Benefits of Psych Tests in Human Resource Management

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: HR PERSPECTIVE Psychological testing is a field characterized by the use of samples of behavior in order to assess psychologicalconstruct such as cognitive and emotional functioning, about a given individual. Itinvolves the integration of information from multiple sources, such as tests of normal and abnormalpersonality, tests of ability or intelligence, tests of interests or attitudes and so on. These Psychological tests assist the HR manager in planning and making placement decisions, diagnosing andevaluating the overall personality of the individuals and facilitate them for a better future.It uses multiple assessment techniques to evaluate employees for a variety of manpower purposes and decisions. It focuses on providing information on the individual¶s current and potential competence to perform a jobsuccessfully.It squarely focuses on the behavior that an individual demonstrates and should ideally demonstrate. It helps elicit personal and capability information and data on people to help make more informed decisions andencourages greater objectivity in decisions pertaining particularly to career, potential and succession planning. It enables in effectively and efficiently hiring new, smarter recruits given the war for talent.A psychological testing in context to HR consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputsobtained through tools & techniques.It helps in recruitment and selection, talent retention, turnover reduction and performance management.
A company’s Human Resource department is responsible for the hiring and evaluation of competent personnel. This function ensures having the best people doing their job with utmost quality. To achieve this goal, there are various assessment tools especially designed to make

These materials are readily available through testing centers and even through online assessment centers. management supervisors. Today. However. are developed by teams of experts. there are online psych tests that greatly aid companies in managing vast databases of human resource. and the management. The latest psych tests employ a scoring system based on artificial intelligence or A. This system provides accurate scoring and comprehensive analysis while requiring a short period of time for evaluation. Psych Tests to Enhance Employee Turnover Psychological tests provide companies the advantage of having a lower rate of employee turnover. These tests look into the details of the individual personalities and characteristics that serve as important factors in the employee’s psychological and professional satisfaction. Psych Tests to Improve Job Performance Studies have been made to find out the efficiency of conduction psych tests to boost the performance of a company’s employees. these tests can also be done to improve the output of the workers. however. work arrangements. psychiatrists. employees. Just as companies want to hire the most promising individuals. they would also prefer to keep competent employees on board for a long time. Psych tests. personality. and online programmers (for user-friendly internet-based tests). These include psychologists. and intelligent quotient. Job hunting is initially seen to be more of a challenge to an applicant. These psych tests evaluate the employee’s regard for work environment. Psychological tests have been developed to help companies retain the most productive employees. communication skills. and occupational requirements.human resource selection and evaluation more comprehensive and reasonable for applicants. from the assessment of their technical skills. Companies hold regular testing of their employees. dig deeper into the individual characteristics of employees. New psychological testing techniques have been developed to build up a bigger pool of potential managers and executives. this also poses an important responsibility to any company. providing the company with ample information about the emotional and mental stability of a staff.I. It also looks into the employee’s attitude towards changes imposed in the organization. Data from these tests are used to develop a reward system. HR experts. A study done by some professors of the University of Toronto and Harvard University shows that the use of psychological testing can be put to further advantage. While the testing of personality and intelligence has been proven to be effective in evaluating the knowledge and skills of employees. and ultimately maintain a team of loyal employees . Psych tests. as these are more popularly known. Psych Tests for Accurate Employee Evaluation Psych tests serve as standardized tests done to accurately determine and assess the psychological profiles of employees. Psychological tests provide very reliable and wide-ranging aspects of human assessment. thus determining his or her capability to deliver the required work according to the company’s standard.

