Batman: Year One Part 2 Script By Spidey23 Batman and all related characters are owned by DC Comics.

We see a warehouse We see two drug dealers sitting at a table with people standing around them One is Roman Sionis. The other is a masked drug dealer called Prometheus. Roman: so Mr? Prometheus: don’t have one, you can call me Prometheus. Roman: Like the movie? Prometheus: What? Roman: Never mind. So Mr Falcone tells me you got something we need Prometheus: I have the drugs, you have the money? Roman: Not here, not tonight we must make the exchange tomorrow. Prometheus: fine, if the money is not here tomorrow I will get my boys to kill you and Falcone. Roman: You can’t kill Falcone. Prometheus: Watch Me. Roman stands up and gets his men and they leave. Prometheus smiles. We see James Gordon on the phone to his wife outside his office at GCPD James: Sarah, Sarah listen to me, don’t leave Jersey. Sarah: James, our baby is on the way, I need you. James: Gotham is a shit hole, I’m not going to lie, don’t come here ever ok? Sarah: James, my flight leaves tomorrow. James: How is little Barbara going? Sarah: she is holding up all right We see Sarah touching her stomach James: just be careful that’s all. Sarah: I know James, but we will fight through it, together. James: I love you Sarah: I love you to. James hangs up the phone. We see Sarah put the phone down also. James is walking to his car when he gets a phone call from Flass. James picks up James: Yeah, Flass what’s up? Flass: Jimmie, get in the car and go to Wayne Road. James: why? Flass: two massive drug organisations just went in James: How big is massive? Flass: very big. James: I’m on my way. James hangs up and runs to his car he gets in and starts driving. We see the warehouse and we see Roman’s men walking inside James arrives. Flass is nowhere in sight James rings Flass

James: Come on pick up The phone dies. James: Flass!!! One of Roman’s men overhears James Gordon. Roman Thug: Hey what the hell is going on over there? Roman: don’t worry about it, just put these on. Roman hands every thug a black skull shaped mask Roman thug: why this? Roman: Because it’s Milan fashion week. Roman hits the thug in the head. Roman and his thugs walk inside We see James get on the phone James: Loeb, Commissioner Loeb are you there? Loeb: James what is it? James: Flass is a traitor, apart from that I’m at Wayne Road, and two massive Drug dealers are exchanging drugs Loeb: who is the dealer? James: that guy, Black Mask Loeb: I will get the SWAT team there now. James: thank you. What do I do now? Loeb: make sure they stay there. James: done Loeb: and what about Flass? James; don’t worry about it I will explain later. James hangs up the phone and goes back to his car. We see Roman and Prometheus sitting at the same table as last night. Roman: there is the money. Prometheus grabs the briefcase and looks. Prometheus: It’s all there. I guess you want your drugs? Roman: No I’m just giving you free money Prometheus: don’t be smart arse to me Roman: where are the drugs? Prometheus: here. Prometheus’s men grab the drugs and puts them on the table. Roman: are they all there? Prometheus: Positive Roman: good. Pleasure doing business with you. Prometheus: we are not done Roman turns around. Prometheus: Now! Prometheus men set the warehouse on fire. Roman: the masks. Men get them off. As the heat goes up the mask melts onto the face of Roman and his men. We see Gordon sitting in his car. James looks over and he sees the warehouse on fire. James: what the hell?

We cut back to Roman. Who is on the floor crying. Roman: my face. We see Prometheus running. Roman: get back here. Roman grabs a gun from the floor and shoots Prometheus’s men Prometheus keeps running the warehouse is slowly falling to pieces. Roman chases after Prometheus. Prometheus escapes but Roman runs outside straight into the S.W.A.T. Team. James: Your surrounded, put your hands in the air Roman does as told. We see Bruce Wayne walking around the city closest to the castle he saw on the plane Bruce walks up to the mountain, which the castle is on We see him walking up the mountain. He passes by many people, the people stare at him, and they know who he is. Bruce approaches one of the men. Bruce: what is up there? Bruce points to the castle Asian Man: Ra’s Al Ghul Bruce: Ra’s Al Ghul? Bruce continues to climb the mountain he finally arrives at the castle. Bruce opens the door. Bruce walks inside Bruce: Hello? Ra’s? We see a man appear Bruce: are you Ra’s… Ra’s Al Ghul: yes I am. I know who you are Bruce: I’m a bit of a public figure Ra’s Al Ghul: here they consider you a god. Bruce: that’s nice of them. Ra’s Al Ghul: Why are you here? Bruce: I’m scared. Ra’s Al Ghul: of what? Bruce: is there somewhere we can sit down and talk about it. Ra’s Al Ghul: yes follow me. Ra’s takes Bruce through his wonderful home; he has many people helping him sustain a real life. Bruce: what is that? Bruce points to a door Ra’s: that is a door Mr Wayne. Follow me through here. Ra’s opens a door and inside is a room, with many chairs and a table. Ra’s: please sit, tell me about this fear. Bruce: When I was younger, I… I fell down a well. We see a little Bruce Wayne, jumping on the wood. The wood snaps Bruce: My dad, he told me to stop jumping. I did not listen Ra’s: go on. Bruce: I fell down, and I moved a rock. And it left a doorway I touched the door way and then bats came swooping out.

