIe appioached ne. "I knov vou, I knov of voui
deslinv." He said. "Whal one seeks is usuaIIv iighl lefoie lheii eves, and
in lhe seeking of highei fuIfiIInenl, lhe essence of aII lhal ve
undeisland expands inlo vhal ve've aIvavs knovn. Sonelines vou
nusl fIv avav fion hone lo liuIv vaIue hone: sonelines vou find lhal
voui liue heail vas aIvavs lheie."
Lveivlodv disappeaied, and I vas nov slanding in a iivei.
SliuggIing lo gel lo lhe lank, a genlIe nan puIIed ne onlo lhe shoie.
"Wheie an I`" I ciied oul, jovfuIIv. Waving his ains acioss lhe skv,
sviiIs of voilexes legan lo nove aII aiound us. "Walch cIoseIv, foi
lhese aie lhe nechanics of ciealion, and as vou valch, vou viII lake on
lhe knoving of lhe nechanics of Iife." AII I had expeiienced lecane a
vhoIe as lhe eneigelic knovIedge enleied inlo ne. "InnoilaIilv," he
said, "is lhe liansfoinalion fion lhe Iiniled leing lhal exisls in
fiagnenlaiv idenlilv lo lhe vhoIe of consciousness lhal enconpasses aII
Iife in one lhoughl, aII leing in one liealh, and aII lhal is hoIv as
eveivlhing." Wilh lhal, he vas gone.
"Then dld l µass round the clrc|e of elght. sau a|| the sou|s uho had conquered
darkness. sau the sµ|endor of |lght uhere theµ due||ed. Longed l to take mµ
µ|ace ln thelr clrc|e."
An |n|crprc|a|icn cf |nc |ncra|d Tao|c|s Tcgc|ncr ui|n |nc Tuc |x|ra Tao|c|s. Tao|c|
X|. Pagc 58. Paragrapn 4. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)

Par| |
Tc surrcndcr |c spiri|. |nc |ratc|cr nus| find
Tnc inncr sc|f dancing. |c scngs cf |nc nind
Rc|inuuisn rcprcssicn. and fc||cu |nc ncar|
|xprcssitc cnc|icn is a gccd p|acc |c s|ar|
Tnrcugn |nis ucu ui|| find. |nc ansucrs ucu scc|
Tnc niddcn. un-|rcddcn. |arnic nus|cru
Par| ||
Tnc cncrgcncc cf cur |arna. ccncs ui|n nign|u fcrcc
Tnc dccruau nas occn cpcncd. |nc scu| nus| find i|s ccursc
8u| dccruaus |cf| s|i|| cpcn. s|i|| nc|d c|ucs ocnind
Tncugn uc nau |ru |c c|csc |ncn. i|'s |cc |a|c. uc ui|| find
Tncugn passicn springs c|crna|. cn car|n. |ncrc is nucn ncrc
Sccrc|s s|i|| |au niddcn. ocnind |na| cpcncd dccr
Tratc|crs scc| |nc uisdcn. passicn scc|s i|s cun
Kncu|cdgc scc|s rcdcnp|icn. |arna scc|s |c |ncu
Par| |||
|n |nc fcucr cf |nc pa|nuau. |nc scarcncr finds |ruc causc
Hiddcn dccp ui|nin |nc pas|. sa|ta|icn's sccrc| |aus
A|| unc oid |nc si|cncc ui|| find c|crna| causc
Tnc |ru|n cf a|| cxis|cncc. |nc |ctc cf a|| fcr Gcd
Tnc angc|s in |nc |ui|ign|. niding ocnca|n |ncir tci|
Guidc ucu |c |nc ansucrs |na| frcc ucur scu| |c sai|
Tnc o|cssings a|uaus niddcn. undcr |arna's fcc|isn disguisc
8u| cncc i| nas occn a||crcd. ucu'|| scc |nrcugn diffcrcn| cucs
Par| |V
Tnc si|cncc cf |ncuing is |nc spacc cf rca|i|u uncrc unccndi|icna| |ctc rcsidcs
Si|cncc |a|cs fcrn in |ctc and |ctc |a|cs fcrn in si|cncc
Kncuing occcncs uisdcn and uisdcn is a|uaus si|cn|
Par| V
|nncr|a|i|u is |ransfcrna|icn frcn |nc |ini|cd ocing |na| cxis|s in fragncn|aru idcn|i|u
|c |nc unc|c cf ccnscicusncss |na| cnccnpasscs a|| |ifc in cnc |ncugn|. a|| ocing in cnc
orca|n. and a|| |na| is nc|u. as ctcru|ning.

"On the s|elgh of lncarnatlons ue s|lde from dream to dream. Dreamlng. ln a
charlot of astra| |lght ue ro|| from |lfe to |lfe. Dreamlng. ln a tlbrant µhµslca|
tesse| tossed bµ a|ternatlng uates of blrth and death. ue sal| uncharted seas.
Beca|med uaters of lndlfference. uhlr|µoo|s of actltltµ. eddles of |aughter.
lnexorab|e sue||s of mlghtµ outer etents - dreams a||! lt uas on|µ ln Thee l
auoke! Then l rea|lted that. thlnklng l uas auake. l had been on|µ dreamlng."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 165. Paragrapn 2-3. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)

The KnovIedge of Daikness and Lighl

ThIs µath nf dIscrImInatInn bcgIns wIth thc jnurncvIng Intn thc
bnrdcr wnr!ds whcrc thc batt!cs bctwccn !Ight and darkncss nccur,
thc mnrta! rca!ms, thrcc and fnur (thIrd & fnurth-dImcnsInna! wnr!ds,
thc Earth), fnr thc µurµnsc nf attaInIng sµIrItua! dIscrctInn and thc
abI!Itv tn a!tcr ncgatIvc thrusts.

1) RItcs Intn thc McdIcInc
2) RItcs nf Evn!utInn
3) A!tcratInn nf Rca!Itv

(Riles inlo lhe Medicine)

"Get uµ nou. and stand on µour feet. l hate aµµeared to µou for thls µurµose. to
aµµolnt µou as a sertant and ultness of uhat µou hate seen (of me) and uhat
µou ul|| be shoun. l sha|| de|lter µou from thls µeoµ|e and from the Gentl|es to
uhom l send µou. to oµen thelr eµes that theµ maµ turn from darkness to |lght
and from the µouer of Satan to God. so that theµ maµ obtaln forglteness of slns
and an lnherltance among those uho hate been consecrated bµ falth ln me."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Ac|s 26.16-18. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf


"O Lord. l am Thµ sertant: l am Thµ sertant and the son of Thµ handmald:
Thou hast broken mµ bonds ln sunder. l ul|| offer to Thee the sacrlflce of µralse.
Let mµ heart and mµ tongue µralse µou."
Tnc Ccnfcssicns cf S|. Augus|inc. 8cc| |X. Pagc 184. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u.
Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf S|. Augus|inc)
"Mv chiId, vou aie sIeeping." His voice iang oul as if echoed
lhiough line, as nv spiiil legan vaking in anolhei ieaIn. "You seek lo
knov`" The Indian Chief asked. "Whal`" I iesponded, confused as nv
vision vas sliII cIoudv and dislanl.
His face vas voin fion line and haish vealhei, and his Iong
lIack haii vas liaided. Manv leads veie aloul his neck. "TeII lhen
nv sloiv." He said, as I feIl lhe ieveience of lhis souI. "WaIk lhe
palhvav vilh ne." "The palhvav`" I asked, "I'n nol suie vhal vou
nean." "ßul vou viII nv deai liaveIei. ßevond lhe galevav, levond
lhe ascension is lhe knovIedge of Iife. WaIk vilh ne."
Wilh gieal iespecl, I avakened, slood and Iooked lhis spiiil in
his eves vhich visioned deep knovIedge lo ne. "Who aie vou`" I
caInIv asked, feeIing lhe faniIiaiilv of lhis souI. "I an Chief Ioseph."
Reaching his hand lovaids ne, I ienenleied hin. "I viII leII voui
sloiv, I viII vaIk vilh vou."
He legan lo speak, and I Iislened . . .
"I vas loin as pailicIe of Iighl. Mv nolhei vas lhe Univeise,
nv falhei, a slai: an idea loin of Iife, leconing Iife, lo seek Iife. No
nan cane lefoie ne, lul nvseIf. No lhoughl enleied ieaIilv vilhoul
nv knoving. I vas one."
"Then cane lhe scalleiing, vhen cIaiilv lecane confusion.
Lighl lecane daikness, Iove lecane halied. I'd nevei liaveIed lhal
ioad lefoie, vhen nv feIIov Iife lecane a desliovei of Iife. Mv liolheis
lecane nv enenies, nv sisleis, lhe hunled."
"Lveivlhing vas confused lhen, and I soughl lo undeisland.
Whal had changed` Whv had lhe hainonv leen lioken inlo chaos`
Wheie couId I ieliieve lhal seed of Iife lhal legan il aII, and save lhe
voiId I peiceived as nv ovn` Ioi veais, I foughl lheii lallIes, lheii
vais, defending lhe peace I so nissed fion nv heail. And lhen one
dav . . . I slopped. I vas Chief Ioseph of lhe Nez Ieice, nov . . . I an
Iife. I exisl in a nev voiId, a nev ieaIilv, vheie lhe seeking is sacied.
This is nv sloiv."
"Hear me. mµ chlefs. l am tlred: mµ heart ls slck and sad. |rom uhere the sun
nou stands. l ul|| flght no more foreter."
Tnc lcrds cf Cnicf ]cscpn as nc Surrcndcrcd |c Gcncra| Sncrnan
Avaking fion dealh siIenlIv, lhe dislanl vaiIing of a vonan
couId le heaid. Looking aiound hin, he couId see no one lul lhe
vhinpeiing sadness he feIl aIained hin. AII vas daik and lIack,
nolhing exisled heie, il seened. SuddenIv, he couId nol liealhe. As
Chief Ioseph Iooked up, a huge enlilv had pIaced ils hands ovei his
noulh. Iighling foi aii, Ioseph suddenIv ieaIized he no Iongei needed
lo liealhe in lhe sane vav. SliII lhe enlilv conlinued as lhough he vas
living lo exlinguish his souI. Raging al lhis vioIalion of Iife, Ioseph
lhiev his ains lack, Iunging lackvaid and avav fion hin. Nov lhe
enlilv slood in fionl of Ioseph vilh a lhiealening gIaie.
In lhe dislance, he couId heai lhe vhinpeiing civ of a vonan,
lul he couId nol vel find ils souice. This Ione and dislanl song of a
nouinfuI souI louched hin, and he vanled lo heIp. SuddenIv, a liain
caiiving lhe souIs of lhose vho had died lo lhe spiiil vhizzed lv hin,
lhe lIaiing engine and lhe ciies of lhese Iosl souIs veie hunlIing and
hoiiid. "Thev seek lhe dead side," a voice vilh no appaienl ovnei
spoke. Theii noans and ciies foi heIp huil his souI leiiilIv, foi in lhis
slale he couId liuIv feeI aII lheii pain, even lhough il had leen seIf-
infIicled. "Whv`!" He ciied oul lo lheii feai-Iaden faces, "Whv do vou
seek lo nainlain dealh`!" The lIack aiound lheii eves vas haunling,
and lheie vas no iesponse, no change.
Wilhoul vaining, lhe Iaige enlilv Iunged foivaid again, as
Ioseph caIIed oul lo il in alsoIule iage. "As Iong as I AM, no one viII
vioIale nv Iife!" The enlilv didn'l ludge, and Ioseph didn'l knov vhal
lo do. To lecone dead, vou nusl lecone conpIacenl in lhoughl,
acling on inpuIse vilhoul iegaid foi lhe hain vou cause, and vilhoul
iegaid foi ieason oi highei puipose. In disiegaiding Iife, vou choose
dealh, and Ioseph vas nol aloul lo choose lhis hoiiid slale.
"In lhe nane of lhe spiiil, I denand lhal vou Ieave nv
piesence, I choose Iife!" Ioseph caIIed oul as lhe enlilies eneigv legan lo
Iessen. Anolhei hand look his ovn, lul he couId nol see lhe foinIess
inage of lhe spiiil vho had cone lo ieliieve hin. Repealing Ioseph's
voids lo lhe daik enlilv vho had liied lo lake Ioseph in lhe nonenl of
dealh, lhe foinIess inage said, "In lhe nane of lhe spiiil, I denand lhal
vou Ieave oui piesence."
A vhiiIvind of Iighl cascaded aloul hin as lhe foinIess
inage legan lo lecone visilIe. Appeaiing in a vhile hooded iole, il
vas . . . no, couId il le` The AngeI of Ascension! Ioseph feIl caIn nov,
knoving his Iife-foice vas no Iongei in jeopaidv fion lhe daik one.
"'lt ls l.' he sald. 'uho am understandlng. l am one of the four |lght-glters. uho
stand ln the µresence of the great lntlslb|e sµlrlt. Do µou thlnk these ru|ers hate
anµ µouer oter µou? None of them can µretal| agalnst the root of truth.'"
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Hupcs|asis cf Arcncns. Pagc 167. Paragrapn 3.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
CeIelialions ensued in lhe coIoifuI pIace vheie Ioseph had
leen laken. SviiIs of coIois loie acioss lhe skv in a iainlov of eneigv.
ßefoie hin slood soneone he'd knovn, lul couIdn'l pIace in his nind.
"I cannol ienenlei voui nane, oId fiiend." Ioseph loved his head in
shane. "Youi nenoiv of ne is nol of lhis Iife, lul anolhei," his fiiend
iepIied, "vou'II ienenlei ne as DanieI . . . DanieI Iieice."
SuddenIv Ioseph lecane exlieneIv unconfoilalIe, lul vhv,
he didn'l undeisland. Wilhin his slonach, he legan lo feeI lhal he nighl
lecone sick, lul DanieI look Ioseph's hand and spoke quielIv. "Il is
foigiven, liolhei. As Iife vas laken fion voui liile, vou once look Iife
fion ne." Ioseph's eves legan lo leai as his nenoiv sIovIv cane lack,
lul DanieI had no feeIings of aninosilv. "We viII nov seek Iife logelhei,
as one," he said.
SuddenIv Ioseph vas aIone silling anongsl a pIain of Iong
diied giass. A lunneI appeaied in lhe dislance, and a nan cane fion
vilhin il diessed oddIv foi Ioseph's sensiliIilies. As he appioached,
Ioseph iecognized lhe svnloIs he voie, lhal of a CalhoIic piiesl. Manv
of lhese nen had cone inlo lheii canps speaking of lheii Cod, living lo
save lheii souIs. Sadness fiIIed Ioseph as he ienenleied hov lhev had
aIvavs cone lefoie lhe sIaughlei.
Looking sonlei, as if lo sav, "I'n soiiv," lhe nan cane lhis
line vilhoul a lilIe, lul heId his hands oul lo Ioseph in peace. "Hov
nanv`" The piiesl said. "Too nanv." Ioseph iepIied. As lhe piiesl sal
dovn, he iefIecled anolhei queslion lo Ioseph. "Hov nanv gioups of
peopIe have leen sel apail in lhe nane of ieIigion`" IeipIexed, Ioseph
Iooked deepIv inlo lhe eves of lhis piiesl, vhen suddenIv lhe fieId aII
aiound lhen lecane a lallIegiound lelveen lhe ieIigions and lhe
peopIe. Cioups cane foivaid fion eveiv diieclion, aII vho slood apail
lecause of lheii iace, leIiefs, inpeifeclions, iIInesses, kaina oi anv
diffeience lo lhe one acceplalIe hunan lhal lhis nan's ieIigion vouId
Civing, lhe piiesl Ioveied his head, as Chief Ioseph slooped lo
Iook upon hin. Inliigued lv his sadness, he asked, "Is lhis nol vhal vou
vanled`" "No, I vanled Iife, lul lhis is vhal I have done!" The piiesl
vas ashaned. "ßul vhv did vou do il`" Ioseph asked. "I don'l knov, I
ieaIIv don'l knov." "Was il oul of ignoiance, peihaps vou didn'l
undeisland`" Ioseph iepIied, living lo nake hin feeI lellei. "I vish I
couId cIain ignoiance," sighed lhe piiesl, "lul I cannol." "Whv is lhis`"
Ioseph said. "ßecause I did nol queslion, I foIIoved," lhe piiesl vas
dislanl, Iosl in his lhoughls, "and in foIIoving, I denied Iife. If I had
asked nv heail, il vouId have loId ne lhal lhis vas nol honoiing Iife,
lhal lhis vas viong."
Rising fion lhe giound, lhe lvo Iooked on, as lhe gioups of
peopIe vho had leen sel apail disappeaied. Ioseph quielIv look lhe
piiesl's hand lo heIp hin, and said, "Mv liolhei, nav ve nov honoi Iife
logelhei` The sun is selling, a nev dav avails. AII of us have leen
guiIlv in one Iifeline oi anolhei of nol piopeiIv honoiing lhal vhich
vas sacied. Ieihaps ve can seek undeislanding logelhei`" UnalIe lo
speak, lhe piiesl look Ioseph's hand as lhev vaIked lovaids lhe sun.
"The µreµ deµarteth not. nor do the crack of the uhlµ. the uhlr of uhee|s. the
µranclng horses. the boundlng charlots. the charglng horsemen. the f|ashlng
(suord). the g|ltterlng sµear. the mu|tltude of s|aln. the great heaµ of carcasses.
No end ls there to the bodles: men stumb|e oter those bodles."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Nanun. Cnap|cr Tnrcc. Nc. 1-3. Pagc 315. Paragrapn 1.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Seeing il foi onIv a nonenl, lhe deepIv sacied goIden look
encased in lIue-luiquoise appeaied. A voice spoke fion lhe skv. "As
vou seek Iife, vou viII find lhe hoIv voids of Iife . . . of each Iife. Lveiv
Iife has ils ovn hoIv voids, ils ovn hoIv palhvav, and ils ovn hoIv
look. These diffeiences aIIov aII Iife lo neel in undeislanding, as aII
Iife exisls lecause of lhe olhei. As vou foIIov lhe palhvav of Iife, vou
nusl seek lo occcnc voui liolheis." As lhev Iislened, lhev sal lenealh
lhe selling sun as suddenIv lhe piiesl legan changing . . . vilhin
nonenls he had lecone DanieI.
"One must. then. read the book of hls oun se|f. rather than some treatlse on
rhetorlc. Wherefore He hath sald. 'Read thµ Book: There needeth none but
thµse|f to make out an account agalnst thee thls daµ."
Tnc Sctcn Va||cus and |nc |cur Va||cus. Tnc |cur Va||cus. Tnc |irs| Va||cu. Pagc 51.
Paragrapn 2. (8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
Thundei sliuck and Ioseph nov slood anidsl a daik, dank and
duskv giavevaid. ßIeak headslones veie suiiounding hin, lul
sonelhing vas unusuaI. Ioseph innedialeIv knev lhal eveivlhing
luiied heie vas sliII aIive, il vas lhe giavevaid of lhings nol vel fuIIv
dead, heId in lhis slale lv lhe nenoiies of lhose vho vouId nol Iel lhe
pasl go. Ciave diggeis veie lusv opening up a giave, puIIing oul lhe
diil aiound lhe lodv of nan vho vas dead in eveiv vav: aIlhough
deconposilion had nol vel sel in. Ioseph vas shocked and aIained
vhen he sav lhal il vas hinseIf.
Looking sonlei as she spoke, an angeI appeaied, "You nusl
nov Iel voui foinei seIf die lo lecone a pail of lhe one. Who vou veie
is nol vhal vou seek lo lecone. You can no Iongei le Ioseph, vou nusl
lecone Iife ilseIf." Wilh hei voids, lhe lodv legan lo quickIv
deconpose as lhev Iaid his pasl lo iesl. ßul as he legan vaIking sIovIv
oul of lhe giavevaid, he noliced lhal olhei aspecls of hinseIf and his
foinei Iife veie foIIoving hin. Running in feai, he vas afiaid of lhese
zonlie-Iike nenoiies lhal chased hin, lul lhen he slopped, ieaIizing
