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abbe abecedarian abstain accentuate acquiesce admonish adventitious affliction agrestic alacrity allegory allusion alopecia ambit apocalypse

appall approbate arcane arraign ascetic asseverate atelier austere aver bedaub bellowed besmirch billow brandish brio bucolic bustle buttress calumniate castigate cavernous cohort collateral

collegial congregation construe consummate crucifix dapper de novo debauch debridement delusion demur despot diablerie dialectic diaphanous discern disparage drab eccentric ecclesiastical effulgence elixir embellish enjoin entreat epicene epicure epigeal epigone esoteric estranged esurient exacerbate exegesis exhume expiate farrago faucet .

fawn fetter floruit foist foisted foray forsaken foyer furlough furtive gall grimace grovel guillotine idyll impinge importunate imprimatur inexorable inhere inimical internecine invective laconic lapidary lopsided macabre malapropism melange misogyny misology multi-farious nubile nugatory obliterate obscure occlude pagan .

panorama paraph parvenu pejorare perfunctory perorate pertinent peruse perverted pervicacious piquance pittance posit predilection profane profligate prorate protean provender psychedelic quell quidnunc quondam raffish remnant reverie rictus rogue rumble sagacious sapient servile shimmer sine qua non smug sobriquet solicitous soupcon .

splutter stark stealth subsume succinct succor surreptitious sycophant syncretism tantamount tawdry terse totalitarian trepidation trice ubiquity ululate uncouth usher vacillate vaunt venal virga virile viscid vitiate vituperation votive waddle wail wanton whirred widow's peak wizen wont wraith wreak wring .

writhe zugzwang cobber astute .

to spread rumours about to punish severely full of caverns/caves colleague. morals etc to refer casually disease of baldness(or losing feathers etc.french title of respect given to priest etc novice at something to hold oneself back to mark. assert. destruction to fill with horror or dismay to approve or sanction hidden or besmear to cry out loudly in anger defame sudden surge or a wave to wave. shake animated. highlight distinctly to showing strict self-discipline. associate having common origin. lacking luxury assert firmly in positive manner to spread(a surface). austere maintain.state categorically workshop. show consent to warn or to caution against specific fault accidental a state of great suffering rural willingness or readiness stories having hidden messages used to explain ideas.) scope or area of influence end of the world.lively rural to hurry through a supporting wall like structure defame. understood only by a few to accuse in court practicing self-denial.serving to support .

sorcery logical arguementation transparent. or partaking of the characteristics of. radiant hypothetical substance believed to prolong life indefinitely to decorate or improve by adding detail to direct or impose with authority to ask for or request earnestly belonging to.corrupt surgical removal of dead tissue a false belief or opinion express a formal objection to an opponent's pleading a title meaning "master" black magic.characterized by sharing among colleagues gathering of people/community to analyze/translate.anew demoralize. unconventional pertaining to the church to shine.hodgepodge a regulator for controlling fluid flow . private kept apart. in food and wine close to earth mediocre follower of an important artist confidential. to perceive to lower in esteem.see-through to separate mentally that a thing is distinct from another. greedy to worsen explanation. to make worse faded/dull in appearance deviating from the norm. both sexes a person with refined taste esp. critical analysis to dig out of the earth to make amends for confused mixture. smart in dress or appearance from the beginning. to turn away (a person) from affectionate relative hungry. deduce the meaning of complete or perfect in every way a cross with figure of Jesus christ neat clean.

heavier on one side grim and horrible humourous substitution of one word with another havin a different meaning hodgepodge.deadly vituperation minimal use of words to the extent of sounding rude related to stone cutting uneven. mixture hatred of women hatred of logic or reason diverse. invalid to rub out. fear shackle or chain at the feet time period during which one was active force upon another(eg to force/get something accepted deceptively a sudden attack/raid abandoned. deserted an entrance hall or lobby leave of absence granted to military personnel marked by secrecy. hit or dash.shut one who has no religion. specially upon rights of appealing. forlorn. distasteful contorted face expression bend.trifling. crouch to show humbleness instrument used to cut heads short descriptive rural poem to strike. having variety mature body of a marriagiable woman insignificant. determined to be inherent not friendly mutually destructive.taking pains for not being observed rude boldness.nature worshiper . leaving no trace preventing spread of knowledge to close up. imploring in urgent need official approval to print book not persuaded by.block.

allot proportionately exceedingly variable dry food for domestic animals distorting perception or awareness. past careless unconventionality(esp. exciting agreeable interest. perspective flourish at end of signature to prevent forgery a person who has suddenly acquired wealth but is not socially acceptable to make worse done routinely. eg:thunder wise. in dressing sense) something remaining dreamy thinking. obstinate stimulating. recklessly extravagant divide. stimulating a small or barely sufficient amount of money to set in place or position preconceived liking.dissolute man in fashionable society.of keen penetration and judgment insightful. imagining the gape of mouth wandering beggar deep heavy rolling sound. pretends to know everything going around. to make a speech remarks (to the point) related to the matter under discussion to examine in detail. scrutinize deviating from what is perceived as right stubborn. prejudice.picture or photo containing a wide view. prerequisite narrowly content with one's own accomplishments. partiality not sacred.morally corrupt.sacreligious recklessly wasteful.debauch. like after having drugs to crush.trace . irritatingly self-satisfied familiar nickname of a person full of anxiety small amount. wise like a slave to shine with unsteady light indispensable condition. subdue one who is curious about every thing that passes. former.

a moment the state/fact of being everywhere at the same time to howl. fearful hesitation an instant.gaudy concise to the point of rudeness autocratic. wither usual practice. dictatorial fearful uncertainity. severely simple avoiding detection by moving carefully to include within a larger group or class clearly and briefly stated help or relief for sustainance gotten by stealth. brag ready to be bribed precipitation evaporating before falling to the ground men having reproductive power sticky like glue invalidate. being equivalent tastelessly make imperfect. to carry out revenge to squeeze. twist or compress .furtive asking favour by flattery attempted union of different opposing principles having equal force. to oscillate to boast of. make morally corrupt scold.berate designed to fulfil a special intenton. anxiety. accustomed ghost of a person seen just before death(as a premonition) to speak hurriedly blunt. press. promise walk unsteadily to express grief with long cries waste sound of something in rapid motion a pointed V-shape in person's hairline to dry up. yell coarse official door keeper to move to and fro.

to cause twisting (physically or emotionally) in a position from where every move is disadvantageous close companion cunnning. shrewd .




y. . recklessly extravagant ends to know everything going around.