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ARTICLE REVIEW The title for this research article is The Attitude and Motivation of English Language Teachers

towards the Use of Computers. It was taken from Malaysian Online Journal of Instructional Technology (MOJIT), Vol.3, No.1, pp 57 67. It was written by Nurul Atikah Abdullah, Mohammad Jafre Zainol Abidin, Wong Su Luan, Omar Majid and Hanafi Atan and they were from the Centre for Languages and Translation USM, School of Distance Education USM and the Faculty of Educational Studies UPM. The aims of this research were to evaluate the situation that currently exists pertaining to teacher attitude and motivation and elucidate the problems they face in the secondary schools of the selected district and also to look at the problems that might have an influence in the teachers decision to use or not to use the computer in their instructional delivery. There were two types or survey being used as a methodology in this research, which are; a quantitative data survey consisting of a 40-item questionnaire and a qualitative data survey via oral interviews conducted on six English language teachers. They have selected a total of 62 English language teachers from 12 schools in a selected district randomly. They were trained by different colleges and universities and have been teaching less than 5 years and more to 21 years and above. Their findings revealed that the majority of teachers had a positive attitude, were highly motivated towards the use of computers to teach English and actually used them for teaching and learning purposes, and also showed that intrinsic rewards, such as responsibilities, a sense of self-worth and accomplishments, did being significant in enhancing the positive attitude and motivation. This research is very interesting to me because it encounters the issue that really happens in schools in Malaysia. This research is well conducted since the researchers have already mentioned that they used qualitative (interview) and quantitative (questionnaire) altogether, and the respondents have been indicated specifically. However, the research questions were not mentioned clearly but being touched with explanations regarding the issue and the researches did not mentioned about the limitations of the research. The researchers also did not use any recent references for the literature review. This can be improved by explaining the research questions under one subtopic and also stating the limitations of the research. Their references also should be more recent so that we can look

at the overview of the latest researchers specifically on this respective issue. The research has shown that there are some teachers who are really interested in using ICT in the classroom and there are a lot of teachers that still prefer the traditional chalk and talk for English lesson. From the findings, I could see ICT in classroom should be implemented since that it may attracts the students attention and it is useful in initiating the students; understanding on certain topics since they may visualize it and experience by themselves. The attitude of the teachers is an important element to ensure that the lesson will be interesting or not. Teachers should consider about the students condition and normally teachers know that the students like to participate when the activities are interesting to them. One of the reasons why the teachers did not use computers in classroom is because they are lack of computer skills, since not much training provided for them. As a teacher, it is important for them to keep on updating themselves with new things; it doesnt show that they are outdated, but they should always bear in their mind that learning is a process, they learn new things everyday and if they still havent realize, they did learn things through their own teaching. They have to enhance their own existential fulfillments (selfacceptance, self-actualization and self-transcendence) so that they know their responsibilities toward their students. Knowing that majority of the teachers are interested in using computers in classroom made me realize, that they are a lot of teachers still interested in using it, but due to the lack of facilities, such as no computer lab in their school, not enough equipment and other related reasons, the usage of computers in language learning is hard to be fully implemented in schools. The ministry should realize this and should provide more computers to school, not just focusing on the urban schools, but the rural schools as well.