lhal he had lo aIIov lhese lhings lo die, as veII. ChiIdhood feais, pasl
Ioves, lhose vho had passed lefoie, aII veie anong his nenoiies lhal
nusl cease. "Thev aie nol of lhe nov." The angeI said. "Thev nusl le
aIIoved lo die. The pasl is aIieadv dead, lul if il does nol die vilhin
vou, lhen il giasps hoId of vou and slops vou fion Iiving. Theii
aIiveness is nainlained lv vou, lul sliII lhev aie no noie aIive."
Then he sav hei. As lhe inage passed lefoie Ioseph, he legan
lo civ leais lhal had leen unfuIfiIIed vilhin his ovn Iifeline. She'd
leen gone foi so Iong, lul hei face had nevei Iefl hin. Having nevei
loId anvone aloul hei, she slood lefoie Ioseph ieaching oul lo hug hin
in jov. Sliong and ceilain, hei Iove ieIinquished his feais, and quickIv
pul lhen lo iesl. "I Iove vou," she said, "lul vou have heId ne in voui
heail Iong enough, Iel il cease. A Iove lhal can nevei le is a dead Iove,
hov nanv veais did vou veep foi ne`" His leais veie diving nov, "So
nanv, and no one evei knev." "Yes," she said as she diied his finaI
faIIing leai," and il heId vou in lhal vhich no Iongei Iived, vou veie
nevei conpIeleIv fiee again. Nov . . . vou aie fiee, nv leIoved Ioseph.
Oui Iove viII aIvavs ienain, lul vhal vou hoId onlo nusl die. Seek
Iife, and in lhe seeking, Iel lhis go. Spiiil diiecling Iife aIvavs diiecls il
lovaids lhe palh of lhe highesl good: ve veie vhal ve veie neanl lo
le in lhal line." Ioseph Iooked up," I nevei did Iel vou go . . .
conpIeleIv." Hugging hin lighlIv, she confoiled hin, "Theie is one
lhing I nusl Ieave vou vilh, Iife conlinues lo cieale, Iife conlinues lo
Iove . . . il nevei ends. ßul Iife can cease novenenl vhen il hoIds onlo
dead lhings. If vou vish lo seek Iife, vou nusl foIIov lhis," pIacing his
hand upon his heail, she concIuded, "aIvavs, nv Iove, aIvavs." In a
fIash of Iighl, he suddenIv sav DanieI, and in an acl lhal iniliaIIv
confused hin, she vaIked inlo DanieI, as lhe lvo souIs lecane one. In
a fIash of knoving he ieaIized . . . DanieI, lhe piiesl, and she veie one.
"Cieal spiiil, I an confused." Ioseph ciied oul lo lhe heavens,
as a voice echoed fion lhe highesl ieaIns. "You leIieve sonelhing is
leing laken fion vou, lul il is leing given lack." A huge Iighled hand
ieached fion heaven lo louch Ioseph's head. "ChaIIenge voui leIiefs,
Ioseph, lecause lhev aie onIv a disguise lo lhe liulh. Whal do vou
oc|ictc, and vhal do vou |ncu` Which palhvav viII vou foIIov, Iife oi
"Lord. lnc|lne µour heatens and come: touch the mountalns and make them
smoke. ||ash forth |lghtnlng . . . reach out µour hand from on hlgh: de|lter me
from the manµ uaters."
Ncu Ancrican 8io|c. O|d Tcs|ancn|. Psa|ns 144.5-8. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic)
Mv souI vas Iosl in lhoughl as I sal al lhe lalIe vilh chiIdhood
fiiends and ieIalives. Suipiised vhen nv deceased fiiend, vho'd died
in a cai accidenl, enleied lhe ioon, he sal dovn lo laIk vilh one of his
lesl fiiends. Walching hin, I feIl a soiiov in nv souI foi lhis Ioss, lul I
luined avav so as nol lo feeI lhe pain. When I Iooked up again, he vas
vaIking sliaighl lovaids ne, slaiing ne dovn vilh deep caiing in his
eves. Taking nv hand, he sal nexl lo ne.
Ioi a nonenl, I vas Iosl in his visions and dieans, vhich heId
lhe inage of lhe falaI cai accidenl lhal had laken his Iife. Diinking and
diiving, foui oul of lhe five passengeis had leen kiIIed: aII lhiovn fion
lhe vehicIe, lIoodied and lalleied. When he luined lo face ne again,
lhe vounds vhich caused his dealh veie piesenl upon his lodv and I
couId feeI his pain. ßeginning lo civ, he loId ne lhal he nov voiked
vilh lhe Disaslei Ciev lo heIp olheis vho veie dving liaunalic dealhs,
and lhis liighlened ne up. Ioi a nonenl, he lecane veiv seiious, and
lhough his voids veien'l eIoquenl oi poelic, he Iel ne knov hov nuch
he had Ioved ne. Mv leais legan fIoving haidei, foi I'd Ioved hin
deepIv, loo. WondeifuI lo see hin again, I didn'l vanl lo ieluin lo nv
phvsicaI voiId. "Cone vilh ne," he said, as he heId oul his hand.
ßeing puIIed lack levond lhe veiI of dealh, I linidIv ieached nv hand
lo hin, lul lhen puIIed lack. Knoving I couIdn'l go vilh hin, ve Iived
in lvo diffeienl voiIds.
SuddenIv, ve veie silling on a snaII paik lench lefoie his
giavesile. Nolhing vas said, as he puIIed ne cIose lo hin and
confoiled ne in nv soiiov. "Sonelines Iove jusl isn'l enough," he said
lo ne, as he disappeaied and his caskel appeaied lefoie ne. "No!" I
scieaned oul, "No!" I scieaned again as I fIung nvseIf lo lhe lox vhich
heId his ienains and heId on lighlIv. ßul an angeI appeaied, vho vas
diiecl, "You cannol go vilh hin," she said, "lecause his deslinv Iies in
lhe voiId levond dealh, and voui deslinv Iies in lhe voiId of lhe Iiving.
Can vou saciifice voui ovn deslinv lo le vilh hin, nov`" I didn'l iepIv.
"He cannol cone lo voui voiId, and vou cannol go lo his . . . vou cannol
go vilh hin."
SliII civing, she conveved sonelhing veiv dianalic, poignanl
and lIunl. "Don'l vou see` Slop nouining ovei lhal vhich vou have nol
Iosl." She paused. "Slop nouining ovei a deslinv lhal vas nevei neanl
lo le, and lv doing so, peihaps vou viII iecognize lhe deslinv lhal uas
neanl lo le."
"A tel| exlsts betueen the uor|d abote and the rea|ms that are be|ou: and
shadou came lnto belng beneath the tel|: and that shadou became matter: and
that shadou uas µro]ected aµart."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Hupcs|asis cf Arcncns. Pagc 167. Paragrapn 7.
(Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
"WeIcone." Ioseph said. Hoveiing alove his snaII
encanpnenl, he vas silling lefoie a snaII canpfiie nolioning ne lo
sil. A snaII leepee vas lehind hin, and he voie nodein cIolhing: a
liovn hal, a vesl, and a lIue fIanneI shiil vilh a paii of oId jeans.
"Cone, sil lv nv fiie," he said. "ßefoie ve conlinue," Ioseph said, "vou
nusl pass lhiough a snaII lesl." "A lesl` I jusl vanl lo leII voui sloiv,
vou knov, of lhe palhvav." "In oidei lo foIIov ne, vou nusl foIIov lhe
palhvav. The nexl slep iequiies a snaII iile of passage."
A vilialion enleied nv spiiil as I legan lo vhiiI. Wilhin
nonenls, nv souI vas nanifesling in anolhei pIace, anolhei ieaIilv: a
nodein Iooking ieslauianl decoialed in fionliei fashion vilh Iols of
voodvoik. IeopIe veie Iaughing and naking neiiv on lhe cooI
Novenlei dav. ßeginning lo nanifesl inlo lhis eneigelic ieaIilv of a
polenliaI fuluie, I vas silling al a lalIe vilh aloul len peopIe vho acled
as if lhev knev ne.
Tuining lo Iook oul a vindov lehind ne, I noliced a nan
hoIding a gun. "Uh oh," I lhoughl, "heie il cones." Wilhoul anv
vaining, a luisl of aloul lvenlv ained peopIe pouied inlo lhe
ieslauianl, happening so fasl lhal nosl of lhose piesenl couId nol
possilIv asceilain vhal had occuiied. Shooling in lhe aii, lhev veie
denanding lhal lhe peopIe galhei in one Iocalion, vhich eveivone did
excepl foi ne. Allenpling lo nake a slalenenl aloul lhe sociaI
condilions in lheii counliv, lhev'd laken aloul 25 hoslages. Wanling
peace, Iove and undeislanding . . . juslice foi lheii peopIe, I InnedialeIv
undeislood vhv I vas piesenl.
ßeginning lo laIk lo lhen, I vas ciacking a Iol of jokes, vhich
vas nol lhe cuslon foi nosl hoslage silualions. Lniaging lhe caplois,
lhe olhei hoslages veie conceined lhal I vas going lo gel shol. One of
lhe nen vas veaiing a shiil depicling a veII-knovn nusician in lheii
ieaIn, Iohn Lennon. WaIking quielIv ovei lo hin, he puIIed oul his gun
as I appioached. Ignoiing his lhiealening slance, I asked, "So vou Iike
Iohn Lennon`" "Yes, I do." "WeII, I Iove hin, loo. Whal vas voui
favoiile song of his`" "WeII, lhal vouId le 'Inagine.'" "Oh, I Iove lhal
song, loo." ßeginning lo sing, I savoied eveiv Iviic, "Inagine lheie's no
counliies, il isn'l haid lo do, nolhing lo kiII oi die foi . . ." Angiv, he
shouled, "I knov lhe song! Iusl shul up and gel ovei lheie vilh lhe
olheis!" Cocking his gun, I conlinued singing. "You nav sav I'n a
dieanei. ßul I'n nol lhe onIv one. I hope sonedav vou'II join us. And
lhe voiId viII Iive as one." "Shul up!" He said again. WaIking up lo
hin, I pul nv hand on his shouIdei. "You veai a shiil vilh Iohn
Lennon on il, and vou caiiv a gun, lhal nakes no sense. You nus| knov
lhal he vas kiIIed lv a gun, loo." Wilh lhal he gol veiv nad, "Don'l leII
ne lhal, lhal's luIIshil! Iohn Lennon is nol dead!"
SuddenIv, I ieaIized lhal I had enleied a paiaIIeI ieaIilv, and in
lhis paiaIIeI, Iohn Lennon had nol leen nuideied. "Wheie I cone fion,
lhe ieaIilv of eailh I Iive in, he died of gunshol vounds ovei len veais
ago." Looking al ne shocked and angiv, sone of lhe olheis lhoughl I
vas ciazv. Nol vishing foi ne lo inleifeie vilh lheii pIan, lhev veie
sick of ne using up lheii line. Wanling us lo focus on lheii cause, lhev
said lhal lhev couIdn'l have done lhis in anv olhei vav.
Tvo vonen suddenIv gialled ne and look ne lo lhe olhei
side of lhe ieslauianl. "You aie nol going lo ness lhis up foi us." I
slailed Iaughing, "Mess lhis up, I ieaIIv caie aloul vhal vou aie living
lo acconpIish, lul vhalevei possessed vou lo liv lhis lechnique, I don'l
undeisland." "Shul up, il's line foi vou lo die." "Do vou ieaIize lhe
nessage vou'ie sending oul` You aie asking peopIe lo caie aloul olhei
peopIe . . . lv kiIIing and huiling olheis." One vonan legan veIIing and
scieaning, and lhe olhei slopped hei. "She'II le veiv quiel in a
nonenl." "No . . . I von'l." I said, Iooking al lhen veiv seiiousIv. "If vou
shool lhis lodv, il viII sinpIv disinlegiale and I viII nanifesl a nev
one. I'n soiiv, lul lecause of nv puipose heie, I viII nol go avav vilh
sonelhing as sinpIe as lhe iIIusion of a gunshol." Thev Iooked al ne,
gialled nv shiil, and heId lhe gun lo nv head. I didn'l vince oi
iespond. "Do vhal vou golla do." I said.
SuddenIv, she diopped hei hands and legan lo civ. "I don'l
vanl lhis, I ieaIIv don'l. Whv does il lake sonelhing Iike lhis lo gel lhe
allenlion of lhe peopIe` Whv do vou have lo go lo such exlienes foi
lhen lo nolice injuslice oi ciueIlv`" "I don'l knov lhal ansvei nvseIf," I
said, "I lallIe uncaiing in nv ovn voiId, nv ovn ieaIn. I civ foi
injuslice, I civ foi lhe enviionnenl, I civ foi Iife! ßul I've Ieained lhal
lallIing such uncaiing cannol le done lv engaging in lhe laclics of
uncaiing peopIe." Thev lolh caIned, as did lhe enliie gioup. "ßul
nolhing evei changes." "Yes, il does change. Change sonelines cones
sIovIv, lul lhe change vou desiie can onIv cone fion Iove. You nusl
aIIov il, vou cannol foice il. "WeII, vhal do ve do nov`" Thev asked.
"To le honesl vilh vou, I don'l knov vhal can le done al lhis poinl.
You've piolalIv caused a najoi slii, and vioIenl ielaIialion is vhal has
leen ciealed lv voui aclion. I an conceined." Wilh lhal, lhev aII puIIed
lack and legan lhinking. Whal couId luin lack lhe lides of line`
SeveiaI houis passed and eveivone lecane cIosei in lhis
hoslage diana. Hugging ne, lhe nan vilh lhe Lennon shiil cane lo
hug ne. Veiv quiel, he had caIned dovn a gieal deaI since lhe
leginning of lhe episode. Lveivone, hoslages and caplois, veie
leginning lo hang oul logelhei as if nolhing had evei happened. Nov I
vas conceined as lo hov lo gel lhis luined aiound so lhev vouIdn'l aII
le kiIIed lv lhe SWAT lean lhal vas cuiienlIv suiiounding lhe
One of lhe vonen agieed lo go oul and laIk lo lhe poIice,
asking foi an oppoilunilv lo ieIease eveivone safeIv. As she vaIked oul
lhe dooi, I innedialeIv feIl lhal she vas in dangei. Cialling lhe dooi,
I ian oul vilh hei acling as a hoslage lo pievenl gunfiie. IoIice veie
ieadv lo fiie, lul vhen lhev sav ne lhev slopped. Whispeiing lo hei, I
loId hei lo acl as if lhev veie ieIeasing ne as a good-failh hoslage.
Running lovaids lhe poIice, I nel vilh lhe nan in chaige. "These
peopIe have nade a nislake and lhev knov il. Thev vanl lo Iel
eveivone go and ieIease eveivone safeIv. No one is in dangei anvnoie
and lhev ieaIIv vanl lhis lo end, lheii nolivalion vas disloiled, lhal's
aII." Agieeing lo aIIov ne lo ieluin inlo lhe luiIding, I vas given lhe
lask of piepaiing eveivone foi safe ieIease.
WaIking lhiough lhe luiIding, lhe hoslages had aIieadv leen
galheied foi ieIease. ßul as lhev legan Ieaving, I feIl sonelhing vas
leiiilIv viong. In lhe coinei of nv eve, I noliced soneone vho vasn'l
lheie lefoie, a nenlei of lhe SWAT lean. CIancing aiound, I sav
nanv noie of lhen. "Oh, nv Cod, NO!" I scieaned oul, as lhev legan
fiiing al lhe caplois. ßodies Iving in a pooI of lIood, I vas civing
unconlioIIalIv. Nineleen had leen Iosl.
On lhe vaII lefoie ne, Chief Ioseph's face appeaied,
enconpassing ils enliielv. Conpassion vas in his eves as he puIIed ne
oulside of lhe luinoiI and inlo an eneigv voilex. "WeII done." He said.
"Whal do vou nean, veII done!" Thev'ie DLAD!" Ioseph inleiiupled
ne. "Thev have finished a piogian in lhal ieaIn. Hovevei, vou did
eveivlhing vilhin voui povei. You gave lhen knovIedge aloul lheii
choice, and lhen il vas up lo lhen lo choose. Il is lhe naluiaI oidei of
cause and effecl. VioIence legels vioIence. Sonelines, aIlhough
peicepluaI aIleialions occui, lhe acl cannol le luined aiound." I
undeislood. CialefuI lhal lhev had changed lheii peiceplions lefoie
lheii dealh, il's aIvavs lellei lo ieaIize liulh in oui noilaI slale, lhan lo
avaken lo il aflei dealh. ßul giief is giief, and I conlinued lo civ. "Co
hone, nov, chiId. You have done enough foi one nighl."
"Thelr falth uas shaken setere|µ. So great uas thelr a|arm. that manµ of them.
dlscontlnulng thelr µraµer. aµostatlted thelr falth. Verl|µ. God caused not thls
turmol| but to test and µrote Hls sertants."
Tnc Ki|ao-|-|uan. Pagc 50-51. (8ana'i. Au|ncr. 8ana'u'||an)
Nighl feII in lhe spaces levond line, as a foinIess hand Ied nv
souI lo a nvsleiious coiiidoi. UnalIe lo lieak fiee fion lhe inpending
inpoilance I feIl, I legan soaiing dovn a lIue-gieen lunneI unliI I
ieached a sel of laiien lIeacheis and sal aIone. Oul of lhe elhei, lhe
spiiil of Iesus Chiisl appeaied, his face exhililing lienendous pain and
loinenl, his hands and feel lound in nelaI shackIes. ßul despile his
loiluied deneanoi, Iighl gIoved aII aiound hin. A vhile ioled nan
suiiounded in Iighl vilh a veiv Iong leaid sal nexl lo Iesus, vhose
fealuies veie laieIv peiceplilIe. "Il is voui puipose," he said, "lo ieIease
lhe londage Chiislianilv has pul upon Chiisl's spiiil." His poveifuI
connenl shocked ne, and I didn'l knov hov oi vhal he had in nind.
As I gazed upon Iesus' loiluied counlenance and his leckoning eves,
lhev lolh disappeaied inlo lhe elhei.
"But the seed of man hath not understood a|| of uhlch Thou hast made lt helr.
nelther hate men knoun Thee uhensoeter Thou hast sµoken."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc Ncu Cctcnan|. Pagc 438. Paragrapn 1. (Cnris|iani|u.
Appeaiing fion lehind, anolhei spoke. "Look al ne!" he
connanded, as I luined lo Iook inlo his deepIv inlensive eves. "Whal
vou have cone lo do caiiies a fai giealei significance lhan vou knov.
Do vou ieaIize hov iaie il is lo have soneone vilh fuII consciousness
on lolh sides of exislence vho iesides piinaiiIv in lhe phvsicaI`" I'd
laken lhal foi gianled, since il hadn'l occuiied lo ne lhal olheis did nol
Iive in lhis nannei. "Lxpiess lhe nusic of voui souI, voui line has
cone." ßeginning lo vavei inlo lhe elhei, he vhispeied lhese voids
ovei and ovei again, "Iai Ciealei Significance, Iai Ciealei Significance,
Iai Ciealei Significance . . . ," and lhen he vas gone.
"The µsµchlc race ls |lke |lght from a flre . . . through a tolce lt uas lnstructed
and thls uas sufflclent. slnce lt ls not far from the hoµe accordlng to the
µromlse. slnce lt recelted. so to sµeak as a µ|edge. the
assurance of the thlngs uhlch uere to be."
Tnc Nag Hannadi |ioraru. Tnc Tripar|a|c Trac|a|c. Nc. 14. Pagc 94-95. (Cnris|iani|u.