Combined with the human resource management component. A degree in commerce provides students with a foundation of knowledge. You’ll undertake practical work to gain experience in interviewing and conducting and reporting on research exercises. Specifically. insights and abilities required of managers in a wide range of sectors. . This double degree has a highly practical component. applying psychological knowledge via professional practice units. personality. Motivation and Interests and overall Personality. explain and predict what we do as individuals and groups. and interpersonal relationships. Once a job candidate completes one of Prevue psychometric tests the company will receive hiring reports to conduct interviews and determine individuals Job Fit Introduction Organizational Psychology is a subject which applies the principles of psychology into one of the most important areas of people's life . There is no better growth strategy than using Prevue psychological tests to hire and develop the best people. In this double degree. you'll be provided an introduction to all major areas of knowledge in psychology. industries and functions. Financially psychological test affect the bottom line of any company that uses them by preventing expensive bad hires. cognition. emotion. as well as written and oral communication in health sciences. You’ll be provided an introduction to all major areas of knowledge and applications in psychology. Individual’s psychological profile scores are mapped against a Job Profile (benchmark) for determining suitability. attraction and retention. elementary research methods and statistics for health sciences. and hence organizational effectiveness.Psychologists explore human behaviour with a focus on perception. Prevue’s employee psychological testing measures you how well a person may fit in a given company and can help determine if an applicant has what it takes to be successful. using tested theoretical frameworks to examine. through our knowledge about human functioning. You’ll undertake practical fieldwork to gain experience in interviewing and reporting on research exercises. A double major in human resource management and industrial relations will provide you with a career in an area releated to the management of people within organisations. Prevue’s psychological screening is proven to assist companies in hiring and developing productive employees. computer literacy. Prevue measures 3 key areas psychometric test used for hiring: General this unique degree provides you the opportunity to explore theoretical and practical knowledge and research skills required for your career in psychology and human resource management. behaviour. You’ll explore the functional areas of strategy and planning. we work with the human aspects of the workplace and aim at improving people's efficiency. learning and development and develop the knowledge and personal skills and techniques required to operate in global business world. Psychological testing helps hiring managers and executives do a better job of hiring key people. Psychology encompasses all aspects of human behaviour. It also involves activities related to employment relationships. Human resource management is a dynamic and evolving area related to the management of people with organisations.

Unfortunately. HRM is essentially a business study which emphasizes more on the practical side. Although there are quite a few overlapping areas between Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management (HRM). In contrast. As you may recognise. a frequent reply is "but we don't have any mental problems"! As Organizational Psychologists. Organizational Psychologists focus more on the design and development of procedures. we work on different levels. The discrepancy between the knowledgebase of Organizational Psychologists and HR professionals has been documented in academic journals. there are fundamental differences between us. the everyday HR practice have benefited from it to a minimum level. As psychologists. we design reward principles that are based on human motivation theories. Organizational Psychologists are distinctive professionals. in addition to working on overlapping areas. and we advise on organizational development issues as well as career development decisions. we develop selection procedures and tools. such as implementation of selection systems and applying training principles in real training scenarios. we develop training principles and train the trainers. More importantly. . In contrast. the human resource professionals. All work has to be backed up by scientific evidence and statistics is always in our toolbox. the training of Organizational Psychologists is built upon the scientist-practitioner model which emphasizes on both research and practical skills and stipulates that practice must be supported by scientific evidence. with less focus on the scientific side. even some HR professionals do not know what we are doing and what can we offer them. We design work activities. Moreover. When we tell them we are Psychologists. we formulate performance appraisal systems. schedules and workplaces. we work with a wide range of domains that are related to people's everyday work life. we base our work heavily on science. our work reaches every working individual on the planet and our working field is very closely related with the work of HR professionals. especially when the training of the HR professionals emphasizes on general skill and knowledge in favour of science.There exist a group of professionals who share a similar aim and are working closely with us. The first and perhaps the most obvious difference between us is the knowledge foundation. tools and principles while HR professionals work more on the operational level. there is always some confusion among the general public that people just cannot tell who is who. For example Sally Carless and colleagues pointed out that although there are important advancements in HR-related research. Despite the close relationship with HR professionals. They found that this is due to the lack of knowledge among HR professionals.

