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life. and how to have one.

November 3, 2011

digital deception
how technology and lying affect how we interact

adding probiotics to your diet helps build good bacteria & boost your health

improving immunity

one local drummer pursues his passion with a custom drum shop

perfecting percussion


NOVEMBER 3, 2011 | volume 9, issue 11

five questions


kansas in heat
makEShIFT maTINg


proBiotiC poWer


What it’s like


CustoM Beats



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there are two types of people on this campus: those who hate group projects with a deep, unshakable passion and those who don’t seem to mind them. if you guessed that i’m one of those people who can’t stand when a teacher says “ok, everyone get into groups,” then you’re exactly right. i’ve always been pretty independent and that includes when it comes to schoolwork. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve worked on a few class projects with some great people. but my deep hatred for working with others lies in the fact that these types of situations give students the perfect opportunity to lie. we’ve all done it (yes, even me, unfortunately). you and your group make plans after class to meet up at good ol’ watson library at 8 p.m. later that night. but 7:30 p.m. rolls around, and you’re cozied up on the couch ready to have a

“breaking bad” marathon with your roommate and dragging yourself to campus is the furthest thing from your mind. and thus, you do what so many ex-group members have done to me: you send a text saying you’re “so sorry” that you can’t make it and you’re just too busy. the worst part of these excuses is that they’re never given to me face-to-face; they’re always done electronically, either via email, text or a Facebook message. a recent study reveals that by using technology, those telling the lie assume they’re softening the blow. but some students agree that lying, no matter how it’s done, is never ok. For more on how lying through technology affects our social interactions, check out katie’s story on page eight. at the end of the day, just remember what your mother always told you: honesty (no matter how comfortable you are on your couch) is the best policy.

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11 03 11

> Saxophonist for O.A.R.
1. Sugar-free Red Bull. My blood is one part Red Bull to two parts hemoglobin. 2. Normally I would say a pack of smokes, but I’ve been off them for about two weeks. Wait, shit, five minutes now. 3. Shower shoes. If you’ve seen the places a traveling musician has to shower, let’s say you’d go pick up a pair of knock-off Crocs. Entenmann’s Little Bites (small, bite-size muffins or brownies). They’re unbelievably delicious. They would be less addictive if they were made out of pure heroin. I’m not sure there is even a natural ingredient in them. The movie has been made. It’s called “Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.” The character of Finkleman was based off of me.

> Two people. Five questions. See how they stack up.


> Senior from Lawrence, KS
1. My iPod. If you know me, I’m all about music. There’s a lot of O.A.R on it, might I say. 2. Shoes because I like to have my feet comfortable. 3. My friends because I love them.


What are three things you can’t live without? What’s the worst food you’ve ever had? What would the movie title be for the story of your life? Who would you rather be: Santa, the Toothfairy, or the Easter Bunny? If you were on “American Idol,” what song would you sing?

I’m sorry to offend any vegetarian, but tofu just kills me. The texture of tofu just doesn’t work with me. Well, we actually made a movie about my life in junior high called “The Pathetic Life of Andy Kriegh.” I was bullied throughout the film and got caught singing a Jesse McCartney song while crying in my room. But now it would have to be just called “Swag.” Probably the Easter Bunny because who doesn’t like endless amounts of chocolate and Peeps?

I would like to be the Dwayne Johnson version of the Tooth Fairy so that I could turn back into Dwayne Johnson, unretire from wrestling, and give the People’s Elbow (a wrestling move) to John Cena. I’d probably attempt to sing Wilson Pickett’s version of “Hey Jude.” As soon as I started singing, Randy Jackson would most likely leap on stage and punch me in the throat. I would then bust into some DJ Kool.

I’d have to go with the all-time classic and my personal favorite, “Stanky Leg” by the GS Boyz. The dance would of course be accompanied with it.

11 03 11


> Tackling the sticky world of relationships.
KJHK CALLER ASKS: Last night, my girlfriend and I used a strapon for the first time. After climaxing (which was intense), I noticed a large wet spot on the sheets. She told me I had ejaculated, but I want to make sure it isn't something else (like urine). MICHELLE ANSWERS: Research suggests female ejaculation occurs in all women. However, not all women secrete the vaginal fluid associated with ejaculation. The Skene's gland, located inside the vaginal wall and considered to be the "female prostate," produces the fluid associated with female ejaculation. When a woman climaxes and does not ejaculate, the process that occurs is similar to the male dry ejaculation. As the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles contract with orgasm, the fluid is pushed internally and reabsorbed into the body, often into the bladder. Studies monitoring the prostate specific androgen (PSA) levels (produced by the Skene's gland as well as the prostate) in women resulted in the following: PSA was not detected in the urine of women who ejaculated during orgasm, but PSA was detected in the urine of women who did not ejaculate during orgasm. A retrograde, or dry, ejaculation is not harmful for women, but can be harmful for men. A chronic recurrence of dry ejaculation in men should warrant a visit to the doctor. I would argue the fluid you discovered after orgasm was the result of a female ejaculation, not urination. Lucky for you, women who ejaculate during orgasm report more intense and pleasurable orgasms. Perhaps this ejaculation resulted from the introduction of a strapon toy. Keep using it and see if you can repeat this experience. Try the same on your girlfriend

and have fun with new positions. For those of you who would like to experience this kind of orgasm, instead of contracting inward your PC muscles during orgasm, focus on a release and extension of those muscles. Enjoy the experiences that come with your sexual exploration. Email any quEstions to no topic is taboo.