Ra’s: and what makes you think I can help you? Bruce: there is more. Ra’s: good tell me. Bruce: then my dad told me I was so brave for not being scared, when I lied. He then said I had a choice of what we do on a Thursday night. It was the last night I ever saw my mum and dad. Ra’s: what happened? We see a young Bruce Wayne talking to his dad. Bruce: Dad. I want to go see a movie Thomas: what movie Bruce? Bruce: Zorro Thomas: why don’t we go tonight, your mother can come to. Bruce: that would be awesome. Thomas: Martha, Bruce wants to go see Zorro, do you want to come? Martha walks into the room. Martha: no it can be a boy’s night Bruce: Mum, please come Martha: fine. Bruce: yes. Thomas: Bruce when we get home, straight to bed ok? Bruce: done. Ra’s Al Ghul: what happened after that? Bruce: I’m still going We see Thomas calling a taxi using his phone Martha: It’s a breaker Alfred isn’t here huh? Thomas: Martha, his mum is dying Martha: understandable but annoying Thomas: Please get a hold of yourself We see a taxi arrive Thomas: Bruce, Martha. Taxi’s here. Bruce runs into the cab and Thomas and Martha follow him. Thomas: Park Row sir Cab Driver: sure thing buddy. The Taxi starts moving. They arrive at the movie theatre. Bruce: Mum, Dad hurry up the movie is almost starting Thomas: calm down Bruce. We will get there in time. The three sit down in the movie. We see Bruce watching, and he is scared and horrified. We see Zorro fighting Monsters, in Bruce’s eyes monsters that look like Bats. Bruce: Mum, Dad. I’m scared. Thomas: Ok, we can go if you want Martha: Come On. Bruce, Thomas and Martha leave the theatre. Thomas: Bruce? What’s a matter? Bruce: nothing I just got scared. Martha: well we can start walking to the nearest taxi stop. Thomas: yeah come on, Brucie.

We see a man with a beanie and holes in the beanie so we can see his eyes and mouth. Man: Hand me your money. Thomas: hey, just take it easy. Man: Wallet, Now Thomas grabs his wallet Thomas: here you go, now just leave Thomas goes to touch his shoulder. The Man shoots Thomas. Thomas falls to the ground Bruce: No, DAD!! Martha looks at the man in horror Martha: you killed him, you… Man: This will shut you up. The Man shoots Martha in the chest, she falls to the ground. The Man looks at Bruce Bruce: you going to kill me to? The Man runs away Bruce lies on the ground next to his dead mum and dad. The camera shows Bruce crying. Bruce: that was the night my mum and dad died. Ra’s: you still fear that? Bruce: and the bats Ra’s: I will help you. Not get rid of your fear but use it as a weapon Bruce: what? I’m not going to become some vigilante and use it as a weapon. Ra’s: I’m going to show you something. I have never shown any one else it before. Ra’s tells Bruce to follow him. Bruce and Ra’s walk into a massive room with a pool in the middle. Bruce: you got a pool, congrats Ra’s: not a pool Mr Wayne Bruce: what is it? Ra’s: its what keeps me alive Bruce: what do you mean? Ra’s: I was born in the Roman times. I knew Julio Cesar. And I discovered this. Bruce: your lying. Ra’s: No detective. I speak the truth. Over time I wanted to see what would become of this planet we live on. So I found this. The Lazarus Pit Bruce: it is like a medicine to keep you alive. Right? Ra’s: exactly. I was diagnosed with Cancer many years ago. I went into the pit and it went away Bruce: you can’t keep this. Ra’s: sure I can. I’ve done it for more than a million years and you think you can stop me. Bruce: Ra’s People die everyday from Cancer, who knows how many people could be cured by this. Ra’s: I’m not giving it to you or Gotham Bruce: but it’s not right that you have so much and leave so little for the rest of us.