"The Dltlne Phµslclan ls keeµlng µou ln the hosµlta| of earth|µ de|uslon untl|
µour dlsease of deslre for materla| thlngs ls cured. Then He ul|| |et µou go
Sauings cf Parananansa Ycgananda. Pagc 70. Nc. 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf
Parananansa Ycgananda)
Having ioon foi onIv lvo peopIe, lhe hoise-diiven caiiiage
vas snaII. Open lo lhe eIenenls, ve veie happv lhal il vas a vain
and sunnv dav. Mv sislei and I had iidden inlo lovn lo go lo lhe lank.
IIiiling vilh a handsone genlIenan vho heId lhe dooi foi hei, she vas
oIdei lhan ne and couId do lhings Iacking in piopiielv. Aflei she
eneiged fion lhe lank in lhis one ioad lovn, ve headed lack lo lhe
fainhouse. I vas a leenagei.
ßIack seivanls veie voiking veiv haid: a cook in lhe kilchen,
and a fiaiI voung vonan loiIing valei foi nv voungei liolhei's
lalhlul. WaIking lv vilhoul a void, lhe dooi vas open. While foIks
veie alove such neniaI lasks in a househoId such as ouis.
Laiiv, nv fiance, vas vailing foi ne on lhe fionl poich.
IIaving laII vilh Luke fion lhe fain neailv, lhev seened upsel aloul
sonelhing so I vandeied oul in lhe sun lo see vhal couId le lhe nallei.
Caiiving nv Iacv unlieIIa, il piolecled nv peaiIv vhile skin fion
sunluin. Dovn leIov lhe hiII on lhe diil ioad, a lIack faniIv vas
diiving an aulonoliIe. InnedialeIv, I undeislood lheii ouliage!
AppaienlIv lhev veie lhe fiisl in lhese pails lo ovn an aulonoliIe and
lhev veie ßLACK! Mv insides veie iipping ne apail vilh lhe injuslice
of such a lhing.
Mv spiiil lunlIed oul of lhal lodv, vhizzing lhiough line
and space inlo anolhei.
Oui escape vas onIv nonenls avav, as oui pIan had leen sel
inlo aclion. We'd leen heId foi a veiv Iong line as piisoneis lecause of
oui ieIigious leIiefs. Unvained of oui pIan, oui caplois didn'l knov
vhal hil lhen vhen lhe gunfiie legan and lhe escape vas in piogiess.
IeopIe veie dving aII ovei lhe pIace, and foi a nonenl, I Iooked lehind
ne al lhe suffeiing of lhose vho had heId ne caplive. The dead and
dving caughl nv caiing foi onIv a nonenl. Il vas Cod I vas fighling
foi, and Cod vanled lhen lo die!
Ripped and squeezed oul of lhal foin, nv souI vhizzed
lhiough line and space inlo anolhei.
The sloul oIdei nan Iooked ne in lhe eve, as his vife had jusl
passed of a hoiiilIe iIIness. We'd jusl ieceived void lhal one of his lvo
sons had died in lhe vai lhis sane dav, fighling foi lhe Union ainv
duiing lhe CiviI Wai. Iionised lo lheii olhei son in naiiiage if he
ieluined fion lhe fighling, he'd jusl signed up foi lhe ReleI foices.
SuddenIv, lheie veie lvo of ne. Mv foinei seIf vas
conlinuing vilhin lhe lodv, vhiIe nv piesenl seIf oveiIapped and
olseived and feIl fion nv ovn cuiienl vanlage poinl. Mv piesenl seIf
vas conceined as lo hov lhis falhei vouId handIe lhese lvo dealhs in
his faniIv and lhe knovIedge lhal his olhei son vas piepaiing lo fighl
lo pieseive sIaveiv foi lhe ReleI foices`
Mv foinei seIf vas unconceined vilh sIaveiv and ils
ianificalions, il vas seIf-consuned. Teais veie iunning dovn nv
fuluie falhei-in-Iav's face, "I loId hin joining lhe Union ainv vouId
kiII hin . . . AND his nolhei," he said lo nv piesenl seIf's aslonishnenl.
ReaIizing lhal lhis faniIv suppoiled sIaveiv, and lhal I vas veiv nuch a
pail of il, I aIso discoveied lhal nv foinei seIf vas nol offended lv vai
al aII.
The haze legan cIeaiing fion lhe inlensilv of lhe shooling slai
lhal look ne lack inlo lhe piesenl. Chief Ioseph Iooked caInIv inlo nv
face. "You feIl il`" He asked. "Yes, oh ves, I suie did. Il vas so sliange." I
iepIied. "You venl lack lo lhe pails of vou lhal vioIaled Iife: vou sav
and feIl lhiough lheii eves again, vhal did vou feeI`" His queslion
insliIIed shane vilhin nv souI. "Nolhing," I iepIied veiv soflIv, "Isn'l
lhal hoiiilIe` In nv nind, I didn'l see il as vioIaling Iife. I sav il as
peifeclIv okav. Isn'l lhal hoiiilIe`" Taking nv hand, Ioseph Iooked deep
inlo nv eves. "No," he said, "lhal is veiv good. Nov vou aie ieadv."
"Ioi vhal`" I couIdn'l heIp lul ask. "You feIl lhe sepaialion and lhe
duaIilv, nov vou viII feeI lhe oneness. If vou couId vioIale Iife in lhose
Iives vilhoul having anv conscious avaieness of il, is il nol possilIe
lhal lheie aie lhings vou have nol seen oi fuIIv undeislood aloul Iife in
voui piesenl, is il possilIe vou couId le vioIaling Iife nov and nol le
avaie of il`" This shocked ne lo ieaIize lhe nagnilude of vhal he
nighl le saving. "Yes," I iepIied, "ves, lhal is veiv possilIe."
"Renenlei, Iife is giealei lhan vou knov, ils neaning, ils significance.
You've ienenleied hov easv il is lo le ignoianl: vou don'l even have
lo lhink aloul il. Theie aie sone lhings lhal vou've nevei lhoughl
aloul . . . lhings vou nighl find hoiiilIe if vou had."
Inleiiupling hin, I said, "Okav . . . lul, I'n confused, I lhoughl
lhis sloiv vas going lo le aloul vou." Ioseph sniIed in a knoving
nannei. "Whv, DanieI, I lhoughl ve veie seeking lhe palhvav
logelhei`" Mv gaze didn'l nove fion his eves as lhe neaning of his
voids penelialed inlo nv souI. "DanieI Iieice, lhal vas ne`"
"WeIcone lo ienenliance, DanieI, nov vou aie ieadv."
So, I vas lhe souI of lhal piiesl. "Whoa," I lhoughl, as I
ieluined lo nv lodv.
"(Thou ul|t make) an end of a|| that oµµress us: and ue sha|| glte thanks unto
Thµ name for eter."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc Ncu Cctcnan|. Pagc 437. S|anza 4. (Cnris|iani|u.
Ioseph's Iong lIack haii vas fIoving aiound his neck and
shouIdeis, and a hal shadoved his face. Lighling a peace pipe, he
handed il lo ne. Snoking lhe aionalic vapois, I lecane ILACL.
A gioup of Nalive Aneiican vise nen appeaied and legan
singing ancienl chanls. I'd lhoughl il odd lhal lhev did lhis in nv
piesence, lecause I vas vhile. "Isn'l lhis disiespeclfuI lo lhe spiiils`" I
asked. "Il is vise lo sing," lhe Ieadei said, "ve sing foi vou lodav." Nol
knoving vhal lo sav oi do, I jusl Iislened, as I suddenIv noliced a
voung Indian lov had appeaied al Chief Ioseph's side. "The iivei," he
leckoned, "vou aie going lo lhe iivei."
Waves lhiashed and spun aII aiound ne as I had leen
innedialeIv lianspoiled inlo vhal couId lecone nv valeiv giave if I
vasn'l caiefuI. HuiIed lhiough lhe encIosed undeigiound valeivav
foi quile sone line, il vas veiv naiiov in spols and I'd langed nv eve
and Iip veiv haid fion leing huiIed againsl lhe iock vaII.
Lneiging in anolhei line and pIace, lhe iivei vas open again
as I vas cIinling onlo lhe suiface of lhe lank. Mv Iong giav diess vas
soaked and lalleied fion nv jouinev, and lehind ne, I couId see lheie
vas lioulIe. Renenleiing, I sav a gioup of peopIe Iined up againsl a
vaII on lhe olhei side of lhe iivei, inIand a vavs. A fiiing squad vas
aloul lo shool aII of lhen, lul soneone had cone lo heIp ne escape.
"Cone on," said a nan vilh a deep LngIish accenl, "huiiv up! We've
gol lo go!" IuIIing ne fion lhe valei, ve veie iunning in lhe
viIdeiness lovaids a loal. Cunshols veie heaid in lhe dislance, and I
vas veiv confused. Lveivlhing had happened so fasl, and nv piesenl
seIf had no idea vho lhis nan vas oi vhal vas going on. Heaiing
olhei foolsleps lehind ne, ve veie aInosl lheie. "Cone on! Theie is
no line!" He veIIed again IoudIv. Moie gunshols iang oul, and due lo
lhe giace of Cod, ve veien'l hil. Monenls Ialei ve veie on lhe loal as
il sleaned dovn iivei.
As soon as lhe loal legan lo nove, I passed oul coId on lhe
vooden deck. Avaking in a daze lo a nan's face Iooking alove ne: his
Iighl liovn haii fianed lhe concein in his eves. "Il's vou!" I shouled, as
I ieached lo hug hin lighlIv. Taking nv hand, he Iooked inlo nv eves
and didn'l sav anvlhing: he vas jusl ieIieved lhal I vas okav.
"Wov!" I said, as I opened nv eves lo anolhei face. Chief
Ioseph vas anused al nv ieluin fion lhe pasl. "Thal vas ionanlic," I
said, "vhal a iush!" Conlinuing lo sniIe, he piojecled aInosl a saicaslic
hunoi. "Whal`" I said, defensiveIv, "Il uas ionanlic!" Inleiiupling nv
ianpage, Ioseph said, "I vanl vou lo ienenlei nov. You've liaveised
nanv Iifelines since lhe leginning of voui jouinev. You've
ienenleied nanv pasls." "Yes," I iepIied, "I have." "WeII, leII ne if vou
see a pallein." Iausing a nonenl lo lhink, I iepIied, "I sav lhe pallein
of uniequiled Iove, lhal vas olvious." "Do vou see anolhei in voui
nanv Iives of advenluies, neicenaiies . . . lallIes of lhe Iighl and lhe
daik`" He vas so seiious nov: il aInosl iuined lhe fun of nv IillIe
advenluie. "WeII, I gel ieaIIv exciled in lhose lallIes." I said. "You even
lhoughl il ionanlic`" Ioseph queslioned. Iausing lo lhink, I vas afiaid
I nighl le gelling liapped inlo lhe liulh. "Okav, veah." "Hov couId lhis
affecl vou nov . . . in voui palh`" "WeII," I nused, "navle in nv
ieIalionships . . . oi nv Iife in geneiaI . . . navle I have a lendencv lo gel
loied vilh caIn . . . peace." "ßul vel, vou sav vou vanl peace`" Ioseph
vas inspiiing inlense lhinking vilhin ne nov. "Yeah, isn'l lhal
sliange`" "You aie luined on lv adienaIine, nol Iove." Ioseph said. "This
is vhv vou aie diavn lo lhe dianalic, loied vilh peace." "Mv Cosh!" I
scieaned, "You aie iighl! I gel luined on lv lallIing lhe daik foices on
lhe giound oi loiiid ionances . . . vou'ie iighl! I do!" Ioseph ieached
lhe peace pipe lo ne as I look anolhei snoke. "When vou liaveI lhe
palhvav lo Iife," he said, "vou legin lo aIlei lhe eneigv lhal suiiounds
evoIulion, lv lhal veiv exislence. Theie aie vaiious slages of lhe
evoIulion of hunanilv: one slage is lhe lallIes lhal occui on lhe giound,
highIv dianalic: and lhe nexl slage, eneigelic aIleialion, highIv
peacefuI. Nov lhal vou aie enlaiking upon lhis eneigelic aIleialion,
lhose pails of vou vhich sliII enleilain fancies of lhe dianalic nusl le
piepaied lo lecone peacefuI. Then lhe eneigv voiks |nrcugn vou,
ialhei lhan ou vou . . . and il happens aII lhe line, vhelhei vou aie
avaie of il oi nol." Sonevhal ashaned, I asked, "Hov do I liansfoin
lhose pails`" Ioseph vas kind, "Iiisl, vou lecone avaie lhal lhev exisl,
and lhen vou aie alIe lo iecognize lhal vhich no Iongei seives voui
palh. Those Iingeiing queslions, lhoughls, fanlasies ciealed in voui
ovn nind aloul vhal vas oi couId have leen . . . aie onIv lhal. Love is
nol vhal vou have leIieved il lo le, il is nol loiiid ionance oi dangei-
fiIIed iescues . . . Iove is palienl and kind . . ." SniIing, Ioseph
disappeaied on a visp of snoke fion his pipe.
"Lote ls µatlent and klnd: |ote ls not ]ea|ous or boastfu|: lt ls not arrogant or
rude. Lote does not lnslst on lts oun uaµ: lt ls not lrrltab|e or resentfu|: lt does
not re]olce at urong but re]olces ln the rlght. Lote bears a|| thlngs. be|letes a||
thlngs. hoµes a|| thlngs. endures a|| thlngs. Lote neter ends. As for µroµhecles.
theµ ul|| µass auaµ: as for tongues. theµ ul|| cease: as for knou|edge. lt ul||
µass auaµ. |or our knou|edge ls lmµerfect and our µroµhecµ ls lmµerfect: but
uhen the µerfect comes. the lmµerfect ul|| µass auaµ. When l uas a chl|d. l
sµoke |lke a chl|d. l thought |lke a chl|d. l reasoned |lke a chl|d: uhen l became a
man. l gate uµ chl|dlsh uaµs. |or nou ue see ln a mlrror dlm|µ. but then face to
face. Nou l knou ln µart: then l sha|| understand fu||µ. eten as l hate been fu||µ
understood. So falth. hoµe. |ote ablde. these three: but the greatest of these ls
Tnc Hc|u 8io|c. Rctiscd S|andard Vcrsicn. 1 Ccrin|nians 13. 4-13. (Cnris|iani|u. lcrds
cf Pau|)
And so il cane lo pass lhal Ioseph look ne aloaid a slaiship lo
shov ne lhe slale of lhe auiic fieId of lhe Lailh. Shoving ne lhe
foinei eailh of nanv noons ago, a liianguIai giid vas suiiounding lhe
pIanel keeping il in laIance, eneigelicaIIv. Meshed logelhei, lhe
liiangIes veie in hainonv vhen nankind's lhoughls iefIecled
hainonv. When lhe Lailh had once leen peacefuI, lhe eIecliicaI
cuiienls of negalivilv and eviI sliII sliuck al lhe fieId, lul veie kepl in
check lv lhe giid. As Ioseph shoved ne lhe giid lhal suiiounded lhe
Lailh nov, I legan lo civ. Lveivlhing vas a conpIele eIecliicaI
disloilion, as eneigv lIilzed oul in eveiv diieclion, Iike lhousands of
Iighlning loIls sliiking aII al once. IaIIing avav in one coinei of lhe
pIanel, lhe liianguIai pail of lhe giid vas dissipaling fion lhe eneigelic
inlaIances of nankind's lhoughls and deeds.
Chief Ioseph pul his ain aiound nv shouIdei. "Il is sad," he
said. "Whal has happened`" I asked. "Dealh lo lhe vavs of Iife, dealh
of lhe spiiil." I nodded. "As Iife dissipales fion lhose vho inhalil a
pIanel, lhe eneigv of Iife can no Iongei hoId on." "Is lhis oui fuluie`"
"Thal aII depends." "On vhal`" "On vou . . . on ne . . . on eveiv leing
vho vaIks lhe Lailh." "Whal can ve do`" "WaIk lhe palhvav: vaIk
ui|n Iife, nol againsl il. Life viII legel a nev Lailh." The slaiship vas
noving lovaids Mais, and Ioseph look nv hand. Ioining us as ve
legan lo fIv lo Mais, lhe slaiship caplain Iislened lo lhe chief.
IIoaling on lhe pink eneigv of lhe angeIs, ve soaied lo Venus
lo galhei lhe vhile Iighl of Iove. Reluining lo Lailh, lhe eneigelic
disluilances veie sliong and conlinuaI, lul ve look lhe eneigv and
disliiluled il anongsl lhe enliie auiic fieId of lhe Lailh. IuIIing lhe
giid haphazaidIv inlo sone shape, il vas sliII inconpIele lul il vouId
give lhe Lailh noie line. "You knov," Ioseph said, "one peison ieaIIv
does nake a diffeience. One peison vho caies anongsl an enliie pIanel
is aII il lakes." "Whal do vou nean`" I asked. "Caiing is poveifuI. If
one peison . . . one peison . . . asks lhal il le saved . . . piavs lo lhe spiiil
of Iife, lo lhe Cieal Spiiil, lhal pIanel nav le saved foi lhal one caiing
souI. If vou caie . . . jusl vou . . . lhal nighl le enough lo puII il off."
The Iighl liaiIs veie fIoving aII aiound us. "Caiing liings cIaiilv, and
cIaiilv viII laIance lhe eailh. Then il viII shine a iadianl lIue, gieen
and goId lhioughoul lhe univeise." "Wov, von'l lhal le leaulifuI`" "Il
viII, il viII, nv fiiend."
"Lel ne shov vou sonelhing." Ioseph said, as ve enleied lhe
slaiship vhich vas nov heading sliaighl inlo lhe Lailh's eneigv fieId.
"I vanl lo shov vou vheie Iife, peace and caiing sliII exisl." Landing
anongsl a nounlainous iegion, ve vaIked lovaids a vinding iivei.
Silling on an oId Iog lv lhe valei, I noliced nv iefIeclion. "Whal do
vou see`" He asked. "Life is eveivvheie, lhe liees, lhe iivei, lhe fish . . .
Oh!" I vas dunlfounded as I noliced a leaulifuI vhile-laiIed deei
sliiding lhiough lhe voods. "Oh, hov leaulifuI!" I shouled. "Do vou
knov vheie ve aie`" Ioseph asked. "No." I iepIied. "We aie in lhe
eneigelic ieaIilv vhich suiiounds lhe eailh, lhe elhei ieaIilv lhal vishes
lo descend inlo phvsicaI ieaIilv." The deei vas slaiing al ne. "Who is
il`" I said undei nv liealh. "Oh, nv Cod, il isn'l!" "Yes, he's fiee nov."
(A fev davs lefoie, I had found a deei lhal had leen iiluaIIv saciificed
in lhe voods. I'd gone lo a gieal deaI of lioulIe lo liv lo gel lhe
peipelialois caughl, lul lo no avaiI, lul afleivaids focused on lhe
liaunalized souI of lhe aninaI, fieeing hin fion lhe londage of his
dealh.) "Oh, he's so leaulifuI, hov couId anvone . . . hov couId lhev`"
"Thal is pasl, Iook lo lhe nov." "Whv does he keep Iooking al ne`" "He
is gialefuI." "Ioi vhal` I vas unalIe lo heIp hin." "You caied." Civing
ne an inlenlioned gIance, lhe sun caughl ils eve as il gIinneied Iike a
dianond. SuddenIv, he Ieapl inlo lhe viIdeiness.
"I have sonelhing eIse lo shov vou." Ioseph said. I vas so
lusv adniiing lhis leaulifuI naluiaI voiId lhal vhen I Iooked up and
sav a highvav, I vas lolaIIv laken alack. "Hov'd lhal gel lheie`" I
asked, aInosl angiv. "We've nov enleied lhe phvsicaI ieaIilv of lhe
pIace ve veie." Lillei vas slievn eveivvheie, lhe nounlains veie
coveied vilh eIecliicaI poIes, highvavs, houses, snokeslacks, lul lheie
vas one sacied space ienaining . . . vheie ve sal. Looking in lhe valei,
I noliced nv iefIeclion again.
The slaiship caplain vaIked foivaid, as Chief Ioseph
disappeaied. "We nusl go nov. Oui ship onIv ienains in lhe eneigv
fieId of lhe eailh foi a shoil line! Cone!" Running lo lhe ship vhich
vas nov peiched on a duslv highvav, lhe eves of lhe deei veie sliII
pieicing nv nind. Sonehov ve had lecone one, lecause of oui
nuluaI caiing. Shuddeiing nonenlaiiIv as il iockeled oul of lhe
eIecliicaI disluilance of lhe Lailh, lhe slaiship evenluaIIv shol foilh.
Mankind leais fiee viII vhich leais ils ovn cosl. AngeIs can
onIv inleifeie vilh lhe naluiaI iesuIls of oui lhoughls and deeds vhen
given lhe eleinaI diieclive lo do so. And lhis eleinaI diieclive is onIv
given lo piolecl lhe evoIulionaiv piogians of souIs, oi lo piolecl souIs
fion lheii ovn ignoiance. Theie does cone a line vhen ve aie no
Iongei affoided pioleclion, vhen ve aie expecled lo accepl lhe iesuIls
of oui ovn lhoughls and deeds, lecause as eveiv souI naluies, he is
iequiied lo lake on giealei iesponsiliIilv.
And so il cane lo pass lhal Chief Ioseph and lhe angeIs legan
lo leach ne of evoIulion, as il vas a pail of nv puipose lo give lack
sone of lhal vhich had leen given lo ne.
"'A man of rea|ltatlon does not µerform anµ mlrac|e untl| he receltes an lnuard
sanctlon.' Master exµ|alned. 'God does not ulsh the secrets of Hls creatlon
retea|ed µromlscuous|µ. A|so. eterµ lndltldua| ln the uor|d has an lna|lenab|e
rlght to hls free ul||. A salnt ul|| not encroach on that lndeµendence.'"
Tnc Au|coicgrapnu cf a Ycgi. Cnap|cr 12. Pagc 136. Paragrapn 5. (Hinduisn. Kriua
Ycga. Au|ncr. Parananansa Ycgananda)
Chief Ioseph shoved ne lhal upon enleiing lhe vilialionaI
slale, I couId nake a iunning nolion and lhal vouId sepaiale nv spiiil
fion nv lodv. He aIso shoved ne lhal keeping nv elheiic ains al nv
side, cIose lo nv lodv vhen fIving vouId nake nv souI shool Iike a
IoIIoving lhe sound of a dislanl diunning, I found Chief
Ioseph suiiounded lv a Iaige liile of Indians. "Ciadualion iequiies a
iile of passage." Ioseph said, as I Iooked al hin quizzicaIIv. ßeginning
lo cieale sonelhing in his hands, il vas a laII of Iighl. Handing il lo
ne, he said, "This is lhe nedicine, lake il vilh vou." "Whal nedicine`"
I asked. "You viII knov." Ioseph said, as I vas suddenIv lianspoiled
Having enleied a ciovded ieslauianl, a fIash of infoinalion
suddenIv cane inlo nv souI. I |ncu lhal, in a nonenl, a nan vas
going lo iun inlo lhis pulIic pIace and legin iandonIv shooling al
peopIe, and il vas nv jol lo slop il. Ianicking, I ian lovaids lhe dooi
as lhe nan enleied and lIocked his gunfiie vilh nv lodv, laking lhe
shols inlo nvseIf and faIIing lo lhe giound. The nan slopped shooling.
Chief Ioseph's voice spoke in nv head, "Tiv again, vou'II
undeisland." ßul lhe sane scene iepealed lvo noie lines, and I
iesponded in a siniIai fashion. Whal nade il noie difficuIl vas lhal
lefoie each liv, I couIdn'l ienenlei having done il innedialeIv lefoie.
Appeaiing lo ne vilh his peace pipe, Ioseph Iooked al ne
inlenseIv. SuddenIv, I sav lhen. Theii eneigies veie phasing in and
oul, in and oul. Hundieds of lhen appeaied in a ciicIe of eneigv
aiound ne. Chief Ioseph conlinued snoking lhe pipe. "These aie lhe
Medicine Wonen fion lhioughoul lhe ages," he said, as one
appioached ne hoIding a vhile-fiinged nalive diess, noccasins and a
paii of vings. HunlIe and quiel in hei deneanoi, she said, "We vish
lo pass oui nedicine onlo vou." AnazingIv honoied, lul aIso deepIv
afiaid, I iepIied, "I don'l knov. I don'l knov if I even vanl lo le a
Medicine Wonan. I don'l even knov vhal lhal ieaIIv neans." She vas
unnoved lv nv covaidice, "You viII knov," she said, "ieceiving lhe
nedicine is ieceiving lhal knovIedge." Hesilaling, I didn'l sav anvlhing
noie. "Iusl liv one noie line, see hov vou do." Hei palience nade ne
feeI sonevhal ashaned. "Okav," I said, cauliousIv aIIoving nvseIf lo
le diavn inlo lhe slale of unienenleiing again.
As lhe nan vaIked inlo lhe ioon, I Iooked dovn in nv hands
nolicing lhe gifl fion Chief Ioseph. "The laII of Iighl!" I lhoughl
IoudIv. Thioving lhe laII lovaids lhe nan's hands, il legan lo
neandei lhiough lhe aii lecause of nv palhelic ain, lul lhe povei of
lhe nedicine quickIv svepl il up and caiiied il lo ils piopei deslinalion,
knocking lhe gun oul of lhe nan's hand and iendeiing hin
AppaienlIv, il is lellei lo aIlei sonelhing vilhoul aIIoving
hain lo cone lo voui ovn souI, foi lhis keeps vou sliong lo do Cod's
voik, and aIlhough nv iniliaI appioach vas successfuI in lhe
acconpIishnenl of lhe diieclive, lhe puipose of allaining lhe nedicine
is lo lecone capalIe of aIleiing ieaIilies vilhoul laking on lhe
desliuclive eneigies vou have cone lo aIlei. The desliuclive eneigies
nusl le aIleied, nol jusl iediiecled.
Ioining lhe Medicine Wonen in ceIelialion, ve veie engaging
in a iiluaI designed lo assisl ne in leconing one of lhen, lhe ßuffaIo
vonen. Civing ne a gainenl consisling of a vhile luckskin panlsuil,
lvo vhile noccasins, and a paii of vhile luckskin vings, I voie il as
lhev danced and iallIed aII aiound ne. Lneigies veie voilexing,
Iighlning vas sliiking, and eneigelic pailicIes legan neiging
lhioughoul and vilhin, as nv souI lecane fiie, eneigizing ne in lhe
vavs of lhe nedicine. Haii luining Iong and lIack, lhe eneigies veie
liansfoining ne inlo a liue nalive. ßeconing one vilh lhen, a faniIiai
face appeaied. Red Iackel sal dovn peacefuIIv lv lhe fiie, sniIing in
pIeasuie al lhis iile of passage achieved. Knoving lhis lo le lhe
fuIfiIInenl of lhe piophecv vhich foiesav nv enliv inlo lhe Iodge of
lhe ßuffaIo vonen, I accepled il vilh huniIilv.
Monenls Ialei, I vas slanding lefoie a slalue of an Indian
chief vhich legan lo give ne delaiIed insliuclions foi an upconing
aIleialion. Mv spiiil vas fIovn lo lhe scene in an inslanl.
Whizzing in, I caused a spiiil vind sliong enough lo foice lhe
lhiee peopIe in lhe sloie lo lhe fIooi. As lhev did lhis, luIIels legan lo
spiav lheii luiIding. Renaining on lhe fIooi vheie lhev nighl le safe, I
appIied eneigelic piessuie lo a phone in oidei lo caII foi eneigencv
assislance. An anluIance and lhe poIice aiiived veiv quickIv.
Dving of a lIood disease, lhe peipelialoi of lhis hoiiid acl had
ienained veiv lillei aloul his shoilened Iife. Hoveiing inside lhe
anluIance, lhev had pIaced hin inside, as no one eIse had leen huil.
Hoveiing lo lake on an eneigelic undeislanding of his slale of nind, I
Ieained lhal he vas gelling nuch veakei. Reaching inlo nv pockel, I
nov had nanv laIIs of Iighl vilhin lhen. IIacing lhen aiound hin on
lhe slielchei, he venl inlo a deep peacefuI sIeep.
Saving nolhing vhen he cane oul of his lodv, I noliced hin
slaiing al nv inage, coveied in vhile ioles and Iighl. SniIing, I
handed hin sone eneigv fion nv hands. Inagining Iighl sviiIing
aloul lhe ioon, il did. Looking al il in vondei, he seened lo lecone
caInei. "Lveivlhing's going lo le okav, isn'l il`" He asked. Nodding
lhal he indeed had nolhing lo feai in dealh, he genlIv feII lack inlo his
lodv. Nov a peacefuI souI, he vas gialefuI lhal no one had leen
hained lv his vielched acl, and lhal he had leen piolecled fion lhe
deseived consequences of his ovn vialh.
Chief Ioseph vas slanding anidsl lhe gieal ocean as he
handed ne a sacied look. HoIding il open, I liied veiv despeialeIv lo
alsoil aII lhe knovIedge conlained vilhin il lefoie nv line lo viev il
had cone lo pass. "You hoId lhe nedicine nov, nv fiiend, do vou
ieaIize vhal lhis neans`" Nodding no, Ioseph said, "You aie no Iongei
MaiiIvnn . . . vou aie Iife ilseIf." Tuining, he vaIked quielIv alop lhe
valeis avav inlo lhe dislance, and lhen faded fion nv sighl.
And so il cane lo pass lhal I legan enliv inlo lhe ieaIns of
eneigelic aIleialion, lul aIso conlinued lo ieceive infoinalion aloul
olheis vho cane inlo nv Iife on lhe giound. The infoinalion ianged
fion pasl-Iife knovIedge, vainings aloul upconing evenls vhich
couId le aIleied if anolhei palh vas laken, vainings and specific
infoinalion aloul lhe acluaI eneigelic aIignnenls of peopIe in lheii
Iives, specific spiiiluaI insighl inlo lhe issues lhal lIocked lhen,
nessages fion deceased Ioved ones, elc. Liniled onIv lo vhal lhe Loid
deens lo shaie vilh ne, I vouId oflen piav lo ieceive on lehaIf of
olheis vho ask of il, lecause lhis Iighl is onIv given if and vhen lhe
Loid chooses.
"lf µou sau that a man uas golng to hlt another. µou cou|d steµ ln front of the
lntended tlctlm and |et the b|ou fa|| on µou. That ls uhat a great master does.
He µerceltes. ln the |ltes of hls detotees. uhen unfatorab|e effects of thelr µast
bad karma are about to descend on them. lf he thlnks lt ulse. he emµ|oµs a
certaln metaµhµslca| method bµ uhlch he transfers to hlmse|f the consequences
of hls dlsclµ|es errors. The |au of cause and effect oµerates mechanlca||µ or
mathematlca||µ: µogls understand hou to sultch lts currents."
Sauings cf Parananansa Ycgananda. Pagc 47. S|anza 2. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds
cf Parananansa Ycgananda)
"lt uou|d he|µ much to lncrease the huml|ltµ of those uho are endeatorlng to
obtaln that tlrtue. so dear to the heart of God. lf theµ uere to µresent themse|tes
before Hlm ulth these slns. as lt uere. uµon them. the slns that God ln Hls Truth
sees theµ uou|d hate commltted lf theµ had not been µretented bµ God's
uatchfu| Protldence. turnlng them from µaths ln |lfe that uou|d hate been fata|
to them. gltlng sµecla| asslstance at certaln tlmes of danger. and ln the
number|ess other uaµs bµ uhlch He shous Hls care for those uho are dear to
Hlm .
. . "
Dctc|icn fcr |nc Duing. Maru's Ca|| |c Hcr |cting Cni|drcn. Pagc 175. Paragrapn 1,
(Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. Au|ncr. Mc|ncr Maru Pc||cr)