> All great relationships had to start somewhere.
You can get more than groceries from Alco, a Dollar General-type store in Hutchinson. At least alumnus Adam Rankin and senior Beth Newton can say that. The two met while working at the store during high school, though they attended different schools. Beth, a senior at the time, always thought that Adam, then a junior, was shy and geeky, but really cute. With the help of mutual friends, she got the chance to talk to him at the Alco Christmas party. “I wasn’t going to go, but a friend convinced me to take her,” Adam says. “I called her two hours before.” Beth, of course, accepted the invitation. The night was awkward and full of small talk, but for Beth, it was much more. “I was over the moon excited to be with him,” she says. After the party, the two started hanging out. A usual weekend entailed watching “Saturday Night Live” in Beth’s parents’ basement while eating Swedish Fish. The relationship lasted after Beth graduated and went to junior college. But after Adam graduated the next year and started attending KU in 2004, the relationship ended.

They reconnected in 2008 when Beth enrolled at KU. On a whim, they decided to move in together since Beth didn’t have a place to live. Beth moved in with Adam in January of 2009. They continued where they left off — with “Saturday Night Live” and Swedish Fish. On New Year’s Eve, Adam proposed to Beth. The two started 2010 engaged and will go into 2012 married. Adam and Beth’s wedding is on Nov. 5th at Danforth Chapel on the University’s campus. | BAILEY ATKINSON |

Contributed Photo Off-the-Market: After meeting while working at Alco in high school, Rankin and Newton will get married this weekend.


> A weekly peek at a fish in the KU sea.


time, but you don’t need to let everyone know how drunk you are. Contributed Photo Michelle MacBain is a graduate student from Kansas City. She studied sexuality, psychology and communiction studies at KU and The University of Amsterdam. That's gross: Two extremes in skin tones. Super pale skin bothers me or if her skin looks like my wallet does, really leathery. Someone with an olive-toned skin looks natural. Don’t be surprised if I: break eye contact with you because I know my joke isn’t going to be funny. It is a sign I’ve realized I shouldn’t keep telling that joke because it’s bad. You can find me: singing in the shower and playing my guitar in my room.

dreams can come true. now open until 3am.
M: 1 1 am -1 0 pm T/W /Su: 1 1 am -1 2 pm Th/F /Sa: 1 1 am -3 am
( 7 8 5 ) 8 4 3 - 8 6 5 0 o r ( 7 85) 841- 7096 1410 Kasold St. A13 B o b B i l l i n g s & K a s old J a d e G a r d e n O n l i n e . com DINE-IN DELIVERY CARRYOUT

Spends the most money on: food. I go to the grocery store and buy everything that I don’t need Turn-offs: A girl who smokes. Also, a girl who wants to go somewhere and isn’t having fun and then feel like I don’t have anything to eat, so I go back and buy more. and makes it known. My partner needs to: be funny or know what to Why I am a catch: In my opinion, I am not that say, like a remark or witty response that keeps bad looking. I am funny, outgoing and have a sense of humor. I love to have a good time, but the conversation going. I also make sure [other] people are enjoying Hate when people: call attention to themselves themselves. on how drunk they are. You can have a good | BAILEY ATKINSON |

Contributed Photo Name: Steven LaCour Year: Senior Hometown: St. Louis Major: Architectural Engineering Interested in: Women


11 03 11

> If you’re going to do it, be smart.

Better OptiOns fOr Bad situatiOns //

is important to brush your teeth two to three times a day, especially after meals. Carrying a toothbrush with you on campus is the best way to keep plaque from building up, but there are alternatives, Anderson says. “Celery might be something you can brush your teeth with if you crunch on the end of the celery and soften the ends making it brush like,” he says. Celery is a good option because it’s made almost entirely of water. Celery is similar to the original toothbrush too. Thousands of years ago it was believed that cavemen used sticks to brush their teeth. “If you can imagine taking a kind of soft branch of a tree and chewing the end of it until it was just a bunch of little fibers, and then using that to brush your teeth,” Anderson says. Apples can help too because they’re fibrous, so when the apples rub against your teeth they remove some of the plaque. But, since apples contain sugar and bacteria eat sugar, they are not ideal. Putting toothpaste on your finger and rubbing your teeth with it, or rubbing a piece of gauze or cloth on your teeth, works well too. | KYLIE NUTT |

