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1)Introduction of dairy industry


Dairy is a place where handling of milk and milk products is done and technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Dairy technology has been defend as that branch of dairy science, which deals with the processing of milk and the manufacture of milk products on an industrial scale. The Indian dairy industry has made rapid process since independence. A large number of modern milk plants and product factories have since been established. These organized dairies commercial production of pasteurized bottled milk and various western and Indian dairy products with modern knowledge of the protection of milk daily transportation, it became possible to locale dairies where land was less expensive and crops could be grown more economically. On the basis of surveys in all the 29 states and 6 union territories of the country the report announces that Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir, Utter Pradesh, Gujarat regions with maximum live stock population.

2)Introduction of Havmor

Havmor literally meaning H-A-V-E-M-O-RE. One of the best name for food business was coined by late Shri Stish Chandra Chona as a ground engineer in British overseas Aircraft corporation. Havmor ice cream meets with all legal norms specified under the law. ISO 9001:2000 certification signifies that there has been a well documented systems followed at every stages of processes during manufacturing of ice cream. Havmor ice-creams are made in a modern state of the art technology plant at the Naroda Road in Ahmadabad. This plant was set up in 1994 with its co-friendly and hygienic. It is leading brand in ice-creams with good market share in Gujarat and vast net work of distribution to reach every nook and corner. The ice-cream is available in candies, Big caps, Small caps, topo cones, novelties, family packs, party packs and seasonal flavors.

3) History of company:3

Havmor company started in the year 1944 in karachi by Satishchandra chona. In the year 1951 the company began to supply ice-cream to the restaurants. In 1953, the founder buys a place on relief rexes on the condition to serve only vegetarian for a quality product that offers value of money. In the year 1955 the Havmor began in Ahmedabad at Kalupur. After graduation Mr. Pradip chona joined full time business in 1974. Mrs. Rekha chona learnt secret formula used in mixing of thanks from in low. She is also part of business master auto and Miss Rita will be the next in line to carry on the Havmor name it they with shri Chona lifts Pakistan along with his wife smt. Nirmal chona in 1948and reaches Ahmedabad via Dehradun and Indoor the founder began the Havmor legened in Ahmedabad on the logan ACHAI, SACHAI,SAFAI . Today Havmor has also started its own restaurant and parlors. It is growing at a significant rate and has created a name of trust in the market. The initial investment was five crore approximately. The company has 500 dealers in Ahmedabad. The company celebrates its birth anniversary during DHANTERAS

Havmor have following out lets


In Ahmedabad: Relief Road Navragpura panchvati Vijay cross Road S.G. Road Stelite Vastrapur Wide Angle Thaltej Auda Garden Law Garden Ambawadi Naranpura Maninagar Himalaya mall Sarkhej Dev Arc mall Pragatinagar garden Prernatirth Navrangpura muncipal market Bopal-Ambli cross Road

4)Objectives of the company:5

The objectives of the company is consumers Satisfaction Enhancement of objectives. Profit & To Earn profit by fulfilling social

This objectives will be achieved by:-

1) 2) 3)

Ensuring all products of the best quality Continuous innovation & introduction of new products for the

benefits of the customers Up gradation of facilities for manufacturing of products of best

4) 5) 6)

Reducing wastage & there by achieving lower cost of production To increase market share regionally and nationally To improve production efficiency

5) Vision:Quality must Always precede quality

1) Such a establishing & maintain leadership in Quality not necessarily quality. 2) Innovating continually, so that the company has something new to offer to
its consumers every season.

3) Continuing to earn the respect of consumer and business associates though

excellent products.

4) Diversifying into related areas of

comprehensive taste experiences.

food industry, to offer consumers more

5) Fine-blending new technology with market strategy 6) And, by never taking the market for granted.

6) Mission:Goodness, Truthfulness, Cleanliness The Succeeding generations at the helm of the company translated this axiom into a way of life and business. Only the finest ingredients go into the making of Havmor Ice Creams. The whole manufacturing process conforms to global standards of hygiene. And the companys trade practices are kept totally transparent.

