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MONITORING SYSTEM For the duration of the OJT/ Practicum, the student shall be monitored by the Practicum Coordinator/Dean through consultations with officers of the training partner where the student is deployed, announced or unannounced visits in the workplace, and through the written Monthly Report of activities submitted by the student on the last day of each month through e-mail, airmail, courier or other means. Reports or Complaints communicated by the training partner shall be duly documented through an “Incident Report” which shall form part of the official files of the student and shall be given weight in determining the evaluation by the Practicum Coordinator/ Dean as part of the Practicum grade.


EVALUATION PROCESS Grades for OJT/Practicum – shall be based on: Evaluation by the Immediate Supervisor (Training Partner) 40% Evaluation by the Practicum Coordinator/Dean 20% Practicum Report (content & visuals) 30% Punctuality 10% 100% The OJT/Practicum Report is a compilation of documents/ certificates relating to the OJT/ Practicum Experience of the student. It shall contain the following: a) Title Page1 b) Table of Contents2 c) Company profile/description of the operations of the training partner/s where the student was deployed d) Certificate of Completion issued by the Training Partner specifying the number of hours rendered by the student e) Evaluation3 by the Immediate Supervisor/s in a sealed envelope signed at the flap.

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See Sample form - Annex “A” See Sample form – Annex “B” 3 Official form given by DMC – Annex “C”

f) A one page4 essay-testimonial by the student on his/her experience (Suggested Format: What have I learned from the OJT/practicum experience? . Violations to rules and regulations shall be dealt with according to the provisions of the Student Handbook. The student however. What I can recommend for the improvement of the practicum program) g) Photos of the student in the workplace (no less than 5 photos must be submitted) h) Copies of the Weekly report of activities i) Other documents to show the activities participated in by the student or proof of skills learned III. students are obliged to adhere to the rules and regulations of the Student Handbook of the college and in addition. to the employee rules and regulations of the training partner. Absences due to illness of death in the immediate family are considered excused. . IV. ATTENDANCE The students must be able to render a minimum of 486 hours of training operations. he/she has to inform the training company and the Practicum Coordinator at the soonest possible time. 4 One page minimum. My experiences with my immediate supervisor/s and coworkers. The most memorable event during my OJT/practicum. Student may submit a longer essay if preferred. CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINE As the OJT/ Practicum is part of the curriculum and students are enrolled in DMC College Foundation for its duration. In instances that a student will not be able to come to work. must make up for his/her absences and extend the duration of his/her OJT/practicum.