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Ontario G1 TEST Practice

Signs 1
Question 1

1.Do not stop in the area between the signs (Answer) 2.Vehicles approaching from the angle shown, must stop 3.Need no stop for stop signs in direction of arrows 4.No entry into intersection Question 2

1.School zone watch for children playing 2.Provincial park 3. Destination board. Shows directions to nearby towns and cities (Answer) 4.Pedestrian control sign

I am turning right 2.Permissive sign (Answer) Question 5 1.Divided highway ends 4.Route for large trucks 3.The road ahead is split into two separate roads by a median (Answer) 2.Truck route 2.I am turning left (Answer) 4.I am stopping 3.Road under construction .No trucks 4.Narrow bridge ahead 3.I am slowing or stopping Question 4 1.Question 3 1.

End of 50 km per hour zone 4.Question 6 1.Speed limit changes ahead (Answer) Question 8 1.Railway crossing ahead (Answer) 3.Sharp turn or bend in the road in the direction of the arrow(Answer) 3.Speed limit for rural school zones 3.Maximum speed of 50 km/hour from this sign to next sign 2.Winding road ahead .You are approaching a 4-way intersection Question 7 1.Pedestrian crosswalk ahead 4.Danger.You are approaching a hospital zone 2. road ends 2.Keep to left 4.

Yield right-of-way 4.No parking from arrows to corner 4.Do not enter unless local traffic 4.Prohibited sign(Answer) Question 11 1.Question 9 1.The driver in this lane must turn right(Answer) Question 10 1.Slow moving vehicle on road travelling less than 40 km/hr (Answer) .Dead end street ahead 2.Do not enter roadway 3.Means a traffic circle ahead 2.Lane usage sign permitting all turns including left 2.Stop sign ahead 3.Advance warning of danger 3.

School area ahead 4.Pass other traffic on the right 4.Keep to the right of the traffic island Question 14 1.Question 12 1.Road turns right then left 2.Traffic lights ahead.Railway crossing ahead .Stop sign 150 meters ahead 2.Winding road ahead 3.A construction sign replacing flagman on duty 2. Slow down 4.Bump 120 meters ahead 3.Road work ahead (Answer) 3.Regulatory sign-reduce speed Question 13 1.

I am turning left 2.You may pass me 4.Children playing in residential area 2.You may pass me Question 16 1.I am turning right 3.I am turning left 4.I am turning right Question 17 1.I am slowing or stopping 3.School zone sign .Playground zone sign 4.Question 15 1.I am slowing or stopping 2.Direction sign for children 3.

Question 18 1.Keep to right 2.Narrow road ahead 4.Keep to left 3.Do not turn to go in the opposite direction.Do not enter this road Question 20 1.No left turn permitted 3.Road slippery when wet .Road slippery when wet 2.Winding road ahead 3.Do not pass 4. (U-turn) 2.No right turn permitted 4.Hidden intersection ahead Question 19 1.

Bridge or Viaduct .X intersection for school vehicles 2.School crosswalk sign Question 23 1.Slow traffic on multi-lane roads must keep right 4. slow down 3.You are approaching a traffic island 2.Question 21 1.Do not turn right at the intersection Question 22 1.Do not turn left at the intersection 4.Construction zone 4.Bump or uneven pavement on the road ahead 2.Hidden intersection ahead 3.Caution school bus crossing 3.Factory.

You must come to a complete stop 3.Railway crossing ahead 2.Bump sign 150 meters 4.You must let traffic in the intersection or close to it go first 3.Stop only if others vehicles are approaching Question 25 1.You have the right-of-way .School area ahead 4.Question 24 1.Stop sign 150 meters 2.