This mission is Based on new generation technology and in-house R&D, the company keeps formulating new tastes at frequent intervals, and surprising its consumers. It has also diversified into other food items, through a high profile Restaurant Chain. Today, six decades later, Satish Chonas simple philosophy still continues to be the corporate axiom of the Havmor Conglomerate. And the Company values its entrepreneurial selfesteem, market image and reputation for financial uprightness above its pure business interests.

7) Goals:1) To be the No.1 ice-cream brand of western India 2)

To be a leader in food and carting business.

8) Company profile:Good Taste Founded Current Market Status :-A Great Business Strategy :- 1944. :- Blue Chip Ice Creams brand of

Western India. Among the top three in sales.

Dealer Network underway. Main Outlets Restaurants spread out Diversification


:- 5,000-plus. Expansion

:- Total 8 no of Parlors & in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. More in the pipeline. :- Outdoor catering.


:- Ahmedabad.

Havmor has become Gujarats favorite ice cream brand today with over 35% market share.

9) Location & Layout:In this factory of manufacturing the machines are arranged according to the process they perform in the plant. Company produces 150 different variety of products & distribution through out the Gujarat by its annual turnover of Rs. 30 crores. It uses 2000 liters of milk daily. The location of the company is very good 7 safe insufficient area like Naroda. They get easily their production needed raw-materials.


10) I.S.O:ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Manufacturing Facilities World class Plants , Indian Values Havmor Ice Creams and related products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art plant at Naroda, Ahmadabad, and Gujarat. The plant features truly world-class processing facilities, which enables total hygiene. The packaging plant also conforms to international norms.


1) Introduction of Production:Production means to convert the resources or wealth obtain from nature into products which can stratifies the human needs by processing it through manpower or machine. In short creation of an object or service making necessary changes in the shapes, size, weight and prospect of the raw material through the processes.

Product Range:12

Ice Creams:

Candies, Topo Cones, Ready-to-eat-range, takeaway packs, Kulfis etc.



Samosa, Cutlets, Aloo Tiki Burger,Chana Puri, Jumbo grill etc.



Punjabi, Mughlai, Chinese, and Continental.


2) Production process:The various processes under gone by the dairies are as follows. The word pasteurization has been named of the eminent French scientist leis pasture who studied that heating of liquid to a high temperature considerably improves their keeping qualities this process is widely employed in almost all the dairy operations in general the word pasteurizations can not the heating of milk products to a temperature which destroys almost all the micro organization present & the too without significantly affection the proportion of these products. The milk in warned nicely & from it milk cream is produced because milk is refined & tested nicely from the dairy only need to be tested it clearing of dry fruits cutting is done over machine very nicely. The make different verities by ice-cream by different process. They pack than nicely & store in cold storage at -25 to -38 .


3) Section of unit:
For producing the ice-cream certain steps are to followed:-

1) Maintenance unit:-

This is the main unit in the company the heavy machines are installed here. Here 3 compressor helps in cooling the icecreams.
2) Manufacturing unit:-

In this plant the required raw-materials are mixed & then processed.
3) Raw-material unit:-

In this unit all the raw- materials such as milk powder, dry fruits like Kaju, Nuts, etc. are inspected and checked before sending it for flavoring on assenting.
4) Cold storage unit:-


The prepared ice-cream comes to the cold storage through a tunnel pipe. The whole process is automatic. The temperature in cold storage is between 25 c to 27 c. Ice-cream is taken out of this unit as per the order.
5) ETP(Effluent treatment plant):-

All the waste treated & disposed off the treatment is very much necessary because of the government policy that the chemical waste should be properly checked before disposing.

