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SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts

Customer Facing Presentation April 2012

Typical Challenges with Business Unit Reporting

Gap between business users reporting needs and the ability of IT to deliver the right solution in timely fashion

Scarce IT resources; Information delivery solutions not sufficient to scale to end users needs

Missed opportunities and deadlines, compliance and regulatory issues, inability to react quickly to crisis

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3 .5 million cartons of milk need to be recalled. All rights reserved.Business Units Need Timely Access to Accurate Information “I’m being audited by the SEC. I need this today!” Manufacturing. Supply Chain & Logistics “What is our current customer renewal rate? I need to respond to our CEO today!” Sales & Marketing © 2012 SAP AG. where does the data come from? It’s quarter end today!” Finance “What’s the utilization of our data centers? 4 of 5 are going red today!” IT Network & Systems “2. I need the last 5 years of revenue data “I don’t trust the today!” revenue numbers. Trace the lot to the distributors.

SAP Solutions for Enterprise Information Management Rapid marts jump-start data integration to support analytics Data Integration & Quality Management Rapid Marts Cleanse Master Data Management A D Create B C Integrate Before After Govern Information Lifecycle Management Archive Manage Content Management © 2012 SAP AG. 4 . All rights reserved.

SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Jump-start analytics implementations Deliver rapid insight Increase reporting flexibility Reduce costs Start here without Rapid Mart Start here with Rapid Mart Resources SAP ERP Sources  Financial    Operational Manufacturing Human Capital Mgmt Engage Specialized SAP Skills Extension and Customization Time © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 5 .

All rights reserved. data foundation and reporting content Suitable for departmental and enterprise analytical needs targeting SAP subject areas Highly modular approach enables SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts to be implemented individually or in combination Quick ROI and Low TCO Proven solution with 10+ years on the market © 2012 SAP AG.SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Flexible end to end reporting solution templates available at low cost Flexible and powerful data capture. 6 .

7 . All rights reserved.SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Solution overview Easily modifiable templates that combine domain knowledge and best practices in data extraction and data modeling to produce customizable reporting content for quick and easy SAP analytical implementations SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts SAP Solutions SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes. Initial reports + Dashboards Business Users Reporting Content + DB schema + Data Models Data Marts Sales SAP BusinessObjects Data Services + Mfg Fin HR … ETL Mappings © 2012 SAP AG.

Steps in Typical Analytical Project …            Gather Business Requirements (Business Analyst) Define Data Content/Data Model (Data Modeler) Define Data Sources (ERP Expert) Define Source to Target Mappings (ETL Expert/Biz Analyst) Design Data Validation (ETL Expert) Design Error Recovery (ETL Expert) Write the relevant code (ETL Expert) Implement and Test (Project Manager) Gather Feedback Extend. All rights reserved. Customize and Adopt Deploy © 2012 SAP AG. 8 .

. All rights reserved.Steps in Typical Analytical Project… No need to start from scratch thanks to Rapid Marts            Gather Business Requirements (Business Analyst) Define Data Content/Data Model (Data Modeler) Define Data Sources (ERP Expert) Define Source to Target Mappings (ETL Expert/Biz Analyst) Design Data Validation (ETL Expert) Design Error Recovery (ETL Expert) Write the relevant code (ETL Expert) Implement and Test (Project Manager) Gather Feedback Extend. Customize and Adopt Deploy 9 © 2012 SAP AG.

12 SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Available Across SAP ERP Subject Areas SAP ERP Financial  General Ledger  Accounts Receivable  Accounts Payable  Cost Center  Fixed Assets Operational  Sales  Inventory  Purchasing Sales Mfg HR … FI Manufacturing  Plant Maintenance  Production Planning  Project Systems Human Capital Management  Human Resources © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 10 .

11 .12 SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Available Across SAP ERP Subject Areas SAP ERP Financial  General Ledger  Accounts Receivable  Accounts Payable  Cost Center  Fixed Assets Accounts Receivable Aged receivables Configurable periods Largest balances Customer payments Clearing vs. actual. All rights reserved. invoices Dunning and credit Short-term cash flow Department workload Accounts Payable Open payables Configurable periods Payment history PO/invoice reconciliation Checks issued Short-term cash outflow Department workload Financial effectiveness Purchasing doc assignment General Ledger Postings audit and control Financial statements analysis Cost Of Sales (COS) accounting Profit Center accounting Financial hierarchies discovery New and old GL support Financial metadata discovery Cost Center Costs allocations Plan. Fund Center and Grant © 2012 SAP AG. variance Cost center hierarchies Cost element hierarchies Internal orders Fiscal year & reporting periods Cost commitment analysis Cost details planning data Fixed Assets Asset Balance and transaction detail analysis Asset Trend and Summary analysis Posted Asset Depreciation analysis Asset Performance analysis Fixed Asset Value analysis Selected master data for public sector Fund.

