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Submitted on Behalf of Indian National Science Academy and Indian Crystallographic Association

Hyderabad, circa 1880


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Indian crystallographers have contributed significantly to the activities of IUCr and AsCA. like the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. Notable here is the presence of a large number of younger workers. A few have served in the Executive Committee of the IUCr over the past three decades. . Work in crystallography in India has presently reached maturity.2 billion is overwhelmingly young with more than half the population less than 25 years old.4 1. Around 10 Indians are presently co-editors of Acta Crystallographica. These details are given in the Supporting Document No. are more than 100 years old. The contributions of Indian crystallographers are noteworthy both in terms of quantity and quality. India hosted the 4th AsCA meeting in 2001. but is yet to host this prestigious Congress. Several new research centres have been set up with more on the anvil. Several Indian crystallographers who are active today have made a mark in the international context. and cover all major aspects of the subject: structural chemistry. The Indian population of 1. diffraction physics and macromolecular crystallography. Research in India is riding a demographic wave. we have many established universities and institutes spread across 31 states and union territories. India joined the IUCr in 1951. 1 (IUCr Newsletter Special Issue on Crystallography in India). Additionally. a few of these. Why India? India is in a phase of rapid economic growth and modernization.

Hyderabad has proven organizational capabilities and has hosted several prestigious gathering such as Human Genome Organization Meeting in 2008. The Hyderabad International Convention Centre. Introduction The Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and the Indian Crystallographic Association (ICA) are pleased and honored to submit a bid proposal to host the XXIV International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) Congress and General Assembly at Hyderabad in 2017. Pune). Academy of Sciences for the Developing World (TWAS) in 2010. and the International World Wide Web Congress in 2011. Hyderabad epitomizes this blend of a modern city with a rich cultural history. Hyderabad is directly connected by air to many locations in Europe and Asia. Bangalore. and in cities that are an hour away by air (Chennai. Many more large crystallographic meetings are clearly required in this part of the world. 2. Kolkata and Delhi are two hours away. The India of today represents several ethnic influences. There are several locations for hosting satellite meetings in the Hyderabad area. Mumbai. Connections to North America are mostly through these hubs. The AsCA continues to grow in strength. is comparable to the best in the world. HICC.5 Crystallographic research has expanded at a rapid pace in Asia. India has a long and rich tradition of . International Conference of Mathematicians in 2010.

powder X-ray diffraction. 75-85 ºF. The weather in Hyderabad is pleasant in August (22-29 ºC. The HICC is a world-class exhibition and conference venue for conducting meetings and events of up to 5000 delegates in a single auditorium or as parallel sessions in rooms for 50-1500 participants. . pharmaceutical R&Ds and biotechnology companies. database research. X-ray crystallography research is spread over a number of universities. Crystallographic activities in India span small molecule and macromolecular structures. diffraction methods. scientists and researchers working in the cluster of institutions located here. There is a large pool of academicians. inorganic and mineral structures. materials science. computational crystallography. We welcome the opportunity of hosting the IUCr Congress in India in 2017. Crystallography in India has been highlighted in the IUCr Newsletter in December 2007 (see Supporting Document #1). drug–receptor and antigen–antibody recognition.6 crystallography going back to the beginnings of the last century. layers and thin films. The new Hyderabad International Airport has now been fully operational for three years and there are many direct flights into Hyderabad from international airports in Europe and Asia. teaching methods. government laboratories and other research organizations. The city has an excellent transport and hotel infrastructure and has been host to a large number of international events. 70% relative humidity). Hyderabad is centrally located and well connected to several metros in India for potential satellite meetings before or after the IUCr Congress. and drug formulation. crystal engineering. charge density.

