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This document provides rules updates for a wide selection of Forge World Space Marine units previously covered

in early Imperial Armour books. Each unit entry indicates which Force Organisation Chart slot it may be selected as, which Codex this applies to, and the document as a whole bears the ‘Warhammer 40,000’ stamp. This stamp indicates that the units are intended to be used in ‘standard’ games of Warhammer 40,000, within the usual limitations of Codex selection and Force Organisation Charts. As with all our models these should be considered ‘official’, but owing to the fact that they may be unknown to your opponent, it’s best to make sure they are happy to play a game using Forge World models before you start.

...Two twin-linked lascannon .. A Mortis Dreadnought is an Elites choice for a Codex Dark Angels army (or any Dark Angels Successor Chapter)...................................May take extra armour .... The rare ‘Mortis’ pattern....Mortis Dreadnought Mortis Dreadnought WS 4 BS 4 S 6 Front 12 ARMOUR Side Rear 12 10 I 4 A 2 POINTS: 105 Dreadnoughts are some of the oldest war machines still in active service in the 41st Millennium............. though no one now living knows where or when they first came into use.....................................................Two twin-linked autocannon ... Over the course of ten thousand years many marks and variants of these venerable machines have existed.Two twin-linked heavy bolters....................... ................... Unit Composition • One Mortis Dreadnought Unit Type • Vehicle (Walker) Wargear • Two Missile Launchers • Smoke Launchers • Searchlight Options • Replace both missile launchers with: ......+50 points ......... is only seen in the service of the secretive ‘Unforgiven’ Dark Angels Chapters...+10 points ......+15 points Dedicated Transport • A Mortis Dreadnought may select a Drop Pod as a dedicated transport. mounting paired heavy weapons.......... The oldest are said to date back almost ten millennia to the time of the Great Crusade and Horus’ failed rebellion.....................+20 points ... its origins and why only these Chapters possess this pattern is unknown...

warriors who stand against the worst horrors in the universe with unflinching courage. Unit Composition • Veteran Sergeant Haas is an upgrade for a Space Marine Tactical squad. The Space Marine who would later rise to lead his Chapter through the dark days of the Badab War fought in many conflicts. Veteran Sergeant Haas of the Red Scorpions Chapter is one such warrior. experiencing all the many horrors of the battlefield. his relentless determination under fire earned him praise throughout the Chapter. . Unit Type • Infantry (Character. Culln is known for his legacy of honour and steadfast bravery.Sergeant Culln Sgt Culln WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 LD 9 SV 3+ POINTS: 60 Amongst the Space Marines of the Red Scorpions Chapter. facing down almost impossible odds during Operation Execution Place. Unit Type • Jump Infantry Wargear • Relic Blade • Bolt Pistol • Frag and Krak Grenades • Power Armour Special Rules • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Squads • Combat Tactics • Heroic Intervention • Against All Odds Carab Culln is represented at different stages in his story in different Imperial Armour books. there are those who stand above their brethren. Always Advance: Whilst Veteran Sergeant Haas is alive. even amongst such gatherings. Against All Odds: Sergeant Culln and his squad may re-roll to hit rolls made in close combat when outnumbered in an assault. he and his squad benefits from the Relentless special rule. You may only use one of these representations in any particular Space Marine force. warriors renown amongst their peers. Yet. Whilst alive he and his squad have the Stubborn special rules. Veteran Sergeant Haas Vet Sgt Haas WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W 2 I 4 A 2 LD 9 SV 2+ POINTS: 60 Every Chapter of Space Marines is an assemblage of peerless heroes. Unit Composition • Sergeant Culln is an upgrade for a Space Marine Vanguard Veteran squad. During the Siege of Vraks Culln led a squad of the Red Scorpions veteran Vanguard. One of the Space Marines involved in the rescue of then Commander Culln from the Tyranids on Anphelion. One Vanguard Veteran squad in a Space Marine army may replace its Sergeant with Sergeant Culln for +60 points. Unique) Wargear • Power Sword • Bolt Pistol • Frag and Krak Grenades • Iron Halo Special Rules • And They Shall Know No Fear • Combat Squads • Combat Tactics • Always Advance One Tactical squad in a Space Marine army may replace its Sergeant with Veteran Sergeant Haas for 50 points.