Photo by Kylie Nutt Brush Up: Using your finger or eating foods, such as celery and apples, helps remove plaque and freshens your breath. When John Myers was running late for an interview, he forgot to brush his teeth. Myers, a senior from Topeka, needed a way to clean his teeth and freshen his breath. “I grabbed a pack of minty gum from the Koch Commons (a lobby in Summerfield) and had a piece,” he says. Chewing a piece of gum isn’t the only or best way to clean your teeth. Justin Anderson, a dentist at Wilkerson, Saunders and Anderson in Lawrence, says almost anything you eat creates some type of plaque. The sticky, colorless deposit of bacteria is constantly forming on the tooth’s surface. This is why it

> Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

GOOd fOr yOu, Bad fOr yOu// HuGGinG
Hugging doesn’t mean that you have to sport a tie-dye t-shirt. Tell your friends that you’re lowering your stress when they make fun of you for hugging a room full of people at a party. Verdict: Good for you. Hug away. | BRE ROACH|

11 03 11

You know the guy you see around campus wearing a shirt or holding a sign that says, “Free hugs?” They follow people up and down the sidewalk, arms stretched out wide, inviting anyone in for an embrace—a quick gesture that many would rather replace with a simple handshake. It turns out that these guys, the free-hug lovers, will likely have lower stress levels and better immune systems than many of the casual handshakers. It may sound like a hippie mentality, but studies prove the benefits of touch. The University of Miami opened up the Touch Research Institute in which director Tiffany Field researches the benefits of human touch. “Hugs stimulate the pressure receptors under the skin which release built-up stress hormones,” Field says. Because stress hormones kill your immune cells, hugging is a good way to keep your cells healthy. While some may raise their eyebrows at huggers, Elizabeth Boresow, a senior from Leawood, doesn’t have a problem with it. In fact, she prefers to hug. “Hugs are a more active way I can show someone I care about them. Handshakes are short, and that’s not as fun or meaningful,” she says.

Contributed photo Hugs=Happiness: One study shows that hugs help lower your body’s stress levels.



Finding the right bacteria
Not all probiotics are created equal.

Photo illustration by Morgan LaForge Better Bacteria: Probiotics help boost your body’s native bacterial species to maintain a healthy immune system. In a sterile culture of hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, it is difficult to think of bacteria as being good. But hundreds of bacterial species naturally live in the human body, and even help the body to digest, build a healthy immune system and prevent infection. When the native bacteria don’t perform like they should, probiotics, live microorganisms that provide a health benefit, can assist in the functions the native bacteria typically perform. Quinn Brabender, a senior form Lawrence, learned the benefits of probiotics when reoccurring staph infections his freshman year left him feeling groggy all of the time. Brabender took antibiotics to fight the infections. Soon after the antibiotics would heal one infection, another would begin. Brabender found himself taking antibiotics regularly to fight the infections. “I took antibiotics so often that I didn’t allow my body to build up the good bacteria I needed for a healthy immune system,” Brabender says. He also started feeling ill. “I’d wake up after eight hours of sleep and be groggy. I just felt lethargic all the time,” Brabender says. Brabender’s mother took him to a naturopathic doctor, where Brabender found out he had food allergies he wasn’t aware of. His doctor put him on a restrictive diet and recommended a high dose of probiotics supplements. After four weeks of taking probiotics and following the diet Brabender began to notice improvement in his sleep, digestion and even his mood. “It effected how I felt every day. I wasn’t tired anymore and started being in a better mood,” Brabender says. Like in Brabender’s case, many people take probiotics after using antibiotics because in the process of the antibiotics killing bad bacteria it also kills off the native good bacteria. But this is not the only time people feel the need to provide reinforcements to their native bacteria and supplements aren’t the only form. In fact, there are many different forms and strains of good bacteria, but not all of the forms perform in the same way. Probiotics can be most helpful after suffering from an illness such as food poisoning or stomach flu, which causes the body to lose native bacteria, says Lowen Millspaugh, assistant wellness manager at the Community Mercantile. The good bacteria is usually excreted from the body through diarrhea but can also be killed from use of antibiotics, Millspaugh says. Because the immune system and digestive system are closely related, probiotics can also help with all over immunity and prevent common viruses and disease, Millspaugh says. Higher doses are typically more effective after extreme illness, antibiotics or persistent digestion problems, Millspaugh says. Dosage is not the only variable to consider. “There are a lot of different strains of bacteria available. Each is particular to a specific age group or health benefit,” Millspaugh says. Millspaugh says it often takes a little experimenting to find the probiotics that works best with your body but doing research on the different strains and doses are also important. “It’s all about taking your health into your own hands and doing the research,” says Millspaugh. Mary Ellen Sanders, an internationally recognized consultant on probiotic microbiology, says finding a probiotic that has been scientifically tested and proven to provide health benefits is important because the word “probiotics” is not legally defined or regulated. “Most people think the products containing higher amounts of probiotics are better, but choosing a tested probiotics is more important,” says Sanders, the executive director of the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics. Because the word “probiotics” is not legally defined

manufacturers can use it liberally. The only FDA criteria that affect probiotic manufacturers is that labels must be truthful, but this is not closely regulated, says Sanders. “You really have to do some homework on the product to make sure it is backed with research,” Sanders says. Other than capsules, probiotics can be found in supplement drinks, such as kefir and in fermented foods, containing live cultures like yogurt, miso, sauerkraut and kombucha tea. Although some of these products have the scientific backing, not all do. “Lots of foods that have live cultures are good for you, but the health benefits haven’t always been scientifically proven,” Sanders says. It’s also important to understand that not all fermented foods contain the live cultures by the time they reach the supermarket. When manufactures heat or pasteurize their fermented products, the live cultures die. Typically foods that contain live cultures will be found in the refrigerated section, and the labels will say live, raw cultures, Millspaugh says. When it comes to a healthy immune system probiotics can often help, but it’s not a complete answer. Millspaugh says you must also think about the food you eat, daily stress control and healthy sleep. “You can’t just fix everything with a probiotics. You have to think about your body holistically.”