The inaugural ceremony will be held on the evening of 21 August followed by dinner. keynote lectures. hotel bookings. Chennai. sight-seeing during the meeting and extended tours through India after the Congress. after seven full days of scientific and technical sessions. currency exchange. Sightseeing will be organized on 29 August. official meetings of the IUCr and the General Assembly sessions. 29 August. communication. We hope to have an . The conference will be conducted using state-of-the art technological. digital. microsymposia. 2017. The schedule for the next seven days will consist of plenary lectures. The Congress will be coordinated by a professional conference organizer whose well trained staff will help delegates from pre-conference registration. Kolkata. We invite crystallographers from all over the world to Hyderabad in August 2017 to participate in the XXIV IUCr Congress. About 500 scientists and students from within India are expected to participate. The Congress will be conducted as per the standard guidelines of the IUCr. among other locations. to local hospitality. An International Program Committee will guide the local organizers in planning the scientific program and technical sessions. audio-visual tools and gadgets available in HICC. Mumbai. 21 August to Tuesday. A cultural program and banquet dinner will be interspersed in between. travel. special interest group meetings.7 3. Satellite meetings may be planned preand post congress at leading centers of crystallography in India: Bangalore. IUCr Congress 2017 @ Hyderabad The proposed IUCr Congress dates are from Monday. poster presentations. The conference will close on the evening of 28 August. Alternative dates in early to mid-August are possible depending on the preference of member nations. Delhi. commercial exhibits. We plan to hold at least three workshops on the opening day. visas. Pune.

shown on the cover page of this bid document. above all. . which is used in Damascus swords. The symbol of the city is the Charminar. Hyderabad built her fortune through trade in pearls. Wootz steel. which some believe still remain hidden beneath the foundations of Golconda Fort.8 opportunity to showcase the best of India to crystallographers around the world. Hyderabad . or four minarets. gold. The state of Hyderabad was ruled by the Nizams. the city was called Bhagyanagar or the city of good fortune. some 10 km from the city centre. diamonds. who were believed to be among the world‟s richest men around 100 to 150 years ago. steel. We are sure the hospitality of the East and the ambience of Hyderabad will make the 2017 Congress an event for all to remember.The City Hyderabad was the name of one of the largest and wealthiest of India's former princely states and was also the name of the capital city of that state. was first made in this area many hundreds of years ago. fabric and. 400 years ago. A U G U S T 2 0 1 7 Sun Mon Tue 1 Wed 2 9 16 23 30 Thu 4 10 17 24 31 Fri 4 11 18 25 Sat 5 12 19 26 6 13 20 27 7 14 21 28 8 15 22 29 4.

now a 7-star hotel. Today. 590m above sea level. The city has an invigorating climate with awe inspiring prehistoric rocks and natural lakes. multiethnic and multi-religious culture is quite unique.9 Proposed Banquet Dinner Venue Falaknuma Palace is a heritage monument. . Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India (pop. and a favorite place for hosting a lavish evening program and dinner. It is located in the heart of the Deccan plateau. 6 million) and the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Prehistoric rock formation in the campus of the University of Hyderabad. along with a variety of flora and fauna. Hyderabad is a meeting point of North and South India and its multilingual.

mosques. glass embedded bangles and the delectable rice preparation “Biryani” Hyderabad has emerged as a strong industrial. the city offers an astounding variety of shopping. Hyderabad is a shopper‟s delight! From world famous pearls to traditional arts and crafts. impressive monuments. minarets. The city is changing its role and outlook as part of the booming service and outsourcing industry but is trying to preserve and popularize its history. and process chemistry to emerge as a city of immense S&T possibilities.10 Hyderabad‟s warm hospitality. pharmaceuticals. commercial and technology center. from textiles of all modern brand names to ethnic wear. art and architectural richness and technological progress will take you through an amazing journey of its glorious past and a spirited voyage into its promising future. Hyderabad is famous for its fabulous diamond markets. Hyderabad is steering India to new dimensions in the fields of information technology. . biotechnology.

Conference venue and floor plans Conference Venue: Hyderabad International Convention Centre www.11 .hicc.

networking and quality video services. Pool. 1000 car parking base. A 15-acre landscaped campus and leading edge design features including environmental sustainable practices are highlights of HICC. HICC is dedicated to providing a clean and professional venue to all clients and visitors. Shops. internet. state-of-the-art venue . 100% power back-up generation ability. loading docks. Restaurant. The Centre has high speed connectivity for data.12 HICC convention centre is a world class. .the first of its kind in South Asia. ATMs. HICC has a professional event management team. The Convention centre also includes a Five Star Hotel. exhibitions and special functions. including physically challenged visitors. Bars. with expertise in all operational aspects of meetings.