Moreover. All in all.g. However there is no such requirement for HR professionals. without the help of HR professionals we could never apply our work to such a broad range of people. Being Organizational Psychologists. They are also providers of valuable data and participants for us to carry out scientific studies (e. Without Organizational Psychologists in the design and development work of various HR processes and tools. HR professionals are also partners.Another reason may lie in the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) requirement. our work is actually complementary to each other. advisors and sometimes suppliers for Organizational Psychologists." Ads by Google Having closely related working areas. As Organizational Psychologists. as HR professionals are frequent users of our services and products. HR professionals are experts of their company. validation of assessment tools). CPD is a statutory condition for registration and this helps them to keep updated with the latest developments in the field. therefore we work side by side during consulting jobs where we need them to assist us with internal matters as well as providing us with an insider view. More importantly. On the other hand. HR professionals are our partners in projects where we provide them with the technical skills and knowledge while they take care of the operational part. Besides the above mentioned supplier-user relationship. we rely a lot on their opinions and requests in developing our products and services. With the . the HR professional would not be enjoying these scientific and highly effective products. our relationship is much more complex and interactive than one might be aware of. Carless's study confirmed that Organizational Psychologists are experts in the field. we are inter-dependent parties with entwined relationships rather than independent parties or competitors. what can we offer to HR professionals? A lot. Furthermore. especially in the area of selection and the authors articulated that "scientific integrity is a key differentiating feature of I/O (Organizational) psychologists.

The range of work can be as small as reviewing a performance appraisal check list or an assessment centre exercise to as big as designing a tailored selection system. Based on the understanding about the requirements of the job as well as the characteristics needed for any particular position. One should not be surprised that the best selection tools like psychometric tests. knowledge and skills. we are experts in selection. "what is the difference between Organizational Psychologists and HR consultants?" and even "why do I need to employ scientific tools and procedures?" It can be hard work explaining all this to prospective clients! Another related problem is people always think we are very expensive! . but not just by gut feelings or experience only. Besides selection and training. Organizational Psychologists also offer various consultancy and advisory services to HR professionals. or choose among proper tools that accurately measure the required characteristics. specific needs of the organization and maintenance of learning are all fully considered. A brief look at the training market reveals that it is flooded with many training courses and providers. On top of that. Another contribution of the organizational psychology profession to the HR field is in training. assessment centres. Obviously their quality varies and some of them do not even know what they are talking about! Our own company has undertaken work for clients who have come to us after being dissatisfied with trainers who appear to have simply taken some information from the internet to put together a training session without any real understanding of the subject matter! As Organizational Psychologists we are working hard to turn around this situation. we can come up with an ideal person profile that the organization is looking for. However. one big obstacle we face is the lack of knowledge about our profession within the HR profession (particularly in Asia). and structured interviews as well as standardized selection procedures are all designed and developed by Organizational Psychologists. scientific human learning theories and training principles are followed. The implication is that we often face questions like "what is organizational psychology?". we can also go into the organization to diagnose the roots of problems and solve them accordingly. as well as the public in general. We are experts in training design. some understand how people learn and how people learn the best! In designing and delivering training courses. According to research these procedures enable us to create the best selection system which predicts future performance of the employed staff.expertise in assessing human characteristics and knowledge about human performance. as mentioned at the beginning of this article. using our scientific approach and advanced knowledge about mechanisms and dynamics within the workplace. Then we can design. Factors like transfer of learning.