6) Laboratory:-

The laboratory takes care of the Hygiene of each product before it has been savaged. At most each is taken on the aspect of quality.
7) Dispatch unit:-

Havmore has a wonderful distribution channel of it. Havmor has its own vehicles as well as carted vehicles for dispatch of the ice-cream the vans are fully insulated.
8) Packing & printing:-

Here all the packing materials are printed & stored havmore takes care of packing of their product. 9) Purchase department:This takes care of all the purchase like milk, dry fruits, etc.

Marketing & sales department:This unit takes care of consumer from selling to satisfying the customer all the activities is done by this department.

4) Branding:Brand is a name, term sign symbol or a combination of there to identify the goods or services of one seller or groups of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors . Brand equity is the value of a brand based on the extent to which it has high brand loyalty name awareness perceived quality, strong brand associations and other assets such as patents trademarks and channel relationship. The company seals all its flavors under the brand name HAVMOR name to appeal HAVE MORE and the recognize this appeal by introducing 3 new flavors every 3 months.


5) Raw-material:Milk is the main raw-material for ice-cream. Milk delivered by a producer is measured and a sample is drawn for quality testing. Individual milk is measured sample, analyzed & accordingly paid.
Company purchased milk in bulk quantity.

Company purchased sugar in bulk at it is used in ice-cream.

Special attentions are given to dry fruits because they are costly. The

purchased cleaned and after cutting they are used. Color and flavor, which are permitted by governments, are only used.


1)Introduction of personnel management:Employees hold a key place in business. No business enterprise can exist and function effectively without employees. The success without employees. The success of business enterprise depends to a large extent on the quality of its personnel. The plan of business may be profit but if the requirement and training of personal are unsatisfied business cant grow. The growth of business depends. Mainly on the willingness and ability of its employees. Lawrence therefore wrote, Management is the development of people and not the direction of things. Personal and administration department deals with the human factor in an organization and has a key role in achieving the corporate goals along

with other departments. It is an internal part of general management as a method to control the human factor in an organization. Particularly personal and administration department are concerned with training and development of employees. Wages, salary administration etc.

2) Batches:Personnel management is a vital part of the organization. It means the utilization not only of physical factors. There are in all 650 members who are either divided batch wise or production wise. There are 3 shifts. Each shifts work on the mixing unit. Manufacturing unit and the last one is the in charge of cold storage. The cold storage starts at 6:30 while the workers come by 8:00 am. The office staff comes at 9:00 am & the supervisors at 11:00 workers get holiday on Sunday shifts are divided as follows.

i. ii. iii.

1st shifts runs from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm. 2nd shifts runs from 2:30 pm to 10:30 pm. 3rd shifts runs from 10:30pm to 6:30pm. Workers are paid fair wages and 20% bonus is also given every year.


3) Employees benifits and facilities:Employees are taken good care, they are paid well and other benefits like,

Uniform Glows Caps Every 6 month medical check up. Some special programmers such as meeting at quality circle are

also done to know the hidden qualities of the employees. The actual selection process start with relation of the employee and then the promoted and at last grid. Separation can be done in 3 ways. Resignation Retirement [58 to 60 years] Terminated


4) Recruitment & Selection:The recruitment is done formally. That is the recruitment is done by application education is necessity for getting job in Havmor. For the technical department persons from ITI & DIPLOMA are preferred. Many appraisal programs are given to top level of management 2 day micro program is also given the executive. A monthly journal is published by the firm in which the photograph of the present top management is printed moreover the employees who has done an extra ordinary work is given a reward for their achievement.


5) Training & Development:Different types of training & development are taken for the executive of Havmor ice-cream. Training is given to the bottom level of management while development programmers are meant for the top level management. There is a suggestion box in which the suggestions of employees are taken in to consideration. If suggestions are beneficial to the company the employees are rewarded for their suggestion.




1)INTRODUCTION OF MARKETING:An important function in a business is marketing. It is very exiting field. In the word of Philip kotler marketing is a social or managerial process by which an individual and groups obtain what through, creating and exciting product and value with others. Marketing continuous through out the products life trying to find new customers and keep current customers by imposing product appeal and performance leading from produce sales results and managing repeat perform.