12 .Example: SAP BusinessObjects Fixed Assets Rapid Mart Overview Analyze fixed assets  Cumulative/planned change in asset values  Asset transaction records with cumulative and planned records based on existing calculations  Values of a fixed asset in various forms and at various levels of summarization incl. All rights reserved. APC. depreciation  Planned depreciation as a lump sum amount by posting level for each asset transaction  Analyze SAP ERP Asset Accounting (FI-AA) Benefits  Improve reporting efficiency and productivity  Increase visibility into present and future asset values © 2012 SAP AG.

13 . All rights reserved.12 SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Available Across SAP ERP Subject Areas SAP ERP Operational  Sales  Inventory  Purchasing Sales Bookings Returns Lifetime sales Delivery efficiency Delivery service levels Margins Discounting Backlogs Shipment Handling Unit Sales order pricing analysis Inventory Daily inventory trends Stock turnover/outages Batch management Inventory valuation Stock level optimization Expenditure Replenishment Make-to-order status Historical daily balances for inventory and valuated stock Inventory valuation Purchasing PO ranked listings Cycle times Purchasing Performance PO history PO status Vendor Performance Price Analysis Exception Reporting Purchasing document confirmation PO related partner analysis © 2012 SAP AG.

variance Earned value Progress analysis Material reservations Capacity planning Project schedules Project elements Human Capital Management  Human Resources Human Resources Employee benefits Eligibility and enrollment Salary comparisons EEO comparable worth Employee pay history Turnover analysis Employee events Vacation reporting Production Planning Bill of material explosion Routing explosion Where used Capacity planning Cost analysis. All rights reserved. 14 . actual.12 SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Available Across SAP ERP Subject Areas SAP ERP Manufacturing  Plant Maintenance  Production Planning  Project Systems Plant Maintenance Life time performance Bad actors Maintenance hours Planning efficiency Material consumption Damage analysis Downtime MTBR and MTTR Project Systems Project costs Plan. Yield analysis Lead time MRP requirements ECN ID date-effective production BOM analysis Historical BOM analysis © 2012 SAP AG.

trends over time  Delivery efficiency and service levels Performance management  Lifetime sales by customer. sales rep. products…  Returns by return reason. sales volume. All rights reserved. and margin Interactive Sales Dashboards  Dashboards for interactive analysis of sales-related operational KPIs © 2012 SAP AG. 15 . product. sales reps. or region  Order-to-delivery and order-to-invoice cycle times  Correlation between discounting.Example: SAP BusinessObjects Sales Rapid Mart Overview Reporting  History of changes to sales order quantities and amounts  Undelivered/unbilled sales orders by product. customer…  Shipped products for revenue recognition Query and analysis  Sales ranking of customers.

to-target mappings and data transformations for relevant source tables ETL jobs were coded and optimized to perform initial and incremental data movements © 2012 SAP AG. 16 .High-Level Architecture 3 functional and technology layers supporting best practices 1 ETL Mappings Subject matter experts have configured source. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.High-Level Architecture 3 functional and technology layers supporting best practices 2 Data Marts Set of target RDBMS objects and schemas Based on best practices for dimensional data modeling Support for SAP HANA. and Oracle as target database © 2012 SAP AG. Microsoft SQL Server. 17 .

SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Available for SAP HANA. All rights reserved. Microsoft SQL Server. and Oracle as the target database SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts with SAP HANA  Boost reporting performance via game-changing SAP HANA in-memory database  Provide robust data foundation and transformation capabilities with ECC data replication via SAP Data Services  Provide flexibility for easy extensions and modifications  Support customization for both standard and custom SAP tables © 2012 SAP AG. 18 . Microsoft SQL Server. and Oracle SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts  Enable a flexible and powerful reporting solution for SAP ERP with quick time to value  Built on the market leading SAP Data Services and SAP BusinessObjects BI platform  Ensure quick time-to-value with solutions that can be deployed faster  Offer accelerators for easy deployments  Support SAP HANA.

High-Level Architecture 3 functional and technology layers supporting best practices 3 Reporting Content Pre-configured universes based on best practices to ensure optimized ad-hoc business intelligence query generation and re-use Comprehensive suite of fully customizable reports showing the wealth of data available and best practice report design © 2012 SAP AG. 19 . All rights reserved.

