1. The state emblem of India, how many lions are visible? a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 2. What do the terms Satyameva Jayate on the state emblem mean? a. Truth will live on b. Only Truth Prevails c. Truth will Triumph d. Truth Lives On 3. The Chakra on the Indian Flag is in what colour? a. Black b. Navy Blue c. Dark Brown d. Gray 4. How many spokes are on the Chakra in the Indian Flag? a. 24 b. 26 c. 28d. 30 5. On what year was the Jana-gana-mana adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the national athem? a. 1947 b. 1948 c. 1950 d. 1951 6. When was Jana-gana-mana first sung? a. 1911 b. 1947 c. 1950 d. 1951 7. What is the longest river flowing in India? a. Alaknanda b. Yumana c. Ganga d. Gumti 8. What is the National Tree of India? a. The Mango Tree b. The Fig or Banyan Tree c. The Coconut Tree d. Not Declared 9. How many hours is IST ahead of Greenwich Mean Time? a. 4.5 Hours

5 Hours 5. d. Badminton d. c. What is the state flower of Haryana? Lotus Rhododendron Golden Shower Not declared 16. USA and Canada d. Shivraj Singh Chouhan d. 6 b. 8 d. Achutanandan b. Surjit Singh Barnala b.S.b. Hong Kong 12. Which countries use the American Dollar? a. English and Telugu b. b.S. Telugu and Urdu c.5 Hours 6 Hours 10. Who is the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh? a. How many Union Territories does India have? a. Cricket b. Hockey c. Canada c. R. V. 9 13. All of the above languages 15. The National Sport of India is a. USA b. What are the major languages spoken in Andra Pradesh? a. Who is the Governor of Tamil Nadu? a. None of the above 11. Telugu and Kannada d. d. Ashok Chavan 17. c. 7 c. a. What is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh? • Itanagar • Dispur • Imphal • Shillong 14. Gavai d. Shivraj Patil c. Hans Raj Bhardwaj . Rameshwar Thakur c.

Uttar Pradesh d. Maharastra b. Gujral c. In what state are the Elephant Falls located? a. Which state has its State Tree as the Almond? a. Mizoram b. Nagaland c. Jammu and Kashmir d. Manmohan Singh d. Uttar Pradesh b. 1996 d. Which of the following states is not located in the North? a. Jammu and Kashmir c. Atal Bihari Vajpayee b. Arunachal Pradesh 19. The 13th Prime Minister of India was a. Himachal Pradesh d. Andra Pradesh 21. 2002 25. B. P. V. Maharastra c. Jharkhand b. Manipur d. Tripura 24. Rajasthan 20. NARASIMHA RAO 26. Who was the President of the constitutional committee and played an important part in the drafting of the constitution? a. 1992 c. Meghalaya 22. Ambedkar b.R. Dr.18. Abdul Kalam was elected as president in which year? a. Which state has the largest area? a. Himachal Pradesh b. Mizoram b. I. In which state is the main language Khasi? a. Meghalaya d. Orissa c. Mahatma Gandhi . Dr. Bihar d.K. 1986 b. Which state has the largest population? a. Goa c. Madhya Pradesh c. Haryana 23.

Gulzari Lal Nanda c. 14. C 6. 13. 1992 d. A 5. Indira Gandhi d. Lal Bahadur Shastri b. 19. Morarji Desai 30. 18. A 7. Who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi? a. Lal Bahudar Shastri 28. 15. C 3. 1990 b. Who prevailed in the 1977 elections and ended Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule? a. 1991 c. None of the Above 29. Both None 27. Ashfaquallah Khan d. B 9. d. B A B A C A C D . Atal Bihari Vajpayee b. B 4. C 10. C 8. 1993 Answers 1. Who succeeded Nehru as Prime Minister? a.A 12.C. B 2. Karamchand b. 16. In what year was Rajiv Gandhi assassinated? a. Morarji Desai c. Nathuram Godse c. Charan Singh d. 17.B 11.

Ravish Malhotra c. 23. Shah Jahan 5. Who was the first Indian woman in Space? a. CV Raman b. 21. Imam Bukhari d. Subramanian Chrandrashekar . Rakesh Sharma d. TK Kurien c. but could be B.A. None of the above 2. Suresh Vaswani 4. Who built the Jama Masjid? a. Rabindranath Tagore c. Nagapathi Bhat 3. Sunita Williams c. Amartya Sen c. None of the above 6. Hargobind Khorana d. Narayana Murthy b. Nehru 30. N. Who is the founder of Infosys Technologies? a.B PART -2 GENRAL KNOWLEDGE 1. A D A C 24. since Gulzari Lal Nanda was interim Prime Minister after the sudden demise of Pt.20. Akbar c.A 27. Swami Vivekanand d.D 25.A 26. Jahangir b.R. Koneru Humpy d.B 29. Who was the first Indian Scientist to win a Nobel prize? a. Kalpana Chawla b. Vikram Ambalal b. Azim Premji d. Bakim Chandra Chatterji b. 22.B 28. Who wrote the Indian National Athem? a. Who was the first Indian in space? a.

