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Broadband for Municipalities...

W h y I N v e s T I N A N A L c AT e L- L u c e N T F T T P s o L u T I o N
A fiber infrastructure to help your community grow!

Despite the abundance of broadband technologies on today’s market, many municipalities still suffer from the digital divide. But today, many municipalities are overcoming the problem by investing in their own fiber infrastructure! Communities are increasing their economic viability and capturing new revenue by investing in Fiber to the Premises (FTTP). Unlike other service providers, municipalities can leverage existing rights-of-way, adding broadband services that complement traditional gas, electricity and water offerings.

Why Invest in FTTP?
Deploying a fiber network may seem like a significant investment but the benefits are compelling: • Economic development: Adding broadband access increases your community’s attractiveness to businesses, professionals and residents. You will find it easier to attract new business, retain or grow your tax base. • New revenue opportunities: Your municipality can directly offer triple play services such as voice, high-speed Internet and video to residents. Alternatively, you can resell or lease dark fiber to other service providers (open access model) and collect revenue from leasing. • Leveraged investments: Your city already has rights-of-way to most locations - a significant cost for most service providers. You can add fiber cables to existing water, electric or natural gas infrastructure and leverage existing operational systems. • Lower cost of capital: Investments in fiber are capital intensive and involve long payback periods, especially in smaller communities. As a municipality, however, you have easier access to capital with inexpensive loans, government bonds, or third-party financing. • Enhanced community services: Public safety, community portals for city services, traffic management and emergency services help ensure the well-being of all residents. Broadband access at city-sponsored facilities or public pavilions can help bridge the digital divide between small communities and urban centers. • Easy upgrade path: Fiber is future-proof. Bandwidth is limited to the capability of the equipment at the start and end of a fiber run. As technology advances, only the equipment is upgraded, protecting the initial fiber investment.

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