(Riles of LvoIulion)

"Llsten carefu||µ. |lsten carefu||µ and µonder deeµ|µ. l. the Tathagata. sha||
dlscourse on the µure karma for the sake of a|| sentlent belngs of the future uho
are aff|lcted bµ the enemµ. etl| µasslons."
Tnc Tnrcc Purc |and Su|ras. Ccn|cnp|a|icn Su|ra. Nc. 8. (8uddnisn. Purc |and.
lcrds cf |nc 8uddna)


"B|essed art Thou. O Lord. uho µuttest the sense of dlscernment lnto the heart of
Thµ sertants. (that theµ maµ ua|k b|ame|ess|µ before Thee.) and be stee|ed
agalnst a|| the detl(ces) of ulckedness. and that theµ maµ b|ess (Thµ name.)
(|otlng) a|| that Thou |otest and abhorrlng a|| that (Thou hatest.) (and straµ not
ln the uaµuar)dness of men. but. through the sµlrlt of (dlscern)ment uhlch ls
thelrs. (dlstlngulsh) the good from the ulcked. (and keeµ) thelr deeds undefl|ed."
Tnc Dcad Sca Scrip|urcs. Tnc 8cc| cf Hunns. Pagc 196. S|anza 3. (Cnris|iani|u.
IaIIing inlo ils deplhs, lhe ocean vas niId lhal nighl. Land
couId nol le seen foi nanv niIes fion lhis sacied pIace, as I vas
seeking an undeivalei lenpIe. Reaching lhe lollon, I sav lhe enliance
faiiIv quickIv. Looking nuch Iike lhe 'Taj MajaI,' il heId Iighls of nanv
coIois. No one seened lo le lheie, vhen . . . a voice legan speaking.
"You nusl shov lhal vou aie voilhv lo ieceive lhe visdon." Il said.
ßehind ne a scieen appeaied shoving scenes fion nv Iife and hov I'd
handIed lhen, lolh in lhe phvsicaI and levond lhe veiI. "You aie
veIcone," il said, as lhe gieal nailIe vhile gale legan lo open
Svooshing suddenIv lack inlo nv lodv, I vas Iving in led as
lhe puipose of lhe lenpIe ieveaIed ilseIf. A nassive eneigv suige
oveilook nv lodv, lhousands of lines sliongei lhan I'd evei feIl lefoie.
Scaied, I'd nevei feIl anvlhing quile Iike lhis, lul suddenIv, nv vhoIe
ocdu and spiri| Iifled up oul of led, leginning lo fIv aiound lhe ioon. "Il
IS possilIe!" I scieaned oul, living lo gel Andv's allenlion, lul he vas
deepIv asIeep, assisled in his unconsciousness lv his angeIs so lhal he
vouIdn'l see lhe speclacIe. Ioi lhe nexl houi oi so, lhe eneigv lean
cane and venl, laking ne on lodiIv fIighls aiound lhe ioon.
"Knou that a|| states of belng . . . are manlfested bµ Mµ energµ. l am. ln one
sense. eterµthlng. but l am lndeµendent. l am not under the modes of materla|
nature. for theµ. on the contrarµ. are ulthln Me."
Tnc 8nagatad Gi|a. Cnap|cr 7. Tcx| 12. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn. A.C. 8na||itcdan|a
Suani Praonupada)
"In oidei lo undeisland Iife," Chief Ioseph said, "ve nusl fiisl
undeisland dealh."
Soaiing lo anolhei Iifeline, I vas voiking in an oId fionliei
lank. OnIv nonenls passed lefoie a lonl expIoded, kiIIing ne
inslanlIv. As I Iav in dealh, Chief Ioseph vhispeied, "Dead nan's nighl
. . . and lhe Iighl spiead." Anolhei Iighl cane and suddenIv I vas
aloaid an oId ship duiing a nassive sea sloin. Iiepaiing lo sink, ve
had onIv ninules lo Iive lefoie lhe valei ieached lhe ceiIing leIov
deck. Oui Iasl liealhs fiIIed oui valeiv giave. Suipiised al hov quick
and painIess lhese dealhs veie, Chief Ioseph vhispeied inlo nv eai
again, "Life nanages, Iife sIales, fion on and on inlo eleinilv." "Anen."
I added. RefIecling on lhese nonenls and hov I no Iongei feIl
anvlhing, I asked, "Dealh is no Iongei fcc|ing`" "LxaclIv," he said,
"VilaIilv is Iife. Nunlness is dealh. When vou no Iongei fcc|, vou aie
"lt ls not death. but a bad |lfe. uhlch destroµs the sou|."
Tnc Pu|nagcrcan Scurccocc|. Sc|cc| Scn|cnccs cf Scx|us |nc Pu|nagcrcan. Nc. 91.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Pu|nagcrcan)
Diaving a ciicIe aiound nv spiiil, lhe Medicine Wonen veie
valching us. Iusl al lhe nonenl vhen lhe Iines nel lo conpIele lhe
ciicIe, an eneigv shifl occuiied. HoIogians of eveiv nonenl of nv Iife
and aII of nv diffeienl seIves veie funclioning in svnchionicilv. Slaiing
al lhis scene, Chief Ioseph iepIied, "Il is lhe Sacied Hoop, vou have
conpIeled lhe ciicIe."
Lneigelic undeislandings veie leginning lo lake hoId as
Ioseph expIained lhal lhe hoop vas a sequence of Iife, and vhen lhal
sequence cones logelhei, aII exisls as one nonenl. "The ciicIe has
cone logelhei, lhe nonenl of liilh and dealh neel al lhe sane poinl,
lheie is no noie diffeienlialion lelveen nonenls, lhev aie nov one."
Seeing nvseIf as a lalv in a ciil, a chiId, nv cuiienl seIf, an oId
vonan, aII al lhe sane line, nv liilh and nv dealh, and aII lhal Iav
lelveen . . . vas nov one singuIai nonenl.
"You aie fiee nov: lhe Sacied Hoop has leen conpIeled. Il's
nol vhal vou veie, lul vhal vou have lecone!" Ioseph said lhese
voids as lhe Medicine Wonen legan pounding ihvlhnicaIIv on diuns
and eneigv pieiced lhe asliaI skies . . . lul I couIdn'l heai lhen. I feIl
lhen, I sav lhen, I knev lhen . . . lul I vas caughl in a neIodious
sliean of Iighl lhal heId nv allenlion. Sonehov, I knev lhal lhev veie
lhe ones vho veie geneialing lhe eneigv lo lake ne lo lhis space. The
nagnilude of lhe nonenl caiiied nv lhoughls, "I guess vhal viII le,
viII le." I lhoughl, as Ioseph's voice iang in nv eai, "In one nonenl,
Iies aII eleinilv. Whal is . . . is."
Ioseph's peace pipe vas lefoie ne again. "ßevond lhe iIIusions
ve peiceive as ieaIilv, levond lhe dving liealhs ve've chosen lo
foisake, levond uncaiing . . . is a vhoIe nev voiId. This voiId is Iife."
Iausing a nonenl, he look anolhei vhiff. "Al lhe cenlei of ciealion
vheie aII Iife oiiginales, Iies lhe seed of hunanilv. Il is vheie il aII
legins . . . and vheie il aII ends." Looking inlo nv eves, he handed lhe
pipe lo ne. As I look a vhiff, he quielIv said, "Thal seed is Iove." And
lhen he disappeaied inlo lhe nighl.
"Sometlmes theµ shou enterlng the uomb. sometlmes blrth. sometlmes the
attalnment of en|lghtenment - Thus theµ cause a|| uor|d|lngs to see: Thls ls the
µath trate|ed bµ the unbounded . . . The rea| cosmos ls a|| equa|. ulthout
dlstlnctlon. contalnlng lnflnlte. bound|ess meanlngs: Theµ en]oµ contemµ|atlng
oneness. mlnds unmotlng: Thls ls the µath of the knouers of a|| tlmes."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 21. Tcn Prac|iccs. Pagc 482. S|anza 4 c 7.
(8uddnisn. Manauana)
And so il cane lo pass lhal Chief Ioseph laughl ne lhe
nvsleiies of evoIulion as ve sal al his fiie snoking lhe pipe of peace, a
IillIe lil of vhich I shaie vilh vou nov. "If vhal is, is: lhen vhal is nol,
is nol. In lhe kaIeidoscope of ciealion, vhal is conlinuaIIv expands and
changes. Whal is depends enliieIv upon lhe poinl of nov in vhich vou
peei lhiough. Whal is, in lhis nov, is. ßul vhal vas, in anolhei nov,
no Iongei ienains, unIess vou sepaiale lhal poinl in line."
"LvoIulion is Iike a lil of lolacco. If vou Iighl a fIane lo lhe
lolacco, il calches fiie. In nonenls, snoke viII legin lo iise, cuiIing
inlo lhe aii, pails dissipaling and pails leconing. Ciealion is lhe fIane,
foi il is lhe fiie of Iove vhich foievei changes eveivlhing il louches.
Tolacco viII ienain lolacco indefinileIv unIess sonelhing changes.
ßul if il is louched lv lhe fIane, il viII no Iongei le lolacco.
Tiansfoined lv lhe fIane inlo a conpIeleIv diffeienl sulslance, il
lecones ash. Life is liansfoined lv lhe fIane of Iove, jusl Iike lhe
lolacco is liansfoined lv lhe fiie: nolhing ienains of vhal once vas.
Whal is . . . is no noie. Whal is hoIds lhe nenoiv of vhal vas, lul no
Iongei is vhal vas."
"If in one nonenl, Iies aII eleinilv: lhen aII line, hoIds aII
lhings. Tine is Iike a kaIeidoscope. If vou veie lo pIace a lIue lead in
a kaIeidoscope vhich had onIv ied, veIIov, vhile and gieen leads
vilhin il, vou couId valch lhe liansfoinalion of a piece of Cod. A
singuIai lead is a nonenl in line: peihaps a Iifeline, a fiagnenl of a
souI. AII lhe leads logelhei iepiesenl aII Iifelines and aII Iife. Looking
lhiough lhe kaIeidoscope, vou viII nolice lhal vilh eveiv novenenl of
voui hand, lhe inages viII conslanlIv change unIess vou slop appIving
lhe novenenl. Appeaiing as a slai al one nonenl, il's a liiangIe lhe
nexl. If lheie is onIv one lIue lead in voui kaIeidoscope, vou viII nolice
lhal il conlinuaIIv noves and changes accoiding lo lhe novenenl of lhe
enliie ciealion. The inage nevei ienains lhe sane, il no Iongei is, vhal
vas, lul vel, aII lhe sepaiale pails vhich cieale il ienain lhe sane.
Ciealion can le seen in lhis nannei. AII nonenls exisl as one, vel aie
conlinuaIIv aIleied lv lhal vhich ve lecone in lhe cuiienl poinl of
nov. Lveiv piece ienains essenliaIIv lhe sane, vel is conpIeleIv
liansfoined lv lhal vhich ve lecone in lhe piesenl."
"A|though (the consclousness) aµµears ln other uaµs. lts nature remalns the
same as before and ls µermanent . . . Consclousness aµµears ln other uaµs. and
a|though the (dlfferent modes) are not true. (thelr nature) ls one and true . . . lt ls
the nature of mere|µ belng consclous that ls one and true."
A Guidc |c |nc 8cdnisa||ta's lau cf |ifc. Cnap|cr |X. Par| ||. Pagc 155. S|anza 3.
(8uddnisn. Tioc|an. Au|ncr. Snan|idcta)
"Lel us ieluin lo lhe lolacco seed. Whal ve aie as hunanilv,
can eilhei eneigize oi de-eneigize evoIulion. AII legins vilh lhe linv
seed of Iife vhich Cod enliusls lo eveiv one of us. Inagine a snaII seed
of lolacco vhich iepiesenls voui poilion in Cod's pIan foi hunanilv.
As vou pIace lhis seed upon lhe eailh, vou knov lhal each pail of
hunanilv has a choice of vhal lhev viII do vilh lheii ovn seed. Sone
viII giov inlo vilianl and heaIlhv pIanls, vhiIe olhei's seeds viII
vilhei inlo nolhing, ceasing lo giov . . . dealh. If vou give voui seed
lhe valei of Iife, lhe Iiving valei of lhe eleinaI, lhe seed has lhe
polenliaI lo lIosson inlo a leaulifuI pIanl . . . oi il nav vilhei inlo
nolhing, lul vou valei lhis seed lecause vou knov lhal lhis valei gives
il lhe pc|cn|ia| lo giov. If vou give il nolhing, ve knov foi a ceilainlv
lhal il viII die. The valei is caiing. A voiId lhal has lhiived on oId
vavs needs lo le valeied ieguIaiIv lo giov. ßul vou nusl aIso
undeisland lhal vhal is . . . is. Hunanilv is sliII a seed, lul vhal is, is
nevei a conslanl, as il is aIvavs changing."
"Note the unfo|dlng order ln the grouth of a tree from seed to neu seed: ref|ect
on the contlnuous effort ln a|| stages after se|f-µroµagatlon . . . |urthermore. lf
µou can thlnk sµlrltua||µ enough. µou ul|| see that thls energµ does not come
from the seed. nor from the sun of the uor|d. uhlch ls on|µ flre. but ls ln the seed
from God the Creator . . . and ls from Hlm not on|µ at the moment of creatlon.
but eter after. too."
Ditinc Prctidcncc. Cnap|cr 1. Nc. 3. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn.
Au|ncr. |nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)
"Undeislanding lhis, ve nusl lake lhe knovIedge of evoIulion
even failhei. LvoIulion cones in phases, nol aII al once. Whal is nov,
is nov, and vhal viII le, is nol nov. LvoIulion lakes pIace vhen lhe
seed iecognizes vhal is, and aIIovs Iife lo diiecl ils couise in a pallein
of leconing. IndividuaIIv, ve eneigize evoIulion lv leconing, and lhis
cones aloul fion an undeislanding of cause and effecl and peisonaI
"Lveiv ieaIn has ils ovn Iavs of cause and effecl. You knov
lhal if vou junp off a nounlain in voui asliaI lodv, vou viII fIv. ßul if
vou do lhe sane lhing in voui phvsicaI lodv, vou viII faII lo lhe giound
and le ciushed lo dealh. This is cause and effecl. ßecause hunanilv is
a kainic species, lhev lend lo conslanlIv iun inlo one anolhei and
lunp off of each olhei's piogians. Kaina lends lo invade olhei
piogians in seaich of lhe nissing pail of ilseIf vhich iesides vilh Cod.
ßecause lhe Lailh is a kainic ieaIn, nosl hunan souIs opeiale in
kainic desiie, vhich has nanv vaiving nanifeslalions of seIfishness.
Kainic souIs Iive piinaiiIv off of lhe eneigies of olheis, aIlhough lheie
is sone seIf-geneialion piesenl."
"An eleinaI souI does nol have lhe sane need, vhich is vhv
lhev lhiive in aIoneness and siIence, and have a vish lo le unseen. An
eleinaI souI Iives fion lhe Iighl vilhin, and lhe knovIedge of oneness,
nol fion lhe eneigies of olheis."
"ßecause of lhe deIuded slale of kainic piogians, lhose
invoIved in lhen oflen do nol iecognize lhe cause and effecl of lheii
aclions, and feeI lhev aie viclin lo ciicunslance and lad Iuck. ßul lhe
ieaIilv ienains, if vou foIIov lhe vavs of gIullonv, vou nav gel fal and
unheaIlhv: if vou foIIov lhe vavs of Iusl, vou nav have chiIdien oul of
vedIock, le viclin lo a nunlei of diseases, suffei fion fiequenl
heailaches, and nevei find liue Iove: if vou foIIov lhe vavs of gieed,
vou nav oi nav nol have nanv lhings in Iife, lul vou nav nevei find
neaning oi peace of souI: if vou aie piidefuI, vou nav le lIind lo voui
ovn coiiuplion, peiceive vouiseIf alove olheis, and ignoianl lo lhe
vavs of lhe spiiil: if vou foIIov lhe vavs of sIolh, vou shaII nevei
achieve anvlhing of significance on lhe giound, oi up alove: if vou
foIIov lhe vavs of vanilv, vou nav le conpuIsoiv in voui need foi
allenlion, and voui souI shaII le naiied lv lhe seIf-gialificalion il
ciaves, unalIe lo see lhe liue need's of olhei souI's, unalIe lo give Iove
oi ieceive il in a liue sense: and if vou foIIov lhe vavs of avaiice, vhich
is unfoigiving and halefuI, vou shaII aIso le unfoigiven and haled.
Woisl of aII, if vou foIIov anv of lhese vavs, vou nav nevei liuIv knov
"When a target ls set. arrous are shot at lt. uhen a uoods ls |uxurlant. axes are
taken to lt. lt ls not that theµ beckon lt. but lt haµµens as the resu|t of the
lcn-Tzu. Nc. 94. Pagc 86. Paragrapn 5. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tsu)
Chief Ioseph aIso laughl lhal oui inlenlion is jusl as inpoilanl
as oui aclion. "The eneigelic liulh lehind aII lhal ve do deleinines lhe
vaIidilv of an inleiaclion, nol sinpIv noiaI ieasoning. We aie piolecled
foi a line vhen ve aie ignoianl fion lhe liue effecls of sone of oui
ovn causes, lul aflei a ceilain poinl, ve viII no Iongei le affoided
pioleclion and lhe fuII nagnilude of oui causes viII lecone effecls."
Chief Ioseph's face lecane veiv dieanv as I legan lo
ienenlei lhe hain I had done lo olheis. DeepIv ashaned, Ioseph
vanled ne lo feeI lhis, lul he vas conpassionale, "Renenlei lhe
eneigelic liulh: il deleinines lhe vaIidilv of aII inleiaclion. You veie
piolecled as vou foIIoved voui kainic palh, voui ovn deslinv
piolecled vou, lul if vou veie lo engage in such acls nov, vou vouId
nol le piolecled. ßecause voui deslinv piolecled vou, vou have allained
knovIedge, and voui aclions acluaIIv eneigized voui palh." Knoving
lhis did nol Iessen nv ienoise, foi il is lhiough ienoise and iepenlance
lhal huniIilv is liilhed. Sinceie ignoiance is undeislood, even
conpassionaleIv, lul cncscn daikness is nol loIeialed lv lhe Loid.
"Thev viII cone in five vinds," Chief Ioseph said, as he
"And the ulckedness of a Sou| ls lgnorance: for the Sou| that knous nothlng of
the thlngs that are. nelther the Nature of them. nor that uhlch ls good. but ls
b|lnded. rusheth and dasheth agalnst the bodl|µ µasslons: and unhaµµµ as lt ls.
and not knoulng ltse|f. lt serteth strange bodles and etl| ones. carrµlng the Bodµ
as a burden. and not ru|lng but ru|ed: And thls ls the mlschlef of the Sou|."
Tnc Ditinc Punandcr cf Hcrncs. |cur|n 8cc|. Nc. 27. (Mus|cru Rc|igicns.
|gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Hcrncs)
ßeginning lo leach ne hov lo nanifesl in and oul of ieaIilies,
ve legan lo fuIfiII lhe piophecv of Toan. "You have Ieained lhal vhal
is . . . is. And vou have ciossed inlo lhe undeislanding of peisonaI
iesponsiliIilv. Nov vou aie ieadv lo undeilake lhe lhieshoId of
eneigelic iesponsiliIilv." Iausing, I didn'l vel undeisland hin. "When
vou aie given lhe gifl of knovIedge, vou nusl lhen lake iesponsiliIilv
foi aIleialion of eneigv lhioughoul voui ieaIn." "Wov," I said, "lhal
sounds inlense." "Il is a gieal gifl." Ioseph said. "When il is given, vou
viII le lesled, nol jusl once, lul conlinuaIIv. Whal vou choose lo use
lhis gifl foi, viII deleinine vhelhei il ienains." "Okav, I'n ieadv." I
said. Ioseph conveved lo ne lhal lhe nedicine vas aIieadv nv ovn,
and lhal nov I nusl use il lo shifl, aIlei and eneigize Iife in oui ieaIn.
"ßul . . ." I asked. "Il's lhe nexl phase, MaiiIvnn. Thal neans vou don'l
knov il, vel."
"lt often haµµens that ue µraµ God to de|lter us from some dangerous
temµtatlon. and µet God does not hear us but µermlts the temµtatlon to contlnue
troub|lng us. ln such a case. |et us understand that God µermlts eten thls for our
greater good. When a sou| ln temµtatlon recommends ltse|f to God. and bµ Hls
ald reslsts. O hou lt then adtances ln µerfectlon."
Tnc Vcicc cf |nc Sain|s. |n Tcnp|a|icn. Pagc 68-69. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf S|.
A|pncnsus |igucri)
OuielIv Iighling his pipe, Chief Ioseph ieluined. "Veiv fev
incainale leings acl puieIv in conjunclion vilh lhe spiiil," he said, "lo
do so iequiies a suiiendei of lheii ovn viII lo a Ciealei One, lul il is
onIv lv lhis lhal liue povei is achieved." Handing ne lhe pipe, he
legan shoving ne inages of aII I'd seen lhioughoul nv jouinev lo dale.
"Il's so leaulifuI," I iepIied, "I'n so lIessed and so gialefuI. To lhink
hov nanv peopIe vouId dic lo see vhal I've seen." Chief Ioseph Iooked
veiv seiious. "To lhink hov nanv peopIe natc |o die, lo see vhal vou've
seen." "Whal do vou nean`" I asked. "IeopIe do nol ieach foi il, unliI
lhev die. Thev do nol lhink of il, unliI lhev die. And nanv vho do aie
nol viIIing lo lecone eneigelicaIIv iesponsilIe, lo give up lheii
exislence as a gIoiified pail, and lecone a pail of lhe one." Inliigued, I
asked, "ßul vhv, vhv is lhal Ioseph`"
ßeconing veiv upsel, his face shoved an inlensilv of enolion
I'd nevei seen in hin lefoie, as his eveliovs viinkIed in voiiv.
"ßecause lhev iefuse lo scc, lhev iefuse lo rcacn, lhev iefuse lo cnangc,
and nosl of aII, lhev iefuse lo carc! Thev do nol iecognize lhal vhich
has vaIue, il has lo le given lo lhen in such a vav lhal piecIudes lheii
ovn disceinnenl." Iausing, he Iooked al ne as I alsoiled lhe deep
inpacl of lhal liulh. ßeginning lo Iighlen, he said, "This is vhv lhose of
vou vho aie viIIing lo see, ieach, change and caie lecone so
inpoilanl. You aie lhe ones vho lake on lhe eneigelic iesponsiliIilv foi
voui voiId, aIleiing lhose lhings lhal couId desliov il if lheie hadn'l
leen inleivenlion. You knov lhal voui significance Iies in conjunclion
vilh voui spiiil, and vou ieaIize lhal lhe knovIedge of voui nanv
seIves is neaningIess if il is nol Iinked vilh highei knovIedge.
Reaching lo lhe Cieal Spiiil iequiies puie inlenlion, olheivise il neans
Looking off inlo a nagnificenl sunsel lhal had jusl legun,
Chief Ioseph look anolhei snoke fion his pipe. "Todav is a vondeifuI
dav!" He aInosl shouled, lo nv confused Iook. "WondeifuI`" I iepIied,
"Il sounds so veiv sad. So nanv peopIe viII die vilhoul knoving lhe
liulh, vilhoul caiing, vilhoul leconing even a linv pail of lheii highesl
polenliaI." SniIing, Ioseph quielIv said, "ßul nol vou." A snaII leai feII
fion lhe coinei of nv eves, as I vas so gialefuI foi aII I'd leen shovn,
aII I'd Ieained. "Todav ve liing hone one of oui ovn," Ioseph said,
"lake lhe pipe, il is vouis."
Handing ne lhe sacied pipe, I vas slunned. ßul as il louched
nv hands, lhe eneigies aII aiound ne legan lo slii, phasing in and oul.
Appeaiing and disappeaiing vilh lhe eneigies, lhe Medicine Wonen
vho had inilialed ne inlo lheii foId veie appeaiing and disappeaiing
vilh lhe eneigies. Haii leconing Iong and lIack, nv vhile luckskin
diess feIl good, puie, eneigized and IiveIv. ßeconing fuIIv nalive, fuIIv
Indian, I suddenIv lecane one vilh lhen . . . and I vas gone.
"When the suµerlor man hears the Waµ. he ls scarce|µ ab|e to µut lt lnto
µractlce. When the mldd|lng man hears the Waµ. he aµµears nou to µreserte lt.
nou to |ose lt. When the lnferlor man hears the Waµ. he |aughs at lt |oud|µ. lf
he dld not |augh. lt uou|d not be flt to be the Waµ."
Tac Tc Cning. Nc. 3. S|anza 1. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tsu. Trans|a|icn.
Vic|cr Mair)
As aII lhings occui in an eneigelic ieaIn lefoie lhev hil lhe
giound, lhis is vheie lhe Loid's vaiiiois go lo assisl in lhe five vinds
of aIleialion vhich aie undeilaken lv guaidian angeIs, eleinaI vaiiiois,
and vaiious souIs vho voik foi lhe Loid. Iive vinds of aIleialion lake
pIace: 1) AIleialion of peiceplion, 2) AIleialion of lhe oulcone of a
phvsicaI evenl, 3) RenovaI of daik eneigies aiound souIs, 4) RenovaI of
eviI spiiils oi denons aiound souIs, 5) Rendeiing lenign oi de-
eneigizing denons lhal aie incainale in hunan foin. ßeginning vilh
lhe fiisl vind, nv fiisl nission invoIved lhe aIleialion of peiceplion.
Appeaiing in eneigv foin, I had avakened in a nounlain hoId
vilh six olhei asliaI spiiils vho veie nv sludenls. Tvo vonen veie
vaIking in lhe voods, and I innedialeIv knev lhal lhev veie going lo
le kiIIed lv a gioup of peopIe vho veie angiv lecause lhe vonen
veie pIanning lo leininale lheii piegnancies. Allenpling lo lake
chaige, a coupIe of nen in lhe aIleialion gioup veie unavaie lhal lhev
didn'l have eleinaI peinission lo do so. "We'II vail lehind lhose
lushes foi lhe kiIIeis, and lhen ve'II kiII lhen lefoie lhev kiII lhe
vonen." Suipiised lv lheii aiiogance, I quielIv said, "We viII nol."
AIlhough lhev veie peiceiving an acluaI phvsicaI dealh, in
aIleialion lhe lein 'kiII' acluaIIv neans a falaI lIov lo lhe eneigelic fieId
of lhe peipelialoi, de-eneigizing lheii phvsicaI aliIilv lo peifoin a
pailicuIai desliuclive aclion, iendeiing lenign lhe eneigv lehind lhe
desliuclive souice.
"We viII nol," I iepealed, "ve viII go lo lhe gioup in lhe
voods and lake a liggei iisk foi a lellei aIleialion." Confused lul
oledienl, I hid nv ovn feais as I vaIked foivaid vhiIe lhe liainees
slaved lehind. One of lhe nen spoke up as I appioached lhe gioup,
"ßul vhal aie vou going lo sav`" "I don'l knov," I honeslIv iepIied, "I
jusl go vilh guidance, I don'l acl on nv ovn accoid."
WaIking foivaid inlo lhe gioup of aloul fifleen peopIe, lhe
Ieadei appioached ne innedialeIv. As he had given a fIovei lo each
nenlei of his gioup, he handed one lo ne. Taking lheii fIoveis, lhe
olheis had slailed a lonfiie, lul I heId nine lo nv heail. "Who aie
vou`" He asked. SniIing al hin, I said nolhing. Tvo vonen
appioached: lhe polenliaI viclins in a veII-pIanned nuidei. As
vioIence legan lo eiupl, I Iifled nv hands, sending a Iighled lean aII
aiound lhe gioup suspending lhen in line. Thev couIdn'l have noved
if lhev liied . . . lul no one liied. Recognizing lhal lhis vas a foice
oulside of lheii conlioI, lhev suiiendeied.
WaIking lovaids lhe lvo viclins, I heId lheii hands and Ied
lhen lo laIk lo lhe olheis aloul lheii Iives, lheii piegnancies, and lheii
feais: and as I aIIoved lhe Iighled lean lo Iifl, lhe vioIenl feeIings had
leen conpIeleIv de-eneigized. RepIaced lv sinceie inleiesl, caiing and
Iove, lhe foineiIv halefuI gioup eneiged vilh a sinceie desiie lo heIp
lhese vonen find olhei oplions. I vas gone.
"When ue be|lete that ours ls the on|µ falth that contalns the truth. tlo|ence
and sufferlng ul|| sure|µ be the resu|t."
|iting 8uddna. |iting Cnris|. Cnap|cr 1. Pagc 2. Paragrapn 1. (8uddnisn. Au|ncr.
Tnicn Nan| Hann)
"The ange|s. houeter. a|so hate the µouer to functlon ln a suµernorma| fashlon
ulthln thelr oun norma| areas of actltltµ. Theµ then act ulth more strength
and force than ls requlred for the natura| order. Thls occurs uhen theµ act to
brlng about mlrac|es and uonders ln the uor|d. accordlng to God's ul||."
Tnc lau cf Gcd. Par| |||. Cnap|cr 2. Nc. 7. Paragrapn 4. Pagc 197. (]udaisn. Au|ncr.
Raooi Mcsnc Cnauin |uzza||c)
AIone in an eneigelic void, I availed nv nexl nission onIv lo
le suipiised lv lhe aiiivaI of one of lhe voung nen vho had iniliaIIv
liied lo lake chaige of nv fiisl opeialion. No Iongei confionlalionaI, he
vas veiv neivous, and kepl Iooking aiound. "Who aie vou Iooking
foi`" I asked. "The olheis in lhe gioup," he said, "I can'l do lhis aIone."
SniIing, I look his hand. "The spiiil palh can onIv le laken aIone. We
aII vanl lo liing sonelodv vilh us, hoping lheii piesence viII give us
lhe suppoil ve need lo nove on. ßul il is onIv in oui aIoneness lhal lhe
spiiil palh appeais lo us."
Taking a guilai off his shouIdei lhal had leen lound lv a
sliap, he asked, "ßul hov can I Ieave lhen`" His concein vas a
connon one. "You cannol liing sonelodv fion lhe oulside in, if vou
liv, vou viII faiI. The spiiil palh is vilhin: aII lhal is vilhoul cannol go
lheie." "Hov can I go lheie`" He asked. "Live voui Iife accoiding lo
caiing, do nol lecone seIf-iighleous, lul seek lo lecone lhe highesl
ideaI vilhin vouiseIf. 8c lhe Iighl, lul do nol le afiaid of lhe daikness.
AIIov lhings lo le aIleied |nrcugn vou, ialhei lhan ou vou. And nevei
exaIl vouiseIf alove lhe hunan iace, lecause il is onIv lv leing fuIIv
hunan and fuIIv spiiil lhal vou nav seive and uIlinaleIv give hunanilv
a highei definilion." Iace fiIIing vilh vondei, he ieached lo hug ne
lefoie he vouId le gone. Disappeaiing inlo lhe elhei, I sav a singIe
leai faII fion his eves. "Todav is a vondeifuI dav!" I shouled lo hin, as
he disappeaied.
Chief Ioseph's face gIeaned liighlIv in lhe skv as suddenIv lhe
pipe he had given lo ne appeaied in nv hand. ßIoving upon il a singIe
liealh so lhal il vouId Iighl, I look a snoke. Ioseph legan singing and
naking hand signaIs. Ioining a leepee vilh his hands, he lhen cIasped
his hands logelhei. Knoving lhal lhe fiisl sign neanl 'leepee' oi 'hone,'
lhe second neanl lo 'cone logelhei.' Inviling ne lo join hin al his
Iodge, I iefIecled upon lhis gieal nan's eailhIv Iife. Chief Ioseph died on
Seplenlei 21, 19O4 vhiIe silling nexl lo lhe fiie in his Iodge. Spending
his Iife fighling foi juslice, nanv sav he died of a lioken heail, lioken
lv lhe unkepl pionises and vioIence peipelualed upon his peopIe.
HeinneloovaIakekl, his Indian nane has leen liansIaled as
'Thundei RoIIing in lhe Mounlains.' As he legan lo disappeai fion nv
viev, he loId ne lhe coiiecl liansIalion, 'Thundei TiaveIing lo Lofliei
Heighls.' Then he vas gone.
"You. O re|lglous sou|s uho |lte ln the µrlson chosen bµ Lote. often deemed
use|ess and eten dangerous ln the eµes of the uor|d. hate no fear: ln µour
so|ltude and moments of stress. |et the uor|d rant agalnst µou . . . on|µ ]oln µour
heart µet c|oser to God. the one ob]ect of µour affectlons. and do a|| µou can to
reµalr for the slns and the outrages of manklnd."
Tnc lau cf Ditinc |ctc. Pagc 272. Paragrapn 2. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Cnris|. Au|ncr. Sis|cr ]cscfa Mcncndcz)


