Cheat  Sheet:  Hosea  

Summer  2012  Bible  Study  Series:  Hosea   8/2/2012   Theme:  We’re  spending  our  summer  looking  at  the  lives  of  different  prophets  and  asking  the   question,  “what  does  it  look  like  what  God  calls  you  to  something?”  So  as  we  read  make  special   note  of  things  that  stand  out.     Reading:  Hosea  1-­‐3   Talking  points:   • What  happens  in  this  story?   • Why  does  God  tell  Hosea  to  marry  a  promiscuous  woman?   o The  people  of  Israel  have  been  promiscuous  in  their  love.   o Points  to  the  reality  that  the  story  between  God  and  his  people  is  a  love  story.   o After  the  fall  every  person’s  tendency  is  to  become  an  adulterer  –  to  give  worship  to   those  who  are  not  gods.   o What  if  God  asked  you  to  forsake  a  marriage  to  a  faithful  spouse  and  to  faithfully   love  a  whore?   • What  is  the  significance  of  the  names  of  Hosea’s  three  children?   o 1)  Jezreel  –  means  “God  will  disperse”  –  Israel  is  going  into  exile.   o 2)  Lo  Ru-­‐Hamah  –  means  “Not  loved”  –  For  hundreds  of  years  Israel  has  been  loved,   despite  her  unfaithfulness,  but  now  the  nation  will  feel  God’s  wrath  at  their  idolatry.   o 3)  Lo  Ammi  –  means  “Not  my  people”  –  read  Exodus  6:6-­‐8.  Israel  was  a  nation  set   apart,  literally  taken  out  of  Egypt,  by  God.  His  original  promise  to  them  was  that   they  would  be  His  people  and  He  would  be  their  God.   • Why  is  God  angry  with  Israel?  (Ch.  4:  1-­‐3,  10-­‐13)   o By  mixing  worship  of  YHWH  with  worship  of  other  gods  (syncretism),  the  people   started  accepting  other,  evil,  cultural  practices.     o God  starts  putting  things  in  the  way  of  their  idols  in  2:6-­‐7,  why  does  he  do  this?   (2:14-­‐23)   o Has  God  ever  blocked  a  path  you  wanted  to  go  down,  one  that  would  have  led  to   idolatry?     • If  you  were  Hosea,  how  would  you  have  responded  to  this  command?  “Go,  show  your  love   to  your  wife  again,  though  she  is  loved  by  another  and  is  an  adulteress.”   • What  does  Hosea  have  to  do  with  Jesus?   Life  Lessons  from  the  life  of  Hosea:   1. For  the  prophets,  there  was  no  difference  between  saying  God’s  word  and  doing  God’s   word.  Hosea’s  marriage  to  his  wife  and  the  names  of  his  children  became  walking  parables   of  God’s  love  for  unfaithful  people.  As  disciples  of  Jesus,  God  calls  us  not  just  to  know  how   He  loves  us,  but  to  go  and  live  that  love  out.  As  we’ve  seen  this  summer,  this  is  not  an  easy   calling,  but  it  can  change  the  world.     2. God’s  love  will  never  change  or  go  away.  There  are  still  costs  for  rejecting  that  love  though.   Hosea  had  to  pay  another  man  to  buy  his  wife  back.  Much  later,  Jesus  bought  his  bride,  the   church,  at  the  expense  of  his  own  life.  God  will  seek  you  out  if  you  wander  –  but  why   wander  from  a  love  as  great  as  this?   3. Don’t  look  to  other  people  for  reasons  to  love  people.  Look  to  Jesus.  He  loves  Gomers  into   Hoseas,  so  they  can  go  love  other  Gomers  into  Hoseas.  

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