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The Microsoft Advertising Exchange is a premium, scaled RTB marketplace. The brand safety and performance of our quality Windows Live & MSN platforms provide the best choice for advertisers wanting to leverage their data and insights to drive buying efficiencies in real time.

The Microsoft Advertising Exchange launched in 2011 and is live across ten European markets: UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Infectious Media, a specialist in intelligent online display, has been a partner across the Microsoft Advertising Exchange from the outset. Initially, the activity ran approximately 500,000 impressions per day across the UK. This quickly rose to more than 1.5 million daily impressions as Infectious Media saw consistently high CTR. There was no doubt in our minds about the value of the inventory delivered over the Microsoft Advertising Exchange. Clients are happy to see their brands on these sites and the brand association they gained. We have been able to demonstrate to clients that they are reaching the premium audience they need. Andy Cocker, co-founder of Infectious Media. Over the July-September period, Infectious Media ran campaigns on behalf of 12 clients within the telecommunications, media and finance sectors. Infectious Media found the quality of traffic across the exchange was a key factor in achieving a strong uplift both in conversions and clicks at scale. To date, Infectious Media has run campaigns across the Microsoft Advertising Exchange for a wide spectrum of brands, including:

When tested, Microsoft Advertising Exchange inventory delivered significantly above that of other sources.

300-400% higher CTRs


Microsoft Advertising Exchange delivered:

of total conversions
A client operating in the deals and discounts market wanted to drive new customer registrations. In order to reach new customers it was imperative that Infectious Media cast a wide inventory net whilst ensuring the campaign remained brand safe. Through the Microsoft Advertising Exchange Infectious Media was able to access quality impressions at scale and expand their ability to acquire new users.


of total impressions
Overall, 30% of the campaign ran across the Microsoft Advertising Exchange and the advertiser experienced a ten-fold conversion increase accompanied by a 35% improvement in CTR.


of total clicks


Retargeting in a premium environment achieved a ten-fold uplift in conversion rate.