13 HICC Snapshots .

htm .com/main-floorplans.hicc.14 http://www.hicc.htm

Informing about the concept of HCVB. Chief Executive Officer. General Manager. It is a moment of pleasure not only for the Government of Andhra Pradesh but also for all the private players of the hospitality. Geeta Reddy says. According to P Sripathy. it is positioned to become an important hub on the global aviation map and thereby assist in servicing convention delegates from all parts of the world”. Hyderabad. HCVB was formally launched by Dr. Incentives. Dr. With a convention bureau we will come across as a unified face providing one-stop solution to convention related need from any part of the world”.the Hyderabad Convention Bureau. Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau is a dedicated facility for all the conferences & conventions organized at Hyderabad. Hon’ble Minister for I&PR and Tourism during the ICCA congress luncheon organized by GMR Hyderabad International Airport on 27th October 2010. managed by Accor. The bureau comprises of an autonomous body to promote Hyderabad as a destination for Meetings. . states. “The initiative will help to generate a symbiotic association between all the members and will help the city to host international conventions of large capacities. The initiative will be based on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. Leveraging Hyderabad's strategic location. AP Tourism. Delegate. The bureau definitely supports the growing economy of Hyderabad. Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) tourism. travel & transport fraternity because HCVB is a win-win for all of us.15 HYDERABAD CONVENTION VISITORS BUREAU LAUNCH – committed to Hyderabad! Government of Andhra Pradesh announced the launch of an initiative called ‘Hyderabad Convention Visitors Bureau (HCVB)’. Geeta Reddy. GMR Hyderabad International Airport. GMR Hyderabad International Airport and Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC). The main stakeholders in this initiative are Government of Andhra Pradesh. “GMR Hyderabad International Airport (GHIAL) has been adjudged as the best airport among the 5 to 15 million passenger capacity airports in the world. The airport with its state-of-the-art facilities.” It is a great opportunity for Hyderabad to establish itself as a leading MICE destination in India. Hyderabad has been host to major conventions from the IT and the Pharma industry. can handle 12 million passengers per annum. The state tourism department along with the hospitality players. Paul Archer. Accor. “HCVB will have a positive impact on the overall tourism for the city. The autonomous body formed by the Government and the private partners will have a board headed by the CEO to promote Hyderabad as a convention destination.” According to Jayesh Ranjan Principal Secretary. airline companies and travel service providers will work together in order to promote the city as a lucrative destination for MICE.

16 See HICC pictures and video file for details. .

pdf 59th Cardiological Society of India Congress 2007 GITEX India 2007 Many of the large conferences held at HICC have a format similar to the IUCr Congress – an inaugural function followed by large and small parallel sessions for up to a week‟s duration.aspx 17th Intl Leprosy Congress 2008 International Conference of Mathematicians 2010 20th Intl Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2007 Human Genome Meeting 2008 http://hgm2008.17 Important conferences held/forthcoming at the Hyderabad International Convention Center 39th Asian Development Bank Conferences 2006 58th Intl Astronautical Congress 2007 20th International World Wide Web Congress 2011 http://wwwconference. The Convention Center caters multi-cuisine 62nd World Newspaper Association Congress 2009 4000 delegates 7000 delegates 1200 delegates 2000 delegates 4000 delegates 2000 delegates 1500 delegates 2500 delegates 4000 delegates 2000 delegates 12th Congress of the World Equine Veterinary Association 2011 2000 delegates http://www.icm2010. and these will be available as a part of the registration package. .org.

€1=`65. Budget and registration fees Based on 2500 registered participants including students. an inaugural evening and 7 full days of scientific conference The unit of currency is the Indian Rupee (`). vans.00 70.00 14.50 10. 1 lakh = 1.00.00 TOTAL EXPENDITURE (round off) `915 Lakhs (~$2.000 x 8 d 800 x 300 x 6d 10 days at site 1.00 8 days (see quote) ROUND OFF SPECIAL GRANT For Students & Participants from less endowed regions ` (Lakhs) 65.65 850.00 37.00 488.00 15. All costs in Indian Rupees. EXPENDITURE WORKING EXPENSES S. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Item Conference bag (Abstracts book + CD + maps.000 x 10 d 3000 x 50 x 10 d 2011-2017 1500 x 2500 2500 x 1500 850 x 2500 200 x 2500 x 7 d 400 x 2500 x 7 d 2011-2017 ` (Lakhs) 37. ¥180=`100.00 844.65 356.25 35. buses) Poster boards Communication & printing Advertising & signage Staff support Websites Opening ceremony dinner Banquet dinner Cultural program Farewell hi-tea Tea/ coffee/ beverages Lunch Conference Organizer fees Miscellaneous expenses WORKING EXPENSES (sub total) HICC VENUE TOTAL RUNNING COST Rate (`) x Number/ Period (days) 1500 x 2500 500 x 2500 11.50 88.00.18 6.00 15.000. £1=`75.00 50.50 12.50. Currently.40 10.00 15.03 Million) .00 20.00 21. No. kit) Printing posters Transport (Cars. $1=`45.50 37.