2) Organizational structure of marketing:General Manage Marketing Manager

Regional Manager Manager (Ahmedabad) (Rajkot) Distributors Distributors Retailers Retailers

Regional Manager (Surat)





Consumer consumer


3) Marketing research: Research on market:-

Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. Has worked on various surveys on management study to estimate or to calculate the demand for certain flavors. Marketing research involves characteristics of market profitable of market economic factor etc.

Search on producer:Havmor foods pvt. Ltd. Has different flavor of ice-cream which is the result of the marketing research means to develop new and good quality product. Research on sales:27

This type of marketing research takes from and examination at price, policies, discount, structures, sales competition etc.

4)Marketing research process:-


5) Segmenting, Targeting, Positioning:29


SEGMENTING :The starting point for discussing segmentation is mass marketing. In mass marketing, the seller engages in the mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion of one product for all buyers. Henry ford epitomized this strategy when he offered the Model-t Ford in one color, black.


TARGETING :There are many statistical techniques for developing market segments. Once the firm has identified its market segment opportunities, it must decide how many and which ones to target. Marketers are increasingly combining several variables in an effort to identify smaller, better defined target groups.


POSITIONING :Mass marketing is dead versus mass marketing is still available way to build a profitable brand. Most of industries will be first of to make segment and to decide targeting people for their products. And after they make position in the market very well.

6) Marketing mix:


Marketing means managing markets to bring about exchanges and relationships for the purpose of creating value. Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating offering and exchanging products of value with other. Not only sellers but consumer also do marketing.

4P components of marketing Price mix:List price Discount Allowanc es credit Payment Credit Place terms Channel s Coverag e Location Inventor y Transpor t

Product Variety Quality Design Features Promoti Brand on name Sales promotio n Advertisi ng Sales force Public relations Direct -Marketi ng


7) Product mix:Different varieties of ice-cream of good quality and wide range of product will satisfy needs of the customer.

Competitive strategy:31

Achieve a global excellence by choosing the finest raw material continually investing in technology up graduation and uncompromising quality

Market blue print of Havmor foods PVT.LTD.

Strategic led investment Customer service Marketing leadership Uncompromising quality

8) Product List:Ice-creams:-



Price 3.00 5.00 5.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 12.00 15.00 15.00 17.00 20.00 15.00 18.00 27.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 30.00 35.00 35.00 35.00 40.00 5.00 12.00 20.00 20.00 27.00

Candies:Lolly pop ice-cream Orangebar (ice-candy) Kacchi keri (ice-candy) Mini chocobar Limecha (ice-candy) Rocket candy Classic chocobar Bomby kulfi Mango dolly Rasberry doly Almond chocibar Kewra kulfi Chowpaty kulfi Zulu bar

Ice-cream scoop :Vanilla Strawberry Chocolate Chocolate chips Fresh pinepple strawberry Kaju draks Butter scotch Orange tang Bonaza Rich coffee/ black current Swiss cake Kaju anjir Kesar pista Golden pearl American nuts Almond curnival Lonavali Raj bhog Kesar malti

Novelties:Bon-bon Bouncer ball Sandwich ice-cream Slice cassata Cassata cut


9)New product development:Generation of new idea Concept of development and testing Pro. Type development Marketing testing Commercialization The new product is generated by the whole process. Havmor is very popular brand of Gujarat. It server great quality products at very reasonable rates. It has a wide range of products. Havmoe also rocks its consumers by giving them new range and a newer product which is never launched by other companies. Havmore introduces three new flavors every 3 months which are designed to fit different seasons.


10) Product life cycle:Introduction stage:Here product life cycle stage when the new product in first distribution and maid available for purchase. Here profits are negative or low due to low sale and high distribution & promotion expenses.