Ra’s: Bruce Wayne, have you looked in the mirror? Ra’s: follow me, I will teach you how to control your fear Bruce follows him We see James Gordon in Loeb’s office. James: Loeb, Flass he left me there Loeb: are you sure? James; he told me to go to Wayne street and then he wasn’t there. Loeb: is he here today? James: yeah, I think. Loeb: go get him, call him in. James: alright. By the way what ever happened to Roman? Loeb: The judge let him out. James: did Falcone bribe him? Loeb: probably. James: this city is doomed. Loeb: we need a knight don’t we? James: A Dark Knight. James walks out of the office. James: Flass, Loeb wants you. Flass: what ever, Flass walks in. Flass: you want me, here I am. Loeb: James tells me you left him at the warehouse. Is this true? Flass: no sir. James told me to go to another place. Loeb: Flass, your lies mean nothing. I’m firing you. Get Out Now! Flass: Boss, please. Loeb: I will count to 10 if you are not out, I will blow your head off. Flass gets up and slams the door behind him Flass: Hey Jimmie, Tell your wife to watch out. Flass leaves the office. The cops walk over to James Cop 1: don’t worry about it James. James looks at Flass who leaves the building. We see Bruce and Ra’s eating at a small table. Ra’s: So your father created Wayne Enterprises? Bruce: no, his dad did. It’s a family company Ra’s: oh, the trick with Business is never let family help. Bruce: why? Ra’s: because they never believe what you think will work, it’s the truth. Bruce: I should listen to you shouldn’t I? Ra’s: Mr Wayne. I don’t fear anything. I have lost so many things in my life, that fear is non-existent. Bruce: what did you lose? Ra’s starts to tear up. Ra’s looks into the distance Ra’s: my wife, she died. Very long ago. Bruce: and you haven’t found someone else?

Ra’s: You don’t understand, she was my life. I put my time and effort into our love and then I made a stupid mistake and she payed for it. Bruce: I’ve made mistakes to. Ra’s: but yours haven’t led to death, not yet. Bruce: my parents died outside a movie theatre that I wanted to go to. How is that not my fault. Ra’s: we can always ask to do things, you asked to see a movie, they took you, and the murderer wasn’t thinking and got scared. Bruce: he wasn’t scared, he was happy. Ra’s: No, that is why you fail. Bruce: what? Ra’s: you are to negative; the murderer obviously got scared like you. Bruce: I’m no murderer Ra’s: your missing the point. Put yourself into his shoes, pretend you are the murderer, you have just asked an innocent man for his wallet, and he touches you on the shoulder. What would you do? Bruce: i… don’t know. Ra’s: I do. You would shoot him, like the murderer shot your parents. We see a young Bruce sitting next to the bodies of the Wayne’s We cut back to an older Bruce; we see a tear roll down his eye. Ra’s: Bruce, I will teach you to use this fear as a weapon Bruce: Gotham is doomed, they need a hero. Ra’s: Gotham was always doomed, but the man who will destroy Gotham is yet to arrive. Bruce: how do you know this? Ra’s: I’m immortal remember. Bruce: I want to become more than a man. Ra’s: you want to become a hero? Bruce: A Symbol. Ra’s: eat up, tomorrow we will start. We cut to Wayne Enterprises we see Alfred sitting in Bruce Wayne’s chair at a board meeting. Lucius Fox walks in. Fox: good morning Alfred. Alfred gets up and shakes his hand. Alfred: Morning Mr Fox. Fox: please, you’re my boss call me Lucius. Alfred: oh ok, Lucius. Everybody in the board meeting sits down. Mr Fox stands up. Fox: hello everyone, now I know Mr Pennyworth and I aren’t Bruce Wayne. The board laughs. Fox: Mr Wayne has gone on a vacation. But Alfred and I will be in charge of Wayne Enterprises until he returns. Board Member: Where is Mr Wayne? Fox: Mr Wayne does not want to be bothered so he hasn’t told Alfred or me. Board Member: surely someone knows. Fox: yes someone does, we just don’t care where he is.