00 75.00 `915 Lakhs (~$2. 1 2 3 4 5 Source Commercial exhibits XRD and Pharma companies Government of India Exhibition stalls rentals & management REVENUE from OTHER SOURCES Rate x number 300.50 20.000 (~$650) `10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 5 Type of registration Regular Student Accompanying person Pre-conference workshops Registration fees total Processing fees REVENUE from REGISTRATION FEES Fees x number 30.50 (-) 17.00 561. No.00 12.000 x 250 5000 x 400 (regular) 2000 x 200 (student) ` (Lakhs) 450.00 150.00 544.000 x 1500 10.000 x 750 5.000 x 20 ` (Lakhs) 75.00 REGISTRATION FEES Regular delegate Student participant `30.000 x 25 Sponsorships Grant-in-aid 50.00 (-) 10.50 550.00 4.03 Million) @ 3% ROUND OFF TOTAL REVENUE (round off) .000 (~$225) S.19 REVENUE GRANTS AND SPONSORSHIPS S.00 150.00 365. No.

20 Regular and Student Registration Fees Includes Pick-up/drop-off from/to designated hotels Conference bag and Abstracts book Opening ceremony and dinner All scientific sessions and exhibition areas Cultural evening program Banquet (`500 extra to be paid by the delegate) Closing ceremony and hi-tea Tea/ coffee/ beverages Lunch Accompanying Person Fees Includes 3 days of group sightseeing (local) Cultural program evening Opening ceremony and dinner Banquet (`500 extra to be paid) Closing ceremony and hi-tea .

21 Letters of support .

22 .

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26 .

Carriers currently operating directly in and out from Hyderabad are: Air India. Hyderabad is very centrally located and is well connected with the rest of the country. Jet Airways. Indigo and Spice Jet. The airport‟s strategic location helps significantly in reducing travel time on domestic and international routes and therefore.27 8. Travelling to Hyderabad from outside India Hyderabad is well connected to international destinations with international air carriers. Kingfisher.5 hours. Saudi Air. The popular domestic airlines are Air India. Lufthansa. Accessibility and travel Airport www. Travelling within India On the domestic front. Malaysian. British and www.shamshabadairport. Given its strategic importance. It takes 45 minutes to drive from the airport to HICC on a divided six lane highway. Air India flies non-stop from Chicago.hyderabad. and Continental non-stop from Newark to Delhi. New York and Toronto to GMR Hyderabad International Airport was opened in March 2008 The new airport leverages the multiple advantages of Hyderabad city. Qatar. Hyderabad can be reached from all major cities in India with a flying time ranging from 45 minutes to 2. Hyderabad is poised to become an important hub on the global aviation map. dramatically cut down fuel costs. . Jet Airways. Emirates.

5 h + connection to DXB 4.28 Direct Arrival into Hyderabad via Convenient Hubs at Affordable Fares Via Hub London Frankfurt Dubai Singapore Airline British Air Lufthansa Emirates Silk Air Flying time to HYD 10 h + connection to LHR 9 h + connection to FRA 3. economy) from select world locations CHICAGO $1600 ROME $1100 SYDNEY $1700 SAN Francisco $1600 LONDON $1100 TOKYO $1600 TORONTO $1600 ZURICH $1300 JOHANNESBURG $1100 .5 h + connection to SIN Air fare from Hub LHR-HYD-LHR £700 FRA-HYD-FRA €720 DXB-HYD-DXB $450 SIN-HYD-SIN S$700 Median air fares (round trip.