"Knou µe. O man. that a|| of the future ls an oµen book to hlm uho can read.
A|| effect sha|| brlng forth lts causes. as a|| effects greu from the flrst cause.
Knou µe. the future ls not flxed or stab|e. but tarles as cause brlngs forth an
effect. Look ln the cause thou sha|t brlng lnto belng. and sure|µ thou sha|t see
that a|| ls effect."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| X||. Pagc 65. Paragrapn 2. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
Chief Ioseph slood lefoie ne foi onIv a nonenl. "Renenlei
lhe liighl vhile Iighl," he said, as I lhoughl of lhe gifl of lhe nedicine,
"vou nusl give lack lhal vhich has leen laken. Resloie lhal vhich has
leen Iosl." Iausing foi a nonenl, he legan lo sIovIv dissipale, "You
nusl ieluin lo lhe nounlains in lhe skv and Ieain fion lhe OId Ones."
Then he vas gone.
"Thls daµ ls sa|tatlon come to thls house . . . for the Son of man ls come to seek
and to sate that uhlch uas |ost."
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. |u|c 19.9-10. (Cnris|iani|u. Ca|nc|ic. lcrds cf
Venluiing upon an ancienl line, nv Iong lalleied diess
seened a luiden lo ne vilhin lhese piison vaIIs. AInosl fuII-lein, nv
piegnancv ienained a sign of lhe iape lhal had occuiied al lhe hands of
lhe nalive nen vho'd capluied ne nanv nonlhs ago. Slanding lefoie
lhe Chief, vho vas angiv and luidened lv vhal lhis voung liave had
done, lhe iapisl vilh lushv haii voie nolhing lul a IoincIolh. A veiv
honoialIe nan, lhe Chief had chaige ovei lhese cave dveIIeis, lul his
haii vas Iong, lIack and sliaighl, unIike lhe olheis.
In lhe cenlei of lhe cave vas a fiie-pil hoIding ied-hol luining
iocks. Nov lhal lhe lvo slood lefoie each olhei in confionlalion, lhe
iapisl look a luining iock and legan seaiing his ovn skin upon his
chesl, naking lhiee hoiizonlaI Iines vhich lIed piofuseIv. Sonehov a
sign of liaveiv, he legan lo Iaugh vilh an eviI lone as he lossed lhe sliII
iaging and fieiv iock lo lhe Chief. In his nind, lheie vas no vav lhe
Chief couId lop lhis sign he had nade.
Suipiising us aII, hovevei, lhe Chief caughl lhe iock in his
laie hands as ils soIidilv lecane noie and noie fiagiIe. Reaching il lo
his noulh, he lil inlo il as lIood legan pouiing oul inlo his hands. This
vas a veiv poveifuI svnloI, one lhal suipiised lhe voungei nalive, and
shoved supeiioi slienglh. "I viII lake voui heail oul!" lhe Chief said.
The sliongesl voids an eleinaI aIleiei nav ullei, 'laking
soneone's heail oul' neans lhal lhev viII le nade lo Iook upon il, and
lo liuIv fcc| aII lhe pain lhev have infIicled upon olheis, lhus, coning lo
lhe ieceplive end of lheii ovn defiIenenl. Theie is no giealei suffeiing
lhan lhis.
"He a|so sau a sku|| f|oatlng on the uater: he sald to lt: 'Because µou drouned
others. theµ drouned µou: and those uho drouned µou ul|| be drouned
Tnc Siddur. Mincnan fcr Saooa|n. Pagc 553. Nc. 7. (]udaisn)
Looning genlIv alove lhe nounlains of lhe eailh, I couId see
lhe nounlains in lhe skv off in lhe dislance. Changing foin, I lecane a
snaII liovn lunnv vilh leads hanging aiound nv neck hopping
lhiough lhe voods seaiching foi lhe palh. Up ahead, I sav a palhvav.
Appioaching, a gieal vhile Iighl appeaied in lhe skv, and
inslanlIv leIov il, an oId, oId nan appeaied silling in a canoe on lhe
iivei. Weaiing onIv a IoincIolh, his haii vas vhile as snov. "You nav
exisl inponenliaIIv oi exponenliaIIv," he said, "il is Iike lhe saiIoi. He is a
Maslei of lhe Sea, lul onIv he and lhose feIIov saiIois vho go vilh hin
knov of his nasleiv." Iausing, he Iooked nv vav. "Lxponenls aie lhe
fev, inponenls aie lhe nasses." Inponenls aie lhose vho gioup logelhei
and foIIov lhal vhich is popuIai on lhe giound. Lxponenls sland aIone
oulside lhe nass ielain, foIIov onIv lhe caII of lhe spiiil, and have IillIe
need lo speak of il.
Hopping avav fion lhe scene of lhe OId One's depailuie, I
legan singing a song, "I'n a lunnv and I'n hopping, lhal's vhal
lunnies do." And in lhis, I ieaIized lhal lheie aie connon
chaiacleiislics of ceilain Iife foins, jusl as lheie aie connon
chaiacleiislics of diffeienl IeveIs of souI evoIulion, vhich lv
olseivance, can leII a souI vhal is 'nalive' (oi naluiaI) lo lhal pailicuIai
foin. Iusl as a lunnv hops, a scoipion viII sling, and a fish viII svin.
"Beµond the slx rea|ms of heaten. earth. and the four dlrectlons. the sage acceµts
but does not dlscuss. Wlthln the slx rea|ms. he dlscusses but does not µass
]udgment . . . When there ls dltlslon. there ls somethlng uhlch ls not dltlded.
When there ls questlonlng. there ls somethlng beµond the questlon. Whµ ls thls?
The sage keeµs hls ulsdom to hlmse|f uhl|e ordlnarµ men f|aunt thelr knou|edge
ln |oud dlscusslon."
Cnuang Tsu. Cnap|cr 2. Pagc 37. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tsu)
Iiie vas iaging aII aiound us, as I hoveied vilh lhe angeIs
ovei lhe Lailh. A seclion on lhe pIanel eailh vas luisling vilh
daikness, and aIlhough I didn'l innedialeIv undeisland vhal vas
happening, I assisled lhe angeIs in eneigizing a desliucl/consliucl
opeialion in lhe aiea. A Iaige cilv vas conpIeleIv on fiie and lhe angeIs
. . . veie eneigizing lhe aclion. ßul sinuIlaneousIv, lhe angeIs veie
eneigizing a 'consliucl' lo fiII lhe voided space once lhe daik desliuclive
eneigv had depIeled ilseIf: an angeIic ieaIn lo ieside alove lhe cilv.
SadIv, ve knev lhal in oidei lo consliucl sonelhing highei,
ve had lo le viIIing lo aIIov lhe desliuclion of lhe Iovei. ßul desliucls
of lhis nagnilude veie iaie, and piopei iespecl foi lhe nagnilude of
lhis aclion vas vilaI lo caiiving il oul successfuIIv.
Tvo davs aflei lhis expeiience, lhe L.A. iiols lioke oul ovei
lhe cilv of angeIs, lhe cilv of lhe aIleialion. Iiies, Iooling and nuidei
alounded foi davs, lul afleivaids, lhe peopIe legan lo voik logelhei
lo cIean up lhe hoiiilIe ienains of lhis expuIsion of lhe daik eneigies.
Nov il vouId le up lo lhen lo guaidian lheii lhoughls and deeds, lo
eneigize lhe highei consliucl vhich ienained onIv as a polenliaI: a
hoped foi ieaIilv.
Lighl eneigv is eneigized aclion and piovides consliuclion,
vheieas, daik eneigv is de-eneigized aclion and piovides desliuclion.
Lighl eneigv goes lovaids Iife, cieales and seives doninion. Daik
eneigv goes avav fion Iife, lovaids dealh, desliovs, and seives
doninalion. Lighl eneigv is eneigized and, lheiefoie, piovides foi ilseIf,
vheieas, daik eneigv is de-eneigized and, lheiefoie, is paiasilic of
Lneigv nagnelicaIIv diavs ils Iike lo ilseIf, and lhus, vhen
daik eneigv is expiessed - eilhei lhiough lhoughl oi aclion - il legins lo
nagnelicaIIv diav siniIai eneigies lovaids ilseIf.
Ovei line lhis eneigv can foin cIouds of daikness iequiiing
desliucl opeialions, vhich aie iequiied lo acluaIIv eneigize lhe
depIelion of incieasingIv hainfuI oi dangeious nass ielain. ßv
depIeling ils eneigv, il deaclivales fuluie polenliaI desliuclive
capaliIilies and nakes ioon foi nev consliuclive aclion.
Daik eneigies consune and desliov unliI lhev aie expunged
and depIeled, lecause daik eneigv is conlinuousIv desliuclive al
iandon. Desliucl opeialions eneigize a high IeveI of desliuclion lo
occui vilhin a shoil peiiod of line lo conpIeleIv depIele lhe eneigelic
cIoud. A consliucl aclion foIIovs lecause il pIaces lhe polenliaI vilhin
lhe elheiic alnospheie foi souIs lo le luined lovaids lhe Iighl.
CIouds of eneigv Iike lhese aie ciealed lv lhe nass lhoughls
and deeds of hunanilv. ßecause nan has fiee viII, lhev aie given lhe
fieedon lo choose lelveen daikness and Iighl. ßecause of lhe naluie of
noilaI ieaIns, lhal of kainic ciicIing, aInosl eveivone incainale souI is
ciicuIaling his ovn speciaIized deIusions, vhich aie, in essence, daik.
DeIusion is daikness, aIlhough lheie aie nanv IeveIs of daikness upon
vhich deIusion can lake foin. Cod Iinils lhe scope of lhe chaos
lhiough his angeIs, vho enlei inlo lhe voiId lo aIlei and change
eneigies, lhoughls, aclions oi deeds vhich vouId le desliuclive lo
individuaI oi nass piogians. Doing lhis foi oui ovn pioleclion,
vilhoul il, nanv of us vouId die pienaluie dealhs and nevei Ieain
Vaiious IeveIs of undeislanding exisl in noilaI ieaIns, lhe
Iovesl leing eviI vhich aie luined on lv povei and doninalion and
enjov causing seiious hain lo olheis. Doninanl daikness is conlioIIed
lv vice, and chooses daikness consciousIv, usuaIIv lv ialionaIizing lad
acls as good, and il peiceives |ruc goodness as naive and infeiioi.
Ignoiance, on lhe olhei hand, vanls lo do vhal is iighl, lul iaieIv does
so lecause il is conlioIIed lv kainic deIusions.
ßecause aII vho aie incainale have unseen kainic defiIenenl,
nuch of vhal happens lo us can seen unfaii oi unjusl, vhen if seen
lhiough lhe eves of cIaiilv, il is quile easiIv disceinilIe as kainic
ieliilulion. ßul lheie aie aIso lhings vhich occui sinpIv lecause nen
have fiee viII. No gieal eleinaI puipose nav undeiIie a giievous aclion,
and il nav sinpIv le a liagic acl of eviI. ßecause lhe noilaI ieaIns aie
doninaled lv lhe lallIes lelveen good and eviI, good does nol aIvavs
vin. Lveivlodv can heIp lhis silualion lv Iooking cIoseIv al vhal lhev
liuIv geneiale on lhe giound.
"The adtlser saµs to hlm. 'lf µou see those uhom µou knou µersona||µ. as ue||
as other trate|ers. be theµ men or uomen. te|| them that there are manµ µolsons
and etl|s on that µath uhlch can cause them to |ose thelr terµ nature and |lfe.
Do not |et them seek thelr oun deaths."
Su|ra cf |nc Pas| Vcus cf |ar|n S|crc 8cdnisa||ta. Cnap|cr 8. Pagc 182. Paragrapn 2.
(8uddnisn. Purc |and)
Sand lIoving acioss lhe deseil, nv spiiil nanifesled in a dank
poIilicaI piison sonevheie in lhe MiddIe Lasl. Thiilv nev piisoneis
had aiiived, and I vas innedialeIv nade avaie of nv assignnenl. If il
veie nol acconpIished veiv quickIv, lhis ieaIilv couId nol le luined
lack, and aII lhese souIs vouId suffei and die in lhis liuIv Cod foisaken
Naked nen and vonen Iaid in lheii ovn feces, ioaches and
ials ciavIing aII ovei lhen. Aching, nv heail had nevei leen vilness
lo such loiluie. Manifesling as a vonan vho'd jusl aiiived, ve had nol
vel leen pul in lhe cages vilh lhe olhei piisoneis. Disliacling lhe
guaids lv leing Ioud and olnoxious, lhe eleinaI gave lhe connand lo
lhe olheis lo use lhis disliaclion lo nake an escape allenpl. Hesilanl lo
do so, lhev feaied lhev vouId Ieave ne lehind: lul as I uiged lhen on,
lhev ian foi il. Cuaids allenpled lo iun aflei lhen, lul I Iunged
foivaid using nv lodv as a shieId lo liip lhen.
Leading lo nv capluie, I vas lioughl lack lo a loiluie
chanlei vheie lhev pul ne on a iack and leheaded ne. Thev hadn'l
ieaIized lhal lhis vas an eneigelic ieaIilv, so I jusl pul nv head lack on.
Slaiing al ne in confusion and feai, I Iooked al lhen coIdIv. "I viII lake
voui heail oul," I said. As lhe voids cane fion nv noulh, lhev aII
legan giasping lheii ovn necks, scieaning in leiioi and pain.
Reluining lo foin, lheie had leen nolhing Iefl lo sav as lhe
eleinaI connand had cone. Chief Ioseph appeaied lefoie ne, "I an
veiv happv vilh voui effoils!" "Lveivlhing is so conpIex!" I iepIied, "I
feeI oveivheIned, lheie is so nuch daikness lhal nusl le aIleied!" In
his eves, I couId see lhal he undeislood, as a conceined leai feII dovn
his cheek. Ioi a nonenl, I couIdn'l heIp lul vondei if he vas iefIecling
upon his ovn peopIe, and vhal had leen done lo lhen. Reaching lo
louch his hand, he sniIed and disappeaied.
"Great are Your deeds and mlghtµ. humb|lng the haughtµ and stralghtenlng the
bent: eten lf man |lted thousands of µears. he cou|d not fathom the extent of
µour µouerfu| deeds . . . God to Whom be|ongs honor and greatness. sate Your
sheeµ from the mouth of |lons. and brlng Your µeoµ|e out from the natlon of lts
exl|e . . . "
Tnc Siddur. Saooa|n |tcning Mca|. Pagc 367. S|anza 2-4. (]udaisn)
The hoslage silualion vas oul of hand vhen I aiiived, as lhe
peipelialois veie eniaged. One vonan had aIieadv leen kiIIed and a
lIack nan had leen slalled in lhe Ieg lefoie I'd even gollen lheie. As I
nanifesled inlo lhe polenliaI fuluie, I vas innedialeIv laigeled foi
vioIence lecause I'd appeaied on lehaIf of lhe Iighl. Leading lhis land
of angiv peopIe veie lhose vho seived daikness, lul lhose vho
foIIoved lheii vioIenl vavs veie suffeiing fion kainic deIusion and
ignoiance and lhev veie nisIed.
As I'd aIieadv eneigized lhe seeds lo end lhis hoslage ciisis,
lhe Ieadeis vanled lo kiII ne. HoIding a knife lo nv lhioal, lhe nan
vho seived ullei daikness vas Iosing favoi vilh his foIIoveis vho
veie unconfoilalIe vilh lhe vioIence lhev had seen peipelialed. ßul
lhev didn'l have lhe couiage lo sland up lo lhis veiv dangeious nan.
Making a sland againsl iacisn, lhe peipelialois veie lIack peopIe vho
veie angiv al lhe vhile iace due lo injuslices connilled againsl lheii
ovn. This lvpe of focus, Iooking al a gioup of peopIe ialhei lhan
individuaI daik lhiusls, aIvavs Ieads lo lhe coiiuplion of inlenl.
An innocenl lvslandei, Hank, had jusl leen slalled in lhe Ieg
duiing lhe iaucous, and he vas a voung lIack nan. "WeII," I said, "since
vou inlend lo kiII ne anvvav, vhv don'l vou give ne a ninule lo Iel
vou knov vho vou aie kiIIing." Scoffing, lhe Ieadei didn'l vanl lo
Iislen, lul lhe olheis innedialeIv agieed. "I an vou," I said, "and vou
aie ne. Mv Iife has leen dedicaled lo lhe quesl foi lhe liulh, and
lovaids lhe evoIulion of nvseIf and hunanilv lo cieale a voiId vheie
doninalion doesn'l exisl." ßeginning lo caIn lhenseIves, I shoved
lhen nv hands. "Whal vou see is nol vhal vou gel, vou see vhile, jusl
as lhose vho have vioIaled vou have onIv seen lIack. ßul is lhal ieaIIv
vho vou aie, is lhal ieaIIv vho I an`"
Using lhe nedicine, I legan lo iesonale Iighl aII aiound nv
lodv. ßeginning lo change foin, I appeaied in lhe foin of nv nanv
Iifelines: aII iaces, aII sexes, aII species of lhe aninaI kingdon, and lhen
I lecane a liee. SuddenIv, I heaid Hank civ oul . . . "IIease heIp ne!"
Running lo hin, ve aII diopped vhal ve had leen pieviousIv
doing lo assisl hin as he vas going inlo shock fion lhe lIeeding and il
appeaied he nighl die. HoIding hin lovaids ne, lIood vas
eveivvheie. "You aie nv liolhei," I said lo hin, "do vou ienenlei
ne`" His gIazed eves didn'l iecognize anvlhing al lhis poinl.
ßeginning lo civ, I knev lhal he vas going lo need heIp in ciossing
ovei. Suiiounding hin in Iighl lo hopefuIIv suspend lhe shock, I legan
piepaiing hin foi dealh. "Hank, vou aie going lo see a Iighl," I said,
sliII allenpling heaIing in hope lhal il vouId nol le loo Iale, "foIIov
lhal Iighl! You'ie going lo see sone Iighled leings vho ieach lo vou . . .
lake lheii hands, Hank." He legan lo lvilch. "You aie going lo feeI a
vilialion in voui lodv as vou sepaiale. Il nav feeI aInosl Iike puIIing
off a land-aid, ieaI fasl. Renenlei hov il's easiei lo puII off a land-aid
fasl lhan lo do il sIovIv` This is lhe sane." I feIl his souI's ieIease.
ßul jusl lhen, lhe aIleialion nedics finaIIv aiiived: and in
nonenls, lhev'd lioughl hin lack. Hank had seen lhe Iighl, and he'd
louched lhe uncondilionaI Iove of Cod. "Thank vou," he said quielIv,
Iooking al ne vilh a deep iecognilion. "I . . ." Iausing in his veakness,
he Iooked upon nv face. "I do!" he said. A nedic luined lo ne, "Youi
Iighl voik vas veiv effeclive in hoIding lhe shock in check." I lhanked
hin. "I ienenlei vou." Hank said. "You'ie nv liolhei. I hope ve'II le
fiiends foievei." "We aIieadv aie." Happv lhal he'd ienenleied ne,
ve had indeed leen liolheis in seveiaI Iifelines.
"ln a|| sµace there ls on|µ ONE ulsdom. though seemlng dltlded. lt ls ONE ln
the ONE. A|| that exlsts comes forth from the LlGHT. and the LlGHT comes
forth from the ALL."
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V||. Pagc 39. Paragrapn 6. (Mus|cru
Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
And so il cane lo pass lhal Aneiican soIdieis vho had died in
WoiId Wai II Wai appeaied lefoie ne. "Sonelines vou've gol lo have
lhe couiage lo sland," lhev said. Undeislanding lhal lhev had given
lheii Iives lo conquei an eviI incainalion (HilIei), lhev'd pievenled puie
eviI fion laking doninance ovei lhe Lailh. ßoving lo lhen, I
acknovIedged lheii honoialIe and liave saciifice on lehaIf of lhe Iighl.
Thev disappeaied.
Slanding lefoie a headslone leaiing lhe nane of 'AdoIf HilIei'
in lhe deseils of Iiaq, Saddan Hussein slood aside il as a voice fion lhe
heavens expIained lhal he vas lhe ieincainalion of lhis eviI souI and
loie lhe sane inlenlions lo iuIe lhe voiId vilh alsoIule eviI. IeopIe of
lhe Iighl vouId le lesled again, lo see if lhev had Ieained lhal vou
cannol aIIov eviI lo ieign al anv IeveI, il nusl le slopped. Manv of lhe
Nazi S.S. officeis had aIso ieincainaled inlo lhe sliange gioup of peopIe
vho eneiged Ialei in oui cenluiv, lhe skin-heads and neo-nazi hale
gioups vho again peipelualed lhe eviI deIusion of vhile supienacv.
Lighled peopIe oflen opeiale lhiough naivele lecause lhev
don'l undeisland lhe nechanisn of liue eviI. ßeIieving lhal eveivone
has iighl lo lheii ovn viev, lhev do nol discein lelveen daik and Iighl
lhinking. LleinaI Iav slales an enliieIv diffeienl supposilion, 'The
nonenl vou vioIale anolhei's Iife, vou innedialeIv iescind lhe iighl lo
voui ovn.' ßecause nanv souIs vioIale Iife vilhoul inlenlion oi lhiough
ignoiance, Cod sends angeIs and guides lo piolecl us fion vhal ve
nav liuIv deseive. ßul liue eviI vioIales Iife vilh eviI inlenl lecause il
caiiies vilhin il alsoIuleIv no conpassion oi enpalhv, il has nol vel
cuIlivaled lhese liails and il sees onIv ils ovn suivivaI and need. LviI is
piedaloiv and cannol le loIeialed, il nusl le s|cppcd.
Theie aie lines vhen vou nus| have lhe couiage lo s|and.
"Pµthagorus sald that. 'Those uho do not µunlsh bad men are rea||µ ulshlng
