Business Objects Planning and Consolidation(BPC) - Data Push from BPC Cube to BW Cube through APD

Scenario This scenario will show how to push data from BPC Application to BI Introduction The Data Manager module in SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver, utilizes SAP NetWeaver Process Chains, and provides a way for business users to execute these chains via Data Manager Packages. Technical Information to the developer: Since this development is involved the push data to BI for reporting. 1) A query is developed on BPC application Multi provider. The Bex query is referenced in APD. The filter setting will be done inside the query designer for everytime the user likes to change the selection in pushing the data from

BPC. 2) Create the required BI structures (InfoCube, DSO[Direct Update, Standard], InfoSource, DTP) as shown in screen shot below

3) Data is pushed through APD : Below is the screen shot for the data flow in BI through APD. Here we are assigning source field to Target. This is a ABAP routine that need to be developed according to the requirement source fields (BPC) to target fields (BI) mapping. Finally the data is sent to BI direct update DSO in BI and then from Direct update DSO to Standard DSO further to target cube on which BI reports will be developed.

4) Create the Process Chain that will be triggered from BPC Data Manager. This process chain is created on APD, which is pushing data from BPC cube to BI cube as mentioned in above screenshots.

5) Create DM package inside BPC application to trigger the Process Chain

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