The Missing Link Yedioth Ahronoth (p.

4) by Roni Shaked (news analysis) -- The explosive charges were defused, the drug smuggling network that transferred the explosive charges from Lebanon was caught, the connection with Hizbullah was proven, and yet, ther e is still a black holeâ ”where is the terror cell and who are the members of the cell that was supposed to receive the explosive charges and use them to carry out te rror attacks in Israel? A terror organization, and Hizbullah certainly, will not risk smuggling weapo ns in large quantities and of outstanding quality without having prepared a terr orist infrastructure to receive the bombs and to carry out a large-scale terror attack. And this terror cell has yet to be caught. The GSS investigation found that an anonymous â śsomebodyâ ť was supposed to go to the dr ug dealer from Nazareth, to identify himself using a code word, and to pick up t he explosive charges. He hadnâ ™t yet shown up when the cell members were arrested. Tr ue, this â śsomebodyâ ť remains without explosives, the threat of a terror attack using thes e explosives was prevented, but the missing Hizbullah cell is still unknown. Its members could be Israeli Arabs, they could be Palestinians from the territories or from East Jerusalem. This missing cell could also be Hizbullah members or em issaries who have infiltrated or planned to infiltrate Israel, as tourists for e xample, to receive the explosives and commit the terror attack. The history of Hizbullah terror against Israel is closely connected to drug s mugglers. The Lebanese drug smugglers, among them drug barons, are connected eit her directly or indirectly to Hizbullah. Hizbullah has used them in the past for terror purposes. Itâ ™s easy to use drug smugglers in exchange for money, including i nnocent smugglers. They know the terrain very well, they know where the IDF goes and they succeed in smuggling. Israel has already learned that the war against drug smuggling on the Lebanese border is a war on terror. And another important point: the discovery of the cell does not reflect on th e role and the attitude of Israeli Arabs to terror. Just the opposite. In recent years there has been a sharp drop in their involvement in attempts at terror at tacks in Israel. They realized back in the days of the el-Aksa Intifada that the ir involvement in terror caused them collective damage, particularly to their im age and their being stereotyped as the enemy. Israeli Arabs today realize the be nefit of keeping their battle on the political protest, legal and public track. The GSS investigation also found that they were exploited by Hizbullah, that the ir involvement was not for ideological and national motives, but for money. And another mitigating reason for Israeli Arabs: about half of the network caught we re residents of the Lebanese/Syrian village of Ghajar on the Golan Heightsâ ”and they do not consider themselves as ethnically or nationally as belonging to Israeli A rabs. We should therefore be very cautious of an all-out attack on Israeli Arabs in the context of this affair.