All rights reserved.SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts Key Benefits • Accelerate business analytics deployments Deliver Rapid Insight Increase Reporting Flexibility • Implement in weeks instead of months/years • Get a proof of concept in days • Implement individually or in combination • Satisfy up to 80% of your reporting requirements • Expand to 100% with easy customization • Downsize initial development effort Reduce Costs • Minimize the need for specialized skills • Reduce on-going maintenance costs © 2012 SAP AG. 20 .

000 © 2012 SAP AG. The firm will shortly deploy other SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts packages because of the value derived from the initial set. “That was important because it gave us confidence that the information we were using accurately tied back to the general ledger.” Leading computer hardware company  Rapid Marts for SAP solutions  Reduced staffing needs by 80%  Reduced deployment time by 85%  Gained cost savings of ~$780.” “ In 6 months we installed the Rapid Marts for Account Receivable / Payable. allowing manufacturing to better analyze production data and use the lessons learned to improve the manufacturing factory’s efficiency. All rights reserved. and Plant Maintenance. The new packages will cover production planning. Cost Center.Customers Drive Value with SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts “ “… the team installed a set of SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts® packages and used them to set up sales and cost center analysis functionality based on financials data from SAP ERP.” “OraSure has many plans to take further advantage of its SAP software investment. 21 . We did dramatically reduce the amount of headcount it would require.

22 .© 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

.” “… The demand for mixed workloads and optimization needs combined with new approaches (inmemory) and enhancements to existing solutions (appliances.. 23 . Sand/DNA Analytics. 2011-2012... Data marts can be used to optimize the data warehouse by offloading part of the workload to the data mart. it is often the case that a mart is just deployed by a department or business unit. The use of data marts specifically for analytics continues with unabated growth (see "") . returning greater performance to the warehousing environment (for example. 31 January 2011 © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. Sybase IQ and Vertica)… Finally. column store) …” Data Warehousing Trends for the CIO. data marts. They should advise the business intelligence and data warehouse teams to plan for ongoing data mart consolidation and demand that a strategy for accomplishing it is in place” “The Resurgence of Data Marts “Because of the wider acceptance and increasing variety of data-warehouse-driven applications and workload variations. data mart proliferation has become an acceptable.Influencer Perspective “ “CIOs should be aware that data marts will emerge continuously in the organization. 27 January 2011 “… notably a strong interest in in-memory data mart deployments” The State of Data Warehousing in 2011. such as ParAccel. tactical solution . columnoriented DBMS engines.

and fast ROI © 2012 SAP AG. All rights reserved. time & cost saver Integrated with market leading EIM and BI solutions from SAP Allows rapid implementation. 24 .Why Act Now? Why SAP? Gain access to trusted flexible reporting solution now and at minimal cost Line of business users need proven reporting solution now Fast enabler for end-to-end reporting solutions. easy customization.

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Shipping – Master Data  ETL architecture with SAP BusinessObjects Data Services  Choice of rapid mart database – SAP HANA.Complementary Approaches SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts  Agile data mart for department reporting  Complex & robust data transformation  Support for conformed dimensions. 6 dashboards) – Financials Suite. Financials – Purchasing. Operational Suite – Manufacturing Suite. All rights reserved. fixed scope  Emphasis on real-time access to massive volumes of detailed transactional data  Support for SAP standard table customization  Scope (5 subject areas. Oracle © 2012 SAP AG. Microsoft SQL Server. 15-20 reports per Rapid Mart. HCM Suite SAP ERP rapid-deployment solution for operational reporting with SAP HANA  Near real-time operational data mart  Minimal data transformation.  Replication architecture – SAP HANA SLT & Data Modeling engine  Exclusive focus on the SAP HANA platform  Includes fixed scope services 27 . 3 dashboards) – Sales. 23 reports. aggregations. complex data modeling and extension to ERP logic  Flexibility for ETL and Semantic layer customization using standard or custom SAP tables  Scope (12 separate Rapid Marts.

28 . All rights reserved. incl. BW BW to feed a custom data warehouse 44% Use Rapid Marts in addition to BW Other No use of BW © 2012 SAP AG.SAP BusinessObjects Rapid Marts and SAP NetWeaver BW Complementary solutions SAP NetWeaver BW remains the strategic data warehousing solution from SAP Rapid Marts are not intended to substitute or compete with SAP NetWeaver BW  Rapid Marts bring complementary strengths and benefits  Rapid Marts can support a BW data warehouse strategy How BW customers use BW in their data warehouse strategy 1% 1% 1% Source: Gartner (November 2009) BW as an enterprise data warehouse 9% 44% 2 or more siloed data warehouses.