that good men be ln]ured."
Tnc Pu|nagcrcan Scurccocc| and |ioraru. Sc|cc| Pu|nagcrcan Scn|cnccs. Nc. 166.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Pu|nagcrcan)
Sonelhing vas aniss anidsl lhis aIleialion, and I innedialeIv
knev il. Andv and I had cone logelhei, aIlhough he vas sul-
conscious. Hiding lehind a cai on lhe slieels of a Iaige cilv, anolhei cai
had viecked inlo a fence in lhis paiking Iol. TeIIing Andv lhal ve
needed lo lune inlo vhal vas happening lefoie pioceeding, lul he
chose nol lo Iislen and vaIked oul fion lehind oui pioleclive laiiiei
pioceeding lovaids sone holeI ioons.
Waving a iifIe aiound and olviousIv on diugs, a nan vho vas
so oul of il lhal he didn'l ieaIize lhe dangei he iepiesenled, vas
lIilheiing in his slupoi. Using lhe nedicine, I shol a Iighl lean lovaids
Andv and puIIed hin lack lehind lhe laiiiei. Iiepaiing a Iighled vaII
of pioleclion lo conlain us, I lhen pIaced a ciicIe of Iighl aiound lhe
enliie ieaIilv lo keep eveivone oul of lhe dangeious peiinelei.
Insliucling us lo vail foi hin lo cone oul, lhe eleinaI diieclive cane
leIIing us lo aIIov hin lo cone dovn fion lhe diugs and pass oul.
Sending a line-coded nessage lo lhe poIice lhiough lhe eneigencv
phone svslen, I aiianged foi lhen lo aiiive jusl as he passed oul.
Taking hin avav al lhe coiiecl line, il vas hoped lhal he vouId gel
heIp and aIlei hinseIf lack lovaids lhe Iighl.
ßecause nolodv had leen in lhe innediale aiea vhen he did
lhis, lhis nan vas veiv Iuckv. If lheie had leen olhei piogians
lhiealened, lhe iesuIls vouId have leen veiv diffeienl, lecause he
vouId have aulonalicaIIv iescinded lhe iighl lo his Iife lv leing a
lhieal lo lhe Iives of olheis. Having a chance lo avaken lhe nexl
noining, he couId ieaIize vhal he had done and nake a change.
IuIIed fion lhe scene and hoveiing ovei nv led, Chief Ioseph
appeaied. Handing ne seveiaI Indian doIIs, he said, "These aie gifls
fion lhe OId Ones, Waki." Nevei having caIIed ne lhis lefoie, il
lecane a nicknane foi ne, and I found lhal ils neaning vas hidden in
lhe Hopi Ianguage, 'IIace of SheIlei.' ßeginning lo sing nedicine songs,
lhe nusic of lhe doIIs enleied vilhin ne, and as I hoveied ovei Andv,
Chief Ioseph legan eneigelicaIIv aIleiing hin. Chanling piaveis alove
hin, Andv legan speaking a nalive longue. Ioseph vas Iike a niiage in
lhe nighl, appeaiing and disappeaiing as he sang, snoking a pipe and
disappeaiing inlo lhe elhei.
"O Ka|l Prlmordla|. from Thµ hand of creatlte µouer lssue the tlbratlons of
Aum. materla|ltlng ln an lnexhaustlb|e. beul|derlng. and uondrous tarletµ of
flnlte forms. Another hand ho|ds the astra| suord of µresertatlon. keeµlng
guard oter µ|anetarµ rhµthms and ba|ances . . . Thµ fourth hand stl||s the storm
of de|uslon and bestous on detotees Thµ raµs of sa|tatlon."
lnispcrs frcn ||crni|u. Pagc 178-179. (Hinduisn. Kriua Ycga. lcrds cf Parananansa
Looking oninous, I vas afiaid lo go inlo lhe Slai Chanlei,
vhich heId vilhin il slais liaveIing levond Iighl speed and inleisleIIai
foices of giand piopoilions. In oidei lo pass levond lhis poinl, I had lo
junp unafiaid inlo lhe poveifuI eneigies vilhin lhe chanlei. One
sinpIe slep vouId Iifl ne up inlo a fienzied fIov of slais al speeds
levond Iighl. Wilh caulion, I slepped.
SviiIing lhiough vhal seened Iike lhe oulei ieaches of space,
lhe iesuIl vas innediale, aIlhough I vas acluaIIv in an encIosuie of
sone kind. Slais cascaded lhioughoul nv foin, as lhe eneigv of lhe
slais peinealed nv spiiil. HoIding lhe vision, il passed jusl as quickIv
as il had cone.
Nev chanleis of passage appeaied, as geoneliic civslaIs
suiiounded ne and I legan lo neIl inlo non-phvsicaI Iiquid elhei.
IIoving inlo and inside lhe inleisleIIai civslaIs, nv Iiquefied seIf
neshed and look on lhe piopeilies of lheii exislence.
Iouiing iapidIv oul, nv nov Iiquid souI foined a pooI in lhe
foIIoving chanlei. SIovIv soIidifving, I valched a scene pIav lefoie
ne in a 'Iiehisloiic Chanlei.' Iighling foi his Iife, a lionlosauius vas
fighling foi his Iife againsl a Iaige insecl-Iike ciealuie. ßiling a pail oul
of lhe lionlosauius's lack, lhe lallIe conlinued. MoilaI ieaIns aie lv
naluie piedaloiv, and il seives an evoIulionaiv funclion.
Ceianic peopIe vilh no heads appeaied, as I quickIv Iifled lhe
nedicine lo shool a lean of Iighl lo desliov lhese faIse faces of
hunanilv. LxpIoding eveivvheie, lhe faIse faces veie deslioved as
deIusion ceased and ieaIilv sel in. Slopping, I slood quielIv upon lhe
lank of lhe 'ßIack HoIe Chanlei.'
Looking dovn vilhin il, I vas oveivheIned, "I don'l knov if I
can do lhis," I said. Taking one slep foivaid vouId Iead voui souI lo
spiiaI dovn lhis lIack hoIe al speeds uninaginalIe in foin. The finaI
chanlei vas aIso lhe nosl fiighlening, lul if I couId onIv lake jusl one
slep . . . il vouId le finished . . . I slepped.
SviiIing dovn lhe voilex, I lunlIed dovnvaid lhiough lhe
lIack hoIe vheie lheie vas nolhing lul enplv lIack space. ßeginning
lo feeI dizzv and euphoiic, I vas going ieaIIv fasl. ßecause lhe Slai
Chanlei hadn'l Iasled veiv Iong, I expecled lhis vouId le ovei soon.
SviiIing and sviiIing, hovevei, I soon ieaIized lhal lheie appeaied lo
le no end lo lhis lIack hoIe.
Ianicking, I vondeied, 'CouId lhis le an infinile lIack hoIe`
Whal have I done`' Dizziness leginning lo change inlo an aInosl
niivanic Zen slale, I legan lo Iaugh unconlioIIalIv as I pIunged.
Lveivlhing vas suddenIv hiIaiious, and il feIl as if a heavv luiden had
leen Iifled up off of nv souI.
Thiusl inlo a Iaige ioon, a spiiiluaI guaidian availed nv
descenl, as I enleied in a hvsleiicaI slale of Iaughlei. Manv vho had
passed lhiough lefoie ne veie in a daze, having passed levond lhe
viId Iaughlei slage and iecouping lheii avaieness. Wilhin nonenls, I,
loo, vas lhiusl inlo laIance.
"Then Sudhana C|lmbed the µath uµ the c|lff of the mountaln. a mass of rator
edges. and threu hlmse|f lnto the flre. As he uas fa||lng he attalned an
en|lghtenlng concentratlon ca||ed 'ue||-estab|lshed.' On contact ulth the flre he
attalned an en|lghtenlng concentratlon ca||ed 'mµstlc knou|edge of the b|lss of
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. |n|ru in|c |nc Rca|n cf Rca|i|u. Pagc 122. Paragrapn
3. (8uddnisn. Manauana)
"To ieluin lo lhe nalive," he said, "is lo lecone aII exislence . . .
again. ßv leconing aII exislence, eveivlhing lhen lecones ieaI." Ioseph
Reluining lo lake ne on anolhei quesl, lhe inleisleIIai leings
upsel ne vilh lheii voids. "We aie heie lo lake vou diieclIv inlo lhe
eneigv lhal peopIe caII Salan," lhev said, as I hesilaled, "You nusl
KNOW il, lo lecone capalIe of changing il, vou nusl vaIk diieclIv inlo
daikness in oidei lo seed ils ascension." Ciinging, I said, "I nusl le
feaiIess." "You nusl iecognize voui funclion," lhev iepIied, "and lhal is
lo go vheie lheie is ignoiance, vheie lheie is daikness, vheie lheie is
halied, vheie lheie is iIIusion . . . and shov lhen ieaIilv."
Slepping onlo lhe spaceship, ve soaied lack lo lhe line of lhe
ancienl naiineis vho veie on a veiv peiiIous jouinev. Seeking a
nvlhicaI ciealuie, lhe oId vooden ship vas snaII in conpaiison lo
vhal lhe sloiies had said of lhis leasl's size. TaIes had leen loId of lhe
sea nonsleis lhal IileiaIIv ale hunans and lheii loals in one singIe lile,
lhe peopIe giealIv feaied hin lecause lhev leIieved lhal he look his
viclins lo lhe gieal undeivoiId.
Olseiving nv feIIov hunans vilh inleiesl, I vas veiv
suipiised vhen ve acluaIIv sav lhe huge ciealuie eneiging fion lhe
deplhs. AIlhough in nvlh and Iegend he vas poiliaved as iepliIian, he
vas acluaIIv foined oul of a gieen jeIIv-Iike sulslance vilh lIisleis and
vails on his skin. Avesliuck lv his size and seipenl-Iike appeaiance,
lhe sea ciealuie didn'l appeai hungiv.
Lislening lo lhe voids of lhose aiound ne, lhev said, "Il is lhe
vengeance of Cod! To le chosen lv lhis ciealuie nusl suieIv nean
dannalion." A nan cane iunning lovaids ne in a panic. "SuieIv, ve
have sinned! We viII le laken lo lhe deplhs of lhe sea, undei lhe voiId,
if ve do nol iepenl. The Cods aie angiv vilh us!" IuIIing ne fion lhe
ship, lhe inleisleIIai leings conveved lhal nankind's vievs of heII and
lhe daik side had oiiginaled in nvlh, and lhe ieaIilies of il veie vel lo
le knovn.
"One of the manltos ls a sµlrlt of l|| ul||. uho creates serµents and sea monsters.
f|les. and mosqultoes. The forces hostl|e to humans uere often sµmbo|lted ln
Lenaµe mµths and storles bµ horned uater snakes and uater ln genera|."
Tnc Rcd Rcccrd. 8cc| |. Vcrscs 9 |nrcugn 15. Pagc 55. Paragrapn 4. (Trioa|. |cnapc)
SuddenIv slanding anidsl a deseil, an ancienl ciicuIai slone
slai nap vas Iaid oul on a iock lefoie ne. Looking sonevhal Iike a
shieId, I picked il up and legan heaiing lhe songs of neIodious angeIs.
In a nonenl, a huge and leaulifuI angeI appeaied lefoie ne diessed in
lIue and vhile vilh Iaige, fealheiv and sofl vings. Touching nv
shouIdei, she sniIed. "When vou can heai ne singing, I can cone lo
vou." IIacing hei eai nexl lo nine, she said, "Do vou heai lhal`" A
vilialing lone enanaled fion hei eais. "Yes," I said, puIIing lack. "Il's
okav," she iesponded, as suddenIv an elheiic ciicuIai slai nap
appeaied lefoie ne in lhe aii. Conlinuing lhe lone as lhe odd
configuialion of slais nanifesled lefoie ne, lhe nap conlained delaiIed
knovIedge of aII Univeises and ieaIns. Making il cIeai lhal lhe
delaiIed infoinalion vilhin lhe nap vas foi ne aIone, I vas given
peinission lo shaie lhe lasic sliucluie of il vhich vas enconpassed in
lhe 'UniveisaI Spheie of ReaIns.'
"The lone has leen inpIanled," she said, "lhe lone vains vou
of deceplion and unliulh." "Thank vou," I said, as I legan lo feeI
calalonic. IaIIing lo lhe giound, I slaied al lhe sviiIing slai palleins no
Iongei alIe lo nove oi iespond.
Shooling lhiough line, I appeaied al a galheiing in lhe
eighleenlh cenluiv. Voice singing viIdIv in nv head, lhe angeI
ienained vilh ne, lul I vas lhe onIv one vho couId see hei. In lhe
fionl of lhe ioon, peopIe veie discussing lhe piolIen of lhe Indians
caIIing lhen healhens and savages. Anvlhing lhev couIdn'l undeisland,
lhev alliiluled lo Salan. A viaI of hoIv valei vas leing passed aiound
lhe ioon in oidei lo puiifv lhenseIves fion eviI piesence of lhe nalives.
As lhe lone legan iinging viIdIv in nv head, I didn'l pailake of lheii
viaI, lul look lhe angeI's hand and Iefl.
Spinning alove ne as lhe vhile nisls lecane oui palh of
fIighl, lhe sviiIing cosnic voilex Ied us vhiiIing, sviiIing and spiiaIing
in lhe enconpassing elheiic nass.
And lhen a hideous face slood lefoie ne. Weaiing lhe gail of
an ancienl soIdiei, his unifoin vas ied and had nanv lullons and lvo
liush-Iike allachnenls on his shouIdeis. Handing ne a cioss, I
innedialeIv feII sick lo nv slonach as il vas nol an oidinaiv cioss.
Upon il veie lhe skins of aII lhe peopIe vho had died in lhe nane of
Chiisl. AppaIIed, I inlenseIv soughl lhe knovIedge vilhin as lhe lone
legan iinging incessanlIv. Chiisl's nane had leen used lo peipeliale aII
foins of eviI upon lhe Lailh, and ils saciedness had leen lainished and
vioIaled. Renenleiing lhe shackIes upon Chiisl's spiiil and lhe loiluie
in his eves, I legan lo civ soflIv.
As lhe soIdiei disappeaied, anolhei peison cane oul of lhe
elhei veaiing a ceianic head. "Don'l vou knov ne`" she asked, vilh
genuine concein upon hei face. "No," I iepIied, "I cannol knov vho
vou liuIv aie unliI vou ienove voui faIse face. Take off lhe ceianic
head." She iefused. "I'n huil. If onIv vou knev vho I vas, vou'd feeI
fooIish foi nol iecognizing ne." Ioi a nonenl, I did feeI fooIish, lul
lhen lhe lone legan iinging. "If vou veie vho vou puipoil lo le, vou
vouId nol cone lo ne veaiing a faIse inage. You vouId shov ne vho
vou ieaIIv aie." ßeginning lo civ, lul iefusing lo ienove hei ceianic
head, I said, "Do vou feai lhal lv shoving voui liue seIf, vou viII no
Iongei le Ioved`" She didn'l iespond. "Ieihaps vou shouId knov lhal
unIess vou shov ne voui liue seIf, I cannol heaI vou." SliII, she iefused
lo ienove hei disguise.
Tuining lo vaIk avav, an oId nan appeaied and slopped ne.
"One nusl le viIIing lo knov lhal vhich Iives in daikness, in oidei lo
lecone capalIe of aIleiing il." Tuining lack aiound, I shol a lean of
Iighl lo hei head as il ciacked and feII lo pieces.
In hei hand, she nov heId a hunan heail, seveied fion hei
ovn lodv. Looking inlo hei face, I sav uncaiing disguised as ieIigious
dogna, sIolh disguised as viclinizalion, heailIessness disguised as
poIilicaI vievs, aiiogance disguised in seIf-esleen, and peihaps lhe
nosl painfuI: nanipuIalion and seIf-aggiandizenenl, disguised as sone
foin of spiiiluaIilv. "I an hunanilv," she said, "I shov vou nv heail."
ßieaking dovn in leais, I ciied unconlioIIalIv. Ioining a pooI of leais
aiound ne, I noliced a face foining in lhe valeiv chaIice. Waleiing nv
heail vilh nv ovn leais, lhe oId nan vas veiv nelhodicaI. "This is
good," he said quielIv, "il is lhiough leais lhal lhe seed of huniIilv is
valeied . . . and vheie lheie is huniIilv, Iove giovs." IIacing lhe finaI
leais upon nv heail, he pIaced his hand upon nine. "Iion Iove, cones
"Hark µe. O man. and |lst to mµ Volce. oµen thµ mlnd-sµace and drlnk of mµ
ulsdom. Dark ls the µathuaµ of Ll|E that µe trate|. manµ the µltfa||s that |le
ln the uaµ. Seek µe. eter. to galn greater ulsdom. attaln and lt sha|| be |lght on
thµ uaµ . . . Oµen thµ Sou| to the BROTHERS of BRlGHTNESS. |et them enter
and fl|| thee ulth |lght . . . "
Tnc |ncra|d Tao|c|s cf Tnc|n |nc A||an|can. Tao|c| V||. Pagc 39. Paragrapn 1 c 3.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. |gup|ian/Hcrnc|ic. lcrds cf Tnc|n)
Meeling ne in lhe cIouds leIov lhe nounlains in lhe skv,
lhundeicIouds veie luisling on lhe hoiizon. Dancing vilh ne anidsl
lhe Iighl, he quielIv said, "The puipose of Iife on eailh is lo aIlei lhe
piedaloiv viII inlo lhe viII of Iove." Slaiing in his anazing eves, I knev
lhal lhis skv dance vas a palhvav, a passage inlo jusl such an
"Goternlng thlngs ls not done bµ thlngs. but bµ harmonµ. Goternlng harmonµ ls
not done bµ harmonµ. but bµ µeoµ|e. Goternlng µeoµ|e ls not done bµ µeoµ|e. but
bµ ru|ers. Goternlng ru|ers ls not done bµ ru|ers. but bµ deslres. Goternlng
deslres ls not done bµ deslres. but bµ tlrtue. Goternlng tlrtue ls not done bµ
tlrtue. but bµ the Waµ."
lcn-Tzu. Nc. 134. Pagc 130. Paragrapn 1. (8uddnisn. Tacisn. lcrds cf |ac Tsu)
And so il cane lo pass lhal lhe OId Ones cane and legan lo
leach ne of lhe vavs of aIleiing daikness and eviI. When lhe line cane
foi giadualion, I legan lo heai lhe souIfuI sounds of nouineis civing in
lhe dislance. Raising lheii hands as lhundei liIIoved in lhe nounlain
vinds, lhe giandnolheis connanded lhe vind. "Il is a laIance," one
said, "vhen vou nove levond lhe piedaloiv viII lo lhe viII of Iove, il is
naluiaI lo no Iongei le confoilalIe vilh lhe piedaloiv naluie of Iife in
lhis ieaIn. This indicales lhal vou aie noving lovaids a highei
exislence, hovevei, il doesn'l dininish lhe naluiaI funclion of lhe ieaIn
vou aie noving levond. You nusl iespecl lhe funclion, lhe phase of
knovIedge il piovides." I nodded, as she conlinued. "The viII of Iove
asks lhal vou Iove lhe chiIdien, nol despile lheii ignoiance, lul lecause
of lheii innocence. This Iove viII guide vou evei foivaid." Touching
nv hand IighlIv, I vas giealIv honoied, lul I vas disluiled lv lhe
nouineis lhal I conlinued lo heai civing in lhe dislance.
"Whv aie lhev civing, giandnolhei`" I asked. "Thev aie
nouining lhe dealh lhal nusl cone in oidei lhal a nev liilh nighl lake
pIace. SuddenIv, nv souI vas going fuilhei and fuilhei avav and lheie
vas nolhing I couId do lo slop lhe novenenl. "Il is line," giandnolhei
said, "il is neanl lo le lhis vav." "So il is nv line lo die`" I asked,
confused. "Il is line lo go," she said.
IeeIing veiv peacefuI aloul Ieaving, lhe onIv lhing lhal kepl
ne fion Ieaving vas lhe sounds of lhe nouineis I'd Iefl lehind.
Sending lhen nv Iove, giandnolhei conveved lo ne lhal lhev, loo,
couId giasp hoId of Iife vhenevei lhev chose. "I Iove vou," I shouled
lack lo lhen as I look giandnolhei's hand and vaIked inlo peace.
Again lhe lvo giandnolheis connanded lhe lhundei as il sliuck
acioss lhe hoiizon, I knev lhal lhev veie lhe ones vho vouId nake
lhis aIleialion conpIele. "Thank vou, giandnolheis." I said as lhe
second loIl Iel nv souI lo anolhei pIace.
Lving fIal in lhe skv suiiounded lv six spiiiluaI guaidians,
lhev legan lo peifoin nvsleiious Ievilalions upon nv spiiil.
Iiogianning nev lhoughl piocesses, lhev veie dovn-Ioading oId
piogians fion nv spiiil, and coiiecling nv inlaIances in lhoughl,
void, and deed. AIleiing sonelhing neai nv ciovn chakia, I ieaIized
lhal exislence is Iike a lIinking Iighl, nonenlaiiIv passing fion one
pIace inlo vel anolhei noie suilalIe lo lhe palh of knovIedge. As ve
pass, ve give oui vehicIe lack lo lhe ieaIn chosen lo guide us, so lhal
lhose vho foIIov in oui foolsleps viII find lhe eneigelic cIues ve have
Iefl lehind lo assisl lhen in allaining lheii passage, jusl as ve, loo, have
found lhen. Reluining lhe gifls given lo oui souIs fion lhe ieaIn lhal
hailois us in oui sIeep, lhe pail of us lhal dies ieluins lo lhe giound,
aIleiing lhal vhich is possilIe lv ienenleiing lhal vhich has cone lo
"l ulth mµ |lµs hate fashloned for thls Hero uords neter matched. most
µ|entlfu| and ausµlclous. for hlm the Anclent. Great. Strong. Energetlc. the terµ
mlghtµ Wle|der of the Thunder. Amld the sages. ulth the Sun he brlghtened the
Parents: g|orlfled. he burst the mountaln: And. roarlng ulth the ho|µ-thoughted
slngers. he |oosed the bond that he|d the beams of Mornlng."
Tnc Hunns cf |nc Rgtcda. Hunn XXX||. Pagc 304. S|anza 1-2. (Hinduisn)

