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TO: David Gill for Congress, IL-13 FROM: Donna Victoria, Victoria Research & Consulting This memorandum reports on the findings of a poll taken in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois August 4-7, 2012. Four hundred registered, likely voters for November 2012 were interviewed. The poll was designed to assess the strengths and weaknesses of David Gill, the Democratic nominee, Rodney Davis, the Republican, and Independent John Hartman. All questions about this memo or its contents should be referred to Donna Victoria ( What is evident from our new results is that Democratic nominee Dr. David Gill continues to prove the appeal of a principled Washington outsider over politics as usual. Key results are as follows: The most important finding is that, with the field of candidates now set, David Gill continues to hold a significant lead over Independent candidate John Hartman and the hand-picked Republican candidate Rodney Davis: the initial trial heat in this district is 36% for David Gill, 9% for John Hartman, and 30% for Rodney Davis, with the remainder undecided. Davis has made no progress at all since an earlier April VRC poll, in which Davis got 31% of the vote against Dr. Gill. The 13th District is an entirely new district in Illinois, cutting a diverse swath across the central and southwest part of the state. There is still a sizable Undecided vote (24%) as none of the candidates are particularly well known. David Gill, however, has a solid base of supporters in the Champaign/Bloomington area, whereas Rodney Davis is an unknown quantity, with 4 out of 5 voters in the district not recognizing his name at all. When they do find out Davis history, as a political operative and career political insider who has held no other type of job since he was 23 years old, they are not terribly impressed. This diverse district covers rural, suburban and urban areas of the state, yet there is surprisingly strong unity behind the key message of finding a candidate who is not beholden to special interests and who will fight for the middle class. Thirteenth District voters respond overwhelmingly to David Gill as that candidate because of his strong stance against taking Wall Street money for his campaign and his passion for advocating for fairness for the middle class and a level playing field where all businesses, small and large, get a chance to compete and thrive in a growing economy. David Gill has a compelling personal story and the ability to make gains in this race by relating his own life experience to his issue positions and to his commitment to representing the people of the 13th District. He is an emergency room doctor who is well prepared to talk about health care solutions and protecting Medicare. Given the current political environment of anything goes attacks and unbridled campaign spending, voters are increasingly skeptical about the information they receive, and this race is among candidates who dont have voting records or district-wide recognition. The winner is likely to be a person who can win on character someone who has the integrity to be honest on tough issues, so that voters can trust him to make other tough decisions in Washington. David Gill fits this profile.