we see a real need to educate the public. By employing our scientific tools and principles the benefit is long lasting and continuously contributing to the performance of the organization. HR professionals about the subject of Organizational Psychology so that the fruit of science can be returned to them. supervising performance management processes and many more. tests of interests or attitudes and so on. about a given individual. treatment planning. will benefit highly from Organizational Psychology PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: HR PERSPECTIVE The Psychological testing is a field characterized by the use of samples of behavior in order to assess psychological construct such as cognitive and emotional functioning. and other related professionals like career counsellors and coaches.But the fact is all the products and services we offer are based on scientific research which means they have undergone lengthy and sophisticated processes of development and the cost of all these are huge. tests of ability or intelligence. Nevertheless Organizational Psychologists in Asia face obstacles as the subject is relatively unheard of among HR professionals and communication is often blocked by organizational hierarchy. Another hidden obstacle for us in Asia is caused by the organizational hierarchy. diagnosing and evaluating the overall personality of the individuals and facilitates them for a better future. Organizational Psychologists can offer help to HR professionals in various areas such as training design. The result is obviously that the management level does not receive our message and the name of Organizational Psychology just remains unheard no matter how hard we try! As Organizational Psychologists.The Psychological testing assists us in placement decisions. Psychological testing is a process that involves the integration of information from multiple sources. career development and performance management. When they do not understand they just cannot relay our message precisely to their manager. Very often. the first contact point between our clients and ourselves are assistants of HR professionals who have minimal understanding of what we are talking about. Therefore one very important task for us as Organizational Psychologist is to promote this subject so that people know what we can offer and make use of our expertise! We are sure that with the growing popularity of the subject. . There are major overlapping work areas between Organizational Psychologists and HR professionals such as selection. training. such as tests of normal and abnormal personality. but we work on different levels and perspectives thus our relationship is actually collaborative rather than competitive. development of selection systems. HR professionals. and these are all documented in the scientific literature. and more importantly.

It squarely focusses on the behavior that an individual demonstrates and should ideally demonstrate. The psychological tests are used in different aspects to measure the overall personality of the individual. It helps elicit personal and capability information and data on people to help make more informed decisions and encourages greater objectivity in decisions pertaining particularly to career. or object. business. It enables to effectively and efficiently hire new. Attitude. managerial. It will help in judging the attitude of the employee towards organization and job satisfaction. aptitude. smarter recruits given the war for talent. .A psychological testing in context to HR helps us in a procedure that uses multiple assessment techniques to evaluate employees for a variety of manpower purposes and decisions. and personality tests. It helps in recruitment and selection. A psychological testing in context to HR consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple inputs obtained through tools & techniques. anxiety. It focuses on providing information on the individual’s current and potential competence to perform a job successfully. The IQ test acts as a measure of intelligence and achievement tests measure the use and development of an ability. RELEVANCE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING IN HR • Reviewing the effectiveness of attracting and retaining top talent with the help of psychological testing. Relevance of these tests . or items. retain talent and reduce turnover and performance management. potential and succession planning. • To give insights into the process of aligning human resources with the need to develop capability and chart out the differences between the superior and average performers of an organization including identifying and developing technical. EQ Test. The intelligence test assists HR professionals in predicting the performance of an individual in virtually any job. The tests include IQ test. • To analyze and develop the managerial competencies with respect to industry demands. functional and behavioral competencies of an employee in reference to psychological testing.Attitude test helps in assessing an individual's feelings about an event. stress. Attitude scales are used in marketing to determine individual (and group) preferences for brands. person.

integrity. in order to observe the results. the responses of an individual are compared with the evaluations made by successful employees in the relevant position. The role of psychological testing plays a vital role in the organization which helps the company in right selection and retaining the employee thus building the long term relationship with the organization and enhances organization effectiveness. openness to experiences. Psychological measures of personality are used for assessing the inner personality of the individual as TAT and sentence completion test. or after a test or other assessment to such an extent that this anxiety causes poor performance or interferes with normal learning. how extrovert a person is. predicting teamwork.Next. . responsibility. These tests help in evaluating the inner traits that predicts future perspective of the employee. agreeableness. Anxiety test helps us to measure the psychological condition in which a person experiences distress before. It also measures conscientiousness. and integrity on the job. emotional stability. often to a breaking point. Stress test is a form of test that is used to determine the stability of a given system or entity. These measures may prove to be highly valuable tools for predicting team playing or other interpersonal skills. during. It involves testing beyond normal operational capacity.

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