Growth stage:Here product sales start climbing quickly Havmor is in this stage the company wants to be No.1 in lowers prices at the right time to offered more buyers i.e. ice- cream 2000 at Rs. 10 strwberry heart at Rs. 10& mini chocobar at Rs. 5 on the even at new millennium. The company has been constantly improving product returns and models to enter new market segments new distribution channels.

Maturity stage:Here a sale growth slows or levels at it lasts longer than other stages slow down at sales result in other capacity leading to greater competition and reading prices increases and sales promotion & upspring R&D budgets to find better version at the product.

Declining stage:Product sales decline here technological advances shifts in consumer tests and increased competition may be the possible cases at decline in sales and profit.

11)Brand equity of the company:Companys 49% sales comes from Ahmedabad folllwed by Rajkot and finally Surat. Havmor has 35% market share in Gujarat. Its per day sales is 5000 to 10000 liters of ice-cream vanilla being the most sad flavor. In candies choc-bar is sold mostly in cones. When channels relationship comes into feature. The company does not have home delivery system, so, as not to disturb retailers. Havmore target Gujarat and so, the brand awareness how every strong limits itself in Gujarat.



12)Pricing policy:Pricing means the amount of money charges for a product or service or the sum of the value that consumer exchange for the benefits of having or using the product or service.

Factors to be consider when setting prices:Internal factors affecting prices decision are marketing objective like ser current profit maximization, market shares leadership and the product quality leadership etc. marketing mix strategy, costs and organization. External factors include the nature of the market and demand, competition and other environmental elements like economics condition resellers relation, government, social etc.

Pricing approaches:There are different approaches. (1) Cost based pricing (2) Value based pricing (3) Competition bases pricing. The havmor company keeps in mind competitors price and tries to maintain the same price. Also the company considers costs of production other expenditure and predicted profit and then decide price. So, this company follows combination of two approaches namely going rate pricing cost plus pricing.

Pricing policy of Havmor:cost less margin as well as competitors


13) Distribution: Distribution strategy:Such that it can reach the consumers doorstep. Supply chain synergies of Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. Are also major factors its success not resting on its glory.

Distribution channels:Distribution channel is a set of in tag dependent organization s

involves in the process of making a product or service available for use of consumption or business.

Distribution chart:-

Company distribution

Distribution restaurant & parlor




(14) Promotion mix:One of the promotion front the season starts in march with discount on a few ice-cream 1st April each year is a slogan day with an offer of a free ice-cream the next day. This attracts over 1000 callers some even of the calling in five times to avail of the free offer. The contains have apparently become a collectors item over the past 22 years. On the Dhanteras the quest arts at 6:00 am with oven 500 people at each outlet to avail of the scheme competitors started a similar scheme last year. At Christamas there are discounted minichocobars for kids every year. There is an ice-cream eating competition tool.


15) Sales Promotion: Consumer promotion Low price Value addition Dhanteras schemes Diwali bonanza Monthly basis April fool New year
Valentines day

Childrens day


A) tools:-

Consumer Promotion

The promotion planner should take in to account the type of market sales promotion objectives competitive conditions and each tools cost effectiveness. The main consumer promotion tools we as follows. 1) Samples 2) Coupons 3) Cash Refund offers( rebates) 4) Price Packs (cent-off deals)

5) Premiums (gift) 6) Frequency programs 7) Prizes (contest, Sweepstakes, games) 8) Patronage Award 9) Free trials 10) Product warranties 11) Tie- in Promotions 12) Cross- promotions 13) Point of purchase Displays and Demonstration

Trade Promotion Tools :Manufactures use a number of trade promotion tools


award money to the trade.

1) To Persuade the retailer or wholesaler to carry brand.

2) To persuade the retailer or wholesaler to carry more units than the normal

3) To induce retailers to promote the brand by featuring. Display and price

reductions 4) To stimulate retailers and their sales clerks to push the product.