{ The I nside Scoop }

Choosing A Probiotic
Make sur e your pr obiot ic includes t he f ollow ing: •St r ain of micr oor ganism used •Recommended ser ving size •Dose of live microorganisms in each serving measured in CFU (Colony Forming Units) •Expir at ion dat e or best by dat e •Healt h benef it s associat ed w it h t he pr obiot ic •St or age dir ect ions t o help ensur e t he lif e span of t he act ive pr obiot ic •Manuf act ur er cont act inf or mat ion
Source: the International Scientific A s s oc i ati on for Probi oti c s and Prebi oti c s ’s web site at www. i s app. net


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Simple lies that manage our social interactions
| KATIE JAMES| sity in New York titled “On my way: Deceptive Texting and Interpersonal Awareness Narratives,” classifies an excuse like the one above as a butler lie. A butler lie is told to manage the entry or exit of a social interaction without seeming rude or disinterested in the conversation. The term refers to the social buffering role that butlers once played for their employers, such as telling a visitor that their employer was not there, when the employer simply didn’t want to see the visitor. According to the study, butler lies have three main uses, all based on the fact that the person on the other end of the phone can’t see exactly what you are doing. A common use of a butler lie deals with time; the sender never knows what the recipient of the message is doing at the present time, or what they will be doing in the future. These include things like “Sorry, I just got your text,” or “I might go later, I'm not sure though,” when the recipient actually got your text hours ago, or knows he or she has no intention of meeting later. A second use for a butler lie plays upon the fact that the recipient is unsure of the sender’s current availability to talk. These are most often used to delay a conversation, for example, “I’m eating right now, and can I call you later?” The third, most common type of butler lies relies on location. These are used to excuse lateness, such as, “I’m on my way,” when you actually haven’t left. The Cornell study found that the senders of butler lies used deception to make up believable stories about their activities and availability. People rarely just said they were busy; they also gave a reason for not being able to meet or interact. But if you tell a lot of lies people may start changing their opinions of you. “Once it happens enough you can be branded a liar, and that brand really doesn’t go away. People will start making attributions to your character, and see you as untrustworthy,” Dobrenski says. The feeling of separation from in-person conversation to using a text leads people to not feel guilty about bending the truth. This makes butler lies more common. Fear of coming off rude or mean to others often leads people to hide their true feelings about a situation. “I feel guilty about not telling the truth sometimes, but if it’s an activity I really don’t want to do, I don’t feel bad about lying to get out of it,” says Sarah*, a freshman from Wichita, who admits to using butler lies once in a while to get out of things. Texting allows you to avoid a confrontation in person, which lessens feelings of guilt. You aren’t directly faced with the expression on the other person’s face when you decline an invitation or tell them you’ve changed your mind about wanting to do something. But though you might not feel bad about deceiving people, little lies still have an effect on the people they’re told to. “Any secret, even a simple one can damage trust when it comes out. Without face-to-face confrontation, the liar feels much safer, less likely to be caught, and less likely to suffer if caught,” says Tina B. Tessina, a psychotherapist, and author of Money, Sex, and Kids: Stop Fighting about the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage. It may be easier to get away with since the recipient can’t tell what you’re really doing, but it may come back around to harm you in the future. “Whether or not you will get caught is not the most mature way to evaluate behavior, but people often do it that way,” Tessina says. Once trust has been broken, it can be a hard thing to earn back. “I have a friend who constantly exaggerates things to the point where I can’t tell what is the truth and what is a lie. He’ll talk about how he goes to “epic” parties, but he doesn’t actually go, and he never invites us to go with him,” says Christian Busch, a senior from Sabetha. Lies cause the person on the receiving end to question your intentions, and if they want to interact with you. “If I find out someone has lied to me, it’s hard for me to always believe them 100 percent. I usually think back to that time and can’t trust them fully,” Busch says. Figuring out what is the truth and what is a lie can be exhausting and can put a strain on friendships, as was the case for Mitchell Montgomery, a senior from Topeka, and his roommate. “There have been times my roommate would tell me he had to do homework to get out of spending time with the guys, but he would actually go hang out with his girlfriend at the time,” he says. “It was really frustrating because I knew pretty much any time we asked him to do something with us and he had an excuse, it was usually a lie,” Montgomery says. More often than not the recipient of a butler lie would rather just know the truth, even if it were something disappointing, like when you have other plans, “We laugh about it now because he realized he did want to spend more time with us, but I used to call him out on it and he would feel guilty about lying to us,” Montgomery says. Of course everyone bends the truth a little at some time or another, particularly if they aren’t talking in person. “If someone asks me to do something and I don’t want do to it I’ll make something else up and tell them I have to do that,” says Maddie Wolf, a freshman from Overland Park. “LOL is the biggest texting lie ever. No one is ever actually laughing out loud.”

