Time clauses

When. Used to express that an action comes as a consequence immediately after another action *NOTE: “When” is used at the beginning the second clause uses a comma (,)

When my boss calls, wake me up I`ll start fixing the gadget when I finish this work

As: Used when an action happens at the same time with another action -As the Wheel turns, it generates electricity - The wather produces heat as it boils

Before/ after: Indicates consequence of events, but it is not so immediate as “As” -You must read the manual before you operate the machine -After you operate the machine, turn ir off

Phrases to express purpose

Is/ are used to + infinitive --- To express a purpose -Sunglasses are used to protect you eyes from sun -An I pod is used to stores music Is/ Are for+ noun/ing --- To express a purpose


MI 34

-An umbrella is used for repelling water -An I pod is used for storing music Is/ are used as + noun --. I`m not sure The sun will raise tomorrow You might fall if you go up running the steps BRYAN MARTINEZ BENITEZ MI 34 .To express a role in which a device is used in a different way from that what it was originally created -A table can be used as a desk -An ID card is used as a key Modals of deduction Will: Used when there`s a real posibility of an event -I think cars will be eco-friendly in a close future -They won`t use wather as fuel -Who will you do when finish your studies? May/ might: Used when there`s a 50% of probability to occur an a action -Tom might work abroad if the gets the scholarship -Cars might / may not use petrol in a future Tony might be busy because he`s not answering his cell pone He might work for a good company work for a good company if the Works hard The gadget might be out of date in a couple of years.

They make gasoline from oil Gasoline is made from oil Some one broke a window A window was broken BRYAN MARTINEZ BENITEZ MI 34 . Passive voice Fuction: Used when the object in a sentence is more important as the subject .to link advantage and disadvantage This is very useful but very expensive *Although/however to express contrast.Linking words Bit.. We recommend to practice at home since learning a second language requines plenty of practice.OBJECT + BE + PAST PARTICIPLE They make tequila in Mexico. Tequila is made in Mexico. since. as connect reason of a clauses. Gears are moved by spring. Usually at the beginning of sentence I’ve traveled to different countries in Europe. *Because. I don’t even know important cities in my country. The spring moves gears. However.

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