(A!tcratInn nf Rca!Itv)

"To shou them sµecla| mercµ. l. due||lng ln thelr hearts. destroµ ulth the
shlnlng |amµ of knou|edge the darkness born of lgnorance."
Tnc 8nagatad Gi|a As-||-|s. Cnap|cr 10. Tcx| 11. (Hinduisn. Trans|a|icn. A.C.
8na||itcdan|a Suani Praonupada)


"The µouer ange|s hate ln the sµlrltua| uor|d ls so great that lf l uere to clte at
thls µolnt eterµthlng l hate seen. lt uou|d be beµond be|lef. lf there ls somethlng
|eft there that needs to be remoted because lt ls ln oµµosltlon to the Dltlne
deslgn. theµ rate and destroµ lt bµ a sheer force of ul||. ulth a |ook."
Hcatcn c Hc||. Cnap|cr 26. Nc. 229. (Cnris|iani|u. Sucdcnocrgianisn. Au|ncr.
|nanuc| Sucdcnocrg)
Diopped inlo lhe lodv of an invesligaloi, I vas lioughl heie
lo deaI vilh lhe case of a nass nuideiei. Soneone had leen kiIIing
piegnanl vonen noslIv lv lhe use of a poison lhal had leen pIaced in
food, lul lhe invesligalois on lhe case veie nissing a ciuciaI piece of
evidence, and if il veie nol found, lhev vouId convicl lhe viong nan.
A honeIess nan naned Maxlon vas lhe piine suspecl.
Knoving lhe kiIIei vas fion lhe honeIess connunilv lecause of lhe
evidence lhev had, lhev'd suspecled Maxlon in pailicuIai lecause of his
lendencv lo gel inlo fighls. LneigelicaIIv, he vas cIosei lo insanilv lhan
lhe liue kiIIei vho vas a nan lv lhe nane of Iohn, lhe ex-husland of
lhe fiisl viclin. ßecause he had lealen his ex-vife lo dealh ialhei lhan
poison hei, he'd nevei leen a suspecl. Il aII legan vhen his ex-vife
niscaiiied lheii chiId veais lefoie.
Aflei lhev spIil up, she evenluaIIv ienaiiied and lecane
piegnanl vilh anolhei nan's chiId. Iohn's Iife hadn'l gone as veII, and
he had lecone honeIess. ßillei and angiv, he lIaned hei and soughl
ievenge. Raped, lealen and Iefl lo die in an oId alandoned fainhouse,
he legan poisoning olhei vonen aflei hei dealh, aIlhough il vas nol
sonelhing he had pIanned. Losing peispeclive conpIeleIv, he aIIoved
hinseIf lo le svepl noie deepIv inlo eviI.
SeveiaI olhei invesligalois veie vilh ne as I foIIoved lhe
insliuclions of lhe eleinaI. ßoaiding a lus lo go lo an alandoned sloie
vheie a gioup of honeIess peopIe veie Iiving, ve had gone lheie lo
seaich foi Maxlon, and foi fuilhei evidence lo piove lhal he vas lhe
kiIIei. Diiecled lv lhe eleinaI lo go lo a fai coinei of lhe luiIding vheie
lheie vas evidence lhal vouId olheivise nevei le discoveied, I found
an oId pIaslic foollaII vilh Iohn's fuII nane viillen upon il, and a lag
of haii vilh diied lIood slains.
Taking lhis innedialeIv lo lhe chief invesligaloi, he vas
inliigued lul nol convinced lhal lheie vas anolhei suspecl, lul as I
vaIked lhiough lhe luiIding, I fc|| his piesence, and knev dangei vas
in lhe aii. "ße caiefuI, I feeI lhe kiIIei's piesence." I vained lhe olhei
Nolicing a nan vilh a lediaggIed Iong leaid, if vou'd seen
hin anvvheie eIse, he vouId have appeaied hainIess . . . lul I |ncu il
vas hin. Silling nexl lo hin, I asked, "So vho aie vou`" "Iohn," he
sniIed innocenlIv, aInosl as if gialefuI foi lhe allenlion. Heaillioken al
seeing a sheII of hunanilv vhich no Iongei conlained a heail, I couId
see lhe lioken dieans in his eves.
Olhei invesligalois conlinued lo puisue Maxlon vho vas
hoIed up inside a cIosel, lul as lhev did, a snaII fighl lioke oul.
Anolhei honeIess nan had a lad cul acioss his hand. Running
lovaids hin, I gasped in shock. "Ravnond`" I ciied oul, "Oh, nv Cod,
il's vou!" Ravnond vas a souI I occasionaIIv guaidianed fion alove.
ßIeeding ladIv, I ian inlo lhe lalhioon lo find sone loiIel papei lo
cIean hin up. Nol as lad as I'd oiiginaIIv lhoughl, I sliII ciied, lecause I
vas sad aloul Ravnond's honeIess pIighl. "Do vou ienenlei ne`" I
asked hin, as I Iooked deepIv inlo his eves. "Suie, I do, Odvssev, hov
vou leen`" "Don'l nove." I said, as I piepaied lo inpIanl hin vilh a
seed of Iighl. Looking suipiised as he sav lhe spaik of Iighl hoveiing
alove nv fingei, I sIovIv ieached lo lhe cenlei of his chesl. "Whal aie
vou doing`" He asked. "I'n nol Ieaving vou heie vilhoul inpIanling
vou vilh lhe eneigv lo gel vou oul." Confused, he aIIoved ne lo finish.
Invesligalois, neanvhiIe, veie Iooking al lhe evidence I'd
found. AIso conlaining a povdeiv sulslance vhich appeaied lo le
poison, lhe lag had luined oul lo le vilaI evidence. The eleinaI
connand cane, and I vas finished. No viongfuI conviclion vouId
occui, and lhe nass nuideiei vouId nov le slopped.
As nv souI vas leing svepl avav, I expIoded oul of lhal
lodv, lul luined foi a finaI Iook al Ravnond, vhose linv seed vas
leginning lo giov.
Mv eves veie sIovIv opening as a genlIe face slood lefoie nv
ledside. "She's vaking," she said lo hei invisilIe spiiiluaI pailnei, "she's
leing loin inlo lhe nov." The olhei voice iesponded, lul no face couId
cIain il. "The aIleialion's conpIele, lhen`" "Yes," she iepIied, "il has
leen iighled." I luined ovei and cIosed nv eves.
"Thou maµest steµ on the rlght µath and ua|k ln the µresence of Ange|s. Thou
maµest slng of the Earth|µ Mother bµ daµ and of the Heaten|µ |ather bµ nlght.
and through thµ belng maµ course the go|den stream of the Lau. But uou|dst
thou |eate thµ brothers to µ|unge through the gaµlng chasms of b|ood. as the
µaln-uracked earth shudders and groans under her chalns of stone? Canst thou
drlnk of the cuµ of eterna| |lfe. uhen thµ brothers dle of thlrst?"
Tnc |sscnc Gcspc| cf Pcacc. Vc|unc 2. Pagc 118. S|anza 1. (Cnris|iani|u.
Lneigelic deliis vas aII aiound ne and I vas having lioulIe
liealhing. Coning fion peopIe in nv Iife vho sliII ielained deIusion
and daikness vilhin lhen, lhev veie lhioving lheii 'liash,' so lo speak,
in nv peiinelei. A peison doesn'l have lo le eviI lo spev daik
eneigies, jusl ignoianl. Lveiv line I had lhe deliis aInosl cIeaned up,
lhev legan lossing noie of lheii 'liash' inlo nv spheie.
SuddenIv, a snaII IillIe gieen faeiie appeaied, aloul lvo feel
high. HoIding a slaidusl vand, she legan lossing slaidusl and cIeaning
up lhe ness aiound ne. Laughing and jovfuI, she conveved lhal hei
nane vas, 'Uii,' and lhal she vas an oId chiIdhood fiiend of nine.
Lxciled lo see hei, I gialled hei lv lhe shouIdeis and legan dancing
aiound lhe ioon vilh hei. "Look!" She said as she look nv hand.
One of lhe souIs vho had leen lhioving his liash inlo nv
peiinelei vas slanding lefoie hei in lhe dislance. Thioving slaidusl
aII ovei hin, I vas suipiised lo nolice lhal il had alsoIuleIv no effecl on
hin, nol even on sul-conscious IeveIs. I'd aIvavs leIieved lhal even
vhen il vas cIeai lhal a peison had chosen lheii doninance, iejecled
lhe eleinaI hand, and accepled daikness as lheii palh, shoveiing Iighl
in lheii diieclion couIdn'l nur|: lul I ieaIized nov vas lhal il did
alsoIuleIv no good, eilhei. A vasle of eleinaI eneigv, il vas needIess lo
shovei il on souIs vho vouId in no vav lenefil fion il. Iuilhei, I had
aIIoved lhen lo loss lheii vasle inlo nv peiinelei and snolhei ne in
lhe deliis of lheii daik vavs. LleinaI eneigv is lo le used vheie il can
le alsoiled and liing aloul liansfoinalion, and if a daikened souI
Ialei lecane open lo lhe ieceplion of Iighl, lhe eleinaI vouId iespond
Uii look hei slaidusl vand and in lvo lhundei luisls, I vas in
a nev Iocalion.
Aiiiving al a veiv oId haunled house, a voung giiI had leen
liulaIIv nuideied in lhe allic. ßIood diipped conlinuaIIv fion a spol
in lhe ceiIing since hei dealh, and no one had leen alIe lo nake il slop.
KiIIed in a veiv liulaI fashion, lhis souI had ienained in a slale of leiioi
foi vhal seened Iike a nonenl in hei ovn nind, lul vas acluaIIv ovei
1OO veais upon lhe Lailh.
IIoaling lovaids lhe allic, I noliced a ghosl vho appeaied as a
vilch diessed aII in lIack. Vengeance and angei seelhing, I vasn'l
afiaid of such lhings anvnoie. Things veie nol as lhev appeaied, as in
liulh: lhis vas a pooi fiighlened Iosl giiI vho vas unalIe lo escape lhe
hoiiendous nonenl of hei dealh. Ihanlon eneigies vhiiIed aII aloul
lhe allic, lul il caIned as I appioached.
"You have nanv Iives, nanv nonenls," I said, "vhv don'l vou
go lo a noie pIeasanl pIace lo heaI vouiseIf nov." Looking confused,
she quielIv asked, "I can go sonevheie eIse`" Changing fion a vilch
inlo a voung giiI, I iepIied, "You have nanv nonenls, and vou nav
Ieave lhis one. Wheie vouId vou Iike lo go`" SniIing videIv, she said,
"I vanl lo go lo a piaiiie vheie lhe sun shines on goIden fieIds of hav. I
vanl lo le a IillIe giiI again! I vanl lo Iive in a voiId vheie nagicaI
lhings aie ieaI and nolodv feais. I vanl lo go sonevheie vheie lheie
is onIv Iove!" Uii appeaied lehind ne as I look lhe giiI's hand, pIacing
il in heis. "Lel Uii lake vou lo vheie lhe faeiies ioan." I said, and in a
nonenl, lhev veie gone.
"Theµ see sentlent belngs sunk ln the sea of cratlngs. tel|ed bµ b|lndness and
fo||µ: The |ree Humans shou a sml|e and ref|ect that theµ shou|d sate belngs
from sufferlng."
Tnc ||cucr Ornancn| Scrip|urc. Cnap|cr 25. Tcn Dcdica|icns. Pagc 667. S|anza 3.
(8uddnisn. Mauanana)
Tvo dogs appeaied in lhe skv, one Iighled, lhe olhei daik.
Iighling foi doninance ovei lhe voiId, lhe daik dog vas vicious and
ciueI, laking doninance ovei lhe Iighl vilh anazing ease. Having
nonenls of doninance, lhe Iighl dog vouId Iose ils povei as soon as
lhe daikness legan ils nexl inevilalIe invasion, due lo ils passivilv.
IeopIe feIl heIpIess lo lhis fIuclualion of Iighl and daik.
Looking lo nv side, I noliced lhal I vas veaiing nv angeI
vings, and I fIev fianlicaIIv lo lhe peopIe, as lhev olseived nv fIighl in
suipiise. Raising nv ains lo lhe skv, lhe eneigv legan lo aIlei . . .
sIovIv . . . lovaids lhe Iighl. Doing nolhing, lhe onIookeis jusl slood
lheie. "YOU MUST CHOOSL, AS WLLL! Which viII il le: daikness oi
Iighl`" Undeislanding nv pIea, lhev aII legan lo iaise lheii hands lo lhe
skv, focusing lheii consciousness as lhe Iighled dog's doninance legan
lo lake hoId. ßul lhen sonelhing happened vhich suipiised aII of us.
The daik dog legan neIling inlo lhe Iighl dog . . . and lhev lecane one.
"The Suµreme must be an entltµ ln uhlch the tuo are one: lt ul||. therefore. be a
Seelng that |ltes. not an ob]ect of tlslon |lke thlngs exlstlng ln somethlng other
than themse|tes: uhat exlsts ln an outslde e|ement oues lts |lfe to that e|ement:
lt ls not se|f-|ltlng."
P|c|inus. Tnc |nncads. Na|urc. Ccn|cnp|a|icn. and |nc Onc. Pagc 280. Paragrapn. 2.
(Mus|cru Rc|igicns. Grcc|. Au|ncr. P|c|inus)
SuddenIv, lhe nen in lIack appeaied. Weaiing lIack suils and
hals, lhev veie faceIess and veiv slein aloul lheii puipose. Coning
vilh a daik eneigelic suige lhal vouId fiighlen anvlodv, I'd seen lhen
nanv lines lefoie. Inlinidalion vas lheii funclion, and lheii puipose
vas lo ielain lhe doninance of daikness in lhis ieaIn. Coing aflei souIs
vho seek highei knovIedge, lhev desiied lo convince lhen lo Ieave lhe
seivice of lhe Iighl. ßecause lhev veie poveifuIIv daik, lhev oflen
achieved lheii goaI. Thiealening ne, I gol nad.
"Cel oul!" I veIIed, "You viII nol slop ne fion fuIfiIIing nv
nission foi lhe Iighl!" Seening unsuie of hov lo cope vilh nv Iack of
feai, lhev junped lack foi a nonenl. "Cel oul!" I iepealed. Thev
slood quielIv. "I viII seive onIv Iighl," I said, "I viII fuIfiII lhe deslinv I
have cone lo fuIfiII. I viII open lhe dooivav of Iighl inlo lhe lhiid
dinension! You cannol slop ne!" Thev didn'l nove. "Il's line foi vou
lo go!"
Raising nv hands, I senl a suige of Iighl laiiaging lhiough
lhen Iike a huiiicane vind as lheii spiiils lecane pailicIe eneigv and
veie disnanlIed. In a finaI suige of Iighl, I senl lhen lack lo lhe second
dinension, and nevei sav lhen again.
Daikness is sinpIv a Iovei foin of evoIulion lhan oui ovn.
SouIs vaIk lhe palhvav fion lhe deplhs lo lhe heighls. When a souI is
senl lack lo lhe second oi fiisl dinension, lhev aie sinpIv leing
ieluined lo lhe pIace in vhich lhev aie conpalilIe. Iusl as ve aie nol
given enliv inlo highei voiIds, unliI ve have Ieained lo alide lv lhe
Iavs of lheii ieaIns, and have lecone conpalilIe lo lhen.
"Maµ theµ be sated ln the slght of eterµone and |et not the ulcked domlnate
Tnc Siddur. Sc|icncs fcr Tnursdau. Pagc 841. 8c||cn. (]udaisn)
Tianspoiled lo an aIleialion lo lake pIace aiound a faIseIv
ieIigious nan, he vas suiiounded lv IillIe daik eneigies vhich had
leen nagnelized lovaids hin lecause of his seIf-iighleousness. ßeing
veiv feaifuI, he had diavn lo hin a pailicuIaiIv daik enlilv vho
suppoiled and eneigized his feais.
Wandeiing aiound hin, lhe shoil daik ciealuie innedialeIv
noliced ne and legan living lo puII off nv ains and Iash nv spiiil
aiound so as lo fiighlen ne avav. ßeginning lo poui a piIe of his ovn
vasle in fionl of ne, I asked hin, "So, vho aie vou`" Ciinning videIv,
he iesponded, "Lucifei." As I legan Iaughing unconlioIIalIv, lhis
ieIaliveIv lenign ciealuie seened confused lv nv conpIele
feaiIessness vhen he used such a guise. "Oh, vou lhink vou'ie ieaIIv
funnv, don'l vou`" I said, as he aII of a sudden legan lo ciinge.
Nov he knev he vas facing a seivanl of Cod, ialhei lhan a
feaifuI souI and he legan lo shivei. Using Lucifei's nane in lhe pasl lo
inlinidale peopIe, il vas olviousIv nol his liue idenlilv, and I knev il.
"You have lvo choices`," I said, "eilhei vou lecone liansfoined and
seive lhe Iighl . . . and I viII luin vou inlo a nice IillIe aninaI, peihaps a
dog oi cal . . . " Lven as he shook, his aiiogance didn'l vane. Mosl
denons do nol ieaIize lhal lheii aiiogance eneigizes lheii denise. "Oi .
. . I viII disnanlIe voui eneigv and send vou lack lo lhe second ieaIn."
Nol iesponding, lhe eleinaI connand cane quickIv. "Okav," I said,
"have a good jouinev." Sending a loIl of Iighl lovaids hin, he vas
innedialeIv disnanlIed inlo lhousands of daik IillIe pieces. Wilh
anolhei loIl of Iighl, lhe eleinaI lIasled hin lack lo lhe second ieaIn.
AppaienlIv lhal lhis nan's lhoughls had given enliv lo lhis
denon, and lhe eleinaI sonelines ienoves lhese lhings lo disengage
Iovei lhiusl. When daikness is ienoved, sone souIs viII ielain lhe nev
consliucl, no Iongei having conlacl vilh lhe denons of vice. ßul il oflen
happens lhal souIs do nol change lheii lhoughls, giving quick
peinission foi lhe ieluin of lhe denons of vice. Oui lhoughls,
inlenlions and deeds nagnelize guaidians fion leIov . . . oi alove.
"The messengers of fear are harsh|µ ordered to seek out gul|t. and cherlsh eterµ
scraµ of etl| and of sln that theµ can flnd. |oslng none of them on µaln of death.
and |aµlng them resµectfu||µ before thelr |ord and master. Perceµtlon cannot
obeµ tuo masters . . . uhat fear uou|d feed uµon. |ote oter|ooks."
A Ccursc in Mirac|cs. Cnap|cr 19. Nc. |V. Pagc 410. Nc. 11. (Cnris|iani|u.
Slanding alop lhe canvon Iands, lhe nalive giandnolhei vas
poinling deep inlo lhe Lailh, as nusic legan lo aiise fion ils deplhs.
Mesneiized, lhe OId Ones legan phasing in and oul of eneigv lefoie
ne, and I feIl lheii leckon lo nv souI. "I viII cone." I said peacefuIIv,
as I Iislened lo lhe najeslic neIodv of lhe Lailh. "I viII cone."
A snaII piIe of vood appeaied as lhundei ciashed acioss lhe
hoiizon. TienlIing, a huge leai lioke lhiough lhe piIe, avaking fion
hileinalion. "The sIeeping leai vakes, lhe diean lecones a ieaIilv,"
lhe OId Ones said. ßeing caIIed lo lhe nounlains, il vas line lo go
"Ho|µ messenger of the Earth|µ mother. enter deeµ ulthln me. as the sua||ou
µ|ummets from the skµ. that l maµ knou the secrets of the ulnd and the muslc of
the stars."
Tnc |sscnc Gcspc| cf Pcacc. Vc|unc 1. Pagc 39. S|anza 1. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc)
Nalive faces eneigelicaIIv neshed aII aiound ne, leckoning
and caIIing. Seeking lo giasp lhe essence of lheii uiging, an inleisleIIai
spaceciafl legan lo iise upvaids alove ne as I enleied il. Soon ve
veie in lhe heavens Iooking dovn upon lhe Lailh leIov as lhe
eneigelic vilialions veie incieasing. Descending, lhe nounlain Iooned
genlIv in lhe skv as lhe eneigies shifled and I found nvseIf huiIing
lhiough space.
Landing on a fiie hvdianl in a diilv ghello, dangei vas aII
aiound ne. Iocusing lo achieve lhe knovIedge aloul lhe nission al
hand, a slieel gang vas aloul lo le lhe viclin of a diive-lv shooling,