It’s nine o’clock on a Thursday and you’re cozied up on the couch watching Jersey Shore when you receive a text from a friend saying, “Let’s go to the bars!” It could be fun, but what you really want to do is watch and see if Sammi and Ronnie are going to fight. How do you respond? You don’t want to be judged for watching Jersey Shore. You also don’t want to tell your friend you don’t want to spend time with her. So you reply, “I have too much homework.” Technology makes it much easier for us to be connected at all times and in any location. This connectivity also means that we are more likely to have a conversation while we are on the go. “When using a text it’s a lot easier to lie because you don’t have to see the other person, you’re just typing it in. If you’ve never met the person you’re talking to technology can actually make it worse, their entire identity could be a lie,” says Rob Dobrenski, psychologist and author of Crazy: Notes On and Off the Couch. Making sure we feel comfortable in a situation can be another reason to use a lie. “It is easier to lie in certain situations because we are designed to look out for ourselves first, and then the people around us,” he says. A 2010 study conducted at Cornell Univer-

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When is it ever OK to lie?
Some Jayhawks give their opinion:
“I feel guilty about lying no matter the situation, in person or texting. So I try not to lie at all.” – Alyssa Steffes, a senior from Olathe “It’s OK when kids are involved, like when they ask if Santa is real.” – Nick Conrad, a freshman from Lawrence “Truth is the best policy. Everyone has their own version of the truth, though.” – Gabe Hilleary, a junior form Atlanta “If someone wants an answer to a question and I’m not sure what I want to say, I’ll wait until I figure it out and then text them back.” – Erin Carter, a senior from Omaha “Whenever it benefits me.” – Niko Skeels, a senior from Olathe “I don’t think it’s ok ever. Honesty is better than protecting someone’s feelings, you just have to choose your words carefully.” – Whitney Riker, senior from Chicago “I can’t lie, at all. If I were going to, it would have to be well thought out.” – Amanda Gion, a senior from Hutchinson “If someone texts me and I don’t want to talk, I tell them I’m busy.” – Sammi Arnold, a sophomore from Lawrence “When someone asks me if they look good in an outfit and they don’t, I tell them they look good because I don’t want to hurt their feelings.” – Aleesha Avila, a junior from Kansas City, Mo. “I try my best never to lie. But sometimes I just don’t tell the whole truth and I only tell parts of it. But only if the truth will hurt their feelings.” – Andy Strydom, senior from South Africa “If I have any opportunity to prank someone by lying I’ll do it, as long as it won’t harm them. I like to play jokes using texting because it’s easier. I don’t have to hide my facial expression, and the person being pranked can’t tell if I’m serious.” – Chris Agnew, a sophomore from Louisburg

Photo Illustrations by Claire Howard Mixed Messages: Although lying through text message feels less harmful, the results can still brand you as a liar.


11 03 11

AnDa Union, a band comprised of performers from inner and outer Mongolia, plan to hit the Lied Center’s stage Nov. 5 to give Lawrence a taste of Mongolian music. The music that comes from Mongolia is essentially the history of their culture, according to Tim Pierce, AnDa Union’s manager. “They don’t have building, they don’t have pictures, they don’t have pyramids like the Egyptians do, all of their culture is their music,” Pierce says. “If it stops [the music] then there’s no trace of them, they are gone.” The show will feature traditional Mongolian songs with a mixture of modern day Mongol music with the use of mouth harps and flutes as well as several different vocal forms. “It’s powerful, it’s beautiful, you will hear singing like you have never heard before; it’s a life changing experience,” Pierce says. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 5 at the Lied Center. Tickets will cost $21 for adults and $5 for students. Following the show there will also be a meet and greet with the performers. Prior to the show on Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. at Liberty Hall and Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. at the Kansas City


> In case of emergency, read quickly.
they have earned that position. If you aren’t respectful, it makes you look bad,” says Chris Nugent a senior from Overland Park. Nugent gained this insight working as an Information Technology Services intern at Lee’s Summit city hall for the past two years. Another thing to keep in mind is that you never know who your email could be forwarded on to. “Proof read it before you send it,” Nugent says. | KATIE JAMES |

> It’s not all about food and beer pong.

