Impact of Advertisement

In the 21st century we all are aware of the development of science and technology and of the progress made by mankind. Science has always given us a lot and one of the gifts of science is mass-media which includes television, radio etc. Television is having a great impact on our minds and as a result we learn word to word utterances of the persons acting before us. This is true whether they are in serials or in advertisements. Nowadays, we find that children pay more attention towards television than to study or games. Today,advertisement has become a media for making a product popular in a short period of time and this is the only reason for the impact of new products in the mind of children. Today, when parents go to market with their children the latter ask for those products which have not even reached the market. This shows how eager they are in catching the words of the people who are advertising the product on T.V. Previously, whenever any movie was about to be released there was a news break in between but now there are several breaks for the advertisement. Today, if any advertisement is shown, then even before the actor or actress speaks, the child starts pronouncing the lines of the advertisement much before the advertises. Thus we can see that children know all the names of the performers, colour of their dresses and the product they advertise. Yesterday, while I was passing across the street, I heard a boy telling his friends that a new advertisement was released and the person who was advertising it was Sachin Tendulkar. I looked at that boy and found that he was not even seven years and I was surprised that his memory was so sharp to remember the television programmes. but I doubt if it was the same in regard to his studies. I found this out not only in that boy but in all the young children of today. Besides, seven year old children, even much younger children are attracted towards television. For example, one of my teachers was saying that her brother's daughter is so keen for watching television that if television is switched off, then she starts crying. You will be surprised to know that she is only seven months old. Today's, the children have developed too expensive tastes. They always ask their parents for new products. However, I don't mean that advertisements should be totally banned, but their impact should be minimized.

We even not performing our right of vote properly. We all always talk and discuss about corruption. would have been different. One should understand that looting other people's money wont help you to build your own dream house.People have been adopting corruption not by choice but by force.Corruption is a product of democracy? Since independence we have become the victim of dirty policies of the government. It so happens that although many of the people are aware that giving bribe is against law and taking bribe is also against law.Their is no love. the present state of affairs .police etc.Many people cannot raise their voice because they are not so rich and they know that their voice will be supressed by corruption. as some bad elements in the society for their personal interest started ruining the unity and integrity. Corruption threatens good governance. Even the ordinary people have been used to giving bribes and getting their work done faster.Everybody should work together and owns responsibility and to start a movement to fight against the corruption and punish the culprits.I think the most important reason for corruption is lack of patriotism. Swami Vivekanand and others are not part of our current generation.Our every activity should be for the sake of nation.and kill corruption before you go through the bitter taste of it. The only solution according to me is the unity of people. affection and brotherhood among the people. one expects to take bribe. It is true that corruption is forming a major part in our country. WE ALL TALK ABOUT CORRUPTION. In selection process and all other government works to be done fast.anti -national and in-human.May be the people who have not tasted the bitterness of corruption would not be realising that it has reached its peak.The people have become irresponsible. national growth and democracy.then about famely then community then friends then village/city then state and if got time then about nation./MLA without voting.negligent.we have to think about remedy on corruption.Only 50% Indians are using voting power. I am sure.commissioners. Although many vigilance companies are working to clear the corruption. Had they been their in these days.As the corruption is the root cause of many problems in a common man can take the help from them and spread the anti-corruption practice. All these things are the examples of lack of patriotism.Students scoring less marks getting admission easily just because their parents have good amount to spend in the form of bribe.sustainable development.Sometimes it is felt so unsafe in the hands of Government as a normal person cannot breathe in the smoke of corruption. We are unfortunate that the Great people like Mahatma Gandhi. We all think about ourself.Take an example-The very prudent decision of the Government to charge challans to those people who talk on their cell phones while driving is supressed by the practice of corruption. I feel that their efforts are not completely fulfilled.We all are aware of the fact that corruption is seen everywhere from small time clerks to polititians. it is not practically followed. .The police officers very nicely take a bribe and leave the person.It seems that most the people who supports corruption is not a human figure.People have been forgotten their ideology and ethics.P. only then will there be an end to this is how laws are implementing in our country.BUT WHAT IS THE SOLUTION TO THIS KILLING PRACTICE.We can easily narrate many reasons for increasing corruption.So save your country do not let it go in the hands of corrupt people.Actually it should be in reverse order.Now adays media is playing a very imporrtant role. It is the people who are encouraging the officials to take bribe. These instances are making youth unproductive and directionless.It is not possible to elect able M. The people should be very supportive in abolising this corruption.They must realise their mistakes first.