5 h) Johannesburg Dusseldorf 18 h 14 h via Singapore on Silk Air (SIN-HYD 4.29 Total Journey Times to Hyderabad from International Locations via London on British Air (LHR-HYD 10 h) Manchester Glasgow 13 h 14 h via Frankfurt on Lufthansa (FRA-HYD 9 h) Amsterdam Rome London New York Mexico City Madrid 11-12 h 13-14 h 12-13 h 20-21 h 24-25 h 13-14 h Chicago San Francisco Montreal Tel Aviv Moscow Edinburgh 20-21 h 21-22 h 19-20 h 15-16 h 15-17 h 13-14 h via Dubai on Emirates/South African Airlines (DXB-HYD 3.5 h) Sydney Beijing Auckland 15-16 h 13-14 h 17-19 h Taipei Osaka Tokyo 10-11 h 13-14 h 13-14 h Non-stop flights from North America to Delhi and Mumbai New York Chicago 18 h 19 h Toronto Newark 19 h 18 h .

30 DOMESTIC TRAVEL Hyderabad is very centrally located in India with convenient flight connections Delhi Kolkata Pune Ahmedabad Indore 2h 2h 50 min 1h 2h 30 min Mumbai Chennai (Madras) Bangalore Bhubaneswar Goa (via Mumbai) 1 h 10 min 1h 50 min 1h 40 min 2h 30 min .

The campus of the University of Hyderabad is 5 km from the HICC and is the most conveniently located among these sites. We will arrange a shuttle throughout the day between the conference venue and designated hotels with a maximum waiting time of 15 minutes in any hotel.282 2309 1553 230 883 870 10. Student accommodation. guest houses and furnished apartments at distances ranging from within the conference complex to around 25 km away.31 9. At least 750 rooms are available in the price range $30 to $50 per night. The Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre (the venue hotel) is located within HICC and the average room tariff is $150 per night.204 2011/2012 upcoming 1746 1177 0 0 0 0 2923 Total 4. Transportation of various types is available.127 . OVER VIEW OF HYDERABAD CITY ACCOMMODATION Category 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star 2 Star Service Apartments/Guest houses University Accommodations 2010 Existing 2. The price ranges for these are approximately $30 to $300 per night.536 1132 1553 230 883 870 7. even cheaper than $30 per night is available in guest houses of various laboratories and universities in Hyderabad. Accommodation and Hotels There are a large number of hotels.

radio and space physics. It has a successful record of research partnership with industry. PUNE NCL is India‟s research. Indian Institute of Chemical Biology. Ramachandran in 1952.30 h). It is the oldest and finest centers of its kind in India and has a very high international standing in the academic world. CHENNAI (formerly MADRAS) The Department of Crystallography and Biophysics. formerly Calcutta – Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. The organic and materials chemistry research groups are working in crystal engineering and supramolecular chemistry. engineering and technology. GMT + 5. Calcutta University. It is the official time keeper of the Indian Standard Time (IST. N. IIT Kharagpur and Jadavpur University – offer an ideal environment to cover teaching methods of X-ray diffraction and its applications in chemical and biological systems. founded by Prof. Satellite Meeting Venues NEW DELHI NPL is the premier research lab in the area of physical sciences. IISER. low temperature physics. The Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit and the Molecular Biophysics Unit have several active crystallography groups. IISc celebrated its Centenary in 2008. and instrumentation and testing. G. continues to focus on structural biology problems. It has developed core competencies in standards. with almost 2000 researchers working in frontier areas of science. KOLKATA The cluster of teaching and research institutions in and around Kolkata. engineering and electronic materials.32 11. development and consulting organization with a focus on chemistry and chemical engineering. Bose Institute. Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics. . BANGALORE IISc is a premier institution of research and advanced teaching. apex level calibrations.

Ongoing research programs are in three categories . diagnostics. and fine arts.basic research in frontier modern biology. humanities. A workshop covering solid-state forms. management studies. genome analysis and bioinformatics. International Advanced Research Center for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) is a state-of-the-art facility for research & development in advanced materials and associated processing technologies. . X-ray crystallography is a key technique in the characterization of new materials. performing arts. It is a notable center for structural chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences. powder metallurgy. ceramic materials. social sciences. Center for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics is an autonomous institution supported by the Department of Biotechnology and is engaged in providing services and carrying out research in frontline areas of modern biology. WORKSHOP Hyderabad is the drugs and pharmaceuticals capital of India and a major center for the production of APIs. and laser processing of materials. The thrust areas of ARCI include surface engineering. NIPER could be a possible venue for this workshop. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is one of the constituent laboratories of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. drug polymorphism. pharmaceutical cocrystals and crystallization methods will be an excellent kick-start to the crystallography congress. and application-oriented research towards commercialization. The University offers programs and facilities for research studies in major disciplines in sciences.33 INSTITUTIONS WITHIN HYDERABAD University of Hyderabad is an important center of higher learning in India. research relevant to societal needs. The major service components of CDFD involve DNA fingerprinting.