Email is a simple way to contact someone, Public Library, there will also be a free viewing but don’t let the informal feeling fool you. The of the documentary about AnDa Union called way you talk to your mom in an email isn’t how “From the Steppes to the City.” you’d want to talk to a future employer. “Your | CHRIS NEAL | correspondence is being reviewed at all stages, it can be part of the application process,” says Wendy Shoemaker, senior associate director for the University Career Center. Shoemaker offers these tips: Do: Use proper grammar and punctuation. Use business correspondence titles, such as Mr. and Mrs. Always keep messages brief and concise. Sign with your full name and contact information. And make sure attachments are in a universal format that your recipient can open, Contributed photo such as a PDF. A Modern Mongol Mix: AnDa Union, a Mongolian band playing the Lied Center this Don’t: Saturday, incorporates both traditional and Use slang words. It’s also important not to new sounds into their music. use abbreviations your recipient might not know, such as KU instead of the University of Kansas. Avoid using a demanding tone and break bigger chunks of text up into smaller paragraphs. “When dealing with people in a position higher than you, they deserve respect because

Photo by Katie James Think Before You Hit Send: Always proof read your emails before sending them.


785-841-TACO | 1115 MASS
w w w.f u z z y s t a c o s h o p .c om


w w w.E a t Me K U .d i gb ro.c om

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NOTICE What it’s like // TO RUN FOR STUdENT bOdy
> We know you’re curious.
| by LIbby JOHNSON AS TOLd by MATT GALLOWAy | Libby Johnson, a senior from Lawrence, won the election for the Student Senate president on April 14, 2011. Johnson and her running mate, Gabe Bliss, a sophomore from Olathe, witnessed the announcement from The Yacht Club along with dozens of members of their coalition, KUnited. The duo secured 60 percent of the 5,192 votes cast. Her involvement in student government started in high school, continued as a freshman senator and climaxed with her victory last April. totally obvious blow up and come out in the newspaper to be you intentionally breaking rules, or trying to get ahead in some way. It’s something you learn that is going to happen, and that sucks. but you deal with it. Election week was nerve-racking. but once it’s go-time, you don’t have time to think about how you’re feeling or your health. It’s probably the most draining time of the campaign, but it’s also the most rewarding. Coming to understand that there are people supporting you just because they believe in what you’re doing is a really great feeling. polls closed at 4 p.m. that Thursday. I ran to class to take a quiz, dashed out as soon Contributed photo as I finished and made my way to The yacht My family thinks I’m crazy for doing this. Club where we were having our viewing parMy parents are science and math professors ty. I remember there being confusion about and they didn’t understand why I would ever just how the results would be relayed to us want to be involved in student government. when they were released at 6 p.m. that night. but when the announcement that I had won Everyone was excited and socializing at first, the presidency was broadcast on KUJH-TV but as the time of the announcement drew that night at The yacht Club, you couldn’t have closer and closer, everyone got anxious and removed the smiles from their faces. dead quiet. There were other people in the by the time I arrived at KU, I wanted to be restaurant and they didn’t really know what more than just another graduate when I left. was going on, but they were dead quiet too. I wanted to make an impact at a place that Then, I saw pictures of Gabe and myself pop meant so much to me as a Lawrence native, up on KUJH-TV. knowing I would always call this place home. It was the most elating feeling in the I worked my way up the ladder from a world. I have never felt like that and I don’t freshman senator to the executive secretary think I will ever feel like that again. It was before I decided to throw my name into the mix such a release to look around at everyone for president. And I can honestly say it was else in our coalition, and my family, and like being in a dead sprint for 30 days straight. hearing who else in the room got elected to you’re putting in all hours of the day, skipping positions. Gabe and I shared a big hug. sleep to do any homework you might have. Unfortunately, I was exhausted and you don’t have a social life at all. you literally sunburned from the week of campaigning, wake up thinking about the campaign and go so I crashed pretty early that night. but I can to bed thinking about the campaign, because honestly say that as sweet as the taste of you have to. victory that night was, the last five months The weeks leading up to the election were have equaled it. I don’t know whether or not an emotional roller coaster. The controI’ll go on into politics. I feel so close to this versy my coalition dealt with for chalking the campus. It’s big enough that it’s a big school sidewalks early was something I didn’t expect but small enough that it’s a community. I to be an issue, but I’ve learned that there is think everyone should experience something reality and there is what people say, and you once, and for me, this was the perfect time have to understand that those are going to be to do it. different, and you have to learn to live with it. When you’re running a campaign, you are in a spotlight. people are looking for you to mess up. The littlest things that you think are just



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An Evening with NOV 9 David Sedaris 7:30pm
(Additional $1 service fee will apply)

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GIrl 1: OK that’s it. I have to remember to stay far away from the woods. Three people have been killed in the woods in the past three weeks. GIrl 2: That was on TV. It’s not even real life.

GIrl (as she kicks pinecone): Take that pinecone!

Humorist, author and public radio contributor

Guy 1: I just need someplace to put my gum. Guy 2: Not on my nice cloth napkin. They gave this to me because I’ll keep it nice. I am going to use this at least two times.”

PrOfESSOr: See, when I was in college I just smoked loads of weed. I didn’t drink much. STudEnT: Really? PrOfESSOr: Yep, I was a pot head.

Sedaris will share his unique and hilarious observations on the human condition.
Post-performance book signing in Kemper Foyer (main lobby)
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Guy 1: How did you get out of that test? Guy: Oh, I just told her my grandmother died.