Pratibha Patil b. Mohammad Hamid Ansari c. Rabindranath Tagore b. Who is first Indian to win a Nobel Prize? a. Aishwarya Rai b. Ms. Who is the highest ranking Indian born woman in Corporate Life (According to Fortune Magazine? a. CV Raman c. 1985 d. Diya Mirza 9. Imam Bukhari d. Jahangir b. Sushmita Sen c. Akbar c. Lal Bahadur Shastri c. Mother Theresa d. Lakshmi Mittal c. Reita Faria d. 1984 c. Dr. Arundhati Roy d. Who built the Red Fort? a. Who is currently (2011) the Vice President of India? a. Indira Nooyi b. In what year did Sonia Gandhi receive Citizenship of India? a. 1982 b. Hargobind Khorana 8. Neelam Dhawan d. Nirad C.7. Aravind Adiga 11. Shah Jahan 12. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat . Chaudhuri c. Shobhana Bhartia 14. Dhan Gopal Mukerji b. Who was the first Indian to win the Booker Prize? a. Zakir Hussain 10. Rajendra Prasad d. Mukesh Ambani b. Who was the first Indian woman to win the Miss World Title? a. Who is the richest Indian according to the Forbes List? a. Anil Ambani 13. Chandra Kocchar c. Abdul Kalam b. 1987 15. Who was the first president of India? a. Azim Premji d.

Hyundai India 19. Jordon 22. Saudi Arabia b.Who was the leader of the Dalit Movement in India? a. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru b. Commodity Parity Index 20. Nokia India b. Gulzar Lal Nanda d. None of the Above 17. South Africa b. Arjun Award b. Hewlett Packard d. Who was the 1st Prime Minister of India? a. Nehru d. The CPI is an abbreviation that stands for: a. Switzerland d. Barack Obama b. The Top Sports Award of India is a. Indonesia 21 Crown Prince Harold is the King of what country a. Krishan Kant 16. B R Ambedkar b. Hillary Clinton d. The Games Award d. Dronacharya Award c. The Rajiv Gandhi Sports Award 23 The Vice President of the United States is : a.d. Consumer Parity Index d. Vodafone Essar c. Lal Bahadur Shastri c. Mahatma Gandhi c. Maruti Suzuki e. Mexico c. Which of the following is not a member of the G-20 a. Dick Cheney . India’s largest MNC in 2011 in terms of turnover is: a. Commodity Price Index c. Dr. Joe Biden c. United Kingdom c. Norway d. Pt. Consumer Price Index b. None of the above 18.

The song Vande Mantaram was composed by: a. 1950 . Mango Tree 31. Peacock d. 2:3 c. Rabindranath Tagore b. Sanskrit 28. Urdu d. What is the ratio of the width of the Indian Flag to the its Length: a. Lakshadweep 26. Bhutan 25.24. 1948 c. 29 The National Animal of India is the : a. Lotus Fruit c. The following countries have a border with India to the North West: a. The National Fruit of India is the a. The National Tree of India is the: a. The song Jana-gana-Mana was originally composed in: a. Papaya 32. Neem Tree b. Kerala c. Mango b. Gauva d. Banyan Tree d. 1949 d. 1:1 b. Which state in India has the highest literacy rate: a. The constitution of India was adopted on : a. Tamil Nadu b. Pakistan c. Lion c. China d. Mizoram d. Afganistan b. Leopard 30. Tiger b. Lotus Tree c. Bankimchandra Chatterjic. Bengali b. Hindi c. 4:2 d. 1947 b. 2:4 27.

A & B 25. B 23 B 24. C 3.028 Million c. 1. The contribution of agriculture to the GDP of India is roughly: a. Indian comprises of 28 states and 8 Union Territories 34.052 Million d. C 9. The following is a true statement in 2011: a. D 19. 40% d.B 14. The population of India according to the Census of 2001 is: a.074 Million Answers: 1. A 7. A 2. B . A 4. 9.33. A 8.A 18. D 5. C 10.C 11. A 20. India comprises of 28 states and 7 Union Territories d.D 12. India comprises of 28 states and 5 Union Territories c. 45% 35. 30% b.B 16 A 17. B 26. B 6.D 13. 1. 33% c. C 22.038 Million b.B 15. 1. India comprises of 28 states and 6 Union Territories b. C 21.

d. Which country has the largest armed forces? a. e. c. d. b. B 35 B PART -3 GENRAL KNOWLEDGE 1. A 32 C 33 C 34. C 31. B 29. What is the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth? a. e. b. d. What is the largest desert in the world? a. c. e. b. Fibula Ulna Femur Tibia Sternum 2.27. Arabian Desert Gobi Desert Sahara Desert Great Victoria Great Basin 3. c. What is the longest bone in the human body? a. A 28. c. Sputnik 1 Explorer 1 Vanguard 1 Discoverer 1 SCORE 4. India China Russia USA North Korea . d. A 30. b. e.

Sugar Disease is called a. e. d. e. d. Tokyo USA Moscow Seoul New York 7. b. b.5. e. c. Sikkim Goa Nagaland Tripura None of the above 9. e. c. d. c. Brazil Italy United Kingdom South Africa USA 8. b. Which country has the longest border? a. Which of the following countries is the host of 2016 Olympic Games? a. d. What is the name of the Indian State with the least population? a. Which is the biggest underground railway network? a. c. Jaundice Typhoid Diabetes Hysteria Malaria . b. c. d. Brazil China USA USSR India 6. e. b.

d.B . The Council of States in India is generally known as: a.10. B 5. C 3. A 7. C 2. A 4. e. c. B 6. C 10. Lok Sabha Raj Sabha Parliament AD hoc Committee None of the Above Answers: 1. b. C 8. A 9.

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