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Philips Digital tuning clock radio

Big display

Big display clock radio
Your family will love using the Philips clock radio. The big and bright LED display showing both the current and the alarm set times that are easy to read even in the dark. Three front dials guide you through the set up effortlessly.
Easy to use • Easy clock set for instruction-free time and alarm setup • Big display for easy viewing • Digital tuning with preset stations for extra convenience Everything you need • Wake up to your favourite radio tune or a buzzer • Adjustable display brightness for comfortable viewing • Gentle wake for a pleasant waking experience • Adjustable timer turns radio off at a preset time

Normal alarm sounds with a pre-set volume are either too low to wake you up or are so uncomfortably loud that you are rudely jolted awake. MW • Tuner enhancement: auto scan Big display Wake up to sounds from your favourite radio station or a buzzer. The large display enables easy readability of the content on the screen. radio 12 NC: 8670 000 52623 EAN: 87 12581 48485 9 . you can quickly access your favourite radio station without having to manually tune the frequencies each time. Specifications are subject to change without notice. With preset radio stations that can be stored. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. Start your day the right way by waking up gently to a gradually increasing alarm volume. www. Simply set the alarm on your Philips Clock radio to wake you with the radio station you last listened to or choose to wake up with a buzzer sound. Sound • Sound system: mono • Volume control: rotary (analogue) Accessories Digital tuning with presets • Cables/Connection: power cord • Others: User Manual • Warranty: Warranty Certificate Adjustable display brightness Power Adjustable display brightness allows you to customise the display to your needs. Packaging type: D-box Main unit depth: 63 mm Main unit height: 92 mm Packaging depth: 85 mm Main unit width: 172 mm Packaging height: 115 mm Packaging width: 180 mm Adjustable timer The radio's playing time can easily be controlled by setting the preferred number of minutes on the digital timer. repeat alarm (snooze) • Clock: Digital. even from a distance.V. Choose to wake up to your favourite music. then press and hold the preset button to memorise the frequency. Tuner/Reception/Transmission • Tuner bands: FM. All Rights reserved.V. Issue date 2012-04-10 Version: 3.9 © 2012 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. buzzer alarm. your Philips Clock radio will automatically turn on that radio station or trigger the buzzer to sound. It automatically counts down the time and turns off the radio at the end of the session.Digital tuning clock radio Big display AJ3551/12 Highlights Wake up to the radio or a buzzer Gentle wake's alarm volume gradually increases from subtly low to reasonably high in order to gently rouse you. When the wake up time is reached. Specifications Convenience Easy clock set • Alarms: 24-hour alarm reset. • Backup battery: AAA (not included) • Number of batteries: 4 • Power type: AC Input Gentle wake Dimensions • • • • • • • • Simply tune into the station that you want to preset. or their respective owners.0. Now you can read the time and alarm easily. radio station or buzzer alarm. Simply refer to the Clock radio's silkscreen buttons to set the time and sleep timer • Display type: LED display • Clock enhancements: backup clock The time and alarm are so easy to set up that referring to the Quick Start Guide or Instructions For Use may not be necessary. It is ideal for the elderly or the visually restricted.