GIrl 1: Would it be ghetto if I lay on this table?” GIrl 2: It would be. GIrl 3: What if I performed for you?

GIrl: The mcRib is like the Jay-Z of mcdonald’s; it keeps coming back.

ORDER TODAY 785-864-2787

| NadIa ImafIdON |

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A local store owner’s experience running a custom drum company

Derek Sharp started playing drums 30 years ago when he was 9 years old. He met his wife when he was 10, and shortly after he built her a treehouse in which they would spend most of their summer together. As time passed, Sharp’s interest in drums and carpentry grew, and when he was a senior in high school, he had but one job: purchasing used drum sets, refurbishing them, and selling them for higher prices. This is what spawned the idea for TreeHouse Custom Drums, Sharp’s Topeka- based drum manufacturing company.
Lawrence is known for having one of the best music scenes in the Midwest. This being the case, there are a variety of music retail stores in town that provide musicians with the equipment they need to hone their skills and perform. One such store is Supersonic music. At first glance, Supersonic seems like a relatively normal music store. It is, however, the only store in Lawrence and Topeka that works in close affiliation with a custom drum company. Sharp, a husband and father of three, purchased Supersonic Music’s Topeka location in 1998 after managing the store for two years. Two years after purchasing the store, he was approached by a customer who expressed interest in having him build a custom drum set. Sharp, who was familiar with the anatomy of drum sets through the work he had done on them, was up to the challenge. “TreeHouse didn’t exist, but he gave me money and said ‘I get the first drum set.’ Nine months later I gave him the second drum set. I liked it better.” Sharp says. Making drum sets by hand proved to be an extremely difficult task. “I actually had to make the tools to make the tools to make the drums,” he says. “It took a while.” After successfully completing his first pair of custom drum sets and opening a new Supersonic music location in Lawrence, Sharp was inspired to start TreeHouse Custom Drums. Located in the basement of Supersonic’s Topeka location is what Sharp refers to as “the drumgeon.” Sharp builds all the TreeHouse sets there. For the most part, it looks the way you might imagine any carpenter’s workshop to look, aside from the fact that it is littered with drum shells and a wide variety of Contributed photo Beat Building: Derek Sharp, owner of TreeHouse Custom Drums in Topeka, works on a new drum set. custom made tools that ease the meticulous process of drum manufacturing. The workshop’s location beneath Supersonic Music has been an extremely important feature for TreeHouse, Sharp says. Because his drum workshop is located beneath his music store, he doesn’t have to pay separate phone and electric bills. He also cuts out all the middlemen that a manufacturer needs for production, shipping, storing, marketing, and selling the drums. This, Sharp says, is what allows him to sell his custommade drums at such lower prices than his competitors. An average four piece custom-made TreeHouse set sells from anywhere between $1,800 and $2,200. A Gretsch American made four piece drum set lists for around $5000. “My goal is to be around $1,000, out of the customers pocket, less than they would have to pay for a mass-produced professional drum set,” Sharp says. Since March of 2005, Sharp has had only four cumulative months where he wasn’t working on a TreeHouse drum set. As such, his workload requires, for the most part, 12 to 13 hour work days, and occasionally 16 to 18 hour work days. “If I have an obligation, I do my best to honor it,” he says. Since the inception of TreeHouse in 2000, Sharp has been reluctant to allow anyone besides himself to work on the TreeHouse sets. “A lot of people approach me saying they want to help out, but they don’t realize the time and precision it takes to build a drum set,” he says. But in January of 2010, Sharp took Jason Degenhardt, Supersonic’s online sales manager and drum instructor, on as an apprentice. “It’s an apprenticeship, so he’s teaching me as we go along,” Degenhardt says. “Its been a blast. I play the drums, and I teach the drums, and now to be able to make the drums, are you kidding me? It’s come around full circle. I get to do everything.” Sharp invited Degenhardt to start working for TreeHouse after seeing his organizational skills and his attention to detail. “For the most part, people come in wanting to help and they have no idea, and I don’t have time for them to mess up one of my orders to learn how,” Sharp says. “They have to come on board with lots of organization and an understanding of what its like to be excellent.”


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PLAY movie review // footloose
The original “Footloose” burst onto the screen in 1984, stealing the hearts of fans across the nation. You should careful when remaking a classic because fans already hold the movie to a high standard before it hits screens. The movie starts with a group of drunk teenagers getting into a car crash. The five teens die instantly and the small southern town of Bomont, Georgia is shaken with grief and shock. It is here that we see Dennis Quaid as the Reverend Shaw Moore. It is his decision to ban dancing, music, drinking, or anything that could lead to a good time. He even gives the teens a curfew. And more importantly, he keeps his daughter Ariel Moore, played by Julianne Hough, away from her rebellious tendencies. Fast forward three years and the new boy in town, Ren MacCormack, played by Kenny Wormald, moves into town. Ren can’t get over the fact that he can’t dance to blow off steam and blast his music from his Volkswagen. He soon finds a group of friends and is set on making the rebellious, unavailable, preacher’s daughter his. All the pair needs to do is get rid of the ordinances.