Board Member: He is my boss. Fox: did I even ask you to speak? The board member stops talking. Fox: Now, Wayne Enterprises has been involved in a serious problem. Everybody looks at Fox. Fox: one of our clients, Mr Sionis has been taken into custody. As you may or may not know, this hurts Wayne’s name and the company’s name. Alfred: Mr Fox, what did he have? Fox: he has one of our weapons. Alfred: just one? Fox: no he had a whole stack of them; all of his men had them. Alfred: how did he get them? Fox: we must have a rat, or Mr Sionis is a great stealer. We see Ra’s walking with Bruce Bruce looks at the weapons Ra’s has. Bruce touches a sword. The swords blade shoots into the wall. Bruce jumps back with a shock. Ra’s: you have no idea how much that helps in battle. Bruce: how are we going to train me? Ra’s: simple, you fear Bats and death don’t you? Bruce: yeah. Ra’s: there is a cave near here. We will walk there inside you will find the things you desire. Bruce: death? And bats? Ra’s: is that what you desire? Bruce: what I desire is punishment for the man who killed my parents. Ra’s: in time you will. But first you must begin. Bruce: what do you mean begin? Ra’s: every hero has a journey. We see Ra’s and Bruce walking up the mountains, going to the cave Ra’s: there are three parts to the journey. Begins, Falls and Rises. Bruce: sounds like a movie series. Ra’s: every hero has faced those three challenges. Bruce: so every hero falls? Ra’s: the good ones do. Bruce: what do you mean? Ra’s: if you are so good at something that you cant be beaten what’s the point of doing it? Bruce: I don’t know? Ra’s: there isn’t a point. Bruce: so why keep going? Ra’s: you wait until something or someone comes around to take you down. Ra’s and Bruce arrive outside the cave. Ra’s: go on. Bruce: do I just walk in, or do I say something, what do I do? Ra’s: just walk in. Bruce: ok. Are you coming?

Ra’s: I do not fear. Ra’s smiles and Bruce enters the cave. We see Bruce walking slowly inside the cave. We hear echoes. Bruce remembers the well. How he fell. The bats. Bruce keeps walking through the cave. He touches the wall in the cave. The cave echoes again. We see Bruce walking through the cave. He reaches a dead end. Bruce: Ra’s? What now? Ra’s does not respond. Bruce walks back the other way. We see eyes behind him. Bats. Bruce walks through and then turns around. The Bats scream Bruce at first falls to the ground and screams. Bruce remembers the well, and the death of his parents. Ra’s sees Bats fly out of the cave. Ra’s: Good work Bruce. Ra’s walks in the cave, the bats fly around him as if he has a shield. Bruce is on the floor. Ra’s taps him on the shoulder. Bruce looks up. Ra’s: stand up. Bruce: no. Ra’s: do it. Bruce slowly stands up. We see Bats fly at him he stands there and puts his arms out. The bats fly around him. Bruce: hahaha wooo. The bats fly around him. Ra’s smiles. Ra’s: Mr Wayne, they like you. Bruce: I know aahaha The bats fly around him and then the scene ends. We see Jim Gordon standing outside an abandoned building Jim: Please come out or we will use deadly force. We see three teenagers inside with drugs. Teenager 1: if you use deadly force so will we. Jim: Please come out with your hands up. Teenager 1 snorts some cocaine. We see one of the teenagers grab a gun. He walks over to a box with the name Wayne Enterprises on it.

Teenager 1: give me a gun! The second teenager throws the gun and ammo. Teenager 1: suck on this cops. Teenager 1 walks outside of the building and shoots at the cops. One cop gets shot in the head. Jim jumps down. Jim: FIRE FIRE FIRE! We see a man with a gas gun. He shoots the gun into the building. The teenagers fall to the ground. Jim walks upstairs and into the building. We see two other cops with him. Jim: what were they doing? Cop 1: drugs Jim. Jim walks over and looks at the cocaine. Jim: damn, who is selling them this? Cop 2: Falcone? Jim: maybe. But we cant just go naming random criminals, not just yet. Jim sees the box. Jim walks over to the box. The lid is off. He grabs the lid. Jim: Wayne? We see him holding a box with Wayne Enterprises on it. The next day we see a news broadcast. We see Alfred and the Wayne Enterprises board watching it. Jim Gordon is on the tv. Jim: last night one of my collages was injured, and was injured by a teenager who has been on drugs. We do not know who supplied the drugs, but we do know who supplied their weapons. Wayne Enterprises. Alfred: Bloody hell. We see Fox put his hands on his head. Jim: that’s why if we see any more weapons of mass destruction with Wayne’s name on them. We are shutting down Wayne Enterprises. Alfred: they cant do that. Fox: they can they are the government and law. Alfred: they can’t shut us down. Fox: they said they would give us one more chance. Alfred: there is a rat. Fox: I know. Alfred: any ideas? Fox: no. Alfred: I have no idea either. Fox: Well we have to find out soon. Alfred: otherwise we could be in the employment line. Fox: that would be embarrassing Alfred smiles.

We see Jim Gordon walking to his car. He calls his wife Sarah who has been in Gotham for 4 days now. Jim: Sarah? Sarah: Jim, are you ok? Jim: I’m fine, did you watch? Sarah: of coarse I did. Jim: I felt like I was shaking, was I? Sarah: I didn’t notice. Jim: I’m coming home now. Sarah: bye. Jim: bye. Jim hangs up and gets into his car. He drives off.

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