Hyderabad . there are several resort hotels in the outskirts of Hyderabad that are excellent locations for pre. Leonia Holistic Resort. One can get to these locations in one to two hours from the HICC.and post-Congress satellite meetings.34 In addition. Hyderabad Aalankrita Resort.

The welcome and farewell enacts are a must see! Enchanting Evening Tours Covers Durgam Cheruvu. It is a one stop destination for rare. tear drop pearls in all hues and forms. Accompanying Persons Program Ramoji Film City Going through the tour covers the picturesque atop a small hillock and finally to the Ramoji Film City. Spread over 2000 acres. the city has all of them. the Secret Lake. Ranging from cultured pearls to the rare Basra. soft. Gorgeous silks woven in these patterns are in great demand worldwide. the prized handlooms of India. The weaving of ikat now involves nearly 18. the very green Botanical Gardens.The Allure of Looms About 45 km east of the city.35 12. and the spectacular Son-et-Lumiere show at the Golconda Fort! Pochampalli . Variety. en route to Vijaywada is this small village famous for its beautiful Ikat fabric and Pochampalli saris. now being sold all over the world. as incomparable fabrics. the Hyderabad‟s answer to Universal Studios. luminescent. the symbol of modern Hyderabad. . The City of Pearls 90% of the world‟s pearls are threaded in India and 90% of the pearls threaded in India are handled in Hyderabad. Pearls have become synonymous with this city. gardens and state of the art settings.000 looms. It has 3 and 5 star hotel accommodation for a stay over if you wish and multi cuisine food courts that would appeal to the gourmet in you. it is the world‟s largest film studio with breathtaking lawns. Hi-Tech City. favourable price and superior quality are some of the attributes which make Hyderabad a true pearl-shoppers paradise.

Move on to Kumarakom. Thekkady. It is located 16 km from Kottayam town. Jaipur. sand and surf .36 13. Agra. and old fortifications brooding above the city give it a medieval air. and an enchanting picnic spot and a fast developing backwater tourism destination.and Post-Congress Tours GOLDEN SANDS . while the sunbeams to the merry dance of the waves. Hinduism and Christianity. the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is more popular as Tiger reserve.Goa is a variable paradise. the home of the Rajputs. Tour City: Cochin. Kumarakom GOLDEN TRIANGLE 3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS New Delhi – the capital of India is a gateway to the Architectural city Agra: Agra is the city of the Taj Mahal where thousands of visitors come every year to gaze in awe at this marble „poem‟ to love. Goa helps you discover an exciting new beach every day. tea and cardamom plantations welcome you to Thekkady. Tour cities: Jaipur. legends of brave men and colorful women. Rolling hills. Delhi . the land of chivalry and martial tradition. fringed with palms stretch out into the horizon. Periyar. The greatest attraction here is the herds of wild elephants that come down to the lake to frolic in the waters.known as the Pink City. One of the largest wildlife reserves in India. God's own Country. A boat ride on the splendid Periyar Lake is the best way to experience the sanctuary. Today Goa is a wonderful blend of the east and west. and yet retains a unique charm and ethos all of its own. Stately palaces. Pre.GOA 3 NIGHTS / 4 DAYS The land of the golden sun. Tour City: Goa GOD’s OWN COUNTRY – KERALA 5 NIGHTS / 6 DAYS Welcome to Kerala. colorful bazaars. Miles and miles of golden hued beaches.

com About Hyderabad Indian Institute of Science Department of Science and Technology http://www.nic.hicc.cdfd.shamshabadairport.dst.res.uohyd. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology University of Hyderabad Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics .in Department of Biotechnology Hyderabad International Airport http://www.php Indian Crystallographic Association http://iris. Important web links Indian National Science Academy India Tourism Hyderabad International Convention Centre Council of Scientific and Industrial Research http://www.37

India in 2017! .38 We look forward to seeing you in Hyderabad.