> Hollywood hits, indie flicks and everything in between
The newest “Footloose” sticks close to the original plot. With Hough and Wormald wearing the same exact prom attire in the closing scenes, fans of the original will be surprisingly pleased at all of the similarities. | SAVAnnAH ABBoTT |

movie review // 50/50
“50/50” is the story of Adam, a 27-year-old man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) diagnosed with a rare form of spinal cancer. He hopes to survive the tribulation with the help of his girlfriend (Bryce Dallas Howard), best friend and roommate (Seth Rogen), therapist (Anna Kendrick), and mother (Anjelica Huston). An effective method in films dealing with a difficult subject is opening with humor then shifting to melancholy. As one would expect, Seth Rogen shines in the comedic first half, as does Anna Kendrick. It is important that after the story hits its comedic peak it must make a shift and drop in a dramatic valley. Unfortunately, “50/50” never ventures deep enough. A second major fault is that no characters, other than Adam, feel fully developed, because the script spreads itself too thin between his complementary characters. Had it focused on one relationship more, and lessened the focus on others, the result would have been a better story. Adam begins a romantic relationship with his therapist-in-learning (Kendrick), which might seem unethical to some, but the movie

> Hollywood hits, indie flicks and everything in between
basically rebuts with “Yeah, but she’s cute, so you don’t care, right?” And, no, I don’t. “50/50” works better as a comedy than a drama, which seems unusual for a movie about a man dealing with cancer. The dramatic scenes tend to be so tame that it doesn’t matter.

Contributed photo | MAx GREEnWooD |

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Fashion review // ReD PANts
> Get it while it’s haute
The signature trend this autumn is red pants. Red bottoms sported by celebrities are now an everyday clothing article worn by individuals of all ages. They offer an effortless transformation from standard jeans to a more stylish option. Red pants can be paired with a variety of tops and can easily be dressed up or down. Wear the bottoms with an animal print top, or a mint colored shirt with a floral pattern if you would like to enhance the bold colored pants. If the red jeans alone are wild enough for you, then try wearing the jeans with a simple white or lace top. Experiment with the wide variety of pant options to suit your fashion needs. You can find the red pants in chino style, skinny jeans, and even capris. Students can also take the trend to a new level and wear them on game days. Use your red pants to complement a white or blue shirt and represent the Jayhawks in style. The basic version of pants is available for reasonable prices at Target. | JARoD KILGoRE |

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Johnny’s Tavern West 721 Wakarusa Suite 100

Johnny’s Tavern North 401 N 2nd St

Mariscos M
& The Top Shelf Bar

$7.00 Pitchers $5.00 o all Pizzas $2 Single-topping slices after 9 p.m $4.00 Big Beers (32oz.) $2.00 o Burgers $3.50 Blvd & Free State Pints $2.75 Miller Lite and Coors Light Bottles, $3.50 Bloody Marys

Big 22 oz. Domestic Draft Beers: $3.00 All Bottled Beer: $2.00 Jumbo Rocks Margaritas: $3.99 Lime Mug O’ Ritas: 99¢ 12 oz. Domestic Draft Beers including Boulevard Wheat: 99¢ 1/2 Price House Margaritas Carlos Gold Margaritas $4.99 Jumbo Margaritas & Long Island Iced Tea: $4.99

$2.50 Miller Lite and Coors Light pints and $ 3.50 bloody marys $6 domestic pitchers $ 7.99 chicken fried steak w/ mashed potatoes & gravy with green beans $ 5 o any pizza (after 6 pm) $2 Miller Lite and coors light pints and $1 tacos $3 domestic big beers and $2 single topping slices $2 Single-topping slices after 9 $2.50 domestic bottles $3 Boulevard pints and $3 UV vodka singles $3 UV singles

Mimosas & Bloody Marys - $3 Sunday Brunch 'til 4 p.m. Summer Brew - $3.50 $1 o Lump Crab Melt Mariscos Infusions - $4.50 $1 o Shrimp Tacos Half Price Martinis $1 o Veal Meatball Grinder Margaritas - $3.50 Top Shelf Margaritas - $5 Select Tequila Flights (tres) $9 $1 o Prime Rib Sliders Local Draft Beer - $3 $1 o Fish N Chips Wine by the Glass - $1 o

$1.00 All Cans Including Rolling Rock & $4.25 Double Wells $2.00 Domestic Bottles $4.00 Double Skyy $2.00 Single Wells $1.50 PBR Bottles $2.75 Import Bottles, Specialty Beers & Boulevard Wheat Draws $5.00 Double Absolut $4.75 Domestic (Premium) Pitchers, $3.75 PBR/Nattie Pitchers, $5.00 Double Goose $5.25 Domestic (Premium) Pitchers, $3.75 PBR/Nattie Pitchers, $3.50 Double Wells $5.25 Domestic (Premium) Pitchers, $3.75 PBR/Nattie Pitchers, $3.50 Double Wells

Thanks to everyone who came out to party at the GRANADA this HALLOWEEN!

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