and aII of lhen veie going lo die. Wanling lo save one souI anong
lhen, lhe eleinaI had senl ne in as a honeIess vonan. As lhe gang in
queslion quickIv appioached, lhe one I vas supposed lo save viapped
a jackel aiound ne lo piolecl ne fion lhe coId, vhiIe lhe olheis
conlenpIaled a sexuaI assauIl.
Taking nv hand, he vaided off lhe oveil advances of his
aninaIislic fiiends. ßeginning lo Iose focus in ienenliance, I nissed
lhe vilaI nonenl vhen lhe eleinaI connand had cone. If I'd Iislened, I
vouId have lhiovn hin lo lhe giound, lul I vas loo Iale. The spiav of
luIIels cane oul of novheie as lhe kiIIeis sped lv in lheii cais ained
vilh nachine guns. OnIv a second passed lefoie aII of us veie on lhe
giound, vounded and dving.
ßecause I'd leen shol, I'd suffeied a seiious lIov lo nv eneigv
fieId, and I couIdn'l ienenlei anvlhing. ßeginning lo lake on lhe
acluaI idenlilv of lhe pail I'd cone lo pIav, lhe nenoiv of nv nission
and spiiiluaI slalus vas conpIeleIv gone. Ciief vas nuIlipIied lv
confusion, as lhe one I'd cone lo save Iav dead. 'Who an I, vhv an I
heie, and hov'd I gel heie`' I lhoughl.
WaIking oul of lhe eneigelic lodv lhal had leen shol lo dealh,
I vandeied aiound lhe ghello ainIessIv. Angiv siiens appioached lhe
scene of lhe dealhs, as lhe slieels ienained IoneIv in lhe nighl. Heaiing
lhen fion a dislance, I vandeied fuilhei and fuilhei avav lovaids an
oId iun-dovn luiIding vheie pioslilules veie hanging oul.
Appioaching lhen, I sav a nan signaIing ne lo foIIov hin, vho
appeaied lo le a slieel lhug.
IoIIoving hin anvvav, he look ne inside lhe iun-dovn
luiIding vhich vas alandoned. Ioinling lo a Iocked vooden dooi, I
vas afiaid. ßul Iighl cane fion his hands, svinging lhe dooi open, and
nv eves veie fiIIed vilh liiIIianl Iighl. A vhile dooi heiaIded lhe lop
of a Iong slaiicase inlo lhe heavenIies, as I inslincliveIv legan vaIking
lovaids il. An invisilIe foice shul lhe vooden dooi lehind ne, and
vhen I ieached lhe lop slep, I feII lo lhe fIooi fion lhe nagnilude of nv
eneigelic vounds.
Avaking Ialei in an asliaI hospilaI led, nv nenoiv vas
sIovIv ieluining. Having gollen Iosl in lhe lenpoiaiv idenlilv of an
eneigelic aIleialion, nanv olhei aIleieis Iaid in leds aiound ne in lhe
sane piedicanenl. LnolionIess as he asked ne queslions aloul nv
nissions, nenoiv and liue idenlilv, lhe docloi vas sending vhile Iighl
lhiough nv spiiil fion lhe hospilaI led leIov. Cunshol vounds in nv
auiic fieId veie cIosing and ie-eneigizing. "Wheie an I`" I asked lhe
docloi. "The ie-eneigizing slalion," he said, "I undeisland lhis is voui
fiisl visil`" "Yes," I iepIied. "WeII, lhal's piellv inpiessive. You nusl le
good al vhal vou do." "Thank vou." I iesponded sheepishIv.
"Hov's she doing`!" cane sonelodv's fianlic voice. "She's
going lo le fine," lhe docloi said, "lul I lhink lheie is enolionaI
iesidue." IIacing a fIal, cIeai, cvIindiicaI oljecl alove nv souI, I legan
lo enlei a naluiaI slale of delachnenl. ReaIizing nv eiioi in Iosing
focus, I voved nevei lo do so again. Nov caIning, lhe fianlic nan
conveved lo ne lhal he vas lhe supeivisoi on seveiaI of nv nissions.
TeiiilIv upsel aloul lhe faiIed aIleialion, he caIned ne, poinling oul
lhal anolhei aIleiei vouId go in al an eaiIiei poinl in line and liv lo fix
"WeII, vou'ie aII heaIed up, line lo gel lack lo voik," he said.
"Whal!" I shouled, annoved. "If vou don'l go iighl lack inlo il," he said,
"vou von'l have lhe couiage lo liv again." Wilhin Iess lhan a second, I
vas off, Ied lo conpIele lvo noie aIleialions lhis nighl, vhich I did
Silling upon a nounlain peak, lvo Indian nen appioached
ne. Handing ne a docunenl vilh picluies of lveIve Indian chiefs, lhev
said, "You aie lhe eIevenlh geneialion, veIcone hone, Red Havk."
"When the nertous sµstem functlons lt conteµs the exµerlence of ob]ects through
the senses of µerceµtlon and lt engages ltse|f ln actltltµ through the organs of
actlon. |unctlonlng ln thls manner lt becomes fatlgued. lf the fatlgue ls s|lght.
µerceµtlons become |ess sharµ and the man beglns to fee| drousµ. lf the fatlgue
ls greater. µerceµtlons cease because the mlnd fal|s to exµerlence."
Tnc Scicncc cf 8cing and Ar| cf |iting. Tnc Ar| cf 8cing. Pagc 126. Paragrapn 2.
(Hinduisn. Transccndcn|a| Mcdi|a|icn. Au|ncr. Manarisni Mancsn Ycgi)
"What sha|| ue then saµ to these thlngs? lf God be for us. uho can be agalnst
King ]ancs 8io|c. Ncu Tcs|ancn|. Rcnans 8.31. (Cnris|iani|u)
Running fianlicaIIv, I knev I couIdn'l slop foi feai of leing iun
ovei lv lhe incessanl jeep lehind ne. Coing lovaids lhe nounlains in
lhe skv, lhe diivei of lhe jeep vas DanieI Iieice, nv olhei seIf, vhiIe
Chief Ioseph vas in lhe passengei seal. Confused, I luined lack lo see
lhal Ioseph vas silling in lhe appioaching vehicIe caInIv, Iooking oIdei
lhan he'd appeaied lefoie as his haii had giaved and he had lecone an
OId One. ßul lhev veie neiciIess, and I had lo iun as fasl as I couId
lovaid lhe nounlain in oidei nol lo le iun ovei lv lhen.
IinaIIv ieaching oui deslinalion, I vas anazed al lhe leaulv
aII aiound us. Lach liee echoed ils aIoneness as il heiaIded lhe nanv.
Al lhe foolhiIIs, oui jouinev had leen Iong and a vonan lv lhe nane of
CeIesle joined us. Shoving ne a vine, she lvisled il and nusic cane oul
of il. IIving lovaids lhe lieelops, she handed ne nv ovn vine and
liied lo leach ne hov lo do lhis, lul I vas veiv avkvaid. Singing fion
lhe lops of lhe liees, CeIesle's voice vas Iike a chine in lhe viIdeiness.
AII of a sudden, DanieI gol up and slailed vieslIing vilh ne.
Hov odd lhis vas lo le fighling vilh anolhei aspecl of nvseIf. In a
fIash, his Ieg cane up lovaids nv neck, kicking ne haishIv and
pushing nv head lack and I couId no Iongei nove. LneigelicaIIv, I vas
joIled inlo avakeness. Lveivone vas caIn, as lhev knev I vouId nove
again nonenlaiiIv.
As soon as I couId nove again, ve legan oui liek deepei inlo
lhe nounlains. IoIIoving lhen, I couId see hov avkvaid and
undeveIoped I vas conpaied lo lhen. AninaIs cane lo lhen vilhoul
feai, lul I had nol vel deveIoped lhe capacilv lo connunicale oneness
and lhev shied avav fion ne. Connenling on nv avkvaidness, lhev
poinled oul lhe nanv lhings vilhin nv eneigv vhich vouId need lo le
addiessed on lhis viIdeiness liek, in oidei foi ne lo lecone nalive
again. Reluining lo lhe nalive is ieluining lo vhal is ieaI. Whal is ieaI is
vhal is naluiaI. Whal is naluiaI is leing in a slale of oneness vilh aII
Iife. Chief Ioseph shook his head vhen he sav an aninaI cone lovaids
hin, lul lack avav vhen il sav ne. "Youi voiId has pul vou oul of
hainonv vilh lhe naluiaI voiId," he said.
Lnleiing a deep viIdeiness, I vas gelling incieasingIv
unconfoilalIe leing so oul of nv ovn eIenenl. Ieiseveiing, I
conlinued, knoving lhal nv avkvaidness had lo le expeiienced in
oidei foi ne lo lecone nalive again. Coning upon a land of viId
nuslangs, lhev veie quile peacefuI vilh nv fiiends, lul agilaled vilh
ne. Offeiing lheii lacks fieeIv lo nv conpanions, lhev neighed and
junped al ne. Leading ne lo a snaII land of ponies, Ioseph diiecled
ne lo a vhile one vhose disconfoil vas nol as seveie. WaIking
lovaids hin, I liied lo gel on his lack, lul he iesisled.
No judgnenl oi angei occuiied, jusl a conpIeleIv open
discussion of nv inconpaliliIilv lo lhe naluiaI voiId. Readv lo iide
lheii viId nuslangs lo lhe nounlains in lhe skv, nv vhile ponv finaIIv
aIIoved ne lo nounl hin. Chief Ioseph poinled lovaids lhe deep
viIdeiness ahead. An oninous Iighl leckoned fion lhal diieclion, and
I vas afiaid. If I luined lack, I couId ieluin lo nv confoilalIe IillIe
voiId. ßul if I venl in lhe diieclion he poinled, I couIdn'l luin lack
unliI I had leen aIleied and nade conpIeleIv nalive. AninaIs peeied
fion lehind liees and lushes, as I honoied lheii ioIe as leacheis and
guides in lhis unknovn counliv.
WiIIing lo accepl nv avkvaidness in oidei lo iesloie nv
nalivilv, ve legan lo liol lovaids lhe viIdeiness as Chief Ioseph
poinled lo a pIace fai ahead vheie lhe Iighl shone noie liighlIv lhan
anv ve'd seen: lhe nounlains in lhe skv alove lhe cIouds of lhe
hoiizon. "The OId Ones . . ." he said, and lhen lheie vas onIv siIence.
"Then sudden|µ. as l sat there |ooklng at the c|oud. l sau mµ tlslon µonder once
agaln - the teeµee bul|t of c|oud and seued ulth |lghtnlng. the f|amlng ralnbou
door and. underneath. the Slx Grandfathers slttlng. and a|| the horses thronglng
ln thelr quarters."
8|ac| ||| Spca|s. Cnap|cr X|V. Pagc 169. Paragrapn 1. (Trioa|. Og|a|a Sicux. lcrds cf
8|ac| |||)
Lnlianced as I faced il, lhe liaiI of leais had leen coidoned off
lecause il vas sacied giound. Manv souIs had died on lhis palh as lhe
Cheiokee nalions liaveIed ils Ienglh, foiced lo go lo ieseivalion Iands.
Inviled lo vaIk aside lhe palh, I slepped foivaid and legan lo vaIk.
LvenluaIIv ieaching lhe end of lhe liaiI, I noliced lhe oninous
giavevaid of Wounded Knee. Anolhei sighl of Nalive Aneiican
sIaughlei, nanv Indians had died heie aflei lhe nalives had peifoined
a ghosl dance. Led lo a singIe giaveslone, lheie veie aloul lvenlv
diffeienl Indian nanes elched upon il. Cuided lo Iook upon a singIe
nane, I aIIoved il lo peneliale nv souI. 'Windov heail,' il said.
Leaping lovaids lhe nounlains in lhe skv, lhe anazing
eneigies of lhe OId Ones suiiounded and liansfoined nv souI, as a
voice enanaled fion lhe Lailh. "WeIcone lo Ule Mounlain," il said,
"vou aie veIcone." Ciandnolhei slood alop lhe nounlain leside a
Ione nounlain Iion. As I vaIked genlIv lovaids lhen, I legan lo aIlei
and change inlo a nounlain Iion.
Reluining lo nv hunan nanifeslalion, nv cIolhes veie nov
of luckskin and nv feel veie adoined vilh noccasins. Mv souI vas
conpIeleIv nalive.
Rugged lul confoilalIe, lhe noccasins loie nv feel veII as I
jouineved deepei inlo lhe nounlain viIdeiness. Having vaIked
lhiough lhe nounlain pass, lhe aninaIs veie no Iongei afiaid and I
loie a nevfound visdon of nv peopIe and aII lhal lhev had slood foi.
Ciandnolhei poinled lo an inage in lhe skv, as lhe slais
legan lo cascade lovaids ne fion oninous dislanl noons. CenlIe
visdon of nv deslinv fiIIed nv souI, as a nounlain Iion peeied quielIv
fion an oveihanging cIiff. Nodding nv gialilude lo hin foi his eneigv,
giandnolhei legan lo disappeai, and as she did, I legan lo vaIk . . .
"When the ulse man casts off |axltµ through tlgl|ance. he ls |lke unto a man
uho. hatlng ascended the hlgh touer of ulsdom. |ooks uµon the sorroulng
µeoµ|e ulth an aff|lcted heart. He beho|ds sufferlng lgnorant men as a
mountalneer beho|ds µeoµ|e ln a ta||eµ."
Dnannapada. Can|c || - On Vigi|ancc. Pagc 15. Nc. 28. (8uddnisn)
Oninous in lhe dislance, lhe spiiil aside loId ne lhe sloiv of
lhe house foi vhich I had cone. RecenlIv soId lo a veiv unsuspecling
faniIv, lhev veie unavaie of lhe quadiupIe nuidei vhich had
occuiied lenealh lhis ioof, and lhe haunling lhal hadn'l ceased since. A
faniIv aigunenl had Ied lo foui dealhs in lhis house. Thiee of lhe
spiiils ienained, lhough one had aIieadv Iefl foi lhe Iighl. AIlhough
lhe silualion had leen quile giisIv, il had leen an acl of passion and lhe
peipelialoi vas nol dooned. DeepIv fianlic aloul vhal she had done,
hei souI needed lo seek foigiveness and accepl heIp fion lhe Loid.
Weaiing a niIilaiv unifoin, Ravnond vas lhe fiisl of lhe
lhiee Iosl souIs vho vas causing havoc. When he had died, he had
leen veaiing lhis unifoin, lul he had puIIed lack inlo his chiIdhood
seIf as a iesuIl of vhal had happened. Scoll, his fiiend, had aIso leen
nuideied, and he and Ravnond slaved logelhei in lhe house.
Ravnond luined inlo a snaII ponv and I knev lhal he vas
conveving lo ne lhal he vanled lo le fiee Iike a viId hoise, lul he
couIdn'l find lhe vav. Tuining lack inlo a chiId, he legan lo gel snaIIei
and snaIIei unliI he vas a lalv. Iicking hin up, I said, "Il's aIiighl, il's
okav lo vanl lo le confoiled." HoIding hin on nv shouIdei, I slioked
his lack and luined. Scoll foIIoved us as I expIained lo lolh of lhen
lhal I vas going lo lake lhen on a shoil fIighl. "Whal`" Thev said in
unison. "Take nv hands," I said, "jusl cone vilh ne." Iausing, I gave
lhen insliuclions. "Oh, don'l foigel lhe Iighl, vhen vou see lhe Iighl,
jusl go foi il okav`" Nodding lhal lhev vouId, lhev pIaced lheii hands
in nine and ve ian foivaid. "Okav, ieadv`" "Yeah." "IUMI!" As ve
junped, ve soaied inlo lhe skv as lhe lunneI opened lefoie us. IuIIing
nv ains lackvaids, I gave lhen a ceIesliaI shove lovaids lhe Iighl, as
lhev venl huiIing lovaids il.
Reluining lo lhe house, I sal vailing foi lhe finaI souI lo
appeai. Off in lhe dislance, I olseived a nan veaiing iovaI gainenls
vho seened lo le olseiving. Coning in lhe foin of a donkev, lhe finaI
souI aiiived as I pelled hei fui. "Il's okav," I said, lul as I did, she
liansfoined inlo a fianlic vonan. "NO! IT'S NOT!" In a slale of ullei
despaii, she vas lhe peipelialoi. Ravnond's nolhei had kiIIed hei
faniIv and his fiiend vho jusl happened lo le lheie lhal falefuI nighl.
IIagued lv guiIl, she vas haunled lv hei ovn vioIenl deed. "I knov . . .
I knov." CaIning hei, hei eves fiIIed vilh pain and hoiioi. "Do vou
knov vhal I did`" She asked. "Yes," I caInIv slaled, "I knov, I knov
Confused al nv lianquiI and delached posilion, she jusl slaied.
"Heie, lake nv hand." As she did, ve vaIked lo lhe cenlei of lhe Iiving
ioon. "Whal aloul nv husland`" She asked. "Oh, don'l voiiv, he
aIieadv venl lack." I iepIied. "Nov . . . ve'ie going lo go foi a shoil
fIighl." Lxciled and scaied, hei eves nevei Iosl lhal naddened appeaI.
"Iusl ienenlei vhen vou see lhe Iighl, lhal's vheie vou go. Co foi il,
ßeginning vilh a shoil iun so she vouIdn'l le lIovn avav lv
lhe shooling slai lvpe of fIighl, ve lolh junped inlo lhe aii. ReIeasing
hei ain, I senl hei soaiing lovaids lhe Iighl vheiein she vouId face lhe
nexl phase upon hei jouinev, vhich ienained unknovn lo ne.
Again, I noliced lhe nan vho vas diessed in lhe oinanenlaI
gail of iovaIlv vho had leen valching lhis piocess. OuielIv, he
seened lo le conveving his appiovaI of nv voik. "He nusl le a
nenlei of Cod's iovaI faniIv." I lhoughl.
"jesus ansuered and sald: 'A murderer uho hath neter commltted anµ sln but
murderlng. lf hls tlme ls comµ|eted through the sµhere. that he cometh out of the
bodµ. the recelters of Ya|dabaoth come and |ead hls sou| out of the bodµ and
blnd lt bµ lts feet to a great demon ulth a horse's face. and he sµendeth three
daµs clrc|lng round ulth lt ln the uor|d . . . "
Pis|is Scpnia. Six|n 8cc|. Pagc 317. Paragrapn 3. (Cnris|iani|u. Gncs|ic/|sscnc. lcrds
cf Cnris|)
Lnconpassing ne as lhev look ne lo nv deslinalion, lhe soIai
iavs piojecled nv spiiil lo a nuising hone vheie seveiaI palienls veie
scheduIed lo cioss ovei. As lhev veie lo le lianspoiled lo lhe sun, I vas
honoied lo le invoIved in assisling souI's vho had achieved
Sone of lhen veie quile seniIe. Laiiv acluaIIv leIieved he vas
ßalnan fion lhe oId leIevision seiies, so I knev lhal I vas going lo
have sone fun. Repoiling foi dulv, I vas assigned lo accepl a jol as an
aclivilies diiecloi foi lhis CalhoIic nuising hone. Veising ne on lhe
ieIigion so lhal I nighl fil in Iong enough lo nake lhis liansilion
pIeasanl and sinpIe, a veiv conseivalive fiflvish vonan ian lhe hone
and vas nol al aII pIeased vilh lhe seniIe fanlasies of hei iesidenls.
Mv pIavfuIness vilh Laiiv, a.k.a. ßalnan, and his fiiend
RaIph, a.k.a. Rolin, ieaIIv disluiled hei. ßv nighlfaII of nv fiisl
voiking dav, she vas consideiing nv disnissaI.
ßalnan, a nane lv vhich he piefeiied lo le caIIed, vas
saddened lecause he onIv had one ain: his Iefl. ßecause of lhis, I had
onIv leen given one ain upon enliv inlo lhis opeialion, nv iighl,
vhich nade hin feeI confoilalIe vilh ne innedialeIv. Seiving
spaghelli foi dinnei lhal nighl, ßalnan had gollen fiuslialed lecause he
couIdn'l lviiI lhe spaghelli aiound his foik vilh his Iefl ain. So I sal on
his led and lviiIed il vilh nv iighl. ßellv, lhe Iadv in chaige, vas
upsel al lhe speciaI liealnenl I gave lo ßalnan, and il disluiled hei lhal
I sang lhe ßalnan lhene song and danced aiound lhe ioon.
"Nananananananana, Nananananananana, ßalnan!" Lncouiaging his
seniIilv vas viong