16) Business promotion:-




Company spends large amount of money on business and sales force promotions tools. These tools are together business leads, impress and reward customer and motivate the sales forces to gather effort. The main business and sales force promotion tools are as follows. 1) trade shows and conventions. 2) Sales contest 3) Specialty Advertising

17) Advertisement:The company uses hoarding as a means of out door advertising Banners are also used one hoarding as at Mithakhali six roads Ahmedabad.

Company give their advertise in Newspaper & Radio Mirchi


is any paid from of non personal presentation and

promotion of ideas. Goods or services by an identified sponsor advertising can be cost effective way to disseminate messages organization handle by someone in the sales or marketing department

who works with an advertising agency. A large company will often set up its own department whose manager reports to the vice president of marketing.


developing an advertising program. Marketing managers must

always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives. Then they can make Five major divisions known as the five m.

1. Mission 2. Money 3. Massage 4. Media 5. Measurement

18) Marketing Public Relations:The old name of marketing public relation was publicity which was seen as the task of securing editorial space apposed to paid space in print and broadcast media to promote or hype a product , service, idea , place , person or organization marketing public relationship plays an important role in following tasks.

Assisting in the launch of new products Assisting in repositioning a nature product Building interest in a product category Influencing specific target groups Defending product that have encountered public problems Building the corporate image in a way that reflects favorable on its product.

19) Competitors :Havmor food Pvt. Ltd. Produces wide range of ice-cream with a grate taste. The Company has a grate excellence on their product. They have got a large number of customers for their products . The taste of their ice-cream is very good and very likely among the people. But still Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. has got good competition in the market Amul, Vadilal and walls are their major competitors. But still Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. Able to compare them well by their large range great quality ice-cream.




1)Restaurant & Parlors:All Havmor Restaurants in Ahmedabad and Baroda are centrally located, providing easy access to all and offering ample parking space. The dinning area are specious comfortable and interestingly decorated. In fact if you are in a good mood a Havmor restaurant is a great to celebrate it and if you are in a bad mood , it is the place to cheer up your spirits.

Out lets of Restaurants :-

Havmor Navrangpura Havmor S G Highway Havmor Bopal Havmor Barod


Parlors:Havmor Parlors are located in strategic areas of the city with ample parking space and high visibility. They are spread out across commercial and residential areas.

Out lets of Parlors:-

Havmor Baroda Havmor Panchvati Havmor Navrangpura Havmor Satelite Havmor Vijay cross road Havmor S G road

Havmor Vastrapur Havmor Gallops Havmor Municipal Market Havmor Thalatej

3) Strengths: Quality policy:Customer care: - the core strategy we shall achieve customer satisfaction by establishing an effective quality management system.

Quality objectives:Ensure consistency in quality of product and services. Improve upon individual and team performance by means of continuous training.

Manufacturing facilities:50

World-class plants, and related products are manufactured in state of the art at Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The plant features tartly world class processing facilities which enables total hygiene. The packaging plant also conforms to international norms.

4)Weaknesses: Lower market covered because it only operates in Gujarat region than on national base. Due to regional company does not advertise on national coverage like advertisement through television. As, a high competition company does not response quickly to the competitors strategy.

5)Achievements of Havmor:The total sales of the unit are 18.5 to 20 carores. There are 100 verities of Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. Every three month Havmor launches new flavors in ice-creams.
Havmor have many parlors & restaurants outlets all over the Ahmedabad.

Havmor have also opened many outlets in Baroda.


Future plans: Havmor is one of the most reputed company in Gujarat. Havmor has reached up to this stage only become of its plans and foreign thanes. Havmors future plans are to become to the best company of ice-creams and other product in western India.

Conclusion:My over all view regarded the Havmor industry after visited it is very good. My industrial visit to Havmor and my project in S.Y.B.B.A has helped me to turn lot of things. I conclude that after visiting Havmor foods Pvt. Ltd. and after making industrial reports with co-operation of my teachers and friends was unforgettable experience.



Books :-

Philip Kotler principles of marketing 13th edition. K. Aswathapa H.R.& P.M