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Kasey Williams Sole Black Duke Lacrosse Player Says White Teammates Stereotyped By Chris Francescai ABC News

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Summary: This article was about the stereotype of the three defendants of the Duke Lacrosse Case being stereotyped according to their race and class. Many said that they were privileged white boys. One of the African-American players talked about how boring the party was and that not much was going on. The three boys claimed that they were innocent and when the coach found out he was stunned and could not believe that the boys would ever be accused of something so bad as rape. This story is an article.

Kasey Williams Rape Case Highlights South's Abiding Divide By Suzanne Goldenberg The Guardian Summary: This article was about a woman named Suzanne Goldenberg's opinion on the social difference of the "victim" and the defendants. also to convince others that Duke University is too tolerant of bad behavior of students. Point-of-View: I do not agree with the authors criticism and sarcasm towards the defendants because at the time she couldn’t have known if the men actually raped this woman. In the end the defendants were found innocent as they claimed to be. I say this because she seems unsympathetic to the defendants and angry at the whole incident and at Duke University for letting something like this happen. . She says that they live in different worlds and how the defendants are basically white privileged boys taking advantage of a lower class African-American woman. b. This article is an editorial. Identify Tone: The author seems angry and somewhat sarcastic. d. Author's Purpose: The author wrote this editorial to inform others that the African-American woman and defendants are from two completely different social statuses and the racism involved in the situation. c. Main Idea: The main idea of this article is the different social classes of the defendants and the victim. She criticized Duke University about being too tolerant about the rowdiness of sports teams and how the school will be looked at in a different way. a.

Main Idea: The main idea of the editorial was that facts should be considered the most in trials and prejudice against race or social class should not affect the decision of the jury. Point-of-View: I agree with Kristof because I think that prejudice is wrong and should not be taken into consideration when it comes to judging a person. Kristof The New York Times Summary: This article was about the stereotyping of these Duke lacrosse players and how it is wrong to view the case only on race and class. Author's Purpose: Nicholas D. Kristof wrote this article to prove that the case should not be viewed as a social or racial issue but whether the defendants truly are guilty or innocent based on what we know. . d. This article is an editorial. Identify Tone: The tone of this article was serious because Kristof just wants people to be aware of the fact that prejudice should not play a part in the lacrosse case. c. b. or any case for that matter. Nicholas D Kristof wrote about how we should not judge this case based on prejudice but based solely on the facts. a.Kasey Williams Jocks and Prejudice By Nicholas D. The color of a person's skin or their social class does not make up their personality.

b. d. Point of View: My point of view of this editorial is that Marc Fisher is being completely prejudice and is accusing without thinking. . Fisher is trying to tell people that he thinks these boys are bad people and he says that their looks and actions of innocence is all a cover up. Fisher probably did not want to face the facts that these boys are truly innocent. Identify Tone: Marc Fisher seems sarcastic in writing this editorial because he talks as if these boys are terrible people when they have never caused any harm or committed any crime. a. Main Idea: The main idea of the article is to inform people that the defendants are guilty of rape and that they are not as well behaved as they appear. Author's Purpose: The author wrote this editorial to persuade others to agree with him in saying that these boys are guilty and their looks and innocent actions are all a big lie when really the defendants turn out to be innocent in the long run. c. Fisher states that the defendants are not with other people they are completely different when he barely knows who they are in the first place. the defendants. He doesn’t truly know how these boys act around their friends he just wants to say that they are guilty judging from their look and actions. He is looking at the case through one side of the story.Kasey Williams Wolves In Blazers and Khakis By Marc Fisher The Washington Post Summary: This editorial is about how the defendants of the Duke Lacrosse case look like clean cut young gentlemen but they are not actually as well behaved as we might think. He doesn’t fully understand and has not taken into consideration the other side of this case. The author tries to make it seem as though the defendants are the bad ones.

Duke University. Author's Purpose: The authors purpose for writing this was to get the point across that the whole case has had a negative impact on everyone involved including the players. Main Idea: The main idea for this editorial was to prove that prejudice is wrong and nothing good can possibly come from it. Point of View: I could not agree more with this editorial. and lawyer Mike Nifong. the accuser. I use the term significant to describe the tone because it is important to know that prejudice gets you nowhere and the Duke Lacrosse case has taught us all a lesson to respect others and to really get to know a person or situation before you judge. I think that all the prejudice and hopping to conclusions has really put everyone who was involved in the Duke Lacrosse team in a bad position. b. Mike Nifong was viewed as a trustworthy and loyal lawyer and is now being disbarred and having to deal with ethics charges from the North Carolina State Bar for being unfair and considering all the facts as a lawyer should. the African-American exotic dancer will be looked down upon and criticized for her selfishness and wrong doing of these three young men. d. . Identify Tone: The tone of this article was significant. c.Kasey Williams Analysis: Nobody Won in Duke Case By Justin Pope The Associated Press Summary: This editorial was about how no one truly won the Duke Lacrosse Case because the reputation of the three players have been ruined and their lives will never be the same again after what they’ve been through. former coach Mike Pressler. a. The accuser.

We must keep in mind that the times of these two cases are distant. Victoria Price had wrongly accused these men of raping her and lied to the lawyers and the jury multiple times. rape. The Scottsboro boys and Duke Lacrosse case defendants were treated very unfairly. The Scottsboro boys were African-American and of lower social and economical statuses. The defendants of the Duke Lacrosse case were looking at plenty of jail time for doing nothing at all. but people still chose to believe her though. They are considered "rich" and of the higher class. which was supposedly where the whole incident occurred. Not many people even considered the thought that this woman was lying for selfish reasons. The Scottsboro boys and the defendants of the lacrosse case had never harmed or abused any one in their lives. The same sort of situation occurred during the Duke Lacrosse case. Because of this many assumed that they wouldn’t care about abusing a black woman of a completely different social class.Kasey Williams Duke Lacrosse Case Research Paper Thesis: Almost 80 years after the infamous Scottsboro case. They were accused of raping an African-American woman. . This exotic dancer has had a past of doing things that were socially unacceptable. blacks were looked down upon within their society. During the time period of the Scottsboro case. the strikingly similar episode of the Duke Lacrosse case occurred because… The Scottsboro case was very similar to the recent case of the Duke Lacrosse incident. they were also alike with prejudice and the judging of their character by race and class. While the cases are similar because of the events that took place. This woman is an exotic dancer who was hired to dance at an offcampus college party. The stories of these two cases proved a very good point that people should not be prejudice towards others or be quick to judge them because they're probably different than you thought. People were all of the time jumping from one conclusion to another. yet the jury still believed that these young men were guilty of rape because of their skin color and social class. She also had no proof for her story. She had no evidence to back up her story. Everyone wanted to think that these boys were terrible people when others aren't looking. These three clean cut young men had never done any harm or caused any problems. The Scottsboro boys were faced with such harsh punishments as death even though they were completely innocent. Their accuser was a white woman by the name of Victoria Price. In both cases dealt with multiple men being accused with the same crime.